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What does boogie season mean at podcast network, that means new shows, special programming and a whole pillowcase worth of exclusive treats to share like this episode from one of our favorite podcasts, Crime Countdown, join hosts Ash and Ilina as they countdown the top ten haunted crime scenes, including an Irish castle with a trap door that plunged victims to their deaths and an island estate home to a wailing bride.


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When you spend as much time as we do obsessing over true crime, you come away with a few cold comforts, one, you know how to protect yourself and at least lower the chances you'll be murdered. And two, you can't get murdered more than once, unlike being robbed, assaulted or lied to. Once this crime is done, its final, at least that's what we assume. But some murder victims aren't willing to accept that finality. They come back from beyond to avenge themselves and wreak hell on the living.


Today, we're counting down the top ten haunted crime scenes. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, they are a startling reminder that some crimes remain unfinished and you're never really safe.


Hey, all you weirdo's, welcome to the podcast Original Crime Countdown.


I'm Ash and I'm. Every week will highlight 10 fascinating stories of history's most engaging and unsettling crimes, all picked by the podcast Research Gods.


This episode, we're counting down the top ten haunted crime scene.


So I definitely I believe in ghosts like I want to say ghosts and something I don't I don't know. I've seen some stuff. I can't explain it that bothers me a lot. Like I want science to come. Tell me what that is, of course. But something's going on. I think it's more fun that it's just, like, unexplainable because it, like, leads to the spookiness of it all.


Yeah, that's true.


And I feel like we were destined to be spooky considering the house that we both grew up in. Yeah, we both we definitely grew up in a crazy, crazy, haunted house. Insane.


Do you remember that one time in the house when I came home, I go to Flick on my light side and my dad's an electrician. So this is not an electrical charge. Nothing is ever off in our house. And I flicked on the light.


Nothing in my room came on. So I'm like, oh, a light bulb blue. And I go in there, I'm checking everything. Every single electronic thing in my room was unplugged.


I remember you running downstairs and being like, what? What who did this? What did this? Why did this? It was TV, the lights, the clocks, everything.


I feel like your room was especially scary because when you moved out, I got your room and at one point even I think we were still in the same room together. I woke up to a little boy reading my book in the corner. I remember when he was dressed in like old timey clothes with like one of those like old timey hats. Oh, you're one of those old timey hat. And nobody believed me.


I think I, like, woke you up and you were like, no, it's fine, go back to sleep. And then the next morning the book was laying right over there.


It's true. It was true. I believe, you know, thank you. Is damaging.


It was the cool part about this countdown is that Elaina has five haunts and so do I, but we don't know which spooky place we'll be heading to next.


Let's start the countdown. Starting off our list of haunted crime scenes is the Ethan Brown estate on the Caribbean island of Nevis. There are a couple versions of this story and they all take place before a wedding. Of course they do.


Essentially, the groom and the best man, they get into a fight, they pull out their pistols and they kill each other.


Oh, but they're not the ghosts of the Ethan Brown, a state that would be the bride who still roams the estate in a long white gown waiting for her wedding day.


Of course she is. They all are.


They're always brides dressed in their wedding clothes, just waiting for their wedding day at these haunted places. And it's always really sad because I feel like they're also always, like crying or like they look very, like, shocked. They've always been jilted. Yeah, it's not fair. No, I don't like it. Well, an 18 20 to this bride, Julia Huggins, was set to marry Walter Maynard. His best dude, John Huggins, was going to be the best man.


But all was not.


Well, of course it wasn't. Everyone died. Well, spoiler alert, Elayna, a fight was a Bruen.


So there's like multiple stories about what actually happened. And since the story was largely spread by tourism, they all vary a little bit.


I feel like the best things in the worst things are always spread by tourism. One hundred percent. We can account for a lot with tourism. Well, like I said, there's a few theories. The first is that the groom was having an affair and the best man found out and that was his sister. So he was like, I'm upset. And then the groom was like, you are a liar. I think that was it. That was it.


But there's also some more good ones. OK, the next one is that the best man, like I said, was the bride's brother. And the groom discovered that they were hooking up with each other on the low. And obviously he went a little bananas about that. Oh, la incest. Incest. So big you another theory we've got another one says that the bride's father now that's the dad this time was tried for mistreating his slaves and this was in the eighteen hundreds.


So, you know, that was real bad. That was a sharp left turn, sharp left. I pick the groom having an affair. Yeah. That's like the classic is in the best man is being a good dude and killed him died hero.


It's a pretty good rom com movie actually. I pick that. I like that one. Well, some historians think the real story dates back to a historical rivalry between the Mainard and the Huggins families. The plantation itself dates back to the 18th century, and it was at that time a beautiful property decorated with international furnishings from Africa and China. But today it's in ruins and really sad, sad tourist claimed to hear wails of a crying bride and slaves. Oh, and Julia is sometimes spotted in her wedding gown only during the full moon.


I don't hate that this is in ruin. Now, what's meant to be will be. Yeah, don't go there. It's a terrible place.


Nine. At number nine this week is LEEP Castle, and I love this one, according to ancient legends, LEEP Castle is built on an ancient Druid holy site. Well, we don't know if the Druids use the land for human sacrifice. We do know that once the castle was built, it did witness hundreds of murders. I feel like that's just like what castles do. Yeah.


Any good castle worth its name has seen many hundreds of murders. Yes.


You can't be a castle. You know, it's a qualification. The best part of this place is that it's named after a literal leap off a nearby cliff by an ancient Irish O'Bannon chieftain. Oh, yeah. He jumped as a sign of bravery to win Klann leadership from his brother. Later, it was taken over by the bloody Carrolls.


I want to be friends with them because you definitely don't want to be their enemy. Yeah. You don't want to be an enemy of the bloodiest Carrolls.


No. Well, they were known for throwing Red Wedding as dinner parties and just straight up killing their guests.


That's like the saddest episode of Game of Thrones.


So to make sure that ISIL is affecting me. All right, Rob Stark, I will not talk about that. I will never be over it. Well, this was way back in the fifteen hundreds.


So it is pretty Game of Thrones in it. Yeah. So the O'Carroll is this is one of my favorite things they built in Oubliette.


Oh what an oubliette.


And what would happen was victims would fall through a trapdoor into this oubliette in the remains of one hundred and fifty people were found during a nineteen twenties renovation.


So I think we have like three major ghosts that we want to chat about really quick. Hit me up. One of the ghosts is called the Red Lady. It's an O'Carroll hostage. They murdered her baby.


Oh, I don't want to be a part of them anymore. This is when I got off the O'Carroll bandwagon. I was like, all right, you're not a rabbi anymore. I'm not.


And she's looking for her baby that was murdered. Oh, I know. And then we have Thaddeus O'Carroll, who was a priest killed by his brother in a power grab. Anybody named Thaddeus is OK in my book.


Thaddeus is a great idea. The last one that I found was called the Murdered Lady. Was she murdered?


No, we think she was. I wouldn't want to be called the murdered lady later in life.


She shows up and she's naked, has a yeah. Has a red cloth over her face and she just screams twice at you and then leaves.


That would change you as a person, I think. Like to which I say I leave, I leave the Milky Way galaxy.


I so so if that happens to me, I would walk like 500 miles and then I'd walk five hundred more that which I would be so far of the great song.


That's terrifying to me. Nothing. So we don't love that. Well in the sixteen hundreds after all that crazy O'Carroll business, it changed hands and it went to Jonathan Darbee who fell in love with an O'Carroll daughter. So now it was just all about love, right?


Romance. Well, he still haunts the castle right now. People say he's looking for his lost gold, but I think that's pretty pretty of him.


The other reports of things happening are doorbell's ringing with no one there. Tool's move around without being touched. There's like sounds of furniture moving, people screaming. And then a carpenter that was working on the property, one's just left.


And he was like, I'm never coming back to work because he walked five hundred miles and then five hundred more.


LEEP Castle, everybody. Eight. Number eight on our countdown of top ten haunted crime scenes, the Lizzie Borden house, it's now a bed and breakfast in Fall River, Massachusetts, in 1890 to Andrew and Abby Borden were victims of horrifying ax murders. The slaying was technically never solved. So many people think the board in the House seeking justice.


I am one of those people. We are two of those people for sure. We went there and we're going to get to that at the end of this.


First, let's talk about some crimes. Let's do I love you all the time. Well, the round goes like this.


Lizzie Borden had an axe, gave her father 40 whacks when she saw what she had done finish it, gave her father 41.


I think it's mother of whatever.


Oh, no, she did the father first, whatever. But either way, the right was wrong.


If we say it is. And in general, it's just wrong because Lizzie Borden took a hatchet and gave her stepmother 18 or 19 whacks.


And then when she saw what she had done, she gave her father eleven. So close. So you see how that doesn't flow as well?


Doesn't not doesn't work. Lizzie was seen trying to by poison the day before the murders.


And really, who knows, she actually might have tried to poison her father and stepmother before turning into an axe murderer because it was known that the family was sick for quite some time before the murders.


I mean, it makes sense. I'm one of those people who can't really tell either way whether it was Lizzie.


But it sounds weird to go from like I'm just going to poison them to be like I was going to take a hatchet. And how come to think it's because she couldn't get any more poison.


Oh, that's true. You know, yeah. It's hard when you can't get any more poison. That's what makes it so topical.


It's a roadblock. Yeah, well, Lizzie was acquitted of both murders, but she's the only real suspect. And she stayed in Fall River, inherited her dad's money and lived out her life as a rich pariah. As for the haunted happenings, people like Elena and I, who are crazy enough to spend the night at the BMB report, Chill's Shaikh's headache's being shoved off the above.


And honestly, that place I did not go in there thinking that it was going to have a heavy vibe. I thought it was going to be like spooky and like fun.


It was fun, but it was like heavy. Yeah, I left there and I was like, really scared, especially I'll be bored in this room.


Remember, we tried to do the live stream in her room and like, our phones were glitching so bad.


Yeah. Everybody watching the live stream was like, what's happening, guys? Are you OK? We were like, no, no, we're not. And then the entire tour group, because they give a little tour before you stay alone for the night because they just leave you.


If you just lock you in, they literally do.


We were downstairs in the basement in the whole group was down there, including the tour guides. No one was upstairs and we all heard someone upstairs go hello. And all of us turned and looked and we were like, what was that? And even the tour guide was like, Yeah, I don't know, no one's there. It was real where she was like, let's move on. I don't really know what that is.


And it definitely wasn't a setup. No, it wasn't. We know it for a fact. It's a weird place.


Go look at it. Seven. At number seven this week is New York City's Chelsea Hotel, the Chelsea is among the most haunted places in New York City.


It's a famous punk rock murder site, but its notorious ghost actually ties back to the Titanic, which I feel like is a lot less punk rock, Titanic's pretty punk rock.


I don't know about that. It stood up on its side. That's punk rock. OK, it's unsinkable and it sank punk rock. So in 1884, it started out as a socialist commune.


And then in 1995, it became a luxury hotel. And then it was an art commune slash home for troubled youth. And then it underwent another renovation and became a hotel again.


See, that's the problem.


All these renovations are stirring up some scary stuff we all know ghosts hate and HDTV moment do not change my house. They don't like it. I love it. Or list it. There you go. Property brothers.


Let's just name live shows. So 1978, Nancy Spungen was stabbed to death her boyfriend at the time, Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious likely did it, but he died awaiting trial.


Like, come on, he isn't that the worse?


You likely did it is that just say an alleged Titanic survivor hung herself while grieving her husband who died on the Titanic.


Oh, that's actually just very sad. So she survived. Her husband died. Oh, yeah. That's a lot. That's heavy. And yeah.


And then she ended up at the hotel, so she haunts the fifth floor. Now, I read that she's supposedly, like, very vain because she pops up in mirrors. But I'm like, let's just you know, if she wants to pop up in mirrors, like she had a lot going on. She lost her husband on the Titanic. She survived the Titanic. If she wants to check out her conter in a mirror, don't judger just have at it?


She's not vain. She's just let her have it. And also, if she's popping up in the mirror, she can't see yourself. That's true. Lupul boom. Well, the other ghost that I'm very excited about is called Larry the hipster ghost into it. Let's go. He loves to chat with guests.


He sounds like a sweetheart. We love Larry. And you know what? I now have a poster on a plan to find and chat with Larry, the hipster ghost. So thank you, park research. Cuds can bring that to me. Yes, you can come. OK, well, we're going to find Larry in. The last one is called the Severed Hand Ghost. She threw herself out a window after cutting off her own hand with industrial scissors.


I have two problems with that. I have a lot of problems with that one.


What a big overreaction to I've seen industrial scissors. You didn't cut your whole hand off. Known as someone who regularly cuts through bone for a living.


That must be so weird to say you didn't use industrial scissors to cut off your hand, use a liar.


You had to soar with something.


You should say that again, somebody who regularly cuts through bones for a living.


I'm just saying, okay, I speak from experience. OK, also poet and writer Dylan Thomas, who you may know, like, do not go gentle into that good night. Doesn't ring a bell.


You know, we know it. He died as a Chelsea in his ghost is spotted in and around room 205. And when people like this pass away in these places, I always wonder if people see them and are like, oh, my God, I'm such a huge fan. Thank you so much for hunting me tonight. It would be nice just to be like, hey, can we get a selfie? No one will believe you were here.


Six. Also on our list at number six, the Roman Coliseum, across four centuries, the Coliseum witnessed between half a million and a million murders of slaves, criminals and prisoners of war.


They killed and were killed, all for the public's entertainment.


I feel like the Roman Coliseum is like a how to guide for creating just like that whole basket of angry goats. It absolutely is. It's like step one, sprinkle a little deaf murder for entertainment purposes of people way less fortunate than you.


Yeah, just a couple of dashes, right? Yeah. Are some angry lions eating people. It's perfect. Yeah. Well, Emperor Vespasian wanted to please the public after their dastardly Emperor Nero was gonzo. He was done. He was ready to start anew. The Colosseum was built at the former site of Niros Palace. And before its completion, Vespasian died of diarrhea.


Nowhere is Josia nowhere and his friends who should go down in history as the greatest friends ever to live on this earth, to hold him upright as he defecated in to death.


Because in that, just like so, death is not funny.


No laughing at that defecation like funny. Those are some like write or die friends like get you some friends like. Yeah. It was believed an emperor should not die lying down.


I don't know if standing up that way is any better. Of course it is. The Colosseum was finished in ADC, but many believe it is cursed.


So it withstood many natural disasters, including lightning strikes, fires and earthquakes. Oh my. Oh my.


I think that's just good structure.


I think it's good structure and maybe there's like some rubber going around it somewhere that's hidden. I don't know. It's just well-built. The most common scene operation is that of a lone soldier guarding the entrance. Oh, someone should be like, you can go home. You can go home because we're we're going to come in and out as we please your ship. So it's OK. It's been over for a little while.


We don't pay overtime for the after life.


There are also reports of moans, screams, your typical cold patches in the air, floating orbs of light, of course. Of course. You know, your typical ghoulish cheering from the stands and growls of long gone lions and tigers and perhaps bears.


Oh my again. Oh my. I love the ghoulish cheering. What do you think that would sound like? I feel like I don't even know what would it be like.


Oh gee, I feel like this is going to be me making a dad joke. I think they would just always say, boo, very good.


I love it.


Another apparition is Emperor Claudius is unfaithful. Wife Marcelina, who was forced to die by suicide, is said to haunt the area looking for her new lover and Pyncheon. The beauties of male tourists everywhere get hit girl in the afterlife. I love the cheated. Death is like an opportunity to like, just keep shooting Hersholt. Yeah. This is incredible so far, the Coliseum is just it's a bucket of laughs, it's not pinching, believes in the afterlife, are not there.


You're not being you know, I mean, I love Lizzie Borden. Yeah, of course. Because we've experienced it.


And then Leap Castle. I love. Yeah, because it's very metal. You would love to put somebody in a what was it called again. Oubliette to.


Yes, I would love that. What do you think is up next. I don't know, but I'm excited.


Five. All right, let's jump back in with number five on our countdown of hunted crime scenes. Next up, the Lisker Axe murder house in Vilaseca, Iowa. On a brutal night in 1912, the Moore family was axed to death in their beds. No one inside the house survived the night and the murders remain unsolved to this day.


This one just makes me feel so creeped out. I've heard it so many times, and every time I get the chills, it's icky. I don't like it. Yeah, it's a really upsetting one. And also, the victims were not just the parents and the four kids, which would be horrific and not brutal in and of itself.


But there were also two other victims that were two kids who were sleeping over that night or their kids friends.


This is why I hate sleepovers. They were all bludgeoned in the face multiple times and the father, Josiah Moore, was hit over 30 times.


Like, obviously, that's personal, that's personal and hit in the face when you're trying to destroy people's faces.


Sometimes there are some psychological scarring. You're feeling spiteful.


We need to look in your brain. An axe was believed to have belonged to Josiah Moore, and they think that's what was used. It was left at the scene.


That's weird that they just were like they left a lot of weird things at the scene. You'll see in a second.


I think I remember, yeah, the killer hung cloths over the mirrors and then covered the faces of the dead with sheets close the curtains ready, laid out raw bacon and then washed the blood off his hands after doing everything and never cooked the bacon.


Why raw bacon? I tried so hard to, like, wrap my brain. I was like, what does it mean?


It shows that he has self-control to not cook the bacon. But that's all. That's it.


That's all it is. That's the only self-control. Yes.


It was very like red dragonfish because like he covered the mirrors. He didn't want to look at himself after what he'd done kind of thing. I don't know why. That's the part that scares me the most, because it's a weird, like dichotomy. It's like a psychological things and any covered their faces so they wouldn't look at him, you know, I mean, like that kind of at least that's how I see it. Yeah. Not sure about the bacon, though.


I can't get around that.


I don't get maybe he was not a breakfast person, so this was a friendly small town.


So we know what that means. Way back when curious onlookers came traipsing through and destroyed much of the crime scene, you know, it was a major story.


It was everywhere and all the papers. And this is always the case in the early nineteen hundreds. And like before that, people would just come, like, dancin through crime scenes with their kids, their dog. So there were suspects, not actual suspects, but like kind of like maybe they have perhaps one of them was a transient serial killer or the second one was a creepy traveling preacher here for it. The third one was a state senator who ordered a hit after discovering Mr Moore's affair with his daughter.


I've heard it before. Scandalous. I dig that. But I feel like it's way too brutal for that.


It is definitely too brutal. It doesn't make sense. No, honestly, I don't know which one makes sense.


To be quite honest, I feel like the creepy traveling preacher makes the most sense because a preacher could never look at themselves killing someone.


True, you would think, or the transit serial killer who just.


That's his way, I guess. Well, the house was restored and is open for tours. We have to go post Wrona.


I was going to listen to the original plan, add it to the Wrona playlist visitors report. Strange sounds. They feel like a heavy presence and they definitely feel spirits. They say you can also play with the kids. I think they're. Oh, yeah, you can like Rollerball and they'll roll it. You're right. That is the thing. That is a thing.


What's weird is the town may actually be named after local SAC and Fox Tribe's term wallaga, which means evil spirit. Now, that feels like a bad beginning to a town, huh?


Personally, I've never created a town. But my advice no to anybody thinking of creating a town is maybe don't name it after something like objectively bad, like evil spirits or like Schitt's Creek. It's just. Yeah. Like anything like that.


Like maybe stay away from it. For. Landing at number four this week is the Cecil Hotel, the Cecil Hotel's long, dark history stretches back to the 1920s, but it's best known for two things its central location in downtown Los Angeles and the mysterious death of Elisa Lam, the park's research gods heard our rally cry.


They absolutely delighted. In 2013, Lam was found dead in the hotel's water tank after guests had complained of strange tasting water.


Youko you know, the death was alleged a suicide, but the tank was closed and the body was found naked. So it's like, yeah. How did she get in there? How did she close the tank? How did she open the tank. I feel like opening it would be super difficult. And if you're already down in there, you can't close it now. So come on.


It just doesn't make any sense. Also, that strange tasting water thing, that's disgusting. It destroys my delicate sensibilities. I don't care if you have a British filter or what you have. Don't drink out of the tap.


No corpse water is not OK. No, never.


While security footage shows erratic behavior before lamb died, no one else was known to be present. But she seems to be like hiding from someone. Something a murderer, a ghost. I don't know. There was also this is crazy.


I actually never heard this part before. There was a tuberculosis outbreak in the area like around L.A. Skid Row in twenty thirteen.


And it's ironic because TB spreads through dirty water and the test to detect TB is called Lam Allissa. I didn't know that. I didn't know that either. And the park research, God's just dashed that in there. They just like toss that on the pile, like here you go.


I was like, oh, a little garlic to that. Wow. Isn't that weird.


Now I'm going to obsess over that mean to other legends, say, about the Black Dahlia had her last drink in the hotel bar. I say that. Me too. I want that to be true. Absolutely.


One guest through her newborn baby out the window. Oh, just rude. Other suicides, quote unquote, have evidence suggesting that the victims were actually pushed. The Cecil Hotel was home at one point to serial killers Richard Ramirez and Jack Unter Vega in nineteen eighty five in nineteen ninety one, respectively.


Ramirez's ghost allegedly wanders the halls and you can definitely smell that dude coming from a mile away.


I was saying the same thing. I was like, that dude reeked in life.


Can you imagine what he smells like in like Mountain Dew and rancid skittles? Just halitosis, punching in the face. Disgusting, gross.


After killing, he would leave his bloody clothes in the Cecil's dumpster and just return to his room in his underwear. Very casual. Apparently the bellhop didn't care. The front desk clerk was like, hey, what's up, Ritchie?


You need clean sheets.


The Cecil's stuff has some answers to give us nobody about it. And I. Yeah.


And after Ryan Murphy based American Horror Story Hotel on the seesaw, they're really strict about visiting tourists, but it still operates as a two star quote, stay on main.


Oh, fancy. That's why nobody was worried. It's a two star, two star hotel was one of my favorite seasons. There was a really good one. It's not my favorite because it's a good one because James Patrick March was after AJ Tomes and also Lady Gaga. Is everything right in this world so true?


Number three on our list, the Tower of London, if you haven't seen it, it's not really a tower. It's a full blown castle in the middle of the city of London there. Just humble.


That's just it's a little tower. It's also one of the most haunted places in Europe after spending hundreds of years as a royal prison and execution site.


That's never good. William the Conqueror allegedly built it to inspire fear almost a thousand years ago. And I say he was a success that was always such a thing back in the day.


Like they built their their castles in their homes to to ignite fear. Yeah. Or it's like Vlad the Impaler.


Yeah. He was sticking people's heads on pikes, just like you should be scared of that.


And that will do. And it works. Yes. For about 600 years, the tower was also a menagerie. Visitors and guards have reported seeing the ghost of a bear, which I think is adorable.


I was going to say, that's just plain old adorable. You're right. We were talking about it earlier. It sounds like a child's book.


The Menagerie Bear Like The Ghost. The Ghost of the Dead Menagerie bears a bedtime story, a bedtime story.


After Edward the Fourth died, his 12 and nine year old sons were locked in the tower. They disappeared. And later in sixteen seventy four, two tiny skeletons and a wooden box were found in there. Their uncle, King Richard Third, is suspected of murdering them so you could ascend to the throne in their place. The case is the princes in the tower, in case you might have heard it in passing, we covered it up.


Morbid Thibaut.


The ghosts of these two princes are spotted holding hands with each other. That room in the tower, that's the cutest thing ever. The whole story is just like a couple of my other ones. Very Game of Thrones. Yeah. It's like when Jamie just tosses Bran out the window. The things I do for love except Britain lives. He does. He's spoiler alert.


It's the first fucking episode. It's been a while.


You should know by now both a home for royalty and a prison. Amblin stayed here both while preparing for her fifteen thirty three coronation and her fifteen thirty six execution. How times change. Talk about a high and a low supposedly and still wanders around the tower and she's carrying something. Do you know what she's carrying? No, her severed head. Oh I mean I'm like, what else is she going to do with it.


Yeah, I would carry my severed head if I was in her shoes. I'd be thrown out of people. I also have to see where you're going. You do.


So you've got to hold it out. So should I see it reminds me of Return to Oz, the great Bombi. She has all the severed heads. And, you know, maybe I'm the only one you just want.


I'm sure somebody watch the return to Oz. I did not the great zombie. Look it up. It's great. Another alleged ghost is Elizabeth, the first cousin, Arabella Stewart. She starved to death after she was arrested for marrying without royal permission.


How dare he seems like a big leap. Yeah. How dare her like your first one? Yeah, it's a big leap of Newcastle, if you will.


In more recent deaths, German spies were executed here in the twentieth century. Oh, wow.


It's kind of like another Colosseum like manual on how to create angry ghosts. Yes, definitely.


I was definitely the Tower of London. So so far, the two biggies have been like the Tower of London and the Colosseum. Absolutely. Those are definitely haunted crime scenes. And those like you said, it's like the script on how to make a haunted crime scene.


They do their job. They do. They do it right. I'm happy to see the Cecil on here.


I was waiting for the seats. I knew it had to be on here. But now we've hit everything that I was thinking of. So I'm like, what is happening? So there's one that I have next to that I knew was going to be on here. Yeah, I knew mine. I knew. But I want to know what yours is. Well, let's do it.


I want to know. To. The runner up spot on our countdown of Hornig crime scenes New Orleans La Laury mention the La Lurie's were popular Creole socialites on the outside, but inside their home, Dr. and Madame La Laury brutalized and killed their enslaved servants.


This tale is wild, and it's another American horror story on my list, which I love. And it's my favorite season through the second season. Some tales may be exaggerated legends, but they're based. In fact, she really did abuse her slaves to keep them from rebelling against her and probably for her own sick needs. I feel like. Oh, yeah. So gross. So a brave cook caught on to what was going on and set the kitchen on fire in hopes to free some of the enslaved people upstairs.


Oh, so sad. That's so sad. Firefighters and police were alerted to the 19th century house of horrors and they found people and unfortunately, old corpses chained up.


I can't we're going to get dark. It's real rough.


One person's skin was peeled to resemble a caterpillar. Another had their bones broken and reset to look like a crab. That's a nightmare. One person was found alive but had her intestines knotted around her waist outside of her body.


I don't even know how that's possible, but that's terrifying.


And also, how do you make somebody look like a crab? Like, how do you know how to do that?


Yeah, that takes a certain kind of person to know that that's dark.


Obviously, these tortured souls came back as ghosts. Yeah. One famed ghost, Leha, jumped off the roof to escape La Lawrie's abuse, which is so sad and really sad. At least she just like jumped off him is like Claytor or anything too bad happened.


Well, that's that's bad and that's real bad. The Laboris buried her in the backyard of the home on 11 40. Royalle Street is in the middle of the city and it was later converted to apartments. What we're feeling, the rent should be like dirt cheap. I'd be like I'll pay 80 bucks a month to be free to live here if you'd like.


If you can stay here in 1890 for one tenant was murdered in his apartment.


I feel like it's just like good practice to never move into a place where, like, humans were kept as possessions and maybe turned into crap. People definitely not. Don't move in at the top of your list of I don't don't own a house what I don't want in my home.


And like I said, another American horror story, inspiration featured in Cubin season, which is the best season and a great season.


Also fun fact. Nicolas Cage actually bought the building in 2007 with plans to write the next Frankenstein or Dracula. That doesn't surprise me on any level because Nicolas Cage also has a tomb in the St. Louis cemetery, one New Orleans he bought like this weird pyramid tomb. He did. I didn't know he did. It's just waiting for him. He also has a very heavy metal son. He does. And it's very strange. Much fun. It's fun.


Well, the plan never panned out. It does. Maybe he got too spooked and he eventually just sold the building. Nick.


One. And that brings us to number one on our countdown of the top ten haunted crime scenes, the Amityville Horror House.


I knew that had to be on here because that had to be the world's best known for the horror film franchise that inspired the house was the site of six real homicides. At three a.m. on November 13th, 1974, Ron DeFeo Jr. used his 35 caliber rifle to murder both his parents and his four siblings. So terrifying this entire case. And I feel like that gets pushed aside for like the ghost stuff. Yeah, it does. Which is really the actual case is horrifying.


I think it's even scarier than like what they say happened. Absolutely. It is.


The next year after the murders, the Lutz family bought the house for a bargain.


I wonder why I got it for a song.


And they got a lot more than they bargained for. According to them, they moved out after only a month and they said that it was haunted the entire time. Well, yeah, I feel like you should have expected that. And they left all their stuff like they just dipped, which is always like really scary when people just leave just a bad and believe what they were like.


I'm not even going to actually get that because, you know, they saw something. The Lutzes reported things like strange odors, some cold spots, and they saw green slime oozing out of the walls and keyholes.


Did that turn out to be not true, though, the slime? I'm not really sure. To me, it just seems like bad insulation can explain for a lot of that. And then like a mold problem, maybe like green slime mold. Problem solved. The problem. Well, a priest bless the house.


And he said he heard a voice scream, got out just like that. It had an accent as well. Yes. And he warned the Lutzes not to let anyone sleep in that room. I feel like that's just self-explanatory. You don't sleep in this house, don't sleep in the murder room.


Don't do it.


Well, DeFago also claimed he heard voices the night he killed his family. This could be a defense tactic and it likely is. DeFago story keeps changing and he attempted to plead insanity during his trial to Fayose. Different stories involved his mom, his sister and his sister's friends as accomplices. And in the end, DeFago was convicted of all six murders. He was just desperate, that's all. He definitely was.


A book was published about the Lutzes experiences in the House in nineteen seventy seven, but there's been major controversy over any of it being true. Yeah, because I've heard that they kind of embellished a little. Yeah.


I mean it's still spawned ten Hollywood movies about it, but just a couple. I'm going to be real. I think they're liars and I think the book in the films are fun. So thanks for that Lutzes. But do you think it's like at least a little haunted? I'm sure it's a little haunted, but I don't think Green Ooze came out of the wall.


I think they also said that if you looked up at a certain window, you could see like a pig with red eyes staring at and like, I really feel like that takes it to. They took it too far. Yeah.


They just, you know, if you're going to lie, I don't like that hard. Just lie a little. And it's the famous eye windows that everybody knows. But in nineteen seventy nine, the Lutzes former lawyer William Weber claimed he and the couple invented the tale, quote, over many bottles of wine. Sounds like a fun night. Sounds legit.


I definitely agree with the number one, I agree with a number one, but I also think maybe number two could have been number one.


Yeah, I mean, I think so. But I think maybe it's because some of it may have been exaggerated over time, so maybe they're not, but the defo stuff like that.


So, yeah, that is legit. Yeah.


The murders, honestly, either one of them could have been number one. I feel like it was like tied.


It's a tie. I don't think they left anything off though. I can't think of anything. Can you.


I can't think of any haunted crime scenes that I have that I know of. Yeah, I can't. I think they did a great job. All the ones I could think of were right here. High fives.


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