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Hello, you're listening to Shadmi annoyed with me, Rosie Bamsey and my husband, Chris Ramsey, and this is Jagmohan Annoyed Helen. No, hang on. Hang on. This isn't right. Hang on. This is my Christmas special boat, 2010 has been a really, really shit you watch, and I'm not stopping. So are you ready?


It's pumped up. Yellowface, if it is indeed come off, yeah, go ahead and check my ride with me, Ramsey and the husband, Chris Ramsey. This is the Christmas special. We've made it. We're here. Yeah, it's Christmas. But, yeah, we're all here. We're all in tepary and we're all going to celebrate Christmas tonight. I don't know. It's good. It gets better. Hang on. Just like a sound quality.


One of the biggest cacophony. Oh, here we go. I love to do this. Yes, that's horrendous. I don't know, 50 elves just died when you played that.


They like Christmas bells. Horrible.


This is the Christmas bells. Are you happy that you got out of your system?


You know what? I know it doesn't make you feel better, but music makes me feel better. I instantly feel so much better than never have it on.


I'm one of them people I hate, people who just constantly have music on it, you know, and just does me. No. And you can be anywhere.


You put the music on or let's just know, let's just sit with our own internal monologues and our frightening thoughts and let's face them head on. So because it's Christmas.


No, guys, you haven't tuned in. Scrooge, this is genuinely Chakma tonight and we're very excited.


We are out doing all of this. I've got me, son. The hat on as we're doing this, you've got a little elf, which I didn't think you better get your headphones on, but I hope you have your ponytail. Ho, that's all right. Yeah. No, I'm just. I mean I. Oh God yes.


We're here. We made it. It's the twenty twenty Christmas special also known as episode ninety five.


Oh yes indeed. Yes. Before we crushed in. The Christmas special obviously. Merry Christmas everyone. Thank you for joining us.


It's time for this week's this year's festive lucrative. Have you lucrative. And I'm glad you've done that. Actually, Rosie, you know what it is?


There's two sponsors, because at this time of year, you know, it's obviously a big, you know, for like sort of capitalism. You know, it's big time for advertising, big time for people to have been run off my feet on Instagram.


Yeah, we'll get to that later. And big time, big time fall. You know, people, you know, spending that sweet, sweet Christmas dollar on stuff. So they've been fighting to get them. They've been fighting. Right.


So yeah. Yeah, I always botten them back. I am the stick with a big fast with a big candy cane.


So this week's lucrative sponsor is Christmas songs. Yeah. Hey yeah. You heard that song a million times.


You fucking have you want to hear it again. Fucking right to do. It's Christmas bitch.


Stick that on the you put it on on the 27th of December. Oh Canada. Your whole family brought you in part by shortbread.


Hey it's November. I want some shortbread. Fuck off mate. Hey it's December one. Some shortbread. Get out. Shortbread in my dick now.


Who is that what you'd be doing with that box of sugar? That's actually that's a chopper have actually put a little thing on the bottom. The email said, and please don't encourage people to get the shortcut in the day because please party this time of year.


And he's full of shortbread in a dish. Everybody need to put a stop and everybody stop nubbin.


Your shortbread getting out of control. We've got a pandemic.


We want the garden center. The other day I bought a big box of shortbread I was going to buy as a present for someone. I thought, no, you know what? I want it. I'm nearly finished it.


Big, massive. It's literally like this. It's probably the size of a piece for the tin. That's the best I can tell you. Nearly done it.


Do you know what? You've been conned, though. You know how? Because it's just regular shortbread. All they've done is put a deer on the front.


It's a reindeer, not a deer. It's not actually it's a normal it's a reindeer.


And it's that's Christmas. Look at the tartan on the box. Look at the big ten. She just turned. I hadn't had my before.


So Robin Gray, I'm sure. But I'll be here. Any crunching during this? I apologize. But it's made putting sure bromidic.


Merry Christmas. Oh, yes, the Jingle Bells, visions of you having the shortbread and Christmas.


Yes, that is the Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, jingle, jingle. We could sing along a jingle jingle gong. So this is the jingle jingle. We hope you like the guy, Mamadou ba ba ba ba ba ba dum.


Hello and welcome back. This is Christopher. I'm not being funny like this. It's going to be no different to any other episode. We need to make a little bit Christmassy. So that Jingle Bell, that's what you're doing things Christmas. OK. OK, I'm not playing it the whole way through it. Got 11 seconds left. OK, that's just another Christmas dinner place. That was. That's what that. Did you not know already. Two one.




So I hope you all had a good Christmas. It's all over now. Jingle bells. Stop playing through a tinny fucking forward to speak as.


Honestly, the production on this is shocking, honest and sometimes I'm embarrassed to put me in it.


And you're just holding your phone up at the microphone.


Like I've said before, Chris, I can't believe that was still at the top of the charts. So, you know what? If it's not broke, don't fix it.


People would shit themselves if we started having really good production value as podcast, they'd be like what we did, what we did a gig, didn't we?


We did like a corporate gig on Zoo. And it was us. It was there was like a few different things on. There was like a host and the host were like the host were in a studio somewhere and they were getting like a bingo machine and putting all this stuff on. It was all going to the people who worked at the company was going into their homes. Obviously that Ibom demand was on before us and he had like the most incredible set up.


Like talk about guys. If you think you've seen a Zune background, Ehud, fucking like music video moments he's had.


At one point he had like three heads rapping and singing, and then it just was just sat at a table and just shouted, shit. I was I was I was embarrassed that we had no production whatsoever.


You grabbed you quickly when you saw how good abandonments thing was.


You run in the other room and grabbed the mirrorball that you used with a strictly partisan insult without oniony, but had to bring light ons. You couldn't even say that.


Do you know what it is, though? Let's not put ourselves down, because at the end of the day, we are live performers. This is just come of something else. Yeah, I'm not we're not trying to be something that we're not we're not big production value. We can't be doing all of the on computers. And I haven't got a clue yet how we phone be ready. And I was like, I don't know what you talking about.


You honestly getting you that new phone is one of the worst things I've done. Yeah, he's just constant. I hear it. You give it back. Minnoch Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Laptops.


You got so many icons on the desktop. I don't know what an icon is other than like for like just use it to put stuff into folders.


Yeah. I'm using a background to put stuff in folders. Just it's cluttered your desktops cluttered to unaware everything in your screen. A wipe as well. It's Mountney we've been doing. I know.


Well I don't get the other day I is this should be a big fashion. I just, I've just remembered it now. I was scarred for life.


You were making dinner the other day which is. What do you make. Did I put Roenneberg annual meeting tonight. I came down.


You were on like we've got like a six burner hope on the far right of the hob.


You had the walk and you were making the noodles. And on the far left of the hob. On the fucking hob was your laptop.


Yeah. Sitting there like the heat could have been transfer and through the metal, like it's portable. But why have you got it on a hall. But you, you've got it in the bath.


It's honestly I can't believe that laptop still alive.


Well I'm sorry but what's the point in having one if you can't take it places and you can't look at it and you can't use it? What's the point?


I've got to be sat on my lap all the time.


Hence the name stupid. Right? And, you know, we've never we've never brought this either. Well, we're on the subject of slagging you off. To determine where you store your laptop most of the time. I knew you, I knew you guys. But you know what?


Have you ever seen all these things to come up over the coffee machine? Right. We've got like on the wall.


We've got, like, an old fashioned kind of like a plate, a polished rock on the wall, like the old fashioned wall used to put it above to dry them on. But you just put the plates on because it keeps a laptop in one of the dots of the rock next to the fuckin place.


I don't see anything wrong with that. Literally.


Sometimes if I'm like making some toast, I will reach up and grab your laptop and be like, oh, no, that's not a plate. And the plate rock in the plate rock. That's a fucking MacBook Pro.


Well, you could use it as a plate. It was expensive. Might as well get some use out of it. Says honestly. And you never said anything.


And I knew it does mean. It does mean. Well, I personally, I think it's genius because it's just there and it's not in the way it's not down on a server. So you don't put anything on it. It's like upright like that.


I'm not a fan that gives us anxiety and I don't like it. It's in there. So what you going to do? Nothing that you don't use this board. You say, oh, you like that.


Honestly, get some use out of a waste of money. Barbecue, barbecue.


So obviously this is the Christmas special for 2020. And we we all you know, I I'm actually feeling very Christmassy, Meeta, because we've got all the trees, we've got the decorations up in the house. And we went to the Garden Senate the other day. We did. And we got we've got quite a lot of Christmas stuff going on now. What do you mean?


Well, we've got the little I don't know if anyone seen them, but there's these little Christmas houses that you can get where they're like just little. We've got like a little cottage in the lights come on inside it. And that's on a table and next to the pope thing.


But we bought I'm like over the moon. I'm, like, addicted to the one that we bought.


OK, I have different feelings, but that's fine, right? Why? It saddens is right, it does saddened me a little, but I know what you're about to say, it saddens me a little bit.


We have introduced into our home something that we are currently not allowed to do.


Yeah. So it's I can't look at it. So it's a big sort of Christmas, like sort of there's a pope on one side and another. It's like a sort of big model house is the best way I can describe it, guys. And then it's got an outside bit and there's a little tree and there's magnets that run around under it.


And, you know, it's magic and magic makes all the little people walk round and it as a Christmas song. But also just like people chatting in the street at this table in the pope's people in the pub play the noise, them trying to say, I love the Christmas decorations this year. And it's like, yes. And the trees actually does. No, I think you're right.


It's Tilla. We've got Taiyuan. Yeah.


We've got we've got a tier one model in our in our hallway. And I have to work on decorations until 3:00 this afternoon. Oh, Chris, I kind of look at it. It's really sad.


I do love it, but I do hate it at the same time, the limitedly that I like. Happy Holidays, Chattanooga. I'm like, guys use our colors here. One of them, actually, one of them, he goes, oh, it's cold out today.


I'm in need of a hot coffee. That's what he says. And I literally feel like when you're whinging about the cold yet, twit, we'll 2026, you bitch.


Yeah. Because they've all got all the clothes on. They're not 20-20 yet. It's like it's coming. It looks about nineteen thirty after this. You were going through it and I'm tempted, I'm honestly tempted because it's just.


But I did get a little tree and knuckles on the tree. We've got that. That's nice. That's nice. On a tree and still a thing. I trained and trained. I still go oh good, great. That's all good. Glad everyone's not going anyway.


Hey this jolly Christmas episode is going well. Yeah I know.


Yeah, but we can't not talk about it because most of the country is now in tier three. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And do you know what it is.


We, we've been in tier three four for our whole lives but since I was born. Yeah.


In any adopted tier three we were born in tier three and now you know, a lot of London is in a lot of the rest of the country is and I'm not I'm not happy that they are.


You know, you will be going out. Well, yeah. You're here. No, I'm really not.


Yeah, I put it for everyone. So but anyway, listen, we're not going to go down that road because we have let this get on top of us. Loads have McCrae's. Yes. To but we are genuinely looking forward to Christmas. And you know what, everybody? Don't be ashamed to be able to look forward to Christmas because it's been a really hard year. Everyone has been really safe and been trying really hard. So personally, fromus, enjoy your Flippen Christmas.


Merry Christmas, baby. Be sensible and be aware of the situation and just be careful and look after each other and enjoy yourselves because you deserve a bit of enjoyment.


Gosh, as punch in the air because it's like, you know, we're getting chastised for wanting to look forward to something, but that's how we survive as a race, human race. We have to have things to look forward to because if we didn't, what would be the point in surviving?


Interject here and say because he's not a doctor or a scientist and she's not. I think you find that evolutionists.


Yeah, I do believe Charles Darwin didn't ever talk about anything in his in his theory of life. You tell me that's not in there somewhere.


Yeah, well, cavemen would have just died. Outport folk. He was around the corner, so they kept going.


Why did it burst? Is everything. I know what you mean.


What you went really bizarre with as a society, I think is what you mean, not a human race.


OK, but human race may have been a little bit extreme. I mean, is just.


No, no, no, it's not. It's human.


The human race did the erm the mammals, the primates that humans evolved from, when did they develop the opposable thumbs.


Well it was when the new Christmas crackers were coming out and more, they needed something to evolve to how we're going to make Christmas around the corner. You hear about new thing, how are we going to pull the opposable thumbs. Right.


OK, ok, go. Come on baby.


Go. Oh, no. We've got eyes on either side of your head. How are we going to look through kaleidoscopes at Christmas right quick. Evolve binocular vision quick.


Yep, lunatic. But I understand the sentiment. But I'll tell you what. Right about enjoying Christmas right now we're allowed to mix with. Yes.


What is it for household or something. A three three household at Christmas time from a week.


Rosie, I'm honestly I'm getting stressed about it. Well, did you ever wonder did you have a MySpace? Yes, I remember trying to decide.


You top friends. It's exactly the same. It's a to pick.


And then if I go like, I don't want to put myself out there and go, hey, do you want to be one of our households? No, sorry. We've already picked up. You didn't pick us up well.


Oh, Chris, what if we got left. Well, if everyone else picks all the households, which is just awesome room. I don't. Don't. Honestly, that would that would that that would tip us over the edge, if you want to have a go, ask people.


Is there a record of the court?


Do you want to come see us at Christmas? Want to come visit our family and.


Yes. Or Christmas, get out of the way. Have a lovely time. And then I am locking myself away. Chris Yeah.


Let me myself away before the baby comes, baby. Yeah. Yeah. So that's exciting. OK, cool.


So very, very merry Christmas and good luck picking who's going to be in your Christmas bauble or bobble as it may be called.


That's nice Christmas. A nice spin on it. Great abba dooby dooby dooby dooby dooby.


Just really quickly, this isn't Christmas related at all.


Sorry to put this out. What do you mean it's Christmas. I've got a I've got some on in this same stuff. That's OK. Everything else is. But I just want to say I've had a lot of emails recently. I've had a lot of emails Chris recently. And it's been follow up emails from emails that people have sent previously begging us not to read the email out. Really? Yeah, I've had quite a few of them. So if you have sent them in a way, I promise you we will not read your email out was a bit of change there.


But yeah, I think people have sent them in and then gone, oh shit. Yeah, I will get in trouble if obviously we keep everything in our chain as long as it's on the same chain.


If it's underneath the one you sent, then yeah.


Well don't worry, you won't read it out. The only reason I'm saying that is because I would lose sleep. Yeah. If I had to send something in and then told you that I'd sent it in. You're like what, kicking off. I would lose sleep thinking, oh my word, they're going to read this out.


They're going to read this out. So I just want to assure everyone we wouldn't do that to you, I promise. And all were pissed. Tigger's but we genuinely wouldn't do that. OK, you know what it'll be. Yeah, it'll be people that are sent.


It will have gone. Well, listen, this podcast like this podcast. This is good. Oh, I've discovered this new podcast.


I'll send this in and then spoke to people and realised that a lot of people they know listen as well.


And they'll be like, oh, fuck. Oh yeah. I sent that story about you being a did you rather you listen to this book? Exactly.


Oh, or even better, someone's going to listen to podcast listen as well. Yeah. And there's been a moment of silence and the when don't you ever tell them that story. Yeah. Oh by the way. And they've gone.


Yeah. I wouldn't actually go on record for something completely unrelated for a few minutes. Bear with it. So there you are.


We don't even know when one would say when you say what a name you would normally don't name you anyway just in case.


Yeah. Ho ho ho ba ba ba ba ba ba ba.


Christmas mystery's ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. It's got to do with Christmas. This is going to run out before this huge, huge, huge shoe. Mistress, mistress, mistress mistresses.


Honestly, that was to deliver the presents last year.


So I knew about the stuff and everyone I knew you were about to start your Rosies mistress theme by a new you're going to start the music. And I was prepared to kick off, like, joking me. I was going to kick off because it wasn't Christmas themed. And then you went and enjoyed the bells of the honor.


I give you that. Thank you.


Good effort. Good effort. He broke a bucket at the microphone while holding you.


You what it is, right? Actually, I do need to learn how to make sound. I can do videos. You're very good on your phone. I'm good on Instagram but I can't do sound. So I do actually need I might speak to Daisy, I would be like Daisy. How do I do this? GODBOLT Because I'll have to tidy up when you've done it. No, don't just keep doing it. It's good. It's it's it's charming, right?


Oh, yes. A mystery. Hi, Rosie. Increase Chris.


What you could have called the missile to we. Oh, why are you doing that? Because I've already had loads of emails. Somebody was that you can call the Crist mystery since I was like, that's shocking.


I think mistletoe is really good. That's that doesn't work.


Well, you don't work. Put that in your mortgage. Good, hi, Rosie and Chris, after hearing that you were looking for Christmas stories, I had to write in to tell you my traumatizing one. Please keep me anonymous as my mom would kill me for sharing this story. When I was about 15, 16, my mom had gone out one Saturday in a town to do some Christmas shopping. When she came home, she asked me, would you like to see what I got in town today?


Me thinking she had been getting in some Christmas shopping gifts for the family, etc.. I said, Yeah, go on then.


Worst decision of my life.


She lay on the couch, legs akimbo, shut the fuck up and showed me. Vagisil a Christmas, Vagisil, Merry Christmas. Well, a Brazilian well, what are you going with?


You need to pick Tautou where you're going with no flaps and flaps, but very close.


Oh, bumhole pila on the couch, legs akimbo and showed me her new Christmas clit piercing.


Oh, that's right. I don't I'm not a pretty physician. I'm not a biologist. I'm not I'm not. That flaps well, the roach on top of the flaps.


And no, I'm glad we haven't got Dawid as well because there's a lot of areas of the vulva that you need the.


Oh hey man. No. Anyway, she's never been more traumatized in her life. That's her mom. She wants a shot. She wants a lot. You know, I'm not against Christmas clip. Pearsons, get yourself away from your boots. I mean, any time you listen, remember a clip. Your parents fault, not just for Christmas is for life.


However, we showed your daughter for you pervert. Well, this is the thing, right? It's the only piece in really other than on a peni that you can't show anyone can you can tell people, but you can't you can't be like doing the same in Upson and show everyone.


So there's only one person sugarcoats was a daughter. I mean, you lie on the couch watching what you're lying down for. That's honest, honestly, like everybody, everyone.


Everyone's got different relationships with their parents. They've obviously got a very you know, I mean, like, my mom wouldn't just do that to me out of nowhere because we don't have that kind of relationship, which is obviously I mean, we're talking about we've talked about in the past, in the past where we're now in Bath with your mom territory.


I think this is the kind of relationship they must have at 15, 16 year came up. The person who both with the mom, I.


Abath with my mom for years we had.


But remember the person who wrote in my dad when they were older? Yeah. So I'm talking this must be this kind of well, not well.


The thing is, me and my mom are extremely close, like see each other nearly every day, very close up.


I'd die if she showed me really well, you know, your mom's what a lovely night you are.


Honestly, she was only one who hasn't seen it.


Really. Posman know everyone I did miss as Boxing Day party last year was it was the big deal.


Cut it out. The big unveiling. You know, something going on. Everyone was there. Oh, what a what a party.


I put my phones in a little bag, like went into no and took a photo of it.


Like when you go to a Dave Chappelle gig, Amadou Babalu.


Babalu, but it's time for what's your beef, what's here be what's your be what's your big money's worth of these and what's to be what's your what's your beef. What you beef.


Did you pay for that jingle. No, no, no. It's just all it's just all for each paying for itself now.


Just got them on the internet. Got you a genuinely was a little bit worried that we might get sued for the first one.


But the jingle bells jingle, jingle, jingle. OK, we got you covered. Nobody listens to us anyway.


Imagine what a shitty thing to get sued for all the stuff we've done and said imagine getting sued and canceled for use in someone's fucking jingle bells. Do you know 2020 04.


It really is Disney Council to take your house, you know. Do you know what somebody said to me today actually. Well, because did I tell you that last night I nearly packed my hospital bag? I've told you. Yes, I'm very aware. Yeah.


Got up in the middle of the night, genuinely thought I was going into labor, got three weeks left. I thought I was going into labor, shit my pants and went to Patni Hospital. I didn't wake you up because I didn't want to panic. Yes, we had. We had that.


You didn't wake me up. I went to the hospital bag and didn't wake me up. Yeah, I believe probably hospital bag, so I just went to pack it.


But before I did I went out in the toilet and I thought it was a pump. It was trapped and felt completely better. I went back to bed absolutely fine.


So, you know, thank you for not waiting as if you woke me up for a fart that would be up there with the worst reasons to be in the world.


Chris, can I just tell you, though, so painful. Yeah. Felt a little bit like bit like labor pains. It's bad. Really bad. I was a little bit scared about Choplin. So you're telling me that's what it's like?


Oh, I don't even know don't you. What you like Christmas should be. I mean, I was very nervous and but anyway, I put that on Instagram, somebody's message saying I have a feeling that you're going to have your baby in twenty twenty genuinely made us a little bit sad.


I don't want to have to write it. Yeah. Don't want to have to write it. And of no disrespect, anyone whose children have been born in 2020.


Yeah. But I'm nearly so close. Yeah. I'm near the end. I'm like, look I just want to write twenty one. Yeah. So I don't have to think ever again. I agree anyway. Beefs.


Yeah. What do you want. I mean I've got it. My first beef with you there is just because how insensitive that is because I've got to think about it. Twenty twenty all the way until 2022 because that's where me too has been rescheduled for.


I still can't believe that you keep getting called twenty twenty. Unbelievable in it. Yeah. I probably should've said this earlier in the podcast actually me twenty twenty spring tour which is now be moved to twenty, twenty one has if you listen to it on Friday, it's now be announced that you moved it again to twenty twenty two.


That's the fucking twenty, twenty two. I will happen.


I mean hopefully everything cost the happen. Autumn. Autumn twenty one will be. What was the second leg of the two. I will now become the first leg of the tour. Yeah. Then the end of the twenty twenty two will happen in twenty twenty two. Chris. I hope so. Crazy.


What, what. Crazy.


Anyway so there you are, so unemployed. It's modern.


It's had another fucking job. Well speaking of jobs, I tell you what, this rule's history. I don't mean because I used to be a standup comedian am I speak with you is right. And it's ongoing and it's just annoying. I just have to put up with it. Put my beef with you is I used to be a stand up comedian question what standup comedian I was.


No, I'm a fucking cameraman for your Instagram, Filemon. All kinds of waffle as you sell any old. Shite on the Internet, don't you dare. Don't you dare, I have done some lucrative, lucrative really well, no sponsors. I am so chuffed with the ad that I've done recently. They are good.


The shit goes, yes, you have found them and you whinge all the way through.


But you know what, Chris, who's been in the moolah, you may not have brought it up when it was just me bringing in the flip and did like I did.


Oh, you did. covid you all the way through these coattails of fucking honestly like cinderblocks to you.


So I kind of it's when you spring it on, it's where if you go look when you fill in that outfit and I'm like, absolutely, but it's when you just like literally I don't I do something and you're like, oh, can you quickly film this?


And I'm like, oh, I just want to do something else.


But then I've just got to like it's like I'm in a little box, a little break glass if you need some video thing and I just pop out and just video you doing something.


Yeah. Yeah. Do you remember, do you remember though when I had Robin in you went on tour and I quit my job to be a full time driver. That I do. That was a big glass that I broke. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So get back in your box. Shut your shit. Merry fucking Christmas on the beach as well.


No, I don't want another beef. But was it little sweetie, little girl, you keep leaving your monkey, little crusty Gavaskar and spoons everywhere. And sick of it, there was one at the table this morning pocketed. I said I wasn't there.


She's got nothing to go back there because just musters for the last one I had about one year ago. Honestly, get a life. I've got to two yep, greedy ubon Robin keeping me alive in Canada. Yeah. Every day I come down because you always win.


You know what I. I'm trying not eat much chocolate because it makes you. You're welcome. No, but you know what, it doesn't go out did and come when the baby comes. I could then I could demolish that. I've been on that. So leave it alone. And you're not teaching them nothing by letting them always eat mine. Right?


I mean mine.


No one wants another one. No.


Another one here. Pregnancy related. Oh, right. OK, yeah, absolutely.


So the other morning I said to you, I said obviously because it's getting a lot closer and I'm just not sleeping very well waking up in the middle of the night. So I said, you, Chris, I'm just I'm not sleeping. Well, I said, and I am I sleep in the middle of the night because I can't tell whether I'm awake or I'm asleep because I just feel like I'm in this lucid sort of whatever. And you said you were like EVC.


Honestly, me too. And this is exactly what you said. You said, you know what I think it is? I think it's our brains preparing us. And to which I replied, Chris, there's literally nothing happening.


Your body, you are fucking unbelievable. Why would your brain believe, right, but this physically nothing going on in your body. Yeah, but everyone's different anatomy brain knows it's Babycham and I think I'm just waking up in the middle Nycole now, you might have to be up at some point. Wow.


Oh, well, it's either that either way, you know, because I was a baby coming or someone's taking fucking selfies in bed in the dark and this flash is happening because you can't sleep. Someone named no names because you can't sleep lying in the dark on Instagram, taking photos of us like a fucking headcase.


And that's like I feel like a lightning.


Oh, no, it's me wife. Take in middle of the night selfies next to us in bed.


Stupid dick hashtag contest. Sick of it. That's how you know, by the way, I don't know if I'm not Christian, if I'm Stephen. Well, I'll tell you what, right. When you're not taking selfies, are you fucking a sleep prick?


I thought I had a good one.


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Ibu dooby dooby dooby dooby. It's time for questions from the public, from the public public, but ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba. Public health also. Oh okay. Oh, there you go. Laughing All the way. Don't do the laugh. I don't like it.


Don't tell you right now. All right. Beechworth beefs with the world here.


I don't like the laugh at the laugh on that laughing when I was.


I like it and I hate it when people sing Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and shout like a light bulb and honestly hate it.


You are the complete opposite. Spoiling Christmas classic McAlpin not like Pinocchio.


You used to call him and play games like Pinocchio, like Monopoly, not stop it for the movie when you learn those bits.


I never learn them until I heard your stupid family doing them. And I still don't know what you know what corvids mean. Horrible. In 2020 at least I don't have to go to that house on Boxing Day. At least listen to those bastards.


Ruin that song and listen to that overuses family. I mean, that's. Oh, really? You will ruin that. So let me just let me all tell you why we're not having the party on Boxing Day, because we, 83 year old Nana is vulnerable to call these vulnerable songs.


She's vulnerable. Shitty song is getting ruined. That's why how deep it is.


Who may in trying to sing that song, all of them. Tell you what, honestly, how everyone a classic bustards anyway.


What's happening? This is the worst Christmas special ever.


It's really Christmassy and festive, but there's also a really, really sort of bitter, nasty undertone, which is the mind is my favorite way to work it.


Guys, as always, if you want to get in touch, a chuck marriage, a personal massive thank you from Rosie to everyone for the Christmas stories that they've been sending.


You say you're really happy with it. We've had some absolute bangers. Yeah, really, really good ones. I'm excited about this Christmas questions and stories.


What's all the stories that hardly ever questions? By the way, guys, don't email Chakraborty in order to combat any more Christmas stuff until next year. It's just normal stuff from here on in. Yeah, so there you go. Don't tell me what to do. Hi, Chris and Rosie, hope you both as well as you can be in this shitty town. Happy days. There we are, boom. Before Christmas, when I was around 13, my older sister asked me to do her a favor.


She asked me if I could borrow my best friend's camera and take some festive, sexy photos of her to put on a calendar as a Christmas present for her boyfriend. Proper Fokin.


We are going to get I'm going to get in here early.


I'm going to get in here early, say, asking your 13 year old sister or brother and sisters, three sisters or God, or borrow a camera as well.


Hey, you want to tell them for us on a borrowed camera? I do, yes, definitely.


I'm guessing this is before camera phones and stuff.


So they will tell us how to go to boots and get them possibly the look.


Did you not have the one friend who got a digital camera before everyone else? Yeah, yeah, yeah. It looked a little hot. I asked that friend to know what would be my dad's possibly.


Yeah, well, I said my sister's quite strange. So this request wasn't completely abnormal behavior. So picture this or you might not want to. Actually, I'm standing taking photos of my sister in this festive laundry in front of our big Christmas tree in the dining room.


She's in that in that dining room, son, I was watching.


She then says, I know I'll get naked and wrap some lights around me. Next thing you know, I was helping her wrap these lights around. The weirdest thing I know. Wow. I was thinking, you do not look sexy. You look like a burrito.


She couldn't move her arms at all. So there's no fucking way. I love it, though, I love it. Thing is that, you know what?


I love losses and Christmas lights and know that.


But people do stuff like barbed wire. People do stuff like this. People do sexy when shooting that cockamamie head around it as well.


A calendar as well. Getting a boyfriend, a sexy Christmas. You go put your calendar on your wall. Where is he going to put it? Exactly.


Oh, anyway, here we go.


Anyway, I was snapping away and then my dad.


Yes, my dad was into the different course he did at the time, the family dining room, my sister's shit herself and tried to hide but could not because she was wrapped in a Christmas tree lights.


So I turned the lights off so we can't say yes.


Oh fuck.


She ended up rolling onto the floor and pulling the plug out and nearly tipping the tree over. My dad simply said OK, and walked out the room. Wow.


You know, actually, I've just got really annoyed that, well, she took the lights off the tree. It sounds like she's taking them from the drip, drip, drip, drip, drip around a naked body in the dining room. I hear honestly, when Robert removes one ornament from the tree, I'm region or horrible.


Oh, God, I'm not one for having teenagers like, oh, in it. Not Dad as well.


Can I just say he's seen some shit, but he walked into the dining room, the family dining room and see yet one daughter taking photos of the other daughter naked, wrapped in lights and go OK and walked out. That's the tip of the iceberg of what he's seen. Yeah. Yeah, she sounds a bit intense. What would my dad do, I wonder?


I think my dad would possibly do the same. I mean, out of some questions. I'd have to I'd have to ask what was I'd have to ask what what would you ask what you like, what you're doing, what you do in whose cameras that he was going to put on the tree while you naked. What if you got electrocuted? What the fuck is wrong with you? Where's that been? Yeah. No, you'll get anything for Christmas.


Robidoux, Babalu, Babalu. But this one, I think, will cause a little debate between us, but I think we'll be on the same side. OK, ok. Not a bit. And become you not to be here at all. Actually. What a discussion. Maybe. I don't know. We'll see. OK, Deros increase original lovers of the podcast. Yeah.


We've been loving listening to you for more than a year now. We have even listened to you and labor and now a baby is called Rosie, born right at the start of Lockdown's. Isn't that nice?


Fuckin as if you needed any more smokiness.


Just guys stop doing and stop for fucking shit.


Sorry Mr Shit. Name no one's name in the business. Christopher other shit. What a shit name.


I'm sorry I haven't got any mail saying I love the podcast. Just a little boy. And here's the smokiness and he has the smugness.


I was talking about just what I needed this.


You'll be the next Gary. You will. Your name will die out soon. Really. Oh.


When was the last Christopher born. Well, well don't defend in all the galleries.


Gary's Gary's died out. It's died out. Nobody's going to get Gary. Jack.


Oh, tell me when the last Christopher was born, do you know any Christopher's body?


No. Rosie, I'm sorry. I don't keep track of all babies born with my name. And I guarantee that's something you would do, to be fair.


Well, I knew when I had my maiden name, when that I knew that there was only nine. Rosie went as in the whole world.


So we had no. Oh, gosh. Oh, my goodness, no.


There was only there was only nine Rosie bananas. But I was the only rules. Mary went there because my real name. How did you find that out at Google? This I don't want I don't believe it to what an arrogant thing to be Googling me.


We'll see how many may there is either you or me fucking like the worst remake of Hylander ever.


I'm sorry, but let us just have something. This was when I was just a struggling entertainer singing in the social. And I thought, you know what? There's only nine to me.


Oh, but this Lord Christopher Ramsey's and to be fair, you sullied my name when I read you the Tonda Roosevelt was the. Oh my Lord. A common name that common. I have a mystery from my childhood that I thought you may enjoy. But it's not a Rosies mysteries, OK?


Not one mystery. There's loads of them. This is just a normal mystery. It's only nine Rosies mysteries. Oh, shut up. My family used to have Christmas Day in the Canary Islands every year. Crikey, isn't that nice? Oh, the other half. Oliver, would you go abroad for Christmas? No, no, no. I don't think I'd like to. Yeah, I'm on board with Kevin McCallister. Why one home alone. Two, why they go into Florida for Christmas where there's no snow and there's no Christmas trees.


I mean, I know there's no snow yet, but it's nice to be a bit about this year.


Would you. Are you kidding me? Anyway, if somebody said, oh, here's a little ticket to Bermuda for Christmas, why would you like to go?


Well, why not Bermuda? Why can't I choose where I'm imagining that you pulled that one out, right. Dude, it's hot there, isn't it? I. Barbados, maybe. Yes. Something else with the beach.


Maybe Australia where there's no covid restrictions whatsoever.


I told you I'd go if I wasn't having this baby would probably be there now. OK, I've seen again. You've ruined Christmas. Well, so have you used to take this? I was even for the show up at. It's just it's just an accident. Anyway, so they used to have it in the Canary Islands every year, and it was mainly so my mom could avoid my dad's family. Excellent. And so we used to do for Christmas the week before the real event.


Brillion one morning I was about eight years old. My little brother and I woke early full of the joys of Christmas. We were sent downstairs to play until a more respectable time by our parents.


And so we headed in the front room to see what Santa had brought us now in our family. This is where this really upsets us. We are not allowed to open our presents until after breakfast. When we're all dressed up, we even take it in turns to open. Then it goes on forever.


And that's not the golden button. And Turns is nice.


But after breakfast and it is, we're absolutely not allowed to open anything until we're all ready. Wow.


That's torture. Some families do it after dinner. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


Was that that was it that it was a burp that sounded like you burst into tears. Oh yeah.


Total acid reflux. But yeah. Also very sad because I went to school with someone who used to wait until our grandparents got there after. Christmas lunch, and I was like, you don't overdo it. What do you do until two o'clock in the afternoon? Yeah, no, no, no, no. Well, that's the thing for so these people you talk about.


No, they don't open them until they're already and after breakfast. So what so what let's do already and after breakfast time frames here. So someone could have you could have a banana and all yesterday's clothes on without getting a wash.


Yeah. Betty, put someone else in your family. You could be having to fry up an aide in a suit. Absolutely. Oh, not dry.


Or a lot of people do curls in the hair and forget. Forget to wait for no chance at all but this. Yeah, so me and my brother were throwing a son a Beanie Baby around and it fell behind the armchair. Oh, I went to retrieve it only to find a shiny new scooter with a big bow on it. The scooter was at the top of my brother's Christmas, which wish he was very excited. And we had a very good look at all its features totally against the opening presents policy.


Wow. Being young and innocent, we then rushed upstairs to tell our parents what we had found. We were all in their bedroom, even the dog. When we heard a big bang from downstairs, it was like a loud popping sound. My mom, followed by my brother, went to investigate and came upstairs two minutes later to tell us that the scooter had disappeared. What the hell? My mom claimed it was because we had peeked at the present before present opening time and Father Christmas had to come and take it back.


Consequence. What the hell? Now, eight year old me was already questioning the old Santa theory anyway, so I went to check and it had totally disappeared. Anyway, we later opened our presence at the correct time, and my brother was feeling particularly disappointed that it hadn't reappeared, some tears were shed because of were and my parents tried to reassure him that Santa would know that finding it was a mistake and he would bring it back at some point.


This general cruel to the four.


Can we just clarify? Christmas Day is the one day that I like to just relax, parent, because you have to do it all through the year. These these guys are like shit hot on it, even on Christmas Day. Right. Like the whole consequence thing that you found that present before you are allowed alternated Santas took it back. That's so cruel. So what the hell's happened?


Well, listen on, dear friend.


Honestly, you should have been the Rosies, mister. I'm on the edge of my seat. I'm crying. But you know what?


I did think about that. But then I couldn't find out where to put them in the cliffhanger. Sorry. It's OK.


It's OK. Just tell where we all popped off to my nan's to show her our Christmas hole only to return to the bloody scooter being back behind the OMG.


Oh, to this day we have absolutely no idea what really happened. And my parents still claim it was that my brother and I have exactly the same memory of this. So it's not even as if we could be confused. Did my parents have an accomplice? Did Father Christmas really take it away? How will we ever know the truth? Wow, I mean, honestly. Yes, nasty, yes, probably called the kid, probably cried. I mean, he saw the scooter that it was his main present.


I'm not down with this. He'd seen it. They'd found it.


It then disappears for the day for a couple of hours by the sounds of things. Who left the house and came back. And he finds it in the afternoon.


Horsh, I've got to admire know how rosy I've got to admire the execution of that.


That was good. Well done. Oh no.


But the account and the fucker nailed it. Oh, I'm sorry, but I really could be. Oh, I feel terrible.


Wow. I mean, I bet they believe for a few more years.


I bet they were well behaved kids, to be fair. Listen, you got to do what you've got to do to get in on Christmas Day. That's amazing. I'm dreading this year. I'm dreading early. He's going to get he's going to not going to sleep. He's not get up at five o'clock.


I've told you the rule. That's where I will be a little bit strict. We've talked we've talked about this before. He's not getting up any earlier than six. Six. Is that that's OK. That's fine. And that's pushing it.


Or just had no idea what you know, the new Christmas house we've got on with all with the noise in there. Yeah. I can plug it in and put it on a timer. And you can see until you hear the music of that thing, someone being put the timer on and it can listen for downstairs and then when it comes on, it go down OK.


OK, but I will explain that. But then there's always going to be listening on.


I thought, yeah, OK, what if you set it for like half sakes, what if by some accident, no fucking chance on earth I'm going to set for half six.


Oh but then you'll be sat there for ages and will be asleep.


But what if if by some fluke accident leaps into like nine o'clock but it turns out half, six months on.


OK, well. Oh God.


I don't know. See, this is why people do stuff like that with the scooters I'm totally on board with. No, I'm not. You're not that awful.


And there's some work well done. I'm looking to do the same kind of thing this year. I'm not going to try and implement it properly. Terrible behavior. IBEW Babadook by Rosie and Chris. I've been thinking of sending this story for some time, but one, it's seasonal. And two, it's embarrassing to think my husband is a monster. Oh, so this is from a while back. She sent this in, but it is seasonal. So about my husband made the mistake of telling me a story from his younger years.


Why he told anyone this, I have no idea.


I am mortified. Oh, I'm excited.


Here goes on Christmas Eve, he had gone out with his mates and told he went back to the girl's house who lived with her parents and, you know, Christmas shag all that. I mean, I think this is called a shock, but yes, not a Christmas special.


OK, if you would like, at Sound Effect on I believe.


All I'm saying is if you've I mean, you've probably warned, but if you fancy it on Christmas Eve, I could put that sound effect on thirty seconds long. Yeah.


Just your favourite.


We'll have to do it three times and put it on loop, ok. As it was Christmas Eve, he left after the deed, not wanting her parents to have a nasty shock in the morning, but like Santa Resarch and then left.


Oh, hey, let's not let's go on his way out of the house, he went through the kitchen and saw the Christmas turkey.


I know. Walking with the Christmas side cooked, ready for Christmas dinner. Oh.


Thinking it would be fine in brackets or just didn't care.


And seeing as he didn't get his dirty kebab on the way home, he helped himself to a turkey leg and a few rose D for the war is unforgivable.


Can you imagine not having as many rules.


These are Turkey because your slog of a system orzo more on Christmas Eve.


I would be rigid. Oh my. Can you imagine? It's terrible. It's terrible. So bad.


It says here he doesn't see why this is so bad, even though the girl sent a text the next day telling him he ruined.


As one of the best stories you oughta shit, but honestly, I'd be so upset, so bad I saw all night, did I ever tell you about my mates and two mates?


Michael and Steven went out, I more younger, and Steven used to often Steven for the reason I didn't want you to name them.


Yeah, yeah. No, it's not too bad. Yes. It's just awful stupid. Michael.


Michael live in the same estate and stuff and far away and it got in on Saturday night and the door like steam and drumkit. I don't think they've got it obviously haven't got take. We're not like yeah let's have some big and so on. Is this some baked in the fridge. It's itself some big Sony and the made these big sandwiches in the said that were like eating them like why the bacon's like thick got big and miserable. It was the gunman for the Sunday dinner the next day.


My mom was right. We, we are we have children. Yeah. We are ready to eat.


She said already on this podcast, this episode I'm dreading having a teenager it well my mom I remember when my brother used to go out when he was younger and he had this habit of coming in and just fry in food. And my mom would like wake up in the middle of the night every single time because he'd just leave the gas on.


Oh, God, you would just leave it on and she'd be like every day, you know what I mean?


He's just like comatose on the sofa.


And he used to put I always one of these you have toast with mayonnaise on. So then the next day it be in his room and it would be like congeals.


Oh yeah. Like what it feels like, like I'm translucent. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Horrible.


Horrible. Yeah. We're going to have that. I'm dreading it. Yeah. I would do Bob a double double.


Now at this point when we're going to be asked, we normally have a celebrity question. I'm going to be bothered and we've found one. Am I right. Yes. Yeah. But we haven't done that for ages.


And it's, I mean I think it's still in the description but it shouldn't even be there.


We've run out of celebrity major stuff and I feel awkward asking people. It's weird because you asked them in the gaggle. We asked you a question to go what? And I go, well, we've had like almost a hundred episodes have been asked everything. There's probably nothing else that you can ask.


But anyway, normally would have a celebrity question. We don't have a celebrity question, but as it's Christmas as as 20/20, as the year has been an utter piece of shit for many people. We've got a very, very special segment coming up from ASDA and the Trussell Trust and Joy Robidoux Baba Do Babadook.


This year, ASDA has donated an additional five million pound to FairShare and the Trussell Trust to help the country's most vulnerable people through covid-19 given more than four million meals to families who've been impacted by the virus and more than 3000 charities access to free food.


Now we all know who was Derra, and I've no doubt that we've all stepped inside one of their many stores at some point in our lifetime. But you may not have heard of Trussell Trust.


The Trussell Trust are a wonderful charity which support a national network of food banks to help provide emergency food and practical support to people in crisis, while also working towards a future where everyone can afford the essentials in life.


To tell us a little bit more about how Asda, along with the Trussell Trust, are helping the country's most vulnerable people right now, we are joined by the senior director of community and corporate affairs at ASDA. That's Joel Warner and also chief executive of the Trussell Trust, Emma Rêve. Hello. Hi.


Hello. Lovely. Very nice.


You know. So that sounded really formal. But you can chat now.


So that was the formalities. You've got your full CV and there was an adoption. That was everything. That was your record of achievement that was added.


Thank you so much for joining us. And we're looking forward to hearing a lot more about what as the interest of trust what you guys are up to this year.


So let's start off. What is the situation of poverty like in the UK at the moment? And how is Asda chosen to help tackle this issue?


So last year for banks and our network providers and one point nine million emergency food parcels to people who are in financial crisis and seven hundred thousand of those were actually four children, and we've seen that situation just gets so much worse as we've moved into the pandemic. So in the first six months of the pandemic, we were giving out two thousand six hundred parcels to children every day on average, which is a massive increase of 47 percent over the previous year.


So we know we know the situation is bad. And our food banks, very often it's just the tip of the iceberg, because during the pandemic, lots of other emergency community organisations have sprung up to provide emergency food aid. And we know it's likely to get worse as we go into winter as well. So as more people are facing the fallout of the pandemic and losing their jobs, also the added pressure of winter and heating costs, we're anticipating that we're probably going to be handing out food parcels every nine seconds.


Oh, my. It's just it's just not right. It's not right that anyone is going to rely on a food bank that much. And I. And we know it can change and we want to we want to see it change. No one should have to have to come back under your house. Asda chosen to tackle this. We started off by hunger, great change, partnership with the Trust and FairShare, who are a food distribution charity back at the end of twenty seventeen.


As a food retailer, you know, we're in hundreds of communities around the country.


So are our colleagues, as we call them. People that work in the stores. They, they see this and they know, they know the families that come in who are struggling. We have this network of community champions. So all of our biggest stars has a committed champion. And they are out that they're in schools, they're volunteering, they are working with food banks. And they're really our eyes and ears on the ground because every community is different.


Back in twenty seventeen, our customers actually we asked them, what are the issues that you want us to address? And the food poverty was was top of that list working with with Emma and the team. Atrocitus you know, they're the real experts in this. So we've given over 23 million in that time, over the three years. And really we focused on the immediate crisis needs of the need, which is, you know, walking into a food bank and needing food that day, but also then what we call modern food services.


So, Emma, Emma describes it really eloquently, actually, where, you know, you'll have someone who comes in and the immediate need is food. They want to take them food. And actually the feedback manager will say to them, look what we're going to make of a bag of food for you. You will take that home today. But actually, while they're there, while that bag of food is being made up, we're funding modern food services, which is, you know, it might be a debt counselor or a citizens advice counselor who can sit there and talk to them about the root cause of what's driven them to be there today.


And, you know, usually it is one or two things that don't go that way are investment on the side. So fairshare actually redistribute food from from our stores. So is actually redistributing all of that food waste, as we call it. But it's perfectly edible. It's great. And actually, we're we're sending that out via fairshare to to food banks, to food banks or the food banks and to other local community groups.


I love that idea. I love what you do. And as well with the community officer in each store, then I just love the idea that there's somebody there working with the charity, knowing exactly who's coming into the store and what's going on. And I just think that's such a good idea. And to be on the ground.


Yeah, I didn't know that was one.


I recently actually opened your neck of the woods in that same field with Mavis. And Mavis is our community champion at South Shields and. Oh yeah. Oh my goodness.


You need to go find Mavis. She is just a beacon of light and she just she is we've been there all the time.


We will relax with this. We'll be there should be out in the community eventually. We'll try. We'll try to do it.


What it's you know, it's so strange. We'll know our faith. We'll go in and then someone will go, that's Wavves. I'll go. Yeah, I've seen it. Yeah.


Well, so what does it mean to yourself onto the Trussell Trust to have us support?


Oh, it's it's been really incredible working with our staff. And I think it's it's great to have to work with a partner who is not only supporting you with your immediate needs. And like there were times the start of the pandemic where we were literally on the phone to Joel and her team every day, and they were calling stories individually for food banks to source items. So that kind of partnership in the immediate needs, but also who like and who stand with you side by side in your long term goals.


And I think that's what's incredible is not there's no just acceptance that food banks should be the norm, but an absolute understanding that we need help now because we're seeing increased demands and numbers of people coming to food banks. So standing with us in that kind of compassionate response and helping us provide food, but also really standing with us and saying it's not right that anyone should need to come to a food bank and we need to create change. And the grant funding that we received from Asda that we've been able to give directly to our food banks that have employed their advisors and support workers and provided space in which to sit and support people that that kind of specialist training and support.


It's really like taking a positive stance on tackling the underlying reasons why people come to food banks and and hopefully make it that if these had to come to a food bank once, they don't have to come again because we've been able to to support them. And I think we we really feel strongly that we we don't have to live in a society where food banks are the norm. The partnership with Asda in that and that commitment to that longer term goal has is really invaluable and has meant a lot to us.


That's great to know that.


It's so interesting because obviously you you kind of think about food bank. Well, they just give out food parcels to people who need them. But there's so much more going on behind the scenes. And I think it's great that you do have a. Advice and because that's what people need. People don't want to have to go to a food bank, they want to not have to go to the food bank, but they need help to be able to achieve their cause, which is a long term goal, which is just phenomenal.




I think from from our perspective, as Emma described, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Trussell Trust in their and their mission for a hunger for your future is is essential. You know, we're a food retailer. We sell food. It is very much in our in our minds, close to our hearts, our customers hearts, that that everyone has an affect. You know, as I said, food banks shouldn't need to exist, such as campaign is is spot on, as usual, and we're right behind them.


So Geor, fight hunger, create change is just one pillar from as as creating change for better initiative, which is all about building a better world and more sustainable future. Can you tell us a little bit more about that? Yeah, of course.


So there are overarching program is called Creating Change for Better. And the we have four pillars. Better lives, better communities, better planet, better business. But essentially, as it is a big business in the UK, we know it's our responsibility to help make the world a better place and our customers are really, really keen on doing so. So they've talked to us about food poverty. They talk to us about plastics. They're creating change for better program is just this overarching program where we're we're looking at our business operations.


We're listening to our customers about the issues that they care about. And essentially, you know, again, it does what it says on the tin. We're trying to create change for better within our own business and our supply chain.


So how did Asda support FairShare and the Trussell Trust this year during the pandemic specific? There were a few things that that we that we did initially. So one of them emerged, described as, you know, we there was there were certain food banks, I think, particularly in London, but but all over the country, that that had specific requests, things that they needed to keep going. And we so we got on the phone to those shops.


And we were obviously at the time we we were selling out of things. The there was a we never had a shortage, but it was they it was the flow of food and other products to the stores that was the issue. So there was some kind of on the spot, store by store, foodbank by food bank connections. And we also we gave this an additional five million, which was split between Fascher and Trussell Trust.


And and Emma can talk talk a little bit about, you know, in terms of where that money went and that the funding from ASDA helped us to, first of all, roll our referral much further so somebody could be referred from a telephone service somewhere and country if they were speaking to their housing officer on the telephone, for example, they could send an E referral to that person because they knew their food was coming and then that could be delivered to their home rather than having to leave their home and connect to food.


Bank and food banks had never run like that before. And so it was amazing to have the support to be able to to do that. And also the thing that was really kind of keeping me up at the time was the idea that people wouldn't know where to go at all, that you'd have nowhere to go. So we set up really quickly together in Partnership Assistance Advice, a national helpline where people could call and say free phone number to say that I have no idea how to get referred to to my local food bank or what I can do.


And we started off with like four people. We've now got thirty people manning that help centre. Amazing to be able to do it really quickly.


And the point when it was needed and and with with help from from Asda quite literally springing into action like superheroes, just really impressive. It's amazing.


So, Emma, as we've been talking about, it has been a really, really difficult year. Christmas could be a hard time for a lot of people, obviously. How are you guys continuing your support over the festive period?


So our food banks have already, just as the increased lockdown measures have been coming in, I've already seen a further surge again just in the last few weeks. And we're really anticipating this winter being our busiest winter ever. So our focus is on providing that emergency support to people at the point that they need it and doing it in whatever way is necessary. So one of the things that's amazing about our volunteers is there's absolutely no way they were not going to keep going.


And during this month, like, they have knocked my socks off. But ultimately, none of us volunteers, people who run in food banks, none of us want anyone to have to go to food bank. That's why this Christmas, we are launching our campaign to fight for hunger free future. We know things can change. And right now, as we work together to rebuild our societies, we come out hopefully in the early part of next year, we come out of this pandemic.


We have a real opportunity to think again and begin that work of ending the need for food banks in our country.


You know, Christmas is the. And to be really difficult this year, though, we were supporting Trust's hunger, hunger free future and we're actually committing to providing a million meals to families between now and November and Christmas. And that through a mix of things, it's ah, it's a pack of store donations through fairshare. It's through the community champions that I mentioned going out into the community and delivering this food. And they look trolly at the front door, which which customers are donating.


So there's lots and lots of ways that we're doing that.


So, Emma, what is the Trussell Trust vision for the future and how are you working with Asda on this? We're working towards a hunger free future, a future where no one needs to use a food bank because everyone can afford the essentials in life and we think this is possible and that things can change. So as they are supporting us in lots of ways moving forward, including helping us to develop our national helpline so it can continue to provide free, independent and confidential advice, enabling people to gain the knowledge, confidence to move forward from that crisis, whoever they are and whatever their problem.


And that that's really critical in terms of supporting people with the underlying reasons that have forced them to have to come to a food bank. We're also really excited to continue to work with ASDA to help providing more transformational grants to our food banks. And that will include supporting people with income maximisation, advice in the food bank, supporting them. We know that that's really essential to maximise the amount of money in people's pockets. And we're also really proud to be working with Asda in our fight for a hunger free future by working together, raising awareness about the the reasons why people are forced to have to come to food banks and working together, hopefully with also some of your listeners in joining our movement, our campaign for a hunger free future.


I think this pulls really hard on my heartstrings because when I was younger, we were on income support for about five years. And in order to keep our house by the end of the week, my mum used to go round the supermarket with a calculator and she literally had to pound in a purse. And food banks were a thing then. But my grandparents, we were lucky enough that my grandparents and my aunts and uncles used to come round with parcels of food.


And I remember gosh, I remember just the feeling of just it was just wonderful. And it was I was so young, I didn't really understand it. But the fact that my parents had to rely on family for food and back then, if food banks had been a thing, they might they might have been going to a food bank themselves. And I just think what you're doing is such an important job, so rosy.


I saw on your Instagram story that you recently visited your local food bank. And I know you regularly support food banks. How how did you find that every time you're visiting there? And how did you feel about that? It's a strange one.


There's a mix of emotions because I'm really proud of my local community and how people come together and the donations that they get. And there was loads of local businesses donated and raised money throughout the year and things like that. But then so there's the pride and there's the this is great.


But then there's also the actual oh, this is this is terrible that this has haven't happened, you know. So it's a real mix of emotions. But obviously, I'm really grateful that it's there. And we have stayed in our hometown where we where we grew up. And it's lovely to know that we can help out in that people are protected and looked after. And like you say, there's so much more goes on with Trussell Trust and with all the local food banks.


It's not just hand. It's not just, oh, there you go. There's some you know, there's a couple of bags of pasta or whatever. It's chatting to them. It's getting to know them and it's helping in other ways. And then it's hopefully, like you've said, Emma, it's going OK, hopefully will not see you again. Not in an awful way, but you might now be sort a little bit through the help that you've got.


And like you say, it doesn't have to go on forever, but it is happening right now and people need the help. And it's just really reassuring knowing that Asda are doing all of this work and the Trussell Trust are there. So for almost to thank you so much. Thank you indeed.


And listeners, please get involved and help in any way you can.


Guys, that was once so much.


It is so massive. Thank you. To join Emma for everything to do and and for joining us there. And if you want to get involved, dear listener, here's three ways that you can you can donate to permanent collection points in larger ASDA stores to support local food banks.


Look out for the green fight hunger trollies.


You can also donate money to help give more people a place to turn this Christmas text as day to seven double zero eight five. That's as day to seven double zero eight five to donate three pound to the Trussell Trust text cost three pound plus your standard network read UK mobiles only seek Bellport permission. 100 percent of the donation will be paid to the Trussell Trust registered charity number one one one zero five double to your donation can be made up until. 23, 59 p.m. on the 31st of December 2020 for full decencies visit as a dot com forward slash fight hunger.


And you can also join the fight for hunger free future by signing up to the Trussell Trust Company and at Trussell Trust dot org slash hunger free future.


Thank you. Ba ba ba ba ba. Thank you so much for listening. Have a wonderful Christmas from our house to yours. And we'll be in the house on Christmas Day with another little Christmas special. Yes, indeed. Have a very, very merry Christmas. Beautiful, beautiful people. Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. One thing is certain, we all need something to look forward to. So why not give your loved ones the gift of a night away with a gift voucher for one of Ireland's amazing accommodation options?


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