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What does it mean for us? I'm Ebony K. Williams, an attorney and former public defender and host of a brand new podcast where we're going to cross-examine newsmaking cases and famous faces to understand the context. And I'm Dustin Ross. I'm a TV writer, a cultural observer, and I am thrilled to be cohosting holding court with Ebony K. Williams. This is not a podcast about the law. This is a show for the people to help us navigate a rigged system.


Teachable moments from the so called Law and Order headlines.


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This is a first will has called an emergency room table, he called the executive producer himself, brought production together to have a mandatory meeting with his family about something that we have no idea Jada.


I'm a little nervous, not sure what's going on, but he wanted to share it with you. All right, here we go. Thank you all for coming. This is the first ever emergency roundtable. Remember when when you guys were growing up when we would do the circle of safety and what the circle of safety was like?


Anything you said once we called and established a circle of safety, you couldn't you know, you couldn't get in trouble for it. Right. Are we established because we're going to step up?


So the way we used to establish the circle of safety, everybody would say a curse word.


Oh, wow. Remember that? And that was how the kids would know that it was safe because if they didn't get in trouble. Yeah. OK, Jaden began you.


There you go. All right, so we have established our circle of safety and I would like to talk to you all. Shall we move to the table? Let's get right Orosco.


This is my first official. Yes, like the first. Yes, I thank you all for coming to the table.


So last month we were all on vacation and vacation is on now.


Jane is here.


You remember the chef was making these incredible muffins wake up in the morning. And I was usually up the earliest. And I would have, like, you know, multiple months.


I would have like four muffins for five. Well, what he was doing is he was making them hot, right? So they were coming out hot. So for breakfast, I was having in the four or five muffins, you know, Aladdin was successful.


So I was like, you know, then for lunch I would have like a Moscow mule.


And that was pretty much my routine for the 10 days that only you saw, I would wake up, eat five muffins and go to sleep. And then if you recall, Jada and Willow made up a name.


They started calling me Pudge Muffin, and I had gotten up to two hundred twenty five pounds and it was the most I had ever weighed in my adult life. Oh wow. I got the twenty three on Ali. Wow. And I got to twenty five on the muffin boat.


But were you feeling sorry because we did get married. Now you know what I think that's what family is for. Yeah. Yeah. Because you're usually so you know in shape and I was you know it was a cute little punch. My friend was cute. Yeah. Yeah, yeah we did. Yeah. Like mutual respect or anything.


I don't want to be a friend to my family. Gosh, you can't put the fate of the family with. Yeah.


How did you feel getting on the scale and seeing how much you weight. I didn't like being two twenty five. Right. Why. I've never been to twenty five and I've lived most of my adult life and certainly my professional career in brilliant muscular condition.


So I came home and I was like, that's it. Well back into your discipline mind, I'm going to fast for ten days. I did it and I got to about four days and and I'm right because I was still taking my blood pressure medicine.


Oh. So I started checking my blood pressure and my blood pressure was way on dangerously low.


So I stopped taking my blood pressure medicine and my blood pressure normalized for the ten days. And I felt as good as I had ever felt.


And I started to think I was like, So wait a second. So I've been taking blood pressure medicine for almost a decade. And I was like, so do do I have high blood pressure or was I eating myself into high blood pressure right at it? I had the epiphany that I actually don't know anything about food all of the time that I had trained. And I know how to eat to make my body look muscular, but I actually don't know how to eat to feel good.


I don't know how to eat to be healthy.


So you would only eat for your physical appearance and not for how you not for how I felt.


Deadshot was probably the tightest and the leanest that I've ever been. But I had headaches all the time. But I was like, it's cool because I'm squeezing downswings in my body.


I look great ideas out there.


And I couldn't believe that I got to 50 years old without knowing. You literally are what you eat, right? Yeah.


Like nobody talks about food like that. Nobody really teaches children, people in general about nutrition, nutrition. Not a lot of kids know about their parents health or even their health. Nutrition is one of the hardest things for me to understand. I just even remember in nursing school, nutrition is the worst. My feeling is that for a lot of them now, it's so complex. It's like one side.


One thing can be good for you. Right. But if you eat at three a.m. and then go to sleep now, it's not that it's not good. I eat food like an addict.


So food is your drug. I love food.


But I realized my relationship with food was I eat for fun, right? I eat for joy. Right.


And Mommy had always said she was like, you know, I don't really eat for fun, for taste and I don't eat for fun.


I was like, that's ridiculous. You don't understand food.


Yes, you eat for fun, but your eating patterns, too, right.


Can you explain some of the strange combinations of what are you seeing?


You go from chocolate cake to broccoli to a banana to peanuts to cashews and dried pineapple to ice cream? No, literally within 15 minutes. Yeah, but that sounds like boredom. So I get bored and I start to eat here. I realized that I'm a grazer.


I put something in my mouth and every 30 minutes all throughout the day and working rather than not eat jadedness, would you rather not eat?


It's uncomfortable.


My big problem is I'll wake up in the morning. My stomach's hurting. I don't want to eat breakfast. My stomach hurts.


Will and I had a bit of an intervention with Jake because he's a vegan now. But we realized he wasn't getting enough protein, so he was wasting away.


He just looked drained. He was just depleted. He wasn't getting that nutrition circles on his eyes. There was even a little greyness to talk to his skin.


And we got really nervous. Yeah, but you're definitely looking better now. I also just want to say that I'm vegetarian.


I've tried to be because because people get very specific about who's eating pancakes. I'm vegetarian. You know, I've tried to eat vegan meals. I'll go vegan for a week or so. But for the past year I've been vegetarian. But everything I say is right. Right. I was just eating like two meals a day. Yeah. You know, and maybe one maybe just that one big meal. And I'm like, oh, you know, I didn't get it.


And now and now I'm like, crazy today.


It's amazing how everybody just has a different relationship. Yeah. It's so great you brought this up.


Well, because we all have issues with food in this family. When we were working out crazy like that, I had the same exact thing. My stomach never felt good. I was always like lethargic. I had gas all the time.


Never felt like, well, maybe you've always had. No, but it was different. It was different. I know you can't put that on. You know, I was eating just for my physical appearance, but I was feeling terrible for me. I have so much stomach upset, like I have an incredibly sensitive stomach and I just can't figure out which one do what because it just seems like everything upsets my stomach.


So I just eat it and then deal with it. Let's see, that's big game because I have a sensitive stomach too. That's why you see how limited my eating is. You don't eat nothing. Yeah. Eat the same thing every day because that is the food that brings me peace, keeps my stomach calm because everything else just agitated and upsets it.


When Law and Order is the headline. What does it really mean for us now? I'm Ebony K. Williams, an attorney and former public defender. I'm also a broadcast journalist and host of a new podcast. We're going to cross examine news. Taking cases and famous faces to help better understand the facts and the context of the narrative. That's right. And I'm Justin Ross. I'm a TV writer and a cultural observer. And more importantly, I am thrilled to be cohosting, holding court with Eboni K.




This is not a legal podcast and it ain't no true crime podcast. No, we're helping you understand how to navigate a rigged system. That's right. This show is for the people and to help us understand how the laws impact our lives. So we're going to break down the so-called law and order headlines and get to what it really means for the culture. That's right, you guys, let's get informed. Let's get talking and let's bring some light and insight to our community.


Listen to hold in court with Eboni K. Williams on the I Heart radio app, on Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast. On September 17th, 2009, 24 year old MIT Chris Richardson disappeared without a trace in the woods near Malibu, California.


She had been arrested at a beachside restaurant for failing to pay a tab and taken to the Lost Hills Sheriff's Station. You know, I mean, she's not from that area. And I would hate to wake up to a morning report. Well, lost somewhere to a job. The police released her just after midnight with no car, no cell phone, no money. She doesn't know the area. She's never been in your area. Well, I think she said, Chris, that what happened is that that's more than just her, OK?


My trees disappeared into the darkness and was never seen alive again. I'm Catherine Townsend, host of the podcast Houngan. We're going to try to find out what really happened to my Chris Richardson School of Humans and I heart radio present. Helen, Season three, listen to hell. And gone on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Since we're at the red table and we don't just put stuff on the table, how many times do you poop in the course of a day?


Oh, my God. It depends. I can go three days, but you have to deal with what you might want to take a look at that. That is not good. And that's why your farts smell like that. That's why we're at the red tape.


When I was younger, I would no problem three days without pooping. But the beginning of last year I started like being really regular three times a day.


For me, that's like you want to aim will never go to the bathroom two times in one day.


Really? Never. Never. So this is the perfect Segway for why we are here at the red table. Oh, man.


I'm hooking up a Smith family health intervention.


Oh, awesome. I like this as a squadron for our family and for the world.


We want everybody to join. I feel that first and foremost, food is medicine. And I feel that people can lead happier lives if they understand what we're putting in our bodies. So we have a special guest that we're bringing to the table to come and assist each of us individually. Wow. I've been wanting that.


Meet Mona Sharma 15 years ago. She was sick, suffering from anxiety, 40 pounds overweight and has survived two heart surgeries desperate to save her life.


Mona discovered how to lose weight, reduce her stress and transform herself into the picture of good health. Today, she's a renowned nutritionist, determined to help as many people as she can get ready for. The road to good health starts with 15 key questions. So everyone kimona.


Mona, this is Mona. Mona, Shyama. And you were like in the back one. Oh, my God, there's so much.


My head is just coming back there. I'm so excited to be here.


You know, this is really my life work. It's interesting. You look healthy, you look vibrant, you're thin, you look fit. And yet you guys describe feeling weak, feeling frail, feeling, having no energy.


Yeah, we figured out how to look a certain way. We don't feel this crazy because you can be super skinny and be so unhealthy. Yeah.


Yeah, crazy. Absolutely.


So I went through about ten years of my life where I was stressed, I was overweight. I was put on paid up blockers for a heart condition. I two heart surgeries. Why yes. But when I was like 40 pounds heavier and eating garbage, I was like, what is wrong with this picture? This is not how I want to feel. So my job is to help, you know, what allows your body to thrive using food as medicine.


Right? Whenever I see new clients, I always begin with using a series of very detailed questions that I really understand more about their health, but also their mindset. I want you to be so brutally honest, but let's get started with these, OK?


The first thing I want to know from you guys is how do you feel when you wake up one morning? Tired. Tired.


Yeah, yeah. Generalises tired. I have to work too. Like, not me. I usually wake up and I'm good. Oh wow. I wake up and I'm ready to get up and go. I feel restless. I've been waking up ready to like rock.


I wake up tired with aches and pains. Oh my neck and my back.


Oh my neck naghma that's a shame on us.


Not that but I've lived most of my adult life stunt training and all of that.


I'm, I always hurt any physical or emotional trauma in the past five years. I went through a really crazy relationship thing that happened, that was information that affected you, causes stress, stress.


Totally. I'm always stressed, although I feel like she's always stressed, as she's always tired. She's the most tired person I've ever met and that good.


But I think it's more emotional than than physical.


A lot of times I think it's emotional and it manifests physically what happens over time when we deal with digestive issues, headaches, trauma, what's happening in our life, little things living with pain that becomes part of your DNA, that becomes part of your thought process. What kind of information then starts going to your cells? Wow.


Nervousness, anxiety, worry. Now, the Raptors will go on a scale of one to 10, 10 being major stress, where do you find your stress?


Typically, I have anxiety. So like my stress, I'll go from zero to nine, like, instantly, and I'll just be like and then I'll go back to two.


I'm probably on a consistent five and just find a set.


Consistent feels like a seven to 10 year resting state of stress as a said.


Oh, I can have that. I'll take your five. Yes.


Like right before Koczela. I was not doing good. I feel like I was like a eight of stress. You weren't looking good at the time. Yeah, it wasn't looking good. I wasn't feeling good sleeping. I wasn't sleeping.


I also had that one time where like I threw up that whole day. Oh yeah. Stomach was upset. It happened twice.


And the other time in Australia up to where I was in so much pain in my stomach in the emergency room. That's one of those things where they just give you like some pills.


That scared me. They never I was about to hop on the plane to Australia. I'll be damned.


We all were with some of my family would say that I would call me, quote unquote, high strung.


I disagree. Yeah. Oh, no, definitely. Yeah. You vehemently disagree with high high-Strung. Yeah.


So stress can manifest in some pretty intense ways, right? Yes, definitely. Well, dive into stress coping. All right.


Raise your hand if you are an emotional eater, is an emotional eater like both ways.


Because when I have anxiety or anything I cannot eat. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. I'm an emotional non eater.


Yeah. Emotional mollinedo. Yeah. If I, you know, eat emotional eater. Emotional EBOs probably.


Yeah. But for me it's like the better things are going in, the more food that gets dumped in the same sleep is another massive pillar.


Do you sleep well. I don't sleep well. I would sleep super well.


Recently I had the old man bladder and I'm thinking, oh really? I'm going to the bathroom five times and in the middle of the night I'm like, come on, I just get a diaper.


Know with me. Ever since I said I'm a strange it's being a very strange man in a bit. OK, here.


Snores I do. I think I do too.


You definitely Geordie maybe your head or dogs snore. Jane snores like he's a truck driver.


All right. Any tobacco or marijuana users medical marijuana don't answer that question. Circle of safety. Stacey has cameras now.


Everyone knows where 420 friendly.


Let's be real. OK, parents want to know what the what is it?


What's really friendly to answer that question for all of us know so that we can be clear. Yeah, that's next.


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We're back for our fifth season.


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And I'm biased, but I think the season is the best season yet. And I know I say that every season nothing makes you love your own marriage again, like listening to stories about other people's marriages and if you've never listened before, get caught up.


Right now, there are more than seventy five episodes of committed binge as we speak. Listen to the committed podcast with new episodes each Wednesday on the radio app Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.


You mentioned cholesterol. Anyone on prescription medication? I am, yeah. Which is funny because the doctor was like, I really don't think you need it, but if you want it, OK, yeah, I'm right on the edge.


And they started me just on a really tiny dosage, but more because of what my father, my father, he died a couple of years ago and I remember sitting with Daddio in his last couple of weeks and he had everything, diabetes and heart disease.


It was really bad. So there were things that were preventative that I was put on for cholesterol.


You know what? Unfortunately, that is such a mess. We now know that your genetics is not your destiny.


Wow, great. That's major. So not going to your doctor getting a prescription if it's for cholesterol or whatever else, it's like, well, hang on a second. Let's look back and see where does this come from. Right. And what's the source? What's the source? The next question is constipation concept. Is that a regular thing?


I'm like, I'm constipated a lot. I'll drink a bottle of water, just water. I'll think about just water every morning. And then I drink a cup of coffee and that makes me go to the bathroom. How many cups of coffee did you say?


I drink five cups of coffee a day. Oh wow. Way to. Yeah, that's a lot. I didn't know you drinking coffee. It's OK guys. He's being honest. That's right. That's right. OK. Nothing wrong with you through it. Thank you for sharing that honesty.


Thank you very much for respecting my coffee. I tried but I get I get the fan because the fan they want you to be the bad guy. I don't make that face at me on television. So there's two things I'm noticing. And I know some of it might have to do with my coffee intake, but I notice I play golf a lot and sometimes I'll bend over to put the ball on the tee and stand up. I get lightheaded and I've also just started noticing a little bit of shake when I put the ball.


Don't say that, Daddy. Please don't say that. Don't say that. OK, OK.


That makes us all very nervous. No, no, no. It's just really it's miniature. I'm fine with like dizziness too.


Is often from blood pressure. Oh God. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. We'll get to that. Yeah. All right. So constipation for digestion, excessive gas, they all tie together. And I've heard each and every one of you mentioned those things. Yeah. Do you know what the triggers are for you? I feel like I'm gassy all the time and I have no clue why.


Yeah, I never I like being gassy like me.


I don't know where you're going with that one all the time.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I know, I know. But it's a darling. You know how you know why I'm need you to come by.


Tell you that, oh, so now you if you we reading something, you're going to eat broccoli and then ice cream, broccoli and I like cake and an apple goes.


That's why he smells the way he does. No, you do enjoy being gassy because you like punishing everybody, all of us. Yes. You know what? We digress. Digress. If I could be less gassy through the questionnaire, I would like that.


All right.


This is on the list. Decline in sexual interest. Oh, absolutely. No, absolutely not.


I don't I'm I'm ready to go right now. I feel 16. What about you?


I don't have a decline in energy.


I do notice when I eat certain things like arugula and there's certain things that I do eat where I'm like, I'm feeling good today.


All right. Yeah, I'm like, Jenny, really? That's how you know, that means like that's from the press. That's just me. That's right.


What about alcohol? No, yeah. I don't drink a lot of alcohol at all anymore.


What about your relationship to how often are you drinking alcohol? That's my personal business.


She and I respect that is your show.


But at the end of the day is a house that we share it on vacation time. Yeah, it was a lot. It was a lot.


I had probably this is in front of our kids. It's like no bad parents.


One or two a week, one or two a week. I just turned twenty one. So.


So you're thinking of stopping now. It is legal. It's not fun. No more. All right, sugar.


Love it to my existence, it just puts me down. It makes me feel drunk. I love sugar so much. I love maple syrup.


That's my favorite maple just drinking.


I just want to it because it made me feel like I will eat cardboard with maple syrup.


He loves sugar so much. I went so hard on them as kids not having sugar.


He used to hide juice, orange juice, candy.


And so I was like oh man, he was hiding sugar.


I was looking at his bed like, what is this salt. It gets me really like, yeah, love salt. It's like the balance, like salt and sugar.


It's something salty and some sugary like the butter.


And you got to melt the butter with the maple syrup. Exactly.


Stir the butter up into maple syrup and then you dip the bacon beans to bacon, maybe your maple syrup and then she dies.


Your heart dry, brittle hair split ends.


I'm just losing hair. Mhm.


Me too. So we both would like we were both like this is the day that were really worked closely with functional medicine.


Doctor. Right. Dr. Mark Hyman is the best. He had a profound impact on the health of myself and my family. So I'm so excited for you to meet with him.


I want to say something to all the medical professionals that are here today and I'll use more time with Dr. Hyman is on a mission to Save Our Lives, author of 11 New York Times best sellers. He's become an international leader in his field of functional medicine at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic. He's treated presidents, celebrities and royalty. He says what you put on your fork is more powerful than any medication.


Dr. Harben, thank you very much. Appreciate your time. You guys have a whole list of different symptoms that you're trying to sort out because your bodies aren't in balance. And so the tests we're going to do are some of them are traditional tests, some of them from our little specialty tests to allow us to look under the hood like a quick checkup to see what's actually going on underneath. We're going to start with a special test that looks at the size and number of cholesterol particles, much more predictive of whether a heart attack or not.


So we look at all that and then is some really interesting stuff going looking at your pook, your stool.


Oh, I call it the Kupinski test.


I'm going to need at least three days to, like, give you that one. So. Well, we're going to fix that.


We're also getting a really cool test called telomeres, which is a little catch at the end of your genes, a short as you get older and they can tell you your biological age. So you might be 50, but your biological age might be 60 or it could be 30.


Now, see the change that I'm fifty nine, but ideologically I'm thirty nine at the end of the process, you know, we'll get a lot of information, we'll go over it and we'll two things up and you'll see how it all works.


I love that.


Dr. Hyman, thank you so much. Thank you. Very good. Very good. Oh, man, that's going to be awesome.


I just want to say thank you for setting this up. I'm really glad that we did this and that we're taking the time to have these conversations as a family and doing it as in their life as a team for our Smith family health and food intervention.


Yes, yes, yes, yes. Absolutely. You know, I like to make my point looks like beer or something.


Yeah, well, no, on that. No one is going to hit our test yet.


Later this season on Red Tabletop, we have eye opening results of our medical tests.


Go join our health and food interventions. Head to our roundtable talk group on Facebook for more information about health and wellness. Let's get healthy together RTT fam on our next round table talk.


I don't drink before I go on stage anymore like I used to just be like whatever.


I'm sitting here with a whole different Chelsie right now in my family. I was the problem child and I think in their family I wasn't. Did you feel like you were the white girl that was going to come in and fix the family?


Chelsea Handler faces her own white privilege. I went up to her and I slapped her on the butt. Really? And yeah. And she said black women have been defined by their hair and their asses for ages. You have no right to touch my body. This is just such classic white privilege right here on the next hour.


OK, so we poop in a container. Correct. And there's four containers. So you have dinner and then you go in, you get some of the husband, just get some on this thing. You put it in here and you take it out, you put it on the back of your hands when you.


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