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You are listening to the Reality Steve podcast with your host Reality Steve. He's got all the latest info. And behind the scenes, Juice and Claires upcoming season of The Bachelorette and interviewing some of your favorite reality stars. Now, here's a reality, Steve. What's up, everybody, welcome to podcast number two one, I'm your host reality. Steve, thank you all for tuning in.


We're going to talk a show that we have not talked about yet on the podcast, and that is Love Island.


We're joined by Trey Forte this week. Not a whole heck of a lot to get to before we get to the trade podcast. Just because not a lot to update you on and what's going on in bachelor land, I do expect to have something in the next week or so. Um, it's not going to be a breakdown of episode by episode stuff, but it will be some spoilers for this season just because, like I said, this this has just been.


A little more difficult, the bubble thing certainly played a role in it, but in terms of the breakdown of who started the show, who was eliminated by Claire? Who was brought on just for Taisha? And a few things here and there in terms of eliminations, the biggest thing that I don't have. Right now is one confirmation of who Tatia chose and to. The breakdown of who gets eliminated in each episode because the episode stuff is so screwy, I don't know how many rose ceremonies there are.


I'm pretty sure I Claires is a lot easier because she didn't eliminate a lot of people before she moved on with Dale, it's it's the Tatia stuff. I'm pretty sure I know who takes his final hour. But again, a lot of this stuff this season is going to be more of kind of like Pete's last season. Like I'm I don't think I to have the winner by the time the show starts. Maybe I will. I mean, it could come tomorrow for all I know.


But right now I don't think I'm going to have the winner by the time the show premieres on October 13th for Tatia. We all know what happens with Claire. And yes, she's still with Dale.


So I think it's just more along the lines of, hey, you know, you're going to know who's leaving, just not maybe episode by episode.


You'll know who's leaving, but you'll know that who Claire gets rid of and who takes she gets rid of. And I have some like, oh, at this roast ceremony she gets rid of these guys and stuff like that. But I don't have every single detail nailed down, so I'm going to give you what I can probably in the next week or so.


The other thing we got to look forward to is I tweeted out earlier this week, Matt James and and crew, the production crew is already at Nemacolin, probably just scouting stuff and quarantining. But the women don't leave for Nemacolin, Pennsylvania, that resort until next week. So they have not started filming that season. The women aren't even there yet. They arrive. They leave next week. They'll probably quarantine for seven days, just like the men did for Claire's season.


It was around seven to ten days for them, I've been told. Start date for Matt season is October 10th and it'll end right before Thanksgiving. So. That's what we're looking at. I hope to have some stuff in the next week or so in regards to some stuff that I have not posted about Claires and Tatia season. So look forward to that.


But Love Island, I've watched every episode. It's been on a month. It seems like it's been on three months because it's one six, five, six days a week. I've watched every episode. I've enjoyed it. I really have. And Trey Forte is a guy who lasted through four recoupling, so he lasted into week three.


He has some interesting things to say. If you have watched the show, his take on some of the guys, I ask him some questions about who's kind of there for the wrong reasons, who is the funniest. He's got some interesting things to say. Also, if you didn't know this about Trey, you can get it through a Google search. He did have some pretty controversial tweets back in 2013 and 2014, which is a thing now where people get canceled because of stuff they wrote years ago.


And I asked Trey about it if he was a senior in high school in 2013. He was a freshman in college in 2014. We go over the tweets and you'll hear what he has to say about what he said in those tweets. And it's it's it was refreshing to hear, let's put it that way.


So without any further ado, let's get going. Podcast number two oh one with Trey Forte. All right. Let's bring them in.


You've seen him on Long Island this summer, and he's the first guest I've had from Love Island on. I want to get quite a few of them on before, you know, once everyone's home and whatnot. But it is Trey Forte. Trey, how are you doing?


Hey, what's up, man? What's up? All right. We've got so much to go over here because, you know, I was telling you off air when I started to sit down to, you know, think of some questions and stuff I wanted to talk about. I was like, I've watched every episode of Love Island this season. Last season I started and after about two weeks, I was just like, yeah, I can't kick it into it.


And then but I've watched every episode of the season.


Yet when I went back to think about all the stuff that you were involved in when I was reading old stuff, I was like, oh, that's right.


He did do that. Oh, that's right. That was him. Like, because so many people are there, they're bringing people in. People are hooking up with different people all the time.


I just I want to get a sense from you, obviously, who experienced it to tell us what it was like.


So first off, how did you get cast on a show like this? And did you watch season one? So actually, I had never heard of it until I reached out to me, so they reached out to me, Instagram, my producer did. I said I would be make an interesting cast member, asks if I was single. Of course, I was single at the time. I've been single for some time. And I was like, this is an opportunity that I feel like I would I would be well.


And I said I feel like basically they felt like I was a good fit and I felt like I was a good fit. So we went through with the process that most of people that they could have chosen and I know a lot of people that probably went through the process, but they ended up picking me, thankfully, and I ended up as an original cast member on the show.


Yeah, that was interesting because you're one of the shows, one of the few shows, you know, that started up during covid.


Can you tell us what it was like from the second you got out there until the first day you started filming how many tests you had to take and once filming started when you guys still tested when filming started?


Oh, yes. So they were very adamant about us getting tested. Everybody everybody who was a part of, you know, the cast members, even the crew, everybody was getting tested throughout the whole time. So they were very adamant, making sure that we were all safe and taken care of. So I probably would be taking like 20 tests, 20 kilometres. They took that Cuba to one level. So I was it. Yeah, but I mean, I'm glad that they did that because, you know, I mean, the times that we're in there just making sure that we're all safe.


So it's cool. Yeah.


So when you got there from the time you got to Vegas till the time of the first day of filming, was it two weeks where you guys quarantined for two weeks or was it one or was it ten days or what was it?


So, you know, we were we were quarantined for some time. So we we were quarantine for at least two weeks, OK?


And then they had to go and they had to figure out exactly who was going to be going into the villa when all of us, though, so it were quarantine for at least two weeks.


OK, so just like any other reality show, you had no idea clearly who else was on the show until you stepped into.


No, I didn't know. Yeah, I didn't know who else was going to be on the show until I walked out and I seen everybody when I went. That's it. Yeah.


So we started out with five girls and six guys.


They brought the girls out first and then they brought the guys out and the guys just based off looks had to choose which girl they wanted to, you know, quote unquote couple up with. Well, first off, the girls could step forward once the guys came out. Any girl that was interested in that guy could step forward. And then if there were multiple women, he had to choose between them. Or I guess he could have chosen anybody he wanted if the girl he wanted didn't step forward.


So you come out. Nobody stepped forward for you. Was that were you like, oh, man, already?


This sucks, honestly, because I didn't realize that nobody had stepped forward for James and that just in her step forward for Jeremiah. So nobody stepped forward for him. And same thing with Catering's.


And so I was like, but I didn't I didn't know all that. And so after that, we sat down and realized that I was I was a tough crowd. I was I know I was like because like, man, I feel like it was vice versa. The guys would have stuff for like two or three times. But then, like, the more I thought about it, I mean, like the girls are kind of in a tough situation and stuff like that.


They were kind of nervous or whatever and whatnot, just waiting to see who else came out. So I mean, yeah, I was like, dang, I'm a confident guy, like at least one of you step forward. It is what it is.


So no, you know, one steps forward for you. You end up picking Sally Selli eventually ended up coupling up with Johnny, which left you single. And to this day now I could tell everybody that's listening to this on Thursday. We're recording this on Tuesday. So we have not we will not be covering what happened in Tuesday night's episode, in Wednesday night's episode. So the last that. The trains are going to discuss is the two women, I guess their name is Laken and one is Julia, the devil in the angel that entered at the end of Monday night's episode.


That's basically what we're in the room recorded. So and as you know, Sally and Johnny have basically been coupled up since day one. Day two, they are they seem to be the couple this this season. But you in the first recoupling that came about you, it came down. They basically left it up to you. I mean, that first recoupling was all about you because everyone else was pretty much solid. James was with Moira and Jeremiah was the Rachel.


And you can Carrington and Kirsten and Connor McKenzie, Johnny and Sally. So they left it up to you and you basically had to choose between Justin and Caitlin. Now, I don't know if you've watched the episodes, but as a viewer on TV, they totally made us think or at least led us to believe that you were going to pick Caitlin. Was it never that?


And that was just TV editing or were you struggling to be completely honest with you? It was really, really tough. Yeah. I mean, I was I would have been taking a risk choosing either one of them. Obviously, I was very attracted to Caitlyn and she was a cool girl. But then, I mean, Justin, we had a nice bar and we were really connected enough for like long term. I mean, Justin would have been better than me and Caitlyn was.


So I had to make a decision on time. But that decision was it was really tough, especially when I walked out and I seen them both dressed up. And, man, it was tough.


Yeah, it was very it was very, very tough after that first recoupling, I think it was right after they had. Two guys enter, texts came, everybody freaked out that a text came. I think that's the gist of the show. They tell you guys to overreact when a text comes in. Caleb So Caleb and Calvin enter at that point. And it's just so weird. It was I don't know if you recognize this, but as a viewer, this show got very confusing in the beginning.


Just because you had a sell, a corner, a Carrington, then you bring in a Caleb and a Calvin, you know, all these seeds, and then you got Johnny, Jeremiah, James. And you're just like, can we get can you get some cast members that don't have the same first look? I mean, you'll get a couple on a show like this where it's maybe one, you know, maybe two.


But, you know, we four with five C's and three G's, it's like, all right. And it did it definitely gets a little confusing. But so Caleb and Calvin entered and.


I just well, you know, I'll get to this now is going to wait for this until later, but I want to you this about Moira Morris. Seems like I don't have anything bad to say about her.


I think she's super sweet. I don't think she's really made out for this show.


Like I I honestly get the sense that Moira thinks that she can find a husband on television. And, you know, I mean, it's happened on other shows. We've I guess we've seen it here and there.


But Moira has literally she just likes every guy that likes her, because if you look at it, I mean, I'm looking at it and I wrote it down and I'm like, first she started with James.


And then all of a sudden Calvin came in and she was, oh, I'm all about Calvin and James. And then Erin from Cosmo Moore is, oh, I'm not into Calvin anymore, like Erin. And then she went to Connor when McKenzie was gone.


And now if you go to Monday night's episode, it's on back to Calvin. But I don't really like Calvin. I really want Bennett.


And it's just I'm like, oh, so she is a nice girl. But I think she's really like, you know, when I she's a player and she's a player.


And if that was me doing all that I like, I was I was helping a while back and they label her plays. Oh yeah.


I am just I almost feel I don't know what her I don't know why she can't. I mean, we saw the fight with James, which I'll get into in a minute, but I. OK, so she went to Calvin because James didn't work out OK, but then it was just like every new guy that came in.


She was like, oh no one, you know? And I'm just like, what is going on here anyway?


So I want to talk about the more James thing, because from the beginning when I was texting my friends about this, the few that do that were watching it with me, I'm like, hey, if you had to rank right now who America to choose as the, you know, their favorite couple, who do you think? And they're like, oh, my God, it's Moyra and James. Like, they're the cutest thing in the world.


And so, you know, James probably spoken to impose show. And I don't know if you've watched the episodes of them fighting and how James came across.


What do you think happened there? So well, I think because I was kind of close to James, yeah, it came to a point where James is the kind of guy that wears his heart on his sleeve and he put all of his eggs in Moira's basket course, but he definitely put all of his eggs in one basket. And I feel like they they were clicking really well at first. But I just feel like things were probably escalating a little bit too fast for them, a lot faster than what Moyra wanted.


And when Calvin came, it kind of gave Moira an excuse to, like, scapegoat and leave James. And I feel like I feel like how he reacted kind of led to the turmoil that happened between now. And I tried to stop him from overreacting like that. But everybody everybody reacts differently. I definitely agree that Moira could have handled the situation better if she could have communicated with him a little bit better. But he also on his hands, he handled the situation wrong.


And I told him to this day, I'll tell them, because that's just how I am. I'm just not. But they both could have handled this situation a lot better. But they didn't. And that's what I saw them falling out.


Yeah. And then she ends up choosing Calvin at her next recoupling when it was the women's when it was the women's turn to choose.


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The other one that a lot of people is one of the polarizing figures of this season is Mackenzie and. They're her first fight with. They seem to be another couple that I guess maybe people liked, and their first issue started when Connor had a three week kiss during one of the competitions or one of the one of the challenges and stuff like that. And it wasn't. You know, when I watched it, I was like, he could have easily made out with the other two, barely kissed them.


And I think even I think you gave the quote of the season so far when you said, how can you be mad at that guy? Look at his beard.


That's right. I cannot believe, like, this was definitely the definition of overreact. Connor literally did everything that a girl could act for in those situations. He always put her first and he always like that with so many opportunities for Connor to kiss other girls, especially in challenges games. But he would do like a small peck on the cheek, or he would have if he had the option to kiss Mackenzie. Instead, he would do it. But like when he's like, that's what we're there for.


We're there to have fun and we're there to like, explore like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, especially Darkcoin. We're in a bubble. And he literally always put me because sometimes we would tell him, like to play so fast. But he still always put McKensie first. And that's what I thought they were a relationship already inside of the villa. And that's why I was kind of shocked when Mackenzie chose Jay. And I thought I thought for sure after they made it past Lauren trying to mess up their relationship, that it would make it so that I was kind of shocked that they didn't it.


But Connor's a good guy. He's a good guy, maybe a little soft, but that's just how he is. None other than what is hard down to the core.


But, yeah, he's a good guy.


And for those that didn't watch the episode, it wasn't like he chose to hook up with two girls on his own. This was something that was like basically you're told to do it because you picked up a card or whatever it was.


Exactly. And part of it was a part of a game. Yeah, it was part of a game kiss two girls and he barely he didn't use any tongue.


Just if it was me, I would have kissed him both on the lips.


Yeah, well, I mean, that was that was the thing with you is I think in your intro video you're like, I'm single, I'm here. I'm here to play like I've I've been known as a player. That's me. Yeah.


So you were there probably for different reasons than maybe some other some others were. But when I saw that with Conor, then Mackenzie got to the point that she did that started laying the groundwork for, OK, he's either not going to be able to deal with this or she's not going be able to deal with him and she's going to move on because she seems to overreact to a lot of things. She's probably been. Yes.


Of the time that she was there, she probably tried the most out of anybody over things that I you know, I mean, people can cry however they want, but it seemed like Mackenzie. But look, I get it. You're in a situation that's not normal and whatnot and. You know, she just she was super emotional and, you know, probably has to do with, you know, the enclosed setting, drinking and stuff like that. But yeah, she cried a lot on that show.


But after that second recoupling, where you, Justine, you had you had chosen Justin at the first recoupling, the second recoupling. Justin chose you. But then they bring Lauren in from the UK and she goes on three dates with Connor Carrington and Johnny. And that's again, another reason for Mackenzie to flip out, because Connor went on a date with that wasn't in his control.


Yeah, but again, that was Lauren's choice to choose. She had three guys that she wanted to choose when Lauren came in. You know what, I want to back up to the very first day when you walked in and the girls said to the five girls that were initially cast, Kaitlyn Moire, Sally, Justin and Mackenzie, when you saw them and walked out, who struck your eye immediately? Who was the first one?


Who did you think was most attractive? I would have to say Caitlin Áron or so. OK, so when Lauren comes in, that's the first. Well, actually, Rachel and Kirsten came in after they were the first two girls to women in. Yes.


And then I would say, if you include Rachel, if you include Rachel and Kirsten, then I think there's lots of. To which one.


Rachel and Kirsten. I will put them in my top two if you include them.


OK, yeah. You and I are on the same wavelength on that one, I think. I mean, I, I think here since the hottest girl in the house, that's just me house, whatever you want to call it. I think she's the best looking girl show. I also looked at her Instagram, so there's all of nice.


And then so when Lauren came in, what did you think of Lauren? Because, Lauren, the way the show made it seem was every guy was, you know, drooling over her good looking girl for sure. The accent was great. What do you think of Lauren when she came in, so it's not a secret that when Lauren came in, she definitely turned all of our all of the guys heads and definitely made all the girls felt right. I think Lauren was probably the most complete girl on the show.


Her body was ridiculous. I agree with you, though. Kirsten was the most attractive girl in the law and had the most she had the best body. And she had she had that that attitude towards she knew what she was doing. And and that's that's what made her. I said I it the hottest girl in the village. But I mean, I'm all set for Kristen. She's she's the most attractive. Yeah. Lawrence or was at her house.


I've I've heard something and I don't even know I think maybe someone might have emailed this to me or someone tweeted it at me and maybe this isn't even true or maybe I've never even heard of it. Have you heard anything to the effect of.


Lauren has met somebody post show, and he and she met him at the airport, like he found her at the airport or something like that.


I just I just think it's a little coincidental that, you know, she just missed this guy right after she leaves, obviously exit from the airport and they start going on trips and having dates and they're posting each other on social media.


I just think, you know, I mean, I don't know where did he come from or was it. And I don't know.


OK, that's not my business, but it just looks kind of off a little bit. OK, yes.


I have not looked at her Instagram, so I had no so obviously that was true that what was what was sent to me. But I have I have not looked I didn't realize they were taking trips.


And this is actually a thing and she's got to get something popped up on TMZ or something like that. And she has no problem reports on the girl. So, OK, I guess work it out. She wants it all.


So after Lauren came in, they had a car wash challenge, which was really nothing other than we just want to see girls in and wet t shirts and who they kiss because there was no point to the challenge.


There was there was nothing challenging about it. And that's the thing. I mean, I've I've talked about this briefly on my past podcast about my issue with the show. I just think the challenges should mean something, like you get something from it.


It's just, you know, the baggage one was basically just a way to someone for people to talk about their past sex life. Just you can't win. Like, it's like, hey, maybe if the guys win, they get they get better food or something, just some sort of advantage in this show. And it's really the challenges are kind of dumb. But there were a couple of recently that since you've left that were actually pretty good. Actually, I thought so.


Maybe they're improving, but the car wash challenge established the fact that, well, maybe it didn't establish the fact because you seem to be taking a little bit aback by it, because Justin ended up making out with Caleb. She went and kissed him. And before that, it seemed like you guys had talked and Justin thought you guys were better off as friends, but you weren't clear on that, explain exactly what went down there. So are all of our witnesses before me, I mean, this thing is clear, it was obvious that she wasn't my first choice, I wasn't her first choice.


And we ended up talking more and we ended up connecting and we were friends. But I agreed to, you know, try and put myself out there and open up to her a little bit to see where things went. It's not a secret that both of our heads should have been turned at any time, but we agreed to be 100 percent authentic with each other and transparent and just let each other know. So neither one of us gets blindsided like Rachel did where she ended up going home.


So like it was it was clear and evident that we were allowed to explore option, but we were just supposed to tell each other, like when we were doing so, as you know, like I picked her during the recoupling. She picked me down the recoupling after Caleb had already came, already know that Caleb only had a couple of conversations. And then she saw me like there was nothing to worry about. And then she picked me. So I thought everything was cool.


I didn't know that she still had any intentions of pursuing him. She didn't make that clear to me. And that's why I like it. Kind of made me feel some kind of way. I didn't I wouldn't have cared if she would have told me, hey, I don't want to pursue Caleb because, like I mean, I was trying to work things with Justin. But I know that if I to if I wouldn't want to consider more, my head would have definitely been turned.


Yeah. So I couldn't be mad at her first when her options when me and her weren't set in stone couple like maybe Johnny or Sally were for Connor McKenzie, things like that. We were just trying and seeing where things would go would go. So yeah, it just, it definitely just caught me off guard because I wasn't expecting it, you know, with Rachel. And that's why we were I don't even think Caleb was. So I can so it just caught me off guard.


And then her explanation for afterwards just having discussed it. And so I just I just ran off with it like that. Yeah.


And that next recoupling, it basically came down to you and Caleb, everyone else, all the other couples stayed the same. Moira and Calvin and Carson Carrington, Johnny and Sally Mackenzie Conner. Then it came down to you and Caleb and basically you and Caleb were choosing between three girls, Lauren, Rachel and Justin. You end up choosing Lauren. Caleb is choosing Justin and Rachel gets sent home. So now. At least I thought you were feeling Lauren, and then right after that, there's talk between you and I believe Carrington, because Carrington and Kirsten had just decided, you know what, I think they they had on a horseback ride date and they pretty much decided we're just kind of friends here.


We're not a couple. So and you moved in because you told Carrington like, hey, I'm not really feeling Lauren.


I'm kind of interested in Kirsten. I want to go that way.


So Carrington was my best friend, and I told him everything and he told me everything. So we're real cool. And we we actually had a discussion. So this is the plan. And I don't think I don't know if people know about this. So this is a play. Well, actually, before I even go into that, I'll say that my decision for picking Lloyd was based on the decisions that Carrington made and the decision that I thought Caleb would make.


So I was hoping that Carrington would choose Laun so I could choose Kirstyn. But after Carrington chose Kirsten. I had a feeling that Caleb would choose Justin, but I wasn't for sure had I known that he was going to do that 100 percent, I probably would have chosen Rachel. Rachel, yes. But going back to. Going back to me character, so you pick and correct me, picking Lloyd was kind of like a chess move. So it was a risk, obviously, because me and Lauren, we had barely even talked.


And but she was obviously attractive. So I wanted to take that risk and of the risk. It was a risk that me and her would involve iConnect, but. I wanted Lauren to pursue Carrington, and I encouraged him to do the same so I could pursue Kirsten. Gotcha.


OK, now it's interesting that you say that when you said I'm kind of surprised or maybe you didn't know that Kayla was going to choose Justin over. You said if he would if you said if I would have known he was choosing Justin, I would have chosen Rachel. My question is, before going into your recoupling, you guys are all hanging out. You're all talking. Did you guys not know or do they did production not allow you, the guys, to tell the other guys who they were going to pick?


You know, we never know exactly who somebody is going to choose who actually turns up. I mean, people can say anything. I could have went out every time saying I'm going to do so, but that's not the case. You know, it's like people, people, they may hide or they may they may hide their their real intentions, you know? And it's not I will I will just say that everybody wasn't always honest. Yeah. So are you OK now?


I guess the plan was in motion because Karen didn't Kirsten had both decided, hey, we're just friends, you had basically brought it up like, hey, why don't you go pursue Lauren?


And I'm interested in Kirsten. And that seemed to be where things were going to be headed. Unfortunately, the bomb that dropped was, hey, everybody, America's voted for the top three couples. Yes, they are. Johnny and Sally, Caleb and Justin and Calvin and Moira. I don't know how America voted for them when they had literally just gotten together. And if you watch back the episodes, I don't think it even kissed. They weren't they certainly I was shocked.


I was shocked. They were in the top three at that point.


I was shocked to I thought that it would come down to me and Calvin being the two guys that were chosen. I mean, that that had to be chosen from, you know what if I felt a little bit more confident. Yeah, I don't even think people I didn't I didn't watch. I didn't make this exact episode. Well, I don't know if they show Carrington was dancing with Lauren. I was dancing with Kirstyn. And then Kirstyn was my partner for some of the games that night, too.


So it's like the plan was definitely in motion to make it happen or at least make the effort to see where it went.


But yeah, I was definitely through for a loop. Arial came out and they said that.


Yeah, and that's the thing, because if Calvin and Moira are thrown in to the because basically by announcing Americans voted for their top three couples and those were the top three, John, Kelly, Caleb, Justin and Calvin and Moira that left Carrington Kirstyn, you and Lauren as the people up for elimination. It would have been like you said, it would have been a lot easier for you and you probably would have stayed if Calvin and Moira weren't voted top three and they were now choosing between Calvin and Moira and Trey and Lauren to go.


Oh, I think I think it would have been you and Moira that stayed.


So that hurt so. And so what happens is they end up obviously picking Kirsten and Carrington to stay going into that.


Did you think you had a chance or were you like their biggest Carrington after after seeing who was voting?


Yes, I feel like if the guys would have had to choose, they probably would have been a little bit of the tougher. I probably would have had a better chance of staying. It's not a guarantee that I would have because they were both of us. But after I realized that the girls were choosing which guy had to go home, I already knew I was going home just because I know Sally and Justin were going to vote against me. Yeah, especially after the pass recoupling.


So I just knew it wasn't in my favor and Carrington was cool at all, so I knew it wasn't going to work in my favor.


So is there I mean, you get you get eliminated. Obviously, your home, you're back and you're in Florida, right?


Yes, sir. So you get back home. You've watched some of the episodes. You've watched some of the back.


Have you? Well, let me just ask this. Where is where is your head at with. Are you pissed at anybody? Get my pistol, anybody. Yeah, honestly, no, OK. I mean, I'm not I'm not I'm not pissed at anybody at the end of the day. Yeah. Like they may be able to influence those decisions, but I think these people are saying what they want to say and they're doing what they want to do.


And I got to witness all of that firsthand. I know who was acting and I know who's for real. So, like, I'm not mad or upset about anything, to be honest, OK? Because I know I was me and that's all I could be.


Yeah. And I'm because that's where I think I'm really interested in. Obviously, you live with these people 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we're seeing one hour of that condensed, sometimes two. And I'm just wondering, like, man.


Is what we're seeing.


What they were really like like are Johnny and Sally really America's couple, or is Johnny a bit of a player because of what he did with Mercedes at Cossar more and was you know, I mean, he he definitely held back on what he told Sally what happened because he was all over the ladies.


Come on. So this is what this is what I would say about this. Johnny, Johnny and Sally are perfect for each other. I don't think that they're a perfect couple, but they're perfect for each other because only Johnny can handle everything that Sally is and how she acts. And I guess apparently, after more, that only Sally could take Johnny back and handle everything that he does. But I will say, like and I don't want this to come off as the way I hate Johnny or anything like that.


But Johnny is a great actor. And after the show, he deserves an Oscar or some role in a movie or something like that, and he might fall all the way. But he never fooled me. And I told them I told it to his face and I always will. Yeah, we were cool, but I'll always tell him he's a great actor and he deserves an Oscar after this. That performance is so amazing. Wait, I'm talking with Denzel Washington performance.


OK, wait, wait, wait a second.


What exactly are we talking about with Johnny's acting that he's do you not think he's into Celie at all and he's just keeping her around so he can stay on the show long? Or what exactly is he acting about?


Johnny wants to win, OK? That's what he does. He wants to win and he knows that he's not going to leave him. He just has to keep so really happy and he can carry her on out until then. I don't see Sally seems like a loyal girl, so I don't see her returning no matter what. Yeah, but, you know, I think that they'll work on the outside. Absolutely not so far. Joe Johns is cruising.


You know, he'll be able to get away with that stuff and more. That's why he did it. So he took a look just like she just like is he knew he was able to get away with it. Yeah, that's interesting.


I didn't I mean, obviously we know and based on last year, did they actually did they tell you guys before filming started? This is how the show is going to end or they've just leapt it as like you just need to wait until the end and see what happens. Yeah, we never know what's going to happen. OK, so I guess everything is just unpredictable.


So for those that didn't watch the end of last season. What was it America voted for the the the best couple, I think was what it was and then. That couple had to determine the money situation of do we keep it, does one person run off with it or do we share it and leave as a couple and ended up splitting it?


So we're all assuming as viewers, that's the way the show is going to end this year, that America will vote on their favorite couple and then that couple will determine the prize money at the end of this thing. I don't know if it's a hundred thousand or two hundred thousand, whatever, if if it's Johnny and Kelly put it this way.


But after what you just told me, if it's Johnny and Johnny is going to take the money and leave her high and dry, there's got this. And we definitely nobody knows.


But we definitely joked about keeping all of the money. Yeah, but I don't know if he has the I don't know if he has the balls to do it, but I wouldn't be shocked if he did it because we literally joked about it like multiple times. Like if he picked the envelope with all the money in it. Yeah.


He would start saying, I did it, I did it, and then I got you all I could. But like, I don't I don't believe like I don't think anybody's ever kept all the money, so I don't know who would be the first. So I don't I don't know.


Yeah, because that's what it is, isn't it? Is it it they choose America chooses the final couple and then they give let's just say it's Johnny and Sally and then they'll give Johnny an envelope and they'll give Sally an envelope or they choose an envelope. Each one chooses one. And all of the money, all of the winnings are in one of the envelopes and they don't know which one it is. And then whoever gets that money has to then determine, do I split it with my partner or do I keep it?


That's basically how it ends, right?


Yeah, I would say yeah. And I would say if Sally was the pick the envelope with the money. Oh, she said it was a zero percent chance that she would keep it all. She split it. Yeah. But only with the envelope. You can't say that is a zero percent chance that he'll split. He'll that he won't keep it all in case because there is a chance.


I don't know how big it is, but there isn't a I don't know what if the final couple, which I think is a possibility, America's favorite couple is Caleb and Justin. I don't see either of them taking the money themselves.


I don't see them. I don't see either of them keeping all the money. They're there. They seem like a power couple. I was wrong about Kate. I definitely thought that when a customer came and said return, but after they made it through there, they seem like they got even stronger. So I feel like I feel like they're the front runner right now and I think they'll win. And I don't think either one of them keeping all the money.


Yeah, I think if you look at the couples right now. I just I don't think Carrington and Laurel are going to be voted. America's favorite couple, Kirsten, just went to this Benice guy who's one of the new guys, they got brought in, Moire has been with every guy there, so she's not going to be a winner.


I just yeah, I think this is you know, I think there's, what, two weeks left?


I don't even know how much is left.


I know so much time, but I think they might be in a little first week, OK?


They might be the last week now. OK, I really think this is a Johnny Selli, Justin Keila final showdown. I mean, that's what it's going to come down to. I guess we'll never know, do they? Oh, I think they do do it in order of voted on by the fans. I think they do say, OK, the fifth cup of finishing in fifth place, a couple of finishing in fourth place and so on. I think they do that.


Yeah, I think this is a first and second place of Johnny Selli Justin, and it's just a matter of who goes who goes where, but. Yeah, that will be interesting, I don't see how he said I don't see Justin and Caleb taking the money for themselves. Selli definitely will split it, but yeah, Johnny, OK, now that you say that, it it's certainly interesting. So I got a I got a couple of questions for you because Khoza more happen.


And you know, we just as of Monday's episode, we have two new women coming in, Lincoln and and Julia. And at this point the couples are Johnny Selli, Caleb, Justin Carrington, Laurel Bennett, Kirstyn, Calvin Moire. But Moira doesn't even like Calvin again.


She wants to she wants the Bennett guy that Kersten's in tune. So who knows what's going to happen with that?


Noer disappeared because he's in porn. See that story?


I did see that. And look, I want to I want to make it clear that that is not CBS's fault. That is not the violence fault. They asked very, very detailed, specific questions when you're going through the whole casting process. Yeah. And that is one of them. So that means if that came out, that means that. So that is not the violence. I'm not saying that what he did was wrong, I mean, because he's allowed to have his own preference, but he lied, so he left himself subject to elimination.


And that's what happened, I guess. No, I totally agree.


We got we got that. We got your audio cleared there. It's funny because when I when I heard about this story about Noah and for those that don't know, they brought three guys on recently, Bennett, Benny and Noah, again, two guys.


I mean, not only not only two guys with the first verse letter, it's the same fucking name, Benny and Bennett.


It will be tough to say so.


So we've got Benny, Benny and Noah and Noah comes on and he didn't really do much. They didn't really give him a lot of camera time. And then all of a sudden on Sunday's episode, I watched it. I'm like. I don't remember seeing Noah and then yesterday morning, Monday morning. This story breaks that Noah was in was a porn star and gay porn at that.


So he so I was asking, you know, and somebody, you know, that Washington was just like, how could they possibly not know that? I'm saying, you know what? There's no way they would know that unless somebody in casting is a aficionado of gay porn. Because clearly this Noah guy, Noah Purvis, is his name, his real name. He's not using Noah Purvis in his that wasn't his porn name.


So you would you would have no reason. CBS would have no reason to be like, oh, yeah, no, we did a background check. Because if you do a background check on Noah Purvis, I don't think that would show up of, you know, that he was important because he doesn't use that as his porn name. So he's the idiot for thinking that nobody that does watch gay porn would tip somebody off and say, oh, I've seen that guy before, like he's on him.


I'm not saying I'm not saying anything that he did was wrong to have it. He's allowed to do whatever he wants. No, that's his preference and he's allowed to do that. And but the only his only problem was that he lied about it. And, yeah, that's where I am. I just can't lie about it. If I lied about being a serial killer or having felonies and they found out about that.


So, yeah, I know. Without a doubt. I've got some questions for you to answer about the women, just some general questions about like who's the most this or most.


So if just running down the women that you only dealt with, we already know that the hottest you think is Kirsten. What do you think was the most superficial?


Oh, oh, most superficial. A little bit, but I mean, give me a little bit more details on that, who who was just all about.


Really just looks and didn't care to maybe know a lot of the guys and just kept everything like, I don't know, maybe maybe there's a better way to ask, it would be who was who was the most phony?


Oh, it was the most for me, that's a tough question, everybody, every girl there had their reason for being there. Yeah, I would say that the toughest to crack were probably Caitlin and Lauren.


OK, who was the most real? The most real yeah, I have to say, Rachel or Kirstyn, OK, I can't remember how many you kissed.


But so imagine a game of kissing where you guys did swap. I thought there was one early on who was the best and who was the worst kisser.


So I've kissed outside of challenges of kiss your girls, but including games and challenges. I've kissed like five or six kisser as down by far as Caitlin. Caitlin at night seems a really good kisser. And you didn't keep her together? I know it's a lot more it's a lot more to it. I know. So I did I did want to but Justin just Justin to see. Got me OK.


And who was Wurster? Not up to par kissing was.


And that's a tough one, I guess, maybe. Damn, I don't know, as I say, Moira, just because what's the shortest, OK? It was a good game.


So I guess who of the women is the least likely there for love and just probably trying to gain Instagram followers? I see who's left, so we got so we got Justin, we got Kirstyn and.


Well, that's the only ones that Moira, Moira, so those four are the only ones that were. Yeah, Rachel's gone. Lauren's gone. Yeah.


See, and that's tough because I, I believe that of all four of those girls, I believe that all those girls are their. To actually find somebody for them? OK, that's fine, I didn't I didn't know here, here's a question that I know everybody has.


I know I had it. I have it. I've texted my friends about it. And I've just been like. Maybe it's because this is the U.S. version and we can't get as raunchy. But when is the sex happening on this show? You can't has nobody had sex? They haven't even hinted at it. So nobody that I'm not that I know for sure is asix, keep in mind, like where the cameras are on, where you can escape it and we're all sitting next to each other.


So it'd be kind of like it'd be kind of like, you know, here if you just sleeping in at 3am, you hear about the noise and you look over and you see Conor McKenzie just going all in. Yeah. So I mean, but I feel like if anybody came close to it, it would be condemned.


And I don't think when they when they had their overnight, when they had a little overnight thing. Yeah, or one of the nights when everybody was sleeping and they just kept it on us, but I don't think they actually did and I don't think they actually went all the way, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did something.


OK, now you've seen that was the other thing I want to talk about, because you you've seen what Mackenzie posted last night on Instagram, didn't you? Mm hmm.


OK, so Conor got eliminated on Monday night and they show him face time, Mackenzie and basically they decided over the phone that they're going to try things post show.


But oh, my goodness, during the show, during the show, all the guys kept telling Connor, I'm not going to allow you to go back to her. So they're I mean, they're going to try it probably is going to fizzle. But why was why were the guys so adamant on Connor?


You better not go back to her, because then at the end of the day, he's a grown man. So he's going to do whatever he wants to do. Man, at some point in time, you just got to grow up, put your foot down. Connor's a good looking guy, is cool, is genuine. He's a nice guy. I just feel like maybe sometimes Mackenzie takes advantage of it a little bit. But I mean, that's just my opinion.


And I know they don't give a fuck about my opinion, but I just think that maybe he deserves somebody that understands him better and is willing to work with him better, because a lot of times you put him in some uncomfortable situations and I can't believe after she chose Jahlil over him. So, yeah, he still come back to her. That's just all I can say.


It couldn't be me any. I'm just they don't seem like a match at all. And I have a feeling that just I mean, look, I don't know anything about her. I mean, I've I've checked out her Instagram page and that's how she comes across to me, that she did this to be on TV to gain Instagram followers. And then I think even in her intro video, she made a comment about why only date millionaires or something like that.


But yet it certainly is. Yeah, OK, so and I've and I've heard through the grapevine that she only dates athletes, so I don't know.


I have no idea if that's true. It's what I was told.


OK, OK. So, so we can kind that's why I say I could kind of see Qatar is like 180 degrees opposite of all that.


It just doesn't seem like they would they're going to mesh outside of this show. And I think they just because of the confinement of like, perfect example, if Connor McKenzie didn't know each other and we're out at the same bar together, I don't think they would leave together. But without that. And so, yeah, within this show, it's like she became really attracted to him. They spent, you know, every living, breathing moment together for the first week or so.


So she develops these feelings that you would would not normally if you just met somebody out at a bar or a dinner one night. So that's where I see go. And I think this is they're going to try it. They're going to you know, whatever happens, I don't even know where Connor lives. Where does he live?


Zeolite Vestberg. Oh, he's in Pittsburgh, OK.


And she's in Arizona. I mean, yeah, I know this ain't happening. OK, yeah, that's moving on. But I wanted to bring this up.


And this is of a more of a more serious note, because when I did, you know, Google your name and I just want to know a little bit more about your background and stuff there. There were articles that came out once you were established to be a contestant on the show of some tweets that you sent out back in 2014, six years ago, that probably you wish you would never said.


But for those that don't know, it was just somebody had tweeted out, how would black guys feel if black chicks went to all the white boys? And you responded, We wouldn't care because we don't want them. And then you had said, I want my future kids to be mixed with something else.


I mean, I just explained what you were thinking when you when you wrote that. So I was in I was in high school when I tweeted that, yeah, twenty eighteen. Yeah, I was just graduating high school and I'm not going to make any excuse. It was it was a joke that just wasn't funny and it was stupid, like just I was immature. And the way I see it is there's nothing that I can say that is going to.


Get everybody to believe that what I'm saying is sincere and genuine so everybody can take this and run with it for the great one. I'll make this I'll say what I said in my interview with CBS and the violin when they asked me what my preferences. My preference is any any kind of girl that's attractive, that can be black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Latino, whatever. And that's that's what I like. And people can change in a day, so imagine how much somebody can change in seven years, six years, whatever it is.


So if all the perfect people in the world want to judge me for something that I say, seven years ago, I was in high school, then, so be it. I'll live with it. I'm not saying that what I said was right because it was horrible, disgusting and ignorant. That's what I say. I was ignorant. Yeah, I was when I said that. And over years I became educated. And that's something that I would never say again.


I mean, that's what it is. I mean, ignorant people get educated. Now, if everybody that wants to keep on riding on the wave and saying this, oh, he's a college, but he doesn't like black women. That's not true. I never said anything negative about black women. I just said I didn't have a preference at the time. Yeah. And things change. People change things. You know, I love my black wings.


I love all kinds of girls. I love attractive girls. It doesn't matter what color they are. So that's what I feel. And if people feel like they're so perfect, then they've never made mistakes. I would like to go back to their lives seven years ago and see what kind of mistakes that they've made or things that they've said behind closed doors that didn't get out publicly. And I would like to see if they're still perfect and if they're still in a position where they can judge somebody.


But I'm not going to make any excuse for it because it was wrong and I'm not happy that I said it, but I can't go back into it. So all I can do is say that it was ignorant and I wish I never said it, but my views have changed since then.


No, I appreciate you addressing it and allowing me to ask you about it. And my thing was when I when I read it, the first one actually was you said 2013, the second one where you said, I want my future kids to be mixed with something else. Was 2014 still six, seven years ago? I was just curious, now that you say you said that in high school, was that a preference in high school? Did you were you more attracted to white women in high school?


Actually, no. Up until I've actually you know what, I take that back, you didn't say white women. You said not black. The question was posed, how would black guys feel? Black chicks went to all the white boys and you said we wouldn't care because we don't want them. So that's not even saying you only liked white girls. It was. I'm just not into black girls. Was that the thing back then for you?


Not even necessarily because my first girlfriend, high school, was black then it makes girls. And that's just how that was. So, I mean. Yeah. OK, I was just wondering why I thought I was thinking, like, why did he say it then? Maybe he only dated nonblack girls.


That's what everybody who knows me knows how I am. So I don't care what people think or how they think because they're the only people I truly care about my family and those people close to me, those are all only people that I care about. So be honest with you. Yeah. And maybe I might dig in my bag of thoughts against and about for what everybody else thinks, and I may. Oh, absolutely not. Because I just don't care.


You know, people are innocent people. Not everybody is going to like you. And I know that not everybody is going to like me. I'm not a people pleaser. I'm not going to try and please everybody. I know I know a lot of people will like me. And then no matter what I do, there's always going to be some people who wake up just looking for something to debate about. So I had to go seven years back and find something when I was the childish boy.




So now that's the thing. I mean, I think if you if you say that tweet in twenty twenty, it's a it's a lot easier to get down your throat for it like that.


Take a you know, that's just you know, I get it and you own up to it.


I shouldn't you know, you're not you're not trying to justify it. You're not trying to stand by it. You're just like, look, I was an idiot. I mean, I yeah, I was immature. I was in high school and I said, stupid shit. And I shouldn't have said it.


But after high school, you went to college and you went to Ohio State and you like that transition there, you played a little football at Ohio State.


You were on the you were on the team there and played on Urban Meyer. I was curious. I mean, I'm a huge college football fan. It's my favorite sport. So I I mean, obviously, when I think. I don't know if you were still in Love Island or you were still in Vegas, or maybe it was right after you got back when the Big Ten decided we are going to play this season.


Yes, sir. So obviously, you're happy afterwards?


Yes, I'm happy that my book and Ohio State University, the the Ohio State, if we have any Michigan people listening, I'm sorry, hung up by now.


But so just out of curiosity, if you were playing if you were playing right now, if you were a senior in college, junior college senior in college, still at Ohio State, and this all came down and you see the SEC playing the Big 12, playing the ACC playing Sunbelt. You see these conferences planned. But Big Ten in PAC 12 say in August, sorry, no, no dice. Maybe not till maybe not till the spring. And then and then you get this news that we are going to start we're going to start in October.


We're going have an eight game season. We're going to have a Big Ten championship. They'll give us a chance for the college football playoff.


I mean, just talk about it as an athlete, because I don't think people truly understand that how heartbreaking it must have been for the players in the Big Ten and back to over any conference versus now coming back.


I don't think people realize exactly how much effort and work goes into every ball that's associated with sports program. So much grind. And it's not just during the football season. It's after the football season, too. Before the football season, all the work, all the practices, all the field work, the workouts, everything that they put into it all year long. And then to find out that you may not have a season is just devastating. And then you got those seniors that's trying to put something together so they can go to the draft and that would be devastating.


So it probably feels like to them that they just won the national championship. Yeah. Even, you know, they're on the ground to go win it. They're feeling really, really good.


And I'm so happy for them because I know I mean, at the end of that, you want your hard work to pay off. So I know they're very excited.


I was coach day and assistant when you were there. Was he still there? Yeah. Yeah, yeah he was. Because is so cool man. You like him. Yeah. Like I say.


Yeah. I mean it's obviously with the times that we're in, you know, you know some people say the athletes are getting exploited because there are some campuses that don't even have students on campus. But yet, hey, football players, you go put yourself at risk and you go practice every day and whatnot.


But they are I don't think the people that I think are saying that aren't understanding the testing that they are putting college football players through probably is probably as strict as it was for you on Long Island.


I mean, I guarantee you they're getting tested at least every other day, maybe every third year.


I realized how much revenue football football programs bring into university. So, I mean, it's vital for them to have those resources to keep on getting tested. And it's not just a sample. It's like one hundred guys. It's not like a whole university that would have to go through the testing. So so it's a little bit easier to test the A team versus testing the whole student population. Yeah.


And I think I think a lot of people lose sight of the fact that, you know, obviously we know college sports is a big business, but you almost have to break it down even further than that, because the only two sports you talk to anybody, any athletic director off record would say that the only two sports that our school is making money off of is college football and college basketball, college football, college basketball, pay for every other sport and every other college they pay for your softball team because the softball teams don't have a giant television deal with ESPN and CBS and Fox and the rowing team and the archery team and the soccer team.


And even college baseball is not a big moneymaking sport. Everything in college sports is made by what the college football program and what the college basketball program brings in, period.


End of story. And it's not it's not even debatable. And any that's not the take away. And yeah, it's lot to take away from those sports.


They just are not watched by millions and haven't signed giant contracts with television networks to bring in the money. So there's a reason why there is a fight to you might say, like if you're not a college football fan, like, oh, my God, that's ridiculous, that we have to stay home and restaurants aren't open, but they get to play football. It's like it goes so much deeper than.


Yeah, exactly. You know, I just people don't get it. But I mean, I am happy the Big Ten is back. I fully expect the PAC 12 is going to follow suit. I, I don't see them waiting till because now that the Big Ten is back, what's the PAC 12 going to do, play each other in January and February and just OK, we play play against each other for eight or nine games, will declare a winner and we have no shot in any sort of playoff like I got to think they're coming back to.


I don't see.


Yeah. They have to do something right? Yeah, I mean, and you keep the Rosewell, you know, you keep your Rosebowl intact, assuming who else is going to be what I said to us or the other school is going to be in the playoffs.


They've got to have at least one. Yeah. I mean. I mean. I mean, I think. You know, the two guys from Ohio State that opted out when the Big Ten was canceled or now I think back in Wade and I think it was an offensive lineman that had opted out, but now he's in.


But, yeah, I mean, it's been I think people are just I mean, it's nice to see sports on television. Yeah, it's weird. It's going to be weird to see Ohio State play a football game in the shoe with maybe 20000 people there.


You know, it's yeah, it's it's certainly going to be weird. And just watching the first three weeks of college football, it's been odd to watch games with, you know, no fans and piped in crowd noise on the TV screen. But it's back. And at least there, you know, if you watch the games, I don't see a giant difference. Yeah. You've got some two deep rosters that have been beset by covid. And there's some games that have been postponed because players have contracted the virus or contact tracing has led to them being held out of games.


But I think the product itself hasn't really been much different.


I think you're going to get, you know, when Ohio State takes the field, they're going to be I think they play Nebraska first. They'll roll the shit out of them and then.


Oh, yes, you're I mean, be hungry.


I know they're going to be hungry this year. Yeah.


I mean, you know, after what happened last year in the Clemson game where, you know, I mean, they've I'd be shocked if Ohio State's not in the playoffs this year.


Nobody in the Big Ten is beating them. So I just they're going I know they'd be really surprised if they don't go nine and. Oh, and I don't care if you have an eleven when one, you know, Alabama or Georgia I a nine and Ohio State team that rolls through the Big Ten because they are going to play probably one or two games less than someone else. I don't know. They're going to be it's going to be held against them because they want to see Ohio State.


I mean, they're big, obviously a big name, and they're going to they're going to put them in the playoffs. So assuming you don't say, you know, I think you'll be fine.


But when you just one last question. When you were at Ohio State, were you on the. Were you on the cartel Jones national championship team? Yes, I was my first season. That was your first season? God, that was that was yeah. That was a legendary year, man. What was legendary?


Because, I mean, so. God, who I remember who the. Wait, who are Braxton Miller starting at Braxton Miller started? Yeah, and then, yes, he gets hurt in game the Michigan No, right?


Yeah, he got hurt and he got hurt in preseason. He had hurt practice in camp and then took his name to start his name. Right. Never forget that day. Everybody was it was a noncontact injury by Braxton. And everybody was like somebody had just died. We're all praying and just hoping that Braccio will be OK. We thought the season's over then, J.C., where Sandy is our new leader. It leads us to some victories. We had a hiccup that we just got on a roll and just kept on rolling.


Then he went down. Cardale Jones steps up and beats West Beats. This is not out of wins. Costeja Big Bama comes rolling in. Beat them in national championship. I feel like Bama was the national championship game because after three Bama there was no way we lost the audience.


Yeah yeah that was. And that was. Wait that was was that six year. Yes, he was there. That's right, that's right, yeah, because JT Barrett takes over, because when Braxton Miller got hurt, everyone was like, oh, shit, oh, state not going to be great this year. And that was the one. Was that the early season loss to Virginia Tech? Yes, sir. OK, so that was that one you roll through the rest of the season.


JT Barrett is putting up ridiculous numbers and then he gets hurt in the Michigan game and it's like, well, shit, now we got our third string quarterback and everyone's like, well, they might have made the college football playoff, but no way. I mean, who is this guy? And then he just, you know, while he steamrolled Wisconsin fifty nine, nothing in the Big Ten championship and then then the Alabama game and then the Oregon National Championship.


Yeah, that had to have been crazy for you guys as teammates.


Like I mean, was there any I mean, I don't know. I don't know how much you guys see the third string quarterback, how much you saw Cardale. Play in practice, when J.T. went down, were you like, I don't know how it's going to be tougher for Carl.


We knew Cardale was ready there, like he progressed so much during the season that we were confident and. Now, I don't I can't say that we predicted the 50 not nothing victory, but we definitely believed in Cardale and how much he had grown during the season. Hmm.


OK, that's interesting because and then and then the next year was your sophomore year. Right. And that was the whole thing of who do we start? Because Cardale holds a press conference and everyone thinks he's going pro because I could probably hold press conferences coming back. But he did.


And he came back and then it was Cardale and JT, right?


Yeah, it was it was kind of like the Tour de la TULLEN jail. Yeah. Two and Jaylen and JT ended up. Wait, who ended up winning out. Do they.


So the started the season and then JT ended up finishing up finishing.


That's right. OK, yeah.


Now that was I mean, I mean Ohio State obviously whether you like them or not, you have to admit they're, they're a college football power along with Alabama and Clemson. It's the it's those three and pretty much everyone else. And it'll be really interesting to see how the season plays out again, I'd be shocked if they can't get through an eight game Big Ten schedule and and then when the Big Ten championship against whoever from the other side, I just have done my research on the Big Ten teams.


I just I don't I don't see it. You know, you have I think the Penn State game is at Penn State this year. But when you don't have zero fans opposed to 100000 white T-shirts, it's like, OK, now it just comes down to roster.


And barring a bunch of turnovers or some crazy happening or just in fields getting hurt, I just they should be you guys should be Penn State.


So. Yeah, but Trey, thank you so much for coming on.


Man, I really appreciate it. I'm glad we get to talk a little football at the end here. I appreciate you being honest about your tweets from six and seven years ago. And we'll be watching the Rest of Love Island. Are they going to do any sport? Are you done with this or are they doing any sort of reunion show or anything? We're going to bring you back.


I'm not sure. I'm not sure about that. OK, so everyone, especially people that I didn't get a chance to meet on, so. Yeah.


So, well, we'll be watching. We'll see what happens and see the final couple. So if you had to make a prediction now.


Who do you think wins and do they split or keep the money? I think Justin and Caleb went and I think they split the money. Yeah, I agree. But it will be interesting to see if Johnny and Sulley win, because I think that's the only I think that's the only couple to where.


You could even see another one of the two deciding to keep the money and like you said about about Tony. I just don't you go. If somehow Carrington Laurel got to the finals, I don't see one of them stealing the money from the other one. You know, it's like, yeah, I don't see it. So. Yeah. So we'll see. We'll see what happens again. Thank you, Terry. I really appreciate it. And we'll be in touch.


Thank you. Oh man. You got to go see it, but. Thank you so much for coming on, finally get to some low island talk, guys. Look, I watch Love Island last year and I gave up after about a week and a half in. And. I thought I was going to give up on this one around the same time, but this one has kept me intrigued and we've got a lot of people, once the show ends, that I want to hear from and.


I mean, I'm not I'm not going to go down every single cast member, but I definitely want to talk to a few of them, so hopefully they will do it. I'll just, you know, I. Reached out to Trey DMM on Instagram, he said, sure, let's do it. So it's as simple as that. Hopefully some of the other ones will as well. But I definitely I definitely want to talk to some people from the show.


And I I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying it. I didn't think I would as much as especially after watching last year, especially since this is in one location, it's not you know, it's at the top of the Cromwell Hotel in Vegas. So interesting. But thanks for today for coming on.


And I wasn't going to bring them on and not talk about the tweets because they are out there and they are. If you Google his name, they are part of his story now. And you heard his answer. And that's all you can ask for, is someone to say, I was dumb, I was stupid. I shouldn't have said it. I've learned from it. And it's not my belief right now. And I'm glad he did so thank you to you for coming on.


Thank you all for listening. Please rate subscribe and review an Apple podcast. It is much appreciated and it helps in our rankings on Apple podcasts next week. Hope to have a bachelor related podcast. Just hoping to nail down the time on that. And if not, maybe we'll have another one personal anyway. Thank you all for tuning in. I appreciate it. That was podcast number two. I want go back next week with two oh two until next week for Trey Forte.


I'm really Steve, thank you all for tuning in. And we will talk to you next week.