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This week in Ghahramani of West Virginia, a mysterious phone call leads a young woman to run out of the door and never return. Now everyone is a suspect. Welcome to small town murder.


Hello, everybody, and welcome back to small town murder. Hey, indeed, Jimmy. Yeah, indeed. My name is James Patrick. Hello. I'm here with my co-host, Jimmy Listman. Thank you, everybody, for joining us this week. We have got one of the craziest things we've ever dealt with this week just in terms of this is like the quintessential small town murder story of I don't even want to I don't want to give anything away.


But trust me, you have chosen a good week to listen why we do it if this is your first week. Wow. Enjoy. So this is a crazy week. Quickly, quickly. I just want to get a little housecleaning out of the way here. Thank you guys for everything.


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You might, but not not not not a mainstream guy.


But wow, if you're of a certain age, too, you'd have to be a little older than a bit older. Yeah.


Yeah, that's what it would take there. So check that out. Also listen to P.S. I hate this movie because God, I have to watch these terrible movies every week and we watch Twilight a couple of weeks ago. It's a disaster.


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A lot of really a lot of drug stuff. It's right. It's a lot of fun. Rick James is involved. Oh, it's wild stuff. So check that out. Small town murders bonus episode patriae on this week is going to be we're going to talk about Charles Manson, the Manson family and Heaven's Gate. And we are going to compare and contrast the two the two cults, very different cults, very similar and very different, extremely different, but also a lot of through lines that run through him a lot.


It's yeah, there are more than you think. I can't wait to find out what you think more than you think.


The only thing that I see is don't talk to anybody else. That's where it ends. But not really because they were it's not just there. There's a lot more there in the psychological realm. All right. I can see that it's going to be it's going to be a lot of fun, though, because we found interesting things. Find out that actually Roman Polanski at one point thought Bruce Lee killed Sharon Tate.


I swear I will tell you all about it. That's that's how crazy that says Patriota Dotcom. That's true.


As sharp as karate chop is, he said he's the only one who could come in and control the situation. But why would he shoot people?


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The cases are one hundred percent real. They absolutely are. But we're comedians. So we make we make jokes. We we never were never like hilarious. The head came clean off. That's never one of the jokes. It's not if you're thinking, oh, God, that doesn't go together. No, that's not what we're talking about. There are so many things that go on around a crazy murder in rural West Virginia that are hilarious. You don't think it's funny that Roman Polanski thinks Bruce Lee did that?


I don't know what to tell you. I don't know what to tell you, Larry. Talk all about that, though. Yeah, that's what we do here.


So we go out of our way to not make fun of the victims or the victim's family because we're assholes, but we're not scumbags.


Yes, that's how it works. So if that sounds good to you, we are going to have a ball. If not true, crime and comedy should never go together in any aspect, though. Maybe you won't like the show. So I don't know. We warned you, but otherwise everybody else. It's time to clear the lungs. Sit back and shout, shut up and give me my hour.


Let's do this. OK, Rothhaar timing. But that's fine. I was close this close. Let's do this, let's go on a trip. I would love to. I would. You love to go to West Virginia? Not really there. Yeah, exactly where you are coming from.


Michigan last week and down to West Virginia. This is Ghahramani, a West Virginia coal mine which looks like Gore mania, like entering a state of Guamanians. It's HULKA mania, but engorgement Gore Ghorbanifar say it's Guamanians. I like that. If Gore mania, brother Gore mania. Twenty two coming at you, brother.


It's weird Brad Pitt trying to pronounce it like Gore Lomi Gore among our Morphonios, our Monia Gore man Ghahramani. I think it is West Virginia now. West Virginia looks like a chicken if you like to check it out in front of you with the legs sticking out away from you. OK, you laid a chicken down. Now turn it to about two o'clock. Just turn it to two o'clock. That's West Virginia Misleader Peninsula laid out.


Shekar is there a beach for West Virginia? I don't think so. How the fuck do they get those little claws in there then? Oh, you mean they're just two legs, the two legs sticking out. You don't have fingers on the legs.


It's a chicken, Jimmy. Chickens don't have fingers, really.


You know, it it's not that detailed. There's no beak either. You want to be in there. Also, I can't see the shape of a goddamn chicken being shot from above. That's what it is.


So if it's turned at two o'clock, this would be in the right leg. OK, this is they call this the West Virginia Panhandle. OK, so you've heard of Panhandle's in Florida and other places. You ain't seen nothing until you've seen a West Virginia panhandle. Terrific. Wow. It's about two hours and twenty five minutes up to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and only three hours to Baltimore. So that's it's in a weird place where it's close to both those places are fascinating.


Yeah, it's right in the middle there. And about three hours and forty minutes down to Leland, West Virginia, which was our last West Virginia episode, episode one sixty nine. And one of our most insane West Virginia never disappoints. Put it that way.


They bring heat. That was crazy. That episode. That's the one with the guy dangling off the brake pull up. There's a kid with a stick trying to push a corpse off a bridge. They let him go and he got stuck. That was wild. He's beaten it. They will bury him.


Well, let's dig him back up again. I don't know. What are we going to do with him? Let's put him on the kitchen table for a while. I don't know. Well, let's bring them to the bridge. Oh, shit. There's cops coming. Just let them dangle. That was insane. And the guy deserved it. Be pretty funny. Kind of a jerk. Check that out. This is in Grant County, which is pretty ironic considering it's named after Ulysses S.




And they don't he doesn't believe what they.


Well, if you've been to West Virginia, it doesn't seem like a real pro union kind of place, even though it was split up and not even popular votes, as Grant would give. Right?


Not anymore. The motto here have its basic motto, but they're they're they're honest. At least it's, quote, scream all you want. Ain't nobody gonna hear you. So that's that's where you're getting here. This is up in the hills, by the way. This is over two thousand five hundred feet of elevation. And yeah, this is talking about hollers.


We're talking about hollers. We're talking about populations of two hundred people or less in a town. Really. Yeah.


This is if you're from anywhere else in the world, you're like, what is happening. Yeah. This isn't normal. OK, I just want to tell everybody out there that that it is fascinating that we have this, but this isn't everybody. This is a very small percentage of people.


You love the like the ability to get good pizza and like the accessibility, the like things. Yes. And you hate the easy being involved in the getting up. Yeah. I don't like this lifestyle with the ease of getting a great slice of. That's the thing. I can't have both. Sounds awesome. I need a few hundred people, I need a good weed dispensary nearby and I need a good slice of pizza and I need stuff, you know, stuff like that.


There's a certain, I have certain things I need.


There is a certain mystique and live here and I don't know the draw to having no neighbors like that and having nobody around. That's awesome. I mean, the ability to get things sucks.


I can't deal with that. Yeah, that's that's bad. So this town started out. We'll go through the history very briefly. The town started out in eighteen thirty. A guy named Jacob Schaefer bought land near the Potomac River. Big deal. Who cares for one hundred and fifty dollars? And I think he overpaid. Just going to say we'll talk about this Peter Gorman guy because things are named after him. We're going to talk about Gorman here today and then directly across the border into Marilyn, because this is right on the Maryland border.


Yeah, directly across the border.


We're talking a quarter mile is Gorman Gorman, Maryland, Gorman, Maryland. So there's Guaman, Maryland, Ghahramani of West Virginia. And they're attached basically by some. They're only split by a border fence. Otherwise, you just drive down this road and I think it's us. Fifty, maybe, possibly. And then that's it.


You're then you got different taxes on other side, different license plates, everything's different. So dry county, all that's that's it.


So in 1859, Peter Gorman was. Four years old, and he was one of the founding members of the Washington Nationals, which was one of the first which was the first official baseball team in America, 20 years old. Yeah, he was 20. He rose to become a star by the end of the Civil War, is one of the first baseball stars in America, basically, because back then I was not. That was when, you know, baseball was just starting over here in 1867.


He led the Nationals westward where they beat every team except for Rockford, Illinois, because those peaches are tough.


Laurie Petty gets on the mound. She's she's really focused. It's still home with Dottie back. That's what I'm saying.


Well, actually, the Rockford, Illinois team had Albert Spalding as its pitcher. You might recognize that bounder by every ball you've ever held that has his name fucking stitched on it. That's the guy we're talking about. You get autographs from famous people on him, on him. He was pitching. Actually, I don't think he had a ball with his name on it at the time, but there's that. So in 1867, Gorman was elected to a one year term as the president of the National Association of Baseball Players, which is way previous to the union right there in nineteen eighty three.


Gorman and his son in law as son in law tried but failed to buy the Washington senators baseball team, which is that's a big deal. It folded and came back multiple times, so many times. So between its establishment in 1870, Grant County was divided into different townships because this is Grant County now more in eighteen nineteen eighty five. There were Election Day floods in these counties and forty seven people were killed. Oh my gosh. In nineteen eighty five.


Eighty five. Fun life and limb to vote for Reagan.


Well I, I mean I don't think West Virginia mattered that much to him but. Well Election Day four eighty five. It was like a local elections. It's not even a presidential year. That's eighty four. Yeah. So Right. I don't know what the hell they're doing in eighty five but forty seven people were killed in the note here. A lot of people being killed in floods here like a flash flood and two people were swept away. But I'm forty seven right.


That's right. It's a lot. But I mean I was in Galveston. Yeah. Drake Dank.


Yeah. I mean it happens now you know it's got of Hurricane Katrina, but not a flood in a town from a river.


That's just it's rare that a little bit of rain from the Potomac. Yeah, that's odd. So I'm I'm sure it was a quick thing. I don't know. At Franklin, which is the Pendleton County seat, the south branch of the Potomac River crested at twenty six or twenty two point six feet during that. And the flood stage in the riverbed was only seven feet. So that's a lot more.


Yeah, that's three times 18 feet of water coming at you. Three times the flood level. That's not good at all. There's a cemetery in town that's on top of a hill that has like thirty people buried in it.


About from what I've seen from this blogger, they were saying that most of the markers are made out of wood are awesome. Yeah. And then I can deal with there's about fifteen markers left standing and only a few of them have names.


Oh no, it's just a hill of corpses. So that's West Virginia. Yeah. Now the reviews of this town are very simple.


I don't know if this is what it's like talking to people here or what, but they're all like one sentence the everywhere else. There's like. Yeah, descriptors. I'll give you a few real fast, too. Stars, little job opportunities, no factories here and of review.


It's all he's got. That's what he's got. Three stars. The overall review of this area isn't awful. That's all.


It's not often isn't awful. The overall it's not awful. Thanks for the descriptivist I've got. Wow. I feel like then he chewed.


Yeah. And spit and just stared waiting for a response.


Here's three stars only have Family Dollar Store, Dollar General store and one grocery store, a few gas stations and few fast food places. So I'll treat it like TripAdvisor, but like less thorough overy, it's there like Facebook comments sinked. Hey, cute kid, nice car. Hope you had fun a Christmas like that's very nice kid. Nice car. Your wife could jog a little bit around. You've lost a lot of hair. That's that's that's that's a Facebook comment.


Remember high school.


Look at you. You look terrible. Great guy. You look awful. Your whole family, your kids aren't as good as you think they are right now. Here's four stars.


This is a very low bar here for four stars. I haven't heard of any crimes occurring in this area. Seems pretty safe to me that that's what it takes. That's all. Seems he looked outside. Yeah. Didn't see anybody with, like, a machete running down the street, hacking at people indiscriminately. So he's, like, pretty safe to me.


And nobody told him that that happened. Yeah. Looking good. I haven't heard anything.


I haven't heard if I, I mean, if it's so important that people talk about I mean, if I hear I'll change my mind, I'll take a star off.


But for now, her four stars, four stars right now here's another four stars. This is the most the most valuable you're going to get out of these people. Four stars, quote, Most neighbors are very friendly. Neighborhood is generally quiet. Road needs a little work due to many potholes. Part of the road was finally paved a few years ago.


So it is much better part of the road, the road, part of the road. That's how small of a town is. They talk about part of the road. They don't have another name for it. It's the road.


The road. How many roads is are there that we're going to actually pay? The rest just go up in the hollers. They're barely fucking carved out. And here's one for nearby Petersburg. This is the Peterburg.


This is the kind of a little bit bigger town close by. Three stars, quote, It's a great small town, but the problem is no one wants to stay unless you are an older person. The cost of living here is not not too bad to of course, it's not done properly.


More for the lower income. The No, just just NATO hotspots file government. Yeah. People are really nice and want to help sometimes too much correct this time. So now fuck you, you just messed up there. At least they know so you know not fuck you. You're good. You know, at least you just maybe were typing fast. Who knows.


Another problem is there can be drama. Wait, I thought, I thought we had the problem nailed down, but now we have more problem now. But the problem is no one wants to stay unless you're an older person. The cost of living here is not bad. More for lower income people are really nice and want to help sometimes too much. Another problem is even though the other one was the problem, right? That's fine. There can be drama.


OK, OK. And recently we've had more problems with drugs being in our small town. Well, yeah.


You're in the hills of West Virginia, right? Come on. What do you want here? It used to be not like that, but you cannot fix everything. Used to be used to be not like that. Used to be not like that. That gas used to good. You used to cut it. Yeah. I coulda shoulda woulda used it.


Could get a dime bag for a dime. I mean shit you've got a lid for their old people talking about that when we were like teenagers.


Can they get a lid that isn't even a measurement of any drugs anymore.


It's not a measurement of things. What does that. That's not a measurement. And I asked all people how much weed was that? No one ever gave me a straight answer. I've heard of 50 different things. If you look it up, it's all that's a forefingers. It says it's that no one knows. They just say, here's a bag of weed. It's a random amount that I ran from a measurement that I call a lid enough to get your friends for a while.


People in this town. One hundred twenty four. So not a lot. And that's the town. This is No. One hundred twenty four people, like four families, sit down. Thirty eight percent since nineteen ninety. Yes, it is dying. More males and females. Who cares. A little bit older population. The median age is forty four. Forty one percent of the people are sixty five to seventy four years old.


Wow. It is elderly. It's a lot of older people. Seventy percent are married but these are, it's only a hundred twenty four people. So the stats are really in place. Isn't going to exist one day.


Oh absolutely. No it's going to go away. Nobody is single with no children or single with children which I don't understand how you could be.


How can you be not. It makes no sense. So that status no single people.


But there is so it makes no sense. Race of this town. It's eighty three percent white. Yeah. And seventeen percent. Two or more races. And that's it. That's it.


There is no Asian people, no black people. No Hispanic people. We don't know what those are. Two or more races are. There's a white guy with something else in them. Yeah. But nobody identifies as black, Asian, Hispanic, none of that shit. Forty three percent of the people are religious because if you live here, honestly, how could you possibly believe in anything? Any. Fighting power, you've got this is even if I did believe in it, I'd be against it if I had to live in Ghahramani of West Virginia.


So the people here, it's it's a pretty mixed bag on religion. The most the highest amount of one religion is other Christian faith. Other other I assume there's snakes flying around. Who knows what's happening up here. Zero point zero percent Jewish stuff that we're sure of. The unemployment rate here is about double the rest of the country as well.


And it's it's a little bit rough. They've had no job growth recently or anything like that.


But there is because the people who do have jobs here are miners and the miners are still happening. Oh, yeah, absolutely. They make decent money because it's a crazy fucking job, obviously. So we have to pay people crazy amounts of money to do it. So median household income here is forty four thousand dollars a year is still way under the fifty seven thousand normal, but more than you would think. Most of the people make 30 to 50 grand a year, which is you can live off of here as we'll get into cost of living.


One hundred is normal regular here. It's eighty four.


OK, just a little bit higher. But about about average compared to about the right amount compared to the amount under the national average in income.


That's yeah. It's a bit similar. You're right. And the meet the housing is a sixty five out of one hundred medium median home cost one hundred fifty one thousand four hundred dollars. So it's too much, it's a little bit too much to live in the holer here. I'm just in my chair. Not a lot for sale. I'll say that much.


I had a hard time finding nobody's died this month. Places. Yeah.


The places that are there are full by. Well, we'll get into it because if you can't help yourself, we have for you the ghahramani, a West Virginia real estate report.


All right. I found, by the way, you're right. I mean, we're calling this Gore mania forever. I know it's probably Ghahramani, but it's Gore mania, brother koplik Gore. Mommy, it's Gore. It sounds Gore may not. We're pavn half the road. Brother Gore mania. Your average two bedroom rental here is about six hundred twenty six dollars a month.


No machinery doing it out of the ground.


I found a point eight three acre lot. Yeah it's ugly as shit. Yeah. It's just dead things.


It has a stream running through the back of a third of an acre thirty eight point eight three point eighty six thousand dollars.


That's amazing.


So I mean you can go fishing is a place to go fishing. It's incredible. Yeah, it's a very bad used car. I want to own that. That's you can you can put it on.


I don't know. Do you have credit cards. I'm sure I don't know if they're maxed out or whatever, but yeah, that's the thing. I found one here in a in a nearby town. This is the closest structure I could find. It's still the middle of nowhere.


Two bedroom, two bath, nine hundred eighty square feet, very remote, sitting up on a very weird hill. OK, it's fucking weird. Unabomber, not even Unabomber. It looks like I draw children here so I can take them apart. Yeah. And use their parts for my artwork. That's what it looks like. I'm going to take kids apart, put together a whole new kid. That's how it's going to be. I put his head on his butt, see how that works out.


Eighty nine thousand nine hundred dollars. If you want to do that, then I found one. It's just woods. Twenty one acres of woods. All right.


Forty nine thousand nine hundred bucks. That's a point eighty three. I want that. That's a lot of woods. Bad things to do here in this town. My goodness. Is the Spring Mountain Festival OK?


Well, it happens around here. Yeah. Oh, boy.


Yeah. This whole area is like Spring Mountain as they consider it.


And there's nobody that same is coming to this. We know that. Oh well no, they're not buying it. They're not getting any. They would be able to find it. Right. I'm just going to read what they've told me on the website. Describe it. It's roots run deep in Grant County and date back to the Whitewater weekend. That was an annual event every year, starting in nineteen seventy three and running until seventy nine. White Water Weekend was centered around kayak and canoe races on the North Fork of the South Branch River and culminated each year with the April Fools race of quote, anything that floats, that's not a boat.


OK, so just make a contraption, a bathtub. Try not to drown in the river. Basically, how many rescues are they making out that somebody floated a Jacuzzi?


Yeah, my lawn mower fell apart. Right. I thought flip flipping mower upside down for that to see.


Seem like it would keep it up the gas tank, everything. Yeah.


No, there's no air in the tires. Oh shit. So the US championship canoe races were held on the North Fork, which sparked Jesus. That's insane.


The canoe there's canoe races on the on the North Fork of the south with what is it to the north on the North Fork which sparked the weekend, was combined with the with a golden trout festival to become the Whitewater weekend, local craftsman clubs and vendors provided food and crafts to crowds that would literally walk miles to come.


We see them, they don't have cars, why are they walking, Miles? Why are they walking like this has got to get that golden trout.


This is the type of place I described one of the wrestlers on the new Jack episode was talking about living in wrestling. They were working at Jim Coronets territory, which was in rural Kentucky. So they worked West Virginia in the hills. And they were talking about being in West Virginia. And a guy said that a donkey came over the hill with the two kids on it smack on the ass. They got to the wrestling show, smacked the donkey on the ass and it went home.


And then the kids went to the wrestling show barefoot with their overalls on. And he was like, where the fuck am I? This is the area we're talking about here. This is not this is different kid with a rope belt ot a belt.


Yeah, no overalls. So you don't need a belt. My belt straps around my shoulders. That's how I got two of them. And they both shoulders. I got vertical belt, shapes them up.


I like my belts up and down the tollway smacked the donkey on the ass and set it back, smack the ass, smack the ass of the ass.


So that's the type of place they whitewater weekend dried out, died out after a number of floods destroyed the rapids and other community and traffic issues forced its curtailment. Who knows what a malicious shooting at people as they walked into town? They this left Grant County and Petersburgh searching for a new festival to take place of the Whitewater weekend. In 1992, the Grant County Chamber of Commerce sponsored the first Spring Mountain Festival in Petersburg City. Oh, boy, look at this.


That's got fairs and festivals, pageant free entertainment. They don't say what it is, ranging from bluegrass to country and classic rock to gospel with circus or magic acts for the young and young at heart. Oh boy. Bounce houses a trout derby.


Holy shit, what a trout derby. How do you even do that? I think it's whoever catches the most trout. I think it's like a funny farm.


That's what they were, you know, it's like a trout derby. You see them crash and fish into it.


Oh, that's God damn it. Might never go straight. I told them that. Staggs So the parade with bands, military units, fire engines and pageant royal royalty by, by the way, who will be crowned there in April. Twenty, twenty, twenty one. Miss Spring Mountain Festival pageant will be marked March 14th. Miss Spring Mountain Festival Pageant.


How old. Oh boy. It doesn't say how old here but I assume probably too young to be staring at anyway.


I'm going to go out creepily, creepily young crime rate in this town, not including staring at beauty pageant contestants, which should be. But that's not in these stats. Property crime is about one third of the national average, so two thirds under it. OK, so pretty goddamn low. You know what there is to steal, really.


That's maybe what it is. Maybe violent crime, murder, rape, robbery and assault.


The Mount Rushmore of crime is less than half the national average. What, so there's not enough people. Yeah, you're spread out. And if anyone there you all know each other. I saw Bill kill and Frank I saw it. God damn it. I heard him yell through the holler, I'm I'll kill you, Frank. And I saw it. And that's what happened there.


It was. I'm sorry, but it was there. So that said, let's talk about a murder rate. Let's do this.


OK, well, we're going to have to go back a little bit in time to nineteen eighty eight. OK, so not that far back and not that we're talking. I don't know Paul Abduls dancing around with cartoon cats, you know where that is to say out loud and then realize that thirty two years ago.


Yeah. Yeah.


It's so fucking long ago. It's I remember that I smoke because you're old now.


Yeah. I break everything up into color and black and white. That's if it's in black and white it's all the shit and if it's in color.


OK, take it easy with that though because I just showed my daughter The Wizard of Oz last night. That shit's in color. Nineteen thirty nine. Well yeah.


But normally that is a that was a lot of people didn't know that that was in color TV. Didn't make it that way. No. And the theater though that was of. Oh Yeah. Color that was a big deal. Whereas I'm talking like your regular picture that like Mom would have taken pictures of the kids. Got it. What are those fucking one of those pictures? And if they're in black and white, that's some old shit, different time.


They're in color. It's modern times at least. So it's nineteen seventy five as modern times even even though I wasn't born yet.


Yeah. Yeah.


So if this murder were going back to nineteen eighty eight said it's a nineteen eighty eight was a weird time.


Yeah. In America.


Very strange as a very weird time and a lot of twelve years post the bicentennial, the big deal to like bring everybody together. But we weren't even really in a in a good place.


Oh terrible place now but nineteen eighty eight possibly the worst fashion ever. Everybody dress terribly mullet's. We're still in fashion. Yeah but like Bhau Pálmi now so like a fluffier muehler people are going for a main of a mullet rew. Yeah the music was. Literally, you can't get any bigger shit pile than nineteen eighty eight. It wasn't it was before, you know, the whole thing switched over again in the three years. It was bad stuff. So 1988, very ugly.


Gorman, Maryland, might as well be nineteen sixty one because it's the middle of nowhere. Let's be realistic here. So we're going to start our story.


And Gorm in Maryland, which is a actual stone's throw away from Romania score Manea a brother who can't forget, not legitimize it with Gore.


Marnia not doing it for my dear brother Jimmy Westmount. Your mind a gore. It's been too long to the US. How has the UFC not used that? Goddammit, I'm sorry, Jimmy. You've been out here running your mouth. You came and you interfered in the match, Jimmy West. But I take you that I'm going to tear your arms off you beat you with stops at Gurumayi. You came. I interfered a jumping off on me. I said no.


I think this is one place and one place only gore for a our brother that's coming.


Pull your intestines out.


Gore might go Anania forty four rather so Gurman Marilyns February 17th. Nineteen eighty eight. Let us talk about a young lady. OK, let's do this. Let's talk about Catherine Deniece Ford. Wonderful Cathy. She goes by young Cathy is nineteen years old. Yeah. And she by all accounts is a happy nice. Everybody likes her. We'll give her a little background here. She has three brothers including her twin brother. Yeah. So she's a twin.


That's always a that's a different dynamic. Yeah. It's not normal, but it's always a different dynamic.


She's got her that I mean now there are different sexes, but I've seen like everything but the penis, everything else is very similar.


I realized when I was about that. What's happening there. Yeah, but a lot they can look that they look really close.


I know a pair of people that were I went to kindergarten with them, even they were twins and knew them all through high school and everything, and they're fucking identical twins. It's really just different sexes. Different sects. Say your sister with it's creepy. My grandfather, no one wanted to go out with her like it's too creepy.


And I spoke to brother and talked about girls. This is weird. I just can't. I just can't. I can't do it.


I know what your brother likes and I don't like that. No, no, no. I don't like that. I know that that's that's my grandfather's a twin and they are identical.


That's what the doctor said it. No, the fucking not really. They don't look far apart from being bald. There's nothing else interesting.


Well, people also maybe over time maybe I don't know if they are kids. They're obviously not twins. Weird. It's just misunderstood.


The doctor. Don't think the doctors. No fuck, said Brown, look alike. But then he said, we're twins.


We're twins. Identical. Don't put anything past my grandfather. I'll tell you everything and you'll believe it. Yeah.


So three brothers, including a twin brother. So that's the girl of the family. When you got three brothers is a if you know any, any women who were the only girl in a bunch of brothers. It's a certain there's a certain dynamic to them usually that's usually one of the toughest women you ever. They're usually cool shit, by the way. They're usually very cool and they're very tough because they've basically if they wanted to play with their brothers, they were playing tackle football and shit like that.


So they're usually very. And you don't go with that girl got three. She knows how to throw a right hook. She's been told how to throw a cross.


So she and her family lived in Wilmington for a long time. And that's where she grew up, was in Wilmington. While she was there, she went to Del Castle Trade School in Newcastle, where she majored in child care and cooking.


This is at like pre fourteen years old.


She majored in the animal trade school at fourteen.


Right. What are you doing? What happened? She could be a week like that's too early to be like you're going to higher learning now, girl.


Well, yeah, it's the school's stop in eighth grade. It is. It is rural, not in Wilmington. That's not a rural place. Well, maybe that's why they moved here. She was a member of the Richardson Park United Methodist Church in Wilmington. And then they ended up she ended up moved the family moved here in nineteen eighty four, as we'll talk about, to buy a restaurant in this small town.


The father still works in Wilmington during the day and the family runs this restaurant in town and that's their new life. It's the old mill restaurant that they run. She graduates in nineteen eighty six from Southern High School, which is early. That's graduating, you know, a little bit early, I think. Seventeen or so everybody says she's a real friendly. She's not she's not a dreamer. She's not a. Doesn't have her head in the clouds, but in a good way, she's down to earth, she's sensible, she's reliable.


She says she'll be there at two o'clock, she'll be there at two o'clock, and she'll do her thing. And she's a hard working kind of young girl. Reliable, reliable. Here's a picture of her. All right. Yeah, it looks like very pretty, too.


You know, it doesn't look like she did. She's going to do some. She's going to do it. She looks very pleasant, like just. Yeah, you'd be able to see her and you go, oh, she just looks friendly, which is nice.


The old mill restaurant. Her father is a Conrail freight yard worker who commutes from Wilmington, Delaware, on weekends to help run the restaurant. Oh, my. They bought. That's a life. He's a friggin freight yard worker during the week.


Feels like that's what the title should be.


Friggin friggin freight yard work. Yeah. When I say I see you applied to be a friggin freight yard worker, you know this jobs frigging hard, right? It's a frigging hot job of right now. Everything's looking around. It's a frigging er you get your frigging lunch at eleven thirty, you got about a half frigging hours so get back before you, you know, time goes off. They're frigging quitting time for when I say it is. That's one of the spare days.


Every two friggin weeks. It's the rest of breaking work. I mean you got to sign up for a one frigging k you get that set up and we'll go. So yeah. Freight yard worker, which sounds like a hard job to do five days a week. Sounds like on the weekends you would want to. Relax, yeah, unwind. Be prepared. Next week, let your muscles heal up, because he's not a young guy. He's got kids in his twant in their twenties and late teens.


So he's got to be in his late 40s, 50s, some shit like that. So that's a tough life. And then instead he goes, commute's on the weekend to rural Maryland so he can help run a restaurant, which, by the way, is a really hard job running.


So not just hard difficulty. And it's not like what you're doing mentally and strategizing financially. It's a nightmare.


That's this guy's life is seven days a week, which seems pretty rough here. Now, young Kathy, she has a boyfriend since they moved here three years ago. Right around the time they moved here, she met a young man named Darvin Moon, which is a darvin, an interesting name. I don't think I've ever heard that name before.


He's Bonafied Darvin Moon Ride sounds like something that Charles Manson named one of the kids at the Manson girls that were naming him Darvin Moon.




That is a phrase Darvin and squeakiest fist.


Yeah. What the fuck? It's going to name him. It's going to name him Ted. That's why I get stuck with this bullshit. Yeah, it's OK.


Fine, fine. He's Darvin so Darvin Moon here. She's been in like a three year relationship with him all the time. She's 16 to 19. Okay. So it's, you know, it's as serious as you can be at that stage. And in West Virginia, I don't know. The fact that she hasn't had four kids already is probably a miracle. It's a sixth of her life.


It's all she knows.


Yeah. And I well, I mean, I think that's the fact that, like, they haven't gotten married and ran off into the holidays or something tells me that this family is probably pretty together. Yeah. And I think she was she seems to be raised right. She seems to care about school and things and working out a plan. Yeah, she does.


She seems to be a very on the ball type of person. So now she's in a relationship with him. On February 17th, she gets some phone calls while at the family restaurant.


OK, now her mother, Rosalee, heard her daughter say, mom, I have to go. I'll be back in an hour. OK, so she walked out of the door of the restaurant. The old mill got behind the wheel of her silver Ford Bronco to hell.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Those are neat little ride. Yeah, yeah.


So she gets in there and heads west I'm sorry, headed into West Virginia on us fifty.


And they saw her turn on to Bismarck Road and then she drove off a cloud of dust cloud of dust behind her Daisy Dukes.


Yeah. I picture her like Daisy do. That's how I picture her on the front seat. Red popping out because she works at the restaurant. Right.


Daisy Duke top comes off that fucking bronc. She's Daisy Duke.


Damn it. It's cool. That's a cool thing.


So the call that she received apparently was received a call from a man. He said he was a magistrate at Mount Storm in Grant County, West Virginia. So he said he wanted Kathy to meet him at his office at three p.m. that day to discuss some checks that the restaurant had gotten. So it sounds like there's some somebody has got some check fraud going on in the background checks and you've tracked her down merchandise that.


Yeah, that that took the checks and whatever trying to find. That's what sounds like. Right. So that was in the morning that happened. So she's supposed to go at three p.m. Then later that day, another call came in for her, a different call. Now, this man claimed to be he says he's an undercover officer. Oh, so you have a magistrate called in the morning. Now, an undercover officer calls her later on in the and in the morning.


So it's interesting. And no one else takes the calls.


It's just Kathee talked to these people, so they said that I called her with information concerning a possible investigation of her family's restaurant by the liquor licensing authorities. What the fuck? So she's like, oh, my God, was there some weird thing with a check that led them to look into something else? And Howard, we got a liquor violation shit, right? So, yeah, she's wondering especially it's IEDs is what they're worried about, because in rural areas, kids will get sold liquor sometimes a little bit.


Yeah. What the hell? Here you go, kid. Have a twelve pack. What's you're going to go in the woods and drink it anyway. What's it going to hurt anybody. You have a headache you'll never do. Yeah. And it doesn't matter.


So that's especially back then. And that's the time in the eighties when they're starting to crack down on shit like that and actually like, you know, find places and close places down for selling alcohol to kids.


So she is kind of in a bit of a tizzy over these phone calls. And she tells her family and everybody at the restaurant, all the employees do not sell beer to anyone without checking fucking ID, make sure all every purchase gets an ID check.


And she says, I have to go now and leaves. So gets calls, says make sure she seems freaked out, make sure so the family's like, what the hell is going on and why won't she tell us. So she that's what she got in Hebron. Turned on the Bismarck road, she never comes back, really never comes back. She's had enough of this shit enough literally that cloud of dust is the last they ever see. If that's terrifying, her cars just disappears, OK, either not sure she's going across right across into to talk to a magistrate at three o'clock and talk to an undercover cop about a liquor violation and never gets back.


She's five foot ten, weighs one hundred forty pounds, brown hair, brown eyes. She's carrying she's wearing stonewashed jeans because it's nineteen eighty eight. Obviously she's got a black blouse, black leather coat, black shoes carrying a pink handbag.


OK, yeah. Sounds cool. So it's a nineteen eighty six. It's pretty new to an eighty six Ford Bronco to have Marilyn played oh two six two four or five. So there she is, that's who they're looking for. They even have a ring sizes.


They announced everybody. I don't know how you would get to the point of measuring a ring size if the rest of the shit didn't give it away.


How many missing women do you have? The look the same. I found the car. I've got a pink purse. She's wearing this shit, five foot 10, which is tall, license plate tall for a girl. Right. All this stuff. But let me make sure it's going over your chest on the right. It's not hard. Not but she's a five and a half, so.


Nope, she was wearing it.


Well, they have it because they have her jewelry that she's wearing, but she's got three forty two, 14 carat I'm sorry, a fourteen carat gold, three diamond rings, half carat bunch of bunch of the most successful person in this town.


It sounds like she's doing washing. It looks a little rings and everything like that. She's, that's what they're, they're looking for. They're like jewelry. If you see a girl wearing this, whatever. So her mother afterwards says, quote, She just didn't act. Right after the conversation, she said it was weird. She was acting like funny and secretive about it. She wouldn't tell her mom. Meanwhile, they all own the restaurant. She, like even the daughter, has like a legal, like percentage of the restaurant interest.


If all the whole family that was the deal when they moved there. Everybody worked. Everybody got a piece of it. So, yeah, because there's a lot of brothers and sisters, so you got to you've got to spread it out evenly. So she asked her daughter, she said, quote, Do you know this guy? At first she told me no. Then yes. OK, so this is this isn't helping the mystery, the magistrate or the cop, either one that's he said, well, what's what are you talking about?


Do you know exactly. So the mother said, quote, I said I said, quote, Can't you tell me who it is? And she said, no, he'll lose his job. I said, I have an uneasy feeling about you going to meet with this person. She said, Mom, I have to go. I'll be back in an hour. And that was the last time I saw her. Oh, no.


So this is frightening.


This is what people worry about, disappearing into thin air. Yeah, into in a weird in a small. This should be safe. Like, you know, there's nobody there. Right. You wouldn't expect this. So they look for her. Obviously, they're looking for her that day and the next day she doesn't come home. It's supposed to be back in an hour. There's a lot of fear because it's a small town and you hear nineteen year old girl disappeared and car and car, thin air, everybody freaks out.


It's a small town. Word gets around fast. Word echoes through the hollers pretty quickly around these parts, turns into alien abductions and all that.


And that's there are no theories. No. Not being floated in this and I'm not even sure of it.


There are Walia here later. Well, modern. Holy shit. So anyway, they're all freaking out. And by the way, and I would like to show you in this newspaper, it says, quote, People throughout the southern tip of Garrett County and the West Virginia Panhandle have voluntarily searched for her on foot in vehicles and from the air. And it's all spelled correctly in the God damn newspaper, West Virginia panhandle.


I love it. This is all panhandle behavior here. Coming up. So the restaurant where she was and she was the cook, too.


Oh, that's the other thing. Oh, no, Cathy cooked.


She wasn't like waiting tables are like checking people out. She wasn't the hostess. She was the one cooking. So you have to have a certain level of.


Yeah. Some she just got it together. But also the shit's going to fall. The recipes she can throw fucking. Yeah. She can throw food together. She's got a cool broncho. Sounds like she dresses cool. Like she's cool. Yeah. This is. Yeah. So anyway this whole place the diner becomes the fine Kathee Center, this becomes Cathy is missing central headquarters for everybody is there. The cops are there. It's the last place you've seen alive.


Yeah. And this is and it's a small place so everybody can gather at this local, you know, the center point to do this.


So covid. Oh now. Yeah it's nineteen eighty eight. They weren't so concerned. So it's all anybody with a tip. A rumor.


Yeah. If you have a rumor, if you heard I heard two towns over guys that you went to the restaurant to tell everybody the rumor and they wrote it the fuck down loud and you know, thought about it. Yeah. They put up. Her prom portrait on the cooler and flyers with her picture on it, it's it's fucking sad that this is some sad small town shit. And now the police are looking into this. Definitely one of them is a guy right here.


We'll talk about a man named Paul. William. Yeah.


Yes. Well, right now, his name is Paul William Farrell. Like welfare. OK, so his name could be Will Ferrell if he chooses. Right. So that's wonderful.


But he goes by Paul for some reason, 20 hit 10 years later is like, I really fucking blew that one up and I kind of got a lot of social media following, kind of helped help me. So Paul Farrell here, he's born in March nineteen fifty six. So he's thirty two years old at this point. Thirty one years old. He is like Mr. all-American. He's a he's a Grant County Sheriff's Deputy and he's Mr. all-American. He's like he was a he went to Southern High School as well where she graduated.


He's he was a basketball star at Southern High and a Gold Gloves middleweight champion. Oh.


He was a teenager from West Virginia. So the real southern boy, he's an athlete.


He's a, you know, plays basketball boxers. So he's got different things that he does, good grades, everything like that. Boy, does he love a hot dog. Oh, he loves a good thing.


You know it. Yeah. Just fucking hot dog and a beer. My favorite man, he lot he likes him. A good pageant. He can tell you the last ten. Miss Spring Mountain Festival pageant winners. I'll tell you right now by now. Nineteen eighty four. That was a champion. That was a pageant winner. Nothing like that. No more. They just don't make them like that. She could spit tobacco you like. I mean it was her talent.


That's the thing. It was the it wasn't even the distance which was impressive. Right. Don't get me wrong. It was the accuracy of it that was just not even a stream more of a ball.


It was like a bullet coming out. She's like a like an air conditioner. They don't make them like that. No more member in a cartoon. Yeah. When an animal get shot a whole bunch and then he'd spit the bullets back at them in a gunfight. That's what it's like.


It's like Daffy Duck rejecting bullets. Just saying a mouse. Eighty four.


That's all. That's all I'm saying that that was a year ago. They just don't have the same thing anymore. They lost flustered at the time to alive.


So he joined the army after that voluntarily and became a military policeman. So that's what he wanted to do, which because he wanted to be a policeman when he got home. So after that, he came home. His parents run a country store. Oh, and Gore, Monia. And it's right across. Yeah.


And Gore Bayani, a brother. It's Gore mania. Country madness, brother. Country Star Madness. We got it all. Milk, eggs come to Gore mania. Brother guesstimated we got fresh tomatoes.


Brother over here. Gore mania or mania. I'll take a Jimmy down to seven of the twenty first Gore mania. Forty four.


Why do they bother.


So he's helping his parents run a country store which is by the way, one city block, quarter mile basically from the old mill restaurant where the Fords work. So, yeah, everybody knows each other around here. So he knows them very well. So he's happy to be in on the investigation.


He also has a twin, Michael Jackson. He's got a nice he's got an identical twin. He's got an identical twin brother named David. Have a seven eleven. That's what I mean. Out of how many people are here? There's up to three hundred people between the two towns. And I've found these two people are both got twins. It's I don't know if it's the coal or the pollution. I don't know what's happening.


If it weren't for twins, they're only be sixty four people here. That's the thing. Everybody is a twin.


That's how it works. That's a rule. I've got to have twins a year out. This a weird kick out the holler that fucks up.


You can say that twins happen one in every twenty thousand or whatever.


Bullshit. It happened twice in one hundred twenty eight here. But they were in Wilmington.


Oh great. Yeah. We got to find out how many more, how many more sets of twins are there. So we need to know whether anybody from Guamanians around this time, how many sets of twins either is it creepy? Is everyone have like a doppelganger? I just saw you right.


You were organized and you passed the same guy twice over and over and over, is working at the grocery store. I walk out and now you're walking into the grocery store without your uniform on what the hell is happening. How in the hell did you do that? That's amazing. Well, you are fast. You are fast. Do you sell me a car? Yesterday you pulled me over. Give me a ticket today. That's super weird, man.


How the hell do you do that? You told me it was fast and you pulled me over. Some bitch can't even outrun you.


God damn it. So January of nineteen eighty eight.


Paul, this is the like the last week of January. Paul gets a job as a. With the Grant County Sheriff's Department, he this is after he's been home a little while and running his parents store, that seems to be OK, and now he can go do something else and they're all set with their stalker. So he goes and becomes a deputy here, a deputy officer.


So he lives in a rented trailer that he gets right around the time he gets the job. He gets a job, he gets his own place, moves out. He's been a couple trailers before this. He was renting, but this is the one where he wanted to be. It's the good trailer here. He lives a good life. And as it's near the Stoney River, which is just where you want to put your trailer or the trout on a hill overlooking the Stoney River so you can kayak on down it.


So it helps me get to the festival and the spa. I mean, it's just coming home is a real bitch, dragging, dragging everything. That's the hard part. As a harp, I try not to drink too. Damn. Yeah, it's uphill too. I'll tell you why it's hard riding a bicycle up here. Uphill try kayaking.


It didn't work very well. Real well. You need the water to come with. The other way is hard getting them. No problem. No problem. Fly down. That's fine. You go through the air and we'll give you a gardenia brother as you fly. But then when you land is you know.


So you're right up over your right up. You got to drag that shit up the hill with a thud. So Paul is settling down in his life now. Thirty one years old. He's just got a job. That's a long term job. Sure. Deputy and the sheriff. Sheriff County. Yeah, he's going to work for two.


He's gonna drive around, give tickets for twenty years and he's going to retire, opening up his everybody enough to retire to where when I retire. They don't remember that time you saw me. It's a lot of you soundbytes. We're all around those rides. You sound bitch. Nobody forgets.


Martin. Paul, you still miss some bitch. I remember. I remember. I don't even know what they remember anymore. I remember. I remember your dick to me. There's only one hundred twenty people. They've all crossed each other. At some point I figure, you know, it's impossible not though.


So he's also in a serious relationship that he's been in for a couple of years with a local woman named Kathy Bernard, who has two children. Another Kathy. Another Kathy. Yeah, to Kathy's. So she has two children and she is, you know, his age and you know everything like that. So rather than kind of starting a family from scratch earlier, he's kind of just got himself a family with kids already. So and he seems happy and everyone goes good for Paul, not twins, not twins.


Came home from the army. Yeah. Got a job doing what he was doing in the army and now he's got a trailer and all this stuff. So he's dating this woman. He doesn't live with this woman, but he's been dating her for a while and, you know, whatever. So he is one of three county officers investigating. There's a there's a lot more than that. There's a bunch from Gorman. There's the Gore mania force. There's the gret.


But there's a state, West Virginia state and Maryland State Police looking into it. It's just nineteen year old girl disappeared into thin air. They want to find her. And there's not a lot lot else going on around these parts. So somebody goes missing. You know, that's a that's a red ball. So they they're letting him investigate as well, even though he has been on the job less than three weeks.


And also, you got ties to her. Let's not do it like that. Well, on top of that, he hasn't been through the academy yet. Oh, he was hired three weeks ago, not hired. And from training, they hire you. You go around and apparently they do it here because, I don't know, it's the middle of goddamn nowhere. I can't imagine this is the procedure in a city or anywhere with more than a hundred twenty people.


But they hired him, said, OK, you're a sheriff's deputy. Here's the rules. Basically gave him a rule book, gave him a gun and a badge and a car. He's got a sheriff's cruiser and a gun and a badge and said, here you go. And he's not scheduled to go to the academy till April.


Oh, so he did do four years of training in the service. I think that that's probably what they're saying.


They're thinking he knows how to handle a gun. He knows how to do this. He'll be fine. Yeah, but he doesn't know how to like the procedures and shit like that. Right.


But they probably figure it's similar and better to have a body out there, whatever. So he's not supposed to be there, but they just are going to let him train on the job.


That's crazy here. It's on the job training. But to investigate a missing person. Right. Don't do that. I guess it's they need bodies to just look for. They're just looking for where's her car is the first thing they want to find.


Yeah, but if they find it, what's the chances that some guy that's been on the case for three weeks messed it up? Fuck everything. He could grab things. Is this all you guys? I found the car. Oh damn it. I test drove it. It's fine. It's all right. It's pretty good. It was dirty inside armor. All the steering wheel. You wouldn't read shit finger prints in the red shit. That's I was like, man, you put your fingers right in and I rolled it all up.


I've been here smoking and just cleaning it up. Now I ask her what she wants for it if if we ever find her, because this is a nice little car to pick me up. The family want to risk. This has been fun, I tell you what, maximum I could find a different one. I already clean this one up. So, yeah, they just said, here's a car and a gun and two years old, scaley, four thousand miles on it.


Go to waste finder. There you go. No, Academi. He wouldn't even know what all the buttons do in the car. He's been there for literally he's going to do the windshield wipers and the sirens. Come on. He's like, oh, shit it wrong thing. Fuck what happens here. He has no idea. He is driving down the road.


There's looking switches and buttons turn signals on a windshield, wipers downwards, windshield wiper fluid squirting windows going up and down the trunk.


Close it and off. It is everything at first, for Christ's sake, Jesus Christ. I'm looking for a missing girl out that window where you shot. What the fuck is this? Let's do this friggin frigging thing is friggin thing.


So also, they're doing in addition to the people on the ground, they're doing aerial searches of the woods because it's heavy woods around there. So you got there's no way to release the copter up. Oh, yeah. Otherwise, it's difficult. They have their private pilot. There's the medevac helicopter from the nearby hospital because they're not using that a lot. So they just fucking stand around looking for our home. They need something. And if they find her, then they can, you know, drop the helicopter and pick her up and it probably needs help.


I would assume she would need help if she's finding her in the woods after a week, you know, so but they couldn't find the missing vehicle. They're also over West Virginia State Police helicopter. They couldn't find anything. All sorts of aerial searches. People are on the ground. Yeah, family's looking. It's an all out everything. So back to Paul here.


Paul Farrell. So no formal on the job training. Good way to learn. This is some panhandle, small town shit right here. That baptism by fire. Yeah, this is when we do small town murder and we're like, yeah, we make fun of small town police forces in small town. This this is the shit we're this is why right. There were like, you know, he he just it's fine. He's good.


I mean, I gave him a gun. He should be all right. Qualified by me. Whoof. So now her father, Cathy's father, Cathy Ford's father, the friggin freight yard worker slash restaurant owner, said that, yeah, he he even knew this guy because he had he worked a block away so that he came in for lunch all the time.


So everybody knows each other and he's like, oh, it's nice to have somebody we know. Sure. They feel like they can get the inside dope from. Yeah. Like they feel like they're not being told everything will be like. Did you hear anything.


So he does know or so he has some reason to go find the exact person.


Yeah. At that point it's very personal. And Mr. Ford said he was one of only three Grant County deputies investigating the disappearance. And he said about Paul, quote, He never questioned me, but I understood he was working. I understood he was working on the case. He did say that he knew Paul for a while and said he was, quote, a heck of a nice guy. Yeah, a good guy there said he frequently bought lunch at the family restaurant.


And because before he was a deputy, he was at the general store and he did all of that. So I knew him well. He was happy. He was on the job. He described him. He said he was like a casual acquaintance, friend of my daughters, and they weren't the same age or anything. So was he just knew each other from the restaurant. He said, you know, he they just he said he was a nice guy.


He'd see him walking around all the time with his German shepherd. He'd just walk as a German shepherd around town when he wasn't working the canine German shepherd for the police force. It's just I think he's just he's one of those cop guys.


Yeah. He's a cop guy. Wants to be a cop, military police guy. I Golden Gloves on a fucking Chihuahua. You know him.


He's got his German shepherd. He wants everybody to see him as very cop. Like he's a tough man. Yeah. He said, quote, He was a heck of a nice guy. He wasn't overly friendly, but he'd say hi to you and maybe pass the pass the time of day with you. OK, so nice small town fella. Now, after this disappearance of Kathy Ford, some things come to light of other phone calls that have been floating around town.


Similar phone calls that other women have received. Oh, women ranging from ages nineteen to thirty five want all throughout this area. So the same day she disappeared, Cathy, two other women received telephone calls from a man saying they were a magistrate. The man, however, though, wasn't couldn't have been a real magistrate because at the time both the magistrates and Grant County, West Virginia, were women. So he definitely wasn't a magistrate from Grant County, West Virginia.


Whoever was calling saying he was a benefit of living in a small town, you know. Yeah, and well down the street is you a Betty or Carol. So I mean, I know Betty and I know Carol. They didn't want to smoke. There's no way they sound like I don't sound like you, sir.


So at 10 a.m. that day of the disappearance, February 17th, Robyn Tincknell received a call from a man claiming to be a West Virginia magistrate. The magistrate said that he was conducting an investigation of someone she knew and needed to question her at the. Storm Fire Hall somewhere sometime between 10:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., weird five hour window.


Yeah, any time in there, I'll be there. So when she asked who were what the investigation concerned, he wouldn't tell her. So she refused to leave work to meet with him. She's like, well, we're not going to tell me. I'm not going to come. If you want to talk to me, you can come here and tell me whatever the fuck you want while I'm working. But I'm not going to lose money because you're an idiot.


Go out of my way. Yeah. So she didn't meet him and he responded that he would have to get in touch with her at a later date. Well, if you can't do it today, then I'll get all you later on in the week and we'll work it out.


So another woman received a strange invitation the same day a woman named Rose Bosley, who was a part time she worked at the post office, and Gorm Khamenei another.


The Gorini, a post office, is the site where it goes down. Brother, drop your letters to Santa in the box. Have exact change.


Exact change for stamps. Brother, you came in here last week with that exact change, Jimmy Westermann, and you're going to pay for it next week at Carmenere will take the post out of your hands. Oh, you owe me four cents. Yeah they went up.


So the this Wanita Bossley, the regular post person there, asked Rose to fill in while for her while she made telephone calls to utility companies. So while she was there, while she went away, a man was while she was filling in, a man telephoned a woman named Viola Knot's, who was an elderly woman who lived across the street from the post office and asked the elderly woman to tell Rose Bossley to come and get her mail carrier whose car had broken down between Bismarck and Cherry Ridge Road.


So she said, hey, go tell Rose your your carrier needs a ride. He's at the place that these other women were being told to go. Right. So very, very strange trying to get her to come there. But the she knew better because the route in Ghar Manea, the postal routes wouldn't take the carrier on the road. So of like other carriers and go on those roads. So the carrier wasting our time, Amos BoCom.


So there's that and allow people to do that. Just find a reason that it ain't your job. Yeah, well I hate my job. I don't know if I could transfer you, but that's kind of a pain in the ass too. I'm just going to hang up.


I'll be honest with you. It's not us. But hopefully you call back at somebody more helpful. Less of those, the less depressed and sad about their life.


So they form a posse.


A posse is formed, which is you don't feel happens in the 80s. Now, when I was a kid in the eighties, I didn't feel any passes were being formed at the time.


No, no. You know, apart from the one on Broadway with mix, a lot of money, a lot of posse's happen.


And so they form a posse and they're you know, they're all talking about all the rumors and all this shit. Police also say that in addition to those people, more than a dozen women in the area received similar calls from a man attempting to Rhorer to lure them to remote areas of Maryland and West Virginia.


That is fucking horrifying. That is as frightening as you get saying that you're this, that and you get somebody who doesn't know better and they'll listen and they'll do it. I mean, this is like the like I'm a Nigerian prince scam. You got to play the odds. You throw out one hundred of it, maybe one person bites on it. Who knows? It's a it's an odds game. It's a numbers game. So this person is this is really terrifying.


So on the evening of February, twenty sixth, nineteen eighty eight, this is nine days after the disappearance of Paul Farrell, the deputy here, and two other officers met with a private citizen named Vonda Moreland who wanted to who wanted advice on organizing a search party for Kathy because she was going to do a big official one rather than just everybody. You know, let's figure out zones and sections to search, because now it's just people walking around the woods.


It's totally disorganized mess. It's literally literally her brother going around the cafe right in the woods. It's in the past. And somebody else going, oh, hey, you're out here to do so. I'm looking for Kathy. Yeah, well, I already searched back. That weird you, sir. And then they got a match. Exactly.


So it makes sense. So about an hour and a half after the meeting, though, Paul Farrell, the deputy here, called Mrs. Moreland and asked her if she could call off the search for about 48 hours because the officers had found some evidence and they didn't want people trampling around. Can you not have 50 people trampling around the woods? Because we have a pretty big area that we need to keep private and we don't have enough people that make a giant perimeter.


It's going to be a fucking horde of people walking through our crime scene, possible crime scene. What are we going to do?


But Miss Moreland was unable to get a hold of enough people. This is pre cell phones. Yeah. So you're basically if you can get a hold of one person, tell them tell as many people as you can, but if they're walking around the woods, you can't find them.


If they're already out, then that's it. They're out. When they come home, we'll tell them don't do it tomorrow. Never mind.


So she couldn't reach enough. People to call off the search and Paul Farrell later on call back and said, did you get to get the search called off? And she told him that she had not been able to get the search called off. So he said, OK, no problem. The search the next day, go ahead and search around, but stay away from these areas. Basically can keep everyone just tell everyone to stay away from these areas is where the cops are doing their work.


He says stay away from the Bismarck and Cherry Ridge roads areas there. That's where they said the mail carrier had been broken down. So some connection started to happen. So when asked why they shouldn't search these roads, he explained that they found evidence on these roads. And we don't need you to search there because there's cops there with evidence. I found that. Yeah, that's our job. Now, you do that. Well, their job, sort of.


My job kind of. But still, family wants her back.


They want to find Kathy. She's their treasure and they want to find her. So Mrs. Ford, the mother here, Rosalie, she said, I'm going on the assumption that somebody knows something. And then after that, they're not telling me Kathy would not have left without telling me where she was going or without trying to contact me. She said if it's a if it's money they want, let us know. More important, let let us know Kathy is all right and what they want from us so we can get her back safely.


Yeah, I would say so. Her brother also says, I just wish I knew anything that was going on. Anything. Just let me know that Kathy is OK. That's all I want. So they're willing. What do you want. We'll give you. We don't care. I don't care who you are, what you did to give us our daughter back as any parent would find.


This is Patty melts. Gone to shit around here. Yeah, we need her back for a lot of reasons. Her brother, you heard him say, I don't know what's going on around here. He means the fucking grill. He doesn't know how to work. He has no ideas and he's been cooking everything on a frying pan so badly. This terrible, the whole place full of smoke. Get back. Get her back. So, yeah, there obviously anybody I have a night out.


It's got to be my daughter just turned 19. She goes places. I don't want her to disappear into nothing. So this is very like, oh God, I don't want this to happen to her. So her boyfriend, Darvin Moon, he works at the inn at a saw mill and Gorman. Yeah. So I hit him with his father, put out a five thousand dollar reward for information concerning her whereabouts. A twenty five hundred dollar reward is offered for information concerning the location of the silver Ford Bronco.


OK, so five grand for her. Twenty five hundred for the car. Yeah, whatever. Just seventy five hundred dollars in body and vehicle. Yeah.


And that's nineteen nineteen eighty eight. That's a lot more money. And especially in these parts of this part of the world, a shitload of money.


That's a shitload of money, a lot of money.


A. Lancey. Six grand with a fucking stream right now. So back then that you know this is different, you could buy land with seventy five hundred dollars.


So March 8th, nineteen eighty eight. There is people look and they see smoke. They heard that smoke has been seen, had been seen hanging over the river on February 17th. They got a rumor of that, that someone saw smoke in this part of the river on February 17th, the day of the disappearance or around then. So they search around this area due to these rumors. This is what the newspaper calls, quote, an old fashioned posse of neighbors that they're armed.


Yeah, they're fucking armed shotguns, including the deputies, Farrell, the brothers, the father, the mother, the cousins, the aunts, uncles, Gary Ford, who's her brother, and her boyfriend, Darvin Moon. They end up coming upon and finding her vehicle. They find the Ford Bronco. It's in a remote wooded area that's never good near us.


Fifty a few feet from the Stoney River where smoke had been seen, kind of hanging on smoke, smoking on the water type of deal in West Virginia, right across the Maryland border in Gorini, a brother or around Carmenere.


So they find the the car. The problem is it has been burned and burned bad. It's it's the cars completely torched. They examined at the interior was gutted by fire. And so any evidence in there would have been burned to a crisp. The tires were melted. Wow. It really got. Yeah, yeah. Burning the whole thing. It's just a black heap of of a fire. It's it's a mess here. It's been determined that the blaze was intentionally set cause no car burns that much.


Naturally it's part of it'll burn, it'll go out. Its cars aren't meant to be real flammable. Right. They're not made to ignite into flames and stay lit a flame with wheels. It's a fucking car. They don't want it to be flammable.


And apart from a Corvair or a where where the explosion happened, the Ford Bronco is pretty safe.


It's a pretty used to roll, I remember, but it didn't explode when it rolled over. So that's helpful just because rednecks lifted them to unbelievable lines into for no reason, then took dirt corners too fast and wondered why the tires came out from under a short wheelbase. Ridiculous vehicle that is so they any they got every physical piece of anything they could get out of the truck and sent it to the Federal Bureau of Tobacco, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Laboratory for analysis.


So they were wondering if they can find anything. Oh, man, this is wild. The frame was blackened from the flames. Her brother Rich said that he and Darvin Moon began looking in the area after a friend told him that a woman reported seeing smoke on the Stony River the day his sister disappeared.


He said, quote, She said she had seen, she called it a haze along the river. That's why we kept looking around Mount Storm, which is where we they have all the festivals there. I figure if the motive was to do away with her, they'd have put her in the Bronco and burned her in it. That's why my feelings are that's what my feelings are to. This is Rosalie, the mom. That's that she's alive and being held hostage somewhere for some reason or another.


I felt that she's not too far from here, but we just don't know where. We've just searched everywhere. We've been in all the buildings. We even went into the cemetery and looked around. Oh, my. These people are just I can't imagine they don't sleep. You know, they they like a fucking sandwich while they're trudging through the woods. Like, these people are horrible. The horrible way to fucking live. This is terrible.


She said there's this is Gary, the brother. There's a lot of suspicion around here. It makes you think, how will I feel about this person next week? Things like this happen in small towns all over the United States. It's not that uncommon. It just happened to us. So that's where you go. That small town murder right there in a nutshell. So the vehicle had been burned, like we said. And we'll tell you where exactly here.


The detectives said they were confident that someone with vital information in the case who has yet to come forward will come forward. They said that they set up a private hotline to field confidential calls. Yeah, people are uncomfortable. That's always good.


They received 18 or 19 calls, but none of the callers offered specific information about the whereabouts, just rumors and innuendo and bullshit.


I said there might be women who received suspicious calls, who went to meet the male caller, saw something and just drove on by because if that many people they might have pulled up, felt this isn't right, saw some guy standing by himself in the corner in the woods and was like, I never mind, who the fuck did you see? Right.


Just get a license plate of us. Anything, anything. So it's possible that if they did respond, she might be able to offer anything. So a meeting spot anything or there might be evidence that this is an officer said, I do think the person is familiar with the area because of the knowledge he had of the people he called. And the location of the vehicle itself is very remote.


You have to know how to get that Bronco alone is enough to give you that. Yes. Weird thing is the down by the river ends up being less than one hundred yards away from a trailer home trailer that is being rented by Deputy Paul Farrell. That's where they find the truck.


How do you how do you have any less than one hundred yards away down the down a hill by the bank of the river is up on top of the hill.


Maybe he's out looking for it. So.


Yeah. So that's that's interesting there. But yeah, they're so there, they're confident now they look into the phone calls a little more according to everything here. Each of the calls was made from a telephone in an apartment in Gorm Ghahramani, a brother here, law enforcement officers, you know, they're they're they're looking into this. They after they find the car, they're they're suspicious of everything now because they know that the car has been burned. So what they end up doing is they end up looking inside the trailer and doing a little research.


They find out the phone calls. A lot of them were coming from an apartment in egomania that Paul sometimes shared with his twin brother, Dave. Oh, what the fuck? Who's a student at Allegheny Allegheny Community College.


So phone Tristen. Yeah. So inside the trailer, they look because they're like, that's pretty close. We should probably look in Australia. He gave the go ahead, go search my trailer, knock yourselves out. Inside the trailer, they discover bloodstains on the floor, underneath newly laid carpet and on the walls underneath a brand new coat of paint. He's not good at this new carpet. A new paint is kind of that's not great. So, yeah, the sheriff before that had said it indicates to me that the perpetrator is familiar with the community because he knows people by name.


The perpetrator sounds on the phone very professional and convincing, and he has a good line of communication. He's been here for a while. He has he has had to have been. So there's that. So they're still looking for Cathy, though, and they're still they found blood, but they don't know what it is. They don't stop looking. And he's only been there for two months in the trailer. So he's like, I don't the fuck you're talking about I.


Yeah, I mean, when someone rents something, a lot of times they paint and put fucking new carpets and that's part of rental a lot of time. So they're not real suspicious of them, even though they find blood and there's a car down there. But it's still very circumstantial.


And when you buy a place or rent a place, you're under the impression that you have a lot of people's stuff in there.


You would think so, yeah. So they keep looking. They were looking around back bone mountain searching. Also rosily, the mother refuses to give up. She's got her high school portrait on the lunch counter looking for clues. Still, she said, quote, I believe she is still alive. I won't give up. It's a mother's intuition that I have. So she's pressing on hard core and everybody else is still searching and they're searching hard still now.


They're searching even harder since they found a burnt out car. They know that she just didn't drive to California or something. So that's a that's a problem. So they talk a lot about the phone calls. They know the phone calls are the key to this, too. Oh, that's a big deal. Yeah. Yeah.


So March 19th, nineteen eighty eight. After they do a little more investigation, they end up arresting Paul Farrell. Yeah. They take his gun in his car away and they arrest him, they arrest him in the apartment where he sometimes stayed, where the calls were made from. That's where they find him. He's in the they bring him to the county jail. Now, if we go over this, let's let's do this let's let's see what kind of evidence they had to arrest him on.


The Bronco was found in a room. It's a very remote area. His trailer isn't in it. There's not a trailer park. It's a fucking loan trailer on top of a hill that goes down to the river. And there's the car burned out seventy five yards from his house.


Not good. Wow.


Authorities also say they found a cigarette butt of the type that Kathy smoked and a watch similar to hers in his trailer.


Well, not good. No, Farrell admitted that the two at this point had been secret lovers, he said. Now, he said they've had a relationship for a long time and he's got a girlfriend. She's got a boyfriend. So they kept it secret, but they've been banging hard for a fucking while now, he said that's what's going on. Also, blood in the trailer, also blood in the cargo area of the four wheel drive. Sheriff's cruiser assigned to him as well.


Yeah, so and they're on March 19, March 11th. Nineteen eighty eight is when they questioned him after getting his search of the trailer permission. And they found out at that point that he had replaced the carpeting in the bedroom.


So they end up finding tiny blood spatters in various places on walls, mirrors, ceiling, Jesus everywhere in his bedroom, blood spattered all over the place.


Blood had also dripped through the crack between two tiny sections of Playboy ply board to a floor joists underneath Jesus Christ. That's a lot of blood. Is that is that's. Yeah. Heavy amount. It's not a drop. No blood was also found on a piece of material in a garbage as well. So the FBI was able to identify some of the blood as human and the blood type was not consistent with the blood of a child of the victim's parents.


So that blood of one of the blood in the in the wastebasket didn't belong to her. Also a cigarette, but like we said, was found and the cigarette was smoked by someone also. So they don't know that. So anyway, March 20th is when they arrest him. March 25th is when they find the wristwatch of the same type. There's no inscription or anything to know, but it's the same fucking watch swatch she has. Yes, that exactly.


That rosily are them that Cathy had received from her father. They find it. It's where they find it. That's the thing. They find it near a small burn area behind the mobile home now. So that looks like you're trying to hide there. Chief, after the disappearance, it came out about all the different phone calls. There were two sets of phone calls. They found out. Now, this this is a isn't a new thing. The first set was made between September twenty eight, nineteen eighty seven and late November nineteen eighty seven, the second set between February 1st and February 17th.


Nineteen eighty eight. This is what he does from September 14th to September to November 27th. Nineteen eighty seven. He had rented a mobile home on the Bayard Wilson Corona Road between between September twenty eight thirty seven in late November. Eighty seven. Several women in Grant County, West Virginia, nearby Garrett County, Maryland, received unusual phone calls from a man who directed them to various locations near the trailer on Bayard Wilson Corona Road.


So not good, including the trailer itself and a garage building near the trailer. Why? He's been trying to lure women to that, to the house, to the house. And he figured, why? Why am I doing that shit? That's not smart.


So he posed as various people.


I am a magistrate, James, and I'm going to need you to come over to Paul's house now to find out how he's going to pull this guy named Paul.


Well, I'll talk to him. I could do that.


And now he also posed as various other people, including a magistrate, a police officer, a doctor, a passing motorist. All the recipients were attractive women. Between the ages of 19 and thirty five, so he knows what he's doing. The doctor you don't remember, you came to see me. Yeah, you know, I have your test results. I need you to come in with all your clothes off. That's crazy.


A young woman said that later on that it was that she knew it was him that called her and that he had asked for her sister's phone number at work. Her sister's phone number was later found written on the cover of a phone book in the living quarters of Mr. Farrell, of Paul and his brother. And. So this is all connected up. So dangerous. This is very dangerous. This is, my God, Ted Bundy level. Scary. Yeah, worse kind of, because he's not just finding a check in a parking lot and being like, I'm going to pop a cast on an schrecker.


Yeah, he's he's got like a chart and a string's connecting the things and the whole thing out. This is a sick chest. It's a military operation.


But it's not gross. It's not under wraps, though. It's just out. No, no, no, no, no, no. If this was legal, he'd be the best at it. That's the thing. He'd be great at it. But unfortunately for him, it's not. So it's above the federal's. Martin Gore mania. The telephone there was a private one listed under the name of Paul Farrell, and he used the phone to make many of his calls.


January twenty first nineteen eighty eight is when he rented the mobile home off Bismarck Road. And from February 1st, nineteen eighty eight to February 17th, several young women in the area received strange phone calls in which a man purporting to be someone other than Paul Farrell never Paul directed them to the area near Mr. Farrell's trailer on Bismarck Road. Similar calls were made earlier to a man who had directed young women to the other trailer park. So this is all lining up.


It gets weirder.


OK, this is fucking crazy. Paul Farrell made a regular practice of posing as someone while calling people on the phone to get them to do things for them, not just to get them to come to him. OK, for a long time now, Paul Farrell made numerous phone calls to bookstores and libraries across the country. But it gets weirder. Jimmy. Bookstores and libraries, of course, across the country where two hundred and six, to be exact.


Oh my. This isn't a Waldenbooks over here and a Barnes and Noble and fucking Huntington. This is two hundred and six stores. This is all my library. This is every one of them. Pretty much, yeah. He posed as a doctor when he called.


OK, this is insane. OK, what do you think. He's called after what I just said because bookstores and libraries posing as a doctor. What do you think I'm going to say that what's a scab? I'm in the middle of a could you find me this book and tell me what's the next step?


You know what? That would almost be better than what he did. At least it'd be funny, you know what I mean? This is not a prank call. What is he doing? He called posing as a very serious doctor, by the way, not a prank call now seeking information on anal sex and anal stimulation. What?


OK, he tried to this is what he would try to do. Yeah.


He would try to get a female employee or librarian to read to him. Oh, Jesus, that's so gross. Ages one seventy seven and one seventy eight of the new Our Bodies Our Selves book.


OK, now it's hot to him and he needs some woman to say so we can tug while she reads our bodies ourselves.


They're like shit they give to teenagers so they like know that why their armpits stink now and that's why Jesus coming out of them. So they make it for both people when they touch too long. Yes. Now this is the new our bodies ourselves released in nineteen eighty four. This volume that he's talking about, the hot one, this one's a ball. It's got apparently full of anal sex and anal stimulation. Right now this is impossible to find a pdf of online or a Kindle or anything like that.


So I ordered this fucking book praying it would be here by yesterday and it didn't get here. So I don't know what's on page is one seventy seven one seventy eight of the new our bodies ourselves. Yeah. Besides, probably a lot of shit about your butthole that I do know next week you're going to know.


So please anyone out there, we have hundreds of thousands of listeners. If any of you somehow have the nineteen eighty four edition. Very important. Just eighty four edition of the new our bodies ourselves. Yeah. Please for the love of God, take a picture of pages one 77 one and tell me what the fuck was turning this guy on so mild that we have a lot to this that happens. I have that book sitting on his shelf.


Someone's got that book somebody. It's the female version. There's a male and a woman. And this is the female version.


Somebody tell me, please. What is he what the fuck is he whacking to? Somebody's mom gave that to him are like a gym teacher or something. In nineteen eighty five. Someone's got this book in an attic, so he probably read it or the lights in library stuff. Yeah. He probably read it and was like. If a woman read this to me, yeah, I can't imagine how hard I'm going to be, I'm going to come hard, I'm wondering six times he climbs to a hundred and six times his quotes on a run off as quotes on it are amazing, by the way, of what he says.


It's wild. Wait. We'll get to it. But so some of the employees read it to him. Really. Some of them are like they're like 17 year old kids that work in a bookstore and they're like, oh, a doctor call. They need me to read something. And it's very important. Meanwhile, they're like, you know, he's whacking it on the other end. It slows down.


I read it slower. Yeah. No, no, go back. I didn't hear that part from the top again. Disgusting. So some other people wouldn't they'd refuse. They'd say, that's gross. Fuck you. You hang up on him. So you go up, you call the next one. There's a lot of bookstores, a lot of libraries. One in six times. Two hundred, six times.


So one employee testified later on here that she heard heavier breathing as the conversation went and said, quote, It was like the anticipation of hearing another person who the doctor called later said that the caller noticed when the employee missed a paragraph on page 177 and asked if she would go back and read it. You missed paragraph two. That's the one I really like about. It's extra gross. Get back to the you sipped milk in the process. Get back there slowly.


Now go. But now you got to read it at half speed. That's disgusting. So when they asked him about the calls, the police, they said, hey, what's up with all these calls? He said that he made the calls from his girlfriend's residence and from the living quarters up there. He says that he frequently posed as a doctor during these calls because he found it a very easy way to get the information he wanted. That way, he could just con people, wait till you hear the quotes.


Not amazing, but we're still working on evidence and then we'll get to his quotes. So we're still building the evidence. Now, that's not at all the magistrates, they found out that obviously, you know, there was no he wasn't a magistrate and there was no male magistrates. Well, a county magistrate is usually on duty at a satellite office at the Mount Storm firewall's all on Wednesdays, sometime between ten thirty and 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, February 17th, nineteen eighty eight, which is when she disappeared.


The magistrate and her assistant observed Paul Farrell using the public payphone outside of the office. Right. Then the magistrate told her assistant that the man talking on the phone outside was their new sheriff, deputy sheriff. So they're not suspicious of anything. He's probably calling whoever Paul Farrell had just started their obviously. And when he went into then went into the truck, Bay Area of the fire hall or a phone available to the public was located and then remain there a while and left.


He would be BTK in. Oh, God, yes. He what his biggest flaw. And as everyone knows, he is right, is doing this in a town where everybody knows. Yeah, if he was in a city, he would be fucking dangerous, become dangerous. He's dangerous here. But I mean he could have wo I imagine how many women he could look at it. There's more evidence from the room in the family store where the telephone was located.


Mr. Farrell here could see people come and go from the post office and could also see another place where he could also it was also within sight of the restaurant where she worked. Gaffey Kim Nelson lived in the trailer and the trailer nearest to his trailer on the same driveway off the Bismarck road there, still far away. But that's you know, that's a neighbor there. But she didn't know Paul Farrell because he was new to the area. She said that between one and two p.m. on February 17th, banging and, quote, terrified screams came from Mr.


Farrell's trailer for about a minute, followed by a gunshot.


Oh, no. So that's a lot to take in. Now, a man, a man then drove out in a light blue car after that, which is not her car. Later on, she will identify from a photograph that it was Paul Farrell's car that she has observed departing, not the cruiser. The man drove back in one half hour later and then drove out again later in the afternoon at which she saw at which she saw a side view of the driver.


And it was him. February 18th, she saw the same man burning something out in the back of Paul Farrell's rented trailer, which it's not good. She then learned that she learned the man's name when she recognized Paul Farrell's picture in the newspaper after his arrest. She's like, Oh, that must be Paul Farrell, the guy I see out there.


So February 18th, he ripped out and burned carpeting from the master bedroom of his trailer, replacing it with new carpeting the following day. He claimed he did this because of dark stains and dead animal odor. Yeah, yeah. However, his girlfriend, Kathy Bernard, visited the trailer on February 14th, Valentine's Day. You know, they were in the bedroom and she had not noticed any stains on the master bedroom carpet. But I was busy reading 179 through 180.


She was. Yes, seventy seven. One seventy eight, nor any odors. Mr. Farrell's landlord also had not noticed any stain or odors. And the trailer on January twenty first when he did a walk. With him, so he did. Paul demonstrated concern about the disappearance of Kathy Ford, which is normal so to the rest of the town.


Kathy Bernard, on February 20th, his girlfriend asked him if he had heard about Kathy Ford's disappearance. You hear about that girl disappeared. Paul said that he had heard about it, that he knew who Mrs. Ford was and that he was afraid that people might suspect him or his brother of involvement in the disappearance.


He was afraid because Mrs. Ford was last seen heading in the direction of Mount Storm, where he lives. So that's a pretty general. That's a pretty weird fear to have. She was driving toward my town. OK, so on Sunday, February 21st, his girlfriend here, Kathy Bernard, before washing Paul Farrell's clothes, found a pocket, found a note in a pocket that found in a pocket a note that dealt with two people posing as a young couple and setting someone up by using a fake ID card.


OK, when she asked Paul about the note, he seemed concerned and explained that someone from the liquor board was going around to various places in the area to try to get them to sell liquor to minors. And the note had something to do with that. So also he had manifested an obsession with Cathy Ford's disappearance. So he told his girlfriend, said, what the fuck are you so obsessed with this far? He said that he knew her well and they had been intimate about a year before he met his girlfriend here.


So he's like because I used to bang her. That's my ex-boyfriend. It's my ex-girlfriend. However, David has Paul's brother, the twin said that that he knew nothing about anything between Cathy Ford and his brother. And if Paul had had an affair with her, he would have known about it. Trust me, he talks a lot. And we're twin brothers. He tells me shit.


So the Ford Bronco was last seen driving right along along the Stoney River off Bismarck Road, directly across the river from the Bronco and running parallel to Bismarck Road ran Cherry Ridge Road. Paul Farrell could reach the spot where the Bronco was burned without going to a main road. Really? Yes. His driveway led to a seldom traveled road that led to the side of the burned Bronco. Right to it right got the jury was obviously going to look at that.


And he also discouraged the search because that's where the fucking was. He told them not to search their February 29th.


They made a collect call from Uniontown, Pennsylvania, to his girlfriend, Cathy, in which he asked her to call the Ford family to say Cathy Ford was all right.


Why call them and tell them she's all right? Yeah, when he when asked pardon. Yeah. I mean, you wouldn't you say, why the fuck would I do that?


I don't know that. I don't know that.


When asked to clarify, she he said that he asked her to make the calls claiming she was Cathy Ford.


Oh no don't. Yeah. Paul, this is fucking crazy. He asked her to call saying she was Cathy Ford and that she's all right because he wanted to slow down the investigation so that his telephone calls might not be discovered.


That's the reason why March 2nd, Cathy Ford's parents received a letter in the mail postmarked in Pittsburgh, February twenty ninth nineteen eighty eight. This is fucking crazy. Wow. A letter and mailed from Uniontown would be postmarked Pittsburgh, apparently. So that's where it was.


The letter says this, quote, The only crime here was we had to get rid of the old man's Bronco right away. Cathy is nineteen, an adult, and we had to leave fast. We came into some dangerous money. So here is some money on the Bronco. More will follow. She will call you when she feels it's safe to do so. We're heading where I can get some work. Kathy made me write you so you would not worry.


She has to. She had to get away from Moon Davino and the boy from the restaurant and certain people. We we keep the money. Her green bag, her green bank bag. Tell Moone to leave us alone. OK, that's the look. And in the note was two hundred dollars cash.


That was down payment on the on the Bronco. And yeah. So Richard Williams, who's in FBI handwriting expert, will say that the letter and envelope were both written by Paul Farrell. Of course, his handwriting obviously. Two hundred dollars and twenty dollar bills. Oh, by the way, that same day the letter was mailed, he had withdrawn two hundred dollars from the savings account.


So in cash from the bank, a twenty dollar bills. Right. So the reaction to this, as you might imagine, people are like, what the fuck? She disappears, she's gone. We don't know where she is. And more arrests than a cop right in a small town. This is you know, heads are blowing up here.


Obviously, people are losing it about this shit here. Two hundred people are fucking crazy. One of the three hours we'll hear a lot from. He's a county sheriff in West Virginia and Grant County.


He says more rumors and you can shake a stick out. Of course, apparently nobody knows what or whom to believe.


He said, we don't know how to cope with it. That's it there, Marilyn. A waitress who doesn't want to give her name said, quote, You hate to see people take sides in a small area, you can't talk bad about your neighbors and you feel sorry for both families. This will tear us apart.


Who would take the side? There's that evidence. Small towns are so like, well, we don't want to take sides and get in any arguments or not.


And so we're just going to stay out of the Hatfields and McCoys.


That just lasts a while. It's weird. Here's one of his quote, one of Ferrell's bowling buddies. Yeah, he's got a he's a big bowler, like a league bowler. He loves it.


So go on. Coming out.


You need your bowling buddies to talk. Well, about they talk bad about it. You're done. He said, quote, He has a hell of a good personality and he would do anything for a person. He said if the police were to ask us for a character reference, I'd have to say there's no way he did. There's no way he did do it.


So I thought you were kind of mentioned as Voll. Oh, restrike.


I'll tell you what, he is one hell of an average. That boy. No way. He did the little splits like you got to say, like, you know, like a seven nine is a pain in the ass. Right. But it's doable. But get them. He is like money with those he bounces up off the back pound on every dollar. How the hell he does it. Boy, I tell you what he has got one hell of the race is average to a two twenty three this year and he's going to lead the team.


Man, I'm real disappointed personality. That is going to say average.


Yeah, that's going next. So they all said, you know, oh, we love them. Here's another this is from the postmaster, Juanita Bosley, who we heard from. Quote, Everybody is upset because the girl is missing. And then we find out they suspect a boy from here to have done it. It makes it a double tragedy. Oh, boy. Paul Farrell's mother came in yesterday and said, quote, My Paul did not do that.


I told her maybe her Paul didn't do that. But if he did, he is sick and he needs help. That's what she said. Well, yeah, obviously up to that point, everybody in town has been a suspect. You just don't know. It's sad. Very sad.


Well, they don't want it to be a mystery. Somebody from around there. No, also don't want it to be somebody that just came through at least that you can wrap your head around your name, find your neighbor who's on the police force.


You can't wrap your head around that. I'd rather wrap it around that, I think. Yeah. Then at least I mean something safe once they get that guy, because there's no way. That's what I've seen. That's what I'm saying. Somebody just passing through that shit can happen.


That can happen. But people don't want it to be their neighbors. Here's Paul's boss on the police force. They're ours. He said right now it doesn't look good for Paul. I'm sorry. Right now it don't look good for Paul. So I said the exact quote.


We're still continuing the investigation along with other various with various other police departments. We are going to keep on this thing as long as it takes any time a police officer is possibly involved in a crime. It just doesn't make that particular police department look bad. It makes all the police departments look bad. It's a black mark on the Grant Carey County Sheriff's Department. I hope people don't feel that the whole department is responsible.


Well, maybe you shouldn't have given a fucking guy with a yeah no without going through the academy a gun in a car. But I think he would have done this without the gun in the car. I don't think that was the main issue. Maybe maybe look at his phone records. Yeah, I don't think his badge was the thing that made him do this. He was just one of those John Douglas and mine Hunter talks about the wannabe cop type is a serial killer archetype.


The bad man, the guys, they drive a cop car auction cop car. They have German even still even say they will have a German Shepherd type police dog. They'll have this type of car. They describe this guy to a fucking tee, except normally this guy doesn't get on the police force. Right. Normally, this is the guy who gets bounced out and psychological tests. Yeah, he's got he's not physically up to it. There's something when he pulls up in the retired police, do they go, oh, no, no police.


Exactly. Oh, we're good. Yeah. With his gut hanging out, this is a different thing. This is like a small town. So he actually got on the police force and he actually like had built his whole life up for this and actually did all the things necessary to do it.


Small town, see that guy and go, oh, he is ready. Yeah, we've got to train him.


He was the basketball star in high school and then he went off to the Army and he was a military police are we're lucky to have them. That's the way they look at it. That guy that saw chicks heads off here and threw the bodies in the in the house. That's what he drove was a retired police officer. That's the most common thing that he got. I think the the snipers, D.C. snipers they had. Well, that's one of the most common things, is they that's all the police things.


They interests there want to be cops. They want to hang out with cops. They hang out at cop bars. Those guys, it's all the same shit. Vassa, he's one of these guys. So then they said that they ours said that he found no reason not to hire Farrell after he conducted a routine background check. It doesn't include phone records. And how many librarians have you walked off to in the last month? That's not a question they ask in the interview.


It's rarely a hot chick at the at the LT was a female voice.


Some care and you check for volleyball. Hold on a minute. Here, let me if I miss my page, let me lick my finger, but I'll lick my finger. So you let my. Vanger So you did our said we checked his background, the whole Ferrol family on the mountain is respected. He he had never been arrested, had no criminal record. He was a veteran and earned a good conduct medal. So we had no reason not to hire the fucking guy.


Everybody on Mountain respect him in the investigation. Back to that body still. Nope. Can't find Kathy. No, not alive or dead or anything. They're looking for her. Can't find her. Her father, Richard CIFOR Jr., says that, you know, he's just beside himself. He said that it's ridiculous. He said they met the FBI investigators to get an update on the case. He said the investigators were tight lipped about the evidence and, you know, they didn't know what to do.


He said investigators have no clue about the location of the body. He said, quote, All they would say is they have sufficient evidence to arraign him for murder. So he's like, so does that mean she's dead? What the fuck? So then after that, he says, quote, The next day says, quote, I know she's dead. There's no doubt about that. Now I know better. That's so that's the father. He's heard about blood and he's heard about a burned car.


He's heard about the screams of blotters. Don't just run away. That's the thing. Well, not with not knowing that there this concern, not her, too.


She's very responsible and cared about her family and wasn't like a wasn't a flighty person that involved very he says, quote, We're still searching for her body, but we found nothing at all. That's about all I could say right now. March 25th. Nineteen eighty eight. He's still in jail. Farrell he is one of eight inmates at the county jail, which holds eighteen prisoners. OK, so this is like Andy Griffith is probably like a key ring on the hanging on a nail and some guy's got a broomstick trying to knock it down and shit on the bone.


Yeah. Holding the bone like Pirates of the Caribbean.


Yeah. He's being kept in a cell separate from other inmates, though. They want to separate him. Sure. Says now. March twenty fifth eighty eight. Also, this is when he's due for his hearing. He's going to be arraigned and indicted and he is arraigned and indicted. The prosecutor said that there's a lot of unique DNA, unique facts in this situation because they're trying him for murder with no body. Great point. It's a hard thing to do in a small town in nineteen eighty eight.


Oh, my gosh. It's a lot harder to it with no DNA. No, James. Yeah, there's been a few items of physical evidence that have been turned over to various labs, but since then, nothing major has been discovered. All we can do now is present our case to the grand jury and do the rest.


April twenty fifth nineteen eighty eight. Paul is freed on one hundred thousand dollars bail by this guy. Walking the street scares me at all because now he's going to be trying to clean up loose ends. And I don't like that any women or anybody got buried somewhere who knows what this fucking guy did. So, Paul, let's get some quotes from Paul. Let's find out what kind of an asshole he is. This is later on. Let's see. He says, quote, I did not kill Kathy Ford.


I never hurt her in any way. They don't have evidence that I did. They have evidence that I made some mistakes. And I have admitted to here that I did make some mistakes, but I never killed Kathy for Ford or harmed her in any way.


OK, now they asked him about calls, basically phone calls and shit like that.


I heard about some libraries, Paul. That's later. Will they ask him about Cathy? How well do they do they know each other? And he said, quote, We loved calling hanging out together because of our backgrounds and the fact that we both run businesses for our families and they're both twins. And we talk a lot about how people how people irritate us. We talk about that. And she has a lot of plans. But she could really not do anything either because she was stuck there running the store for her family.


Her family really depended on her. So they said, what about the weird what about page one? Seventy seven, one seventy eight. What's up with that? I don't know that.


And he says, quote, It was a phone sex type thing to me. Yeah.


Yeah, he was just.


Oh, God, Paul, it he can't say that it had nothing to do with her and me and what and what it and what it would be more the same as calling a phone sex. No, just I couldn't afford a credit card, couldn't afford a credit card.


He was like two ninety nine a minute. Shit. I'm calling the library, there's a book with some anal shit and it really turns me on.


What's that number here. I just needed to read it to me.


What the fuck. I look back and it is wrong, but it was just something that had nothing to do with Cathy Ford or anything wrong. Wrong. It's predatory sexual behavior which only gets worse. So not terrific.


Wrong is a real small phrase to describe in that as fucked up. Weird batshit fucking what.


Mad. It's friggin messed up. That's what it is. Frickin weird. Friggin creepy is shit friggin creepy. So they asked him about what. About stopping the search and he said quote, My idea was to stop the search for the vehicle to avoid someone from going in there and finding the vehicle in my backyard. Well, no fucking shit. Right. Thanks for the simple answer. He said or finding one. I thought maybe a body back there to I just panicked, he said I did an irrational thing.


I don't think it says guilt or anything else, but it was just something. Looking back, I don't have a real good explanation for just that. I panicked.


You knew that the truck was there. You knew that she was missing. Yes. What are you talking about?


He didn't want her to be back there because then he said they'll all blame me.


OK, that's what it was. So they said, well, what about the blood in the trailer?


And he he says, Jesus. They said, quote, We found blood in your trailer. Mr. Farrell, what have you got to say about that? It's all over the place, buckets of blood in there. And I said my reaction was bewilderment. I said, well, maybe somebody cut their finger. I didn't know. I didn't know what they were talking about. Maybe a speck here. I said the trailer was eight years old. Maybe there was a speck or something.


Cut the finger leaked out into the bottle. Yeah, the fucking floor. Jois, that means that's like a large enough blood to seep. That's not cutting a finger. That's losing an arm.


Yeah, that's an artery is open that night. Wow. That night that he after the killing hour after supposedly the February 17th here. Eight thirty that night Paul met up with his friends at the local bowling alley and there he heard a woman had been calling and asking for him. I'm sorry, this is the the day before he's talking about. I'm sorry. No, it's that day he's claiming this is what happened in his claim the day of the murder.


He's claiming this this is all his claim is. I went to hang out. They said there's a woman on the phone. He said, I went over there to a payphone and made a call. And Kathy Ford answered real quickly there and started saying that she wanted to see me and that she seemed really upset. She was crying and didn't seem herself. And I thought her voice was rather slurred. And she mentioned that she really wanted to see me down at the trailer.


So she wanted to see me. I thought she was drunk easy because I alliums.


And so he apparently says that he waited for her at the high school parking lot for twenty minutes, but she never arrived and he had no idea that, you know, she was missing or anything like that or that the police are already looking for her because her parents had called, didn't know shit. Now about the vehicle found two hundred yards from his house, one hundred yards from his house, he said that he made the decision not to tell anyone.


He said he found it himself, obviously, and didn't tell anyone. When I walked out my door, yeah, I seen it burning. And I was like, now, he said, quote, Initially, I was panicked. I was afraid to go CLO's, afraid of what I might find. How do you explain this? You know, she's dead and she's dead in my backyard, you know, and all these people searching the area and they're all talking about these big searches about the vehicles, someone's backyard.


It's in my backyard.


So, yeah, I hate his stories.


He says my idea was to stop the search for the vehicle. Listen to what he says. Listen. Now, this obvious this is my idea was to stop the search for the vehicle, to avoid someone from going in there and finding that vehicle in my backyard. Well, no fucking shit. That does not what we ask, do you stupid son of a bitch. That's how dumb this guy is.


Or finding what I thought maybe maybe was a body back there, too. I just panicked. I did an irrational thing. I don't think it says guilt, but it was irrational.


I, I don't. I disagree. Yeah. Then the cops are like, are you also wrote a letter sent two hundred dollars. There's a lot going on here. So you bought the fire truck already. Yeah. This is bad.


So November nineteen eighty eight the family finally decides they hold a memorial, they decide that they know the hope is up here. They hold a memorial for close family and friends. They even requested people not to come. They basically said it's very close thing. Please, unless you're invited, don't come basically donate to the fire department what they said. So anyway, late January nineteen eighty nine is the trial this last nine days.


OK, now there's a couple of points of concern we'll go over will go over very quickly here. There's a Special Agent Curtis of the FBI. He testified concerning Paul's body movement during a polygraph test. Polygraph test results are not admissible. So this isn't the results of the polygraph. They went around at the prosecution and instead got the body language, got this theory, the FBI guy, to say what his body language was during a polygraph, which is still technically the polygraph.


So that's a real gray area, very gray area. But they let him testify. That's admitted into trial. He was testifying as an expert witness with regards to responses observed before and after, but not during the polygraph. That's what he said. It wasn't during it. I didn't even look at him then, but before and after. So as part of the interview, Agent Curtis presented Paul with a scenario in which there were there were two Paul Farrell's.


This is interesting as fuck, is it not?


This case is up trip. And really there are because he's got a twin brother. He's got it. Yeah. There you go.


One man was a calm, rational individual and another one. Who acted emotionally and struck out in anger at Kathy Ford and Agent Curtis testified that while he was verbally presenting the scenario, Mr. Farrell was nodding, which dumb people do. When you tell them things to him, they just nod along because they think that you want them to not. Yeah, that doesn't necessarily mean that he's talking. I'm agreeing. That's mainly like I'm thinking about pastry's. Right.


And you're talking Zarmina.


I understand the words coming out of your mouth. I'm going to keep saying yes to signify that I do.


That's exactly right. So, yeah, he said that rather than he he went further than simply stating that. He nodded. He opined, based on his expertise in interpreting body language, that the nodding was and actually it was really an admission of guilt, confirmation of whatever confirmation, which is a real stretch at trial for you. That's tough, especially when they talk about blood evidence, blood evidence at trial that revealed approximately 20 samples appeared to be blood stains taken from his home and Kathy Ford's vehicle were analyzed by the FBI, a serial forensic psychologist, which is the blood people testified that her analysis of these samples demonstrated that one contained human protein but could not be confirmed as containing blood.


Five contain blood, which could not be confirmed as human, and the remainder contained human blood. The stains were extremely my Knewton quantity, and there was only only three were found to contain recognized genetic markers. This is the very beginning of that. They didn't have like, oh, you're fucking 10 percent Polish and eight. But there wasn't that kind of DNA. This is we have certain genetic markers that are similar. They can break it down to like two percent of the population, but they can't get to.


That's fucking you yet. Not in regular things here. So they they said that, however, because of the small quantity, the test purposes, only one was found to contain more than one genetic marker. So the testing process also destroyed the samples because back then they did, leaving him with no opportunity later on to get the results verified. So that's a problem as well. And the state's DNA expert admitted that because of the smallness of the sample, there's no way to determine whether the blood stains came from the same person.


In addition, the cigarette butt found was the brand smoked by Kathy Ford. In the corner of his living room was tested. Traces of saliva on the filter demonstrated that the smoker had been a type, a secrete or a DNA testing expert who previously testified that the blood had come from a female. So there's no no blood sample from Kathy Ford to be used for comparison. So they use samples from her parents and testing for genetic markers. Agent Lynch hair testifies that blood stains analyzed in the course of the police investigation could have come from an offspring of the Fords.


So that's good. But not didn't definitely not enough for sure. Not for sure. They didn't have that. But it's possible they were asked to compute the percentage of the population that would carry all the genetic markers found in the samples analyzed. And she concluded that they were to occur in approximately two point seventy five percent of the population. OK, pretty close. Yeah, that's a that's a pretty good it's pretty good. It's not bad. Blood stain taken from the floor joist of the defendant's bedroom.


And that's the one I'd be concerned about because that's where that meant a lot of fucking. Yeah, that's a deep puddle. Exactly. Showed the presence of wow.


Whoa fo oh boy. Phosphor glucose glucose mutasa moots.


What the fuck is. That's a blood enzyme. A blood stain on a paper towel taken from a trash bin. All of this shit test determined that Kathy Ford's father had blood type O and carried the following genetic markers and basically it could have been her is what they found. One percent of the population has less than one. And her than her. Yeah, Kim Nelson.


But how many are twins? And there's two sets here.


Oh, that's never fucking know. God damn it, Kim Nelson, some of the strongest was on this. She testified she's a lot of the strong evidence. She's the neighbor who could see his trailer from her house. She told prosecutors that she heard the screams and everything like that, screaming and gunshots. Ferrell never testifies on his own behalf here. So he's being charged with arson, kidnapping and murder in the second degree. OK, here. So it goes to the jury.


He believes that the prosecutor says that this woman later on will say she was forced to testify in. The prosecutor said they never forced her. Farrell never testifies. A verdict comes in. Guilty of kidnapping, guilty of arson, guilty of second degree murder as well. If nobody, nobody based on the blood in the evidence of the burning Locky sentencing here. You, sir, may fuck off life imprisonment with mercy for kidnapping, five to eighteen years for second degree murder and one to three years for third degree arson, all sentences to run consecutively.


Oh, so even with the mercy, you're looking at at least twenty five years as he's going to do here.


So. That's that's that's pretty good for him. I need he's going to be hopefully that energy will be gone by then. So 1990, he appeals.


He appeals first on the nodding, but nodding along all that information of his fuckups. Yeah. And the appeals court actually says we agree with the defendant that it was improper for Agent Curtis to give expert testimony to the effect that he was admitting guilt by nodding while he was speaking to them. It's entirely possible that Mr. Farrell is simply nodding the show that he was listening and in no way agreed with what he was being told. Absolutely. Indeed. The point was strenuously pointed out by the defense counsel as well.


The jury is competent to determine the meaning of such everyday nonverbal communications, and Agent Curtis should have not should not have been allowed to add an expert opinion on it. However, this was a small part of a very long, complicated thing. They said this is what you'd call a harmless error. They are not going to reverse on. This isn't the this wasn't the factor that made the jurors vote guilty. That guy is nodding the blood to he doesn't challenge the scientific basis of the bloodstain analysis and all of that.


He challenges the conclusions that they made, asserting that it was an error to allow Agent Lynch to testify that bloodstains found at the trailer could have come from Kathy Ford. Based on all of this shit, based on some statistical bullshit, he's saying that DNA is still not accepted as like gospel like it is now.


They don't know how much it's caught. Yeah, because it hasn't. That's the thing. Yeah. They don't have no idea. Now, the phone calls, these are hard to explain. Oh, yeah.


He contends in his appeal that evidence of over 206 phone calls to various bookstores and libraries across the country should have been excluded because it was more prejudicial than probative. The state contends the evidence of the phone calls is probative because it established motive, intent and a common plan or scheme that he used to get sexual gratification out of misidentifying himself on the phone. And it was essential to prove the charge of kidnapping, that he changed his identity on the phone to get people to do things.


And the state did not offer the phone call evidence to show the defendant was more likely to commit the crime of kidnapping. In fact, the phone calls don't show that the defendant's character made him more likely to kidnap someone. The call simply prove elements essential to the kidnapping case, namely motive and intent, and also tend to show a common plan or scheme, right? Yes. So, oh, boy, these calls, when considered in conjunction with the calls to local women, are probative because they tend to prove Mr.


Farrell uses fraud to entice women out of their fucking.


I love the phone calls. That's that's the maybe the best that nails the whole thing.


Yeah. Nails it for me. So they also said they do agree that the evidence I'm sorry, he said that he claims there's insufficient evidence to convict him of kidnapping, but they conclude that evidence for kidnapping should be upheld because her fucking car was in his yard, basically.


So the prosecution needed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he used fraud to entice her near the mobile home for the purpose of gaining a concession or advantage in the form of sexual gratification. So they were talking about that. They said he claims the prosecution failed to show that he used force on the victim transporting or confined her. But they said it's clear that kidnapping can be accomplished without force or compulsion.


If you use fraud to do it, that's still kidnapping, right? They wouldn't have done that if you hadn't have lied to them. And they said that the use of his of his many phone calls to get the shit he wanted is pretty good evidence of that, which I mean, Jesus Christ. He also claimed he can't be convicted of kidnapping if he's convicted of murder because the kidnapping would be incidental to the murder.


No, no, absolutely. That's wrong, too. Yeah. They said that a kidnapping has not been committed. He's bringing up a statute. It's ridiculous.


They want to murder somebody if you don't kidnap him. Exactly. The case they said here, it's highly unlikely that Paul Farrell enticed Cathy to his trailer exclusively in order to kill her. Rather, the jury could have reasonably, reasonably believed that he enticed her to his trailer in order to commit the offense of rape, an offense of which he was not charged because they have no evidence of that. Therefore, we find no reason the defendant cannot be convicted of the separate offenses of kidnapping and murder.


OK, then his last thing is how do we know she's dead? OK, is she really dead? He said that there's insufficient evidence that she was even dead and the body language evidence should not have been used. Jury was improperly instructed.


The whole thing's tainted. We're going to settle it all. A Canadian brother, VW will also hold on.


Somebody say tanked again. I'm tired. Oh, I'm tugging.


The West Virginia Supreme Court rejects the appeal by a three to two vote. That's too close, very close. And the US Supreme Court refused to consider the case in February. Nineteen ninety one. They're still looking for Cathy, the mother. Mr. Ford said, I'll do anything I can to find this is the brother. I'm sorry. I'll do anything I can to find my sister. I'm sorry. I still go out and search when I have time.


When or when I think of a new place to look. This poor fucking guy man, these poor people. The Richard Ford, the father said the FBI said it wasn't their job to look for her and most of the searches have been done by friends. That's gross. Fucking pissed. He said he's really mad at the everybody for failing to want to stop paying federal taxes for sure.


Yeah, he's super mad about that, Donna. Fuck you. Yeah, they said I want to I want to see the brother said I want to see her found and put it to rest once and for all. So now 1990 to a magazine comes out saying Paul's innocent what called the public eye. It sold in western Maryland.


And in West Virginia, it's 250.


It's a 40 page article by a freelancer named Martin Yant. And he claims that this is all bullshit. He claims that it's a false accusation on Paul Farrell. He claims that the evidence he reports is very it's really weak. Right.


It doesn't compare to all the mountain of the other shit. It's like somebody saw Darvin Moon in the area of this and that he could have gone and killed her in his trailer. And it all adds like he could have.


But more than likely, this fucking asshole did it or it's the guy that lives there who if you've got a car burned by your property, you're not looking at what it is before you just call and get somebody to come. There's some shit on fire. Yeah, I don't want to go look at it. So this guy said he had a six month investigation revealing two witnesses who now claim they were intimidated by prosecutors. He said Kimberly Sue Nelson of Mount Storm now says she was coerced by Maryland police officials to falsely testify.


She heard pounding, screaming and a gunshot from the trailer. Yeah, it's also said the witness, Tamela Kitzmiller of Mount Storm now says the prosecutors in the case intimidated her during her testimony linking Farrell to phone calls to her in 1987. She since determined through hypnosis since then that the telephone calls she received were not from Farrell. So he hooked up to a hypnotist and then was like, oh, yeah, it's not from him. Even though the evidence says it was from him, there's records of him calling him Nelson Kitzmiller.


Another several several other prosecution witnesses say that they were frightened into acceptance of Farrell's guilt with unsubstantiated allegations about Farrell and his family. Several say they were told Farrell had been linked to several murders around the Yellowstone National Park and that he had a split personality and that he was a psychopath who must be put away. Yeah, the prosecutor said, quote, I try cases in the courts. I don't try them in newspapers and magazines. The jury found him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.


And there's no doubt in my mind whatsoever. Yeah, Kitzmiller. The one witness said that I think it's very acute injustice and it needs to be corrected. If the people of this country allow this conviction to stand, none of us will be safe from this kind of injustice in the future. Well, if any of you have a burning, missing girls car in your yard, call the cops and then you won't be, you fucking jackass. So they also say that Cathy's alive in this article.


That's the main reason why you shouldn't be in jail.


He said he's able to locate two witnesses, two people with random people who claim they saw Kathy a year after she vanished.


OK, well, then produce Kathy. Well, they said December of eighty nine. A couple from the Gorman area was passing through Tennessee driving when they visited a restaurant and noticed the waitress looked like Kathy Chaney. They noticed the waitress appeared to be nervous when she noticed the couple, probably because they're staring at her like grapes. Because you're weirdos. Yeah. When another waitress came over to them, she asked what the husband felt was a strange question for a restaurant off the freeway.


She said, quote, You seem to be strangers here. Where are you from?


That's weird. I've never seen you before.


It probably is by the same people. When she when she went to talk to the waitress that look like Kathy, then they said Kathy ran back in the kitchen and they couldn't find her after that. So she's still alive, hiding in a diner in Tennessee.


Maybe she didn't want to be bothered by some fucking weirdo. Maybe it creeped out. It maybe creeped a waitress out.


There wasn't anybody, some young girl who's creeped out, old Fran, what could be the prosecutor said there's entirely too much evidence here of the guilt against this man is absolutely overwhelming, absolutely overwhelming.


He says it twice. He said a large amount of evidence was presented to the jury. Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Kitzmiller both testified no promises or threats were made to them. I guess it's easy for people to make those kinds of accusations. I have not talked to those people since the trial. I certainly didn't coerce anybody. That's such a big deal. On September twenty fifth, 1992, and is featured on Unsolved Mysteries.


It's not unsolved, Robert, so we don't know where she is. That's a mystery, but I'm pretty fucking sure we got a good idea. I checked the river. I don't know. I think she's in the fucking river for cars right next to the river. I'd say probably drag the river or check out back of that trailer and dig a bit the whole fucking thing up.


Nineteen ninety for an appeal based on a small amount of DNA, a small amount since his trial, they've repeatedly challenged it. Obviously the item here they wanted. Better genetic testing now, the item was a blanket found in his vehicle in the police vehicle, the cruiser that allegedly had tiny stains of blood. Now, they compared this to samples from her parents and they said that after all of this, they end up finding out that that sample could not have come from Cathy the blanket in his police cruiser.


So he killed somebody else, too, or somebody was bleeding and went in the police cruiser. They gave him a blanket. Who the fuck knows? Based on that, though, they allow his release from prison in nineteen ninety four while it reviews the case.


They put him on home confinement for two years while the case is reviewed. They basically let him out on bail while the case is reviewed. And then after that, two years later, two years 1996, the court reaffirms the conviction and puts his ass back in prison.


OK, I didn't know we do things like that.


Oh, it gets worse.


Time on home confinement, by the way, counts toward a sentence, which I know maybe half, maybe two days at home is one day in prison or five days to one or something like three to one. Maybe you at your house ain't fuckin pregnant. How often do people try to rape you in the shower in your house, Jimmy? Because it happened a lot to you. Probably not, I'd say.


How many phone calls does he make in the libraries while he's there? Oh, just a tugging away. January 2001, one in the last two days of Governor Cecil Underwood of West Virginia's new term, son of a Bitch, one of his final acts in office, which went largely unnoticed because there was a big deal over paid comp time payments to his staff, something they made a big deal out of. They didn't notice that he that he commuted the sentence of Paul William Farrell here commuted it.


The order said Farrell's convictions, quote, are not supported by the presence of the alleged victim's body, a weapon eyewitnesses or physical evidence such as fingerprints, hair or fibers. They didn't mention blood in there. I noticed Ford's body has never been found and they prosecuted. All of the prosecutors did all this shit. And basically they're like now, Underwood's daughter said, quote, He has proven to be an exemplary inmate, as reflected by his institutional record and educational achievements.


He had no prior police record. Oh, well, that's great. Then you don't need one. It would have been different if he had fucking stolen a Milky Way bar from a fuckin convenience store when he was eighteen. That would have made him worse. It's murder. Fucking cares. You're saying one charge charge we. What's a pretty good one, I think. Right. So you're saying he got caught the first time and that's that. Yes.


It is not criminal. So farand. Apparently not. Farrell had requested a full or conditional pardon, but instead this governor commutes his sentence to where he is now eligible, eligible for parole the next year, 2002, rather than twenty twenty.


So he comes under fire. Once that comes out in the in the hole in the whole deal.


They're singing no body, no crime. No, no.


It's hard, it's hard to sign these death warrants with no body and no crime. And about a Bronco leave my yard.


No, he doesn't give a lot of UNFI who put her watch inside.


No body, no crime. So May of 2004, his defense lawyer tells a parole board he's had an outstanding record in prison and everything else. And the parole board goes, I agree. Let him out. Oh, my God. Thousand four fucking out. I am terrified of the man. Yeah, he was his lawyer said the jury did recommend mercy. They knew he'd be parole eligible. Not then. I bet if he said he'll be out in ten years or 11 years, they maybe not.


Yeah, maybe. Let's forget whatever the prosecutor said he ought to served twenty to twenty five years, try to let him out in fifteen is really a travesty and it really is. And he's there. He still lives in Gorman from what I understand. Oh no. People after that saw him walking around Gorman and Ghahramani a brother and we're like we're a little uncomfortable.


I hope they do walk by him and say, Hey, Paul, you some bitch. But yeah, he's some bitch, you friggin some bitch round these parts, though, they love a good conspiracy and they love a good governments fucking me conspiracy around these parts. So it's about fifty fifty people think he did it and people think he didn't do it.


Some people think he's a hero. Oh a lot of, there's a lot of people around there who think he was set up by the dirty state and the FBI and the feds and all this shit. A lot of people think that about that and that he's an innocent man. It's a comet. Pizza people. Yeah. Yeah. Lots of people that read that article and then didn't read the court documents with the evidence in them. The guy is too much.


Yeah, I read that. I read all the evidence is what I did. I read what they had in science and things like that. I didn't just go I don't know. I hear he did that. Did you hear the one? I heard her and her boyfriend because there was someone who came forward to frame somebody. You take a missing person's heart, put it right next to him. Don't they look guilty? Guilty? Yeah.


There was somebody who came forward and said a year before that Kathy had come to them and said that she was afraid of her boyfriend, Darvin and blah, blah, blah. So it was probably him. And they do shit like that. And it's like, well, that's a year before and no. So anyway, there you go, everybody. West Virginia never disappoints. Can we just say that never lets us down does it.


Holy shit. So fucking place man. And I have another one from West Virginia. There's so many from West Virginia. But if you like the episode, please let us know about it. Apple pie and review five stars. That was a crazy episode. Come on, leave. It takes thirty seconds to sign in and do the review. That was a lot of information to find. So do that. Help us out a lot. Doesn't matter what you say.


Really doesn't tell me. Let's see what's what's a good thing. That was like your justice. I would like your favorite, your exact perfect house temperature and you'd like me to, you know, dig deep and find your best verse to no body, no crime.


There you go. Put it up. Enjoy. So there you go. To get a good one. Get a good one, damit. Head over to shut up and give me murder. Dotcom, first of all, for all the merchandise, get your cheer up, bitch. Christmas sweater. It's amazing. But most of all, get your tickets to the virtual live show January 29th, not a prisoner dating game. An actual episode like we do when we go to the theaters visuals.


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But we don't I'm not we're still going to do our best to make sure to ever that possibility is we're going to give you every opportunity we can.


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And then the small town murder one, though it sounds so much, so much crazier. When is the United States I USFL, I know what it mean. Yeah, but when you say it out loud, I'm like that sounds like it sounds like it's going to be silly.


Like a public access football team. That and. Small town murders, we are going to talk about the Manson family, Charles Manson and the murders and everything, but not we're not going to get into the murders, but we're going to talk about the Manson family, the cult, and then we're going to compare them to Heaven's Gate and we're going to compare and contrast these two very different cults from a hippie sex cult to a sexless computer. Geeks like nerd culture, very fucking different, but also very similar veins run through them that we'll talk about.


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