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Hey, listeners, Vanessa here from Podcast Network with a surprising treat for you, you know, you can find love in a bar on an app. Why not a podcast or answering that question? And the all new Spotify original from Parkhurst called Blind Dating. It's a fun twist on a classic setup where strangers meet on a voice only call and sparks either fly or fizzle. It's a show completely centered around personality. Right up until we turn the cameras on, we have the entire first episode of Blind Dating for you to enjoy right now.


If you love it, listen to the next episode available right now on Spotify or your favorite podcast app. Hi, my name is Gavin twenty five. I'm an actor and a bouncer. Some of my hobbies include writing music, performing music, going to concerts and hanging out with my three year old English bulldog. I'd say my biggest turnoffs are people who are homophobic, racist, intolerant of other people's lifestyles. Typically, I'm usually into girls who are either are currently or used to be dancers, someone who's active.


I've been out of the dating game for like two years now. I find it incredibly difficult to date in L.A. I'm not really big on the dating apps. I have them. I don't enjoy using them, but just I feel like that's the only way to meet people nowadays, especially now that quarantine has had over the past couple of years. I've kind of lost a little bit of self-confidence, but I think I'm ready to get back out there and start dating again.


They say love can find you anywhere, parties, offices, grocery stores, the hell scape that is Tinder, but no one has ever found love on a podcast in a virtual hangout that is, until now. I'm your host, Michel, and welcome to Blind Dating, a Spotify original from podcast. Today, we're helping Gavin, a 25 year old actor and nightclub bouncer, find his perfect match. Welcome to Blind Dating Gavin.


Hi. How's it going? You know, pretty OK. How about yourself? How are you feeling?


It's going well. You know, we're in like month 25000 of quarantine and I'm really starting to hit my stride.


So, Gavin, here's how the show works. You're about to meet two strangers and you'll have to get to know them as quickly as possible. But there's a twist. You'll only be able to hear them throughout the show and you won't see who your potential love interests are until after you've made your choice.


Are you ready to meet your ladies, Gavin? Oh, I am ready.


All right, well, let's meet match number one, we have Riley. She's a twenty two year old executive assistant. Riley. Welcome to the show and please meet Gavin. Hi.


Thank you for having me. It's nice to meet you guys.


Hi. Nice to meet you as well. So, Riley, let's hear your 30 Second Life story. Well, I'm a very easy going up for anything type of girl. I enjoy surfing, hiking with my dog and skiing. But you can also find me backpacking across Europe. I've had two serious relationships in the past and my type tends to be fitness oriented, outgoing guys. What I'm looking for is someone who is spontaneous, doesn't take himself too seriously and is open minded and is always ready to have a good time with me.


So now, Gavin, let's meet match number two. We have Camille. She's twenty one and a cosmetologist. Welcome to the show. Camille, please meet Gavin. Hi, Gavin.


So nice to meet you. It's nice to meet you as well.


Camille, how about we hear your 30 second life story?


Sure. So I'm 21 years old. I'm a Los Angeles native and I'm a licensed cosmetologist. So I do hair, makeup, nails, anything beauty related. I love to sing. My best friend has a karaoke machine, so whenever she comes over, we like to record ourselves singing duets. That's really fun.


I tend to be pretty shy, so I really like it when my partner helps me like break out of my shell. Someone who's not too conservative, not too old fashioned, very open minded and accepting of everyone. I'm also looking for a pretty serious relationship right now. I'm the type of person that dreams of getting married and having kids. So, yeah, amazing.


Well, you mentioned you're into karaoke. What would your what would your go to karaoke song be like at an actual karaoke bar per say?


Definitely breaking free from High School Musical. I'm definitely Troy, a classic. Gavin, what do you think? Right off the bat? What are we thinking of our matches?


I think they're great. I like the fact that they they know what they're looking for. They know what they like. They both seem really sweet and really fun. And karaoke is always fun. I enjoy that. So they seem like they seem great.


Oh, yeah. Who doesn't love karaoke? So we've made our first impressions. Now it's time to test your compatibility with some tough decisions in a game of this or that, Riley and Camille will give their answers first and then Gavin and we'll see who's in agreement. How does that sound for everyone?


Let's play a little game. Sounds good. OK, so this or that.


Good morning. Texts or good night texts. Riley will have you kick this one off.


I'm going to go with good morning texts because you got to get the day started off on a good note. And sometimes I go to bed like really late at night and that's not really a time I want to be texting. So, yeah, definitely in the morning. Yeah.


I have to agree with you on that one. How about you, Camille?


Yeah, I'm definitely going to agree and say good morning texts. It's just really nice to wake up to something sweet and yeah. Like Riley said, really starts off your day really nicely.


Gavin, are you going to be the odd one out and say that good night text.


No, I actually really do enjoy good morning texts. I will say sometimes when I get home from work, it is both a good morning and a good night text because I get home at crazy hours. But I really like starting off the day knowing that I'm thinking about that person and that person is thinking about me.


Well, it sounds like we're all in agreement here, which is, you know, great for you guys. Moving on, we have Tinder or Bumble Camille. What do you think?


I'm going to have to go with Bumble just because I feel like Tinder is just more for hookups? I don't know. I'm not really into that. So I'm going to go with Bumble Riley.


Are you going to say Tinder or Bumble? I'm going to have to agree because Bubble seems to be a little bit classier. Well, Tinder is hilarious. I would probably choose Bumble. And also the girls get the message first. So you get to avoid some creepy messages sometimes. Definitely.


Bumble. Absolutely. And Gavin, what do you think?


What what do you usually go for? I usually go for Bumble. I think that there's too many people on Tinder that are cat phishing or trying to sell certain things. And so I bumbles seems to have their algorithm down a little bit better. And I do enjoy not always having to make the first move. So I'm going to say Bumble as well.


It's so true. It's a total role reversal. We have to come up with some kind of funny pick up line. You know, it's like so not the norm, which which makes Bumble fun, I think.


OK, so Riley and Camille, if you had matched with Gavin on Bumble, what would you send him for your first message?


I would definitely go with a little joke or a little pick up line. It's going to be really cheesy just to warn you. So if you are a vegetable, you would be a cucumber.


That's adorable. I'm totally stealing that for my next bumble match. Riley, what would your what would your pickup line be?


Oh, you guys are going to cringe, but it would probably be something like, hey, I forgot my number, can I have yours or something awful like that, honestly. Also incredible. Ten, ten for both of us. Gavin, do you have any pickup lines that you typically go for in the apps?


I try and make it personalized to the person just because it's always nice to see that someone has actually taken the time to look at your profile. I think I think one time this girl had to go in like in one of the pictures and I asked if the goat was like part of the deal or if, like, the goat was sold separately. So just something to, like, break the ice kind of funny. And to let them know that I actually looked at their profile and didn't just see the first picture and swipe.


So now that our daughters know a little bit more about each other, up next, we'll have them tackle two truths and a lie about their dating history.


OK, Gavin, so now that you've gotten to know a little bit more about your matches, it's time for your one on one. With each dator, you'll be playing two truths and a lie. And each match will present two truths and one lie about their past dating history.


See if one gets to pick the lie. So, Camille, that means we're going to send you over to the waiting room and we will bring you back in when it's your turn. OK, sounds good.


See you in a bit. So really, take it away. Give us your two truths and one lie in college. I once caught my boyfriend cheating on me with my best friend. I met my first serious boyfriend in the TSA line at the airport and one time my significant other spelled my name wrong on his Valentine's Day card to me. OK, t I need to know more. But Gavin, we're going to have to have you guess which is the lie.


Well, I'm hoping it's not that your boyfriend cheated on you with your best friend because that's so many bad things. I'm between TSA line or he spelled your name wrong on a Valentine's Day card. I'm thinking the lie is the Valentine's Day card. OK, Riley, let us know.


I'm dying to know which one which one is the lie?


The lie is that in college I once caught my boyfriend cheating on me with my best friend. Luckily, that never happened.


Well, thank God that that would be really, really sad. I would be throwing a pity party right now for sure. Didn't happen. I would also be throwing you a pity party. So I have to I have to ask your boyfriend did spell your name wrong in the Valentine's Day card?


Oh, yeah. That totally happened. Definitely wasn't that long ago either, like last year. But yeah.


Because my name is Riley spelled out why E.. And he spelled it r i l e y. It's like that's not right. Oh my God. I'm glad you gave him the boot. Yeah he's gone. OK, so Riley, we're going to send you into the waiting room and we're going to bring Camille back in for her one on one.


OK, great blue. Welcome back, Camille.


We would love to hear your two truths. And one lie. Number one, my last relationship was in seventh grade. I still haven't had my first kiss and my first date was at a strip club. Whoa.


OK, Gavin, have fun with this one. Which one's the lie? Oh, my God.


It is believable that somebody has not had a boyfriend since the seventh grade that I can that I can get like can get behind. But the strip club date throws me for a loop. Now it's just so crazy. It might be true, but why this person. Did you date t pain and I'm hoping you've been kissed. Everybody deserves some kisses. I'm going to say the lie is you have not had your first kiss.


Well, Camille, which one is it?


So the lie is that my first date was at a strip club. That is a lie. Gavin, what do you think?


I'm honestly kind of thankful that you're one of your first dates wasn't at a strip club, because I feel like that is just such a. Oh, man, that's that's that's not a first date. That's like a we've been dating for a while. No, I'm kidding. That's that's not a date. I would never take someone to a strip club for a first date.


Camille, I have to ask you, is there a reason why you haven't had your first kiss yet?


So there's no, like, real reason?


I just like the whole back story, basically. So I went to an all girls high school, so I never really hung out with boys in high school, honestly. And then once I graduated high school, I got a job at this makeup store where there was an all girls employees.


And then I went to cosmetology school where there are, again, all girls. So the opportunity just hasn't arisen, I guess. And I'm honestly very, very picky when it comes to guys. So I have had some people like want to go, but I've declined them all. So, yeah, that's pretty much the story.


Well, maybe Gavins, the guy you've been waiting for all this time. Yeah, maybe. Who knows. OK, so Gavin, what do you think about the matches after the game? How are you feeling?


I'm feeling good. You can tell that both of these ladies are are not shy and up for adventure, and I really enjoy that.


Well, it sounds like things are going really well here. Romance is in the air. Love is on the line, and it all comes down to our bachelors big decision.


All right, Gavin, so now that we have both of our matches back, it's time for you to make your big decision. Riley, do you have any final words on why Gavin should choose you?


Yeah, I think we would have so much fun together and we're really compatible. So I don't think you can go wrong with picking me. How about you, Camille? Why should Gavin choose you?


Well, I mean, I'm definitely a really fun girl and very nice. Very sweet. And I would just love it if you would give me a chance.


All right. So, Gavin, who's it going to be? We have Riley, these spontaneous, fun loving assistant, or Camille, the passionate and creative cosmetologist.


I know that Riley has a dog and I also have a dog who you may or may not be able to hear snoring behind me. And I think because of the similarities in pets and the activity level, I think I think I'm going to go with Riley.


OK, well, that means, Camille, it's your turn to turn on the camera and we'll thank you for playing. Hi, Gavin. Gavin, what do you think seeing the lovely lady rejected?


She gives me kind of like a like a cool hip like Zendaya vibe or even Zoe Kravitz, like a like someone who's definitely soulful and, like, connected with themself. She's got some, like, really nice bleached blonde hair and really, like, really warm eyes. Just like that was the first thing that I noticed that your eyes are just so striking and warm and inviting and a really nice smile, like a very cute, very warm and accepting.


Oh, thank you. It's very nice.


Well, Camille, I'm so sorry that we're going to have to say goodbye, but thank you so much for playing. And hopefully you get that first kiss soon. Thanks for having me.


Bye. OK, guys, moment of truth. You guys can both turn on your cameras and see what you guys look like.


Hello, I would just like to prepress the lighting in here is not good. I understand I have some pretty harsh overhead lighting as well. So what are your reactions to seeing each other for the first time? I love the beanie. Thank you. Thank you.


It was a it was a hair washing day. And once the hair gets washed, it just has a mind of its own and goes everywhere.


How would you describe each other? Is this what you guys imagined you both looked like?


Yeah, I mean, it's hard to it's so hard to tell by people's voices, but like, I'm not I'm not mad at all. I'm I'm happy with my decision. Really.


Are you happy? Yeah, I am. I didn't really know what to expect, but I mean, like, I'm not disappointed. I feel the same way.


So really, how would you describe Gavin? Well, Gavin has actually pretty long hair. It looks like it's almost to his shoulders and he's wearing a beanie, which is very cool. And he has nice eyes and really nice skin. I feel like you're tall. I just I just get that feeling. But you seem really fun, like you look spunky and like cool. And I bet we listen to the same music, too. I just get that vibe.


Gavin, I have to know, are you actually tall?


Yeah, I'm six one and I'm not that like oh actually five eleven but says he's six one so that he can be over six feet like I'm actually six foot one.


You're a true six one. I love to hear it.


We're a rare breed, but we exist. Gavin, how would you describe Riley physically? She looks like she's active. She's got really nice hair. It's like like a medium length, like kind of just below the collarbone.


Looks in the lighting to be a blonde, dirty blonde. It looks, it looks, she looks fun. She just looks like she she she likes to be active and have fun. It's always nice to be greeted with a smile. And so to be to be in front of you with this smile on your face is a it's very welcoming.


I'm actually blushing. I'm not getting. OK, so, you know, before we go, there is one more decision to make, but this time the power lies in your hands. Really, you can choose to go on an amazing, socially distant state with Gavyn and live happily ever after.


Or you can choose to be on a future episode of Blind Dating, or we set you up with two new matches. The choice is yours. What's it going to be? You know, I think I want to go out with Gavin.


It sounds really fun. Well, amazing then. This is a match made in heaven. I'm so hopeful for your future together. I can't wait to hear all about your amazing social distance to date. I think it's going to be incredible. Thank you guys both so much for coming on the show. And I hope that this is a happily ever after for you guys.


Thank you so much for having us. Yeah. Thank you. Thanks for listening to blind dating. Don't forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram at Sparkasse and on Twitter at Parkis Network for more episodes of Blind Dating, follow us on Spotify and check out other Pahlka shows all available on Spotify or anywhere you listen to podcasts. I'm Terry Michel. Tune in next week for a new romance or a total rejection. Blind Dating is executive produced by Max Cutler and is a Park Studio's original.


It was created by Jon Cohen, Sound Design by Kristen Acevedo, produced by Jon Cohen and Kristen Acevedo, associate produced by Ashley Hannah and Alex Turk, the daughter blind dating stars. Me, Tara, Michelle. Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoyed this first episode of Blind Dating, the second episode is out for you to enjoy Search Blind Dating on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.