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Hello, you're listening to Shackman annoyed with me, Rosie Ramsay and my life partner, Christopher Ramsey, life partners, a good one, life partners, good one does sound a bit like whenever I hear people say that, I always think it sounds like some kind of sentence that a judge would posto. What, you mean like life partner, like life sentence? Like, I don't know.


It just sounds it feels a bit like that sometimes doesn't it just sounds a bit it sounds a bit long.


It is. I think it sounds like the Khera Life Life Partner carer doesn't sound very romantic like.


Well I was going to say it's not romantic at all is the two best mates could be life partners.


You know what we've given up. We like the same films.


There's no girls or boys out there for it is he sleeps.


That room's come down, you know, he makes breakfast. He orders the curries morcha. You know what I mean?


Why do I feel like you can leave is why do I feel like wolfish?


Why do I feel like I said that? I just pictured being called escrowed only God. Does that help you?


Could you see why would you speaking about your best qualities? And he was on the one show last week, ABC host in the middle class. Hey, Carl, are you all doing great?


He was brilliant. Just so proud of him. He was awesome. Looked like he'd done it. Loads. Yeah.


Amazing. Well done. Very, very good.


Good work. He's also on two and a half. I'll give a little plug for his to a wide, knotty social distance to us thinking because we need like three people can go a day.


But I think we might, I think it might be sold out before you even said it. It probably will be. It probably will be. Now, guys, thank you so much for listening. You absolutely. Butis before we go any further with this episode, it is time for this week's lucrative, lucrative sponsor.


And Rosie Rosie, turn that frown upside down right now.


Why you turned upside down. It's a real sponsor.


It's a real thing on what it never really.


Rosie this week sponsor is Shadmi annoyed Merche. Oh, right. Yes. OK, and you were going to mention this.


It didn't do it. Yeah. Oh, look at the calendar. Oh, just in time for Christmas. Oh, hey, funny. That's not a little accident. Not an accident. Planned it.


If you go to our website, check by the note, there was a store on there. Now we've got four pm, one time baby wine, glass glasses, big massive fuck off wine glasses.


I cannot wait to drink a bottle of wine out of the thing because we're getting them sent so that we can show the world what Instagram and stuff.


And I will literally be drinking out of them on my own. I know you can't choose choosing.


Yeah. So this 4:00 one time baby glasses, there's takeoff's there's water bottles and there's aprons, aprons, long pillows.


This is a baby's bib on the baby's bib on the phone cover on there. There's a laptop case on their laptop crap. There's loads on there.


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That's that's that is the real sponsor this week. And hang on. Yeah. Do we make a little bit of money? It might be the first time.


It might be the first response since the peak of the two year old on.


Got an email just being through the sorry council this week. Sponsor is beans and sausages.


No, you can't say Chris. Oh, hey, what's fatty what's going to be pasta? I want some kind of big roast or something.


Or what about beans and sausages. I like oh yeah. Yeah it's a symptom not although maybe, maybe we're all in a together.


Maybe they live together in a tent or maybe it's a sausage, separate beans afterwards or maybe sausage, roll and beans or a or in association with fish fingers, beans and chips. Oh yeah.


I mean any day of the week. XCOM tea. No hashtags Comtel. It's the best going.


I sometimes often make myself a little fish finger chips and beans or chicken nogs chicken nogs chips and beans or potato waffles.


Oh what. I'm forty then.


I just decided kind of this is your husband's army so yeah. The is on there.


Check that out Boesen. Rosie, what you've got one fuckin job, all he has to change. He's sick on just how many episodes is this order?


Too many to know. Anyway, I'm bringing a lucrative sponsors left, right, and takes out three words.


I'm excited about the. We had a fight about the jingle. We could sing along a jingle jingle God. So this is the Jingle Jing.


We hope you like the G G got a dub, dub, dub, dub dub. Hello and welcome back to this week's episode of Shackman, really sit down, have a cuppa, do the washing walk, go for a walk, do whatever you want to run with a at the same time.


Well, I won't go out if that's so. Sit down, get a cup. I get a chair, do the washing while sitting down with the group in the chair and somehow walk at the same chair.


Mixed messages.


Mr and Mrs Mordovia to go. Yes, we've got Mirch, which is amazing. It's very exciting. So if you fancy buying some of that, get yourself on there it for you mate for Christmas because everyone loves shit like that.


Wow. Wow. There's a fucking review of your own podcast.


I've a lot of shit I should George out just, you know, finding that fucking fucking Christ.


I for one, I've put a lot of effort into designing these things.


We have had meetings for this.


God will change the email chain to design some fucking merch has been crazy. I say though, you do realize that I am just going to be head to toe everyday in our pajamas as well.


It would be tragic. Oh, I forgot about the jamas. Yeah. The job fully designed yet.


But yeah, me to be honest with you, I'm a little bit loose around the throat. A little bit. A little bit. I was fine beforehand but let me bring the curtain here. Dear listener, we were just about to start the podcast and the phone rang, which happens nearly every week. Now the window cleaner last night was a window cleaner one. The bathroom guy. Once it was me. Yeah, me call the test.


I tell them why the phone rings or because it's a key. Because it's a gate. Yeah. Sort of gets what phones?


The phone will leave behind a gate where Chris doesn't like to open the gate because I was going to just get the feeling of open feel like Vikings are going to like charge doneness like go it run down Wax's like, you know when you're not.


Yeah, yeah.


I just have to get over this one and come and go as I please up this. I might have to change it up maybe.


Yeah I am.


So yes, the phone rang and it was me. So basically we joked on the podcast last week about, not about the little make sure didn't cancel because of me and it wasn't cause of me, it was because of production fiction.


People had to put a thing out there. So we didn't do the show Human Fum.


And I was I mean, I just got it.


I want to I really want to do it. Satomi's and hopefully we're going to be on this week. Kanoa Sorry. I was just annoyed because you came home earlier. That was upset two days earlier.


Two days earlier. Yeah. I thought it would be I thought you'd be over the moon. I actually missed you. Oh yeah.


This was ridiculous. The first night you were away and you were like, I miss you. And I was like, no you don't do. No, you absolutely do. No, Chris, we spend every birthday together for the last like eight months. You do not miss me. I am so like I love you, you know, what do you know, what do I care about you? But please, let's just have some time apart. And I honestly will be so upset if it gets canceled again this week.


Listen, is it we thought this is me and I want to spend more time with you. This kind of behavior.


Oh, you like you like one of them dogs that get beat up but just always goes back to it. When are you all that you.


Oh, so I'm really sad now for a dog you've just made up, but you know, whatever that really happens. So they pack mentality and you just keep coming back for more live pal. Oh, I did miss.


You know, I think it's because I was a bit drunk. I got quite drunk on the train on the way to Berlin. Yeah. So this is when I need to know what's really sad.


It's just a really sad sight. I imagine anyone who sees me on the train, it's all you know, if you I know everyone's whinging about stop being and safe and all that. And I kind of just breezed through life at the moment thinking, well, I'm not touching anything. Don't touch me fear. So I'm all right. But it is you know, the trains are cool, is proper, safe.


And it's a I just think that the scummiest thing you can see people just anybody sees it. It's just me sitting on the train holding a calm, just undoing me mask from wanting you to just take a swig of mekonnen and put me on a set, watch UFC on phone.


You just need to get a little straw, a straw for beer.


Fucking behave well. Yeah. Oh, would that be horrible and disgusting. All right. Sorry you never had a butler caught with a straw.


Totally different. Fizi totally has got a head on it.


You've got a head on this screen and amazing Sunday Times bestseller, and that's what she said.


So basically what I'm saying is they're not on little door. They're not at my door bell. She rang the phone. The lady I picked up the phone. Oh, God.


Get to the was I went, hello? And she was like, call me by name. Which was to say it was Lindsay, whatever she want. Hi, it's Lindsay.


Oh hi Sean. Yeah. Went what, what do you want.


But I mean for the swap and because I had no idea that this Corvette test was happening today, someone just saying on the intercom here for the swap was the weirdest fucking thing.


It was just the weirdest thing I've ever heard.


I'm here for the swallow's, like a fox happening here and I never want to go. You've got the you've got the wrong kind of religion. Is this knocking on my door? Jehovah's Witnesses.


I got a bit personal. What could it be?


What could this war be doing? What it was it was like a fucking you know, I'm a a and gum cleaning lady, but I went and then she went ya'akov a test and I went, oh my God. Yes, come in. Why didn't you just call it that, the noise we had and then she came in and just sat down. And I'm asking all I don't tell nobody nothing in our hands. I just thought they looked at it and I said, Yeah, you know what?


Well, come on, then. Apparently you've got it. And I went, I've got what? It's what you've got the key to the test and you don't know what fucking happened. And she went, That's been delivered to you. And I went, Right, OK, so I run up to the top of the garden with a postboxes.


I went the post-box. Thankfully, it was there in the post-box.


Right. I came back down and I went, Oh, you drive into the lab, knows what? No, I'm driving it back to my house in Liverpool. Then someone's picking it up from my house and take this statement to London.


What the fuck's going on?


Why couldn't you just you know, I could not why couldn't I think the thing that, you know, like when athletes get like I think we mentioned this last week when like an athlete on drugs get someone else to do a piss test for the right thing, it's in case I get some.


Well, to be fair, you could have just went bananas because, I mean, nobody has hardly left the house. And to be fair, yeah, yeah.


He doesn't have covid, but he appears to be an 85 year old woman, makes his 82 or 83 while she is five, though you took the hygrometer, got it wrong, and then he went and hedge your bets were to go to it either.


I mean, I see. I mean, obviously, bananas is trying to be careful, blessed as is. A lot of people in a similar situation are getting a whole house done by builders.


So you get the whole house to my the so she's had the builders in there and got the money and you want the company being a company. And I got told through the grapevine that she hugged one of them by the other day. So that was good. Fantastic. Oh, but you know what it is. Well, look, any day like it's just in er it's just here.


I mean I haven't seen it for weeks because I was back at school. I'm trying be careful. So I we have it up in the window that I just want to say hello to all the Southerners who are now in 122 two. Well nice to say you. Well the party bitches welcome to hell. Welcome to absolute hell.


But you know, it could be worse. It's to this tier three lumin.


There is tier three. So let's let's have a little should we have a moment's silence for everyone in tier three, Liverpool, Leicester, I don't know the full list.


And then I think we are going into a full lockdown. Scotland have been we'll probably you know, so let's get well, let's have a silence.


For covid, so I held my breath, and that's why you did, but I the utter shit IBEW dub back much to the disbelief of can't remember name now, but I'm still pregnant. Still talking about it was a name. The lady who said why rakita about being pregnant. Oh God, I am.


So you're still pregnant and something which I forgot about the first time around. Yeah. Happening again. So obviously when you are with a child, when you sleep on a nighttime, when you go to sleep, you normally like, fast asleep, don't know what you do. When did you know that if you lie on your back, yeah.


There is a possibility that you can have a stillborn child. Jesus, can you. What pressure is pressure on.


I remember this being discussed first time. Is it something to do with some kind of vein in your spine?


I think so. I think it's something like that. I think it's the way that the baby lies on your blood supply. I'm not 100 percent sure because I didn't read about it massively. I just read that it's not great. So you've got to try and lie on your left hand side because so all the blood goes to your heart and can get around better and you can lie on your right hand side, can't lie on your front because one, it's really uncomfortable and your squish the baby.


But so every night at the minute I'm going to sleep and just being like, OK, try not to sleep on your back while you're fast asleep.


All the ladies out there. This is from me.


We appreciate it. Thank you. Know, not you or the ladies. Oh, great.


You look away Clavius. This is for everyone but Rosie.


Well done, everyone. Why everyone with me? Because I'm just fucking getting it on the eyes of you. And I just. I just don't. I don't encourage you.


Well, I'm sorry. I just want to put this in a bigger thing. Right. Make a thing of it. If you were told if you were carrying our baby right and you knew that you couldn't sleep on your back, do you even the night wasn't advised because something really bad could happen.


Yeah, I don't think you would be able to sleep mean or you would be you just wouldn't be able to do it. It's so much. It's all it's really horrible.


It's a lot of pressure anyway, because when I sleep on my back, as slow as nor the slightest little noise ever and you just push us over so it's not something I can do anyway. Why would you want it?


Why would you want to sleep with a big massive ball and ball on your stomach like that?


I just I just don't like the fact that you can't can you sleep sitting up. I mean, who can sleep since the old men in chairs in front of the telly? Very true. On Christmas Day. Yeah.


Next question. Not wanting to answer your question, I painted a picture there.


You did it. Could you lie on your knees and your face? Could you sleep on your knees and face? So if you put your bum in the air. Yeah. Probably you sleep. I don't know. You've got all the options.


Oh, yeah. Well, you honestly, you are awful.


I was just trying to put it out there and have I was just you know, it is let me have a little pity party because it's been fucking seven months and I know I want a bit longer.


I need loads, not enough.


And if you lay on your back anyway, that gargantuan fucking obnoxious pillow you've got would crush it to death anyway so you can't lie on your back federal.


That's still not still going on.


Can I just say that last night we had a little kiss before I went to sleep last night and I literally couldn't get my head over the pillow to kiss you. And you were like, stop moving my pillow. What? I was like, Rosie, I can't kiss you was like, put my head over the fence to kiss someone who wasn't tall enough to look over the fence.


Don't know what's aware of what's happening in it.


We stand for the rest of our marriage. What I mean, so, you know, I was like, get it out of my head.


It was like it was like, you know, when you see to people on the Internet kissing, like a couple of big dogs, like get involved. Like I get in between the kids, it's kind of like, oh, that's all.


That's the thing. That's disgusting, isn't it? When dogs come in, when you have having sex and stuff personally. Never happened to me, but I just can't imagine.


My favorite thing is when you received this idea and you've been through a bit of all over and once they're on the deck, the dog just runs over a dog.


What are you doing down here? Well, it was high. And just what we do know down here now. Are you me? Are you really? You don't know me. Look under the hood. It's crazy.


Like a monkey. Like a monkey will get well one day. Nothing can you do about it? We've got a dog. There's nothing you.


Well, OK, but nothing comes in the room. So in the seat with Robin will not be coming in the room. When I'm telling you that.


When I'm sorry if I can't come in the room, what will happen is because I don't want a dog sort of you know what I love an audience is abida ba ba ba ba ba ba ba.


OK, so it is time for Rosie's mysteries now, but the introduction is a little bit different. I haven't had time to think it up with the background music. And this was done. This was done. How about 7:00 this morning. Just a little worn. And if you don't like listen to people eat then you might not want to listen to this because there's a lot of Munchen going on and what the book is.


Well, just unfortunately, I've just realised recently that Robin is no longer a performing monkey. Right. He won't just do what you say if he's not in the mood. He's just like not so he ever go.


So we're doing our podcast. You know, our podcast. Yeah. And, you know, last time when you did Robin's mysteries, you know, Robin's history, everyone really liked it. Would you be able to do it again?


No, because you don't want to even just a little sticky one. No. I think everybody needs something better than yours. Yeah, they did, because I used to go mysteries mistress, and then you did it and everyone said I'd rather just do it all the time now. So how are you ready? One, two, three. Brilliant. Do you know any mysteries? Yeah, no real source them. Thank you very much. Bye bye.


Oh my God.


Wow. Vaginae. First of all, that was I mean, he was going to town on that cereal.


Oh yeah. Even if it was. Well, it was. It made me want to.


Have you ever what do you ever watch. Like it's not right. So there's sort of three things in American sitcoms are American movies. Yeah. They'll either go to the fridge, they'll come in the fridge. They're all going to be able to do that thing with open opener with the hand.


And I just go on each one of them and I'm like watching at 10:00 in the morning or they'll be eating crisps and you can hear the crunch really loud and you're like, oh shit, I need some crisps. Yeah, chips and cereals, the other one. And he's just he's just that I want some cereal now. Did you not enjoy the fact that he was reveling in that. Yeah, nobody wanted me to do it. So I was very much like, no, not doing it.


And then Helen did not like you doing it.


Did the prefer me do it for you then.


What a dick born performer. Born performer. Very funny. So thanks Robin. Thanks for nothing. OK, got a mystery for you this week. Yes. Please keep me anonymous as this was told to me by a colleague, although the details are quite specific, that if my colleague hears this, she will know it's about her. Good grief. Well, my colleague had been seeing a guy for a little while and when they were doing the nasty sorry, the the nasty sex.


The nasty. Yeah, the nasty Jesus. Well, that's some people can't see sex. Chris, do you know that most tweets, emails, messages and everything that we get is I listen to you with my headphones in my guilty pleasure.


So people we've got millions of downloads, millions of people listen to this. Nobody tells anybody else that they listen to it because it's oh, I'm sorry, but my career only got twenty eight thousand ringtones and we got like a million listeners a month. It story really sick of this.


Nobody wants to tell anybody else that the listen, you just go on your little apple up and you just put a five star rating.


It doesn't put your name or anything, it just logs it. No need. No, I think it's hilarious. So anyway. But these pathetic they were doing the nasty.


Darling, darling, would you like to brush our teeth and go upstairs and do the nasty like what the fuck the nasty like in a posh accent.


It was going down in it.


Oh, that is pretty nasty. And certainly she could feel something going up her bomb. This is quite similar to Pebble. No, I do know why I chose this.


This is quite simple because you just goes OK. Yeah, she looked down and asked him what he was doing. He put his head up and gave her a big smile. What she didn't know up until this point is that the guy had. And this is where you enter. Oh, so this is he's put his head. This is the sequel to The Pebble one sort of a totally different couple. So he's put his head up and he's give a big smile.


Right. What she didn't know up until this point is that the guy had. Hold on, big smile, big smile. He hasn't took some teeth out, I don't know, he hasn't talked like a politician. He hasn't took his front teeth out and talk about my as high as you got one of them teeth that you can take out.


Shut up, man. No, he hasn't.


Nork don't know how long I'm right.


Well, listen, what she didn't know up until this point is that the guy has. Northfork off and she realized that what was going into her boom happened to be his false teeth.


No, why what why would you do that? He hadn't considered them as part of his attempt to turn around, but had taken them out to go down on her. And in the movement of everything, they had migrated.


Oh, OK. Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, jeez, I.


Right. I'm really sorry. Right. I'm really sorry. How. Look, no offense to anyone with false teeth.


How fucking terrifying for someone to be going down on you.


You're kissing them, you see them smiling and then for you to feel something weird and happen to look down at them and then give you a big smile and currently have naughty boy fun.


How different must it must have looked like a different person. Oh it's just like words like know but like no not Stockett's to be horrible.


Not Sloggett. Anyone who doesn't have teeth. I'm just seeing the difference. I know like you see in here not being overlain one's got teeth. Right. What's the average age do you think.


If people do what Lieberman like is what I said, you know. Yeah, I'm just I'm trying to be realistic here in the age of not having teeth is it's it's an older age.


Right. OK, are they are they looking out left, right and center?


I mean, maybe they are who maybe they are what we wouldn't in here. Yes. But I'm not being funny. If you are of an older generation, you wouldn't be as mortified if whoever looked up and had any teeth. Well I am and be sixty.


I can't expect you know, I feel that you guys can't be choosers. Exactly.


My thing is my problem with this is I've got to you might want to give them a rinse afterwards because they are in meals.


You can use one of my tablets if you like.


Just put them in the glass there with a bit of face and it looks like have having soup after this because your nationals are out of action because they've got bits of me shit in them.


My, my honestly my first problem with this is how a false teeth that bad that you have to take them out to do that.


So again, I'm sorry that my frame of reference twice is that this episode has been you've been framed, but I have been watching.


So Robin loves you. So what is my favorite thing in the world to do? Yes, Abath made himself killed on the show, but I have a beer and we'll sit and watch as a whisky and we'll sit and watch as a spliff and we'll sit and watch.


You've been filmed together, but whenever someone tries to blow out birthday candles seems to be the one that's that's the Golden Mosque, the one you got shot in the teeth, come out and start laughing.


And there's nothing so funny about going out.


I'm sorry. It's absolutely hilarious. There was one on the day where someone was skydiving.


False teeth came out and just up and she was just keep my mouth shut, the whole thing, because it was like a bin Laden blowin in the wind, a face.


If I ever tell you about when when I see my nana, the new kid, she was getting the bus to go to Newcastle like she was going for Newcastle. She was dressed all lovely. She's going for a day shopping. And I said hello when I was like, hello, we are running shoes. I told in I was going, there's something different. I was looking, I was thinking and I was like, and she could tell I.


Was it not funny? She was cute about conversation and she was like a shit that got me completely forgot about it then.


So she had to go home and get all Plesser. It's like having an extra handbag.


Put your teeth in. Yeah. Must be so it must be so strange.


Well it's, I mean it's, it's, it's one level up from the mosque. The mosque. We've all got to remember now all your mosque tea, although if you've got the mosque doesn't lie about the teeth to get the mosque on Happy Days doesn't does it.


You know, what is it.


There's a law that's there's a full generation of people.


Will I do like the mosque. I don't have to pop the teeth and I want to go back. I bet you they get.


Yeah. So I have to tell you what Vic Reeves used to do with one habit on the side of heaven. No. So I don't know what it was for, but he had some teeth made for sure he'd done before. Right. And the fit over the top of his teeth. Right.


And the weren't ridiculous.


Like, you know what the what the Billy Bob teeth. There weren't those ridiculous, like, you know, gnarly always.


There were just too big to not right. Just not right. But it always took a second fight to get it. Yeah. And he just used to now and then he'd have in his pocket all the time and now and then when he was getting bored and you'd have to do take after take he would lock them in and you wouldn't know he had them in and you would see when you would turn round and you would do his line with his fucking massive teeth and the whole place you would just fall about something very funny about the customer of I think that cost him a fortune to get done.


And I think it was genuinely just trying to get his money.


And it takes not every job.


You good for him. Do Babalu Babalu. But it's time for what? Why is he a beef beef? Yeah, anyone know can be on the lines that just signal just can't be asked through them.


Really busy covid covid it out. Ladies first, gentlemen, first.


And this is neither here. Wow. I think you will see yourself on me and one go might be with you. This week is the other day we were talking about the situation is a Corvette and everything I was talking about. Yeah. I mean it monopolize this conversation in most households.


Got nothing else going on, Chris? Well, we, uh, we were talking about it. And you sincerely what I thought was sincerely I turned to me and said, you know what, this whole thing, if it wasn't for you and Robin, I would have found this entire thing so much fucking easier.


That's what you literally said to me right in my face. And I was honestly like I actually had my arms ready for a cuddle.


I was like, this is going be a lovely Kotal moment. If it wasn't for you and Robin, I wouldn't have got through this. You know, I wouldn't have if it wasn't for Robin. And I found this whole thing so much fucking easier.


Absolutely. The words stick by that one hundred percent feelings, fucking mutual.


What you'll be there's a lot of people enjoying covid, Chris, and that's because they are without children, probably. And they work from home when they never work from home, they're not doing the commute. Some people want this to go on forever.


And I won't go. I don't blame me. I get it. If you need to commute an hour and a half into work and now you can literally get out of bed at five to nine, be at your desk, then finish at five and be essentially home from work at a minute past 5:00 and watch fucking Netflix all night and play on your PlayStation and get paid the same fucking hell. I don't know what it is. I'm jealous of you and you know what I mean.


God, I'm so right now I fucking hate you.


Yeah, but then you go to that side of the coin where people are not to bring everyone down losing their jobs. Yeah, people are really poorly. Children are missing school. You know, people are having to work from home with children when it's impossible. So there's two sides to every story. Yes. But it would have been a lot nicer without without you or Robin. Great. Yes, it would have been. Amazing lesson.


You can always go live in the fucking shed. Right. And you would still you would still come and get us to make you something or borrowing a bath or do some woman just come in?


Oh, Mommy, Mommy, where's this? Where's my shoes. Well, we need these nails cut. We're all lousy, honey, you know, can you come and do this? What will happen for ti?


Oh, I just find I could the vehicles and all that. Yeah. And then you can fuck off back to the shed when it's all too gladly miserable little shit and shit heat is.


What's your beef. My beef with you this week is and I'm not sure whether I've done this before because you've been doing this for a while and it really rips my shit and grips my shit grapes. Michelle, does that phrase because you're not good at phrases is that phrase.


I was someone I know. I used to see it. I used to work with someone I know used to say it. OK, let's Google this.


Can I just tell you quickly about Carrathool?


I used to work with, I don't know, Gareth Haoles. He was my boss at Puntland. And then when I worked abroad in Rhodes, he now runs a page on it on Instagram called Honeynet Net. Right. And all he does is Meems. And it's hilarious. And, you know, when you're like, I followed it anyway, but then I found out it was him and I was like, holy shit, that's you.


And it's hilarious. And it's classic. No. Oh, it's absolutely mint.


What do you. I'm a doctor. I'm a lawyer. I'm a professional Moema. And I make more than both of these cons combined that grips my shit.


Urban dictionary definition when a person or act is found to be so annoying that it actually creates discomfort almost as if someone is gripping internal organs. Wow. An example here. Use it in a sentence. He is really beginning to grip my shit. Yes.


Thank you so much. There you go. See, I might have got a phrase really wrong this morning, but I've made up for it with that.


Yes. This morning we were talking and you tried to say when you get out the nuts and bolts of it.


And she said, when you get out of the knuckles and bones of it, which in my defense, still annoyingly still make no bones as well in order. Yeah, I was quite sure of that.


It's like the Halloween version of nuts and bolts today. It's October.


We're and and and any compensation boards, you know, and put your hat on.


Okay, we'll get skeleton. This is how much covid is effect with me this year. I'm actually looking forward to Halloween. Really? Yeah. I hate Halloween.


I think it's utterly pointless. I think it's a crock of shit, waste of money. But honestly, I'm celebrating this year. Just again, we're going to decorate the house. I'm getting some three pumpkins. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, I'm kidding.


I'm going to go with Full Hog this year because I'm that miserable.


Did I not tell you that I went to officer this. I went to John Lewis in London and I went the one lake near Oxford Circus. Like they say, it's got like a big, too big, massive, like eight bits in the middle where you go up there and you see all the flaws. And I went up and I looked and I could see like a load of Christmas trees and Christmas decorations.


For the first time in my life, I felt nothing. What I looked at the Christmas tree and the decorations and I felt nothing.


And I literally said out loud, I mean, you and I said, well done. Twenty twenty. You're fucking you beat Christmas out.


No, we need to look for what I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year, Chris. Christmas in this house this year it's going to be on crack. I'm going mental. Really going absolutely bizarre to find to find some things like sell it. Right.


So, OK, I'm going to finally finally I am going to purchase I'm going to put some money in that bloody pocket of the people, the garden side of the road that sells them brands that you put the massive ones and buy in the nine foot reindeer.


And I don't give a shit the going outside yet. Right. OK, OK. I'm going to have four Christmas trees. Right. I'm going to add a Christmas tree.


Know we might even put one at the bottom of the bed. Right. We are. We're not going to put the tree up until later because I can't deal with Robin askin when is coming. So it'll still be only going up to help realize you put something negative in this scene.


OK, well, I've just come back.


I've gone back to the door of the shop. Oh, no. Come back. Come back every day. I'm going to bake cookies, Christmas cookies back in the shop, OK? Christmas cookies every day I'm going to be dressed as an elf while I'm doing it. I'm leaving the show.


Know why I'm a good all over the top. I don't like some polyester falling.


The baby will be dressed as well as an elf. We're going to sing Christmas carols before Robin goes to school every day. Right.


OK, what about the cookies again? Right. I'm going to make cooksley for the cookie is going to be or anything.


You want to get big American ones like sugar. All the sugar on wood is going to celebrate this year.


We're just going to have a lovely time. I mean, probably no one will be allowed to come and sit and eat Christmas dinner with me, but that means more for us.


I'm back and I'm going to tell them at the till. All right. Double dinner's ready. Right. There we go. Now we're talk. OK, babe, it's going to be lovely.


It's going to be good. There's light at the end of the tunnel. There's light at the end of the tunnel and the twinkling like a mother fucker kind of wait.


OK, what were we even talking about? You need to be all me before I.


OK, my beef with you is you constantly keep talking about Robin being older and somebody breaking his heart and or bullying him on the metro.


I do, and I cannot bear it anymore. I think this might have been a beef a while back, but you keep doing it all the time.


Well, you do it all the time, though. We'll be watching the program and you oppose it.


No, go easy. I'll absolutely be devastated if someone treat Robin like that.


And I'm like you watching a program about 25 year olds on a yacht and someone being a bit of an asshole who was below deck, by the way, because it looked like I was Christian.


Right. It was just on below deck service to below deck one on Netflix, the one that was filmed fucking ages ago when the bastards didn't even know what Corvette was.


He hit them. And it was when the two two of the girls are slacking off.


The other girl jumps ahead. And just like, guys, I can hear you. Can we just talk it out? Which was like, no, it's like slides the door showing our face. And the other one's like, they're laughing.


And I'm like, oh, I just I just remember kids like doing a thing where you turn up and pretend they can't hear that. Oh, look, if you've got a time machine and want to go back in time and you want to upset young Chris Ramsey, that's how you did it. That was the way the problem you couldn't hear.


But you are putting your insecurities that you had as a child. Yep. On a Robin Wright. Yeah.


See, I don't think I don't get me wrong. I probably was people did probably slugger's off and I was never I was really lucky. I was never bullied through school, but I just kind of got on with everyone.




I didn't really have like a crew like I was thinking about this because obviously we can talk. We were told about it now. I used to be a part of the drama club. Right. I went to a Catholic school, so I used to be in the St Vincent de Paul group. Right. That went and volunteered at the hospital and presence in that right. I was also a part of like the I was in the upper classes and stuff like that.


But then on a break time, I scored small tabs in the back lane. So I was just a mixture of everything. Greedy. No, but I think that's good. I think that's a good way to be through school. Just get on with it. Okay. Can we just talk? You know, you think that's Morgenthau's in Berkeley and it's a good thing. It's cool. You've just said that. Absolutely. You can get them.


It's still twenty points. It used to be twenty points it up.


Don't be tight on the white. You said this before but that's what I mean. I think I just kind of hovered through school.


I think you're a lot more of a confident kid than me. Maybe that's what it was. Yeah, I think that's what I think.


Because you had those experiences, a kid of late asking you for money on the Metro or being nasty or whatever you're thinking of Robin, in that situation. Yeah. Where can we just get through the I'm worried about whether he's eating his dinner at school. That's not who his friends are going to be and whether he's going to get bullied. Right. Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I do remember when I first started. Standard standup routine about getting up for money on the that used to die in its arms because no one had the frame of reference, you know, when you ask for money on the Metro and I was like, you don't know, being mugged.


No, we're doing this. We had the money.


This is going to hit you. And they get the money and they don't give it to them. It's the northeast thing. Oh, God.


You got to take extra money. No. Yeah, take extra money. And then when the chavas get out and go, give us like, you know, it was always lenders' tenpence. Rosie, they never want to tenpence. The old one is more than ten bucks. Yeah. You get them to a once. Once it was as someone said it was their school toilets. Someone said a child. I said OK, let's tenpence.


And the lad put his arm in his pocket and came out with like what must have been four quid and shrapnel, ten pencils not.


And he got a ten pence out and he gave it to the lot, the Java and the Charvat and what I want to know one another one. I fucking hid it.


I know. So yeah. Well I have, I have witnessed that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've just never been privy to it myself but.


Well can you, can you just wait until he's a bit older like come age at least. OK, he's literally five. Vivyan You talked about him getting really beat up but.


Yeah but I just want to make sure he doesn't get any of his top money taken off them before he gets the boy not be getting his top money.


Take and I'll be there. Get off my lot of money. You'll be babysat by then anyway. They'll just have a little plasters on, not keep them up. So all of them have gone completely the other way in the lobby.


Chewing Tobacco Hipster's Abdul-Wahab AWB.


Hey, it's me again. The TV since my family gave me now TV, there's no more endlessly searching for something they want to watch because now I don't do TV, just killer TV. If my family want movies, I've got blockbusters. Comedy, yes. Please wait. Better than attack drugs in this house or crime dramas. I've got loads and I never got to guess who did it. Now they can watch whatever they're in the mood for.


What's your TV got for you tonight, man? TV eighteen plus month passes order. New terms apply.


Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah, but it's time for questions from the public and from the public. What was new?


As always, guys, if you want to get in touch, a child married, annoyed at Gmail dot com, send us your questions. Just always a funny thing to anecdote here. Would you rather all of that shit will love it? Thank you.


Got some lovely stuff this week. Didn't even have to delve that far. There's still plenty, 24000 emails, but keep coming.


Didn't have to delve that far for these highbrows increase. Please keep me anonymous as my friend is still horrified at the thought of what happened a few years ago. She started chatting to a man on Tinder and after a few pleasant conversations, they decided to meet you. Nice. Nothing wrong with them.


OK, the first day it went well, they clicked and had a lot in common. It was decided they would have a second date and the man asked if he could bring someone along that he would like her to meet.


Why? Why, why? Why would you do that? Oh, people are so weird. And why did she say yes? Cause she said yes. She said of course she said yes.


So why are you all of you, why are you putting up with weird shit? I'm already annoyed that someone wanted one good sign to kind of bring me Norwell Devil's Devil's Advocate here, OK, we met each other and got married in our late 20s.


We've never been single in the thirties. Right? If I was single now thirty four, I'd be a lot more lenient with dates and stuff. OK, ok. Do you know what I mean. All right. OK, ok. If you can't do anything right.


OK, well people have got, you know, kids things, relationships and I am you know, I think it would just be like, OK, did you want a certain date. Yeah, definitely. Can I bring someone this time?


Oh, it was wonderful. I'm good enough for you. We'll get someone else in to spice it up a bit for one fucking date. You did Jesus bring a book while you're at it? You root shit. Well, anyway, she's obviously said yes.


She was wary and found it a bit strange, but said yes anyway, thinking possibly a friend or a family member. Second date a date.


When she arrived at the restaurant, there was the man sat at a table with a frail looking lady of a similar age. Restaurant as well, sorry, it's not popping off for a drink. It's our next table for three, please. A similar free looking lady of a similar age.


Yeah, right. She sat down and they exchanged names politely before beginning their meal. After about an hour and some very awkward chat, the man got up to the toilet and my friend asked the woman how she knew the man, assuming possibly a dominant sister. Huh. I mean, I've got a brother and Ritvo going on any dumber than ever over that, isn't it? Yeah.


It turns out that the woman was, in fact, his. Wife who had a terminal illness. Oh, my God had encouraged her husband to find someone new to the extent that he should look before she passes away.


That is the saddest thing I've ever heard.


Saddest and weirdest thing ever. Yeah, I mean, truly sad, but extremely weird.


You can't be expecting someone to be OK with that. No, you can't be expected.


That's really. That's really.


We know we shouldn't laugh, but that's awful. Yeah. Like, oh come on. We've talked about this before where I said to you I would love you to anyone you talk about.


All right. Well, I just want your listeners. Can I just say it sounds like I'm freaking out.


Do you have any idea how many times Rosie brings up? If I die, I want you to move on. But Robin has to like them, for God's sake.


That's it. I'm glad you. No, it's in the Jesus boat boat.


I'm married for, like, coming with you to pick them. Oh, yeah. Yeah. That's another level.


I think there should be an overlap ismy point because we've all seen it. We've all seen afterlife do it that way. Yeah. Oh Jesus.


I know. So, so she's there.


But no I'm glad that's gone in because that's really important to me. If something happens, not don't say it again. You need somebody like it. And I don't care if you're not happy as long as the nice to which you are not happy. Well, no, I don't care how to treat you as long as she's nice. Jesus Christ to stop it. Or he I don't know. Which way are you going to go?


You never know. I mean, you put us off my prayer bill as long as the night to kids, OK?


And I sort of you stop it. Stop it. But that's everybody.


That's like every mother's worst nightmare that if something terrible happens, that your partner meets like the wicked Cinderella yes or no.


That would just break my heart.


And I'll be leaving a note with my mom and my sister to see stop.


No, I know. But I'll just be saying, look, if you meet this woman and if she is horrible to my kids at all, you'll have it in my writing and I'll go to solicitors. Well, get them kids taken off then.


Why would I be up for someone being horrible in this competition? You do know what's going to happen. I could leave you. You would be left devastated. This woman could really fluff your ego, your love, a bit of that that know what to do that give you everything you want, that never give in to the just give you a compliment all the time that make a cakes and all that shit. And then they'd be horrible to my kids and you wouldn't even care because you'd be like, well look, I'll be able to say you've sold it to me.


This is amazing. This is this is just over till Christmas. And the list of things I'm looking forward to stop at your most horrible thing. So that's it. Anyway, my friends took it out for the rest of the meal, but has not spoken to the man since as she finds it too strange.


It's really tragic, really heartbreaking and strange, but mainly strange.


My question is, if you were dying, would you like to meet each of those potential future partners to give them the once over? No Almalki, no.


God, no, I'm all right.


Oh, so. Oh, move on.


I want to do a happy one now or discussant. Want to make it up ok. Right.


OK Jesus I dooby dooby dooby deros increase. I have a story you would like about my mom, ok.


We were on a family holiday in Central Park last year with myself and my boyfriend of five years, my sister and her husband and my mom and dad. Right. Everything was going really well until we went swimming, OK?


After much convincing, we managed to persuade mom to give the cold plunge pool go as we thought it would be a good life for us all to watch how wrong we were to watch.


Is this a cool. No one really knew. We haven't got all declawed bloated. I know Mom tentatively lowered into the plunge pool, but got such a shock from the cold water that she got out as quickly as possible.


Shouting Crump, I've got cramp drawing all of the attention from the other swimmers to her. My boyfriend and brother in law immediately disappeared underneath the water for a good 60 seconds.


Brilliant as myself, fucking tortoise as myself. My sister and our dad tried our best to get her back into the swimming pool. However, she insisted on standing on the side, shouting about her foot cramp for a good five minutes.


I'll tell you what you did wrong. It's not called a tentatively lower pool. It's called a plunge pool. Just fucking jump in. Don't lower yourself in just plunging. Is that what that's going to plunge? You plunge yourself in. You don't. It's not cool to be low. A pool is we point lower on our feet.


And yeah, once we finally got her back in the pool, she couldn't understand why neither of her son in laws would look at her, totally oblivious to the fact that in the scramble to get out of the plunge pool, her swimming costume had totally wedged to one side down below, showing everyone at eye level view of her private.


No way her son in laws were the ones who had helped in the plunge pool, so therefore had a front row view of the whole thing.


Oh no. The mother in law was amended. Oh no.


So that's the story that the both just went under the Hill like I see like a tortoise put its head in a chair.


Well, I just love that I. Have you never seen a badge before like I would.


I mean, I don't think I would look away. I would look away. I would have looked away or went, oh my God, cover yourself up.


Yeah, I would have just jumped in the water like a coward there, marrying a younger version of that that. Well, maybe they saw it in one.


Oh, God, this is I'll end it all if you don't try to drown themselves. It's exactly the same. I thought my last I had a problem lasted anyway, it wasn't even the story that I enjoyed.


So this is the reason I'm reading out. I just say that the movie Bird Box would have been a lot more because I want to sell you the movie bird box because this is me.


Now I do.


If you haven't said bird box, that makes make sense. But in the future you're going to watch Bird Box.


I've just I've just ruined bird box for you.


And the name Bird Box makes a lot more sense if that's actually what's happening.


So one wonderful thing that I want to point out here, though, as a woman with a vagina who's wore swimming costume before.


Yeah. You would know if you are swimming costume is pulled over your vagina and your vagina.


I know she's got cramp. You know, Mr. Right. I know you would do the trick in magic misdirection.


Look at this. Look, let's concentrate on this. You didn't realize that was happening. Maybe she's doing it deliberately. Oh, hey, man, how do you get your cake and have the crown pull me swimming to one side?


I mean, he even flagships and a box and I scream krump even though I don't have crab and I wiggle it all over sort of the pool gets it in the face.


I'm so sorry.


I'm just glad it's in the fall for me in thinking about swimming and like set the parks and slides and stuff if you want to go faster on a slide pullover.


No. Yeah. No. Why no. If you wanna go faster on a slide heels and shoulders, even your bum should even be involved.


We talked about if you wanna go fast on a slide, you shouldn't even be touching the slide high heels and shoulders look about your heels and shoulders on your back. That's that's how you do it.


That's that's not debatable at all. It's not supposed to be fast. Oh, I use my shoulders. Right.


OK, sorry. I thought I literally had the secret of the world.


Know what you've done. What you've done is rubbish. I literally pull over. You do whatever you want, but your short shouldn't be making any contact with the slide. I should be on literally. You're going in your stomach, right? Let me make sure. Just get your shoulder blades and your heels on being in contact with the slide, OK?


Right. And you will you will end up on the if it's a turn, you'll end up on the side of the slide. Just warm, straight down. People will come off.


You can't come off. But normally the closed ones listen if you don't believe is right.


Meenu tomorrow Haven point blue slide It's got a timer on the floor Come on we'll get anyone get someone else just to do up or I'll just do it myself tomorrow I'll go down with me wedgie and I'll go on my heels and shoulders and honest you can be tough on this.


Okay well ever since I've been president. No it's not many things I'm an expert on and I know I know it.


Right. OK, you might go fast, but it would hurt the ridges in the slides.


Imagine them on your shoulder blades and so well maintain the slightest. But yes, I think that would be very dear. Do I do not advise this. Do it. Plohetski No.


Keep intelligence discussion or so you would advise. You would advise public displays of nakedness, sexual crimes over shoulders and heels.


Would you honestly your pair of you know, not you do you just do it before you sit down.


No, I would do Babalu Babalu Bacteroides increase. I feel like you thoroughly enjoy the story. OK, but I sincerely hope the people involved in this rather long story don't listen to the podcast because they will certainly know it about them. Go ahead. Please keep me anonymous. As I'm about to tell you, this Lagus thing I've ever done the slightest thing this summer or the slightest thing I've ever done.


Did you see that in a world where Slack's do things, a flag, one flag is going to be Slackistan them all. This summer, the scariest thing I've ever done. With Reality, starring Amy Schumer.


Danny DeVito, Schumer and Danny DeVito, narrated by Morgan Freeman.


I'll watch it, I'll be all over that. It's like, OK, am I quite enjoyed traveling alone?


It's less hassle and I feel quite confident exploring places on my own, including within the U.K. I'm not from here originally. Got you. One time I got the travel bug and decided to go on a cheap night away to Cheltenham. Random, I know, but I was hoping to explore the city, maybe see the racecourse and visit the Cotswolds.


It's actually people tell them to be nice. I stay there a lot. And when I went to remote places. Lovely. Would you would you go just to see the racecourse?


But I'm not in a race and so. No, but if someone was it fair enough. Needless to say, things did not go to plan, OK? Things did not go to plan.


I had on the next episode of Sorry.


Do you want to read this one?


Things did not go to plan and it ended up being the second biggest thing I've ever done.


Not the most.


Oh, I don't know why. OK, listen to this story. I had no idea.


There you go. Oh yeah.


OK, I had booked an Airbnb in some guy's spare room, but the most tragic summer of my life.


Look, I know I've said it before, like four caravans and hostels and stuff.


And I know I like quite a bit. And I know people are up for sleeping in fucking car parks and sleeping.


And, you know, whether I had booked an Airbnb in some guy spare room. And you're wondering why this is an email, the one who also lived with his mate.


Fantastic with them. They're a bit.


But what how fucking arrogant are some people who Airbnb stuff? You know, I mean, like a room of like. Oh, yeah, I'll just Airbnb in this room. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah.


I'll just er but you'd be me garage roof like for me.


But people go to stay in them. I would never in a million years go and stay at an Airbnb in someone's house especially to blow.


Yeah. No, no. I'm actually there is a little part of the house now if I had an outside economics annex or something. Yeah. Fabinho, Joey flat above the guy.


But you know that this is going to be a bloody three bed terrace spare room and just think how David.


But OK, but there's a market for it because someone's in there.


Yeah that's how much was it. How much would it be and I wonder.


Well, next to nothing I assume. Anyway, OK. When I arrived, I was greeted by him and his mate, who were both OK looking God, we all got along nicely and I even went to the shops with the meat as they were going on a night out with another friend. And I needed to get some food. So it's already well, it's already the worst holiday in the world. Yeah. Hello, welcome to your accommodation.


The shops don't want to go to the shops with the stranger danger on the way out for a night out, by the way.


You've got that look for you when we get in with what made this date around. Oh, here we go. In the end, they invited me out to the club in the city centre and I agreed to call us again. Again, again. I understand a lot of people, maybe when I was younger, you know, a lot of people a lot more outgoing than me and stuff like this.


But I just know I started this about email by saying I love traveling and I got the travel bug and then you got to fucking go and stay in some stupid house with two random tossers.


Jesus, this is the thing. I am all for solo travelling.


I think it must be amazing when you whenever we go to London. I love having a little D in London by myself. I love it. I love being a tourist.


Just, you know, going around looking at stuff she's she has just hired to mate for life and a bed in the house on rent a friend.


The strangest thing of it anyway. Like you see. OK, different strokes for different folks. We had a fun time and got really pissed.


It's all a bit blurry, but I think there was even some flirting, maybe kissing with the meat from the Airbnb. Right. I honestly can't remember. But there was a vibe of some kind. I ended up getting separated from the group, and after wandering around for a bit a wildly drunk, I ended up in a taxi, which is very unsafe, very uncomfortable, very unsafe.


I had no money on me. Shock spent it all in that room.


I had no money on my door. So when I arrived back of the house, the maid paid for the taxi for me, which I thought was nice. Wow. Taking liberties. Wow, it's unbelievable.


Imagine going to your hotel, you being big and being like, excuse me, from taxi.


Absolutely not. This is a business.


Back in the house, I decided to go to bed when in the dark hole where the maid appeared, one thing led to another. And I ended up in his bed where I stayed for the rest of the night. Jesus, word of money back. Yes. She didn't even use it.


Didn't even use the bed with.


That's a great thing. In the morning I'll be a great thing to say in the morning. So can I just have the money back because I didn't actually use it and use it, you know, once treatment now.




I was so hung over the next day that I did none of the exploring I had planned and spent the whole day on their sofa until it was time to go home. Oh, that is going to get a little child, please.


Yeah. What what what time tonight.


Depends if he wants to focus again on my say again. The worst thing of all. Listen to this, the mayor drove me to the station and we never spoke again, and that's the story of the time I shagged my Airbnb host.


You guys are one of the few people in the world I've told this story in a room full of fair play. It's great if you're willing to share what's the luckiest thing you've ever done are nowhere near that.


Mine was when mine was when you said, where you going? And I said home.


And you said, can I come? And I said, yes, that's probably the biggest thing I've ever done. And here we are.


And I remember you're ready for that room. That night was very reasonable.


Breakfast was shaking. Didn't drive you the train station after. So sorry.


Just if you're listening to this right. And you were young lady, or you might just just be careful.


That's all we ask. I don't know for sure.


Yeah. But sometimes some of the things I've done in the past popped into my head and I'm just like all my.


Yeah I know. And so same. Same Yeah. Walk through city centers on me. You know where I am. Yeah. Be careful guys. Please, please do ba ba ba ba ba ba ba.


Hi Chris and Rosie. Hello. I thought you might enjoy the pickle. I have got myself in with my boyfriend recently. Oh.


I told him a little white lie about a year ago because I was bored and I fancied having a little giggle. Oh God.


However, I still haven't told him I was lying and it's got really out of hand now and I am far too deep to tell him. It was it was a joke. This was how it started.


One evening of one evening, my boyfriend asked me if I wanted a yogurt and I said yes. And he replied, asking me if I wanted a spoon.


My boyfriend always asks stupid obvious questions like this, and it really annoys me. So I thought I'd have a bit of fun. You do that? Yeah. Yeah. OK, can I get you on a spoon? No, I'll just fucking eat it with my hands. You might have been, you might had one.


You might have already had a spoon in your pocket moron.


Might be near you I replied saying no, I'll have a fork. And he started laughing and just brought me a spoon. When he came back with the spoon I confronted him. Seeing that I had asked for a fork. He looked really confused.


We've been together for three years, by the way.


Christ and was like, no, you don't. What you want about. Amused by his confusion, I got up and walked into the kitchen, got a fork, came back, opened the yogurt and started eating it with my for the look on his face was honestly so funny that I increasing remembering it now.


He was looking at me like I was insane. I remain calm and asked him why did he find it so strange and that he must never have noticed before and that I've always done it and all of my family do too. And he believed me. Yeah, this is where it gets interesting. A few months later, we were at my parents house and my dad asked me to pass him a yogurt and my boyfriend looked at him as if to be like if he doesn't eat this with a fork, she was lying.


So I passed my dad a yogurt and got a fork out of the drawer and gave it to my dad. I nervously watched in anticipation, expecting my dad to be like, why have you given us a full boat?


Amazingly, my dad was so consumed with the football that he didn't even realize I just ate the yogurt with a fork.


Wow, wow, wow. So I had to leave the room to laugh hysterically.


So now every time I yogurt, I have to eat it with a fucking fork out of pride to not tell my boyfriend it's a joke. I used to like them, but I really don't anymore.


Stubborn bastard. Just for any advice.


One of them bastards to what is it with your family not getting their own yogurts?


Why is everyone asking why do you have such a yogurt left, right and center. I asked my boyfriend that wasn't me. I was dad. I said we're just talking walkaround life passing to the yogurt non-stop. It's like a fucking game of pass the fucking Postle yogurt stop in this house.


Jesus, get your own yogurt.


And very funny with a phone. But yeah, you've made your bed. You go to sleep now you go do that forever on your deathbed. You I mean, you could tell him on your deathbed, on your day that you have always hated with a spoon, you stupid boba dooby dooby dooby do.


Once again, thank you so much for listening to this week's episode of Shackman, which is now part of the interest still still part ownership to change, which is still still part the haven't got rich still getting spota stoked at guys, as always, thank you so much for getting in touch.


But listen and please do read Corny Little Apple up on your phone and give a little bit more a case of Qamar, you know, dot com and check out the merch match org and what we can do, do a thing like what YouTube was. You could see what a from Hudood ministroke. Do do do, do, do, yeah, boy, yeah, doo doo doo doo doo doo.


Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do. Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo.