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Everybody, welcome to Episode two hundred and eighty nine of Spin Check that's presented by Pink Whitney from our friends at New Amsterdam Vodka here on the bus, those Bullets Podcast Network live from Boston, Massachusetts, specifically my hometown of Charlestown. Biz's here with dogs. Yeah. Grinnell's yeah, I know. Camaguey Jaycee's on the house. Welcome.


Am I a town gentleman buzzing out of the gate. Buzzing Plus one plus one. You're on your you're on your toes coming out. There's the laser light show with the fog machine starting your Charlestown bank robbers.


He's got a busy stick on the blue line, slow fleet, but he knows where to party after they get it. Nose, nose, candy.


And let me tell you, because we're sitting here right now. We are. And I feel like they're at the principal's office with us to our anger and Ali just sitting across from us. So stuff should be broken down.


I've never felt more alive than just you guys being here. We just realized it's been since the outdoor Hawkwind. What weekend was that? And the February last week of February when we were up in our grave.


HURST Yes, sir. Ravenhurst excuse me. If that's I don't know which one is Skorka. OK, Muskoka.


Sorry, I'm offended over time. You know, we've done Zoome forever, but it's like we, you know, we were probably seeing each other seven, eight times a year. I was just over at man, this is so nice to be back watching hockey or shooting shit we're arguing over cause I'm dominating basic conversation.


Yes, you're great on your little facts right now. He's on a sick streak of knowing, like, how much guys made chocker. But yeah, I'm long winded here. I had a great day. I played 36 holes. It Essex, one of the sickest golfers.


Oh, my God. He always says that. No. Second, cause this guy top three.


If you ever been to a chip and part time line, no doubt, Essex, this place is so sick. So it was a great day. And now I'm back here with you guys. It's it's awesome.


I enjoy Boston so far. This is awesome. I love it here. Yeah. Yeah. We got a nice little pad here. Grinnell did a great job finding out how close to the city. But I mean, it's a legit house. We're like basically took over.


We feel like a family because it's obviously somebody is at their summer home right now because all kids, our Taibe daughter made me watch the town twice back to back. He, like, walked in.


True story. Everyone listening to this not happened. I walked in yesterday. They've been here two days.


I showed up the towns on downstairs on Netflix. So it's just come on. I just happened to pop on. No chance. You tied me down him and him and his bank robber buddies. I couldn't find the Netflix remote.


It just popped on our boy chase here. It's like he's in the room with our. So there's just I can't imagine you guys.


Well, you said his name. Now we got to talk about him. Chase a new member of the crew, our videographer. This is our first trip with him. He moved from Seattle to NYC to be I guess he's going to get in frame now. He's going to come on on, Mike. But you moved from Seattle to NYC nine days after you finally got to the office. The quarantine happened. So this has been quite the ride for you.


You've edited all the interviews we released for the actual player relief fund. So thank you for that. And here is your first road trip.


Yeah, and it's been happy to be here. I kind of played hockey up in Vermont in college, so I kind of know the New England area. So it's not my first time to Boston. But, you know, it is kind of playing hockey.


What is kind of a story kind of play already kind of played street hockey.


And he's like, well, I sent you that MVP. Not the same in general.


I've just come in New England. I've been in New England and worked in New England. So it's been like I did I did ten years in New England. So and then I moved back to the West Coast. It was nice to go home and happy to be back on the East Coast. You work for the Seahawks, correct? I did before this, yep. Coming out here. OK, so great organization. Great. They're all there. They're social media stuff kills it.


So expectations are going to be high stepping into this one, buddy. Yeah, as good. We're you know, we have the loudest stadium in the country. You know, we're pretty loud and I think we have one of the best fans.


Are you a guy? Oh, he's he plays on the team. He's a special teams guy. All right.


I respect your son. Obviously, it was just a little different. It was like the first time he was playing. He was Pete Carroll's money guy. He would run them under the table.


Money players, right. He's a scratch ticket holder. Right. Season.


Yeah, I got I got I got a chair for the for the cracken, so I'm excited for that to come up.


And what do you think? They're hoping for the name, not the crack. And really the cracking really grew on me.


I like it. What did you want what did you make of Jeff Bezos buying the whole arena and now he owns you? Kind of. I just feel like you saw coming like it. It just wasn't like a surprise. What nickname did you want?


I kind of want him just go with nothing that no one was like out of. Right. Feel like I didn't really use a random one. You wanna give us give us one example of what you would have named the team if you had the opportunity. You're on the ball. I don't know if he had on the clock.


Well, pressure's on. Right. I don't know about the guys, but I just know that the real original change. Yeah, no offense, new guy.


And what if we fired you right now to that answer, would you be if we actually did? Would you be mad or would you be like, yeah, I buckled under pressure because I didn't have a nickname for my team?


No, I just, you know, got to go, go, go with my gut. And that's what I thought they were going to go with. But, you know, it's a money grab because it's it's all about the dotcoms now. And you know, who owns the rights in the dock, you know?


Yeah, OK. All right. Cracken, definitely. Dotcom was definitely open.


So, OK, Chase are behind the scenes, guys, to Seattle. Sarki, maybe we got some here. I don't know.


That's why I thought they were going to go with that, because that was the safe choice. And that's what NHL expansion teams usually do. They take safe nicknames. So it was nice.


They maybe Chase got fooled by the fishnets and the little pre advertisement. And then he was so let down by the fact that it wasn't that he's he's he's upset. That's my only theory on this one.


We can move on. I will get to the bottom of it. Well, we are neck deep in the second round right now. The Isles game one, they shut out the flies Monday night for nothing. Everyone was like all the islanders are going to roll. They're going to roll. Well, of course, game two is today. Wednesday, flyers got a three point lead. They coughed it up, tied the game up with two or nine, left the semis, ended it to forty one.


An old Philly type. The series boy has got the ultimate check. Let's bump. It was on the show Monday. Two goals today. This. What do you had on this one, buddy?


Well, the new worst lead in hockey went from two nothing to three nothing, because it seems like that's the number now.


But listen, I thought as soon as I underscore to make it three one, I said next goal wins. I thought if the honors are going to score and I said to Grenelle, yes, King, I said, and set school wins and sure as shit they end up fucking tying it late with two or nine. I thought that they were going to end it in regulation, considering the fact that they just tied it at that point in time. Vienneau Challenge is that I completely forgot the rule.


I'm like, OK, smart move here. You lose the timeout, big deal, two or nine remaining at least calm things down. But I forgot the new rule. If you challenge, you get the two minute minor penalty.


So not only do you have absolutely no momentum, you're against the ropes. You're like fucking Rocky against Drogo here, but you just won't go down. But then on top of that, you call it and you give up the two hundred minor, they end up killing the penalty, push it to Otti and credit the flyers for pulling out one through. I thought that they were dead to rights and I thought they were going down to nothing after that meltdown.


It was it was brutal to watch after they went up through nothing. They just basically fucking they just they just died.


I do want to shout Kevin Haines, though, because at the beginning of that game, he looked like Wayne Gretzky.


I realized I saw the highlights. So I'm watching his goals. And then my buddy sent me a video of him. Just he's playing so well. And if I keep bringing up the other guys in the flyers, the main the guys, they need to contribute most of these top line players. And when you see hazy score and you can think about getting Jrue and any of these guys possibly going, they can beat the islanders.


Now, it shows today that or chose game one, they were dominating and now it shows today that even when it leads there, they I would say the islanders have proven to be the better team through two games. And it's one one. Right.


So I don't know how they're going to be able to continue to, like, deal with the pressure that the islanders just force all game, just constantly getting the puck in your end all over your defense.


It's so hard to get out of your own zone. It's so hard to create offense. I think that it's going to be hard for them to do that. I, I hate the fact that I believe the islanders are going to win that series even after being tied up.


I got them in seven. Still, I think overall, like you said, they've been the better team so far.


And the islanders fans are you know, they're they're coming at me. I Connely text me these for nothing. How's that boring your boy? It one of them was an empty net goal. You went up one nothing. You shut it down. The ninety five devils won plenty of games for not very boring.


Fair point.


But I will say though Basel though sometimes him and I've always said that and in Velia speak much he he's now also like he's making plays that you're like all right, this is exciting.


But overall.


Yeah I'm not alone in thinking, you know Mike Kelly, my buddy's d showing like stat stat videos that they're not boring. I'm watching the game. They're not that exciting. Good team, but not that exciting.


And don't get mad at me. Devils is a very fair comparison.


And we know Lou likes to build his teams a little bit boring. That's not an insult. That's not an insult. I'm just saying it's not a Picasso. He just I mean, they they find a way to win all the credit to him. It's you know, it's it's just a find a way to get it done. What are we looking at here?


What kind? We watch watching for the audience, Colorados up two to one in game three, Dallas is up to none in the series. So we've got this in the background. There was a chat and also we saw something we hadn't seen our series in this one time, Thomas Grace, Kym's of the Game. Simeon Varlamov, first time he got pulled all season, all playoffs, rather, he got yanked. You got to think they had to come back at him.


He's been pretty steady. You know, Grace had twenty one two I'm sorry. Twenty one just made twenty saves. He was great. It's up to the old goal. Wasn't really his fault necessarily, but I think Valemus back on there. Yeah. That's a perfect example of when a goalie is hot, he's playing great.


If it's one night where everything's going in, if it's one night where you can just tell he doesn't have it, get him out. Reset. No worries, man. Everyone's going to have a bad one at some point. And I don't even think that was necessary at all on him. No, it's that is the most normal pole. And he was probably guard, actually.


So that's a let's get him the rest. And that matters in these types of situations. And I'm OK with that. I just went to say, though, that I think he even could have said, I get me out, but I shouldn't say that because maybe some guys just want to stay in no matter what. Nonetheless, the coaches like let's just get them out, get them reset and we'll figure out this moving forward. He's definitely starting the next game, but the move probably also lit a fire on the island, zazz to they were down three.


Not when it happened. They did battle back to tie it.


So but either way, moving right along another series, that kind of pendulum swing Vegas, they thrashed Vancouver five. But in game one, another one, everybody always exaggerates what happens at the game one. Revo Antoine Rouselle made for some great entertainment. I mean, any time you have a play, a clock clucking like a chicken and it gets picked up on the audio, that's good stuff. But the Canucks, they showed up the game two, they took it to Vegas, really end up one in five to another tool to gold game from Ballhaus that Elias Pederson fifth goal, eleventh assist.


What are you first on this one?


The the wraparound pass. And now I don't think Patterson was trying to pass it, but just that play, when he comes into the zone, he enters the zone easily beats the D wide great bounce to kind of fight off a check and just makes a play that you're like, all right. Vancouver's is playing way different tonight. I don't think that they let Vegas speed dictate the entire game at the beginning of game one, like everyone said. And I still think this is going to be very difficult for Vancouver to win the entire series.


But the first game you're seeing just overall team speed dominate. And then Vancouver in the second game said, right, well, we're going to be able to we're going to at least come at you with more on our toes. You could tell right from the jump what we're saying about game one that we wanted to get it. Oh, the Revo result. Yeah. How much does Revo just want to punch his head in both.


Very effective. I love the way Rousselle plays and I know. I know. No Uvo comes in this podcast all the time, but I think both are. I mean I would say probably Rousselle might even have a little bit more upside. I know he's got some pretty good stats with Dallas, but both very effective and what they do, I think Rousselle finish with seven hits in game one. Revel's way to finish with eleven. So these guys were just throwing the weight around.


I know maybe Vancouver spent a little bit more time in the offensive zone as far as the the later lions. Not the third line but the fourth line. But yeah, I mean I'll defend those types of players till the end.


And as far as game two, Vancouver just took that early lead in to Foley. How about that injection into the lineup?


I believe I said that, yes. Was that me? Grenell who said that? Sorry to tell that to Foley was going to make a huge difference.


It was. And then it can spread out the depth in the second line in the first year with your heartache. So my heartache that that heartache was on. When you tell me I have never had a correct take, I'll remind you of the time I knew I knew to follow is going to come back again and make a difference. So thank you very much for this. And so another couple stories out there that we haven't covered. So after game one, of course, Lenar addressed the media about the flooding situation and his agent, Allen Walsh, tweeting out the photo kind of funny letters like, no, we saw each other and we both laughed.


And, you know, Leonard said, you know, he's a passionate agent. He said it out and in protection of his client. You know, we've gotten his feelings a little bit and that's the end of it.


So but then you shift to game two and after I believe after game two, the storyline was March or so answering fans on Instagram.


Listen, which which that we've talked about. That headline is just immediate. So but it's an immediate he's not going to look great here, right? Well, does he look hilarious?


I tell you what, I I've told fans worst and then go suck on your mommy's teddies.


I'll tell you that I think his lines were funny. Don't I don't think people gave a fuck because of how much I suck at hockey.


But I'll tell you what we've talked about Kinnock's Twitter. Aaargh! And, you know, you've been on social media quite a long time as far as Twitter is concerned.


And they're probably some of the nastiest fans on social media. Yes or no? Fair.


I mean, I think these idiots in every bunch. But, yeah, Vancouver has seems to be a little extra sensitive sometimes.


So, listen, they're going to his personal Instagram with to family photos chirping about his diving and stuff. OK, yeah, it might be a little bit funny, but Farbman, like not the family photos, like the social media has just gotten too ugly for me. And there's too much interaction between fans and players now. So in the sense of like, you can beat them up online. So. Well, one of one of the insults is go suck in your moments.


You said, shut the fuck up, little deck and go suck on your mummy's titties and stop wasting my time, say, with the French accent, Oh, good time.


I mean, that's an outstanding Tomoki. You're going to come at me.


I guess he ain't he ain't winning the Lady Byng, but I'll vote him funniest player of the year. Yeah. And I know what's funny is like what what what happened that day or today when he did this, like something pissed him off.


Well, he said I said he dolf they said he was diving on. No, but like he's been getting I'm sure comments like that prior, you know, maybe not as often as in the middle of the series, but he he he made the decision today.


All right. I'm going to start going up back at these people for our sake. It was great. I actually I actually I got paid by him to take over his account for the day so I could just go.


This is what's fucking crazy is like, dude, why is this such a big deal? I know. I know.


But when people come at me online, I tell them, go fuck yourself.


Yeah. Talk to me about you hate me. I talk to you. Imagine a person coming up on the street in, like, chirping me. I hope that people, like other people go, oh, well, he's not maintaining a level of professionalism.


Dude, if somebody came up to me on the 42nd Street and that's how I made my shorts, yeah, I'd say, OK. And then, like, if someone actually came out, we were the third and Solara, would you not be like, fuck you back? Absolutely.


And it's great. We work for a company where we don't have to worry about getting shit canned for telling someone to go fuck themselves if we need to.


And I would say of the three of us, you're you're probably the best on it. On Twitter. At what? Telling people to go fuck. Oh, sorry. Has the occasional just. Oh, I stop. I do. I'll stay away. And then then some will just set me off and I'll be like four or five in a row, like for example, like if I beat a game and it's like two nothing five minutes into the game and you get these idiots chirping, it's like idiot this fifty five fucking minutes.


Yeah but that's more probably the general. That's a game but it happens with everything else. People go back and people's old tweets though you'll find old tweets when selling like was this year two years ago. If I really guy you really got to get out of my skin for me to do that.


But what's funny, he puts out the private eye team.


Can you search your name in their what you have to go back through all that's one not you.


Like if you know someone wrote something stupid and it's still there, you just have to show. We've all heard the word.


Yeah, yeah. I mean, we've all wrote stupid. Yeah. I once in a blue moon like I'll get like an old tweet favorite out of the blue. It'll be like eight years old. They'll read it like and I was like, oh man, I still have my training wheels back on then like shit I would never tweet out now obsolete by the lines move for sure. Yeah, absolutely.


No, no. Not even like say I like. Absolutely. How many are we've been saying. Absolutely. I just heard absolutely. Absolutely. From both. You can't even realize it. So I just figured we'd chuck in a third. Well or the winner.


Oh there you go. Either way Moccia. So what's fun. He answered all of them with either like stop wasting my time, don't waste my time.


Subway's time, which is ironic, is where they shouldn't be wasting his time. He was absolutely wasting his time.


Well, lo and behold, that was like a sonnet.


He did apologize after making so sick of. Man, what the fuck do you want to comment about the rocks? I'm sorry. All those fucking so sorry. Everytime the guy told me I sucked fuck off. I really apologize. Yeah, I kind of like I said no.


He said, quote, I just want to comment about the remarks that I made on social media yesterday. I just want to apologize sincerely. I think it was childish, immature, childish, immature and not professional. I want to say I'm sorry. It won't happen again. I've learned from it.


I would have been like I didn't even know there was Baron here until my coach told everybody.


That's like I didn't do all right.


I might be the funniest fucking thing I've ever as long as you that out.


Whenever I say something really funny, you say to them, I think that's the funniest thing you ever said.


Oh, I want to remember. And I got to stamp it. My fucking brain wit. All right. Jesus, thank you. I have a tendency it's OK. It's a crutch thing. I think it's a great thing. I think it makes you who you are. We all have tendencies, minds to be just kind of miserable. Yeah, that might be the dumbest thing you've ever said on this podcast.


One other footnote here. Robin Lanner made twenty two saves on twenty six shots. Probably wasn't his best game in the playoffs. The boy has said he's going to use two goalies.


Do we see my contract already with the sword in his back and all that. So this is one. Go ahead. It will. No, I'm probably going to see the exact same thing you are. This is kind of like, OK, well, now there's kind of a decision to be made.


He was an excellent they're kind of going this to goalie's system, I think, because there's a day in between. You go back to Lenar, if it was a back to back situation and it was Lenar again, then you're thinking, oh, my God, OK.


Did the did the Post play into the decision? Because that seemed to be the algorithm or the formula back in round one.


I don't know. What do you guys think? It's it's one where you could make an argument to give flurry start, especially to if you think now this is getting a little ahead of myself.


But if they know we're a better team and they're very, very confident going to win that series, which I'm sure they are, you even think like you have a little more leeway.


Like, I'm not saying you would ever believe that starting flurry. You might lose the game and be down to one in the series. But you know that, like, this guy can give us a chance to win and get hot.


And worst case scenario, we go back to Leonard if he doesn't have it, do you know what I mean? And we can still win. So you're down to one year zone.


I mean, here's a prime example is why I would never make a good head coach, because this is one aspect of coaching where you don't want the goalie situation to fuck. You too much and you don't want to overthink it when in every single situation you wouldn't sleep a minute, I'm overthinking it. You're your coach.


I would be meant to be walking back for a fucking coin in my office before I had to write it on the goddamn game sheet. You know, I'd be like everyone calling a psychic or some shit.


All right. Who do you start next? Can I go back, Andre?


I mean, if I'm telling people using a two goalie system, llena, like I said, he wasn't it wasn't his best game. I mean, I don't think you're going to affect his confidence too much. He's a veteran. He's been around. He's buying into the two goalies then. And also he did, by the way, say that him and fly fly will laugh about it. Yeah. They both say they're good friends. There's no animosity about the short photo.


So, yeah, they they said they had a chuckle.


But yeah, if I'm if I'm the boy I'm going to throw throw my country out there, you know, I think he's earned it with his record.


OK, so if he throws Leonard back out there, are you going to be like, oh interesting.


I won't, I won't, I won't take either way. Either way, he's very I would say if he does throw lateral to you, I would tend to think maybe Len is more of the boys guy than. Yes. The two goalie system I guess is what.


OK, so this is just one game. Yeah, it's, it's really hard. But what do they have two losses in the playoffs, I believe.


As I said, I'm not even trying to make this a topic of discussion, but I know as a coach I'd be in one of those every time there was like a goalie controversy. I'd be overthinking it every time.


I can't believe you. Not you do that. All right. Hey, gang, Labor Day weekend is coming up and we know some you're going to be having a few pops this weekend, but everyone knows about a couple pop up. Everyone knows about the risks of driving drunk. You could get in a car crash, people could get hurt or killed. But let's take a moment to look at some surprising statistics. Almost twenty nine people in the United States die every day and alcohol impaired vehicle crashes.


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No. All right. Yeah. You believe that like. All right. Well, the next series, man, while it's these things flip on a dime, the Braund they beat Tampa game one three two tempos creep back in that game because like I said, there are a couple more minutes left that might have tied it up. Game to Tampa, one for three in O.T. We just saw game three today. Tampa put an absolute thumping on the Bruins to take a two one series lead.


They chased Halak. They put in Daniel Voda when it was four. One made no difference. Drop just lit them up today.


Just give away running running away with this bizarre what we talked about, that secondary scoring right now for Tampa and holy shit, they want to show they came to play Coleman.


He's the Superman goal about Bogosian. You think Bighorns giving a two double barrel after you go to the fucking Buffalo Sabres right now saying this is how you treated me. Now I'm fucking Bob. You're down in Tampa getting my glaze on.


Well, while we or Bogosian, he looked actually so friggin confident with the puck flying through the neutral zone, making that great play. And Coleman has a knack for scoring like just highlight real goal. Yeah. Superman goes. Yeah. Oh, is that the cape on them now on Superman goes. I'll go with that one. He's just made him and him in goodrow. They both have made a difference. We said that was kind of like what really has changed with this team I think.


And tonight's game, game three was just utter domination. I mean, that was the biggest show was having PTSD about the fucking coyotes getting bent.


I actually don't think it was that they did a little. Right.


Our chance. No, no, no. No one left off the OT's.


So, you know, you win that first game pretty easily as the Bruins did, or I wouldn't say easily, but they they get the job done. Then he changes, the lineup will corral. He gets hurt. That's a huge injury because Terrell Carelli is like a top five fourth liner in the league.


I feel like that guy is just an absolute. He's a. Motor, he helped set up the triangle that went exactly even as he made a six save on his stomach to get it back to the point, I believe, and then he ends up making the one touch pass over to Marshawn. So also, watch out for this Marshawn play crew goes to him back to Earth like a shot pass.


And he just he has it at his feet, knowing what you know, it's like, well, you ever play keeps his marbles. No. And you did like that. You know, the the birdie flyways or whatever you call it, it keeps these marbles whimsical.


Yeah. You know, you play keeps these for keeps. Oh.


You get to set your feet up around the thing where you can, you know. No, I never did play. You know what I'm talking about. I don't like talking about playing for keeps his. I didn't know that exact move.


You were talking some pretty flyways or something. They're called. I just know birds in the bush never went well anyway.


He basically traps the puck off the side of the net and directs it in. He's got his blade and that is to skate blades opened up and he traps it into the net. Right.


Easily is is is he brings his second even choke down and he'll know I will if it doesn't hit my stick.


My my feet are going to be right there. Ten and so it's funny today you said what I think. I thought that was the replay of the other night. So I Tampa, we said Tampa's deeper. That's why we thought they were going to move on. There's times in the series I thought Boston looked great, but they're going to need their first line if their first line doesn't go, it's tough.


And so I don't know how long Karalis Okafor, but that he changes that whole fourth line and what they bring, how many minutes they can play. So it's, it's a it's a series. We're also goaltending now.


Well that's what I was going to say. Goaltending again.


I would have seidner of la da la da la da da da da da da da da da da da da.


I thought they should have started. I think given given that line up like a young injection where all of a sudden they got to be a little bit more aware, tighten things up defensively, they don't play as loose as they maybe do with block in front of them.


And, you know, let's let's get this kid a win in his first start.


It just kind of gives a little bit of a morale boost in the locker room. Now, they didn't want to go with them and then you throw them in kind of in the fire and all of a sudden he gets lit up.


So who do you go back with?


You go back with the young guy where his confidence was stripped from them as opposed to in that situation there. I think you keep Hallock in the hallway and then give the young guy a fresh start. I throw him in that situation. Now, it's almost you got to go back with Harlock going back to the overthinking where I'm like, Yeah, but how many you scored on? Three. Three.


But yeah. And I think that a couple of them, he couldn't have done anything. I know he couldn't know, but I don't know what the fuck's going on in his head. Yeah.


Well we just have to mention, I think that they should start him because you don't want to you can easily be like our kid. That was that wasn't that wasn't the jet. You didn't you didn't get to go into the game knowing you were starting. Like, I don't think his confidence is shot by what happened because in his head, I would think as it goes. All right. Well, I didn't have I wasn't ready pre game.


It's just it's just it's it's a it's a totally different game. I know where he's at mentally. Halak actually gave up for the goals.


And I think he basically got his rest because they pulled him halfway through the game. So I would I would expect to see him next game. But yeah, because I understand, like, you want to get maybe a little bit of rest, stop the kid. But this kid has never played an NHL game before. That's a pretty tough fight to throw a kid. And so I like them. Coaches do it sometimes, but I don't know.


The reason I say that is because I don't think hillocks been particularly good. I think he's been very average.


The glove man, can't they just shoot a glove goes in.


You're in a back to back situation. That's the time to do it right there. You get the fresh legs in that. If if you know, if you deserve to win the game most of the time, if you have a competent guy between the pipes where you look at his numbers and Providence, he's no schlub. Like you said, he was a blow to two goals against average.


There's a one seven seven wasn't very good numbers. They were subtable, Gayo, and like, I think a nine three four spot. Very good numbers. Yeah.


So I think in a back to back situation where everybody's a little bit more fatigued, you get the upper hand in the Energy Department. Let's see what this guy can do. That's my opinion on it.


But on the on the goalie overthink or whisperer, if that's what you want to call me, should I put it on t shirt. Yeah, I fucking why not put no spit, no lube sandpaper finish because of my fucking yo. It's getting bent over. Not a first rounder, not a second rounder, not a third rounder in this upcoming draft and not a first and third of the next year.


I will say that for later. All right. I'm sorry. I'm all right. I'm going to be fucking first Bruins goalie to ever make is what did I say was his debut right in the playoffs, which I was shocked.


Yeah, I said I said I said to our you know, it's the first Bruins goalie to make his debut in the playoffs. And he goes, no, no, that wouldn't be the case. Like he thought I was asking him.


I'm like, no, no, no, no. It's up on the TV. I never would have guessed that I was with you. Yeah. Dog teams, as usual.


Barot one of those guys from Pat Regan. Brayton Point, I think, is the best player on the Tampa Bay Lightning, well, coaches who are off tonight, one and three, but point his ability on that breakaway, like just that.


It's like he is so low to the ground and so fast that I think it makes it easier for him to just cut back on a dime.


He had the assists tonight. Oh, my God. That between his legs.


Yeah, it's it's he he just dominates and then koocher off as well as when those guys are going it. And as you said in the middle of the game, that they they're doing this without Stamkos. Samour is I feel so brutal for him that he's not inexperienced. So he gets back in there. But this team's no joke. It's no joke. I don't know.


I don't know what the deal is on stammer.


I'm hearing as I'm sitting here and there's maybe an opportunity if they went to the finals, it sucks this guy, you know, for what he's given to the game and what he's put into it and how much he's put into that organization, it just seems like every important moment of, you know, of his career, he just happens to be injured. And it's like he's got the worst luck. And I hope if if they are able to get to the finals, he's able to play.


I do. That's would be a nice jolt. Oh, fuck.


Imagine that jolt in the locker room and the goose bumps on the boys for the one. So it just it sucks for now. But I think the way they look fuck guys, bees, bees are in trouble. That secondary scoring, we keep talking about it only gawd fuck that list goes on. Pallot He's the one who had the otti winner maroon banging away. They got a lot of good pieces so yeah, they're looking good.


That's where I thought the series would swing and it is right now. And like I said, Wesolowski was the other one. He's been outstanding. He's been just steady the whole playoffs. But going back to drop four goals, ten assists, fourteen points in just eleven games, Brayton Point, five goals, seven assists, ten games, those to lighten it up. So, yeah, he's got their work cut out for him, no doubt about.


Oh you forget the season Koocher I've had just because this year and what McDavid did and then Dwight sat with McDavid out and you know, got McKinnon and you know, I mean like he kind of it wasn't brought in. Tampa had their struggles. You didn't hear about them just because of what had happened the year prior. And he's making everyone remember that he was the most dominant player in the year, just dominant player in the league two years ago.


And I just love the fact that he is a miserable place that just he he's just he's always in the middle of something.


He's being smart about it this playoff, because if you go back to last one is a temple, he'll take in a game against Columbus.


I think he was suspended for either games game three or four. Yeah. But, you know, he's he's got a bit of a hot side, but he's been keeping under wraps. He drew I think he drew one or two penalties and in game three. So but he gets going from it. He gets he doesn't he doesn't shy away. It's like a little bit of a mental game to him. He's fucking like Jason Bourne out there.


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I'll tell you that it looks terrible.


I think there are five buttons he can do that.


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I place the other series. We're actually watching game three right now but the stars one up to two games to none. They beat up on the avalanche five two again Monday night after the five three beaten s.L and all that goal, because I know you want to talk about that. We'll get to that in a second.


But Dallas Blues. Three one right now, I don't know. Let's go to you with your take on this series. What do you like it right now?


I said downstairs that it's Dallas is heavier and we kind of have to get screwed over here because we've actually gotten screwed both ways because we had to pick our co. after they they lost their goalie.


And you know what I mean? We maybe were to just change that, but we were honest. And then now as I was talking up Dallas and now they just look heavier and just hold on, hold on to the puck longer and make life difficult. They're losing three. One could be for one. Oh, no. Didn't go so close to winning this game.


I don't that I don't I'm not surprised by it, but it also looks like they've kind of found a different a different level. And before it was just one line going, even one guy. And they've had just way more from everyone right off the bat. It was same way that Vancouver came out in game two. Colorado came out in game three. Listen, you know, we were we missed the first five minutes, but they've been holding onto it ever since.


Easily drawn power plays makes a huge difference because, you know, I don't you didn't get out on the ice for the PowerPoint Kostner two time All-Star.


I'm going back to the initial goal now. I don't have a problem. No, no, no. I don't have a problem with them calling it a goal because we eventually got the angle from if you're if you're looking into the zone, the right side of the blue line, basically that angle all the way to the far post. And finally we got that angle and it showed that Wendell made a crack at it. The pad backed up and I would say ninety ninety nine point nine percent of people would say, yes, that was a fucking goal.


Definitely cross the line. Now, the argument lies, did he push the pattern? My whole problem with the whole situation is the fact that and once again, I sometimes fumble the rules a little bit. The ref that called it a go on the ice.


Now, if anyone's seen the video or the way he rounds in that there's not a chicken, next chance that he saw that fucking puck go in, there's no way he can't see through his body. And then on top of that, we got that exact angle. So there's no way it could have been seen. You couldn't even see it from behind the net. Finally. And I saw it on Twitter. I didn't see it on the NBC feed.


So people might correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't see that angle. So I'm saying not only this guy not see it, but he called it a goal. But now they can't get any type of evidence that it didn't, in fact, go in.


So you'd have to like in order to reverse it. So finally, someone showed me that angle. It was a good goal. Some people were arguing that that's still, in fact, wasn't conclusive, but ultimately a very important time in the game. And the fact that the ref called it a goal on the ice, that's crazy.


Yeah, because there's no way he could have seen the puck go in. That's the problem. Right. So there needs to maybe be a rule change where it could be completely reversible then the fact that they can't prove that it went in the net.


No. Am I crazy here? No, not now.


I mean, you are for a different reason, but not. Yeah, there you go.


So if you think if you if it was called no goal, it wasn't called goal in the ice, you think it would have stayed? Not so in the midst of everything while watching the NBC feed, I couldn't get that angle until finally on Twitter after they'd already called it a goal. And they and they ruled that that was the original call on the ice. But they they said they said that it withheld, but I hadn't seen the other angle.


So I'm like, well, fucking the ref didn't see that puck go in. And I haven't seen an angle in which we've seen it go in. That's ridiculous that he called it a goal. And now what, you're going to get fucked? Because now that instead of it being three two, it's four two. But Lyndell was truthful. We saw the angle. It's over with, but it leaves questions on the Internet of people being like, well, what's going to be the eventual rule change right now?


Because the ref, the refs instinct was to call it a goal offline.


Dell's reaction because he clearly didn't see that fucking puck going. And I just think is what made him what caused them to do that. Lyndell reaction, the show, the sheer joy of scoring and the playoff. COLEMAN Well, right. So but now because he made that call in, though, he shouldn't have it should be up to video review to reverse it so widely, regardless of the original call in the ice.


So I think that a ref just doesn't make sense to me to to ever call a goal. Unless you're one hundred percent sure you saw that thing going, you're going to get it done on replay anyway. So what's the point in in on a play like that, making a decision where it's I don't necessarily know.


It's too close for me to call. So our overall the natural the point I'm making is if we're going to implement video replay on goals, it shouldn't be based off the original call in the ice. It should be strictly based off video. Did it cross the line or not to can you prove it? Because in that case, he called the goal. And if they wouldn't have end up having that angle, which they finally did, they wouldn't have been able to prove it.


So people could think, oh, this is ridiculous that we're even talking about this, but people online were generally like, well, fuck, it's a goal because it was originally called that on the ice. And that still isn't an angle where you can prove and the argument lies, well, did he pushed his fucking pad in the net and did he have that angle in order to even challenge at to begin with? I can't think of replay and not jump back.


We just forgot to mention the Bruins lightning. That changeup right there was offsides.


Yeah, well that's going back on it to.


Yeah but you can totally understand, understand the argument on that side too. It's like that didn't have anything to do with the play.


It's just it just makes it so tough when you have you have certain reviews and certain replays and it drives me nuts. Sometimes I maybe it is over overall. Better for the game.


But some of these things that you see. And end up, you know, having to deal with, like the consequence of it looking so easy when it's slowmotion, 50 percent of people who listen to this podcast would say it's ridiculous that you could even review the fact that Coleman was it on the Coleman goal that I don't think point was out and it was in our point wasn't out.


And it was like it was literally by a toenail and nowhere near the pop, nowhere near the pocket.


It's just like, oh, well, it wasn't offside. The people are like, this is fucking ridiculous that we're slowing up the game for this kind of stuff. Yeah. Where it was completely irrelevant.


I just thought of that because we were talking, you know, so different. We've rambled on enough. We're we're rambling either way.


Huge game for Colorado tonight. They need this one to get right back in the series. Nate, the MacKinnon's got one assist us by Paul has nineteen points lead the postseason. I mean he's just a treat every night and we stroke Nate off all the time. He's out but not for Nate right now but we can't struck them off enough. Gruppo is still out. No Eric Johnson. He got replaced by Kevin Connaughton. Obviously a drop off there. But Colorado, they're getting it done right now, so hopefully they'll make a series out of it.


Actually, we haven't mentioned our guest yet. We're not bringing him on right quite yet. But we have son of rock and roll royalty who went on to become metal royalty himself, Jay Weinberg. He's the son of Max Weinberg, of course, the drummer of the E Street Band. What Bruce Springsteen. We talked to him a little while, actually, just about a week or two. A huge hockey fan, huge hockey fan. He's got some unreal stuff.


Again, we got to him in a little bit. I just want to mention that first got a couple of news& notes to get to. Defenseman Mike Green retired after fifteen NHL seasons. He broke one of the caps, spent a decade in DC before he signed Detroit as a free agent. He actually ended his last two games of his career with Edmonton after a deadline deal. And then he did opt out. He didn't want to go the bubble.


One hundred and fifty goals, three hundred and fifty one assists and eight hundred eighty games also became somewhat of a fashion legend best when he wrote his best in his slippers to his practice on the HBO show.


Twenty four seven. Remember the road still went that classic he was. He became there with thirty two goals one year didn't he.


And he did so with the I want to see the eastern styles and that was the year where they I think they won the Presidents Trophy.


They were like far above the best team in the league and he like I said, he had thirty two goals and then they were in the midst of playoffs. And I want to say in the second round he ran out of eastern Stultz. It completely fucked up. Remember that and play with the new sticks and we constantly talk about these new players that they always adapt to the new one coming out. Don't get too wrapped up in the same Twigg because some of these guys don't like, you know, by two or three hundred of them.


And next thing you know, you're running out four years down the road and you just you can't get it off the same.


And I remember that that happened to him. But overall, an unreal career. I played under 18 with him in Yaroslavl, Russia, and he helped us win a gold medal. And yeah, I just thought, congratulations on a great 15 years.


So I think I've said before 05, 06, I started the year in. The minors got called up, put the rest of the year in Pittsburgh, my rookie year, you know, we didn't make the playoffs.


We were we were terrible. So they sent a bunch of us down for the playoffs. Right. One bridge, Bridgeport in game seven. It's one of those where you're in the NHL.


You're you're like, do I want to win this game?


I scored in game seven. No, thanks. I guess I really did want to win deep down.


So I just so I, I figured I were on to the second and made a good team. We, we met her, she that was Green's rookie year.


Probably played the whole year. I was like who is this guy is now floating around out there.


And don't forget Mike Green through enormous hits. Now you kill guys in the middle of the ice sometimes. Chronicle was a couple of years. He was the number one. I mean, he was the number one offensive defense when that that was just quarterbacking the power play. He had this sick shot. No, maybe part of it was the stealth, but great career. Congratulations. Fifteen years.


Loredo, Lauderdale, he got paid. Let's check out our career earnings, Mike. Well, let me guess. Let me guess.


I've been this these are the things he's been crushing it for. You can't try to do the math in your head. I'm getting a headache watching your jaw.


I'm going to do that for fifty million. I was going to say I was going to say I was going to say sixty five. Sixty sixty seven boys.


Oh my. Oh thank you. Ching's Christ.


Gruner Chouchane.


He's already got the TV teeth on him too. He's got the movie Gypsy Stallion. I think he's got that at that, that he looks like he's going to be in like a motorcycle ride magazine.


It looks so bad with a big mess. Oh yeah. I think he's upgraded since that was hilarious. Yeah. This fucking slip isn't like you just rolled out of bed, went to practice on a vessel.


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We're just kidding, Chaser. That's what we do when we want a guy to feel what we do. We like busted. Yeah. Just don't go to H.R., the guy that nobody's talking to.


Yeah, exactly. We got of Vladimir Tarasco update, according to GM, Doug Armstrong, he said, quote, He's going to go back and have more surgery next week. It's serious in the sense that he won't be with us and be reevaluated after five months. After the day of the surgery, Appellee, Andy Strickland chimed in on Twitter. I would anticipate I anticipate, Vlad TerraCycle getting multiple opinions on his shoulder before undergoing a third surgery. With the season start date in question, he only made this a month or two.


So, you know, he's going to get another opinion, but he stresses that that's OK. So that was a tough loss as a as a guy who's been through a lot of surgeries.


You come out of surgery and you're so nervous and you're so hopeful that everything will get back to normal and you'll be completely fine again.


And most of the time it will. But there's always that sense of doubt. To come back and then need to go back in again like it didn't work, that is so mentally painful and hard to deal with and scary because, all right, now we're thinking that what happens if this one doesn't work and it's just natural thought process where you put in all this work and then you realize, oh, my God, that whole thing was for nothing because it's still fucked up.


So maybe he did need both things that are going on. And you just would have thought, though, if it was something that they would have seen it when they were in their right.


That happens.


It's well and on to boot. Like you're you're going through five months of recovery. Right. And then now you've got to go back into that. And you talked about the mental grind of going to rehab all the time and the mental grind that that could have on some guys who have never experienced that, like you just don't know. Right.


So and let's just hope it gets better. And I mean, his shot is that's that's what makes him so special. I think he could just have risks like he does risk that like that Popeyes.


We need the shoulder from the truck people. So. Well, let's hope he gets better. That's such a big piece to that team. And it was obvious they missed him come playoff time for a while.


He's the portion of it, no doubt. Also, it's been confirmed Claude Julien will be back behind the Canadians bench next season. Of course, he had heart surgery, a heart attack. I'm not sure exactly. They classified it. He did have a stent put in. We just know I think we said it before. I just want to send the best out. I love the guy. He was great here in Boston. I know a lot of Boston fans love him.


He's been great Montreal. And, you know, we always talk about everyone's health comes first. And, you know, the guy had a situation, had to leave the bubble and, you know, you had forty years ago is a hot problem. The whole family would shit their pants now the hot medicine. And so the technology has been unreal. So things, you know, as nervous as they might have been eight years ago. So it's nice to hear he's doing well, though.


Well, yeah.


And I and I think it's fair to mention the fact of the amount of like and I'm not saying this is you can attribute all that to this, but the amount of pressure that these NHL coaches are under all the time with, like, you know, either so many things you have to worry about. It's all your players.


You know, we're going to start with what goal you're going to start. But just like, you know, like there's a lot of media pressure in order to perform, especially for him in Montreal. So take the take all the time. You need your house important. And FOCA, like I said, sometimes you don't know how many hours these guys are at the rink. You know, they're watching video nonstop. They're traveling the way they are and everything they have to deal with.


So hopefully gets better soon and get back to doing what he loves.


Yeah, closer to that bus, he close on the good ones. Still, not that I was a daily beat guy, but, you know, when I was still barstool, he's a guy. He just treat everyone respect like I know some goofballs in this town gave him shit, but just a great guy. I think everybody who works with him or works around them likes you, just a genuinely good person. So we want to wish him the best.


Detroit they re up forward. Robby Fabbri, two year five point nine dollars million deal just under three million dollar average annual value. Kapit what what we talk about injuries.


You know, everyone knows about his ACL history and now he's getting a little he's making some money, which he deserves. And I think when he got to Detroit, he get to play a bigger role than in St. Louis. You know, they were so deep he never really got to experience for a second nine minutes. He didn't Detroit he played awesome. Deserves the money. And I think a guy like that, that's a great sport. We're I don't think that team is going to be very good for a little while.


And so maybe he's not a first line on a Stanley Cup winning team, but he gets to, you know, grow, maybe turn into one, but in Detroit, grow with a team that's going to be young and maybe hopefully just stick it out there, you know, get to two year deal, continues to play well, maybe has a great year next year. They re up on that summer. You never know how how is a good golf track, but he's just a very it's a good contract.


And if you're happy for anyone that get that get, you know, a deal, I feel like it comes up every fifty episodes where we talk about that first experience.


We had him at St. Louis Blues Camp. Yeah.


And stuff like yeah he was just making plays out there and you're like, wow, this this guy's like this guy might be up for the Caulder. Yes. And and just injury plagued. And now he's in a spot where, like you said, he's going to be in a top six role and maybe that team's not going to be the best for the next couple of years given the fact they have to rebuild. But he's going to get those reps and we're going to find out exactly if you can get to that level of what we expected when we saw him in St.


Louis. Now that he's going to get the opportunity playing top six minutes in the NHL with the fucking Detroit Red Wings. So go get it, buddy. You were a stud when you came in.


We also had a deal since last episode. The Penguins acquired forwards Caspari captain and Pontus Högberg in defenseman. Yes, but lingering from the Leafs in exchange for Evan Rodriguez, David was Trotzky, Felipe Hollander and the twenty twenty first round pick captain on the pick. Obviously the big components of the deal in this business and he had some input on this. I mean, Capitán hasn't proven that he can play top sex all the time, like he's still got a lot to prove and everybody always uses the whole term like, oh, well, you know, look at how many players you can just throw acid and all of a sudden they're good.


And it's just like, well, I mean, soccer was a player beforehand. Everybody seems to use Guenzel as an example, which is a fair one. He really excelled when he played with said, but he's proven he can do it time and time again. Whereas, you know, when you look at Kappen in his time in the top six in Toronto, he just he hasn't produced he hasn't proven that he can sustain more than like a three, four game period.


I don't know if it's the mind frame. I don't know if it's if he needs a change of scenery. But to me right now, he's a he's a solid third liner who doesn't necessarily have the best intangibles.


So it's, you know, side speed. I think they're hoping for a major upswing when they when they get him over in Pittsburgh. And I think right now, at this point, given what we've seen from Capitán, I like this trade for the Leafs. I think it's a good move from Dubus.


And it's interesting to see if freeing up some dough for maybe a certain St. Louis blues defenseman.


I don't know. That's the rumor right now, but that's the rumor mill. It would be a good signing. Well, you can't say that you see the money, the money on it. But talk about a guy that the Toronto Maple Leafs could use. Sure. Yeah. OK, well, see, there's a lot of funny memes about it out there.


I know I retweeted a few of them, like I love memes, but what else were we talking about there quickly? Oh, Captain. Now, what do you think about them?


I think that there's times he looks like he could be a world leader and he could play the top two lines and then it never last. No. And there's games.


He has a couple goals or he'll score a goal. You're like, what?


I don't think there's a there's not a million. There's a lot of guys in the league who have moments of brilliance and they're just that's it. Make the grade so great, the consistency in doing it all the time. And some guys have it for twenty five games. And the rest of the way it's it's not always there, it's just it's such a deal breaker in terms of what you're going to get. Like if you think that guy could play with said I mean Kurnitz went and he.


Had you ever heard of him. He had sixty get sixty points one year in Anaheim. Well, like he wasn't he didn't come over and I didn't make him, you know, so he had some younger guys that have played well, but they go on and you tell these guys are legit players. So it's not just like I said, can make this guy an amazing thirty goal scorer. He'll make it easier for him to have it. But if he has got to be able to play the game a certain way and we haven't really seen if he can consistently do it, that was the other example.


He made that strong. What are they?


Freedoms Square, only three point two million the next two years. So you need a lot more to make a big signing. Yeah, but it's a piece. No, it's yeah, it's a start. No doubt about moving. You know, he did have twenty goals last season. So, you know, I mean, playing with a guy like Geno said that could easily go to thirty like he said.


So because I know you want to mention the NBC coverage and lack of replays, like, you know, we watch the Bruins game early. There's a big head on collision. Yeah. Outside the blue, lockable, thumped out. Alex, go on. And we never got to replay. That was just one thing you want to bitch about. I don't know if it wasn't they couldn't get that particular one because then I talked about the replay on that goal from that angle that they seem to get on the Canadian feed.


Now, once again, I may have missed it on the NBC feed, but I kept watching for all these different replays and I don't think I saw it. So I don't know if they've been missing some shit and they're just not getting the proper angles. And when anything physical happens are being asked not to reshow it.


But it's just like, holy shit, man. Like, I'm not saying I need a lot of violence, but if there's a big fucking hit in the playoffs, show me the big fucking hit. Yeah, that's enough's enough out of the game.


You know, it's a fair complaint.


The Canadian feed is so much better and it's not the rip on NBC. But if in fact they're holding the court on court, violence of the big gets back. Well, fuck off. Show me that. What is the other explanation? What somebody who's missed that. All the talk.


Yeah, it was an enormous hit right in the middle of the play. And and you don't even see it again. How do you miss that?


The only way you would miss that is if the person doing that job doesn't know anything about hockey, which is that could that be that's maybe maybe too many distractions in the bubble.


How that's to the mean. You think it'd be like they they'd kind of want the people to understand the game a little bit. They're the ones deciding what replays we get to see. No, I don't like crazy. Ask NBC cycles a lot. They'll they'll take people from the Olympics and put them in the hockey and like, that's how they do their thing at NBC. It's a very like moving pieces, imagining that I was the guy that like, you know, they hire some like me to do the replays for, like the Tour de France.


I don't know anything. And they're like, you get them passing them on like, no, dude, I didn't get the fan running beside a weapon on his car.


Just like I got the crowd. I got the crowd. Did you get them?


But chucking the wine beside him on the side of the. No, you didn't. OK. Oh, OK. It's a French read. Yeah, well, that's all I got.


Anal chugs.


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Hey, that's me take that's what you take the tarragon to anal for the disability. Yeah. What are you doing to my salivary gland. Oh, my goodness. Thrill's. What do you say we send it over?


Our pal Jay Weinberg. We have gone to the interview yet.


No, he awesome. How fucking long have we been going. We're fucking live with it. It's been a while now. Can one in the morning. I played thirty six holes today. Let's go to Lineberger.


We haven't even talked yet. Oh my goodness. All right.


We're going to central Jay Weinberg right now.


Enjoy. Well, our next guest is played in front of giant sold out venues while wearing a mask, and he's played some gold in his day, but just not at the same time. He's a big guy who likes to thrash around his drum kit while working his day job for the band Slipknot. It's a pleasure to welcome to the show our very first heavy metal drummer, Jay Weinberg. Thanks for joining us, Jay. All right. Thanks for having me.


So are you in Nashville right now? I know you moved down there, didn't you?


I am, yeah. I've been here for about five years. I grew up in New Jersey and I moved down here, you know, kind of like from one hockey loving place to another. And and. Yeah, but I've been been down here for about five years. That's what I wanted to ask you.


A Devils fan as a kid used to have season tickets. Now you live in Nashville. It's hard not to get sucked into that whole Nashville thing. I know I've seen you with a Predators jersey. So you watch sports bigamous. Now, who are you rooting for? What's going on lately?


Yeah, well, I you know, I wasn't expecting I wasn't expecting to get, like, wrapped up in kind of the pres mania. It really happened. I mean, I kind of moved down here right at the perfect time. I supposed to become a fan. And also, I mean, really getting into hockey at the time that I did, being a Devils fan, like, I've kind of lucked out in some ways, you know, being being a fan of these teams, but coming down here in like twenty, fifteen or so, you know, the team was really just starting to pop off and all of a sudden it just they started to become this contender.


And it was really exciting to watch. I didn't really know much about the predators at all. I had stopped playing hockey back when I was in high school. We can get into all of that. But but I kind of like I was at this juncture where I was playing, it was either kind of, you know, be half assed at hockey and music or commit myself to one or the other. And I you know, I ended up pursuing playing music all the time.


And it was around the time that there was the lockout had happened in 2004. So I had kind of like my attention was drawn elsewhere.


And it took me moving to Nashville to really like all of a sudden now there's this team that's popping off like crazy that people didn't expect necessarily. And then, of course, with the, you know, the cup run that they made, that was completely insane. And, you know, being here and seeing how the team completely transformed this city is pretty wild. And it was it was kind of magnetic at the time that I that I moved down here.


You know, you kind of fell back in love with the game. I mean, you got you get to an area where you saw how big it was and it was just it just became important again. And the second part of the question is you got drums in your bedroom, dude. Like, I'll be like a hockey player having his gear next to his bed. You just ripped the drums when you get up in the morning.


Well, you know, it sucks living with neighbors and playing loud ass music with, you know, big drums and cymbals and stuff. You can't really play the kind of music that I want to fall for. So I have you know, I have a great tool, you know, this this electronic drum set behind me. And that's kind of been what I have that on the road. Actually, we're fortunate. We travel around and we have kind of like a mobile studio that we're always playing in throughout the day when we're on tour.


And so if I can't have my, you know, loud ass drum set and my neighbors will get mad at me if I'm wailing away on that, at least I have this that I can, like, keep my chops up on. And and that's been a lot of what I've been doing lately is just like playing, you know, because I don't actually even have my my real drum set like here. I have no place to play. So, you know, when when we're forced to not play shows because of what we're all enduring, it's been a huge help to do this stuff that, like, you can't even hear it downstairs.


Is that the reason you moved to Nashville? I know it's a massive music scene. I think people assume it's just mostly country, but it's all over the map, right?


Yes. I you know, I needed to like a change of scenery coming from New Jersey and it'll always be home for me. But I knew people from here. There's a lot. Yeah, I know it gets a lot of a rap of, like, you know, it's it is a huge country, you know, in pop kind of place. But it there's like a really rad hard rock heavy metal, punk rock kind of scene here, which which really, you know, brought me in and a lot of like a lot of tour production kind of family.


People are here. You know, there's a popular tour called the Vans Warped Tour that I had done years ago. And a lot of people that work on the tour actually live in and around Nashville. So it was a place that I wanted to come to where I was like, OK, I know people down here really didn't know much other than like I had played in Nashville a couple of times and have my, like, favorite spots that I'd like it out on tour or whatever like that.


But I never really spent that much time until I moved down here. But quickly, just like fell in love with the place. I mean, like, you guys have been down here and just seeing what you know, what what an amazing city it can be. And it's like instantly you get that vibe when you come here.


It's hard not to like the women are beautiful. Great live music. Good. Hours, and now they got an elite sports team who just got their asses handed to them by the by the coyotes. Now, I don't know if you saw the picture online. This guy was on top of the painted car, the coyotes painted car, and he was smashing it with the sledgehammer. Yeah, I think you have it having your car, by the way.


Yeah, you're welcome. So you have to eat your words a little bit, of course, being a hardcore Reds fan.


I thought so. I thought, all right. So, you know, yeah. I thought I might have to eat crow on that one. And that's fair. I mean, that was a that was a tough series to watch. I don't think you'd get any different answer from any other fan that that was.


Yeah, but. Oh, Don, though, I think game one, you guys could have challenged the Avs a touch bit more than the way that they did.


So let's not necessarily let it get too big. That just came off the worst performance I've ever seen. Very fair.


So the connection to the podcast is you reached out when Gomez came on and of course, you said you lived in New Jersey. You actually got to hang out with quite a few of the players. And that's probably where your love for hockey escalated.


Is that it was? Yeah. It was such a crazy story that, like, you know, I never connected with any sport other than hockey, really still. But when I was like nine years old, my dad, who you guys might be familiar with, play drums for the Conan O'Brien TV show. He's played for Bruce Springsteen for the last 40 something years. So not a big deal.


So he had gotten I was probably like eight or nine at the time, you know, struggling with trying to find a sport that I wanted to do, like baseball or soccer or something like that. And he had gotten asked by the New Jersey Devils like, hey, you know, we know you're in New Jersey. And there was some kind of like pre-season intramural, you know, red red team was white team kind of, you know, pre-season sort of thing.


And they wanted some kind of like like celebrity coaches or something for for one of the teams. So they asked him to do it. And I had never been to a hockey game. None of my family had ever really been to a hockey game. And he was like, yeah, all right, I'll do it. Can I bring, you know, can I bring my son? And and so they they let him bring me. And I remember very distinctly I was on the bench when when this whole thing was happening and Sheldon Sawrey came up, I was sitting right on the bench and all of a sudden he comes up and he's like coming over the border and his skate almost comes and like, takes off my head.


And that kind of that kind of instantly, like, drew me into hockey was that like I can I could get my head literally, like, chopped off my. So that's why you're in Slipknot.


Yeah, right. Actually, there's a lot of parallels with that. Like I you know, this band that, like, I felt was going to like, eat me or something like that. If I didn't if I didn't come to every show. And then lo and behold, I ended up joining years later. But but yeah, that's where that's where it all started, was like was that. And then we ended up coming to more games and stuff.


And my whole family got into it like my my mom. She didn't want to go to a hockey game. She didn't really she wasn't really into it. But we brought her to a game. And I remember like some deflected shot came like out of play and launched right. For, like, square between her eyes and the guy right in front of us, some guy right in front of us to put up his hand and palm. This deflected shot it like broke his hand with that guy, though.




And easily saved my mom's life at this hockey game. So she was roped in just like I was like, oh, my God. Like anything can happen in this sport is ridiculous. So that's where that began, you know, and that was in like nineteen ninety nine, I think. So what a time to become a, you know, a New Jersey Devils fan.


Make you sign the sticker. So fucker, you set it.


By the way, if that story finished off, would you say your mom took one in the forehead? I was going to beat you guys. Guys got to get off the board.


And then she became the lead singer, right? Right. Exactly. Yeah. That guy who broke scene was like, what's your last name?


Oh, can I get a front row tickets for the next 80 for Springsteen toys us.


So so yeah. To to add to that, you know, the story about how I reached out to you guys originally was I was listening to the the Scott Gomez story. And as I was listening, I was like, oh my God, he's telling this story exactly how I remember. And I was ten years old back when that. You know, I'm sure your listeners remember his story about going to the Bruce Springsteen show. I love that he got dragged like he didn't want to go.


I love that he didn't want to go. But but yeah. Like, they had just won the Stanley Cup and we had been getting friendly with those guys and stuff. And they played one they played the the band played one show, the old Continental Airlines Arena and and like Candan. Cold brought the Stanley Cup to the to the show. We were all hanging out with them. That was great. And then a bunch of guys came to to Madison Square Garden.


And I think they played the garden like the next week or something. So then Gomez and Bobby Holyoak, Marty all came and it was it was insane. We ended up I was I was texting you. I was like, dude, I got it. I got to tell you, the rest of the story that he left out was that we ended up playing like an hour of street hockey on the loading dock at Madison Square Garden with guys like who are totally off the clock.


But they ended up, you know, playing this full on street hockey game with like 10 year olds. But they were like breaking a sweat. And I think I was on Scott's team and we ended up winning what he called the Stanley tag. You just grabbed the that was like, you know, by the loading dock. And he's like, knocked him in over my head and it was madness.


But, you know, yeah. That must have been so cool for you to go through that. Who was the most competitive out of all the players?


I think Bobby I think Bobby whole league might have been the most competitive. He was definitely like throwing checks to like 12 year old kids.


That was pretty incredible to receive like a Bobby wholely check. That was kind of incredible. Jay, you played goaltender.


How did you end up in the pipes? I always say it's usually an older brother that he's not sorry if you don't listen to this fucking nutjob, Marty Brodeur, short of street hockey ball out of his face and he threw a Skillshare.


Adam, catch this kid.


Yeah, I you know, I had always been drawn to to the goaltender. I think in the same way, maybe subconsciously, that I've always been drawn to, like, the being the drummer in a band like this. I think there's something to be said like the the drummer is usually the weird guy in the band and the goalie is usually the weird guy on the team, you know, so so there was something about it. I think honestly, I started because I wasn't that great of a skater and I was like, OK, well, I'll just like stay here the whole game.


And then look, you know, I found out that you have to be up and down and all. You have to basically be one of the best skaters on the team. I didn't know that when I started being a goalie, but part of it was that, you know, that, yeah, the pressure that I that I really enjoyed from the you know, from playing. And I thought that was like the most high pressure situation you could put yourself in on the ice.


And and. Yes, and some about it resonated with me. And I think then taken that and, you know, that ended up translating to being a drummer. You know, like I think if you have a if you have a shitty drummer, your band's probably going to suck. And if you have a shitty goaltender, your team's probably going to suck. So that's kind of, you know. Yeah. So that's the comparison.


You would say the drummer's the goaltender of the team. One hundred percent.


Yeah. Why is that for people who don't know music. Well, I definitely feel like the pressure's on when you know when, when you're trying to. I think as a drummer, if you're if you're not holding shit together, there's no way you could have you know, you can have the best guitar players and best singers and everything like that. But if your drummer is not holding it together, it's just not you're not going to make that great music sound like shit.




And I think I think if you're you know, if you're working in a similar way from a hockey standpoint, you know, if you're working out from the crease, you could have a team full of studs playing. But if your goal is just letting everything in, it's not going to work.


I'd like to see I'd like to see a break away challenge between R.J. and Jay right now. You can get a good score tomorrow.


I mean, you know, probably if I close my eyes and take it, I can hide it. We could try.


I still I still play a little bit. I still you know, it's something that I haven't completely pull away, so I might be able to hold my own.


So we know you're crazy. So would you take a Shea Weber shot from the blue line? Would you would you stand in front of that? Oh, my God. Maybe, maybe to like God, that strikes me as like maybe the red line push back to the red line, maybe I would just say that I could that I that I.


But that's like one of those guys, you know, that was like tough guys that just want to be shot in the shoulder just to say that they got shot or something like that. Like that much of a taser.


All right. Think I want to get his head cut off. So he played hockey, right?


Exactly. The animal in that I'm going to get you in a bad position so you can wear a Slipknot Slipknot mask and warm ups.


If I can if I can sign up for that, I would love to Nashville's Ebor guy right here. We could change this.


You'd probably be wearing a bondage outfit in the bubble, considering there's no clothing rules they took out. The players aren't wearing suits. You say it's not the gift.


No, that's just not for the game. Yeah. Look, look like the average Joes uniforms before they got there. Real ones in dodgeball.


So I'm curious. No, I'm sorry. I'm curious.


I feel like everyone would think like your father, this legendary drummer all these years with Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, like he he may be taught you at a young age how to play drums, but you didn't start playing till you were fourteen years old and just kind of came natural to you.


Yeah, he kind of wanted me to find it out for myself. Kind of like the way he found it out for himself, you know, like that was never and honestly that to his, to his, you know, my parents credit, they they just wanted me to find out what I wanted to do. And they didn't see hockey come in like they didn't see that as like, oh, he's going to want to be a hockey player. But there was nothing like, no, you shouldn't play hockey.


You should focus on, you know, becoming a drummer like me. That was never anything. They just saw what I was passionate about. And I didn't show a passion for playing drums until yeah, till I was like fourteen. And I really discovered the instrument. And then it was like then they just wanted me to foster that interest and be like, OK, he wants to play drums twenty five hours a day. Like we you know, let's let's get behind that.


And we never had any conversations. Like he never sat me down and gave me lessons because I was playing drums to get away from school like I didn't want to have extra school after school. So he just he just let me play along to my Ramones records and my Metallica records. And just as long as I was working hard at it and was having fun, he was like, hey, that's that's you know, that's what I did. So I want to foster that for for you.


So that's kind of you know, it's pretty laissez faire with that, you know, Jair, a drum kit and a drum set, the exact same thing.


Yeah. Yeah.


Get anything I wrote down Kit and when you call it a sound, I felt like an asshole afterwards. I thought I butchered it. But I want to get into that a little bit now. Slipknot like so that was a band used to go to the concerts when you were ten years old and pretend to be one of the members. Does that famous picture you and your dad, and then you recreated it years later when you became a member of the band.


How wild was that? Take us through that whole journey from literally being a fan of a band to becoming a member of that band.


Really crazy. And, you know, it was something that happened, of course, gradually over time, just being friends with the guys. I mean, the first heavy metal show that I ever went to was a Slipknot show. They to give a little background to the story. They came on the Conan O'Brien show and they were promoting their first album back in either ninety nine or two thousand. And and they came on and instantly my dad was like, oh my God, this band is insane.


They were these crazy mass and these outfits, this music is out of control. Like my nine year old son is going to love this. And and so they were like, yeah, hey, any time you in the family want to come out to a show, you guys should come out. So the next summer they were about to put out their second album and they were on the Ozzfest tour. So I'm ten years old and I go to Ozzfest for the first time and I go see Slipknot and Slayer and Ozzy Osborne and this and that.


And my mind was blown wide open. And but it was cool because, you know, we struck up a friendship with these guys and my mom didn't want to sign off on it. She was like, this is not good for my kid, but she got to meet the guys and was like, hey, you know, they're just they're they're artists.


This is their art. They're cool guys. They're all you know, they're they're all family, man. And I can I can get behind my son listening to this crazy music. And so so. Yeah. And, you know, I just started doing my homework on this music and learning all that I could about it, where where these bands come from, what inspired them and this and that. And all the while, you know, they would come to town once a year, maybe a couple of times a year.


And every time they saw me, I'd be, you know, a little bit taller. I'd be a little bit more knowledgeable about this kind of music. And then, you know, like thirteen years later. So fast-Forward, I ended up filling in for my dad with Bruce for a period of time and then, you know, went off and played in a bunch of different bands. And then the circumstance happened where they needed a drummer. They they asked me and I didn't even know it was them, really, but they they're kind of family asked me like, hey, can you come out here and audition for a band?


And they didn't tell me what it was. But I you know, I flew out to California and I got a phone call. Just get out here and audition for some band. It turned out to be them. And then, you know, the next day we were working on what became the first Slipknot record that I played on. But, yeah, it was a you know, it was just out of our friendship that we had started 13 years before that when I was like 10 years old and they just took a shot in the dark side of their, you know, their friend that they had seen grow up in this kind of music community, give him a shot.


And, you know, thankfully, it worked out.


Was that the first time you'd ever experienced the creative process in making an album or already at that point, had they had a lot of the songs and tracks laid out?


We was kind of somewhere in the middle with, you know, it wasn't it was definitely my first experience on that level of like I mean, my experience making records at that point was like, OK, well, we have all these songs. It'll will probably take us like a week or two weeks to, you know, to record this. I thought at the beginning, if I was fortunate enough to continue playing with these guys, I was like, all right, this is going to be a long process.


It'll probably take us like a month or two months. And then I'm taking like seven or eight months to record that album just because, you know, so many guys, nine guys in the band and a lot of stuff happening where it takes a lot of time to get it right, you know, but kind of stuff.


Oh, just, you know, not I mean, just the hard work in the studio. No crazy or anything. I mean, rock stars. You said there's nine of you in the band like that. Would I mean, you know, we've seen the stories laid out. I mean, there's documentaries about it. There's a lot of egos involved that that high of a level not saying that's the case in your band, but to to keep that many guys focused on one creative process would be very difficult.


I think it's all rooted in just the music, you know, and I think it was cool because like they knew that I knew the music that they were making, you know, because I had been a fan since almost the beginning, you know, so they knew coming into it that I would have the right mentality that they were like, OK, this guy gets where we come from. And so coming into that process, our guitar player, Jim Root, he had written quite a bit of material on his own.


And so it's kind of like I had a template, basically, you know, we they asked me to to get in a room and play their back catalog, which we did. And then they were like, OK, he can hang with our old songs tomorrow. Let's see if he can hang with some of our new material. So he had a couple of demos that that he was working out. And and and so they threw me in a room with a drum set.


I played what I could to to that. And then it ended up being like a month and a half or something like every day. A new song. I'd listen to it in the morning, go into the studio and just lay down drums on it all day. And they threw that at me for, like, you know, about a month and a half or so before we actually started, like tracking our record. So it's a lot of, like, record, listen to it, rerecord it, spend another week on it, rerecord that kind of you know, a lot of that stuff it takes takes time to get it right.


But so, yeah, I was kind of coming in in this interesting moment of working on that album. And then we got to the point where we were actually like building stuff out, like from scratch, just like, OK, let's go into that room and hopefully come out with a couple of songs. So we ended up doing that for that record, toured on that for a couple of years. And then after that we ended up spending like three years before, like writing our album that we put out last summer.


And that was like the a fully immersive, like collaborative project that was probably a step further than than the record we had done before that. Well, now you are describing all that. Yeah, your first I don't know, however, several weeks or months and then you kind of start a secret identity for a while, given your state performance.


You wear a mask that you feel like kind of like a luchador like of those Mexican wrestlers for a bit because nobody knew who you were when you were performing.


I think I think we had a lot of fun with it. The band had a lot of fun with it because, yeah, it is an interesting dichotomy where, you know, where guys who can keep relative anonymity through that. So, you know, when you're changing with a band that was at that point in time, almost 20 years into its existence, you know, you want and a new record coming out, you want the focus to be on the music?


Understandably so. You know, you don't necessarily want the chatter to be about like, OK, here's this new guy and here's his history. Here's how you can learn up on him. It's just like, you know, we've got new music, we've got a new record. Pay attention to that. You'll find out who this guy is later. And that was kind of the you know, that was that was how we approached the beginning of touring in support of that record.


And I thought it was done with, you know, taste and class, like a lot of the stuff that because I have been a fan of the band wanting you know, I remember the band's third record that came out in 2004. They kept it really under wraps. And I was I was kind of trying to do my sleuthing of trying to find a leak somewhere. And they never they never let up until the day it came out, you couldn't hear a single thing about the album.


And I thought that mystique was really interesting, which is hard to come by these days. You can't keep anything under wraps. So so I think it was you know, it was nice to be able to, you know, give the fans I mean, really piss them off because, you know, everybody was kind of impatient. But but yeah, I thought it was it was pretty classy and tasteful the way we did it. I think you buried the lead a few minutes ago.


You kind of casually mentioned playing with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. I would just let our audience know this is when your dad when you were young, he was started off with Conan O'Brien because Bruce being on hiatus at the time, they reunited in ninety nine and your dad's schedule, they were bumping heads between Conan and the boss. They needed someone to fill in. In you, 18 years old, you only played a couple of songs you played on, told them in Europe.


How how was that man, 18 years old, playing with one of the biggest bands in the world? And not because you're someone's kid, because you're competent and you're good at it. Because Bruce wouldn't. Yeah. For nepotism reasons. So, like, tell us take us through that. How the hell was that?


I was completely insane. And I didn't I didn't expect for that to happen. But the stars aligned in that way that just like it was one of those right places at the right time kind of kind of things.


I was the last kid of all the people in the band after the band had kind of split up in eighty eight. All the guys in the band kind of had kids and went on to do other things. Then they got back together and in ninety nine, like you said, and you know the kids in the band, my sister actually included, she would get up, she got up a couple of times and played keyboards with them and, and all the kids had kind of gotten up and played a guitar and stuff like that.


I was the last one who had never gotten on stage to do anything because I was, like, deathly afraid of it. If I was messing up on the drums, you can't just, like, pull me down in the mix and stuff. It'd be catastrophic. But so I had finished high school and and that summer they were playing some shows at Giants Stadium in New Jersey before they tore it was the old Giants Stadium, before they tore it down and built the new one.


And and so my dad was like, oh, you should play a song with us at soundcheck. And so I did. And Bruce was like, hey, that was pretty good. Why don't you play that tonight during the show? And so I was just so nervous but wanted to do it. I wanted to kind of rise to that occasion and be like, all right, you can do it once and then you never have to do it again.


You can say you did it. But so I played I played the song Born to Run with Them that night and and it went great. I thought I could just like, rest my cap on that and that was it. But then a couple of months later, they had this scheduling conflict where, yeah, the the late night Conan program was everybody was moving out to California and it was going to become The Tonight Show. And so they were the show was going to be an hour earlier.


They were going to be taping in California was big. It was a really big change for the show. And so my dad had to be there for the start of that show. I think that the first show was going to be like June 1st of that year. Bruce had coincidentally booked a European tour to start May 31st. So my dad all of a sudden had to be in two places at once. And so they kind of got together and said, like, hey, we got to figure out what we're going to do when you have to go to the TV show and we need somebody on stage.


And I think Bruce asked my dad and, you know, I've known all these people since I was like a child. Like, these are all my you know, my uncles and stuff. Steve and Gary and. Clarence, Danny, of course, now that they've passed, but, you know, this is like my extended family and I think Bruce that's my dad more is like a dad and not necessarily of like Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.


Bruce, like, do you think Jay would want to do that? Do you think he he'd crack under that pressure? And I think my dad was like, I don't know what we're going to find out now.


We're going to find a shot. And and so so, yeah, I remember Bruce called me and asked if if I would like to and I couldn't believe it, but he basically then just kind of sent me a list of like, all right, get started on learning these couple hundred songs and and we'll go, you know, we'll go from there and we'll add on to it from there. And that's what we did for like about a year. I was filling in for my dad in that way.




Let's go back to that moment where you ended up playing the one one song. You said it was at Giants Stadium.


Yes. Was was that the biggest rush of your life right there? Do you think that that set you off to maybe be able to want to go do it past that for sure? Yeah, I mean, that was like total fight or flight kind of moment. Like, everything just goes numb. Like, you just have to turn off and let your subconscious just, like, roll with it. And I had only been playing drums for like three years at that point too.


So it was definitely it was like huge, huge pressure. But I kind of just like blacked out and and played it. And then at the end when it was over, I was just like I couldn't believe that that had happened and went well, like, I, I could have believed it if it had been total shit. But it did go well. We you know, we played the song and I think people enjoyed it. So but yeah, I mean, it was like seventy thousand, seventy thousand people or something like that.


It didn't look real. It looked like I was looking into a TV screen or something like that. I think that kind of help was that it was so ridiculous to look at that. I don't think I don't think I could even process it. It was a thing that was actually happening, you know. What do you got, buddy? I just I'm so interested to hear what Bruce Springsteen's like, and I obviously I know you guys are family, friends, but that guy's life, you can't go anywhere.


You can't do anything. And just constantly people it's just as famous as you can get as a musician. I mean, how does he handle all that from what you've seen?


Well, from my, you know, being close to Bruce and the band and stuff, you know, my my real relationship with him was mainly just rooted in in being like I was I was kind of around as a kid, you know, I was on tour and I'm kind of I'm kind of bopping around. I'm just kind of there. But then I made this jump to where he was like, OK, now you're going to play drums with me.


So we kind of have to, you know, evolve this this sort of a different relationship, uncle, nephew kind of relationship. I got to get to know you a little bit. And I got to, you know, the the the thing of why Bruce is so successful and why he's been able to accomplish what he has is because he is just one of those, like, absolutely creative geniuses who who lives his art and lives his music. And what I found fascinating that I wouldn't have known had I not had this experience was that he such a motivator of the people around him that he really brings out the best performance in the people around him.


And I think he's like in a league of his own with that, because I'll give you an example. He he has a way about him that I was expected to learn, like a lot a lot of songs, like several hundred songs. And we'd actually have in our setlist he would write out the setlist every day, different set of like thirty five songs that we would play every night and and in the middle he would just write question marks. We didn't know what we were going to play.


He would just write question marks instead of song titles. And over the years he kind of created this monster where he would pull out signs from the crowd requests like stuff that people wanted to hear.


And, you know, with those guys, they have a certain musical vocabulary together to where they you know, they know all the songs that they were playing in bars in the 60s and early 70s and stuff. I don't know that. I don't know those songs. So we're in like Sweden, I think. And he ends up pulling a song from like a sign from the crowd that has a title of a song that I've never even heard of. I don't like all the guys in the band.


He's like showing it to the guys in the band, like, all right, everybody know this one. We're going to jump into this one. And everyone's like, Yeah, totally. I know that one. And I'm like, I don't even I don't know if this is a punk rock song. I don't know if this is a ballad. I don't know what we're about to do. And he just counts off this song and he has some way about him that he just makes you feel confident that you can get through a moment like that.


And we ended up playing a song that I had never heard of in front of like sixty thousand Swedes.


But what did you play like? How many times you hit the left drummer? The Treble? I don't get it. I'm telling you, that's the crazy part of the situation, is that it's like the only way I got through that was by tuning into his kind of physicality and like with a band like that is much, much different than a band like Slipknot, which is kind of like nine, like it's like a military of nine people just charging forward with Bruce.


It's kind of like a flying V and you're all kind of responding to him. So you're watching just kind of his motion.


And he had kind of I don't know what it was because, you know, we were playing like three and a half hour show. So you kind of get in tune with his physicality and what that kind of dictates for the music. And he just has a way of making you feel like, hey, it's no big deal, like we're just playing music here.


And and that's an amazing record like that is really hard to do, is to, you know, to get like your you know, your collaborators or musicians on stage to all speak that language. And honestly, I think he it's like him and him alone like that that showed me, like, wow, he is something else. I don't know if anybody else could get, you know, an eighteen year old to just play drums to a song that he's never heard of.


I don't think anybody could have done that and brought that out of somebody on stage other than him. He's totally that way. You know, that's absolutely insane.


I was actually lucky enough to see them on that ninety nine tour here in Boston during the show.


No, you know, this guy, you know, he's fucking you know, your old man shows this guy probably snuck into.


I did. I did one of your drumsticks. Dude, we're all right. Were you by chance. We played. We played. The Boston Garden in 2009, I think, and the Dropkick Murphys came up on stage and play with us rebudget, were you?


It wasn't a bad show. No, I wasn't. I wasn't there.


But it was, I think, the first call after they had taken the break in ninety nine. And of course, these guys are right. I managed to work my way down to the front row, but by the end of the show, my buddy who used to work bull gang at the town, Shuto Rizzo, I think I was legit on the stage.


And Bruce Springsteen, I saw it right in front of me, the last final coach at Thunder Road. And I'm literally slapping his boots. It's just like I mean, it's an incredible show, like you said, three and a half hours of just nonstop rock, I think, coming from where they come from, playing the Stone Pony and stuff.


If you're you know, if if you have the wherewithal to sneak down into the front, you get the approval by the band. I think that's that's kind of the unspoken rule.


I was going to ask you about Slipknot. When you guys go on tour. Is it like these kids thinks it is with the rock star mentality or is it extremely professional now? Kind of like the way Haughey's transform into the protein shakes and as opposed to the six pack?


I would definitely say, yeah, it's definitely more along that, you know, that mentality, especially, you know, me joining in on in this band that has a lot of longevity. You have to you have to be smart about what you're doing or you're not going to be able to perform night tonight, tonight. And, you know, the show is an act of destroying ourselves as it is. So, you know, I'm kind of fortunate that I think like coming into the band, they knew where I came from, where I was really schooled with, you know, growing up, growing up around the E Street Band.


Guys like watching them take it so seriously, like their dedication is to the music. And that's where I came from, you know, like I just came from like all I really want to do is just play this music that I love so much. So I think they were, you know, when when they were asking me to join the band, I think they I think it spoke to where they were at with like, hey, look, this guy doesn't you know, this guy doesn't care about partying in any sort of way.


He wants to play this music and give it one hundred percent every single night. And when you're doing, you know, 30, 40 shows in a row on, you know, when you're in Europe in the winter, you know, in January and February, you know, I can't I can't be hitting a stage with Slipknot at ninety nine percent. And I think they're you know, the guys in the band are going to know it and our audience is going to know it.


So it's got to be 100 percent every night. So, yeah, it, it's, it's a lot of protein shakes. It's a lot of like all right I got it. I'm taking my Advil and my Aleve before we play the show tonight, you know, and and it is that way that we can play, you know, two hundred shows in support of a record and have to have that consistency.


You know, I think it's cool that we were able to meet up in a in a period of time where I think the band is super tuned into that consistency and that like that like diligent preparation for the show. And, you know, on every show day, I'm warming up for an hour or a couple hours before we even play the show. And it's you know, that's kind of what it takes. And I know that's what's expected of me.


You know, I've got a lot of I've got you know, my older brothers are the elder statesman in this band, you know, so it's kind of like it's a band I respect so much that I'm not going to show up to to play anything less than one hundred percent, you know, so. Right. So, yeah, it's not much else other than the music, really.


What's your favorite country to hit up on tour through. Man. It it's crazy because.


I don't want to leave any any anybody out, but but there are definitely some standouts, I'll say that, like South America is has some of our best shows ever. First time I'd ever been to South America was with Slipknot. We played the Rock and Rio Festival.


I think to I think there was like like two hundred thousand people or something like that.


Absolute mean, like ridiculous. And there's so passionate about music. What I found insane was that when there's no lyrics to sing, they sing the guitar riff back at you and you can actually hear that over your whole band. And they're just so passionate down in South America, Mexico, we've actually held our own festival called Not Fast. We hold that down in in Mexico and we do that a bunch of places, but we've done it down there and it's phenomenal.


A lot of places in Europe, too.


I love playing in Scandinavia like Finland and Sweden. Norway, Hamlyn is big on the heavy metal.


Yeah, really big. Norway, too. Like like like Norway kind of gave birth to like an even like sub sub sub genre of like a specific kind of like super dark heavy metal because they don't they don't get the sun most of the year. So they have a lot of you know, they have a lot to get out through the music.


But but you have man, I mean, and it's the same in the States, honestly, like you could like like a show from in Boston is going to be way different than a show in like Sacramento or something like that. You know what I mean? Like when you get into fights.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


You know, there's there's definitely once you start kind of like burning this track and you kind of start to notice the commonalities of like, oh yeah.


This is kind of like New York's identity in a show, you know, and you definitely find out which cities have their own personalities. But, man, yeah, like, I'll just go with like South America. Peru.


Unbelievable. Yeah, I'll go with that.


I feel like a lot of people may may picture Slipknot concert and they go back, they Suckerpunch, the security guard, they're smashing bottles.


But talking to you, it's seems like you may just go back, have a tea watch NHL Network. We read a book like What's The Post Show like for Ansary? That's just rip it up. A huge show.


That's pretty accurate, man. I mean, you know, I think, you know, when you're talking to anybody who wants to perform at a high level, it's like you don't want to leave anything on you. Don't you want to leave it all on stage? So at the end of the night, yeah, it's kind of like he does the Robert Kraft special sets up the rub and tug.


It's you know, it's a lot of private jet when they see.


Yes, it's a lot of like, all right. You know, law and order or fucking, you know, always sunny in Philadelphia at night and and like, yeah.


You got it's really I mean, people might have some kind of conception that that maybe we're pretty crazy, but you get you get all of that out through the music and then you're kind of just like you got nothing left but to just be like, all right, that was pretty cool. I'm going to I'm going to chill out and watch Law and Order and, you know, have my chicken fingers explosion.


What would you say is your wild this rock star experience as far as maybe it was it was, you know, something crazy from a fan or something had to have happened in this many years if you rock and roll. And that was just like, holy shit, I always go back to this story. I can't believe it.


Oh, man. Oh, rock star experience.


And if you want to see a planet. Yeah, I know. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't want to get into your your bandmates in trouble here. I know it's on the spot.


Fuck man. I mean moments that I, that I go back to that really like kind of tie like my childhood back to like present day and kind of crossed that like weird, you know, kind of time is a flat circle sort of thing. We ended up playing I remember we played a show at what was the old Continental Airlines arena going to see the Devils play all those years. My first tour with Slipknot, we ended up playing at that venue and and we get up on stage.


And I remember I remember one of my bandmates pointing to there was a giant, you know, hanging from the rafters where they retired, like, you know, guys numbers like Marty, birder's numbers are hanging from the rafters. Right next to that is like a you know, Bruce Springsteen, the E Street Band, sold out whatever it was like twenty or a hundred shows or something like that. So we get up on stage and we have we hadn't been on stage yet.


And all of a sudden we walk out and then we're just facing this this banner and the guys like. From you know you know, this isn't like playing with the boss, you know, which is true. Slipknot's a challenge like like I've never experienced. I mean, the brute stuff was a challenge. But Slipknot is is completely on another level. So, you know, they'll kind of give me shit about that. But but we walk on stage and then for, you know, for the next hour and a half, we're just facing this giant hanging from the rafters.


Bruce Springsteen, the E Street Band, sold out this venue like a hundred times in a row or something like that. It it's kind of funny, you know, so that's one moment that I kind of keep thinking back to where it's like, man, you know, this is like stranger than fiction. You can't write that. You really can't.


So I don't know if that's necessarily like a rock star kind of it's all good.


But I was hoping for a lot more sex and drugs.


So, you know, I don't talk about that stuff anymore either.


I got a nice lady because you're a lot more tuned in to Episode 37 through one ninety three and you'll hear some rock star stories and garbage can stand up.


Sixty nine.


I want to ask what kind of music do you listen to to like relax or read or just kind of chill out. Is it always hardcore. Do you have like I don't go to classical or jazz or something just to chill.


Yeah, it really is across all across the board. It's kind of everything. And I feel like that was kind of the school of music that I that I went to, so to speak, was just like always have open ears, you know, like you're never going to as long as it's good and comes from the heart, I'm probably going to like it.


You know, if I you know, you'll hear a lot of music today that's just so contrived and so much bullshit that it's just like you can hear through it in a way, you know, it's just got no substance. But to me, you know, I mean, I'm all over the place, man. I mean, like, yeah, I love heavy metal and I love, you know, heavier music or whatever, but it can't be all that because I drive myself insane.


You know, I listen to Fiona Apple and Sheryl Crow and. Yeah, you know, Depeche Mode and the Ramones, but also, you know. Yeah, Metallica. A lot of friend, a lot of friends bands as well. There's a really amazing band that I love from Pittsburgh called Code Orange who are to me, they're like the most talented band around right now. They're just they're especially actually in this time where bands are struggling to, you know, to find things to do, you know, without actually a stage or a platform.


I find myself inspired by bands like that that are really going out on a limb and doing some interesting things given like crazy restrictions. But, yeah, it's got to be it's got to be all over the board. Like, if you if you take a road trip with me, it's it's like musical schizophrenia. It's all over the place.


We didn't talk much about hockey. Was there anything that you want to specifically talk about, like some of your fondest memories and what's attached to the game so much other than what you've already said?


Like, I got back into playing, like once once everybody down here, it's kind of like spread's fever was kind of like impossible to catch down here back in like twenty sixteen or something. So all of a sudden there was this just like the game has grown in such a way with now there's like I think in the last year there's like three different rinks have just popped up that are all owned by the predators. And they, you know, they practice that one of them.


But now there's all these like adult leagues and stuff. So I was talking with a buddy of mine back a couple of years ago. I was like, man during like, I have to be kind of a bubble boy when I'm when I'm doing stuff with the band because, like, if I sprained ankle going for a save or something like that and that gets in the way of Slipknot stuff, I would never hear the end of it. So so I don't I don't play when the band is is active.


But but my friend and I runs a music store in town. I was like, man, we got to start. We should start a team. Like, I didn't know how we would do it. And I actually hadn't played in years and neither had he. But I was like, man, I'm just feeling it. We got to start a team. So we actually did about like two years ago while Slipknot was on some downtime, we started a team called the East Side Hellhounds, and we basically just got like this ragtag bunch of crazy idiots, maybe some questionable, you know, characters on this team.


But but it's kind of amazing. Like we just picked, you know, these crazy people that play Hokkien in Nashville. And it's become kind of a tour de force. And actually our playoffs, I'm not going to be able to play. But but our playoffs start on Sunday. We'll get a chance to stop it.


I know he's not busy right now because the fucking Chiaretti spent you guys. OK, sorry about that. I keep going.


Yeah. So so that's been that's been really exciting, just like getting back into the game. And it was really it was really fun. Just one of my favorite things about being a goaltender was that, you know, there's there's kind of just there's a lot of. Art in it like not just literally like your actual mask in the pants and all this shit, so I kind of I was like, man, I got to do this. And I play in a band where we wear masks.


I have to come back to playing golf and have a mask that is my mask. And so so that was that was kind of like the clinching thing that I was like, all right, I got to do this because that's just too good of an opportunity to pass up. So I've got my mask. If I slip, if my slip my mask. But but yeah, we play, we play in Nashville, you know, and I think it's a testament to yeah.


It's been maybe frustrating being a Prince fan the last couple of years after that cup run. It's been it's been tough. I love my friends. I love these guys, those guys.


But, you know, it's been a testament to the effect that they had on the culture down here and how now you've got all these kids who are interested in playing hockey and maybe what was considered an unlikely place before. And you've got guys like me who are just like, you know what, man? Yeah, I'm feeling motivated enough. I'm going to start a hockey team. And we did. And it's been amazing fun.


We've been knee deep in the postseason for almost two weeks now. Obviously, nationals out your old devils. They didn't even make it. Is there any particular team or players that you're pulling for?


There are. Yeah. Well, I want I mean, I really don't like Colorado because they're a Central Division rival, but as long as they can whip the votes and I'm fine with that.


Oh, what are you to release this episode?


This is going to go partisan and bondage gear in a minute. Yeah. No, I got a love for you. I think I was really impressed and I like the way they play. I when I was watching these are, you know, playing around, I was really I was like, all right, well, if it's not the press, I really want a Battle of Alberta. Now, that won't happen. But I was really looking forward to that.


I really do like Calgary. If they were playing the press, I'm sure I would hate it. But I really like watching them play. I'm glad that they it sucks to to see the Jets have, you know, that the Jets went through what they went through. But I got to say, I kind of felt good to see the Jets leave so early because I was at that game seven. I was just so heartbreaking in Nashville that I really I really felt the press were going to pull it out in game seven against Winnipeg to season the second round.


Right. That's when they got beat out. It's kind of been a steady decline for for Nashville, although they still got a good team on paper. So. All right. What did you do? You had one last one there.


Yeah, actually, two quick ones. Well, I know we've been hanging you up for a little while here. I got to ask, what's the best non Bruce non-slip night show that you've ever attended as a spectator? Oh, yeah.


That's a good one, man.


Well, I think seeing the the the drummer that made me, like, decide I want to do that. I saw a lot of drummers that were in, you know, giant bands that to me looked like larger than life.


And I never thought like that I could do that. But to me, like, it took punk rock bringing it down to a level where I could, like, look at a drummer like, you know, feet away from me and be like, I could totally do that. And it took me seeing a band called The Used back in 2002, their drummer, their founding member, their drummer at the time, his name was Brandon Steiner. He now plays in the band, the punk band Rancid.


That was a show I was twelve years old and I had been getting into this music and stuff. But that like that was the first time where I looked at a drummer and I was like that. And I know it's ironic growing up with my dad being a drummer and being so close to it like that. But it really took me looking at a guy who's got the tattoos and he's got this Mohawk and he's playing this music that I love. And I was just like, that is what I want to do.


So and that was that Irving Plaza in New York, the legendary Irving Plaza in New York. And I was twelve. So to be going to like a, you know, smoking rock club, you know, see, I think like my dad stuck me in that show and stuff that was pretty that was pretty life changing.


Now, that moment for sure, my last one excluding dad, my mother would never let me get drunk. So I'm kind of living vicariously through you right now, excluding dad, who are the best three rock drummers ever living or living or dead.


Oh, God, I'm putting it out there. I know that that's OK. You know, I mean, I'll have these conversations with drummers and there's like there's no right answer. But for me, you could not have the drumming that, you know, that we know it today without like Keith Moon for sure. The WHO is probably one of the biggest bands in our house, Keith Moon, Ringo Starr for sure.


I know Ringo gets a lot of shit, but it's like you can't make timeless music. With or without, you know, what does he get shot for? Yeah, oh, just, you know, being like you've got John Paul, George and then Ringo is kind of always the butt of the joke. I find that unfair. I don't think I don't think you can. You can do that. You know, you can't. It's chemistry like I think, you know, bands are chemistry, teams are chemistry.


And so I'll go with Keith Moon, Ringo Starr. And I think for for heavy music, I think you can't I mean, Lars Oelrich is such a forefather of this kind of music. Making a band like Metallica be so incredibly influential for decades. I think that's you know, those are three that I couldn't go without in my life.


So no. John C. Reilly from Prestige Worldwide.


Well, I mean I mean, we're talking about classic drummers. If you're going into, like, the modern age, then. Yeah, you can't go you can't go wrong with that.


With John C. Reilly, before we let you go, I'm guessing you get three guitars hanging on your wall. Those must be belong to some famous people.


No, no. Well, let's see.


You got them from somebody famous or are they just yours and you just keep them on the wall? They're just mine. Yeah. They're just like I like your shtick back. Pretty much. Yeah. Coincidentally enough, though, that the clear one, it's not really an interesting story, but I got I bought that off a guy who had then actually bought that off of my old my old band mate that I was he was like, you bought that guitar off that guy that actually belonged to me like ten years ago or something like that.


Anyway, that belonged to that guy.


Yeah. Oh no, he's not Ringo.


Because right now I used to use to a Lennon and McCartney greenlees Ringo and I'll take the George Harrison Road gladly.


All right. Yeah. This has been awesome. We thank you for your time. Some unbelievable stories. I think our fanbase is really going to enjoy this. And maybe, you know, we'll send the invite for you in Slipknot. I don't know if we'll consider it for you guys to play at one of our live podcast shows.


Maybe the people. I'd love to run that up the ladder, see if we could, see if you could. That'll be half the people there to listen to the podcast.


We can have a post Slipknot concert like chess match while we have your crackers. Tea. Thank you so much.


I'll let your bandmates slam slam our into a table for tax and share. We can get really weird with our. All right.


Yeah, I'm down. Great to talk to you guys. Thanks very much. Thanks, man. Absolute pleasure, man.


Thanks for joining us. Well, big thanks to Jay Weinberg for joining us. What an interesting conversation, I imagine 18 years old and you're playing with fucking Bruce Springsteen, the E Street Band on the reunion tour like that said.


No, it was it was an awesome interview. It was a nice it was nice separation, too, right. Just to get out of our hockey world. Yeah.


What I was trying to show a range, so I just would have loved to have been with him the first time he heard the Goma's interview, knowing that he was there for all of that was I had a blast talking to him. Hawkie Not for sure. Yeah, it was a lot a lot of good stuff. Hopefully you all enjoyed it. We do want to let you know hiring is challenging, but there's one place you can go, a hiring, a simple, fast and smart where businesses can connect with qualified candidates.


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The smartest way to hire. Speaking of hire and we know the Arizona Coyotes are going to be looking for a GM soon. I don't know. They're all going to be all right.


Throw the fucking ad. Hey, Coyote, you're gonna have a sick Draupadi this year.


I said everybody's going to be fashionably late. I just they just don't turn the TVs on. Music playing I texted my buddy.


I said, the good news is we don't have to really do much coverage on the draft this year.


But I'll let you take over RMI. Sorry, sorry for interrupting. Yeah, of course.


The Coyotes, they got people back for violating the NHL combine testing policy. They lost their second round pick in twenty twenty in their first round pick in twenty twenty one their first pick. And next year's draft isn't till the fourth round. Of course this happened on recently departed GM. John, check his watch. I mean, sure, the organization might try to play it off as well. It did happen. I was under his watch. Oh yeah.


So I mean because you know, how much will this handicap the odds going forward? I mean, it's a pick, but it's not going to cripple them, is it? What I mean, yeah.


Given the fact that you weren't going to be a playoff team, you're prob I don't know what's going on Halsy, but, you know, you might not resign them. You're essentially a cop team for next year. The following year you're going to have about twenty six million in cap space. So you could start rebuilding from there. That's if you want to go out and spend money on all these free agents. Well. They're not going to be able to spend it on any of these young studs they drafted.


In fact, you end up getting this, you know, your next first line center or your next stud defenseman because you don't have any draft picks. You're going to have to steal somebody. You don't have a pick in the first, second or third round of this year. And I don't believe you have one in the first and third of the following year.


Is that correct? I could pull it off.


I think we might have a second rounder in two years.


So listen, I've said my piece on the whole John Chaika experiment. I don't want to be too hard on anyone. People make mistakes, whatever, but I don't think that the coyotes are in a good spot from from some of the moves he made. And if you think I'm thinking the team got over punished on based on him getting busted cheating. No, that's the that's the consequence for getting cheated in that scenario. I would expect that in the other team who did what he did get in trouble the way that the coyotes did.


And it's just unfortunate that these new owners who weren't even around when he made the mistake and have taken over the team and now we're behind the eight ball and then this guy just jumped ship. So the whole package doesn't look good on Chaika. I don't really like the other moves he made while he was GM. I've let it be known. My feelings about analytics, here we are. It's unraveled a little bit more. I know some people were critical about my criticism early on.


I don't know, man, if you think I'm being unfair while.


Well, we got some effects. And what would you do to fix the team? Here's more. There's really nothing much you can do in this situation other than to see next year play out, because there's just really not many more moves you can make, because all the money spent and I don't think you're really going to move any of those pieces.


Well, downstairs, you mentioned Shane don't all will fuck. I mean, that's I think this goes without saying the fact that Shane Doan hasn't been reintroduced to the organization already.


I think it's I think it's crazy. I think the minute that they let Shane don't go that like the soul of the organization had left.


And and I don't know if it's a point now where he even wants to come back. I don't know if the conversations began. I'm not that high up. I'm just the fucking backup radio guy here.


But it just like it doesn't feel right to me until the guy who who is the first name you think is the face of the franchise.


He should be. And he's not there and he is not. And he wouldn't even be an empty suit. He would be like, you know, I mean, he's making a difference.


It's not a legend that's like doesn't really necessarily know what's going on. You know what I mean? I keep saying this. Give me one logical reason why he's not in a position with the coyotes. And I'm and I'm willing to listen and hear you out.


And if you get if you're going to tell me money, well, then I would argue that just him being associated to you will sell more season tickets because people will be thrilled that he's back. And it's a step a step in the right direction, at least for the short time. I just told you, they're spending nearly up to the cap and we've spent enough time with the coyotes so we can move on. But I think it's just us. That's why they got busted seven one seven one and they're done and it's three two.


And, you know, Dallas is, you know, potentially going to go up three. Nothing on a team who got spanked. And I don't know, I'm just not I've got a sour taste in my mouth with things, how things were left.


And I care about the organization, so I've rambled on enough because they take care of you to love, love, love, love upheld sports even though you never had it on the show.


But we love toits. He was fined twenty five thousand dollars for his conduct during a media session after his team was eliminated from the playoffs. Remember he gave the Deuce's after just two questions, he finished with. I'm not going to get into the touchy feely stuff for the moral victories and all that. You guys be safe. I thought it was actually kind of nice. He told people to be safe. Why do you get signed? I don't know.


I mean, because he left early. Yes. I mean, he just said like he said, he was like me.


The rapper pumps and he paid at twenty five k his his his press conference. He to some Rohlman swipes.


It's also the team coverage. I fine I told you guys the minute Brenda Moore got fired I said talks will not be done. And what the fuck did he do. He might drop. Yeah.


I mean he got the last he didn't even do anything. Yeah. He just said I don't want to get into that and basically left I guess I don't there's a minimum requirement they're supposed to stay for.


But twenty kind of the situation where the the the the coach or one of the players goes out and says, hey, give me a ten and kick me out, OK, get rid of me. Tell everyone I told you to fuck off and you kicked me out. I want to go hit the showers, make sure I'm the first one of the better. Kick me out. Right.


I'm not going to kick you. Fuck you. You're going to kick me out. You basically force it, force their hand.


That's twenty five grand less that twats can spend on the new no big deal line of clothing for his fam, right.


Yeah. You guys are sporting. You guys look fantastic. We got the news this honey mustard yellow.


I had the pants last night in the shirt. So comfy and I love the color.


I think it makes my and then we get a little less pale and then we got the light gray. That business for Heather girl Heather Gray. I love it. Good job. It's very simple. It's classic. You can wear it anywhere. You can wear it to barmitzvah, you can wear it to.


My favorite thing is the shortest communion.


All right, you're in the shorts, it's the sweat shorts, those are my favorite wicked country. I mean, that's I have to get marks on them is what shorts?


Just come on, wait until it's white.


That's my my baby's first night and the Patia. We had movie night. We had a little movie night. Oh, my God. And I introduce you to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, starring Jim Carrey. Kate Winslet, directed by Michel Gondry, written by Charlie Kaufman, Oscar winner. Not a big deal.


You liked it. You really is incredible. That really it was incredible.


You think Jim Carrey, you think, oh, I'm going to think I'm watching Jim Carrey for two hours, you know, but right away you just get lost in the character. He did an incredible job acting. Kate Winslet was awesome as well. They had some famous people and some of the smaller roles as well. Yeah.


Ruffalo, Kirsten Dunst, Thomas Dance. I thought she was great at it as well. And just as far as the way it was filmed, it was an original screenplay.


Fucking to Dallas. Just fucking Dallas. Wow. A coyote comes off the bench possibly and walks into one of the ladies. Sarich is pissed off.


Soccerex going to fire.


Everybody's going to lay some up for the overtime if it goes there. But I thought it was a great movie and I didn't come off of it.


He didn't go off the bench. So I've seen that one or no, I've never seen that movie. Never seen the best original screen.


I would recommend it to anybody, check it out. And just the way that they did the cinematography and all that shit. Yeah.


Oh, it's very funky. It's a real, real trippy movie. The same guy who wrote it wrote Being John Malkovich was similarly trippy movie. So if you like that type of stuff she enjoyed, I'm sure a lot of people are smart, but we'll be doing another feature soon enough, right, because we're going to go smoke a joint and watch another one tonight.


Let's go watch The Malkovich one. All right.


If it's there, I got another one in the shoot to drive. Let Ryan Gosling. I saw that. I like that one. I mean, he's a hunk.


He's Canadian, isn't it? Yeah, he is. That guy's a stallion in crazy, stupid love. Might be the biggest star. Yeah. He drives when he plays. I did see. That's so weird. Great flick man. I love that flick.


That was good. I wish I found myself like into it even though it was so bizarre but I did like it.


He's one of those superstar actors that never really gets caught up in the Hollywood bullshit. He's always like off the grid.


I think because he's Canadian. I probably factness fucking race. It's because it's coming. I well, you just like Bieber. They're completely normal. You must have saw LA Land, right? I never saw la la land. You didn't know. It's a delightful film.


I haven't seen Parasite yet either because I ain't fucking read in subtitles. I got to read them. They got to, they got to come up with earbuds that read the subtitles.


Do they have that possibly for hearing impaired. I'm not sure. I just, I just read, I read that really close them. We need them.


I'll pay someone is they're like let's go on Facebook or not Craigslist.


Wait, did you see someone with subtitles for you. I read my. That's just the volume coming out of the TV. No, no, no.


For not for parasite. It's not important in the English language. Kernell I ain't that fucking stupid. Come on. Go on, Mike. Give me a little credit.


That's the guy putting the tape any any final final thought you want to add before because it's great. First Tony episode.


It's great to be here. It's great to be back together, boys. We're just we're just we're just hitting our stride for this playoff.


And I just think there's so much good hockey in front of us.


You can tell it's just getting better and better. So it's great to see you guys and it's great to be back. Another great weekend, everybody. See you Monday. And now a of bill. At the back. How did your home.