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This is Nick, this is Jack, and this is Snax Daily, it is Wednesday, January 13th, the best one yet we got for you today.


Snackers, are we doing on Wednesdays over here? You never send me the memo.


Oh, flannel Wednesdays. Yeah, it's every Wednesday. This actually is our best podcast yet. This is a typo. It's the pancake breakfast. It's every Friday for our first story. Jack, what do we got over here? A new thing from Wal-Mart, a refrigerator that chills outside your front door.


Jack, what do you think? Most innovative thing at a Wal-Mart in three years, four years, five years.


Hands across America for our second story. The NFL needs kids and Nickelodeon needs some attention. The NFL on Nickelodeon, the perfect marriage of convenience for our third and final story.


Do you remember that Zoom's stock jumped six hundred percent in twenty twenty?


Jack, I remember it like it was May. Now it's lost, you know, about half of its value, almost half its value.


But before we hit those three fantastic stories, the boldest New Year's resolution we've ever seen.


OK, so some people cut carbs, some people add a little mindfulness. I've been meditating with the camp every morning. It's going quite well. I'm putting two dates in my oatmeal, not one day, but others are ramping things up about 17 notches. And we're calling this New Year's resolution the calendar cleanse. So Jack and I got this from the Shopify CEO. Turns out this guy, Canadian German guy, erases his calendar to start the new year.


He didn't delete bagels from his twenty, twenty one diet this year. No, he's not going to do that. He's deleting meetings.


You delete all of the meetings because according to the Shopify CEO, once your company's calendar is blank, then you'll re-evaluate which meetings you actually need to do every week. Jack, you know what I'm thinking over here? The two p.m. standing meeting on Wednesdays with Karl.


Nick, it's been the low light of Wednesday afternoon since twenty seventeen. Jack, I don't care how many cupcakes Carol brings, it's just it's just not a good meet. It may be time to shift this meeting. Karl, I'm sorry. Let's check in in two months and see if we actually miss Snackers.


Look at your calendars. Maybe time to whip out the old calendar, Clance.


Oh, side note, it's probably not a good idea to cleanse your weekly meeting with your boss that he set up so that he could talk to you about your performance unless Jack, your boss, is calm.


But I bet some meetings you'll find in your calendar they're expendable.


Give yourself more time. Eat the cupcakes from Carroll.


Let's hit our three stores. You tune in this next day. I spoke to the lawyers and we got to get some legal out of the way about to here. Ray Giudice, they don't reflect the views of the her family. It's only formational. Just so you know, we're not recommending any securities. No, it's not a research report or investment advice not to offer a sale of a security by Nexxus Digestible Business News for use by Nancy Pelosi, member Fembot ABC for our first story, Wal-Mart's most innovative move in three years just happened, Jack.


This was it. It's an outdoor smart cooler for any time. Grocery delivery, no snackers.


Remember, when it comes to Wal-Mart, there is only one thing you got to remember, Tatou, this thing on a pillow, Wal-Mart, America's largest grocery store, groceries, the most essential thing in the most essential business.


Jack, poetic. One dollar out of every four dollars Americans spend on groceries. That dollar is ending up at Wal-Mart. And fifty six percent of Wal-Mart sells their groceries.


Well, we're trying to say is they really like groceries at Wal-Mart. That's the goal here. But a risk to that really important, really love part of Wal-Mart's business is in the car and other online food delivery companies, which all seem to be Epirus backing these days, which is why Jack and I found it was fascinating to see what's going on down with a Wal-Mart pilot over in Arkansas. Arkansas, the home state of Wal-Mart, don't you ever forget, doesn't do logistics.


So temperature controlled smart coolers with a company called Home Valet Fancy Name. That's what Wal-Mart is whipping out.


We saw a picture. This thing, it looks like a giant mailbox, had a baby with a coalman cooler. Yes. And it was raised that baby by Casper Mattress, basically like a confused yeti. That's what's going to go on. This giant thing sits on your porch.


They can paint it the same color as your house. So it looks nice and it is ready any time to receive contactless delivery of your groceries that you ordered online.


Child, how this actually goes down in the wild. A Wal-Mart delivery person shows up at your door. You don't have to be home. And then they unlock it with your smartphone again. You don't have to be home.


Then they open that thing up and there are three compartments with three different temperature zones to house all of your groceries until you come home to put it in the pantry. Yeah, you stick the eggplant in the room temperature the halibut in the chilled temperature section, and then peanut butter jack in the frozen section. Frozen peanut butter. Yeah, never heard of that. Basically, if you freeze your peanut butter people, it does taste like fudge. This is a life hack.


This is a life style. Today's rivers' birthday. And I haven't got the Ben and Jerry's doggy dessert yet. I'm going to give. I'm going to give her, sorry, some frozen peanut butter, I was actually talking about me, I do this every day at 4:00 p.m. I think you should do it forever, too. But, Nick, this home ballet, it's the tech doesn't stop there.


Once you put the groceries in, there is a UV light that will disinfect all the groceries like magic. Now, home valet, the hardware maker here, it's a different company that makes these smart coolers. This Wal-Mart partnership could be a game changer for it. So here's the funny thing. Jack and I noticed about this. Wal-Mart used to be really into innovation.


They were super innovative, but then they all up and quit like Daniel Day. Quit act perfectly put, Jack. They had a secret Long Island lab for aisle and checkout technology. And then they bought bonobo's and then they bought jet dotcom, all in the name of innovation.


That's how things were. Here's how things are going. There's no news from the lab in Long Island. We're not even sure anyone's there anymore, but nobody is missing in action and they shut down jet dotcom instead. Wal-Mart is fucking one hundred percent of its creative engineering energy on groceries, the most essential of the essentials.


So, Jack, what's the takeaway for our buddy over at Wal-Mart? We live in a subscribe or die world, and Wal-Mart thinks that you will die to get your groceries.


Yes, knackers. Wal-Mart's got a new favorite child.


It was born last quarter. And her name? She's adorable. Her name is Wal-Mart. Plus, that's her name, Wal-Mart. Plus free unlimited grocery delivery subscription for ninety eight bucks a year. And that beautiful baby child, it is all about monthly recurring revenue, which investors love because subscriptions are monthly recurring revenue.


Amazon Prime is the original monthly subscription recurring revenue, and it gets you fast delivery, plus some Amazon music, Amazon Prime video and some love from Alexa. And who wouldn't want that? And that is why Amazon actually just bought a podcast company last week called Wonder Over Amazon, thinking you'll like Prime even more if they bundle in some media treats. So here's the thing.


Wal-Mart doesn't think you want a variety of perks to go along with your one subscription. Wal-Mart thinks that Wal-Mart plus customers want deep perks just in one category. Groceries. Yeah, Jack, you heard a same day delivery. I have. You heard of two hour delivery superfast? Well, how about twenty four seven delivery that technically Wal-Mart could be doing now that they have this home vallet porch cooling cooler, best in class grocery convenience is how Wal-Mart thinks it can beat Amazon Prime.


For our second story, the NFL just showed its first playoff game on Nickelodeon Nickelodeons owned by Viacom. CBS, the worst corporate name we cover. And it's the words we hate saying we hate saying that name. But NFL on Nickelodeon is Viacom. CBS is secret weapon to keeping the NFL locked up for the next eight years. Jack, we got a quote, Batman's Voldemort over here. Why so serious? NFL, why so serious? Chris Collinsworth, do you need a three piece suit to report on the Giants versus the Browns?


Sixty two is good, by the way.


What's with the Windsor? Not Jack. You need like three helpers to get those things on. It's an arms race to have the biggest necktie like that wraps around your packs. It's actually is an arms race to have the biggest neck when you're an NFL commentator. These are all true facts.


So is the fact that Nickelodeon decided to come in and sprinkle some silly onto the NFL last weekend? Yeah, perfectly put. I mean, let's say you cut the cord recently, but you love the NFL, so you want to watch some games. So you Googled. Hey, how do you watch NFL playoffs?


Alexa, you're literally describing what I did this past weekend and I saw Fox, CBS, NBC, ESPN, those are the usual suspects for NFL games.


And then I saw Nickelodeon Collodion, Nickelodeon stackers, Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints. That was on Nick, now Nick Junior, Nick Night. We're talking Nickelodeon.


When touchdowns were scored, the end zone on TV got cannoned with Nickelodeon's trademark. Green slime is a straight out of all that. Oh, and then some fifteen year old kid got to sit behind. Thirty nine year old Nate Burleson, who explained what the red zone was. Charming, educational.


When field goals were happening, they superimposed SpongeBob SpongeBob in between the goalposts. This is just good, clean family fun. Oh no, I'm more a random hamburger with superimposed on some New Orleans Saints receiver for some random reason. OK, Jack.


Well, you're jumping in snacks out. Noticed that apparently. I don't know. This is tricks. I didn't see the game like you did. Someone actually like a player, Kirst, in the middle of a game, right?


Yes. A referee announced a penalty and a man standing near by a receiver. I think he curse. And it was a bad curse and the referee's microphone picked it up. And all the kids nationwide. Bad to get earmuffs. By the way, for all the kids listening right now, there are no good curses.


There are no good curses. So, Jack, what are the results for our buddies over at the NFL?


Well, Viacom CBS also put the game on CBS like usual, where 30 million Americans watched. Well, it turns out two million viewers, a highly respectable number. Not as. But still respectable, watch the NFL on Doug Funny's favorite home channel, two million people watched on Nickelodeon, and that is Nickelodeon best program in four years since Rocko's Modern Life. By the way, both those channels, CBS and Nickelodeon, owned by Viacom, CBS and the NFL, is year in, year out the most premium of premium video shows.


So, Jack, what's the takeaway for our buddies over at the NFL? The NFL is a media business and it doesn't need cash, needs kids, snacks, newspapers, sports center. How about youth in high school football programs? Add all those up. And that's what made football number one in the United States. And he can pass.


But in the last 10 years, Nick, all of those things, newspapers, sports, our youth in high school football, they're all shrinking, shrinking. NFL is not getting young kids to be fans like they have since they were created.


Honestly, Jack, the NFL is like the Harley Davidson of sports leagues right now. They have like a young person problem. Yeah. So with the NFL's eight year contract ending next year, which is a big deal, it's only every eight years the NFL wants to maximize revenue with its next deal. That's key, right? Its next TV deal. After all, it delivered the top five most viewed programs in America last year, by far the top five.


So here's what's so wild about this moment.


For the first time in history, you're going to have like big tech companies bidding on NFL broadcast rights, Apple TV plus they're interested Amazon Prime YouTube. They are two. It's not just Fox, CBS and NBC that are going to pitch for this deal.


But if you're the NFL and you're essentially a media company, you realize that your future depends on convincing kids today to get off Instagram and watch some dudes, horse collar, other dudes, Viacom, CBS can't offer as much cash as Amazon, but they can offer kids through their Nickelodeon channel.


And that might get the NFL's attention suggested.


The NFL is losing GenZE and generation Tic-Tac. Nickelodeon could actually be the critical part of the solution this next broadcast rights deal.


It's not just about money change your name, CBS, Viacom.


For our third and final story, Jack, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom is raising himself is raising one and a half billion dollars, selling a bunch of stock in itself after an insane run. Nick and I have a big idea for what Zoom should do, that one and a half billion dollars of fresh cash. So zoom it IPO back in twenty nineteen. Honestly, Jack, this was like it was like Harry Potter living with the Dursley family.


That was the situation. I love that analogy because it didn't realize its potential. It didn't realize its power. It's so true. It's had just heard every now and then.


But then over like this last spring, Xu managed to pull off the old stock market. HATRICK Half a billion dollars in profit. Yeah. Six hundred percent jump Jack for the stock and it became a verb. That's the key.


Third one basically it's like the ninth Cardassian now it's just famous for being famous. Like your mom knows the problem though. In the last three months, Zoome stock has lost nearly half its value. Stack resume was up six hundred percent and now it has fallen 40 percent. Its earnings last quarter were just great. They weren't insanely great like the six hundred percent stock price kind of required.


So here's the big moment for Zoom. Zoom said, you know what? We got to take advantage of being famous while we're still famous. Since the stock price is still like really high, it's pretty high. It's creating brand new stock right now to sell for one and a half billion dollars to brand new investors. It's basically Kylie Jenner doing an eye shadow deal with like Sephora just after the reality show finale airs.


The shocker, though, why does Zoome need one half billion dollars? Jack and I looked into it and, you know, Zoom's just not that profitable, so it could use some cash now. Can't call J.G. Wentworth. So it's striking while the iron is hot.


And why did that result, Nick, in the stock price of Zoome falling? Because it's creating some stock and that can have some consequences. The new shares dilute the existing shares that everyone else own. When you're releasing new stock in yourself, you're basically adding one more buddy to get in on the pizza that you and the rest of your buddies are sharing. If you're the four people originally and on the pizza, you're only getting a fifth of a pizza now instead of the clean quarter slice you got before because Timmy just showed up.


So, Jack, what's the takeaway for our buddies over at zero? I feel bad for Timmy. He probably meant well by that. I mean, we invited him. I guess we invited Nick.


We think that Zoome should use the one half billion to launch a coworking space. We're calling it Zubac snacker is Zoome is the ultimate work from home stock, but its greatest strength is kind of its greatest vulnerability to you. Wouldn't have zoomed into Tricia's batch now if you could have traveled to Nashville and been there in person and said, you're right, you'd rather have done that one in person.


You don't want to do that because the big question, will your company keep their expensive Zoome account post pandemic? Well, that's a big question. So to hedge it, Zoome could add a new business line that's actually for in-person work, not remote work. Zoome We think it's time to launch coworking spaces. In select cities, sorry, amid cities, and you should call it Z work, call it Z work, when the risk of the virus is gone, there's going to be a whole new need for collaboration spaces, a.k.a. Zwick's Zoome Coworking, aka easy work.


It's for people who are working remotely but need some space, sometimes might need to collaborate in person with other remote workers or just want to work somewhere where they can see some people. Yeah, and Zoome, you could feature new Zune computer monitors that even working on or new Zune conference call equipment.


That way Zune will win. If everyone is still zooming post pandemic's will still kind of win. If many people aren't zooming past pandemics, Zoom could become a verb for efficient work, not just remote work through a video screen.


And then they could run in themselves. The Z company. The Z company. Jack, can you in that flanner whip up the takeaways for us over the Wal-Mart just started in Arkansas.


Pilot for grocery delivery to a smart cooler. All right. So Wal-Mart is obsessed with groceries and that is their differentiation from Amazon Prime.


For a second story, the NFL is about to get some huge cash offers for the next eight year TV deal. Here's the key. Only Viacom CBS terrible name can offer kids the NFL's next generation of fans.


For our third and final story, Zoome just raised one half billion dollars in cash. We think they should launch Zubac work a coworking space. Pretty easy way do from there, Jack, you rename your CEO, Adam zoomIn. That's what you do. That's what you do.


It works on so many levels, works every time, stackers. Time for our snack fact of the day. This sent in by a legendary listener named Adam to to go from a lovely Colorado. Yesterday, we told you that the longest word you can type with just your left hand stewardesses.


Well, Adam spent a whole lot of time on the old QWERTY keyboard and said, wait a second, I have found longer. If you put a monkey in front of a keyboard long enough, he'll write Shakespeare, right?


Well, Adam was able to write Tessera decades, which is apparently longer than stewardesses. Oh, and by the way, the longest word you can write with just your right hand felafel. It tessera decades.


That is fourteen generations in a row. And for Loflin is a monarch, carbolic acid derivative of chlorophyll and felafel.


In those F sounds you're hearing, they're not aifs there is which are on the right side of the keyboard.


There's so many snapbacks in this one snackers. Before you go, Jack and I love being with you and we love growing Snax, so we'd love if you share this with a friend, it's honestly the best way we grow word of mouth from you.


The OG snackers. Just ask him why waste it and we'll see you tomorrow. Have you had yours next? If you know you know. Before we go big congrats to Brian Chan and vaginae. W. just passed the bar, both of them over in California. And congratulations to Lorraine of anatase who just got promoted in Marlboro, Massachusetts. And Happy Birthday, Hannah Narey. Twenty one down in Shanghai, China. And Happy Birthday to Ma in Oakland, California, and to Nicole Dohnt in Astoria, Queens.


Get some good Greek food for us over there. Happy birthday, Ramone Herrera in Chicago. And by the way, Ramone actually works in logistics. Ramone does logistics. This is Jack Ireland, stock of Amazon, Nakulan, stock of Apple and Shopify. The Robinhood Snacks podcast you just heard reflects the opinions of only the hosts who are associated persons of Robinhood Financial LLC and does not reflect the views of Robinhood Markets Inc or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates.


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