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We'll have to have all the guys that people aren't crazy. We've got to get started. We focused on outlaw motorcycle gangs.


Today, we will hear from individuals who have actually been outlaw motorcycle gang members. Now, face witness this morning is Butch.


Well, when the fight broke out, I got stabbed in the back and I pulled my knife and hit him. And I killed him as the first person I would kill.


And the killings just kind of got out of hand, there were some women and children killed, women, children were killed. Yes, without a lot.


Oh, the dog is gone. Butch Crouch was one predatory motherfucker. So what exactly happened here? Two people were murdered. A house was set on fire in his right hand. He had an automatic handgun and blood over his chest would give the man. Still, so I'm not really afraid of anything, but I was afraid you can't take a stand. He was the evil as far as I'm concerned with is claimed Goncalo, all new member when he joins the club.


He has six months to kill someone.


He was giving up details of this crime that only somebody that was there would have known about. Holy shit, what the hell I got myself into.


It's the family unit, the ups and the downs and then the betrayal firm Dolphin and me sing out the jubilee with all the fire we can bring. Because of Butch Crouch, I've been hiding in the witness protection program for almost 40 years and I was told that my life depended on disappearing, but now I'm done hiding.


The Justice Department's witness protection program has been plagued with troubles.


I have no love for any of these snitches because they're all scumbags. But the family members are pure victims. Action hero terrorized life of its record look like it's recording. You change on the rise. From Sea 13 originals, a division of kadence 13 and the creators of Root of Evil comes a new podcast about the stories and family We Can't Escape Love.


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I joined because of a brotherhood. Our kids would be Hells Angels and it was something that we'd all grow old and be proud of and download.


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