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This is Nick, this is Jack, and this is Snax Daily, it is Monday, August thirty first snackers. We know you're very much in the what have you done late for me type of podcast. Jack and I couldn't sleep Saturday. We were worried Fridays was the best day ever. We couldn't beat that thing. Fortunately, though, today's is the best one was actually a lot better than what we did on Friday.


Jack, for a story.


The Gap started as a company for gold miners looking for genes during the San Francisco eighteen forty nine gold rush mouthful Jack.


Now it's whipping up a mass, but we're more interested in Athleta. It's young Lulu. The force is strong with you.


Young Paduan second story. Jack, what do we got? Have you heard of the Abbott lab is five dollars covid-19 credit card. Fifteen minute test. That's a mouthful. Drewniak It's why Abbott stock is up eight percent in the last week. And it could be why the stock market is up eight percent this month. Third and final story, Jack. Are we Palouse? It is stock split a palooza today. Congrats, Snackers. Tesla and Apple didn't coordinate, but both stocks are getting spliced up into baby stocks today.


We'll tell you how much it matters when a stock gets blessed by spoiler. It doesn't matter. Doesn't matter at all. We keep let's keep going.


But snackers, before we hit those doors, drape yourself in a boa constrictor, Britney Spears style, and walk down the catwalk in some recycled plastic dress that Jack, it feels like New York Fashion Week is kicking off next week.


It is. It is neck, but big difference this year. First of all, we won't be there even though we've never been there. Where's the invite? We're going to pretend it was an address issue. The other shocker, a surprise collaboration from Lowe's Home Improvement, the big box home improvement retailer. Yeah, apparently the team over a Lowe's realize that since you're in a house twenty five seven these days, you're not going to some random gallah. And HomeGoods deserve the runway vibe treatment.


The weekly team meeting does count as two hours, even though it's only sixty minutes, it tends to feel like three. But the house is the new epicenter of fashion and self-expression. That's what Lowe's just put out there yesterday. I wore mismatching socks. Today I'm not wearing pants. I do love some good home fashion, which is why designers Rebecca Minkoff, Jason Wu and Christian Siriano well, we've Lowe's home in at the New York Fashion Week. I wonder how much Lowe's is paying for this by being aggressive.


But all we can say, drop the handbag, grab it to buy for that tuxedo could really use a little bit more lumber. Since you're not dressing up, you could dress up your house in a new hardware and appliances. Lowe's would love that, apparently.


Or if you don't want to spend money on, like new Lowe's stuff, just move your couch to the other side of the room. Total life back here. Why spend money when you can just push things? We could all use a change of scenery, right. Lift with your legs. Now with your back.


Let's hit our three stories you tuned in this next day. You spoke to the lawyers and we got to get some legal out of the way about the rain. Food is seed candy. They don't reflect the views of her family. It's all informational. Just so you know, we're not recommending any securities. Nope. It's not a research report or investment advice, not an offer for sale of a security by next is Digestible Business News Finance, LLC member, Fagbug APC.


For our first story, the GOP's earnings just revealed it's actually a face mask company. The Gap stock is depressed.


It's not as one hope to return to greatness, and it is not face mask, possibly yoga pants.


Your only hope, Jack. I just walked in the changing room.


I'm looking in the mirror. They tell me it doesn't lie and these numbers don't lie. The Gap just announced earnings for the last three months and their online sales double nice.


Not bad, but overall sales weighted down by stores which were closed fell by eighteen percent. Brutal classic gap.


Now we're thinking you should bring back the size sixteen husky sweatshirt with a giant G a P right on the chest. It's like it's yelling at you. That thing is basically a comfortable hazmat suit. It would be perfect for this moment.


Every middle schooler alive in the nineties had one of these sweatshirts. Yeah, he's got a dozen photos, even photos of Jack in that shirt.


But snackers, here's the shocker that Jack and I notice in this Gap earnings report, The Gap sold one hundred thirty million dollars last quarter of face masks. We're talking just face mask in three months. That, like, feels like it's almost a lift, even though it is now the key to their success. Nick, they sold face masks, like in singles, like if you want to buy one face mask and in bulk, yeah, the state of New York purchased a whole bunch of face mask.


Kaiser Permanente, the health insurance firm, purchased a whole bunch of gap face masks. The Gap is originally a denim company, and they pivoted last quarter from jeans to faces. You look at those high rise jeans these days. There's a lot of face max potential just above the butt area. And they led a massive fashion upgrade for the whole world in March. Everyone was wearing those blue medical masks like Grey's Anatomy and April gaps, hawk and sweat wicking seersucker head Turner says mass.


And that's all you can see. Yeah, you could stand out in the socially distanced crowd. This is how insane things got for gas mask situation on the earnings call. They. Pointed out that you should Google Face Mask style guide, so we're going to ask you to Google Face Mask Style Guide right now.


We'll give you a second and you're going to notice that face mask style guide is still the number one hit on Google for Gap's Web page on it. That's right. The Gap was bragging about their CEO for Face Mask Style Guide. The company's based in San Francisco. This is the most tech ish thing they've ever done. Yes, it is.


Camo, floral tartan, Gaelic. They're showing you the whole head start on options you could do for non regular blue face mask, tartan Gaelic.


Apparently Neck did go to Fashion Week last year, by the way, stackers to keep their game up. If you've got videos for how do I wear glasses with my face mask? Because that actually is an issue. That's right. Safety first. And it's all explained by a master of public health degree, Holder, which is a great degree, the old MPLX. She's helped me get through the mask fog factor with the glasses.


One part of Gap's earnings reports that had nothing to do with face masks, Athleta. It was the only division in Gap's earnings that actually increased sales overall. So, Jack, what's the takeaway for our buddies over at The Gap? Lululemon success shows the gaps, potential stackers recently gaps. Profit Puppy has just been Old Navy low cost sales. But The Gap also owns an athleisure brand called Athleta, which is living its best life while you're living your sweat.


And Athleta should trademark that sentence. But Gap projects that Athleta sales are going to double as it expands abroad and you wear more sweat sneakers.


Right now, Lululemon biggest competitors in athleisure are Under Armour and Nike. But let's be honest, those aren't really athleisure companies. No, that's the football players who just started doing downward dog. And so we just want to shred and rip their t shirt off. Yeah, I should position Athleta as Lulus true number one competitor in the athleisure space that has room to grow. And the reason we're pointing this out is that Lululemon stock is worth eight times what gap is.


Lululemon stock has tripled this year, while Gap stock has stayed flat. The more gap can lean into Athleta, the more Gap stock price could mimic Lululemon, and then the stock price could move one vertebrae at a time up to Lululemon.


For our second story, Abbott Laboratories stock jumped eight percent last week, but not because of a vaccine.


It was because of a unique knobble rapid test for covid-19 that just got approved.


Sounds aggressive snackers. Let's travel back to eighteen eighty eight. Chicago Abbott Laboratories has found it to pump out morphine, but Cubs fans and Ernie Banks advise the company move to something a little more wholesome and now they make Pedialyte a lot more charming.


Now, here's the thing. Stackers right now, treatments and vaccines, they're getting all the attention.


They're getting all the love team ramdas a your Braggs every day about saving covid patients at some test. And China Team Moderna seems to just be buying up press releases because that's all they seem to do these days. But Abbott Laboratories just got a whole bunch of love for a test to confirm whether or not you have covid-19.


That is exactly right. Abbott has got emergency FDA approval for the binocs now covid-19 Edgard.


Now we need to subway five dollar footlong this thing. We're going to call it instead the fifteen minute five dollar covid credit card. And here's why we're calling it that's knackers. This is a COVA test that delivers results in just fifteen minutes and it's only five bucks and it's the size of a credit card. So a health care worker actually is to get your nasal sample. They do with a long, cute tip and then they stick it in this card shaped card.


Wait fifteen minutes and then you get a very clear positive or a very clear negative result, just like a pregnancy test.


The key, though, is that it's then linked to a phone to send the message to an app that says, all-Clear, you're good to go. No more covid TSA PreCheck style. That's right. It's done through a QR code of some sort. And we're thinking Tinder's should do a cross promotion to let Tinder daters know whether they can actually see each other for a date. Feels like the only thing they should be focusing on right now. Now, the benefits to this novel new test our time and convenience.


Yeah. Check North Bank of America Stadium is doing mass testing right now that can take days to get results from. Right. Because your sample might get taken in the parking lot at that stadium, but it has to go to a lab. Yes. And then get diagnosed by a machine.


That's the size of a baseball.


Yeah. This thing looks like an HP printer from nineteen eighty six. If you want proof that this new test from Abbott Labs is a big deal, just look at the White House. The Trump administration just wrote a seven hundred and fifty million dollar check to buy up one hundred and fifty million of those Abbott tests. We're excited because these tests can be done at any doctor's office and even the school nurse's office at the elementary school. The one caveat, it's not like a pregnancy test in that you need a health professional with you spotting you along the way.


You can't just buy this at the CVS and do it in the bathroom.


So, Jack, what's the takeaway for our buddies over at Abbott Labs? This is great news for Abbott Labs and it could be great news for the entire economy. Snackers medical experts have said from the beginning that test. Is key to stopping the spread and with a fast, low cost task like this one, we could reduce the accidental spread of the disease that happens every day. So you got lots of Americans right now. They're spreading by accident because they don't think they actually have the disease.


So you got silent, spread, Steve. And super spreaders, Sarah, going outside, like being kind of reckless. Worst couple ever. But with an easy test, you'll have no excuse on finding out whether you're a carrier. And if you are, you're going to stay home. So a vaccine is the best covid crusher. But until then, testing is the key. For our third and final story, we got our first ever great problem to have of the day.


Tesla and Apple stocks have risen too high. Yeah, they're splitting their stocks up today, effective today into tiny little stocks. Nice. Everybody, don't panic.


Tesla's stock did not fall by 80 percent today. Apple didn't pull off the old pivot from phones. Discounts would be bad for Apple's share price of British. We've got a painful but for the last 15 years snackers. Tesla was like I was kind of like Walter White were thinking it had a fantastic product. No one could argue with great stuff, but it seemed constantly on the brink of doom. Well, Tesla just finished its first full year of profit since being created back in 2003.


And prior to that, when it was unprofitable consistently, it always had to ask investors with a tin cup for more millions of dollars. Every six months, Elon would put on a fancy new shirt, go to invest or sell new shares and ask for new loans. I'm good for it.


I'm good for it. I'm a good guy. And every time you wondered if investors would finally say, no, I am done giving you money, but they never did. Never did. And now you've got a situation where Tesla has blue skies ahead. It's firmly a viable car company, the biggest in the world by market cap value. And that relief from Wall Street has manifested itself in a gigantic stock price boom. It was two hundred and twenty five dollars a year ago.


It is two thousand and two hundred dollars today. Its stock price is too high now. It's a nice problem to have.


Which brings us a little further in the area to Apple, which transformed from iPhone maker to tech club for the world's high end. Nick, remember when Steve Jobs turned Apple into the most valuable public company in the world with the iPhone and then the iPad? Jack, remember it well, and then unfortunately, he passed away. When he passed away, everyone waited for his successor, Tim Cook, the current CEO, for him to finally unveil the next big thing from Apple.


Everyone thought it was going to be a car, but no big thing ever came. Didn't even end up mattering. Yeah, because iPhone users become Apple fanboys for life and fanboys love an ecosystem club. So when you buy the headphones in the computer and the services, you're doing it all because of iPhone and club Apple is now this informal thing that costs about a thousand bucks a year is the price of admission because you're spending so much money on all these different Apple ecosystem products.


Half of them are dongles.


Now that loyalty has blown Apple stock to new heights from two hundred and eight dollars a year ago to five hundred dollars today. Nice problem to have since both company stock prices were so high today, wildly at the same time they are splitting.


On Friday, one Tesla stock was two thousand two hundred dollars. Today, that same Tesla stock car broke into five pieces for four hundred forty each. On Friday, one Apple stock was five hundred dollars, but today it's broken into four Apple shares for one hundred and twenty five dollars each. So, Jack, what's the takeaway for our buddies over Tesla and Apple? This stock split has no impact on anything except optics. Yep, nothing. And optics shouldn't matter.


Tesla stock has climbed sixty three percent since announcing the stock's, but just on August 11th. Now, if that sixty three percent gain is because of this perception that Tesla stock is now more affordable, no.


Then that means investors are misunderstanding the situation. Yes, snackers after stocks, but shares are at a lower price. But you own proportionally a smaller piece of the same company. This stock is effectively like it used to be a six pack for six dollars. Not bad. And now suddenly you can buy just one of them for one dollar because it's the same thing. You're getting the same value for each share of Tesla and Apple, but it's coming in a smaller proportional ownership of the company.


In fact, to emphasize even further how no impact this stock's but technically should be, the whole splitting wasn't even necessary because of fractional shares. Fractional shares is widespread available now. So you could buy like any amount of Tesla or any amount of Apple that you want.


Yeah, not just the nice whole round number. The only thing different is like the psychological effect when we have to see a certain stock price at a specific number. But that shouldn't matter because stock can be split into any size, which will change the price.


Jack, can you whip up the takeaways for us to start the week? Please Agap managed to sell 130 million of face masks last quarter, but its real value is in Athleta, which could be the lift to Lululemon.


Zober second story, Abbott Labs is selling a five dollar covid test that shows results in 15 minutes. Vaccines are the covid crusher, but testing is King and Talban. Tesla just cut each share today into five smaller ones, and Apple did the same into four smaller ones. But nothing has changed except the optics. Now time for a snack fact of the day.


This one sent in by Niki Bhogle, Paul Skya as a cabbage cheddar fan. It hurts me to say this, but the world's most expensive cheese is a cheese called Puel. Yeah, rolls off the tongue, just pure retails at a minimum of, you know, give or take six hundred dollars a pound.


Now, I'm wondering if it's supposed to be called Muhal Cheese because this comes from the milk of an endangered Serbian donkey. It actually sounds like a joke because you'd think this would come from an endangered Serbian monarchy.


That it does.


But before we go, snackers, Johnsson and Jake just got engaged in New York City. Congrats knackers. Congrats to Nate Goutman for graduating with a master's in sports business and Laurel Hammond's first day of school in Charlotte, North Carolina. Happy getting into law school. Camilla Paya's from Miami, Florida. And Scott got his first day of senior year at George Washington, but he's from New PetSmart. Xavier Hernandez is definitely one of those Apple fan boys. It's his birthday and Apple stock.


He owns one share now. He owns four shares. Happy birthday to Tate Steinhauer in Richmond, Virginia, and Theran in Sterling Heights, Michigan, and Cordell's Zolensky in Lane, Oklahoma. And Rouhani, Ariah in Chandigarh, India. And Margaret Burlingame in Indianapolis, Indiana. And Parker Steinberg in Boulder, Colorado. And happy birthday, Mary Colón in San Francisco, California. I think the Snackers are satisfied because that was a little better than Friday's snapdragons about these marginal improvements we make every week.


Nagas, if you got a buddy who is not back and you ask him why twice to have you had your snacks daily and we'll see you tomorrow if you know. You know. This is Jack Neck and I both owned stock of Lou Lemon and netcode, stock of Apple, the Robinhood Snacks podcast you just heard reflects the opinions of only the hosts who are associated persons of Robinhood Financial LLC and does not reflect the views of Robin Hood Markets Inc or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates.


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