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Smart. Hey, guys, look at this. Jason Bateman, hi. And Sean Hayes. Oh, my gosh. Is that Will Arnett? It is. Hi, guys. Let's do a podcast. We are. We're doing a podcast because there's not enough of them out there.


This is a show where each of us invites a guest each week. One of us brings a guest and the other two don't know about. Some of our guests include, ladies and gentlemen, William Farrell.


Your team has been broken since we crossed the author, Julia Louis-Dreyfus.


This nurse comes in and she looks at me and she goes, oh, no, no way. Neil deGrasse Tyson.


You don't see me in your present. You see me in your past. You see me not as I am, but as I once was. Three billionths of a second to go. Mm hmm.


Melissa McCarthy, I remember you called me and we went and have lunch and you ordered a chicken salad. Forget Hocker. Oh.


Oh, Rose. Really fancy. How did you not walk away after. How gross. Our show is called Smart Lists. It's available July 20th and it's every Monday. And you can subscribe now if your ears are happy. Yeah. Subscribe now.


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