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Australia the land down under. I am from Brazil. I'm from South Africa. What would cause and his wife are terrible people? Don't get me wrong, but dude is worthless of worried about you can find it by keying in. What's the word at, Acorn Studio?.


Why do you listen to check my annoyed with me Ruthie Ramsey a my husband Chris Ramsey? Who is he asked me what he's having for lunch breakfast tea snack dinner one more time. I'm going to stop him and you're not same again. And the police will be Roundup weed oil in the Gomez's rounds. You will have nose when I say, I'm sorry, it doesn't live here anymore because I've killed him is under the pot that you kept asking me what he wanted what I was going to meet him to eat bear it in mind.


I'm actually working more than him right now. I'm not a cafe. Do it yourself. You were grown woman not even in the beach sand. This is going on you keep asking is what causes I'm making all your meals make them yourself. I made myself a bowl of cereal are on.


What you doing it even I'm going to make some real but can you at least it was Buddy when he asks you made us something tonight. I'm driving a place to pick the Currys open. That's two out of three meals a Time sort myself out. If anything to do you will refer you know what I mean?.


And your lip balm unbelievable this on a Friday morning. How was her fessional episode 3. Sorry, but this is a joke. I need to start taking I can discuss this again. Cuz I'm just a mess all over the place. Again. You're welcome. Welcome to episode 110 questions this week odds of the questions this week cuz she was too busy whingeing about what you was making for a 210 the amount of a week.


It's not. Wish you guys would have any more this time for this week in the roof of your mouth from checking on refund Thing by pretty obviously I put a pizza in for you currently in the middle of like being in the top of this morning that was today for the pasta today. You came downstairs on the pizza last night.


The products of these phones are providing us with because I have a big fan of / Chop Suey fucking hate it when you brush your teeth inside of like the back of your top teeth cuz you are so greedy, wait for food to cool down Mediterranean vibe.


All kinds of food. Can you do like it in French baguette as well? So it won't shift.


We'll talk tonight on this podcast. We start arguing a little bit in the entryway and then one that dies when not do do do do do what we do colleges and ship them in like glue in throat and classic on kickboxer and then we'll get ready for the code set alarm in Virginia.


Hello and welcome back sick to the stomach three more times, but I know that off by heart. That's just the noise of what you think the medical friend at risky America.


Total freaking disgrace for all you young young hot chicks and do that to don't know what to tell you. That's all if it is a both female a chicken to do that is both female. So there you go. The near that but I am because go power and fuck you.


Remind you not you're not sick of me cuz I'm sick of you. Will listen that I always say to friends when they're going to get married I said today love you more than you love them. And if they say no don't do it.


Like if you need to you need them, you need to lose more than you love. I am fully sick of all my God. Oh my goodness. This isn't an invitation.


I am sick. I'm sick of you. I'm sick of me. I'm sick of which I'm sick of this whole thing. Just we the clocks went for it the other day and we didn't even notice do sport outside of stomach for kids.




Can you put volume at another scheduled event Brooks moving boxes to The Last Five Guys?.


Good things of a relaxed people are getting let's just you know, let's just focus on the fact that it's hopefully going to you know, who picking to keep going in the right way around eye contact cited about going to meet my friends outside because I have a friend to would want one time there was to it was three of us is that allowed I don't even know what the loud anymore one of them. Touch me touch me call case was like this.


Speed in the car must hate about you kissing removal man. I was before, and I was in the living room all the way that's weird. Clocks stopped exactly an hour ago. And then I looked at before knowing how to change. We got really excited because our children slept in at 7:20 and I was like, they never miss the both asleep in his Hall 7 attack me how to do that because every time the clocks go back or forward I live for about 2 weeks still in that.


Well, it's actually only you know,.


Is your like well, it's no good, but it's called sticks on my but it's only huh. You'll know I like to sew a lie. We got like at like two Tops on me chest on the floor tonight.


Rocky's thickness and this is swing in on you garden and we were outside yesterday. It was a lovely story that you were talking about Robin on the 20th. But unfortunately, we never going to hear the end of that story because Christopher don't know what happened. It just something happened with the record shot yesterday guys and did an hour and a half of may I see a doctor if I finished the podcast with an a student and I wanted to the outbreak of diesel out and then I went to export a file and then exported really quickly from the thing that I don't know how to use I was like that was quick.


It's only 6 minutes.


Grass about room cuz it's just aggressive soccer. Just aggression. There's no passive how I feel 24 hours later still feel the same when we realized I forgot. I believe that these things you said you thought the system out. This is Joe and I was like, this is only the first time.


Are we going to use any of the question why I've got a couple of research about going outside on the swing with just an idiot last night so they can call me... I did the question yesterday. I got a couple that I really do feel need to be read out to the day older than when you forgot about them all see what happens, but you bought some questions now.


Yes, I was thinking very important about this. Right. We we went very very worried about being in a new place with Corey to the point of my last place that I go Curry from I actually set the guy, you know when I move.


How often can you change the conversation on the phone Christmas plan on taking a massive big pun and just getting him to fill it and I won't know if you genuinely wanted to fill a fully blown massive pressure cooker with curry from the Curry House going to keep it the way you going to freeze to maybe look at some of the trees that I may be important. I'll just put in the fridge and eating. Yeah, we tried out the night was that there is two stages to if a car has go to not then you play the waiting game.


With Mexican food with any Eddie like spy any spicy kind of food, you know, it's the waiting game and I will be nice and actually I'm quite grateful of it, so I don't have to run but it's happened a few times so I did have to wait a few minutes.


My thing is if if the world was, you know, not right now and I was going out tonight. I'll be quite graceful those three things about the day will be grateful because my dress will probably look a little bit more honest when we walked on to me and calling over to the two to him. I just want to have a baby. Congratulation, Yeah. You know call.


Crystal I'm onto a phone Daiquiri place, right and then first mobile phone anyone know and we were like, okay. Well, I guess you a business owner of business. You know what I mean? We did ask them if they're going to be holding for table of 15. They say, yes, you never turn up table of time. That wasn't all then I'll come in and start eating.


I'm not okay with that. That's horrible and I'll not be sitting with you but just complain about everything and even lovely Beauty Reese and Paul. Yeah, we've been without a lot of Horrible Bosses on the way of the word crispy means please exit 50 days. I'll be in your hotels, please God God damn you. Anyway, we went we all sat down that place was going to come on and sit down. It was so weird because he came over.


Chili powder and curry powder do I use fresh cherries to eat in the guy was like and listen rice chili powder curry powder Curry, you know anyone on the phone for you can eat for me and eat some food. The next morning. We all got to the hotel breakfast. Did you do it? Yes, we all have everyone everyone will have the worst the worst experience ever. I don't know that was his thing. I don't know if he's like, he has some I don't know what it was.


But yes.


Couldn't believe it was happening. I was in the toilet out loud.




An awful awful but that never happened with the dates have been rescheduled for the second time. Also on Shagbark annoyed. Com website that will be taking place in the Pacific on the website and we'll see.


No, I'm not Elvis. Irritating. But at the same time it was a mistake. You were more angry at yourself, but but you are still with them.


What's the word you don't know how to yeah, that's exactly yes. You are terrible in the crisis. You have no coping mechanisms at all. So you actually get more annoyed whatever that was. All right, we'll do it again doing that room you did and you were not going to me. Got me more annoyed than the actual living with a bit and then acted on the trampoline for a while and I felt that good Oldie music mix yesterday. Yes, but you told about trampolines and that's how we want me to do.


Betta is a really big thing in our marriage.


What do you mean by so what do I have to do?.


Atwood it beats yesterday. I'll happily regurgitate means I'm still pissed off with a fresh one life chocolate roll roll roll roll for the love of God was yesterday's my beef with you is you cannot eat anything without spilling it down yourself. And the problem is I see it coming a mile away and I don't say anything cuz you always tell.


I'm a busybody and you just spill stuff on your cell phone man is Bugatti made promise you he'll do all over the floor and it was just like if you ever lived that I ate like Henry the eighth's disgusting. It's genuinely disgusting and I'm sick of it anyway, cuz I don't know what while we wait for dinner Meadows all over you.


You what you called me why anyway?.




So much my best friend's death with a napkin as a pet.


Children married a teacher or primary school teacher since we'll be in 14 year old and I got a 90 and I just always restaurant.


Well, I remember old Brides Albright got like a baby thing for the wedding emotion evoking wall.


Is drug leaves.


Oh my gosh. I honestly I look but I love that. I really do love it. When you stop going out when you still kind of go to pubs and clubs and stuff. We do have like hum bags in that. I like a Nike drawstring bag.


The Story Goes that went a bit Megan Mullally, right cuz she had it for so long so we were like Steph it's time to get rid of the shoes. Like I know it's Megan. We were laughing goat a girl from We're going to do with you never going to have to get it while laughing again. She just bought.


How does like please do in your twenties? Can you not wear your pee bag when we go out?.


Thankfully she doesn't wear that anymore now, but when the holes were waiting at the lot Liberty Heights and he is something I don't understand how men get through life without a bag of pudding to a lady than a man waiting to see the phone and their wallet and everything in their pocket is this I don't like it.


It fixes out what time she could tight pants are getting more fashionable now and I'm like what I can see your cock but one which is wrong. I don't want to see Brooks Cox in the pants called. Yeah. Yeah, and then you can say to a phone and a wallet and all of that and it just looks weird with me to call case in court Timmy handbag and I open it and they could be at you name it does anything and I mean is Moscone and now the to go in this Hall software does Originals this sweetness.


This just all kinds of absolute. I just feel like you could streamline it if you are going to need another choice to just throw the shanty. If you could streamline intake.


Some sort of emergency an old person on the street if needs revived by.


A diabetic.


What's wrong with him is mouse Community dry and flavorless run you would have tobacco nobody's mouth far enough. What needed to be partially sucked babadook babadook babadook. I'm going to be good to take the one that did yesterday go. Hang on a minute. Hopefully hopefully getting here again. I might think of a comeback but I don't think I did. I think I had to lie on lie me back and let your scruffy Valley for this one in my beef with you this week is we have moved in our new home.


I'm still coming a living out of boxes and boxes cuz we just haven't had a chance to be so busy. Tell me the only room that is.


Fully functional and ready and being used right now, Tell me after 3123 Chris Cooley's office fully functional ready Peloton soap is being on it is God which she got to live up to the house and he's put that up and so Chris is offices for Liberty and no else has nowhere else my kitchen last night.


I'm Joe into an email and I'm joking and I but your office is so I'm glad I'm really glad you selfish little longer because you're welcome to realize how all the lies that you've just got that one room ready. And then we will face garbage next then should I don't you don't you don't you take it before everything else in this house? That's lasted first. I'm being serious. Don't do the stuff today, but still needs above the sink.


Going to the office and turn the camera on a Mac computer.


I'll know to watch about could you be fucking brushing your teeth in your mouth, have not?.


So, yes, he'll be cold. Don't know if I can get recorded in Spanish.


Thomas notes Bora what I don't care. We haven't got time to do this again. Why you're messing it all up. I'm not a loon it down the track and you still missing you put your pay and I was like, this is not my decision what I'm doing, and it was fun yesterday, and I know people are just trying to be helpful and I'm going to sound like a dick and I don't fuk it. I don't care. So I put an SD that you deleted files people like having a check the bin the trash bin on the computer light.


Passport new mom and I went after they went don't don't don't don't say any more words for this is what we produce at my 60 Underwood. Mom could randomly, No, there's no way on Earth mom told us she needs a laptop because she couldn't book a holiday on the iPad just wouldn't let a lunatic lunatic at Please keep sending your wonderful insightful terrifying incredible ridiculous, brilliant and brutal stories. Then I are we actually live here in the morning that I might pull a few from the old Archives of yesterday.


Less questions are all the good stories. Just tell me your fault. Yesterday because I are going to switch screens to look at the questions you say so when I'm switching to read the thing right nothing to do with me to switch screens and if you find out with this one and it involves, I have two story for you.


I should have done the jingle. We haven't had any of that kind of stuff today. So I just I'm frightened. You've already got your voicemail recording about cheap baby. Let's talk about you and let's talk about all the good kids. All the bed sheets that have been let's talk about let's talk about let's talk about it. And she said yes, I have a Pooh story my husband and I have a small business that we have owned for 16 years and over that time. I have had two people call in sick with all manner of excuses.


But this one to expose the phone call came around 6:30 a.m. Is we were lying in bed contemplating getting up.


Is my husband look to say he was calling he rolled his eyes is this particular person with an absolute shock at for ringing in was very rare to get a weak way. He didn't have a day off sick to hear what the excuse was going to be this time, but my husband couldn't speak as he was laughing so hard. Apparently the Predator couldn't come into work because his partner was constipated this point. My husband was wondering why this wasn't something the pain I couldn't deal with on her own while still comfortable constipation wasn't something that we would usually need assistance from your pain after it was a punk questioning that he elaborated on the situation apparently his pain.


I was trying to pass a particularly stupid stool and instead of watching her struggle.


He offered some assistance and pulled the Poo out of hip bone. He couldn't come to work in case she needed more.


That is a true story or do you think these just reached the end of like the excuse? I mean line. Is so desperate if it's a lie. Is a couple things what like is she? All right with us if one right?.


If it's true, there is no way she would be like well tell your boss the truth, you know, if it's a lie, there's no way she's on board with this life is no hurry is called listen, I want the day off cuz what you mean you were going to know, what's the end of thought about that. I'm just confused about. All right.


So it's either 100% true and he is so excited that he's got a genuine reason not just some bullshit and it's absolute either way. It's bullshit are true and she is not in on it at all because there was no I would not fall on my sword if you want a day off work. I would not fall on my sword, but you're pulling shit out of me all night chance. No chance.


Not a chance. Can you imagine that no way. That's beautiful. I want to give everybody a little bit of advice right now, but not MediCal is some people don't know about these things and I feel like the world needs to know if you have a constipated you need to go to this. It is one of the pharmacies this a couple of the big ones that want to name them but you know, this has its roots in Shinto a drug and wonderful things took one of the morning.


I Meet myself and play so wrong. I just think people should know about them cuz I didn't know about them until my mom gives one a few years ago and I was like, what was Sandra Bullock like 2 in in the in the time. He thought he wasn't but I was holding it in for 2 days and then we're going to watch at a hotel. I would possibly be and I'm just supposed to be like sugar.


Okay, she put it in ya ya, this is what happens when you put it in and it starts to melt and just think that it starts kind of because it's like what is that foreign body and my Boo mobile and so it's like starts moving all of your stuff which moves your inside which helps you poop and then giant is long as you can and then even to the point where you think I'm going to show me stuff you can do I can do to have five.


Let's get everything out and I did it for me first poop after I had both reef and Robin had a baby.


Why well Abu Dhabi see I had C-sections and the reason I found it to a pimple with a C-section because you've already had major surgery and it's painful but apparently when you've had a vagina with as well, it's like because it's being a lot going on down there the most for your money section or The Jungle Book might not have to go through that. I don't know. I don't come up. Hope you're well and I hope the story and questions. Yeah, you will have it.


I go dancing driving with my mom or deal of it. She's been doing it a lot longer than 8 and I started when I was 17. It was great fun. Anyway, when I was 18 in back from my first semester at University and full of hormones my mom and I my mom and I went to a freestyle night where you danced all night with anyone at the venue. My mom has been going a lot longer and at the time you were a lot more people than I did.


Anyway during the evening I go check into a friend of my mum's we chatted and dance most of the night together.


Why does this does not sound like an 18 year old boy? I accidentally would I really would but yet know I would actually would like to go diving to be honest. So anyway, at the end of the night a group of us usually go to the pope for one drink before all heading home as I was only eighteen and couldn't probably handle my drink I go to text you than I expected when we were all heading home. I tend to my mom and said I'm going back with Alice.


That's cool. And I'll talk to you tomorrow. She seemed to be choked, but just went along with it. Long story short. I went back to Alice is flat and Bandit brains out. Jesus is just turned security. It's really weird.


What about the night and he's going along in the night and all the nights know whenever you get tipsy and it will get to it and it's almost like the email. It's almost like he got pissed and then start this sentence.


So weird, very strange and friends out. No problem, son.


Where are Robert the next day when I woke up I realized I couldn't get home as I didn't have my wallet, and my moment driven is to The Venue last night. I had to call my mom to pick me up from your friend's flat and drive me home. It was a friend. I was with her mom's friends with when she arrived is Mom. I couldn't look at her. She seemed not to want to talk about it.


Either which I was buying with how many positions then what you sound like.


People got strange relationship to the parents. However, though she gave me a piece of advice that I will always remember. She said I'm going to tell you right now.


Don't fuk with your Jive Soul mixes. Just keep the job and professional Sunshine. Don't be don't be sitting on your drive.


Shake Rattle and Roll nothing throws of the Rhythm Of The Jive like a one-night stand at my house. Is your house exterminated my son.


Will be harm a fetus.


Asia the advisors, she said to always pack a toothbrush out in case of a situation like that beat box on nights out exactly and her friend was 35 and I was 18 at the time. She has your mom ever given you a piece of advice that looking back and now made no sense.


My mom's thing was always you can never have too many friends.


That was hit over. This thing has as many friends as possible. If I needed to G&S crew Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta Society like a bit of driving as well. And I didn't look at least for a few hours to take for messages. I'm sorry. You can't have too many friends. You begin to find out who you were playing and what you saying something off like to have too many friends GIF what y'all was rallied against a museum.


Could your mom knew that I wanted to be something and I just always thought that that was wrong but I always thought it was him that kind of way of preparing the sale of the thing you want to do about 9 so that you have to actually really go for what you want to do and I do not like they've got a job in and out.


Okay, if I do people who have degrees in science, right in water science is one of the three physics. Can I be honest with you? I think it branches out a bit more when it gets a degree. I'm not seeing any job is a job if you want money every month you are in the living room care. What you doing don't have no don't education. Yes, it's great. If you can if you wanted to get a person Weldon you go get your degree go for it. But if you're not then who cares I did Adam go to college.


I quit college two months before we don't don't sell yourself short. You did go to college to reset your JCC.


Chola Ghostbusters Just this is just a game. That was a bad day in my life. When I finish school. I go to old and BJ's essays me math teacher at a meeting with my mom and dad and said she's I've had to give up on graded. I got I got predicted ungraded fail basic math teacher was like she's going to feel anyway. I got a d right person. I was supposed to be Mom and Dad proposed in the world like without going to fail. This is great.


You look at direct express sucks on this morning self look and we thought you'd be back for the whole life a well-done Rosie. Well, don't go Jayco. Jay says, he's just a different education. So you can actually use that sell chain psychology proud as punch thing and I'm going to start again write a fresh slate. I'm going to do I want to do I'd like to lecture in maths, please. I think you'll find this day means I own your ass get fucked.


Tell him there's a new lost in town. I'll hypotenuse you in a minute. That's right.


So I went up to the people to sign up for college and how's that I wanted to say the students English literature all this kind of stuff and them and they said the only way that we can meet you come to this college is if you reset your.


So I said okay begrudgingly and it was horrible. It was horrible singing. Sometimes it was you did in my pink card or downstairs and a block and remember walking past everyone who is RI sitting in my car door and it wasn't a pretty sight see a lot of them had moped helmets, but you know the trouble mopeds up you'll get when your 16 and then I left so still got back.


Hello, Chris and Rosie. Thought I'd share a story with you. I have been flipping through a light-hearted book about Latin for the mountain like sorry futuro Epsom with a translation of have a nice day signature in word to just breathe and create a bit of discussion to show off. I can think of one of the top my head. Do we have the same thing?.


Possibly. I love him. I love him so much.


I love him so much Ashley is wife listen to the podcast. And actually I think you'll agree that Aaron would you read a book about land and then put it on cuz he's a wonderful for a police force and for many months, I sent out internal and external emails including some of the chief constable and police and crime commissioner and occasionally people would ask about it and I explained and they refused.


Olivette Mo so I thought one day I send a quick email to my father-in-law who is an intelligent blog and it and had studied Latin as a boy. He replied to me seeing he hold my auto signature at wasn't aimed at him puzzled. I replied it meant have a nice day. His response was that in his pipe cement yourself and futuro was the vulgar term for sex?.


It seems for several months. I've been casually and accidentally stealthily advising my colleagues and senior members of the police force and local government to go fuckyourself relatives you right for trying to show off with your stupid Latin book. You must have brick do you say.


Hello, Chris and Rosie and Robin and Rafe. This is a long one but something so embarrassing for me that I couldn't help but see the funny side my wife and I love you podcast and religiously listen every week. It was lovely to hear about Raven to hear about your pregnancy story. We really appreciated the honesty of it. We've been trying for a baby for more than a year. But with no luck and finally went to the doctors for test in lockdown. This was particularly difficult and it come to the day we met I had to provide my sample sample sample sample spoon or yes.


Remind me something about three things that you know who you know,.


Birthday symbol for something stick Pond tiny little place that you in you left anything in the downstairs bathroom at the old house and packed your Lil Wayne sample singer.


Yeah, where was it? It was in the downstairs bathroom in the dumps about the books are in the new downstairs bathroom. And they are you taking the name. Someone had to talk to that all the ways coniston time. You saw was also tonight downstairs go bad then to apple cinnamon is hot day going to provide a sample beforehand to be provided at the hospital or if I could keep the sample room for 45 minutes. I could produce it and I opted for the latter think about how intense that must be.


You know what? I mean? I know it'll many people could and I'll be like and what if I did a few minutes of the thing, I'm not like anything that you don't get into known by the hospital to get home to write. Okay. She's got 45 minutes to can you go to keep the wood is in one of them tubes that you can put it in in a coffee cup of coffee with around it from the ball. That is a good idea in the morning. We had to go to the hospital.


It snowed not helpful when you in a rush. I did my bit close the part Health Lima.


On the top with semen analysis in red ink and put it in my armpit to keep it warm inside of his armpits the drain it went then as we tried to drive away the car fishtailed in the snow and we couldn't move my wife was driving her car. I'm not insured on it. So I don't feel so you did not hear that. You've also got spot under your arm, so you're not going to be.


So I got out the Porsche.


I put my shoulder. I got to call posted how to make it unviable. I kept it there I struggle to move the call until the helpful neighbor offered to help to push to my horror. It was only then that the pot started to slip out of my armpit. Iconic is I imagined it falling into the floor and me having to explain why I was casually carrying around a part of my own spank. You already know what it was.


Thankfully it managed to stay Port just long enough while we got the car moving and I couldn't jumped in thanking the neighbor for their help. When I go to the hospital. I went to the analysis lab to provide this. I was greeted by a young man who was very clearly embarrassed about another man giving him a part of his finest.


I filled out the paperwork and then it came to retrieving the sample part from the warmth of my armpit as I pulled it out. It was very clear that the lid had been dislodged. I looked on in horror and saw that there was nothing in the pot and get the pot in the paperwork and have the situation and absolutely the wrong jokes what he was just covering for someone bring.


Am I handed the package over and asked where the bathroom was showing off when I looked in the mirror and my t-shirt there was a wet stain on the real absolutely was not swag. No way dude. I had to come visit.


Definitely not to be confused with a crumpet.


Suffice to say I had to try and explain this to my wife was feeling a level of embarrassment. I've never felt she was wonderful and just told me we could take the test again later in truth. The only way I managed to get my head around it on the drive home was to imagine you guys talking about it on the coast have thankfully. The story has a happy ending and we didn't need to take another test is my wife is now pregnant. I never did hear back about the test results and it said can we get the names out of this please as it's still their first trimester and know everyone know so best of luck guys and then congratulations.


It's a real company.


Outro of episode 110 take to thank you so much for listening to this week's episode of shag bird annoyed, which is now probably eat ice cream at night when there is Happy Days cards, as always. Thank you so much for listening. Thank you so much. Right then if you want to get in touch with shotgun Road at and will be back next week by this time. I think they would have enjoyed the hateful one a bit more but I've enjoyed this one as well.


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