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Let's get it, man.What.


It is.What.


It do. What's up, bro?


It's what's up. It's what it is. What's up?


God damn. God damn. Sorry, man. That's different. You're not allowed to tell me that I did it wrong. When what it is, what it do is a thing.


I've never heard that one. No? No.


You're not up on that one. That's fine. You do the mainstream one. I'm sorry.


I'm sorry. Pop culture. Sorry.


Yeah, you do the mainstream one. It's fine. It's fine. Sometimes mainstream is needed. Plug. Sorry. Yeah. All right. Anyway, yeah, on the plug now. So cool. Welcome back, guys. Welcome back, indeed. We're going to start off straight off the back. Daddy's tight. Pause. Pause. Jesus. With a thread from Fuhad.


Yes, sir. The thread is entitled, What's an Adult Issue Nobody Prepared You For? And here are the comments. You guys think of some of your own as well.


Adult Issue, no one prepared you for. No One Prepared You For.


No One Prepared You For. Cool. Yeah, ready. Constant tiredness with not enough time to catch on sleep. That's us every day. I said that four seconds ago? Yeah. That's us all the time. Yeah. Watching your parents grow old.


Yeah, my mom's at a stage now. My mom's on the edge of letting the gray do it once. She died her hair for years. Now she's ready to let the gray do it wants, and it's mental. And my dad texted me the other day saying, he's got a cough. My dad's never told me he's ill in his life. Every day we were just catching up. He was like, I got a cough. I was thinking, you're feeling it. You're feeling it.


You, man? Yeah. Two stories. I've never seen my dad with hair. Yeah. Only in pictures, like back in the pictures, like when he was getting married and shit. He's always cut his hair, everything beard, whatever. When it comes to gray hairs and stuff, never really can tell. My mom, her gray hairs are very, very minimal, but she still got more black than gray. But my dad told me, probably last month, he went to the gym. I didn't know he goes to the gym.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. He was on the Treaders.


No, I don't want to hear the end of this story. He was on the Treaders. Yeah, yeah, yeah. His heart couldn't take it. His heart couldn't take it. When I woke up in hosp, You're a liar. On my mother's.


You're a liar. On my mother's. Your dad, one minute was on the treadmill and then woke up in hospital.


There was an in between. Obviously, it was lucid in between, but he had to let NHS take care of him. He didn't tell anyone. He didn't tell me couple of weeks. You had to let the NHS take care of him.


That's terrifying. It's not even funny. That's terrifying.


I couldn't believe it. I was like, first of all, when did you start going to the gym? Why are you doing this now? And who are you doing this for?




And it's hard I'm joking. Yeah, he's getting there. My dad is going to be 68.


Really? Yeah. You're just getting on. He doesn't look it, though. Yeah. My dad's agile. I haven't seen your dad in many years, so I don't know if he looks it. My dad's turn is 60 next year. Wow. Your parents are young, man. Yeah, they fuck from early.


My mom is turning 66 in a couple of days after your birthday.


I think my mom is this year will turn 58.


A whole 10 years. Your parents are young boys. Yeah. Your parents got youth in them. Yeah.


Yeah, but my dad can't see. His glasses situation is stressing me out. Are they thick? They're a little bit thick, but He's safe space, you, man?


Dad's given up.


So again, I've never seen my dad with hair either. He shaves it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I went around there a few weeks ago. The back? He must be just be going like that and stopping.


Doing what?


He must get a razor, go like that, and then stop. Because the patches I've seen in the back. No. I look. Dad. Dad. Yeah. You're still here. Take care of yourself, man. You're in the castery. Also, his wife is just letting him walk around. She's giving up as well. She's giving up on him. I was like, What's going on in this house?


That's peak.


You're never too old to take care of yourself, man. Damn, man. Yeah, but my dad can't see. You put anything here and forward. It's one of them doors. Yeah, he's like, It looks like it hurts him. He said, Don't look at this picture, and he goes like that. Like, it's like his luminous. His arm isn't long enough to see stuff. Oh my God. It's breaking my heart, bro. Then when he told me he had a coffee over there, I was like, This is it, bro. This is it, man.


He's calling you to tell he has a cough.


He didn't call me to tell me, but we were talking during conversation. I was like, How are you anyway? He's like, Yeah, I'm good. I've got a cough. I was thinking, Big fan. A cough? Yeah, a cough. Who even notices that? Yeah, you're feeling it. Damn. Yeah, your bronchios are on a rope.Elea said age. Yeah, they're closing. Yeah. Age is not just a number, you, man. I don't care what Ali has said. Age isn't just a number. It's a state of mind.


Facts. All right. What's an adult issue nobody prepared you for? Anything ending in. Gov. Uk. And that's on God. That is on God. That is on God.


That is on God. Okay, I think I've got two locked in. All right, cool.


Changing the bed covers. It's long.


That's the longest thing in the world. And what I didn't realize until I was also an adult is you have to wash the actual pillows and duvets as well.


The actual? The actual, not just the sheets. I don't think I've washed them in my entirety.


You just charge it and re-up?


Yeah, right. Obviously, I washed the the linen stuff.


Yeah, obviously, we watched the sheets of the linen. It was the only one I was watching Gordon the other day. He was like, Bro, look at this. He pulled out one yellow, John. And I've never got to... He was like, That's sweat, big man. Luckily, not even luckily, I told you before, I have an issue with pillows. Finding the perfect pillow for me, I go through pillows trying to find the right pillows. I've never got to that stage just because I'm always re-upping pillows.


Pillow in Miami. Goose feather.


Soft, mate. Yeah, there's a lot of soft stuff over there. But now, it was crazy. Pillow's fucking juicy.


How do you put on the duvet?


Do you do the pinch the corners thing and shake?


What I do is I flip it inside out and then pinch the corners. Yeah, that's what I do.


That's exactly what I do. When I was younger, I used to do the long way around. I didn't even know when I got to the inside out thing. I remember my old step sister taught me.


I see. I was like, damn. Game changer, isn't it?


Yeah, I was like, damn. Because before when I was doing that, I didn't understand what that meant. I didn't know that I was supposed to catch it in the right place. No, I didn't understand. It was a shoulder workout.


Changing a duvet is a shoulder workout.


It's stressing me out just thinking about it. Who can be bothered?


Facts. Anyway, back to it. What's an adult issue nobody prepared you for? Back pain when you sneeze.


You, man. Can I confide again? Lower back. This is at age... Not even just lower back. Lower back, yes. I have a thing, yeah. There's something wrong with my neck and my back. Let's just say that. If anyone speaks the way a chiropractor, I'm turning off the mics.


All right, talk your talk. For warning you.


For warning you.


It's a nerve issue now.


It's gone beyond the muscle. It's gone beyond the muscle and the bones. It's gone beyond the scaletal. It's hitting the nerves. Because, bro, If I feel fear or intense nerves, I'll get a pain down my back, bro. Yeah, the way my heartbeat does something, I will get pain in my back and it's painful, bro.


Question, how often How do you stretch? Gym aside.


Gym aside? Yeah. Never. But I do stretch at the gym.


Yeah, that's why I said gym aside.


Yeah, but outside of the gym, I don't. I go through phases. Some days I'll wake up and be like, from now on, I'm not sitting on the sofa. I'm going to sit on the floor and watch my TV time while I stretch. That will last four days. And then I'm like, Obviously, Obviously not. Because who wants to live that long if this is what life is? If this is what I'm living for, die early. But no, I should stretch more at home because there's shit that's going on. I'm just like, no.


You should, man. Stretch more. I think that will help. Maybe. I think that will help. Cool. Remembering bin days. Facts. Remembering bin days. Facts, bro.


My man I don't know about you, man. My Donny's come early.


They always do around that 6:30.


Yeah. There's been days I've woken up in a sweat panic because I can hear it in the distance. You've not remembered the Monday evening. I'm like, Fuck. That's a whole two weeks now.


So is your main trash every two and recycling every week?


So every two, every two.


Oh, two weeks.


It goes general recycling, general, recycling. That's mine. Same.


Okay, I'm here what you're saying. What did yours do? I think mine was general, every other, recycling, every. That's crazy. I think it was that. Okay. But I say that I think they just got to a stage where it was taken every week because I was putting both bitches out.


They were just starting it and they just taking them. They just kissed their teeth and charged it. They couldn't be bothered to the drama. It came back empty. Yeah. Damn. Mine's recycling And garden is on the same side.


I didn't have a garden. Yeah. That's a brown joint in it.


Yeah. I had to order a second recycling bin. Oh, right. Yeah.


Wow, bin days is long, man.


Bin days is long.


Just take it. Actually, weekly food shop and how quickly everything goes out of date.


You, man, because I spend so much time in this silly little city. When I go home, sometimes I'll open the fridge, stink from there. All the protein is done out. All the protein is gone It fills up a bin in itself emptying that fridge. I'm like, What am I doing? I'm just wasting life and time trying to be healthy.


I think there was one week, maybe two, maybe three weeks ago, I I went to the food shop, let's say on the Sunday, and then the following Monday to Sunday, I ate everything. That was the first time in a long time. That's perfect. I was like, Wow, I need to do this more often. I didn't buy food apart from probably lunch when I'm at work. Everything else I cooked and used at home, and I finished the whole shopping. I was proud of myself.


I don't remember the last time I've done that.


Bro, it's so difficult to do nowadays. It is difficult to do. It's so difficult not to waste food nowadays.


God, first of all, problem's in it. It's so difficult not to waste food. It's ridiculous. No wonder we're in a recession.


What are we talking about? I know.


It's so difficult not to waste food.


Fuck. Fuck it out. It's crazy.


Shame on I know.


I got a couple more. What's an adult issue nobody prepared you for? Having to parent your parents. Having to pick, buy, and cook different dinners every day. Yeah. Yeah, that was it.


Damn. I would say mine is... God, that bin day one got me. Mine is electric and gas meter readings. You, man, these prayers were emailing me and texting me. Send us in your reading, send us in your reading. I I just assume you can air them. I just assume you can air them until Donny rocks up himself and says, I'm here to read the gas, and then it's in there somewhere. I'm busy. These guys sent me a bill last week.


Yeah, they gave you that estimation, isn't it? A bill? Yeah.


I was on the phone, I was like, What's this based on? I was like, Bro, we begged you to send us to read it. We begged you. I'm like, Jesus, bro. I didn't know it was that deep. I didn't know it was that deep, man. Oh, God. I'll give you to read it.


That one pissed me off. It's the food one for me, man. The food one's the same. Having to prepare your food all the time. Knowing that there's dishes in my sink right now and it's not going to be empty until I go back.


Them joints? No one prepared me for... Actually, to be fair, I did it as a kid, but the necessity of emptying the dishwasher is actually really jarring. And also because sometimes I'll load the dishwasher up and not even put it on because it's half empty. I'm like, Let me just use some more cutlery and then I'll put it on. And then tomorrow, I'm coming downstairs, where the bowl's at? I open this, it's dirty in there. Dirty. I want to start smashing shit.


I want to start smashing shit. And when the fucking washing machine is full, you can just forgotten. And the drying rack is full because they can't be bothered.


Facts, bro. When that washing machine starts to mild you, when you let that bitch in there for a day and a half, you're like, Bro, where's that cardigan? Open it and that bitch stinks. When I tell you I grab the whole utility and start shaking it. Calgon's another one no one prepared me for. Calgon's another one, bro. Washer machines live longer. No one prepared me for that. I didn't even have to use that. Bro, that life scale, it'll get you.


I swear.


Bro, I had a white hoodie. I put it in the I took a washing machine two weeks ago because the Washer machine I'm using right now is old. It came with the house. Okay. Put it in the Washer machine, took it out of the Washer machine, black marks all over that bitch. I said, What the fuck is going on? I wasn't using Calgun, bro. Limescale all up in that drawing. Opened up the drawer, took a sneaky peek inside. Yeah, a swab inside. I was like, Oh, that's fucked. I don't know how long that's going to take. Damn. I wanted to buy a whole new thing.


Yeah, I can imagine.


Yeah, I went on curries and closed it out. I went like, That's the price of a new washing machine? Yeah, especially if they want to take the old one with them. Yeah, I was like, No, it's silly. This is silly. Yeah, we'll figure it out.


We'll figure it out.


Jesus Christ, that's funny. But yeah, damn, adult-ing is just boring, isn't it?


Boring is the word. Boring is probably the best word to describe it.


Yeah, it's just boring.