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This is Nick, this is Jack, and this is Snacks Daily, it is Tuesday, TBOY, Tuesday, March. Twenty third to start things snackers, please check the scoreboard of the stock market is best encapsulated by the S&P 500 index. I love the way you put it, Jack. You got a number for us over here. It's a hair away from four thousand points, which is a record of Jack. And I sprinkle on a little context for you.


One year ago, S&P five hundred twenty two hundred points, OK, things are double as good as a year ago. I like what you're thinking and this is the best one yet.


And we're on the fun first story. Jack, what do we got? Guess what? Stock has outperformed Facebook in the past year. No one's going to get to Kansas City Southern Railroad. It has been a great year for tech. It has been a greater year for railroads.


For our second story, Zoom's latest strategy, zazz Zumiez, a service Tsar's post covid.


Zoom's going to jump into your tender real thing. That's what they're probably going to do for our third and final story.


Goldman Sachs is junior analyst just whipped up the most vicious slide deck we've ever seen. Jack, it's got to be vicious if you're pitching the Goldman CEO on how awful it is to work at Goldman.


Well, they wanted transparency. They got you got your transparency. So before we hit that honestly wonderful mix of stories today, Jack, last week we were talking about Elon Musk changing his corporate title. More like corporate screen name. Yeah, he's no longer the Tesla CEO. He's not. He's officially the techno king of Tesla. It's like a real H arm of the CFO. By the way, Tesla, the CFO is now master of the HBO writers, took over the business cards at Tesla.


So Jack and I thought long and hard. We said, you know what, Snackers will snacker for some CEO titles. So we asked you to sacrifice some CEO titles and naturally you didn't disappoint.


These are the runner ups for the Best Snacker five corporate titles in the wake of what Elon did last week. Jack, first we got one from Tommy who wants to retitle Chipotles CEO to Baren of the Burrito's Waed he gave us two or guru of the Guarch Tommy.


Thanks for the options. They're both great Carnival CEO. According to David Bounds, the clown Prince of Kurzem, it's a little dark, like some dark lobster.


That one that was the most burn of the month. That was me. And Dunkin Donuts has the dawn of the donuts. According to Scott Singer. Everyone's getting a participation trophy for those. Those are solid. Yeah, I'll get one. OK, so I'm icing my car after how great those were. But these finalists will send me to the E.R. BoJack kept touching his tummy as he was saying this. Here's the four finalists, first from Tony Sell.


The Wal-Mart CEO should be renamed the discount discount. Yes. And from Tarah per swane, the Lululemon chief should actually be the lord of the legging. So I can actually see that one having Jack like that can happen also. Then Tony La Russa, he is the third entry here. Costco CEO should be renamed the incredible bulk. When you sell things in packs of one twenty eight, the CEOs, the incredible bulk.


And then finally from Tom Crossing, Oracle's founder, Larry Ellison should be renamed the Oracle of Oracle, the oracle of Oracle Snackers vote today at Robin Hood. Snax on Twitter, on Instagram. The winner gets Jack. You built it up. What do you think? A handwritten note?


Not for me, because my handwriting stinks, but from the beautiful Nick Martell over here, the calligrapher is a side hustle.


Snackers will send you that note. Also, you can change your Twitter profile to in a snackers for the day. Run with it. Vote out, Robyn. It's next.


Let's get our three stories you tuned in the next day. Beast spoke to the lawyers and we got to get someone legal out of the way next about to hear Ray Giudice. They don't reflect the views, Araba. Her family is only formational. Just so you know, we're not recommending any securities. Nope. It's not a research report or investment advice. Not at all. From a sale of a securities by Nexxus Digestible business news for your family. Finance LLC member Fembot ABC for our first story, the sexiest industry on Wall Street on Monday.


Those railroads, railroads where I actually live right next to a railroad right now. Humble brag do they need to blow that horn at three a.m.? Do they need to know?


They don't have to, but I guess they do snackers. This merge stock is the closest thing to NAFTA in a stock.


Jagwar just getting a telegram from 1887 so we can cover this story.


Snackers we got ourselves a transcontinental railroad merger. Kansas City Southern is the stock that just jumped 11 percent to a record high on word. It's getting bought. It's getting bought by Canadian Pacific Railroad, another publicly traded company. And once this merger is done, the headquarters will be in Calgary, Canada. Twenty seven billion dollars later. So, Jack, I think I figured out the formula for these railroad names. It's your hometown and then a random direction on a compass.


Now, there's actually going to be nineteen thousand miles of railroad track between these two companies across the United States, Mexico.


In Canada, again, they got Toronto to Mexico City, round trip four times and all that track not too shabby. Now, that sounds enormous. It does, but it's not going to dominate the industry with that size.


Now, apparently, this merger is only going to make this new company the number sixth largest railway in North America, which isn't even in the top five surprising industry with some surprising metrics yet have overrun railroads.


Jack, if you want if you like sitting down and you want to impress your buddy works in the railroad industry, ask them about velocity velocities, an official term for how fast the boxcars and locomotives are traveling. The speed is money. But, Jack, if you really want to get a railroad guy or girl, talk and ask about the average train length, OK, the longer the more efficient. And get this, Kansas City Southern's railroads on average, their trains are over a mile long and they're really loud at 3am in the morning.


All right. So Jack and I jumped in snacks and both stocks closed at record highs because the pandemic it's been bad for so long. It's been good for cement spending on services during the pandemic tanked. But we thought physical goods instead. You're buying scarves. You're not like getting manicures. Right. Or you're buying like ARV's, workout gear, televisions, home improvement supplies and all that stuff starts as raw materials. And all that stuff got laid around in trains from port to port, terminal to junction.


And that's why Kansas City Southern Stock more than doubled from one year ago. So, Jack, what's the takeaway for our buddies over in the railroad industry? Sometimes you have the opportunity to invest in a public policy. Cannabis stocks, they're an investment in states legalizing cannabis, draft kings and pen gaming. Those are investments in states legalizing gambling, electric vehicle stocks. Those are investments in subsidies for electric vehicles and eventually banning gas. This merger is if you took the trade deal from last year, oh, reincarnated into one stock.


So the US also trades with China and Russia and some friends in Europe. But those trading partners, it's been frosty lately, trade with the close neighbors. On the other hand, Canada and Mexico is hotter than ever, thanks to the US embassy, the United States, Mexico, Canada agreement.


And that trade deal is really NAFTA 2.0. It's a trade deal Trump signed last year. International trade for the US right now is all about trading with our neighbors. And the more we trade with our neighbors, the more prosperous the railroads.


For our second story, Goldman Sachs is young bank analysts. They just revolted. It's the closest thing to a banking birnbach yet. And it shows how much Goldman employees hate Goldman right now. Jack, I mean, I think we should talk. Should we tell our horror stories? I think we could tell our horror story. All right. So we both worked at banks right after college, like 2011. Jack Horror Story. When do you know your first I first show up?


It's like week number two. We'll get to the office and they're like, you didn't shave today. I'm like, I didn't shave today. But you know what? I'll shave tomorrow. So I go go back to my desk. You shave right now, you shave right now. Pulled out the razor. I had to go, like, back into the bathroom. No shaving cream redneck for like three weeks. Wait, you had a razor in the office?


It was someone else's razor. That is brutal. My story is a little different. I was at a German bank and to save money, they wanted to turn down the heat in the winter. So they instituted a sweater policy.


They want less outi a little more Volkswagen on you, Jack. Yeah, exactly. That's how you get the best quality product snackers for most young bankers. You're going to get brutally long hours. Kind of a rite of passage is what they say to work at a top investment bank. Yeah, it's kind of institutionalized corporate hazing. You're talking it's not a good thing and probably doesn't make that much sense these days. But in the past year, funny things happened with Goldman Sachs.


Their stock has doubled and very related to Goldman stock doubling is the fact that sparks have exploded. There's like four sparks happening per day so far in twenty twenty one suspects. They involve IPOs and M&A is that is Goldman's bread and butter. Chicago does logistics. Goldman does deals. So every time Nick and I report news of a spack that just happened every other day behind that headline, there's a team of Goldman Sachs analysts who probably worked like five hundred hours to make it happen.


And that is how the managing director affords the third Hampton home. Exactly. So thirteen junior analysts at Goldman Sachs, they made an eleven slide presentation that leaked for us all to see. And it was all about the brutal working conditions at Goldman Sachs the past year.


I want to say PowerPoint would be proud of this thing, Jack. There is a mix of solid bar charts and I think a Bain big idea out that, like, made its way in there. A lot of big ideas, but there was a lot of scary numbers, too, like the average one hundred and five hour work weeks that these jalapeños have. Or how about like the five hours of sleep or how about the average bedtime, three a.m. for these?


I crunched one hundred and five hours divided by seven days, I think it's like 14 hours per day and divided by six days is like 17 hours per day. You're not leaving much time for, like sleep and food, but then you get the life numbers. And honestly, these were the raw numbers like these were disturbing.


All 13 of these anonymous junior analysts. They said that their friendships had been hurt due to this working condition. OK, then get this. Seventy seven percent say they would consider themselves victims of workplace abuse. And seventy five percent said they had considered or taken up the offer to take therapy because of this trauma. And we should point out, I mean, actually have a therapy appointment later tonight if anyone can get therapy. This is a moment when you should get therapy.


17 hours of work a day is incredibly wrong. That is a pretty straightforward reason here, why the work life balance is so imbalanced over at Goldman. Goldman doesn't want to hire Goldman Sachs likes their teams of lean, mean spreadsheet crunching machines. If Goldman had 50 percent more analysts during this explosion, then the burden could be spread out. That's what they could do.


But, Nick, then what happens when the deal flow slows down? Fair question. Are they going to, like, set up a ping pong table for analysts waiting for a deal to come in? They don't like that Goldman would rather be working overtime than under time. So, Jack, what's the takeaway for our buddies over Goldman? This is a test of Goldman's kingmaker promise. Goldman does billions of dollars of deals, millions of dollars of bonuses. But here's the secret about Goldman snackers.


It's not just about the money. Goldman's analysts get paid a lot. But if you divide that by the number of insane hours they work, it's not as lucrative as it looks. Yeah, Goldman manages to hire like the top talent who's under twenty five years old because of their king maker. Promise the king maker. Promise you grind away with us for a few years. You don't go on any dates.


You don't get a puppy. But we will crown you at the end. And then when recruiters read our Goldman Sachs investment banking analyst, twenty nineteen to twenty twenty one on your resume, boom. This person's machine, they're running with you. They love you. Goldman Sachs alumni are incredibly hireable because they survived the Goldman Sachs analysts program. We talk about this Goldman Sachs statement after this debt came out, the CEO basically said this is messed up. So we're going to hire more people and we're going to enforce the No.


Saturday work rule. Jack, we mean it. We really mean it this time. We're going to enforce that rule. Not exactly industry shaking changes that Goldman in response to this news now.


But even if nothing changes, the top talented people have always accepted Goldman's kingmaker promise. For our third and final story, the most important move by Zoom in an entire year, we're talking Zasa baby.


We're calling it zazz. We are gonna zoom as a service. We think Zoom Chicot that too.


Yeah, you're going to see Zoom, but you're not going to see Zoom. Now, Zoom stock is up nearly 10 X since it's twenty nineteen Appia. Oh, Jack.


Oh it's not a good year. It's not a good idea. But here's the thing.


You know and it's been up but it's fallen almost forty percent from that high in just the last few months. The big question that Wall Street and all the investors are asking your mom wants now will zoom continue to be a verb post pandemic as it may be for work? Well, but not necessarily for play. You'll have the zoom conference call probably in a couple of years, but you're not having a zoom happy out. Let's be honest. Twenty, twenty to like last call for small bachelorette party is a Zoome call with like fourteen people and we couldn't even see what Dana was even doing.


It was brutal. Twenty twenty to last call from all the bachelorette party is actually in Nashville. In real life you're going to be splitting the hot chicken. Now here is what Jack and I found fascinating about Zoom. Zoom has a new strategy to thrive in a post Zoome world. That's Zoom as a service. Honestly, they should run with it. That's what they should call it. I think they should own it. The reason they're launching ZUS social apps are expected to have video in twenty twenty one.


That's why Instagram added Instagram live video and video chat with indents. But not every company has Zuks infinite resources to copy. I'm sorry to build their own video products and that's where Zoom is stepping it.


They're going to license their video conferencing technology to other apps to use.


But here's the key. You're not going to see the Zoom brand. They're going to let the app that they license to take all the credit for the video capability. For example, Tinder has already launched a feature that lets you video date so that you can like video to figure out if the person's worth it before meeting them in person. Right now, Tinder is doing it themselves, but in the future they could zoom the experts handle the video conferencing, zoomed as the tech tinder gets the brand recognition or Walgreens.


Let's say they start selling prescriptions online. They may still need one on one pharmacist to patient video conferences to check on that thing on your thighs. Yeah, because they got to prescribe the thigh Pasteur's or take Best Buy, for instance. They're selling your TV's online, but you need to book the appointment. To troubleshoot what? That damn input was and you're going to do that with the zoom thing, the last use case for Zoom as a service that we want to share education, Middlebury College, enviro one, a one term class, you could do it through the Middlebury app.


I assume it's going to be in the Middlebury app with the military logo, but the technology is going to be zoom. I'm sure Brown University could try to do so. Jack, what's the takeaway for our buddies over at Zoom? Don't let Brand become ego down. Do you use video calls on Slack when you're aiming at the office? Jack and I are pretty much doing this all day. Yeah, we do like every day when we're deciding what stories to cover.


But Jack, that's like video call you and I are doing every day. This is while it's not Slack's technology, it's actually Amazon's tech branded a Slack's. If Amazon required that slack, put a big Amazon logo in the corner slack probably. What is that? We're going to find another video provider. Yeah, well, brand recognition, it's critical. You got to have it for any consumer facing business. But white labeling your product, in other words, letting another company take credit and having your brand, nowhere to be seen.


Yeah. That could strengthen the business facing part of the biz. And that seems to be what Zappos would be. Zoome isn't letting its desire for brand presence get in the way of another huge business opportunity. Don't let brands become EGA Jack. Can you whip up the takeaways for us over there?


Rayle It's a century old technology that's still got huge value in the latest real merger.


It is the USMC deal reincarnate, honestly, is a stock which is kind of crazy.


You can invest in Pozzi for a second story. Goldman Sachs analysts are publicly shaming Goldman Sachs. They're testing Goldman's decades old king maker promise for a third and final story. Zoome is looking to bake itself into our culture post pandemic boom lala in its brand ego, get in the way of its business time. A snack fact of the day. This one sent in by like a legendary multi year snack or Richard Philbin and lovely United Kingdom. There are officially more realtors in the United States than there are available homes for sale right now.


A lot of that has to do with surging home prices.


And like people obsessed with Trulia, what do I have to do to get you in this two bedroom, mid century modern colonial farmhouse that was a working from home and you realize you could probably side hustle selling us stackers?


Don't forget, Nick and I are now the maharajah's of the microphone.


So go to Arabana Snax on Twitter. On Instagram. We got to have a winner for this, Paul, because we got to write a letter to someone. What is the most best snack inside corporate title? We'll see you tomorrow.


And before we go, happy birthday, not birthday birth to Wilhelmina. Patricia de Soto Hewitt. She goes by Willa Hewitt. Yes. Yes. And it's also her birthday, by the way. Technically, I guess zero. I guess that's her. And go with Grant and Clara. Congratulations on the baby girl. They're going to be decked out in, like the best athletic year in the state of New Jersey.


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Good, good. Red flag, happy cat. Aversely to tie the string. Him and his cat. Three year anniversary together in Portland, Oregon. It's normal.


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We've never felt better in spandex. This is Jack Ireland, stock of the Amazon and Nikken, stock of Chipotle and Lululemon. The Robinhood Snacks podcast you just heard reflects the opinions of only those who are associated persons of Robin Hood Financial LLC and does not reflect the views of Robin Hood Markets Inc or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. The podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended to serve as a recommendation to buy or sell any security and is not an offer or sale of a security.


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