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Hey there, Will Arnett here, welcome to Smart Lists, our podcast where Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and I, each week one of us brings a guest that the other two don't know about. And this week is no exception. We get real into it. Most of the time. We just mess around with each other and then the guest has to be embarrassed. So let's get right to the podcast. Smart. Smart bombs don't be smart list when choosing a car battery had to AutoZone America's number one battery destination.


Get in the zone, AutoZone. Hi.


Hi. How are you? Good, good. Should we go around the room and just say our names and our roles? Introduce yourself. Yeah. I'm Sean Hayes. People have been listening to the podcast for a minute now, so we just get that same three idiots in the role of Sean Hayes.


Is Sean Hayes. Should we switch parts today? Oh, we could switch parts. Oh, yeah, I'll play.


I'll play.


Well, what about when you guys are assholes? You both want to play me. You would take from God.


OK, I'm going to be going to you, Jason, so I was, you know, so so now listen, it's been hard for me, though, so when I look back and I think about all the things that you've done, let's start at the beginning. OK, so America was founded in 1892.


So what if I want to really be understood? No one no one understands me in my house. You know, I've got a wife and two girls. It just I start talking, they glaze over. So I really have to fight for attention. I get on this thing. I feel like I've got I can't I've got to stop describing my question. Right.


We've spoken about this before and I just need to ask the question and then shot and then shines like a golden shrine, comes on, is like, do you like whipped cream, golden retriever?


And what's your favorite color? If Will was a dog, what kind of dog would will be on this podcast? Oh, God, that's a good question.


Which is probably like a like an untrained German shepherd, but messy, matted, just drool coming out on the side.


Bad hips like the like the German shepherds get dysplasia. Yeah.


Jesus baby baby would be like a full sized standard but shaved poodle so cold yet fancy and very proud. Walk's very proud and. Well, anyway, let's get to our guests please. Yeah, let's do it.


And I'm going to tell you, you guys actually know this person, but we're going to find out stuff that we don't know about this person. If it's my mom, I'm in trouble because I haven't called her for a while.


So I just say, if it's your mom, what careful. This could be such a careful no.


I'm just going to say it would be such a mitzvah if it was your mom, because we could really get into there's so much stuff about you and we've known each other one time that I want to know, you know, whose mom is not going to come on mine because she's dead.


So that's our first commercial break. We're going to go to a florist commercial break right now.


Sean, by the way, I will say your mom is dead. But imagine if my surprise guest was your mom.


That would really that would be more surprising than me being pale or paler than me.


My God, guys.


Our guest today is from Irvine, California. His mom was a teacher and his father played sax and keyboard for the Righteous Brothers. Do we get a chance to guess at any point?


No. Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. No, don't guess. Because he studied sports journalism at USC but ultimately went on to join the Groundlings. And the rest is history. He's got like a million movies under his belt. And I'm sure that's not the only thing. Ladies and gentlemen, William Farrell.


Oh, my wife chasing you.


There's his headshot. Jason. Hi, Jason. Jason, answer the belly.


Jason, it's your mother. First of all, she's British. Well, OK. OK, sorry, but but let me guess. Let me guess and let me say on that. Oh, what a great booking, Sean. Congratulations, guys.


Can I just can I start by saying I'm so excited to be on The Gong Show podcast, all you want to know about the new Gong Show.


And it is just I mean, it's sweeping the country. Both countries, Canada and you and I are not taking fire. It's unbelievable.


Are you just drinking? Is that just medicine out of the bottle? That's what it looks like. That's a kombucha.


I know that because my wife drinks yours, but it does look like a tonic for like. Oh, yeah, yeah. Oldtime time tonic. Yeah. And I just I drink it as a prophylactic. Sure. Yeah.


Well Farrall, thank you so much for coming on our our little shy pleasure.


And we're all obviously such gigantic fans of yours.


And one question, you know, you know, you're one of the rare people in this business.


And I think I can speak on behalf of everybody that's you know, it's really hard to find people like you.


Hold on. One city, Will Ferrell's got a phone call. Yes. Tight five, everybody. OK, there's a large pepperoni, right?


Oh, OK. You want to you want chicken fingers with that as OK, I thought he was ordering.


He's taking over. OK, can I get the. Oh all right. OK, all right. I will be there in thirty five minutes.


He asked for the address and then he knew the guy so we didn't need the address. Hey.


Keep your land lines, folks, keep your land lines and is pretty strong that the system collapse, you're going to want to have a landline.


What I was going to say, William, was Farrell was yes, I always wanted to know, what is that one thing or that one event or that one person that made you want to get in the business and pursue comedy.


What was Obama correct?


Well, before that before that great answer, just like a week before that.


The one the one thing. The one person. Yeah.


I was there like a show or a person or an event or something in your family or.


Oh Jesus, this is supposed to be things you don't know.


Here come the waterworks. Yeah. And we are losing light. We're losing light.


And so I wouldn't cry. You said you wouldn't try to get me to cry, Sean, but right out of the gate. Here's the real answer to your question.


Yeah, I. I enjoyed being funny as a child, but I was actually diametrically opposed to going into entertainment because I watched my father, the musician, go from job to job and be fired at the drop of a hat. And I thought, that's not who would want to do that. I'm going to have a job where I carry a briefcase to work.


I can relate to that. I had some of the same fears myself, yet I still went into this non meritocracy and right fiscals sort of industry.


You went in early, you were early, you were early child, right? You you were young as well. But I mean, not a child, but I mean, you still had you had an opportunity to take a different path, yet you didn't you still you couldn't resist the allure of the pancake makeup.


Yeah. So much so what about that? The more lights after seeing your dad, are there still floor lights. Yep. Yep. There's colonoscope like Schoop. Like Yeah. Scoop's, no. OK, listen.


Well but you're seeing your dad do that over and over again and not like, you know, travel, not hold down, you know, secure a kind of jump. So what if that discouraged you? What encouraged you?


I just kind of slowly started incorporating the the messing around with my friends, which I'm sure we all did keep it clean.


OK, yeah. Yeah. OK, you're right. Entertainment of my. That sounds weird. Yeah. The massage. No, no, no. Tickle giggle, tickle giggle.


You know we go we'd love to have a good game. Tickle giggle. That's it. We got it back on. No I just said a high school was caught in the moment even though I wasn't like a theater kid or anything.


And I found myself writing what were essentially skits.


But I was there like a comedy person that you were like, God, I wish I could do with that guy. Does or who did you think was funny when you were a teenager?


I kind of the typical interesting that Will Arnett asks at once and gets a response.


Mm hmm. The pipes. Yeah, it's the pipes. Exactly.


I just got down to it. I didn't dress it up with a bunch of B.S..


Hey, I was a member of the Columbia House Record and Tape Club. And one of the items.


Oh, you're being serious. I'm being serious for one dollar plus postage and handling, which really comes out to about a buck eighty nine.


That's where they get you. Yeah, I got to choose thirteen. Still seething. It was supposed to be for a penny. You got thirteen albums and it's not a penny, it's about eighty nine. OK, it's the handling that's been we don't work there.


It's the posters in the shipping and handling. Yeah.


Not to mention if you get a you get one record a month, if you don't send it back within 14 days, you're charged for it. Yeah.


Is that how you still use Netflix? I'm doing it the original way, yeah. I never I still get the disks.


I thought streaming Lamiya wheel drives by Ted Sarandos house and throws disks at his front door and fucking movies. I'm done with this one of my one.


What am I was the cast album of Saturday Night Live. OK, great.


So you'll always aspired to to be on the show that you were on, I guess. Quietly. Yes, quietly I did. But that's so Will. So you want to download and hold on. I'm not done.


Yeah. That far that I know of. OK, well can I talk to you privately real quick.


Yeah. Yeah. No, no Arnet. Sorry. Listen, yeah. Listen, Arnet, when the guest is responding to a question, especially one that you got about Christ's sake. No, cut him. No, wait. That's what you do. And I love you guys because silence follows a completion of the. Answer. Here we go. OK, Steve Martin, Steve Martin, yep, and then I was also a Tonight Show weirdo. I'd stay up and wait to see who the comedian was.


If there was a comedian on that night, I'd watch. If there wasn't, I turn it off. So I was kind of. That's how I.


So those are the guys, Steve Martin, also an idol of mine to comedy wise, I just thought. Right. So, so dry and brilliant. But what was that moment?


So you you grew up in Orange County. You go to USC and then you go to Groundlings. What does that gap between when you. I never knew this, like from when you finished USC to Groundlings. What was that gap like? How did you.


So I graduate USC with a degree in sports journalism. So in my mind's eye, I'm going to go work on ESPN. I'm going to be a sportscaster. And that would have been great.


I know I blew it and missed it.


In fact, missed Craig Kilborn brings it up to me every day. Do you remember Craig Kilborn? Sure do.


Do you have a deal, an ongoing friendship with Craig Kilborn?


I haven't seen him in 15 years. No, but he's on next. Coming up next, I want to Craig.


I'll see him in the green room on your way.


I want to Greg, if you were continuing with Craig Kilborn, that would be it for me. Oh, wouldn't it be great to be the greatest? So. So you finish. So, yeah.


So I have this. I finish and then I start doing my I mean, there wasn't really a job placement program coming out of college. And so you kind of have to figure out a way that I found like a local Orange County cable access news station I started working at. And I was trying to put together a tape, which I wish we could cut to that now that I find it in which, yeah, I did, you know, sort of do some field reporting.


And you would you would anchor the news. You'd also work the camera. You would do everything. And there was a light bulb moment in that, even though it was this small rinky dink local cable access, they had legitimate press credentials to all the major sports teams in L.A. And at that time, the Rams, the L.A. Rams football team were playing down at Anaheim Stadium. And the editor of the show, which was actually a teacher of the class who was actually run out of a junior college, he said, hey, we need someone to go interview John Robinson, the head coach of the Rams, at the stadium after this weekend's game.


And 40 hands shot up except for mine. But you knew him from SCA?


No, no, I had never met him. But but the point was here I'm surrounded by these hungry people who were like, I need that interview on my real. And my first thought was like, I'm going to have to check out a camera am working.


I got to ask someone parking. I got to pay for it. I got to ask one of my classmates if they'll run sound for me. Yeah.


And you don't have a lot of money from you don't have a lot of money left over from that subscription to those from Columbia.


Yeah, no, I'm in debt from Columbia House Records and he's in the middle of a major lawsuit against who we are.


We are on the five yard line guys. And please have me on Conex when we finally come to terms. But I'm giving all the money to charity. But God, we're going to hammer them. But I had no I had no.


I said this is not a good sign. I should be leaping out of my chair to go and actually get a legit interview with a head football coach from the NFL on my real so that I can get hired at a station in Yuma, Arizona. And I said, if I don't I don't really have that drive. Then this other thing that's kind of still gnawing away at me is I should really be looking into this comedy thing. So I that's what I signed up for my first class at the Groundlings.


Really? Yeah.


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I get it. I don't know if that's telling you, but yeah, when you when you do hear that sound, definitely good to get some new brakes.


This is a real thing. You have to speak the language.


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Get in the zone AutoZone.


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That was kind of midway. That was a couple of years later during the baseball strike and just kills me.


Oh, that was a character you did at Groundlings. Yeah. Yeah. There was the baseball strike. And I used to I had I had a job, the art auction house that my then girlfriend, now wife Vivica used to work at. I was the appraisal coordinator at the auction house, which was basically I answered the phones and coordinated appraisals and typed up appraisals and was was threatened to be fired on several occasions. But I would I live close enough home to drive home for lunch and I would turn the Cubs games on during the day.


And I had never heard of Harry Carey.


And I was like, who is this? Who is this guy? Yeah, I grew up in Chicago, so he was part of our live fixture.


Right. And so I'm just I would be listening. And the thing that struck me was listening to a game and listening to this announcer say on syndicated national television. If that balls strike, I'm a Chinaman, and I, I, I literally did like a spit take. It was like, did he just say Chinaman? Wait, wait, wait, wait. This is like a guy who's paid to do this. He's like. And so I'm not not I just thought, though, this is this has got to be a sketch somehow.


And they they so I somehow, even though was a Southern California audience, I wrote a sketch where it was during the baseball strike. So Harry Carey didn't have games to announce and he would he had somehow gotten involved in a play reading and in a local theater.


And it was this this melodramatic play. And they were just sitting around, you know, let's take it from Act one.


And it was you know, Perry had lines like, God damn it, Carol, why don't you ever look at me? What would make love? And I. By the end by the end of the sketch, the audience was like doubling over in laughter, even though they they had no idea that Eric Carey was a real person.


Right. This is something that's transcending, you know.


Yeah, but the way I was never knowing that, of course, you do the Harry Carey character so many times, but the idea of him doing something, it was always in the baseball context, but seeing him doing something that's completely out.


Oh, yeah. And we had all these other actors, you know, we had a really good troupe and everyone was just playing it perfectly straight. And like this one, actress, Maggie Baird was literally getting herself to cry while she read it.


And and it was just you like your tears mean nothing to this character has been broken since the day we crossed the altar, you know, and always kind of drunk, right? Yeah. Yeah.


Just and then and quaking a little.


And then my friend Roy was the director like, OK, let's stop there, Harry.


I don't know if I'm feeling, you know, just giving the acting notes and like here I really want to feel it from you this time. And you're speaking to no one but Carroll right now on the scene. OK, let's take it again. And and just the starting and stopping of that.


And did you do, Harry, when you did your SNL audition? I did.


Which was in fact, I tried to do an augmented version of that. And it was so surreal because, you know, you're just in a you're just in a void. You're on you're in 8H in the studio there.


God, you must be so nervous. I would just I'm a mess.


I just remember listening, waiting in the wait. So you guys all know that set up. They're waiting by the page desk outside the doors of the studio and hearing the person ahead of you go through their audition while you're on deck and just looking at all the famous pictures of everyone. Yeah.


Who had just hosted and being in the spot and the place that you dreamed of being.


And now you're and then walking out to a studio that's pitch black except for a spotlight and a camera and a boom operator and Lauren sitting in the shadows.


And then you just have to do comedy or standing in the void, possibly.


So, yeah, that was very surreal. I tried doing it. I don't know.


I'm Will Ferrell. I also want to know, like, have you ever desire to do anything?


I know you wanted to be a sports announcer, writer, sportscaster.


But if you if you weren't doing the thing that you're doing, not quarantining, but an entertainment business, what would you be doing?


If you had to pick a blue collar job you had, what would it be? Oh, blue collar. I was because I was going to say I've always wanted to do finance.


And I just it seems so interesting to you. I love you.


I love figuring out like a second more, you know. Sure. I can't even do the bit because I don't even know the terms, but. Right.


Reavie brief low will comes alive.


When you mention private equity it's like what are you subprime. Is that still fake? I actually could be a I could actually be a post person, to be quite honest, to deliver the mail, because I like like the idea of a root and you get to, you know, have some contact with people. And the idea of finishing a task every day.


Would you be on foot armed with the with the dog spray or would you be in the buggy? I would go I would go foot with the trolley and push the trolley. Nice.


Yeah, nice. Those are those are sneaky. Tricky, those three wheels thing. They will go over on you. I'm sure they. Yeah.


In a high wind or. Yeah. Yeah. Or or if you don't take the letters out you don't go in a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. If you take too many out of the left side it's going to tip over on the right and vice versa. You used to do it.


Hey, how often did you look out the window masturbating the postman? A lot or a little early in the summer months when they wear the shorts, that car. There's David, there's David. David or here. Yeah, David. It's going to topple David Temple. I'll get the mail. Hey, guys. David's here. Yes.


What we cut to the reverse is nobody's there, is there? He said alone.


Hey, Bateman, quick question, because you did we mentioned before you grew up in show biz. We all know that we've seen the great things and people are listening.


Can can right now Google up like Little House on the Prairie and see cute little Jason Bateman.


Yeah. Mm. Did you ever have a real did you ever have a good outside show business job.


Have you ever had like a. I didn't and I genuinely hate that. I'd love to have had a paper route similar to Dave's route with his three wheeler.


But you were working all the time as a kid. I started at ten, yeah. So there was no chance to. But I've always legitimately fantasized about waiting tables or bartending. There's something about working for a tip which is sort of like the same thing as I want them to like me. I want this table might need something different than that table, just sort of like being able to morph into whatever they need me to be.


I have I will say this all my quote unquote civilian jobs I've been pretty terrible at.


So because you didn't like authority or you were just disinterested or like slow. Yeah. Just like slow on the uptake. I had a lot of patient managers and supervisors who did you have a lot of job?


Do you have weird jobs in high school that you did?


I never I was doing sports all the time, so but I had you know, I had like the I worked as a bank teller. I was a valet parker of cars. And how are you taking direction?


Well, you know, bank teller, you know, there's certain protocols and procedures you have to follow and this and that, and it just took me a while.


I mean, the fact that I was handling numbers and money, is it just I was like, euphoric because of the final that led to my death.


But I once had a regular customer stop me in the middle of a transaction and say, can you call your manager over?


And I said, sure. And I brought her over.


And he said in front of me, he said, This guy is your worst teller, OK?


And I just want you to know this. And he did in a very calm way. And he was like, look, look at him right now. He's sweating. And I literally was sweating. He's like, he's terrible. He takes forever.


He and I and the manager to her defense was like, please, that's that's not true. And I was like, no, he's kind of right. And I just want, you know, like, I hate when I have to go to his window. And then he just walked away and she was like, I'm sorry about that. I was like, you know what? I can't really argue with him. There's I'm not that great.


I tell her this was counting bills, counting out cash or, you know, everything cashing. Yeah. Do it all.


So that guy did you a favor in the long run. Right. And a lot of ways sounds like you need to pen someone a letter. Well, every time I go, every time I put the pancake makeup on and I picture that guy and I say, who's laughing now?


So you still do all your own makeup, I it's just crazy.


Well, there's allergies, especially in the, you know, post covid-19 world we're all about to step into. I will definitely be doing all my own makeup.


So Will Ferrell, you are one of the funniest people on the planet, if not the funniest person on the planet. And everybody kind of do you get sick of like because now you're a parent and you have to show up to like school things and parent things for your kids. Do people expect that from you all the time? And what is your reaction?


There is there is a certain level of underwhelm that. Is that a word? Yes. Yeah, it is. Now, I can tell. I can tell there are a lot of letdown people continually.


But will I will say this, you know, Will, do you remember this a couple of years ago, maybe last year we were having dinner? Yeah, I was having dinner with with Richter and Peter Viles. And you came in from a school event. Yeah. And with a couple other parents and Will was Wrang is named.


They're all wearing nametags and hello, my name is Will on the thing which was which is great. And that's such a testament to what a great guy you are. And it's like, yeah man, I'm not here. I'm just here because my kids are at school here and I'm interested in my kids and their lives and their school.


But I'm sure you guys face the same thing. I find more that there are some parents who literally won't say hi because they go so far the other way. Yeah, I don't I don't want to bother them. So then you're like, hey, how are you doing? And they walk right by my gosh. What did I say something wrong. Yeah. Yeah.


And then do you feel on the on the opposite of that, do you feel that you have to sometimes lead with sort of a vibe that is less than sort of friendly or less than sort of solicitous of conversation because you're afraid that if you seem too friendly, they're really going to lean in? And how do you kind of say no?


I would say that I would say at least in the school setting, most everyone is is is relatively normal. I would say that posture that's my game face for when I'm on a commercial flight. Right.


It's just just sour. Don't come near me. I will rip your head off. I will not here. We're not here for fun and games. Let's get to fly eye mask and headphones. We'll be right back.


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Well, is there anything that you haven't done that you want to do as either a role that you want to play or. No talk to you later. Totally satisfied. How do I how do I turn this camera off? How do I get out? How do I do? How do I know there isn't?


Because everybody thinks you can do anything.


I don't know. But how do you how do you you can't give that answer without sounding like a jackass. Right?


Well, you know, what would you what would you do with like let's say let's say Ridley Scott came to you and he wants to do King Lear and he just thought he sees something in you that would just be like an incredibly it's off brand and studios excited and all of those terms and all of that stuff and the money just like like you've never, et cetera, et cetera, said, does your douche meter go off and say, even though you could do it, do you feel like the audience will never accept?


Yeah, I think that would be a that would be a tough one to try to convince yourself that you could pull that one off. Having said that, you have you have you are King Lear.


You got to know, Jason, are you are you doing it?


No, but you have. But what about in all sincerity, I think you've taken what you do and you've pushed it into so many realistic, dramatic, melancholy things that truly nobody else could do, just like no one else could do what you do in comedy. I really think it's admirable how you are so aware of how you come across, what sort of your goalposts are and what you're what you're asking the audience to accept you as. I think that's a lot of discipline.


I appreciate that. But, yeah, I mean, it's it's fun to do that other stuff. But there are times where I'm I am always on those sets of more serious things going. This is this is very hard.


And this is hard to not look like you're trying to be the actor who everyone needs to take seriously.


So it's a it's a drama face. Yeah.


It's so it's so tough, which is so funny because doing doing what you do specifically what you do is so is so hard.


And when I say not many people like nobody could do it and it's so working out you mean.


Yeah. Just work out. Well just that's the way you do arms and legs. Yeah. Nobody does legs like you. You've always said that.


And one the post you always post I'm sure not a lot of people know that will train Reggie Bush when I'm in AC.


I'm a I'm a fairly modest person. I think you guys I think that comes across here, but I will not hold back.


No one does likes the way I do, you know, I mean, leg days, a holiday in the Ferrell household. Leg Day is. Yeah, it's just now here's the other thing.


Well, you know, you're also known not only as the funniest person in the world, but one of the kindest people. And everybody in this business always just raves about what a great human being you. That's the hard part.


I can attest to that because that's what they pay you for. Yeah, that's the part they pay. Very, very sweet. And but so that said, I think the thing I always wanted to know what really pisses you off.


Yeah, here we go. This is where we start the interview. Who is all computer it now, do you mean?


Well, I'm full.


Well, we just want names. We just want names. Yeah.


When's the last time you just screamed your head off and let somebody had it.


Yeah, because I can't picture you angry. No I don't, I don't get I'm trying to think of the I mean I have screamed before. I have screamed in a professional manner or like in life, are like at home, are like and people and human beings what I mean.


Yeah. Home, it's, you know, the typical frustrations you have with your children. And for some reason, I'm always checking myself because I'm holding them to some standard that. I don't think I was held to like I was I was I mean, I did well in school, but I still had, you know, my room was a mess and I never emptied the dishwasher. And but for some reason, I'm just like you guys.


Yeah, you it's not that hard. We're asking you to empty the trash.


See, if I was your child, I would laugh at that.


And I put the lighter back in, put the liner back, rewind the trashcan.


You're not a two step process. Right. But that for some reason that I get crazy.


And then I'm like, who is this person?


Yeah, but I was going to say about holding them to that standard, you know, during these weird times we had the other day or or 11 year old was on a Zoome class.


Yeah. And it turned out he was he had his camera off and on the side. He was on his iPad playing a video game. So I said to Amy, I said to my ex, I was like. I said, what do we do? He's on the thing and Belova and as I was saying to her, like he's on the he's on the Zoom class, he's unpause and he's playing a video game, beat, beat, beat.


Looking at her I go, which I probably would have done if given a chance and you probably would have to. And she's like, yeah I totally. I know. Yeah. It was crazy.


I don't I don't know why. Yeah. I don't know why I go there but can I have one other thing I don't in a work experience bugaboo. Yeah. I do love the unit publicist experience on a set. Right. And for those listeners who are wondering, there's a lot of times on a production, there's a publicist assigned from the studio and this and that, and they're always playing the game of like so-and-so is willing to do it if you are and then write jilting.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


And they do they do these wide circles. Right. They just do a little drive bys every once in a while to gauge whether you're in the mood or a bad mood to just want to kind of run something by you.


And and I'm always I'm always amazed that we want to have 20 journalists visit the set and do a three hour interview while you guys are filming. And I'm I'm always like, but wait, isn't the movie the first priority? And I'm always I'm always like, absolutely. If we have time. OK, but when do you think it'll be a good time?


You'll have to check with the first lady. OK, but is there a window. I have no idea. So you're up for it. Yes, if we have time.


OK, great. So you've signed off if we have time. Right.


And then I love those days when there's no time, you just walk by, you go, I'm sorry, there was no time.


Well, what was the thing? I mean, when you were telling me once about kind of felt like the same thing somebody said to you, hey, we're going to a golf tournament, Tiger Woods is going to come if you're in. And like you felt like some of them, somebody had told Tiger that you were going to play. And it was like, yes, yes, somehow my dad my dad became your dad, my dad somehow became a middleman.


He was asking me he had some friend of his down in Newport Beach who came to listen to him play music was like, hey, so he's talked to Tiger Woods and Tiger Woods is in for if you and Tiger Woods play golf together and they'll raise a bunch of money for charity for another twosome. So you're a foursome together in these two. Whoever goes to the highest bidder to play golf with Will Ferrell and Tiger Woods and that he's already reached out to Tiger and it's good to go.


And I was like, well, dad, who is this friend and how well do you know him?


And he seems like a good guy.


And and and I go, well, you know, a lot of times they'll ask one party before they ask the other. And so maybe I'll check let me do some research and for some some way I had some way to check to see if the Tiger camp had ever heard of this special charity. Golf doctor.


Dr. Miller got involved, James Miller.


And it turns out, of course, Tiger, I said, Dad, guess what? Your buddy, Tiger Woods, apparently his team has never heard anything of this.


Your friend's lying to you. And he was like, how how could that be? And I said, I know that's the way the world sometimes works. What kind of music?


What kind of music does he play? He's he's like an old time rock and roll. Really? Yeah. Guitarist No, he's piano. Sax Hammond B3 organ. Wow.


Wow. Oh, yeah, let's hear it, the Hammond B3. That's amazing, but yeah, that was my Tiger Woods story.


I just I always loved that idea, though. I've thought about that so many times. The idea of like so when they go like, hey, we want you to do this thing and so and so and so and so we're doing it.


And I always think back to that story of like and they'll go, oh, why don't you make sure that so and so and so that's how I found myself on an island with Marie Osmond and Kirk Cameron, you know. Oh, boy.


I got asked to play in another charity golf tournament by a friend, assuming that I was going to play with the person I know. Right, only to show up and be placed with four strangers and these guys were like in it to win it. They're like. Hey, hope you're pretty good and you. Did you end up playing? Yeah, I had to play this entire 18 holes with these four guys and they wanted to show you how good they were, right?


100 percent.


They're like, I hope you're good because we win this thing every year and you better be funny and you're well.


And I was it was early SNL days, so they kind of had heard of me. Maybe not there. Like, is that show still on the air? I didn't know people watched it and sweet.


He sounds sweet. And then I literally we were supposed to be a banquet afterwards and I said, guys, let me go, put my clubs in my car and I'll meet you back inside.


I just drove home.


And did we win? Yes, we won. Even despite you. Really? You didn't stick around for the trophy? I didn't stick around that strong, you know.


So as we say goodbye to you and this and this pandemic day, what what do you do the rest of the day? Let's see, it's 3:00 in the afternoon, I'm going to go. Michael and Michael walk our dogs, peanut and Cosmo, right? So that's where the mask will be with a mask. I'm going to do a sweep through the house to find where all the devices have been hidden because these kids are liars and thieves. And so I'll do a sweep and and then I've given up.


We'll start talking about we start talking about what we're making for dinner at around noon every day. So we'll have to strike.


You've got to build the day around that and then sleep by 8:00. Yeah. Jason, have you done or Will or Sean. Well, not to your kids, but maybe to Scotty.


Have you ever done a thing where you go you're so had it with the devices I've threatened during this pandemic minimum 100 times to throw the devices in the pool.


Yes, I said this iPad is going off the bottom of the pool if I see it on one more time. Yeah, yeah.


But then you quickly realize all that means is more work for you.


Yeah. Yeah. True. I did throw my my 13 year old Mathias's phone out the window.


You did drive all of us driving, but it was a real slow crawl and I, I picked a target area where I knew we could find it later and I just checked it out the window and hit this bush. And he literally was like, what is wrong with you?


And he was so shocked that I actually did it.


And typical, true to form, we pulled over. He's like, I can't believe it. Burst into tears, went back to to look for the phone. It's like, I can't find it. I can't find it. I walked right up to the bush. I'm like, here it is. It's right here. And so that was a great little shot across the bow.


What you're capable of, right?


Don't mess what I'm capable of, but it hasn't been much of a deterrent.


Yeah. So. Well, we'll. Ferrell, thank you for being here with us. We love you. Your comedy. Thanks you guys so much.


Can't thank you enough. Very, very nice of you, Willie.


Bye, guys, for you, buddy. Bye. Well, thank you guys. That was so fun. How awesome is he?


He literally is one of my favorite people in the whole world and I was a little starstruck there for the first few minutes. But he puts you at ease, doesn't he?


What a nice guy he was, just like when I came on or when he was so sorry.


Arnet Oh. Oh, when when Arnett was. Yeah, sure. Good for you. Did good for you dude.


I'm just like I'm a regular guy. You I'm very approachable. Ferrell is the best isn't he.


I had the honor and pleasure and good fortune to to work on a couple of things with him. And they were some of my fondest memories because most of the time we just screwed around.


And it's one of those guys who you go, oh, no wonder you're a superstar because everybody wants to work with you because you're one of the nicest people in the business and incredibly talented, right?


Yeah. He's got he's got that, as you know, you guys know, he's got that sort of that natural timing that you cannot learn. You just have it or you don't. And he has got it in spades in ways that are. Yeah, he's got that thing that makes him so surprising to. Yeah. He just surprises you with stuff. It's just awesome.


Is there anything you guys learned about him that you didn't know? Certainly about his dad. Yeah, isn't that interesting and all the sports journalism stuff that he was excited about early on. Right. Is crazy.


I've met his dad a few times, and I guess I didn't really realize his dad was a musician. I don't know how for the Righteous Brothers. I mean, that's crazy. Yeah. I did not know he was on Saturday Night Live. Oh, yes, that was you didn't know that. Wow. Yeah, no, you got to go back and look at some of those.


But you were you hosted a couple of times while he was on the show. So I know I don't look behind me. I don't look behind me. I just look forward. No. OK, so I don't know how that's applicable in this case, Sean, I'm very proud of you that you got you got Will Ferrell to say yes. Do you have any sort of incriminating photos or does he owe you money or how did you how'd you do that?


I have a couple now. I don't have anything. I can't think of anything. OK. All right. I love you guys.


I love you.


Hey, guys, I just want to say my name is Mark. Smart as.