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Hey, Ashley.


Hi, Jonathan.


Tell me about your dad.


Well, my dad's name is Tom. He's one of the most charming men you'll ever meet.


Hi. Good morning.


He's a car salesman, a scratch golfer.


You wanted Tom on your team because he's a wringer. He was unreal.


The love of my mom's life and my best friend.


But Ashley's dad had a massive secret.


He said, If I tell you, you have to promise you will not look into it. I don't want you telling anybody.


A secret he kept for more than half a century, not just from his family.


And she looked at me like I'd hit her in the face with a brick.


But from the world.


Ted Conrad.


Walked out of the.


Bank he worked at. He disappeared with a paper bag containing $215,000.


He'd evaded authorities for 52 years. So where is Teddy Conrad today? Who knows? The Conrad trail is cold as Marshalls look to generate some heat. A father and son duo made catching him their life's mission. Some people portrayed Conrad as a Robin hood, and my dad called him nothing but a thief. This is the story about trying to make sense of a wonderful life based on a terrible lie.


My dad wasn't Tom Randall. I mean, he was Ted Conrad.


He was a wanted fugitive, hiding in plain sight. I'm Jonathan Hirst. Join me and Ashley together as we tell the real story of her dad, Ohio's most infamous fugitive, for the first time. We'll not only reveal how he did it, but why? From Neon Hum Media and Sony Music Entertainment, this is Season 7 of Smokscreen, My Fugitive Dad, coming December first.