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The eye opening results of our medical tests are in.


You all have leaky gut. All of us? Yeah, pretty much, can I get a big ol surprise, OK? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. She'll be fine. Well, she's going to be fine. This was the most shocking thing in the episode. Plus, world renowned Dr. Mark Hyman tells us knew what to eat to turn your health around now.


First of all, we're going to get this straight right now. What do you what do you like, Jada? Yeah. Why would you not want to have the results for the first time in your life?


Because after the last episode, it all started three months ago.


Well, called an emergency red table talk to get our family's health under control.


And my blood pressure was way dangerously low.


Oh, we went there about everything. I was in so much pain in my stomach in the emergency room. I have anxiety. So I'll go from zero to nine, like, instantly. That's why you see how limited my eating is.


Everything upsets my stomach.


How many times do you poop in the course of a day? Oh my God, I didn't go three days. But you have to deal with me. You might want to take a look at that.


And then came the headlines with nutritionist Mona Shoman and Dr. Mark Hyman of the Cleveland Clinic oversaw extensive medical testing for the family of the tests.


You can do now, like the saliva test will do a little bit of a swab of your cheek for the DNA and then tomorrow school stuff is kind of gross, but you got to make sure you get it.


A French like, oh, my God, you know, you better put your boobs in my refrigerator.


The medical test results are finally ready to be revealed, but there is a problem jaded. Yeah. Why would you not want to have the results for the first time in hear life?


Because after the last episode, I knew new walk in the street and people are like, oh, my God, they're like, are you sick? Like, can I can I just can I pick you up? Can I get some water to come up to me like I can. You can have my food man. I'm eating too. Like I'm good, I'm fine. So I don't know what's going to be said and I don't want people coming up to me like, no, no, no, you're your bowels, OK?


You're I love this man. Come on, brother. OK, ok. Not I'm not trying to be health surprise, you know, because all I'm worried about is getting thrown and then trying to act right on camera.


All right. So here's I want to keep it real why you got to be able to embrace this Gammy wife, Jada is. But when she was a baby, I mean, Jada, wipe your butts when you were babies. And one day Jada is going to have to wake Gammy and you guys are going to have to wipe out. But that's how it goes. So this is part of us getting like just know that Jade is not really going to do that.


She'll get some facts. All right.


We're going to go to the table. We're going to go to the table. So today, our medical test results are in and we're hearing them for the first time here at the table.


I guess we're a little nervous. I'm nervous, but knowledge is power. Knowledge is power. Yes.


Recently, I've had a colonoscopy and a colonoscopy. They take the camera and, you know, they put you to sleep and they go up inside your intestines and basically look around. And the doctor found a precancerous polyp and they do that to do it and they remove it. What I noticed during a colonoscopy, it is really, really embarrassing to get checked out.


Why do you think it was embarrassing to take your clothes off and have somebody feel your body and look and, you know, checking your whole name and address it in it?


And that's so important for men to know that you did that because men shy away from anything to do with their anus and really just go to the doctor and don't like going to the doctor as invasive, as invasive.


All right. Well, let's get started.


Should we start to see what our OK. So joining us is Dr. Mark Hyman, director of functional medicine at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic and Mona Chamas back. She's Wil's nutritionist and wellness coach.


It's good to be with you guys. I got some really good news for you guys. OK, what's bad is you got stuff. The good is all fixable. Great. As long as it's fixed. And you know what?


It's all common stuff that so many millions of people have that they don't really know that they can fix. OK. One of the things that we found was that you all have genes that make you more likely if you eat a ton of starch and sugar to become overweight and diabetic.


Oh, OK. Well, then no starch. And and you also you also have genes that make you crave sugar. Oh yeah.


And make you want a snack.


That's a big problem because African-Americans are twice as likely to get diabetes. Right. They're four times like to have kidney failure that three and a half more times likely to get amputations from that. And so you're all at risk for that starch and sugar? Yeah, the trick to fixing that is fat.


So when you eat the right fats, it cuts off the hunger and stops the craving. So if, you know, most Americans start their day with sugar, right. Breakfast cereal is seventy five percent. Sugar muffins, bagels, pancakes.


Jaiden. Now, sugar, we love sugar, so I don't say get rid of sugar, I just say think of it as a recreational drug.


I like tequila, but I don't have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So. So you got was kind of interesting cause you all related and you're very similar. Genetics, lactose intolerance.


Oh, we are lactose intolerant.


Yeah. So when you eat dairy it could feel it. Feel bloated. All right. Yeah, pretty much.


I have to. That's probably what your. Is one about 75 percent of the world is lactose intolerant, it's the normal thing we're not. Most of us can't tolerate dairy. You should only know about your digestion when it's time to go to the bathroom. Right. And it shouldn't be running there. It should be OK. I got to go. And you go. And you go. It takes five minutes. So finish done. Yeah. Maybe for you it's going to take five hours.


I don't know. Yeah.


Yeah. But we're going to fix that.


I take a book, War and Peace and you all have got issues. Your tummies are a big issue and the gut is so important. You know, the most common reason people go to the doctor, my stomach problems, stomach problems. It's so common and people think it's normal. They don't get diagnosed with the real bad. But everybody has some level of like, you know, digestive upsetter problems. What's fascinating is that we're learning that the gut is the center of your health.


It's not working. Nothing's working.


Right. It OK, people think your gut is your stomach or your belly, but it's actually your gastrointestinal tract and it starts in your mouth and includes the esophagus, stomach, intestines, where the food is broken down and nutrients, vitamins and minerals are absorbed into the bloodstream. Your intestines are filled with trillions of both good and bad bacteria. They're known as gut flora and they need to remain in balance. Eating the wrong foods can throw off that balance.


The question is everything, if your body is not able to metabolize the foods, you're not going to get the nutrition and all that is so fixable. OK, good.


Well, let's go through Will's test results. Yes. So so, you know, well, you got a lot of stuff going on. You know, you look healthy. You all look glowing healthy on the surface. But if you look good, doesn't mean you feel good. Right. What we found well, is do you have a lot of digestive issues? You've basically got imbalances in your gut flora. So you've got problems with constipation. You've got gas and bloating.


You know, you get this kind of food baby thing.


You know, I have it right now. I have.


And you had low good bacteria and you had some overgrowth of bad bacteria, OK? And that's really common. And that good stuff really needs to get fixed. And also that leads to what we call this leaky gut. Oh, it's not good. Now, people people don't know what that is.


To understand why he got you first need to understand how digestion works. When you eat something, it goes down this tube into your stomach and then it gets broken down by stomach acid. Then it goes into your small intestine, which is 22 feet long, and then it makes its way through the large intestine, which forms into more solid poop. Now, if your digestive system is working well, it should be silent, invisible, and everything should just feel good.


But when you have a leaky gut, that process doesn't work. Right. And here's why. The cells that make up the lining of the small intestine are supposed to act as a barrier that keeps harmful bacteria and other food particles from passing into your bloodstream. When a rift opens up in that barrier, just a little one, it may allow bacteria and toxins to pass from the gut into the bloodstream. Alec got can lead to nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities and even depression, anxiety, heart disease, cancer and autoimmune disease.


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Right. And you've got basically like one cell between you and a sewer. You know, all the food you're eating, the pounds of food and that gut breaks down the cells, open up stuff leaks through. And so that's why we see so much inflammation, like give us achiness, you know, feel good fatigue. It can all be inflammation. And that is because you get this leaky gut.


So essentially, even though you potentially are eating the right things, your body may not be absorbing Razack.


That's not that hard to fix. You've got to basically eat the right diet, eat real food, don't eat crap, you know, eat mostly plants.


And when you look at me when he said you don't eat crap so well, the other thing we found with you is that you have a lot of food sensitivity. So when you get this leaky gut, which pretty much all of you have, then different foods start to react. Your system. So dairy is a big one.


And gluten, dairy and gluten, gluten and people what gluten is what's in wheat, barley, rye, everything. And it's in pretty much everything, any kind of bioproducts. And that causes you to have aches and pains and be tired and inflamed and maybe have trouble sleeping. And then you have also nutritional deficiency is now 90 percent of African-Americans are vitamin D deficient, 98 percent, including all of you. So it's really a big problem because it increases your risk of infection, cancer, diabetes, brain issues, muscle aches, fatigue, all this stuff.


So your vitamin C was pretty much twenty eight should be like, you know, over 50, right.


Well, that's fine. We're fixing it all. That's why we're here. And then you also have some vitamin deficiencies, 12 Folate B6, which are really common for all of you genetically have a risk for that and you all need a lot more of those and they help your mood, your energy and even colon cancer when you have a polyp. Part of the reason you develop is you don't have enough of these B vitamins, which protects you from getting cancer.


OK, so those are those are your big issues. Well, we got to get the constipation going. You know, people should go every day, sometimes two or three times a day, two, three times.


I got the idea. I was very proud of myself the other day. I tell us you take your pride in your bowel movement. The other day, I mean, three times before. That's good. Of course, you got a little high cholesterol, blood pressure, and that is common. Obviously it's common African-Americans. Now you have a few other things like shaking when you pick up the golf ball. And so you have caffeine sensitivity. A lot of you have caffeine sensitivity.


So some people are going have a cup of coffee. They can metabolize it and they can drink coffee and go to bed. Some people drink coffee and they're bouncing off the wall. Yeah, you have an inability to get rid of the caffeine, which means it builds up. And then you kind of have that shaking and you drink a lot of coffee and you cut down on your coffee.


And I think we should talk about that. You shouldn't worry about what you drink again.


And then you also have one more thing. You have you have genes that prevent you from detoxifying environmental chemicals like mercury and things like that. So your mercury levels a little high and high mercury causes a lot of different issues, neurologic issues, fatigue, sleep issues, digestive issues. So we've got to get your mercury done. And then there's real simple ways to do that by cutting down the big fish that people eat like the tuna and swordfish and big fish.


The good news is you're the biologically the youngest of the family. Biologically the youngest.


Yes. So so so we tell what that is. So we're going to talk about telomeres now. What are telomeres? Basically, they're the little ends of your chromosomes that shrink as you age.


OK, but you can actually lengthen them. Things like meditation, exercise, clean diet, sleep, and even a multivitamin can help you actually lengthen your telomeres so you can grow biologically younger as you grow chronologically older. Wow. So you're like 50, but your telomeres are thirty five.


So that's good. That's you know, you're trying to tell because I was just talking to another room so that's good. That's really good.


So that's the good news. So we fixed these little things. Your blood pressure is going to come down, your cancer patient is going to go away and the treatment for that is giving you more magnesium. Forty five percent of us are deficient magnesium, more fiber, probiotics, really simple stuff. By adding more water, you don't drink enough water.


Definitely don't drink enough water. Yeah, because if you don't drink, you know, you don't poop. Yeah. Yeah.


And I think you're going to feel much better and be actually a real superhero, not just one in the middle.


Yes, that's great.


So that's you know, Jada, you're next. OK, ready? Yes. Now you got a sensitive stomach. You're always talking about it. You're tired. We found something which is causing a lot of your stomach issues, OK? And it's something that affects about eight percent of the population, OK, which is a parasite.


OK, we we we we we we we we we we we we we. It's a parasite. Don't worry. You don't have one. You don't have one. I know but she she'll, she'll be fine. Well she's not contagious. Don't go in there. And I think of alien.


Oh mommy is as strong as Sigourney Weaver. It'll be fine. It's not going to come out of her stomach, eat anything.


How in the world did you see that picture there?


All those little red dots. Yeah. Are the parasites. All the little red dots is called blastocysts, OK? And it causes you to have irritable bowel bloating, gas, poor digestion, not absorbing nutrients. And the good guys can't grow because it kills all the good guys in your gut. And it allows other things to grow like yeast and stuff.


Does it have serious symptoms like like getting sick when you eat and having bloating and feeling sick every time you eat food? Yeah.


Yeah, that's crazy. OK, don't worry, she's not going to die. So I get it from.


It's common, it's common. It's literally eight percent of the population. So almost every one out of every ten people have something.


You get it from contaminated water. Food. You guys are traveling. Yeah, it's everywhere.


Oh OK. So no, no, no, no, I don't want to go to and that's probably not where you got it's actually it's actually a more of a benign one. So I get rid of it. We're going to kill the parasite. We're going to be an anti parasite mad. We're going to get you a Ragano which helps. Oh I love reggae.


Yeah. Yeah, we're going to wait and then we're going to rebuild your gut with the right probiotic medicine today.


Delivery. Just imagine what you're going to feel. How the hell did you get there?


And a lot of you had genes that affect your ability to detoxify. So we had liver gets rid of junk and toxins, metals and pollution. You guys aren't great at it. So you need help. And a lot of us are like that. So some dark green, leafy vegetables like, you know, Koller's kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, garlic, onions, garlic, those all help your liver detoxify. So we're going to give you an anti parasite, man.


We're going to give you some probiotics.


Now, how long does it take? The 60s or something. And I bet it is affecting my telomeres.


You know, we're doing pretty good.


Your telomeres are forty six, so I want to be like thirty five, OK? Well, we'll fix you, OK, next is Jason, so you always complain about your stomach. Yes. So what do you eat? Like, what's your.


I definitely pancakes in the morning. Sometimes I will. This is rare, but sometimes I would not eat pancakes. And I have like a salad with, like, grains and like avocado toast in the morning.


Know your stomach hurts when you eat certain foods. Yeah, right. And it's why you don't want to eat so much because you feel sick when you eat. So you tend not to eat, right. Yeah. And then of course you have the leak. You've got to write some gluten and dairy or big problems for you. OK, so pancakes had to be the almond flour, coconut flour ones. Yeah, we can do that. You don't have a problem with eggs, so that's OK.


Oh yeah. And nutritionally you got a lot of deficiencies, OK, because I stopped eating meat and so you're very little and B 12 OK. And you're also extremely low in vitamin D like OK, 20 should be like 50. You also very low in omega three fatty because you're not eating fish, you're not getting the healthy fats that prevent inflammation. They're also important for your brain, for your mood. And people don't realize how important these fats are.


90 percent of people are deficient in these omega three fatty. So when you fix your stomach, your diet expands. We take a few supplements, everything's back to normal. And you're going to rock the world.


Yes. You know, what's interesting is you've got all these reactions happening in your body every second, right? Guess how many chemical reactions happen in your body every second? Take a six million. A million. We got a million. Do I hear a billion?


I got a baby and I got to hear we trillion.


OK, it's thirty seven billion. Billion, billion, billion. Thirty seven billion. Billion. Every one of those chemical reactions needs a vitamin or mineral to make it work. Wow. Magnesium, for example, weighed 300 enzymes, helps 300 enzymes that help these chemical reactions. So you're just not running.


It's like having you know, someone needs to pay me to take care of my full time job.


And Willow, fatigue, sensitive, stomach feeling weak, tired. Every anxiety that leads to the leaky guns you've got, gluten, dairy and eggs are also a problem for you.


Okay, then I'm going to I've been eating eggs for my whole life a lot, so I'm going to stop doing that.


Yeah. And the best thing to start the day with is fat and protein. Yeah. Avocados, nuts and seeds and all that stuff will help you to keep your sugar. Even I have swings and have cravings because that craving stuff is not because of lack of willpower. Yeah, well, if you're got a mess, you're not going to have the right appetite. If your hormones are out of whack, you're going to be craving the wrong things. Exactly.


And just to finish up with you, you also have a lot of nutrition deficiencies, right? On the B vitamins things. The B, vitamin D effect anxiety. Vitamin D causes fatigue, depression.


The court, sad or sad, seasonal affective disorder is huge. I mean, I can tell you, I've seen so many patients, we fix their God, their anxiety goes away, the depression goes away. And it's shocking sometimes because we often attribute all these psychological like through the roof. Well, I think I think it's going to get better. Then you also have one more thing. You have low protein, low amino acids. You know, how do I have that?


Because you're absorbing so many protein shakes. Are listening to Dr. Hyman. I've been in for this whole time. You look so sad. Well. Oh, no, no, I'm not saying I'm frustrated at socks because I would think about it a lot.


I would think about like, oh, I need my carb, I need my vegetable and I need my protein. And I obsess about it.


And I, I just like what the hell being being to know what she's saying now, because I'm a little stressed now to want to help because I'm basically if I'm going to be thinking the same.


But this is the process of education. So you're going to get educated, so you're going to make this choice.


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OK, give next. You're probably one of the healthiest of the bunch. Yes, I looked at your age and I'm like, wait, is this a typo? I guess also but, you know, you also have stomach issues.


So you have a lot of stuff that's related to that mostly or have a little bit of gluten dairy sensitivity. OK, you have a little gut imbalance. You don't have enough good guys. You have too much bad guys. You're going to need probably take some probiotics to help your gut get off of gluten and dairy. You're going to be taking a multivitamin. You can take B vitamins, vitamin D and fish oil. In terms of your telomeres, you know, you're OK, but you're not awesome.


Your telomeres are seventy three. Oh, but I think when we fix these nutritional deficiencies, you'll go right back to normal or so again. We're good. Now, those are your big issues except for Trigg's.


I can get his lab so well, that's because he's on his own health journey so we didn't want to disrupt. So he's just here for familial support.


That's good. We're going to talk about how important that is that I'm so glad I didn't feel like this is an opportunity for people to learn that food is nourishment.


It's not about a diet or trend or what the next thing is to do. It's like, how do I eat to feel nourished? Now you're going to learn one hundred percent. Yeah.


PFLUGER And the beautiful thing about food is that it's medicine. Right? And it's not just calories people. I know it's energy. I just eat less and exercise more. I'll be fine. That doesn't work because food is not just calories, it's information, it's instructions.


And literally upgrade your biology with every bite or downgrade. It affects your gene expression, it affects your hormones and it affects your brain chemistry. It's why people get their brain chemistry hijacked with sugar because it actually is like heroin in the brain. Right.


This is one of the biggest discoveries of the last fifty years, is that food is medicine, food, food is medicine.


Not like medicine, which is so essentially as a as a take away sound bite, everything you put in your mouth is either helping you to have a longer life or shorter one.


I mean, listen. Seventy five percent of Americans are overweight. One or two Americans have diabetes. We've got work to do. Yes, we do.


So everything you swallow, every piece you put in your mouth in real time, like not not literally in years.


So, yes, it'll help your lifespan, but it's also going to make you feel good now. Good night. Because, you know, I don't I don't care if I die five years younger, who cares? I want to enjoy my whatever. It's about how you feel now, how you show up in life.


I always say self care starts in the kitchen. Self care starts in the kitchen. I love that.


When you look down at your plate, you want to make sure you see that it's plan focus and then you want to have a good quality protein and a really good quality fat. So this is things like olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, seeds, avocado. When you have that good balance, when you've got the fiber, fiber flushes, toxins from our body, it helps with found been used to be this conditioning from society. We thought that most of our plate had to be meat right when sugar side dish.


It's a side dish. Right. You call it a condiment. Right.


Kind of me kind of condiment the main focus and it's almost like a readjusting right. Once you learn how to eat differently, you get accustomed to eating that way. Right. It's breaking the habit.


I speak in churches and I go, it's really easy. Leave the food that man made. Eat the food that God made the guy make a Twinkie. God, no.


Let me make an avocado. Probably. Yeah.


So no one is plant rich. No. Two is no fake food, no food, no processed food.


If it was made in a plant, don't eat it. If it was grown on a plant, you can eat it.


One of the best ways you can start your day is having a really great nutrient dense shake up.


Oh, oh, here they are. So we talk about what foods to use. Spinach I love. It's green green leafy vegetable is amazing for brain health, great for fiber, great for iron ginger. One of the best things you can do for your digestion. Throw that into every smoothie hemp seeds and make it three fatty acids and make good three is what puts out the fire, reduces inflammation. Good for energy. Hey, come on. So here's my love, because it's a prebiotic fiber prebiotics are essentially food for the good bacteria in your gut.


Blueberries, the best antioxidant that you can get on. The problem today is I'm not getting this. Whatever bug is in me is eating this right.


Great. You're eating for two, four, two, three, four, two.


What's worse for you? Sugar bread.


They're both the same, right? Yeah. No bread breaks down the sugar, actually. Bread raises your blood sugar more than table sugar. Really.


Oh, so you might as well put two tablespoons of sugar on your sandwich fixin's and skip the whole wheat bread.


That's right. Yeah. Because whole wheat bread. Yeah. Because it's just like coconut like like a German rye bread. It's all like the whole. Yeah, yeah. If it's a highly processed stuff it's just like sugar.


So flour, sugar, they go missing.


And you know, when you just go in a restaurant now you can ask for you bread, you can say no and can say can we have that stretchable. That's how they got it.


It has to be the restaurant's responsibility to not bring. Because once they bring it out, one person says, no, no, no, I'm like, well, you know, I brought it out here. So what are some of the biggest food myths?


Well, they're all the same. Just eat less. Exercise more. So it turns out quality and is more than quantity. If you focus on what you eat, you don't to worry about how much. Right. Yes, exactly. You don't have to count calories restricting when you restrict like that, you feel describing and run you and then you while out at midnight.


Right. Can we hand you a couple of these a couple of days.


All right.


This is so good. It is. It's really good. So I just want to really honor you guys very well for you stepping up and pulling on your family.


And even though they didn't want to call you sir. Right. Nobody contacted me giving me. All right, it's not contagious, don't worry, don't worry. So, again, Dr. Heim, it's not, well, contagious.


You all have similar issues, right? You all need to upgrade your diet. You all need to upgrade your gut. You all need to fix your gut. Positive peer pressure.


As a family, we're going to get our guts together.


Yes, I use positive peer pressure, like, you know, you guys, but you can't shame and family fund.


You'll be taken out of our will if you don't take care of yourselves. Oh, boy. OK, thank you so much for coming in to our food is noticed. Yeah. Hayati family joined our red tabletop group on Facebook to become part of the conversation and be sure to follow the show page to catch up on all our episodes.


This is how the sausage is made. I'm breaking it down for you. So Gammy and Jada have decided for this episode of Red Table Talk that they're going to go with the matching and they look like they're going to like it 30 years salt and pepper.


Hayati family, we are so excited to share something really special for the holiday season with you guys, so we're not really strangers is a purpose driven card game, and it's all about creating meaningful connections with people. We're all creating these assumptions about each other, but we don't often challenge those assumptions. Right. There's always another layer to everyone.


You think you know, it's a fun way to get into deeper conversations. It can be a little intimidating if everybody is like, OK, you know, let's all sit at the table and talk.


I was like, how can we turn what we're doing at the red table into like a game experience?


Your mother is an entrepreneur. You guys work together. We're a family of women, mothers and daughters here. And this game is breathing and living through a mother daughter friendship.


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Nearly 600 years after the invention of the printing press, the most important book in the history of the world has arrived.


There might be overstating things, stuff you should know, an incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things. It will change your life forever.


Well, that's not necessarily true. Most scientists agree that stuff you should know an incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things is proof that time travel is possible because that is the only way to explain how a book this impressive was possibly made. Why that stuff you should know. An incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things will regrow hair quite in your teeth and improve your love life.


That's just not at all. Right.


Well, the love life part, maybe if you find someone who thinks smart is sexy stuff, you should know an incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things available now at stuff you should know dotcom and everywhere you buy books. Now, that is true. Ever wondered why there are two ways to spell doughnut's or why some people think you can find water underground just by wandering around with a stick? Believe it or not, this is stuff you should know. You know the podcast with over a billion listeners.


It's now for your eyes so you can read it. Stuff you should know. An incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things covers everything from the origin of the Murphy bed to why people get lost, become the most interesting person you know. Now at stuff you should know dotcom or wherever books are sold.