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Yeah, no, I'm not. OK. That's how I feel sometimes. And that's also the name of my new podcast from L.A. studios. I'm Diane Guerrero, I'm an artist, resident weirdo, half alien princess, half human space cadet. You're welcome. And I'm also on a show called Doom Patrol, where I play a superhero with a mental disorder.


So, yeah, no, I'm not OK.


Growing up, I was taught to say that I was OK when I really wasn't.


Mental health wasn't something that anyone in my family or in my community talked about or even had access to. Yet pretty much everyone was affected by it.


Young people of color are disproportionately affected by mental health issues and are not getting the resources they need. I want to change that. So we're making a podcast. Let's change this narrative by having these conversations so we can find language that can help us heal.


We want to start a mental health revolution, a movement that can start by talking to others about how we feel when we're we're not ashamed of our own human experience.


We want to find ways to feel better. We'll be exploring issues that people face all over the world, addiction, depression, anxiety, radical self-love and much, much more. I'm going to be talking to my friends and colleagues, activists, artists and health care professionals, people who have gone through something life changing and are now healing from it.


I enjoy taking care of myself. People like you don't want to take care of those good like you, but I enjoy taking care of myself. What I'm talking about is that I didn't see myself because I thought that I was ugly. I thought that I was fat. I thought that was, oh, I don't look like everybody out there.


And that's a problem because you don't want to be like everybody else. Do you really like. Do you really like. No.


I want like whoever outlives me to be like she didn't die a broken person. She killed herself and she died feeling peace. It's like, what if you do things your way but you still are able to have peace? Now, when someone asked me how I'm doing, I have the words to answer honestly, yeah, no, I'm not OK.


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