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As a little kid, I love The Brady Bunch. We all know The Brady Bunch, but I love them. And my favorite episode is when the whole family flies to Hawaii.


I cried Bobby five Tiki figure at the construction site and gives it to Greg for good luck in the surfing competition.


I straight screamed at the TV, shout at Greg Brady. Don't know. Don't wear that thing in the ocean full. Don't do it. And you better believe me. We pull that weight crash is over. Greg and the screen straight fades the credits episode over a week. Real tears, I cry for Greg, for Bobby Bhajan, Cindy, Marsha. I learned a valuable lesson. Not that you don't wear a mysterious Teekay around your neck, every idiot know that na nah na, I learned that some people you can't teach some people.


They have to learn the hard way, and this is what I tell the children gathered around the campfire, eyes fixed on me, innocence they don't know from Greg Brady, they don't know Jack. Marcia, how am I supposed to know about Marcia? They don't know from Marcia. They don't know how hard it is to give people warnings, warnings that things are not, as they seem, warning that there is so much to this world we don't understand.


And warnings that evil lurks in our only protection is knowledge passed down, information that must be shared or forgotten forever. And that's why I ask them to gather sticks. That's why I showed them to arrange those stakes in a pyramid fashion. Just a little kindling nestled right in the base. That children is where the fire. And that is also where our stories began. Get ready to snap judgment in partnership with The Luminary, the subscription podcast network. We probably present campfire tales.


The stories we are afraid to share. Need to tell anyway. When was the last you roasted marshmallows? I'm just going to have to wait. To snap, snap. We began with another hard lesson, Joe Paterno. Joe was determined to come to things his very own way spooked. My friends and I, we love to go cruising around the island.


We love to go to places that are far away, that are adventurous. And it's about five o'clock in the afternoon.


It was actually just me and another one of my friends.


We drove all the way down and we parked on the side of the road right outside this cave, and we crossed a two lane highway.


It's a little small entrance, but it's very vertical. Less than 10 feet wide, but closer to 30 to 40 feet high. We walk into this crevice and it becomes a cave straight in the back, you look, there's a little hole and then you look up and it looks like there's a ledge and the cave goes a little bit further back. It's a cave that has these lava tubes that go all the way down and up and all around. We want to go to the top.


We're looking for where the cave reaches the water, but we're afraid that we're not prepared for it. We decide that we're going to come back later, more prepared.


There's four of us that are interested in going now and we go into the cave because there's been a lot of stories in this case, we want to check out the legend of the Norway. He lured people into the water, according to legend, and turn into a shark and then swimming out of the cave and eating them.


And it said to be a place for the Hawaiian mafia at one time, use the cave to dispose of their victims. We come back at about midnight.


We brought a rope, we brought water.


We have our flashlights. We have everything that we need. The idea is that we don't know how long we're going to be in there. And we go back into the cave. And there's is really still the ground is all gravel and dirt and there's a lot of cockroaches and bugs, people live a couple or they live offerings in the Cave of Food. And so it attracts a lot of bugs and stuff. There's no wind, there's no sound, there's no tripping of anything.


And we look up to where we're planning on going. We see now on the right, there's a small little ledge so we can actually walk up. So we decided we don't need the rope. We're going to do that. I'm the first one up and I turn it on, I look at my friends and I'm like, yes, ready to go and make sure everybody gets up there, all right? And then I get down on all fours and start crawling.


I'm crawling into the cave and we're going down in a single file line, so I'm in the lead and they're all behind me and the lava rock is really just sharp. My knees are all. Bus stop and we're all cut up, claustrophobia just started kicking in. I noticed blood is running down on a little bit on my forehead. A lot of thought occurs to me now that we're surrounded by millions of tons of rock and if one small cave in happens, we're stuck.


You know, we have no way out. And it's likely we could die if we can't find an exit, which we don't even know if there is one. I remember crawling further down and further down and further down until finally, my friends in the back, I hear somebody yell, Joe, let's go. This isn't fun anymore. Let's go. I tell them, OK, and Elbel, I shined the flashlight in front of me and I see a little area, it looks like the cave opens up in a.


And sunshine in my life down there, and I tell them, OK, you know, let's go just to this place right up in front of us.


If this is the place we're looking for, cool.


But then we're just going to go here and then turn back. So it's a crawling a bit more with my flashlight shining in front of me, and as I'm crawling down, this figure just crosses over from the left to the right really fast. I it registers that there was somebody there, but I can't see what it was. Like all, there's a logical explanation for this, this is probably just a homeless guy, but I'm not going to let my friends know that.


And so I kind of play it up a little bit and I'm like, oh, OK, guys, I just saw something over there.


I just saw somebody walking in front of my flashlight beam and they're like, what would it look like? I don't know what it looked like, but somebody just walked from the left to the right. And so everybody wants to see, of course, at a safe distance.


We don't want to go there. We just want to look. And now I'm lying flat into the lava rock and my friends are on me. I got one friend lying on my back and if you can imagine, all of our heads are like just all above each other and we're all just staring down the lava tube for like two minutes. We're staring and waiting and waiting for something to happen and nothing does. And so my friends are like, oh, you know, you sure you saw something?


And I'm like, Yeah, yeah, I saw something. And I walked from the left to the right.


And it was we're looking it appears again from the right to the left, but instead of walking. Through the flashlight beam to the other side of it, it stops right smack in the middle and turns and faces us. What the heck is that? It looked like a humanoid, but it does not have the shape of a human. The head is fused into the shoulder, this thing, looking back at us, had these red eye that Senator Bernie.


It didn't have pupils. It's just a very dark red and it's just looking at us. And so we are looking at now. My friends are in front of me and I'm just terrified because my friends can't move fast enough. I'm yelling at them, my friend in front of me. I'm trying to bite his foot. I'm hitting his foot and telling them, hurry up, because as I'm yelling at him, I hear and feel the presence behind me getting closer.


I hear scratching noise, I hear some big shuffling behind us, and it's getting closer and it's closer and it's coming closer and I'm freaking out and it may have taken us forty five minutes to get down, but it took us about five minutes or less to get out, and that was uphill. We get out and we're like, we're just booking it. I'm running down the ledge and I just decided to jump halfway. One of my friends decides to jump a little higher up and up spraining his ankle.


So I'm getting out of the cave in and helping my friend. I get to my car. My friends are in their car in front of us.


I close all the doors, locked all the doors, and I go to set the car up and the car's dead. I try to turn on the headlights.


The battery's dead, nothing starting up. And so we're just kind of looking at each other, freaking out. We decided the heck with it. I'm leaving my car here. I got into my friend's car and I helped my friend get into my friend's car in front of us. I tell him, all right, let's get the heck out of here. Let's go. He's trying to start it and nothing is happening, there's no noise, there's no sound, there's no starter kicking out, there's nothing.


Everybody is yelling at the same time, everybody is panicking, and all of a sudden something changes and shifts and I look out the window and all of my friends are looking out the window at the same time. Nobody will say a word. The moon came out, the clouds flew away, and the whole area is now covered in moonlight.


I can see everything I can see straight to the cave. I can see across the road, down the road. And I also see this figure, this shape kind of shambling out of the cave.


As I watch this thing come out of the cave, it's it's shuffling almost like its right leg is injured and it still has these red eyes that are burning.


It's fire. It's just a very dark red fire. And I watched this thing walk to the road and its skin looks like it's covered in scabs, it gets to the middle of the road and it stops right on the middle line separating the two lanes and it just glares at us. It felt like it was looking at me. My brain is frozen at that point, we're helpless. We're waiting for something to happen. It just stares at us and then slowly turns around and walks back into the cave.


I got a feeling that it was telling us couple carpool is keep out, basically, it scared the bejesus out of us as a warning. I have a feeling that those caves have something in it and this thing may have been a guardian or a protector. And to explore it as a bunch of teenagers is very disrespectful, you know. Think him across the street. It could have done anything to us. It did it. It settled with stopping and looking at us and then going back into the cave.


These are the good spirits. The good spirits are the ones that will scare the pants off of the bad spirits are the ones saying, don't worry, don't be afraid of me. Come closer to me.


Come closer. Let me state for the record that I am afraid and I will stay away by trying to get tied up in the ancient deities, but I want to thank my friend Joe venturing into the cave, coming face to face with the divine. The original score for that piece by Laura Newsome was produced by Wind and Gretel Weber. You go anywhere, snapper's, because after the break, buckle up, we're going to get our kicks on Route six six six.


Stay tuned. Welcome back to SNAP Judgment, the Campfire Tales episode, and I'm going to Washington, and this week we're going to bring you stories from Spooked, our sister podcast created in the dark of Night in partnership with Luminary Subscription Podcast Network. Our next story comes to us from the dark of night from the ROE. And when you're driving down that dark and lonely road with the wind howling, the mist swirling, the rain pouring down from the sky.


When do you decide that you don't want to see what's around the bend?


Yeah. Hi, my name is Michael Kilpatrick. I'm a musician, a full time musician. And I was playing a gig in Huntsville, Alabama, and I had a great show. I went to the bar, thanked everybody for having us and gave everybody hugs and kisses. And on the way out, one of the guys from the bar goes, Hey, Mike, hey, man, you really want to pay close attention to the weather? Man, it's starting to get bad.


I think the storm is going to get bad. With that. My girl, Karen, and I hopped into the red Honda Accord. And we were off to Birmingham. This is a drive that I have done many, many, many times over my life, so this is just a normal drive for me. We'd been driving about 30 minutes. It's one 30 in the morning and it's very, very dark, very windy and starting to rain a little bit.


And we made a right turn onto a very, very small two lane highway that runs 30 miles out of Huntsville, Alabama. Once we turned onto the two lane road, the atmosphere just felt different around us. Roll the windows down. Oddly enough, the weather was extremely calm, there was no rain, there was virtually no wind. There were no lights on anywhere around. You ever heard the expression calm before the storm? That's sort of what it felt like.


And I changed the tape player over to the radio to tune in an AM station to find out if there were any weather bulletins.


We've been on the two lane road for maybe 10 minutes. Up ahead, I see some headlights coming toward us, which is rare for this time of night on this two lane road. I start to slow the car a little bit, we're maybe 500 yards away, and the closer I get to them, we notice that the headlights are arranged vertically rather than horizontally. As we neared the car, I lowered the window. We realize that we're actually looking at a perfectly pristine car, it's a dark colored SUV, looked like it was just off the showroom floor and it was just sitting on its passenger side.


And the engine was running and the interior lights were on, all the running lights were on, the windshield wipers in this car were on. And the strangest thing was the driver side door was wide open, somehow defying gravity. And at this point, I yelled out, does anybody need any help? Is everybody OK? Hello. Hello. I looked at Karen and I said, something's bad wrong here, there's this car, it's been in some sort of an accident, but there's no damage to the vehicle whatsoever.


The car is completely pristine, nothing wrong. There's no broken glass. There's no skid marks. There's no debris. The car just looks like it's been set on its side and abandoned. Karen said this just feels funny. I feel like either someone might be watching us or someone is waiting for us to get out. I just got a really bad feeling, just a sinking feeling in my stomach that something was really, really wrong. Karen said, let's just go, let's just move along.


We continued on and we sort of felt like the worst of the storm probably had passed, so we felt like we could just get back up to speed and ignore this anomaly and just keep going and get back to Birmingham. Well, we've been driving about five minutes and still kind of rattled by what we've seen, but we sort of had to put it out of our minds and we just concentrated on the drive. And we're making small talk when we came around another corner.


And around that corner. We saw some tail lights, but the closer we got to them, we realized they were the taillights of yet another SUV.


This car looked different. It was also a dark colored SUV, but it was more red or maroon. The closer we got to it, we realized that this SUV was on its roof. I didn't have a cell phone or I would have called 911 myself, I lowered the passenger side window where Karen was, and we both just stopped and looked out the cars upside down in a very, very shallow ditch right next to the side of the road. I heard the windshield wipers of the car moving.


The engine was on, the interior lights were on, none of the doors of the car were open. But it just seemed like a perfectly normal car flipped on its top. No scratches. No broken glass, no broken anything. Karen, you call them. She just said, hello, anybody there? Anyone around you need help. Hello, hello. Karen turned to face me and it seemed like the color was starting to drain out of her face.


She has a much cooler head than I do. And if she was upset that I knew I needed to be upset, we had been sitting there a couple of moments and then we just decided we need to get out of here. There's something really, really, really bad here. I press the accelerator pretty hard and just said, what is going on here? Karen didn't say a word. We are not passed another car, we have not passed another living soul on this road and we've now been on the road 15 minutes.


Well, way up ahead, I noticed something in the road and it looked like the road was covered in like. White colored gravel like hailstones, and the closer we got to it, I realized that these hailstones were moving. And they were, as far as the eye can see, in all directions, so I got a little closer and the closer I got to them, I realized that they weren't hailstones at all. They were Frogs'. Tiny, tiny frogs, maybe just a little bit bigger than a 50 cent piece.


Every square inch of that road and the shoulder of the road were covered with these hopping frogs, everyone.


The whole road looked like it was moving in front of me. I pulled the car to a stop, a lowered the windows. We heard no noises, it was as though God turned off the audio of the world.


We didn't hear the frogs. They made no noise, we heard nothing but the sound of my engine.


No wind, no rain, no radio, no breathing, nothing.


And all we could see were these frogs everywhere we looked and they continued on up the road as far as we could see, hopping around on this wet pavement, thousands upon thousands of them just everywhere.


I reached over, put my hand on Karen's knee. And said, I don't know what this is, but it feels like the plague. She said nothing. My heart was in my throat, I kind of felt my hands shake. I don't think I've ever been more frightened in my life. I've been through some frightening experiences, but nothing like this. I glanced at Karen and she was motionless, just staring, staring at the frogs. I looked at Karen and said.


We can't stay here. We have to keep going. And for just a moment, the animal lover in me said, well, I can't run these frogs down, I can't run over these frogs, these poor frogs, whatever they're doing here, I don't know. But we got to get out of here. So I went ahead and continued on.


Once we're driving, I'm hearing the frogs as they jump hit the side of our car, I'm hearing very, very small thumps against the front, the sides, the doors, very small thumps and the frogs just kept coming. And we continue down this road and we've gone another mile, another two miles under the three miles. And these frogs are still everywhere, all around us. We're running over them. They're in front of us. They're behind us.


They're on the sides. They're just everywhere. They're just there's like a chorus of thumps, tiny thumps against the car. Very, very unsettling, to say the least, to know that I was killing these frogs by running over them. But I had to get out of there for miles out gone and the frogs sort of tapered off. After we passed through the frogs and it looked like they were behind us. I just press the accelerator hard. And I was probably 20 miles over the speed limit, I just wanted to get as far away from them as I could.


I kept driving another 10 minutes. And I reach the interstate, which I need to get on to get back to Birmingham, and I see that there's one gas station right at the freeway entrance. And so I pull in hoping to just sort of shake my head and just kind of make sense of what happened.


Well, I say the car enter into the parking lot of the gas station, pull up in a parking space, and I immediately wanted to jump out to see what the car looked like.


Karen hopped out the passenger side, I hopped out my side, the first thing I did was look at the exterior of the vehicle.


I just felt more than a little unsettled because not only had we seen what we'd seen and driven through what we've driven through, I saw no outward evidence on the car that we'd been through anything like this.


It's just a wet car. On a wet road on a wet night in rural Alabama. Thank you, Michael, for sharing your story with the SPOOT, how very relieved we are that you made it back from the Twilight Zone. Original score for that story by Leon Morimoto was produced by Emmy when? Now, let me ask you a question. Did you ever experience the inexplicable did ever hear the shouts of the unseen or see that which should never have been?


See, there are some stories you may not want to tell your spouse, your friends or your family, but if you can't tell them snapper's, you can tell me you want to hear your stories, your stories make sportsbook. So let us know. Spooked and snap judgment that again, and I promise will only tell if you want us to tell. We're headed to a famous lighthouse to meet a man that lived there. If you enjoy these campfire tales, join us over at Luminary for the latest dose of spooked go to luminary podcasts Dotcom to start your free trial.


See you there.


Welcome back to SNAP Judgment, our Campfire Tales episode. My name is Kim Washington, and this week we're bringing stories from SPOOT, a supernatural podcast created in partnership with Luminary. Now we're traveling to a small coastal town in Maine, this place called Lubbock, it's easternmost town in the United States of America. And once you there, you better get comfortable because it's over 100 miles to the next city, Bubba. I was lived there his whole life in his 20s, I worked at the town's famous lighthouse manned by the U.S. Coast Guard for four years.


I was in charge of a small crew that kept watch in shifts that job never, ever. His bubble and the light, there's no other light, I like it, the horizontal red and white stripes, 13 all together. It's, you know, the flag, the colonial days.


My name is Georgine. I'm 63 years old.


I live in Lubec, Maine, left here in 1974 at the high school to join the Coast Guard and put 26 years in the Coast Guard.


If you guys wasn't here today, I wouldn't be in this house. I will not be in the house alone. Believe it or not, I can't never be alone the rest of my life. It is like isolated, you know, there's bears down there, there's coyotes, wildlife, I seen the honest to God, I've seen a mountain lion down that we get to go 50 miles, go to Wal-Mart. We'll go 50 miles to go to a movie.


Well, that road is a winding, you know, winding. You know, it's a dangerous road. Thick fog down there at night. You could you could go off the road very, very easily. Do what he was two days on, two days off, then the weekend off. But you got to remember, they are on there for two days. You get to give them what you got to give the weather report every four hours, get a time of light, and then you're going to make sure the fog is going.


Somebody might be drowning out there, falling overboard. So you can't see what's in the ocean, too. You always had that feeling like somebody was he's looking at your house, standing behind you or something like that.


There was a presence there that felt like a dark presence, evil presence for somebody that he's not used to, a rural setting like like look back. And they come from a sitting station. The other night I've had a couple and it was a shock before I came in one morning.


And a guy you want to commit suicide, he was up on the light and facing the ocean and he locked the door to to get up. And he he, you know, wanted to jump off to the lighthouse to kill himself. So I had to call the medical center and come down and they took him out of the straitjacket, he was kicking, yelling and screaming and and I just kept asking what happened to what happened to you? How did you get to the state of mind?


And then then this guy named Bradley, his he was from Lubeck, he had trouble, he was scared. He was gay. He was scared to stay there. Yeah, he could he would commit to one night I come down to check on him and I went down over the hill and all the lights were on, all the lights. Yes, they went to hang and I get closer now that I see sky in all the windows and everything was smashed up, his car taillights, its headlights, there's all smashed out glass all over the road.


I'm going, man. Somebody did that to him. And, you know, we're going to get the bottom of it. So I went in there. I went in the light and holiday. Brandy, Brandy, Brandy, where are you? And then I you know, I said, are you in the bathroom? Open the door up. Right now we're kicking in and I'm like this, honest to God, there's a mattress and a pillow on the floor.


He had a gun. He had a knife. He had an axe. He's just like this. He looked like he was in horror. He was like, he's a ghost. I'm I'm looking at it in a funny looking at what happened to you when. Emna What empty vehicle? Your vehicle. George Smith. He goes. Honest to God, I looked out the window and he was 12 people in cloaks and they had sticks and he was going around my car, this massive lap.


I said, OK, where do they go and see where they went that this vanished in the woods. I say, OK, all right. So I get him out, then get him a cup of coffee. And he was shaking everything like that. And and he he was he was scared to death. I call the medical center again and again, do not take your mouth off the straitjacket. I went through I went through about 10 people down there.


It was hard enough to get somebody down there to stand that kind of duty. A lot of people can't do that. A lot of people can't be alone. And if you're there all alone, I can see being scared. I was scared. I was scared. I wouldn't be going out there every four hours at night. I was scared of the animals. I was scared of maybe seeing something else. That's when I scared them. When he start getting dark outside, I felt it.


I felt, you know, I this, you know, it was a worse feeling for me. You know, I'm the only one here.


I'd have Spooner and ACAP. I said she's drinking coffee out there and I listen to her for a while. I was right by the kitchen, my bedroom. I could hear it. I could hear doors opening up and all that. You know, my bed was situated. So I'd look right up there at the door to see if the door would be turning. I was armed, I never slept all night, I did during the day, I would during the day or not at night.


That's how crazy I was. I put up on the doors. I put up like balloons and stuff because I really wanted to hear somebody tripa, you know, hit one of them. You know what I mean? I really I really wanted to hear that.


I figure if they come in, they'll come to me and and I'll be ready for. I remember it was a it was a clear day is a beautiful day out, you know that course I had the duty. I don't think anybody come down visit. I had visits every almost every day. Nobody came down that day, which was odd.


I see the wind change. It was Southwest and I said, here we go again, Southwest could be could be thick fog down here tonight. I mean, thick. I looked out the window about 10 o'clock at night. Can you see your car? So I think it was and that makes you nervous to. I 10:00 o'clock, I think I went to bed around 10:00, something like that, but I'm in there laying down and all that and I just get in bed and I hear that banging on the door and going to be coming down at 10:00 o'clock at night.


It must be must be one of my friends that must come in and say hello. But they never came down 10 o'clock at night before. So I hear they keep hear the banging. It was a loud bang.


And, you know, so I said, well, must be somebody in distress. So I, I, I'm in the kitchen now. I go through the door like I see the shape, I see the shape of somebody. I don't have the dawn this woman stand this like this, you know, and she had this this is. This dress was like a it was like a civil war dress, it's kind of green light and all that. And I'm looking at her and she's I mean, she's so what I see in her eyes is like she's looking right through me.


She looks like she was in I won't say terror, but she was not a happy person. I was scared to drive through the doors like that and my heart was pounding, and I guess it help. She was, yes, I have to use the bathroom. She she sounded like a like like a I've really sort of soft voice, really soft, like a squeaky voice. And I said here and, you know, you know, I'm inquisitive.


I was going to ask 100 questions, but all of a sudden I just got this feeling like.


I got it. She wants to use the bathroom. That's her priority, you know, OK. No problems. Like I told you, the bathroom's right over here. Well, guess what? She walks by me. She was unaware. It is, you know. She walks by, opens up the door to where that freaked me out. And I said, you must be here. You've been here before. She didn't ask me. Well, she started going up the stairs and I turned the light on and she said, well, I want to go right up the stair.


And I kind of looked it up and make sure that she's in the bathroom. All right. She's in the bathroom. The light comes on the whole time. I'm going. You got to be kidding me. And I that's when I when I think I got to face the music here, I've run the hell out of here and get in my truck and take off. That's what I should have done anyway. I backed off. And when, you know, the kitchen's right there in here, she comes and she goes down, she walks out the door.


And when she when she comes out of that door, you know, she didn't even look at me. She didn't even look. She went right by me like that. And I thought I could ask her a couple of questions. She didn't ask me. She opened the door and her second she went right out. So I went out. I went out because I told her, I started yelling. I said, Ma'am, you're going the wrong way.


Is that the cliff was there? That was it. She she disappeared. The fog.


So, Raymonde, the next morning I went got him the with this woman came in here last night. She didn't like something I've seen before. Well then he told me he's seen her over there a few years back and I said Oh I said so what do you think. Or him. He goes, It's a ghost.


I wish now I would have touched a. I wish I would have this went like that and touched to see to see if. If there was any kind of reaction to something like that. And I just started thinking all these things that why did she come and see me, why? I mean, why me? Why not somebody else? I wish she's safe with me. I don't know. She had I think she had to be I don't know, she showed some happiness either, some somehow, you know, I believe I do believe she died down there.


She might have died there. She might have died at sea. You know, she might have got lost. She looked like she looked like a lost soul.


That's what it looked like to me. Like I said, my last two years was very, very difficult because I really thought I'd see her again. I've dreamed her. I have dreamed of that woman. It's the same thing. She walks by me, turns around, walks out every dream. Every dream is the same thing. What goes up there. So then I wake up and I, you know, even today I have a light on my every night, a little light, that's all.


So that I feel safe. Thank you, Bubba, for manning the light, keeping everyone safe for so many years. We're glad you don't have to be down there anymore. Original score for that story goes by. Clay Xavier was produced by Grado Weber and Galen Cobb. It happened again, and if you missed even a moment, get the amazing SNAP Judgment podcast. Subscribe the SNAP podcast that transports you into another time, another place and sometimes another world.


And no, this is a brand new season of amazing spook storytelling drops and all new spook season released weekly now through Halloween, a luminary podcast that can't be afraid. The Campfire Tales episode is brought to you by the team, but never wears a jacket on those dark, stormy nights, I don't know why, I don't know why, but flee in terror. If you happen to see Mr. Restitch and Assessment, our chief spokesperson, Lysa Smith. Moore, Neuzil.


Well, Gourriel, Chris Hambrick and Nguyen, Leon Morimoto.


Tailed cotton resident Alere Yates, Zoe Ferrigno, Grétar Webber, Jacob Winnik, Tiffany, Tulisa and Ford, Fernando Hernandez and Flo Wiley understand someone pretending to be your friend asked you to visit their cabin in the woods off the grid? Well, you know, to turn them down because off the grid means no power, no power means no lights.


And you know full well to never, ever, never, ever at this point, never, ever, ever, ever. For all the newest episodes of Spooked, go to Luminary podcast Dotcom or download the Luminary mobile app.