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There was a man in my city, he was known to be some kind of a Ghostbuster tantric. This guy has trapped ghosts in bottles. I was just befriending him thinking I will steal one bottle. Well, I really wanted to see a ghost.


It's a group you were talking about stories, so we were conversing and, you know, we were agreeing that when we were growing up, some of the best stories that we used to hear from, you know, family people or grandparents or friends, senior people would be the cool stories.


And, you know, somehow you small, you know, kids, we love to get scared. Still, they want to hear that ghost story. You know, it's one of their favorite things, you know, amongst all stories.


Do you have any ghost stories from your experiences of traveling in the mountains? Wow. This is really getting me into trouble. So, yeah, the purpose of telling your ghost stories was not to scare you, but to give you a hair raising experience. This happened. In a barber shop. In Louisiana state. The whole place was filled with all kinds of horror comics and ghost stories and all kinds of things, only that no newspapers, no other magazines, only these things.


So one day somebody asked the barber. So why have you put your whole place with these kind of stories in your saloon, you know, don't have anything else, nothing about styles, about fashion, nothing, only ghost stories and horror stories. Why? He said, see, for my profession, if somebody's hair is standing, it makes it much easier. So the idea was to give you a hair raising experience, not to scare you and.


I must tell you, this fascinated me so much that there was a man in my city. Is also working in the MyCelx City Corporation, has some official, but he was known to be some kind of a Ghostbuster tantric or whatever he is. So somebody told me I was always looking for these kind of things, so somebody told me this guy. Has trapped ghosts in bottles and kept it in whatever it's a shrine or a workshop or whatever you want to call it.


So I want to go and that guy wouldn't allow us in initially, but I was persistent and then he took me inside and he showed me lots of bottles. He said in this there is this kind of goes this is a woman. This is a man. I looked I could not see a man and a woman. I saw transparent bottles with corks. So I was just befriending him thinking I will steal one bottle here. I really wanted to see a ghost because I had heard so many things, so many things mean the unbelievable kind of stories.


Well, it only made me more and more curious, he did not raise my hair nor scare me, but I became more and more curious. I had spent months on end continuously every night being in the cremation grounds, wanting to see. So people come back on the dead and, you know, went with firewood, when the dead bodies burn, it burns for four, five, six hours. People stay there for an hour or hour and a half, and then they have other business to do.


They will cry and they'll weep and they will go when it's still burning. Normally what happens is when as the fire burns one thing because, you know, there's economic always the economic aspect to everything. If they're not put in a fire long enough when this collapses, the outer part, first thing that will happen is because Nick is such a small thing and it gets burned. And once the spine is burned, the burning head will roll away. Doo doo doo doo doo.


So I am the one who picks it up with a stick and puts it back and waits. Where is the damn ghost? It doesn't come many, many months on end. I sat there, no ghost came. Somebody said you put a nail in the tamarind tree, it will come. I would name the damn tree again and again and again. I'm thinking somebody had in this house there is a ghost. So I would beg them, please allow me.


I want to sleep in that house and see if the ghost comes. Did not happen. So I went to this guy and when they said specifically it's in the bottle, I wanted to steal a bottle, but he was very protective about his bottles, so I didn't see anything coming out.


But he showed me one thing. He made an elaborate design with rice flour, the five corners of this. He kept one on the egg. He did all kinds of things and put you clapped his hand pump.


All the fireworks burst right in front of my eyes. So I thought something. I don't know whether it's a ghost or it's thing whatever, but definitely he did not reach out to these five. He was standing away in all the fireworks burst. And this was working on me and I when I was walking in my house backyard, looking here and there, then I saw guavas were hanging in the tree, the guava fruit. I looked at the fruit.


The Futrelle, what I did it again and again, the fruit fell, then I brought my friends and just you idiot, to watch this.


Fruitvale, that had, what, not once five, 10 times ended, so that is not an accident. But then. In about three days time after I did this, a revulsion, I have never experienced that ever in my life because I have never stepped into those areas, a kind of revulsion went through my entire body that I knew that I had done something very fundamentally wrong. Never again. I said, you wanted to go hours, go up and get it.


You want anything in your life, go and get it. These kind of things we will never again do.


So I realized something is fundamentally wrong. Use your energies like that. So what is a ghost? All of your ghosts with the body, those who are walking and sitting, everybody, your ghosts with the body.


But suddenly somebody lost their body and you think they are something horrible way. They just like you. They just lost the body. Is it true that you gathered the body over a period of time?


Suppose let's say you had lost control over how much you eat and you became this big and then you came to your program and whatever, and slowly you sank into half your size, does it mean to say half of you become a ghost?


Hello? So if somebody lost the body 50, 60 kg of planet that we have picked up and made into this, if they put it back, is that a ghost? Then you are also a ghost with the body, isn't it? So this abnormal way of looking at life that just because somebody lost their body, they become something evil, something very fearful, something terrible is a very abnormal way of looking at life.


The nature of life is such that weather right now is something you must look at this not intellectually, really experientially your breathing, all of you, are you? Hello. I'm just checking.


Hello, are you breathing, so if you're breathing, let us say this was like a building or whatever. Right now we are in the quadrangle kind of place.


So there is life here that you're breathing.


You may call it air, but it's actually life, because if I take away this, this will go.


Yes, your life will go.


It's only in this transaction life is happening, isn't it?


So it's not just about air, oxygen, this that this is a living cosmos. You are like a little bubble. You captured a little bit of life. You know, you did you blow bubbles when you were younger at least.


So when you blew your bubble, you got this big bubble, I got that big bubble, let us say we were looking at this or this is my bubble desirable, then they will pop when they go pop. You don't say this is my ad. This is your air, isn't it? This is just like that. This is just a bubble, you captured a certain amount of life and it's functioning in a certain way when this bubble burst.


There's no such thing as your life and my life. Well, you may not break the entire bubble. You may break the outer surface of the bubble.


And the inner surface of the bubble may still remain just because the outer peel has dropped dropped off. Do you call it a ghost? Then you are a ghost with the body.