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The Bermuda Triangle, which was, again, another enigma of the previous generation. It's an old volcanic spot in us, pierce underneath like small peaks. This keeps happening around the Italian coast all summer. The Bermuda Triangle. Which was, again, another enigma of the previous generation, not anymore. These days, nobody, no ships go on crash in Bermuda Triangle. It's a difficult to navigate place. There was a documentary in the news channel showing how difficult it is to navigate the Bosphorus.


The water body between two parts of Istanbul in Turkey are called is called Bosphorus. So it's a difficult place to navigate.


There are eight riders, radar stations, which help the ships through these days, earlier, many ships used to crash into something or other.


Now there are eight radar stations guiding them through because it's a little complicated is like there will be some broadband's.


Well, every other day there will be an accident, people will immediately say there is some ghost waiting here causing accidents.


Gathering Morgus. Well, Bangalore, Mysore Road, there was Kingery every month, at least three to five people would die. On this corner is just an upcoming road like this is a climb shop and it's a railway track below a sharp bend like this. And it goes off this way. People coming every day crash into this culvert boards, dangerous accidents, sport, reading that they think they must cause an accident.


I don't know how many hundreds and hundreds of people have gotten killed on this bend. It was famous.


I had a record of doing my Subang Long in one hour, 34 minutes on my motorcycle.


Roads were not like how it is today. I came one day at full blast and I try to take the corner.


I almost went into the culvert. Then I stopped, I went back and looked. The simple thing, it's not something that you have to look, but this damn road is so deceptive. It seems to be a sharp climb, so you always throttle up much more than you should. And when a road turns like this, the road should be engineered this way, but it's slightly engineered this way. It just so deceptive. I mean, these are things that you normally know.


It's not something it's not some rocket science, but this particular road, because of the way it is, the trees behind the railway track, the way it falls off and the way this side is, all this together creates a certain visual thing.


I almost went that day, then I spent half an hour walking up on that road up and down that road, wanting to know why the hell I went out of control.


And I figured these are the things that are happening today. They made the highway and they removed that bend and straighten it out. Nobody dies in Kingery. The girls have left.


So similarly, Bermuda Triangle. It's just a difficult place to navigate because it's an old volcanic spot, there are spears, underbite like small peaks underneath the sea. One should know and navigate this keeps happening around the Italian coast also because some places are not easy to navigate and negotiate. It takes a certain skill.


And today, these things have come down dramatically. Nobody goes and disappears into a Bermuda Triangle because every ship has.


Gadgets and gadgets which show everything. There are sonar readers, there are readers and radio altimeters and everything, which shows you a million things. So people don't crash anymore when captains of the ship were taking their ships into these kind of situations with only their visual and their own sensory capabilities. There was every chance for this to happen.


So people are always looking for intrigue. This is not a bad thing because these are all.


Aspiring. To say aspiring students of mysticism. Because they didn't find a way, they invented something, instead of discovering something, they invented something.


You don't invent anything. The important thing is you discover something discovery means it's about truth. Invention means you made it up. Don't make up, and it's it's important to open the door to the existence. Not to imagine something.