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It's that time of year again. Steve Dangle here on the SDPN YouTube channel, and we are going to walk through my 2024 Stanley Cup playoff bracket. 32 team league, 16 teams make it to the playoffs, 8 series to start. We're not just picking the first round. No, no, no, no, no. Although we will have our series previews for all 8 first round series up on the SDPN YouTube channel, which is where you are. I know the string hit me in the eye. Shut up. We're not talking about that. Here's how I think it's going to go. Let's Start in the East. No, we're not starting with that one. Stop making you wait. We will start with the winners of the Eastern Conference, the winners of the NHL's regular season as the President's Trophy champions or whatever you want to call them. It feels like the President's Trophy would matter in other sports. It's just in hockey, everyone's like, Okay, so you won it. Then they wear the thing like an anchor around their neck and crumble in the playoffs. Two years out of the last five, a team has set the wins record, won the President's Trophy, and then lost in the first round.


The New York Rangers didn't set the wins record, so maybe they'll be okay. As the reward for winning the President's Trophy, the New York Rangers will be taking on the Washington Capitals. We have the strongest playoff seed in the entire league versus one who squiged in at the last moment. Washington Capitals had 91 points. That is the fewest by a playoff bound team by a wide margin. Even better, and I'm sure you heard this already, the Washington Capitals were a minus 37 on the season, and it was like that pretty much throughout. Jeez, that's got to be some record. It is. It's ridiculous that they made it, but they made it, so good for them. The Rangers had 55 wins and 114 points. The Capitals had 40 wins and 91 points. How are the Capitals going to overcome that? Well, one of the ways they can overcome that is be super hot going into the playoffs. Were they? Yes and no. They were 4, 4, and 2 in their final 10 games heading into the playoffs. They did win three straight to get there, though. But I mean, the Rangers won back-to-back games and were 7, 3 in their final 10.


Okay, well, then the Washington Capitals got to have a really hot goal tenant. Charlie Lindgren, he's got to steal the show. He's been very, very good for the Capitals all season long. On the other end of the ice, some bum named Igor Shostorkin. Well, then it's got to be high-end talent. I mean, Alexander Ovechkin became Alexander Ovechkin with about a third of the season to go. Ended up crossing 30 goals somehow. It's ridiculous. He was second on the Capitals in scoring with 65 points. Dylan Strong was first with 67. The New York Rangers, on the other hand, had 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 guys with more than that, and Artemi Panarin with 120 points had nearly double. Who are the five? Glad you asked. Artemi Panarin, Vinnie Trochek with 77, Chris Kreider, 75, Adam Fox, a defenseman, with 73, and Mika Zbanajad with 72, and that's low for him. Worth noting, Alexi Lafrenier had more goals than Zbanajad, which is bad for Zbanajad with 26. Lafrenier at 28? Easy, kid. Listen, it's awesome. The capital's got there, and they're going to empty the tank. This might be their last shot at it, although they do have some young pieces.


It'll be good to get them experience. I just say that because John Carlson, Alex Ovechkin, you never know. Man, after getting embarrassed in the first round last year by the New Jersey Devils, I just have a really hard time seeing the Rangers faltering again. There are no bad teams in the playoffs, and there's upsets all the time, but I have the New York Rangers winning this in five. Next, the other division-winning team in the Eastern Conference, the Florida Panthers, taking on the Tampa Bay Lightning. Listen, I didn't want the Leifs to play the Bruins either, but this is the trade-off, and I think the hockey world at large is better for it. Leif Bruins is better entertainment for the drama. Panthers versus Lightning? Oh, yeah. Dude, it's two really strong teams in Florida that hate each other, hate each other a lot. Dude, there are only four points that separated the New York Rangers from the Florida Panthers, and They were a huge four points because it was the difference between playing against the Washington Capitals who barely squeaked in and the Tampa Bay freaking lightning. Tampa enters the playoffs five, four, and one in their last 10.


The Florida Panthers, six, three, and one, which isn't that great, but they won their final four games, including just smoking the leaves. They wanted to take the Atlantic division away from the Boston Bruins, who should have had a tap in for the Atlantic, and they did. Dude, this is going to be such a violent series. The Florida Panthers have so many guys who will just make your night miserable. Sam Bennett, Matthew Kuchuk, obviously, Ryan Lomberg, a bunch of guys on D. It's funny. I was thinking of all the guys who fight, and that's why I left out nick Cousins. The Tampa Bay Lightning, on the other hand. Nikita Kutrov is one of the most underratedly dirty players in the league. And honest to goodness, when he got his 100th assist in the final game of the season, he should have been suspended because of that very whack intentional elbow against Tom Wilson. That is a dude willing to elbow Tom Wilson in the face. Imagine what he'll do to you. Not to mention Austin Watson, Tana Jeanot, a bunch of heavy, heavy guys. There's going to be a few X factors here. Playing at their absolute best, Andre Vassilievski He would eat Sergei Vopravsky alive.


Last year, Sergei Biberowski was absolutely unbelievable in the playoffs, and he had a decent season with the Florida Panthers. Anthony Stollars, by the way, one of the most underrated goalies in the league this season. And Andre Vassilievski has been Good. He hasn't been his usual dominant self. He was not solid in the first round against Toronto last year. What version of him are the Tampa Bay Lightning going to get? What version of him are the Florida Panthers going to face? I like Tampa's talent and spread of the talent more than I like Florida's. I think a lot of this is going to come down to, how do you staple Barkov to Kutrav as much as possible? I think this is going to be a dogfight. It's going to be bloody. It's going to be vicious. I have a hard time picking a winner, and I know I already picked them on this channel. I don't even remember who I picked. I'm going to say the Florida Panthers pull this off. They made it to the Cup final last year. You can't disrespect them like that. The Panthers win in six. For a next series, I'm still going to make you wait.


No, we're going to go back to the Metro, the Carolina Hurricanes, Taking on the New York Islanders. Too many people have been writing this off as a boring series. You're not paying attention. Carolina Hurricanes are They're somewhat of analytical darlings and have been for a long time. The New York Islanders are coached by Patrick Wa, you know that, right? But yeah, a lot of the personnel and the jerseys and stuff are the same. Their coach is Patrick Wa. We might get a fight between him and Brindamore by the end of the first period. Not to mention, what if I told you this series was a battle of the two hottest teams in the NHL? This is the hottest series going into it. The Hurricanes are seven and three in their final 10 game of the season, and they're not even the hottest team. It's the Islanders, 8, 1, and 1 en route to barely squeaking into the playoffs. No, no, no, no, convincing. Yes, they only had 94 points. That wouldn't have even gotten the Islanders into the playoffs in the Western Conference, but they're not in the Western Conference. They're in the East, and they soared up the standings and stayed there.


Obviously, the Islanders have Elia Sorokin, and they have the New York Islanders personnel. It's a solid defense. Noah Dobson being in and out of the lineup and potentially injured, that definitely complicates things for the aisles. So my prediction for this series comes with a bit of an asterisk because that's one of the most underrated defensemen in the entire NHL from this season, and we don't even know what % he's at right now. The Carolina Huracans are just a ridiculously deep, ridiculously solid team with no real weaknesses. They have a little bit of the Jack of all trades, master of none thing going on. I think a lot of other teams have better high-end talent than the Huracans. Few teams have the balance that the Huracans have, though, all through their decor, all through their forwards. But the big X factor there is what are you going to get out of the goal tending? Freddie Anderson has been fantastic, and also Freddie Anderson has barely played. I think you look at the Huracan's 111 points and the Islander's 94, and you go, You're wasting your time, Steve. Just say the Huracan's win. But to me, that's like talking about the Edmondson Oilers and counting the first chunk of the season with Jay Woodcroft.


They're not the same. Sure, they wear blue and orange, but they got rid of the coach and got better. Oh, there's a lot of parallels. For how ridiculously good they've been for the last month or so. And just the change I have. I can't believe I'm saying this, the Islanders in seven. Now, the Schadenfreund moment you've all been waiting for. The Toronto Maple Leaps take on the Boston Bruins. Neither team comes into the playoffs as anything special, really. The Leaps were five, four, and one in their final 10. The Bruins, six, and four, both of them lost their final two games. If the Bruins had won either of their final two games, they win the Atlantic. If the Leaps had just held a two-nothing against the Florida Panthers. They guaranteed that they play the Florida Panthers. Leaps didn't win. Bruins didn't win. Leifs get the Bruins for the fourth time in 11 years, and third time since 2018. That's awful. Plenty of question marks all around. The Leifs finally cracked the barrier of getting through the first round last year. They got destroyed in the second round. The Boston Bruins won 65 games last year, had a 3-1 series lead, and And then failed.


Failed hard. Series goes to seven, and, Hey, we have the lead in game seven. Blow the lead in game seven, lose it in overtime on home ice. And that was the last moment of Patrice Bergeron's hockey career. Are you kidding? Bergeron and Krejee lead? Your top two centers are Pavel Zaka and Charlie Coyle? You stink. Nope. 47 wins anyway. And Jim Montgomery, who won the Jack Adams Trophy as Coach of the Year last year, might deserve it more this year. The Leifs, on the other hand, a pretty different version of the Leifs from half a decade ago, the last time they played the Boston Bruins. There's still a lot of skill there, but the young kids, they're a little older now, and a lot of them play a little bit more like grown men. Austin Matthews went from one of the better young goal scorer in the league to the best goal scorer in the league. Yes, ahead of David Pasternack. If David Pasternack was better at scoring goals, he would have scored more goals than Austin Matthews, and he didn't. A big priority for Brad Treliving, new Leifs GM this summer, was to get more They're snot, and they did.


Tyler Bertuzzi, who had 10 points in seven games with the Bruins last playoff run. Max Domi, Ryan Reeves in there. Joel Edmondson, who's just miserable to play against in the playoff. Oh, and no Zdeno Char for the Boston Bruins this time. That's interesting. Yes, he was slower in 2019, but he was still allowed to murder you. Listen, the clear advantage in net goes to the Boston Bruins. Jeremy Swayman and Lena Solmark might be both better than any goalie the Leifs have. Ilyas Samsonov has been absolutely fantastic back half of this season, except for his final two games, which has a lot of people worried. Listen, I love this Leifs team and how they're built. I love the new setup of the lines, spreading out Matthews, Marner, and Nylander on three different lines. I I think is going to be really difficult to contend with for the Boston Bruins. That being said, you look at the Leifs on paper, you look at the Bruins on paper, if games were decided on paper, the Leifs would stomp them. But the games are not decided on paper. The Lefs are 0 and Four against the Boston Bruins this year.


Okay, technically 0,2,2. Two of those games went to overtime. Dude, the total goals four were 14 to 7 in favor of the Bruins. I think the Leifs are an extremely good team. This is the worst possible matchup for them. Any team in the league would have been a better playoff matchup than this. I hate this. I don't like this. I want to be proven wrong very badly. Bruins in seven. Western Conference. Let's do it a little differently in this one. We're going to start in the middle with producer Drew's team, the Colorado Avalanche taking on the Winnipeg Jets, and I know he's loving that. Dude. The Jets are seven and oh in their final seven games heading into the playoffs. And speaking of 7-0, that was the score the last time the Jets played the Avs. The Jets stomped them into a powder. The Avalanche is surprisingly the coldest team out of all 16 teams to make the playoffs 3, 5, and 2 in their final 10 games. This is tough. Who wants to play against Kael McCar in the Stanley Cup playoffs? Nobody. Who wants to play against Nathan McKinnon in the Stanley Cup playoffs?


Nobody. You know who you can add to that conversation because he's really underrated. Miko Rantan. No one wants to play against that guy in the playouts. Horrible. That being said, oh, boy. Not only are the Jets hot, but they made some really good additions at the trade deadline. Although I like what the Avalanche did, too. Sean Walker, I low-key like Jacob Trennan, Casey Middlestat. But the Jets have been one of the best, if not the best, defensive and goal-tending teams in the NHL all season long. And what did they add? Offense. Connor Halebuck in the way he's played this season versus Alexander Gyorgyiev in the way he's played this season. Oh, boy. It's just an easy matchup to pick. I hate to do it because I think the playoffs are way more fun with Nathan McKinnon and Cal McCar in it. You never know, but I think the Winnipeg Jets are going at least to round two, Jets in, let's say, six. Now, how's about we continue with the West? You're the LA Kings. It's the last game of the season. You're playing the Blackhawks, the Golden Nights are playing the Ducks. If Vegas wins, they lock up Edmonton, and that's who they play in the first round.


But if they lose and you win, you lock up the Edmonton Oilers for the third year in a row, and they beat you the first two. So what happened? The Kings leapfrogged the Vegas Golden Nights to get their second chance at revenge, at redemption over the Edmonton Oilers. See, I think the Edmondon Oilers are very simple. I think we all understand the Edmondon Oilers. They had a very Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde season, where they were just brutal at the beginning of it, they fire Jay Woodcroft, they sort out some things. Connor McDavid turns into Connor McDavid at the speed of light, and they're dominant. They're an incredible team, basically the rest of the way. They went from one of the last play in the NHL to a very comfortable playoff spot. La Kings, on the other hand, are Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hy, Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hy, Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hy. These dudes cannot decide what they are. What they've been most recently is good. Another team who fired their coach and got good after being bad, and then we're good, and then we're bad. I keep talking about high-end skill in these series. I mean, it all comes down to how well the LA Kings shut down Connor McDavid, Leon Dreisidal as well, Zack Hyman, obviously.


He shut down the guys who do the most passing in the forward group, that'd be McDavid and Dreisidal, and then you can cut off guys like Hyman, maybe a little bit. Then you got to contend with Evan Bouchard. I keep looking at the Kings like, Oh, well, there's center depth. Ante Kopitar Yeah, he's still pretty good, but he's getting up there. Philip Deneu, he's still pretty good. It's McDavid, though. Pierre-luc Dubois was a guy I looked at in the offseason like, Okay, that could be a problem for Edmonton. He's been awful. Kam Talbot has been a revelation for the LA Kings. He's been very good. Stuart Skinner, well, he's had a season a lot more like the LA Kings, actually. Good than bad, then good than bad, then good than bad. It's more like a nightly basis thing where he can straight up steal you a game or allow I don't know, nine. The Oilers are going to be a tough out. I mean that literally, tough. They are a mean team, and their defense is just awful. But their offense is so ridiculous that it might not matter. I really like the LA Kings.


I think they're a team. I just have a hard time seeing them getting past the Oilers. I think they win three straight. It's the Edmondson oilers I'm taking in this one. We will say in a dramatic game seven. This series is so unfair. The Dallas stars take on the Vegas Golden Nights. There's a legitimate argument this could be at minimum, the Western Conference final in terms of quality of hockey or the Stanley Cup final in the first round. Because you have the Dallas stars who've finished a point shy of the President's trophy. They're a ridiculous ridiculously jacked up, juiced team. Just juiced. And your reward for winning the Western Conference is the Vegas Golden Nights. The reigning Stanley Cup champion, Vegas Golden Nights, who get Everyone back. Mark Stone is back. They got Noah Hanifin. They got Tomash Hurtle. Jonathan Marchesau is somehow even better from when he won the Khan smite. Dude, that sucks. That sucks so much for Dallas. And you might look at the point system and go, Oh, the NHL needs to change the points, this would be the one versus eight matchup. You just have the worst luck in the universe, I guess.


The stars are big. The goldenites are big. Stars are mean. The goldenites are mean. Stars have depth, a lot of depth. Nine guys with 50 or more points. Vegas has a lot of depth. They're known for not really listening to the salary cap all that much, and they're both really, really good. Both teams have gotten some good goal tending this season. Both teams have gotten some bad goal tending this season. It depends on when you watch. Dallas is a really, really good team. Oh, but so is Vegas. Dallas stars in seven. I'm saying it right now. Dude, how do I have both the Hurricains and Golden Nights bowing out in the first round? Wrapping up the West, this is a hotly contested one, the Vancouver Canucks taking on the Nashville Predators. Two teams who have had really good seasons. Two teams who have had really good stretches since the trade deadline. Two teams who really underwhelmed heading of the playoffs. The Knucks finish with a okay 5, 4, and 1 record in their final 10. The Predators below 500, 4, 5, and 1. I don't know. Maybe the magic of the U2 streak is just over.


This is going to be a fascinating series. I don't think the Knucks, win or lose are going to have a good time. The Predators are not better. They're not more skilled than the Vancouver Knucks. That is why they are going to try to beat the crap out of them. They're going to forecheck those young defenders, Quinn Hughes especially, into the ground. The Knucks do have some guys with an abundance of playoff experience, but they also got a lot of young guys. A lot of guys who have gone on decent playoff runs, but they were in front of no people in 2020. You know what? The Preds aren't that old either, to be fair. They got a lot of guys. There are going to be a lot of people in this series playing their first playoff hockey. Usually, if that were the case, I'd be saying, Oh, there's going to be a lot of goals, except it's UCSARs versus Thatcher Demko. I think those two are going to alternate nights driving their opponents nuts. I can almost guarantee there's going to be at least one game each where the goalie will make over 40 saves. The guy I got my eye on for the Vancouver Knucks, Elias Lindhol.


Dude, they paid a lot for you. You got to pay dividends here, man. As for the Nashville Predators, Philip Foresberg is just one of the most underrated players in the league. He does not get his flowers nearly enough. He is lethal. I want to know who's going to get stapled to that guy. Who's going to be taxed with shutting him down? The Predators have a shot. This will be a good series, but I'm going to give this to the Knots in six. Now we move on to round two, starting with the Eastern Conference semifinal. I have the Rangers beating the Capitals and the Islanders getting an upset over the Carolina Hurricanes, setting up, and this is a lot of fun, New York, New York, the Rangers versus the Islanders. Oh, dude, this rules. Oh, dude, this rules. Similar to their first series, I see the New York Islanders starting with a fight between Patrickois and Peter Laviolet. Now, it's the second round. This should be tighter hockey, right? All right, we made some mistakes in the first round, got acclimated to play off hockey, right? No. I think the atmosphere is going to be so completely bonkers in both buildings that it's just going to be a mistake fest.


Despite Despite the fact that both teams have incredible goalies. This is basically a battle between team Russia. I was about to say they're number one and number two goalies, but I forgot Andre Vassilevski exists. They got a lot of good goalies now. They didn't really before. They had one. Now, they got all of them. Listen, I'll make this one nice and simple. They're both incredible teams. The New York Rangers Firepower will win out in this one over the New York Islanders. I had the Islanders conquering the hurricanes. I am not going to lose my mind and say that for a second series in a row. I already know producer Drew is mad at me. New York Rangers, and I'm going to will this one just for the good of hockey to go to seven. New York Rangers in seven. In the Atlantic, we set up a rematch match of the first round last year, the Boston Bruins, with a chance at redemption over the Florida Panthers. No Bergeron this year, that is true, but the Bruins did pretty well without Bergeron in last year's series. The problems arose when he came back. Not saying it was his fault, but he couldn't be nearly as effective as you would expect Patrice Bergeron to be because he had a herniated disk.


You need your back, man. I think two things really sunk the Bruins last year. Number one, the injury to Patrice Bergeron, and number two, their injury in net. Linus O'Mark was hurt and playing hurt, and they didn't move off of him soon enough to go to Jeremy Swayman. They're not going to make that mistake again. I mean, they're probably going to go with Swayman out of the gate, right? Honestly, as great as the Panthers were last year, the Bruins have a healthy goalie throughout that series. They win. All they would have had to do was win game five. It would have been over five. Five was more games than people were willing to give the Panthers last year. Now, the Panthers are a way better team. Love the depth add with Tarasenko. This is going to be a statement series for Brad Marshan. He's the captain now, and he's going to want to put his stamp on the team. I think the Boston Bruins are going to win this one. I can't just say seven for every series, but they're so good. I'm going to say redemption in seven, and the Bruins take it in Florida.


I'm just looking at my Westpicks and going, Oh, that's boring. It's one versus two in both of them. It ain't boring, though. No, it's going to be unreal hockey. Which one should I talk about first? I just realized I also have all three Western Canadian teams advancing, which, of course, guarantees at least one Canadian team in the Western Conference final. Who do I got? Well, we got the Vancouver Canucks taking on the Edmonton Oilers. This is, first of all, going to be the best thing that ever happened in sports net. Even better than the Battle of Alberta series, which was fantastic. I think what we're going to be reminded of in this series is these two teams don't like each other either. This series might result in most fights in the stands per capita in NHL history. Well, no. Okay, people used to be wild. I'm going to say in the salary cap era. I think the Knucks are going to earn a lot of respect in round one with their round one victory. Oh, boy, the Oilers, man. I think there's going to be a lot of goals. The Knucks are going to be able to score goals against Edmonton.


There's going to be some ridiculously high scoring games. Think game one of the Battle of Valberta, where the Oilers erased a 6-2 lead, but Calgary ended up winning 9-6. I think there's going to be at least a couple carnivals like that in this series. I just have a hard time picturing the Vancouver Canucks locking down that. All the weapons that the Oilers have. The Canucks might have more weapons. The oilers' weapons are even better. Willing it into existence, oilers in seven. I know I keep saying seven. It's more fun. Lastly, for the second round, the Dallas stars taking on the Winnipeg Jets. This is difficult for the Jets to contend with, man. Their bread and butter is stopping goals, and they play a great system. Rick bonus has them just working. But the stars having this many weapons, I don't know how the Jets horses lock that down. The stars, I think, are going to be able to lay a beating on these guys. The Jets have had to contend with a bunch of injuries down the stretch. I mean, every team has to deal with this, but the Jets are probably going to have a bunch of players not at 100% when the playoffs begin, let alone when the second round begins.


I mean, Connor Halbach is in this series, so you don't put anything past them, but I really like the Dino Stars, man. Stars in six. Eastern Conference final, an original six matchup. These are hard to pull off this deep into the playoffs, but we did it. The Boston Brewing has taken on the New York Rangers. First of A Battle of the Gardens, Madison Square against TD. Just two really good barns to watch hockey in. Well, I've heard. I've seen several games in TD Garden. Those were eventful. I tried to see a game in Madison Square Garden, and I bought fake tickets outside outside the arena. They wouldn't let me in. I don't want to talk about it. It was a long time ago. I wasn't. I was stupid, all right? It was against the Panthers, too. And not like the Panthers now. You're like, Oh, that's good. No, it wasn't at the time. The Panthers being good and relevant is relatively recent. They were awful. I'm still sad about it. This, to me, is going to be the most perfectly watchable hockey there is. Just a little something for everyone. It's not just a run and gun fest if you like the rough stuff, and it's not just a punch them up contest if you like the skills stuff.


Both teams just have a great mix. They really do. I think you think of the Boston Brewings being the older, more experienced team. Not really true. They have a bunch of guys who are a little bit older and have a lot of experience, but the New York Rangers have had some runs. Last year wasn't one of them. But this is a really good team and a really good mix. I know we talked about judging the Boston Brewing on paper, and it's just not a thing, but on paper, I just like the Rangers a little bit more. Basically, every position, I have the Rangers winning. I'm not going to say seven. I'm not going to say seven. I want to say seven. I will say six. Western final is the toughest to call to the point where I don't even have an answer right now. I guess I'm going to have to come up with one by the end of this. The Dallas stars taken on the Edmonton Oilers. You know what, man? The oilers are great, obviously. They're tough, obviously. They do a lot of things well, obviously. I think this is where it ends.


Can Dallas contain Connor McDavid and Company? I don't know. Can the oilers contain what the stars have offensively? No. It's just straight up no. They can't do it. I was really surprised they didn't go out and get more defensive help at the trade deadline, honestly. I don't hate what they did, like Henrique and Karek to get a little tougher and you land on that Perry signing magically. It's just you did so well with Ekholm last year. How don't you add to that, man? Stars are going to win this one in six. Now we have a Stanley Cup final of the Dallas stars taking on the New York Rangers. It might seem like a cop-out to have the first and second-place team in the regular season play against each other in the Stanley Cup final. It's not about that. Dude, the Dallas stars are built like the last team you would want to play against in the playoffs. Big mean, absolutely everybody can score. They got a goalie who can steal some games, and they got a decore that can drive you nuts. Miro Heiskanen is just going to play so much. But the New York Rangers can do a lot of those things.


You got Miro Heiskanen, all right, we got Adam Fox. You got Jake Oettinger, all right, we got Igor Shesterken. You got nine guys with 50 or more points. Okay, well, we got six. Between the stars and Rangers, there are going to be 15 players who scored 50 or more points this regular season. With a little bit of an asterisk because Jason Robertson led the stars with 80 points. Panarin led the Rangers with 120. Panarin had 40 more points than Robertson. Now, I might have picked the top two teams in the NHL to meet in the Stanley Cup final, which obviously means I got the Rangers winning it all, right? The Dallas stars are going to be too much for everybody they come across. The Dallas stars win the Stanley Cup in game 6. So there it is. You have my bracket. If you'd like to join the SDPN Bracket Challenge, link in the comments down below. Password is dangle. I'm going to wreck all you scrubs anyway with my really stupid... I'm not going to get out of the first round. I'm dumb. But now, they got to play the games. So that is it for this one.


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