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All you want to do is sit in a cafe and quietly enjoy this podcast when you can, I have a total Hemi Demi semi half caf cut MCCLARTY Oh, and can you served in a macchiato class?


Oh, give me strength.


Cut the nonsense and keep it real. With Trebor, pick up a refreshing boost of Trebor Extra strongman's for a cherry trees of tree Borshoff mints this week in Hampton, New Hampshire.


The words love thy neighbor take on new meaning as a one sided grudge leads to a suburban showdown.


Welcome to small town murder. Hello, everybody, and welcome back to Small Town hey and Jimmy. Yeah, indeed, my name is James Petraglia. I'm here with my co-host, Jimmy Listman. Thank you, folks, so much. Happy holidays. Merry Christmas to all you fine. Fine people out there.


We're recording this as we're there's like pasta making going on in my house. There's a lot of stuff happening right now. We're going to record this and program note. We are going to give you this show might be a little bit shorter than the normal shows, but that's for a reason, because we are also going to give an extra show this week, an extra show into the feed. So just like normal, not a bonus, not a payroll, not a it's a bonus, but not a Patriot Extra.


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Really, from March on the News, every day was awful. And getting a notification and a chime that somebody else signed up was negated. Most of it. Yes, it helped a lot.


So thank you, everybody. And also listen to crime and sports. If you haven't, maybe give it a shot this week. If you're home, you got a little time off possibly or something to do. It's a good time to check it out. Crime in sports is crazy. And also check out P.S. I hate this movie or I have to watch Love actually this week, which is good God help me. So there's that. It's a bad it's like the rom com all rom coms holiday season.


I don't like forty people. It's one of those with the front of the the front of the posters like fifteen boxes of all different famous people. It's all disaster. So it's like it's bad stuff. So there's. Yeah.


Check that out on that's, that's coming up this week. And disclaimer quickly comedy show everybody. This is a comedy show.


There is horrific murder involved because, you know, it's called small town murder, but it's a comedy show. We're comedians. We're going to make jokes. We do not we go out of our way not to make jokes, jokes at the expense of the victim or the victim's family, because we're assholes, but we're not scumbags. And that's it. That's how it works there. It's where we make fun of small towns, which everybody is from a small town and they all have shit to make fun of.


Right. We make fun of a police force that might let a murderer walk free for years. We make fun of murderers because we have no other recourse. Sitting here in our studio, all we can do is make fun of them and we're good at that. We do our best. That's that's what we're best at. So we do that. So if that sounds good to you, we're going to have a blast. If not, I don't know, maybe give it a shot.


Let the let the holiday spirit fill you, give what it in your heart open and try something different.


And you might not you might not be disappointed in cheeks and enjoy the spirit.


That's right.


And while you're doing that, shout shut up and give me Murda. Let's do this. Jimmy would love it. Let's go on a trip shall we? Let's go all the way to New Hampshire. I love it. This I know you would like to go to New Hampshire. We're stuck here. Yes, we're going to Hampton, New Hampshire. I've never heard of it. It's in the southeast corner of the state and in the water near Massachusetts, yeah, you've probably kind of gone through it.


Yeah, it's a little mini panhandle sticking out all on its own. It's about 50 minutes to Boston. OK, so right there. Thirty five minutes to Manchester. Definitely been. Definitely been around there. And it's down by the water, too, as I'm sure you've been there. Twenty five minutes over to Fremont, New Hampshire, which was episode one. Forty five, our last New Hampshire episode Been a While, which was November of last year.


Twenty nineteen. That was the one hundred and seven dildoes episode.


So Freeman, if you missed Fremont you missed one hundred and a man who had one hundred and seven dildoes testimony, it's that's we found out that that was the number where we were like think that's triple digits is where you're hearing the sounds excessive. It doesn't seem probably bad until the police are cataloging them one by one and counting it, counting them, taking photos and releasing that to the media. I feel like at that point it's embarrassing. Another one.


Oh, boy, there's seven more I found. There's another closet here that's in the top shelf is loaded. Guys, I need help for it. Seventy two. Are you sure? I stole my show. I didn't count. Those are an average bag. It's full. It's all right. We didn't do it this time. I could feel it. So now this is in Rockingham County and everything. It's this one's got balls. They're squishy. Avilla suction cup.


I think this one's this one's vaine.


The realistic, real vasculitis, the realistic going up. I turn one on the whole back substate. I think I don't know if there's a switch on this goddamn thing. I'll bag five right now. You got to stroke it twice. Once we're on twice. We're off. OK, that's how it works. One of them's the thruster. Jesus, stir everybody back off. We got to know what's in this bag. Back off, everyone, cowboy.


So this is in Rockingham County area code six oh three fifteen square miles. About thirteen of that's on land because this does leak over into the water area. It's a good sized town. Yeah. The history of this town, which will go through extremely briefly here, first called the plantation of Wynarka. It oh.


Which caused many slips of the tongue. And so they had to change the they love to win it. I'm going to what's it we need cut.


Know what the hell I'm going through. You win contest. I don't know what's happening there. Sorry to go to work, but no, you can't. That way you're going. Yeah, you you can't have anybody in that to back with just a knee in the middle of separate because that he can be left out real easy. Hampton was one of the four original New Hampshire towns chartered by the General Court of Massachusetts, which held authority over the colony here.


When a it that is a home, it's a minefield I tiptoe through. That bad boy is an allergy. Only a bathroom floor in the middle of the night covered in mousetrap. It is why go slow Legos and mouse mousetraps, that's all. It's all over the floor. Watch out. Walk on your big boy tiptoe.


It's an Allegan Quynh Abenaki word, meaning Pleasant Pines. And with that Cafarella.


It's Pleasant Pines and is the name of the town's high school, which I'm sure great. All the opposing team is definitely calling it.


What the other thing that makes it very easy, very easy to chant in a collar high school. That, and especially the word win is your own.


Your own people would chant it to him. This is as comedians. It is ridiculous that before us we laugh. We're trying to be mature about it. I'm doing my best. But what are we supposed to do here? We're only human. So I anyway, this the town was settled in sixteen thirty eight. I learned by a group of parishioners led by Oxford University graduate Reverend Stephen Batchelor, who had formerly preached at the ACT in Hampton, England.


So they brought him over here incorporated in sixteen thirty nine. My Fox. He's so old. That's so wild, man. I love how old one of the first that's so far back.


Well it's right by Boston and Boston was a kind of a main hub here.


So in the in sixteen seventy nine they, they had his son in law, the bachelor son in law, Christopher Hughes. He was appointed by King Charles, the second to govern the province of New Hampshire. OK, govern this whole thing.


It's all yours, Governor. So they they built the railroad in 1850 and then trolley lines with Exeter and all this type of shit. And that became that helped the ocean front here become a real popular resort area for people from Boston, that sort of thing. So it remains today. A tourist destination, you can go there and buy shit with seashells glued to it, no problem. Sure. No problem with your kid's name on it. Right. You know, arranged include on seashells.


Welcome to Hampton. A lot of that stuff happening here.


Notable people from this area. I mean, the one that I found that I believe Alfonzo, if you're a wrestling fan, you know how Bill Alfonzo is. He is a referee. That tongue out. He was in ICW and he's been around forever. He's from this town. And that's about it, really.


There's a lot of congressmen and shit like that, but nobody that's fun to talk about. So skipping it reviews her views of this town. I have a three star review here. So the water's not impressive to you.


Now, some of the people most of the people like the place, though, but there's some averageness about it.


Here we go. Three stars, quote, in the winter, especially Inlander close to the North Beach. The town is nice. Unfortunately, the tourists from Massachusetts really destroy the quality of life throughout Hampton for the entire summer.


Come down. Sorry, you're going to review it based on just the people from Boston screaming Red Sox scores back and forth to each other across the town, really making it too loud, annoying, and I don't like it. I went down down the Cape for Memorial Day of a while back and not it was Labor Day. It was Labor Day because the guy clearly from Boston, the cab driver, screams out the window just as he drives by Labor Day for no reason at all.


And that guy is mad about. But that's what they're complaining about. They just run around screaming Labor Day. And he was the Cerberus guy around to think about that. That's the guy behind the wheel of the drunk guy's doing so. The beach is overrated, trashy, crowded and noisy.


Yeah, yeah. Could see the trees are do the fucking forest glued on seashells is what we're getting. Our young men drive around in a loop, blasting rap music, showing off whatever ridiculous work they had done to their car lights underneath. Sounds as if the muffler fell off, etc.. This is like a sixty year old woman writing a hilarious review and I'm loving it right now. Aw, man.


But I feel like the language is a sharp, sharp of a sixty year old woman for something like 60 year old woman reviewing East L.A. also identical things.


But now, Hampton, it's really a shame because the year round residents in town are great. Unfortunately, they are the minority once it's warm enough to even stand outside. So there you go. Here's three stars. It is quiet for the most part. It can get busy during the summer and other hotter times as we have long stretch of beach near us. That's a really weird sentence. But even still, it remains quiet. So they're not they don't see the the blasting rap music from these guys.


And these reviews were done a couple of months apart. So it's not like ten years apart. It's remains quiet. As far as changes go, I would like to see an increase in diversity and a more robust, robust nightlife. So they want different things to reviewers. Here's three stars. There are some great local food places, beautiful, beautiful scenery, lots of recreational places. Feel safe neighborhoods, good schools, fun place in the summer.


Three stars. OK, Meridiani, I see no negative in there.


So yeah, that's what it's a hard person to believe. What do you want from this town. I will free jobs to let you live within five miles of the ocean. I mean, you know, now you go to the beach but there's just no free blowjob machine and that's what I'm looking for. You know, if there was a free blowjob machine, then time will be better. Maybe they get four stars. Yeah, like a booze faucet in the free blowjob machine.


I feel like I'd like to stand more. That's all I'm saying here, that maybe, maybe, maybe for I can't I can't promise nothing. Here's another three stars.


Quote, It doesn't seem to be very prevalent around here.


What what doesn't know? Punctuation, no period and no explanation of what the shit that means. And it's under the crime and safety adding. So I don't know what.


OK, so I mean, crime and safety. Right. But that's just one category. Which one's not very prevalent crime rate, I don't know. But it's three stars, so there's no crime. What are you saying? Only three stars, right? I say it is prevalent as fuck. Then I don't know what's happening over there. It's very prevalent. Somebody just learned what prevalent the word, not necessarily definition. Just say they heard it once.


They're like, yeah, prevalent.


Maybe they titled it like pussy or drugs or they changed it to and then just. No, no. That was the title of the pussy. Not very prevalent. There is no I. Yeah, I wish there was a goddamn explanation. I have the population stayed around like twelve hundred for about one hundred years. Really. Yeah. From the to the mid nineteen hundreds and it's been coming up steadily and really kind of shot up a lot in the kind of the urban flight of the late 60s, 70s.


A lot of people came here because it's within driving distance to Boston when the word got out. Exactly. So the people right now fifteen thousand three hundred twenty two up twenty five percent and. Nineteen ninety seven people are moving there, more females than males, which makes sense because the median age is fifty fifty point four, which is about 13 years older than normal for the average for the rest of the country.


I told you got to be to own property by the beach.


Yeah, it's expensive here, too, as we'll get into less kids than usual to here. Not a lot of kids. It's a lot of kind of older can afford to live here. You're in your 50s. Maybe your kids are gone already and you know you're coming here. Married population, though, it's one of those places, 60 percent as opposed to 50 50 is the norm. Less single people with no children, less single people with children, less children in general and less single people.


Yeah. So picture a lot of quiet now.


Quiet couples taking in the evening, early retirement and they're enjoying it. That's kind of what's going on here.


Race of this town, ninety four point two percent white. Yeah, pretty.


Pretty white, I would say point one percent black that close to Boston. Point one percent. That is not a lot of point. I can't even. Well, I guess when you put that into because I feel like it might be like four guys, but you can't go lower than that on this chart point one two point zero.


There's no more decimals on what this site offers. So there could be three guys there, three percent Asian and point eight percent Hispanic.


So, wow, that's really weird. Not a lot of anything, but incredibly white and very, very white. Older, white. Not a lot of kids. Keep it quiet. Everybody keep it down.


Just keep it down. A lot of that going on. Yeah, a lot of keep it down. I hear rap. I'll review this place.


I swear to fuck blue bloods on. I would like to see with Tom Selleck is doing this way. Keep it down. It's a lot of that going on. NCIS is on in five minutes. I don't know how to work the DVR, so I have to watch it when it's live. The Blue Bloods had the one with Mark Wahlberg. That guy thinks I think Donny Donny while the one on the wall by just one of the new kids on the block.


And I feel like it's just Tom Selleck with his mustache still just looking.


All of us has never seen anybody from Boston on TV. Yeah, shut up. There's royalty on now.


He does like a reverse mortgage commercials, but he seems like, oh my God, it's funny. He's like a lot of folks will tell you, the reverse mortgage is just a way to lose your home. But some people out there do it a little differently. Like I'm folksy. Tom Selleck. Yeah. You trust me from Blue Bloods. I was a Magnum P.I. I'm see Tom Selleck. I don't have a reverse mortgage. There's no fucking way I'll ever have my own seven homes.


I've been on television for forty five years.


I could give one away and not notice, but I won't. Yeah. So thirty nine percent religious here, which it's the only religion really here. It's going to peak at twenty nine percent Catholic because Catholics are Baptists of the North and especially the Northeast.


They're going to get that almost point three percent Jewish. I'm sorry everybody. Don't worry. In the next couple of weeks we have New Jersey and New York coming up in the next month. So fingers crossed we're going to get our son. Maybe we will, zero point zero percent Muslim. The unemployment rate here is low. A lot of kind of white collar people here, median household income normally in the country. Fifty seven thousand here, seventy eight thousand seven hundred six dollars.


So every dime you do, all the over one hundred thousand groups are high, more percentage, higher percentage cost of living, one hundred being average regular. And the rest of the US here it is one twenty one. Housing is the high one though. Housing is a one sixty two holy and good median home cost three hundred seventy three thousand nine hundred dollars, which is outrageous.


Only about 10 percent of the houses are worth less than two hundred thousand dollars here. So it's rough.


And if we've talked into it, you want to go to a beach town, you want to keep it down and watch blue right when it comes on because you don't know how to work the DVR we have for you the Hampton, New Hampshire real estate report, your average two bedroom rental here goes for about eight hundred seventy dollars a month.


My God. Which is pricey for a two bedroom place, but rent. Yeah, yeah. But a lot of that is also driven up by the beach front property cause the beach front rents are really expensive. So that drives the inland rents that are a little lower. You know, that's the middle three bedroom, two bath I found house here. Fourteen hundred and fifty six square feet might be manufactured. Looks like it's got that bottom where it's not attached to the ground type of deal.


No foundation, not the best. Two hundred sixty nine thousand nine hundred dollars to own a tin box. Believable. Yeah, I found a four bedroom, two bath. Nineteen hundred fifty two square feet. Regular house. Nice. Needs updating now a couple of problems, but it's nice, though. Four hundred eighty nine thousand bucks, so that's entry level pretty much for like a real attached to the ground house. That's rough. And then I found let's say you've done well.


Yeah. Want to stretch out by the beach. I found a four bedroom, three bath, 20, 40 square foot, two story house on the beach. You walk out of your front yard and you're on sand. We're talking amazing. Two million fifty three thousand dollars. So that's the difference between on the beach and not on the beach is one point five million or so. A lot of money here because otherwise that's the same house. It's the second house footage.


And yeah, you're just said of having a yard. You have an ocean Anacostia a mile and a half.


And the beaches aren't necessarily sand either. It's I like those rock beaches.


I'm not a big, like, beach sun fun that does is it invites people to play football or Frisbee or something to throw away.


Yes. Splash Sand. Jamhuri Beach guy. I like to have a hoodie on and get some splashing going on. More of like a Northern California kind of northern up here territory only splash I want to feel.


Is the Mr. Game away from like feet away or against shit like that. Yeah, I'm not a big like, hey, let's get the jet skis out and take your shirt off and get in the water. It's not my thing. I don't know what's in that water, so I don't know.


I can't see the bottom of it.


It's freezing fucking cold, not to mention August. Oh, I don't want in it. So things to do in this town, the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival. Now you're talking, which sounds wonderful until you get into some of the details of it and then it sounds a little less great. But still sample the flavors of the sea coast of New England's largest seaside festival. Over fifty restaurants joined together. This sounds great. Offering, offering an extensive menu of seafood delicacies.


Yeah, yeah. I mean, you can have there's a culinary chef demo. You can watch, sample and learn from the area's top chefs.


The whole thing includes over 60 art and craft dealers, two stages of entertainment.


Oh, boy. Yeah, a two hundred a two hundred foot beer tent. Oh, Jesus. Two hundred feet.


People are coming from Boston. People.


Yeah, an extra hundred just for that sidewalk. Bargain sales and a flea market going on to display of fireworks on Saturday night. Cool. Choose from favorites like lobster, shrimp, clams, steamed, broiled, barbecued or fried and non seafood items like the bloomin onion. OK, great.


Who the fuck is that thing? The fuck out. Yeah, and stick to the seafood, the entertainment on two stages. They don't even tell you who it is. It just says to stages featuring some of the best local bands in the area. That's awful. So yeah, a lot of on heroin will be playing here and a lot of bad covers. Yeah. And you're not going to understand it that right there that used to be love hurts.


That was, that was love hurts. No actually that is Bret Michaels. He doesn't have the rights to the song. That's why he's singing about chrysanthemums.


That's why I sing about every chrysanthemum has its pistol. He's he knows what he's doing.


Every daffodil has its statement and he knows that.


So he's sixty craft persons display displaying their wares. Oh boy.


It's five, they say, where Suares sounds like they're shaking their asses for you. Hey, look what I got. And I made the stick like a Buntline. They really did the Miss Hampton Beach pageant. Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Who wants to be the Miss Hampton Beach? Join us for the seventy fourth Miss Hampton Beach pageant at seventy three others. Oh yeah. At the seashell stage. I want to know what happened to the lives of every one of these winners.


You should contact this person, little junior Miss Hampton as well.


No, I want them to stop. Please stop. Please stop. Everything under 18 needs to stop and really look at that either. That feels weird.


No parading around anyway. Let's just if they have one to do, like a competition of something skill of some kind, that's fine. But we don't need to parade whatever the number of your state arbitrarily set up as the legal age. You can fuck them at five years, then dress them then that's fine.


We'll see it then and then. Yeah, you can do that. I was going to say something that was not ok, ok. Not and I don't mean the other. Never mind was insulting to many people but not who you would have thought it was defective. So 20th annual Hampton Beach Sand Sculpting Classic. Oh boy. Here it is. Everybody check for updates due to covid. Two hundred tons of imported sand is dropped on Hampton Beach and the quote, Brady Bunch starts pounding up the sponsor site.


I don't know what that means. The entire area is illuminated for night viewing through September 13th. Watch Greg Brady in The Brady Bunch. Oh, boy. Build a mammoth sand demo site. Oh, man, there's entries. The theme is Enchanted Land of the Sand. The Sand Castle builders are the greedy by. Grady, Judd, Gregg, Grady, hate them. Yeah, he's a dick all over twenty five thousand dollars in personal injury awards.


You know what that shit is going on here for the sandcastle? Massive. Oh, my God. Sponsors grand finale judging people. This is crazy group KAV. They have one night.


There better be a hashtag. I'm going to look for this first prize.


Six grand. Why second prize for grand. Third Prize. Three grand. Fourth Prize. Two Grand People's Choice. One grand. James, let's start. Yeah, make him goddamn. Santana was so lucrative. I'm going to go all up and down the East Coast, the sandcastle competitions. I'm going to be the man, Jimmy.


He's coming up from South Carolina. Hey, man, it's he took first place down there in Pismo. Watch out. Watch out.


He's got to sculpt that. You wouldn't believe she's one hundred and seven dildos. It was wild. He gave them to a guy on the island sand.


And then the seashell stage has nightly shows and we'll go over quickly. August. Twenty sixth.


Brandy, brandy, brandy, brandy. It can't be the real she fallen that far. Is she alive still?


Yes, she's alive. She's yeah. She's married to Quentin Richardson. She's got other shit going on I believe. But as Brandy was going to be their country mile by Martin and Kelly now know whoever that is leaving Eden, OK, at least they're leaving. Yeah. Johnny and the Rockets with an eye. Oh, boy. Oh, boy.


Now see Iraq one day Chippy and the Year by Angela West and showdown the the Brandy Band Brandee plays.


And I don't know if it's a band and then they play. Is that earlier. I guess warm up the Continentals which better be like a fifties here, like, you know, soul group or something. I'm not going to be happy. Or the the original flight attendants from the Continental. Yeah.


Will run out. But somehow either that and then they have the time travelers, which I hope are some group that thinks they're from the fifties, which I assume that's what it is. I hope sixties or something like the age.


That would be hilarious that now you're on to something basically. Mumford and Sons.


Yeah, that same band. Same band. So a crime rate in this town. What we're interested in here about one property crime is about one third of the national average. So two thirds under the national average, pretty damn safe here. Bunch of old people to get violent crime, murder, rape, robbery and assault. The Mount Rushmore of crime is a little bit over half the national average. So, you know, it's still pretty damn safe.


It's about half the national average.


But people are, you know, so, A, to stay together too long. That's what happens here. So that said, I think it's time. Yeah. Let's talk about a market. Right.


OK, what's in the diary today? Five team calls and a video presentation.


Not with this cough. When a cough gets in the way of your day battling non drowsy, chesty coughs helps clear your chest and provide deep penetrating relief. And it's non drowsy formula gets to work fast.


OK, can everyone mute their mikes better than non drowsy? Chesty coughs Always read the label. See Battle and Dota. Let's do this here.


Let's start out here then. V o Hampton Beach. It sounds like a very murder place, doesn't it? It sounds fucking relaxing. It sounds like a place. Yeah. You have some fucking oysters on the weekend. Yeah.


You could do a place where you could really stretch out, be old and gelatine and go with oyster breath and complain. It's a nice place with just enough to complain about to make an older person happy. I feel like that's what it is. Just enough. It's beautiful. It's pretty. All that got them teenagers there. I mean just that little bit. Why do they sell? Why do they let them walk around with beer bottles, say just that little bit that one little ordinance I it there with one or two less lighthouse's.


You know this money yet charming.


OK, great. You're real charming. We understand one within eyeshot you know.


I can't see it anymore. Build another. It's overkill at that point. How many lighthouse's when you can see for it's too many. It feels desperate. Yeah. Like one lighthouse charm for desperate desperate think we are main. Stop this cover up a little bit.


You make me want it more than is my method. Natuman.


So let's talk about a lady here. Let's talk about a woman named Susan Cooke. We're going to go back here in the 1970s. We'll start out with and now in the 1970s, she's in her mid twenties and she has just gotten divorced in New Hampshire. In New Hampshire. She lives up here. She lives around the Hampton area, just got divorced, has a son and works double shifts at Pizza Hut. Oh, my.


That is her life right now. So she is frustrated and frustrated. Hard working, everybody says, exhausted and exhausted, yeah, trying to make it as a single mom in the 70s was not the same as it's just different. It was hard to be a single parent back then. It's hard now. I'm not saying that at all.


And finding a job back then, you had to actually go find. Yeah. You couldn't have like four hundred, one hundred things in the day. Take your car and drive for people you'd have to like. You'd have to make an effort.


I mean you have to make an effort now, but you have to make like you'd have to go physically, write your name and variance in boxes and hand it to a man or woman, most likely in the 70s. A man. Yeah. And then go over and have him tell, you know. Yeah. Or wait for him to call you. Right. So that's how it worked. But she's working hard double shifts at Pizza Hut with a sudden here.


So it's rough, a little bit rough. She meets a man in nineteen eighty though that that kind of takes a little bit of this away and makes life a little bit easier for her. And she's looking for she wants to have a family. She wants to have. And that's what she was looking for when she got married. I guess the husband wasn't into the whole thing and that's what that was the the the problem. So she meets a man in 1980 named Robert McGlaughlin.


Yeah. Who? That sounds very upstanding. Robert McGlaughlin. They get married pretty quickly. Oh yeah. The nineteen eighty. Yeah. They get married right away which seems this looks like everything's on track. Right off.


Next off. Everybody's happy.


And a little speed bump. A little speed bump. Now everybody's happy because he's been a divorced guy too. McLaughlins got he's divorced as well.


So you know, you figure it makes sense. You know, a couple people that know that have made one wrong turn and they're like, OK, I don't want to do that again. And a lot of times that's best in a relationship. So now they get married in nineteen eighty. The weird thing is she gives her son from the former marriage, gives the son to her husband and basically says he's yours. Now I got to go. I have a new thing I got going on and she quit and she Yeah.


Like just quits the son pretty much at that moment.


And then everything you know they've gotten divorce the first she's divorced from her first marriage, got her son from her first marriage. When she marries McGlaughlin, she just gives her son to her ex-husband. What the fuck? And says, well, I'm starting a new life. So he's yours now and that's it. She doesn't see him anymore. Can't do that. Oh, that's it. I mean, it's gone. He's like she never existed, OK, which is very strange.


This is like the way people used to do it in like the fifties. You have a moms weren't usually the ones that did it. So the mom usually. Yeah, yeah, exactly.


If it was the father was like a real bastard, he'd be like, I'm going to take the kids from you, you know, take the kids from the mom or something if they, you know, whatever. But a lot of times the father that would be a divorce or whatever, the father would leave and they'd start a new family. I was it. Yeah, it's that was a different family. Now, they didn't see them anymore. And that's kind of how it used to be.


But that's how in my family it worked out like that. My grandmother got a divorce. I didn't meet my actual grandfather till I was twelve.


I think when my father, my grandfather that I knew died and he came around, it was like I and then he died like a month later. I was like, well, thanks a lot. That helps. Yeah. That helped to know you for a month and then you appreciate it. I'm going through it. Yeah, it's perfect. So I got to dead grandfather's things. So that's kind of how it was. You just disappeared your family.


But this was a different story in nineteen eighty it was there was visitation and weekends and yeah, divorce was common by then to where we had worked out how to deal with the kids. We perfected that part. Yeah. I mean my nineteen eighty, my parents split up by then and I saw both of them so I mean there was no my dad didn't just not talk to me anymore and start a new family. So I went to his house on Saturday and I did.


Then he started nine more than he got a few families. It's got a couple of work it out.


And then when he realized all that doesn't work, then he came back for quantity. And I watch it. He had a yeah, he had a mission in mind. Yeah. That's the thing. You have something he was thinking about he wanted to do and he did it.


So I give him credit for his drive, see more of everything's virility if nothing quality.


Yeah. She said anyway she had gotten a she gives the son to her first husband, Raymond McDaniels there gives the kid back to the father. It's weird that she marries two guys that are back.


Yeah, it's very strange that close to restaurant. Yeah. It's probably not that far out the town. There you go.


She said that she had to give the sun up because McGlaughlin, her new husband, had given her what she said, quote, an ultimatum. My son or him. Oh so yeah, this is coming from him is what she says.


So she's marrying a guy that's jealous of the kids attention that says, yeah, if we're going to start a family, we're going to start a family.


But you're you know, I don't want not with that one. I don't want your kid around. Yeah, that's not my son. And I want no part of him, basically.


So that's nice guy. Yeah, that's. By the way, that's a bad sign, it's called red flags. Yeah, that's a that's a huge red flag. If they're like, I like you, but I don't ever want to see your child, can you give him away?


Bad sign. You know, the leaves are going great. Yeah, get rid of that.


Just that that person standing over there, you've put a lot of your time and effort into that body. It's yeah, that's and that goes for either gender. Either way, not good. Yeah. They should be embracing of your children. Some should be thrilled. Yeah.


Now Robert McGlaughlin, that's actually not his original name. OK, so he he's a little bit of a character. McGlothlin Oh yeah. I'm finding out just right away.


You can tell from the red flag as an asshole that I led with the kid thing rather than his history.


Just to give you a that's how much of a red flag that is if that comes up, just no matter what you think, because on the surface, it could look like everything else is fine.


It's just this one weird thing that this person thinks, I don't want to be around my kid. It's not, though. It's more this is like a tooth. The root is way deeper than you think it is. And it's black fucking deep in there, man.


So he before he changed his name because he changed his name, he changed his name for a couple of reasons. Number one, when he was fifteen, he accidentally killed his friend while playing around with a gun, OK, they were fucking around with guns when he was fifteen. This is you know who's right. He's about he's a few years older than her two. He's in his mid thirties right now. So this is in, you know, Christ the God damn forties or something.


He's dicking around, dicking around with a gun with somebody. Yeah, the early 50s by playing cowboys and Indians. What they did back then are cops and robbers running around, I don't know, whatever they were doing. Fifteen seems a little old for that. No matter what happened, we don't understand what exactly what happened. But he killed his friend when he was 15 and a judge, he is charged actually forward as well and everything. They don't just go up.


You know, it's an accident. He's charged a judge ends up dropping the charge in the end for lack of criminal intent.


So apparently, you know, Carolus, I had a slingshot when I was 14 and a friend threw up a piece of wood for me to shoot it in the air. And I just tracked it down till it was like eye level. And I let go and I shot my friend in the fucking slingshot so I could see it tells you about the flaming spear flying through the air. I had another friend who had a pellet gun. We all had pellet guns, children.


So it was the other thing pelicans and slingshots really go to. It was one of the pump crossman. You could probably you could pump those up twenty times and kill a bear like with a fucking pellet you really feel in their ass cheeks from them. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I've shot. Yeah. We've broken so many times that was fought back. We were always like why are guys so weird. Because we shoot each other for fun. We're weird people.


That's why I love that. And we're like oh that hurt really bad. I'm going to shoot you and your right ball. How's that. How's that feel? So we're walking one time walking down and all of a sudden my friend goes out because right between the eyes he got hit with a fucking pellet.


Oh my. That's a gross skin. Cause blood. No, a fucking lucky shot. Because we found out my friend that shot it was a hundred and fifty yards away. Yeah, a hundred. He had no way he didn't have a god damn. He's not a military person, a frigging crossbow or a pellet gun with the sights that you just he wasn't even aiming at him. He was aiming at.


But I mean, he didn't know precisely where he was going to hit him. He's just aiming at his head in the general direction of a centimeter from his eyeball, which was completely blinded him because it broke the skin of his forehead. That's how dumb we were.


And yeah. So this fifteen I don't know what it is. I'm not on anything. I'll give you a pass, I guess, because you're idiots. Who knows who took the gun out, what the what the game was. We don't know. The law didn't give him a pass. He paid his debt to society will wash it. Yeah. The law said he's fine. That's fine.


But I would let it go and I'd say maybe he's just misunderstood, except that. Then very shortly after that, he held up the Salisbury diner with a gun.


Why would he have ever gone again? Yeah, well, apparently that that instead of scaring him away from playing with guns, embolden him to, hey, these things can kill people. Wow. I bet they'll give me money if I pointed at them. I mean, it's a pretty logical next step, I guess. Yeah. And he ends up spending a year in reform school for that because he was like not even sixteen years old yet. So we were so lenient.


Reform school, reform school for an already murderer. But reform school back then was juvenile hall.


Great. That's what that was good. That's Charlie Manson grew up in reform schools that our jails where he was being constantly attacked and everything tortured.


It wasn't even a place where they helped the kids. They just kept them all together and hurt each other, hurt each other and learn crime from each other, get better at that each other. But just do it in the. Is like a big orgy of a royal rumble of insanity, and hopefully we won't even police it and have orgies, I guys, I don't know you guys. Yeah, it's not good for Mr.. We don't care for whatever.


So he ends up after this. He gets out of reform school here and now he's got a body and an armed robbery on him pre 18. So you know what? I think it's time to have a start with a clean slate at this point. You know what I mean? You don't want to go. Your name is fucked at 17. Your name is just that's bad when your name is garbage by 17, useless. So he changes his name.


His name was Robert Randall. Yeah. That's how he's born. But he changes it to Robert McGlaughlin, which I don't know why or where he got that from, but he changed it after the reform school stint. So he's a new man now. He comes out and it's like it never happened. Yeah.


He pretends like it never happens on S.P.C.A. Commercial was like, there's the girl, there's the name. That's it. And that one, McGlaughlin, that's beautiful.


He's watching that guy in the eighties screaming at people in a circle here.


The SNL sketch about that that was a great sketch is wrong. Everything was wrong no matter what. Do you think it was Dana Carvey. It was. Oh yeah.


And then he'd say his opinion, what it was and that was the right answer is that was an actual show that Dana Carvey, who's Dana Carvey I is a genius.


He was good. He was good shit. He's good at impressions, Dana. He's good at yelling. He's a good yeller. Dana Carvey, which was always good back then.


It's just fascinating because later on he just kind of stopped that altogether. Yeah, yelling was not part of his life that was yelling. Impressions were always funny. And then he gave up on it and then he was like, never mind. I don't know. George Bush is fun to do it just. Yeah, I worked for him, though. That's what got him paid the most. And Garth, no need to yell is Garth and a church lady.


So now Robert McGlaughlin when he marries her in nineteen eighty did I mention by the way, pray tell Jimmy pray tell. Did I mention that he is a Hampton, New Hampshire police officer. How the hell with ten years on the job. How did that happen. Yeah. Two years after we got out of reform school or what. I don't know. A few years after that he was in his mid twenties. He gets a job at the at the half time at the Hampton Police Police Department.


He passed the background check because he changed his name. Yeah. And they just didn't even he didn't mention that. Oh, by the way, that's not my real name. He just said Robert McGlaughlin. They looked him up clean as a whistle. Here you go, pal. Clean as a whistle, Sister Sarah. Here's a job.


There you go, buddy. Here's get out there and stop crime, OK? Try not to cause any police. That's the main part now. OK, so right away this guy get rid of the kid shot his friend accident. We'll give them a pass on that armed robbery. I have never done that one so that I can't give him a pass on that one. I shot my friend either, but I could see how that could happen accidentally, especially in the fifties when people were willy nilly, a little more with, you know, there was a lot less like safety precautions with guns and shit like that.


There was no gun safes and people just left them on the goddamn mass shootings.


That was the thing. It was a different one. Yeah. Open public executions of just citizens. Yeah, didn't happen.


And if you lived in rural areas, kids all had guns because they go out, they go in the woods, they shoot squirrels and shit. That was like considered normal youthful behavior.


It wasn't even to survive. It was just to have some. Yeah.


Literally to play Davy Crockett, whatever the fuck back then, because that's I don't know, that's they were pretending like they were in the eighteen hundreds. That is insane. So yeah. Anyway, so this is all the guys are kind of a shady guy when it comes to all this is a little bit of an interesting fellow. Then you hear about his personal life after he joined the police force post name change and everything. He was married and had a wife, a son, by the way, a junior named after him.


Really? Robert McGlaughlin Junior. Yeah, it's not really that really, but legally it's his name.


He changed it. And two daughters as well. So a wife and three children, three small children he had and they got a divorce and he just got rid of them, got rid of them, left them. Never didn't didn't really have much to do with them after that.


People are mad, disposable to this guy. Exactly. Very disposable people. He doesn't have a lot when it comes to that.


His first wife, Beverly, was her name. She said that during their marriage he this is interesting, quote, often held the gun to her head and threatened her with a hunting knife.


So just like on a Saturday night, that's I mean, this isn't like, yeah, one time I killed the baby, you know, one time I threw the baby in a vat of boiling water and he held a hunting knife to my there's nothing like there was no incident. There's no one time he went crazy or this is he often held a gun to my head. Like, I feel like that's a. Normal way of life here, which is, you know, pretty fucked up, especially for a guy who has shot somebody, killed a friend and held up a diner and duped the police force into hiring this.


And now the gun he's holding to her head is probably city issue, right? That's right. This is county county property. Yeah. Wow.


The bullet I'm going to put in your head is county property. I paid for that stuff. My taxes. You paid for it.


How do you how do you feel about that's messed up and a hunting knife. So scary guy. Scary guy. But in the police force, though, he received letters of commendation from the department for his police work after. And there's an armed robbery of a Hampton Falls gun shop in the 1970s, which seems ballsy.


That's the worst place to rob. Let's rob the gun shop. They'll never be expecting it. That's that's a good point. The only thing that because they would look at you like, are you really robbing the gun shop? We have all the guns. I have a bazooka. What are you doing? I have, like, machine guns and shit back here. You should see the back room. It's illegal. It's shit. I got stuff that I got stuff I had to buy from the army back there.


Like it's wild. It's crazy. You know, I like the Russian army black market.


I'm sure that I could kill you with that will blow up so big and nopal even here it is crazy though. Quiet. Yeah, it's that. Do you really want my store will be a mushroom cloud.


But that's a tough one to do this. I want to do this.


But apparently they did he he end up ended up assisting in capturing the man there and apparently it was and another one was assistance in capturing a man in April. Nineteen eighty six later on, after the attempted murder of a police officer, somebody tried to kill a police officer. This is the guy who caught him. So he's gotten a couple of commendations and things like that. It's amazing. It's like you can think like a criminal.


Yeah, it's weird. It's weird. Which a lot of times that's very beneficial and well, a lot of times, too. And this is, again, going back to the homicide book. They talk about it only because that's the most in-depth kind of of the homicide and all that sort of thing. A lot of the guys are either kind of their family is in law enforcement, fire, you know, military things of that nature. Or a lot of times it's you know, I don't know, I went to juvie a little bit.


I did this. I fucked around. And it was like I needed a steady job. And, you know, I know the streets and I know this. And I joined the police force. That was a big thing back in the day that people used to do, like half of the New York City police force were like, you know, guys from the neighborhood. That's why they ended up taking money from these guys because they knew them and letting things operate.


It's just, you know, they were all kind of it's a very thin line in a lot of areas between that thin so thin because, I mean, who wants to deal with crime?


You know, it's either people who really want to do good or criminals. That is fascinating to me because then who who do you who do you lock up the guys you don't like or that could that could be a dangerous road to walk and is.


Well, that's why. Yeah. Back in the day in New York and shit. When you had all the cops taking bribes and they knew the guys, they knew the guys they're dealing with, they grew up with a man. I went to school with this guy. I know this guy around the neighborhood with this guy, hey, we're doing this. I bet your family could use a few extra bucks every month. All you got to do was look the other way over here.


Sure. But then the guys on the other side of town are going to be pissed and they're going to want to kill me because I'm letting you profit. It's a mess, man. It's wild stuff. That's why it was it's complicated. So he ends up a neighbor of his turns out to be a neighbor of his. Is one guy who doesn't find Robert McGlaughlin so commendable. Yeah, not really loving this guy. Charms weren't not the terms worn off for him.


This is a guy named Robert Cushing Senior. He's got a junior as well. Now he is born in nineteen twenty five. So they kind of have their encounter. McGlaughlin in Cushing in nineteen seventy five. So he's fifty years old. Cushing, he's a smart guy, he's number one, a World War Two Marine.


OK, so first and foremost the guy fought Hitler so he's put up with some shit. Don't care.


Yeah. Whatever the hell. Anything else.


We've gone over this before and it's so funny because it's the whenever we say anything, basically any joke that comes out of our mouths, we're like, well, we you automatically calculate in your brain what percentage of the audience that is, right.


Because no matter what you joke about it, there's no way someone's not like Ivan like that. Somebody doesn't like the joke, even if it's, you know, if the half a million people if three people don't like the joke, there's three people that don't actually crowd the people who actually actually. Exactly. So you don't like comedy is what it is. Yeah. Jokes are exaggerations and shit like that. So the actually thing is the reason why we say don't do the actually thing is because for a joke, the whole point is it wasn't supposed to be accurate.


That was the point, the point of a joke. It's not accurate and it's ridiculous. And you have to exaggerate something to make it at. In every single day, something gets made fun of, yeah, it's not it's only shitty when it's something that's sacred to you. The difference between normal people and me and James is that zero. Yeah. You can't offend us personally. Like you could say anything about whatever of us. And it's fine other people will be offended about, but not for us.


Personnel does nothing. Nothing that I am you can offend me with.


I will be offended for rape survivors, for some sort of distasteful rape joke, but not for myself. Not a fair thing. Yeah, you're you're and that's you're right to feel that way because that's something that happened to you the way I know you process it how you want. That's the thing. Yeah. And we've talked about many times, you know, death and shit. This is the way I deal with it because I yeah, it's the same shit.


We've all had our our weirdnesses. And this is how it's manifested itself in a show, how I handle it. But we always calculate, OK, that's going to piss some people off. And one thing that we said that I was like for some reason, even though it's right and accurate and funny and fair, someone is going to get annoyed at us. And it won't be the military guys. It'll be people that like military people that aren't actually in the military will be mad at us.


And nobody actually was. And we got tons of like guys in the military and women in the military. I don't know shit going. Yeah, totally. That's how it is, because we were like, no matter what it is now and it's very difficult and all that things are being any form of service or anything like that, no matter what you've done since then or before then they beat Hitler. There's the worst Hitler ever. It's actually Hitler.


You know how you say that guy is like Hitler? That guy was a lot like Hitler because he fucking was Hitler, actual Hitler. So anybody in World War Two gets like extra bonus credit for beating Hitler. The guy that made the famous mustache. Yeah, it's like, yeah, you can run facial hair with one swoop. You're a bad guy. A whole form of facial hair.


He Brive Raisi Jesus in fame. Yeah. For opposite reasons. The things so crazy.


Yeah. Anybody who fought we have we're not seeing anybody else we have less respect for. But you have extra respect for someone who beat Hitler.


I don't know. Maybe a little. Yes, but it's not there for me. There is no no there's no Hitler. You didn't have anybody to fight terror in there. If there was a Hitler and you said Hitler's that way, they go fucking get Hitler. That's I mean, we totally it's not like anything like that. Anybody now, you just haven't been challenged to find out we are tough enough to get you're running in place. Go. And where's Hitler?


I'm waiting for Hitler. Pop up. We got it now. Hitler's that way, guys. We get it. You're willing to talk about Hitler. They would turn in that direction. We understand it. That's not the problem. But I'm just saying these guys actually had to fight Hitler, which is rough. It's pretty bad. So, yeah, well, we got no backlash that that was actually so happy. I was like, oh, audiences wonderful, really, that they actually I'm sure enough to understand it.


And especially all the military people are like, oh my God, totally.


Jeez, I don't know, maybe I like our army now and our soldiers now more because they're willing to go fight people that aren't even labeled that they're our enemy, you know? Yeah. Before you could tell they've got the fucking crosses and shit on their chest. Oh, right. We know you're going to fight them. Right. These guys are dressed in anything that's together. One guy's wearing Under Armour shirt, firing a fucking rifle at us. What the fuck is that?


Who knows what what is that under our fucking Adidas shirt planting bombs in the road. Steph Curry. So Kushnick senior. So he's a World War Two Marine, a former school teacher and a current real estate agent and father of seven, seven children, the busiest man on Earth. He's done a lot. He grew up in Hampton. He taught math, taught math in Amesbury, Massachusetts schools and in elementary schools and Seebruck. And then he retired and turned to real estate sales and became a success at that.


He's a successful guy, basically, just one of those people still doing his does stuff, served as director of the local board of Realtors and was twice recognized as the Salesman of the Year by his company.


He doesn't just sell houses. He's the best. He's the best up to including making children. He's the best. Just good at it. Yeah.


He's got the most potent, very effective beat. Hitler sells houses, make you learn algebra. He's got a lot going on.


And his son, his son, who ends up being a councilman later on or a state legislator actually at the time was a political activist. This is Renney. It's I think it's Robert Jr., but he goes by Renney, OK? He's he's a political activist at the time, fighting like local nuclear activities and like environmental things for the beach. He's very active in local politics and so is Robert Cushing, senior as well. He's always he complains about the local like the council, the town council.


He's the one of these guys. He's, you know, and he's a smart guy. And he's like, these people are idiots. And he's one of these guys. So he's kind of fun.


That is fun to to make fun of politics. It's like you volunteer. For this. Yeah, yeah. Why would you do that? How are you so lazy? So in nineteen seventy five there is a little problem between Robert and Robert McGlothlin in Cushing. There's an issue. McGlaughlin ends up arresting Cushing in nineteen seventy five on misdemeanor charges. Now the arrest occurred at the scene of a fatal accident in front of Cushing's house.


There was a car wreck and the two teenagers were killed in the car. Oh, my. So I guess they were taking a bunch of pictures of the teenagers. The police were I don't know if they were. I assume that's what they do. I take pictures of an accident scene or I can see you doing that, you know, for whatever reasons, I don't know. But for some reason, Cushing and I like I said, I don't know the circumstances.


I don't know if it was like, you know, somebody took a hit out or whatever. But like Cushing apparently got angry at the amount of pictures being taken and took exception to it and came out of his house and was already out of his house, was a big accident, but tried to intervene and say, hey, stop there.


This picture pictures of dead kids. Yeah. And it's a small town and they all live in the same neighborhood to these two. So he thought he could talk to them, I guess. And apparently he couldn't because after a minute of an argument, McGlaughlin arrest Cushing for is on a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of police, whatever, whatever the hell.


So that's, you know.


That's that's interesting. That'll make you hate a guy for a long time, though, what he ends up saying, though, the official reason why he arrests him as he says that he refused to put out a cigarette that he had. I said Cushing was smoking a cigarette, refused to put it out, and they had told him to put it out because gasoline had spilled on the road from the accident.


OK, so he's like, there's gas on the road and he wouldn't put the cigarette out. That was the reason why. But it was. So he came in and argued with him about the pictures. And I feel like then he was looking for a reason.


Rastaman like his attitude. And it went further. It went further. It was one of those things that was, well, you know what? If you're going to be a dick and you're in the street, not on your front lawn especially, I'm going to just arrest you.


It was you know, it got to be a pissing match between the two of them from everybody that saw it. And this was a woman named and Johnson, who was 71 years old, watched this from across the street. And she said it was an escalating accident, an escalating argument that really was just stupid.


And it's never as a citizen, you're never going to win that argument. The guy's entitled to put you away.


That's the thing here. You're kind of you're screwed at that point. So another time, that was only the first incident. There was another incident with Cushing and and McGlaughlin where right by his house again. This time, McGlothlin had pulled a woman over, an elderly woman from the neighborhood who was a friend of Cushing, and also the lady who lived across the street from Cushing who saw this whole thing and the Johnson woman. And apparently there was some, I don't know, whatever road violation, whatever and an elderly woman could do drive the thing.


She wasn't drunk or anything. It was she was turn signal on too long. She was actually on her way to church, as a matter of fact. So she's an elderly woman on her way to church, indicated right, went left. That's what she did. Yes.


And apparently he pulled her over and she had an attitude with him and he didn't like it. McGlaughlin and he physically yanked her out of the car, but she didn't want to. She he eventually because it was I don't know, it's some kind of traffic ticket. And he said, we'll get out of the car. And she said, Now I'm an old lady and I don't want to get out of the damn car because it hurts to stand up and I'm on my way to church and leave me alone.


Right. You know, there's an old lady she's asking, thing is, if I'm a cop and an old lady tells me that I'm going to go, sorry, man, I'm going to feel like such an asshole just because I have a thing with the ladies where I'm not going to, like, be mean to an old lady. You know, this guy said, oh, yeah. And ripped the door open and tried to yank her out of the car and I guess ripped her jacket and everything, like trying to physically and eventually physically drag this woman out of the car.


Unbelievable. An elderly woman. He escalated it to the point of that. She's not having it. So, yeah, Cushing came out. What the fuck are you doing? Leave this lady alone. And so. Oh, you again, you mother. Exactly. And this was within a year of the other incident. No. So he remembered em. And this lady is you know, it's a big deal in this lady claims that she was roughed up by this man.


And she you know, it's she's not elderly, but she's sixty eight years old. You know, a sixty and a sixty eight year old in nineteen seventy six is different than a sixty eight year old man. Right. Like sixty eight back then was fifty five today. You're lucky to be alive. Right. Whereas now people are fine when they're sixty eight they're still working. Back then that was a quote, an elderly woman in five years they're going to run for president.


Yeah. Yeah. Crazy ten years.


So they're, they're, they try. Cushing tried to intervene and was arrested apparently again and this the lady across the street saw this and this old lady was a friend of hers, the elderly woman. So she was like, what the shit here? She was upset and happy that Cushing was trying to help. And then they everybody ends up getting arrested.


So, yeah. Now, after this, the Cushing starts a petition to because he's a smart guy, he's got money and he doesn't take shit lying down. He's not some crackhead that you pulled out of the bar. If you fuck with people who have any sort of recourse, then you got to deal with them.


That's that's why a lot of times cops pick on people who don't have the recourse because it's a lot easier or anybody picks on not just police, anybody, but definitely no repercussions.


Yeah. Where is this guy? He starts a petition to conduct an investigation into, particularly Robert McLaughlins, overall conduct as a police officer to try to get a full investigation to see if he can be fired. OK, so, yeah, he's going hard after McGlothlin for this. He's been arrested twice and he's four. He's said that he's seen, you know, brutality on a on an older woman. So not great. Now he so this ends up this is nineteen seventy five.


Right. This goes on. This flares up. He's mad. The investigation ends up going basically nowhere, nothing ends up coming from this investigation. He, he puts it out there, there's a petition and then it goes into and in the old Lenny sign it.


Nobody else signs, other people sign it. But then he it goes into, he hands it in and then they go, yeah, sure. We'll look into it. And then five years later, nothing's happened. Everything's cooled off. Cushing hasn't been arrested by him in. A few years, so the whole thing just kind of simmers somewhere in this time between somewhere in the early 80s now. Years go by five, at least nothing happens.


OK, at some point, Robert McGlaughlin rents a place that is directly behind Robert Kushal.


Now for I'm talking. Right. This is like I think right after he gets married in nineteen eighty. So he lives right behind him in that house where he arrested him.


Yes. No, his house that he arrested him. So he knew he lived there. He knows he lives there because that place was for rent and he moves into that place. A small town like we said, there's not a lot of it's not like it's, oh, I'll go move to the other side of town. It's expensive, though, so, you know, you get where you can get, I guess, out of my salary.


Yeah. Or there you go. But there's like a fence, like a wooden fence, you know, like a Willson's on the other side of it. Yeah. Type of deal.


And that's what separates them between their two yards behind front and back. So that's got potential.


But years go by, very little interaction. There's like some there's tension. They never talk. Yeah, there's a tension. They're aware of each other. Cushing's very aware of McGlaughlin. They're McLaughlins very gives them dirty looks and shit and all that sort of thing.


Like has got to be fixed. Yeah. Oh he is he's doing his gardening and this guy just sits out there giving him dirty looks but never says anything, never does anything overt. Nothing you could complain about. Just I don't like living next to this guy. There was certainly a day that he walked in the house and goes, You are not going to believe this, honey. Guess who lives back. You're not going to fuck. What are the fucking chances?


What are the odds?


All you want to do is sit in a cafe and quietly enjoy this podcast when you can. I have a total hemi demi semi half caf McClarty. Oh, and can you served in a macchiato class.


Oh give me strength.


Cut the nonsense and keep it real. With Trebor. Pick up a refreshing boost of Trebor Extra strongman's for a cherry trees of soft Hoffman's.


So this goes on until nineteen eighty eight. Oh my. So basically ten years. They live as connected here. If there's no fence right there.


Basically one large compound, if you take the fence down it's like, it's like two polygamist families. Property is connected. Yeah. Property's connected. So you, you know how I am with neighbors and I it takes very little to annoy me from a neighbor, you know what I mean? And I don't care. You couldn't play music at 3:00 in the morning. I will never complain once. But if every time I go outside, you're standing in your driveway, I fucking hate you.


If you have kids just pouncing on the goddamn trampoline and making the dog barking with my dogs and fucking making faces at him and pointing at them and taunting them so they jump up at the wall, then jumping off of my wall on your goddamn trampoline, you know, things like that.


Yeah. They drive me crazy. I make the changes. Get it. If they don't change your day, whatever, who gives a shit. I guess they're involved in your life now. That's a problem. That's what I mean.


So I get and being annoyed with neighbors, I understand. I'm easily annoyed. And that's what I mean most of the time. Neighbors I know I'm being unreasonable, being annoyed by it. You're just living your life. I'm just upset that you're alive. That's the difference. You're upset that you have to live in a society. Yeah. That close to just give me some a little bit of something. Then you need to live in the country. But in the country you have no fucking luxuries.


You decide that I need you need the luxuries minus the fucking people. That doesn't exist. That's my problem.


That's the problem.


Jimmy, just I need a car that gets me places, but isn't a car I need doesn't fly a personal plane. I can land in my driveway and then fly to Brazil. That's what I need. It's kind of.


Well, actually, that's. Yeah, that's pretty true, actually. Well, I just need and I'm not by the way, people have asked us, like on social media, what's up with walls?


Do we have walls around our houses?


Like it's like why don't you rent would know it's in Phoenix. Everybody has. It's not you don't have to have a nice house to have walls around your house. You can have the worst house ever used to have a concrete wall around it because everything's super flammable. They're called firewalls. It's basically so if one house burns, the entire city doesn't burn from there. That's why we all have walls.


I've seen houses in Ohio where neighborhoods not a single not a fence at all anywhere.


I don't know how they keep everybody how you do. You go out on your back porch deck and embarrass your neighbors all out on their back deck.


How? I don't know how you do that. No, I got to burrow into the ground. How do you know the animals? I don't understand. I know even how you keep them on your property and keep them from shitting on your friend's lawn are not necessary, friend, just your neighbor biting your neighbor.


Everything else to. Yes, your dogs would ruin those kids lives if they had just jumped on a trampoline with no fat. Frankie would have tackled one of the enemy fenny running through the legs of an eight year old, knocking over one hundred thirty five pounds, blowing up, just taking your knees out, going through your legs, a child, it would launch the kid 20 feet in the air if there's an NFL coach out there listening.


And actually we know there are some that do listen to crime and sports. But either way, if one of you has drifted over to here and you need a good practice for your linebackers to be able to catch like a swarmy somebody low, really, really tough, strong, like running back, that's get the low to the ground. You can borrow my dog bounty because he gets low. And basically, if he blows through your legs, you're going down.


Right. And you can't stop him. He's all he's one hundred thirty five pounds of muscle with a slurry wall out through like a yeah, he's a force. So you're welcome to the dog. You guys could just get one exactly. Hurt. I mean, he's a big lug monster.


So finally, June 1st, nineteen eighty eight. This comes to a head. This whole thing comes to a head. June 1st.


Nineteen eighty eight. Why was this chosen. I mean, your guess is as good as mine to warm, we're outside 13 years have gone by since they've had literally any interaction with each other. OK, so it's this day, June 1st, 1988, around 10:00 p.m.. Yeah. And Marie Cushing, who is Robert Cushing's wife, she is in watching the Celtics game on TV. And as you do and this was after at the end of a long day, they spent the afternoon planting flowers, her and Robert, their semiretired.


He does real estate, but they're not you know, they don't have to there's no grind up when you want. No one's getting up at 6:00 a.m.. I feel like they have a bottle of wine. They hang out, they leave the glasses on the counter till tomorrow to wash them, drink out of them again. They're relaxing.


But this day she's watching the Celtics game. Robert Cushing, on the other hand, is he's hanging out in the kitchen. He's drinking a beer read in the newspaper after a nice day of a relaxing evening.


I can't wait to have one of those days. And nice. Yeah. So it's at that point that there's a knock on the door at 10:00 at night, like, what the hell is that? They go over there. And this is from his wife. This is from Marie Cushing. She says, quote, He opened the door. I heard two shots, he said, then I saw red lights and I watched my husband go up into the air and he fell over backwards.


I found myself standing, screaming red lights, she clarifies. My husband answered the door and there were shots and I could see flames from the gun. Wow, that's the red lights. I could see flames from the gun. My husband's body went up in the air and fell over. I saw his stomach was ripped apart, so I knew I had to get him to a hospital. Big caliber. That's what she said. Shotgun. Yeah, this is this is was an open hell.


Yeah. Sort of double barrel shotgun is what this was from.


You know, me to you both from knock on the door. Open it with four feet. Boom, boom. Right in the right there. Knock right now a witness.


There's a witness to this now everybody's witnessing everything. You notice this shit. All of these. I got a license plate number. Well, instead, the next door neighbors of Robert Cushing say they saw this at the time. They heard the shots, looked outside, obviously gun, a shotgun blast or loud. They really are really like ten o'clock on a quiet night rattle. Whoa. What the fuck was that?


They're going to hear that sound. You'll feel it. It's going to go for a while, too. It's going to report. Yeah. That crackle for a long time. I'm off the front of other houses. Yeah, it's loud. It's wild. So are they. The neighbors said they saw actually a young man, a young man running across the street after they heard the shotgun blasts a young man. Now, McGlaughlin is thirty seven at the time and doesn't look young at all till he's balding.


He's Shati. He's not a young looking man at all. So this is an odd thing right away. So he's not thought of in this whole scenario. And why would he be? They haven't had any interaction. Thirteen fucking years. So I just wanted to put that out of your mind because he's what we were talking about. Now, the a woman named Leslie Babbelas said she and her husband had gotten out of their car that right at that time and noticed a man in his 20s in the Cushing's driveway.


This was before the shots. And then now, Robert, I'm sorry, Robert was forty seven at the time, not thirty. So so he was thirty seven in the meantime. Certainly not young, not in his twenties. And his wife is thirty six and she's lives with him. So now Leslie, the neighbor said that she and her husband later heard two shots so they got out of the car and I guess they probably whoever the killers were would wait a minute.


They just saw somebody and he said this. Leslie said that she then went to her front porch but didn't see anything. However, her husband, Harry, said he was on the second floor and his daughter was on the third floor. They both looked out the window and they both saw someone running across the street that fit the description of the person they saw in the driveway, a man in his 20s story house, three story house. That's nice stuff.


It's a nice neighborhood. It's not bad. It's not bad. So the town goes crazy. This guy has no enemies. He's just got a retired math teacher.


Sell some real estate first. They're like someone did. He pissed somebody off with real estate deal because literally he's had no negative interactions with anybody in a long time. Yeah, they have no idea who to look for. Bad real estate deal. Then they start looking into what if it's his son, someone mad at his son. His son's been getting deeper and deeper into political activism and things like that. It's been like protesting some big companies and things that the cops are like.


Maybe there's something we don't know about here. And this could be like, who the hell knows? This could be the CIA or so like they had no idea they were that to the point of maybe it has something to do with the political activism or it could. Some activist on the other side paying this guy back, we have no clue other than that because there's no beef, there's no motive. The wife was there with him. She definitely didn't do it.


There's no weapon found.


There's you know, and the only thing they have, as we saw a young man in his 20s running across the street, which doesn't really help any innate in 88 eight, it's so far removed from like assassinations, you know. Oh, yeah. Yeah. It's been years assassination attempts apart from Reagan, but nobody in these government high, low level governmental shit's been.


Yeah, it's it makes no sense that this is going to happen. It's really like who the hell could have done this? So they're trying to they're like, was he having an affair? Was that possible? And his wife's like, no, we were together all the time and he's doing real estate shit. And that's when he's selling real estate. So I don't think so.


They have no idea where to look on it. It's completely. Yeah, no clue. So until about mid-July comes along now in mid-July. So it's been about a month and a half. No cracking of the case. People are scared shitless too, because they think, what if this is random? What if people just knocking on somebody's door and I'll shoot you with a shotgun? That's about as scary as a thing could be. I would imagine just any knock at the door could be a random stranger with a shotgun in your chest.


That's not what you want in a small town. I think that's why people move to small towns, to not only beach communities, but, yeah, not have that happen.


At least no one will shotgun us in our front hallway. That's helpful.


So he it's at this point where his son, Robert McGlaughlin, is living still behind the Cushing's and his son comes over from his first marriage. Oh, Robert McGlaughlin Jr.. So he and his older times has gotten closer to his dad. And they he'll stop by every once in a while to see them. And they talk for a bit. And it's still not a great relationship.


But I know that relationship. Yeah, he's a little weird one, pretty much the one you have after. It's tough to get a handle on how to fucking approach that. So I get it.


Yeah. So now it's at this time that his wife Susan is out at the time she's out shopping. So it's just the two. Robert's the father and son, McGlaughlin and McGlaughlin, not a law firm. Certainly he tells his son that. He said, I tell you, somebody can't tell anybody. Oh, no. I promise not to tell him. Don't tell me he got Sarah. Yeah, well, let me know.


He goes the other guy who lives behind me, the guy who died, I fucking shot him. That was me. Oh, he goes, yeah, yeah. Crazy, right? I got to tell somebody, the sons like, gee, thanks, Wazzani. Appreciate you telling me that. You know why? Because that a guy is an asshole and you know that whole thing in the 70s there, remember when he tried to get me kicked off the force thirteen years ago?


Remember that one?


Yeah, well, he said I couldn't look at him anymore. I sat there. He's sitting over there all smug, planting flowers. Meanwhile, he tried to get me kicked off the. That was over a decade ago. Wow. The whole rug pushing here.


He didn't even think twice about he just forgot about the guy, basically didn't care about him and this guy the whole time sitting there going, you son of a bitch. Wow. Look at you planting zucchini, you bastard.


And the son has to now process that information. Yeah.


He goes, well, the son asked him, what what did you do? How did this happen? And he goes, well, my plan is the father here, Robert McGlaughlin, senior. He goes, My plan was I just wanted to take my shotgun. I stole it from the police evidence. It's a confiscated shotgun, sawed off some shit used in a crime elsewhere.


Yeah, he stole a sawed off from his I guess if they run them through and they haven't been connected with crimes, they're just stored. They just stick them in there. They're just start. As matter of fact, the Manson, Charles Manson whole thing, the gun that they used to they used in those crimes in the Tate lobby, Bianca murders, were they the police had custody of that gun for months and had no idea.


Oh, my. Well, it was thrown over an embankment. Basically, they threw it down in California. That's kind of tear down the mountains. They threw it down and it ended up going all the way down and landing in somebody's yard down below an embankment. And they called the cops. So some nine year old kid found it in his backyard and he watched cop shows. So he picked it up by the fucking barrel with his pinkie and, you know, brought it inside and said, hey, dad, I got this found this out in the yard.


They called the cops right away. Some cop came over. I was like, yeah, whatever man handling it, taking all the bullets out, fucking all the evidence up. And they just took it and threw it in a storage locker. Oh, my gosh. And then the father just happened to be reading about it over time, over the next couple of months and read that they had found clothes kind of along that route and put two and two together and said that gun to that was a twenty two.


They used a twenty two. They haven't found the gun. I'm right along that route. What if that's the gun. So he called the cops and when you might have the murder weapon like in your possession for. The last three months, holy shit, check that gun out and then they did ballistics and that was the right gun unbelieve. That's how they found it. So it's yeah. It's so strange yet very surreal. That's real. That's terrible.


Just got thrown in the locker. So if there's some sort of shock on there, no one's going to miss it. Possible. Unless it comes up. It'll sitting there forever until they have an auction or destroy it or whatever, because there's no ballistics anyway, just pellets that fly out and use a slug. I don't even think slugs have any sort of. I don't think so. I can't make our pumpkin balls. That's all that we slugs. Right.


That I would assume it's why I use them. Yeah. The lack of ballistics. Yeah. So anyway, he said he took it and he was just going to go shoot him with it because I seemed like a good idea. Walk over and shoot him. He goes I told my wife, yeah. I told Susan I'm going to go walk over and shoot the neighbor. OK, see you in a minute. Be right back. I'll be right back.


And Susan, what are you out of your.


Hold on. Yeah. Hey, asshole, why don't we sit down at the table for what would you do if you told Emily thirteen years after a beef you just had a shotgun? You're like, I'm going to go shoot the neighbor quick. What would she say? Pardon?


I got to go. She'd leave. But I mean, should there be a path for you out of your fucking shit because she's a psychology student. Should have should we need a chat? She'd have to ask some questions. Right. So all of that this is a yeah. The wife saying, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa back. Let's get a tow going on here. Timeout one second here. Yeah. Bring that back one more time.


You're going to go with a shotgun and kill our neighbor over something thirteen years ago. And he goes, yeah.


So obviously she should be like, I know, stupid. So she says to him, look, I understand how you feel. And if you're going to do that, you need a better plan than that. Let me let's come up with a better plan to kill the neighbor. Not know the Ziegel, she said that you can't do that, you have to have a good plan. She goes, let's get some disguises together. Oh, and we'll make a whole thing out of it.


It'll be a couples. It'll be a we remember we were going to go do that wine and painting. Well, let's we can skip that. We'll do this instead. It'll be fun on down to party city fun. It's going to be a time they did basically. That's what they fucking do. The Tin Man. Yeah.


No, she told him to dress in all black so he wouldn't be seen at night and she disguised herself as a young man.


Oh, she put on karate gear as a as a as a result as a district attorney will later say, Susan McGlaughlin quote, stood guard with her karate staff, a weapon she was trained to use. She stood in the driveway with a fucking Donatello's staff. He was the staff one right there. Yeah. Because he had the weapon he was on. He's got she stood in the driveway with karate gear, with her hair all tucked in, pull back, trying to look like a man in the mirror.


She said, Oh, Joe. Yes. She said, I was trying to you know, people think I'm a guy, you know, I'm a woman. I'll hide my hair. Everybody was on here. And in case you miss and he comes running out of fucking whack them with the staff and then you can finish him off. That's the plan.


That's the plan. That's not you know, that's where it settled on. That's good. Sounds good. Shake on it and break. That's what they did.


This is the idea in theory. Yeah. So there's that. Wow.


Yeah. She wore shorts and a baggy top, pulled her hair back to the whole deal and then they, quote, disposed of the murder weapon well enough so that it was never, ever, ever recovered. They never found never found it. And a police officer would have nowhere to hide a murder weapon as well. He knows where where they look. So, I mean, he would know where to put it. You could put up a whale's ass out there if you've ever talked to a cop.


It's it's kind of do this and he'll be disturbed by it. But just do go to a cop. Go.


If you had to kill someone and think you could get away with it, every cops got a detailed scenario. Of course they go, listen, this is what you do. You get an alarm to pull on a sunny day, right? You got me out there. Maybe put a little something in their drink, maybe they fall asleep. Nothing that's going to come up later or something, a Benadryl, maybe something like that that they would possibly have in their system anyway.


Get them out there, get them relax. You get a nice block from the supermarket, ten pound or bash them on the head with the ice block, dump them in the pool, then throw the ice block in the pool. By the time they're found, it'll melt in the hot sun. No murder weapon, no nothing. There they are floating. I had a cop tell me that once and I was like, Yeah, you fucking thought about this.


And you pictured your wife laying out there reading a book, didn't you like this is how you're going to kill your wife, mother like I if this guy's wife ever gets killed, he did it because I know how he did it. I'm dead serious.


Delvin hit his head and got up and did it again. What the fuck.


Well, looks like unbelievable. That's it. They knock them out, you throw them in, they drown. Looks like they hit their head and drowned. Unbelievable. Thump the ice block in my. I guess it hit him once. Right. And then throw them in one on one. So once knock them out, toss them in the water. OK, they're done. They drown. They don't like it all. Oh no. It's it's horrible.


It's a horrible thing. This is what a cop told me and I was like, oh, guy with a badge in his pocket knows how to do that. What happened there? I guarantee those cops with way better plans. Oh yeah. I was wondering. He told me that was his parole. He came out with that fast. Right. Like, here's what I here's one. I've really here's what I've done. I've acted probably. Yeah, it's fucking crazy, dude.


It's insane. So now at the time, some more time goes by about another month and a half. We're in August now and doesn't tell anybody.


He holds. He holds it. Yeah. Yeah. He didn't tell anybody but they, he starts to McGlaughlin himself starts to be starts to crack which is strange.


He starts to crack, he ends up going to p p e c. I don't know what that he's he's like he's Air Force Base Newington. Yeah. And he went to speak to a doctor who he had had some contact with in the past and told him what happened. He told this doctor and the doctor said, well, I mean, turn yourself in.


I mean, he killed a guy. You should probably turn yourself in.


I would think they can't say anything. Right. A doctor? Yeah, there's a it's a psychiatrist. Can a doctor. It's patient, but I'm a medical doctor.


I'm not sure what some of them are obligated to know. If someone's in danger, they have to report it. It's a it's a slippery slope there. It's whatever it is. But this guy, he's like, well, you should, I would assume, turn yourself in. By the way, McGlaughlin, the next day, next morning after June 2nd, after he killed Robert Cushing, went to work, pulled people over, did his normal day at work as a cop.


He's been working the last three months like nothing happened. What's weirder. Yeah. You know, so he ends up saying, OK, and he tries to turn himself in at the Air Force base and they're like, yeah, we don't do that. Right. Like, why don't we don't really have state jurisdiction over murder. If you killed someone here, then fine. But at your house like that's on you, you should probably go to the cops.


I enjoy I have a good one, though. We do that a lot. So I don't know what's so sad about. Did you fly over their house and can eviscerate it with a bomb? No. Well, that would have been a lot more effective. I'll tell you what. We got these drones, I'll tell you. Yeah, I fucking will turn everybody in vapor.


Not not a soul of ours. It's right there. It's crazy. So he ends up doing that. He contacts the police and he surrenders. But well, the way he does, it's in a in a weird way. He talks to a friend of his. Yeah. We'll talk about who is a police officer who talks to him in a in a non official capacity are too friendly, so. Well, no, he just he's his friend. He's also a cop.


He's a guy he works with. So he goes and tells him and the guy drives him to the police station and they're talking. But he's not he didn't Mirandize him. It's not really cop to cop. It's cop to its friend to friend. But the friend happens to be a cop.


So he can't really it's not an official, you know what I mean?


Do you do you think he's a witness?


Well, that's we'll get into that here. So he does all of this. He they arrangement first degree murder charges. Obviously, they do this in the intensive care unit at the Portsmouth Regional Hospital where he's treated for high blood pressure, where he basically has like a high blood pressure thing after he turns himself in and has like a medical heart as a medical. Yeah. There's a little event that he needs some some help with Portsmouth. It's beautiful. It's nice over there.


So, yeah, he confesses and he says he did it because he was pissed off about nineteen seventy five. He was mad at Cushing still and he couldn't fucking look at him anymore. Thirteen, thirteen years of anger. He couldn't take it anymore. He was. Hats off and yeah, by the way, the old lady, he ended up charging her with drunk driving when she wasn't drunk at all, wasn't drinking anything that was her way of his way of arresting her was I smelled liquor on her breath and she wouldn't get out of the car and was uncooperative.


That was the original thing. That's why they wanted to get him kicked off the force. He also tells his friends that he resented the anti-nuclear activities of of Renny Cushing, who was a member of the Granite State Alliance and a founder of the Anti Seebruck Clamshell Alliance and led a failed effort to remove McGlothlin from the force as well with his dad. So he was like he was pissed off at him, politically sick of looking at him over there.


And I think, too, he was succeeding because he was getting more affluent and he's selling tons of houses.


He's the top salesman. He's doing all this shit. And this guy had to watch over the fence, watch this guy just succeed and succeed his debt, get better, watch his debt get better. I didn't get invited to put up a hot tub.


Yeah, he's putting a hot tub back there.


That son of a bitch.


Son of a bitch just bought a new house prices putting the foundation under it. Now he's doing it right. Does he have the money? Bastards. I got. So that's that. All this. And he's taxing the shit out of me.


Yeah, that's what he's looking at.


Now, when this happens, this all comes out in the press. This is a pretty big bombshell. Obviously, small town cop kills his neighbor, World War Two veteran, over a goddamn old grudge that is really dead and buried in over with, multiplied by some some nuclear picking up the fuck.


So the his boss, though, on the police force, McLaughlin's boss, tells The Boston Globe that he's a, quote, model cop who performed his duties by the book except for stealing a shotgun from evidence. A little things for that part, he said. Now, the assistant district attorney or attorney general here said, quote, about the beef, quote, It was not a significant matter in anyone's life except Officer McLaughlins. What happened 13 years ago certainly should not have come back to haunt the Cushing's now.


Yeah, that could have been over with. They could have had a fistfight or something in the street. But it's not even because of Cushing's 20 years older than him, beat up a sixty five year old man in the street. They kind of had a nice beer watching the Celtics and talk it out. Yeah, they could have hashed it out. Who knows? Maybe they could have gone along, for Christ's sake. So the arrest, obviously, people are shocked because they had no idea.


It's been months have gone by and his kids are talking like, holy shit, this guy has been right there the whole time. We're lucky I didn't kill more of us a hundred feet away. He said, quote, When we this is Robert Cushing Junior. He said, quote, When we were out in the backyard, grieving, mourning the loss of our father, he could see us out his windows. It's sick to think the murderer was watching us from his windows.


It's like voyeurism on our grief.


That's fucked up. Yeah, think about that. Think about that. Because the killers a lot of times they would love to go to the funeral. They want to see the aftermath. They want to see what they've done. This guy gets to sit and look out the window from his bed. Go ahead. Take that, you bastards. Like, that's creepy, man. So his son, Kevin Cushing son Kevin said, quote, We are shocked and saddened over the murder of a loved one, a man who deeply loved his family and community.


And he read they read a statement. They have there's six brothers and sisters with Gavins, other seven kids, like we said, Jesus, that's crazy, man. They he said, quote, We think it's unfortunate that the local town officials have given incomplete and inaccurate information about that incident 14 years ago and have characterized a confessed murderer as a model policeman. So they're there. They're pissed off. Yeah. Yeah. Another a Matt Cassity, who is a neighbor.


He said, quote, He's been living here about six, seven or eight years. He said, and this is the guy who manages the apartment complex. He said of McLaughlin, he's a very quiet man and another one who lives across the street, Rochelle Trimble. She said she was totally shocked because, quote, I have high regard for the policeman here. Well, that's fine, but not the one who shot the guy. You can not have regard for him.


That's fine.


So, yeah, he basically is he's going to do an insanity defense. His lawyer says at the time of the murder, he was incoherent, his incoherent had no idea what was going on, said he's basically a zombie. He's a zombie person.


He said he'd been drinking alcohol, taking Xanax and Halcion. Halcion makes you pass out OK. Halcion is what wrestlers used to drug women with in the eighties and shit like that. Yeah, that's sick and right on their forehead so they can shave their heads and write on their foreheads, do crazy shit to them.


And so that's he took that. Yeah.


Because his wife I guess has a prescription for that for sleep and then he has a Xanax prescription to murder somebody.


He decided to take that shit. Yeah. Before apparently that's that's his. That's what he said. He said he was, quote, in a confused, incoherent, rambling mental state due to psychiatric drug, alcohol and medical condition. And this is his lawyer, Mark Syste, who said this. He said also the blood pressure mixed in with all that. He couldn't think straight. Only notes, you know, caused you to dress up like a ninja and kill your neighbor.


You know how that goes. How often does that happen to you? I mean, your blood pressure's a little high, right? Too many. Lay's potato chips that they too much salt. I dress like an X man and I start scaling the my neighbor's house is getting on his roof and planning to get him a body bag jump through a skylight. That's going to elect me. Like he says. Mr. McGlothlin was in a highly intoxicated state due to the ingestion of massive quantities of alcoholic beverages.


He said he'd also ingested a large doses of a prescription drug that further further aggravated his intoxication and is suffering from a severe psychiatric condition and dangerously high blood pressure. Dangerous? Yeah, he said that that he had statements. He filed these statements and said that he requests also any evidence directly or indirectly derived by agents of the state from a privileged session with the defendant, physician and or psychiatrist talking about if he anything he said to the guy at the Air Force base is moot.


Basically, he came to him as a doctor so he can't testify.


He said the agents of the state gained information for Mr. McGlothlin due to a psych physician patient, privileged encounter and treatment diagnosis session. So, yeah, they said they asked that he does. McGlothlin said that he does not waive privilege and doesn't want the doctor to talk. That's private stuff like that.


Exactly. While he's trying to get a statement thrown out. Sure.


Trying to get his confession thrown out so he doesn't want to go to jail for this. No, no. He says he's out of his mind. So I want to talk about it now because he's got to talk his way out of it. That's why he's a two and a half day hearing to see whether his statement is going to be allowed in or not. Prosecutors say obviously they killed him over an old grudge and all this sort of shit. What he ended up doing was he said he was on so many drugs and booze and everything else.


He confessed to his a friend who was a fellow police officer, Officer Victor DeMarco. And this is August twenty sixth, then surrendered to police and repeated the same statement he made to his friend. And the judge says the defendant voluntarily made statements to Victor DeMarco in the defendant's apartment and in Marco's vehicle. The defendant voluntarily, knowingly, intelligently waived his Miranda rights before making a statement to Collin Forbes of the New Hampshire State Police. They're saying it doesn't matter what he said to his friend, that's all fine.


When once he got to the police station, they Mirandized him and then he repeated it. Sure. At that point, it doesn't matter. But then he's trying to say that basically between the Air Force doctor and his friend, who's a cop, they manipulated him into doing it, which is fine, whatever. He killed the guy and he admitted it. So what the fuck do you want? No one came to your house and you're not Brendan Dasi then put you in a room and tell you if you tell us what we want to hear, we'll let you watch Wrestle Mania.


That's not what this is. No, he's a cop. He knows the routine. And he went to them with an admission. That's a different thing. They didn't even he never was even questioned about this. Exactly. They never looked at him as a suspect. He could have gone on forever and I would have never came up. They would have just been looking for a young man in their 20s. He's to around four in your bedroom. Yeah.


They said, quote, The fact that DeMarco was a policeman and not as such and and as such was a policeman. Twenty four hours a day does not show that the defendant was in custody throughout the period at the apartment. And later en route to the Air Force Base Hospital, DeMarco was with the defendant as his closest friend, seeking to help him not acting as the role of a policeman, saying he didn't have to Mirandize him. He wasn't in custody.


He was in his own apartment and then going places of his own volition. Basically, he said that after this, though, McGlaughlin recants the whole thing and I wants it all thrown out, says it's ridiculous. So they say, oh, no, it's in urine. OK, fuck out of here. Now, there's letters that his public defenders fine and they end up quitting and they have to get him another lawyer because they have to. They quit the case.


You know, about this year.


They found a letter where McGlaughlin writes a letter to his wife, who, by the way, is also arrested for accomplice of this whole thing to Susan. And he says that she has the key to everything. Now, Paul and Mark, he says those are his two lawyers, asked me if I got a letter from you saying you did it to give it to them. Ha, ha. They said I would never have to go to trial if you said that.


So she sends a letter saying, my lawyer said, if you wrote a letter to me saying that you were the one who shot him, then it would cause so much confusion they'd never be able to take either one of us to trial. That's the plan here.


So then he gets a lay a letter a week later, Robert does from his wife and she did it saying, quote, Babe, I pray. They find you innocent, they've got to you didn't kill Mr. Cushing, I did, and I know you said you'd never tell and you'd protect me. And then she decided all my love, Susan, so that the lawyers originally knew about that letter.


So they were like, oh, great, this will free you. But then they found the other letter asking for it that he orchestrated it. So he was like, OK, you know why we quit? Because he lied to us. So we quit the whole mess. The judge has to find somebody who will represent him because nobody wants it. It's a goddamn disaster. You can't get a public defender. Public Defenders Office said, fuck him, he's a liar.


So it's fun. So he goes for the insanity defense. And I look this up. New Hampshire legal specialists say they rarely use the insanity defense in criminal trials in New Hampshire because it doesn't work there. It's a difference. There's a different standard in New Hampshire than in other places. Historically, New Hampshire juries have been reluctant to excuse conduct on the basis of insanity. This is from a Manchester criminal lawyer. It's very tough road for a criminal defendant to how to convince a New Hampshire jury he's insane.


I've explored it many, many cases, but rarely used it. The problem from a criminal defense lawyers point of view is that it's very hard for the defense to prove in New Hampshire because they have different tests.


Basically, other states have tests such as whether the defendant knew right from wrong, whether they that out of it or what, whereas juries can do that in New Hampshire. They leave the question entirely up to the juries common sense.


There's no doubt you guys think you think he's that crazy doctor. Yeah.


Hey, guy who works at the loading dock, what's your psychological opinion on this man? Hey, TV repair guy.


What do you think of that guy's anybody who's not a doctor? What do you think about this normal citizen? Yeah, it's ridiculous.


A criminal lawyer in Manchester said, quote, The insanity defense in New Hampshire is very unique. They said that it's different from every other state in the Union and every other Anglo-Saxon Saxon jurisdiction except, I believe, Scotland. Wow. So all of France and England and everything in England where the defense, the defense evolved in the mid eighteen hundreds, the earliest English test for insanity was the wild beast test.


They said whether or not a person knew not what he was doing no more than a wild beast.


So are you just stark raving batshit or not? OK, so. Ah yeah. That's a very do behave on instinct as I wanted to say it.


That's kind of right. Did you know right from wrong, I guess put in a more colorful than previously thought survival. Yeah. Jesus Christ. Fuck.


So New Hampshire's approach dates back to the eighteen sixties when the state was considered on the cutting edge of the law.


The way they did it. Yeah, they said they formulated a rule that the jury could consider anything, the motive, mental illness, all the facts, and make a moral judgment as to whether a man was culpable or insane at the time of a crime.


Hundred twenty years later, they're using the same same shit. Now, do you think nothing's evolved? You don't think do you think he's better than a wild beast? Could he control himself more?


That's amazing. His theory was to punish acts that show criminal intent and to let the jury, not the experts, serve as the conscience of the community. But you need the experts to advise the jury as to what the fuck they should know.


Oh, my God, this YouTube exists because not everybody knows shit, you know? Yeah. Yeah. You don't know how to change the water pump on a Toyota Corolla. You need to watch a video on YouTube now. You know how you need a professional to tell you out of gas. It helps. That's why people are always saying that shit with doctors. I get that like the medical, like Big Pharma and all. Whatever the hell you want to change, that's all fine and dandy.


But like, they're mad at like people get pissed off. I don't believe doctors like individual doctors. And it's like that guy has no vested at a plumber when they come to your house and tell you what's wrong with your pipe. Guess what? That plumber knows less about the pipes and that guy knows about your that lady or whoever knows about your goddamn body. So shut up and fucking listen to me. They just do it a lot.


Don't listen to quote doctors, but listen to a doctor who, like you, have a personal relationship with and that you see went to a you know, like a real school. Yeah. And whatever.


He's got a diploma on the wall or she there's a guy I don't do male doctors, a lot of female doctor. I want females so much more caring and like they want I just trust them.


More guys are thinking about other shit that I don't want them to concentrate on.


I had a male like James. I just had a checkup in the male doctor. I told him I got a pain at the top of my nuts from time to time. And he goes, Well, let me see. So I pulled him out. Then he goes, Yeah, they're big. And didn't think I. But I'm. What do you mean they're big? Ask me tell me another person up there who diagnosed me as having big balls.


Thank you. They get a little. Yes.


He goes defined. What are you talking about. Yeah. That's why it's on air.


I don't have cancer or not to my dying you find. So since 1978, criminal defendants in New Hampshire claiming insanity of also had to prove the burden of they have also had the burden of proving insanity. And since 82, they've had to prove it by clear and convincing evidence. They made it even harder. So this is not a good road for this guy to go. I feel bad for anybody. And if they're acquitted by reason of insanity, they hold a hearing to decide whether they can whether they continue to be deranged and dangerous.


If so, they're committed to the state prison psychiatric unit where they are re-evaluated every five years.


So who knows? That's how it works.


Trial starts here for Robert anyway.


They end up delaying it because of the whole lawyer thing. He ends up going to trial after Susan does in the end. But Will will do his first because he's the asshole. Let's be honest here. I mean, she should have stopped him, but it wasn't her idea to begin with. She wasn't like, we should get a shotgun and kill gushing. Oh, my God. But she jumped in like a linebacker on game day. She wasn't like that part for what she was like.


All right, let's plan this better. I mean, you know what? Down, down as a mother, I got to give her that. That is seriously a down fucking partner right there. It's a damn damn.


She's like the captain, though, of the football team. Just gonna be like playing the Redskins. Now, I got the game. Don't worry. I'll fix that.


Jesus Christ. So the prosecutors claim that with his wife's help, he carried it out. He said this is the assistant attorney general. The initial resentment grew into an ugly hatred. Robert McGlaughlin hated Cushing every time he looked out his window and saw him working in his garden or sitting on his back deck. He released that hatred on June 1st, 1988. It's not even Miracle-Gro. Look at him. It his subpar fertilizer.


And the defense attorney told the jury that McGlaughlin should not be held criminally responsible, said the killing was a product of delusional thinking and a man who was out of touch with reality. He said, listen, the night of the killing, he's under severe stress from work. He was drinking heavily on top of that. And then he took a heavy dose of Xanax and Halcion. And on top of that, you know, pushed him over the edge. Both he watched.


He was already drinking. He watched Apocalypse Now on TV. That did it. He said Apocalypse Now is on. And if that was it, he said, I'm getting the shotgun and I'm going over there. Meanwhile, he had already stolen a sawed off shotgun from evidence. What did you do that for? He already he didn't go to the police station, steal a car. He had it already. So that kind of blows a hole in that.


And then he said that the wife, Susan, is the one who helped him do all of this. She said he said, quote, She's the one who suggested wearing disguises using a getaway car to serve as a lookout. She directed him to the front door. He didn't even know to run after the killing. His wife had to tell him this man was a zombie on June 1st. Nineteen eighty eight. That's what he says. Even if he was the wife is still dangerous.


Shit. Yeah, she planned this. They got away with it for 13 years. The only thing I got is because he opened his fucking mouth. That's it.


Yeah. Though they got away with it for three months.


What. They killed him in eighty eight. Yeah. But they got, they got. Oh I get. Yeah. Thirteen years since the incident alive. Yeah. And activeness went wrong even three months that's.


Yeah. That's interesting. Anyway so he called several expert witnesses and they said that he. Yeah. Medical mental history. They said that he's, he's tried suicide on multiple occasions which makes sense that he's kind of got a little. Yeah. He's not, it's not all square and I think sometimes it might be aggression and then sometimes it might be self loathing. And if he drinks a lot, who knows what could happen and that he was taking prescription.


Xanax has a history of depression and panic attacks, anxiety, suicidal ideation and alcohol abuse. Jesus Christ, can we take this guy's fucking it.


Was he a cop? Wow.


He also says another doctor says that he believe McGlaughlin reached the decision of I think I'll kill Cushing. And while he concluded that McGlaughlin was delusional on the night of the shooting, he said that he was probably sane now. And then another doctor said that extensive battery of tests. He said that, you know, he thinks he's got post-traumatic stress disorder problems associated with impulse control, alcohol, Xanax, unable to cope as a cop and stresses and all that sort of thing.


So they all kind of say, yeah, he's pretty fucked up, but none of them say, like, wow, he's got a mental illness that he can't control.


It's all like, you know, it's not alcohol is a main issue here of alcohol and drugs aren't helping the issue. He's got anxiety and depression and panic attacks and shit, but he needs help and he's just self medicating with alcohol and pills, which isn't a good it's not a good formula when you mix guns with it.


No, but he shouldn't he should have recognized he had an issue and shouldn't be a cop long before he killed the guy.


That's the thing. His son testifies against him. Robert Junior, a little payback for leaving the old family here. The last. You little bastard, he says that he was he said that his father called, told him that he was going to shoot Cushing and he didn't care what happened to him if he got caught for it, if he got killed and if he went and then he said he went to Susan and told her about it and she told him that he couldn't do it like that, that he had to come up with a better idea and that he had to come up with a better plan.


So she told him they had to disguise themselves. This is Robert quote. And she got him to put on a disguise and herself. And then he went and got a shotgun and they walked to they walked and got into the car on the driver's side. He got in the passenger side and Cook drove to the place where this man live and parked the car. My father got out, went into the yard, and that's how they did it. And then she stood by and but his defense attorney, McLaughlin's defense attorney, said that you can't you can't have this case dismissed his testimony because this is all from a deep seated resentment that he has from his father divorcing his mother in 1977 so he his father could hold a grudge for 13 years.


And so does the son. That's what he said. Basically, the verdict comes in and they go fucking guilty, as guilty as guilty capital G.


Is that possible? Can I is that a verdict? And I get my gavel. Yeah. Guilty capital. Guilty, everybody. Yeah, silly. Almost here. The reaction they the family here said, quote, For the family, this trial brought everything back. It's like fresh wounds. And then Robert Cushing Jr. says to say a police officer is under a lot of stress and therefore it's acceptable for him to load up a shotgun, walk next door and murder his neighbor in cold blood is not acceptable.


For him to walk away from for murder would cast a black mark on the profession and send a message to anyone can get away with murder.


Now, sentencing comes up, obviously, and the judge says, you, sir, may fuck off life in prison for life, a life without for him. OK, OK, so he's he's life without. So now his wife comes up on trial, Susan. And after a while, by the way, she changes her name, we'll get into that. She changes her name to Sam Cooke once. Yeah. The singer.


I don't know what seems to be a gay Englishman. That or no, that's that's Sam Smith. Are you right? I'm talking about Kukla 50s and sex. Right? Jesus Christ. Are you kidding me? They sing alike. No, they don't, Sam. They sing that kind of shit. Sam Cooke is the same croons like the cool. Oh, Sam Cooke is the coolest. He's like one of the most ripped off motherfuckers there is. I've got these the shit.


God damn. And look up. I've got kapranos that he's the shit.


I've looked him up too but you heard him so that's hilarious.


So her trial comes up and it's the same thing. Robert Junior testifies. She said this because once she got home he came over. His father told him Susan walked in and the father was like, I told them everything. And she was like, yeah, he can we can trust him. And then she told them everything, too. So she repeated it to him. So that's how that went down. So October twenty first nineteen eighty nine is the verdict.


And jury deliberates nearly three days because she is up for accessory to murder, conspiracy to murder and witness tampering because she went and told Robert Junior not to testify and to, not to and to basically say that we didn't talk to you, which is witness tampering. So she's convicted of that, guilty of all those charges after three days. So they're sending her away and then sentencing comes around. And basically all of those are the same as if you pull the trigger yourself.


Conspiracy is the same thing. So once again, that's what Charles Manson is convicted on, is conspiracy, not murder. So he says you, ma'am, may also fuck off life without for you as well. Oh, fuck you both. Yeah, that's thirteen years is too cold blooded etext you guys have to go. That's scary. As she's being led away, she yells to the reporters that, quote, I'm innocent.


And she had some very dramatic moments reminiscent of Robert Cushing Jr. says, quote, There's no joy in this verdict and walked away.


Obviously, he's just there's very little you can be happy about. Yeah. George McGlaughlin and his first appeal, Robert, that is challenges. He challenges the jury instructions and all sorts of shit like that. He's denied on that. A later hearing. He says that he was denied his constitutionally protected right to effective assistance of counsel. Newly discovered evidence relating to the intoxicating effects of Xanax and Halcion and how they interact with each other should have will boost his insanity defense even more.


And newly discovered evidence revealed that his wife was on mind altering drugs as well and at a personal interest in making incriminating statements against him. So we need to do that.


Yeah, but she got the same sentence no matter what she said. That's the thing. Yeah. Yeah. And they both did it. They both admitted to it. And so it's at this point. While she's in jail for a little while, Robert Cushing Jr. visits her in jail, what says to meet with her because she wants to meet him. She says, quote, When what really started me on this deep dive into what happened was Renny Cushing.


He saved my life, though he doesn't know it. Visiting with him was such a shake up. It woke me up from a fog I had been in. She this was in ninety five. They ended up meeting. So this is seven years after the murder. Renny asked me what happened that night. I wasn't sure what he meant at first.


Really. Did you have fun at the county fair in eighty four. What do you think they fucking meant that one time our lives crossed. I didn't have the paper from the next day, so I didn't know what happened that night. So I had to tell him about the murder of his wife. You know how it goes, he said. Well, they I knew about it. I was forced to tell him.


He said he told me he was his father was a victim and I was also a victim. Being married to Bob made me a victim. But I told Ronnie that his father was an absolute victim. I apologize to him over and over again. In two thousand three, she does an interview going by Sam Cooke at this point. Awesome. Yeah. She says that it's Cooke is her former it's her maiden name. So she's got that. And she goes by Sam because it is close to her name.


She says, quote, My life was going nowhere. This she took Sam from Samantha on Bewitched because she liked that show, number one, which is hilarious. She said, quote, My life was going nowhere. My first marriage had failed. I was working a million hours at Pizza Hut in Hampton. If I was Samantha, I wouldn't have any problems. I wanted a nickname.


Yeah, yeah. You can make the world different. You know, the torture. You fucking know, that's it. Magic happens.


Said I wanted a nickname and Sam went along with my initials, which were S m McDaniels was my first husband's last name. So I just change the E to an A.


It was like that, except for that other letter that I changed in the middle of doing here that my husband. A father. Yeah. Because I did it.


Maybe she explained that to him that night and then he went out there like a zombie and shot somebody and had no idea why. I'm not sure that could happen.


It change my name because it sounds nothing like this.


Yeah, well, names I'm going to fight Todd now.


Yeah. Because it's real. I mean, because it's like Jimmy. But you take out the one and you change it to a T.. You know what it's got? It's got two letters as the third and fourth letter a J is like a T except it's got a hook on minus the hook minus on the I and then you like kind of just add a little more ink and make it a circle.


It makes sense. It makes total sense. You put two D were two Emsworth because just two letters. Yeah. No shit.


I forget you talking about Sam Cooke here tries to get pardoned. Yeah.


Because her whole thing that she's going with now and she gets help from a group that's trying to help her get out is that she was a battered wife and was kind of forced into which I don't doubt at all. Or if he if he held a gun to the head of his first wife and a hunting knife to her throat all the time, I doubt that he just straightened up and got sweet with the second one. And I'm sure sure he abused the shit out.


I'm sure it was a pleasant conversation for her to give her son back to the ex-husband. Either that or there was some threats that she was coerced an awful lot. She asked for the pardon, says, quote, I'm not the same person I was fourteen years ago. For forty four years, I lived in a prison of fear and I didn't even know it until I started counseling in prison. After years of searching for answers, I concluded that abuse and I were very familiar with each other.


I was horrified to learn that my life was not normal, but was in fact very abnormal.


I have a lot of people do too, is they don't they don't even know their names, look back in and be like, holy shit, that was awful, she said.


She recalls dozens of incidents of child abuse by a family member. She said, The very experiences I've gained because of the pain I've lived through can help others. My hope is to enlighten others about the effects of abuse in order to protect children because the effects are long lasting and far reaching. Yeah, I would say, she said. Have you ever been terrified, so afraid you couldn't think straight? I was being terrorized by Bob. I didn't have any way to escape.


I didn't think he'd actually kill Mr. Cushing and I never called the police in my mind, the Hampton police surrounded him. I never called the police because I thought they would tell him and he'd kill me.


Yeah, that's fair. He said she says, quote, I was an empty shell back then, waiting to be filled with whatever personality came along.


Samantha from Bewitched, I guess. Whatever. Daniel Russo. Yeah. Whoever is Mr. Miyagi. I was whatever Johnny I was whatever Bob needed me to be. When things weren't good with Bob, I thought, oh, my God, I might as well be dead. I tried to kill myself several times. Now I know the signs, what to look for, what an abusive person looks like. Yeah, you know what I hear.


And all of that is no culpability, no culpability. Taking responsibility on us at all. I mean, those are the highlights of that. I mean, I don't know in the letter, I'm sure there was a lot of there are better reasons, but this is what I did do. Yeah. Yeah, there's that. And also, you know, she said, quote, I began looking for him, her son in. Nineteen eighty eight, as soon as I was out of Bob's grasp, this is when she's in she's in prison, she gets reconnected with her son that she left Ray McDaniels Jr.


He's all the way finds her in Arizona, finds him in Arizona, where he and his girlfriend have four small children. And they get together and they talk and they haven't talked for years and years and years. He says, quote, I remember she used to work a lot of Pizza Hut. She used to take me out for pizza. I lived with my aunts, with my wife, with my family. My grandmother brought me up, molded me.


I grew up tough. I guess that's good. Yeah. Maybe my mother has found God. I'm not into that. Maybe she really wants to get to know me. It's very weird. I don't know this woman. I kind of feel bad. He could get pulled into all this is what she says. I don't want him to be exploited. I'm sure he's overwhelmed by all this. Why? Basically, why would he want to be with hang out with me at this point?


So anyway, she's baking bread and all sorts of shit in prison. Yeah. She says she's pissed off at the governor. She thought the governor, Jeanne Shaheen, Shaheen at the time might extend her pardon me to give her a pardon. She said, I was so glad when she got into office, she had a platform that she supported battered women and that she understood women's issues. Boy, was I disappointed.


So she probably read your file and saw that you were the fucking captain of the ship team.


That's that's the thing you drew about the play, honey. Yeah, it's tough. I mean, we drew up the play. Chris Webber called Timeout.


It was the fucking if he told her, we're going to do this and you're coming with me, I'm making you because you're doing it. I could see, like, yeah, she has to do what she is forced to do it, but like but not, hey, I got a plan, although she's trying to make him happy so he doesn't beat the shit out of her too. Yeah. We don't have any idea. They're twenty eight. She sues Sam, Susan, whatever the hell you want to call her sues.


The warden says claim the prison conditions were unlawful because of overcrowding, which made it harder for her to sign up for the classes offered. She said she also claims smaller food portions and competition among prisoners participating in hobby craft, which allows inmates to sell quilts and clothes they make. This bitch took my quilt making. Fuck that. I'm suing. You're in prison? I don't know. She was also upset that she was strip searched after returning from her cell from seeing visitors.


That's every prison in the country. When you see visitors, those are the people that can give you something to salvage up yourself. Men, women, every time they look at your butthole every single fucking time. Don't go to prison. When you go into the visiting room, look at your butthole. When you come out, they look at your bottle, make sure it hasn't changed at all. Sure. Of all the furniture and there's the same.


Yeah, that's just up being rearranged. But this is the couch over here now. Yep.


She wants a parole hearing after the pardon thing doesn't work in twenty nineteen. She wants to get a parole hearing. She said she's maintained she was terrorized and she should get some sort of parole and. Yeah. All of that sort of thing. So the verdict on this, they say quote, It's a serious crime. She was convicted by her peers. Those peers knew all the facts at the time. And I don't believe there's any new facts. You, ma'am, keep on keeping on.


She is in the hole, denied parole, denied she had no hearing nothing. She's life without. She is in the New Hampshire state prison for women. Her maxed out date when she's totally done will be twenty one zero three. So.


Oh, no, that's that's why this isn't again now. Probably not over.


And so is he. He's still in there as well. And he's pushing. He's pushing. You know, he's in his mid 70s, late seventies at this point. So who knows? That is Hampton, New Hampshire, though. And the neighbor special. Yeah, that's one of those that's to me that I needed something that was like Christmas spirit. And I'm like, all right. Well, we had a Christmas episode last week where they, you know, find a corpse on Christmas Eve.


That's enough. You know, jingle bells, jingle bells. But this I'm like this is like, you know, the spirit of the season is supposed to be the joy and cheer go you you knock on someone's door to sing a song at them, a cheery song to drop them off.


Some day you could. Yeah, the one lady street brings us cookies. We got you guys cookies and you bring up things back in the day. They give you a fruitcake or something. And I don't know. But your neighbors brought me cookies and brownies. That's what this is. Knock, knock. Yeah, Buck. Buck is a totally different thing.


That's Jesus Christ. But that's Hampton, New Hampshire.


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That said, it is time now for the list of wonderful people, holiday style. Let's do it, Jimmy. I want to hear the list of the most wonderful goddamn people who have kept us afloat this year and keep us going.


Jimmy hit me with that list, this week's executive producer, Carrie Clark, Chris Nelson, Abbey Baker. And she is Merry Christmas to Mike. And he wants she can't wait to marry him. Oh, I don't think oh, that's proposed to him. But I think he already did that. I don't know. But she can't wait to marry him. That's the thing. Also, Linda Campbell, Matthew Nielsen, Margie Kunzel, Michael Stoll down there in Texas, Christina Rauscher, Laura Ha, I think Karen Agim, Jordan Bennett, Neelu Rafsanjani and the people that are super recurring.


It's unbelievable. Thank you. Your friendship also. Yeah, there's to me tremendously. Thank you guys so much. Years with you guys. Thank you so much. Chris Kimball. Alejandro would no last name. Gavin does that. Milo, if I do it with a with an Italian accent, it works my best. If you go it works a little bounce on this. DeMello Teresa, what does this know that says Murphy and Marty and Shannon Kiyo.


Cleo right now it's Kenny Shannon, Kenny, Valerie Wilson, Cale, Matthew Calderon, Thomas Drummond Jr. No, that's Tamara Lead, Lance and Valerie Callahan.


Thank you guys so much for everything. Other producers this week are Thomas Smith, Steven Stadler, Leona Messing, Happy Birthday, Derrick Adams, Eyeless iList Garvie. Sarah Atterberry, Bud Pimenta. Melissa Turner. Matthew Cheatham. Brett Chilian. Andrea Webster. Karen White. Janice Hill. Olivia Bernard. David Barber. Ashley Vode. Dakota Harington. Isaac Moyar. James Marter. Maria Raspier. Savannah Storms. That's is that real. That could be like that.


Sounds like a porn name. Joanna A'Hearn. No that's just is Joannes wonderful. Thank you. Joanne Whitney, Tallat Ariana Kostner, Chris Davis, Benjamin Frazier, Mary KIPP's Sue Sleet Payton, Meadow's Bélanger MeOh and Whitney Skaife Laska. Valerie Vega, Nicole No. Nikola Hassabis US Hassabis Cody Baker donated both ways. Thank you Cody. Some. Colleen Lambert, Crystal Hewitt, Cheryl Baker, Kayla Kayla, Kayla Roughan, Andrew Finch, Roughan Arch Rubinek, Keris Ford, Steve Scott Holmes, Anita Martinez, not Jimmy Wassmann, Hunter Thakkar, Lillian Maranon, Madison Decker, Rabbi Shmuley Schmoll.


All of which that's a real person for them. Oh, awesome birthday or it's not Earth and real or fake person.


Denise MacIntire for us Wigger Wager. Monica Hernandez and Marie Gearheart. Sam Beven Real Marc David would no last name. Gary Howard. Natalie Moore from your Morath Morat at Ethan would no last name. Shelby Meadow's Kayla Lyons donated both ways or she donated twice. I can't remember but she didn't know. That's pretty. Those names. Thank you, Kayla. Jason Ammerman and Angelica Valencia. Inigo Knightley, I think Annie. Annie go. Yeah. Like Montoya.


Yeah. And Knightley. Like Kira Kira.


OK, so there's a lot of swashbuckling going on as the sailor right there. Right.


Mary Kay Bernasconi, Becky Casten, Alex Reider, Tay Lamell, Katie Murden, Hurtin' Hurtin', Courtney Staley, Michael Laken, Christina Soloveichik, slouch. I don't know if that's a very Marcus Dick Ryan with no last name, Austin with no last name. Faith Flindt. Anna Chambers, Madisen Sacagawea. What what is the second Joe Javitz.


I don't know. It's never going to happen. Barry Petersen DNA. Ashin Ashenfelter, Rain Wollen. Alexander White, Maegan Lassard, Brittany Williams, Ellan Juggler, Yugoslavia Amica Micka. Meeka Castillo, Mendi Schmidt. Natasha Laun. Stephanie Sandack disarray with no last name. Dustin Guenther Ariano with no last name. Sarah Brooks. Tyler Ryan Phillippe Hool. Elena Hernandez. Matthew Hyon. John Broils. I think Abby Baker. A row with no last name. Thomas Atkinson.


Chris Digby. Lee F. Robert with no last name. Andrea Foster. Ryan Savino. Charlotte Burghart. Alabaster for what I right. Jared Bradshaw. Raulston Kitz. Benjamin Fresco Divi with no last name. Divine maybe Divi. Sue Sherwood.


Luke Wood no Luke am. Candice Wood. No last name. Ethan McCartney. McCarthy. Michael Hanning. Justin Lewis Moore. Steven Teutul Tuthill King Cobra Woodchucks. That's where Michael Booch Buchheit Butch Bukit Marissa Seek Tyler as Elizabeth New Start Emily Kosner Kosner Layard's Sarah Radclyffe Bofur three. Kacie Elise Lynn Tiaro nestled Nestel Cody Baker. I said that Sarah Milsom, Merideth Lynch, Jennifer Partridge. Maurice Mayoress. Matthew Healey. Michelle McGuiness. Angelina Griffeth. Caudill I think Total Brandon Wells, Joy Grove.


I'm bad at this Connie. Talmage Madison Ransom also sounds like a pawn named Mike Ushi Alessa Kastor, Hannah M our Austin boy Danny Lysenko as Samantha Crutchfield, Karlee Man, Jerilyn Mauritz Goddammit. Brian Connellan. Aleesha Rogers, Steven Walkup Jordan Waili Alley with no last name. Ryan Ramirez. Caroline See Alicia Kelly. Trevor Gellert gehlert. Kerry Higgins, Julie Julia Dalton. Larry Cohen, David Shaw. Jessica Mazari, Miss Masari. All right, Jamie Westman.


That can't be right. Right? I mean, no, no, it's probably not very well with Jimmy Westermann last week. That's right, Eric.


Leather, leather, leather, Chris Bransford, Andrea Lockhart, Peter de Peter Ibut. That's two different. Pete M.B, Leon Norelli, Ian in Agrella.


That's what it is. Oh Renkin McHardy. Melena Runnels. Ann-Marie Pinto. Tony would no last name. Daria Damon Isabella. Cockermouth Cockerham Cockram Cocker Spaniel. Yep. David Edmands, Kelly Jamai. Hannah McDonnel Jo alum. Jo Ahlem. God damn it I'm getting so bad at this Janice Venit. I get in like I haven't been all long. Kevin Artman. Darren And what's not getting worse. Hendrix. Henricks Oh boy oh boy. Hendrix is Mary Beth, Garappolo, Thomas, Gilbert, Gilbert, Kim Gavin Ryan Fredriksson, Justin Rassmussen, Reginald Matthews loud Jeff Gary suck.


Now what. Tricia Smith A Holly Snork. Bobby Gruwell Grool. Rebecca Miles. Dee Badger Sub Sub. Objective Noise podcast. God damn it, Jessica Knutson, that Nathan Spencer Alice would no last name, Olivia Breast, Caracazo Castle, Justin Stoltz, MASC or is that Anel? Jason Hammerman will never know. McKayla Leinen, Heidi Egan, Greg Gerhart, Paige Beina, Jennifer Campbell, General Leslie Kane, Dusty Paddock, Kevin Jolli Drake, Derek Kelly.


What. None of those are not words. Emily Malecki, Petra Porto Tom Solange Ligne. Jessica would be Tracy Olsen.


Travis McKay. I think traffic. Michelle Lockard sallied. Jaiden Tracy Vandenberghe Kurtas Blackhurst. Paige McDonald. Britney Brener. Berringer Jay Kessman Catherine. Is that Catherine Heinz. I think Britney would no last name. Phaedra Mixin. That's not words either. Andrius Andrius Gustavsen Reck for maika like the fuckin countertops. Yeah. Elsey Elsey Hutchings. Yes. Doulton Whitaker. Mark right. Almost done. I swear to Christ Mark would no last name. Jeffrey Collins. Richard Metters.


Elizabeth Grimley. Richard with the last name. Olwyn syas Jennifer Gooch de French Slaughter. Jen Norton Hobb. What how hobo soccio.


That's like night. I can't eat that. Can't be right. Maybe a little margraf. Eric Erica Borstein. Andrea what's Vollen check. Jack Mehar. That's not real. Horse trainer Raynal Tucker. Mark Twain. Nope, that's Carwin Dammit. Grace Kennedy. Mike D nine one eight nine three. I think those are numbers. Philip Parado. Doug Shrader, Allissa Babe. Whitney Horn Guy Bryans. Bridget McGuire. Adrian Kastoria cast Erina. Brandon Germany. Elizabeth Nope.


That's a Alysa Priest. Carissa Jorgensen, Danielle or a Karmelita Coffey Ariel Childress. Megan Morrow. Bethany Scrilla Transit. What transatlantic crime. Some schmuck. Michael Baez, Jerome Becker. Lauren Gardner, Christian Gordon Whorey Torres. Jeanette Thornberry, Leticia Lam LaMagna Lemina. Something like that. Lydia Roll. Elizabeth Jackson. Ward Parmer. Matt Davis, Martha Mary Lane. One twenty ones. I phoned Greg Chinchilla. No way. Courtney Floored Tom Vogel song.


Hey him. God damn it Gary. Go on tell tell tell someone else.


Tell, tell me tell me how to pronounce your name. Well, surreal. Tell Cirio Chris England. Jordan Ruby. Kelli Cohon. Casey Holloran. Tony Allen. Michael R. Rajo Charissa. Nope. That's Kaisa in Krakow, Poland. Awesome place. Poland, right. Is that PD? I don't know. The abbreviation Coull Krakow fallen in the Poland.


Courtney, Courtney Puzey, Tim Jamieson, Heather Errington and Genevieve Desert Rawda. Solinsky say the best for last. Yeah, she's not doing great but she has an amazing conolly recipe that I hope they share with us. Thank you guys. All of our patrons. Thank you. You guys are fantastic. Thank you. So I'm sorry I can't say your name. Oh, you try hard. That's important.


Thank you, everybody. Honestly, so much from the bottom of our hearts. We meant it when we said it. He really kept us going. This year you've kept us afloat and we can't thank you enough. And we wish there was something we can do for all of you. And all we can do is continue to try to do shows and we're going to keep doing it. Like we said, there's a bonus coming out that's free and for everybody this week.


And hopefully, you know, hope you love it. Merry Christmas, happy holidays and all that sort of good stuff. And even more important in social media, who are you?


I mean, if you don't find me, I don't want to know how bad I am who are out there.


You can find us. If you want to find us, tell me I'm awful. Yeah, look hard enough. Yeah.


That's sad, though. Thank you again, everybody. And then till next week, everybody, it's been our pleasure. My.


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