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Are you looking to spice up your Valentine's Day plans, have you considered starting a cult with your Cassanova or robbing a bank with your beloved?


If your answer to either question is yes, we've got you covered with our new podcast, Criminal Couples. Start your Valentine's Day countdown with us as we dig into the most infamous criminal couples in history exploring what brought them together and led to their shared life of lawlessness. This special collection of episodes from your favorite shows on the podcast network features passionate partners in crime who kept their relationships interesting through some very unique, shared hobbies from pirates like Anne Bonny and Calico Jack, who plundered merchant vessels on the high seas to infamous bandits like Bonnie and Clyde, who took America by storm as part of the Barrow Gang.


Criminal Couples' is a Spotify original from past airing episodes weekly starting February 1st. Follow and listen to criminal couples for free on Spotify.