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Hello, buddy, welcome to Episode 282 of Spin Checketts, presented by Pink Whitney for my friends at New Amsterdam Vodka.


Here on the barstool sports podcast Family, we are back to two shows a week for the playoffs. We got a big guest lined up to kick it off. The qualifiers start. We've already had fights in OT penalty shot, a suspension. Goalie questions a big controversy between Calgary, Winnipeg. Lots to get to. But let's say hi to the boys first, something we totally skipped last week. What was probably say. Let's go to Joey first. What's up, buddy?


What's up, guys? As you know, playoff hockey has started, which means tons of shirts are available in the barstool. Sports store dropped a bunch last week, dropping a ton more this week. So get on their barstool sports dotcom slash chocolates. All right.


This nasty or is it bone nasty right now? You must be feeling pretty good. Yo, sort of big W today. We'll be talking about that shortly. How you been? I don't tell.


I am rock hard right now. After that performance by the old coming out blazing already dumped a few of my belly button.


I know we were all horned up last episode.


We didn't really do the intros. But I tell you what man is so nice having some hockey to talk about and we got a lot of it. I don't think you could have asked for a more dramatic opening day of of of playoffs.


And what I'm excited to get your perspective on a few things, so I'll throw it back over to up.


Last but not least, the wet dog running Whitney off, hitting the links somewhere. How we doing, brother? I'm doing phenomenal, guys. What a day, what a day and a half it's been. It's 9:00 Eastern right now here on a Sunday night, just Hawkie galore. I mean, I had a tweet, very simple tweet. I think I noticed the power of Spuyten Chilcote's when I sent this tweet.


I just said, it's August and we have five hockey games on a Saturday or something like that. I might have just butchered what the exact tweet was like.


Twenty thousand likes to see that Ciccarelli. Is that technically viral? I mean, that's full-blown viral. And listen, that's just because.


It's a fact what I said, and everyone loves facts in this world, and you talk about your being amerykah watching this hockey, so we have it's like bullet proof, a bullet proof covered wagon that's rolling around Arizona, Scottsdale right now, all just running around talking about a yacht's game.


One win, I, I bet Nashville in that game.


And I'm so pissed off because it was it felt like it was three nothing within four minutes of the game start, I was on the golf course, but yeah, it's just great to talk to you guys. And you sent out a text this morning that just mentioned, guys, we've so much to talk about. And I am rock hard. We've so we've heard this. You know, this is going on 12 hours now. It's 9:00 in the morning.


We were chatting. So it's true. And it's we have so much to get into, some of it good, some of it kind of shitty to talk about. But pleasure to be here.


I you think we got like a Romanized or something for how hard I am. Thanks for the introduction this week. Theilman Absol in The Real Games are back on CBS. These games, it's felt like pent up hate fucking like these guys have been dying to play so much, killing each other. The physicality has been great and like I said, we got controversy off the hop Calgary. They beat Winnipeg four to one because everybody talk about Matthew Cookbook's hit on Chifley.


Obviously, he's got his reputation. Palmer, he's come out.


We can run that clip of what he said here or intentional kind was a filthy, dirty kick to the back of the leg. You can't see it on the program feed, but take the blue line feed and you zoom in. It went off the back of his leg could to cut his toes. We could end of the man's career. It's an absolutely filthy, disgusting.


I mean, that's a coach not mincing any words whatsoever. Absolutely filthy, disgusting hit. You guys play the game. What, you don't want to stop like that? A guy's really even thinking to try to hurt somebody. There is not a situation where a guy does pick up a and we just don't see it because guys typically don't get hurt. Take us through what you saw.


I saw a million people respond and watch a slow down, high definition replay one hundred times where everything looks different than how it actually goes down and how it actually happens at this speed. The games played out. So I actually really enjoy Paul Morris, as I should say. Enjoy. Right. I never had him as a coach, but he's entertaining for what we do. He's got to usually it's very easy to get some funny quotes. He said some really good things that I have agreed with here.


I, I know he's backing this guy, but if he played the game at any point, you've got to understand you're not trying to do that.


You can't even think.


I know this sounds crazy to some people who think Mac Cook did it to Eric Carlson on purpose in Matthew Kucuk did it to Mark Shifman on purpose.


You can't you can't even do that. It's it's not going through your mind. Things happen quick. You're on your edge. You're catching edges. The speed of that play. Watch it over and over at the exact same speed the game's played at. And if you played the game, you know, it is an unfortunate, shitty incident, but by no means on purpose. I, I, I cannot be convinced otherwise.


Yeah, I you'd have to hook a truck up to a lie to test a lie detector test.


And how good would that be. We could pay per view that. Yeah. If ever agreed to do that. I mean that's, that's, that's nineteen ninety nine and a pink Whitney many.


That's the, that's the problem, that's the problem with social media now too. And I just feel like you go on there to even watch him and like it's just being slow down every time and you're like watch the real speed. Like it's crazy how it all happens. You probably couldn't even pinpoint what exactly happened to his knees because even after watching the replays, people couldn't. And from now what I'm hearing, it's a puncture of the SCAP played into his calf.


Correct. Well, that's just speculation, nobody really knows. I know Morris referred to it as and I think one player said he was cut, but I mean, what a guy even know he was cut that bad. I mean, the way he reacted like his knee got caught up and doesn't grimace until after. So I don't know if that will be a cut. All right.


Let me ask you a question. Yeah. That if that's who's on the fence, Johnny Goodrow say. Right. And he's going into Shively, is there anyone out there saying that it was on purpose? No.


And the same reason why Matt Cook was getting blamed for the Erik Carlson one is just such a polarizing name. Now, keep in mind, maybe Kucuk is as polarizing name in today's climate as Matt Cook was back then. But I think that Matt Cook at that time had earned that title based on other things. I mean, you go to the Savard hit and a few other incidences where he definitely wasn't get benefit of the doubt. Kucuk plays on the edge, but to accuse him of doing something on purpose like that is just a little bit ridiculous.


Going back to the comments by Paul Morris, you've got to remember, too, you know, his bench was pretty fired up and upset because they just lost their best player. And what I think is probably a top, what, 15 player in the world. And at that point, given their back and you're pretty much watching your playoff hopes dwindle right before your eyes, and then he's probably saying that heated postgame. In a way to maybe galvanize his group into order, use this as fuel to go back out there and compete the way I looked at it the rest of the game, even despite Wheeler trying to take matters into his own hands, which I commend him, that's great leadership.


Know I know the fight maybe wasn't is as big a deal as maybe people made it out to be. But just the fact that he was willing to go stick up for his guy just shows you what kind of leader he is on the frustration it for sure had mounted, given the exact same thoughts I'm sure he was going through, as I described with Moreese. But yeah, it seemed like the Calgary Flames kind of just bullied them a little bit.


I mean, you saw Renaldo and Lutwyche after fucking every or, you know, there was a whistle in there on the ice just continuing to, you know, to just play that play that mucky style of game. And I just think at this point in time, you know, as you know, I just I just think jets don't really have a snowball's chance in hell at this point. Now, losing Shutterfly and it sucks and online is in line isn't playing either.


Correct? He left the game in the third as well. He had some problems left hand. So he's a question mark to let me see two huge holes.


And it's just crazy that you get into these situations where it's this competitive hockey. And it kind of brings me back to my initial reaction.


Watching Rangers' hurricanes was like, holy shit. I mean, you're you were thinking you might you might see these guys ease into it. I mean, it was like legit playoff hockey. That was a huge hit. There was a fight early on. And you're like, all right, these guys are everything that I said leading up to this shocker is incorrect. I mean, these guys are involved physically, emotionally, right away. No crowd must be weird.


But for viewers at home, I've noticed they've done a great job in terms of I don't know if there's exact fake noise.


I've heard there is I've heard some people say that there isn't. But whatever they're doing, it sounds natural, right? It's like maybe a noise in the background. I don't know if you've heard this or you agree with me or not, RJ, but I think the broadcast has been great. Some of these cameras. And just right away, you could tell from the first game that this is going to be like awesome to watch. It's going to be a crazy couple of months that I think the games are going to be just as entertaining as you could have hoped for in the playoffs and I mean, in the normal playoffs.


And not to just completely write off the Jets, but it's going to be difficult, especially with line. If both him and Shapely are done. They combined for fifty seven goals and one hundred and thirty six points the next.


That's with their back end and Morency as I say, his last name or NC. Oh, well, the show you just said however you want and then you get crucified. Yeah, OK. Well, he's like the only real stud they have on the back end. So unless hella bucks able to pull a rabbit out of us, I think the flames are going to go on. Yeah, that sounds weird.


I can't tell. I keep hearing people talk about I can't really notice them. I liked how they you know, they play the respective teams goal horns and stuff and that's pretty cool. But the visuals are great. They're able to do because there's no crowd there to do this kind of overhead. It almost reminds you of like Monday Night Football when you know the behind and behind the quarterback, you got a much better view of the game. So, yeah, it's thumbs up deafen on the production so far, of course, protracted fight will or as was mentioned.


And did you like a little panache you put on his glove, throwing down his gloves like he was he was revved up for that little spin with his glove when he threw it down.


It was well I think I think that was his attitude toward the fact that Wheeler was basically accusing him of doing that on purpose. And apparently on the way off, the contract went up top. Chafey Wheeler at that point was having none of it basically like, get the fuck away from them, you scumbag. And you could just to me, you could just tell by Chuck's body language, that guy is like, you know, it was a freak accident.


I went to finish my head. He dodged my last second. And that was the result. And I can say from like at least a quote unquote physics standpoint, I guess that in the body positioning, as you're going into the wall, as you kind of try to transfer his way, you could just see he was on the heel of his right boot and then the toe is what went up and got him. And, you know, people people make their own assumptions is, oh, why was this blade even off the ice?


Like, that's what happens a million times a game. You just never have to slow it down and dissect it like that situation. So for those type of people just trying to be fucking pissed off online, which which I can understand if you're a Jets fan, I just it wasn't intentional.


Tough night to be a Jets fan. Like he did go to Shafeeq when they were taken off the ice. He did go over and said something, presumably, you know, sorry, whatever he said. I mean, so I think that counts for something, Joe. But I'm moving along, obviously, gallery one, not leading the series to want to mention. We've got a huge guest coming a little while, going to bring them one. Chicago Blackhawks Duncan Keith made his second appearance on the show.


We talked to him just before he left for the bubble. So it's pretty good stuff. He talks about what they're expecting going in the mental approach with no fans, all that type of stuff.


So we bring in that little while and make it a few a few bucks off the young guys bringing in some toys. Yeah, yeah. We'll get to that later, though. Some funny stuff. So speaking of the Blackhawks, while they beat up on Edmonton six to four, it was the only game on Saturday to go over the total McDavid squad quick for the Edmonton Hawks rattled off four straight. I was kind of surprised man with Tippett because Smitty gave up for in the first I mean, he wasn't a problem he probably should have had.


But then he gives up that first goal in the second period. And it's like, man, if they pull them earlier, they might have been a different result. I think he might have wanted that one back either way. Great debut for Kubelik. Two goals, three assists, the first of a postseason game. I don't know, man. Now it's like so quick. Edmonton down one. Nothing already that they hit the panic button.


What I believe that's a rookie are a record excuse me for most points by a rookie and his debut in playoffs five points, is that correct? For Kruglik. And just overall, Chicago dominated them.


They just looked well prepared and experience going in a few of these series. There was definitely a coin toss as far as who was going to be in net. I wasn't surprised to see to go with Smitty, just given the experience he has had specifically beating. What year was that? We went to the fucking conference final either way. Well, twenty twelve in six games he beat Chicago. So maybe TYP thought, hey, this guy's got experience against them.


Let's see what he can do. Maybe that'll get inside. Crawford said who knows. Well, that wasn't the case. You mentioned that one. Nothing lead. And then Smitty, who who's great at playing the puck, typically ends up by turning one over and then strong banks one of them. And then that's kind of the rest is history. It kind of unraveled from there. So even Tippett's comments today, a day after the game, he said, I don't necessarily think that was a goaltending issue.


That was a more players on the ice playing defense issue. I still imagine he's he's not going to go back with Smitty and they'll be quite the response from the Edmonton Oilers, because that just was that was pathetic like that even that was on on McDavid like performance as well. He had a few turnovers, one I think resulted into the goal, the one behind the net. And for an off night, he still ended up having one in three.


So I'd imagine he responds well as well as the rest of the group. Yeah, but the beginning of the game, right, McDavid scores that goal, and I thought they're going to win five nothing, you know, I mean, the bar down and by the way, people are chirping me talking about my goal against San Jose not being part of it. I guess it was in part and it's still is a rocket over. The goal is to love.


Anthony, thanks for coming. I didn't mean to get into myself there. Going back to Edmonton. It looked phenomenal.


The beginning, of course, the power play, the best power played in the last 40 years. They get one early on his goal.


And then it's just the first goal. Smitty, I mean, it's like he's would you say that his one of his biggest skills, everyone knows, is playing the pocky so good at handling it. It makes it easy on his defensemen on the breakout. But it's like, dude, something happens there on that first goal. It's like you just wish he'd stay in and, you know, not even worry about it. You know what I'm saying.


Yeah. I live by the sword. Die by the sword. There's, there's, I bet you could put a highlight reel of times. He's turned it over and it's end up in the back of his neck. But you take the good with the bad and a once in a while it does come back to bite you.


Yeah. And then they give up a power play goal against and is just it was sloppy after looking right off the bat like it was going to be, you know, typical offensive Edmonton just scoring a bunch of goals. And in the end, I mean, they ended up getting what was it what was the final score.


Six four six four. Yep. Yeah, six four. So the offense isn't the issue. It's kind of what we said leading up to the series is that can defensively they figure it out.


And I would agree. I would I would, I would guess Smith doesn't get the start next game because I, I don't know if it's come out. Yeah. But I would be surprised.


Another no to Drakula I got the first suspension of the playoffs. You get a one game for an illegal checked out ahead of Tyler and there was no penalty called the play and it did finish the game, but they looked at it pretty quick as they have to under these circumstances and he'll be missing the next game. I agree with that one.


I don't know if we touched on it during the Duncan Keith interview, but the fact that, you know, these older, experienced guys got this little break in order to get their energy back before playoffs could be a huge help. And I don't know, man like Black Hawks have a good opportunity. They have a solid squad. They got some young guys contributing. And I don't know, Crawford looked like Crawford looked pretty good as well. Yeah.


And Duncan Keith, I mean, you know, we're dropping off. I mean, we keep saying his name. What did he have two, three assists last night? You know, Saturday nights. He's he really could be on to something when he said, yeah, basically they they finally started playing them more. And that's when I caught fire. Yeah, he had three he had three total points, but I just want to let you know that that segment at Game Breakdown was brought to you by dude wipes.


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Moving right along because you have mushroom poops after your weekend in Vermont. I'm not too bad. Yeah. That shut out the lessons of my man. I they give me a nice little welcome package for a long time listener of the show, long time follower. He gave me a little welcome packets of a monster that's been on. It's been a nice time. I'm actually actually up here all week. That's why I'm in a echoey room, because I'm going to catch you.


Make sure the Internet was good before you went up there. Was that one of the. Oh, I've had a half. So I've been doing the shows there for like the last four or five years when we've only been doing one a week. Obviously we're doing all week this week. We're back to that. But I've been doing it from this place for the last few years. So this is Ari's Vermont getaway? Yeah, my annual junket with the family.


So it's been good stuff.


I saw a couple of your Instagram stories. You were crippled years ago.


You sounded so fucking terrible. You were called. Yeah, no, I was. I haven't honestly, I haven't been away since the last time I was here. I mean, I know we traveled for while for work, but I haven't been around like like away with family type vacations. So I had a I had a few and I landed.


What time you roll out of bed on vacation are like four now. You know what they're did.


You flew up fly up there. No, no drive. Get here. Just south of Rutland. It's about a three and a half hour drive. A balladromic. So when you landed. No, well, maybe I was flying last night so I can land at some point, that's for sure. Yeah, it's I love them.


It's such a relaxing place. A nice little nice little getaway. But.


All right, let's get right back to the island this far. This game played out like I think a lot of people did. Semyon Varlamov, all Doolan's countrymen. But Borowski stop fourteen shots in the second played a very good game. Jayjay Pageau Anthony Moveit Boville score for the islanders. The Islands man. They played Trott's hockey. They kept Florida just five shots in the third was another big hit not game to Matheson hit on boy Chucky got two minutes legal check that I had.


I don't think, I think they originally threw him out of the game or were going to, weren't there for, for a check to the head but or at least people were sending that out on the social network. And then and then it didn't end up it was a two minute minor. And I don't know. What would you think of that one? Which NFC seeing it?


I thought I agree with the the one gamer Farhood you just mentioned, getting the one gamer straight. Could you could join us exactly. From sorry. I agree with that one.


This one it was he's coming across the blue line like you got to kind of have your head up a little bit now.


I mean, it was it certainly seemed not nearly as bad as the casual one. Maybe that's just me just disagreeing with most people. But I was surprised this one was made to be that big of a deal at the time. I thought it was a good hit. I couldn't agree more. And no thank you, but no shocker and the fact that islanders, islanders and the Carolina Hurricanes both sharpen it up, my hope. I mean.


Yeah, but how boring was that game? Oh, that's the thing is they play islanders hockey. I thought they were going to have a hard time getting back in that in that defensive mode. And, you know, when you first come back, it's kind of more that pond hockey theme. Well, that wasn't the case. They just tightened up ship and got Trott's is just so good at that.


Did you guys see Tony Exis tweet? He said that game was equivalent to a Thursday night football game. I thought it was perfect.


Yeah, that's a good way to describe it.


That is a great way to describe it. And most Thursday night games leading in, you just think, oh, you know, you don't have it's like Tennessee versus Jacksonville.


You're like, oh, I know. You know, I hate chirping the cats.


I mean, I love we love Keith. We love the cats. Fuck the islanders. But that game is just so boring.


If Florida has any chance, they can't be as timid. They're going to start singing it around and try to play that high flying offense.


And I think it's hard to do that against the islanders. They don't let you they they don't give up Aardman rushes.


That's fair. All right. What do you think? I said this is playing out how I thought.


It's it's a chess match. You've got quenelle versus Trotz and the islanders don't care about winning pretty. They just don't win ugly. That's what Trott's is going to do with this lineup. But broski look good. I mean, he had a tough regular season. He certainly played well enough to win two to one. That's a tough loss.


I mean, I don't know if Florida has to do much more different other than obviously score goals, but I think it's incredible, too, that they didn't have a forward play. Seventeen minutes past the islanders. That's how even the lowest the lowest amount of time given out in the first game. Matt Martin had just about twelve minutes. So it's just it's just constantly energy coming at you. You're not dealing with guys getting overplayed. It's just we you're going to wear you down and we're going to bore the shit out of Ryan Whitney on his coach on a Saturday in August and basically make you just be miserable watching us win games.


That's kind of what it comes down to with the islanders.


Yeah. And no disrespect to them or their fans.


I mean, I'm guessing most people probably have in Chicago. I've been to and considering all the goalscoring the stuff that, you know, most people, probably more fans watching that game, what's up?


And another thing, too, is you notice about the islanders is they only took two penalties in order to snap this time around and keep that energy high, you have to stay out of the box. So that just goes down to discipline. And you you start seeing other teams who aren't I mean, six, seven, eight minors in their first game. And I mean, even going back to that Winnipeg game. And I know they lost Saïfi, so that's probably why they weren't able to capitalize.


But I think fucking Winnipeg had seven powerplays. So it's the islanders just do a great job of playing that team game and not even a quarantine and shutdown could prevent them from playing their style. And we had a pretty big upset.


And Montreal beat Pittsburgh three two in OT. This is a wild one, Montreal out of two, not the lead. They ended up blowing it, but then we had two missed penalty shots, including one in overtime. It was the first playoff game with two penalty shots since nineteen twenty three. Cornish and Jonathan Drouyn both missed, but Jeff Petrie scored with six three left the note to send the Habs with a one nothing lead in series was such an asshole.


This is one of those teams. They said Be careful, they win that first one. Who knows what can happen. That dreaded Batum for the series. But that's a huge win for Montreal right now with a A.


Yeah we talked about price having to do that and he did just kind of stand on his head and to get out to that two nothing league immediately makes it way tougher than you take it out. We've got to get three against this goalie to win.


And I just my favorite part of the game was the Drouyn penalty shot and Biscoe going to Instagram life, because that's that's incredible right there.


I love watching you follow that. And what a tough play. Oh, you try going back and shelf. You don't even get a shot on net court. Talkable feeling like an asshole. I've been there. I missed the net many one on one at B.C. against Zach Randolph for the Social Seahawks once. It's a horrible feeling.


I actually like the fact that Montreal got off to that two nothing league because then I knew it was going to be close. Sid ends up getting the team going. Did you see that played? You can just stand strong on a stick around the net.


Yeah, and just knowing no one to just throw it over there could easily hit him coming back. And it was hockey IQ.


And and before that point, Carey Price was standing on his head. He did an incredible job for them. And I don't know I don't know how much weight I put on that game. I thought for the most part that Pittsburgh carried the play. I thought their power play look good. You know, I'd still bet the house on them. But that was a storyline coming in could carry price. Dana's had steel series off the penguins. And as of right now, that kind of that's that storyline remains.


Yeah, because everyone's out there shitting their pants, probably mostly in Philly, the prospect of Pittsburgh getting that No one picnic because of everything that's set up right now. Again, that's that's another element people complain about. But it's this little kind of lingering thing.


You've got to think Montreal fans don't want them to win this series. Right. Full time to get before a 12 percent chance that a guy who.


Yeah, but I mean, they're not going to win the cup. I don't know. I don't know, man.


I mean, if you use your brain as a Canadiens fan, if you're going to think of what's best for the future of my fandom, for this team, you want them to lose and have a chance again.


Would you get a carry price neck tattoo if they ended up pulling it off all the way and won the cup? Neil, wet, wet. No, but I'll let you come up to me at a bar someday when you are allowed back in there and be like, dude, you were wrong about the abs. OK, fair enough.


Fair enough. That's not as exciting as getting a tattoo on your neck, but OK, I'm never getting a tattoo.


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I try it out. I double up before I booze and I don't wake up with the consequences I used to when I used to drunk or drink when I was younger. Yeah.


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Speaking of detox, we just drop the Kucuk family out on Sunday, part of the detox maze.


I'm right there. That's just being a producer on top of his game.


It was supposed to roll out on Sunday anyway. And it just so happens Kucuk ends up getting involved in that issue with the Jets. And speaking of GHG talks, they also sponsored all the videos, as you just mentioned, for the AECL Player Relief Fund. I believe there's about eight of them rolling out so big. Thank you to them. Another ten grand for the actual players who, you know, lost their pay due to the season getting cancelled.


So way to step up and shout out to the AECL. Well said, well said, because I had the first series that kicked everything off at 12 o'clock on Saturday, Carolina on the Ranges, this is a pretty good game. Nice tense affair. Carolina beat them three to two to take a one series lead. What was great, Stralman Williams pretty much off the hop. Everybody was like, oh, man, Hockey's back. Those guys with chukka knocks Carolina seven four seven on the penalty kill.


I mean, that's good stuff, Pete. I'm going to do that every game. Ranger Yes. Before I left the game after a hit from Brady Shakey's out for game two, Peter Razzak was great. Stopped twenty four. Twenty six. Hank was great to stop. Thirty four. Thirty seven. Just one last goal. Let's go to Utah for your take on this one.


Will they listen to me. And started Hank and I like you said, he played well. That was really cool to see Williams chucking them off the hop. I mean, the game had barely just started. And you got that, you know, the wily veteran going at it. But, you know, ultimately, I just really like the way that Carolina played and controlled the puck. I I'm I'm I'm regretting my pick a little bit after drinking the Rangers Kool-Aid coming in on this one.


And I mentioned the islanders and Carolina usually being able to shove it up my hoop. And they did so in game one now. And what I'm curious for is do they come back with Hank for game two? So now you got another goalie decision to make. I would imagine they try one of the other guys out, but I don't know if I could if I could do a flip flop on one series, it would be this one. I was pumped to see Lonnqvist get the start, I thought he, like throughout all the year, throughout the season and how things had gone, there was a time when he definitely kind of wasn't looked at as their starter.


But after what's gone on this long and you come back from camp, you see what he has and how he'd been playing. I like that he got the start and by no means was that loss on him. So to me, it's I think he kind of got to go back to him if you picked it for game one and he did his job. Is it really? Are you really going to look at it like we didn't when he didn't do his job?


Some people I could listen to that argument.


But for me, I think you go back with them and they can't win if they're powerplays 047, you know, you have you have a unit there where it's like D'Angelo is on the point, Fox is on the point.


Both those guys can move it. They can get it through, they can run a power play. And then it's just panarin and the holes have been injured, show their power play needs to be clicking so they have no chance. You're 047. But I think for Carolina in this game, I mentioned it earlier, just kind of running and getting ahead of myself.


But this game was so good right off the hop. And Carolina, it's like you want to see a hockey player dominate just this Jacob Slavet there is not Disguise Knot's.


He's hopping into the play, buzzing by guys, one of the fastest skaters on either team. And then he's getting back on the offensive plays. And there it's one to one. Twenty five minutes. We've got a horse like that. I don't necessarily think the Rangers do. I don't think that Tony D'Angelo is good defensively as is so offensively. Yeah, maybe. But he's the whole package. So you get a guy like that carrying the load and they don't even have Doug Hamilton.


So if they can get him back, Caroline is nice. Who did I pick in that series? I really hope those Carolina like I'm going to be so disgusted if I want to talk about Slavet a little bit.


People were upset. He wasn't nominated for The Lady Big. No, I don't know how much weight people put on the lady being a trophy, but the fact that this guy can take on other teams toplines also produce offense. But while going against other teams toplines, not be taking penalties while shutting them down. I don't know what is. I don't know what the season numbers on minors were. I think he might have had like five, maybe even less than that.


And so this guy look out for this guy moving forward in the Noris conversation because I know Carolina, so he doesn't get that proper love. There's that East Coast bias. Well, needs to go a little bit south and start noticing this guy. He's the he's the real deal. Yeah, the early speculation was that just Durcan was going to stop, but apparently he sounds like he suffered an injury or something. I know six, ten Abasto rates for the ranges.


He he kind of got a tip that he sounded like he was hurt and that, you know, Hank was going to be getting a so if she is not good to go, that's even more than likely. We'll see. Hank, the other upset.


I mean, I suppose a big upset, the best Arizona each. Nashville for three. Take a big one. Not Leonski came out thumping big man like you had. You were back in the lineup for a couple of minutes. They got a nice bounce early, got a one shot lead, sat on a Dossey Temple is great. You see, stars did get the stop for as I suspected, Renee had started. Eighty nine straight games for Nashville, but John Hines decided to go with Saros.


I don't think this is the problem. I mean, Nashville is flat footed, took some undisciplined penalties and then boom, boom, boom. Carolina had a quick start. This the analyst for the OT's. Let's hear from you, buddy. Yeah, yeah.


Similar to the other goalie situation. I don't know who they're going to go with in game two. I would imagine PECC Arena does get the start, but Gaieties were on their heels a little early and Darsey Kamper, I know I've been stroking them off a lot on this podcast, but he stood tall, ended up with 40 saves on the night as they almost let it slip away in the third. But you know, when he weathered the storm early, all of recommend Larssen end up getting a point shot through, took a fortuitous bounce.


And I think right after that it kind of just, you know, allowed them to relax. And they started playing their game. They were off to a three nothing lead. I was a little nervous when Forsberg ended up scoring on a late power play in the first period to make it three one. He scored two and a half seconds left. And I'm like, oh, shit, here we go. So even the next year they came out, they're playing a lot better.


They end up taking a penalty. And I'm like, oh, Jesus, this is a big kill for the Oats and Grabner, a guy who suffered a really bad eye injury this year. And I think it's you know, people weren't sure if he was going to be able to play hockey again. It might it might have been a career ender. And even going into the bubble, his I don't know, the full story is his daughter would be potentially more at risk if she contracted covid.


So he was even questioning going, given the fact he didn't know how much he was going to play. And with the eye injury while he decides to go, there was an injury to Schmaltzy in the game against Vegas in the exhibition game while they insert him in the lineup and he picks off a Forsberg pass cross eyes on the penalty kill and he goes down and he buries it to make it for one. And I couldn't be more happy for him.


He ends up getting the game winner because, of course, they almost collapsed in the third. But a great effort by the by the votes. Halsy looked awesome. Phil, the thrill had two points as well. Dvorak chipped in Clayton Keller in his first ever him Dvorák and Clayton Keller in their first postseason game for the franchise ended up scoring. So that was very cool. So a lot of positive things on the on the Kyrie's end. But at the end of the day, Nashville's got a very deep team.


Romanowski and the boys will look to respond. So, you know, enjoy it. And back to back come a Tuesday, Wednesday, against the odds, not even come after that piece.


What a description of that hockey game. You were there. You were doing the the color for the radio. Correct. What were you doing? The intermission reports.


I was doing some intermission reports. You know, of course, pump of the boys tires and then jumping on the radio broadcast to another. It's a little bit more laid back. So it was good doing just that first hand. And it was fun to call a game that had meaning for the coyotes in quite some time.


That was good. Stuff was nice and grab and get the ball. He's a veteran. He's been around bounce around. A lot of teams always like to see a guy score a goal in that spot. He's an easy guy to root for.


I want to say he had six Short-Handed goals last year. So finally, you know that that tandem having Richardson end up getting another one on the board for the boys and a much needed one, because I mentioned that third period, you said that this undisciplined penalties. I think that was just the physicality of the coyotes that they brought out that that I think it annoyed Nashville a little bit. Taylor Hall and Rock and roll. And you'll see about 13 seconds into that game.


I'm sure that about Hetal pop up on some highlight reels in the next couple of days. Yes, and definitely good stuff. We had a couple other qualifying series that have either started or are going to be a little bit later, Columbus and Toronto, that's currently in progress. Scoreless in the second corpuscle got the start for Columbus. Toits said, quite simply, I'm not explaining it is fucking great because these toits we got Minnesota, Vancouver, that's the late Sunday game, obviously will conclude before the episode drops.


Want to give you a round robin update as well. Philly played Boston. They beat them four to one. Hallak was in for Ascot. Ross got off. He was ill or whatever the don't start. You started to sounds like you might be sick or whatever kind of hot talk about kind of show all the time. He had a great game for Philly, gave up only one goal, the other round robin that could play today. Colorado just beat St.


Louis two to one. I believe there's some Kadry get the game winner. So the round robin, obviously, we said before, we're not going to have as much emphasis on them because they're just, you know, those those teams aren't so quick glance by for the fact that Kadry ended up scoring that winner on a buzzer beater and it even went to the review booth.


Did you see it?


We've been taping since it happened. He texted us, but obviously I haven't been able to see it yet since we started taping two other series as well, Washington and Tampa Bay and Dallas, Vegas. They kick off on Monday. So everything will be in full swing probably by the time you hear this episode. Also true, we want to talk about the first nationally televised game on Sunday. Minnesota defenseman Matt Dumba come out spoken, incredibly passionate from the heart before the Edmonton game about eradicating racism from the game.


A really simple message to get behind. I think he wrote the speech. You memorized it because I can't imagine how hard it was for him to go out there and not only do it like sort of off the cuff with no teleprompter, but to have all the other players there and, you know, the whole world's watching and you kind of making the statement, you know, he took a need for the national anthem with Malcolm Schubin on one side than illness.


And that was a very powerful image for the sport of hockey. It's something obviously we've never seen anything like this before. You know, members of the hockey diversity audience, they don't want kids to go through the same shit that they went through. So that's why they're taking this initiative business. I'm guessing you caught this in real time.


Well, I'm in public speaking in general, heart rate to twenty. When he went up there, nailed it like that.


Like, I was shocked to hear that there was no teleprompter like he the fact that he memorized it and delivered it as well as he did. I thought he did an incredible job, like you said, an easy message to get behind. And, you know, it's it's it's it's great that the NHL ended up getting behind the Hockey Diversity Alliance. And also, I believe that they're making a fairly significant financial commitment or at least getting every team to moving forward.


So there's still some moving parts here. But the NHL and its players have responded extremely well with the message that they're putting forward. And, you know, as you said, are to double down on it. Just it's it's an easy message to get behind because you're on fire today.


That is perfectly set right there. And also, I wanted to make a Solino, he said all the teammates applauded when he returned back to the team. They all hugged him and everybody was widely supportive. He said no, said he got a text from guys all across the league. He didn't know that the no. So it's nice to see. Obviously, he's getting all kinds of support around the league. So good stuff. And kudos to Matonga.


That was, like I said, not an easy thing to do, and he did a great job with it. All right, boys, want to let you know this interview was brought to you by Sports Research, one of the most trusted health and fitness brands in the states developed by athletes for athletes established over 40 years ago. Sports research is still family owned and operated and dedicated to providing the highest quality products that focus on a lifetime approach to living healthy.


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And as promised, we're going to be bringing in Duncan Keith in just a minute. He did have to assist, by the way, in that Saturday's game. Boys, this is good stuff. We've been dying to share this with everybody. So without further ado, we're going to send it over to Duncan Keith. Well, we're happy to welcome the Chicago Blackhawks back to the show. It feels like he was on a long time ago. It's only been about nine months, but there's still plenty to catch up on.


He'll be heading into the Edmonton bubble pretty soon to prepare for the qualifying round against the Edmonton Oilers. Good to see you again, Duncan. Keith. And thanks for having me, guys, again. It's always good to hear your guys voices. The last time I was on was my first time getting introduced to Spencer. Could stand up and have been a big fan ever since a. I I got to speak with you guys, it was a lot of fun, so let's do it again.


Yeah, I also think he caught you caught fire a little. You want a nice little run yourself. Have to go on. See, there was a little Chilcote's bump action. We've talked about it many times.


Oh yeah. Yeah. They started putting me out there, firing me again. So when you get out, it's time. Yeah.


They probably they probably also had to talk about and listen, we interviewed Andrew Shaw the other night. We had to chat about Kirby Dark and his appearance, which I think was about five minutes before you came on. We were in Chicago. How about that guy not giving a flying fuck, the young Buck Kirby doc?


Yeah, he he's he's a good guy. He's he's literally Seebruck. And I've got to know him pretty good over over the last year because we're always driving to the rink with CEIBS when when he wasn't injured. But it's great, you know, I know where I was quester you guys are biased because we're always talking about the Western kid, but it it has been great. He's he's full of confidence and he's been fun to be around.


Well with that core group of guys you got right now, the ones who have won a few cups, you know, of course you need some guys on entry levels making an impact now going into this bubble, how confident are you guys and how you're going to do? I know it wasn't necessarily the best start to the year, but you guys have been catching steam as of late. Before the three months. Yeah, oh, yeah, well, we we did feel like we we picked up our player there the last the last little bit like I think it was probably around middle of December that we started to play a lot better.


And then I think after that, by week there, we came back and we had a little bit of a letdown.


But we're we're only six points out. And we've heard for the first three months of the season, we were pretty bad hockey team. We were we weren't doing very good. We were pretty lucky to have Lainer. And Crawford as our goal is they were the ones keeping us in a lot of games. But after that, I thought we played really good and we were as good as, you know, a lot of teams in the West. But with this layoff, we'll see.


You know, it's kind of seems like it's it's been a bit odd.


You know, we've had guys kind of filtering in and out of the training camp here. We don't have Crawford. Obviously, we traded Lanner Croll hasn't he hasn't been around yet. So I think that he's still supposed to show up. But training camps in three to three days, it's over. So who's in that right now?


The hawk. You guys got Tommy the Hawk in that right now? Yeah.


Taking shots now. You know what?


But Malcolm Suber has been looking really good in camp. I think he's been he's been really looking good. So, I mean, if he plays in that, I think we're going to be confident with him in that. So that's good. But I think Crawford is still supposed to be coming.


From what I hear, obviously, the bubble thing is new to everybody.


What what are some of the necessities that you're going to bring inside of you that you absolutely have to have with you is probably more rational and probably definitely, you know, lots of little things just to keep people loose. I don't really like going to the hotel gyms and stuff. So I have a couple little things that they're not like. I guess they're called like pallets, you know, like those gymnastic things. They're smaller, but they fold up and you can do some good push ups like that and keep your strength, even though it's only for maximum, I guess, of a couple of months.


But, you know, I get those little exercises going in in the in the room. I actually do a lot of things. But I brought some of the young guys and into my room, I think, a couple of years ago. And I had all this all my stuff growing out of my I got the typical trunk or whatever. I don't know the joke around, like, I can't touch it.


And you're like, you got to talk. You got your own trunk.


Like, what do you do with this huge dildo?


Yeah, I know.


I like I like to keep the air clean and get all this. Yeah. I got I got red light bulbs and stuff that make the lights, you know, different colors and stuff. It's, it's kind of fucked up but I like it. Black light actually.


No, no it's I don't know, I don't know what else I'm going to take though. Like it's going to be kind of painful. Just sitting around probably read a lot.


You think I should take on some but you should take some flashlights and sell them to the boys because I'd imagine they're not thinking ahead of schedule here.


You would be cutting holes in there for that. All right. Yeah, yeah, it'll be.


Imagine how horny some of these young guys are going to get. If they're going like a two month run, they're going to be like the NBA guys. They're going to stick their dick outside the bubble and they have to like they literally get it or not.


Yeah, the quarantine cock, while they're they're talking like they've been getting a CDMs there from some Edmonton for oh, I don't know how they're going to haul them.


And that's how the arena got flooded.


They were getting all soaked up ready for play.


What are you guys studying. Is that the playbook, our notebook? I no, this is a way to sneak a girl into the bubble.


We figured out some crazy little back exits they don't have covered with tests.


Ocean's Thirteen crew they hired they hired Cluny in the boys to get them in at all.


It should be a should be a good experience. We'll see it kind of like the Olympics, I guess, in a lot of ways. You know, like the one in Russia, it just seemed like it was you know, they talk about a fence there and that's what it was like in Russia. And even in Vancouver, they had a big fence surrounding it. So, yeah, I remember I don't know what it was like we had in Vancouver.


We had to go through like the metal detectors to get in. And every time they made me go through three times week, I don't think they think on the athlete, everyone else.


So I had to go through one. So I do remember all that. But but going back to the Hawks just quickly, because I think we might have chatted about them, but it was so.


Early in the season, the first time you came on with this Kubelik, oh, he ends up up for the year.


This guy comes out of the Swiss League like what's going on there?


Just crazy speed, crazy skill level for him.


Well, I think he's just he's got a great shot, like his snapshot is one time or slapshot and he's fast. So when you're in great shape, if I was a great pick up for us, I mean, I don't know what it is finished with thirty goals that you get 30.


I think you did get thirty, right? Oh, yeah. And, you know, it wasn't even I wasn't even on the powerplay the first half of the year or I don't know what the exact things were, but you got moved up to Tazers line. But he was playing on the third line for for the first 20, 25, 30 games, you know, and he was still doing really good. Like, you know, I wasn't getting quite the amount of goals, but he was consistent.


But obviously with the last time, you're not going to be able to produce quite as much. But so, I mean, he could he had even more. But I think the biggest thing with him is just his skating, his speed. He's a straight, straight forward player up and down the ice and just brings so much, so much speed. It's nice that he's got some size to for especially for our team.


Doug, as a defense, then what do you do different, if anything, when you prepare for a guy like Connor McDavid? Well. Well, he's just so fast, right? So, you know, I don't know, every time you see him go by a guy, it's kind of like it's when the guy's not always flat footed, but a lot of the time, if you can, I feel like watch him gaining speed and watch him as the play's going on and keep an eye on him out of the corner, the eye.


Sometimes it's not always easy to do, but he likes to get that puck with speed, whether that's coming out of the zone or in the neutral zone. We see a few clips there, even on Instagram just in there, scrimmages like the senators, there's a turnover. He's winding up and he wants that focus speed. He gets it and it's just like he's gone. You can't you can't catch him or you can't throw down. And if you're not mirroring him or have just as much sort of anticipating that that speed coming out, just so it's I will say, like he is the fastest guy by far that I've ever played against.


And Marian Gaborik was pretty, pretty fucking fast back in the day. There are lots of guys, but this is just like a whole another level really went with his change of speed, his his ability to handle while he's skating and, you know, use his teammates and, you know, cut side to size lateral lateral agility. So I don't know. For me, it's it's just trying to to anticipate when he's going to get the puck in certain areas of the ice dunks.


I don't know if we talked and I don't know if we talked about this last time you were on a boat, you get your teeth knocked out and playoffs. Do we completely glance over that? I don't I don't know if we did. Yeah, I don't think so. I can't really talk to these fans and let them know what you're going through in a game when you know you're in the midst of it. And all of a sudden you get I don't know how many teeth you ended up getting knocked out like a whole row.


Yeah, I was well, there was a shards everywhere, but it was I ended up getting the top four and the bottom is a six in front of all six. Yeah, it was I mean, it happened so fast that my whole my whole mouth there just went numb. And it was like I couldn't even tell, like, what my mouth looked like. I knew it, didn't I? I was thinking it probably is, probably isn't good.


But then I got back to the bench and I looked at Supai because I sat next to him and I asked him, I said, how does it look?


And he just I can still remember the look on his face. You know, Brian Campbell? Yeah. He just he just looked at me like he was going to fucking puke or something, you know? And so I realized that. And then Gapper or trained or tapped me on the shoulder and said, okay, we got that you're going to go down here. And they took me down to the room and the doctors were, you know, pulling out different pieces and they just injected a bunch numbing whatever it is, numb, numbed up my gums.


And then I went back out there, but so that it really wasn't that bad until later on when I had to deal with it. Everything I'm with, all the the numbing stuff.


What do they call that stuff? I can fly to Kenya.


So, yeah, that's we just use what we do is Rohlman swipes around here. Actually, it's one of our sponsors. It's not that you used to not you could really use it anywhere, but it's used for specifically penises. It's just one plug in there. Sorry. Yeah, that's good. And then but yeah, it's it's everything's good now. I don't have any feeling in the front of my mouth on the front or the top there, but there's no nerves so.


But I got a nice new set of teeth so at least I just, I just can't feel, I can't feel on it. I'm used to it now. But it has been a lot of times going back and forth to the dentist, which is annoying. And I still sometimes go back there because the teeth are getting loose or they fall out and they're they're not they're not like those teeth that you kind of you can pull out. Right. And I'm sure you guys got some of those you just kleptocracies out or whatever.


Yeah. Flipper's.


Oh, now you're an Instagram call. So it's perfect. You get the new ones.


Yeah. These are called breakaway. These are called breakaway teeth.


So they, they put the posts in and then they attach a piece of plastic to the post and then the teeth attach to that piece of plastic. So if they get hit hard enough, it doesn't doesn't wreck the gums or anything by, you know, just they just smash away away.


Well, led to an amazing cup celebration picture. I think it was you at the parade. Just no teeth left in it out. Long hair. Get the beard. Just phenomenal, phenomenal camerawork by whoever took that.


But I want to get to something else quickly. And that's in that you mentioned the Instagram model.


I more respect the fact that you were just you are just going to people on Instagram, at least one guy to check the stats.


But Ghirardelli, what was so what was the set up there for him?


So he said, check the stats last month of the season, kid. Now ask yourself why when when someone posted online coming in at number six under a week left training camp, we have Duncan Keith. While Keith is no longer the N level defenseman he once was, and that's when he commented, Yeah, well, I get irritated about that.


And that's, you know, whatever people are going to have their opinions and I probably didn't need to say anything. But, you know, I just you look at all the guys that are the top defenseman league and you have to have lots of points to be talked about like that. And that's fine. I've always prided my game on being good defensively. And, you know, it's tough to be good defensively on a on a team where you spend most of the time on your own end.


And I've always kind of understood that. I remember talking to Piqué Soup in one year and he asked me, you know, just you know, I said you get a lot of a lot more recognition when you're on a good team, your teammates. It's all about the team, right? You have the team and everybody gets success individually. But, you know, I've always still believed in myself as a player and what I can do. And and there's been some times, you know, over the last couple of seasons where not necessarily last couple, but there was a time there, I think I just turned thirty seven.


So there was probably three or three or four years ago where I guess a little frustration set in. I think it might have been cuz last his last full year, you know, we were pretty, pretty bad team there. We were, we had we had an accountant in that four, five, six, one of the. James, you know, and you got pulled out of his his job is doing that and it was just a bad year.


And so it's that time where the where the organization where we were so good for so long. And then it's all of a sudden like, holy shit. Like, you know, we're we're we're not we're not the team we used to be, you know? And so I think I let that affect my game for a few years. But I feel like I got I turned it around mentally and just kind of accepted the fact that we're we're a younger team now.


And I've been under and I've enjoyed that role, but I still feel that I can still be at my best. I still feel like I'm in great shape. I feel like I'm training harder than I've ever trained. I enjoy the training. So that's not an issue. But I still feel good on the ice. It's just, you know, it's it's it's frustrating, you know? And I guess you get you had different opportunities with different coaches and and, you know, every coach is going to have their guy or people that they believe in and.


And that's just the way it is, you know. And so finally, I think once that trade deadline came and we ended up trading Eric Gusterson, I got I got more ice time. And so I felt like I could show what I could have been doing all along. And Gus is a good player and he's good offensively. And the coach wanted him to use them there and on the powerplay. And that's. And I think that, you know, those things, those things like that, with every every player goes through certain things like that and and the team too.


And so you got to respect that. You still have to do your best for whatever role you're in. But I just know that when you're if I'm in a role where I'm relied upon as the guy, then I then I play better. And I did that the last months of the regular season and I got too carried into the playoffs here. So that's all I was getting, that was with the little comment there, right? Yeah, it's easy to do.


I mean, we're on social media all the time, and people they trip, you could get a thousand good compliments and the one little pissy one pisses you off. I know you've been much more active on social media. Was that just out of boredom with the pandemic or just did you take to a little bit more?


What's the story behind that? Well, I think it's a combination of a few different things ahead of the time, the timing is right. I just you know, I'm just training and spending time with my son. So I really didn't have much else going on.


Am and I have a I have a good friend of mine that I guess basically talked me into it. And in the importance of doing it, I mean, you guys see the value in it, obviously, because you look at, you know, the opportunities that you've done for yourself, you know, through your your hard work, but also, you know, just being able to to market yourself and and things like that. And it's not so much that I'm looking for opportunities, but it's just I think, you know, a way to to tell a story about, you know, I don't know who I am, what I've been up to.


And rather than having, you know, two two guys that write articles in the newspaper that, you know, haven't watched me my whole career are going to tell a story about, you know, how I'm doing and what what's been going on. But there's lots, you know, I got I got time to do it. And it's it's been fun. Yeah.


It's nice to have your own voice, too. And I noticed that I don't know where you were at your cabin or court or draw on the water there. You seem like a very big outdoors guy. Really want to be in touch with nature all the time. Do you take specific trips in order to to accommodate to that or are you just pretty much hanging around the cottage all the time?


I just like it around the cottage. I do like camping and going around there, but this is my my property that I have. It's nice for kind of entertaining and having lots of family there. So it's nice that just being around family and friends and yeah. I like being in the water, going in the water. It's nice to get the animals. I walked, I was walking in the kitchen one morning and I in my younger and my son Larry, he, I said, look at the deer in the water because there was a deer standing right there as we were walking in the kitchen to get a coffee.


And then he goes, oh, look at the wolf. And I thought, oh, that's that's a shit I like.


That's a that's that's a deer and that's a Holstead. I'm like, what are you talking about? And I came back and looked and then I saw there was a deer in the water and there's five other coyotes just kind of surrounding it, staring at staring it down. So it's nice to it's cool. It's different. Right in Chicago. I don't get that. You know, when I get back there, it's like there's deer and coyotes. We had we had a bear walk right on our deck right outside.


My bedroom was pretty cool. You could see the princess, you know, looking right at it, just laying a bed. There's only thing I only thing separating it is a pane of glass window. Right. Get through that pretty easily if you want. Like, it's like, hey, it's like it's like The Revenant.


You think he could beat up a bear Duncan if push came to shove and it was straight survival mode right now is just fantastic in my hands.


I don't know. I wouldn't be able to know.


Don't. He's like, hey son, we're going to watch these these coyotes kill this deer. You're going to be a coyote in life. We're going to see it goes down.


Now, there's a little life lesson before you're going to watch these rip that to shreds. Are you fucking kids three years old, you sick? Fuck the guys want to shoot a kapok, please? Yeah.


No, I, I hope that I that deer out, I went out and started howling out like I was off so they kind of threw it away.


Oh there's life.


Yeah that is cool. See that nature stuff up close because they can go like thirty five miles an hour because they can run that fast. Oh really. Yeah. Yeah they can fly.


I could, I could outrun a bear thirty five miles an hour for a bear. Yeah. Yeah. Watch it. Watch a video of a bear going up a tree or running it. It's, it's very impressive. I walked out there taking a piss test. It must be on the juice from thirty five.


What else did you have for. I. Yeah.


I want to ask you, you know what, the lack of a crowd. I wonder if there are any concerns, not necessarily with you or even your teammates, but just around the league of guys being able to reach that emotional level without having the audience to sort of pick them up at various parts of the game where where you used to. Do you think some guys are going to struggle with that at all?


Yeah, I don't know, that's a good question, I think you definitely know that the crowd can can. It definitely adds a lot to getting to that deep emotional level that you need to get to.


But regardless of that, I mean, it is going to be it's going to be what it is, right. With no fans and the games will be intense. And I think they're only going to keep getting more and more intense as they go along. And the players are just going to adjust and we're going to, you know, understand you get you're going to get used to it. It's going to be just it's going to be different. Something that that we're not used to.


But there's still going to be intense and, you know, to to gauge that level of intensity. I don't know how you do that, but. Yeah, I think that once once everything gets gone and you get into a service, you know, guys are going to find that and they're going to be competing and and, you know, the guys that don't I mean, you'd be able to see with the teams that I think compete the hardest are going to have the best chance.


I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the new CBA, or do you not pay attention to all that ofis bullshit?


Now, I've been listening to it a little bit, I don't know the ins and outs of it, and I probably don't know as much as I should, but Astros' at 50 percent now, I don't know if you knew you heard that.


So you have to give up half of your money. Fifty percent. Yeah, and every time you come on the podcast, you lost five percent of that too. So it's just part of the new CBA and asked me to talk to Gary.


I don't think we're at 50 percent as. Yeah, I'm Tee's and I think it's like 35 or something crazy. Yeah.


And it's it's pretty ridiculous, though. I mean, I would have been something that would have been nice to get rid of. But obviously with everything going on with the pandemic, I don't think. We were going to be in a position to swipe of a scroll from from being there, you know, probably a group of owners like those fuckin guys try getting rid of our CEO, will cancel this whole league.


They are never given up that escrow.


I don't think it's just insurance for them. It sucks.


Yeah, no, it's brutal. I mean, you get the taxes. And I remember looking at where Stamkos was going to sign because remember, he was a free agent, going to be a free agent. He was a free agent for a couple of weeks. But there was I read that article and that was like if he went to Toronto and made 11 million of his take home, pay was going to be like four and a half million.


Don't get me an estate tax. You know, you've opened a can of worms, bro. State taxes.


Yeah. Yeah. So it's then you because you add on the state taxes, but then also the escrow, it's like, you know, really making a lot of money. He's making for some people a lot of money, don't get me wrong. But come on.


I know.


Yeah, you'll have a couple of haters out there, but not enough to see and watch deer get eaten by coyotes.


But, you know, you're out there some some don't need penalties for that. You. No, that's very true. And some people can name the capitals of every state in the country.


Bears can name the school districts in this in the no state tax states. I mean, he's just like this dude's mastered every single in and out of where you can live and not pay a state that really just like that.


Just like the new team that got announced today, the Seattle crankcase, the crankiness, it's. Yeah.


What do you think what do you think of the logo, the team name, the whole situation of the fact that there's another expansion team? Are you cool with that?


I like it, I mean, I think it's going to be great. It's I think it's a cool jersey. I like the jersey. I like the logo. You know, if always second guess it and think they could have done this than that. But I like it. It's it's good. It's I don't know. The name is a little bit odd, that cracken.


But I kind of like that too. I don't know. It's, I think it's going to be good. It's nice to have another team out in the West being from D.C. So I'm sure they're going to have a bit of a rivalry with Vancouver now, which I think will be good. But I'm excited to see that this arena is like and it's always cool to see how those teams and you hear about how what the players think of the organization and how they get treated and stuff like that.


You know, everybody I talked to about Vegas, that they love it there and, you know, the organization's first class and from everything I've heard anyway. So those are kind of neat things, you know, especially with new teams coming in that you get teams that come in and they do things the right way. Hundred percent and dunks, you alluded to it earlier, you said the training and how you still like, you know, getting in the gym, how much is your preparation for seasons, change in the exercises you're doing, given just, you know how I mean, the game in general is just change in how guys are approaching it in the off season.


Yeah, it's changed so much now, like before I would work hard and. You know, I know I was training hard, but now it's just kind of dialed in like, you know, almost military precision where I'm, you know, I got my workout slotted in the morning with the fastest cardio. And then I do hip mobility, which is also another boat an hour, an hour long. And then I have a two hour strength session in the afternoon.


And that's pretty. You know, it's I feel like that is good enough for me. I don't really skate a whole lot, to be honest with you, in the summer, but I like to do that cardio in the morning. I do a lot of I did it to do a lot of road biking. I do a couple on there on the Instagram. You guys might take note of that.


But like I started I started getting into it and I really liked it. And it's it's helped. It's your legs get so much stronger climbing up those mountains. So I feel like that's helped. But I think that I hear a lot of guys that there on the ice so much in their practice, in their skills and their speed and stuff. But I've always felt like to take on a long season. If I'm going to play a lot of minutes, I want to have that extra that extra muscle to last because I kind of end up losing a little bit of weight if you're playing lots of minutes.


So I like to go in the season a little bit heavier and I don't want to be heavier, but slower. So, you know, it's kind of hard to get a you got to work hard to get add muscle, but a good muscle that, you know, you're still fast and quick and strong and you have endurance, so. It's you know, it's it's like a full day thing and, you know, and you hear about other guys, too, and they're all doing it.


So if you're not doing it, then you're behind. You can you know, you see the skill level guys out there, the way they are, the way they can, whether they shoot the pocket or edges on the way they skate. Now, it's crazy. Skilled coaches. So, I mean, it cut you off at all.


It's OK. You know, I'm done talking about all this training in the offseason to try to get another ten year contract.


I don't. I don't. Why? Dunks Let the kids play, for fuck's sake. You're like a grandpa comp.. These kids come in the league now.


I feel like that a little bit, to be honest with you. Like when I'm talking with Kirby and Adam, that's like I'm just spouting off bullshit and I can just tell that they're just eating it up, you know, or they're just like laughing at me, I think a little bit now. It's like, holy, holy fuck, this guy is old, but. Right. Or we get along good.


It's been good old guys. Young guys.


I want to ask about something that's been it's been somewhat of a pet cause lately between the show and Twitter is when the when the first deal came out, we said all the NHL players, they're not going have a dress code. They could show up at the arena where with whatever they want. Has there been any any discussion about the Blackhawks having a dress code going to the arena? And what do you prefer? Yeah, they've been talking to us about wearing, like khakis and Lululemon pants, and I'm like, fuck, I don't even think I own a pair of khakis or Lululemon pants, but it's I don't know if they want to send collared shirts.


I think they're going to give us the black logo. And it's pretty casual for the most part, but I don't think they want us wearing jeans or anything like that. So.


So you're going to be dressed every suburban dad from Aurora going to the game, basically?


Yeah, pretty much so. Hey, don't talk. So you talked about the masks that sometimes you put on. You'll go into stores in Chicago. You should you should think of some good masks and bring them in and walk into the games, get the get the poppin.


You know, I've been I have been able to find those masks and those are like a thousand dollar masks for each one. So I got to I got to find where they are because it's a great idea. I'd love to bring those around the rink a more I don't know if they're here or what happened to them. I got them from a company called SPF X, I think, mask. I read a guy going around, Robin Robin, Robin Banks, and, you know, they thought it was an old man, but it was just a mask.


They caught him in the parking lot sprinting. So he wasn't a 70 year old man like that.


Old man's on some sick HGH. Jesus, I'm actually looking at your Instagram who are talking about that. And you got some pretty cool pictures of you and Hosa.


And since we since we talked host went into the Hall of Fame and and have you chatted with him at all lately, what he's been up to and what life's like for him.


I'd love to get him on the show some time if he can get us in with that beast. Yeah, well, I couldn't message him there, he I'm sure he would like to yeah, he's because he's been firing off Instagram and he's posting a lot here, I think today posted a story there on his treadmill watching the boxing fights while he was around 10 kilometers. So but I talked to him the day he got inducted into the Hall of Fame or earlier in the day he got the call.


And, you know, he's just such a great guy that you feel so, so happy for him and his family. Like this is just the nicest guy, you know, never complained about anything, was obviously an unbelievable player, you know, just offensively, but also defensively, like, so hard to take the puck away from, you know, just guard you with one hand and keep the puck and then, you know, flip the puck around in between his feet and kick it like he's playing soccer while he's holding you off from the park.


And but, you know, he's I think he's pretty excited.


You know, it's pretty. I talked to him there. I don't even know if he had slapped or whatever, but we were face time and I left the message and then he called me, you know, so that's that's the kind of guy he is, you know, just to say thanks. I left him a message and and then I got a call from him. So, you know, he just it was just, you know, it's unbelievable to see that to play with a guy like that.


And he learned so much. And he's obviously he's the reason why wherever we were able to win the cups.


Well, I think you're going to get that call one day, buddy. And we can't thank you enough for joining us for the second time. And you're welcome back whenever. Maybe we'll make it a yearly thing and hopefully the next time we do it, it's in person in Chicago again, because, you know, we like to get back to normal life just as much as I'm sure you guys would and get some fans back in the building.


Yeah, I hear you. It would be great. I had a lot of fun doing it in person. It's been good here this time, but definitely we've got to do it again in person. I'll take you guys this summer. I guess you got to do it in your hotel there like we did last time. It was a good set up, but maybe a little York studiers.


We'll do a crib. It's a lot of fun. We'll sell some ads for it.


We'll come to the cottage, get the jet skis, go on, get the Kenny Powers jet skis. Go, go. Yeah, that would be good.


Would be they'd come over to the lake and we'll get we'll get Grenelle to send over some pink Gwatney for you guys inside the bubble so you guys can have a few cocktails after celebrating a potential win against the Edmonton Oilers.


Good luck dude. Yeah, that would be great. Thanks a lot, guys. I appreciate it. Thank you for joining us, man, like we said before, he's he's just a cool cat as a real cool vibe, really enjoyed talking to him. What that was good stuff. That was awesome, and I think this guy's Instagram game, it's off the charts, he put that picture out there of him looking like the undertaker headed to the flight.


And I just feel like you're finally learning a little bit more about Duncan Keith for so long.


He's very quiet, one of the best defenseman in the last 15 years. And you know much. And now you kind of see it. He's got some he's got some swagger, was a great chat with them. He knows how good he is. He's confident. And I think guys love playing with them. So we appreciate him coming on again. And just the fact he's saying he's a fan, that's big time right there.


But oh, baby, we got all future Hall of Famers, this all a doctor.


So we said, hey, hey, listen, we feel bad for Avalanche fans out there. These guys I know it's a convoluted TV contract and this fucking so many outlets aren't going to bother the details. All we know is it sucks for these Avalanche fans. They're not doing anything wrong. These people have a money fight. Once again, they got one channel on. Now, there's still a lot of fans who can't watch the playoffs. It just sucks that after all, they've gone through four months, we got hockey back.


And it's crazy to think that one of the contenders and their fans still can't watch this.


Well, same with Columbus Blue Jackets fans. Apparently, they're playing the Cincinnati Reds post game and Blue Jackets fans can't watch him take on the Leafs, at least right away. So some of these TV networks, man, they've got to figure the fuck out. This is unacceptable, not being able to watch playoff hockey when your team's at it to a we should pick it.


Well, we'll just do the games ourselves. Yeah, I know. NHL blackout stuff. Like I can't watch the Toronto Columbus game right now because it's on NHL Network. I'm not staying at the house with that channel. I can't get it. I mean, unless I want to get illegally. Come on, Carol. Whoa, whoa, whoa.


That doesn't count. That's because you don't have the package. Well, I'm on vacation. It's like I have it at home.


Yeah, I know, but me. But you can't say like that. That's not that does not that's not the same argument. Well, it's the same.


You get a blackout in New York City, though. The point is, it's it just sucks that they're still getting blacked out when they should say, fuck it, just put it on wherever, let people watch it on any on any platform.


But I mean, yeah, I know it's on me, I guess, because I'm on vacation at a house with no NHL network, but.


Well, I went on vacation. I had to call them, make sure they got HD. They didn't have HD people one time in the Patriots playoff game.


They actually lost this year. Who they lose to Buffalo or some shit? Tennessee. Tennessee, are you kidding me?


And I and I, the owner, I'm like, dude, you've got to get each you have a huge TV. I don't know, HD.


I still don't have HD. That's one birthday.


Know it's ah.


Hey boys, if you watch all these games with no H.T., I actually listened on the radio.


I don't even have cable. I just checked the box scores. That's why I never know what I'm going to wait for.


The Phoenix The Arizona Herald the next day. Read the book. That's why I don't know how to pronounce these guys names because I'm trying to read them on on dotcom and I don't watch them.


Yes, I.


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That's where Deathwish Coffee found their CEO Pablo Escobar is our grandkid to put the fucking jam inside their coffee. You're still drinking that.


All right dude, I am. I ran out of all the cake cups and I don't have a grinder, but I had a little cold brew they gave us to.


Holy shit, that stuff is full.


I was. I've had one of those through those gets you going, oh my God.


I was struggling one day and I was like I walked out on I was like off the wall. I was like, I felt like fucking rollergirl for fucking the rest of the show.


Holy shit. All right. All right, boys.


While the Bruins tweeted out pictures of the team heading to Sunday's game, wearing T-shirts, sporting various messages about equality, it was certainly an interesting few days for the organization.


What prior to last show, the. BS to apply to Carrusca, done the interview where Boston police had he got his friends with guys in the team on the hockey team and a couple of media members tripped on or made a note of it, whatever, it wasn't really a story because it's Twitter and people covered hockey left to bitch about the guys they cover in hockey. So we really whatever didn't pay no mind. My son tweeted at one of the writers, then deleted it.


But then I think the Bruins kind of put a little gas on on the story. Afterwards, they photoshop the BPD Boston Police Department off a Charlie Coyle shirt, a post, and people noticed it because it was a one picture and it wasn't in the other. All of a sudden it became a thing. Hockey, the hockey fans I'm sorry, the hockey Boston Public Hockey School, I was pretty pissed off. Again, their friends with Tuka, their friends are a lot of guys in the team.


There's a lot of history there. The Bruins have been wearing this gif forever. I've been covering the team forever, even before the marathon stuff. I know the bond was even strengthened more during that, but these guys have always won this type of gear. Now, all of a sudden, you know, media members are asking them why the wear and stuff they've been wearing all this time. I don't know why the team would actually do that. I know the Bruins.


I've had a good relationship over the years. But from a strictly PR perspective, if that's your concern, I don't know why you would even tweet that picture, because you're altering a photo like you're only going to succeed and pissing people off. You're not going to win anybody over by Photoshop and something out. So they kind of damage their relationship. And I think a lot of people that they probably didn't want to do in based what media members had an issue with, with Tuco wearing the hat.


Matt Porter, who's the beat reporter at The Boston Globe, he tweeted because the Bruins tweeted this statement about how they're going to lock arms of Columbus tuk tuk. His interview came out later that night when he had the hat on. Now, people added up to it, too, but it wasn't for he'd done the interview way before the Bruins statement. So people, because of whatever their preconceptions, thought to was wearing it in response.


You know what it is to me? It's a what it's right.


To me, it's the media members that are it's like the quote unquote read the room where it's like, no, what you're asking everyone to do is read your exact thoughts in a room at all times. Exactly.


It's it's legitimately insane that that guy try to correlate the to and act as if he was trying to I mean, what was what was he insinuating that that he he was talking about this.


How about the message that Tukur Rask began this by wearing a Boston police hat? He has many friends on Boston police, Brendan Walsh. Brian, you know, there Boston police, they've been on our show. These guys are a great people and these guys are Bruins fans. And a part of they've done many things with the Bruins and he's getting shit for the reporter.


That's one thing that reporters are called the team. What are you doing? You're going to you're so you're going to take off a logo on Charlie Coyle.


So Charlie Qualls, proud to wear this shirt. You're going to take the local office shirt and put an Instagram picture out. So what people people who think that because these guys have police hats on, they're scumbags, people those people are happy with what? I think it's crazy, too. And I'm on your side about this, but in the other breath, it's like I don't necessarily blame the Boston Bruins because what they're trying to do is, is protect a guy like Charlie Coyle and took a risk from this fucking outcry from a guy who has a voice at a newspaper.


But those guys are wearing that on their own. Those guys are proud to wear it. Listen, I don't have any issue with those guys wearing something, supporting police officers. And that's where you kind of lose me in the whole messaging. If you're the other side of the argument, like this guy from the Boston, what is he from the Boston Herald know the Boston Globe. Boston Globe.


It's just like you got to look like you can't reason with these people. They're online stirring things up to pander to their audience all day long. And that's why, like to me, to me, the whole social media, specifically Twitter has been ruined. You can't go on there and say anything nowadays without them trying to correlate it to something and attach it to whatever their narrative is. I think it's absolute bullshit. But I also think it's just the Bruins trying to protect their young guys at these fucking idiots online, trying to stir up whatever political issue they're trying to stir up.


And I guess in this case, they would say, well, it's not politics, it's human rights.


And I completely agree.


But there are two different things. Well, not I have a friend who's on the Boston Police Department. It's like, oh, you're standing for this. It's like, no, dude, he's my buddy. I'm very close to them and I respect what he does. So, yeah, we can move on from this. But you want to talk about read the room. Fuck off. Yeah, go ahead.


The two things I know at odds, I mean, you know, you can watch the Bruins, I said the antiracist they what they like to eradicate from the game, but they said you can still be friends. They've been wearing these things for years. They shouldn't have to. You know, I'm going to wear this hat anymore because the person the media thinks I'm a. That person, it's like, well, no, you know what, ask me, ask child boy, yeah.


Did you have the shirt? Yeah, I did. I have friends who are cops. A friend of my family got was killed in the line of duty last year. And yeah, if you don't like it, you don't have to like it, but they shouldn't have to change the way they dress. I just think that the Bruins, it was the worst option was to treat out an altered photo. They could have not used the photo if that was certain.


It was just any other thing, any other picture. But to use that picture and take it out, you can understand why by the police hockey team and by the guys who were friends with these guys are pissed off.


I think anyone with a brain can understand that these guys are just strictly supporting police officers. And if those other guys want to kick up dust, let them kick up dust. Yeah, because the shit's just getting painful.


It is. And one other quick note. Show it. And you know, and this is specific. I'm a Boston guy. Boston police aren't on trial for anything, OK? There's been a lot of stuff has gone the country the last few months. If there's one city who has really minimal to no issues, it's been the Boston Police Department. I mean, I'm obviously all the new guys. The BPD nipped a lot of stuff in the bud years ago, that there was a St.


Clair Commission back after the checks, thought it was major changes made. Twenty five years ago, the Boston Police Division was ahead of the curve on a lot of the stuff that other departments deal with. I've said long before any of this four years that other cities would be wise to copy the Boston Police Department playbook. It works. It's progressive, it's the best my, my the best job in the city. I've always had a great relation country, country I call the in the country.


And, you know, like you just look at the results of what they are. I mean, they don't have a lot of the other issues. So, you know, the police, they've done nothing in Boston where they're worthy of this one, certainly in our opinion.


So anyway, I guess I guess just the overall point that sucks is like a guy like Tuka Rascon, Charlie Coile for supporting their friends who put their lives on the line from going to work, are getting ridiculed in the media.


And as a players podcast, dude, I'll I'll take the focus off those guys if that guy from the globe wants to come at us, I don't give a shit, but but those guys deserve a voice and having someone stick up for them, and that's absolutely rubbish. So say his name again. But none of our fans go attack this guy. Yeah, let them fucking sleep. Yeah.


I mean, hey, that's his views. But you should also other people have views. You might not agree with him, you know, big let live and let live guy.


I just think it's irresponsible. But he's smart that he's doing that.


But Freddie, what happened with Freddie Anderson just made the sick is safe with a minute to go in the second period. This game has been so boring. Columbus, Toronto. Excuse me, guys, but I'm watching this game.


This is sick left pats save keeps the game tied. Thanks for coming, wit. I guess I'm a golf announcer, though, of the catch the gif. Hey, listen, boys, all long provincial nightmare is over. They'll mythology James Nield trade conditions will finalized business. I know this has been a story we've been pounded from the get go. The Oilers will transfer that third round, pick me the twenty twenty or twenty twenty one to the flames to complete the deal.


Edmonton has until the start of the third round in twenty twenty to decide which pick. I know everybody can wait with baited.


Thank God that can end every time we have a guest on you can be like hey do you know the conditions of the back finally.


I mean what am I going to talk about. We have a Seattle name. We have the conditions that I don't know what I'm going to talk about anymore. How about Chris Christie on Instagram? Just Burián, guys. Let's give him like.


Oh, he's been so good. He's been so good. Just hammered guys over at walking into games. I think the teams that are doing the Kalki golf shirts, he's just Burián daily.


It's been fun. I mean, they've been a couple of good feeds out there, tweeting pics. They're getting them off Instagram. It's been pretty funny, I'll tell you that. Elia's Pederson, he says, I have some sense of fashion, no doubt about that. It kind of like lost the matches. He likes a funky fit. Because I mean, I'm sorry, because what we got one golf story we've got to go to before we wrap things up here, your boy with the ants, what the fuck was that?


Oh, yeah. Brice de Qambar just just riling up the golf world for DeChambeau.


I think he was arguing for a drop in the fact that there was.


And was it ready to fire fire ants, fire ants near his ball? And in that case, the rules officials like, well, they'd have to be a danger to you and they aren't. And so Bryce is just sitting there arguing it just like this guy can't get out of his own way. I describe him to a tee a couple episodes ago, and now he's afraid of a fucking fire ant. That's a centimetre big.


Get out of my face. This guy just hit the ball.


Three seventy, though, on a string. So amazing what he's done.


But if you're trying to get a drop because there's a couple of fire ants right there, maybe if your ball lands on the top of an ant farm, I think there's some rule about like if you're in a hole created by an animal that you can get a drop near a couple of fire ants is not deserving of a drop. So basically, you can kick rocks. When you up against wet golf in the morning, you know, I'm playing tomorrow, playing tomorrow.


So, yeah, I'm looking forward to that. Thank you. Any other final note you wanted to add was a lot going on? A lot. A lot of series to discuss. A lot of news. That McIlhaney. Final note you want to toss off before we take off. Hmm.


He's just a good overall 48 hours of hockey. We're excited to be back. I know the energy was a tad low today. We're recording at night in the Coyotes place today. I don't know if you guys heard they fucking beat the wheels off the national press.


And I don't think our energy has been low.


And I just, you know, maybe you're maybe just here's. Fuck, I've been buzzing, you're sleeping, you need a fucking different coach, you want to talk about energy, you must have energy. When you sit in a fucking La-Z-Boy, you're sleeping.


That's my office, buddy. Yeah. Dude, you can't ever talk to people.


They don't get work done when they're sitting all comfy in a fucking love scene.


I get work done when I'm sick and can't be a piece of shit. You know what?


You come at me anyway. We love you guys. Hopefully you enjoyed today's episode. We're back to two a week. Hopefully you're happy. Rick from Red Deer is buzzing.


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