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Hello, everybody, welcome to Episode 288 of Spin Chickens presented by Pink Whitney for my friends at New Amsterdam. But here on the barstool sports podcast, Family Oh we've crossed over from the first round to the second round. Things have already started up before we could even give our previews. Will we get to that stuff shortly? Let's say hi to the boys, as we usually do for us. Might you, Renaldi? Great job staying up late the other night for that last episode, buddy.


Appreciate that.


And looking forward to hanging out with you guys for the next few weeks in Boston. We got some live streams. We got a ton of stuff planned, ton of content playing. So it's it's going to be fun. Bus leaves tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.. Nice.


Of course, we got to go to bed now. This is going to be a Bostonian for the next, what, month or so?


Pause to push it back and try. About eight not bad boys touched by an angel guy is very excited. I love when we get together, live and we record as well as live interviews, hopefully we can get Derek Sanders is going to get oh, my God, I could spend about four hours listening. I tell a story. So we're going to bank some interviews. We're going to we're going to boost up the streaming. We're going do some electric chairs.


Keith Yandle is in Boston right now, so we'll get him. Buddy Yandle, his father, who used to sit with Derek Morris. So a Derek Morris actually got traded over to Boston. He would go over to Buddy's place and they would drink wine together and watch the late games w when Yance was playing. So hopefully we can get Buddy Yandle over and then, you know, get us his insight into what he thinks is going on in the hockey world.


And some sandbaggers. I am just very excited to be back in Boston. I love that city and I love you guys too.


Yeah, it's going to be a full on Chiclets house to no hotel suites this time. So we're going to have our own pad. Obviously, we're not giving out any locations. We'll give those to VIPs at a later date. But I'm psyched. I'm going to I'm going to get out of my quarantine for a little while. Last but not least, Ryan, the whiteboard. Ryan Whitney. What's up, buddy?


Not much. What's going on, guys? Looking forward. What are you getting a haircut before? I don't know, man.


I'm so sorry, guys. Sorry for everyone at home. I think you're noticing he. He wears a hat now all the time and has flow out of the back, so he's walking down the street and if somebody sees him like that guy is sick, full, but there's nothing on top. So are you now riding with the fake like they get the school?


What you and I'm definitely Gosplan. I'm definitely Gosplan right now with him. Honestly, it's I haven't had here in so long. It's kind of and I never grew up in the hair with the hat on with the hockey flow.


You know, I become a hockey guy. Absolutely.


Because if I take my hat off, I look like fucking John Lithgow, so I have to leave it on. Right. So I don't know if I could call for that movie. I'll have to shave it.


You got the Alaya fraidy bucket. Jesus Christ. Spit it out.


Minus one tough start turnover. And for you, I could start minus one. I'd get back out there. You start minus one. You at night my tie the skates at the end of the stick. Undo the clear tape on that. Actually you can't even keep your chin pads.


I told you guys that story about in Columbus when Yance put clear tape on my blade for practice and it was an optional and they all came out to watch me and they're all laugh and I know something's up, but I was buzzing it and snapping himself. And finally he came over and he's like, I think you need to start playing with clear tape on your step because he taped over the white. So you couldn't I couldn't notice, but I didn't miss one fucking pass for about twenty minutes.


And I was sniping. And these guys were they were just all sitting there laughing. So we'll have to we'll have to bring up that story.


Why didn't you do it next game. Come on. We just were afraid to try it all.


Can't be doing that in a National Hockey League. Clear tape. We got hazy coming.


If you're like a guy that's not playing much and you're lighting it up and you I'd try anything. Are you kidding me?


You see the skates I wore, you think maybe that was the reason why I couldn't sustain a career playing if you kept clear tape over your hockey.


Damn. Just like Frank fucking taping up his ankles with the clear tape. Anyway, I've rambled enough but fuck to my excited to get the Boston boys.


Well, you just mentioned we have our first bubble boy interview. Obviously going to bring in a little while. Kevin Hayes was a pleasant enough to join us for a little bit today, and he's been making the media rounds. So we thank him for popping in, saying hello, giving us his take of the bubble. But we'll get to that a little bit later in the hour because I can't wait for you to get to come to Boston because in a hotel, it's so different.


But when when you got a house, it's like it's going to have, like, a little bit of a I don't know if I can smell. So, yeah, definitely a little bit of that. But there's a liquor store about five feet away that's going to be pretty clutch.


So we're going to get our chugging pink Whitney on fucking Instagram live for all our fans. We're going to get crazy shit, by the way, just a heads up.


We hear some thunder in the background. That's literally what it is. I'm in the middle of a thunderstorm. Yeah.


So it's all playing through it, playing, letting us know he's playing through it. Hey, guys, I got the sniffles.


I got the sniffles playing tonight, though, I see my flow moving. It's because there's some wind that's just that's that's my flow. I know it's definitely like one of those visors with the with the hair on top. I feel like I'm wearing my whatever. Let me have my fun night.


Like we said, all four series right now going on there. All division rivals, Vancouver, Vegas, Philly Islanders, Boston, Tampa, in Dallas, Colorado, which is pretty interesting. Vancouver and the islanders were the only two qualified to move on. But let's go back. Friday night, Vancouver knocked out St. Louis in six games with afforded to Wentzel. The blues reign as the Stanley Cup champions is over. I thought, I'm going to see a little more fight out of them.


We thought they might get back in and they tied the series to two. But I don't know if it was just the injuries. The goaltending was a little suspect. Moxham Makram certainly outplayed the guys on the other squad best. Let's go you first for your take on this year.


I guess we'll start with St. Louis. And the fact is, probably the biggest story coming out of that loss is the fact that their captain might be gone next year. And it was definitely an emotional last game for him. He talked about our potentially last game. Excuse me, he talked about it afterwards.


Actually, in that last game, he ended up tying Chris Pronger for second most points, playoff points in the St. Louis Blues uniform. So you know what he's done for that organization and finally bringing him that championship. I would say that there's probably a lot of people in St. Louis that want them to pay him what what he's worth and what he thinks he's worth and keep him around. On the other hand, in today's NHL with the salary cap, it's difficult if you think that you have to overpay to keep a piece where money may, may, may need to be distributed in other areas.


So that was probably the biggest story. Interested to see what happens with that. You mentioned goaltending. I just I just feel like Ben anteing Binnington never got his he never got back to his true self because after that Stanley Cup performance and what he did last year, he had a great start to the year, too. And he you know, he didn't skip a beat. And we are now learning more and more from talking to guys at this bubble.


Experience did affect guys in certain ways. So that's a very small sample. Sample size, it's been quite the the last 13 months for Jordan Binnington and a lot of success, I'm not going to judge him at all on this playoff performance. Just very interested to see what happens moving forward with him.


Just overall, their team, they just didn't have that same defensive mentality, gave up far too many scoring chances, took a lot of stupid penalties. They were getting beat a lot, one on one. And there's plenty of examples of that. If you had a chance to watch the game, the games excuse me, and Ryan O'Reilly summed it up at some points. We looked like ourselves out there. And at other points we looked like a fucking junior B squad.


Turn it over and just not playing St. Louis Blues hockey. So so some question marks that got some young studs in the pipeline there. I think they still have a very solid team moving forward. That could be a contender next year. Just a few holes to fill. And as I said, interesting to see what happens with with the captain. But before I get to Vancouver, you guys can clean it up on what you saw from St. Louis, but a lot of tires to pump on this Vancouver squad.


I thought you had a dynamic description of the blues in this series and that O'Reilly, quote, kind of summed everything up.


That was a good way to put it just at times. Just not at all. What you used to see in the past. That's since since they were in last place halfway through last season. You haven't seen that that blue team.


So I do think with the Petru Angelo Delts, if you're going to sign Perico and adjust when Justin Fox came in and signed that deal.


You got to think right then I didn't I thought that was that was the end of him and St. Louis and I think he was upset by that, I would guess he would be that kind of signify Cygnet signal to him at least. Well, where's this money going to come from? Because I'm certainly going to I'm worth what do you think he's looking for on the open market? He's getting a little older, but he's probably still thinking 10 sheets a year now, maybe nine, when all that cap probably.


Oh, the cap is going to change everything.


That's I. I haven't figured that that's so true. Everything's changed for those Uniphase now.


Well, and another thing, too, and like I won't judge Binnington. I didn't think Perico had a strong playoff. He didn't he didn't look like himself out there last year in playoffs. He was an absolute beast. And I'm like, yeah, if they're going to move on from. Yeah, from Pietrangelo, you know, if you have to pay this guy last, I think that that's a good guy who could fill his shoes. And you got the guy and you got Falck and you ended up signing him.


So that's a pretty good dynamic duo in order to move forward if the captain isn't coming back. But I don't know, it's a difficult decision to make. And either either way, either way, whatever Doug Armstrong decision he makes, you know, he's probably going to get ridiculed for it. But let's flip over to Vancouver because a lot of praise to be given out. I thought that their bottom six did an excellent job in the series. You could really tell that team has their mojo right now.


And Tyler Mott is is a guy who's just kind of becoming a household name throughout these playoffs. Four goals in the last two games of that series, just really known for his work ethic and in what he could bring on the penalty kill. And just an energy guy, another guy who, you know, Matt Nickel, one of the one of the best hockey trainers on the planet, ended up, quote, tweeting it and just said, you know, a lot of you young athletes should take a look at this.


And even coaches and Tyler Moore, it's a guy who's been very vocal about his clinical depression and his his anxiety. And, you know, he's you know, he's one of those guys that is able to to deal with it, control it in a certain way where he could still go out there and perform at a at a very high elite level. So it's really cool to see a guy who deals with those personal struggles be able to take control of it.


And then not only that, but but, you know, really play at an elite level at the NHL, at the NHL level. And so a very cool story in these playoffs right now. Rousselle was was very annoying and being himself in that series. And I'll hand it over to you guys for the rest, because there's some very impressive stuff from that top six as well. Plus, for beating the blues beside the Vancouver goes on to play the Vegas Golden Knights in the second round, game one is late Sunday night, so obviously it'll have been played by the time this drops.


A Vegas was to win over versus Vancouver in the regular season. This is the first of a playoff series between the two. Vegas is a sizable favorite. But I mean, I think there's some definitely some value on Vancouver. Of course, when we've talked about them, a bunch had just a fourth rookie defenseman with at least 10 points in 10 games of the Vancouver Power Play is sick, twenty six point two right now it's clicking at ALLIÉS Pederson is on another level, four goals, nine assists in ten games.


What do we got looking at this series with what's crazy is this series shows the the amount of good teams in the NHL and the amount of parity in the fact that this is the most lopsided series on paper.


Right. I mean, Vancouver has just beat the defending Stanley Cup champs and they're coming in and they're enormous underdogs. So it's it shows that, like any anyone could be anyone, especially this year. And so to to see why they're huge underdogs. I understand it because they don't have the depth. And even though base brings up the bottom six forwards for Vancouver, they they don't have the same bottom six as Vegas. Now, maybe it continues and they're going to have to continue to play great hockey if Vancouver does want to win, because the depth that Vegas has, the speed they come out, you know, team holds on to the puck more than the Vegas Golden Knights.


This team is on paper. And when you watch them, the most dominant team in the league and, you know, in the West, they'll say in the West at least. So I think Vancouver can give them a run. I do not think they can win. But it does remind me and I think Grenelle you or one of you guys said that the people are comparing them to a young hockey team before they started winning the Stanley Cups and there are certainly similarities.


I looked up the Hawks 2010 team this year. I don't think Vancouver is there yet. It's because of that depth.


But these stars on the power play, they'll be able to score so so Pederson and Besser, and if they can get to Foley back all of a sudden he can then play with Patterson and Miller. I believe they were unreal together. And then Besser drops down, plays with Horvat, helps him a little bit. So it certainly isn't impossible. I think Vegas is a huge favorite because of the things I'm mentioning now. They got their own their own issues, not really have their own issues created by a goaltenders agent.


You can get into that. All right.


Well, before we get into that, let's go. Also, we're talking about this team dynamic and the bubbles is such a different experience. And you're noticing all the teams who have a very strong bond are the ones advancing. OK, and clearly Vancouver has found that. And let's start with the goaltender and the coach in the fact that Travis Green, who's done a tremendous job and he's coaching to win, he's not coaching to be safe for now. He's coaching to win.


We're back. When I was in the NHL, that's where Mark Shrem kind of revived his career and it was with Travis Green in Utica. And they kind of have that confidence in each other. And I think that Mark Ström is taking that and running with it. They need to figure out a way to sign them. Regarding the back end. There is a few issues. Tyler Meyers was injured, correct? Yes, yes, no, I don't know if he's going to start, I don't know if he's going to start the series, thank God they got Adler back.


I don't know if you guys saw that injury one of the most. It was nasty. The guy's heel of escape came up and got him directly in the ear. I don't know. I didn't know how hard it punctured him at the time, but it didn't look good. He ran to the locker room. So last game you love playing with an ear cover. This guy's a warrior. He's been there forever. They locked and locked him in for the the at least the near future.


And they're their back end is is it's been playing really, really fucking solid and of course, led by Karen Hughes. So let's shift the focus over right now to to that issue that you're talking about. And we talked about how important that team dynamic and everyone getting along. And and this is kind of one of the stories that has taken over the hockey world in the last twenty four hours. Yeah.


Marc-Andre Flurry's, Agent Allen Walsh, who's no shrinking violet, shall we say. He tweeted out a picture yesterday. It was actually pretty well done. Picture if we're going to be truthful, it was Marc-Andre and increase with the sword through his back and on the sword sort of Game of Thrones style, had DeBois written on it, certainly implying that Peter Dubost stabbed his goaltender in the back and was stopped. Laina, like I mentioned before, the book doesn't have any loyalty to either one of these guys.


He hasn't been there long. He's going to go with the hot hand. Needless to say, the tweet caused a shitstorm on. On Sunday, Marc-Andre met the media by himself and with Shinseki, he said that he basically he used his word. Marc-Andre punted on answering the question whether or not he was aware the tweet was going up. They asked him twice and he wouldn't really know it. Either way, he told Downwash to take it down. I don't know if this is going to linger.


This is a veteran team that they're on a mission here. I think this will just be a minor blip once they get plan. But either way, because, I mean, to click on Twitter and see an agent with a fucking sword going through the back with the blood dripping down, I mean, it's pretty dramatic now.


Yeah, I just sat there and thought about and I thought, like what? You know, what could have possibly caused him to do this especially and this is where this is where I'm kind of like, yeah, I can't give this guy any type of sympathy. If Marc-Andre Fleury was in a contract year and he felt for some reason that this was going to affect maybe his wallet or anything moving forward. All right, maybe that's what triggered him to do it, they just signed Marc-Andre Fleury to a three year deal at 21 million.


Like, he's got two years left on this deal after after this playoffs is over and he's probably going to be the starter after this after this year, permanent starter next year and and be back by the time this deal is over.


Marc-Andre Fleury would have made seventy million dollars credit to Allen Walsh, of course, because he's is an agent who I believe at this point in time has signed over a billion dollars in contracts. So this guy is it's just a big deal. This isn't just some shlub agent, OK?


And you're you're on you know, you're on a path here where you might be collecting your fourth Stanley Cup ring. And it's going to be done collectively, as we saw in the first round where, yeah, Lenar got three games and Marc-Andre Fleury got one. If there's going to be any Back-To-Back situation probably moving forward, you would assume that flurry is going to get the next spot, a situation that Fleury has already been in before. We discussed it in the first round matchup and one that Fleury has been familiar with in the past when he was in Pittsburgh.


So it makes no fucking sense, given that he's already got his deal and and how it all transpired and for me, you just throw a whole wrinkle into the mess. Now, this is the main focus going into a series against a very hot Vancouver team who just knocked off the Champs. Holy fuck.


But so you think no chance Fleury knew about it beforehand. It was an agent.


Put that out without asking a player. We don't know the relationship, so I can't say. But it is certainly what you can wonder. I just I don't I do not know. I don't know flower well enough, I would say, to ever ask him that. But I just would be so kind of surprised if an agent just fired that out and wasn't text in the picture like a woman to tweet this.


If my agent that quit this, if I if my agent sent that out, I would call him right away and be like, take that fucking down now. Or I would sign up, which he did, it sounds like.


OK, but but I do find it odd and I'm not trying to throw gasoline on the fire here. And which brings up a good point. It's like then why punt on the question about if he knew or not, whether or not he was going to post it? Because if I don't feel that you're throwing your agent under the bus, if you, in fact, didn't know about it and you're like, no, I didn't know about it, he got emotional.


Fuck you all. While I called him, he took it down. No big deal. The fact to me, the fact that you're going to sit in front of everyone and you're going to punt on that question is now like, oh, fuck, now we've got to kind of like and I mean, now I don't think know this.




Oh, I'm reading like, what does this do to team chemistry? But it does fucking nothing because the backup goalie isn't in the game. You want, you want to start playing the game the first, the second line center. He doesn't give a shit. If the goalies aren't like getting a getting along it might affect Lenar and then it might end Blackner, maybe Mengel but he doesn't seem like the type of guy with what he's been through in his story that really would give a flying fuck.


That's my opinion.


Well, guess what? It's a headache. And we're going to find out. And I'm very intrigued to see how this series plays out. It's so so it's a very interesting dynamic going into it because like, I don't know, man, like the the amount of mental strain that a goalie goes through compared to the rest of the lineup personally, I would feel would be more because you're the last guy back there. You make a mistake. It's being blown up like crazy.


If you're a center man, you make a mistake. You still got the back end to protect you potentially. And then you got the goalie. So we're going to see how this goes. Yeah, I agree with you in the sense of they're mentally strong enough and their Stanley Cup contender, this should affect them in no way, shape or form. But we are a very, very unique circumstance with these playoffs and the fact that it's a very unique goaltending situation, given that there's a one A and one B, and now the agent has just created a shitstorm before you going to the playoffs.


And now there has still been questions left unanswered, given the fact that the question about whether he knew it was going up or not and punted. So whatever, I'll leave it at that. I think Marc-Andre Fleury is a great person. I think he cares about his team. I think that they are probably going to be fine. I still have them winning the series. I just think that this is a huge Rinkel going into it, especially with the layover that they've had and with Vancouver coming on such a high and such a team dynamic.


This this should be interesting, I think also worth noting is that Marc-Andre, he's been with Alan Walsh since he was 15 years old, so maybe he didn't want to say, oh, I didn't know. And then he kind of inadvertently throw in an agent under the bus. He's sure. But with the 20 years also, too, I think the fact that he got 70 sheets.


So I would like to see that. But I think also the fact that they're in the bubble really keeps this from becoming a thing because it's like they're going to have media and they every day bringing it up over and over there, doing these press conferences where it's kind of a one and done question. So, yeah, I don't see it being a distraction. I do want to see if Revo keeps up with this, the Apple machine he's been for help in so far in the playoffs.


He's got a couple of nice dishes.


That line dominates and I was just going to say so Peterson got dominated by O'Reilly five on five and it's not going to get much easier against Stone. So if the Vancouver does have a chance, it has to be their power play. Just the lights it up again won't be as easy, but that's going to be a fun one.


Also, to want to give props to Alex talk. He had a monster game five. He's been he's been great for the whole playoffs as well. Hopefully we'll get him on it at some point, maybe later during the bubble, depending on how long it goes. But we want to get your predictions because who and how many I'm going to I'm going to go to Vegas and seven.


I think this is going to be a very, very, very good series. A lot closer than a lot of people are giving it credit. Let's say Vegas and sex and sex, yeah, this is going to be a tough one, man, I don't think Vancouver's is definitely not going to be a pushover here. I just think Vegas got a little bit more depth on the maybe a little bit more punch overall. Yeah. So we got a little consensus here, busied myself at Vegas and seven with Dog likeSome and six beers.


And we had another point you wanted to bring up.


You know, I like to I like to eat it when I'm wrong. It happens so often I can't mention it every time. But I was very critical of the military coming over from Tampa in the off season. I thought giving up a first rounder for Vancouver was rushing to rebuild at that point. I'm going to eat that one and say, I think that what he's not only brought into the team, but, you know, having these, you know, younger guys to have, I would say a mentor.


But just a veteran who's been around to learn from and acquire good habits was definitely a positive for the knucks. And if they end up winning this round of that, that's a that's an up the hoop moment right there. So it's TJ Miller, correct.


J.T. Jr., thank me.


That's great to get that one wrong. There's a kind of design meeting, TJ Miller, so it is easy to get confused. Silence is not another one out there.


All right. I'm headed to the locker room. I get an injury. We did get probably one of the best quotes of the postseason last fall from Vegas coach Pete the boy. You said even on the worst day in here, the bubble, there's all the hockey you can watch and all the beer can drink. Obviously, that probably doesn't apply to the players as well. But it was worth a chuckle. Obviously, the schedule's kind of down to one or two games per day.


But either way, hey, maybe Allen Walsh just need to rehydrate a little body on the biz. It's summer. The weather is warming up. Sports are back in full swing with the NHL playoffs now underway. And that means you need to stay hydrated with that favorite sports drink body armor. Me myself, huge fan of strawberry banana, fruit punch, orange mango, tons of great flavors. There's definitely one or three out there for you. Body armor has no artificial sweeteners, flavors or dyes.


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All right. Best moving right along. Let's see Dallas off Calgary in six games. They spanked them in game six, seven to three. Flames did jump out to a three point lead. And it was a very interesting decision here by Jeff Wood. He decides to yank Cam Talbot. The game tied three and he puts in the frigid David Reddick. David Riddick hadn't played in a real game since March 8th. He takes him off the bench, puts him in to a game.


The game's tied and then they go for three. Then he takes the timeout and then the floodgates had already opened. By then, I mean, I don't know that Calvary is going to come back and win without having magic for Chuck in the lineup. But this decision, I'm sure the second guessing in Calgary, you know, you've got to ride with Talbot at that point, or if he gives up the fourth goal, maybe call the time out.


But let's go to you on this one. What were you thinking there on that call?


I was shocked by the entire thing. And if the flames just fizzling out like that and when they went up three nothing, I said, holy shit, they're back.


And then just like I said in the last podcast, the biggest Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde team in the league, they just disappear and they start just playing the dumbest hockey stupid turnovers, trying to do things that you don't even need to try when you're up three. Nothing, three, one. So, I mean, I wasn't surprised. They, like, lost the game looking back the way it went down. Seven unanswered to end your season. I mean, Dallas has been scoring very easily lately, but Jesus Christ, I, I don't know.


But when you pull them, I don't know if that what he did is I'm really I find it hard to put myself in a coach's shoes in terms of when you pull a goalie and when all instincts at that point, yeah.


You're on your heels and you're like, oh, what do I do to stop this timeout? Timeout would have been the answer there, in my opinion.


But a fuck I'm not in that situation.


It just turned into. The most one sided game as a team that's up three, nothing ever gotten dominated that bad in the history of hockey, how do they even get up through nothing if you're going to look like that the rest of the game. Yeah, you know, I'd be lying if when when they're up three nothing and Loog takes that penalty, I wasn't like I don't create any type of momentum for them. They are asleep, but don't do that.


And then they end up getting one of that power play. And then I just I felt my own asshole pucker up, for chrissake. You know what?


You know where you know you know, when when you're in the midst of a game and you're in full control. Right. And all of a sudden something happens where it's like a slip up and then you're on the sometimes on the bench, it's a little deflating when you're like, oh, jeez, there's like we just gave up all the momentum and then that's when they started to roll. So that was you mentioned the Jekyll and Hyde situation. Just tough for for the way Calgary went out, flipping over to Dallas.


Holy shit. They are apt. They went from like these guys can't score, so they can't stop scoring. Yeah, Dennis, Gary, Hahndorf, band, four goals and that clinching game yet a hat and under nine minutes, just a second rookie ever to plot four in a playoff game. Tony Hawkins did it way back in 88. This kid was sent down earlier in the season. He lit up the play good, came back up, and now he's lighting up the National in the playoffs.


Yeah, that's a great point. Dallas, you know, they couldn't score early. Now they've lightened up. Of course, this series with Colorado already kicked off. We just assume that was probably going to stop Monday or Tuesday. But I think the NHL shot empty Saturday night. Slate decided, well, we got too much momentum here and we got an NBC weak spot. We could put a game on. So they put Dallas, Colorado and jump right into that.


Dallas just kept on rolling and they picked up right where they left off. They pretty much spanked Colorado in that game, one five three. Very entertaining tilt. But the big news out of there, of course, Phillip Group, our Colorado star goalie, he appeared to pull something well extended to his right to make a save, had to be helped off the ice. They brought in Paval friend Schuster in relief. He's probably not the same goaltender Gruber as he certainly was great during the season.


And of course, Eric Johnson, he also went down, really struggled, getting off the ice to try to return. He came back. So he's a questionmark next game best. What's what's your take on the series right now?


What? I'm a genius. So the first thing I said about Colorado heading into the series was I think that they're going to win it. But the one question mark was a net. Gary Bauer hadn't been hadn't faced a lot of scoring opportunities or shots in that series against the Arizona Coyotes. And now he goes down. And so now you've got Franciosa, who you know, he's got competent numbers, but he's he's you know, he's an unproven playoff goaltender.


And then you see Eric Johnson go down the tunnel. Now, I don't know what's going on with him. I don't know what the injury report is, but he looked awesome in that series against Arizona Coyotes as well. And all of a sudden, the back ends banged up a little bit. Nate Dogg, prime time. He showed up to play sort of the big all the big dogs for the for the Colorado Avalanche did. I just didn't see it from from the supporting cast as much like we did in the Chiaretti series.


So right now, man, all signs lead to Dallas. They are fucking rolling. They got a solid back. And Ben, who I don't know how much how much people know his history, but he was a backup with the Boston Bruins at one point. Right. Very likable guy. I would say one of the more competent backups in the league. And now he's all of a sudden found himself in this starring role that he's embracing. So I still got Colorado winning the series.


I'll pick him. Well, now that we obviously saw game one, I'll probably pick him in seven. But the Dallas stars right now are nothing to mess with and they look dangerous. They look like a galvanized group. And now even the big boys are starting to produce as well. Jesus Christ, Jimmy Ben, Crossbar Charger.


The last night, the first game of that series, it was McKinnon and the coaches, like everyone else, start playing Bednar Bednarski guys, what the fuck?


Because he was a a one man wrecking crew out there.


He's he's number two. We've said it. He's number two. It's the Pistons. How many times I talked about the Pistons guys. You see the Pistons on the triangle. Make it one one just out of the corner, creates space, makes the game look so easy.


And then he almost got crushed, too, on that on that goal a couple of years ago. He probably got his head taken off on that play, but then they're going to need their deaf players in Kadry. Actually, he made an impact last night. He hammered the three guys, one Cheverly. He took a penalty. But they're going to need guys to score like DAUn score look good, but the the stars are clicking. So if a team that came that close to beating the St.


Louis Blues last year and probably could have gone on to win the Stanley Cup, especially with goaltending, if they're right now feeling the way they are and getting the play out of this defenseman, this has gotten.


Oh, how long can how much can you talk about these young men? But. MVP of the team, he's number two in playoff scoring this guy, so he's playing over twenty six 1/2 the game.


Twenty six minutes. Twenty six. Twenty seven minutes. And the way that he's able to just fly around out there and create offense for the forward unit while also getting back, it allows it it allows their entire team to play different when he's on the ice, just like Scott Niedermeier used to be. Right. It's just controlling the tempo of the play whenever he's out there, this guy's doing so. When you have that, you have your door open and you wonder what's going on.


Is Bishop unfit to play? That's what he's considered right now.


Yes. And he said, oh, Edinger, Edinger. Obviously, the goal he's done, he's been the backup for four. So, Bishop, I don't he did have some injuries during the season. So you going to think something's been aggravated.


So, you know, the Sagaing also hadn't scored. He gets to. Right. They have one and one. Or he had at least his first goal of the playoffs.


He got his first. Yeah, he got his first there on a great play from Jamie Van behind the net. They're using the net that line and Rasoulof gets another one. And that's the thing. So I think on on hence his goal.


Second shoots pass off the pads. Sidorov had a terrible pinch. I don't know what happened there.


And on the other, the goal in the first period, Champ Gerrard, he gets caught down low and he can move around and play that rover style, but he gets caught down low. And Radula ends up bearing one on a beautiful pass from Jamie Benn on a two on one. So it's it's this team smart enough and they're old enough. They can create offense by kind of boring, boring you a little bit. They're similar to the islanders in a sense.


Those two teams, I think that they're scoring more right now, but they're very difficult to create stuff again. So McKinnon could create against anyone but other guys in Colorado. It's not going to be that easy going.


Going back to your point from watching Dallas in that first game against Colorado, I would say they do a very good job of spreading out the offense, especially on the cycle. Guys don't get too close together. And that's what I really noticed from that top line of Ben and Segan and Rasoulof. And that's a bit of a three headed monster or at least something that's turning into one. So I'm interested to see how the series plays out because they're playing a completely different game than the Coyotes.


Well, obviously, to show is like a phantom team started back up again this year.


I was a little harsh on the boys. I feel bad, even chokes.


I'm sorry, but you showed emotion. No problem. Yeah. Ben Ben Sagana Radloff combined for three goals, five assists in that game. And I said you boys in the Texas Colorado needed to go NHL ninety four and switch over to no line changes and just keep McKinnon out there because like you said, they only had half the team aboard. And Jared Bednall, to his credit, he called his team out after said the biggest thing is that we had half our team not show up and play.


Our brains were not turned on. We were not engaged. And that's a lethal duel for us. We have to be way better. So I would expect Colorado to be much better next.


Team McCain played over ten minutes in the third period to that. And going back to going back to your comment about the pass off, the rebound shot, it was Ben to Roger, if he had to, that he had to know.


I think Sagan had that one. And either way, Ben Ben pass it over on Raja buried on the two on one when Gerrard got caught and I thought hence buried off the pass in the pads now.


Oh so there's a couple then. Well in front of me maybe I'm wrong. We'll see who's right tomorrow. I'm sure you'll be dunking on me. All right boys.


We know what already started, but I'm sure we'll be honest in the predictions we had last night. What would you like and how many in this one?


I was going to pick Colorado. So I can't I can't be a scumbag. I can end up doing that move and being like, oh, they're down. So now I'll take them in seven, though I would have took them and six now I'm doing seven.


Thanks for the free game soccer. Yeah, I'm not going to be a fraud here. I like Colorado too. So I guess the three of us all say Colorado.


But now with Eric Johnson possibly missing next game and their goalie out, it is right. It's it's a huge that's a huge swing.


I mean, but French shoes, like I said, he was a great backup there on the I don't know how he's going to be going and going forward here, but that's a huge loss. And we don't know what Eric Johnson is going to be back. So, yeah, that's obviously a huge factor if you're going to be doing any wagering.


So I got some message from some stars fans are we hadn't been stroking them off enough. I think we gave them the double wrist or their.


Yeah, I know. I need a shower after that. One of the Roman swipes for I Jaws saw. All right.


Moving right along the island, there's a limit in Washington and five games with the four. Nothing whitewashing. On Thursday, Boville Yamey on this kid's been on fire for the islanders six goals, but I thought a big story was largely uninspired play from the Capitals, the second straight first round bounce. I mentioned that last episode, the possibility if they lose, what's going to happen with Todd Reardon? Well, we got our answer Sunday morning. The Cavs did indeed fire firearm again two straight years with the first round exit after winning the cup.


He did have two years left on his deal. We're not sure what he is making, but you do got to wonder if Carolina wish they had a do over what? Barry Trotz Of course, he coached in the cup. He had a clause that kicked in for two more years. In the meantime, coaching salaries went through the roof. They didn't want to give him five years, they they let them walk, and this is the result of a guy who wasn't nearly as good to coach the team hadn't looked inspired really for the last little while here.


Wet dog, let's go to you again first on this one, your take on the fire.


And I guess no surprise, kind of a brutal scenario to enter in your first year as a head coach after the team wins the Stanley Cup and the head coach who won the Stanley Cup for that team is gone. Right. So last year it was it was a weird beginning, I think. And to look the way they had, it's just you wonder if they're going to look to to trading a key piece of their team. But when when you saw Backstrom wasn't on the first power first unit power play unit when he came back, you just there were some decisions by Todd Reardon, I think Capitals fans didn't like.


And what you see a team that after they won that Stanley Cup, you're thinking if they can go on, they can win a couple more here. And to have the two years that they've had since then, you understand there's going to be changes. And now you wonder if they'll be big, big changes player wise. Do they try to move a key piece to something happen there? Because it certainly isn't just the coaching staff and the GM. It's got to be some sort of whatever whatever the players they have in that room, like aren't gelling.


They haven't gelled the way the Stanley Cup team did. They haven't bought in. And maybe it's all coaching. I have a hard time believing that, but I wasn't surprised to see it go down.


That's like the best and worst thing about heading into a coaching job in a place like Washington. You have all these superstars, you know you're going to win. But ultimately, the pressure lies on how you perform in the playoffs. And it's a quick shelf life for guys if you can't get it done when that when it counts. I haven't talked to anybody about the job or evaluate it at any any point of how he did when he was there. Other than what I've seen.


The most discouraging aspect is just maybe the lack of fight, especially against a team that's just coming to playoffs like Islanders were middle of the road this year and to get dominated in a playoff series the way they did. Bactrim, of course, being a key loss there like that. To me, the series was over at that moment. But just like I said, given the lack of fight and who you had in the lineup, not many other guys other than, you know, a few of them really showed up and played their best hockey.


So question is Hopea as well whether he comes back, he's going to be one of the biggest names in FreeAgent. Some teams definitely need goaltending. So things might not look the same in Washington, but I definitely give him that that that Pittsburgh title, as in their team that still has a very good core and wouldn't be surprised if they're able to put some other pieces in place in order to make another solid run at the Stanley Cup. So if your Washington Capitals fan, at least you got that to look forward to.


And if you want to go over to the islanders, who seems good, I've said it set it a long time. That's a good club. And five on five, they they dominated. So they they're able to it's all game long. I mean the Ross Johnson goes in that it's like they're playing these fourth line guys eight, nine, ten minutes. It doesn't matter.


And you brought up obviously a I think I'm saying that right. This guy, the goal, he scored the backhand when he drove the net that hard and took that hit, he is he is changing that team in terms of like, all right, they got Parcell on one line flying around, owning the puck whenever he's out there. And now the way this kid looks at me, he's playing with Nelson and Bailey and all that's that's sick to lions.


Do they got. So I think they're continuing to think that special teams is there. And I mean. If you like, looked at before Taesan and how I think we are and how are they going to replace Rob and Laner and what he did for them of looks awesome. I know there were times during that there was no chance he was going to be compared to Lenar of the year before. But that series he he owned, he owned the Capitals.


So if he catches fire, I mean, I have Philly in this series.


I know we're going to get into that Islander's and how they've played it. Could it be easy for anyone to beat him?


It's going to be a boring ass, boring ass game and a long series to watch, but there's a good chance that they're going to be victorious at the end.


It's it's not crazy to think just an overall summary of that Islander's team. They just they're just disciplining not only their structure, they don't take penalties. They capitalize when they have opportunities. And they have so many guys in that lineup who are undercover craft, just crafty hockey players. And you mentioned a few of them, Nelson and Bailey. You can keep going down the list of very, very dangerous team. And I think that they're well matched against the flyers.


I've seen Barry Trotz, Hockey referred to as a cult, not necessarily a bad, which is these guys are all buying in that they're buying what he's selling and we're seeing the results. Another note on the caps. They're not big fans of paying their coaches. They always get their coaches on the cheap since they've had Ovechkin of the six coaches they've had in the Ovechkin era, five of them were first time NHL head coaches Glenn Hanlon, Bruce Boudreau, Dale Hunt, the animals, Barry Trotz and now Todd Reardon.


So it's you know, you're kind of wondering, like, are you bringing these guys have that experience? While Brian McCollum might have learned his lesson because he said today the team needs an experienced coach. So that's what they're going to bring in. I think the usual names will get we're going to help LaViolette, Babcock, Gerard Galant and possibly Bruce Boudreau. Pod will keep tabs on that. Also to that post series, handshake between Trott's and Red and Bears definitely could use the Roman swipe because it was so brief, it seemed like there might still be a little lingering tension.


Yeah, what the fuck is that up? What's up there? You know, I mean, Reardon was kind of brought along the groom, them if they thought Trott's was going to leave. So, you know, who knows what drives might have heard. I mean, we can speculate. Trott's is a pretty well-liked, classy guy. And that was a brief handshake.


So let's hope Allen Walsh is his age to be fucking fucking senator short. We can have a horse's head in his fucking back. Yeah.


Hey, gang, I know Labor Day is just around the corner and that means cookouts and cocktails. But you know what? Don't be a donkey. Everyone knows about the risks of driving drunk. You could get in a car crash, people could get hurt or killed. But let's take a moment to look at some surprising statistics. Almost twenty nine people in the United States die every day in alcohol impaired vehicle crashes. That's one person every 50 minutes, even though drunk driving fatalities have fallen by a third in the last three decades, drunk driving crashes still claimed more than 10000 lives each year.


Drunk drivers can have a big impact on your wallet, too. You could get arrested, incur huge legal expenses, lose your job. So what you want to do to prevent drunk driving and a safe ride home before you start drinking, designate a sober driver or call a taxi. If someone you know has been drinking, take the keys and arrange for them to get a ride home. We all know the consequences of driving drunk. But one thing is for sure you're wrong.


If you think it's not a big deal, drive sober or get pulled over. You want to check out the hashtags hashtag drive Shobha hashtag rhizobia, hashtag impaired driving so that you're not drinking and driving in your car I'm sorry, drunk driving in your motorcycle, having any sort of impaired driving use a little common sense. Folks, we've known about this stuff for a while, so don't be an idiot. If you haven't if you don't drive, write what you just mentioned, Philadelphia, who the islanders are going to be play in Philly, knocked out Montreal in six with a three to nailbiter win Friday night.


I'll tell you, man, it's not often I feel bad for Canadians, but Kerry Price had probably some of the worst luck. I've seen the goalie have all playoffs. I mean, one goal off his defense, but one off a forward, another one pinball. Then he played a great game. I mean, you look at the stats, they weren't great, but he just had a real rough night. And anyways, Philly moves on. They're going be playing the islanders and ranked round to game one is Monday night is what's going on.


What do you got for us on this?


Yeah, well, we talked quite a bit about Montreal. I mean, it was unfortunate that Gallagher got injured and he wasn't able to to play in the last game there because he's such a difference maker for that Hobs lineup. So we'll get into it because we got Haza interview coming up. But obviously some jokes flying around with that with the broken jaw. Not funny to make fun of a guy's injury, but you guys will hear more of the back story.


Hopefully it gets better. I think that they have some bright spots in that lineup, just what she calls one of those one of those weird teams. They still need some big, major pieces, one of one of which up front they need a first line center. Maybe Cocktailing A.M. ends up turning into that guy, Oray was certainly impressed with how he played when he came when the break, the bubble began. So we'll see in the future. I think Monchaux a ways away from competing for a Stanley Cup.


Yeah. And I think to know is to me, looks like a really good second line center, he's not able to produce enough offense where he would be compared to like a Du Bois. Like there's only there's only so much I can give you if you're able to play a good 200 foot game but only muster up around 50, 50 points. Excuse me, the big dogs, the Kopitar, the Bergeron's, the Crosby's and the list goes on. These guys are able to compete at 200 feet and also put up some pretty significant numbers.


So Habs fans, you might not like to hear that, but. Oh, well, I struck you guys up enough so far with the Philly with the Philly conversation. We should probably throw it over to Hazmi. Right. All right.


Yeah. Be the perfect time to do it now. We'll get some predictions afterwards. So without further ado, here's our buddy Kevin. Hey. We're now pleased to be joined by no, I mean no surprise here, our first public guest, probably one of the most the hottest, the hottest names in hockey right now, just dominating Philadelphia's Kevin Hayes. What's up, buddy? How are you doing, Sandy? Good. Well, how are you guys doing?


We're doing great and we're doing great. Were we have don't get annoyed. We got tons of questions because bubble life to me seems bizarro world.


I'm wondering, like daily how how you holding up and what's it like being with everyone so often so close?


Yeah, I mean, bubble life is definitely, definitely different. It was pretty fun the first two nights right here and it got pretty serious quickly after that once the game started. But yeah, I mean it's it's we're fenced in. I don't have a good view of it, but our rehab rooms are going to view of it. We're like, you're going to see the whole entire area that we're allowed to walk in. It's just as a black fence around it.


You can't leave the black fans unless you're in on a bus going to the game. It's it's wild. No, you can't go golfing. They didn't want to put a course aside for the bubble guys.


I think a couple of teams that that one in five games went golfing much. I would ask, why have been you?


That could have been you, but you shit the bed in game five. Oh, geez. You should be rewarded for going more games because you're adding to the revenue. You should be. You know, I'm saying if you go seven, like maybe maybe give golf thirty six holes the next day or something. I know, especially if you go seven against Montreal, you should get extra. That's right. Generate a lot of revenue.


Well let's let's actually dive into that right now. They ended up putting up a pretty good fight, you know, a lot of bright spots in that lineup. I guess. Let's start with let's start with the Suzuki kid. He looked pretty impressive. I know there was a little bit of an issue in the last game or the second the last game where he patted Carter hard on the head.


And then you would have done that, Kevin, wouldn't you know? Would you ever have done the pat on the head? Never. Never. Now, I would say out there.


Yeah, well, he he ended up snapping what I didn't know who did it from Philadelphia. Ended up reciprocating. Oh. Was it a little bit overall? Yeah. I know he's a good kid, but talk about their team and their play and what was like going against the Habs. No, I mean, they're a good team.


Like obviously they like plays.


You can win every night with that guy and that's the Zuki guy. He's he's nasty. He really is. Who's he like?


They can get give me give me a name in the league. I haven't seen him that much. Yeah. He's really young and he's like he kind of does everything like maybe like a poor man's right. Oh OK.


Oh shit. No but I heard yeah. He's defensive. It's not just like offense and cheating. There's no cheating with his game. Yeah.


He's really confident. The puck too. Like he, he, I don't want to say like you're nervous when you touch the puck, but he's capable of doing something pretty productive every time he touches it. He was one of their best players for sure. I mean, I don't think he's too happy about topping our team. And I had to use his probably he was probably like, I can't believe I did that on national television, but whatever. That's his prerogative, I guess.


But no, I mean, they got price there. They got those three big D, they didn't shut up the whole entire series, but.


Yeah. What do you mean by that. Like, I know then y'all with probably one of the best quotes of playoffs so far what he thought he said. What do you say. I think he broke his jaw when he was yapping on our bench too much referring later.


Not joking. He might have because he seemed OK when you came to the bench and and shut up for about five minutes. But actually, Bysshe, that was a quote that Galaga had said when Deryk stabbed him, broke his jaw in the ranges, and he he basically Avino was basically just kind of go back to himself. It was the ultimate TROs.


It was a call. It was like when Steve Sullivan got the guy, the guy got hit was like, you fucking pigeon, the best of Hazmi. There's a great picture of you on the bench.


When Branagan was kind of chirping at you guys, were you just sitting there looking at him? Were you kind of giving it back to him? You couldn't really tell from the picture. Windows, as I said, but I don't think it's off it's off the record earlier. Very funny.


Some of that stuff, you know, we can't be that all in. Guys, this is a podcast where somebody will always remain well known.


But in turning more into your team, I should ask this first. But how great was it getting Oscar back just around the BOYCIE skating?


And I can't imagine, let alone for you guys and then him and how great that must feel.


Yeah, he's he's all over you guys better, but he's unbelievable. He's like all Swedes are good guys, stallions.


And they they dress great too.


They all they're all like, they're all just like very respectfully happy to be in the NHL and are really hard work and all. Seems like he's the same, same exact way. I mean not that sticks out that went on was the guys were fired up. So it was like an emotional 15 seconds like. You never know what to think, like one guy started doing it and then the whole team and he's in the middle of the ice and the coaches are getting involved and the coaches are getting emotional.


And even so, he looks fucking good, too. Oh, that that gives me the chills.


And you told me it was sneaky, like dominant. Start by him. He's like one of the best players in your team first.


Oh, yes.


No, I mean, he even right now, he doesn't he skate with the aces and then he skates with us and and like he does you two on one drills and he's just going, like, bar down. You're like, what's going on here? Is this guy back? But he still is away. But I mean, the way that this guy handled this whole situation was a you know, you don't wish that upon anyone. So it's a horrible disease.


Cancers, I'm sure it's affected everyone in the podcast in some way. But but it's it sucks dealing with stuff like that. But the way he came to the games every time we saw the guy we won that night, it was insane. Every time he came to the race, we won. It was wild just to see him kind of back and came back and like a regular NHL lifestyle where he shows up. These are team breakfast he got on the bus.


He goes to the rink and I'm sure he's very grateful for his situation. But, yeah, I mean, he's we might have a chance here for him to play. So it's it's a pretty cool situation. Oh, wow.


He could get it in the lineup if you guys make a little runnier. Potentially, wow, that would be awesome to see that aren't going back to the round robin, you guys had an electric start. What do you like? What do you contribute to that? Like, what do you what do you think it was that just led you guys that start firing off all these wins? Oh, I mean, our goalies were good.


We were a really fun team. Like, it's a very close and hilarious team from the interviews you guys have done. I'm sure you've noticed, but I think we got good leaders here, honestly, like our training camp was pretty professional. There wasn't really a lot of bullshitting going on. It was show up, come to your work. We have a chance to we were really confident because we were one of the best teams when the Corvette hit. And so we were like, hey, this is actually going to happen.


We might as well. Put our best foot forward and say what guys like Niskanen and Brian Elliott and Jiru could just Ambron BORTAC like myself, they kind of. Made sure that we were doing the right thing so all the other guys buy in and and we get into the bubble and we picked up right where we left off. And I mean, everyone thinks we had a horrible series against Montreal, but they were a good team. It's hard to win a playoff series, which we still won in six games.


Like it's they're a great team. And obviously we wish we won six nothing every night, but it's just not going to happen in playoffs. And I think we got a good leadership group here and we got a lot of a lot of young guys here and asked you to buy into it.


So based off what you just said, would you say the playoff series against Montreal being such a low seed was far harder than the Round-Robin Games, maybe considering the other teams weren't taking it as seriously as already being in playoffs? Do you think maybe that spark there was definitely more emotion in the Montreal even even game one that wasn't even close to any of the Round-Robin games? I think it's a little weird when you go out there and there's no fans during warm ups and stuff.


But once the puck drops and it's playoffs, you know, playoffs are it's it's it's a battle. Every single shift, like it's literally every single play kind of matters for the game. The outcome of the game where in the first three games it was everyone wanted to be one team, but we knew it wasn't do or die where if we lose this game, it's tragedy for us. We were the fortunate. So we didn't even we couldn't get any lower from where we were.


So we were in a great position going in. So I'd be remiss if I didn't mention, of course, kind of hot, it was his birthday last week, I sent you that birthday serenade that you posted on Instagram. The next day he gets yanked.


The first time he's pulled off what he did back in shutouts, right after which I thought showed some great resiliency.


I mean, to me, this kid, his play, his man, when he talks to the media afterwards, he just gives off the vibe of like a veteran guy who's been a leak for years. Is that how he's like in the room?


Yeah, he's he's a quiet kid. He's very interesting kid to actually. You grew up right outside of Edmonton. How so?


How so? Let's let's go back. You know, it sounds like I'd like to get to know this guy. Sounds like a weird hat.


Like he's probably the dude. So much like all the boys. He's a go. Yeah, he's definitely he's definitely he he's lucky. He has a good mentor. And I think most of us helped him tremendously honestly. But he he's is your typical goalie. He he does his own thing and he brought a guitar amp to the hotel.


He's right next to his room and he plays his guitar, connects to every single electric car.


He actually needed the amp. He couldn't just hear the acoustic tunes so he could always get oh, he's Eddie Van Halen.


He is he playing in the lobby bar to earn a few bucks on his entry level or the audience? He would if he could, like you would think it would be a big deal. Like he is like, oh, yeah, I'll go down there and play in front of everybody else. He doesn't think it's a big deal. Is is a very like collected Keddie. He is very professional. He puts a lot of work into his game. Uh.


Is he spends a lot of time with a goalie coach and it shows he's trying, I mean, he's one of the best always in the league right now. Should find that guy who was playing the piano, get a bubble band going to play in the piano, and they're just happy his agent isn't Allen Walsh. What about what?


What about the the the food situation? Like the meals? Are you guys able to go to all these different restaurants inside the bubble?


So there's a restaurant like your hotel lobby restaurant that pretty much everyone always goes to. But when you get sick of it, you know, the Toronto FC soccer team. Yeah, so their field is in our bubbleheads, fenced into our bubble so we can go. We have a team dinner there tonight.


There's a restaurant there so we can just walk over to the soccer field and they have like Botibol can jam Spike Ball at all or two, but only two restaurants you said there.


And the one in your hotel.


Yeah, but we have these VIP guys that work for every team. And so you can order from any place in Toronto and they go to a specific part of the bubble and they drop it off and then that person goes and gets it and either brings it to your room or brings it down to the lobby and you just go down and get it. And it's like you can get like you can get like Meeka or all the good restaurants that you could go to in Toronto.


Brass rail.


Yeah, but but it's the thing like the from the brass rail. Like that's to heavy metal.


I never order food to my apartment ever. Like you saw me. I have no silverware in my apartment. No.


It's so weird for me to, to do like burritos. Like every time I read something I have to have sandhi were connecting to examine and have the app on my phone. So it's, it's, I go, I try to go down to Petro's every day.


How about Yance with the concierge was ordering like tank tops and hair gel electrics. Oh dog shit.


He had a text back with Mr. Gandal. We can't find those particular tank tops. He's like OK, any, any company or any clothing line.


So I guess you really can you are VIP, get whatever you want.


No, you really can't. Like we we wanted to have a basketball tournament so we something I'll do a good party stuff. You came back. I sent them out to get some Canadian candies. Yes.


What's the weirdest thing you guys have done in there to keep yourselves occupied. We watched The Replacements last night in the movie theater, in the movie theater, in the hotel. Oh, nice.


Well, every time you see or is it just a certain speed we can, like, watch that?


Oh, I think I think if you reserve it like we reserved for our team and so we got to pick the movie and then whoever they tell their tech guy or whatever.


And so I pick the replacement part is going to sneak into a bubble just so we can show that there are days like my day pretty much consists of.


Wake it up. Can it go home, covid tested and then Xbox until we leave called Judy Gallerie come back Crusher Rogers either play Call of Duty or Botibol till dinner or cards and go to dinner, then watch hockey.


What a life.


So you can you're seeing all the other guys from from the east, the eastern teams.


So at the beginning it was just the top five seeds were in this hotel and the first couple of nights when this whole area heard that like every team up top.


But then after someone from our hotel got eliminated, someone from the Royal York Hotel would come over the next the next high speed. So like Pittsburgh lost, Carolina came over and now the islanders just moved in yesterday. So now there's four teams were awkward.


The botchy got hazy.


I was in until I got here.


It's a great, great game and real at it. It's unbelievable. It really is like we played yesterday for probably three hours. Are you putting a spin on the ball and stuff, or are you blocking them out the stymies and you figuring that out?


Yeah, we in this we we had a team tournament there day by and then and and it was crazy to to rush into the first to open it, but but then I think the winners were Jiru and Braun.


But now since that tournament meet me in this place, we connected for like three hours every single day.


How much a game? What's the what's the most it's gotten up to? You guys are degenerates though. Those are good guys to gamble with because they they don't gamble too much, I'm sure of a couple of the other guys.


We're all worried about Audible's Law. And tell me try to explain to check that this is about this guy. He does not stop talking. Right. And he's just hilarious.


The. He says the funniest things on the ice, it is about the ice that gave it focus, this guy is unbelievable. He said some of the other day. Right. I want to say we were saying to I'm sure you guys can figure it out, but the guy, a guy uses it and he's not even on the skids and he's looking around the bed.


I've had the same look at this guy's skills got.


I was losing because I can't take this guy anymore. Oh, fuck, you have been saying that to me, for fuck's sake.


The guys aren't laughing at, like, at least biting their ear like he's his best buddy who, like, he is inseparable with. Is that mike microphone. And they just feed off of each other on the bench is so funny. It's incredible.


So if you wouldn't have all these characters on your team, life in the bubble would probably be pretty difficult because not to chirp, you do sound a little bit like the press would be a bad word, but it's probably not as easy as people think it is.


It's a grind. It gets old quickly, like it's nice that like for us especially we came here in our first three games, like they didn't really it didn't really matter. And we were playing every four nights, like we were losing our minds where we're seeing these other eight teams playing in real playoff games every other night. We're winning that. Our next game is four days later. And we're like, what the hell do we do inside of a fucking box here?


Oh, thanks.


I would just be hard not to drink the first couple of nights. You mention all those all those games in there.


I got to ask, is the actual bubble hockey in the bubble hockey.


No, there is that I missed opportunity like the first. That's the beginning. We use the hotel way more at the beginning and there's like tennis courts for tennis courts, squash courts, ping pong. But once the games start, no one really wants to start matter and no one really does that stuff anymore just in case you get hurt or whatever. Right. But you can only do so many things so many times. It gets it gets all the guys.


I played Xbox for three, four hours a day, at least every single day.


John Goodman grew so much. Are you good at video games? I feel like you'd be kind of terrible.


Not not not great. But it's fun because you can you can go into to play called, you know, those I go to a function called a war zone where it's a team. Well, it's the gulag out here, but like in a war zone.


So so you you go away. So it's always me ConnectEast inside and Jake or Raphel and a group. And so it's us four and we go against one hundred and fifty other people of teams of four and you just battle until the end and it gets when you get down to the final ten it's unbelievable. Your hands are just sweating.


What if you die if you go into the gulag.


I just want to take a voyage I think is all in fifty of the gulag.


He's on. Go ahead. Right. Well, I was just going to ask about I want to go back to hockey, talk about the islanders and, you know, you guys are going to be facing off against some like what are your you know, what are your thoughts going into this one and what have you guys prepared yourselves for?


Yeah, I mean. They're a good team. They kind of just go through their capitals. I'll try to bore you to death. Yeah, I mean, they they play a stingy game for sure. They they play a good team defense. Like, you can't get down a couple of goals to them because they kind of just shut it down and do whatever they can to keep pucks out of their net. So, I mean, we played them pretty well this year.


I don't think we won, but I think they came back late and both of the games. But I mean, like, I don't even think we can compare it to the old games because it's so different. Like there's no fans, like it's completely different systems, trade deadline game and stuff. So I think it'll be a good series. I really do. I think we do match up well against them in the. I think it'll be a hard series about it, because I know that three times in the regular season, that probably feels like five seasons ago.


I don't think you can even use that info. I think it's two different teams. Basically, we played it. We played three games early against two.


What was the feeling like the first game, though, with no fans, like how long did it was I guess I mean, does it feel similar to the Foxboro league in the summer? No joke. Like, what's the difference?


Music for first. The first exhibition game. We I was just fucking around and someone was hit, someone like. I think it was shift one and I'm like, just fucking kill, and Morgan looked at it was like the first shift for the activists. You gave his own answer. I got it all. But you got to get yourself into it. Honestly, it's it's the weirdest part, I think, is hormones. Like, you go out there and there's just no one out there legit.


Like one person you can't see besides the coat.


There's a couple guys in the corners with, like, mask. Maybe they're the photographers or something. I've seen them. Other than that, no nation like basketball.


Well, what do you think about basketball? Look, with the fake fan, the video fans, that's a video game.


I don't think it looks great. I mean, I think they've done everything they possibly can for it to look good for for like you guys watching. But how is it for you guys watching this?


I'll say this. I have no problem because I'm so focused on the play itself. I talk to my old man. He says I don't like it without fans. And I just it hasn't I haven't noticed the difference. I still feel like it's competitive and and maybe it's just better. Yeah. Just given, like, the climate and the fact that there's nothing else. I am so grateful that you guys are are making the sacrifices in order to stay in the bubble alone, because we've talked about how hard that could be, but also that the product on the ice.


So as from a fan standpoint, I'm over the moon.


Well, I go no, go ahead. I think, like, if you're a hockey fan and your team's in the playoffs, like, those first couple of days were unbelievable. I was. More logit March Madness for five straight days. There's unbelievable, even with us, our games running the matter, and we think we will just come back and be hockey from noon to midnight just to just dream for degenerates like we're a little bit.


Little bit, Kev. I want to bring up your Men in Blazers interview that you did last week. That was a huge hit online. They did it before one of the games last week. How did that come about? Looked like you had some fun up there.


Yeah, they reached out to our PR guy. That is a beauty. Roger guy. Roger Bennett. Yeah. Yeah, he's he's I talked to him over like before we started. He is super nice guy. They just reached out and I think they've done a couple of NHL guys like Matthews, O'Reilly, Ochi Hedeman. Yeah. I mean it was it was, it was a cool interview and he brought some good points. And I don't think he's those are crazy about hockey, which made it even that much funnier, like some of the stuff you were saying was just like hilarious.


I mean, I don't know if this guy he's a big soccer guy, right? Oh, huge. Yeah. Yeah. So but he was just messing with you.


Yeah. Know, he could be the funniest you would ever.


Do you ever hear how his podcast started. It's a crazy story. He was on a boat. It was, it was the day of the World Cup. I forget what year and it was a wedding on a boat. And there was only one of the guy who was ignoring the wedding and watching the World Cup. And it was the guy hit his partner.


He ended up starting the podcast because the same wedding on a boat and they were the only two guys watching the soccer game. They ended up becoming pals, start on the podcast.


And now they have and they were they in the sports industry, media, anything at the time or they just randomly I mean, one of them might have been, but for the most part, they were two strangers who happened to be English guys.


And when watching the game, God got what he thought he was funny that it really was. But no, I thought it was a good interview.


So you're going to watch the games tonight. You even going to bother with what? We have a team dinner at six thirty.


I'll probably watch the Bruins game in Wagga Wagga Wagga is the guy I was thinking about before. It's really hard to get going, I'm assuming, for the guys who have to play physical and be in your face when there's no fans, I guess it's probably getting easier. But for a skilled guy, it's maybe not as hard to get really fired up.


Try to kill someone motivated you guys to get wise on this podcast. You get a lot of words out of them.


Yeah, right at the top, actually. Think of the season. Good. What are you doing today? Playing off. I talk to you later. I love you. All right, Hazy. Thank you so much, man. This has been great. We appreciate you coming on. First bubble guy. No surprise. And I think it's funny because when we talk to you, when we were in Philly and whatever, October, November, you said how you couldn't believe how close this team was and now you've gone on this run.


The team looks great. You could could end up winning the Stanley Cup. So good luck, buddy. Keep it going. Thank you. Thanks, guys.


Next to Haiti for joining us in the bubble. I'm sure he's getting inundated with requests because he's such a good get interview, he's got a goal and six assists so far in the bubble play. Going back to that series, the islanders did beat them three times in the regular season. Like Kevin said, he doesn't think that's going to be of much significance. Now, last playoff between these two was way back in the nineteen eighty seven Patrick Division finals.


But let's get your take your predictions, I should say.


Who do you have here and how many I have Filion seven. I will I will not pick the islanders because they can, they can, they can keep winning.


I am picking them. What do you got.


This guy we interviewed Haji before before I'm giving my prediction here I and this is no no offense to hazy because I think this Philadelphia team is very good. I just think that I think the islanders got the feng shui going right now and I think they're going to take it seven. Yeah, I agree with you because they're just like I said, it's a cult mentality in a good way that just steamrolling right along and I don't know how I'm going to go with the Islanders and seven to face the wrath of Philly on Twitter once again.


So members on the same page in the with dogs taken with Philadelphia will loyalty to his men.


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I'll be handing that stuff out like candy. I love it. I bring it to weddings and other social events. Well, at least in the past. And it works for me, as you said, risk free trial. The vitamin for people to drink it scientifically breaks down the toxins of the alcohol before they hit your liver. Wit, how do you feel about that?


Burn off? That sounds just like right up my alley. Yeah. Science. You're not smarter than science. No, never said that.


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All right, gang, this is the series. I'd say a lot of people looking forward to watching Tampa Bay and Boston. They're going to be kicking off Sunday night before we got Tampa Bay was three and one in the regular season. One of those wins was a shutout. This is the third postseason meeting between these clubs. Bruins beat them back on the Eastern Conference final in 2011. Tampa returned the favor in the conference semis. In twenty eighteen, we got an unreal coach, a matchup, Cooper versus Cassidy Stamkos still unfit to play.


It doesn't look like we're going to see him right now. We'll obviously keep an eye on that in the last game. Tampa beat Boston five three in Boston, very feisty game five misconducts, a lot of scraps. Tampa bulked up. They got Patty Marone in the off season. What dog what are you looking forward to this series, buddy?


I think that this is this has been this has been a big of a guarantee, as you could imagine all year long. These teams are going to meet in the second round.


It was it was meant to be this way. And they match up so evenly. All I can say is whoever plays better and that's going to win the team.


Tampa might be a little bit deeper offensively. I just think they're both so good. I think they're both in the past, you know, ten years have been two of the best teams in the league. And you can see that they've played before. They played before. And what was it, 2011? R.A., the best game seven ever when the Bruins won. Correct. And that was a one off the game that I would in twenty eighteen.


The lightning smoked them, didn't they, for one conference championship. So they have history.


And now granted, the teams are so much different than than prior matchups, but still the core isn't. And you think that Tampa finally got over the hurdle of of beating Columbus and and was able to kind of just crush those those skeletons in the closet? I guess I'll put it that way. And then finally now you see. All right. Well, we get to go up against the Bruins. That's what we get. We had to go up against pressure on Marshawn Pasternack, the best line in the league.


I'll argue that line's better than any line Tampa has. I think that after that, the Bruins are going to need depth. They're going to need a guy like Charlie Cole to continue playing awesome corral. He's going to need to be a little bit better. But he's he's a beast in the playoffs. Guys down the bottom of the lineup for Boston are going to have to be good, because when you look at how good Tampa is, when they get going, it's Johnny Gaud.


It's that guy's third he's a third line player with Coleman and goodrow those guys they bring in. I mean, they get a lot they get a lot of not only occasional scoring, but a lot of momentum off of their third and fourth line. I think the Bruins do similarly. So that's why I just I see this matchup is so even fucking awesome. I don't think that the Bruins have a Hedeman.


Maybe MacAvoy can be that good in a few years, but he's the best defensive end, if maybe not in the game, at least the series. So you talk about you talk about goaltending and can hillocks show up and. Also, Wesolowski, he's shown times he can't be he's not exactly fabulous in all the playoff games he's played, and that's why I just think whoever plays better net wins. Wow, what a fucking break.


Do you not agree with all the things I said, kind of pulling up the past games, nailing the scores there, even?


I think that I think that people are going to be surprised if they haven't been watching tappa, how they come off more physical or at least more involved physically than last year. I think that's one thing that they've addressed. And I'm interested to see how they're able to do so now against Boston, because I feel like more throughout the entire Boston lineup, they're going to be more physical than Columbus was, same type of same type of team and how they handle and approach the game in that way.


I got Tampa winning this and seven. And I just think that right now they got a good thing going. I think they're going to be ready for Boston. And as you mentioned, I think it's going to come down to goaltending. And I wasn't exactly impressed from what I what I've seen from Hallock. And I think that this is a very, very pivotal moment for Vasilescu in order to prove to people that he can get it done in playoffs.


And I got as I said, I got Tampa. And you you mentioned Coleman. What a pick up. I really like his game. And we talked about the few the few places where they added a little bit of grit to the lineup between him and Patty. And I think it's just enough. And then the fact that I even look at all the other guys in the Tampa lineup, like a guy like Killorn, like he's playing physical, like he's not shying away from that stuff.


So it's it's going to be a very interesting series. And it's unfortunate that they have to meet this early. I would have liked to have seen that next round, but. Oh, well, Tampa on seven.


I got Tampa six. Yeah, man, the beast. They've got their hands full. Tampa, this team has much more scoring punch I think is particular. The bottom six, the Bruins aren't getting a shitload really any offense in the bottom six. I know the fourth line's a good shutdown line, but they've got to get some goals there. What you mentioned had been the Boston doesn't have had been charged. He's charged, but he's not the charge 10 years ago.


And Vasilescu man, I think he's been outstanding. He probably got overshadowed a little bit by corpuscle about nine to seven one nine eight so far in the playoffs.


And Halak, man, he I mean, is he capable of carrying this team like Iraq would under normal circumstances? I don't know. I mean, I know he's done it in the past, but that was ten years ago. He went on that run. I got to give the nod to Vasey in that regard. So, boys, I don't know if you've ever done this to my boss in Tampa in seven. Oh, I'm not even trying to reverse Wammy myself.


It's you know, we have no fan of the podcast left, please. Yes, I do this on purpose.


Like to make even jinx.


When are we going to be safe in that house? And you're doing this on purpose to get like play on the Internet or something.


Like what? No, man, I just I don't know. I if it was Rasca, I'd probably go to Boston in seven, but it's not really a disc to Halak. But also, like I said, the depth scoring, I'm just I'm not seeing the Boston bottom SF guys producing on a level that I think Tampa's got. I think that that might swing the series right there. So, hey, I've never been I hope I never hold them so wrong in my life.


Obviously, I got a ticket on Boston, but I'm just going to what I've seen so far. I think it's Champaran seven.


I want to get Walsh you to bring over some bulletproof vests for us at the house now, because we're gonna have all these crazy, crazy Bruins fans coming along who may shoot them.


I'll take Bruins in seven just so you get egged just so the house doesn't get egged, boys.


OK, thank God. Thank God. Thank you. Oh, wow. So that that wraps up for the fourth series.


Gave our predictions. They'll be moving along in a sec. Just want to ask you, you've been thinking about religion in that language you took in high school college. But I think it'll take too much time. Babble can help you pick it up back real fast. I've been thinking about brushing up on my French skills lately, and there's no better time than now. Babille has proven to get you speaking a language. Within weeks, Babille designs that courses with real world conversation in mind, letting you learn everyday, practical conversations that you'll actually use the daily lessons at ten to fifteen minutes.


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That's a three additional months for free. If you go to Babille Dotcom and use the promo code checklists on your three month subscription, that's be a b l dot com promo code Checketts c, h, i, c.


Let's once again batbold dot com promo code checklists to get three free months. Learn a new language. Everybody should learn a new language. We should probably brush up on our English, like I said before, because I well, this is the big story in media since the last episode. Mike Milbury has left the bubble after comments he made during Thursday's Capitals Islands game set off an Internet firestorm after Brian Bush spoke about the bubble being perfect for guys who like being with teammates for a long stretch.


Milbury chimed in with, quote, Not even any woman here to disrupt you can't disrupt your concentration and quote, given the verbiage used, I guess putting the woman in the action of doing the disruption. A large portion of women in hockey media were offended by a statement, as were many others. Some took it as him referring to the notorious Honeyball hockey players in the bubble, having one less thing on their minds while they're in the playoffs and not women in general.


The NHL released a statement condemning what he said he did not appear in Friday's game. And then on Saturday, Milbury released his own statement. He said, In light of the attention caused by my recent remark, I have decided to step away from my role at NBC Sports for the remainder of the Stanley Cup playoffs. I do not want my presence to interfere with the athletes as they try to win the greatest trophy in sports. NBC's spoke to them about it.


They conveyed their disappointment with them. I don't know if he voluntarily left on his own or NBC pushed them, whatever. What went on behind closed doors, we don't know either way. I don't know if that's a point you need to bring up during a telecast. But what I know you had some opinions on this, but. Yeah, buddy. I love doing this show, but we'll be fucking gone in no time if this is it nowadays.


We'll be fucking done because the fact that this made the the fact that that comment ended up producing a statement from the National Hockey League shows we are living in the craziest times. I can't even believe the fact that he is no longer working. You can hate Mike Milbury as an announcer. What do you think he sucks at his job like this comment is what got this guy buried? Are you shitting me?


He he's he's not talking about women hockey reporters who are traveling with the team or working with the team or ever around, like distracting. He's talking about young guys who if it was the normal playoff scenario, maybe you went around, you go out there, maybe you get laid. That's pro sports. That's young guys. That's girls who want to be with the guys. And maybe that's considered a distraction occasionally.


This is this is totally normal. I'm not saying I would have said it. And I actually when he said it, I was I was I think somebody would probably give him shit for it. I never in a million years thought it would be this big of a story. It boggles my mind because you can think he's he's a shitty hockey announcer and shitty in between periods does do a great job at basically getting people excited to watch hockey. But that has nothing to do with the backlash this dude's gotten for this.


Yeah, I don't think it will be will be fucking canceled because if this is what if this is what what was happening, let me start off by by maybe conveying the message from the other side.


So obviously there are some people and men and women included who are upset by what he said. And I would imagine it's the same crowd who, as you mentioned, with probably don't necessarily like Mike Milbury. I don't think that he brings anything to the broadcast. And in the midst of a broadcast, does this comment need to be said? No, but it's live. And it flew off the cuff and he misspoke. And I believe he would use the word distraction.


Did that word come out of his mouth?


He said that the women disrupted no one to disrupt their concentration, which I think was the issue of the verb.


Yeah. And it came off as like a negative where I think that most people I talk to my girlfriend about it. I talk to my mom about it. I talk to some other females that are in and around the media industry. And they were just kind of like, no, like that. Like, you know, he was just basically saying, like these some of these guys are young and horny and, you know, maybe if they weren't in the bubble, they would be, you know, going to pursue in some activities.


The old thing, like boxers don't have sex before a big fight.


OK, so so so I can understand where those people in NBC don't want that type of message portrayed to the masses because, you know, it's NBC and they've already dealt with something in the past which, you know, we learned I personally learned a lesson on with with the situation and we've apologized for that. And I think we're where it could have been left as a I think a lot of people knew what he meant by it. I don't think that it was necessarily harmful in the grand scheme of things, although it was a negative word and it could come off and be interpreted in that way.


So what he did was he he he did something wrong. He apologized for it. And we can all just move the fuck on. But no, you got to publicly humiliate him because you don't like him. And now it's not enough to just for him to apologize. You want him out? I don't I have no opinion if you don't want him in there for the whole built up career of Mike Milburn, what you think he brings to the sport?


I have no opinion. I'm not going to argue with with you on that. I will not because I don't care whether or not he has that job anymore. It doesn't affect my job in the least. What I'm not OK with is this guy being canceled because he misspoke and it came out as maybe in negative context. And that's me giving the other side the benefit of the doubt. I think that this is a massive nothing burger. The fact that.


Yeah, I mean, if someone is offended by some says we can't sell, you're not offended. We're not invalidating that. Would you say it? We're looking at this way and being like you said, these women don't think monolithically. It's not like because, you know, women online are in the industry. We're pissed. I've talked to women in my life and they kind of feel the same way as you girls. Like, they kind of laughed at it next.


What's the what's the big deal is basically what they said. So, you know, there is diversity of opinion among women there.


That's such a bullshit. If anybody from from a female perspective is thinking they can speak for all women or even all women in the industry, that's a fucking no no. That tells me I'm taking your opinion and I'm throwing it right out the window because there was men that were upset about what he said and women. But I've also talked to women, my girlfriend, well-educated. She's she's a lawyer, she can she could she could take context for which it's being said on television, understand exactly what that was.


And it was, as I said, a nothing burger in my world, in her world, in fucking all the other women I've talked to whose world.


All right.


Well, let's let's wrap it up by saying the guy on the Cincinnati Reds, that clown who deserved to be fired after dropping a homophobic slur, that that is a guy who's done who deserves to be done when you're trying to get a guy ruined because he mentioned that it might be distracting if guys are getting laid during the playoffs, whereas they're not in a bubble right now. You're crazy.


And and I'm not being a hypocrite in any sense. Guys, we've joked around probably 20 times about how horned up these guys are in the bubble. We've been talking about this for six weeks now. It's this has nothing to do with try to offend anyone. This is just biology. You've got you've got a young thoroughbred in a bubble. And I'll tell you, I'm speaking from experience. I know I'd be fucking my mouth. You weren't a thoroughbred.


I met in the sense of I wanted to fuck OK with. I mean, I think we should. So I visit you, oh, no, it's just kind of one of those things that where it's like it becomes such a massive issue in this this little part of Twitter where I feel like it's a bit of an echo chamber where it's like no one with with any type of reasonable thought could even go and touch it because it's like you can't really articulate your thoughts on Twitter.


We're here. At least it's an open platform where you can discuss it. So if people want to be enraged about what he said, I don't know, man. I'm just really not on board with you.


There's no real room for nuance on Twitter, which is grow up and discuss it here. I would say if he doesn't return, it would be because NBC doesn't think that juice is worth the squeeze anymore. And this might be the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. I mean, I like nobody in the studio. I don't know if color was the best spot for him. He did seem a little cranky at times, especially when he said multiple hotties got a go.


They got to bring a shootout out. I mean, for like an old school guy like Milburn to say that it definitely had an Abe Simpson vibe to it, like millennials, like Cloud. So obviously we'll keep an eye on it going forward. I mean, personally, you know, given the environment of the world today, the situation media, I'd be surprised if they brought him back again.


I don't think he should lose his job for that incident, but I think NBC might be being commissioner.


I see no Instagram models and nobody said a word. What's the difference? Because no Instagram was allowed in the bubble.


What we talked about it last week. There was a Seahawks player that snuck on a girl with these are young guys. They're fucking horny. There's going there's young girls who are horny, too. It has nothing to do with sex here. It's just the fact that there's guys stuck in a bubble that are hardened up. And that's a fact. That's just biology, baby.


Just trying to get that. Not moving along, buddy. Halsy Taylor Hall, he said that in free agency winning is going to be his top priority. He's got ten seasons. The league, he's only had two postseasons, just fourteen games. He's still just two years removed from his hot season with any predictions on where he's going to end up. I mean, I don't know. I know you probably won't talk to him, but with the flat cap, he's probably not going to get the dough.


He might have been looking at, say, a year ago. And which is this is I don't I don't have any hunches.


But I do know after talking to him a while back, he just wants to win and I think he'll take less. He's made plenty of money, made enough money to last the rest of his life. And now you just give it a shot and be on a great team. So I don't know. Colorado, don't they have a ton of cap room?


See him fitting in there? Yeah, that's a that's a city that keeps getting brought up. Yeah. They're always brought up in terms of where Hull could Hall could end up. But I think he wants to be on a really good team. I think he wants to be surrounded by great players and.


Just get a chance to compete for the Stanley Cup, because I think it's been a it's been a tough go for him to be this good for this long and never really have a chance to make it any sort of a run.


One other note, too, I forgot this last episode, Gino Evgeni Malkin, he got surgery on his left elbow after the season. That might have been why he wasn't particularly great in the postseason for the Penguins. Just want to note that also first round predictions, I'm not sure if this is a Twitter feed. It was an organelle check, but stats. But I guess I I on the leaderboard, I went five, four, eight on our first round predictions.


I was the only one to nail a prediction. Exactly. Colorado and five you two chuckleheads one, three and eight. So I might have to redeem yourself this round three and eight.


That's the second that I've been dogging to those eleven series we've taken.


We were three really out of eight I'm sorry, three. Ajaka Exactly. Three correction. All the three and five. Three and five. A little different than three Polster.


Oh, I had some notes on my phone here. I didn't realize Dallas had went for an all against the Arabs this season two. So that's another thing to look at in this match up. So we still got the obs going.


But I think the I think that the ad's better in game two or else we could be completely fucked on our prediction that we had to make, pretending that their goal it wasn't injured.


I said they look like they're going to be the cup winner, for fuck's sake. Imagine getting knocked out in the second round.


Either sandpaper finish Furbies when you come in, because when you I'm leaving tomorrow morning and I went, but I'm going to go back to that most career postseason points for the St. Louis Blues defenseman I mentioned pitcher Angelo for I probably butchered that again. He tied Chris Pronger. It was fifty one points. Al McKennis is number one with fourteen goals. Forty forces for fifty eight points. So prongs in and Alex Pietrangelo are tied at fifty one. So little nugget.


One nugget for you guys.


That guy is taking over. Is that is that all we got, Morales's pox, I mean, well, now that all boys I was supposed to Joel Dayman, one of the one of a top PGA Tour players, I think a top 50 player in the world, he missed the cut at the event, Northern Trust at TPC Boston and put out a tweet, hey, looking for a money match. And he was looking to play Saturday. I couldn't play.


That was a family day Sunday. I said, hey, we can go. And then he wrote me back is like, Dude, I can't use a guy, I will make it work. And he said, I can't do it. I think his wife wants to see the Cape. So I guess these PGA Tour players, they're just like us. Sometimes their wives don't want them golfing. Right. So I think at some point I'm going to get get together with Joel Daman, who I'd listen to him a couple of podcasts, very entertaining.


Guys sick all. So that would have been good. We can make some content out of that.


It will happen, but we will contact again. Didn't go down this weekend. People around as hard as a rock right now.


Is that trying to get over? What is it still going on? It just got it's over. Just run away with it. Yeah, I played this course all the time. It's not an easy course. He's thirty under par. It's a sick joke.


I saw I saw him had a drive once that Gaza ranch. I've never seen someone Coile the way he Coile to hit a golf ball.


Yeah, he's a freak kid in second arrestingly I got a fucking ninety to one. I had him. He's going to finish second I call it on this weekend. Yeah. That would have been a nice hit. Yeah.


Well folks I think that we learned a few valuable things this episode.


I think we value we got we learned that you don't don't send out a tweet with a knife in your client's back, ready to go into a second round match up. And women are not a distraction. They're not. They're an attraction.


That's a pause. Oh, you're not women are not a distraction.


We need women around there. I know in my life they're the most important people. So we love women here and we should put them on a pedestal. They are an attraction, not a distraction. Well said, yes, very well said, what a compliment taps. Great job, buddy. Would you agree? Would you agree? Yeah.


I mean, I've said forever. I mean, I'm I'm not a hockey fan without my mother that she's the reason I'm a hockey fan. So, I mean, I'd be beaten that same drum.


But now, you know, millions of women, hockey fans, they're unreal. And there's more and more women hockey players. It's great.


But just when you're talking about some young studs that are all tied up in a bubble, women will be brought up. So don't get all don't get all rattled at everything, everyone. Jesus Christ, relax a little bit.


All right, gang. Hopefully everybody has a fantastic week. Will be back Thursday. Enjoy the playoffs in the meantime.


Ace, this, as always, we'd like to thank our terrific sponsors here and spit and sort of big thanks to everybody at New Amsterdam, vodka and Pink Whitney for taking care of us. Big thanks to everybody. A body armor keeping everyone hydrated this hot summer. Big thanks to everybody at Nizza for keeping us safe on the roads. Pay attention on this Labor Day. Don't be foolish. Big thanks to everybody. ATHM detoxed, taking care of someone, having a few cocktails and big thanks to everyone.


Ababil want to learn a new language to check them out. Have a great week. Everybody on the road again. Just can't wait to get on the road again. Life I love is making music with my friends. I can't wait to get on the road again. Seeing things that I may never see again, I can't wait to get on the road again.