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Some crimes cut deep. You've got some douchebag walking around telling your grandma, taking her confession, giving her communion, making her believe that her path to heaven and salvation is there. Just follow me. Give me some money there.


The type of crimes you're shocked someone would commit. I've never been caught like that in my life. That's how I felt when I learned about Father Ryan.


He took every single cent from that woman and it disappeared.


This guy was accused of exploiting people, fraud and abuse.


This man spreads pain on levels that just fuckin astound all of it while he claimed to save people solves.


The problem, of course, is that this guy was presenting himself as a priest.


That means marriages, baptisms, faked. Father Ryan had opened churches in at least seven different states. He has to be God.


Think of how many people were tricked, lawsuits missing, money unaccounted for, funds, angry, angry people, every entity that he touched.


Then there are these people who say he's connected to the mysterious deaths of two men. He's accused of stealing millions while passing as a priest for decades.


How he was able to keep this going as a stunning. Going from town to town, vanishing overnight, only to resurface somewhere else, the town rumor that I heard was there was a guy living there pretending to be a priest and he was going to let the Lord pay his bills and they never came through. And the next thing I know, he was gone.


If these accusations are true, how is he still out there? You want to talk about white fucking privilege if you want answers. Join me as I unravel this con. I'm Alex Shuman and this is season one of Smoke Screen Fake Priest, an all new podcast from Nineham Media.


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