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It's a red table. First, we are in North Carolina. We've come to the private home of basketball's royal family to meet the queen of the Curry Dynasty. Now the men, they dominate the court. These women run the kingdom. Sania, the matriarch, married NBA veteran Dell Curry. Thirty years ago, their oldest son, Steph, is one of the greatest players ever. He was just 15 when he met Isaiah, who became his wife and a one woman empire.


She's a superstar chef, a covergirl and the mother of their three children. Their middle child, Steph Curry, is also an NBA baller. He's newly engaged to Kelly Rivers, the mother of his child and daughter of NBA legend Doc Rivers.


The youngest Curry Zadow is a social media influencer who married yet another NBA player, Damian Lee. We heard this is the biggest table yet.


Yes, we like setting records. Thank you for welcoming us into your beautiful family home. We appreciate that being here with you guys. I can feel the warmth and the energy of the women in this family. You know what I mean?


And I won't be able to get through this whole thing without crying.


So that makes you and I know I'm already here, but, you know, every family is not like that, that every family can be the hardest relationships.


Yeah, actually, this is like real NBA wife partnership, fiance superstardom situation happening right here because people think about the glory side of it.


I don't think that people really understand what it takes for women to hold the positions that we have to hold standing with our men. Right. How many years have you been married? 30 years. I'm twenty one. Well, you can make it.


It's possible. Yeah. You know, I mean, our partnership, we don't even really call it a marriage anymore. We call it a partnership with life partners. We're in a different stage of our union. I know that unions go through many stages.


Yes, I met him at 18. Yeah, I've been with him since then. So to go from 18 to now being fifty three, you're like, who is this person from 18 to fifty three is right there for one second.


This woman says she's fifty three. Right.


Let me tell you something. That's right. Every year that. OK, go ahead and go ahead. You know, in each stage, different things fuel the marriage and there's different types of commitments at different levels.


So my first commitment was more you committed to the person because you're in love. The second one, you're committed to the family because you got to build this.


And to some degree, you committed to kids. When you go through bumpy times, it's because think about our kids.


And then the third part is, whoa, nobody's here.


It's us. And who are you? And, you know, he looks at me and goes, You're not that eighteen year old. That was Gogola me.


And I'm looking at him going, OK, you don't quite look the same as you do.


I go, I got a little bit of that and maybe two things change.


You start going, OK, well you look at that and you're like, who are you personality wise and what do I now want to do with me in the time that I have?


And it's challenging. There can be some real rough times in that.


Would you say that you rebelled against? I did, yeah. I mean, there was a point where I was like, I don't want to be on your country. Like, I have a thing where I made my goals and was like be financially independent. And ironically, I was never financially independent and always was Delacroix's wife.


And, you know, it was like I was spinning my wheels, just trying to be a little bit of cankers and just rebellious with it.


But I've been that throughout my whole marriage at the down the hill. I can say it like that. That's so interesting.


You just like I just a light bulb just went off in my head like that might be your situation. Just pure rebellion. Fascias, what would you say is some of the best advice you've received in regards to managing what comes with being a partner to I call a spotlight athlete? Well, first of all, I think we've all been very blessed to have an example for us. And a lot of people in our situations don't have that. And so they enter into this big, crazy world and they go a little crazy.


But the one thing I think that I've taken away from mom, she's very strong and powerful. She's always been able to balance her wants and needs along with her children's wants and needs and her husband's wants and needs. And she's always done it with grace. That's kind of why I need to make sure that I have something for myself as well as my marriage, because one, you know, it's going to make me happy and full.


I'm going to be a better parent, too. It's going to make my husband a better person as well, because then he has this strong woman next to him who has her own wants and needs and knows what she wants. So I feel like I have greater value and passion and I'm just a happier person that way.


And so that's something that it's been hard. Yeah, it hasn't been easy.


It's just been the most difficult part of it for you, trying to figure out how to balance work, life, mom, life and being a wife. Sometimes I want to give up the work life because I feel like am I cheating my children of my quality time with them and my cheating my husband out of like me solely being there for him all the time. It takes a lot of quiet time, solitude like searching within yourself, taking a deep breath and being like, OK, no, this is OK.


I got this because I spent a little while not doing these things and think I was kind of miserable.


Oh, I'm with you. I went through that phase of like, not working and like, OK, I just concentrate on my kids. I'm going to concentrate on my husband. And I turned into a terror and then like, look what happens.


Like your children grow up and then they leave and they start their own beautiful lives. And then you're left with the person. You started it all. We're saying, who am I? And so I just want to make sure that when that happens, like I'm good and I still have a sense of self.


I think for me, honestly, right now, I'm five months and six months in the marriage and I'm struggling a little bit because, like, I'm married. You have this idea about what marriage is going to be like. You get to see your spouse all the time. But with their career, they're on the road every other day for weeks at a time. And so right now, I see my husband maybe once every two weeks. I saw him last week for six hours and I'm like miserable right now.


I love him to death and I'm supportive of him and I'm proud of all he's doing. But, you know, sometimes I sit at home and I'm like, dang, she has some. She must say, I got engaged last night.


You got engaged last night. That's a perfect ring for you, it's so pretty on your finger. Did you pick that out on his own or did he have help? No, he picked it up. Oh, yeah. So break it down. How did it happen? We went to dinner. It was the longest dinner ever because I feel like he was super nervous. They kept pushing it back. He ordered a cappuccino at the end, which I've never seen him drink.


Cappuccino ever. First cappuccino. And then after it, actually, you guys were kind of in it because he was like, hey, did you ever get back to the girl that asked about what you wanted to be called on the red table talk? And I was like, Yeah, I just said, Girlfriend, I'm asking cause I want you to be able to say that you're my fiancee. And I was like, wait, what? And then he said stuff.


But I don't remember because I started crying. But I do remember him saying, I love you and I remember him saying something about being a good mom. And then I wasn't answering. He said, Will you marry me? But I was crying and I was just like wrapped up. And then he was like, Wait, will you marry me?


Oh, yes. And then we went back to the hotel and like our families were there.


We're very obnoxious one that's Sparkle's like, oh, how do y'all deal with all the ladies around y'all, man?


How do you deal with that?


Say we're out in the club. And some girl is up in his face, I kind of liked it because to me it was kind of like this, my man, and you ought to be attracted to one man. And I'm OK with that as long as mommy and stand beside me making me feel good. But Mommy and turn around was like, oh, which happened. A couple of them. I'll be like, hold no wait. And I would, I would solve it.


I was one. I'm always one to solve things. Right then I was like, you need to back up and you need to go back up. And so we would just solve that right there. Is like very nice by nature.


And he's very talkative. He's just like you. He gets it from his mama. And so, like, everything's always like very, very friendly and sometimes to the point where I'm like, OK, I'm a grown woman. So I just insert myself and be like, hello, how are you doing? Like, I'm OK with it now. And I've obviously, you know, like, the devil is a liar. And there's always like the ladies will always be lurking, hoping, hoping for their moment in waiting.


You need to be aware of that. Right. But for me, I. I honestly hate it, I don't like when I feel like leveled off with some. It just irks my nerves. And so, like, we had the conversation about it and he tries really, really hard to make sure that if we're going somewhere, I'm being introduced like you're I don't I don't like to have to introduce myself to my nerves. So we try and I try and make that known.


But there have been a couple of times where I've wanted to, like, punch somebody in the face for sure.


Yeah, that's human nature. It's never him. And always it's always it's always the other ones. And he doesn't necessarily know how to deal with that because he's like just he's just a nice guy, human being. He just wants everybody coming. Yeah. You can't see it coming. I see it from mile away.


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How did you deal with that moment? How did I do agree with the groupies around dating? You know what? I really didn't I don't know. I was I know I was more. Yeah, really.


When I was in, I was like, this one is like, OK, that's I remember when Willow was like five or six and one of Will's co-stars was in his trailer and she came in there, she jumped in her father's lap and she looked at the co-star and she said, my mother's going to be here very soon.


And I remember telling me the story. I cracked up. I said, it's how is it the daughter's specific?


Always knew, though I always like and she always to even to this day she'll be like I always known that my talk to your dad about that.


No, it's not to your daddy.


There was only like one or two times where I just might have gotten a little hostile, where I felt like people. They stepped over a boundary and they were disrespectful. Now we got an issue, you know, because I know who I am. And more importantly, he knows who I am. Right.


So the responsibility really is more on the women, the men.


But also you have to have an internal space of confidence in his life, because at the end of the day, that's part of it. A lot of women will get, you know, bad reps from being gold diggers or what have you. Right.


So you realize how for procreation men when they see beautiful women and beautiful bodies, they they react because it's a it's a primal it's it's like, well, when women see power, it's it's the same thing.


It's not about Golddigger. It's it's it's a primal response. This guy can build a house. He can help. You know, he can help my survival, my life.


I'm all I've had to put myself in Will's shoes at times and go, Oh.


That's what I do, baby. Whoa, OK, now, you know, when I really looked at it that way, I really had to have more compassion and more understanding.


Something that really bothers me and honestly has given me a sense of a little bit of an insecurity is the fact that, yeah, like there are all these women throwing themselves but me like the past 10 years, like I don't have any of that. Like I have zero. It sounds weird, but like male attention.


And so then I begin to internalize it and I'm like, is something wrong when you're not looking like you're not?


But I'll tell you something else, too, when your radar is turned off, because I dealt with that for years, too. And I was young like you. Like me because I don't want it.


But it'd be nice to know that, like, someone's looking at you right now, but you don't ever think for one minute that they know some men out there looking at you like I wish all this.


And I could tell you who knows that more than anybody else.


And I want to ask a question that all of you made the decision not to travel with your husband.


I have the ability with my career to be able to travel with him and see him here and there. But I'd feel like if I get used to that, like I'm not going to be present with any other aspect of my life. I'm always on a plane following him, doing whatever. So I'm really wanting to put myself out there to make more friends. I with my anxiety, like it's really hard for me to meet people. I definitely have a lot of anxiety in my life and I've just developed it from within the past three years.


I've had five concussions. And so that's kind of resulted in to have five concussions playing volleyball. I got hit in the head a few times. So you think that concussions and we could see her behavior change over those three, four years?


I've gone to see therapists and that's helped me.


Does your anxiety sometimes get so bad that you black out like now? I know while in situations like if I I'm not really good around a lot of people. So if I have to be around a lot of people, if I have some kind of event, then I will black out like I won't remember anything about what I just did. It's just kind of a big blur. I have anxiety, too, really, really bad to the point where I actually take like medication.


And I think it's something that, you know, everybody in some way has moments.


Yes. Everywhere that and I think like open communication and like putting your feelings out on the line like that helps me a lot.


It's like just letting somebody know, like kind of having an anxiety attack right now.


Like, I get it. You deal with a lot of anxiety, too. What are some of the things that you do? What are some of your techniques to kind of deal with your anxiety?


Recently I've been like like I just get really frustrated and like I feel like there's just so much energy. Like, I get frustrated. And then in my head I'm like, I feel manic. So like lately I've just been like dropping down and just pushing.


Oh, no. Realistically, like the other day I just did it on the street because I was having a conversation with one of my friends and I got very upset and I was just like, I need a little bit of adrenaline.


Exactly. We've struggled because with the kind of anxiety that she deals with versus the kind of anxiety I deal with, they're very different, you know, because she could be sitting in her room with thoughts and have a moment, you know? And I'm just like, what do you mean?


Like you're in here alone? What is going on? So I really had to learn how to just be able to listen to her.


What I learned, too, and what you've taught me as well is if you feed it. Yeah, that was it. And like for me personally, it's like I'll go into a whirlwind and I'm like, livestock's, everything's terrible.


I'm going to end everything. Exactly.


One of the techniques I had for her, I said, I want you to take a moment and I want you to list ten things you're grateful for.


And that definitely helped. And she would automatically shift into something. I'd be like she'd be laughing. And if we have to go for 20. Come on, come on. Let's go get the smile and let you go, you know, because for me, my anxiety doesn't come like that. Mine is like I shut down. Oh, you shut down. Yeah.


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See it, I get anxious in public places like it is a lot of people, because I'm so small, so people crowding you, I'm a target, you know what I mean? So how I deal with that is I'll take somebody with me that makes me that's comfortable in crowds.


So whether it's like my son, you know, I usually call Jane. I'm like, Jane, I need for you to go with me to this place because he's always just cool.


He's like, my it's going to be OK.


He holds my hand. Yeah, he holds my hand. He's like, come on, you know, I got you. We're going to go in. Here we go. Say hi to folks you know and people he knows. Everybody's, you know, is always just peace and love around Jade.


And I'll never forget, we were wanted to go buy bikes one day and I'm sitting in the back and are seeing Riley at the time. She's less than a year old. And this lady is a group of people come over.


They're trying to ask Stephanie for pictures and autographs. The woman opens the car door, sticks her body in the car and is just like, oh, let me see.


I'm like, no, like, get get out of the car. She goes, Oh, honey, you know what you signed up for?


And I was like, oh, my God. And that's kind of stuck with me for a long time because I'm like, actually, no, I, I didn't.


And I think I do deserve some type of personal space. And so that's more so we're like everything stems from for me. And and by the way, when you were talking about we're targets, that's a real thing.


It is like we are targets thing and it just is what it is. It's something that happened in my life a long time ago. But when I was 12 or 13, my house was burnt down to the ground and they, like, locked all of our animals inside. And my dad was on a road trip and we happened to be visiting the lake house. And this happened because my dad's black and my mom's white.


Thankfully, we're out of town. The neighbor heard the windows busting and that's how they found out the house was on fire. So we know who did it, but they nothing ever happened to the people that did it. Yeah. I was so young that I didn't really understand why. And especially like nowadays, I think with everything that's happening, you realize your race way more. And I was thinking about the other day, like, I don't remember when I even realized that my mom was white and my dad is black, but that probably would have never happened if we weren't in the situation that we're in being a target in the public eye.


One hundred percent.


And I, I do know that through social media, you've had some controversial moments and people I'm talking about, you know, because you're mixed, you're not black enough. You're not you're not that like how do you deal with all that?


That hurts my feelings so bad. Yeah, bet. So I'm Canadian, so I grew up in Canada and lived there until I was fourteen. Never had to deal with any sort of like racial issue, moved to the states, started high school. And at that point I became not black enough for the black people and not white enough for the white people. And I was like, where do I fit? Because I'm I'm I'm black, right? I'm a black girl.


It is something that really bothers me.


Well, I bet it does the same thing growing up, right.


Look at me.


Oh, yeah. From the back, you kind of can't tell till I open my mouth. Did you have to deal with it?


Oh, yeah, same thing. I mean, I came from a very small town in Virginia. Right. I mean, less than one percent of minorities that went to the high school that I went to. So it's like you two pretty.


You think you're too pretty? Yeah. You got black. You did it, did it.


So it's always something that stays with you, you know, felt like you had to identify black or white because I felt like you had no choice.


We were black. We had all black softball team. I was the scorekeeper at eleven and we're playing an all white softball team. And the Klu Klux Klan goes right now across the field with a burn and lit a cross. And so I'm eleven years old and I'm seeing this. So, you know, that was real. Yeah, it's always just black.


And then one percent in your book is do you feel as though as a mother in law and as a mother, do you find yourself really having to fall back and just kind of observe? I try to fall back. I'm kind of old school.


You've got to learn from your own mistakes. If you come to me and you ask me directly, I'm going to say, what do you think? OK, now I'll tell you. Right. And in my situation, we've lived this life.


And so they're all in the NBA.


I know too much that I can become a know it all season. Yeah. And I don't want to be that.


I want to come and join my grandbabies. I've raised my children. I've earned that right. And that time. And it's a blessing. I don't want to also now be in three marriages.


I'm still I'm still doing my own. And so there's a lot of there's a lot of stuff to carry. I want to be there for them, but I don't want to have to carry their relations.


I feel like you were like that as a mom with Sido, too. And like I remember when, like, we were having a party here and you drank a little bit too much. And we were upstairs and I was like, oh, my God. Like, what are we going to do? I was like coddling her. I was like, oh, she's like think she was like, not we don't throw it in the shower. She sat and I was like, OK.


And she's like, is that water warm? She was like that. And it was like ice cold water. I was like, oh well she like left her up there. So to fend for herself and figure out her own situation.


And I was like, oh actually I like that. Yeah. And I don't think you've gone like that ever since her.


All right, ladies, let's this fishbowl out of your. We'll start with you. It says, Asia stuff seems so perfect, does he ever lose his temper? Catherine from L.A..


It's it's sickening, it's I it's something that gets on my nerves, it really does. He does not have a temper. The only time I've ever seen him have a temper is on the court when he's got in trouble. And it's caused an uproar when everybody's like, oh, he's this person. He's not. He is the nicest, most humble, calm human being I've ever encountered. It's part of why I love him so much. He needs to be that way for me because I have a temper.


Right. Sorry, Catherine from L.A..


I did have an incident on court. Yes. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Have you had those. And I'm like those words. He doesn't say those words at home. Right.


And you actually got on him about cursing on the court. Actually we got a tape. Oh son, I know you feeling yourself tonight, but this little tidbit to get this, why did you get this? Great.


But don't ever let me see you do that again.


Oh, is that what he calls? Did you give it to. I did not. Did he put in that to send it. Oh my gosh. And this was just reaction.


This from I am going to kill maybe your son for you, because, OK, full disclosure, I watch the whole game. It was awesome and it was my first time. I said, I will sit here and I will drink a whole bottle of champagne about myself.


I drank the whole bottle. I was full of myself. And when that happened, I picked up my phone. I was like, So that's why my face looks like that. I sent it right to him. This dude is the only person that has.


Because at the end of that, if he would have played it, I said and embrace this immediately after you read this.


Oh, my God. That's. He's in trouble. Oh, well, I want to say thank you to you all for this experience.


I haven't been one.


Does they ever want to join a sorority or really found a female group, me being able to be here with my girls?


With you guys is such a blessing to be at a table with women, to have these conversations and just to be comfortable and real and to be here with my girls is so I just love the relationship that you guys have is so real and so sincere.


I just really love it as a family of women holding each other.


Yeah, yeah. I mean, this kind of gathering for me, I mean, has been super healing just being here with you guys today. I think it's beautiful when we can show our imperfections and still show the deep love. We don't have to be perfect families to be loving family because there's no such thing as perfect families. And so as we both sit here, your face is much prettier than mine.


It's not like, oh, no, we're not going to play that game with your gorgeous to join the red table talk family and become a part of the conversation. Follow us at Facebook. Dot com slash red table talk. Thanks for listening to this episode of Red Tablecloth podcast produced by Facebook Watch Westbrooke Audio and I Heart Radio.


You already know that the challenge is the most heart pounding competition show on television, but do you ever wonder how challenge competitors are selected?


I have to make a deal with the devil or which challenges were too dangerous for TV.


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