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What is the secret of your joy? Laughs said all that, but this you do want to start today, OK? This is a simple exercise everybody must do. At the end of the day, you sit in your bed and look back on the whole day.


This happened, you heard of loud to. Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu is a celebrated Zen master. Today. Even then, he gathered a certain number of disciples around him. It's part of the Zen tradition that when the master, the guru is dying, people gather around for a final message.


So at the age of 83 or 84, he was passing, so people gathered around him and asked him, Master, what is the secret of your joy?


You know, he faced a lot of extreme situations in his life. He was accused of things that he had never thought of and he went through troubles. So people asked you went through so many things, but you were always joyful. What is the secret of your joy? Lao Tzu said all that. It's just that every day in the morning when I woke up. I used to get a question. The question is today, shall I be joyful or miserable till now?


I just happened to choose Joy, that's all. So have you made your choice? I'm asking every day in the morning. If a question comes to you, I will come and ask you a question every day in the morning. Today you're going to be joyful or miserable.


What's your choice? You must make this choice every day.


Today, I'm going to be joyful. Joy is not a goal by itself. It is just that when you are joyful, you are pleasant to the world. When you're joyful, you are sensible in your head. When you are joyful, you will not do stupid things against yourself. There is nobody who has not been happy. Everybody has been happy. But the problem is they're not able to maintain it, that's all. So you don't have to enforce any resolutions upon yourself, just little tools to make sure that you don't think.


Suppose let's say your life is done, you're on your deathbed tomorrow, you want to die if you look back and see is it all worthwhile?


Have you done things that you really wanted to do? Don't look at it at the end of your life, you must look at it at the beginning of your life. Suppose you're on your deathbed, you're going to die. Maybe you lived 100 years, but look back and see he has life been worthwhile? Have you done things that really matter to you or not?


Because most people get truthful only if death is imminent, otherwise they know how to lie to themselves and to everybody. Most people tell the truth only when you put a gun to their head, unfortunately. I'm saying don't wait for somebody else to put the gun.


You put it tonight and watch them on a Diana. Have I done things that I really worthwhile in my life, things that I could be proud of, things that are worth spending my life up on? Has my life been done this way, if you just look at this, you will make an impact on the society. Whatever you do, whatever you do, you will make an impact. We do not know what you can do and cannot do in your life, whether you are going to become the richest man in the world or the most beautiful woman on the planet, you you're going to climb Mount Everest or you're going to beat Mr.


Baldwin 100 meter race.


I don't know about these things, but every one of you can strive to become a wonderful human being, and nobody can deny that to you now people.


Our world situations, not inclement weather, can deny this to you that you want to be a wonderful human being, nobody to stop you.


So I want you to do a simple process, write down three things, write down three things when you go home, whatever you think makes a human being in your wonderful human being, just three things and make it a reality in your life what you think is the highest.


Don't do what I want. Please do what you want in your life if you do not know what you want. It'll become a wasted life.


You don't have to do what somebody else wants, but three things that you think will make a human being into a truly wonderful human being. These three things make it a reality. As it is said. A man is el. Only because he does not know how to be still. Because in stillness, you're in touch with a dimension way beyond creation.


So one has to attain to that grace. At least a certain amount of stillness has to enter your life. For this to happen at a certain level of silence has turned to your life. If right now, which is not coming, at least practicing a little bit of mount.


You know, NALGO, if you're speaking fifteen hundred and seventy three words right now, how many more? How many words do you spit out in a minute? How did you actually doing that many?


I thought that's impossible.


OK, I believe. So whatever number you're doing, see if you can.


Articulate the same things that you're saying with half the number of words, suddenly you will become extremely conscious of everything. Right now, oral diarrhea is happening in 15 degrees, diarrhea. OK.


Now, if you have to hold back half the world's and still say the same things, now you have to be very conscious, otherwise you cannot it.


Let's try this and see tomorrow, one day. In an hour, normally, what number of words you are to make it hard, don't curtail your activity, still say the same things.


But with half the words how wonderful the whole world will feel, you know? Well, would be a wonderful place. I'm telling you tomorrow if everybody does this. Many marriages will be saved. This is a simple exercise everybody must do at the end of the day, you sit in your bed and look back on the whole day from the morning you got up, how you been going around? You will see 90 percent of the time you're quite stupid and being generous with presented.


Believe me, if you were to give a little work, if you just give a little responsibility, suddenly become so important. You become bigger than the universe suddenly. How many times you expanded beyond the size of the universe? If you look at it, you will see most of the time it's bloated. How many times you became immortal that if you're not conscious of your mortality. Just and how many times? Did you walk around looking at people and things around you without any sense of involvement, just three things you watch out.


You will see you'll have to laugh through the night. Don't start crying. It's learned to laugh at your stupidity, you will see all the rubbish you carry will turn into many are very fast and many are as good for growth, you know. The next 12 months, you make yourself in such a way that you are not the issue. No, not at all. Can you do this to yourself? You deserve this, I'm telling you that you're not the total only if somebody is causing trouble to you, some trouble in your life.


If you sit alone, you never the trouble makers have like that. But this you do want to start today.


OK, one thing that you don't want yourself to be one small aspect. OK. Dr. Judy. Every full moon day drop one more time, however small but concrete step, not big things. No, I will give up my anger. I don't believe that nonsense.


You can say from now on, if I get angry, I would just shut my mouth. I won't say anything.


This is doable. Yes, I will not get angry. Not right now. Not, isn't it.


So like this one concrete step, every month you take about yourself something that you do not like, something that you feel is not necessary for your life. One little thing drop every month in 12 months time will be a wonderful human being that you are not an issue.


Do that to yourself. You deserve this and is what it is in.