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This is Nick. This is Jack, this is Snax Daily. It is Monday. Welcome back. March seconds. I'm still here. Yeah, you are. So I guess baby boy is not going to be a. No, it's not. By the way, you dress, it's jacket day number seven.


Now, what day number seven.


We haven't been budged in seven days. Baby, we're unfindable. Baby, you can't find just this also happens to be the best one yet. Dubow, what have we got for our first story jacket.


Five below maybe the surprise store of the year.


Literally the supply store, the stock, it's thriving not because of stimulus money, but because of allowance money.


For our second story, the NFL just locked up its TV deals for the next eleven years.


And we found one small detail that could lead to the end of cable TV bundles forever.


Honestly, forever. For our third and final story, Garment is the original GPS device and they just hit a special milestone.


The stock finally passed where it last was back in 2007.


2007 spent fourteen years.


Garmin, your stock looks good, is chugging along. Stick with it. It's all about patience. But before we hit that honestly wonderful mix of stories today, Jack, you know, we're not quite at the age where we lie about our age.


No, no, no, no, no. Now, Nick and I, we still get I did from time to time. Yeah, we do. It's nice. But we're still bad at Tic-Tac.


Yeah, we are. We're comfortable with, you know, that eight p.m. dinner followed by about a typical Saturday to Saturday.


But according to the Wall Street Journal, startups aren't comfortable with their age. No. In fact, these startups, they're older than they say, so they can appear younger and faster growing than they actually are.


Exhibit A, yes. Evernote CEO says that 2008 is the year that Evernote was launched.


It's so funny because the first lines of code and founding were actually back in 2010.


Exhibit B? Yes. Lift's website says that 2012 was year number one for left.


But the first version I left was actually like driving around the cities back in 2007. Here's the thing.


Startups want you to think that their idea is so good, so good that it took off overnight.


They'd rather you forget about the random Román years because they couldn't find, you know, product market fit like doc.


I haven't seen any business traction in six months. So you got these founders. They're messing with the x axis of their growth charts on us over here. They want to knock off a couple years of their age so they can fundraise a couple more million snackers.


This is Nick. That's Jack. And here's how we calculate our age. Half of left. Yeah, half of lift stock price.


That's how it's incredibly convenient as of when we recorded this. Let's hit our three stores. You soon in the next day, we spoke to the lawyers and we got to get some legal out of the way business about the here rain. Food is candy. They don't reflect the views of her family. It's all informational. Just so you know, we're not recommending any securities. No, it's not a research report or investment advice, not an offer of help with security by next is digestible business news for you.


It's about my financial LLC member, Fembot APC for our first story, five below maybe.


Honestly, it may be the best performing store in the United States right now.


If you know somebody under twenty years old. Yeah, maybe you should know five below. You should, by the way. OK, the original name for this company, it just it says it all, Jack. It says it cheap. Holdings Inc, Keep Holdings Inc was the original name of these guys.


That's because five below is a store that sells stuff mostly under five bucks.


It's like if you made a drink, that's one part dollar general and one part target. That's that's five below the Fabiola's for teenagers.


So there's no alcohol is just full of you. Stick the little cherry on top of that cherry.


It's a publicly traded company and they're in the business of, quote unquote, high energy retail snackers.


You also can't make this up, Jack. I love this. Their headquarters in Philadelphia, they call it wow town. Wow. Wow.


And their stock is wow. It's tripled in the past year. They just enjoyed twenty five percent revenue growth in the last quarter and they did almost two billion in sales last year.


Oh, and no big deal. They're adding a whopping one hundred and eighty new stores this year, bringing the total like a thousand stores in thirty nine states.


How many you think they got in Vermont next year? Wow.


I mean we got zero. How many overbuy you in California is probably like six down the street.


I imagine there are wow. Stores within the Wow. Five below store.


Sixty two in California boom. Behind only Florida and Texas. But snackers, forget about stimulus money. This company is all about allowance money. Yes.


They mentioned teens and tweens twenty six times in their annual report.


I love this jacket. This is a classic treasure hunt company.


Five below brags that they have sight lines that lets you like, scan the whole store the moment you walk in like the military.


They also say they got signage that yells, That's fun, Candy, here I am five and every week this is the key. Every week they update their wheelbarrows at the end of each child or their. Oil drums or their bins of new goods filled with new things, these interesting containers, and for like a 10 year old, five below is the only place in the world you're going to find Eminem peeps, something we didn't know existed. No, we didn't.


Or they're going to find us Silly Putty. Extreme flavors didn't know that exist for older teens, 17 year olds.


They'll have faux succulence. They look nice, but you don't have to water them.


And they got the hot stone massage gets, you know, a probably to sign off on that.


Jack Fadillah is like a physical manifestation of wish dotcom. Or if you take everything on Amazon and filter it to under five bucks and it's working.


So, Jack, what's the takeaway for our buddies?


Over at five Ballah, the treasure hunt drives repeat customers and there is nothing more elegant than a repeat customer drive in your sales.


Five below brings the teens back to the stores by constantly refreshing their wheelbarrows full of goodies.


Yeah, one sec, Jack. This week they got four dollars pool floats.


I'll six repeat customers are great because they don't need as expensive marketing because they don't have to be convinced.


Jack, you got like less customer service time dedicated to them because they know the store layout.


And then repeat, customers will promote your business for you because they bring a new friend into the store to see what's in those wheelbarrows.


This week, five below is thriving on the treasure hunt and the treasure hunt drives repeat customers for our second story. The NFL just pre booked half of its revenue. For the next eleven years. We're going to be old, Nick.


Amazon Prime got Thursday night, and that could mean the end of cable TV.


That part, that part of the keys, naggers. But if you're if you're a Packers fan, you check Fox. If you're a Raiders fan, you check CBS.


If your team's winless this year, probably based in Ohio. Awkward. You check the Thursday night schedule because that's probably when your games are NFL fans get to watch their team.


And it's through one thing. It is through cable TV.


Your turn it in on your check and Channel three, Channel five or Channel nine, and you're praying that your team is on one of those channels and fact check over in all six or seven or three, seven, four, seven or nine for all you.


DirecTV is out there, but not any more. No legacy media companies just extended their NFL TV deals in an epic way.


Yes, CBS, NBC and FOX, their deals are pretty much the same. They're all going to split the Sunday NFL games.


Disney Disney jumped in because they own ESPN and ABC. They are going to get Monday Night Football and a couple Super Bowls now snackers.


The NFL is technically a non-profit organization technically, but they represent thirty two very for profit NFL teams technically.


And they just booked a whopping one hundred and thirteen billion dollars in revenue from this single deal.


Doesn't hurt that starting next season, there's actually going to be seventeen regular season football games.


They're adding a game to the schedule. Basically, it's a money game. They're just making money on an extra game.


They just added a seventeenth meal to the NFL buffet and they think we're going to eat it. It's a money meal now. Since over fifty percent of the NFL's revenues come from these TV deals, most of their work honestly like, hang it up, go home like they're done for the next eleven years.


Right now, they can shift their attention to stiff arms and Hail Mary passes.


But here's what fascinated Jack and me. That is all legacy TV. There's one exception here.


The NFL just threw a bone to the streaming video company.


Yeah, get this, ESPN plus Paramount plus and Peacocke may simulcast games.


That means ESPN can put it on ESPN and stream it to ESPN.


Plus, if you want to watch just one game like the Manning Bowl, you just pay for one month of peacocke streaming boom. That's it for the first time.


That's a big deal for the cord cutters out there. But an even bigger deal Amazon Prime is getting every single Thursday night game for the next ten years exclusively.


And who is Amazon going to hire for commentary, Jack? I don't know, but it's exciting to think about.


Yeah, it by Alexa. Now, the NFL has been cable TV's sacred saving grace the last few years, and cable TV just lost one seventeenth of the NFL for the next ten years.


To Amazon Prime video, sir.


Jack, what's the takeaway for our buddy is over in the NFL and really in cable.


Losing Thursday night football is the crack that could destroy cable TV snacker. Some households just watch live sports and cable TV has always had live sports.


Let's call these households Uncle Kenz, households, Uncle Carnesecca, Guy. So Live Sports or cable's anchor problem. They work, but live sports was also streaming videos is Achilles heel.


But now for the first time, NFL fans will need to switch to streaming at least on Thursday nights. If they want to watch Thursday night games.


We think millions of NFL fans may download a streaming app, any streaming app for the first time to watch these Thursday night football games on Amazon.


What is it like an HDMI cord? What's this HDMI thing?


And we bet these first time streamers will be impressed. They'll be like, that was easy. This is great.


Why not? They'll download an.


They're streaming app and then another streaming app, legendary media analyst Rich Greenfield Legend, thinks that 40 to 50 million American households were never going to cut cable because of the NFL's dominance on cable.


But now he thinks that number has fallen even lower to only 20 million households that would stay cable faithful.


Rich Greenfield thinks this deal means 30 million American households will cut the cord.


Losing this single NFL game could be the crack that breaks the cable TV bundle. Or our third and final story. Garmin stock just hit a critical milestone.


Guaman Pop, Gartmann, another milestone.


But it hasn't been where it is right now.


Honestly, in like 14 years, the Garmin brand may sound old to you, but it's actually just millennial like Nick and it's right in the middle part of the millennial age curve. Yeah, it is.


Basically, it's the first publicly traded company and it was born in nineteen eighty nine.


So it's the Taylor Swift of geography. Yeah. Basically. And the name itself, this is, this is just a great trivia thing. It's a combo of Gary and Mint. That's Hagert Garmin. Yes.


Those are the two founders. I see your palindrome. I raise you a portmanteau like you did.


They built themselves a twenty four billion dollar company based in lovely Kansas City, technically, actually Switzerland for tax reduction purposes, Nick.


But here's the wild thing. Snackers Garmin of twenty sixteen five years ago doesn't even recognize Garmin. Twenty twenty one of today.


Remember their Oggi dashboard. You know, you stuck the GPS up there so you could drive somewhere back in twenty sixteen. A third of Garment's revenues were still coming from those car devices, a whopping third of the revenues today.


Just 11 percent of their revenues have the suction cups, the stick on the dashboard.


Eighty nine percent of the revenues come from things that have nothing to do with a car.


Yeah, and Garmin is now a standard GPS for eight companies that have the word yacht in their name.


Yeah, it's not just boats, helicopters and airplanes. They use Garment's GPS to basically wherever. You can't rely on Google Maps for NAV, that's when government steps in twenty thousand feet up or twenty thousand feet out the sea.


Its biggest division is, surprisingly, the Garmin fitness tracker, which competes with Fitbit and Apple Watch.


It's kind of the when you look at the device, it's like the pleated khakis, a fitness test. And Garmin just reached a milestone, a milestone. Their stock hit a record high, a record high they haven't reached since 2007.


Let that sink in. Their stock hasn't been at this point in fourteen years. So, Jack, what's the takeaway for our buddies over Garmin?


Garmin stock is one giant iPhone.


Yeah, we think of iPhone happily for like all the value it's lovely. Created for so many companies.


The entire app economy. Yeah. Couldn't exist without the iPhone. Jack Uber basically runs on the iPhone. Jack Facebook. They owe a big chunk of their market cap to Steve Jobs BlackBerry.


You always think of BlackBerry because that was the direct competition victim to the iPhone. But we forget about the indirect victims of iPhone.


Garmin last hit this stock price back in 2007 when every high end car driver wanted one of their GPS devices.


Back in 2007, 74 percent of Garmin sales, that was car GPS.


But twenty seven is the same year the iPhone came out key. And in the subsequent year, the stock for Garmin fell by 80 percent.


Wall Street's looking at this. They quickly realized Garment's profit puppy was about to go extinct because of the smartphones. You don't need Garmin.


Six hundred dollar devices when you're six hundred dollar iPhone does the same thing. So this 14 year comeback, it's a testament to Garment's diversifying its revenue sources over 14 years.


But it's also one of the few times we get to see a big real iPhone scar on a stock.


Jack can whip up the takeaways for us to welcome back the week five.


Below is the high energy retailer that has a thousand locations. Now, the wheelbarrow treasures.


That's what brings back the repeat customers. The NFL just gave Amazon exclusive rights to Thursday night. For ten years.


It could be the crack that finally breaks cable TV. Garmin has finally got back to the stock price it had fourteen years ago.


This is one big iPhone Skar. Honestly, Google the stock price. It's like a shark took a bite out of it. It's twenty seventeen.


It's a fourteen year. You actually, it's a gap. It's you can see the teeth marks. You can see it's flashing. Now, time for a snack back the day this one sent in from Austin Dabic in lovely Cleveland, Ohio.


The parasomnia lake here is teebs as why the best snack effect yet? Let's talk hockey, the third most consumed beverage in the world behind tea and water. What most folks refer to as a coffee bean is actually a seed, not a bean at all. Coffee is also the most recognizable scent in the entire world. Lastly, coffee has four times the amount of aromatic and flavor compounds in one coffee coming in at around over eight hundred and fifty, whereas wine is at approximately two hundred.


I freakin love coffee, man. Like, say, we're getting a lot of it. I'll tell you, I'm not a cop. This is a great way to start the day on coffee.


Ice cream is, like, really good, but it's the smell is good. The taste, it's it's to better.


Austin, thanks for the unofficial National Coffee Day that you just declared.


Well played snackers. You look fantastic to start the week.


We'd love if you help snacks daily grow by asking your buddies why HDD have you had your snacks daily? Just ask them. We'll see you tomorrow. Can't wait if you know you know before we go.


Happy birthday to Pietro and ask the elderly and Jeff Pushkar, I wish you had told us the name of your daughter because we want to congratulate her for getting her driver's license in Florida.


Also, Francisco Delatour, I just got into college and Brad Gunshop Paulista, Brazil.


Congratulations to Alison and Emerson for getting engaged in Boston, Mass.


And happy birthday to Timmy over in Chicago, but not our Tim and Karrie Spitzer in Omaha, Nebraska. And Natalie, Correo and Windsor, California. And Spencer Lubow and Diamond Dale, Michigan. And Sarah Mary, also in Chicago Logistics and Matt Garba in Washington, DC and Tim Skanska in Cambridge and brownstone in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and Topeka just got the new job.




Over in Brooklyn, Jason, celebrate the Rams on this new job in Cleveland, also on the lake. And to anyone else who is celebrating something, anything today, make it a boy. This is Jack I, stock of Amazon Nigun, stock of Apple, the Robinhood Snacks podcast you just heard reflects the opinions of only those who are associated persons of Robin Hood Financial LLC and does not reflect the views of Robin Hood Markets Inc or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates.


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