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Hello, you're listening to Jagmohan annoyed with me, Rosie Ramsay and my husband, Chris Ramsey, and this is a very special episode.


This is our first out of office reply of twenty twenty one of twenty twenty one, because remember, we used to do our office supplies when we went on holiday. Remember holidays.


I don't really remember what they all just think in in olden days. Yeah. Everyone used to go on a plane and then go over some wind of them.


The things that you enjoy yourself on. Yeah. No fun. No.


And enjoyment and happiness. Not really. It well, it was sad. I'll give you a book. You got to read it really good. Is a visit. There's a book about it. It's called The History Book.


It's called because that's where all the fun and joy is. Guys, normal life guys, you join us at a makeshift little thing. It probably sounds the same, but it's a makeshift little one in my office. Isn't it rosy? And you want to tell everyone what you sitting on?


I mean, could have it. That's not our partner. I'm sitting on one of the pregnancy balls ready to pop on. You ready to go?


We are. It is. It's time we record. And it's eight o'clock at night on Tuesday. The whatever the hell this is fifth John.


5TH of January for your new baby's birthday. Yeah. Yeah. Doesn't even know the sweetest thing I've ever heard.


Don't commit to memory until it's set in stone. Otherwise, you just use the hard drive space.


However, we are want in the brand new lock down. So that's fucking right. And we are having a baby two days into the brand new lockdown lockdown as well.


So yeah, this is basically a collection of some of the questions from the public that we've had over the past over the past year or so that haven't actually made it.


Now, the reason they don't make it in is because they're a bit too rude in it.


Yeah, yeah. But usually because they're a bit too is one very rude one in this collection, I must say.


Yeah, but there's a very happy one as well. But as well we do record a lot of stuff. Yeah. We, we talk a lot.


A lot. I mean this was supposed to be a quick one. It's an actual joke how long this it's going on.


And if you listen carefully to these, we're having a drink. It's a it's a plonkers. These are all over an eight month old.


Yeah, yeah. Chris, you drink for the first four weeks.


Wow. She's committed that to a podcast. Excellent. So, yes, some of them are filthy.


All of them are silly. We just listened. We enjoyed them. I hope you do too.


I would do Babadook. Babadook. Hi, Chris and Rosie. Hi. I've just finished listening to this week's podcast and with how much you love the office pool, I reckon you'll enjoy this office pool for all I know.


Well, this is this is an office pool. Get in. And the guy I was casually saying once told me his high school, I pay the most amount of wanks he'd had in did not know how many people he slept with.


No, no.


I know that was, you know, high school, how many ones he's had in the day right now.


This is really sorry. So come on, let's take a moment to dissect this here. Why is he counting? Why is he aiming for so high and why is he telling a stranger?


I don't know. Why is he telling a female who's trying to have a relationship with casually saying, yeah, does he think it's going to hey, just so you know, this me high school.


So if there's a woman involved as well lot about boy, you never know.


And she said this was an obscene amount, like really ridiculous. And and she said here like her actually.


How was that physically possible. Right. Because I was so horrified, so impressed at this. I then decided to slap him.


He's obviously he knows. He knows he's craft. You know what I mean? All these fairplay, maybe I would be like, no.


Well, I'll tell you, she would not. I was. Are you kidding me? No. You call yourself an author. I was so upset.


I'm sorry. And everyone I thought for a moment I was going to and I was. I'm sorry.


I know how many it is. I'm just let me just one. This is bigger than mine, like like a one itself. I'm just warming it up.


Matter one, because it's no warm up the school straight and before you know, before your mom comes upstairs. We are watching carry on sexy.


I then decided that everyone at work needed to know. Wow. And that I'd ask others for their high school. Oh my goodness.


It was a great morning and there was a massive variation in numbers.


Wow. Far too many people got involved. It even went as far that for a week or so after people would come up to me and start a convo with.


So I asked such what his high score is, blah, blah. I love the podcast. Thanks, Alice. Wow. Yeah. Oh, you know what it is, right?


You forget because we don't work in an office. We do an office was just the two, but because we don't work in a work. But you forget these people spend when you're with someone, when you work some way for a while, you spend every waking hour with them.


Oh yeah. So walking up to someone, you know, in accounts and going, hi. Yeah. Did you get that. Yeah. By the way, what's the most you've won in a day. You're not going to get a whole day. You know we're going to get a three like you're going to get a new.


But I've worked in offices before with some, a lot of stuff happened a little bit and God, I absolutely love it.


Right. Too many. Right.


So is this this guy's high school, right? So I need in order to give any detail about what he was doing that day.


Was he off or was he. I know what you mean. Think. Well, I'm guessing he must have been off. Yeah.


Or couldn't have you couldn't have put a shift in the way dance took a lot of toilet breaks.


Um, I'm going to guess because I have the required equipment.


Um, and I kind of know. Because after a while, it it's pointless. I mean, after a while, it's like. As you know, the little bits of cereal at the bottom of the bag, it's just not worth it's just not worth the eggroll, not the stuff that you put out, you know?


Yeah, but it does decrease and or I'm going to guess at. I'm going to go high, I'm going to go 10, right? OK. Yeah, I would say I think that's high. You are incorrect. OK. It's higher, right? Yeah. OK, you want to guess higher or he's disgusted and impressed.


So 15 higher. Twenty twenty four.


Goffman no way. Anyone. Twenty. Yeah. You know what the best bet is a bet you buy seventeen. It was like nah this is terrible. But he was like three more than twenty.


Yeah. It's impressive. No it's not. You don't think it is. How was it impressive. Because it's a it's a it's a big amount.


Let's not do it sort of at all.


It's really bad when we have you be twenty email an audit jemal dot com. Wash your hands before you type you minga.


I'll know the well I've got to read them all. Well I'm going to get e-mails about people's high school must be written so the thing's misspelled. I got the problem space's. I'm doing it now. Click, click, click.


Wanstead Ninety five died when you horror horror horror yabba dabba doo doo back.


I've got a question for what I'm excited and Sounness.


I'm very very sarcastic. Hi Krishnamoorthi. How do you feel about toast crumbs in the top of butter. My boyfriend leaves his toast crumbs in the Buddha willy nilly. Great use, great use of the phrase love willy nilly.


I need it now and I need to around it. And this is the second bit here. And do you think you should. Oh OK then. Right. Just then two questions. We'll answer that one first. Right. OK, well how do you feel about toast comes in the tub of butter is the question.


My opinion about this is I don't see it as a problem because it's just extra toast. Like it's not like it's not like it's like it's not like it's my boyfriend but as E.A. with the butter and leave pubes in the butter.


So it's sublimely well of course they do email and ideology.


But if you put your in and stop, you know, but like that's my point is it's toast. So it's just crumbs from the torso. All it is is crumbs mixed with the butter. So if you're going to if you're doing toast, maybe if you don't just butter in some bread and you don't want that crunch in it, but if your butter on toast again, just take it.


It's not like it's OK to disagree. What?


Because this comes from a person who clearly doesn't cook ever and only uses butter for toast. Me? Yeah. Yeah.


As a person who cooks things right, I use butter for other stuff. So see if I'm making a lovely pasta with like a white wine sauce, chili prawns and all that. And I want to put a little no butter in. You don't want bits of crumbs of toast in there. Why did you laugh? And no, I wasn't expecting the word no.


It was like Nigella Lawson just vulnerably saying, no, it's good fun then once it is right.


So you don't darkrooms in that. Right. OK, so if you if you got a bottle that's specifically for toast, then I can get on board with that. But do you know what I as a person who uses but in other meals, don't be putting your crumbs in there because you don't want that in other dishes, like on top of your shepherd's pie.


If you put in a bit about Iran to toast under the grill crumbs on top of shepherd's pie, why don't you put crumbs?


I'm sure you put crumbs on hodge pie right now. I help. You are a little trouble yourself.


Because you. Because you. Because you're wrong.


She doesn't have a by husband fishermans pie crumbs on that has cheese on and crumbs. I've seen there's some crawfish pie having to go this scrimmage on a fish pie.


It's definite chromed.


You're not the kind of person to leave crumbs in butter anyway, so I don't know why I don't. But all I'm saying is. But I think you've proved I think I'm on your side now is what I'm saying. I think I'm on your side. Yes. Maybe now I am. You've you, us.


The second question is, do you think you should shower at night, in the morning or both? Some people think it's minging going to bed without showering, whereas some people think it's minging getting up and going about your day without a shower.


Just roll to the bottom. These are really important questions and I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.


They are they are very good questions.


I don't know about the shower and one, because in a perfect world, I would love I never normally shower before bed unless it's a little treat you have never like if you never like thought or I'll have a shower.


Well, then again, if anyone knew I'm clean dad with clean sheets showered with clean sheets or.


Yeah but I have a bath nearly every night. Well it's just wasteful. I do not always big bath sometimes a little about an inch of water, just a little bath. And then I have a shower in the morning as well. Right.


Oh I'm sure I have to have a shower in the morning.


I don't think I can't go by medieval shower. I'm really sorry. Yeah. I have to agree with this. It has to be a hot nighttime. Fair enough.


Why why do people think it's minging to go to bed without a shower in your bed? It depends what you'd be doing.


I suppose if you haven't really done much then fair enough. But if you've done loads and you're a bit you would have a shower.


All right. So let's just assume you've got a normal day. You haven't been in the gym. You haven't gone for a walk and run. Would you want to shower before bed? Not necessarily.


I mean, you wouldn't have to you have to show before bed would be totally pointless because once you touch that pillow, you're contaminated anyway.


Yeah, maybe the problem is because I haven't been up there before bed. That's why my pillow so scruffy. Everyone out there. The problem is your pillows are to clean. That's why you need a shower.


Before that, I can we just clarify though, showers before bed were very much a luxury before children.


Mm hmm. Shouldn't you have kids? You can't be showering willy nilly at bedtime.


Well, we always seem to be able to it just willy nilly virus and.


Yeah, you can't actually wake them up. We haven't had showers before bed for a long time because it's just like would you pack it in with the shower because you're going to wake the band up.


I mean, we've got a bath downstairs while a bath gets used.


So let's agree. Showers in the morning on a night doesn't really matter as long as you do it in the morning.


I'm so glad we got to the bottom of that. Dealt with question three. How do you feel about crumbs in your shower? Abida ba ba ba ba ba ba.


Am I Rosie and Chris? A short and simple question for you. Why did you not have a pet? Well, why don't we have a pet.


Yeah, we do a lifestyle dog probably won't even fit in with your lifestyle even less so.


I don't want to pick up dog shit. I don't want cats came all over your kitchen counters. I love doing. I want to go to people's house. I love cats. I love dogs so much. You love an animal going off of someone's house and they've got a cat. I'm literally all over it. If I go there and got dog, I'm even worse. Like I've been at house parties before and I've literally left and took the dog into the room to do a photo shoot.


Me and the dog you really have. That was a very cute dog. Gorgeous. I remember that.


And yeah, I can guarantee that there would be no better additions to your house than the little dog part of us agrees, but yeah, OK.


Please do be warned that they do enjoy eating quite strange things. Right.


My dog Monty. The cover poo has a lovely habit of rummaging through my bedroom.


Bin writes the fact that it's a bedroom bin as upset as already.


I already feel bad for what it is that we are, that I feel like I already want to brush my teeth in the bedroom and there's not that many bad things in a bedroom, right? What is it?


Jesus make wipes, no rubbers ready. It's worse than them.


One Sunday morning after me and my boyfriend had done the deed, for fuck's sake, my dog had come running into my bedroom.


Oh, any cunny. Amy, don't worry, we were back in our pajamas by this point, he caught in the middle of his eyes. Oh, he's just decent, decent, and they're not going to be drop trapezius over his eyes.


They were covered. Looks like the Queen's Dogs. No, not yet. No, no, no. Jesus, no. That's actually a cover up. It was a cross between a King Charles Cavalier and a poodle.


So it's a flop. All right. I do know what you mean. I do know what you mean. Right. OK, OK. He immediately came to say hello to us, but I could then see him sniffing the air. He could smell his favorite thing. Right.


My I thought, oh, that's the one that. Oh no, stop sniffing the mike. What's what's been going on in L.A..


He's been having a jack shit.


Monty, I've said this before. Monty, I feel bad for you too, because it does smell like Yorkshire pudding mix. It's not your fault. It's not your fault.




Oh, hey, you know, before I could get the chance to stop him, he had jumped off the bed and his head was buried in the bin of Fox.


Put them in the toilet, you fucking pervert. That ultimately is why they're putting it in the bin minging.


If you have ever had a dog, you will know that nothing is stronger than a dog's jaw which is holding something they know they shouldn't have.


Fuckin Alman. Oh, apparently.


And I leapt out of bed to try and stop him eating the tissue, but he then legged it to go back to his favorite place, my parents bedroom.


The last thing I wanted was my mom or dad to have to prise a tissue covered in my boyfriend's come out of the dog's mouth, sorry.


So without thinking, I jumped out of bed to chase him.


Could I just say this is that thing where in your head you imagine the worst. They would have just gone what he got out of tissue, all that obviously saliva.


It goes in the toilet like I told you that none of us have spoke about on the podcast previously about when me and my friends on a holiday lit a tissue on fire on on a on a on a balcony.


And we threw it over. And the whole thing was like, I got a fishing rod to get it off the bottle below because I was like, they'll see it and it's burned.


So like she was panicking there and I had because there's no way you're going to go to your mom and dad's room and you're going to go and they're going to get out of its mouth and go, oh, the hold on.


This is your boyfriend's jism, right? Get out. You know, like that. Obviously just going to go Vasilyevna and throw it in the bin, but carry on.


But I mean, a lot of saliva has already lost saliva.


You can throw your opponent right now as many girls will know something which made my friend affectionately like to call the drip off of will often follow after sex affectionately and yes, boys, it is literally a huge dream.


More like a glob of cotton will fall out of your vagina if you get up too fast. This is true. This is very true.


I've been known to sit on the toilet and just wait for it to pass. They are just honestly, I'm not going to bed until it's all out.


Honestly, I don't I don't know if there will be, but there's any young men listen to this podcast who maybe haven't had sex yet or maybe have sex a couple of times.


It's honestly not as glamorous as you think it is.


It's awful. But this is another thing where I just get annoyed because how come you just get the good end with everything?


What do you mean you just do it and then leave leave your shit inside and then we have to deal with it. Uncomfortable all night. Sleeping with that. I have a shower after.


I ran into my parents room where Mondy was aggressively chewing the competition and grabbed him.


All of this is horrific, already grabbed him, sticking my hand straight down his throat, trying to ignore the drip, my parents were both sat in bed as it was Sunday morning, looking completely perplexed. I eventually got the tissue and walked out of the room. As I was walking back to my own room, I felt the dreaded drip slowly slide down my lower leg.


A dribble of cum slid into my ankle, making so much to Monty's delight, he couldn't believe his luck.


Instead, oh, this is horrible. Instead of jumping up for the commie tissue, he sniffed the white residue on my ankle and licked the corn on my foot.


Oh, and this is why I don't have a dog.


So I don't know.


That's. Oh, that's terrible. Look at that. My money went straight to the.


I'm on the back of your boyfriend.


Straight to the source. Oh.


Oh, honey, I'm going to I'm going to find your email and I'm going to search them words. I'm going to find your email.


I'm going to ask a dog off because you stories stop feeding your dog. You should have dongting over your disgrace.


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Hello. Hi, it's Helen from the dry cleaners here, and we found something in the pocket of the trousers you brought in. Oh, really?


Well, what was it, another pair of trousers? Oh, well, how do they get in there?


Like getting your money's worth. Enjoy the delicious new triple cheeseburger just to your 090 from the McDonald's Euro Saver menu.


Robidoux Rhubarb, Dooby, Dooby and Rosie. Hello. As a university holds flat halfway through our two weeks isolation for obvious reasons at the moment we thought it was appropriate to get in touch. Oh, bless heart.


We hang in there guys and all poor because they're ranging in ages 18 to 22. So naturally we are finding new and exciting ways to entertain ourselves in the evenings. Even before we went in isolation, being kicked out of the pub gives room for lots of exciting nighttime activities.


US, which lends the side question is it ever acceptable to throw a flatmate's mattress out of the window and hide in a tree? It wasn't raining. And for the rest of us who were simply spectators, this was great entertainment. Wow. Yeah.


It wasn't in the way they threw it wasn't raining in the beginning there.


Feels like that was the thing that was shouted during the most of the like. While someone's trying to get out of the tree, the person was going, who did it was going.


It wasn't really no funny man, but it's wet but it wasn't written.


The main purpose for this email, however, is to ask your opinion on so-called flat cest flat.


So it would appear everyone in life has a differing opinion on this matter. And as your podcast has kept us entertained for the last week, we were wondering where you stood on the matter. I don't know what that means. Flat cest.


I mean, I imagine it's the al-sharq and each other. I imagine it's a play, weirdly, a play on incest, although incest doesn't have the word family.


And basically, I think that people have you live with you, OK, where you stand on that uni time. I never stayed in holes. You know, we need to be mum and dad's house.


So I was not up for having sex with either of them and my mum and dad's house and they asked. And I don't know, I imagine it would get awkward, but I'm not sure, but if this Ford interviews and you're all locked down and you're at uni and you have in the year that they haven't, I would see filberts boots. Go for it. Go for it, guys.


I wish I had a boyfriend who was at uni because I never went to uni, but he went uni and I used to go and stay with him and he lived in like one of the big flat share things halls or whatever they called. And I remember turning up and I just remember them thinking, you're not one of us. Yeah. And I was thinking, yeah, I'm not at a full time job.


I was like really just about in.


So I went to to to literally drive back home every day. And I was really jealous of the people. You should have done it.


I did. I got I paid me 200 pound deposit and then I ended up backing out for some reason and lost the 200 pound deposit.


Oh, gosh, that's a lot of money back then. Loads of money. But then.


Yeah, but I was selling jeans out the back because you would doges out selling jeans from Thailand.


Why did you never spoke about your little selling stuff from the back of your car.


Is your jeans a se a visu J-Star. Seven for all mankind. True religion diesel Lauderdale.


No, no, but half the half the college, half the college and half the uni had genes from me. Really?


Yeah. And why what got you into that. Lived in Thailand. So it starts out in the movie a lot. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Some of the songs as well.


Fucked some of your Article 32 where she got like a forty two and I was just wasted. It went down and wasted.


Rosie did people try them on in the back of the car.


People used to sit in the toilets at the college, try them on sometimes come up with them on and give us the money and come back and go oh yeah, it's great.


Give us the money and take it away. How would you ever repay. I used for for pay.


No credit for. Yeah, yeah. Vishu jeans. Well 350 quid a painting before you quit. So you know you should do a visa for more.


I think if this was about eighty quid. So these are what these were for and I think I used to get them for about four pound to pay five pound a pair.


You keep saying about me, about how I've got all of these random stories. You've got to load the right stories like that. I sort of weird.


I knew you at college and I never saw you selling your ways that what you call you kick it off because I didn't tell you I'm a bit limousine's. I didn't do it. No, no.


I was only just dreaming about being tall enough for my sixty jeans. Yeah. Then we never did.


You never know.


Never did mean that mean the lads never did miss sixteen's never got to have me thong hanging out of my sixty pair of jeans.


I was just too short of a dooby dooby dooby dooby dhiya Rosie and Chris please keep me anonymous. Whilst people close to me know the story, it's not the sort of thing I shout about. I listen to a podcast from the start and a few weeks ago something stuck with me. When you spoke about the woman who met her best friend from a bad one night stop.


Yeah, we did.


Years ago, I was dating a guy. He turned out to be an absolute heartbreaker and left me stuck with a holiday in my name.




Whilst holding down a part time job that I needed to pay for aged even.


Oh, fixing my first ever heartbreak for my first love. Also, I thought this is girly. Why you cry.


Yeah, I did what any eighteen year old girl would do and went on holiday with my best friend instead of losing the holiday altogether.


Happy dance lessons.


This geared up to go with the night before my ex braggarts who was also my neighbour. Good God. Oh. He came over to tell me how sorry he was for cheating on me the month prior and how he wanted to come on holiday with me in the morning. Not in the morning.


Yes. Oh the holidays. Oh I do want to tell you. Don't don't take your calls. No, but if you think he's a dick, really have. But obviously the answer was no.


Get in, sister. I should probably add at this point that he didn't just cheat on me.


He asked me to try on a dress for his birthday night out that he ended up giving to a girl that he worked with as an early birthday gift to her. He needed to see how it looked on me before he gave it to her.


You were. Oh, that is not really, really.


Well, that's not nice.


OK, well, the only eighteen while the story got sad, I saw you get sad and drop it.


Anyway, I forgot all about him instead of my first. My girls hold it a Teneriffe.


We landed, got to the hotel and settled nicely in our new found freedom of drinking, staying out and spending the days laying around the pool.


Nice. Then one day around the pool, I saw this guy, he was handsome, toned and totally fit. That was it. The evening was decided. He was clearly aware with his brother or a friend and being the two of them, it meant that they perfectly match my friend and I after a bottle of vodka in the room that evening, I set out on my mission to find a body of Christ.


Wow. It must be a little hip flask, like Stop Tramadol or something.


That's a prank in itself. A bottle of vodka.


I walked up and down every ball on the strip until an hour later we gave up and I fell into an old bar overlooking the sea.


So they went looking for them. We went looking for a pest. You couldn't find them, but probably the bottle of vodka that helped you probably shouldn't have done that.


But I mean, that's very what's the word for the word. So she's seen around the pool and she's been seen around the pool.


He's been didn't talk to him during the day or wait till the night and went to go and find him. I mean, he could have been on the plane that afternoon, for fuck's sake.


That could have been his boyfriend with him. Yeah, exactly. We were all these people, just presumptious.


That's the word.


Chris in my strop and moment of defeat, I sat down at the table, looked across the ball, and there he was. Oh, right.


Well, the big sorry believe was he believed he was he was sat there with his brother.


So this is his brother.


And he was only two tables away, my friend, when the board order another round and his brother went to the toilet, leaving us both sat empty handed at the tables awkwardly. I smiled, knowing Norway did I even stand a chance. He slightly lifted his pint glass and gave me a smile. That still makes my stomach flip when I think about it.




He had actually noticed me the rest of the night was a bit of a blur. We parted drunk and then the moment came. He was coming back to mine. I needed to find some inner confidence I'd only ever put to bed.


What, so they've done this together? Not enough. And that went from an awkward smile to we're going back to my.


Yeah. So they've obviously they've obviously ended up chatting. They haven't drinks, OK, they've had that night, you know what holidays are like.


Just get that. And the holidays know when you are younger. How old is it. They you know, they've obviously had the night the party they've drunk at the moment came. He was coming about to mine. I needed to find some inner confidence. I'd only ever been with one guy. And I certainly had other intentions for this evening. And she wants to make it number two.


OK, we spent the evening having the best sex I've ever had.


The balcony, the sofa, the floor. It just went on and on.


Goodness. I mean, I finally saw what I know that's not best sex to me. Some people know I've said this before the the best sex of my life. We did it in nine different places for four hours.


That sounds like hell on earth. Oh, no.


My friend had passed out in the bedroom, so we respected that and stayed in the other room.


Oh, that's that's that's nice. His brother had gone back to their room. I think that's not there. So I plan the plan of the two of them. Yeah. Presumptuously around the I one of the lectures just went this all all guns blazing.


I woke up the next day and he'd gone. Oh no.


Dread instantly flashed over me what I'd done. I was one of those girls that it could now take the one night stand box. Oh baby, what the hell is it going to be like if I saw him?


After all, we were staying in the same hotel? Well, the rest of the holiday was actually pretty similar to that night. We went out a few times and had a few nights out before. He simply said, Wandy, you know, this won't go anywhere, don't you? It's just a holiday thing. I felt so stupid.


Oh, I was actually falling for him.


I was loving my life. And going back home meant that I would never see him again.


The time soon came and hoppman, the time soon came. When it was time to leave, we said our goodbyes, exchanged numbers and said we'd stay in touch if we could. I held out no hope. I was pretty adamant that he had a girlfriend at home. Oh, Beland.


My flight was hours before his. So off we went. As I stood in the line waiting to board the plane and leave my holiday romance behind, I felt a tap on the shoulder. There he was come to say goodbye. Right. He gave me a kiss that I will never forget and promised to see me again.


Right. The whole flight home, I contemplated how I could see him, we lived at all the ends of the country. He said he would and I knew I had to trust that.


Turns out that we did see each other again, but it didn't quite go how we first first thought.


Right. Eight years later, we are married and I moved across the country.


I moved across the country to be with him. He's the story that I didn't get the warmest inbox. So here's your happily ever after.


I'm crying. I just thought we could have a bit of positivity for the end.


I saw I was born when I read that absolutely positive.


When I read that, I honestly cried. Oh, that we've just had so many stories that end in awful stuff.


I just thought in the time that we're, you know, we're all locked down still. I thought it'd be nice to have a lovely, happy and do so much.


I thought he was going to be just a bit of a beland and she's going to be like, and I never saw him again. And I, I thought it was from an 18 year old. Right, in that it just happened like last year. Eight years later, they're married and she moved across the country to be with him. Yay. Hope wasn't. Is that. Oh, come on.


Not many holiday romances last the. I've never really had one. No, no, I've never had one. I don't think. Oh no and no. Nice though. No, no. Do Babbo do bad.


But that's it guys. That is the unheard questions for this week. That out of office reply. I hope you're all all right. I think we needed that positivity.


I'm so glad that we got to stick that one in some way at some point because that story genuinely was Crimea. That was a bit pissed off.


Well, I listened carefully, listened to it again just now, and I cried as well. I cried again when I heard it. So they were go needed. A little bit of positivity, I hope. Hope you all do well. Good. Hope you all well. And we will be back with another one of these next week.


I got a pussy about being part of the Korea network.


Oh yeah. What part of the country. I network as well.


Apparently you're very happy about it, even when my phoning it in with an offcuts from the cutting room floor still on the old Castrilli network. Thanks guys. Bye bye Abu do ba ba ba ba ba. P.S. While you're listening to this, we've got a baby.


Oh shit. Yeah. If this comes out on the Friday we'll have a baby now hopefully. Yeah. If they let us take them home. Yeah. Maybe about covid. I think you've got them. There you go. Visit.


I mean that wouldn't be too bad.


You're awful sorry but you can only come and see them for three hours a day like. Oh no but ok we'll take what toddlers what we Robbinsdale spoke about. You say that we're going to miss this by. Oh, cool. OK, bye, guys. Bye, Abu Zubaydah, double bass.


Seven minutes remaining on your monthly allowance. Hello. Hi, Don, it's Amy. Amy, there's your hockey team might say hi, I haven't got long. Me neither.


Just a few spare minutes, like getting your money's worth. Enjoy the delicious mayo chicken. Just one euro 50 from the McDonald's Euro Saver menu.