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He, me, where we buddy welcome tip, so two hundred and eighty five spit and check what's presented by Pink Whitney for my friends at New Amsterdam Vodka here on the barstool sports podcast, Family.


Well, the first round is officially underway and it took all of a one game four absolute NHL playoff insanity to start. We'll get to that shortly. Let's say hi to the boys. First producer Mikey Grealy with snow.


What's going on, guys? You guys are all glowing tonight, especially this very handsome party. They can't see me, by the way. I'm wearing my suit from the Coyotes game. I figure I get some fucking use out of it because they shit the bed. All right.


They did me enough to rub my nose in it because you could undo a button maybe. No, I'm all business. This podcast, all business. What's happened is that Paul business, Steve Bissonette. How we feelin, brother?


In all seriousness, not great for the stem from the from the standpoint excuse me, but some unbelievable hockey being played. It's like the Wizard of Oz is controlling the bubble right now. Given we've given we've been given every scenario like crazy overtime suspect calls, crazy press conferences. So it's been great guys on the hockey side.


And last but not least, Ryan Whitney, the wet dog. How you doing, pal? Hanging in there, mixing a little golf with the playoffs.


Yeah, I'm still golf on my ball out there. I'm watching these games. And let me tell you, the funniest thing so far has been how quickly they buried Brenda Moore.


Twenty five k i it was like seven minutes after the league that you could tell they're just looking around doing nothing, waiting to bury anyone. So that was pretty interesting. But the games have been awesome. Last night was crazy.


It was, it was a it was a it was like taking a trip back in time when you're playing and one of those like, I don't know, attorneys, attorneys go back and you just sit there and wait and some game goes on and you wait there and half your gear you got to warm up again to. I didn't realize when they figured out they're finally going to cancel it. Maybe you guys know the time they decide on that. But I am just all in boys hockey all day, all day long.


You wake up and you're just in an hour. It's like, hey, how game start?


Yeah. I mean, literally had two coffees today for the Bruins, not just to wake my ass up a little bit, but of course, what you're alluding to, Columbus, Tampa Bay game one went to a historic five overtimes, the fourth longest game in league history. Tampa won it after one hundred and fifty plus minutes of play when Brayton Point beat us out a little quick flick little pinball and beat them real quick corpuscle set the same record he had 85 saves on eight shots was unreal.


Seth Jones Time on ice recorded at sixty five minutes. Six seconds of ice time. Absolutely incredible. Just one of those games you hate to see somebody lose. We won the same location for the whole thing with you bounce around.


Oh no. I was bouncing around and I kept just, I was watching and then I had to go. I missed about an hour. All of a sudden I'm checking the game still going on. It was just I couldn't really wait for the game to end.


I got to be at some point I'm like, all right, enough, but. The UPS, the most upsetting thing for me was in this memorable legendary game is say what you want. That was a penalty on Hedeman, really.


I was waiting for one moment in the game at that moment in the game with them on the power play. I, I think that the way you'd call in that game, you're making the call. I don't know, man.


It was a it was a 50 50 on Akesson. Correct. And he's the one who got taken down. I was surprised initially after seeing all the replays, I could see why they didn't, he did reach around with his arm but there was never any real holding as far as Akesson was concerned, like he didn't really grab him.


He did get his arm in front of him and then it went down from the angle that you saw on TV in the live feed. I was I was definitely assuming it was going to be a call then when it was. And I was like, oh, God. Tortes is probably blowing a vessel out of the side of his head right now, but rightfully so, considering that that Tampa did get a power play in OT. I thought I thought they probably deserved one.


But overall, I would say Tampa deserved to win that hockey game.


If you want to see a quick fine, they'll find me in one minute after this game.


So you could tell that it was frustration, but just the the effort from, like, the goaltending corpuscle. Oh, I mean, the worst part is he owns this crazy record now, and it was in a loss. It's such a kick in the dick he deserved. He deserved to win that game.


But Seth Jones. Sixty five minutes. If you guys were up with maybe your co-host and what he accomplished in his career, you know, I think I played fifty four minutes in a Stanley Cup final game.


Yeah, it might have been fifty six. So I'm here to speak about what Seth Jones is feeling last night.


I I'm one of the few who can actually attest to how he feels.


And let me tell you, because he felt incredible the whole night I remember I felt I was just like, I'm out here every other shift, just feeling great. I could skate all night. I was never tired. And in intermissions we had pizzas. I remember those pizzas after the third, overtime after the second. So I've done it. And I know that you feel pretty goddamn good the whole game and the way he skates, which is ten times better than I ever skated.


I think that guy was cruising around. Could have gone. Five more overtimes. He's out there.


The game looks so easy to him. Columbus is powerplays awesome. He's up top. And then it's like Teixeira. Look, tabla. I don't know if I'm saying Texel. Right where to find that kid is second round pick from France showed at the scouting staff in Columbus. Right. I've just I've just I figured that series was going to be good.


And I also thought, oh my God, if Columbus wins this game, Tampa has got to be good. Oh, Jesus, what did we get ourselves into again? So maybe you think they just roll on from here. But I still still think that that was a long ass game and I was so pumped when it ended.


I think what makes Seth Jones so special is how he's able to be so good in every area of the game. But he does so like quietly. Right. You just know.


I know it's not like you don't know somebody. This is like it's not like it's not Flamborough. It's on in every area. What's up?


Subtlely great. OK, I'm going to agree with that. Yeah, and the other thing I was going to mention was Vasilescu played tremendous as well and he got overshadowed by KSR performance. And we're going back to your committable, playing so much ice time now. I was actually shocked at that point in the game that nobody had gone down to cramps. Now, are you are you pounding electrolytes between periods? I know they used to have those salt packs in the room that you can mix and water.


What type of supplements are not taking during that time other than pizza?


Was gill crushing a six pack already or what skills? He's like the ice is melting. This is going to be these these beers are going to be warm.


But he he he was somebody who who's like all those guys that night where they had the salt that I remember. You poured that in the Gatorade. You're crushing water all the time. Mean, I don't remember anything in terms of cramps, though. Gonzales. Gonzales in that game. The only reason I played that much for people who don't remember, he went flying into the boards, looked like he snapped his back and half thought he was done, goes into the locker room, tries to give it a go.


He can't do it. He's done the guy's a cripple around, walk around. He can't even move. Well, the game goes so long. This is three hours later. Now he's like, hey, kind of loosening up here, guys. And we come in after the first tee. It might have maybe happened in the first period that that you guys that has to be fact checked.


When he went down, he gets back in his gear on. And obviously in the National League, you got you got second set of laundry. Don't worry, guys, if you're wondering, he put on the wet laundry. No. So he throws on the gear again. We come in, he's ready to go. Göncz comes out, he's like, I can play power play. And he is out there wheeling and dealing in those. Peter Sykora winner was assisted by Serguei Gonzales.


Come on in triple overtime, which is which is crazy because Peter Sykora scored for the Anaheim Ducks in what I think is one of, if not the longest game in NHL history. That was also in five overtime. So Shaqra has got a couple of them.


And I swear this this this was not this did not happen on purpose. I didn't bring this to Sykora talk and my long talk on purpose, but randomly, I got a text from Peter Socor today. What's up? But how are you doing? And he's he sent me a picture of that night. And it's a picture that I signed to him. He must have been like, well, you sign this mess around. This dude's hilarious. And I wrote I wrote on this picture.


I'm pulling it up.


So I randomly sent me I said to Seki, what a shot you define Klutch, your friend Ryan Whitney, and it's me hugging with my big old beard after I played fifty for thirty seven or whatever it was, and fifty forty six and it was June 2nd of twenty eight.


So I added, OK, so that was twelve years ago. Over twelve years ago. Math guy.


And, and I remember that the night I went to bed I added about seven minutes on there.


So soccer's coming on the pot. So that's what they talking about. Long, long story, long as we like to say. But Checketts.


Yeah, no shocker here that it turned into penguins talk either. But going back to Tampa, I thought they looked great. I was shocked to see Hedeman in the lineup. Given Jarred Cooper's press conference.


We look stupid. Well, do we look like idiots? But anybody who watched the press conference. Right, did you get the chance to look at it?


I didn't know I left between periods, and that's when they showed it.


And I just took you find one that I'm Dadge, but I was still in Columbus anyway, so don't feel bad. Oh, OK.


Well, I thought they played well too. They added some opportunities. I thought puck possession wise it was all Tampa. Killorn looked great. Kuchera. I've looked a little bit disinterested at times to me.


I don't know that that's just maybe maybe people have an opposite opinion of that. But what was the other thing we were going to talk about related to to Columbus and Tampa Bay? There was one other topic. I want to go back to that non call, as Tortorella referred to it. That's, I think, a penalty shot in some places during the regular season. That playwrite that we've seen similar plays call the penalty shot recently. They've definitely lessened the whatever the bottom line is for that.


But I thought, man, I looked at I slowed it down because I thought I thought had been tripped them, I thought had been caught on a leg that caused them to go down, to not get a shot off, that it should have at least two men a penalty.


And being on the power play as it happened, that makes a difference like it does.


That makes a difference. And you wonder you really do wonder if some of the refs aren't making calls because you don't have fans going nuts right after a considered missed call. I mean, that's certainly a factor here. But I don't know, because you had something else in that series.


I'm trying to think of something else, too. I know. I know what's on my mind.


What is it? Limn Foody man, this kid has been all over the ice since Columbus has been playing. I think he's eighteen or nineteen. He jumped right into the fire. The kid has been he's been a dynamo for that squad.


So every every playoff there's like this cult hero that arises. I'm getting a sense that this 40 year foody, how do you say the last name they've been calling him Foody, so how caputi? OK, well, he's been all over it. He just looks like one of those guys is like born to play hockey, you know, like makes the little plays all the time. Just, you know, he has a fairly good skill set, but definitely a lot of positive things happen for that Columbus team.


And he's one of them. Yeah. Overall, just the feeling of going that long and losing that game has the. Well, that's that's a big blow to the blow to the guy. I mean, in that game, first game of the playoffs, I saw game seven. It's not the finals. It's like, can this game please fucking end the we're we're adding a game to the series, especially Columbus. They just battled 025 and went like seven, eight nights.


So I just think that. I just think it's such a kick in the dick, and I think tempers that much more skilled than none of that could just take him over the top. And they done this series in five. But we'll see Columbus certainly going away. They'll probably win the next one and make me look like a fool proof. So I don't care, though I'm over it.


I would agree just on on on the overall sense. I think that this could end earlier because of that type of loss.


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So the people have been watching that Bud Light seltzer with the pink Whitney. Call it the fizz nasty.


I think of the I think of his nasty I think of way worse stuff.


Oh, hey, we we didn't mention Brayton Point, who ended up having two goals for Tampa Bay.


He's he's a star in his own right. I feel like he could drive his own line. And he's a guy that doesn't get talked enough about just because he's surrounded by so many superstars like Kutuzov Stamkos, who, of course, is not back in the lineup. And probably a big reason why point's able to, you know, maybe control and possess the puck a little bit more. Right. There's less guys who wanted out there.


So overall, Tampa looked great, and that's pretty much my take away from it.


Brayton Point, third round pick. I mean, he is ninety ninety points last year for over forty talks this year point per game. So just thinking there was probably a scout out there.


We may be starting to interview some of those guys but who've made great picks but someone who is like oh my God, we just got an absolute steal in the third round because you have to imagine you look at these numbers and George, he's over ninety points.


It's like, oh, my God, this kid gets a chance. You just it's so surprising to see somebody like that drop that far down. And that's that's in 2014 to granted it's things have really changed in the last three or four years. But still, what a player, Rep Jones said afterwards that he was he's, quote, not tired.


And he also said, quote, The officiating was to me kind of suspect.


I know it is, you know, Fine has as of press time. But I think that not only the non call in T, but also there was a friendly fire call to where Columbus went to the box when one of guy hit his own teammate. I thought they were supposed to review that stuff, but it never got reviewed so I could see why they might have been pissed off. So that was the longest game since two thousand one was Pittsburgh versus Philly and Keith Primo and ended it went.


Where were you during that game? Do you remember?


You know, he cut he cut back to his forehead and came back on the right side, cut back and shelved one. I think I was just in my I don't even know if I was awake, but I know where I was living.


I mean, I was how what year was that?


It was twenty years since I was 15.


I was probably doing a reverse sixty nine somewhere in a hometown. If I could at least get a job.


No, I know I was actually down Aruba man. What my reading playboy know me and my brother now one of my college buddies went down. My uncle had a what do you call in those times you had just paid the fees and fly down in. One of our other buddies happened down to his wife and he worked the ball game. He's like eight is eighteen minutes between all the time when they clean the ice. So we go over to the bar like the roulette wheel blackjack table, play for eight straight minutes, then run back to the TV's to catch up with the overtimes.


I think it was like four o'clock in the morning Eastern Time and it finally ended.


Giba that wasn't the only multiple all the time game to stop the festivities. Carolina, Boston, game one, Boston. I think about a one sixty favorite in this one. They ended up winning four, three and two overtimes very early and all the time. Bears running on a perfect play by the perfection line with Doug. What's your take on this game, buddy? It's pretty much exactly how I thought it go, I think that the Bruins showed that their fans need to take it, take it down a notch.


Take a deep breath and realize they were playing exhibition games. That's what they were. Figure it out.


So they showed up today and there was moments when they were maybe a little questionable. But that line talk about just turning it on to overtime where we could chat about is so sick, that entire play, Carlos started the thing, but the the Pasternak's goal off the face off that it had to be a set play. Marshawn picks it off. You know, he just snaps it back a little bit. Marshawn picks it up and fires it between two defenders, legs and Pasternack, just like him.


Now, he saw the puck still roofs. It goes shelf. And you could just say, oh, I don't know.


I don't know if there's an answer for these guys. They're the best line in the league when they're all going. I mean, at least up there for for argument argument's sake. And they were the same way in game one. Bergeron just a legend, just a dead guy.


He couldn't he's not going to have a statue, but it's for sure going to be a crazy number, retiring someday for him. He just gets fourth overtime career game winner in in the playoffs. So I thought it was a great game. Carolina, it's got some things to be to be pissed about.


And Ari, can you explain what Grinderman was actually so mad about to the listeners?


Because before we go there, let's go back to the winner. It looked like Marusek was just on a horrible angle. Yeah, Bergeron had to happen at the shootout.


I don't know if Voracek, as far as the mental state, was thrown off by what had happened earlier in the game. And what I watched the replay and I'll let you kind of more explain it. I thought the complaint was that it was a hand pass. But from watching the video, I couldn't I couldn't tell if Boston had actually touched that with their glove. It looked like more like me that it had Slaven last with his glove. And as far as Marasa mental state, maybe after what had happened on the controversial goal, well, I'll try to bring you through it as best as possible.


Was kind of like a jump ball between Coile and Slaven.


Britain, more might have thought it was a hand pass, given they'd both went up, but from watching the video, that's where I didn't see the problem. It looked to me as if when they would both went up, it hit Slavens arm last. If it even did hit Coyle's hand and ended up rolling over, there was a bit of a scramble. And to me the issue was, is when it was frozen by Marusek, which it was.


And to me personally, for a long enough period of time where it should have been blown dead and if it ended up going in as it did, it should have been waved off for goalie interference. So the issue was always when they brought it to Brenda Moore, when he was challenging it, they gave him the option. Right. As opposed to to Yank. And Brenda Moore was like, what?


You're supposed to tell me what the call on the ice is. Was it a hand pass? Yes or no? OK, no. All right. Well, it was clearly going goalie interference. And I'm going to challenge that, given the fact that my goal we got a pitchfork in the hand and that puck ended up crossing the goal line. So definitely a kick in the nuts for the Carolina Hurricanes. Rob, Brinda Moore was quite heated in the postgame presser, ended up getting chinking twenty five k.


I don't think he gives a fuck because he has that in his cup holder because he made over fifty sheets playing. How are you.


But. Game ends up going over time at that point, like that's got to be a distant memory and I thought overall Boston deserved to win that game. The chance them they hit a bunch of iron, plenty of opportunities. Carolina didn't play well. The first two periods clawed back into it. And and, yes, they got whooped over on a call. But I don't think that that's something that they should hang their hat on for.


Game one I have where Printable earned his twenty five grand right here, because he said that Sarah Silverman from the Athletic, he comes to me and says, pick one. He being the ref. I'm like, well, it's one of the two. He's like, there's absolutely no way that can be a goal. He's putting it on me to pick it while you tell me what you're calling your calling. He had it then it's a fucking goalie interference.


If you're saying he didn't have it, you're not telling me what all you're making. And I have to pick one. Then they go upstairs and say, oh, we had possession. It's horseshit. This is where the league is a joke, end quote.


So, I mean, he gave it to him. Good. He got into it. And I think this does this thing said to like they could add more if he kept saying shit basically on the statement. So, I mean, hey, you can't blame for being pissed off. I was surprised as a BS fan that it did count because usually it only covers up. They even if they don't blow the whistle, they'll go with that intent to blow thing, which the refs can kind of lean on that.


And they didn't even try to do that, Joe. So it sounds like they put Brendan on a pretty shitty spot. So and this there's the more power plays than they have been in years past the powerplays have been through the roof to.


Well, and let me tell you about about that goal. I played golf and so I was getting off.


I missed the first part of the second. And Mike. Yeah.


Got my buddy caddying for me bone my Kabulis guys. The man is not the biggest hockey fan in the world. I would say likes it, but maybe doesn't know as much as some some diehards he saw. He goes, hey, the Bruins just scored, but it's getting called back for sure. There's nowhere to go. So that's too like, you know, the that what it is called the normal line, the naked eye. I know what I'm saying, but you know what I mean.


You know, and this is after what, twenty four, 48 hours after Brenda Moore was just a strut and stuff, shirts off. Where are they practicing and hanging out at BMO Field as far as the office is concerned.


So he he was heated. I would imagine that now because Brenda Moore has set the stage for the pressors that we're definitely going to see talks at one point this round, come back with some heat, because tortes does not get outdone when it comes to the pressures and playoffs.


Don't allow for me to share some parts of the board.


But overall, for you guys, as Bees fans, were you guys happy with Gaumont performance? I can only imagine that the crazy Bee fans were trying to go after Rask to blame them for a loss that never even happened.


I tell telling everybody in my orbit, forget about the first three games even before they happen. Like what you said, this scrimmage games, that's how they're going to be played. This is a veteran group. They need to conserve their emotional energy. They knew they didn't have to expend it. And, you know, if they did win the number one seed, they'd be playing Montreal right now. And who's to say that's that's better than Carolina right now?


Pick your poison. But either way, they got a one in series lead and we do that on is King t shirts on sale? Right, Grenelle.


All right. That is correct. Tons of new playoff shirts have dropped in the barstool sports store. That's barstool sports dotcom chick, including the Kingbird T-shirts. Unbelievable.


Did you shave your muzzi? Because I asked if you shaved the middle part and you were like, no, it just go there.


No, because we posted something on Instagram and there is like fifty comments telling me to take a shower. So at that point I just had to get rid of it or fetch the coffee.


He tried to cyberbully the coffee, try the Michigan goal and overtime he did.


Yeah. Carlos said no dice. Yeah. That was more like an Indiana goal attempt to do that. So easy biz.


How does he. It's called practice. Yeah. But you know, but still you to get it on edge like that move in that quick. Very impressive.


He just admits. I couldn't even think to do that.


Yeah. It's in the protocol when you when you come over from over there, what do you got. All right.


Well, the next one is the chaos. They looked like they were going to rope a dope the arms for a little bit and they were getting out twenty eight to seven after two. But, you know, stranger things have happened. Then all of a sudden, Derek Stepan gets called for an interference. It's probably a pick he's done a million times where it hasn't been called, but the refs are calling it pretty tight for the playoffs right now. They did was one.


Don't give the option to blow it. I always say, well, they did score a quick on the powerplay. Two other two quick ones right after that within like a minute and twenty three seconds. And that was completely gone in an instant because you were there to take us there.


My I thought it was a cheeky call and step on, but Kyrie's had no business winning that hockey game. And I'll go as far as saying even being an employee of the team, that was the most pathetic performance I've ever seen in playoffs for an NHL game since I've watched hockey. I mean, I didn't watch the game and I threw the nugget. Aaargh! You can list off right now because fifty minutes to this hockey game, it was still zero zero.


And even though the coyotes had shown no signs of life offensively, I think at that point they might have had 10 shots on that. They get a two minute power play midway through the third. Darsey Kemper's stood on his fucking head for the fifth time in these playoffs and they just no urgency on the power play. They win the face off in the offensive zone. They fuck around with it down 200 feet. They I think they might have gotten on the two powerplays in game one, one shot on that.


What did they finish with? What are they ended up crediting him with?


Thirteen shots total. They got it right here, 40 to fourteen was the totals, so 14 shots on that and through two periods they had seven. So that just isn't going to cut it. And after talking about press conferences, Rick, talk, it came off the top rope on his team. I'll tell you what, boys, if my team were to play like that and playoffs and I was the head coach, I would have came in, came in the locker room, I Brophy, I would have flipped over every fucking Gatorade cup.


The cooler would have went flying every stick on the shelf. Who would have got the hot coffee in the face?


Fuck, probably myself.


That's how fired up I would have been because it just they didn't have an answer for anything. They couldn't muster up five foot passes. They came out flat, which the way the coyotes have came out all playoffs, they haven't been good in the first period. So let's give them a little time here. Second same thing. But let's give credit where it's due. The avalanche look like a cup contending team.


They did not skip a beat even when the coyotes got physical with them. They they got physical right back. They won all the battles. They tape, the tape passes. It was a fine, well oiled machine ready to go. And I mean, I was going to say led by the big boys as far as like analytically and puck possession, they were all over it. They didn't really chip in much. I think I know the three headed monster of Atlanta Skog, Rantanen and McKinnon contributing the one goal there.


I guess if you count maybe a helper on the first powerplay goal. But to me, the best player on the ice was Nazeem Kadry. And I know you Leaf fans are not going to like to hear that, but he ended up getting the eventual game winner. He he is a piece of shit to play against. He brings it he's all in and that's that's a wagon. So the whole table had the votes have their hands full. I'm not going to say it's over.


I know I pick votes and for now I got you votes and five.


That team is stacked and the fact that they have those they have MCCA and that SHIRADO out there, he's asked you to act like he is just he Spiner am is that the offcuts blueline, like one guy on Breakaway?


If he turns it over, he's got so much confidence and he has this ability to just fly around the ice. So those two guys playing D and also be jump into the rush. Eric Johnson look real good. He's probably getting a little I mean how old is he now?


Just they made every single play. Any time he got dumped in, they went back. They got it. They went DEEDI up the wall. They were there in the offensive zone before you knew it. And as far as Jerrard Water Waterdog out there, and he's not a liability defensively either. You can play with the puck. He's a solid player and they got tons of depth on the back. And Sidorov looked amazing. He's a big fucker. He's like their mutant on the back.


And he was carrying it off on one shift. Oh, Zach Wall. He's not exactly like he's just out there. He hammers guys. He's, you know, he's a prick. But I don't think he's necessarily like the pack moving guy. That's why they have all those other dudes. It's a nice complement of each other on that. Dekker and McKinnon was McKinnon was flying around the the beautiful three on to goal. I think Chickering, like, ran way out of position to try to run over land skorgen.


He might have hit him good. I thought it was chicken. And then it ended up being a beautiful tic tac toe pass. McKinnon to Rantzen and that just shows that line. And then the verdure online. That's kind of who I think of. And when Rick Davis writes out, David, anyone?


Well, we talked about it before playoffs and I know I mentioned it on SportsNet. It's a national station in Canada. For those of you asking. And I said it, I had mushrooms in my readme, but I knew them. Nimesh Tarkoff. I knew that deal was was going to be a big one. It was Perkowski, I believe, correct?


No, it was Maslach off. And he came over from Ottawa for a fourth rounder. What that helped Colorado do is spread out that offense because now Lantis has came off that top line and he's playing with Kadry. And then the mess, the cough has gone up to that first line with Rantanen and McKinnon and Borkowski is on the right side on that second line. So they have two very, very legitimate lines.


And then they're bottom six are extremely confident as well. That Cougher came back from injury this year and he's a goal scoring machine. He had one in game one against the Arizona Kyrie. So I'm not sure what you saw that game, but it was a shitkicker.


Well typically always still being with thumbs. I had an Kadry written down. It was probably obvious, but him and Johnson, they combined for fifteen of the shots on net. They were all over the place and interestingly McKinnon, Lindskog and Michael Ratner just three combined shots on goal. They did have a goal and to assist on that final goal, to really put it away. But yeah, I mean, obviously they kind of got held in check by their standards a little bit.


I mean, it didn't even have one shot on that. But even so, he made his presence felt. I think like I said, this is going to be a tough series for Arizona to win. Dossey Kempo was lights out for, I don't know, eighty percent of the game. And then not that one power play goal was sort of the back breaker for him. Open the dam a little bit and then it was lights out. But yeah, I would think on the Tokito we're going to see a much better effort from Arizona next game.


So if you're going to beat them to the next game, is the game to definitely beat them on that on them for sure. But I would say a moving right along. They said that if you want a better and better next game, because I know you said, but I could barely say it, so I was saying, say what? That's it. They last the talk it back tomorrow.


Oh, talk is going to be completely fine and not lose it yet. If they do it again, he's going to snap.


Well, think about this man. I think talk at one, two Stanley Cups as a player. He's got to as a coach. Right, too. As a coach. I think I think both as an assistant with Pittsburgh and as a player, I mean, he was he was all over the place. He did it all. He scored. He thought he hit. He got in there. He won battles on the wall. And he knows what it takes in order to fight for a Stanley Cup.


So when you're a head coach, stand behind the bench and you're trying to, you know, get your guys going. It's more like get your fucking selves going. Your plan for play for Stanley Cup. What the fuck is this? I know they got a good team. I know this is David versus Goliath, but at least show you fucking care and you know you're in the mix.


Play this clip for Kurnai. Send this clip to the video guy. He might throw it on their pre game video. They'll be like, oh, they're scouting meeting game two.


They'll fire me.


That other that you mentioned, the NHL record for fewest shots and a playoff win was ten Chicago Blackhawks beat the L.A. Kings back in nineteen seventy for one. Nothing being outshot. Thirty two to ten. Yeah, I was shaping up like that for a little bit.


But they're going to start the robots. Robots, robots man work for Ali. Meanwhile, over in the old Patrick Division, the Isles went down to nothing early to Washington, then roared back squat. Four unanswered goals to take one game one four two goaltending. Huge difference here. Semyon Varlamov was great, outplayed Braden Holtby, who had an off game. He led a waffler and he should have had misplayed a puck that led to another goal. I had some good scrap and a couple of teams that don't like each other kind of renewed festivities.


But let's go to you first on this one. Did you get to see much of this? I know you had a preparation for your work.


I saw a little bit of it. And I didn't see Washington getting much. Five on five. They only scored there two power play goals with TJ. Josh, you got off to a two nothing start.


There were some fireworks and, you know, kind of going back to the Kyrie's game more like, I don't know if they were necessarily getting dominated early, but you obviously saw the fight that the islanders had. They're like, fuck this. Like, let's get into it, let's get ball. And they did so physically. And Tom Wilson and Anders Lee were probably at the start of that. Right. They were the ones who ended up getting tied up.


They had a very spirited bout. Tom Wilson clearly got the edge. But that's not an easy job. And he ends up getting a big fucking goal later in the game. But it's it's going to be a dogfight a lot harder for for Washington than people expected and all credit to. Trotz in the way he prepared the guys to play, especially five on five if they're able to stay out of the box. This I think the series is going the distance.


And I know I said I picked Islander's and six and I'm still very confident with that pick this Bolivia.


Bolivia is is filthy. Brazil is is hasn't skipped a beat. And just overall, that team dynamic just looks really good right now. And as far as hope is concerned, I watched the Arab League all over and over and I just couldn't understand it because it seems like he was fading away to anticipate that he was going to shoot cross body like back the other way. And it was a whiff. He just missed it. And then, as you said, he misplayed the puck on the powerplay to Ovechkin and then that one ended up costing them.


And it wasn't a pretty performance for Washington. I'd expect a much better game out of them in game two.


But look out for those fucking islanders, I tell you, and one of the top guys that doesn't get enough recognition. The guy who, you know, to put it to put it in perfect perspective.


I thought he had played like four hundred and fifty NHL games. He's actually played close to nine hundred. That's Josh Bailey, this guy. So consistent model of consistency. The guy who every single night the coach is like, he's going to do this, this and this to help us win. He's just a hell of a player. I think he really makes that that team go. He's one of many I mean, Parcells, obviously the guy who really, really gets it firing, but a team just as hard to play against, they stink.


I hate them. Hope they lose. But, God, are they hard to play against in Washington? I thought it was going to be easy. They go up to nothing. It's kind of a fluke. Or the first one is a block shot, ends up behind in that bounce. And right to Ochi. Now, you talk about the hit on Backstrom.


I don't know, maybe maybe it's a little late, but was I understand that Tom is obviously going to fight them, but in terms of like people being so pissed off about that hit, was is that suspension worthy? I don't think so. And I love Backstrom. I'm buddies with them, but I think he just kind of caught them, like watching his past head down.


I want to watch it again to see if I really consider it late. But I don't know if you had an opinion. Any of you clowns. All right.


No, I don't think we're going to see any supplemental discipline for it.


I don't anticipate any what got what got everything going. What got the sparks flying.


I think Leon Backstrom, when Lee hit Backstrom and then, you know what? Capitals took exception to it and that got the fireworks rolling.


And Carlson went into like, kind of, yeah, I'm going to say jump him because he didn't take his gloves off. But people like, what's he doing while he he's just come back from injury. You don't know what's going on, you know what I mean?


So it's kind of hard for him to just get in and start chucking them if he's battling an injury somewhere in his shoulder hand.


Such a it's such a difficult position for a skilled player, especially John Carlson, not having a lot of experience fighting because you're not sure if your coach is going to be frustrated by the fact that you've now spent five minutes in the box. It's still the first period. So maybe your legs are going to suffer the rest of the night because you're not used to all of a sudden taking five minutes to sit in the box. It usually also you don't want them fighting because you don't want them to hurt his hand and or face or land the wrong way, as far as I know, first hand.


So but then as a player two for Karlson, you're also thinking, well, I don't want to look like a pussy and he's my brother. That's my bro. I got to stick up for my brother.


So I don't care about I know I don't even want to be getting in a fight or sit in the box, but he'd do it for me. That's how the game works, bro. Yeah.


I mean, there's a smart play. He was able to defend his teammate without having to drop the gloves because he knows I got to sit down for five minutes. It doesn't help anybody in that situation. One of the No. Leyzaola, he's going to be expected back for game two. He left the bubble for the birth of his child. Congratulations to him and him and his family on the birth of the child. He has the test. I think it's four days in a row.


You have to test negative. You're allowed back in, but it's expected that he'll be back for game two. So I boys, last show, we told you all about red penguins. And it was great to see how many people checked it on Twitter and they loved it. Again, it's a wild documentary about the time after the Soviet Union fell and the Pittsburgh Penguins invested in the Red Army team in hopes of building a pipeline to Russian talent. Well, that didn't happen at all, but lots of crazy shit did on site strippers being serving beer to beer guzzling beers, people getting whacked.


This club has everything. This stuff is an all time precursor to the wild KHL stories that we tell here on Checkmates, but they're somehow even more Bananaland. Just an absolute wild story again, thanks to everybody who reached out, said they did buy it or rent it and they enjoyed it as well. You can check out red penguins, watch it now at home on iTunes. You can download it on iTunes or you can see the full documentary Red Penguins Anywhere and I to buy it, rent it, whatever you want to do.


But absolutely check it out. It's it's a hell of a story when you're not watching hockey somewhere in the early in the day or whatever, late at night, by all means, go check out red penguins. It's a good story.


I watched it last night. I thought it was excellent. I don't want to ruin it, ruin any of it, but I guess I'll just sum it up as I don't think those Russians are ever going to trust the Americans. They're never going to trust the Americans and they even said it, so it was a crazy and then kind of sad obviously in some cases. So we'll let you guys watch it for yourselves. But a great documentary. If you're a big hockey fan and interested in some some history of the game, I definitely recommend checking out as well.


Yeah, definitely. Good stuff. Red penguins. Give it a whirl. All right. There are a couple of the series that opened up way back on Tuesday. It feels like Calgary knocked off Dallas three to two in game one. We got the all time nickname Fight the Worm versus the Rat King, Matthew and Corey Perry to birds of a Feather fight together, if you will, as it was. Pretty good stuff, Gabe. That gives good energy.


Anton who? Dortmund. At the start, he had the best save percentage in the league this year, but he didn't fare so well. This Keadilan Doube had an absolute day for Calgary, a couple of beauty goals and about Pau Milan, Lucija, the first fringe player to begin a postseason on a five point speaks and strohm again. Look back in twenty six. So nice to see the big the big veteran chipping in with Doug. Let's go to you first on this one is a good one.


Calgary, I think has this mojo going. I said it. That's why I picked him in this series.


But this duppy, there's actually so many exciting things. If you're a Flames fan and I shouldn't even go to Jubei first because Looch has been on our show a bunch and he's taken a shitload of heat for a little while now. We're he's got people. And I love to hear his attitude always. You know, he plays as hard as he can see the Stanley Cup champion. He's been a force in this league for a long time, but people have been all over him and he's got points in five straight.


That's what it is now. Yeah. Salukis, he's teaming up with this deuba.


This kid flies and on his second round pick.


And you think that you don't know much about certain players until you see him play a couple of games like this kid can skate. He lit up the minors. He's an NHL player now.


And just the fact that they have this as a threat and this is an offensive weapon to take away from Karkoc and the pressure of goodrow and I mean, I love back to that's kind of a guy like Josh Bailey, like I kind of consider them similar in terms of how they play the game. So smart both ends. And I just think the flames, even though it got close and they had to get that that winner, they got tied up and they had to get the winner late.


But still, they have they have such a momentum boost behind them, getting production from not just the top stars. And so that's what I think makes them good if if they're actually going to continue to play this way.


Yes. You mentioned stars. They have not looked good. They looked like they did at the beginning of the year this year in the regular season. They just can't find their game. And I can't see them lasting long if they're unable to turn things around because they will score because they can't score.


And they you know, they find these periods of the game where they'll play well for like five, maybe ten minutes. But overall, it's just it's not good enough this time of year to get the job done. So unless something turns on a dime here, I suspect that this is this will be a quick one.


And I'm interested to see just given the you know, given the festivities and the fight and the passion in game one, will that ignite them in order to start playing better? You saw the Kucuk and Perry fight. You know, now all of a sudden, there's there's a different dynamic to the series. The hatred is building very quickly if that's something that can light a fire under Dallas as well. There you go. Then we might have one, but not not impressed for what I see.


I mean, they wouldn't have even been in it if they wouldn't have scored that softie from Jamie Ben from the blue line that Talbot led. And that was the worst score that Talbert's led in, sets the playoff again. And that's the only chance at this point in time. I think Dallas has is off. Talbot has a bad series.


So Kucuk, his favorite player was Corey Perry. How much do they remind you of each other? Just say so. Good. But such fucking pains in the ass is out there just every night making it miserable for the other team and then they end up going at it. So pretty fitting where they both these guys probably have a lot of similarities in their games.


I mean, this the nicest way possible. They're both piece of shit out there. Yeah, exactly. Yeah.


That's a compliment on spin check. Let's go. I'm curious to see if they come back with Bishop or who Doba next game. I mean, he wasn't terrible, but one of those goals I think he probably should have had back and there's a fine line, man. It's like, you know, these series you can go down to nothing real quick. So we'll keep an eye on what's going on there. The other series on Tuesday, Vegas handled the Hawks pretty easily in the nightcap, winning four to one to take game one.


Rob in Atlanta got the start. Of course, he started the season with Chicago. He ended up in Vegas via a three way trade rival, had a nice dish to make it to. Newton, Chicago, challenge the offside lost, got a penalty. Then they ended up scored shorthanded. But then Riley Smith put the game away with a pair of goals and a third profit that I thought a lot. And he's capable of staying on his head.


I don't think we saw that at all last night, but I don't know. Vegas, this game is any indication. Business could be a quick series to no.


Yeah, regretting my pick a little bit, especially especially when they started Lennar. I thought they were going to go with flurry. Just out of respect, I think, stats wise, analytically, however you want to say, and I think the smart move is to start Lenar and he proved it, he was a beast.


Let's start with Riley Smith. Oh, my God. This guy might be one of the more underrated players in the league.


And he ended up getting a lot of those tonight. Lot, most underrated. He had a career high. Twenty seven tuks in a shortened season this year, clearly feeling the chemistry with this Vegas Golden Knights team. And he's just good in every area of the game, just an absolute gamer. He ended up having to talks. He had he had a pretty good, pretty decent round robin, too, even in that exhibition game that they played against the coyotes.


I'm like, fuck, this guy is this guy's a gamer. But just going around to the whole lineup, their depth and how they're able to maintain pace throughout the full 60 Minutes, they are going to be a difficult team to beat. And the way I look at the way they play and how they just it's just it's like a pistons nonstop. I put them in the same caliber is is Colorado.


And I was going to say, I imagine that series that would that would be a very special and it's and it's very plausible. And you mentioned that fourth line. I talked about the fourth line for Colorado and how effective they are really the bottom six, Phuket, Revo. He takes a lot to talk about taking shit online. Revo, he is a fucking player. He's so intimidating and nice pass and that one. So overall I'd say a seven minute collapse for Chicago, but you can't have any of those against Vegas or they're going to make you pay.


So it's going to take everything that Chicago has in order to pull this one off.


And I'm not very confident that pick because you're like beyond professional, you're dropping the word plausible on us in a suit.


He's selling suit. It's like you are like in like TV fucking like you're a machine right now.


You think I might smoke a little when I was just going to say, go get a bagel joint, let's do the next half fucking with the base gets ripped. By the way, Riley Smith says, get this stat.


Oh, shit. Since he's been trade was traded by the Florida Panthers. Good trade, guys. He has eight goals in the playoffs, the Florida Panthers have seven holy fuck, so that he's in the Bruins too, they had him.


I remember not knowing it. I remember having the same thoughts about Riley Smith that I kind of have about Anders Burack right now. Maybe that he way off, but like, is this guy going to be like really good or I wasn't sure and Riley Smith has completely proven me to be an idiot, to even question how good he'd be.


Well, he was really good early with the Bruins. You're on that contract. And then I think he lost his confidence and they didn't give him time to get it back before they dumped him. It wasn't like they brought Jimmy back. Right. And I think Jimmy. He's back, right? Yeah. Yeah. Well, actually going to bring bringing a guest on a few minutes. We have to mentioned to Trevor, Gilly's longtime pro player, buddy of business.


We chatted with him for a bit about his adventures in his NHL. Hlah career was good stuff. Chat with him a couple of the series updates. Montreal and Philly playing as we speak. It looks like two to one on the third here. Vancouver, St. Louis will be played after we record. So we'll update that series next time out. And the other big story before we do get to the interview, boys, the Rangers, they won the number one overall pick and phase two of the draft lottery.


So they'll get the first half, that first crack at Aleksi La Franjieh. Do you think there's any possibility?


What I'll ask you first that any possibility the Rangers will try to shop this pick and maybe try to get a certified stud? What a long term deal instead of a young kid?


I guess I would say no, because what you hear about about this kid and the skill that that he possesses and how he has he he has the ability to do it all.


I mean, that's what you see people saying is he's going to be a sick, sick player. He already is. But you're young. I mean, I know Panarin Steel just started, but you don't really need to shop this pick.


I mean, how could you risk shop in the first overall pick?


Well, especially when it's a guy like this. And to follow up on that question, IRA, you have COPO Kioko, who I think based on a second overall pick, would you say he underachieved a little bit? I would say you want to trade him.


He was a little underwhelming, but I think there's a lot there still. I think it's way too soon to tell. So you have two more years of him on his entry level contract. The what to me, at least, the biggest factor is having guys contributing on entry level contracts in order to win a championship. Now you need it because of the salary cap. So if anything, of course, you don't shop left. Furnier because you don't know what you have there.


And by the sounds of it, you have a type of guy who could step in and eventually become like a McKinnon type where he's he can run his own line. So now you got a better jet, you got Panarin, you would have him. And if cap Tokuko can can accelerate. Now you have two very, very, very top heavy lives. You have a couple of guys on the back end. You have the net minder's, you still have cap space and assets in the future that you could trade to go fill in those pieces.


So all of a sudden, just getting that first overall pick to me, you've now created a three year window for yourself to go win a Stanley Cup.


If this guy is the real deal, even if Coca-Cola only accelerates to like a little bit better, you still if for everything is advertised, I think that the the the the Rangers are going to have a cup contender two to three years. I think what Coko, I think expectations were up when he had that much world juniors, I mean, a lot of people who hadn't heard much about them became aware of him. So I think that probably made expectations tougher for him.


But, yeah, he definitely didn't stand out. And probably a good example of why you've got to give a lot of these young kids patience, man, because people probably were expecting him to have some called the type and he didn't.


And I know we got kind of wrapped up in the COPO Kako talk, but I feel like there's there's not as much patience as there used to be.


Just be given the amount of pressure now because the dollar amounts and and I guess just people overall are just impatient. So it should be interesting to see how how this could pan out and how that organization in general are going to be impacted by by a conspiracy theory and the fact that it was rigged.


If history has taught us anything, anybody could be traded at any time.


Oh, and going back to Riley Smith, I believe I said Nashville when I meant to say Florida Panthers, that's where he started really accelerating. And oh, Christ, I what I was talking about Riley Smith, he was never in Nashville.


I know. I think I might have said I did. I say Nashville.


It was Dallas, I think. And by the way, I just looked at the numbers, me comparing him to Anders Bjork.


I mean, that is kind of foolish. But I didn't still didn't think Schmidt would be like I didn't know he's this good.


Twenty seven tuks this year in a shortened season. He's a thirty goalscorer. All right, hey, boys, this interview is brought to you by Sports Research, one of the most trusted health and fitness brands in the states developed by athletes for athletes established over 40 years ago, sports research is still family owned and operated and dedicated to providing the highest quality products that focus on a lifetime approach to living healthy. Instead of a quick fix from home workout essentials to certified athletes supplements, sports research has a little something for everyone.


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That's 20 percent off site wide at sports research dot com with the code checklists. Twenty eight boys. What do you think when Central or Trevor.


Gilly's right about now, Michel. It's been a lot of hockey talk this episode. Sorry, not not a lot of fun folks, but I'm in a grumpy mood, as you know. So it's on wit to bring the noise. There we go. All right.


Why are you grumpy? Because they don't get in a war. Because I put my suit on. I get fucking fist fucked. In the hours later in the broadcast, I was trying to polish a turd for two hours and you had to drive all the way to fucking Glendale.


I'm back to. Correct. All right. Without further ado is Travaglio.


Well, our next guest was an undrafted Fullwood coming out of the 08 jail, but went on to play professionally for 19 seasons, he played in all parts of 14 seasons in the NHL, nine in the East Coast and four in the NHL and 57 games between the Ducks and Islanders. He racked up a robust two hundred and sixty one penalty minutes. He also had four 200 plus penalty minute seasons and one season that cracked 300. I'd like to welcome to the podcast Trevor Gillis.


Oh, what a fucking intro. Our beautiful actually put up put up a lot more than that. But I was a bit of a suitcase. The guy, if you added them up a little, do a little more homework. I was pretty heavy in the pen department. Not so much on the talent with the goals in the old Apple. Yeah, I do appreciate it. Thank you. You're welcome.


I did an abacus to add up all those penalty minutes, some 19 differences. And so how's the summer gone where you live in these days?


I live in a home of the home of the Masters buddy, home of the Augusta National. I live here in the nice part of Augusta in Evans County. There anything.


Now, I wish where I don't I'm not a chance. Played it like, you know, no, no, I haven't played it yet, but I have a buddy who's an ex ex, pro fighter kickboxer in town. And a lot of the guys, NHL guys, like some of the big name guys, obviously I was a low on the totem pole type player, but now they come up here and play like Carleson and some of those boys, they get on and they get to whack it around.


So hopefully one of these days. Well, I got to go. Last year I went use it for business development and my new job. I work for American Express credit card processing with the Devon brothers. And Joe told my boss, and you've got the Thursday ticket. Now, the deal was this rich guy that builds houses, good dude. And then his my buddy in law's nephew, they were using the Friday and Saturday tickets. And then I got Thursday and Sunday.


So I used it for business development at a big time. Watch Tiger, Tiger, pull it out so, you know, smash into the cheap sandwiches and the beer and beautiful place. Phenomenal. It was. I don't know if you guys were been, but it's definitely worth coming up. And if you do, I'll have you at the Gilly's Carso for a couple of parties.


And would you be the first guy to ever tee it up at Augusta with with a handlebar mustache if you did get on? Now, probably not, I mean, probably a bunch of guys, actually. Yeah, for sure. But now it's pretty old school down here, man. There's there's a lot of good old country redneck boys that I don't have that I actually was a bet with Joel Requestion, Scott Monroe in the minors. You know, you guys know the deal when you shave your head the same ball and grow the mustache or whatever that thing's called, you excuse me.


Punches aren't vitamins. I've been hit a little bit, but now I wasn't I sure as shit wasn't going to shave it. I was committed. So when I got called up to the Isles, I had it. And, you know, my last name, Gilly's obviously didn't play like Clark as a Hall of Famer, but they kind of took a liking to my old school style and old school mustache. I always told the wife, you know, mustache registry, but she is not a fan of it.


I tried to shave it at one point while I was there and told Garth, my agent told Garth and Garth said he can't shave, that they are selling like rock the stash shirts by Reebok and selling mustaches. So the wife wasn't too happy. But once I got sent down, I got rid of it, you know, happy wife, happy life. You guys know the deal?


I was I was actually disappointed. I didn't bring up the fact that you played for my my former team, the North Bay Centennials. Oh, yeah, absolutely, I love the bay man, I had a lot of fun there, I had a phenomenal ability. The Jackson Youngs young kids shattered my hand in training camp against a kid named Tony Pappas, his brother. One of them cut back in the day with the U.S. Marine is a much later draft pick.


But tough kid could throw both hands. And I was pretty much just straight left back then. Obviously good for both later on. But we had a hell of a fight. I still got a scar on my eyebrow from him and shattered my hand on his own. I said I went 19th overall the bay and second to second round and Tyler. And that was our first rounder and our second pick, third round was a guy that's no longer with us, but it was one hell of a dude.


He lived a block away from me, Steve Martin or so we were big buddies and had a lot of fun together. And let's just put it that way. And yeah, the bay's awesome and great fishing. You know, I'm a city kid from what a what a destination spot Cambridge. But love everyone there, all the family and friends. So I loved everyone. But, you know, it was cool. I got to do stuff I never had done before, like these ice fishing and riding a snowmobile and all that good stuff.


So I love the North. They love that old rink. And hopefully you get some good times there, too, big guy. Oh, yeah.


I love how you like given the what's up to the people back in Cambridge where you are going to talk them.


Yeah. Yeah. Huh.


Yeah. Listen, so you say you're naturally a lefty, Augustino.


Yeah, yeah. I mean everything like wiping my ass, you know, writing. I mean everything you can think of. I do left handed throw left handed play golf left whack it around pretty good but you know, definitely not setting any records out on the course but going to go play probably tomorrow and also Friday. So you know what I learned.


I love that. I love that. I love that golf chatter.


But if you're if you're telling me you're a lefty punching too, and you were just beating the wheels off kid in like middle school, like what? Did you just find it so easy? Nobody knows what to do against because I'm a lefty.


Well, it was it was kind of while I kind of I know, to be honest, I mean, since we're going to be totally transparent here, like I was kind of a kid that, you know, my dad's old school, you know, a supervisor of plumbing at the Toronto airport, all three terminals retired now and unfortunately still with us. Yet he had a bad stroke, but he's doing well and he's just a savage. I mean, he was like two eighty five and mustache.


You know, he didn't like his son coming home crying and getting kind of fucking smashed around by some older boys. The kids, our own age, me, my brother were fine, but their older brothers didn't really like me, pounded on them and, you know, come home and he had no time for it. So he put me in martial arts. And Milton wanted both in Ontario before we went to Cambridge and put me in martial arts.


And his sensei was Gord Krantz and started entering tournaments and started by coach. Should I can do this? Sweep the leg.


I was yeah, I was winning. I was going to start I was going to start with, you know, and after that I was like, well, you know, playing hockey, you know, the deal growing up, you're not like I was the best on the team or nothing. But I was a big boy and I was the captain. I played. So I played D to like this, like I played D in the coast. And when I got called up, they moved forward.


So, you know, playing my own age, you know, triple-A major bannermen and then got recruited for under seventeen. And fortunately I got to skip Junior B in my hometown because they, they really only had like St. Mary, they all their imports have brought those kids in the U.S. Marine like soccer and stuff. So I actually skipped that and got lucky to play on like the best team in Canada, the Kaledin Canadians and Dana Zobrist, big, big Z.


Well, was there. And guys look like Ivan Drago shouldn't have parents bodies just like Jack and, you know, do doing spin around as it should I never seen before. And he's six four, so I can see thirty five or whatever he was and you know, thirty, thirty NHL screens every night in our games. And we won the league. It was an outlaw league, it was a metric junior league. And a bunch of us, Matt Zolt that got drafted really high to the O myself and a couple other guys and about nine guys went full ride from that team.


And now I got lucky as a fifteen year old to play on that team and still got friends and good old Bolton, Ontario or the Common Canadians play and kind of got treated like NHL. There's an owner there that invented Trivial Pursuit named Scott Abbott. Oh, no way.


He yeah, he owned the Branton Battalion to build. You probably remember him, but we got treated like phenomenal man is like tiny little rank. If you like a shoe box. Perfect for me, you know, when you run around just crushing, crushing guys because that's how I played like I was a big hitter and all of a sudden the twenty year old and our team grabs you and you don't really know what you're doing. Hence with the left, that's when the left started started going you almost fighting out of fear, kind of right.


Fear, fear and adrenaline is a powerful drug. You wish you could sell it, but, you know, just shock and left bomb and started doing well and. Coach called me in, his name is Greg Ireland. You know, I didn't know shit if I knew, you know, Kitchener Rangers, obviously being from Cambridge, some of them, you know, WildStorm and some of the some of the teams and all that. I'm just trying to play the highest level I can.


And he calls me in and he says he's like, hey, how are you doing? And I got jumped by the toughest guy in the league besides Roger Maxwell, who is on my team. We called him, but I don't know if you guys know him, but he was tough as nails.


You want you want to call the cops. And it kind of took me under his wing and told my dad, you know, you've got to you've got to go with your son's helmet. He hits too hard. He's going to have to fight these guys. And so we bolted my helmet and then was they wanted to go me. They'd have to ask and you'd have to, like, pry that thing off to the side and go to center ice and, you know, drop the lids and away we go.


But, you know, the first list came out and it wasn't like buy rounds. It's like double AAA and a player. And I was right near the top. And the coach calls me and says, hey, how are you doing? I'm like a good coach, you know, you don't know what's going on, thinking you're going to get sent back home or something. You always think the worst is a tough guy.


Ebers Yeah, well, I mean, I was actually surprised when you said it. I was surprised to hear you were a second round draft pick to the NHL. Did I hear correctly? Yeah, and I think we're all so personal now, we're not so fired that Skorka fired shots. Chatter, chatter, that's funny.


Shattered my hand. You know, first training camp never helps the talk skills.


But you know that back then it was kind of looked at, you know, you know the deal, you're way after me. But, you know, they are looking for size and toughness and physicality. Yeah. Actually, Kip Ryan, I think when he was the first tough guy that was taken in the draft and I might have been second, he went, I think third or fourth overall underage. And I was of age. He played, I believe, St.


Mike's. He played for Windsor. And then I was on the other side. But now, man, I love the NHL. Ended up going to get traded to Saadia, played for Hunter, should listen to him. He wanted to make me a forward. And I told him I was a D and he bagged a fucking I mean, he's like, you can't even skate backwards.


I think we should maybe maybe consider moving up front here on the way your skates tied tight enough.


Yeah. And by the way, that one goes on the other foot, just so you know, they are going to bullshit.


Schickele, this is bullshit attacking. You're getting attacked.


But right now, that's hilarious. I see. Seen you skate, big fella. So I know that's why they had to move me to forward two hours. Got a question. Yeah.


Now the game the game got the game kind of changed, right? Like after the first lockout. And, you know, I when I go up, I'd be put on left wing and I'd run or I didn't even know what the fuck I was. Do I get it out, get it in. You know, the deal, go hunt on the forecheck, made a career out of it. But that was a hell of a that's what I miss about the game.


I don't miss the banks games. And, you know, the deal you miss all the time with the boys on the bus and planes and playing charades and all the great dinners with the rouge, lots of wine flowing. And you miss that shoot. You miss I mean, I miss the fighting. I miss the physicality in the fight. It's the purest form of competition on the planet, like, truly loved, loved every minute of it. I'm one of the rare guys you'll talk to that loved every minute of it.


I love my job.


Trev, did you have options coming out of Junior's? Those are the cases.


Take the first opportunity you had where you weren't drafted after I got went to Ottawa and played on some good teams there. Dan, I know it was on team. You want to come up right now and trying to think of some other names, you might know that Kevin Colly, good player, he was our top scorer. We had a really tough team captain Tyron Garner, tripod, great goalie, awesome guy. We had a phenomenal, phenomenal long time and called the tripod.


Tripods, just like his buddies are here and this they're like, oh, man, you know?


I thought, oh yes, he's a full on tripod.


I could get into some stories about him at a party. Let's just say there is some wild moans coming from from some from a young lady of the tribe teeing off on one of the moms.


Miguel, you're all right, man. I play just with some characters like Brandon Coulter, good buddy of mine. And Jim Baxter was a stud defenseman. I was his partner, our top. But we were second pairing. Our top pairing was Brian Allen and Jeff McMellon, we call them Lucky, had a good career. Just, you know, the oh, it's so much fun, you know, didn't go to college. So obviously, that's like our college.


It was a blast, you know, and we made it to the semis one year. We didn't win or nothing like that. But great memories. Great memories. But, you know, when I go up on in the NHL, they put me on a wing so I'd be fighting these behemoths. And, you know, you pretty much realize, like, shit like I got to get stronger, like, you know, playing in the coast, you know, as a lefty did.


Well, not like I'm winning every fight. I mean, you take your lumps when you're young. That's how you learn, right? So but no, it was it was great getting to actually play a little more. And then when I go up, you know, I do the deal. And Tom Roe called me up from Peoria, Illinois, Peoria riverman. I was playing with Jeremy Yablonsky and Brandon Brooks and Tyler. And we had a hell of a team there playing playing for Smurf.


Brad Voth on our team. Anthony Ballz. I mean, we had we had a very talented we've maxed out on namedropping this episode that you've hit your your box.


Hey, let's look. Yeah.


So you you came out of JR, right? And then you ended up hopping around quite a bit all over the minors. Your first like, what, four or five years until you actually finally got a game like what's that like playing in the minors and just like really not knowing where you're going to be the next week. Well, it was a blast. I mean, you know, the young guy and you know the deal, you think you think you're making a bunch of money, but you're really, really not.


But, you know, young, dumb and just just ready to deliver. You know, it's ready every night. The deal. And the way I looked at it was if I would never got called out for a certain amount of games every year, I was looking on to the next opportunity. I wasn't wasn't afraid to move around and pursue a pro. I got to play for a guy named Mark Thompson. He's not with us anymore. My recipe's great guy was was a fighter in the NHL.


And second year I decided I wanted a change of scenery. And I had a girl at the time there and they tried to give me a lower amount. I was making forty up top and then five, 500 a week. This is in ninety nine and I was not going to take less. So when I played for Jeff Brubaker, whose absolute nailgun and love playing for him, we had a very tough team in Greensboro, just kind of went around to different opportunities until I got my shot with Tom and and more.


He worked with me every day an hour after practice, and then I became, you know, an NHL guy. And, you know, the deal after that, you get to your fight every night and be ready to go in and earn the hard way. And that's what I did. But we're going to note here, you had eight groomsmen at your wedding and you fought six of them. Now I know guys usually leave that shit on the ice, but pardon any of those guys?


You still maybe want another Doce, though, with maybe one or two of them? Now, I'm kind of glad I don't have to fight my friends anymore. Let's talk about a good squad.


Would you guys do for your bachelor party, Daytona Beach, with.


All right. Now, we were here in August. But I mean, like some of these guys, like they do like M&A crap, like steroids. One of my best buds and I know you guys got them on the party to be real. I play by play. I play with the real deal. It's in our second year. I think it might have been his first year, my second year pro in Greensboro. And he came for a while and actually scored quite a bit.


But we just we just hit it off right away. The guy's a beauty and just had a blast. But he was at my wedding. Do you have a jablonsky? Is it my wedding? Brandenburg's. I never thought skilled guy. Great guy. And obviously my brother, a best friend, is not with us anymore. And rugby's just a battle hymn. Who else was in it? Brandon Cullen. Pretty good player out of the NHL. He was a rookie when I was in my last.


Let's just go through the whole list. Let's go through the whole guest list for the wedding. Pretty, pretty tough cast of characters, big guys. That's a bunch of camels. So where did you guys go in your bachelor party, just out of curiosity?


We kind of did. We did it. We didn't even make it to the golf day with really showing at the military base here. There's a big military base here called Fort Gordon Sheerest. All our military, they do a lot for us, like here in America. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. You got to give them a shout out. I got my buddies, a lot of ex Army Rangers, got a custom bike. Doesn't want to it.


Yeah, it's a good time down here. I'm all about the military baby. I wish I could do it. If my wife left me, I would drive you.


You mentioned you mentioned Yablonsky. His name is absent now.


Did you play against him in Russia or were you guys on the same squad? No, after all was done in the NHL, you know, went down back to Bridgeport and honored my contract and talking to Jerry, you know, we're very close. Our wives are very close, are his daughter, is a star athlete, soccer player, and, you know, friends of my daughter. So, you know, he called me and he's like telling me all about Russia.


And, you know, obviously, I was like, oh, you come. So, you know, I got to live with my best friend. I got to work out with my best friend every day. We were supposed to play on the damn line with obviously a very skilled defensive center man. But we never, ever got to play a game together. But it was an absolute blast. So I went over and and signed for this Russian family and played for checkoff Vitez, which means nights.


And he's the real owner there. And there's a new owner. But he was phenomenal. I got treated amazing. They're better than you had a good experience in Russia.


Phenomenal experience. You know, lot of these guys that have horror stories and don't make don't make don't get their money and, you know, for guys like us, doesn't mean he knew when he knew what I did and he wanted to know. Is it the most does he do this disemboweling like I want you to skate exclusively to fight, fight, fight. You know, like our role doesn't fucking change. So, you know, I was great.


I got paid all the time. I got bonuses. I was phenomenal. I got to travel the world. My best friend, I was on an airplane, not even in the iron lung anymore, which I like that, too. But, you know, we're going to like Prague, Czech Republic, Bratislava, Slovakia, Riga, Latvia. I mean, you're going by Japan. I mean, it's crazy. This is amazing. That's traveled the world, my best buddy and playing the fastest fucking league in the world.


You played with Hennessy that year. That was the year that he. Did you hear his stories about all that? Yeah. Yeah. He's my boy. So and, you know, and he loved Henie was loved by this family we're talking about. And I'm so very close with the son. His name's Sasha. You know, just a phenomenal family. We got treat amazing. But he loved Henry. I mean, he obviously had a hell of a year when he went over there and he got a ton of points.


Got it. You know, made a bunch of bonus money and and he was our boy like. So and he also played with Yabo. Right. So that was the connection there. And Yabo kind of would tell him about tell him about guys and then said, you know, most of the other teams use their imports. They might have, I think, the top fin or the top suite or, you know, the top Canadian. I mean, boss, he just wanted you know, he wanted North all his imports to be North American.


And so and he wanted to tough guys. So the year before I went, there was a shit ton of tough guys. It was like Brenin, Yablonsky, Masti and Tarnopolsky. And then there is a bunch of problems, right. Obviously, they get sent out, had to do the job, you know, do do what you're told if you want to get paid, it's good money. So they made a rule called the Blonsky Rule, where you only have one fighter pretty well, boss, like had meetings with the league or whatever and convinced them to make it where you could have two.


So here's how we ended up on the same team the next year. And and boss loves Hennesy. And so, you know, there's a certain type of Hennesy that looks like it's in a Bible like looks like it's in a book. I don't know. It's probably like a thousand bucks a pop and, you know, obviously spelt the exact same way. You guys, you know, you've already this story's already been brought up through any but just phenomenal, like, I just treat it amazing.


But he loved and he didn't like any many of the he didn't like the other import. So we would get to go to the village, which is what it's called. And what do the Russian barnea, which is phenomenal. If you've never heard about it, I can tell you about it. But that's where I shared a top with my driver, Vadim.


I like it over there because I loved it.


I mean, yeah, I didn't exactly love it, but I was listen, I loved the BINYA. I'll go into the Bodhgaya, you go into this place and it's 5000 degrees in the room and they these these hot leaves then you jump out into the pool, that's cold. Then you get in the hot tub. That's a wooden barrel that I shared with my driver, my driver Riddim.


So the bonum down with the the sauna, the sauna over there, the Barnea is a thousand times better than anywhere else. I mean, it's so hot, like you said. So I'm sitting in the bonnier with Yabo, right. Yeah. I was going to on two and so you when you walk in it's like it's all, it's all legit. Like woodcarver building. Right. And there's, it's a beautiful place. It got peacocks. He's got like pet wolves and there's tons of race horses and Sumiyoshi Sobotka, which is like crazy dogs and it's just a beautiful place.


It's like a river. And so you go into the Barnea and you've got to gear down. And so you either grab like a rope or you grab like a towel, fancy fancy robes and towels. And then we go in and it's like the biggest spread you've ever seen in your life. Like I could see, like probably for NHL teams, you know, and obviously the spreads pretty good in the know how we all know that. So it's phenomenal.


And it'll be like war heroes hanging out with us. You know, like guys got like stab wounds and knife wounds and. Just great people and, you know, here a bunch of like we're not. So, for instance, when I knocked out Morowski. We got some of the Barnea and, you know, witness the deal you hear down, you know, you enjoy some nice pastries, some nice food. You drink in the of golden, which is like kind of like moonshine.


Right. So it's got like berries in the bottom, but it's vodka and it's so strong. It's phenomenal. It's like super clean. And then all of a sudden it's your turn to go into Bosnia, you go into Bosnia and there's like a Bosnia and in Asthana in there and he's like super skinny. That's pretty much what he does. He just sits in there and make sure everyone goes to any given your tent and he makes it hot or whatever he's got to do.


And all of a sudden I'm sitting there and I can barely Danbury's I'm like sucking wind hard like a hard basket. And Yabo looks at me and he's like, what the hell's going on with you? And I'm like, I don't know, man, I'm freaking out. I can't breathe. And he goes, What are you doing? And I'm like, I'm taking big, big breaths, you know? And he goes, No, no, no, you got to take your breath away.


And he's like, he's like, don't be a pussy. Like, you don't do this. He's like, I'm going to respect you. Like, this is a custom, as with knows. So, you know, I calm down a little bit and I get through it. And then all of a sudden I get told to lay down, you know, just lay down and then you got to put this, like, wreath on your head.


And then they beat you with, like, these certain type of branches and they, like, beat you and rub your legs and everything down with them. And it gets way, way more intense. It's like super hot and, you know, and then you get through it a certain amount of time. I think it's nine minutes, like, I don't quote me on it. And then you have to go out and the old dude just like this, like, I don't know, like almost like a chain chrome chain bucket that's filled with ice on their head.


And then they go back out, they go back in and they drink it and watch either hockey No. One boxing, no to his boss managed boxers. So Sasha put back in and Lebedev, they'd be partying with us, but they're not allowed to drink. And so but the young guys, we got to go outside. You either jump in the snow, but this time I'm like, no fucking way. And yeah, I was like, oh, yeah.


And there's like almost like an old wood is an old wood deck, looks like a pool and it's got these massive ladders and you got to go down. There's two of them and I'm like, no fucking way. And it's a full on river. This is in the middle of winter. So much snow there's like a feeder on the other side for like these deer. And it's all lit up and there's circulation there. So the water doesn't freeze in that area.


But the rest is like you couldn't even there's no chance you could skate on. It would take like a week to get the snow off of the shit. And you got to go down all the way up to your chin and you've got to stay under there. And they time you for two minutes and then you get out. You've got nothing left. And then you run up into the barrels that we're talking about, which are cool. They kind of look like almost like a whiskey.


They're so gas. So, listeners, I'm sorry to interrupt you guys. You're so gas. You can't even walk. You feel like that buckled.


Oh, it's insane. Yeah, it's insane. And and then you get in that for a minute and then you go back and forth from that, you know, the river to the the hot tubs pretty much three times. And then you've completed the bonding experience. But after you're done with like how incredible. I felt like I was twenty one years old again. I was thirty four. I felt amazing. So we would go there for recovery like once a week, once every two weeks.


It was phenomenal. It was a fucking blast.


That's the Russian experience. The North American ones like Danny Heatley with the coal come the rockstar. So that's just the Russian version.


Now we're continuing with continuing with Yablonsky. Do you have the back story between that YouTube clip where him and him amorously ended up like scrapping a bunch of mob bosses or something?


Yeah, I don't I don't know if they weren't definitely not my bosses, but I mean, you know, there's different ties over there or whatever, but yeah, so they were in preseason. I got the back story. They were in preseason. And Panarin, who's probably the biggest tripod of all time. What a stud player. But he was super young playing for for us. And, you know, the guy's a stud and he like I wasn't there.


It was the year before. But he asked the boys if they want to go out to North Americans. And so, yeah, you know, and I was like, OK, well, where, you know, boys are like, where do you like all this little place? You know, they're going to have some disco, some music, food, whatever they call it. Suddenly it's like it's almost the weight probably knows about it. It's like shish kebab type meat.


They put it on the grill. It's really good. Different kinds of different, you know, little birds and whatever, beef, chicken, whatever. And they were going to go there. And so all of a sudden this wedding, you know, closes up or whatever, and all these people come out and I guess they recognize them and they they you know, they're drunk and they want to start for all the wrong fucking guys to fuck with, really, because a couple of them got laid the fuck out.


So, you know, that was that was the deal pretty much. We'd be remiss if we didn't ask.


Yeah. Yeah. I was the wrong guy. The wrong guy. Guy wasn't the guy wanted to balance that heavyweight after he you know, while he was playing in like the minors for like Eminem, he's playing Idaho steelhead and he came out and fought may like midseason.


Did you have one of the toughest guys to have ever played? He's a fucking killer. Trevor, I've had some of my hardest fights against them, I fought them a lot and, you know, but he's just one of the best human beings and teammates I've ever had. He's phenomenal.


We able to sample the Russian gas while you were over there at all. I know you weren't there to do long. As the booze no, the little plug in the wall that they get you up and you're out of oxygen late in the game. Well, that's one version of this. No, I don't I don't know if I like to hear about this.


I never got. Oh, I got I'll get a shot right before the game. I saw these guys going into the locker room where they shot energy. And I was like, OK.


And I went in there and I got one time we were playing Dynamo Moscow and I was flying around dominating this call game. Dynamo had a great squad. And I remember thinking after this game, I'm like, I think I could play in the NHL again.


I am fly my ankle feels amazing.


And then sure enough, the next morning I woke up, I could barely skate. My ankles were wobbling around like a baby deer and I was feeling horrific again. So I was like, I think that was the Russian gas. That's my version.


That's wild. So, you know, you know, over here, they used to hand out painkillers like Tic Tacs back in the day. And unfortunately, we lost some of the some of the fraternity. Some of the boys do it right. It's a huge deal. And, you know, in all of North America, but I can't say said in partake. I mean, I would take a more for fun than for pain. But, you know, over there, it's not like they're not handing out pills.


So, you know that the bonding one time when I came up, obviously, like you said, you're super hammered. So I kind of lost my balance. And it's wet, right? It's like a river right there. And so I fall like I mean, it was like I was a Sasquatch going down like Swamp Thing. So I fell off this huge deck that has ladders and I smashed my damn hamstring on the side of the wood and I cut my hamstring almost totally off.


It was barely attached. So I could send you all guys you guys a pitcher, it's insane about it. But they had to cut me open, push all the blood out, like blood's like leaking out everywhere. So in order to play for antiinflammatory, they got this thing over there. It's a shot and don't feel very good for sure. Definite Charley horse after. But then I felt like I was a fucking savage.


But they call it Voltaren, you know, you hear that NFL guy's shot?


Yeah. Yeah. They give you a faltering shot and it's like a thousand times better any pill you could take. And because you don't you don't feel fucked up and men like you get through any game of that shit.


Yeah. You fought morality when you were over there, correct. Yeah, I thought Johnny a lot in my career and I could never put him down. This is a very interesting story. So, you know, we had a pretty nice house for Russian standards. And a lot of the guys, they go to that bazaar, which probably goes like night before a game, especially if you're on a losing team like we were. They make all these guys come in like I mean, we got legends on our team.


We got like Markoff who started smoking section that everything, you know, either in the shower or whatever, I think. And he talked about that. I don't want to blow that up. But I mean, Corra Luke's on the team. You know, he played for the sharks. I mean, there's some good players on this team, young Panarin. I mean, we had we had a pretty solid talent, you know, like a lot of talent.


But I got a call. So we have a really nice house. Mean but crazy light fixtures. I mean, look like octopus coming out of the fucking ceiling and the heated floors is really weird. We had a nice house, so we had permission from Boss because we were his guys. You know, we were as hired guys that we didn't have to go to the stupid bars or to sleep on the ship with spring stick in your back and trying to play the next day against the fastest guys on the planet.


So I got a call and it's Sasha Boss's son, who I love. He's like my little brother, Supertight. He just said he just had a baby. So I got a call and he's like, hey, you know, what are you doing, buddy? And I'm like, you know, Sasha just fucking watches Netflix. I'm not Netflix over there. I had the Apple Apple shit. I had I spent a ton of money, like a ton of money on seasons and shows and all that bullshit movies.


And so I'm just sitting there, it's dark, is stuck outside and the sun never comes out. And so, yeah, I was in his room. He was smart. He played there the year before. So he had like Slingbox and Apple TV and all this shit. So I'm constantly on my iPad watching my shit and I get a call from Sachem.


He's like, you know, this is a very big week this week. And I'm like, yeah, I'm such. And he's like, no, I don't think you understand. This is a very big week. This week. He goes, you know, Johnny, Johnny, come to town this week. And I'm like, Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. He's like, yeah, I don't think you understand. You know, you must find Johnny this week.


And I'm like, well, I'm pretty sure you didn't bring me over here for my goalscoring. I don't fucking have a bowl last year. I don't know. I'm pretty sure I know my job. And he's like, yeah, I know, I know.


You know, you're the best deals. We love you, man. But, you know, you must like Johnny and you you must you must win this fight like, well, fuck, I've never been able to drop Johnny before because guy's got a fucking head with, like, granite. I broke my hand in four places on his head, the fourth metacarpal, fifth handmaid, the capsaicin H0. And, you know, guys are still sucking nailgun.


So I'm like, I'm going to give it her. You know, I've been training for this. I mean, I hadn't drank it, but like, I was in the best shape in my life. Yeah. I don't like training on the pads and the gym all the time. You know, I'm getting ready for this fight. So mineable were like sparring practice, getting ready for it. I'm like, how do you think you think I'm ready?


You never felt too strong, you know, like fucking you ready? So, you know, I fight Johnny and I knock them out and not all fucking cool, which is phenomenal. I hit him. I hit him in the temple. And after that I knew I kind of stunned them, but kind of like looking at me like he was kind of square, you know, because he wasn't sideways. We should be. And he was kind of like real cocky.


And so he's like, call me on. And I'm like, now you come to me, come to me, you know? So I just stroke him right in the temple and I hit him. Perfect. So then I just stay on the fucking ghasem and I end up talking about, well, we get some into the village later and that's where we're doing the banyan, you know, all that the Russian sauna and bar stands up and it's over.


Here is the Yarbo, the galley, the Vitez. You know, I don't you don't understand much of the rest and shit. I could barely stand up. I'm like hanging on the yabo and we're fucked up. And then all of a sudden, you know, they all go they all put their you know, Whit knows about it. They all put their shot glass up. And you're of look, every guy in the eye.


And then they go, hurrah, hurrah, hurrah.


And then we're like, fuck, yeah, we take the drink and then, you know, there's no big deal. Buddy, this is like my little brother. This is the donor son. And he goes, no big deal. You know, father just wanted to honor you and the details. And, you know, you did an excellent job. And he wanted to let you know that he won a lot of money on your fight against a lot of the guys standing at the table that were betting on Johnny because they knew Johnny from the year before.


They didn't know girls from NHL. And he goes, you know, I thought, I just want to give you a few hundred bucks skills. No big deal bonus. Come with me. And I went into this other room where they got like a marble bed that's heated. And so we go in the other room and sash kind of gives me like the bro, you know, the bro shake and little hug. It has be a fucking envelope and it's like perfect white sealed, you know, and it's not like a couple hundred bucks.


I mean, it's like super fucking thick. It's obviously don't want to disrespect anybody is a nice gesture. So I put in my Hugo Boss jacket and. All girl girls, your girl, and then I just go back out party for the night, you know, we get we get the drivers take us back home. And I'm Kourosh. To go up to the very top floor was where I'm where my bedroom was. It's all wood ceilings, wood, everything.


And I start counting the money so crisp, but it's like it's never had a in and it's American money. And I had to count it like five times just to make sure what it was, because they're all sticking. The bills are all sticking together. Well, he was already making great fucking money like thirty, thirty, forty six thousand a month. It was because it was strong back then and I got a three thousand dollar bonus at that point.


So I got a fucking phenomenal like I got to like I was kid. I love those people. Why could you not go back.


Hey Gilly, could you not go back over. Did they had they moved on or.


Sorry. Out of that. No, no. That's that's a that's a great question. Why should we sign a two year deal. So the first year was two fifty tax free with a house and a car. And I live with my best friends. They pay the bills, they pay, you know, the high taxes and all that good stuff. It's American money. And then the next year will be four to seventy five. So nothing like what you would get because you're fucking still got to let it up in the show.


But for fucking two minor league mutants, it was, it was a hell of a good deal. So we weren't over there waiting for training camp and worked out our own deal with Boston, these guys. And it was a lot of drinking, a lot of great meals. And I just got treated phenomenally. And, you know, Yabo got offered more money. I mean, this is a great, you know, example of his character because he played there the year before and he said, no, no guilt.


My brother, like, we're going to that we're not going to take that. Like we both want to make the same. So we end. He ended up doing that move and we ended up getting more and we took the same deal. We took a two year deal together and we would have stayed. But the head coach was not boss's coach. So boss had control of, like me any and the airports. And he owned the rink and he owned the team.


But because of the salaries and all the craziness over there, a lot of the teams are funded by a company called Gazprom, which at the time was the second biggest natural gas company in the planet. And Gazprom paid a lot of the salaries. So they also hired the coach. And the coaches, as boss would say, is a Bolshoy Pietrus. That means big pussy. And so he never played. Yeah, you have only played eight games like we were supposed to play on the fourth line together, and which would have been fucking fun as hell, would have been like a multi ball and pinball, just crushing everything that moved because we, you know, he's fast as shit.


I mean, I don't know if y'all know that, but he he won like the fastest skater on a centers. Like, if I get the puck in his corner, he's going to murder someone in a straight line. I mean, he's a fucking freight train. So, yeah, man, I didn't we didn't work out where we played together, but we had a blast together. And yeah, we tried to fight to coach the coaches, just being disrespectful and and was kind of yapping at Yabo and on the ice and Markoff and some of the boys had to stop.


Yeah. More from him. He looked like he was going to knock them out. So I ended up sticking with my brother. And, you know, we're still best buddies to this day. And Bob said he'd bring us back and take back control, control the team. And that never happened. So that's why we did not go back. Travel after Russia, you had a brief stint in Finland as well. What was the story there? Three games, pretty good.


You know, you got 54 penalty minutes and three games. Pretty impressive, but what happened there?


So a lot Finland, great people. They love metal, great restaurants, a lot more Americanized cobblestone streets, a bunch of, you know, beautiful buildings in Helsinki. Phenomenal. So we shared the Helsinki with this team called The Yogurt, which is like the Joker's and I played for HIFU. So the coach used to play for the Edmonton Oilers back in the day. Lots of tough guys like he loves like Marty McSorley and Semenko when you played with them.


And he wanted to have they have this guy on the team and Billy Peltzman, and he's like he decides like Teemu Salani and some guys like that. I mean, he's like a fucking national hero, scored a bunch of goals and helps in the back of the day. You can look them up. And he's he was an old guy and they brought me over and paid me pretty well. I mean, not the same as Russia, but, you know, like the equivalent of one hundred and forty grand American tax free.


And I had a bad ass little paddle shifts Mercedes and a bad ass flat like, you know, took the tram a couple of minutes to downtown. It was phenomenal. So I ended up getting like the showers are very clean, like North America and let's just say so. I ended up I have this weird little toe, looks like a potato to my baby toe on my left foot. Yeah. So I got an athlete's foot in it and then it was all cracked.


And so I guess like an infection got in there and I ended up turning into like a bad blood infection. So I was in the finished hospital for like three and a half weeks and all kinds of crap. And, you know, they weren't going to let me out because I was pretty much on, like, this pill heroin crap. And I'm like, fuck that, I'm getting out of here. And they're like, no, you can't.


It's dangerous. You got to eat off or whatever. And I'm like, fuck that, I'm not here. So I like to my crutches attached to the rink and a couple of days later they dressed me up and skated in forever. And it was all planned to Yakutia was like gave a couple of guys concussions and everyone knows he's a rat past. And I don't know if you all played with them, but I don't know him personally. Might be a great guy, but I play with where he was.


He he wasn't fighting in the fire I to piss on. I actually hated playing against him.


I liked him a lot. He was literally non-stop. Franki, he pranked people all day, every day was it drove me crazy and he got me about 19 times.


Maybe that's why we like grabbed his shirt and shake the craft. They took out a bunch of young guys and they wanted they did this whole plan and they wanted me to fight it. And I'm like, I can't fight this guy. He's a fighter, you bigger than me, but I can't fight him. I'll get kicked out of fucking me. And so this is a meeting with the general manager and the coach and the assistant coach. And I'm like, I'm like, I can't do that.


And they're like, well, we want you to be Wilson. I'm like, all right, this is what's going to happen. He's going to talk tops you. I know we have an option. Be here. He's going to come and talk shit to me. All right. Which is fine. I have no problem with the I of it. So we had planned this is all training and I'm like, he's going to turn on my face.


And when he does, I'll go for one punch, blah, blah. And that's exactly what happened. And then it became like a huge media circus over there. And, you know, we're sponsored by this beer called beer and coffee. You thought it was too much media attention. So pretty much I played that small amount of time plus preseason, which was amazing to go to Germany and play the European trophy at Mannheim and Ingolstadt and go see the doctor, which is a huge concentration camp, pretty wild team.


But most Americans on team ecocide, a bunch of guys, phenomenal. And pretty much I got bored out of one hundred percent. So it was like winning the lottery. And so I did what I was told became like every every night they're chanting my name and, you know, Mercedes is cool that I was kissing, hugging babies. Take a picture with all that good stuff and path out of poverty. So I got out of the sun, came home and you know, all this to veteran jobs are pretty much gone.


So I'm thinking this could be it for seem like a lunatic. And when I say training, what I always do, I come to see that know Skateland men and women be like twice a week, nothing crazy about school every day. And I saw the football firepit in the backyard. I got up. It's like the shape of the earth. It's a rectangle. And certainly with my wife and I were smashing the ball. Fireball, listen to some music that was out on deck chairs to sleep.


And I told her I got that fire in my belly. I still I still want to play. I want to say I tell you to stop so I won't play. All right? I don't think you're going to like what I to tell you that, like, I don't really like one of the challenges politicians, the period like I actually play the game like. What do you tell me you want to go back to the coast and I said, this is the second time.


So I told her I planned these five team or all seven teams and out there, right barrelhouse pretty close and got contracts back and forth and ended up deciding to go to law school. And they went there for a month for our body guy. Balkwill called my agent. So what the focus is on the post. And he said that's where the government wants to go. He goes, Where do you think he turned to Harvard. So we don't have any need.


I need my guys protected. He goes along, girls. You know, I played for two years in Portland, pirates, you know, come off guy sailboat and all those boys and all those guys. So he said he's like, I'll give him a hand. And for the rest of the year he comes. So I immediately I go check out the team and I'm like, fuck, yeah. So I got a couple dogs and you get your individual statements and they can do.


And so that's that's kind of how I got ball skills.


I'm going to hop in here. So let's go back to when you're playing with the Portland Pirates. And I'd imagine, given the start to your professional career, the NHL probably seem pretty, pretty far away. But you end up getting called up and playing the game with the Anaheim Ducks. And they had a pretty filthy roster at the time. Just bring us through that that whole experience. And finally, getting to play that first NHL game, best face.


You're leaving out something important in the game. In the one game, he had 21 penalty minutes.


So, OK, well, let's hear the whole story to five or ten and then maybe a double minor earlier in the game for high. Second is that's twenty one if I'm the math guy. Right. How did you how did that all go down.


Yeah, yeah, something like that. But I'm pretty much like new guards. Do guards a killer. Right. So, you know, he had his way with friends and also Brennan, who are both very tough, great dudes. I got a lot of respect for both of them. And, you know, I was the guy in the eight, so I didn't get any forever kind of a high paid babysitter protecting the kids. And we had a hell of a team.


I played for Kevin Denine and it is a blast we thought was pretty undercover down. Pretty fun, pretty fun place. And so I got the call and I already had a ton of fights. I thought, Josh, great. And a couple of wars. I don't know. I think I had like six fights, like four games or so, shit like that. I had a lot of fights and kind of already dinged up a bit back then.


I you know, I thought I could go toe to toe with everyone. And, you know, I went up with the mentality, like, you're going to make me a great big boy, got pulled into the coach's office and we're watching tape and the video going. And probably I can't remember his name. And I already got a new burger and I thought maybe we did very well. But he had come into his own. Yet when he was with Houston in the last year, in 04, 05, I was in Harvard, did very well.


So I was thinking, oh, shit, I'm just going to go toe to toe with this guy, even though I'm kind of dinged up. So I told the trainer, I said, he's like, you got like a slight concussion, concussion protocol. So lax back then. I mean, count back, you know, do the alphabet, do some stupid tests on one leg. This is a fucking joke. It was the pass went out and I was trying to make a name.


So no, God, things are going well. And I couldn't even tell you the last time it was hard. I me to be perfectly placed. It was like a beautiful hot steak knife going through butter in a four way. So, you know, he definitely broke and obviously had a concussion and healed up from that and then went back to the HL doing my job on his first game, fought again and, you know, just stayed on it, protecting the kids.


And I think it's cool. I got my shot. Hopefully I'll get another one. It took a very long time before I got the call from them, you know, to that family, all respect. And he is an absolute monster. And, you know, I heard he was a phenomenal teammate and guy and may he rest in peace. It's a it's a sad story. Well, the one other thing I want to talk to you about was, was the feud with Pittsburgh and that hit that you laid on, I think it was Tang Graddy, correct.


You sprinted for the you sprinted from across the ice and leaped in to him. It was a it was a gutless hit. So Pittsburgh Penguins fans probably didn't even click to listen to this episode. Let's like that was that was just an all out brawl.


Yeah, well, you know the deal, man, you do what you're told and, you know, to be honest, I mean, it's all about the Brotherhood and, you know, we know in that realm what happened and what took place. And, you know, pretty much our my boy Ricky. So that's how I got my shot. So Ricky had a bad head and he's we have it a bad happening or or whatever in Bridgeport. And actually how it happened was I had a fight against you, so I'll fight against you the year before.


And we're having it. We're having a good go. You have to do those dirty jobs. The longer the beat. You're also taller than me. So I'm glad in a couple of good ones on you and I lose my balance and obviously up for people who don't realize back in the old days of the jungle, you take your lids off every fight like like knights, like warriors. And that's what we did. And so you had a fight against you.


I lose my balance and I smashed my head on the ice. And so that was a bitch. So they kept trying to get me to come back too fast. And obviously, you know, concussion protocol was a lot different to hop on the bike. You know, after a few days of no symptoms, you sit back and it wasn't the progression and the care that it has today, then, you know, no big deal. But then at Carolina ended up shut me down.


And I was fucking pissed because obviously who's going to I've been on NHL to for forever was the last count. Carolina that year played the preseason. I had a couple good fights and, you know, just playing for tomorrow and a great, great group of guys, Westbrook banks on the team keep the scoring. I mean, tons of guys. It was a great time. And so going into the summer, I don't know, you know, I'm still injured so I kind of pop out of it around June 4th and just start training like a fucking lunatic.


So I go to see this urologist that's with Carolina. I actually really good-Looking and she's sitting across from me and she literally tells me, I'll never clear you. I don't think you should ever play or fight again. And I said, well, no offense, ma'am, because we live down here and that's how we do it. We do. Yes or no and yes, ma'am. And I said, no offense, man, unless you have one hundred and fifteen, which is when I was making at the time to six hundred thousand dollars a year, I promise you, I'm going to heal.


I'm going to train harder than ever. I'm going to play harder than ever. I'm going to fight more than ever. I'm going to make the NHL. She looked at me, she said, I think you're absolutely crazy. I said, well, you're probably right, but it's going to happen. So sure enough, six months later, I get the call and I got called up on my 31st birthday by the islanders and played against Philly. But how it happened was our boy Ridker.


I love him, Uncle Ricky. He came down, was on condition. I was in the gym every day because I almost lost my career, missed fifty something games after fighting, ensuing. I was working out like I was twenty years old again, like, you know, didn't know if this is going to be the last year, how long I was going to get to play. And Ricky comes out to me one day is a game day and he goes, don't.


Yeah. Hey, what's up? When I'm older than him. And he goes, what the fuck are you doing? You work it out on a game day. And I was like, Yeah, man is like my boss my career last year. So I worked out every day. I'm like, I'm not going to play probably a ton, you know, four or five shifts period. And this is what I do. And I was like a shoebox boxing mean, I'm studying tape.


I mean, I'm trying to get to the leak. I knew what I had to do. And he goes, So you ought to start working out. Yeah, I said, fuck, yeah. So we just became boys and worked every day. And then he went up and told us about me and then I got the call and then and then everyone you're asking about. Thank you all. So how that started was really deep. Jaco gets knocked out by their goals and not a big deal.


I mean, it's a fair fight, right? The guy's a bigger boy. Johnson knocks Ricky Right. Ricky Ricky was a big deal on our team. I mean, people give him a bad rap, but that guy wants to win more than anyone. He he look like the muscle chart. When you go to the fucking doctor, you got the bone guy, the bone skeleton there. Then you got the guy with no skin. He has every muscle popping out like that.


He's a fucking specimen, works damn balls off. And so, you know, people give him a bad rap because he's got a fucking awesome contract. You tell me someone who gets off with that kind of money is not going to take it. But he's a phenomenal teammate, great guy. And he gets knocked out. Well, that's not you know, that wasn't a huge deal. But, you know, Pittsburgh is nonstop all over fucking SportsCenter flurry.


You all the boys laughing with the down guy. So we kind of we're like the doormat, you know, being like just pushy. Obviously, I wasn't getting pushed around or kidnapped or Martin. You know, we all kind of fight in our weight class and I fight it every fucking day. He's tough as nails. And you know that we do a deal, we do the job. But, you know, that was a very sore spot for the team.


And we decided we weren't going to be pushed around. And tango, you know, made it happen to him. He's a great guy. He's friends with guys. I'm buddies with us. And but he got called up and he acted like you did live up there. I mean, he was acting like he was a fucking champ running around. In your game saying, I was never going to get out there, you know, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and I looked at my coach, who I love dearly, played for him in the minors and Jack Capilano, Jack loves the toughness.


And I said, don't worry, because you're going to get your shots and get ready. So you came off.


I thought, why not about this? So I start warming up on the bench and I get the call, and instead of looking at the park, I look right at them with a stick on my legs. Kind of like, you know, from the game Douglas Smith movie. And so you're not so fucking tough now, are you saying go viral, you know? And I said, I promise you, if you hit one of my teammates this shift or the puck, you're fucking dead.


And that's exactly what happened. So instead of stopping in the tooth of the DL coverage, I don't give a shit if people think it's dirty or not. I was the big brother, the team. And and after that we were on fire. We all came together. Everyone's fighting guys like, come on. I mean, you got everyone fighting. I mean, we were it was a little too late because we had a hellacious November and lost every game.


But, man, we were a close team. It was a blast. You know, I took the heat on that. It is what it is. I mean, but I wouldn't take it back. I mean, I got hurt on the play. I hated how many games you got.


I got nine years for that one, so, yeah, I mean, I lost some money, but that's what people don't know. And what people don't know is, you know, people know about the board. Right. So you guys obviously know you played for forever like me. So, you know, you want it. You just say it's your team or it's a big game. And then all the boys start throwing up some money on the board and some of the big dogs are putting up big money up there, you know, a couple of thousand.


And they put money on the board for me. And I still have the same car I drove then, which is sixty six dollars now. It's all done up. But at the time, I mean, I took that money and I got a bad ass custom interiors in my in my Bel Air.


So I mean, you know, if, if, if the boys didn't love it, they wouldn't have all been put in a ton of money on the board because I wasn't getting paid for games. I still think of reverse practice and then a reverse Boudi.


Matt Morrison told me about it so quickly to everyone listening. Matty Lawson's my boy. He was he was my roommate on the road. I love that guy. We're still very close to this day. I went out for a bad ass meal at Halls, and when he came down to play Kiu Island, which is was awesome wife Alicia. I mean, they're great people. I mean, I love mammals and we're brothers and he's he's phenomenal. All the pets are great.


The back story was when you when you got the nine game sacia, obviously you're going to lose some money for the next game. They put up how much on the board. And if they won that game, it all went to you to basically pay your fine.


I got I mean, it didn't cover the whole thing, but I mean, I got I got over ten grand solid. That means the boys loved you in the locker room. They probably they probably loved you for that pregame warm up you had on the ice, which was worth at the mission.


And I actually tweeted about it the other day. It was you were a sideshow during warm up.


I appreciate that. I was a you, but you fought me a lot. You knew I was fucking ready to go. I think, as your quotes says, this guy's warm up was worth the price of admission. What? I mean. You know, I knew what I was good. I knew what I was getting paid for. And I grew my box as big as I could to get to the league. And I wish you would have stayed longer.


But whatever, man. I mean, I got blessed, as I said, blessed, unstoppable. I look at every day like it's my last and constantly trying to get better, whether it's a husband, father, working out business, whatever the fuck it is. So, you know, I can hold my head high and know I did it for the boys and for the crest on the front, not the name on the back. And people have a problem with it.


The keyboard warriors will, you know, come find me. And and good luck with that because I'm still in fucking phenomenal shape and I'm probably just going. And you even scored a plughole, your first NHL goal in fourth line fashion going on that Canaro appeared in hockey with the quarterback's lap and crash in the cage.


Now, the deal can't take those away from me, right?


I mean, everyone there's lots of guys that need to be in for a game or two or whatever, and I respect that so much. But, you know, it's hard to make it to this league. You guys know that. And you sacrifice a lot as a young boy and a young man. And, you know, it was my dream and it was fucking amazing. And, you know, every step along the way happened for a reason.


Everything happened for a reason. And, yeah, Catholicism was your man. So I can play with him for many years, different places. And what a fucking guy I have. I have right here in my office. I have a picture of me going down the line pretty intense with the mustache and synopsize sucking face is absolutely priceless. How happy he is that I that I finally got one. So that was amazing, man.


Trev, we want to thank you for coming on, man. Appreciate all your stories. And we know that you mucked it up in order to get some NHL games in and you got to live the dream. And we couldn't. We can't. Thank you enough for joining us.


My pleasure. A fourth line plug forever. Does you know the deal? You know, I'm a. That backs the traffic, join us for a nice chat, because that was interesting, I always love talking to these guys who might not have got the limelight, but they always got good stories being in the trenches, so to speak.


I'm praying somebody sends us a video of his whole warm up routine.


This guy was the biggest mutant in warm ups I've ever seen, so it won't be appreciated unless we have physical evidence of it. Trevor Jilly's, you are a specimen. It was an honor and a privilege. Get my face caved in by you at the Coliseum on the island. And that's all I got to say. Great career, buddy. Congratulations for getting to the show. All right.


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Penguin's general manager, Jim Montgomery, is going to be looking to hire three new assistant coaches after he decided not to renew the contracts of Serguei Gonca, Jack Montane and Mike Recchi. We knew some sort of heads are going to roll after the statements he made the previous day, that the pens aren't the same team and there's something wrong. People usually expect players. We probably knew Sally wasn't going anywhere after the year he had, but instead the three coaches, assistant coaches are all gone.


Is this a normal move to have all three gone and not the head coach is S.O.P, as they say?


It's a yeah, it's an odd situation and it's hard to read body language and tone through transcript. But from what I was reading on, Rutherford was a little harsh, wasn't he?


And it was yeah, I didn't read any where he fell on the sword a little bit for I mean, I don't know, the Johnson signing's not looking very good. That's not that's not looking great. And as far as Sullivan's concerned, given with what he did and going back to back for sure, his rope's gotta be longer now.


I don't know how much is going to want on the personnel that's hired from Sullivan, but Sullivan clearly had to have had something to say about who was in place. Right. I would imagine Rikki's got something to offer with all of his experience. Godsake his resume speaks for itself, not saying that those skill sets in playing can always translate to coaching, but. I feel I feel like sometimes things have to be done in order to create a distraction for what a potential real problem might be, and this might be one of those situations, I don't know.


I don't know how much it gets done in order to and and going back to that series. And I know they've only won one of their last 10 playoff games, so that's not great when you have that type of core group.


But I mean, they they played well enough to win that Canadian series. They got bent over, like, against the islanders.


So it's not a whatever move because, like, those guys have a massive resume and are well respected.


And I'm interested to hear eventually how it all plays out, maybe what some of the you know, maybe what the other side story was. But I think I think Sullivan deserves the fact that he's still head coach, given what he's done for the organization. I thought Rutherford, of course, still deserves to be there based on what he's done and be able to rejuvenate the team and go back to back. I think that ultimately the assistant coach became became the goat, the assistant coaches, I should say.


Yeah, it's got to be you wonder what their feelings are personally now, because it's just so I don't I'm sure this has happened before, but I can't remember at the time.


So, you know, was was Mike Sullivan told he had to do this. So was he like, this is what we need? You know, you just have no clue how it all went down.


But it is certainly a different a different option where you're thinking how much really changes with a new assistant coaching staff. Now, I don't mean your power play can't change in your peak and things like that, but in terms of how the head coach deals with things, that is not changing. So to look and think that that wasn't an issue, but the relationship and the styles of play that the assistant coaches brought was the issue. It is it is just odd.


I want to ask you a question. You might know more about it than me, given that you're you probably keep more in touch with these guys, these guys that are still playing. Is Sullivan known as a like a hard coach to play for it, a sense of how demanding he is?


I can't say I haven't played for him.


I know. I mean, he's been he's been coaching for so long. I think he's way different now than when he was coaching the Bruins. You know, R.A., what year was he coaching the Bruins?


I think that I think Danny had a relationship for being a hard ass. I'm coming. It's changed.


So that that's that's what I'm going with. Yeah. Sorry. All right. Go ahead.


I was like it was like. Yeah, like 12, 14 years ago because he was coach. He was the coach when I was a bag over my head and got my picture in the paper that time.


The point I'm getting to is that I've I've heard he's been hard to play for. He's very demanding. He's a Tortes type where he's very hard and stern, which is fine.


I like those type of coaches, but they can also wear on the top players. And I don't know if there's any confrontation there because I haven't done any type of digging. But typically coaches that have that type of attitude don't have very, very long, short shelf lives.


To me, the reason why Trott's was in Nashville, as long as he was, is because he's just like the most likable guy. And even though he is, you know, demanding as a coach, he's still not a complete asshole. And I'm not saying that that's the case in Pittsburgh. It's just I'm saying that from what I'm hearing, what Sullivan is as far as how stern and how demanding he is, and that's what it does take to win.


Sometimes the shelf life gets shortened a little bit. Actually, the last time he coached the Bruins, it was actually 2006, and that was the season they traded, Joe Thornton kind of ruined the team a little bit and he went 10 years in between head coaching gigs. It was, yeah.


O.S.S. Ever been questioned about that Tresh? It's nine years, actually. Then he got back. Was he questioned about. I'm sure probably since then I don't, but I don't know who. He doesn't say a lot. He's not a very quotable guy as far as the media is concerned.


I'd be surprised if you shit about he also I mean, what is the head, the head coach with a trade like that? I don't know. Would he have something to do with it?


I doubt it was only a coach in the league back then. He didn't have that kind of clout. I doubt I was all Okeanos doing.


Hey, listen, boys, last year in complete, total playoffs, we got three fights. The whole playoffs, we had eight of them the first week this year. And I think we've had probably three in just the last day and a half since fighting's been way up because you think it's like been an extra intensity because guys have been pent up for so long that it's just, you know, they're just trying to get some shit on this system almost.


Yeah. I mean, as far as pent up, I think even just being in the bubble, I mean, if I was a single guy, it's a secure, caged animal to wonder, are they finding condoms everywhere around the bubble?


What's his name, good military to photo of a box of Trojans. You guys probably fucking their mattress with condoms on just so they can get it.


Real millennials don't wear fucking condoms, from what I hear.


I'm just tie their foreskin up. Keep it real, baby. What else you got, Mac?


Safely. He basically forgave Matt for the incident. He said he had no hard feelings. I'm a guy that gives pretty easily. I can definitely hold the grudge of some bad happens. But the way my parents raised me was to give everyone he's like, I have no five feelings, obviously wish I didn't happen. But you spoke to him. That's a great play at a time where they got that BA up. So, you know, whatever. I mean, who knows what'll happen next season.


But it was pretty classy move to come out and make that statement. And that's something that a lot of guys would do, namely his coach, Palmari.


I I've met him a few times off the shelf. He's like one of the nicest guys around. Yeah. Salt of the earth. Just a good human being. So that's just hockey folks. Yeah.


Well, actually, one more one more note. The Blob father, he's not done yet, but he did send out a tweet statement the other day that he's kind of downshifting toward the next phase, basically semiretirement. He's not going to be breaking every single story like he's been doing over the last thirty years. But it's going to be just kind of focus on the draft. They'll show his face here and there. But, you know, we just obviously wanted to give him full props for what he's done.


I've been reading for thirty years then with TV came along the Internet, you get fully exposed to him and he's just, you know, I guess somewhat of a role model to a guy like me, but also a tremendous journalist, a tremendous reporter. When you heard something when you hear something from Bob Mackenzie, you know his word is Bond. And I don't enjoy those all those margaritas on the lake, Bob. Well deserved.


And I was going to tweet something out, but I wanted to wait to talk about the podcast, and I guess I could sum it up as this. He was like he was like as a Canadian young hockey player. He was my Mr. Rogers. You relied on him for every bit of hockey information you were going to get. You sat by the television and you watched him deliver it. He did so in such a classy manner. He was articulate.


He knew so much about the game all over the place. You mentioned he's still going to be sticking around with the prospect of the draft, correct?


Correct. Yes. What did you say? World juniors as well?


I think I said I'm not sure he's doing probably, but I'm not sure off the top of my head.


Well, I mean, the fact that we're still getting them for at least that that stuff is awesome. Enjoy a well-deserved semiretirement. You're the goat for a reason. Thank you for everything you've ever done for the game and your body, your dog. Thank you for everything.


Funny story. What I run. What I run for. Bob McKenzie, whom my dad became buddies.


I think they were drinking buddies at one of the world juniors.


That's that's why he's there. But that's why he's never leaving religions. He loves pie goes across drinks.


Yeah. That's probably how you got that's probably how you got ranked. Fifth year old man was fucking talk you off on the road. Said he sandbagged bodyboard McKenzie a bunch of beers.


All of a sudden there's this predraft. This is like this random, tall, goofy ass fucking kid. Yeah.


Your dad busted out the PowerPoint presentation at the lobby bar because I actually bust a story, broke a story to him and Darren Drager one time. I didn't it wasn't my scoop was on Twitter.


It was good for the Stanley Cup into 2013 is huge news. I come across Twitter, one of those, like I have to tell the next person they see and it was literally Bob Mackenzie and Dragon like guys here who died. And I'm like Tony Soprano. That was James Gandolfini, the actor. And they like, holy shit, no kidding. They hadn't heard yet. So I was like, holy fuck. These guys break every story in the world.


They felt kind of funny to tell.


Tell those guys somebody like you. I mean, they're freakin like guys signing for sixty million. Are people dying? Yeah.


And I didn't I wasn't comparing. I was just saying that, you know. Oh, I was you on the other foot, that's all. Hey, so wait, so so as a journalist, you couldn't break that story, right? Because you don't want to be wrong about that. Well, it's a career ender, isn't it? Yeah. I mean, it was already in the New York Post.


I wasn't like I said, it wasn't my scoop. It was something I knew they stumbled on. They probably would have five minutes later. But it was so subtle. It was such huge news. It was like, if I could tell the first person, you see.


All right, I was going to ask you guys a question before we broke off into the interview if you had to do. Something other than what you're doing now, like, for instance, you are you can't be a journalist of any type. What would be your other career path?


Well, not a journalist, but I don't know, maybe something some writing, some to do it writing, maybe something I don't know how to do on a creative level, sort of like work with my hands and hammers and shit like that.


More of my mind than fingers typing, you know?


OK, so if you were writing novels, would you be like a fictional, like a Dungeons and Dragons type?


I would probably like reality based fiction, I guess probably like a Quentin Tarantino movie where you set it in a certain historical context. But then the story within that true, true history is a fake story. You know what I'm saying? Like there were like Inglourious Basterds.


You know, we should get you a cabin where we have to write a script or something.


I tried it once, years ago, and I was like, yeah, I'm assuming Hajime lasted less than a week. I was like, fuck it. But it wasn't like I rent this unblind. It was like a double wide capice trailer. I was like, yeah, if I can. I thought I was going to do like a James Caan from Misery. And basically it was may as well have been metaphorical.


You actually rented a trailer. Yeah, I was like yeah I to do that fucking something. I was in college. I go lock myself in a cab and I got that. It was just like I was like going to turn into Jack Nicholson from The Shining. That's what was going to happen.


If I, I mean the fact that we're just there to that aura of having to write a novel and lasted a week, would you run out of cheese puffs?


No, dude, I just I it was just something like you think you think you know, it's one of those things to do in life. Like, I think this is what I got to do. And you realize like, well, this ain't the process for this at all. Like, you know, like I just thought I was like a kind of turn on as some are using the paper to roll joints instead of COSAC.


It was one of those like learning moments. Yeah.


How how far did you get in the novel? I basically cracked the egg before that. The title page. Yeah, no, no. Kind of like a lot of like loose notes that like you got to kind of put the puzzle together together I guess.


And then yeah. It's just you kind of realize like you get to fucking a precipice, you're like, oh no, I'm not saying I'm not ready for this right now. You know, I thought I thought I thought putting myself in a certain position would for sure.


Maria, you know, you think and it's because you just have this, like, visual distractions. Like, I never wrote a fucking thing before.


I wrote when people went to college. I never want to be a writer. I was never one of those people. So I fell into it and I was like, well, fuck, man, maybe you hear these stories are like maids banging out a fucking book in a month and, you know, people going to cabins like more professional writers do that shit and they're good at it.


But I thought, like, if I did it, that would be the result of the you know, there's like a professional writer, an author out there who's like this guy is a hockey podcast. He's saying it'd be like if you if you just played hockey a couple of times, you tried going to an NHL training camp, like, yeah, it's just I think I think it's funny, though, that what was the story about? What was it?


Well, wit to hop in there, though. I think it's all how you, like, articulate your art like some people would be. But you articulate your art. Well, yeah, because I think we'll think about it in this form, like like a professional hockey player, like that's like, oh God, now you got me on my heels, I buried you because you just said it's about articulating your art.


But like the thoughts that are coming into his brain, maybe he'd be better at, like, explaining them and like them, maybe acting it out in movie form or something and or a podcast.


Like for me, if I sat down with a piece of paper within five minutes, I'm distracted by something I just can't write. I can't I can't articulate my thoughts on paper. That's why I tweet like a five year old. I have sentences that are like four words long. That's it. That's all I got. That's the that's the brain power. So where else can you maximize what you want to express?


I think some people do so by doing art like paint pictures. And you have a creative side deal.


You don't want to fucking push a broom or you don't want to do that so that you kind of want to find your own way. And that's basically what happened to me. It was like I pushed the right I mean, you know what I try to get right? And you have like a decade of pastel and it turns out my big mouth got me my payday, you know? And so it's like, well, all right. And the writing wasn't so much of a priority anymore because your job is to talk.


But, yeah, I mean, I still have, like, you know, I didn't have a sister. I still have something I like to do someday. But I'd say like since then, a lot of the Boston based stuff has become known. It's not secretive anymore. There's a lot of stuff that's been another movie. So if I were to do my original thing, it looked like I was copying elements from other stuff. I mean, it's my own final.


I sat on my hands. I didn't do it when I wanted to.


But there's always a story to tell. Yeah, no, I think that's a fun life. I'll find another one.


Do you think part of you also wants to see if you're able to be successful at something else other than what you're doing now?


Yeah, I think yeah. I think that's always been there. I mean, not since I was a little kid. I'd say it kind of happened in college and honestly, Degenhardt and then come out with good will hunting. That was like, holy fuck, you know, like these two dudes. Yeah, they were smart fucking dudes.


But, you know, when they come out stallion's like Kolob, this is like this is something you can do.


Like that's not something you grow up knowing that, you know, you could write about movies or TV or all that, all that type of shit. So, yeah, I mean, that kind of gave me the idea to maybe do that someday. And yeah, I'd like to, I'd like to do something with that someday. But obviously right now, like I have friends will write one page a day, but I can't work like I can't work like that.


You can't I can't work creatively like that.


So first of all, all, thank you for being so open about all this. But that's why I was saying that the way I was saying it, like, well, for instance, he's talking about using the good will hunting as like Warth. Those guys from there did it. I think that I could be able to do it. That's the way I think. I look around and say, why the fuck can I do that? And that's what drives me to try to be successful in other areas.


And if I don't, I land flat on my face, then, well, then so be it. But how would you know unless you try.


Yeah, I mean, I didn't try to emulate your art and I don't think I ever said that. That's what you're saying is like a bad idea. I'm just saying, like, sometimes it's like.


You know, you you're like your kids and I want to be in the NBA. Yeah, you could do it. I want to be in the NBA. Yeah, I could do it. And then he's five foot six gay. Probably not going to play in the NBA like.


I don't know.


Also, I'm also I think I've said this before on Chiclets. Being a successful author might be the best job in the world because you can do it from anywhere, nobody recognizes you. How many authors would be recognized in the street? Not a ton. So you so so if there's top authors, millionaires, I mean, they can go anywhere in the world to do their job and also never have to deal with, like the annoyance of fame that celebrities have.


It's it's a hell of a gig if you can get it.


So the only young kids like yourself in a cabin with a bunch of shrooms from and weed from Aaargh! And Checketts and write a fucking book and send it to me. Yeah.


The best quote about writing Nora Ephron, she wrote about Sleepless in Seattle.


You've got Mail Cup, all the great movies. The hardest thing about writing is writing. And it's like it's like it's so simple, but it makes so much fucking sense. Like, you know what it's like. It's just it's not a Spiga. You can just turn on and off. It's like it's a fucking wild thing. And I want to go back to one thing. So I go, what?


I think I got a journal once and that lasted maybe not even one night, because if you gave me a piece of paper is Biscet and a pen, I would just write my autograph a thousand times.


Hey, I love it if I notebooks at school. Just my autograph. Unless they are and less surprising news.


I thought you were going to say you're draw dicks like in.


What's that movie. Superbad.


Superbad drawing the nice vaine Cox is doing that s you know the s where you do the three lines, the three lines and you connect the middle and then the top is a triangle. I don't know why I did that.


I'm a busy man talking about knowing things a little while ago about Bob Mackenzie. Well, I got to give you props me to a trivia patinas when I was buckled up Vermont last week. Oh, my goodness. I can't say I was put in a ton of money on us, but you were the MVP of our squad.


We buried absolutely buried Brandon in pfft. Kamata Yeah.


That was a good time. You were crippled, drunk and and HIAS I've ever seen you in my life. But I thought we worked as a team.


Wherever I was, I was strong in some categories. I know what you tuned in to watch it so folks you can go check it out on what. Piedmontese YouTube channel.


It's lights, camera, bar, stool, lights, camera. Boskell tweeted out, Yeah, the trivia thing it's easy to find on Twitter. It's always fun playing with your buddy. I want to do it again.


Yeah, absolutely. You chimed in there. And some more important news through bar stool.


They just signed Deon Sanders whoof on D on when I had his Sports Illustrated about thirty four, thirty five years ago. Thirty years ago, I would have thought I'd be working for the same company as some guy.


Life's funny like that would go get me a coffee. You got to do with bar stool. He's getting on his podcast from his ranch in Texas, you know. Oh my God.


That's what I saw. He said, like I finally get to say what I want to say. I have plenty of stuff to say. And I could and I can pretty much say whatever I want now. Like, I think this guy is going to bring the heat.


So I'm pop, you know, maybe maybe he he used to sign his autograph on pages, that paper at school, and I could talk to him about it.


This was like hour after work, meet up at the bar, just shooting the shit. This is fun. I don't know how many people are still listening, but we love you guys. Hockey's back. We are so excited. Yoshitsune five. Yeah. Sometimes you can't just talk hockey guys.


Even you hockey fans know it can't be just all hockey all day long. You got to bring up different parts of life and I learn something new about Aaargh! And guess what, you could preorder his book now with a biz twenty promo code.


No, but seriously, Ari, the pressure's on.


The the fans want a novel and I can't wait to read it. I'll write it with you.


Will do with crayons and everything. Yeah.


I don't know if it'll happen during checkout's I'll be getting yelled at by no discussion at Ruki, but writing the novel you bully me into leave me the fuck alone. Yeah. All right guys.


Yeah. I'm paying off early. I got to go actually guys, there's one more thing that I want to bring up, and that's just a a family was affected in Hingham, Massachusetts. You know, right around where I live. A kid, nine year old kid, Rowan McDevitt. What a what what an absolute war. He got hit by a car. He was he was out and he was with a friend. And, you know, I think he broke his orbital bone is force for had he broke both of his legs, big hockey player, he's going to be back.


So just wanted to send him our best wishes and know that we're all thinking of you. So drive safe out there. But that's great to hear that Rowans back and got home and had a great greeting. So stay strong and you'll be back on the ice party. So everyone have a great day and a great week piece.


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