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Hello, everybody, welcome to the show, 286 spin chickens presented by Pink Whitney from our friends at New Amsterdam Vodka Handy Barstool Sports Podcast, Family. What is going on guys? For about two weeks, deep in the old postseason here, chugging along, chugging along. Let's say I had the boys first before we get crack. And producer Mike Grinnell. How we doin, brother? I am doing great.


I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend like myself. Dropped some new play gang merch, probably the best play Gingrich you've ever dropped. So I'm happy.


Producer You gotta go. What's up, Ryan? Whitney, the wet dog. How we doing, buddy?


I'm doing great. I was doing a little bit better though before I just signed on and started chatting with all you guys and you let me know that I'm apparently a pauper. And so this this what is this thing called like this felt cover from my mic just showed up, Mikey. Let me know my cover.


So I apologize. I said I don't listen, so I don't know. So my PS positive driven you up a wall the past. I don't know what three, four years you've been doing this thing. I apologize. But this new beginning of tonight, technology with it was like it was a game changer for me just to hear that I was really struggling in a certain aspect of my game. Another guy known a pop up on occasion, Paul Business-to-business.


How are you doing, buddy? Quick, quick commercial break here. I actually pop my PS more than Ryan, so I actually got two foam covers from my mike all wrap. I'm double wrapping it as usual. Yeah, that's pretty much it.


Guys are a very chill weekend watching a lot of hockey, some very impressive teams that have have I don't I say came out of nowhere, but definitely surprising a lot of people. And I'm looking forward to breaking them down and talking about them as this is a weird year, man. I tell you, no doubt anybody have allergies.


You can request a special foam rubber pillow, just a heads up. That's a deep cut from a movie. Quote, the scene, Revenge of the Nerds. Right with God. Yeah.


I wasn't even listening to what you were saying. I should continue with the theme anyways. Let's get to the hockey. All right. Bruins, they lead Carolina two to one in the series after a three to one win on game three. But the big news, of course, is that going to chorused decided to leave the bubble and return home to his family. Obviously, a big story here in Boston. It was I think the first indication we got was after game two.


And his comments were, you know, basically I've been off for four months. I'm not in shape. I really don't care if we win or lose like his. I thought his comments were kind of alarming to the word. But I did tweet. I said, I wonder if, like, Kasey would go to Halak next game just because if your coach and you hear you play a saying that I'm not in the right mental space. Well, lo and behold, before the game on Saturday statement come out from Tuka, I want to be with my team competing.


But at this moment there are things more important than hockey in my life and that is being with my family. I want to thank the Bruins and my teammates for their support and wish them the best, Don Sweeney said. We understand completely with Tsoukas coming from. I don't think it's any big surprise to us, to be honest with you. We're privy to info that maybe the rest of the public doesn't have. And it has been a difficult decision for Tuka.


But the Bruins are in full support of why he made the decision. Of course, he has three young kids at home, including a four month old newborn. Wait, let's go to you first on this for you.


I take. Well, it's to me, it's it's almost amazing that these two haters, their takes are even harder now with this news and right off the hop, I'll say it looks it doesn't look great.


I mean, it looks it in a way to the naked eye, like he's like quitting on his team. And he did it after this thing already began when you could have opted out before.


But if you are going to try to combine your dislike of two Tuka from you don't think he's a good goalie. You don't think he can win the Stanley Cup for the Bruins. He think he's overrated, blah, blah, what all the people think who don't appreciate his play.


If you're going to try to combine that and make that a reason that you hate him for this, because this is a straight up personal reason.


I mean, like who who is anyone out there to judge when he it's out there that he has young kids at home and he's got something going on and he had to go home.


The optics, the optics of it aren't great. But if you take a look from the other side, the Bruins, have you seen what they've been saying?


They're very supportive. Do you think if this was one of those completely. I just quit.


Like, I there isn't something else there in in and make it matter of fact, that's why I'm doing this.


Do you think that the Bruins would be so supportive with all these these these statements and stuff?


Because I think it looks like you can't judge a man for leaving something going with when there's something going on with his family and young kids who who happen to like guys are usually not playing right now.


So he would be planning on enjoying his off season with the newborn. Right. So this kind of threw a wrench into a lot of guys plans. But Horvat just had a kid and other guys, and then some people would probably throw in your face while he's in the bubble. But just like, well, someone just gave birth to a child during a pandemic. And regardless of anyone's feelings about the pandemic or not, how it's going down, it's been affecting a lot of people and their mental state.


And that's just numero uno without having to be forced to be away from your child for months, potentially. Yeah.


And if you think about what is going on and it's just a different time and read the quotes, they didn't look great. I mean, that was something where as a teammate, you'd probably be a little disappointed.


And I think Brad Marshawn actually said something to the extent of when he heard the quotes. Oh, he was probably talking about the first few games. And it was pretty obvious he was talking about after the game against Carolina. So that was odd. But that kind of showed, like you mentioned, that maybe there was something that maybe he's not all there.


Maybe he's thinking of what's going on at home.


And I don't know, like, how do you how do you how do you take it from hating him as a goalie and not thinking he's the guy? And you love for Tim Thomas and and combining that with like hating him for leaving when you have no clue what's going on in this guy's life.


So that's fans. And I understand. But I heard a lot of people say that they don't think he'll he'll ever play a game for the Bruins again. I mean, right now, I with his contract and what's going on and what they've said since this happened, I would be surprised if he was gone. I mean, it doesn't seem like it was something that wasn't kind of necessary for him and his life. I'm I'm rambling on, but trying to get my point across.


Well, I wanted to start at the press conference, too. When I heard it, I was like, not great, but also maybe with two others. I don't listen to enough of his postgame comments to maybe where it was a language barrier thing and maybe he just spouted it off and he was frustrated and yeah, it didn't look good. I did see the Marcha Court after that. Of course, him being taken aback by it, probably after he found out it was true.


But given the headspace where where he is, it's probably the right thing for him to say, I'm going to hand over the reins here to Hallock and a guy who's clearly in the right state of mind to be playing goaltender under all this scrutiny and pressure for the BS organization in this particular moment. So if anything, stepping away was probably the smartest thing for the team, no wonder they're being supportive, given everything that in the reasoning why he left and.


Like you said, it gets a little bit nutty and I understand the sports fans do have some hot takes regarding, you know, play on ice and maybe not living up to expectations. But to me, this is a completely different scenario given that throw a pandemic into the mix. And you just had, you know, a kid, I can't hold this against them at all. And I think that if anyone does, they're a little they're being a little bit ridiculous or a lot ridiculous.


It's just it's just like what said it just fits into the whole narrative here in Boston. That's perfect. You know, he got sick in a game years ago and then he gets sick in another game. And it's just like people who love the I don't say conspiracy theory, but just that line of thinking here. And, of course, sports radio feeds right into it. I'm not saying the guy deserves a medal, but I think he does deserve credit to know that he wasn't in the right mental space.


And I always say on the show, Bodies' Goaltend and such a mental aspect, and he's aware enough to know that I'm not where I need to be. So if he stays there, he's not helping the team by leaving. Maybe he's helping those guys again.


I'm sure not everybody in the room was crazy about it, but everybody who's judging him on it is like given given the fact that they probably have gone through something in their life that has been difficult, they might have to show up to their job and do the same thing they did the day before and not with any eyes on them. He's this is like your Boston Bruins spotlight's on you and that's got to wear on you over time. And when you're not in the right state of mind to be in net for them and maybe add a couple of bad games, it could feel like the world's crumbling down.


So he's probably trying to get his feet underneath them.


And also, I think we should note, he's probably not the only guy in the bubble with these type of feelings. I doubt out of, what, six, seven hundred players. He's the only guy who's having these sort of doubts or thoughts or whatever, especially with this feeling at home. And like, we don't know what we don't know. So we're not going to sit here and crucify a guy, whether he just wanted to be with his family or if there was an illness or something.


It's like I'm not going to sit there and shit on a guy for putting his family above anything else. And I know you guys I need to, but I got this note just quickly.


It's what you said is true, and I do want to mention it. It's fair for people to say, yeah, it sucks and it's bizarre what these guys are doing, like where they're living and what's going on.


But everyone's dealing with it. Yeah, I know that. But when it's when some guy can't handle it and he's like, all right, I'm out right now, it's high. And who are you to judge? Everyone is talking about mental health these days. Yeah, absolutely. You know, people have kind of hypocritical about it, all right, if we were going to be like Patrick Bergland when he left and he went to figure out his shit for full support, if anybody wants to hang up their skates right now or never criticize him ever again, I don't care.


It's a go worry about your your personal life, your family. That's what's important. Not somebody who fucking bought a jersey and maybe has season tickets who thinks that Tukaram owes them more than he owes them. He's he's he's paid his dues for this organization. He stood in there year after year and taken his lickings, and he still does, even though he carried them. And maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration to the Stanley Cup finals. He was was he not their MVP last year during their run?


He probably would have on the Kleinsmith that they won the cup last year or back in twenty thirteen. He definitely would have. So, yeah. I mean, you know, you don't have to tell me about his resume.


I tell you what, if they win that game seven, I bet you nobody's bitching and moaning about this whole situation. So to me that that makes them a little bit hypocritical and the fact that they can't just let them go live his life.


And of course, that wasn't the only part of the story that takes. There were many takes. Mike Milbury said that he wouldn't have done it back in his day, as if he played through a pandemic back in his day. And then, of course, Jack Edwards took the creme de la creme of tweets for the weekend. Jack Edwards tweeted what NBC hasn't shown yet regarding the unfortunate injury to Stretch Mackoff, the Carolina wing playing hobby horse riding Charra on the back apron of the goal.


You poke the bear, you take your chances. No one wanted to see Svetlana Cougher it, but he bit off more than he could chew. Now, I retweeted that because I often tweet things without comment just to let them stand for themselves. It's pretty fucking obvious how I felt about it because Twitter's Twitter and a lot of damage on that thought. I was endorsing, as mentioned just by retweeting it. Will, I know you tweeted with comment.


You weren't too crazy about what he said. You added a little spice to it.


It never ends this guy. But are you retweeting it without comment? Definitely would make people think that you possibly, like, enjoyed the tweet. I think you're I think you do it so you can have people like from both sides. I've been retweeting shit.


Went for ten years without comment. Like, I mean, some things that pass along news stories, something I can't make what you want of it. I think in that situation, I mean, first of all, we shouldn't have mentioned Zidane, Sharon's veteran covid battle on all fronts. VisualCV look like topic wrenched his knee or his ankle or whatever. And that's what Edwards is tweeting about. But I mean, obviously, I don't want to see any guy hurt.


I think my track record on this show, my writing for 13 years, stands for itself. I don't root for injuries except for maybe two guys in the history of the league.


And of course, not one of them now and Matt Hall and Matt Day, the eagle, but not all jokes aside. Yeah, I mean, I tweeted retweeted enough stuff without comment. And if anyone thinks I was rooting for his injury inside of myself, I literally didn't offer a fucking opinion and say anything. I don't know how people could.


I would never I would never take a tweet as an endorsement. Thank you. Yeah. I don't know if I don't know if I've ever done one that I don't agree with. But I wouldn't I wouldn't take it as that you did mention, because I was thinking about what I was going to say about it. You did mention the fact when Jack Edwards posted that it was the wrong photo of the incident, correct? Well, he had the player wrong.


He was saying that Svetlana Calf ran him into the apron, but I believe was actually Yahoo!


It was awful when the picture was I think it was a completely different place. So anyway, going back to Jack Edwards, like, I try not to rip on any of these media guys in their hot takes just because, you know, I might bump into him and, you know, I've been wrong before about stuff, too.


But no, it's not the same. Right. Right. But and I want to like this guy. But this is is this the worst that he's ever done personally? Because he's known as a homer. He's known as a bit of a bozo. I know he likes the Khush. So maybe he was smoking a little too much when he said that he gets.


I heard a rumor, doesn't he? I heard I heard a rumor. They got him at the other end of the hotel when when the teams on the road because he smoked so much dope. Like they don't want the players.


Yeah. He gets it. You can tell he gets crazy, crazy waffled on that cause he's like he's in a buzzsaw human being. Think about like tweeting that. Oh. For the funniest part is that it wasn't even correct and then to actually bring up a bit off more than you can chew as this kid look like he snapped his ankle in half. And you hear Brenda Moore saying it looks like he's gone for the playoffs and that's it. You're tweeting.


It's the guy's a clown.


I think now he I think he's aware. I think he's into it. I think he's into full blown into villain mode. I think he's always been homer mode. I think now he's like everyone already hates me.


I'm terrible. So I'm just going to go all in on being the bad guy.


He hasn't tweeted out anything. You never treat it like an apology.


Probably got ratio to get out my deep up there and not not to mention always good buzz, the complete lack of maliciousness from Zeno's as well.


I mean, it was a net front. Battlezone didn't do anything where he messed with a bill like he didn't do anything with like he talks like he did something like in defense.


And Z was just plain fucking that D So we mention that I think this is a perfect transition. There's been question marks around the officiating in that series. I was just personally stirring it up on Twitter. Right here comes another calls for the BS when it was blatant goaltender interference and that goal should have been called back. I would say overall it seems as if, though Carolina has felt victim took more of the tougher calls. Now saying that I feel like the B's have outplayed them, Carolina still looks good.


This is a devastating loss for them, and especially Harkov. This this young stud is the key. I he's good enough to drive a line and that now you're taking that out, going against the BS. I don't see any chance of them winning the series. But overall, the bees look, look, the bees, they look pretty good. And they're doing so without Posta, who I believe is a I'll say conservatively top ten player in the world.


He's so sick and I don't know if you guys have I don't know if you have marshes, somebody posted March's numbers in recent memory. He's he's just in a different he's world class and he's still there. And he's the biggest rat. And some people maybe don't put them there because of the the intangibles that come with it. But this guy, he was born for big moments. He never shies away. He is. He's talking about another top ten player in the world.


I mean, he's he's probably top 20, but they they got a lot of good things going. Hallock is the best backup in the league. Hmm. Definitely, definitely top three. I don't know, I think you Dobens so sick with Bishop being considered the starter, you let in a bunch today what they want, I don't know.


I love I agree, though.


Hallak is a great replacement. And the fact that the Bruins, they looked they lost, not only did they look good, but Hallak was perfect. Besides the one mistake he made throwing the puck. So they take the lead there.


And no vetch knockoff Jack Edwards loving it is is that's killer. That's tough for the canes. But but the whole the whole the series has been wild, obviously.


Now Tuka leaving just made it even crazier. But I still think it's going seven. I believe I said Bruins and seven. And, yeah, they stay. I mean, they shut them down that third period of the last game, but one guy we do got to mention, I texted you guys, Charlie Coil, man, this kid and his two playoff seasons in Boston, he's just an absolute monster. I think he was he got a goal and three assists right now, but just a two way play.


Burián people left and right making things happen up and down the east. David great guy. I mean, he's a playoff savant. He was what he was second in the courts back in 2011. The two other years. They want the cops. The guy just raises his game to a different level come playoff time. It's it's some good shit to watch. Absolutely.


And thank you for JEE for sending over that tweet I was referring to, and I'll read it out here. So don't mind this. Thirty minutes. Our show has three hundred and forty eight points in his last two hundred and eighty five regular season postseason games. That's one point thirty one points per game. To give you an idea of what kind of insane production that is, here's the all time regular season points per game leaderboard. All these guys averaged fewer in the playoffs.


Wayne Gretzky's one Lomu Orsi, where he would land here is a number six above Sidney Crosby, who's at one point two eight four.


And above him at fifth is Marcell Deon at one point three one for so over the last little while the sky is is so you'd have to say he's the best bargain in the National Hockey League. Let's talk about it for that tweet.


Oh, yeah. Tucker Boydton, who's great on Twitter, he's got a lot of insane stuff. So sorry about not referring who sent it out, but that's just an idea of what you're dealing with here and Marshawn and the fact that they have such a stacked lineup. And I don't think Carolina survives this one.


Guys, one other note, too, before we move on to the next series, I'm not sure Shepards tweeted out, but I did as a clip of Jordan Nook's pregame ritual. What unfortunate was Metchnikoff? But he gets up in his face between every game and he screams like a witch from like an old Disney movie. He's like moustache knockoff.


Like Ari's doing it. Yes, we can compare that, Meems, get on it. You just walk out one and go everybody to try to think about trying to do it.


But if you try doing it now, you got to try it.


Oh, lots of bad. That's better than no, I don't want to be too loud and freak out so bad. So bad. But he does.


He sounds like a horror movie or one of the one of the clips they show. He's like he gets real deep, even his fucking teammates are looking. But anyways, check that pussy China next to shit.


I'm not good at the Vancouver Canucks lead the St. Louis Blues two games to none. Game three is going to be played later tonight, Sunday. But we didn't we weren't able to talk about this one last episode. So we're going to talk about it now. Vancouver one game two four to three in OT, Bohle of that absolute machine right now, Grenvilles twin Quinn, whose absolute machine right now, Jacob Maxton, playing out of his mind because we're going to go to you first on this series for you.


I take I mean, I didn't I picked St. Louis to win this. I didn't think that Vancouver is going to be able to get over the hump. But I mean, I go back to what Antoine Rousselle said before they were even going up against the wild. And he said at every position, a very important position. That is, you know, we have the best players. And he made a few other comments about how ready this team was for playoffs.


They dismantled the wild and now they're doing so against the Stanley Cup champions, at least the defending ones.


And Quinn, who's at well before the before the Dallas game, he was leading all NHL defensemen in playoff points with eight goal and seven assists. Also, Mike Kelly, I sent this one to the group shot Quin Hughes appreciation tweet ten for ten on outlet passes, including one from his stomach. That was the game winner in OT. Twenty one for twenty two on passes in the offensive zone bank stretch pass. To set up for that note, he posted all the clips of every single one.


So if you want to try and go debunk it and put on your your tinfoil hat, do so. This kid has been unbelievable. In the first two games against St. Louis, Mo. Horvat got the C at the beginning of the year and their fiftieth anniversary.


He has been like incredible and elevated his game. I mentioned the fact that he had a kid going into the bubble. He's now got that bad strength or something. This guy is just on a different planet. He must be on the gas. So who else has been standing on their Mark Schrems? Been awesome. Who is the other guy that I want to talk about?


I'm going to say something then, because I always say before playoffs and I think I said it again this year, it's probably one of my top six go to lines.


It it's special teams. Come on.


So because O'Reilly has completely shut down the Peterson line, so you're able to do that five on five, that line at Miller and Blockbuster, they dominate play and O'Reilly is just taking it to them, but.


They're not scoring five on five and then they go down a man and those three guys, along with Kevin Hughes, along with a few others, dominate on the powerplay.


Think in St. Louis, his pick is so bad and partly that goes into goaltending and, you know, Binnaz our boy. But I don't think he's necessarily had his best stuff right. I mean, you got to realize that when Mastamho playing Binnington, it's it's it's not going to be easy for St. Louis to win. We thought them being, you know, the Stanley, the defending champs, and older, a little smarter would really kind of take over and dominate the series.


All these young guys. Yeah, five of them. Five not doing anything which get them on the power play. And it doesn't matter. They're still going to score. So it's it's it's an awesome series to watch.


I can't wait for the next game, but I still think that if St. Louis if Jake Allen's in there, it doesn't matter whose angle they just need to shore up pick.


They have to get better goaltending, and if the five on five plays slanted in their favor, they'll end up scoring some goals so they just can't really take penalties. But it sucks because when you're getting out skated and Vancouver's flying around, it's tough to not take these little ticky tack penalties, holding, hooking because you getting out skated.


Thank you.


The reason of the series, the reason I double clutched on the Horvat because I got to go back to the two end to end Russia's. He put Vince Vaughn on the rollerblades and then he put Schwartzbach and that was without one Short-Handed, the one where he dangled Shwartz. I don't know what he was doing back there, but I guess that kind of sums up the first two games. St. Louis doesn't look like themselves.


They're giving up far too many high quality scoring chances. They're great breakaways. Breakaways are getting beat one on one. That's just not the St. Louis Blues that we know. And I mean, say what you want about being Binnington. Obviously, he's not stopping the puck at the at the pace he was last year, but way too many chances given up to Vancouver right now. That's not not good. Five on five team defense.


Did you guys see the tweet from Peola? Brunner's actually really interesting where he compared this year or the basically the franchise of the Canucks to the 2010 Blackhawks team where he said Patrick Kane, Elias Peterson, Bahadoor. That's like a Jonathan Tay's. Quinn Hughes is like Duncan Keith. And he kept making all the comparisons were like, holy shit, this is like very comparable.


Yeah, which is fair because all three of them were up for the Caulder. Right. You got Quinn Hughes, Patterson and who is the other one passer. Besser, that was Bessler. Bessler finished second to Basel.


Thank you very much. Yeah, that's a fair comparison until they lift some hardware. But this is a great young core and they just need a few more pieces around them. I mean, it's still very early. They're only up to over the champs. So we'll see how this one plays out. Going back to the last game where they tied it in the last minute, which has been happening like crazy St. Louis that is on that point shot, ended up getting tipped by Pierron.


Now, I think it had Schwartz on the way in, but Paran, he just continues to impress as well. And he's probably been their best overall player, maybe other than O'Rielly. And you mentioned, you know, them getting them back and signing them to ten fucking contracts. And it just it's finally really clicking for that guy.


I'm curious to see who St. Louis ends up starting in game three, because Binnington, he's he's been struggling a bit. Jake Allen played one game in the Round-Robin. He was pretty good. So I'm interested to see what St. Louis does in that regard. We do want to mention the Canucks fans. We do have a lot online T-shirt. Check it out at the barstool sports. That's a good little shirt. And also, we do want to mention defenseman Troy statue.


He scored a goal in game one, which was the eventual game winner, and he had lost his dad in June. And after he scored, he kind of pointed skyward and said, let's call it a very emotional moment. I mean, just lost his dad a couple of months ago. And to score big goal like that, I can't imagine the emotion a person goes through in a situation like that.


Yeah, I think we've posted on the Checketts account I retweeted as well just as postgame comments. And, you know, clearly it was an emotional moment for him and very, very cool. A lot of a lot of emotional moments so far in these in these playoffs. Yep.


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Jimmy Johns has sponsored our twitch streams and they're coming through again. They feed me sandwiches while I'm playing and it's been great. Jimmy John's the best. Try their cookies. There's twenty promo code.


Oh, another Karen Hughes appreciation tweet couldn't use the Knux as the eighth offensive in NHL history and the fourth rookie among the core, which is the guys listed with seven plus points to his first five career postseason games. And that's a he's obviously well, he's got eight now, but Joe Nikolaidis at the top of the list with nine and Sergei Zubov is just underneath him.


So that's Joe Micheletti, the announcer, correct? Yes. The one with. The Rangers had no I had no idea Joe Micheletti was a really good hockey player, I swear to God, and I believe Mike McDonel married his daughter. The guy's the man is the man is going to need at all. And he was that good.


Now he's got a Hall of Famer Salata cheese. So we don't just keep on winning.


Yeah, absolutely. Next up, another series we weren't able to get so much last episode, Montreal and Philadelphia, they're currently tied at one game apiece. They'll actually playing right now as we speak. Philadelphia is up one. Nothing in the first period carhop. I don't know. Maybe maybe it was my birthday soliloquy that I sent the hazy that post on Instagram. But the next day you gave up full of calls and he was pulled book.


You must I must I must kind of hot montreaux all over Philly in game two. I mean, they just suffocated them. Philly looked like the opposite team from game one playing video. He was pissed off that Malha had the first time playing with a five point lead. Of course, Kirk is coaching for Claude Julien, who had to leave to get a stent put in. We wish him all the best health. I love Klodt. I'm a big clode guy from his time in Boston, so we were sad to see he had to leave the bubble.


But we're happy to see he's doing well and Kirkendall did a fantastic job in his stead, which I know you wanted to lead off on this one. What do you got, buddy?


I wanted to lead off with at the NHL level.


You can't cry and whine that a team is showing you up and and has their first power play unit out there, especially not in a time where the team's power play hasn't exactly been great for a long time and they're trying to get it going. And it actually was pretty friggin good in game two. And they're working on it.


They've been off for months. I mean, like what? It's the NHL. Don't let them score if you don't want their first power play on the ice. Jesus, guys.


And I think that if you're doing that when kids are like ten years old, you're a complete loser. And maybe then you put out the kids who aren't as good but in the NHL, get the big guns out there if you want to get.


And by the way, those guys want to get points, point to what point guy doesn't want to be on the top. Doesn't care if it's ten nothing or one nothing. Get more points.


That's the smartest thing you've said on this podcast today. What was the fact that they're working on their power play? They went on for twelve in the first series against Pittsburgh. We're playing in a fucking NHL. That's like an NFL coach mad that like they scored a touchdown at the end of the game to go up by twenty one or twenty eight, which happens which which happens.


Belichick, you step on your throat, you're working on you're using your that's the best possible practice time right there is in a game where teams are actually going to lay out in front of shots and guys are going to try and stop you. So Elaine, I have nothing against you. Absolutely ridiculous postgame comments. And given the fact that Montreal is heading into that game with a little bit more pep in their step, given their they're trying to win one for their coach now, I didn't give him a snowball's chance in hell coming into the series.


And I think I may have like under underestimated their abilities because they looked really good in game two. They completely outplayed Philly. Now, I mentioned emotional moments in the playoffs, too. And now Philly going into game three has one of their own where Oscar Lindblom ended up skating with them in their last practice, correct?


Yeah, because that was a great tweet we saw Sunday morning. The Flyers tweeted out Oscar on leave in the morning stretch Sunday's practice. I'm not sure when he's going to get back in the lineup. I think they said he wouldn't be playing in the first round. But either way, that's a great sign for a kid, you know, going through all the Ewing Stockholm treatment, cancer treatment. And here he is looking to play hockey again. So I don't care who your team is, that's always a great sight to see.




So right now, of course, you mentioned Philly off to that one. Nothing lead, but going back to game to something that Montreal hadn't really had up to this point, they'd been surviving with their great defense of Shea Weber and Petrie, the the savior. I know we got the T-shirt out of carry price, the savior to tar. And Domy showed up, started producing a little offense. And that's big news for Montreal because that's one thing they didn't have in round one on top of their power play.


Was that secondary scoring? So now that's rolling a little bit. So some positives for the Montreal Canadiens going into game three, where all of a sudden I go from the snowball chance in hell of a comment to where I'm betting the House and now I've lost the Pittsburgh house. Now I might lose the fucking Philadelphia house. Good thing I got three. Not a big deal, but very promising.


One one series here. I'm very interested once we get off to watch the rest of this game. Same here, a couple of things to say, Montreal is making me look like a fool, that's no surprise. That happens quite often. There's also another team in the east that is doing that. They have terrible uniforms and had a couple of games in Brooklyn the past few years. But I digress.


They are in your face and quick and and also Curt Mueller taking over. I mean, that guy's been a head coach.


He was the head coach in Carolina like 20, 12, 13, 14. And he knows what he's doing. I'm sure guys enjoy playing for him. They might change up a few things, but probably not. But they just have this incredible goaltender.


And it's like R.A. made the point maybe who knows what can happen in this in this crazy summer hockey cup run we have going, but. They could maybe just continue to go on the strong. Here's the thing, though, Philly. Needs their top guys to score their five their five leading goal scores in the regular season don't have a goal.


So I mean, I don't really want to connect Nicotera.


Jaru Hazy, Van Dreamz, Van Dyke, bunch of guys who've been on the show, so we check this little bump here, they got to get going. They're not playing bad at all, but they haven't scored.


So I just I just think with price, it's crazy. And the other guy I want to talk about and what a trade getting Phillip to know he is, that guy is good. He he plays on the right side of the park all over the place. He's never had a position. He's a smart player. He's got way more skilled than I think a lot of people realize. And they got him. They got him. And a draft pick, I believe, for Dale and Tom Thomas Fleischman.


So what a trade that was, because he's he's the he's a guy who, first of all, Chicago would love to have him still. And Montreal is just reaping the benefits of having this smart two way center man who's playing big minutes and all guys up front, I mean, that have for checks relentless. So Philly needs to figure that out and their big guns got to score. But it's not at all over this series. One, one and another.


Mulligan for Pussy Crusher, six nine six nine on the Dyno Trade. Yeah, come on, tell me what an AOL name he had, one other Montreal guy we got to mention is, yes, spiri Kokanee Coke Annamarie.


Yes, Barry cottony once again. Christ words right out of ours. That might have been the worst one. He had a rough regular season. And at one point I think they sent him down to the American Hockey League. So he was maybe regressing a little bit. But ever since he's gotten in that bubble, it seems like he's finding a step. Four goals now in six games for the Habs, not including the one currently going on. So it's that's that's a bright spot.


If he can get going for that Montreal team because he's a third overall pick. And we talked about the drop off at first second overall, where you don't want to get whooped with that third overall pick and then have a guy not pan out that can really set your organization back. So good to see him. He's from Finland, correct? Yes.


Yeah. He was on TV the other day. My wife says, how old is that friggin kid? He's only he's only twenty. He's already got two years in the league. But I love watching that kid play. I don't care what color jersey he is. He's editor.


And it goes back to the pressure we put on these kids as soon as they come in the league, especially if they're high draft pick. It's like, where's the points? Where's the production trade? Quinn, you are not Quinn. He was the other one. J'accuse, get rid of them. All in all, it's it's just kind of the way it goes.


I do want to see if Jack Hughes can end up. Quinn Hughes has that more of a fast twitch, fast twitch muscle.


Kind of like Gujral. Do you know what I'm saying, like, yes, I feel like Jack's maybe he's more fluid and but in terms of that quick burst, I think Quinn has it now. Jack easily might get it over an off season or two. But that kid who. Yeah, we keep going back to American defenseman, lighten it up last week.


But it's not one of the guys I want to mention how awesome it is to have shit like playing in the playoffs again. And at this level, man, he's a guy, you know, you haven't seen him a lot in the playoffs lately. He's such a fucking force out there. He absolutely bomb. He's got a 200 foot empty nester, I think was in the Round-Robin. But he's just an absolute joy to watch. He's a Game of Thrones character.


He really is, man. He's the mountain man. And there was one other tweet which he tweeted out since Garrity's Serb video, there's a video, a gritty he poured like maple syrup. All of us some Canadians fucking shared a contraption, whatever. Ever since that video, not in tonight's game. Montreal scored five goals, zero for Philly. Hockett pulled in connecting. He got hurt.


So I don't know, gritty partner called Gerdy the Mosch they can. And you're the guy who's the mush and you're calling Goretti the mush, reflecting the mushiness.


All right. Moving right along here. Saturday night, Tempa held off Columbus and yet another nail biter, one game three three to two. And they lead the series two games to one that had been busy, certainly looking fine out there playing unreal hockey. Brayton Point has a sixteen point streak unicycle of Solomon. That guy is on fire still. He's got a nine five, six eight percentage one five one goals against. This is a great series. Now, I don't see how this doesn't go.


Seven. What's your take on this one, brother? I think that it's exactly what we kind of figured in that this Colombus team is just down there not stopping here. It's not going to be easy. It feels like seven games and it feels like the team has they've picked up, they've picked, they've almost taken taking it as like we can be just as good. We can go even farther even without having those guys like they didn't they did not at all make make us who we were last year in our in our little run.


Right. I mean, it's they a nice little experience in the playoffs last year. And then all everyone talked about like me, is that it was going to be hard for them to win hockey games. And now in this style where it's just outwork similar to the Canadians, but they're even better. The Tampa. Yeah, they got the lead in the series, but it's not easy. So I just think Hedeman, that was the difference. Hedeman had been wasn't wasn't himself last year was even playing.


I know he played the couple of the games, if not all of them. He was not healthy and couldn't do anything. And now you're seeing a full strength. No one demon in the NHL dominate. And and it's still though it's difficult. And I think that this series is just going to continue to be back and forth because these get this game and that series and Vancouver and St. Louis are the two best to watch right now, I think.


From from the bit I've watched of this series, I've noticed that Tampa, of course, playing at the pace that they play with and playing with the majority of the time. Game three outshot Columbus two to one. It was 34, 17 and shots. But they're out hitting them, too. They have a chip on their shoulder. I don't know if you've been following or not, but it's clear that they had to pick up a little bit of meat in the off season.


Pat Maroon, one of the guys that I'm referring to, I think it was a great signing and to get five hits last game Eisel cam him every shift. You ever look at this guy.


He is a funny guy.


So can I say he's a Secoya on skates man you can't move on the minute he gets it along the wall and he starts protecting it. It's kind of funny seeing d try to knock him off the puck and then he goes to the net front. Same thing there. But just overall, a lot of guys that are underappreciated around the league that you start noticing when you watch them more like Pallot at guys, you never even hear his name because he's surrounded by guys like Braiden Point, Kutuzov, Stamkos, Hedeman.


So these guys like Killorn and him go unnoticed. So they are so deep right now. They're definitely in my top three teams in the league. I don't know how close Stamkos is to coming back. That might bump down to four. But I agree with you in the sense that Columbus just won't go away. They play on the right side of the puck constantly. But I think that this is going to be a year where we see Tampa make a run.


And I just think that they seem a lot more determined and less and less intimidated by the physicality than last year, in my opinion.


They were my capac, sorry. That's all right. Know, I was saying a couple of bluejackets who stood out to me because this kid, Alexander Texada, he's a kid. I mean, I think I don't even know if he played any games with them this season. They call them up. I think for that for the return to play. The kid's been unbelievable, although, no, he was playing this year.


I'm sorry. I take that this year. He's I think I mentioned him last year, but he's from France. He's just a freak. Probably gets after two Frenchmen. Yeah.


Thirty six games he played this year. But yeah, he's jumped out at me. And also to the defense, my columnist David Savard. He's not flashy. He's not you know, he's not a conclusion or anything, but he just plays great to play hockey. He seems to be all over the ice involved with lots of stuff. So a couple of guys I've been enjoying watching play the way we talk about this all the time.


And I know that we we underestimated Colombus, given the fact that they lost all those guys, the free agency. And I thought they were going to be a bottom feeder this year. But they have drafted and developed so well that that will continue to keep you relevant. And you don't even need to spend to the cap. I mean, it's similar to Colorado, their fifth lowest cap team. And look at them fucking buzzing around and not to shift conversations, but it's a great job.


Either they're their brass and rebooting this team and doing so, so quickly. You mentioned corpuscle. That guy's the real deal. And then they got Elvis two to two young studs in that.


No doubt about that. I bet you are up this time. On Saturday afternoon, Arizona got right back into the series with a four two win in game three over the avalanche. I mean, Dossey Kemba, we've been talking about them ad nauseum here. Stop. Forty nine of fifty one shots was absolutely unreal. Single handedly brought them to a victory because that your team tell us what you saw.


What Game two. They were awesome and even Bednar will tell you that he thought the coyotes outplayed them and deserved to win that hockey game. But you know, that's just the type of depth and the team that Colorado is, they end up pulling through to nothing. But Darcy Kemper stole game three.


He was first, second and third star for the OT's Colorado last game. Oh, my goodness. And I know I've been stroking Quinn Hughes off and people are like, oh, look, are you done? Zlobin fucking kamikaze job now because you're on Quinn who's. No, this guy can fucking Mulder.


And I think he like pivots around people down. It's crazy watching New Age is to do it. He's he's he's he's another example of a video game player. I'll put him as far as defensemen in the McDavid class of how he can just move around. He's tending to with his blades. Yeah. Buzzing around in the ozone. It's like a fucking swarm of bees and shit every time. It seems like every time MacKinnon's on the ice, he is too.


Just in the fact that he McKinnon probably wants him snap out of the passes, but they looked really good. I know their power play hasn't been good so far as far as results, but they sustained pressure in the ozone.


They're just working it around. So for the coyotes sake man, they just got to play like they did in game two and drag them into that dogfight, no pun intended, and try not to play that track, meet style because they they played a little bit of it, a lot of it in game one. That was a ridiculous game. But more in game two, our game three. Excuse me, it wasn't as bad. But the minute they get moving around, man, it's to me to me top three, then Vegas and the bees are in that top realm for me.


How about McCain and tracking that, the tall dude that was the most vicious reverse, had he looked like a tank when he just exploded into him in the slowmotion, one I saw just I still don't see cameraman member you mentioned, like top Canadian goalie in the world or one of them.


And I was like, oh, yeah, it could be on the Olympic team.


This guy is filthy. Every game, you know, he's getting 40 shades. I mean, the team's getting outplayed. But this guy, it's similar to price. I mean, who knows what could happen. They definitely can't go down three one. They'd have to tie it up.


Here's a stat for he set the franchise record last series for most saves in a period at nineteen in the first period against the Reds. He just beat his own record in game three against Colorado. Twenty saves in the first period. So absolutely ridiculous playing out of his mind, talking about McKinnon. I don't want to pump these guys tires too hard because we're still in the midst of battle here. But overall package, I think I'm taking him second under McDavid and.


And. That just that drive in that fierce competitiveness is something you can't teach, and you could tell he feels like the time is now for him to start catching Sid and he's got to win one when he's young. And we know that he falls Sid and everything he does. And and I feel that he thinks he has the team right now where he can taste it and nothing is going to hold him back. And watching him play shift a shift, he does not take one shift off.


He is a maniac out there. He's a pit bull. You saw that reverse head on Osili. He is he is a man amongst boys out there. You put you posted that clip that Jeff, is that what you call it? The JFS?


No, it's Jeff, the 15 defense team. We're gophers.


I've learned that over. It took me a long time, but it's Jeff. And you saw him come off the half way. I don't know if it was a power play, but he ends up dangling the guy with one hand. I don't want to mention names for the characters that want to hurt any feelings here, but he is just a one man wrecking crew and then not to boot. And then they put him Lanta Skog and Rattana together. Then you got a three headed monster.


So a lot of weapons on that as team. It's going to take a lot for these yachts to beat them.


So yachts and sex and go listen to MacKinnon's interview if you haven't ever that we had with them, because that's when you see how focused and driven this guy is. He said it's very similar where right now is.


I need one. I need to get one early. He feels like he's been in the league forever. He's been in the league like five years.


Hasni feel like he's fuckin ten years old. But yeah, time is now for the for the ABS. And they're they're flying. They have everything.


After game two, it was going to be a back to back between games two and three and ask them about, you know, how do you think he's going to feel? And he's like, there's a reason I win fitness testing every year when I go into training camp, he goes, I'll be buzzing tomorrow. And he was they ended up losing. But he he is so fun to watch requote.


That was a great quote. I'll be buzzing tomorrow.


There's a reason I win fitness testing. I shit not his teammates.


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It's good stuff.


Well, speaking of good stuff, now going to bring on a good pal of mine. He's probably the best hockey mind. That bastard who didn't play in the NHL. I guess I'll say baseball chief guy knows his stuff. He loves the hockey so.


Well, without further ado, let's bring him on. Well, talking about the Chicago Blackhawks. Who else would we bring on other than baseball chief? Probably the best hockey blog or basketball for my money guys, an absolute expert when it comes to the Chicago Blackhawks. Welcome. Thanks for joining us, Chief.


You guys always give me, like, the biggest tire pump when I come on. So I appreciate that intro. Our I don't know if I'm the best hockey, but you're right.


Now, your peas are pop.


And we've been talking a lot this episode about the popping of the peas and years of rippin.


So we appreciate you coming on. And we know we know you were getting ready.


You were getting ready for an embarrassing sweep. I think the second in a row would have been for the Blackhawks and they get a big W to tell us what's kind of changed in game four. I'm not I won't lie to you guys, just we have that we have the one time Don Donny does in Chicago right now. We had a boat day.


I love it. You're a nice you are my sheep right now.


So I filmed, like, a free video of like, this is what's going to happen. They get swept because I was very, like, mentally prepared for them to get swept. And I like the way that they played or computer games two, three and now four. And yeah. So not today was the proper day. So I fuck everybody that was just talking shit about him after game one and he's been a little bit leaky. But you know, it's like when the chips are down, like he's the guy, he's just the man, he always comes through.


And it was great to see his great day for Crawford. Forty something stops absolutely spectacular tonight.


Well, I mean, who else are they going to put in that they trade a pussy crusher trailer? Where letter? Well, that's the part that's kind of what I mean, that I get pissed about people for criticizing that trade, like I think you guys probably know how I feel about that at this point. But they're a 12th place team. They're absolutely cellar's you can't blame it like retroactively blame Stan for trading Lenar at the deadline. Like, that was the most obvious move of all time because he said he wasn't going to he wasn't going to resign a long term deal.


So, yeah, I thought the trade was fine then. And I and I've always been more of a corporate guy anyway. So to see him kind of be able to rub Leonard's nose and shit a little bit and I had the weird header goal by on his own net and then Crofter just stand on his head like he they're going to need him to steal games if they're going to be able to compete with Vegas and make this a longer series. And he definitely did that tonight.


So I'm like as a fan of a guy who just loves Corey Crawford. I was thrilled with how it went.


I never thought this would happen. But the Trickle Down podcast has bridged the gap between you and Stan Bowman. And I like this.


Can you believe it? Can you believe it? I'm I'm still firm on my position. I'm watching Filipino Tillet for Montreal and provided for Carolina. So I'm still driving that fire station wagon.


But yeah, this is good fun that that issue alone. I'm with him. With him. So let's.


So this is therapy. So let's let the Denault trade go. Considering he was a seller of Lenar at the deadline, we can swap those two out. Right. That and I got to say, stand up, I was wrong about Kirby, Doc. That guy is a killer. He's unbelievable.


So you're already dogging him that early? My goodness. Well, I wanted Biram on draft night. I thought, like, that kid looked like the real deal. And it was just that I was like kind of criticized. And we had we had a button on from from T.S.A. to break down the draft. And he was he got my head big time being like, if you don't the Hawks don't take and Byron like they're morons. So and then when they took Doc, I was I was not thrilled.


There's no chance Bone Biram would have dropped as many F bombs on Spit and Chekov's had they picked don't even go there.


They heard about his vow too when he was ripping the bong with Stevi.


That's why they got him. I listened to that interview.


I'm like, put a C on his chest like you told me, and he'll be the next one after case because he was like, this guy's got the right stuff.


Typical Western Leaguer to like, plays a little bit of jam, some sandpaper and like, he's the type of guy he's always going to be. A top six won't need to fight a lot, but I could imagine him being one of those guys when the wires cross. Look out, he said he's fucking he's driving in with a G wagon with the fucking belt on.


Well, I feel like they've been they've been kind of take liberties with him a little bit. And he's a big boy. So we just take that. And like, he's I think if he were a vet, he would have been drawn penalties left and right in the series there, straight up assaulting that kid.


He's going to be like, oh, yeah, I wouldn't be so. Well, Revo ran him over pretty good in game one, but he's like Kirby Dark, like he's just he looks like the real deal. So credit to stand on that one, too, so I can be objective and honest about it. Credit to me. I don't think we're going to see the sea on his chest, maybe maybe an F for the fucking F bombs he dropped.


Chief, Chicago's a huge dog, the series, but they've been in pretty much everything for us. One, three, three goal games, I'm sorry, three one goal, an overtime game. What Chicago doing to be able to stay in these games with a team that's much more talented than. Yeah, I think, you know, you really saw a lot of adjustments after game one, too, so they were kind of playing a little bit of a defensive shell in game one tonight.


Tonight, I think Vegas was going for the kill and they tighten the screws. And that's why the game was a little bit upset. Vegas is a better team like no one. No one denies that. But I like the Hawks. You know, they yeah. When you have to Hunt and Murphy out there is a second, you can always trust them to play it safe and simple game. They move the puck in a good area to give their guys a chance and then the hawks stop safe and keep it tight.


So they adjusted after game one. They played a little bit more, I would say aggressive. We've seen Duncan keep kind of jumping up in the play quite a bit, given giving guys an extra outlet on the rush. And they're creating a little bit and they're being aggressive. They're not sitting back and they're basically like, hey, Vegas, you guys are awesome. But like, we're not going to, like, roll over and give it to you.


So I've actually love the way they play this set after game three that, you know, it's conceivable somehow some way that the series could be two one hawks. You know, can you know the two off the post in game three overtime, game two, you know, they're not getting embarrassed. So I actually really love the effort. And our I think it was you saying, you know, almost back to back sweeps in the playoff between twenty seventeen with Nashville like that.


He was it was an embarrassment and they were never in it. This one has been like I'm like I'm I'm proud of the guys, like the way that they're playing. So I like the way that they're going. And I wish they had gotten a couple of bounces that it would put the series ripping off for sure. It's going to be impossible, but I wish they had got a couple of bounces. It might have a whole different look to it, but they're looking they're looking like a good team and a team is sticking to their plan and not just conceding to the team that everyone has the odds on favorite to win the Stanley Cup.


For those of you who are familiar with Chicago Blackhawks history, you guys scored two goals in that national series. Yeah, I think it was something like that.


It took them like I think that Charlotte the first two games, so they they couldn't quarterback, they they might have had like three seconds to zone time. The whole second game they got Hudzik five to one. So yeah, this is a much different vibe. And and, you know, we're still waiting for Patrick Kane to like pop off and do his thing. And like, if I'm Bagus, like, I know it's three one, but like that game, you think it has to come like now it's four games.


It cannot being able to bury. And he had some quality chances tonight in the third, I think it's coming. Maybe they might be able to stretch this to six games. So I love the way they're playing and compete. And it seems like the guys, you know, have all really kind of bought in to this adjusted plan that kind of changed after game one.


This is a two part question. Did you pleasure yourself to that backhand pass that Patrick Kane made to Dillon Strohm? And the second part of the question, what what do you think about Dillon strong moving forward? Because I think that at this point in time, it looks as though you guys won that trade.


I'm surprised to hear you say that because he's been playing it. You guys saw me at the the pornography thing. I still say that I could score kind of year playing with Kane because I found out he gave him a cookie. That backhand hit three aces. That game, that one was unbelievable.


You would have fell down for you. You would have fell down before you got to that you and then you're the type of the trainer for the lock of the skate sharpener.


Yeah, but my kids make sure my ankles are taped and will be fine. But but yeah. Like that pass is unbelievable. I like this game the last, the last two days they're going to they're kind of you know, now we can go back to the part where I get the rip on Stan. They're kind of acappella come up here. The caps staying flat. They got to pay Kruglik, they got shot and Seebruck coming off long term there.


They got to break its contract coming in. It'd be hard for them to really justify paying Strohm to, you know, I don't know what he command maybe around three million when you got Kirby Doc as your as your second center. So if it Strohm was going to be here to see, then then maybe you pay him. He seems like almost like they don't have anybody to replace him, but he does seem kind of like a luxury given the the status of the cap situation.


And I even with that said, I think I might agree with you about I didn't want to commit what Schmalz get six and a half over seven years, something like that. Like, I think you got that.


I think he's averaging five point eight, but I do where I see Stroma as a really, really, really good third line center. And he might end up being a second mind center. But as you said, very difficult to pay him that money. But he's restricted. I don't know if he's got our rights or not, but because I think he's coming out of his entry level. But I, I really like him and I think he fits in nice there.


And he reminds me of that and type he doesn't play with as big of a chip on his shoulder, but substitute that out with probably a better point production and. I think you got you got you got you got you guys, got yourself a player. Yeah, I like him a lot, I like him, you know, if you can pick the match ups, you know, he's he's not great defensively. He doesn't have a lot of foot speed, but he had to break it, have like they're like soulmates or something like you.


They have like this weird chemistry like you talked about. Guys, it's crazy to see them in the same breath. It's like Gretzky and Curry. But like that they have like that is a weird. It it, it is. I know. I know it is. I'm just so on Korea like they're not those guys but they're like but they have like this weird thing like when they actually let them play together we call that.




There you go. And so if you had them like the break, it scored 40 this year, you kind of regret. But if that could be somehow like two thirds of your third win and you get to pick matchups and give them ozone draws, like that's that's a pretty good third line. And and especially like, you know, if you have Daugherty's like you don't need to worry about having a shot. You can have a guy like Strohm because you have two guys who are going to be like responsible 200 foot, you know, selkie type guys.


And I do think I think I think Dock's got that in his future, but he looks like he just understands the game, like wants to be conscientious defensively, like he's there. He's like the real thing. You want to talk to all people I touch myself to. It's Kirby.


Oh, jeez.


They're going to get the restraining order. That's like you're never going to get a broken stay. You won't have to worry at intermission. Shoot in contact. I won't be able to invite you to shoot at center ice next time when wet mess. That's all right. That's all right.


You got to you got to fill in as much as it might hurt you to say. But, Magus, they are the jet high.


I mean, is there any team deeper, like I know you're watching that so closely. So you're seeing how good they are. They remind me a little bit of the 2010 hawks where they just kind of come back in waves and then they throw that fourth line. Guys, remember that fourth line they had like fresh and eager and like Buff would move up and down, but they had some big, nasty boys on that so they could play any type of hockey.


You want it. You want to be rough and tumble. They hatch and you want to play up and down. They had you like Vegas. They just they don't maybe they don't have like the 28th and Cain, like superstar Hall of Fame guys, but they come at you in waves and they can play any style. There are like they like watching the series. Like I'm praying the Hawks pull off some kind of miracle. But as soon as the series is over, I'm putting a future on Vegas to win it.


They are everything I think Madden was the fourth line setter that year, wasn't he? He was, yeah, he was fine. You wonder what if face offs in a book and book and limousine rides. All right. Well, thank you. Thank you so much for having us on.


Are coming on, I should say, Jesus Christ only chief.


So because we're in Chicago right now and best world shit I would have out in the bottom all day if I knew.


Thank you to you and PC six nine for inviting me in. No, but thanks for coming on, man. Great insight into the Hawks and I can't wait to listen to Troll's tell you you're wrong about every single aspect of the hawks.


That's my favorite thing I love to do, is go back and like I'll make little bookmarks and be like this guy was wrong. Me hit him back in a week when the Hawks threw me right. And and like, I'm I'm a major grudge guy. So I hold grudges. And this is this will be an easy one if they can rip off a couple more here. All right, buddy, I Chief, thanks so much.


Thanks so much for joining us. Powell of Chicago marches on. We'll have it back on a little later.


All right. Sounds good. Love it, boys. Have a good one. You too, pal.


Take care of. Thanks to our body, chief, for jumping on talk a little Blackhawk's for us. Like I said, I think he's the best hockey analyst, blogger apostille, you obviously played the game at a somewhat high level. So he knows a lot, has a lot of insights he likes to share. So thanks again to Chief. Moving on to the next series, the islanders beat the Caps two to one Sunday afternoon and all the time they have a commanding three zero lead in that series right now.


I was just grinding the absolute life out of the caps right now. Backstrom, of course, got hurt. He didn't play in game three. I'm not sure he would have made much of a difference. But the Cavs man, they look like that just I mean, they have more talent than the aisles, but you're not seeing it on the ice at all. You wonder if Todd ridden, you know, his second year coaching the team there on the on the cusp of being swept two years after one of the top after getting knocked out in the first round last year?


I don't know, man. What's your take on this series right now?


The islanders the islanders are I've said this many times. They're a really good team. They're really good. I mean, this is exactly what happened last year.


I picked against them and they rolled through the penguins in the first shot.


And they are just like, did you say, suffocating? They are just they're making Washington look so useless. They're making Washington look like they want nothing to do with being on the ice with them.


So you've got to give you got to give credit. Like I say, they're boring to watch Basel. This guy is so unreal when he's on the ice.


There was a point today, I think in one or two shifts he's doing full laps around the offensive zone wheeling, bring it to the middle, back to the outside, looking for guys, feeding it to the point, and then the overtime winner to even say, can I interrupt you there?


Were you talking about the shift? And then he ended up backtracking and falling down in front of the goalie and they've zoomed in on him and he was even breathing heavy. And he's been out there for like ninety seconds buzzing around the ozone.


It's it's it's insane. He is right. It must be. It must be. So he's on the gas. It must be so. Oh, he's on the gas. He must be so weird to play with them at the beginning because he's just able to literally just fly around the zone and end up he ends up finding lanes or cutting in or the guy gets open and but to stay onside and get that dish and then just you just roasted carleson wire.


Collison was the guy coming across and scores that butut when they go up three. Oh I they haven't the capitals, they have no more than two goals in any game.


Like they, they can't, they can't score. So I think the only guys who scored in this series are Ochi Ovechkin and then Kuznetsov got one well score today.


Tommy Wilson got one too. But they're they're really missing Backstrom right now. Yup. We talked about how when you take a guy like Hedeman out of the lineup where he's controlling so much of the play and doing so for twenty five to thirty minutes, a game much like that at center ice position, especially with a guy like that. And and although their power play has been OK, he's still snapping it around and directing traffic on the power play as well.


So to me that loss was I don't want to say the series at that point, but what was crazy to see and just how crazy of a level islanders are playing on right now was in basically what you'd think is an elimination game. In Game three, the first period and a half, Washington was nonexistent. They had no answer. And the islanders man, holy shit, they are just roll the whole team out over the bench.


I saw that. I saw that Pageau create his own breakaway just with his foot speed.


I didn't realize how far back I was through the middle when he skated by three capital players just buzzing by.


So they must all be on the gas. So I don't know.


But Reles Gas, you just probably just crushed the toilet after, but you fly around and light up the scoresheet from this. The pregame meal.


Yeah, definitely disappointed in the caps and how they've played up to this point. And I felt like they were rolling pretty good in regular season. Just the reboot has not treated them well and Islander's just really came to play.


So you got to credit them and Islanders fans. Yeah, you guys, I think six and one in the playoffs. I mean, you're outscoring the opponents.


Twenty four to twelve dominating.


But there are I think they're eleven or twelve and two in the first round of playoff games since the 2014 season.


And then the second round they're one in eight.


So yeah, you're doing great and you're going to win the first round. But we'll see after that because the only thing I've ever said besides your boring to play to watch, which I'm starting to maybe switch up on a little bit.


The other the other thing is I just said, you're not going to win the cup, so enjoy the success. It's been very impressive in Washington. They really do miss their star center. And you're right.


Well, I'm going to stay in the moment. I just finished joining the New York Islanders Booster's Club, so I'll be rooting for them. And I think right now they are they look like the team to beat. And, of course, the former Washington goaltender, Semyon Varlamov, outdoing the current one, Braiden hope he has sort of suspected, but I didn't think we'd see Washington this lifeless. I thought we'd see a lot more punch out of them.


And, you know, if they do get swept, we will obviously be keeping an eye on the front office in Washington because, you know, this is a guy that replaced the Stanley Cup winning coach with these on the verge of being dumped two times in the first round in a row.


So I would consider it the same level as what the penguins just did. They feel like they only have a certain amount of window with this core group and and the time to win is now. So I completely agree with your point.


OK, and we have one more series to go over and one of Sunday's most exciting games. The stars tied the game with 12 seconds left and one in OT to tie this series with Calgary. Initially, Dallas thought they tied the goal, tied the game on a goal by Corey Perry, but it was waved off a goaltending interference. But Joel Pavlovsky tied up with twelve seconds left. That was the first postseason Hatrick and Dallas stars history. Not Minnesota, not the franchise.


Just while the teams in Dallas, of course, Calgary is missing. Matthew Kucuk, he took a beating in game two. We got to stick to the nads or at least a groin area. He got Malachai crunched, ended up missing the last two games. He is concussed per SportsNet. Obviously, we want to see him get back out there. The flames love taken penalties. They got to clean that shit up. Oh, my gosh. Corey Perry dialing back the clock a little bit here.


What? He's your old teammate. Let's go to you first. Yeah, Perry looks great.


It's tough because I don't really think he did anything wrong or could have done anything different on the original goal that tied it up by I think Dickinson scored it. And that end up getting called off because Perry, it was called for goaltending interference. He was just kind of driving the net on an unreal rush by Roubaix hints. But that game was so exciting. And Perry, yeah, he's look awesome. But Pawelski, I mean, what a career.


I think that's his fifty third playoff goal.


So, you know, a former captain, isn't he. Does everything guys get everything. Great hair too.


I saw him with the helmet off and the reason I want to mention him having the helmet off is because they were showing him on the bench with Tyler Sagan and Sagan made this. Maybe the goofiest most uncoordinated play then immediately followed by the most coordinated, amazing save to stay on side because he was just entering the zone, picked and was literally going to fall offsides into the offensive zone, reach back with his leg, barely somehow stayed on side.


So they reviewed it. The Golan's upstanding as Pavlovsky scores ten seconds off. And then the other thing about this game and you talk about the dominant D who can do it offensively and skate up ice with these.


Klingberg is a menace on the ice in the whole game. He he owned the Calgary Flames. He's flying through the ice making plays. He gets the winner is a rocket. So just fabulous. I think it was the 60 second shot of the game. So Dallas has a tough time scoring once in a while. But Calgary without Kucuk, I think that was the one when I saw it. When you see he's out and that you hear it's concussion and a minimum of six, seven days, I think I read you've got to you've got to think it's going to be hard for them if they're going to move on with the way the first line really isn't producing and not having Karkoc, who is I say their MVP.


Yeah, well, I was going to say positive for Calgary right now, goaltending, he's played really well, stood on his head in game four. That Kucuk loss is massive. Other good news for Calgary there. Powerplays doing well right now. But Kucuk, when the hit originally happened, I thought it was his knee. It looked like he hyperextended his knee.


But clearly, as he was going down the hallway, you could see just wasn't all there. They're right now they're saying it's a concussion. I don't know if you'd already mentioned that. I did, but OK. Yeah.


So that's a scary situation because one obviously is head's mush right now and you don't know when he's coming back and he's your he's your emotional leader. So you go from having this series that you're up to one you're going and Alti, you lose that demoralizing and you don't have your your heart and soul guy so well because you're up to one with ten seconds from going up three one to true.


And I didn't even mention that because I feel like every fucking game, somebody scoring a goal in the last minute. Now, how many times does that happen in the round robin? And now, like ten times it's insanity. And Dallas has done it. I think every time they've won a game they've scored in the last minute, they just fucking don't show up for fifty nine minutes.


And then speaking of Dallas, just like the regular season, they were brutal at the start of the season. They look like shit. They couldn't put past it together. They had no offense whatsoever. And just like they look like shit in the round robin and they looked like shit in the first game of the series. All of a sudden I feel like they're catching steam and now, you know, they're making it work. And Perry's revived and Pavlovsky still doing a Pavlovsky does.


And, you know, Siggins played a little bit better. He's starting to heat up, too. And then they get these two guys on the back end. Klingberg and his is is am I saying it right? He's fucking nasty to you, but you don't even notice it. He's like the Seth Jones. He's just doing it. It's just like, oh, my God, he just ate up twenty five minutes ice and he didn't make them fucking mistake.


So I don't know, man, I would have picked Calgary the whole way, especially after they're up to one. But now without Kucuk, without giving up that last minute goal, losing it, heartbreak and Otey and the way that Dallas has been playing as of late. I don't know. I don't know, man, I, I'm not very confident in my pick, but I taken that series.


I think you took Calgary as well.


I think I had Calgary and seven, six or seven. But it's Dallas.


Stars are looking looking good. That was a fun game to watch. Was a really good game.


And it was it was back and forth.


It's been a hard series to follow. As you mentioned, our. Yeah.


So many games going on. I mean, they've been doing a good job of scheduling them apart, but it seems like every time Cowdrey's on there's another game that it may be is a period later. So I tend to watch the games at a later in the game and go back to the other one. And yeah with I misspoke, I said Perry, Scott, I meant he was found guilty of goaltender interference so he didn't actually score the goal that was disallowed.


A couple of other notes here. How about Tobias Raita, his third play off Shorty, which is tied a record that a bunch of guys have had. But this is crazy. His first three career playoff goals have all been short handed. No one's ever done that in the history of the league before. So that's a feather in his cap. And also, Tyler Sigmon, he didn't get his first two points of the playoffs still today, a couple of assists.


So, you know, if they're going to win the series, they need to get him going a lot better than he has been. I like it. I wanted to revisit that you asked me about the flurry and letter thing and I kind of went on the spiel about having a one, a one, two and one good thing about three dimensional after the game, he said Fleury could have handled it any more professional than he did. And Fleury also did so the first time when he went through it with Murray in Pittsburgh.


So you have a goalie in place who's a one B right now to Lenar, who is being so supportive and understand the role and being so accepting of it, where it's not shifting the culture or the atmosphere in the room whatsoever. So that in itself pays for itself. And on the flip side of that one, I wanted to mention something. There was a story that came out about Shea Weber and how I retweeted on my Twitter account. And the gist of it was, you know, when he got to Montreal, the trainers would then take the bag after the guys had thrown their last piece of equipment in from there to the truck and they had to do all that work.


And when Shea Weber got there, he he took his own bag there. The trainers like, hey, you know, we do that. And he said, no, from now on, the guys will do that part of it and it'll save them 20, 30 minutes. And it's just like like a small example of some things that like analytics and maybe people online won't mention when when a move happened, like it happened when he came over from the press because people were shocked.


Right. And I think as time progresses, people are starting to see like, well, that that trade wasn't exactly so one sided now, was it? And just that leadership and and it's his his in general is just he has just this demeanor about him, where he's got this calmness and when he speaks or when he does anything, it just it filters down. So it's it was a really cool story to read and probably a big reason as to why this Montreal Canadiens team has overachieved.


And I think that most people at this point would consider this your success as far as how far they are even now, then where everyone had them slaughtered.


And just to piggyback on that story, it's all because, yeah, he those guys would always have the the room attendants come pick up their laundry, basically. And not only did she start doing it, the whole room now brings their laundry out to the hallway. So, like, this is something that no one in the locker room did. He started it. And because he's such a leader and has such a scary presence, everybody in the room followed suit.


So that's obviously a guy like that carries a lot of summer.


Some people are just born where they're just like natural leaders, where people just follow them and they don't even need to really say much. And he's just one of those guys. He's a superhuman.


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That's simply dotcom check. Let's see. I see. Lets you get free shipping in a 60 day risk free trial. There's nothing to lose that's simply safe dotcom check. Let's definitely check that out. If you're looking for a home security system, it's the top of the game.


Oh, I could I could have used a security system. What happened? You guys are going to think I'm lying because you'll know at the end why I would people would think why I'm lying because it involves the same thing that I always bring up on the podcast as far as crazy stories. And I want to say these weird things always happen to me. So I buy a new house in Victoria and my buddy's the realtor and I'm not going to live in the house right now.


So he was we got someone to bring some people through it. So we had time slots. Well, this this one woman had message and she was very adamant she wanted the property. She even by just seeing the pictures. So, you know, they were the front runners coming in. They wanted to see it. And, you know, they were going to make all these plans to make a few rentals. And it's like fucking rights. All right, awesome.


Let's go. I got my place rented.


So she shows up and she's the first walk through.


But he the the realtor and the person who went over there to help rent it allows them to go in by themselves just to see if they want to enjoy it, given their time and space while they were going past their allocated time. And then the other another couple showed up who wanted to rent that also. So finally, about 15 minutes past their allocated time, they come out and and my buddy can just see that she's like disheveled and, you know, they get in the car and he says, all right, you guys can go in now, like, you know, take your time.


Like there's no one after you guys and the other couple was still in the car and they weren't leaving. So finally, after about six minutes, the the woman comes back and she's dolled up to the nines and she's like, I just had to tell you that I had an accident inside.


My stomach was not feeling good this morning.


So long story short, this woman had went and completely annihilated the toilet with a massive explosive. Cindy, not not Cindy.


But problem being is the water. The house is shut off so she couldn't flush the toilet. And I don't even think there was a little bright handle.


There was no toilet paper. There was no toilet paper in the house.


So after finally she like, you know, she's like, I'm terribly sorry. Like, I'll pay. But he's like, oh, no, don't worry about it. But like, he's like kind of like this is all going through his head and somebody in the midst of walking through the house. So they leave and and he's just it's going through his head where it's like, oh, my God. Like no toilet paper in there. They're probably having a conversation as to like what they're going to do with this explosive shit in the toilet.


So the other couple went through. He didn't say anything. They didn't look weird when they came out.


They wasn't us, wasn't us. But my buddy was too fucked up and grossed out by the idea of it that he made his buddy go in and take the video. So I have the video of, like, what was left in the toilet.


Oh, yeah.


So it is definitely an interesting scenario. But the good news is I've closed on my my house in Victoria and that's funny. Yeah, it's, it's on the ocean and it's that's going to be my, my place where I, I ride off into the sunset and good for you. Happier. And I want to say thank you to this woman for christening it with a massive explosive dump. I will now be sending the video over to you three so you can watch for yourselves.


And, you know, maybe they could they could give you maybe the graphic.


Well, speaking of living out the Glorias, because we want to congratulate defenceman damn him, he retired after 1148 games, played with three teams, Nashville, Dallas and Vancouver, played over 16 years and league I'm sorry, six years in the league. He played great ball defenseman. You guys know him and all you guys must have won against him a couple of times now.


Kevin Bieksa was was tripping them on Twitter and like a fun way, a very, very underappreciated, underrated defenseman during this whole career.


That's what that's all I keep hearing about. I'm just a guy. A good talk for you.


Looks like he's about twenty eight years old. Still, I couldn't believe how old he was when I looked it up. He still youthful looking fella. Yeah.


And he's just he did it quietly. Just played for a long time. You play a thousand games. That is just that numbers. I can't even fathom it. So good for him. And he was just another product. I think we talked recently about all those guys that Nashville drafted on D. I don't even know if we mentioned it when we did that. So another one there that began there and had had an outstanding career. Congratulations. Great point, Lynch.


Yeah, retirement.


I love it because this is a story I thought Seattle Seahawks rookie Keema severe. And I don't know if that's how you said he tried to sneak a female into the team hotel where in Seattle Seahawks gear. Like, what a what an idiot, man. You're a rookie. You're trying to become a pro athlete. You've been told that there's no fucking around. There's no tolerance for that fucking around during the covid shit. And he tries to sneak in a girl, a woman in a hotel room.


We're in Seattle. Yeah. Like I mean, how fucking dumb. Laura, you're throwing a career away almost.


We talked about it last episode. NHL players putting rubbers on fucking the mattress. This guy probably got sick of doing that. So we had to sneak one in.


And, you know, he should have learned better, though, like my buddy who carried a girl in the hockey bag up into the dorm one time. She's just carried in your gear.


I think that was Ryan Lanza did that. And was it? It was it landed. I have no idea who it was, you know. Yeah. He brought his hockey bag back. I just remembered it was somebody who didn't know who this guy was.


Probably watching that the WAP video, the one with all those girls. Yeah. Went at the warehouse pussy.


So he's probably all horned up and I mean, genius idea it with the Seattle Jiron. I just don't know how many how many small players like that man.


Boys, I'm not even talking about you guys with the New Amsterdam commercial. And obviously, hopefully everyone's out there enjoying New Amsterdam or Pink Whitney, of course. But I don't know what's driving me crazy are the five dollar footlong or the Idina Menzel or whatever name is commercial. Like, I have my finger on the mute button. Every fucking commercial that comes up, it's a Utah.


Who are we to talk?


We're are the worst for bringing this up as a shot that you're sick and tired of seeing us on the TV.


I did that a couple episodes ago with time for her a shot. Could that be the worst line? Acting in commercial history?


Time for horror shot. You were so fired up for it to you weren't even really acting in that part of it.


No, Boice. Yeah. Really actually said bring up any movies you've watched lately because, you know, obviously we have an interview, this episode that was so much to talk about. We decided to withhold that interview. And honestly, I haven't seen other than red penguins, I haven't seen a blessed thing because it's been non-stop hockey. But I will say Sunday night when you guys watch Yellowstone, Yellowstone on the Paramount Network, what I think I gave it a shot and lasted twenty minutes in the first episode, which happens to me a lot.


I got to try again because everyone's raving about this shit.


Yeah, it's a beautiful show to look at the film. But actually in Utah, even though it's set in Montana, Kevin Costner, he's great. He's like, you know, he's old now. He's got the gravelly voice. He's got a little pot belly. It's just a roll. You've never seen him. And he's, yeah.


Tremendous in it. He really articulates his art so well.


OK, so here here's the problem is sometimes I come off sounding super douchy because I get stuck on words because I don't have a big vocabulary and I'm French.


It's my second language, for fuck's sake, is I guess I guess it's there was nothing wrong with you said it just that I think the word hot and has articulate has the same three letters in.


Oh it made sense but I think sorry.


Anyway everybody's raving about the Savol the unwritten novel which was that the unwritten novel that that all I know.


Are you going to write a novel now. Did.


Yeah, well I can't. Yeah that'll be my my assignment. I've got to know what I'll do. I'll go to Victoria Biz's new house. I can lock myself. Yeah. I'll turn the water on first.


I just sent you guys that video, by the way. So if you want to take out that lady's nice thought, I'll give you a Tenggara, I'll give you a ten grand.


If you write a novel over, it's got to be one hundred and seventy pages or more. And if you sell five hundred copies, I'll give you. Oh my goodness.


What's that. What's the worst advance offer I've ever heard put anywhere. What. That's worse than the offer I never got. You have to write the book. Yeah but you. What he's saying is like, I bet you Aaargh! Could get a book deal right now for 100 grand if these are close to a hundred K, I bet. I guarantee.


I think you're enormously overexaggerating, unlike what you're getting for book deal.


All right. I'll give you one hundred grand. But I get the pump you full of every fucking drug I can get my hands on. And then I'm going to get you that pen and paper from even just get to say, you know what?


All right, I'll go to the fuckin cabin in the woods with you, with the Cocoa Puffs, and we'll bang it. We'll sit there a month and it will bang on a novel together. All right.


It it would probably be more of a memoir at this point because, like, you know, I mean, I don't I kind of live a weird life.


I kind of kind of a lot of stories that haven't been told on here. I don't know. I can dress them up a little, make for like a funny memoir. I bet you do salt and pepper on some things.


And I'm going to collect with ten grand for you. Oh, I was going to talk about something that I watch. I, I kind of fell asleep halfway through. No, that's not taking the shot. The documentary. It was on essential oils like it's just like a whether they're like good for you or they're fucking like deadly. So I'm because I pump them in the house a little bit to help with my moods and stuff. So I'm trying to find out if these essential oils is a farce.


Maybe I'm like killing myself because falls down a YouTube rabbit hole and thinks you watch the documentary.


No, it's it's on Netflix. Watch this infomercial on the on the one 800 pillow's guy I watched, but I did mention Yellowstone and the creator of that show, Taylor Sheridan.


I will give you a couple of movies. He wrote Sicario, he wrote Wind River and he wrote Hell or High Water, three tremendous movies. He actually directed Wind River. But if you've never seen Hell or High Water or Wind River, I believe they're both on Netflix, two tremendous movies and the same guy who made Yellowstone. I wrote those movies. So they're a little bit older, but definitely recommend it if you're looking for something to watch in between games, hell or High Water or Wind River on Netflix.


And I watched another documentary on Foreskin Fawzy whether you should chop it or not, like the pros and cons.


So I've been falling down.


The Netflix is coming out with everything and more documentary now given with everything shutting down.


Oh you know what, speaking of the Studio 54, that's when you should check Alpers. OK, Abuzer, did this go in New York.


Back in Kong, kind of crazy how much the national news paid attention to a disco in Manhattan, but it was it was quite a place maybe.


Am I wrong here? I feel like there's like millions and millions of documentaries coming out now because of Netflix and all these different things where. Well, I mean, a platform like Netflix, I think there would be some legitimacy to who's putting it on there. It could be all bullshit. I don't know. I'm pretty gullible guy, but fucking I'm pumping the essential oils, baby. Really go.


All right, last thing, just a little quick off talk. Did you catch what happened to the kid from Colombia in the US?


Am Abandoned Noon's will know there's two golf things we need to discuss. So what was the first call? He got a fucking hole in one.


Oh my God. I know. I can't believe I actually wrote that down. Fuck my colleague.


Congratulations. You go ahead. You're the golf guy. No, just unreal.


This first hole in one. We've talked about it many times. That guy's a sticky boy. I've been around the whole over five thousand times in his life within five feet. And I think that now he finally has it. The floodgates are going to open. So that was great calmy. We have to have him on to. We'll hear the back story. Prag Well, she's all wrecked after.


Yeah, he was shooting pretty good. And I'll say the story till the next time to get him on. But after that, it was all downhill. Now, what happened to this kid from Columbia?


OK, so this kid plays it like USC, Wilmington or something.


He's a college kid from Columbia Segundo, Olivia, Olivia Pinto. So I hope I'm getting his name right.


So he is in the round of 16 or, I don't know, the round of eight now. There's about three hundred people in the tournament, I think, and then the top sixty four make match play. And then if you get to the finals, if you win the thing, even by getting to the finals, you get you play in the Masters, you play in the US Open. If you win the thing, you play in those and the British Open, it's a life changing moment, like the greatest golfers of all time have won the US amateur.


It's just it could change your life more than anything that ever happens after that, even if you play pro golf.


So this kid's in the round of 16. And he's tied on the 18th hole, his ball, it's a par five, he's in the bunker, and three, he's got to get up and down for par and the other kid is like short left. He's just short of the green. He's got a two parter chip in part four par and they may continue on or the match man, but you're right there and you're now tasting like you're close to Augusta National and a new life.


That's crazy, man.


Oh, he's in Bandon Dunes. Is this just one of the most amazing places in the world, especially for a golf night? It's in Oregon. You're on the coastline and they have like six or seven courses. I don't know exactly. But if you just check it out and the views, you're on the cliffs, it's just incredible. So what you do is you go there and you get a caddy. I've been there with calmy. You get a caddy and you have that caddy the whole time you're there.


So if people go there four or five days, they play eight, nine rounds, you have the same guy and you can get rid of them. If the guy's a clown after one round, you're like smellier, you know, but but most of the time they hit it off.


So a lot of these players, they took local caddies, but the local caddies who'd been there the longest that know this course, like the back of their hand, these courses, I think they were on two different ones in the finals, earn Bandon Dunes, whatever. Well, to be in the bubble for the US and there was a bunch of like covid tests and stuff, so I think what happened was the more experienced caddies there, they they just stayed and continued to work the other four courses with regular guests that they didn't have to deal with whatever's going on to be in the USGA bubble.


So this kid's a young caddy, I guess it's his first year at Bandon Nunes.


He is watching his player walk up to the green to see where he wants to land the ball on the green, OK, what he does during that time is the dumbest, most inexplicable move I've ever heard from a caddie, especially at a high level.


He puts his hand down and starts rubbing the sand. But to see what type of like what's the sand feels like, if it's soft or hard, like you cannot touch the sand, it's like the most known rules. The player can't. The Caddy can't. You cannot touch the sand. There's actually even penalties biz where if you get into the sand and you make your stance with your feet and then you get out of the bunker, you're you're not allowed to get back in that stance.


It's stupid. But they consider that that you just felt what the ground was like, what the sands like. You can't touch the sand before you hit the ball. Bottom line. The caddy or the other players are now I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I'm pretty sure the caddy, the other player saw you just touch the sand. I do hope that's it. That's I didn't know if it was a shot penalty.


And apparently in matchplay it's loss of the whole oh, tide on the 18th hole with the chance to move on.


And the US amateur, this kid's caddy who lost him the match by rubbing the sand with his hand.


And here's when I get into why I wanted to tell the story, because what an absolutely heartbreaking moment.


And if you Google us amateur caddy fail, you'll see the story. There's video of it. The caddy out there was still denying he touched the sand. I don't think he knew there was a camera with literally watching him rub the sand, like making a sandcastle.


So the reason I tell the story is this kid, Oliver Pinto. He went on and handled this. I can't he's a sophomore, I believe in college, he handled this like he's a 90 year old man and he's seen it all in life.


The kid the kid took it like an absolute man. He actually said after he was, I want to leave this place like a man. And I think there's always something positive about the negative.


He released a statement with a picture of a picture to be released on Instagram with the picture of his caddie all week. It's not his fault. You know, I'm kind of paraphrasing, but everyone can make a mistake. And this guy is catching a lot of heat online, which he kind of deserves. I mean, it's a tough look for the caddies at Bandhan. I mean, it's just like the kid lost. He literally lost this this college person a chance at changing his life by just such a dumb mistake.


But the way the kid has handled it is so impressive.


I hope so. I hope we see him in pro golf in the future.


Yeah, I think you've gained obviously a shit ton of followers and fans. Holy shit, dude. Yeah, I was I wasn't expecting that. And as far as the caddy standpoint is, I mean, he was probably denying it just because he didn't he realize that he he just hurt his player like it was it was probably just the fucking brain fart moment being like, oh, yeah. Like, I wonder what the fucking sand's like here.


It is as normal, but I don't want to play around three matches. You've been there for nine days, like and you worked there, you know, and maybe maybe he was fucking in the pen.


Maybe he was getting a little loose on the eighteenth, maybe fucking maybe he was so nervous.


He was so crippled out there.


That's in the pan. That's a tough story. But the fact that that kid handled that, that is good because it's like, OK, at least like it has a happy ending to.


Yeah. So does a golf talk for you.


Even Bushwood. Gatti's wouldn't do that shit. We just got a late tweet from Elliott Freeman. Jake Allen is going to stop the blues Sunday night. Obviously, by the time the show drops, the game will be played by OK, going away from Bennington, the guy who led them to the cup last year. So that's a big story. We'll cover next episode. Boys, any final note before we say goodbye and tell everyone have a great week.


I would say goaltenders in the storylines I've kind of taken over the playoffs, in my opinion.


Kemper Pricer standing on their heads like the Leonard Fleury situation to Karasek lead on a bubble.


This has been fucking the goalies are strut their stuff right now. Great episode, great shot with you guys with that was a very entertaining golf story at that kid's expense. And I hope you guys enjoy that video. Yeah. Did you want to comment on it?


No, I get a of disgusting thing I've ever looked at. I never looked at, like, blue waffle or whatever it was. I don't look at your stuff, man.


Yes, yes. Crisis. As long as you guys know that I wasn't completely full of shit, no pun intended. And these shitty situations keep happening, no pun intended. And a big shout out to Shirley.


Cindy, get those dude wipes right, buddy?


I see you guys have a great week and we'll see you back here Thursday. As always, we like to say thanks to our awesome sponsors here and spit and chocolates, big thanks to our long time friends over at New Amsterdam in Pink Whitney. Big thanks to everybody at Jimmy Johns. It's been a pleasure so far. Big thanks to everybody. A body armor, hopefully a check on that stuff. Stay in nice and hydrated this summer. Big thanks to everybody over at Nizza trying to keep us safe on the roads.


Remember, if you haven't if you don't drive in a big thanks to everybody, it's simply safe for keeping everybody safe in their homes in these crazy times. And a great week, everybody.