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Hello, everybody, welcome to Episode two hundred eighty three of Spuyten Checklist presented by Pink Whitney for my friends at New Amsterdam Vodka here in the barstool sports podcast, Family, well, we're knee deep in it now. Teams are already moving on, teams already on the brink, teams already losing top seeds from the regular season. But first, let's say hello to the fellas producer Mickey Grenelle with the flow. What's going on, brother?


The flow and the mustache.


T shirts look like Uncle Rico does. I'll take it, Uncle Rico. But you couldn't throw the football over the mountain. No chance.


Well, despite the mean comments from you guys, I'm doing great and I'm excited. I'm excited for the episode. Got us a new view. We've got a new new place, Reggie. Oh, it's awesome.


Awesome show. It's a big cat hooking up some great movers, but we're all moved in and ready to go. Wow. Look, on your address. Might look at you will look at that view.


What are what are we paying this guy?


This guy's got a penthouse, Rolex and that view, I mean, and that mustache that could get him just in the same prison cell. Epstein with nineteen eighties.


Not a kid living next to Avery now just don't get it. They're still parked in the bike lane. But he's by the way so Avery.


And what's up guys? Did you say hello to me. I was. I did. Hello Whitney. What's going on you guys. Thank you very much.


So I saw Avery on on on Instagram live with his baby. He he's phenomenal on the kids. So cute. So just seeing him being a dad, you're like, whoa, time of change. Can I tell a story real quick? I texted this to biz the other day, but I was skating across New York the other day and I'm going down a street and I see these kids, these kids are coming down the street. They've taken over the road.


I'd say like ten skateboarders just they own the road at this point. And I see this beautiful I don't know if I'm not going to say what type of car is, but this beautiful, beautiful car behind him. And I'm like, oh, what was the car that I'm not going to say.


I'm not going to say what type of car? Avery's car. But how did you describe the car? It was gorgeous, fucking gorgeous.


And so I skate by to hear this yelling and I'm like, who? Who is yelling right now?


And as I skate towards this beautiful car, it's Sean Avery hanging his head out the window, yelling at these skateboarders that that are in the middle of the screen.


You were there and I was there to see you, right?


You had no clue. And the funny thing was, was I decided to skate by Avery's house. And I sometimes do this and I'm like, maybe I'll bump into Sean Avery. Like, we can have a conversation and I can get some content out of it. But right as I pulled my phone out, he pulled away and I didn't get anything from it.


This guy is just terrorizing the streets. He's unbelievable. Dion for tenants, congratulations again. And last but not least, our buddy out in the desert, Paul Bui's nasty Bissonnette will be getting to a forty eight hour erection shortly. But how are we doing first?


In the meantime, we have like a million games to talk about. My brains are going to explode. So it's like when get ready for the show. I'm always sunny like the guy, a bulletin board.


You're just pre warning everyone that, you know, you may just be a little slow this up. So you also work today.


I saw you behind the camera and I get these pictures sent to me. The still images. Are you on TV looking as fucked up as I've ever seen. You look like so focused yet maybe on shrooms?


Oh, no, no, no, no, no, nothing.


Oh, you're just you're just looking so like into it.


Well, OK, because normally we do it at the Fox desk all together and it's so much easier because you're having the conversation, you're looking at the guys, you know, and you're chopping them up. Now, I got to stare into the camera, but they got these lights because they have to have the lights on in order to get the.


So I was like looking in the headlights the whole time and and like, it's fucking with my brain and I'm trying to get my thought out. I've been brutal on television before.


You had the one good line today about I think you dropped an ass bomb. Yeah, I dropped something. You know, you said, well, if we get fined, I'm not paying it. So I thought that was entertaining.


Like you were quick on your post checklists rules on TV for this.


It's our TV broadcast on TV is difficult because you have to get out your thought. Boom.


If I skip over once, I'm like, oh no, what was I even talking about? Shut it off. Shut it off. And you're on life. And that's what's going on in your brain. And it's and it sucks and it's hell. But I'm trying to get through it.


Well, you so I just want to hear your thoughts on all the games, the million games you talked about.


Oh, you know, it's up to one. How are you.


Yeah, but we have our first team to move on to the original sixteen as Carolina grabbed the momentum from last year's Eastern Conference final run and thoroughly outplayed the New York Rangers in a three game sweep, Peter Mrazek and James Ranma outplayed Hank and just Dirk and Svetlana. Absolutely abuse the range is those to us so fucking good, these guys are absolute studs, absolute stars, ranges were made. Quick work of what? Doug, let's go to you first.


All right, I hope when I'm about to say it makes sense, because I'm going to try to word it and make you guys understand what I mean. We'll let you know.


I'm actually going to say what Connor McDavid is doing is incredible, what we've seen and. Yeah, I know. Hold on. We're not talking about the open throats. But listen, just hear me, OK? I could see you confused. Yeah. Are McDavid right now is just dominating this game like like it seems like only he can at times. Right. Like not many people can do what he does and no one or not anymore.


Just ever. Why did I bring him up, though, because he's actually the second best player in the playoffs so far, Sebastiano. Yeah, what a hot take. This guy is so nasty, so fun to watch. He's a little water bug out there that has jets, six skills, amazing hands, this guy's hands. He's knocking pucks out in midair. He's just making plays that few others can make. So this Carolina team has taken this next step.


And I know the car was sick, but I mean that the hattrick he had, which was the first hattrick in Hurricanes playoff history, franchise history, going back to the whalers, going back to 1970, the whalers didn't have one in the playoffs.




See, that's the difference between franchise history and team history franchises. The franchise, no matter what the name was, team is only a part of that team. So not even I was surprised to it. All those high scoring 80s games that Ferraro, if I can ever beat, never had one all just dunked on you.


Sorry about that. I keep going. I mean, if you want to call just a flat out interruption a dunk done, then yeah. That's what you awards. That's the award you win. You guys win all year.


You just interrupt me all the time. No. One I say arrogance gets the worst of all.


Please, not even close. Second, I think I've interrupted a three hundred and seventy nine thousand interruption but cocky.


OK, well let me get to Idaho.


Let me get to Idaho because he flies around. Right. And it just seems like. All right, well, why don't you hit him? You can't even touch the guy. He was he was so dominant.


And I know, like, they got that top line. But now whoever plays the hurricanes and I want to get your opinion, but whoever plays the hurricanes is in one next round. Whichever they are, they are in one. And it could be the Bruins, correct.


If Montreal beats Pittsburgh, it would be Carolina to play the Bruins in the first round of my math is correct.


I mean, start with Ohio and the guy hasn't even hit puberty yet. If you see him, he looks like he's 16 years old. This guy dominate in the playoffs.


Anyway, my overall assessment, and this is not meant as an insult to the Rangers, although it may come off as one. They were completely outclassed in that series. Dommett They were not prepared for playoff hockey, nor do they deserve to advance. And I could not have been more wrong on my project prediction. And the reason those Rangers, I picked the Rangers.


And I'm going to tell you how I got there, though it is. I had this idea in my head, you know, maybe this is Hank's last season with the Rangers and maybe Quinn would decide to play in that first game. It ended up happening and maybe he stood on his head and all of a sudden the Rangers team kind of got this bout of confidence. And we're like, yeah, you know, maybe we're going to run with Hank.


And this idea took off my brain and it kind of dumb me down to decide that I'm going to pick the Rangers over the Carolina Hurricanes. And as I said, I could not be more wrong. Rod, the board just stomped on my thought process of how the heck was going to lead them to the promised land. And that is a coach just just had his team prepare to play. They have not skipped one beat. And this is without Doug Hamilton.


You talked about slave them last podcast and she's out to now. She's out. Exactly. And and the fact that they're just able to do it in game three with their backup goaltender. Mind you, I thought Rymer was tremendous in the first two periods and really kept them in that game, but they still end up taking care of business out.


And three, moving on and whoever's playing against them look out because I, I could see them to me right now, there are top, top eight team in the league by watching them play in maybe like the Rangers were the team that we saw earlier in the year, as opposed to when they kind of caught fire and were playing better before everything, you know, the season came to a halt.


So maybe they you know, they really did have an edge like matchups wise.


But Panarin, if he's not kind of dominating, like how the Rangers are going to compete at a high level and energetic that he had a goal in the series, but it wasn't like those two. I mean, those games right before the in March, they were crushed. He had a badge, he had a five point game plan.


And everyone was basically saying, this guy should win the MVP. He's a legit candid candidate with Driesell.


Good pronunciation right there.


What I just the the canes are raud Brinda more that as a team, they're like he you can tell exactly that. He coaches them the exact way that he played, which is just tenacious, just pounding the puck. They actually possess the puck. If you're talking about analytics. Yeah, I'm bringing analytics to the mix. There are strong possession team business. They always held on to the puck and that's because they get it back so quickly for. They cause turnovers, they get it back, they start cycling and, you know, like Jordan starts beating the league a long time, that guy's a horse.


He's just one of these bigger bodies they have to excuse me, not terrifying. And what's his name? I'm trying to bite.


You got Harkov? No, no. Another guy not on the top line. No, not Warren Fogle. Mikhailovna. That was Mick Levin's name in the movie, right?


I don't know. I think it was forgotten. It was Warren Vogl High. Anyways, Carolina absolutely snuffed them out. How about I hold three goals, five assists, eight points in just three games. He's got eighteen career playoff games. He's already got twenty points. I think a big storyline two is also Hank Lundquist. Did we see his last game and arrange his uniform? There's the deal. He's got one more year left at eight point five million.


Get a full Naumov clause so he doesn't go anywhere if he doesn't want to. I don't think he wants to go anywhere. But I don't know if you've got a team who might have his contract, change of scenery, whatever. I said, they should have trade him years ago. But either way, the goaltending was was a huge difference here. And a hat's off to Peter Marasa because he did a great job the right way.


Can we talk about Brendan Lemieux? So that was my first time ever getting to watch them and really digest this play. So the first sequence, obviously, I turn it on, he draws a penalty, snaps his head back a bit of a dive. You know, you don't snap your head back when you didn't really get punched that hard. So he draws the two. So then I'm like, man, I haven't really watched this guy play. I got to see what he's about.


So I start iso camming them. Next shift against McGinn was the guy across from him for the hurricanes right off the face of crosschecked right to the hip piece of shit. He is a piece of shit out there. Then they had that nice where he almost scored and I kind of I tweeted out kind of getting the feelings from the Rangers fan on what they think of them. And they seem to think that he brings that type of energy every night.


So if this guy can learn how to put the puck in the back of that and give you 20, 20 and then be as big of a piece of shit out there as he seemed to be, at least in the last game I just watched, that's a good fucking little player.


And it seems like the type of guy who shows up in crunch time. I thought not having him for the first two games was a bit of a factor because he seemed to be effective out there. A lot of people think I'm crazy, but maybe I'd had with the latter. Oh, OK.


OK, so hold on. We get to go into the Rangers just a little bit and you're seeing things out there that could possibly Lundquist retires.


I think we all can say that he's played his last game as a New York ranger. I just don't see how he's back there next year and what a run.


I mean, the Kings had their he's just, what was it, two thousand five, his rookie year. All right. You know, off the top of your head, my rookie year.


It also depends on on what you're it also depends on what your plan is with their two goalies that they have ahead of them right now are like, if you're going to hand the starting job over to Schostak and if that's how you pronounce it, then maybe having Hank to groom them for one more year doesn't hurt. And the other goalie is a valuable asset right now. They can add a significant piece up front or on the back end if somebody is in desperate need of a goaltender.


And I could think of a few teams off the top of my head, he he broke in 05, 06.


And as far as next year, like I said, Hank, still in the contract, eight point five Schostak and his sign next year, Georgiev Hoggy Šefčovič said he's going, you know.


I got my elbow on. Hold on, hold on. Hold it up.


Pull back up that truck beeping.


Or give me that, put a little too much Jaroussky on it. I don't know. That was Georgiev was the other one. You had one of your all time fuck up pronunciation, the player's name. But who was it?


I don't know. Oh, my God. I got Vegeta Cavs right today. Let's just clear one thing that guy's got to be on.


It was it was Joe Carrette. Joe Kariya, Joker. Yeah.


Joe Carroll carried they are hockey team in Helsinki with mentioned McDavid a few minutes ago and he scored one of the filthiest goals of the playoffs we've seen so far, burst in the zone full stride while bouncing in corralling the puck at the same time with the stick beats Crawford with the filthiest roof shot like the puck on the string. I know the old proverb The Edmonton wins the game Tisza series Game three is going to see tonight after we tape it. Ten thirty on Wednesday is what was your take on that goal?


I mean, that was just to do it at that speed and everything at once. It's like it's like watching a transformer turn into whatever the transformer turns into. You just jar the floor.


In their respective sport, based on that, he's the most electrifying athlete in the world right now. I say that confidently. The fact that a player has been gifted with I would say he's the fastest player on skates we've ever seen. There might be a couple of copper like like Pavel Baret, but to be that fucking fast, but also have hands to match it, is it it doesn't make sense. You saw it in slo mo. The puck was everywhere.


It looked like a lacrosse ball out there.


And he is just like the ticking tacking it where to put it exactly in front of him, where he needs it in order to make the moves. And then as subtly as he went to the backhand and just tapped away at it and it somehow like it's like one of those ping pong shots where it goes past the side of the net.


And and it just finds that top right corner, it's just in the fact that we get to see that on on most nights, almost electrifying athlete on the planet. And he was obviously a little pissed off about his performance game one, although he did put up one and three. He did have a few blunders defensively. He he put the team on his back and one game, two four hours.


How awesome is it? When when you when you when you think you had an off game, you're disappointed in yourself. You have one in three.


That's big guy though. Even though he didn't have my guy, I kind of did. So what in life you get to be disappointed after that.


Oh shucks. What a tough game. But you said it perfectly. Is that the goal? That that goal was the fact that I think there was just enough room to fit the puck. And when he went back Kambah down and he just did it so quickly, also the crossovers he's pulling off as he's taken these men wide and he's sticking his leg out. And then the demon you can tell so quickly knows he's not, but he's getting inside me and getting a chance in front of the net.


I have not gotten to the post, you know what I'm saying? I've not cut this man off one bit. I'm done. And then he just he just picks the corner is the same thing that Kutuzov goal against Washington was filth.


He does that little stutter step. He goes to the forehand and just rips one back across Hopea and just Boller down in the one little area that that the puck could have gone.


So the skill, the skill you're seeing, I do think the camerawork sic, you're seeing some different things, especially on replay. That's great. But McDavid is it's no joke, man. It's it's every single night. I mean, the funniest thing is Duncan keeps telling us he's the you can't even describe how fast this guy is and they're playing against each other and you're just witnessing it. He just knew exactly what was going to happen. He probably figured I might as well get ahead of this if he catches me on.


One of those are taking me outside, cut across highlight reel because I was out there saying I knew it could happen.


Kind of like right before you ran at the flurry when you were doing those crossovers, the Pistons, you described them.


Yeah. McDavid Pistons are a little a little like mine. When I was going back for that puck, that flurry was living longer.


Ankles. What's up? Our what do you got? What you see?


Michael Koskinen got his first NHL playoffs that he won. Stop. Thirty three twenty three or twenty six shots. I mean, it was somewhat of a shootout, nine goals. I thought he performed pretty well. I mean, I think it's a no brainer that it'll come back on the next game, particularly after how Smitty played. What also was pretty, pretty interesting, Chris, first dig, he's been all over Instagram lately. Now that he's retired.


He was he had a little video that went, I don't know, the viral Ruza rules out. But he said, like, why is he not on an eight o'clock? This guy is a superstar. He's the best player they should market the more. So it's always fun when the former players, like, get away from the league in stature in the league a little bit.


They've got to put the kids to the bed before he starts breaking people's ankles. That's why he's on at 10:00 p.m. for crying out loud. I wouldn't want my kids watching those homicides.


Did you say he had to put the kegs to better the kids? The kids?


Oh, he said the kids. I'm sorry I misheard you. I think that he has a great point, though. Everyone wants to watch that game. It's ten thirty. I mean, I don't know, considering how this game spread out from like six thirty a.m. till you pass out on the couch at eleven. You could have put them on. You could have put them on earlier. Yeah. Although they did have to have to have a large deathwish to watch the game tonight.


The first eleven we should see the first NBC game definitely was McDavid. So Sunday at three o'clock. But yeah, they should have as much as they can, as much as they can get them on TV. Absolutely. I agree. They're so.


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Stretch it out. You don't need a rider in your area, that was who I was thinking of, the I need a dead big body, you know what I'm saying? Because these big fours, they possess the puck. I think I just got interrupted. My whole point about Carolina, when I couldn't think of nightriders name still maybe I'll get it next week. Yeah, that's one.


That was a tough trade for Minnesota. I think they lost that one. Yeah. Cialis. Is that is that the fellow that was Grandmont that was granted to that guy.


What else? We got our Calgary spanked Winnipeg six to two Tuesday night to take a two to one series lead because Winnipeg made a nice I'll come back after the game one loss.


But Calgary, they got goals from six different forwards. I was pretty tough night for kind of hell, but giving up that many goals you had a misplay behind then that kind of made a mountain out of a molehill. But I thought was pretty cool, really. Maybe the coolest clip up for us. It was Paul Morris talking about Yance and Hopkins jumped like Jenson Hopkins, working his way from the East Coast League all the way up to the NHL, had nobody give him a shot but play a clip of Murray's.


I'm just want to make sure I get this right so I'm not overexaggerating. But I don't know that I've had a player that has been given less opportunity and and stayed in the fight and competed as hard as this guy has. Like he had no chance of making our team. We had a good camp. But he's not a first overall pick, so he's not he doesn't have 10 guys pound on the table for him to give him that chance. He's he's been given nothing here.


But what he did was he forced an opportunity. So he went with the most like there was no choice but to call him up.


All right, and then he gets in the lineup and he gets in the practice, he works so hard, you just have to play him. So all he does is no matter what the situation, he just catches your eye, right? He was he was clearly the first of the three. And for us, because of his training at that goal he scored, he may score that 10 times in the first in the last three weeks. Really, he he has he's just his office before you think it should.


And it's Bardell.


So I think what you got with Haack is a guy that that's going to get into the National Hockey League and he's probably not going to come out for about 14 years.


He's just. I think it was Kevin Denine that said to me once early on, young players don't understand the value of an opportunity, but Chance Harkins is the exception to that rule.


I mean, just good stuff. I know it's getting passed on Twitter quite a bit the other day. Besides, I'm sure you caught it right. All right.


I talked about it when we did. The actual player relief on some of these guys are down there trying to find their games just in order to get to that next level and then, of course, eventually make their way to the NHL. And then you hear a story like this and it's just awesome. And it just shows this guy had no quit. He wouldn't go away. He wouldn't go unnoticed. And I was I was really happy for him to score that goal the other night.


And then not only that, but get the accolades from his coach. And now at this point in time, it's like, you know, he's he's probably a household name because of what Paul Murray said about him. And now another team, if the Jets don't end up resigning, I would probably be inclined to give him an opportunity. So that just that just goes to show you all you guys out there listen and our girls even excuse me, you know, never give up if it's truly what you want.


If you want to work for it, it might not be the easiest path given you're not a high draft pick. But that's a prime example. If you want it hard enough, you'll eventually find it. And I remember back when I was playing, it was nothing better and it might have happened three times to me, but there was nothing better than your coach publicly pumping your tires. I don't know if you ever had a.


I'm guessing now we talked about how good you were in the locker room with the Dejiang.


Yeah. So he must have felt so good in the end.


He said he said he's going to play 14 years in the NHL. The kid was like, holy shit.


CBA says eight is the box. Like, if you guys want to cut me a check. Sure. Can you promise me that?


Coach, coach, please. My agents are gonna call. It was an awesome quote. That's that's what I said when we were talking about the respect that we have for Morris and how we've always enjoyed his soundbytes, the ability to kind of have a good quote, have a good little story, even when when we were ripping them first for thinking Kucuk purposely, purposely injured Mark Shively. Which I've taken some heat for that, I mean, people I think everyone thinks he did it on purpose.


Yeah, let's talk about the Jets a little bit, that that was a gutsy win to come back. And I don't know, man, I really like that. Blake Wheeler as a leader, you can tell he loves playing for that organization and he genuinely cares about his teammates.


Apparently, the Saïfi injuries also not as serious as they initially thought. So that's that's a massive positive, because when you're a top 20 player, everyone saw that.


Everyone saw it. Everyone thought that not just because of how he was reacting on the ice, you know what I mean? Like, it looked horrible. It looked horrible initially.


Correct. And I wasn't arguing that. But it was just good to hear when you're when you're a top 20 guy in the league as a hockey fan, I want to see these guys in the ice. But a gutsy performance in game two. But Calgary, you know, they were like, hey, boys, like, we need to do we need a response here. And they control much of that game the other night in game three. That should be interesting, like I said, game for Thursday at 10 30, so we'll have that result for our next show.


And I'm going back to my Hawkins' for a minute. He's a second generation NHL. His father, Todd, had a couple of cups of coffee back in the 80s. And, of course, his uncle, Brett Hopkins, played for a few different organizations not too long ago. So it's a good story. That's a good, good clip from Paul Morris. Vancouver won four to three Tuesday night. They were kind of running away with it, but it got a little close.


Minnesota got a couple of late ones. They tied up the series. They had a Jake Burton into the lineup. Grinnell's stunt double got his first playoff point ever. A nice little assist there. Rousselle took Aputula Magnon. Hope he's OK. We've seen a few pucks to the ball. Yeah, it's been rough. Some of these guys. Next up, game three, Thursday at two thirty. What what do you got on this one, brother?


I got kind of exactly what everyone figured was going to happen off the start.


I mean, are you kind of that surprised that that the games have gone this way when I watched Patterson or how have we decided it is?


Is it Peterson?


I think I thought we said Lyashko, alias Patterson. But whatever. Let's let's just say whatever you want.


OK, so he's him and I hope very similar. I've actually given him the Datsyuk. I've been throwing out all the comparisons since we started this show. I'm a I'm a comparisons guy.


But the wild the way we said that they look just older and they were just more ready to play in game one while the Vancouver just had to bring that offense. And then you all of a sudden get your top players involved and it's the only chance you have. You have to win when you're when you're a younger team like Vancouver coming up. And by no means are they where they they probably think they can compete for the Stanley Cup. They need to get deeper.


They need to get a little bit older. I think you would agree with this because. The only chance you have right now to win is to have your top players dominate the other team's top players, that's it. And so that was game two. And I think that it's still going to be tough for Van to win this pick. Do you remember?


I believe you had the Canucks. Yeah.


So I'm kind of regretting that even after game two. Really? Yes. I'll say this.


I think the Minnesota, while they're taking the approach of that team that's going to try to batter down these young guys. Patterson's been taking an absolute beating. Koivu has been getting some pretty good whacks in and. You know, I know, you know, some people want to see the more the new rules in place where they're calling absolutely everything we know, once playoffs starts, they tend to let a little bit more go. And I think if these Vancouver Canucks kids can get past, you know what, they're being put in this defensive blender with the chippy ness and getting sucked into that type of game by the Minnesota Wild, if they're able to learn and gain that experience and win the series, I think it's going to be vital for those young guys moving forward, because we all know through a Stanley Cup playoff, if you're a team that's going to eventually win, you're going to run into another team that's going to try to bully you, bully you out of the arena.


That's always going to happen. And we've seen it a few times in this plan. I thought that New York tried to take that approach. Once they realized they couldn't play with Caroline a little bit, they were playing a little bit more chippy. I feel that Calgary right now is doing the same thing to Winnipeg. So teams still are built like that and do take that approach. And and right now, man, I picked Vancouver to win the series and I'll be excited for these young guys if they're able to get over the hump.


You get tell Travis Green is this to man when they're score goals and yet he's like fist pumping on the bench. So this will be interesting to see how this all plays out, but it's going to be a very close series. After we taped Sunday night, we got a doctor hooked to MacCracken from Slapshot like incident, Michael Ferland, he spotted Ryan Hoffman on the bench. Well, what happens, Lou Coonana or Cannon? I know I hear it both ways.


Lou Cannon had grabbed a stick and then I watched the clip like 10 times and I couldn't tell if Hoffman grabbed it or not. But either way, Ferland took exception. You got him right in the fucking bread basket. He got fined five thousand for his troubles. Cunningham fined a thousand for unsportsmanlike conduct, unsportsmanlike conduct, as he obviously grabbed the stick. But I think basically, if you don't grab a guy stick, you won't get your teammates spit.


No best. Yeah.


Hartman had a comment after the game. He goes, Yeah, we're holding the stick. So he gave it to us back. Whatever. All right. See you later. And I love that response from Hartman. And I think that he's well aware of what their teams and the way they're trying to play Vancouver doesn't necessarily have many more responses to what Minnesota has. As far as like big burly guys, mind you, now furlongs out of the series they just announced.


So that's a difficult balance for them. But, yeah, you fucking hold the guy, stick on the bench, you throw a spear. I used to do that shit all the time fucking around and I'm hoping to get a Ferland.


And he missed most of the nineteen twenty season with with post concussion stuff and the passion issues. And I guess he's back home.


Darren Dreger reported that he, that he went back home and he's dealing with kind of similar issues. So let's hope that he's healthy and right. And I mean yeah. People screaming that it wasn't enough punishment like nobody got hurt.


Relax, it's just. Yeah, yeah. And going back to Pettersen, respect the way he's he's battling through it.


He's taken his lumps right now. It doesn't look as if they're always complaining at all. And he's trying to find his game in the midst of having to deal with that for the first time. And and fucking rights could keep going.


Boys, next stop, Pittsburgh. Montreal, man, I think the Penguins got their hands full, but Crosby put them on that back the other night game to let him to a nice victory. He's got a huge first goal. His carry price has been tough. Man, that's huge when you're going against the hot goalie, which I think prices right now got to get that first goal. Gentzel, come through with the puck. Jesus for anybody who played the game, game three being played as we speak Wednesday night at eight o'clock.


So hugely pivotal game. What's been your take on this series thus far?


Well, I'm watching right now, so, you know, the first period's just about ending, Pittsburgh goes down with nothing and Terry Pryce makes an enormous shave on Denso. Crosby gave him a sick pass through the same. Guenzel has a great chance. Price drops. I'm thinking like they're up on nothing already. What if this guy stands on his head? This is actually it's the only two in three games, not four to seven. They could get it done.


I refuse to believe that because the penguins just scored two goals in under a minute and I got the penguins tonight.


So I'll basically say that it'll take a miracle for the Canadians to win the series. That's my thoughts. That's my thoughts. They won that first game because he was incredible. And then Pittsburgh really played better in the second one. And right now they just turned it on quick after dominating in the offensive zone. Price can only do it for so long. So it's it's it's setting up for Pittsburgh to move on in four games, I believe.


And they're doing so with with no MALC. And basically he was a ghost in two games, although he does have an assist tonight. Biggest thing that stands out.


I really, really, really like that Zucker trade. He's fitting in really nice there. He plays hard ghost the that a bit undersized, but his game speaks bigger than he is. The side show he has been tremendous, hasn't skipped a beat very noticeably better than everybody on the ice. And yeah, I'm on the same boat as with the fact that they won a game. I was very surprised they stuck around and found a way. But just puck possession wise quality scoring chances.


I'm going to have to go with Pittsburgh and I bet the House on it.


That Petri, though I've said many times I played with him at the beginning of his career in Edmonton, you could tell this guy's legit, like can skate like the when physical and he keeps getting better and better.


So Montreal has a legit defense when besides Shea Weber.


And that's that's pitcher Jeff Petrie, whose father was a Major League Baseball player, he might have won the World Series, might have won the World Series.


The check may not go well.


A couple bright spots, though. And if we don't if we don't mention them, we're going to get skulled. The Knicks, Suzuki, he's really, really turning into a player. Twenty years old, a bright spot in this young group of of Montreal Canadiens R.A. Do you have anything on them? I said that. No, no.


I just thought of a note. Another note.


I didn't have anything by ticket they got from Vegas. Yes, they got them from Vegas. You seventeenth. Overall, I believe in the 2017 draft. Oh, HL guy to write this on the Rachel guy.


He's from London, Ontario, and he's been playing very well, you know, rising to the occasion right now. So look out for this Suzuki kid. He's a stud.


Yup. And his dad did win the nineteen eighty four World Series with the Detroit Tigers. So shout out to me that guy's back.


Well, Willie Hernandez won the MVP that year. Check that. No, Alan Trammell did good talk, though. No, he didn't. It was really in this World Series MVP. Eighty four. Alan Trammell, no, no, well, we have a software Succot with I'm reading Wikipedia right now. I mean, that's a problem right there. First off, it says, oh, oh, what do you say? God, he's talking on you all.


That's your problem.


First off, trust in Wikipedia for what am I supposed to do, take out an actual encyclopedia like, you know, because you don't even know how to look up what's going on right now? All right. Sharpen reading Wikipedia.


I'm one of nine hundred million people who do it.


You don't want to come. It's going to come. I'm reading Wikipedia.


I literally go, oh, Alan Trammell because it says Alan Trammell, World Series MVP.


And you go, No, Willie. Well, Willie, what are we guys?


I see Alan Trammell. I looked it up and I see him. Duncan on who you guys remember that you're dealing with the wet dog, you peasants'. For, well, I had no dog in the fight for your dog in the fight. All I heard was you yelling about Duncan and I'll dunk on you and your scumbag.


I can't do that. 80S baseball. So that's what it will do. Grindley, why you're on it. Who was who was right? Hold on. Who was right? You were right. Whether it was Alan Trammell knew how sorry I am that you're trying to cloud me with Willie Hernandez when it is genuine shit.


Nice try on most dominant MVP candidate of the Stanley Cup playoffs, Ryan Whitney, who just dunked on Aaargh!


Through Wikipedia and that he chirped it what it was. Oh, he was the Al MVP in the ALSA Young award winner in eighty four. So nobody but it wasn't the note was wrong.


I was wrong. I was wrong. Take all right.


Takes a strong man to admit when he's wrong. Yeah. Try to sometimes learn from me guys. I do that every episode.


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Keep yourself protected. And speaking of keeping yourself protected, you got to keep it going. A defensive zone protected guy like Cowgill, he's our guest on CHIP. That's going to be bringing him on a little bit later. Of course, he does a little radio work for the natural predators. And predators are on the ropes thanks to business. These Arizona coyotes, they beat them four to one in Wednesday's game, three to take a two one series lead has a chance to end it Friday afternoon.


The coach got big goals from kind of down until hall at a stellar performance from Dasi Kembu stopped thirty nine to forty shots bears. We might not be getting to Boston soon. What's going on, buddy?


What I tell you what I tell you about Darcy Kemper, Saskatchewan boy. Thirty nine saves nineteen in the first period, kept the boys in it, they were on the ropes for the first ten minutes and then they ended up striking. They got the one nothing lead. Guys, I don't know if you saw it.


Nashville scored to make it to one in the third period versus a dutiful little snapshot glove side beat Darcy Romanoff's.


He went from his D of the ozone shocker. That guy's a mutant.


Steve Peters is the video guy for the Arizona Coyotes, and on it goes on his toes. He says, I think this was offside in Matt Duchaine was on the. I mean, if I guess if you're in it for my my standpoint in the press box, he was closest to us. I didn't even realize he was in the play. He just got a little bit horny, jumped early and fuck off site. Kyrie's back and it's still tied one one and then they end up getting a massive goal from your boy Connor Garlan a nice setup from Derek Step on.


Who's had an assist in every single game so far has been playing great in the absence of a schmaltzy but Connor Garland nice drag play to the middle and picks the far side glove corner I believe and priorities fucking rate's up to one. Halsy had a big insurance goal in the two after Garland drew a penalty and just an overall great performance. Darcy Copperman, he's been he's been their best player for sure. The Yotsuba is looking nice, Halsy, I love seeing them get that big goal and Galan's toe drag.


Who, a guy not afraid to go to the dirt here. And he also has the skill to pull that move off, to bury it right after. Just who did he toe drag? Oh, I think it was at home.


And it was it was a play where where Derrick Stafford ended up drawn in two defenders, one of the back checkers and one of the men, and just found Garland, who was like buying time in the high slot area. And by that time, he'd backed off ecoATM step on it. So he had that lane. And by the time Garland got that separation, he was able to pull off that move.


Conner Garland in the first two games is non-existent because they took too many penalties. And I think he was on the third line to start. So it was hard. He wasn't getting his reps. He wasn't getting his touches. So they put him with their step on. And Clayton Keller, who's been awesome as well, and they had some great chemistry today. Halsy, Halsy and Kessels Line was awesome as well with Dvorák. Dvorák ended up having that that high typical surgical tip in the slot.


So I will say this, the few good bright spots for Nashville to this point, Arvidson is awesome. He's been fucking sleeping like crazy. And who is the other one? Of course, Yoshie.


But that fallsburg, he is awesome. He is so fun to watch. He creates on his own. He's got silky hands. He's just a player.


Yeah. He's huge too. Has has what's his name. Yea. Wilson looked exactly like he did in all those Chicago cops.


Darren Wilson had a tough start in the first game. He had a couple of giveaways on the pick that ended up staying in and leading to goals, but he was solid in game three I think. I think the bigger the stakes, the bigger the player he is. So I mean, but he's been solid. All of Oliver has been great. It's really hard to miss Ellis, the trio of Ellis at home and see, although that Fabro is a young up and comer, very good player for the Nashville Predators, he kind of gets lost in that shuffle.


I thought he was the perfect guy to kind of step in that top four to replace Piqué, and you're probably paying him way less. Right?


So are blocking Boston University Boston University career. I would say it'd be hard to argue that against Nashville for having the best top forward court in the league.


Yeah, they've been drafted like insane for the last fifteen, twenty years. And, you know, these guys eventually price out and they move on because, you know, you can still get three quality is out of a young kid under a million dollars these days and then pretty good.


That's how crazy this is. I would say they have the best top four in the league right now. There might be a couple other teams you could argue against, but they've traded away Piqué, Suban, Shea Weber and Seth Jones.


And they said they had and they had Ryan Souter and Souter and Souter.


Christ, jeez, there's another one. So, yeah, they are they know how to pick up on the D side.


Nice. Well, the Florida Panthers stayed alive with a three to win over the islanders in game three on Tuesday afternoon. I'm sorry, Wednesday afternoon. Check check that joke. Lundvall He put five new guys in the lineup in game three and it worked fine, but broski shot twenty to twenty two shots, made some real nice wins in the third one and you need it the most. And the South Shore boys are getting it done with Keith.


A little shock pass before a pass the Mike Coffman for big goal. Now Brian Boyle got the eventual game winner. Hey I'm glad just to see a series get extended here. This. What was your take on this one, brother.


Oh yeah. I was happy to see Florida not embarrass me with my other pick. I already went over three on the Carolina Jordan Eberly. Let's let's switch the convo to him. Yeah. Second or tied for second in most goals in his first ten games as a New York Islanders. So congratulations to Everleigh. He had two the other night when they won game two. And it was I think there's a lot of pressure on Florida to at least get something done, given the fact they haven't had any type of playoff playoff success in the last little while.


And a great response. Yance has been playing well. He's picking up points, moving the puck. Surprise move on Floras part. I don't know if it's that he's kind of overpaid. I think he's overpaid. Anyways, Matheson he got the healthy scratch and they got him for, I think, six more years on his contract making, I think just shy of five million. And, you know, he's he's been struggling for the last little bit here.


So they take him out of the lineup and they win in a hockey game. I don't know.


I mean, he has all the skill in the world. I think sometimes he's not the smartest, smartest player makes some decisions out there. We're just like, but but I mean, can skate like the winds.


Strong has a great shot, like has all the tools.


So, you know, they decide to go with the change there. It was good to see Florida win now.


And his fans are all over me, I. Against the islanders, no matter what, I can't stand you guys or your fans, so, I mean, Nacha, I'm going to pick not only is it a team playing against the islanders, but Yantis is on the on on the cats. We're going to go with the cats.


And let me tell you this. Do you remember last year, the boogeymen there out there?


Caroline, is moving on. So at some point you have to face them and they'll dust you again. You had your sweep celebration against the penguins. Then all of a sudden the brooms came flying back, hit you right in the face against the canes.


So get out of my face.


Islanders fans, it's a trash. It's a trash team. They're not a trash team. They are an actual really good hockey team, well coached. They know exactly how they have to play to be successful. When I said trash team, I meant just got no desire to watch them play. I love Everleigh, my former roommate. What a guy.


Abby and his his start. Who just to hop in and score that quickly in the playoffs with a team that's had years and years of dominance and a Stanley Cup four in a row, Stanley Cup winners. And he's up there in terms of maybe I think quickest to get six or seven goals. Right, as an islander.


Yeah. And second, sorry, not not very fun to watch, although they do have one guy who's pretty impressive, Marzel.


And that was a pretty nasty look when he went flying into the wall that was hard to watch, looked like it was his neck that went. Yeah, what? He ends up coming right back. Did he make that play on that goal? He was right back out there the next shift.


And honestly, I know it's tough to tell from on TV, but he didn't look no worse for the wear.


Usually when a guy's got his bell rung, you could see it in his face. He looked like he probably knew the brunt of it was Mormans back then on his head because he looked fine on TV when they showed him. Also, was the Floridas part of this first playoff win in fifteen hundred and sixty eight games, going back to twenty sixteen. And Madison has six years left at four point eight seventy five mil. So he's got a nice chunk of change still coming his way, but moving right along.


Toronto finally got off the schneid after four periods with a goal when Austin Matthews and John Tavares each good Freddy Anderson stopped. Twenty one shots that he faced. The Leafs won three done to tie up the series with Columbus. Next game will be Thursday night at eight o'clock Game three, of course, the Leafs defenseman Jake Muzzin. He's going to be out for the rest of the series after very awkward face. First landing into all the Bucks Trends leg. He took a cross check from Plup Dubai right before that and then look like he was trying to, I don't know, fall somewhere different or whatever and then end up falling into like it's a box extremes.


Like he was down for a bit. He was sitting up right away at the extremities move. So, you know, obviously the stretch is a big precaution. Still a scary moment with where we were during this. I was watching at home and, oh, yeah, it was off, I felt that what was it, close to 20 minutes it felt like to start really worrying.


And I couldn't tell what he said to the trainer when he first got out there. You have to imagine it was his neck. I, I just couldn't believe with how innocent it looked. And I know it didn't look great. Right. You kind of cringe. But in terms of seeing somebody down the ice that long and needing to be stretchered off, it was in a sense, it wasn't as something like pozole would have made more sense. Right.


Having a stretcher out there. So it was really almost confusing. Like, this has to be really serious.


Something's going on here with neck, spine or.


Basically, there was a time where you kind of really worried for you not even thinking about him returning to play or being out for the playoffs, if you're like, holy shit like this, you need this guy to get off the ice and be actually healthy.


So scary. And it's a really tough loss to really tough loss for that, not least because he's just physically hard. He's hard enough to play against every night that you're just thinking about how how difficult it is to deal with him in front of the net. If you're forward, that's going to be dealing with him a lot of the time.


Very similar to the Pavlovsky situation against the Golden Knights were, you know, a crosscheck in the midst of the play ends up leading to a disastrous situation. I don't think, Dubash, to get suspended or I don't think there should be any type of discipline. It was should you be crosschecking a guy where he did know it should be a two minute minor like he got not you know, it was just a shitty result. So back off of him, but a very difficult loss for the Leafs.


And hopefully he's it's nothing too serious if he's able to come back soon, yabbies and continue with the Toronto Columbus talk.


Freddy, just one goal against in two games started corpuscle just two goals against both goals have been absolutely fantastic. Each guy has a shutout. I don't know, man. It's been a great series for me.


I know people expect a lot of scoring maybe with the Toronto lineup, but when there's two goalies going head to head, I enjoy that as much as anything. And of course, Tortorella is always interesting. Is one quote over and over. I'm sorry. Toronto is really good. We Toronto is really good. We set Toronto's really good result. He's just an absolute beauty when he does that stuff. So game three, like I said, Thursday, eight o'clock, what else you have on this?


Is anything OK? First thing I was happy to see Freddy have a bounceback game. Not to say he played bad in game one, but I feel like that squeaker from Cam Atkinson was being used against them a little bit. And I didn't want that to be the storyline because he's too good of a goaltender and he doesn't deserve the shit. He didn't get any offense in game one.


I don't want to say the big boys were non-existent. I thought Matthews had a good game. I think he had iron twice. He had that one save. That corpuscle homered on them. That was ten ball. That was probably the nicest game of playoffs that I've seen so far. Maybe not enough from Neiland or maybe not enough for Merner. JT was a little nonexistent, but he did have that big goal in game two in the Leafs. It was the Leafs offense was a story in game two.


They just drastically outplayed and outshot no chance. Colombus They responded really well under a pressure situation. Let's go back to Tortes. It's amazing, these energy shifts, they are on top of the world. One game. All of a sudden you feel like you're going to you're losing your team shit.


The next game he ends up getting into it with the ball on the bench a little bit. There's the thoughts, passion mix with, you know, Dubois' got a lot on his plate, man. He's the number one center now. It's a lot of pressure. And, you know, I don't know if he was getting exposed in game two and they have a little falling out on the bench. There's a little bit of a fucked you match completely normal, but you don't see it as often anymore.


Definitely no shocker that talks was the guy involved. But overall, like I said, just a great response from the Leafs.


I'm still very, very confident that Chantal is going to pull off the series. I agree, I wouldn't say very, very confident I could see it going either way. I'm still going to pick Toronto hold to my pick there.


It looked like the ball was taken it from Tortes. And then he kind of, I think, said something back. I don't know if he was just sick of him in his ear.


And then he came back over again. And you just see, like, everyone sitting straight forward looking like, oh, my God, I'm glad this isn't me he's going after right now.


Oh, man. I feel for I fear for Peter over there. But fuck am I happy. This is me.


You know, that guy could give it to you. Oh shit. So Marter has has to be way better though. I would say that the first two games here you think and what he brings usually throughout every season he's been in the league and it hasn't looked like that in the first two games. But I love Riley on demand. That guy just flies around, he can play so many minutes.


He's just he's the fifth overall pick.


Maybe that's why I like him, because I was too. Why were you. Yeah, I never mentioned that, actually, but I was twenty two.


So I love watching this hockey though, because you could tell Columbus is going to be really pissed off after that effort and after what Tortorella said.


So I think that it's just going to force Toronto to really be even better than they were in game two to be able to match that intensity and be able to continue to produce offensively against that team.


This is where I wouldn't be a good coach. Should you go back with corpuscle?


I think so, yeah. Yeah, I think so. He's awesome. It was good.


He gave up two goals and give him an empty net.


He's been so Tavarez one was the last one was OK. I maybe could have could have had that. Yeah. Yeah.


I don't think that's a question. And hey I think my favorite Toronto highlight of the last since the last time we met was Austin giving it to that PECC had Steve Simmons of the Toronto Star. Oh yes. He went to answer this question, said like basically told them how pissed he was that Steve violated his medical privacy and people steal other people's injuries, not covid injuries, whatever, to fucking come with disclosable. Know what that gets done by the player, the agent.


I think Austin was the only player who was exposed without his prior permission.


So he called them out. And then, of course, he's a gentleman who answers questions afterwards. But it was good to just see him. Duncan drag his balls across Steve Sims for it because he's a yeah, I know.


He probably knew who was the eighty four World Series MVP.


So I had the two other MVP and got our home. Yeah, my comments on that.


Or obviously I would never in a million years do it. Steve Simmons, did you know some of these guys, you know, that's how they earn their living by getting the scoops on that type of stuff. I completely agree with the way Austin handled it and calling them out. So if you're going to do that type of stuff, you've got to expect it back coming the other way. You know, it's a dog eat dog world. So what else are we talking about?


I mean, you know, he got his point across in a euphemistically told me to go f off and but he still this question like a jump. And so it's a win win pod thing for Falastin.


Speaking of Austin, with the land for the first time with the sweet redirect Tuesday night, Busi And if you have the Budweiser red light at your place, that's at least closed and your eyes lit up too, because the Budweiser red light is back, hockey is back, and it's time to sell the Budweiser, the red light is back, bringing the arena experience to your home. Budweisers replica gold light sinks to any NHL game and instantly goes off on your favorite team.


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Oh, and there's probably this has in my lifetime. Yes, every time he goes to his top drawer. That's a 1980s joke.


Going back to the Mathew's thing, though, fuck the balls in that kid is just go right at them. I love that show we were talking about goaltenders earlier. We didn't mention Mark Shrem, who looked tremendous in game two as well. And he's our boy, so I figured I'd give him a shout out, OK.


The show was outed iPods. We had Cowgill, like I mentioned earlier, he's the actual radio guy. Obviously, some asshole like me wouldn't really had a lot of fun talking to him. He's a good guy, great personality. So we're going to send it over to Hal, go right about now.


Well, it's a pleasure to welcome back a fellow Massola to Spit and Checketts, this defenseman, played for 16 NHL seasons when the Stanley Cup with the two thousand nine penguins. Of course, these days you can hear him analyzing predators games on one or two point five for the game down in Nashville. It's good to see you again. How, Gil, how's it going?


It's going all right. It's been a long time. You guys have blown up. And I'm just I was I was way back and one of the first ones.


Episode 18, episode 18. Wow.


That's that's how good of a guy he is. He would come on when I was begging people to come on.


Yeah. No problem with I'll come on and shit on you for 30 minutes to be great.


So you take two and a half days of nonstop pucks, which it takes, you'll find it's it's been crazy, you know, like I'm not a I'm not I'm just never a hockey junkie where I just sit and watch hockey. But I'm finding it's hard not to right now. And it's like eleven o'clock down here. It starts up. And I've been watching a ton of the games. It's actually pretty fun. It's, you know, after everything we've gone through, the quarantine and all that crap, it's nice to just sit there and take in some live action.


Yeah, it's almost a little overwhelming because we used to like a couple of games at night, maybe going against each other, but I have one after the other after the other. It's like, man, this is going to be like I'm doing this for two months.


But have you been talking on any of the guys in the bubble at all, getting any feedback from the players?


Yeah, I've talked to a couple. I actually talked to the Scuderi, our boy Scuds, and he's coaching with with Nashville. So he's he's in there. And he said there's not much to do.


He said it's like a I think at his dreaming was a posh a posh prison.


How many suits that he packed? One, that's all. You know, how bad we always rip them on our part about how bad the suits were?


Well, the best is his first game. He comes out. He has he has as a coach, he he has one shirt and he was shaving before and nicked his neck and blood started dripping all over his shirt. He's like, I don't have another shower. I was like, what do you what are you talking about? You know, you're here for like four or five days. But why wouldn't you have another shirt? He's the best man.


Oh, my God, that was so funny.


You two guys just so perfect. The other Brad Pitt, the piece. Scott, Bobby Scott, Bobby Scary Bobby or Scuderi.


It was a lot of fun to play with these.


No one's is dry and sarcastic, as if you guys were one of the storylines when you guys ended up winning that cup against Detroit. The year Withcott dealt for crudites, by the way, just a terrific one.


But that was such a cool story. You guys were like playing against other teams toplines. I remember you guys were killing penalties together and it kind of became like its own little caricature of the team.


Yeah, no, I think everyone had a role. And, you know, we joked about it because he I can't remember how it happened, but someone said he's that. Are you one of the they asked him, are you one of the pieces that. Yeah, that means. And he goes, yeah, if you want to call me the piece, I guess I am. Yeah.


And so as soon as he walked in the locker room, I like the pages here, the piece, but yeah, it was good.


I think, you know, any team that wants to do something has to have role players. You have to have guys that stepped up. We had the we had the studs, you know, it was said and Malcolm, you know, you need other guys to step up. So it was good. But I will say in twenty eight, I don't know if you remember this when we were getting kind of pushed around by Detroit and I still remember what goes on the benches.


Screw this. I'm not backing up anymore. And it was awesome. Like he goes out and I don't know if you remember the ship you just stood up on Datsyuk or something stupid. We're like, what does he do? Oh, and it worked.


And like, oh, my gosh. All right. I think he struck me, but I like, stopped this forward progression.


So that's why we're like, all right, we've got an idea here.


Let's roll with it.


A Datsyuk was one of those guys where when sometimes you go to hit them and you'd end up on your ass like he could throw some reverse hits, just crazy freak strength that you never, never expected either.


I was going to ask Skills. I think you were kind of one of the last guys I can remember that would get a six pack after games and you're in your stall like you would always have a six pack ready to go. And that was like to me, that was the last sense of old school hockey that I consumed with the league.


Yeah, well, I still think if you're going to go out there and work hard, you deserve a treat after, you know, like you just bought your bag for three hours.


Yeah. Give me you give me a freaking beer. Yeah. No, I think that was one of my favorite things about being in the NHL, was we're going to go work hard here and we're going to enjoy it after and now. Now guys have protein shakes and like they wouldn't let us have pizza my last year. What are you talking about?


And that is who I am after a hockey game.


I've played eleven hundred of them when I'm in Buffalo, Buffalo, wings and beer. When I'm in Philly, I want a Philly cheesesteak and beer. That's that's that's the way it goes.


I couldn't agree more games change and they should actually. But they should have put it the CBA the last remember our negotiations that it's mandatory just to keep it an even playing field. They have to crush a six pack and a Philly cheesesteak. And Philly, after the game, you just fought in the last beer down.


The rookies drink it, drink it, and then you can have your protein.


No watching video.


Yes, but nobody is talking about having a couple of beers live in the NHL lifestyle on the road. I guess it used to be you, you and Chris Mason, who's the, you know, the color guy on TV. Don't you form the bag chuckers. So, yeah, explain kind of the beginning of that, because I think it's hilarious. And it goes back to an orpik told me that when he was like first year, you know, they'd be like, throw my bags in this.


And then meet me here. Yeah, well, that's right, my first year I remember, I went to Buffalo with Boston, we went up to Buffalo and one of the guys goes, hey, we're going to, you know, check our bags and go. And I was like, all right, where do we go? So I went up to my room like like kind of hung out for a little bit. I go across the street to Buffalo House or what I know some wing place.


And I was the last guy there. I was like 15 minutes. I was like, this is awesome. And we just sat there at eight wings and crushed beers the night before the game. Everyone, from what I know is like you go to bed at 10:00 or whatever, but you crush beers from four to ten and that was the way it was everywhere we went. So it was actually funny. I was talking to Jeff O'Neill when we were up in Toronto and he asked me, you guys, were you the last bag checker in the in the NHL?


And I'm like, I don't know if there's any more bag checkers. So we were kind of laughing at it and Christmas and he goes he goes, I've never heard that that term before. And I was like, well, he goes, I know exactly what it is. I just never heard it put in a phrase. And so as soon as we started talking about it, we kind of took it and ran with it and made some T-shirts, had a good time with it.


But Bugsy didn't get the memo that that it's thought that we just, you know, bugs you guys. That's right. And the bus leaves. Yeah.


Wonder what time you skate. I'll be there. And he played better when he did.


So go figure. Yeah, exactly. How are you supposed to say something to the guy who goes out?


He fights and blocks four shots, maybe falls over twice and scores again. You remember the shot that he ate. So that was, that was me. I, I blew up his face or I'll never forget.


I think I mean you told the story way better, but just when he, after all, crushed, it appears that police used to go for lunch on Carson Street.


What's the name of that spot? I don't remember. It's great spot that we have beers and lunch.


You're sitting there after the cup and you were so genuinely sorry, Bugsy. I feel so bad.


Your face looks horrific. Your nose. I don't give a shit. You're going to make me an extra million. You I'm a year. I love it.


So I tell you guys, you know, because you know, when, like, he's, you know, temperamental man, if he has a bad day, he he doesn't hide it right now and so well at all.


Not well at all. And so if he had a bad game, bad practice, whatever, we go out for lunch after practice and and every time we'd go, I'd see damn what's down a little bit. I have to do something to cheer him up. And for whatever reason, I decided that just guzzling a beer, he always got a chuckle, the same chuckle he's doing right now. So I just chug a beer quick and turn around and get him going again, the little smile.


And I always wanted it kind of kind of benefited you both a little bit. Yeah. It's kind of a nice, nice little gift give you.


Like I said, this guy's easy to please this guy. Super easy, so easy to please. And I and I can.


A quick catch. Quick little buzz. This is awesome. I got that one tell you. Like what?


You've had three tough ones in a row, but that doesn't mean the fourth one is going to be bad. But chug, chug, Stella.


All right. All right. To bring in here, the best way to describe Skillshare was probably the one teammate that I wouldn't be shocked who would strike up a conversation with a stranger. You could walk in any place and he'd be talking to a stranger. So you've probably already had a conversation with him before you met him on the podcast. All right.


Actually, I sat next to family members of his when I flew up to Montreal years ago, heading up for a bachelor party. And I was actually small world. I was your wife actually sat next to on a flight up. We were going. Yeah, that's right. Yeah, that's fun. I don't get the to say how to have this week like I don't worry about we pretty funny.


She she was very generous. You I forgot my roots got for a discount at the at the at the.


Oh my God. That is so Canadian.


The cards we got to talk about the reds. I mean by the time this drops Thursday, who knows where the series is going to be. Yeah but we do get to talk about them. It look like they weren't ready for Arizona's punch. They how they come out, they kind of shock them in the mouth a little, caught them off guard, caught an early bounce, and then they're off and running.


Actually, a first five minutes the press came out flying or check was going. They were banging and nasty temper. Heard of them. Yeah, no, he was good. But yeah, he I thought the feds were good and and then they got a flukey goal. The Yats found a good bounce and and then all of a sudden it was like and we started jumping and the feds couldn't handle it and it was, it was like fifteen minute segment or something where they just took over the game and that was pretty much it.


I thought the pads came back in the end and made it and started pushing on it. And Forsberg stood out and started making. And it just wasn't enough, but that's I think that's coyotes hockey, right? They take advantage of something, then lock it down. It's tough to play against. And I feel like I don't care who the coaches or who's there. They've always been that way. It's a tough team to play against.


What do you see or notice in terms of like everything that's changed since John Hines came in and granted all the everything went down and nobody was around each other for three or four months. But even when he came in and then what he's saying to guys now, like, how is it different than what they were dealing with before?


A couple systems changes that they change, they change around the zone. They were playing man to man under LaViolette and I. It was when you have guys like Yoshie and Ellis and Edgecomb, they could get a start. They could stop a guy and it would work. But then once the guy started going, man to man fell apart and they got picked apart. And so they switched over to a zone. And the same hybrid that I feel like everyone does.


But they locked it up and that changed a lot. They started before the before the pause. They started put it together. I thought they were playing well defensively and and they started to turn it around. But, you know, I think the challenge for Hines is to get the stars to to be stars and to get Forsberg going the right way. And he did it with Holland and New Jersey. So, you know, I think they have it.


They have it there. They just got to get the top six to perform. And that's what I think he's been trying to work on, is having those individual conversations and and trying to get the most out of each of those players.


I wanted to ask about LaViolette. Did you think they let him go too soon? Do you think he could have solved it and figured it out in time? It was weird to me is he didn't really change anything. You know, I think as a coach, you've got to have to change that. But he's stuck with it. And I played for lavae and, you know, he coach assistant in Boston and then in Philadelphia. I had him as the head coach.


And he's a great motivator. And he'll get you to run through a wall. Sometimes he have a speech on morning skate.


You'd be all jacked up like where I need to go. You like he'd give you too much, but he'd fire you up.


And I think after. You know, after a few years, it kind of wore on, guys and guys weren't responding to it. And so whatever it was, and then he didn't change any of the systems. And so I feel like they needed that change. They needed to bring in a fresh look and and switch some things up.


Well, you know that on the offensive demon in the group is the plug in is the drug dealer.


And I got to I got to ask you I got to ask about Yoshie watching this guy every single game. You get to see how good he is. And I'm I'm not going to go out on a limb and say, can you help?


Because cause that's what he's asking. How big is how big? That's business being a second down the north, how easy the north vote for you?


I think it's a slam dunk. Honestly, I love Karlsen. I think he's a great player. But Yossi is taking this team and throwing them on his shoulders and just just watch him play. No one can push through and break the puck out on their own and then cruised through the neutral zone. Yes. Like, if you go through his numbers, I hate analytics, but the numbers don't lie. He's he took possession in the offensive zone, everything.


And he's like one of the best skaters I've ever seen. I put him up there with McDavid, kind of just the way he can patrol the the offensive zone, carry the puck, get through the neutral zone. He does everything. He's playing against the best lines. He's physical, he's tough. You know, as far as guys who play against him, he'll beat them down. And he's physical. He's as offensive a defenseman as you'll get and he's never out of position.


I don't know how he does. He's like the Nightcrawler. He just pops up somewhere else. I think I think he's an artist.


He's got to be I think the Analytica you're talking about, it's like stopping at the design and getting possession and bringing it all the way to the other end, correct? Yeah. Yeah, I'm worried about that. Yeah. Far above the rest. Go ahead. Sorry about that. That's all right.


I want to mention, you see Saros, he took over for PECC Arena. He's obviously a franchise legend. Eighty nine streets, the playoff slots.


And yet what was the reaction down National went on when they finally pulled Renney.


I think for the most part, everyone kind of sees it coming. It's such a crazy dynamic that they had. Like, Texas is probably the nicest guy you'll ever meet. And he took Sorrow's under his wing. They live together. He actually calls them son. He's like, come on, son. Let's call it, you know, like they go out to dinner, they have beers together. They're best friends. And and, you know, Renai New.


I'm grooming this kid to take my spot. I don't think Renai really wanted to give up his spot and still fight for it. But Juice was playing well. He played well right before the pause. He was playing fantastic. He had seventeen of twenty starts and he was and he was stealing the job. So I think it was we saw it kind of coming. But, you know, what Texas has done for this city is insane. I mean, like, he's just been a rock here and I know it's hard for him to give up the crease, but I think he'll do it for juice.


That's a that's a beautiful handoff, especially for Poile to give back to Red because I believe he just signed a two year extension at four a year.


Yeah, something. Yeah, something like that. Yeah. I mean, I think he took a little less than he probably could have, but.


Yeah, no, he you know, and you're going to see that shift where he's basically like you to play half the games and then the year after that maybe play thirty games, maybe twenty five in that range and then boom it's that's a pretty nice way to develop another goaltender. Yeah.


And you know, I talked to the guys in practice, they're like it's impossible to score on Sirius. He's a little guy, but he just like jumps out of nowhere to make saves. So he's a special player.


I think we have two pretty good goalies. So either way, you put them, it'll be interesting to see after the back to back to if they do put another guy in, go juice and tax or switch it up, stick with the goalie stuff for a minute.


To me, it seems like the goalies have been a lot sharper than the skaters, the forwards in defense. But have you seen that as well, you think?


Yeah, sometimes it looks like playoff hockey, as usual. Guys are just clicking another time. Do you like what just happened there? You know, like there's some miscues that I I'm like don't expect to see. But yeah, the goalies have made some been pretty good. I think the scoring is well, you know, what's what's the under. It's it's like everyone's taking the under right now. Right. Twenty three and two as of press time.




Like you haven't been gambling on the game. Skelsey I know. You know you can't tell the NHL, but come on you don't going.


I would never never just running a radio guy running around. Yeah.


No, I just think that the goalies have been, have been good and I don't know what that what. That's all about I think the defense is a little shoddy and it's hard getting that timing. You know, the deal went right. You're if you try to get a guy too early, he's going to shed you off and find a way to get a stick on the part. So timing is so huge defensively. I think that's probably the biggest thing I'm seeing right now is a little miscues defensively, but goalies are bailing them out.


Go ahead. Our. Actually, I want to ask you about the plays, what do you think the biggest challenges for these guys? I mean, you just compared one guy, compare it to a prison, but what do you think the mental approach is for these guys that they have to do different than normal circumstances?


Well, you know, I was asking about this. I don't think from what I've heard, it really hasn't affected them too much. But like, when you're in the playoffs and you're in meaningful games and someone starts buzzing in your end and all hell breaks loose and it's loud, that is hard to play against. And so there isn't that crowd that's right on top of you. You know, like there's certain buildings that you go into that you're like, whoa, I, I can't hear myself think.


And it becomes a distraction. So I think guys are seeing, you know, that's where momentum comes in, where a team gets rolling and it's tough to stop them. And you can do that back to them. You know, you can quiet down a home crowd. So I think it's different here in that respect, the momentum swings, but I'm still seeing a ton of momentum swings and a lot of games changing off of the head or whatever it is.


So obviously they're responding to the bench and and that's what they're relying on. So I'm interested.


Was this all created at the beginning of your career in Nashville Post post hockey while you were playing there? Like at the time, did you beat people? You ended up kind of getting hooked up for this radio job, or how did that all go down?


Yeah, I don't know.


Just just being friendly and talking. Oh, yeah, just talking.


Yeah. You know what? I had a good relationship with everyone here and we love living here. And so I always kept in contact. I came back for an alumni visit. Just kind of they will you around and show you how you look at the camera and wave that kind of thing. And so that kind of started the conversation. But when I retired, I tried to do everything, you know, restaurants and business stuff. I just can't it's not me.


I need to be in hockey. And so I kind of I crawled back into it and I called Nashville and they said, yeah, we got a spot if you want it. So I came down, tried, tried a period on TV, try to period. And the radio spot opened up and and here I am. It's a good old man, it's good ideas, it's cool that you get to be on the road and just be around like the guys.


I mean, I know it's obviously different, but it's still definitely so involved with the game that I think it just suits you perfectly.


Yeah. And. And you don't have to you know, if you're coaching, there's a ton of pressure, you have to watch a bunch of video, you can be you can be wiped out. And as fun as coaching is, you know, you're away from your family for this. You know, I'm just I'm around for my family. I just show up and and go on the road, which I do miss. I will tell you that I would love to be on the road in the playoffs right now.


But, yeah, the road is is a great part. That's my wife says the best thing about our marriage and what's what's been great about it is the road.


Get out of the hotel. Just please leave me. And that was the conversation. I'm like, do you think I should get back into hockey shoes? I guess you should. Yeah. I said just so I can go on the road.


And she said, yes, please just leave, please. You got to do the same thing.


Business, you have to go to the arena to call the game or do they have to go to a studio. What's that process like.


We're going into the arena. Yeah. Yeah. Where are you going Vince. You're going just now?


We're at Heela River Arena right now. So we call it like a normal broadcast. We're just all in different boose and social distancing. And it's so it's it's a lot harder on the color. Commentators are not the color coverage is the play by play guys. Yeah. Because you can't you can't really see that. Yeah.


You can't track the players as well. So Heater's been doing a great job. I'm sure you guys are doing a great job. But I want to talk a little bit more about your playing days and where your funnest places to play. Were you I mean, you played in like unreal cities. You had Montreal, Toronto, Boston, Pittsburgh and in Nashville.


You know, it's funny, I was talking to who is it? Oh, Brendan Shanahan said that he's like it if you're lucky enough to play in your hometown and a big market team and then when the cup, that's that's all you can ask for. So I was I was pretty fortunate, you know, between Boston, my hometown and Montreal. Toronto won when the cup in Pittsburgh, you know, cool to play in a small market in Nashville.


But when I played, I guess it was a small market kind of blown up a little bit, but. Yeah. And then Philly around it. Oh yeah. I had a pretty good run. I'm not complaining, but I will say there's certain buildings that you just remember playing like I remember playoffs in Montreal. It was like, that's the loudest building. It's crazy. That was a ton of fun. Toronto is a great market, but it's such a huge city.


And it's it's it's crazy there how well they take care of you. It's like, you know, it was the media too much for you.


I don't really care about the media like it didn't bother me. I'll get up there and say whatever. And now they can say whatever they want about me.


Toronto actually abused me pretty good, but oh, who don't they abuse?


I know it's a tough place to play, but organization wise, you just it's next level. You know, you play in those big markets and you go into a restaurant, Montreal, and it's it's a Gong Show. It's Pittsburgh was similar to that because it was that's all anyone talked about when we were there. The bench and following went into. I have to tell that story.


Let's go.


They go right when I get into Pittsburgh, you know where I don't know it, right. When I got traded, we won like every game it seemed like. And so it was like run. We're just steamrolling teams. And it was like, come on out with me after. And so we we go out. We go like, you know, people are high five and get on the way. And it was like, you know, it's like King Ten when he grabs the pizza from the you know, he was that guy's OK.


I used that analogy last episode. Exactly.


You know, and the best part is I was like, I'm new to Pittsburgh and I hear like. We go to his little private booth upstairs on the balcony, diesel with diesel.


Oh, yeah, dude, it was unbelievable. Colbert was there with me every single night, just wasn't allowed in there because he had one pair of jeans.


And the vest is like there's just a line of girls waiting to talk to let you know.


Oh, my God. Oh, I don't believe it. Hey, dude, how much is you and how much did he pay you to say that on the podcast?


No, that's what I was doing in Pittsburgh. The girls were lined up for went nuts. Hey, I'll tell you right now, as you can see, if you got a little money and you can talk your way out of a phone, out of out of a phone booth, you can you can end up meeting the women.


And if you're good at hockey. So there you go.


There's there's the formula for success for all you young listeners out there. Learn how to talk and have money and be good at sports.


The kids, it doesn't matter what you look like.


So the best part is so we go up to the booth and I'm like, I hear Coolio in the background.


Like, but what is one, two, three Yankees paradise, Gangsta's Paradise, whatever it was like, he's jamming. I was I was like, what I saw. I stand up, I go look over the balcony. It's actually Coolio playing at this club and and what is rolling through like I was this is the most bizarre thing I've ever seen.


It was a big night in the Coolio's big night. Like we got to hurry up out of the rink after the game.


We had some good times there. That was. Yeah. So Pittsburgh wasn't that story just to show you, like, Pittsburgh was a good town to play and there's a lot of fun.


You you were you were a larios guy across the street. All right, I'll give it back. Oh no, that's good. You just said that.


Actually, I'm glad you mentioned it because remember when Hosa was struggling in the first round and me, you took them to Mario's and we got reracked and then he was like the fucking best player in the history of hockey. Hit the reset button. They hit the reset was a turning point. That was the turning point. Yeah, absolutely. I remember we were driving back and I'm like, hey, don't worry about it. You're fine. We're going to win this.


Don't worry about it. And he's like, yeah, I don't know. And I'm like, well, let's go have a beer. And he's like, no, I don't feel like I'm like, no, you're going to come. And yeah, we went and tore up Mario's pretty good.


And then he tore up the playoffs and then he was he was so nasty.


Oh my God. Yeah. Just retired. I mean he Hall of Fame I guess not just retired, just got inducted. So that's going to be pretty cool.


Yeah. Now, I know your time in Boston, it was a dream come true playing here, but did the fans ever get to you? Because I know they tended to be tough on you over six feet in a Bruins uniform. You don't fight every game. They give you a shit.


Yeah, no, that was you know, it was and I wasn't a high draft pick. I was just the guy that wasn't supposed to make it. And so it was tough. I remember my first training camp. I was you know, every paper would read how Gill is still there. I don't get it. You know, why why hasn't he been sent down? And so I think that kind of taught me what it was all about right from the beginning.


It was like, hey, don't you can't listen to all that and you can't go. But yeah, I mean, if you're in Boston, you're a big bad Bruen. You're supposed to go. And, you know, I remember I went out to a bar after one of the games and one of the guys comes up. Some little guy comes up to me and he goes, why don't you beat the shit out of that little guy out there?


I go, who's a little guy? He's like that tight. Told me I was. Why didn't I? Why didn't I tell him? He's like, You're way bigger than he is. Why didn't you kill him? I'm like, Well, are you serious? And he goes, he's not deaf. And so, yeah, I got that a lot. And, you know, I remember. Going to Southey and and guys trying to fight me now, Southy is, you know, it isn't what it used to be, but you go to Southie and guys would be like, yeah, now it's because it's like you're not, you know, girls lined up for Hanafin.


Let's do a shot of pink Whitney, bro.


That's what it is now. Yeah. No, it's not. But it was it was different to play there. It was it was a lot of fun. I had a great time there. But it was you know, they expect that. They expect it. And I don't blame them. You know, if I was a fan they're watching me, I'd say go beat someone up. But it's not that easy to go beat people up. Yeah, I think people just didn't maybe appreciate your style of game, I mean, obviously had a huge career in each round pick.


You made it, you had the odds against you and you are a stay at home defensive defenseman. You obviously you did what you did.


Yeah. You know what the best is? I lived in the north end and, you know, I kept up my house there for most of my career and I'd walk down the street in the summer and people would be like, hey, are you got used to play for the Bruins?


I was like, Yeah, yeah. So what do you do now? And I'm like, I'm still in the NHL. No shit, no way. Really. You don't say that's awesome.


And I was like, well, I just played for Montreal. We just played you in a series. No way. Really. I watched all those games. I'm like, you didn't it didn't just happen to glance past. And that's why I always think it's funny about, you know, Boston. If you don't play for the Bruins, you you're dead. No one cares. You're gone.


Just fall off the planet, you know, and yeah, they're rooting for laundry, not human souls.


You end up playing with the leaves with some interesting characters. Kyle Wellwood was on the team one year. He kind of was just like had a cup of coffee in the NHL. But what he did, he had a pretty big impact. Matt Sundeen was on your team, who was very kind enough to set us up for that little shindig we had in Sweden. That's right. Oh, my. I tell that story all the time. That was that was my introduction to the NHL once again.


And you sat at that party upstairs at that bar that I called them.


And I'm like, man, this place is dead. You know, he's set up something, this cool club upstairs. And I'm like, this place is dead, man. What what are we doing here? And he goes, don't worry about it, Buddz.


And then he hung up and I was like, what are we doing? And then all of a sudden the place was bumping. It was awesome. It was a good spot, you know, like the best thing about playing with mats. So I got signed in Toronto, I go out there, we had like a couple of road games and we land and we're like, let's go for a couple of beers. I'd show up and they'd always be a bottle of vodka and a case of beer on our table.


And I was like, this is so showtime. And we go, Russia's back and at these cool lounges. And so one day it's like we did this like five times and one day I get up and I'm getting out and ready to leave. And the guy comes over and he goes, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa. You got someone's got to pay. And I was like. What do you mean you guys always set us up and he goes, what are you talking about?


Max always pays for it. And I was like, What? What a showtime move. The whole time I thought it was just, here, take it, boys. You're the leaves. You get whatever you want. And it was all not like he was just a class act all the way through, just a beauty. And Wellwood, by the way, was was nasty. He was so silky. His hands were sick. And and just like that, one of the funniest people I've ever played with just it just he could tear you down really super smart, like he used to read like a book a day.


Crazy, I read a book once, this has one holding up like is not a big deal poster behind.


No, that's not ideal with a SO. Well, we're just the natural. He didn't train much. You just show up to camp.


He had those two sticks were the wood blade just special practice.


You try to go, I mean you try to manhandle them and you just do a little silky sauce right over your stick. And it was frustrating. He was good. We had we had a lot of good we had a good a good cast up there like that. Brian McCabe, Darcy Tucker, we had it was fun. You got to you've got to play with Alex.


Steve, were you shocked that they just threw him in that trade the way they did and obviously not surprised to see the career you end up going to have?


He was so good at both ends of the ice. I don't yeah. I didn't understand why he would ever be moved. Like, I talk about a glue guy. I mean, if you want a guy on the team, he's the guy. I actually have a funny story. Pomeroy's goes pulls me aside and he says, hey, you know, like in practice today, I'm going to have you jump off early. And I was like, Why?


And he goes, Because you're playing too many minutes in the games. And just too it's too much watching you try to skate in practice. And I was like, what do you mean? He goes, no offense. You're just you're not a good skater. You know, like Alex can skate all day. I could bag him all day and he'll never stop. And you will try to keep up, but you will die. You're not a good skater.


And I was like, OK, you know, I'll take that as a you know, as a sign that I'm not a good skate coach. But but he did. He said Alex was a guy who could he could practice all that. Sure enough, Malcolm pulls me over, taps me on the shin to get off, it's like I can't leave in the middle of practice. It's embarrassing.


Like this just looks painful. Are you injured?


Your back hurt. What's wrong with you? You're carrying the piano.


Hey, you surprised them with Don Swedien, what he's done in Boston. Because when I started working out with the pro guys in the Boston area, you kind of took me under your wing. But you're really nice young guys. And he was kind of the older guy when you started, was it?


It wasn't that. Yeah, he was an animal. I remember taking a forty five pound plate from him once. He gave me a look like you want to stab me in the throat. He was crazy. Like he's always been pretty cutthroat.


He was, you know, pretty, you know, rigid I would say. So I kind of kind of falls in line that he would be a GM. You know, he was I mean, if there was ever a Harvard, that was him. I mean, like you through and through. Right. He's like he's he's a smart guy. But, yeah, he worked hard. Like, I still think he crushes himself now, doesn't he?


He doesn't stop. But yeah, he was he was pretty serious, you know, when we were playing, you know, I remember matching up. We were playing with Boston, we were playing against Pittsburgh, we're playing against Mario and Yeager. And it was like, those guys are so nasty. And I was matching up with them. And Sweeneys got stuck out there with them and they started zipping it around on him and he came back to the benches.


I don't ever let me out there. You've got to stay on the ice. And I'm like, I can't do a two minute shift. I'm going to die. And so he was he was furious with me that I didn't take my shift and let them go out and abuse them. But yeah, he was going I'm not doing that.


I'm not dealing with that on the highlights. He's like, that's not my job. That's you, buddy skills.


Are you shocked at Joe Thornton still playing and producing a pretty good level of the knee all these years later?


Not really. Not really. It was just a freak. Yeah, he loves the game. I don't think you would ever stop. You know, it's funny. You watch him and he's lost his step, but it doesn't. He still shows up. Good luck trying to get the part from him behind the net. It's it's absurd the way he protects the park, the strength he has on a stick. I never thought he would be the pat the passer that he is like.


I thought he could have probably scored more goals, as you know. But as a rookie coming in with him, you know, he had every aspect of the game. You know, he was tough as nails. And if you pissed him off, he crosscheck in the teeth. He didn't care, but he. Yeah, doesn't surprise me that, OK, you keep playing.


We are. Clooney recently I was telling that story about when we were playing and he chirps Shane Doan at the red line and warm ups. And I remember I think during warm ups, you were the guy to go over and be like, what the fuck are you doing? And then we all have skunked you guys seven one. I think we had four in the first.


Yeah, no, yeah. That's not a guy you want it. And the best ones, I think Mike Fisher in him had a I think they're friends but they had a a nephew match but it was like you flipping loser you know.


But they don't swear. Ever saw you friggin loser. Frig you man for you.


But yeah. Yeah I remember Clooney. I go what what what is, what are you trying to do. And I have to match up against donor and donor I think one time. Yeah. Like he put his shoulder right through my chest like is there anyone stronger than that guy. He was a ball. He was a ball in the ice.


It was crazy how strong he was. If he if he caught you coming to hit him and he got planted, you were like, you know, when you get your elbow caught and you win and you got to keel over and go to the bench once a game to guys, you have to teach me these little things off the draw that he does. The guys just like to get under their skin, like with with his butt end. And he was a he's a lot dirtier than he would let you know.


Yeah, no.


Well, you know, if you let him sleep, he was pretty. He played hard. You played the right way. But he was never you would never get chippy the second you start chirping. I'm thanks. Thanks, Dickey. Thanks for doing that. And then we'll go out and just abuse you. All right, SKELSEY.


Well, we appreciate having you on, boys. Ajita, to ask him anything else. I mean, I could ask about former Bruins all day, but I think everybody will do that, as I call it, on the record.


This what who do you think is going to start next? Next game? I would guess they go back with juice. Who do you know? Who do you think? You know, I thought juice was good. I don't think there's a reason to change. And honestly, I think I think that game was pretty even, you know, obviously the score wasn't, but I think this can be a good series. We'll see.


I think I think so for sure. I just wasn't sure given, you know, Peccary knows he's been on a run before. You know, if he gets hot, he still got it. They just had a big break. So I don't know, I'd go back with Red and see if it gets the boys going.


Yeah, I don't know. We'll find out. All right. I have to tell you this. One of my favorite stories, if you want to hold brewing stories, Ringbark used to have a Christmas party that was legendary like it was. And anyone who knows him, he wants to sing. He gets karaoke and he starts and it gets out of hand. And so I'm there. I'm a rookie. And I'm like, this is amazing. I'm from Boston.


I had this guy's poster on my wall and I'm at his party. This is Bonnano. And I was like, just crazy. And so I look over there, he's got his Knauss trophies just on a table in the corner, like not even cased or anything, just sitting there. And so I go over there and, you know, my wife is with me, my girlfriend at the time that she's she's like trying to get a picture and take a photo like, well, sneaking in the corner.


And so I got a nice trophy and he looks over at me and he goes, What are you doing? And I was like, oh, my God, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean I'm so sorry. And I was so I could put it down. And, you know, we're already into it.


We're already had a few drinks goes, no, no, man, you got to get a picture with all of them. And so you start stacking them up and he's like, oh my God, you just said we had, like, the little stupid disposable camera.


We didn't click on the wheel. Yeah. And so he goes, No, no, I'll go get my good camera. Hold on a second. So he runs upstairs and I'm like, oh my God, I'm like one is leaning and teetering. And so it's a no kidding. One of them falls off and lands on the ground. He comes over, comes running down. He's like, what are you doing?


I'm sorry. I'm sorry. And he picks it up off the ground. And it's more to me like squeezes it back into place and puts it back and takes a picture. I never did get the picture because I think we were all too drunk and didn't know what we're doing, but probably, you know, as a young kid coming in the league and having that happen and that was probably the best thing ever happened.


Looking like you cleaned up at the Grammys, they picture of you had a picture.


You with all those noris trophies is like my rookie card. That's that signed by Crosby. Something something doesn't something doesn't sit right. It's like, what's going on?


The picture probably just burnt up in flames. The hockey gods took care of that one buddy. The hockey gods would allow zapped it like a vampire, like he can't see his reflection in the mirror.


Yeah, exactly. So that's awesome, man.


We appreciate working working people catch you on the radio. What's the station? Why don't you find the game? I'll be doing some hits with the TV as well. And Fox Sports, Tennessee.


So I need a push. And I know you're still a Pats fan.


I know you're not rooting for the Titans. I would hope not. But we'll see. We'll hopefully see you soon.


And we thank you for coming on news. Nice catch.


That's always that's always bad. I do like, you know, Vrabel is down here. And so I and he seems like the man. Oh, he's awesome. He's my favorite player. So I have to root for him to sidepiece.


Yeah. Yeah. Well, well thank you very much guys. I appreciate it. Thank you. But thank you Alan.


I think that the House bill for joining us, those skills, Mashaal fellow massol, great guy, great stories. Like I said, I could have taught them about old broken stories from back in the day. I'm sure you two Grenelle. That was the area you grew up with, right? Oh yeah.


Every big guy on my hockey team, grown ups favorite player was. So that was a fun one. Yeah, it was good stuff.


So obviously we've said before the Round-Robin stuff, we're going to probably pay a little less emphasis to that because it's just staggered out games preceding. It's not as relevant as the other ones. I'm sorry, as relevant. But the Bruins, they will not get the one seat. After all, the two seed is pretty much gone to as well. They lost both of their games. I'm pretty sure if they lose the next game, they'll definitely locked in for the fourth seed.


Tampa Bay is leading the east right now with four points. Colorado leading the west. They beat up on Dallas today. They have four points. We still got a few more round robins to go again. This is all fascinating when I give them this as much as the other games, because they're not elimination games, but the Bruins bottom line. And then no more one seed, this wet one will go to one of you guys. Is this a big deal or.


No, what? You first. In terms of the seating, no, but in terms of how they look, yes, I mean, they just haven't they haven't looked like they've matched the intensity levels of teams they played against where it's almost maybe a little harder for them to get up, maybe certain team, maybe certain teams are having a little tougher time to get into this than others. So that could be totally a thing. But I'm not panicking if I'm a Bruins fans.


I mean, in the end, what does the seed really matter? It's there all there's nobody there.


They're in the same barn. So, I mean, it's just getting in this thing. And I guess you'd have, you know, in game seven more more the ability to have last change being the home team. But I just think that they got to get going in terms of intensity level and figuring out that, like, I love wags, wags, wags, he can't lead this team in scoring.


Come on, Wex. I love you, buddy. But yeah, I mean, I can't even take credit for saying that somebody else did. But I love your legs.


You can't lead the team in scoring if you guys ever win the cup.


I really don't have much other than. Yeah, Boston's probably like the worst of those top tier teams that you'd expect to come in and and business as usual. Colorado, no surprise. Tampa, no surprise. I think Tampa is well aware that this is their window is closing with this core group and those guys that got so this is this is do or die for Colorado man, if that if that group can. They can get to the promised land with that younger crew man, there might be many more that might be like a dynasty type type situation, like a modern day, at least an Raschid missed a practice or a game.


And he I guess he had a coffin. He self reported to that at the players having like I guess it sent the off and they started testing them right away for the covid. That's what he actually had to go in quarantine for like two days. But he was able to produce the amount of negative tests to get back into the bubble.


So look, pretty little weird side story stuff that these guys are still doing. What Steve Stamkos is still out again, like Tampa Bay, the pro not viewing these games as must wins because they're really not. So not a big deal to them. David, pecking order of the fourth period is hearing that quote. Josh Hassan is heading to the KHL next season. He was scheduled to be Arafeh with the Islanders this season. Obviously, there's been a history of him wanting get called up.


And I don't know I don't know what his skill level was. I'm not here to attest to that. But basically, I think he's fed up with the islanders. So he looks to be heading to the KHL next year.


What else do we have for you? Oh, how about this? I mean, I'm a big fifty fifty guy. You go to the game is for charity. You might win a few bucks. I go to the Bruins games all the time. The Edmonton Fifty. This was a couple of games ago. It was over three million dollars Canadian. I try to buy it. I went on the site and if you're not in Alberta you can't buy them.


So then, you know, there's a game tonight.


Obviously Wednesday they were back on sale. I try to log on and some said, no, you got to be Alberta. I reached out to a guy in Alberta, dude, the Edmonton Foundation, the oil foundation had to cap it. It's a due to historic record setting sales. Today's drop has reached the maximum number of tickets sold and therefore the event is closed. We apologize for the inconvenience. And thanks to all of our amazing fans of the support.


Five point four million Canadian dollars, a five fifty is cap that that's insane. I have two hundred tickets at it all and I would get while fifty, fifty, fifty then fifty of that I'd end up with about a million US dollars.


So boys, this could be my last show and spit in. Just let you know how much should we take.


He would be the guy, they'd say I got a million. I raised the lottery winner from Daytona Beach who wins ten million, spends ten million and then is broke. Sold the million bucks. Are you better keep your check. That's Geike. I mean the fact it's that big I like how much is each ticket.


It's it's five point four million. So then fifty fifty. So the winner would get two point seven and obviously me and the person splitting it notes how much is it to buy a ticket.


Well the more you buy the cheaper.


Yeah. I went in halfsies, I spent, we spend fifty dollars combined.


We got two hundred chances for the sale and also the next fifty fifty for those who did get shut out goes on sale nine o'clock Mountain Time on Friday.


So I had a read Derek No. And whatnot. So if you want to get in on that too imagine that. Hitting a million dollars and fifty fifty.


There's probably players buying them. I know, I think I know of a couple of guys who've come across an empty ticket. How is your bubble experience. Oh sick. Yeah. Won the Stanley Cup and I want a million bucks and paid for four years at Stanford on a fifty fifty.


I always want to do a little gambling on a chicken. There are no new series is to bet on and I'm kind of doing things on a day to day thing right now, so full of spit and sort of feed for myself.


If I'm betting something worthy of passing along, I'm going to blog it. I'm not going to pass along every little play I do. I give out to winners on Monday as witness. I gave another one Tuesday night, the other in the Ranger's game.


Those are huge. Thank you for that. You're welcome. It was a huge run on ideas.


I mean, basically it was twenty four and four, including the exhibition. Then all of a sudden a bunch of puck lines came in the way. Eight straight line covers that would have been nine. But Kevin fiasco at nine seconds had a couple more today. So you just got to find out which we've got to pick which team you think's going to win by two. But there's a lot of money to be made right there, a lot of payoffs, no new stories like I said that.


And so just for me, day to day, I don't blog and tweet every play, every play, because if I did just, you know, I'll be bankrupt.


So make sure you're following along on that note. Also another note, because Boston Pizza is making National League moves. The Pink Whitney Fish, Pink Whitney Fishbowls. How are you now?


All sorts of pink Britney. Yeah, like times 100, the now available coast to coast at all Boston pizza locations during the playoffs.


Puck drops and patio's the play offs at Boston Pizza. And listen, hey, much love to the Boston Pizza Lake Muskoka. They were awesome host for a party out there. It was supposed to be a pond hugging it, but it was a party masquerading as a pond hockey team. And we had such a great time out there. We turned that hotel in the hotel for the weekend. Good stuff. So if you're in a Boston pizza, check it out.


Get those pink Whitney fishbowls.


Whitney, how many of those before your bottled water want a sip? Yeah, I mean, oh, Pittsburgh. Thirty one. Three one speaking a gambling corner, how about the Coyotes game the other day they were down for nothing and then they got to in the last 90 seconds, 90 seconds, within nine seconds of each other, and then that game ended up going from under over in that time frame, correct? Yes, absolutely.


A lot of people got froster with some some late goals. And what happened on that one?


Oh, I got it. I had the under all Alan Gross.


That's a gross loss, boys. Is that it for today? No, actually, speaking of game activities, when we got the PGA Championship this weekend, do we not?


Yes. Yes. OK, OK. Yeah, you're right.


PGA, we're back to major golf, which is weird. No fans in all the tournaments. I mean, I actually think it's been fine, completely fine to watch. I don't love how the sports broadcaster really that's a different argument for a different day.


But majors, you're really going to notice the PGA Championship. You think of the enormous crowds every year and it's in San Francisco, Harding Park Public Golf Course. Anyone can go play it in San Francisco, some of the best golf in the world. Oh, my God. That whole area. Northern California. Wow. But. I am and there's a couple of guys that hop out to me, but Patrick Cantlay is one of them and I know I haven't I haven't to top 10 at close to 30.


I'm going to put a bet on him to win.


I mean, Justin Thomas is the favorite. That guy could easily win. Just run away with it.


But I'm just looking forward to watching two championship golf. So I've been playing some golf as well.


What did I have?


It's Wednesday night, Monday, Tuesday at the historic Hornblower Invitational at Plymouth Country Club. The Hornblower Ghoshal goes back a long time and a lot of great players have won this event.


So I played in that.


It already just took an Ambien. It's two rounds now. I won't even I'm just going to say bring up something. The first round I shot seventy five. It's a par six.


Sixty nine to six over wasn't good. Nice. Bogeyed the last hole. It actually hit it. Good horrible parting but I made the cut.


But here's the thing. I left and they said the cuts plus four.


You missed the cut by two. OK stay Horwitt. Nice job and I'm driving home. I'm pissed and I went home and I said let's go to dinner. You know, Ryder was down the beach. Just let's go to dinner.


So awesome. Right. Well, I started just crushing drinks because I didn't make the cut. I'm just going to get crushed. And this Hawkie on tonight, the script Dummy, Dummy and Pink Whitney and have a great dinner.


Shrimp fried clam strips while I get a text at about nine thirty.


You made the cut. The cuts been moved.


It actually ended up moving because the wind in the first round, it was blowing twenty five miles an hour steady. I'm playing golf in that. That's tough. In this course was burnt out.


Beautiful golf course with country club. What a sport.


Crazy green, too hard in the wind. So the cut went up. The cut went down. Excuse me. You're in. You're in. Oh shit. What time is my tee time. Well, you made the call on the number so you're the second group off at six thirty parted. Golf should be illegal at six thirty.


I mean I'm fine with like a seven ten and even then it's like whoa. Six thirty balls in the air dude. So I woke up at I woke up at like four forty five, just like, oh my, no, no, this had just to move like five. I actually woke up. The place is 45 minutes away to. And I just kind of like walking around on like so I just poured a monster drink, like I got to like I'm so hung over, so I got to at least try to level myself off.


Who did that work? Because I got down there and fired a shot 70.


I passed the first seven I part the first six holes, seven calls this crazy green.


Just if you want to understand it should almost be illegal. And I make a bogey there, but it's fine because I come back out and I par eight, I par nine and then I just hit an absolute beautiful six iron to about 20 feet on ten and roll it in for birdie even. Gopala 11, Part 12, and these are nice parts, just ripping Driver down the middle of the fairway and hitting beautiful irons to 20 feet just like feeling great even par.


I get to 13. The easiest hole on the golf course. I'd say you just hit it up there. It's like a three hundred thirty yard hole. I was like 40 yards short I, I kind of hit a bad chip shop with the pins in the back. The Greens are firm. I don't want to be long. I hit a bad shot. I got 30 feet. I three putt it one over. I'm like, dude, come on, what the fuck is this.


You those planning birdie in my mind on that hole.


And then the next hole I ripped driver down the middle of eighty five yards and it's an uphill par for the course is short but it's difficult.


I wish she could play it to understand.


Or sixty nine as I mentioned.


So I hit it to six feet. I'm like boom get it right back. Missed the pot. I'm my come on whit I bogey fifteen. I hit it in the bunker and a par three out of five are just short in the bunker. I hit a beautiful bunker shot to about five feet.


Come on let's get this thing back. Get this thing back up and down. Missed the pot. Stay hot to over. Fuck you fuck off Ryan. But there's a par five sixteen.


I hit a beautiful drive down the middle. I hit a five iron and it just missed a short right.


But I chip it up to five feet, knock it and not a boy birdie. I ripostes, I actually I need to talk about the next two holes because they were perfect balls, dead middle of the fairway and then beautiful iron shots and then missed putts to shoot even. But a one over 70 ended up finishing. I want to say, like maybe 18th place in a strong field of about one hundred and eighty golfers, so it was a good second round would suit my golf talk.


You get Klym, you don't get clam bellies, you get clean strips. No, I actually will get clam. I like ships more, but I'll get the Beliz, but it was at Sullivan's and they just had trips are way better.


It's not a clam if you don't the belly, I mean.


Oh, really? And I said, the guy, the World Series winner, is he not? Because if the fucking clam is a shell, he won the World Series, he didn't win the World Series. And it's it's it's a clam in the strip.


What do you mean a clam before the clam bellies with deflate like that's where everyone wants to play. Barasat sat on that question for five years. Like, have one thing you said about golf.


I just say from strips. I zoned in on that. No, he likes the voice.


I'm in Vermont as we don't talk about the beer up here, you get a better beer selection at the supermarket. Didn't do it. Any liquor store in Massachusetts, like there's so many awesome fucking breweries here. And I'm like Johnny Beer, but I kind of am, I guess, like I'm all set.


The bar is going to come back from Vermont. A hipster I know, going to have that haircut. He's going to have the hipster haircut like Kevin Bieksa out there, a guy as I talk about just Vermont, Byberry, I never thought I was.


But you come up here and it's like you take a whirl, you're like, oh, I'll try that shit. And it's like the beer is just so fucking good up. It is like it's a huge cottage industry of a man.


I love going to buy a Subaru. And a girl like her, just like I said, the check asked Mr. Brading, is armpit hair, no deodorant. His Birkenstocks are going to be he's going to be wearing his Birkenstocks around your apartment. That is Jesus. Oh, my goodness.


What else we got? Oh, Patagonia. Hey, Billy.


So, Billy Ryan, who we've talked about, who drove the Kosovo mobile, you know, Keith Chandos, best friend, Florida Panther Scout squirrel. God, he wears berets wearing Birkenstocks.


Now, this kid, kiddush, well, it was one of the most best, the most well dressed kids I've ever seen. He's wearing Birkenstocks. He says he's got bad feet.


I wear Birkenstocks. What do you wear? Birkenstocks.


They're the worst.


Oh, my Jesus decomposers.


That's what he said. No, they're not. And they look horrific.


I would say this is of the same thing.


Basically, I was on the backs on the Tevez. All right. Did you feel like you're out? I mean, I look, I could be the same to you. Good night, guys.


You guys, I'm done with you. I'm out. I'm dead. Love you.


That is the fajon real bug. All right, you guys, as always, we like to give a quick thanks to our awesome sponsors, especially.


Right. New Amsterdam Vodka and Pink with you guys are the best big thanks to our friends at Mugsy Jeans for the long term relationship.


You guys are the best in jeans. Super comfy. They thanks to everyone over at simply safe for keeping us safe. Keeping you safe. Check out simply safe, keep everyone safe. And thanks to our friends Abbud Canada. I miss Canada. I can't wait for this stuff to get over. Get back up there and have some. But Canada in a big thanks to our friends of Boston Pizza, you guys took such good care of us at Lake Muskoka.


You take care, Canada, everybody.


When you're in Canada and support Boston Pizza, they're the best. Everybody have great. We see them on.