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Hello, hi, hello, welcome to Smart Lists, we just want everyone to know that we got so lucky that we interviewed Kamala Harris the day before she was announced on the ticket as a vice presidential candidate with Joe Biden. So we interviewed her on Monday, the 10th. She was put on the ticket on the 11th. The interview you're about to hear, I guess, would be the last interview she did before she was put on the ticket.


Right, guys, 24 hours before it was announced, right?


Yeah, it's fresh and hot off the presses and you will see how incredibly fun and funny she is. Here comes Shaabi.


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Good day. Today is a the day to. Are you guys a little I'm a little nervous about this is I've told you guys who this guest is because I didn't want you guys to broke protocol. Well, I wanted us to get our nerves out of the way first, because while we've had some very big guests on how do I look at you? Look you look ready. OK, good.


I want to impress her. So I don't expect you guys to be fully prepared. I've got some softball questions. I've got a couple of hard hitters. We're going to figure out kind of what the vibe is. But I just and this is a this is a big week, a big week for her and our country. So I'm just I'm stunned that she said yes. And I'm glad that she hasn't gotten a phone call yet this morning where she needs to cancel, because as we will repeat when we're talking to her, today is Monday, August 10th.


And we may find out today who is on the ticket with Jovana. Could be her.


So did you ever, Jason, want to any part of you want to or still want to be a public servant of any kind of run for anything?


Because I think you'd be really good or a private servant.


Would you be would you consider being a father?


Well, what's the rate? What's how long is the drive? Where do you guys live? Pretty close to you. You know where I live. OK, sure.


I guess. Can I have nights off? Let's see how it goes.


Yeah, I don't really aspire to public office, but what about you?


Will would I ever consider being prime minister of Canada? Yeah. Yeah. Would they elect me. Sure. Hmm.


OK, let me ask you a question. What's the capital of judicious of of Iran?


Tehran. So what's the capital of Germany?


The capital of Germany is now Berlin, West Germany, it used to be, but you're an idiot, you're an spellbind so dumb blonde truc wears the lot.


There is none. Where's the accent? That's French. Any more questions? I mean, this is he's batting a thousand a good average. I gave you the easiest. Yeah, that's true.


That's pretty good. And it is true also about Bunin anyway.


Yeah. Yeah. No, I know.


Well, you know, it's a perfect time to bring on somebody who can actually answer all of our questions about all of this. Yes.


Good idea, Sean. OK, gentlemen, without any further ado, Senator Kamala Harris. Yes.


So this is the first time I've done that, because I think you're right.


We're so excited that you said, yes, my God, we are so honored. There must be nothing going on for you to say yes to doing this podcast.


It's intense. It's really intense days. And I mean, people are suffering out there. You're suffering.


You know, I met you one time a while ago. You're so wonderful to have, like, a special, intimate evening at some place.


I don't know where it was really special for you. I guess, you know, you don't even remember where it was. Well, it was like a hidden location.


You were so eloquent and so well-spoken and so intelligent was just incredible to hear you speak. And I walked up to you afterwards and I had you're like, so if anybody has any ideas, of course my ideas are horrible. And I walked up to you and your assistant was like, I'm sorry, Miss. Senator Harasta has she has somewhere to be right now. So if you can make a quick I go. No, no, no, I'm busier.


I'm going to leave first. I have to go first. I'm much busier than she is. As a matter of fact, I'm going to end this conversation and leave first. I have to go.


Yeah. Yeah. You don't want to be the last one in the room. Ever, ever. What was your idea, Sean? It sounds like it was a great. I was so bad.


I can't. It's embarrassing. Only blue.


I'm an old red, white and blue red dog. They go.


So we usually don't know when we're going to air certain episodes. And there's smarter people in our group that that make those decisions. But obviously we're going to air this as soon as we can. So for the listener, we are recording this on August 10th. Today is Monday. And, you know, there's this there's this thing that the Trump was talking about yesterday about his executive order and stuff like that. And without getting into all the sort of the the weeds of that, it seems to me that as brief as his executive order was, there were still some obviously some salient points in there that all of you guys need to understand.


Read, digest. Who does that? How can you possibly read every single thing that you need to know about so that no craft, sort of like in the small print, gets pushed through something that you guys might say yes to? So like, is there a huge staff of readers that then break it all down for you guys?


Is that am I absolutely right. And some of these, Bill, now, what Trump did is not a bill. It's an executive order. It's basically a memo. And so there's a whole issue with that in terms of the legal effect of what he's done. And does he actually constitutionally have the power to do what he did. But putting that aside in Bill's, you're right. I mean, there can be thousands of pages sometimes and the details matter every time.


So, yes, there are staff, some very smart people who are familiar with the language, familiar with how a word will be interpreted based on how it's always been interpreted. And they will work around the clock scanning through and actually reading through each of those documents. But, you know, sometimes the loopholes are are well disguised. And and so you can see in the TPP, for example, so in the paycheck protection program that we instituted that was intended to give relief to small businesses.


Yeah. And so many small businesses, real small businesses did not get the benefit of it because they don't have the relationship with the fancy banker. Right. They're not on a first name basis with the banker. They may go to a community bank. They don't have lines of credit. And and, you know, 90 percent actually of minority and small women owned businesses did not get the benefit of the PPY for that very reason. So the details do matter.


And what we try to do, certainly, and what I try to do is when we have figured out that there's a hole in it or a loophole, fix it for the next time and you must you're years, obviously, as as a as an attorney, as a prosecutor helps you, that that's what you do, right.


You kind of on the fly. You have to look at stuff. And Jason, it befuddles them. It took him three days to when he gets started on silver spoons to get through a thirty.


Yeah, these are these are tough. It's left to right, top to bottom right is the way that the reading goes. Right.


But it's not just that you have to digest it, but you really have to take it in and really, you know, take a position and understand what it is and what the implications are of every specific points on a micro and macro simultaneously. All these things I mean, these are and these are big issues. These aren't just little sort of trivial. These are. Life and death, especially like you were saying, for small businesses, et cetera, this is make or break moment.


Right now, you're totally right. So, for example, OK, so for example, on the issue of the United States Postal Service, right. So you guys may have heard that's one of the biggest issues right now that is weighing on people, which is that the you know, this administration is basically cutting the budget of the United States Postal Service. So what does that mean? So I actually sent out a question to all of my Twitter followers and online folks, and I said, tell me how.


If you own a small business, how is this impacting you?


Well, so these small businesses, they have a product that they sell and they ship it out and they say, promise you overnight delivery. It's not getting there overnight. Right. So then what ends up happening there? Yelp scores, starts going down because people are like they say it's going to be overnight, but it's not. Don't get this product. Right, right. They end up having to pay reimbursement for people. Are late fees all of this not of their doing.


So it is hurting I mean, tragically hurting small businesses in real time, in real time, in real time, while we're supposed to be propping up the economy and small businesses.


And so the reason that they're using the postal service is because it is not free, but but ostensibly cheaper than some of the private carriers, the FedEx UPS, the DHL, Jason, historically reliable and historically reliable.


I mean, this is one of the great public institutions we have is the Postal Service, where everyone, regardless of your income, has a guaranteed access to communication. Right. And to commerce, not based on how much money you have. But, you know, everyone is charged the same rate.


And it's the sort of the cynical view that I've taken the last couple of days amongst other people. I'm not alone in this. Is that, of course, at the at the root of this, at the heart of this is I love the argument that the Postal Service loses X million dollars a year. Well, yeah, of course, it's not there. You know, my kids cost me money. My friend would say to you that my kids cost me money, but I don't get rid of them.


You know, that's the price of this is what we do. It's a service that's provided not a lot of profit department. Yes, right.


And it's part of our democracy.


It's part of our democracy and the ability for people to transact people who don't have the same in the same way the moms. But also that the cynical point I was going to say was that that this is just another arm or tentacle of voter suppression ultimately. Yes.


Yeah, for sure. But brazen one. It's not even subtle. Yeah, that's what I say, Jason. It's not even like subtle. It's like I mean.


Yeah. So here's the thing. I always welcoming anybody, including, of course, the private sector that wants to step up and support our democracy in any way possible. But I also believe that there are certain essential government functions that should not be privatized. And one of them is the Postal Service.


The others are public education, public health and public safety. They should just not be privatized. We do not want people to have a profit motive in order to deliver basic and essential services to the American people. Yeah, because if you attach a profit motive, you will see that those who have will do better and those who do not have will do worse. So that's where I go.


You know, when he's doing stuff like this, I'm sure like everyone else sits there and thinks, eh, why do we have to take it? Is there some sort of counter measure that we can do absent waiting until November? Like, can we even make it there? And, you know, the first thing that comes to mind is this 25th Amendment thing that was floated around a while ago.


And I just wonder what else would need to be on the plate for whomever exercises the 25th Amendment.


I believe it's cabinet. What what else do they need to see is disassembling these federal departments? There's this outrageous economic disaster, these committing this political suicide for himself, for his party, and obviously overseeing the death of what, like one American a minute. So what else would you write in some horrible fantasy about what would need to be on the plate that would motivate a 25th Amendment? I just don't.


I mean, listen, I think what you're speaking to are what we designed as the checks and balances in our government so that where there was abuse of power by any one branch, there would be a commensurate check on that abuse of power. One could argue, though, that we have been in the midst of a constitutional crisis in that those checks and balances have not been reinforced, meaning that we have seen abject abuse of power by the executive branch and this president, Donald Trump.


But Congress as a whole has not held him accountable because it takes both the House and the Senate to do a lot of the things that actually would enforce that accountability. And right now, the Senate.


It is run by a bunch of folks who are doing his bidding, and so that's why I really do go to the point of the election, which is in less than three months, but we're going to lose another hundred and fifty thousand people by that.


Well, and this but this is where the accountability also rest.


And I think the greatest power in our country, which is the people whom the people and the people have great power. And I think they always are ultimately the check on an imbalance or an abuse of power within our systems. And so that means getting people registered to vote. It means emphasizing early voting, because I am concerned about the manipulation of the U.S. Postal Service. We don't want the ballots being counted weeks after the election because it's predictable that this guy will create incredible chaos.


Look, they're going to be a lot of obstacles. Let's start with the fact that the United States Supreme Court in twenty thirteen gutted the Voting Rights Act and took the teeth out of it. The teeth that were were in place to track states that had a history of suppressing the vote, in particular the black vote. And what happened after twenty thirteen is in at least two dozen states, the state legislatures put in place rules that were about suppressing or deterring people of color, students, indigenous voters from actually voting.


So that obstacle is here. I serve on the Senate Intelligence Committee, believe me, and the United States intelligence community. Russia interfered in the election of the president of the United States in twenty sixteen and they will do it again, are doing it right.


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Dotcom smart lists and the free pillows make it all worth it. These things are incredible. Night, night. Can I ask you a question so, you know, we talk about voter suppression and ultimately I know that across all people of color are affected by it, but ultimately we're talking about suppressing the black vote. Ultimately, that's the biggest percentage. Right? That seems to be that's where the the target is for the Republican Party at large and the Russians, the intelligence community's investigations.


So does that the Russians also targeted black voters, but are they doing that in order to aid Trump and or whomever it is and or Republicans in the Senate because it's much more advantageous to them? Or is it just an ideological difference?


So here's the problem that I see. And overall, it is this. The government was designed to be there, in particular when the people are in need to support them and lift them up and carry them through moments of crisis like this. And there has been an abject failure. You can look at it across the board. You look at it with a president who from the beginning called the coronavirus a hoax and muzzled public health professionals and did not put in place the Defense Production Act to make sure that we would have U.S. manufacturing of everything from masks to ventilators.


You can look at it when the president has his attorney, Bill Barr, who's supposed to be the people's attorney, the attorney general in court right now trying to get rid of the Affordable Care Act. That will, when they get rid of it, take away health care from over 20 million people in the midst of a public health crisis, not to mention the evictions. Right.


And so, I mean, these are the reasons I say that we have to really see that right now the American people need their government to work. They need an extension of unemployment benefits. Democrats have been fighting for this. People, 30 million people right now are on unemployment either because they are unemployed or underemployed. Why do I say underemployed? Because we have a lot of people in our country right now, a lot of people who work two or three jobs on a regular basis.


Yeah, it's not. We have to like Joe Biden, the next president. United States, of course. Of course. Of course. Deal.


And we have to do that for so many reasons that are about one correcting course around the economy, around the public health crisis, but also restoring some integrity to our government and its highest offices.


Do you think there's the threat of complacency among voters? Because the Republicans are saying that there's voter suppression. The Democrats are saying the post office is going to be, you know, corrupt. Both sides are kind of saying this is so much is against us. Why bother go out and vote? Do you think there's a lot of that? And how do we combat that?


We have to believe in the power and the beauty of our democracy and our country and the ideals upon which we were founded. I will tell you, my motivation always is not to fight against something. It's to fight for something, to fight for the strength of who we are and the ideals of who we are. Right.


I just want to go back to Will's point for a second, will correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel like the broader point and I'd love to hear your opinion on this. Correct me, because I'm Canadian, yet we're kind of OK.


Would you agree that the big difference between Republicans and Democrats sort of their ideology about government and what and what it should be doing that Democrats in this to overly simplify everything, Democrats sort of feel the government is there to help people. The Republicans feel that government is there as potentially a tool for business and simply there's just a difference in ideology. And that's why it's hard to find a middle ground. Is that what you find mostly when you're negotiating between sides?


I'll say this. There are good Republicans. There are bad Democrats. So I'm not going to paint everyone with a broad brush. But this is what I will say. Democrats, as a general matter, believe that government should be robust enough to help people who are in need and to uplift the American people. And you look, by contrast, at at some of the hypocrisy around generally what has been some rhetoric from the Republican Party, for example, they'll always talk about deficits.


But if you track every presidential administration, it has been the Republican administrations that have built up the deficit, not Democratic administrations, for example, even in this administration, they passed a tax bill, guys benefiting the top one percent in the biggest corporations of America. And it's going to contribute, it's estimated, one trillion dollars to the deficit for the richest people who don't need it. Meanwhile, in America, even before this pandemic, in 99 percent of the counties in America, if you were a minimum wage worker working full time, you cannot afford market rate for a one bedroom apartment.


Look at where we are in the midst of this coronavirus, where it's estimated over the next month, 20 million renters will not be able to pay their rent. Fifteen million homeowners will not be able to pay their mortgage.


And so what we're looking at is the. Difference of opinion, because what I have seen out of the Republican Party since I've been in the Senate these last three and a half years is it's all about deregulation. It's about taking away the teeth from the EPA, which is about saying let's bring down greenhouse gas emissions, because guess what? We all need to breathe clean air. It's been about deregulation of industries, including coal and oil. Again, same point, right?


It has been about putting Betsi Davos, are you kidding me? And the secretary of education and to continue to try and privatize education as opposed to invest in our children. And when we as Democrats talk about it, it's not about cost. It's about investment. You want to look at our friends in the private sector. You know, those who are most successful are the ones who don't ask what's it going to cost? They ask, what is the return on investment?


Right. That's how Democrats think. What's the return on the investment? You invest in the American people, you will win every day of the week. Yeah.


Jason brought up this idea of this or the ideological divide. And what is that? First of all, I think that that that's true, that that's used to be what it is. But the Republicans have played the greatest trick, which I always talk about or think about, which is, first of all, they always talk about small government and people don't know what they're talking about. You ask somebody on the street why the Republicans want small government. You don't know you're talking about George W.


Bush had the biggest government in the history of this country. And yet he but he claimed that that's what he wanted. OK, so then you have what they what they managed to do is consistently convince the people who will benefit the least from these programs from there, from them being empowered to vote for them, people who are going to suffer, people who aren't going to be able to receive any benefits and all these things. And they've consistently convinced these people along different lines.


And the people that are doing it, they have this conservative movement that started, what, forty five years ago, this this sort of handful of guys. This is a concerted effort that's been going on for a few generations to to get to the point where we're at today. And again, it's a very sort of dystopian view that these guys or that we're kind of living in now where they have created this, the gap has never been greater between the haves and the have nots.


That's right. And and it's all by design. That's what's so scary. All of it's by design.


Trump is just doing his bid, the bidding of the guys like the Sheldon Adelson and all these guys. This is by design. And that's what's scary. And that's what people in this country need to be afraid of.


And the people of this country need to really ask the question, which they do every day. And I think this election is going to give them the answer. Who is standing by working people in America, working people, people who work hard every day if they're working one job or three jobs, people who just want others to recognize the dignity of their work in their labor, folks who just want to know if I work hard and I and I do the right thing and I'm going to be able to keep a roof over my head and not worry about it, I'm I gonna be able to feed my kids and not worry about it.


Am I going to be able to take a vacation once a year and whatever and just standing by working people, how do you do that? You have affordable child care. You have paid family leave. You do not try to destroy organized labor, but you support organized labor and collective bargaining rights. You support a public education system and fund it instead of right now, which is that public teachers, when school was, you know, in normal session, two thirds were coming out of their own back pocket to help pay for school supplies.


Yeah, right. Can I ask a question about California?


Because we all live in it and it's correct me, it's the third largest economy.


What in the world? It's about fifth. Fifth, OK, fifth. And so I keep reading about, you know, every year in California, there's a drought, there's a drought, there's a drought.


So California, fifth largest economy.


When are we going to figure out how to desalinate water or whatever so that every year there's not like this crazy shortage. And these articles I'm reading about water is the next thing for these this people brought this up.


And listen, this is one of my big, big, big areas of concern water. OK, so here to your point, four generations wars were fought over oil in a matter of years. Wars will be fought over water. Yeah. So let's do something. And it is a diminishing resource. As a daughter of California, having gone through many droughts, I've experienced nothing personally. But to your point, we need to have water policy that invests in the storage of water.




The capture of water desalination, recycling, conservation. And to do these things is to be smart. And guess what? The other thing about it is to do a lot of that. It requires building up the infrastructure around it for capture and storage. That's John. Yeah, right. That's the creation of jobs. You want to talk about plumbers, the building trades jobs. That's carpenters, that's bricklayers. That's all of the folks who actually can do the work.


That is about also protecting our environment and a diminishing resource, which is water.


Yeah, because I'm kind of an idiot if. You haven't gathered, and I'm looking to my left where the beaches and I'm like, wait, most of the earth is water. Let's figure this out, people. This was this weekend that you really got. So, you know, all of these, like, great ideas. And I say, great, because I'm not smart enough to think of a more exciting term like the whole water issue. If we are fortunate enough to hold onto the House when the White House and take the Senate, can we unilaterally do all of these great common sense things?


Can we do anything we want? Here's the thing that I hope.


I hope that we don't have to do it alone. So many of these issues are issues that impact everyone and they really at their core, are not even bipartisan or nonpartisan. What we need to do to build back up our economy and invest in infrastructure. Right. America's infrastructure is one hundred and twenty five, one hundred fifty years old. Everybody will benefit from building back up our infrastructure. And that's a ton of jobs. In fact, Joe Biden has great policies around that.


What we need to do around investment in our public schools. Listen, our babies K through 12 could give a you know what who we voted for in the last election. They just want to be able to go to school. You know, when we can get past this pandemic in particular and get an education that allows them to reach the capacity that their God given talent. These are the things that I hope we can actually agree on in a bipartisan way and and deal with and put aside the ideology and just get to fixing some of these problems that are really practical.


Are you guys testing yet at the at the Senate? You guys don't you guys don't have testing, do you, for.


You're right. We don't have a system for testing and. Well, because guess what, the administration doesn't have a national system for testing at all.


You know, let's start there. We need to have a national system for testing. We need to have a national system for contact tracing.


But you would you would think that you guys being a you know, a vital and essential group of workers in this country, to say the least, you would think that the House and the Senate would have testing at least once a week free and available to you guys. There's there's got to be a reason why you guys said, no, we're not going to do that.


I mean, I wasn't a part of that decision. But I'll tell you this. I do feel that members of Congress shouldn't get the benefit of something before the American people get it. And on this subject, the president should follow through on a statement he made months ago, which is everyone who wants a test can get it, because that's just not the case in America right now. And that's why we see these surges. And also we need immediate test, right, so that you actually get the result within hours of taking the test because getting it seven and 10 days later, it does no one any good because you're exposed to the virus, even if you were negative at the time you took the test.


So, guys, we joke around a lot, we have a lot of fun, that's the whole point of what we do here. But I also want to mention that Smart is supported by better help online counseling. Yeah, and this has been a really. Yeah, it's been a really, really tough time for all of us. I know it has been for me, certainly. And me too. Yeah. And a lot of time at home.


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That's established titles dot com with the discount code smart list to become a Lord today. Thank you Lord John. Thank you Lord Will. Thank you Lord. Jason guys, thanks.


I want to switch gears a little bit. What is fame like for you? I would imagine that your your times to the grocery store have been easier in years past. Are you still doing your own marketing? Yes, you are. Oh, yeah. You're not going to 24 hour fitness to do your workouts, but he can't anymore at all.


The gym shut down. I don't know what I did doing the virus. I got a little fold up bike that I was using water bottles as my weight. Well, do you need to stock those water bottles?


But how do you how do you enjoy that?


I love people. I love people. But it can be you know, everybody's got a camera on their phone. And so when you're out, they all line up to take pictures. And how do you do you have a method, a strategy to to be polite.


Yet I want to you get in a fight with no masker on camera.


Let me tell you something and I'll tell you this about campaigning also. I mean, I love campaigning. I say that campaigning you meet the angels walking among us like people who who are just quietly doing really great things without any requirement of fame or notoriety. Thank you. Good, good people. And I mean, that's what back to the earlier point. That's what gives me my optimism. We can't let the bad guys ruin the day. Right. There are so many good, wonderful, incredible people.


And it is they who, you know, motivate me and listening to their stories, if I see them at the grocery store or wherever, that also motivates me.


Jason, because you take it for you once got in a fight with a paparazzi guy outside of the Rolls-Royce dealership and I just did that for you was a seminal moment. Yeah, he well, he was getting in the reflection. He was trying to really check out the paint. And I'm like, buddy, I can't.


All right. Here's a real hard, hard hitting series of questions. OK, candle or incense? Candle. Oh, football or basketball? Basketball. Fleetwood Mac or Steely Dan.


Steely Dan. Very nice choice, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye. Oh. I can't do that, dogs or cats, I. Dogs skiing or surfing, I could, you know, probably surfing.


Uh huh, Sean Hayes or will or not. I can't say that's. We on hold that till the end. The interview. That's right. Now, I think they both have won a series of rounds.


Blink once if it's me, Clippers or Lakers warriors. Thank you. Say Warriors. Exactly.


Of course. Well, so. So or Giants.


That's hard for me. I mean, giants. But as you know, I was born in Oakland. Yeah, yeah, I know.


It's tough. Ah, you're not a national fan yet, are you? And I think one should be loyal to one's team.


What in the world do you do for fun? Because like, is it non-stop 24 hours a day doing what you're doing?


I love to cook. What specifically what. Don't say boiling pasta.


I mean, no, I'm everything I you know, I'm always kind of exploring new recipes. But, you know, I mean, my go to I can do like a great roast chicken or I there's a Polynesia that I make for four hours. Wow. That I go for four hours. So it's the full range now.


Is this something that you that you kind of learned during covid you like took some cooking classes or something. You've your whole life. You love my whole life.


My mother was a great cook and I just kind of learned at her, you know, by her side, oh, I love to cook.


Well, makes I mean, frozen pizza. Sean likes to cook too. So I mean, she likes to talk to Cook and he'll say, hey, can you make me do it. My mother, my mother, when I was very young she was like, kid, you like to eat good food, you better learn how to cook. Yeah right.


Right man. I wish we had cooking in my house. My mother's British, so, you know, that's not a long list of great cooks coming out of that country. So I'm, I'm still trying to get the boiling pasta stuff down. That's hard for me. Yeah.


Also, Jason said the same thing verbatim to his therapist like two hours ago.


Yeah. Yeah, I know. This is this is why I have a lot of those frozen pizza. But Amanda cooks, though, doesn't she? Well, we don't we don't do a lot.


We just sort of just go around and kind of pick things out of our kids hair, that's all.


Wait, Kamala, do you and Doug cook together?


Yeah, Doug is my sous chef. And so we got to the point where I was like, honey, you should just, like, master three different things and then just make those all the time. And so that's kind of where we are. And I gave him that advice that one time that he was cooking and I was under the fire alarm fanning with my briefing documents for like five minutes, just like we got to.


Yeah, I see a reality show in your future. I love it.


Can I ask you a question? So let's you know, let's all hope that that the the Joe wins, Joe Biden wins in November. And I really hope that you're a big part of that.


And can you just make me can you make me a promise right now that that if that happens as a Canadian, that you'll reach out to the Canadians and say, hey, listen, I'm sorry, I know we've been a little abusive lately, but we still love you. We'd love to be because you're our closest you're our biggest trading partner. You're our closest friend because Canadians feel very like we got our whole I got kicked in the shin by the Big Brother.


What part of Canada? I'm from Toronto. My aunt lives in Toronto. She lives really Saige, huh? No. Yeah, I'm going to go.


I get her number and I'm going to go see her. I'm up there. I'm going to go see her.


We cannot thank you enough for for joining us. Truly, really, really knocked us out.


Yes. It's great to be with you guys. Thank you. Thank you. I'm a huge fan of all of your work, so thank you.


Yeah. Thank you. Go get them. Kamilla, thank you very, very, very much. Next time. Thank you. Bye bye. Bye.


Have a great night. Who is that? I don't know. I don't know, Charlotte. I know that now. I guess it was like I recognized it from my profile, but not straight on. By the way, this is the first interview I think you've done without snacking. And I think your outfit's a little bit better, too, and everything.


I mean, you don't want to be ambassador. You're running for ambassador. You want to be the ambassador to Canada.


I would love to. I mean, or is it available, by the way?


Could I be. I think I could be. Could it? I know you can be like, hey, so they don't just rule it out like.


No, you could both of you, you know.


Yeah, no, I think we do a lot better. Don't confuse can't with shouldn't. Yeah. It's a lot of daylight between you and a good choice.


Oh hey.


So how about how great is she. I mean she's just outstanding. Yeah.


Well it was another great episode and she was great, an amazing person and I love her honestly as hard as it is for me to say. Kudos, kudos, kudos. What does that mean. A great job. That was an awesome well done. You spell it K or C, you D.O.C. you never heard of Kudo's?


Yeah, I have. Yeah. No, that was a I don't understand how we booked her, but she must she must think you guys are great I suppose.


Anyway, what an episode. Love you guys. I mean, hey listen, can I be the first to say maybe smart.