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I tell your story, I want to tell you about my story about my town. Hello, everybody, welcome to Episode 290 of Spin Chipotles, presented by Pink Whitney, my friends at New Amsterdam. But on the barstool sports podcast Family Biz, we got one week down in Boston, seemed to fly by a little bit. What's here for the show? Ablate Ginelli Brenly. I'm sorry I knew and Chase, but your impression so far.


Bizarre Chase taking a beating online for his çok eyes. What is Northwesterners Northwestern.


Excuse me guys that was just that was an appearance to just get very excited. Fired feet to the fire forgettable but what a bounce back performance in that old video that they ended up mustering up online where he was cleaning someone's clock with some left handers. Anyone who is out there shit talking this guy on online say to his face, I'll feed you with left. So pump your eyes shut, because this guy, our cameraman, he could chuck them. I was very impressed by that video.


You were to pump my eyes shut, actually. So.


Well, I was going to happen there one week in Boston. My only complaint so far as I'm going out looking for a decent breakfast spot and couple people recommend this. So you say it. Tattie never been there.


So I was cruising around Charlestown looking for it and I must have gone a little too far.


And I asked myself, Haidian or Totti breakfast places, and he says, yeah, it's down there to the left. But I tell you what I said. He says that Sarrell place is better and it's no and it's a lot less stuffy. And he said and he said that Totti place a little overpriced, too. That's what he said.


So I looked him dead in the eyes and I take his word for it. So I said, OK, that place right over there, you. So you're telling me it's better than goes for sure.


I go there through the through the egg and the sausage from from the breakfast sandwich might in the microwave and I would have told you that's a nightmare.


You got hosed because you cannot have an egg sandwich for breakfast in the microwave microwave. You might as well fucking eat it out of the trash because that's just that you should just walk the extra steps to the place you actually heard about. This guy looked me in the eye with. Yeah, but that guy's not in bad taste.


You would have thought that I was walking into a seven course meal. He looked me dead in the eye, goes out place a little stuffed, and he says, I tell you what this place is like. You might even said it was the real deal like.


So he sold me on it.


He must have fucking steak in this place. He's like, I walk in there and I make my spider senses went off.


Right. And I, I have my mask on. I communicate to it. And as soon as like I look over and I'm paying my cards in the machine, I see him like spike in my sausage and egg into the microwave, like without a plate.


You see him ring out a piece of bacon and some water comes out. It's soggy and goes, OK, now let's back it up.


Speaking of bacon, I ended up having a Juju special. Oh yeah, my uncle come by.


He made him for the whole house. The wet dog wasn't he had not that he wanted one. You gave it a nine point five.


Nine point five is a nice guy if it was bad. My only point though is that you told me I'm a little bit of a weirdo like the organic and so like he had like the Philadelphia cream cheese. So, you know, I'm packing on the pounds. I had the Smucker's jam. Like, I don't think there's a real fruit used in Smucker's jam. Right.


If you're having a special every morning, you're going to be in a unit like those are those are once a week things. Right? He made a point to say it's a delicacy. He only has it once every every few weeks even.


And he said once every three weeks I said, this is a good once a month sandwich. But he nicked it out of the park. He did not go too aggressive on the cream cheese, which is a big turning point. And he loads it up with bacon, whatever kind. It was not very expensive.


Like I said before, that if you like, cream cheese is probably a great sandwich. I don't like cream cheese. So there you go.


Yeah, it's only a smidge that doesn't belong to jelly. It's just it's just the perfect combination of flavors. Again, a lot of people he even told the original story. It was a co-worker. He goes, oh, that's fucking gross. He did himself. And he's been there for almost fifty years now.


So so more of the stories don't go to Sorrell's. Is that is it a chain place around here?


I don't know. It's trash I live on for ten years. I never went there after I heard about the egg. Four eggs in the microwave looking at our like auras flow out of the back of his Nordiques. That is, if you lived in this house over here every day like we are. You've pulled off this look where I still haven't seen the hat off everyone. Everyone wants the they want the show. They want the they want the absolute experience.


If you rippin that that lid off and you won't do it. So it looks terrible.


It looks like everyone asking, I don't know, I just see the flow out the back. When I took that video, you and I put it on Instagram, you snoring 20 minutes into that. So it'd be and then he fell asleep a minute later.


Did you still have your hat on?


No, but I had my my arm up so you couldn't really see it. I had on my chest because I'm trying to remember, I'm like, I think he was even sleeping with a hat on.


This guy doesn't want anyone seeing the skull it before.


Hello. I don't think you could have got a worse angle on me to that was like all fucking got whatever I was like. Thanks, buddy. Hey, back to bed. Sorry, buddy.


That's all right. We got one week down here, obviously, as everyone is aware of, the NHL game scheduled for Thursday and Friday were postponed. Obviously, a significant moment, North American Sports League history. And we were very lucky to get our Paul Ryan Reeves. He was generous enough to join us from the bubble. And he's going to take us through everything that transpired leading up to the players decide to postpone game. So obviously, it's the big story.


We're not going to pretend it didn't happen, of course. So we're going to go to Revo immediately with this because it's the big important story. I thought it was very great the way he spoke. He was very succinct. He didn't know buzz words or whatever. He explained everything. I went down and I think people may get a different impression of how things actually absolutely went down. So without further ado, we're going to send it over to Revo.


Well, again, there's a lot going on, the bubble both on and off the ice the last few days. So we're going to bring on our pal Ryan Reeves to get us up to speed on everything that's going on. Thanks so much for joining us. How are you doing, my friend?


I'm doing good. How are you doing? All right. Doing all right here in Boston. You know, I know we have you on. We usually have a lot of laughs, but it is much more serious matters going on. We're going to talk about that. I just want to get our listeners up to speed. On Monday in Kenosha, Wisconsin, police shot a black man and Wednesday the NBA boycotted games. A handful of MLB teams did the same.


And Thursday, the NHL got a lot of heat. I don't know if that was all warranted or not. But regardless, the Hockey Diversity Alliance released a statement asking the league to suspend all playoff games on Thursday. They said they strongly feel this will send a clear message that human rights take a priority over sports. There were numerous player discussions held. Then it was decided that you guys weren't going to play Thursday or Friday. So we want to bring you ought to maybe take us through the process, how it all played out, stuff like that.


Yes. I can't really speak to the Hockey Diversity Alliance. I'm not I'm not actually part of that. But I can tell you what happened in the bubble here. So on Wednesday, you know, personally, for me, I was out for dinner with a couple of the boys, and Braden McNabb just said, do you think we're going to play tomorrow? And I said, yeah, why wouldn't we? And then I got back to the room and I was just like, oh, I don't think I really understood why he was asking me that.


I was like, yeah, are we really going to play? Like, we actually going to play or we're not going to, you know, are we not going to support all these athletes in this movement that's going on? And, you know, for the rest of the night, I struggled with what was going to happen, because let's be honest, I'm I'm one of 10 black players in the whole NHL, one of, you know, maybe four or five in the bubbles right now.


And so I felt like it was something that I wanted to do, something I just didn't know what and I didn't know how it was going to be received. So that night I struggled. I talked to plower at 1:00 in the morning. Luckily, he picked up and then we had a good conversation. And I woke up in the morning and I was still kind of still kind of mixed up in my head. And, you know, luckily, I woke up to a text from Kevin Chaton, Dirk, and he said we just wanted to first and foremost, he wanted to see how he's doing and just hear my my thoughts on everything.


And then he was like, you know, what are your thoughts on what you want to do? And I you know, I was still kind of trying to you know, I thought we should join other leagues. But at the same time, I was like, you know, what is two days? What is taking two days off going to look like? What are we going to do in the bubble and make it worthwhile? And so I was kind of torn with that, you know, but I said my two cents and then, you know, I had another text saying the saying that the Vancouver guys were standing outside the locker room.


They want to talk. And so I got over there and it was the same thing. They were asking me, you know, what I what I thought about everything and what what I think we should do. And I just said, you know, I think I think it's a very powerful message. If we can step away from the game as as a predominantly white sport, if we can step away from the game and say, listen, I don't walk in your shoes and I don't pretend to know what, you know, what black people go through.


But I see the problem and we stand behind this issue. And so we're going to step back and take a stand as well. And right away, the Vancouver guys were like, you know, if that's what you think is right, we stand behind it. And then we got back on the phone with the guys out east and it was basically the same conversation. So, you know, it went from I thought I was alone in it to and people were bringing it up before I even got to talk to him.


And I have so much respect for all these players because like I said, it's not something it's not something that they go through. It's not something that they've lived, but it's something that they felt so passionately about that they they stood behind me for it. And then they stood behind all these, you know, these black people that have been, you know, been wronged across North America. And then my hat's off to every single NHL player right now.


Well, that's what it's great to hear. It's certainly me listening to you saying that flowers are there to pick up a phone call. Chanteys got a text for you. You guys were good friends in St. Louis. And it just shows that it truly is like a big family. You guys are all standing up there on stage. It must have been pretty special for you to see the entire league behind. You just know, you just said that.


But for me, seeing it, it was definitely powerful site.


Yeah, I mean, look, that room wasn't big and not showing up to that meeting was optional. And when I was outside, there wasn't a ton of guys out there. But as I stood up to the podium and the doors open, you could not you couldn't get any more people in that room. It looked like there was every single player from every team in the bubble was there to support the cause. And, you know, I think that picture alone, I wish they had a wider angle, because if you saw how many guys were in that room supporting it, it was just it was so powerful, that moment.


Yeah, I did see that picture because you couldn't see it on TV and I did catch it. It was so much more than what you actually saw on TV. I want to say I'm obviously not asking to name any names, but was there any resistance from any players or owners perhaps, or was everybody just automatically on board with it? I wouldn't say there's resistance, you know, I think some guys struggled with the same thing that I struggled with was what is taking two days off, going to do our work.


We're going to sit we're going to sit in the bubble. We're not going to play. What is that going to look like? And Andi's voice that they did and I understood I told every one of them I understood because I struggle with the same thing. But what I said was hockey supposed to be played on national TV for the next two days. If we don't play, they need something to talk about. And if we get our message out there, that message will be talked about for two straight days and beyond that.


And so, you know, while guys maybe didn't necessarily not want to play, every single guy said we support the decision that's going to be made. Not one guy said, you know, this is bullshit. I think we should you know, I think we should play and figure out a different way. Once the decision was made, every guy was on board. Every guy stood in that room so that there was no resistance. It was just, you know, the conversation had to be had of what it was going to look like.


Revo, you personally, had you ever dealt with any type of racism growing up and playing hockey and of course, of being a predominantly white sport in Canada? And I mean, even even your father was a pro athlete as well. Yeah, I mean, you know, when I was younger, I've had guys call me that, you know, drop that bomb on me a couple of times. But, you know, when you grow up in Canada, you don't see and hear.


And especially as a kid, you don't see it a lot. You know, when I was young, when somebody said that to me, I always just kind of look at it and be like, hey, buddy, you got to live with yourself. If that's how you treat people, that's on you, because you don't see that it's that big of an issue. You know, growing up now, I wish I would have beat the shit out of those guys for saying it.


But, you know, and other little things, I always tell the story and it's a heartbreaking one for me because, you know, I was walking down the street broad daylight. I'm a big guy. I got tattoos. And so I was, you know, summer, I was wearing a beater. And this old lady is walking towards me. And, you know, people are passing here. People are passing her. And I'm the next guy to pass her.


And she just she looked at me, she tightened up her purse and she walked across the street. And so I didn't have to walk by her. And it broke my heart because, you know, for me, if that old lady saw on the street, I would be the first person to go pick her up. But somewhere in her life, probably when she was younger, some type of racial profiling, some type of racism was instilled in her.


And then and that's heartbreaking that people grow up with that kind of hatred in their heart. And I think that's the message here is, you know, the color of somebody's skin should not define who you are and how you treat people. And I think that's what we're trying to get out right now.


What do you think it says a podcast or say is as far as the league, like, what do you think they could do to help? Do you think we could do to make hockey more inclusive? And in a way and it's not trying to put you on the spot like it's so true in terms of what you say, but it's like where do you go from there? It's such a tough question. Yeah, you know, everything where you have your platform is where you need to start.


So for me as a hockey player, I look at it like this black black kids are not going to come to hockey. You have to bring hockey to them. So you've got to get into these communities. You've got to build them a rink. You've got to set up a program that is affordable or free for them to come out and use those facilities, get some equipment to these kids, run some camps, have some of these players out in their communities, you know, especially these black athletes.


It's you know, it's great if a white athlete goes into a black community and plays hockey with them. But let's be honest that that athlete doesn't look like those kids. It's different. If I walk in there, you know, I got a tattoo is probably like a lot of their, you know, their families. I wear earrings. I wear Jordans on my feet. You know, my hair is curly. I think that's a little more impactful.


So, you know, getting out into those communities and bringing the game to them, I think is the best start. And you always going to start with the kids because, you know, you want those kids growing up and learning the game. You don't want them being old and also just shoving it down their throat. You want them to grow up and love the game and then they want to come to the games, you know, hey, this guy came to mind.


This guy came to a rink they just built. I want to go check on the golden night's game. And then all of a sudden, you know, that kid loves hockey instead of, you know, maybe he likes hockey more in basketball or football, whatever it is. But you got to bring the sport to them. They're not just going to come. Any other ideas you have for the NHL in order to to create that change as well?


I mean, I know they've been under fire. I feel like they're trying to adopt as soon as possible. So it's one of those things where, you know, it's all been brought to light more so as of recent. What more can you see that they can do? You know you know, it's tough getting out into the communities, because I think that's that's the biggest thing. And you can really got to touch these people. You can't just you can't just say build a ranking and say, go ahead, use my rank and they'll come support us.


Like, you got to really, really going to touch these people and you got to get out there and and befriend them and make them feel a part of that Hokie family. You know, you don't want to just go through a couple of sticks on the go ahead and play, like really make them enjoy the sport and make them feel like they're part of something and they're going to love it that much more, you know, for the NHL. They need to they need to start some kind of equipment drive where they're, you know, getting the equipment out to these communities.


So let's be honest. Hockey is a fucking expensive sport. It is hard to get into it. A stick close to 50 kids grow up quick. My kid, he's wearing a different size shoe every three months. These parents can pay for skates like skates, cost 400 bucks. It's expensive to play. And I think you go to the NHL has to find a way to make the sport more affordable in these communities so they can adapt to the situation that they're in.


One concern I have, I guess your question is how do we get the message to hockey fans who, let's say, honest, receptive to these things as others? I mean, let's face it, like you said, it's a white sport, a white sport. There are a lot of views that are maybe a little archaic and these people aren't going to be quite as receptive to this postponement as others. How do we get through the those people who just either don't want to hear it or can't hear it or what?


We've got to get rid of those people if those people don't want to get into these communities and don't care about bringing diversity to the sport and they're not the right people to be in power in that position. You need people. You know, there needs to be more black positions in hockey. You know, those people can relate. You know, it was who is the guy in Phoenix, the new president on the team or they get a new president.


Is Pertierra Spanish the first?


You know, and I was listening to one of his interviews. And the thing is, he said, we need to bring these communities to us. They're not just we've got to go into these communities. We're not going to just they're not just going to come to us. You know, we need more people in those positions because they can relate to those people. They they've lived in those people's shoes. But, you know, having a rich white guy running the diversity section of hockey isn't going to do anything because they probably don't care.


You need to have more people of color in those in those positions and you really need to get out there.


I think more things like we talked to Jamal Myers, what he's doing in Chicago is incredible in the inner city, bringing hockey to those kids, like you said, you get to bring it to them. So that's a guy, you know, in terms of what can they do? There's a great there's a great team that's kind of shown what they can do in terms of getting into areas that need to see hockey, need to have a chance to give it a go.


Absolutely. Yeah, I've heard he's doing great things there and, you know, when I get out of this bubble, I plan on doing stuff like that in Vegas. I really would like to find a way to get a rink into one of these communities and get some equipment out there. But, you know, it's tough to do it from the bubble.


Obviously, right now, revolt will obviously push anything you want to do as far as activism and bringing equality to the sport. You mentioned the coyotes and Gutierrez being the first ever president of I believe it's a sports franchise. Correct? That's a lot of Mexican descent. But they opened up the Arena Hilar River Arena as a polling station. And that's another way that NHL can create some changes is offer that right now, given the circumstances in the polling stations, maybe other NHL venues will do so.


Revo, if there's anything else you want to say, but we can't thank you enough for coming on and touching on the subject. It means a lot to us. I know that that was probably a very difficult situation you're in and you're not trying to upset anyone related to the bubble. But it was awesome to see all the guys respond to you and you guys take this action. And I think that everyone could go without sports for two days and really give this some thought.


Yeah, absolutely. I think what I want to live on is I just want to reiterate how proud I am of the players. You know, this was this is a players driven initiative that didn't come from the higher ups and it didn't come from outside. This was players standing behind a cause they believe in. And it was just it's just a great, great, great thing to see.


Now, we can't thank Ryan enough for coming on with us. I'm sure he's under a ton of pressure. Everybody wants to talk to him. He's one of the few black players in the bubble. So, again, thanks to him for coming on. And like I said, because he kind of broke it down in very literal terms. And I think maybe people realize this wasn't a pressure from outside. These guys wanted to do something and they did it.


Yeah, no, I think the players handled it perfectly.


You know, some of these guys have also never dealt with social issues to this magnitude. And maybe some of them aren't even dialed in to the point where they they don't even have an opinion because, you know, they're not online all the time. So just the way they were able to, like, slow everything down collectively, do it. The fact that players were reaching out to a mugshot shot and Kirk and just the overall leadership, very proud of the guys inside that bubble.


And I think just to sum it all up is there's a there's a lot of chaotic things happening in this country right now in the United States.


And, you know, I think I think it's a little overwhelming for a lot of us, especially me being a Canadian and how intense and polarizing it is right now. So we're just trying to do the right thing and give the right people the platform in order to explain it from, you know, maybe a different side that that you've never been explained it. Well said, well said. So having said that, we are going to move on to the games, we do have our buddy Commy join us a little later.


My Commodore, he's we haven't talked to him in a while. He had a hole in one recently, so we figured we'd chat a little hockey with him and get the get the lowdown on the breakdown of how that all that all really finished because the round starts. Great. You'll you'll hear how he talks. Absolutely. Well, if you're an athlete, you know how hard it is to find clothes that fit you. Well, the truth is, men's clothes are not designed for guys with big axes and legs, especially when it comes to jeans.


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Well right now we're watching Vancouver, Vegas. It's a game for Vanc. Vegas has a two to one lead. This game's on the background. We want to talk about this series. First Vegas man, Darrell Wagon. We've talked about him, Alex Tucker, another beautiful goal. The other night, Whitecloud got one Stone, got one. Moxham had a great game Saturday night, but that is just fucking too much of this Vancouver team right now.


Yeah, I thought we were going to see what Vegas was made of coming back in game three after I thought Vancouver handled pretty good. But that was probably the most devastating loss that Vegas Pegasus faced in months. So quite the response. I mean, here as Revo steps in and takes a face off and snaps it back, how are you?


Impressive that his first face off win in his career, maybe potentially he might take offense to me, even ask that he could have five or six snap backs. That's true. But just going back to game game three, Alex Talk is a guy that we've talked about quite a bit. He's having quite the playoff and that third line in general. And they open things up and really they just put Vancouver in a pretzel. It looked like I thought Leonard looked very solid.


And and I guess there had been some questions around Lenar whether he'd like he'd had to perform up to like peach standards, whereas they're so dominant, they have the Puckle game.


Have you really seen him get tested right in early in that hockey game in game three? I thought that he was tested the most and he answered the bell. And as I say, that we're right back to game four here where they're able to put Fleury in that. So they are sticking to the system. I know. Last podcast. Sorry, you thought maybe they were going to go back given the circumstances in the shutdown for a few days, probably that might have altered the decision, but they still got this one two punch.


They got that secondary scoring. And I think that, you know, given they took game three pretty handily, I think they're going to take care of business to win this game three. The first goal talk, it was it was like a control breakout by Vegas. And I don't know what happens in terms of a demon. Make an incorrect read for Vancouver, but talk is so fast, he takes off to a neutral zone, buries the first one, and then the second goal that Whitecloud scored, it was the exact opposite.


Where Vancouver has total control, they got a control breakout, no pressure. They turn it over next. It's in the back of the net. So it shows the difference in terms of execution in these two teams. And we all said Vancouver is a little overmatched. You know, who knows? Maybe they get tonight and it's two two. I'm interested because if Fleury comes in and he plays phenomenal, say they shut him out. It sounds like next game it's back to Lenar.


But it really with this that's the one question with the two goalie system. And what teams do if Fleury makes thirty eight saves tonight and they went to one? Are you really taking them out so it sort of creates confusion if both guys perform well in Vegas, just goes up one up on the power play, so that already scores.


This series has looked really good for Vegas as as is their entire season, especially since the coaching change went down. And they're there, the class of the league that I'm in Tampa right now. I think our heads and shoulders above everyone else.


Islanders fans suck on that and a sign of a good team, too. And, you know, if they're the real deal, especially when they go up, how they control themselves and how they continue to just keep coming and keep with the offense, they don't just sit back and rely on playing defensive game. When they gain a two or three goal lead, they're playing the exact same way they were when it was the drop of the puck.


I sent a tweet out before the series saying I liked Vancouver in the series. Chocker got a DM right away from Troy Terry of the Anaheim Ducks. He's like, Dude, you're an idiot. I played against both teams.


I can tell you veganism is going to clean up here. Thank you, Troy. Troy Terry will never he'll never play for the Kanaks. I say goodbye to ever playing on Twitter. Oh, man, I.


Well, stone though. Just just keep shouting out stone sky, he said in assists in the Patriots goal. Perfect source through the box soars through the box sex talk and sources. And this guy. Oh what a signing what a trade last year. It's just they got it all that whole team, that team is stack them. Well it was impressive. All that talk all the way he corralled the pocket came like kind of bounces then and just fucking slap it upstairs on Moxham.


So we'll keep a monitor on this game as we watch it. Saturday afternoon, Tampa took a commanding three to one series lead over the Bruins with a three one win, because I know we hate talking about the refs, but there was a lot of chatter about them during and after the game. Cassidy had some issues. Oh, my goodness. They hit pocket, hit Carsen Coleman into the wall. It looked like an obvious point. There was no Paul Ritchie jump hepcat.


He got two minutes. I thought it was a tough penalty to take your teams down. You're going against the powerhouse team. You don't want to put them on a power play. Then later in the game, Ritchie, some people thought it was two minutes. Some people thought it was a clean hit. He gets five minutes of a board and they end up still on the power play.


Well, it definitely wasn't a clean hit. I might I won't I won't go that far. But then I question myself. I'm like this. Are you, like is already making you drink this Boston Brewing Kool-Aid? Am I going crazy here? So I watch officiating and I've always thought that the Bruins typically get a decent amount of calls.


They're not rarely are they on the short end of the stick. But given the the the one play earlier in the game and it was you mentioned it was packed, hard hitting Coleman and Coleman Coleman from behind.


I thought I thought Cushman's back was exposed the entire time and he took many strides to go and finish that, I thought right then there should have been two minutes. OK, no call for sure. Boston. Boston's got one in the bank.


I'm a little bit old school in the thinking as to like when you when you get one. You should get you should be able to give one right, like where it's like eye I people say, oh, you should referee that way. Well, coming down to the risky situation, OK.


And especially at the fact that they got to look at it again is as soon as GAUD releases the Poch, Ritchie doesn't take another stride. So he, after the puck is completely off his stick, Richie then plants his other leg and then he's already committed to the hit. And by the time he delivers it, I would say it was a fraction of a second late and Gore to turn his shoulder enough where it came like a five to 10 degree angle where it looked like it was from behind.


So the way the trajectory of Gore went, given he's a smaller guy, is he kind of like landed like face first into the wall, would you say? Right.


Well, shoulder to shoulder, shoulder to shoulder, this whole issue here. And that's part of the whole issue. Whereas, like, I think that that was a two minute penalty, OK? He made the wrong split instinct. He made the wrong decision, and he should be penalized for two minutes. Now, it comes down to the question and I'm not accused. I would never accuse any player of doing this, although, guys, I've been in the fucking locker room when a guy's got hit in a certain way where it's like, well, it's going to benefit you to fucking, you know, stay down or whatever and sell it.


Guys, I've been in a locker room where I've listened to guys say, yeah, I sold a little bit fucking rights. We want the longer power play. I'm not saying Yianni Gore did that, but I also don't think that the penalty should should be based off the fact that the anti Gord's laying on the ice there.


But but that's how things are called. And now you have the ability to look back at replays and I agree, penalty. I would have been fine with two minutes, but. People are giving Cassidy shit and you see him catching flack for bringing up the fact that Johnny Gaud was down and we were all sitting there, we're like, oh my God, it kind of looks bad to look back. That could be a shoulder. And what I say, I go, you know what?


We'll see if he comes out and he's flying around in five minutes, he lay down.


I think he was down on the ice for five minutes. It felt like maybe not that long, but he was down long enough where there was some serious worry in the way it looked. Yeah. I mean, he could have had a serious shoulder injury, but for him to be laying there and that is why the five minute major was called, because if he hops up, it's a penalty.


They don't they don't review it. So he's laying there to make it to make it a five minute major. Maybe he's not trying to do that, but. If you're the Bruins and you come back, he was flying around, killing, trying to kill people, and he was he was doing his job and playing that energy game and you're like, we took a five minute major on a hit that should have been two because you were laying down like you were dead.


I thought then that's an that's a part of the game that drives certain players insane because certain players will not do that. So I don't think that there is one. I don't think he was faking it by any means and not in this case. But the fact to hear the other side of the argument where it never happens, fuck off. I've been in the fucking locker room. I know what's going on. I talk to guys who have done it.


So stop saying that.


No, no, I'm just saying it's like there's always like you can't just let that fly off the cuff without saying that. Like, I've seen it done. Like, you're not going to you can't accuse somebody of laying down and faking it until you hear the words out of their mouth.


Correct. So I don't know, man, if you're laying down for seven minutes, eight minutes and you come back and you're not injured, I kind of think, all right, I remember, I remember I don't know. Growing up, it was like, you better get up if you don't if you laid on the ice, like your foot or leg broken. OK, and I came in game and ship is part of the game. But to see somebody like you're like this guy's really injured, vantages it up.


One one I can announce Pettersen. What a snipe to just see to see that and then see someone flying around. That is what is frustrating for Cassidy and the Bruins. Correct. So that a goal then puts them up to nothing. And I thought I thought it was a close enough game where you look at the pasternack empty net there where he had the whole cage and missed it. And then you look at the whole goal that he gives up glove side where you're like, you know, you know, if you have that competent goaltending where you're getting that ALA's goaltending, I think that that that is a safe.


Am I wrong here?


Polacco has a real issue with this glove. Every goal is going in glove side. And so how do you expect to win a series when you're when you're probably a little outmatched in terms of roster the roster? The Bruins are, you know, top five in the league, say, but Tampa is that good. So you're looking at as a Bruins fan, Hallock needs to play phenomenal. He has even really been good. I'd say he's been average.


You know, he's made a couple of real good saves, but there's been some goals. You're like, oh, not only is that goal the flight, it should be it should be a save.


It's more like, oh, we've been we've owned play. We've had chances here. And now that that goes in, it's just it kills you. It kills you. Especially in the playoffs. There's oh, I that's my word. I can't say it especially at least I just noticed it. I'll say so I'll say so far Tampa looks like the better team and I just I mean fuck man. Pallot Another two talks and I mentioned I don't know if I mentioned this on the last podcast, but I was talking to Patti Maroon and I asked them, I said, who's the most underrated guy on the team?


He says, one hundred percent and another two talks. As I said, they just they are just so fucking deep. And this is like without McDonagh out of the lineup, Vasilescu looks good. He's gotten over that that that that hurdle.


You know, he's been lights out and we got to give full props to Tampa Bay. I mean, they've been playing fantastic hockey, particularly.


Wesolowski, quickly going back to Richi. I think that yeah, I don't think he's the trade is necessarily worked out. I don't think he looks good. I understand that he has to play that physical role. I think he made the wrong decision. I think I think it warranted two minutes. And it it's a tough look when when when a goal is going to impact the game that much to make them go up to. Actually, I fucked you up.


It was that was the third goal. The second goal was the bad one that Halak with that what he should have had either the third goal put put a put a hat on it and put the game, maybe put it on. So it had a huge impact. And again, it wasn't even an original penalty. So they went from no call to a five minute major. So that's why it's probably frustrating drinking the Bruins Kool-Aid.


That tastes pretty good. So they're down three one. How much do you Miss Darnton? Hi. I'm watching you every night. Probably rather have them out there. I mean, I know he was kind of struggling to be straight at them, but, yeah, he just he hasn't really done much. I mean, I know he's got the one gold two games ago, but yesterday was just another game that he's frustrated fans with. I mean, I don't think he's a bad guy or anything.


I think I think Cassidys comments were fair. Let's just play. I mean, hey, coaches do that shit all the time, too. So now moving along at some of the weather's gorgeous, sports it back in full swing with the NHL playoffs on the way that you need to stay hydrated with our favorite sports drink body armor. I've been guzzling a strawberry strawberry banana and fruit punch all week here at the checkout house. What's been done in the orange mango business?


Open about seven hundred bottles of water all around the house. So big. Thanks for taking care of us this week. Drink what Mike Trout and James Harden drink. Body armor has no artificial sweeteners, flavors or dyes. Is potassium packed and full of electrolytes with all the things you need to keep you hydrated during the summer months. And it tastes great gluten free that to learn more at body armor, dotcom or any other flavors on Amazon right now.


So check that stuff out, boys. We've been guzzling this stuff all week long time of my life.


I've been the one leaving these bottles out of somebody. Every day is like it's I feel like I'm in the movie signs when the little girl leaves a glass of water all over the house to keep. I think I'm pretty good at finishing my bottle. I mean, I just went away. Meryl, is that I am swinging like that.


Golf is you leave some bottles around, all right.


You see, because you bring three to one seat and then you'll get up, walk away with one and you'll leave to there are Jesus Christ opuses scatterbrain I'm a cycle oh oh two one Vegas.


We we might see your review here because Carrie's just right in Marxian. I thought it was carrier. Is it carrier. Fuck I don't know.


So a little excited but they're not stephensen carriers that better inside carrier to one Vancouverites move it along the Vegas back to the bench with the V's of the aisles. Just beat Philly three to two to take a three one lead in that series. Philly got leads in the two games prior to that. Couldn't hang on to them. Vollies just been playing out of his mind all the. Grace, tonight, the fly big guns, not getting it done, madmen got a huge goal for the islanders yesterday.


The islanders are just fucking steamrolling this team that just play that system with it. Just they're not like the most exciting squad to watch, but it's winning hockey. And that's all that matters right now.


If anyone tries telling you that coaching doesn't matter in the NHL, just point to the islanders. This shot's just a magician. And yeah, the roster so improved. What can I say I. You can't you can't look at this Islander's team and see anyone that it's going to be easy for them to get by them, right. Like they're going to probably play Tampa and good luck. I mean, I think Tampa win, but this team is and the goaltending for Grace to go in and play that well.


Right. I mean, they're willing to to work on the back to back and throw someone else in there. It just shows that Trott's has been playing a certain way. We've set it for a long time now. They better not win the cup. I fucking I might quit this podcast if they win the cup. I don't feel like listen, because I understand now you guys are saying that the broadcast is paraphilia like shut up. You always complain about something.


It's incredible. These fans, it's unreal. They're winning games and they're still bitching about the old catalog.


Why? It is because they're so boring to watch, they need to find somebody. I'll tell you right now, they're not a fan of these two teams. Are you anyone watching this outpouring or these games if you need to work on getting sleep? Speaking of that, we have an electric chair. Well, we will be watching it on Tuesday night. Well, I want to talk about taking Ambien and just snooze away.


Listen, I'm going to I'm going to give my wrist a little workout here. I'm going to stroke them off a little bit. Leo Komaroff came up with a big goal the other night.


Matt Martin with his third of the playoffs.


No fucking Leafs fans all the way out here. Tough guy. We don't need a big mutant in the lineup shot up. These fucking big mutants are still very valuable. Good asset to the team. Now, Matty Martin, three talks. Just had a kid, by the way, too. So congratulations on that. But I tell you what, this fucking team man, I can't agree with you more with little bit boring to watch, but they just find a way to keep getting it done.


And part off was excellent. You mentioned Thomas Grace coming in. Great fill. But as far as Philly is concerned and I hate we hate being negative on this podcast, but I think that we probably have to mention the fact that, like Clozaril came on the show, I think he's going to run running it so tight.




His grip and saw dust coming off his knob. Right now, he's gripping a tight one, one playoff goal in his last twenty five games.


That's right. You know that, right? Is that accurate? Is that what I read? It's not good.


I know that much. Sure. It's twenty five today. He's got one shot whether it's twenty, thirty, twenty five. It's an issue at this point. It's been made aware and connect me to this. He hasn't scored. And so how do you expect to win. We've kind of been saying this all along that they couldn't, they couldn't score, they couldn't win without those guys scoring. They're able to get through the beginning. They really get to the first round.


The I want to bring up the hit tonight, Clutterbuck through on Sandhamn. That's a dirty hit. You want to talk that dirtier than the hit Richie put on board? Yeah, because that's just sticking your knee out. And luckily Sandhamn was OK. It was just two minutes for Clutterbuck. I don't think the league will take a look. But man, you're sticking your leg out there and you can ruin a guy's knee. You could ruin a quad.


You've seen how the how what happened to Cam Neely on a leg check. So you don't like seeing that?


I didn't get a good second look at it. I know you're you're buzzing about it.


I was just like all his because ten times knee could be in six different pieces right now if it caught him a different way, aren't I?


I'm almost done stroking off the islanders. Last thing I want to mention is Islander's Lee and his front ability for you. Young hockey players watch him in front of the net, his body positioning how he opens up and he slaps the paddle where he wants it to tip it in the net. I bet you if you add it off, what he's got six goals now in playoffs. If you add them all up, it might reach the highest marks he is.


He had to hit on Backstrom to get to Washington. He's a factor hooty fight. And that's not the factor. He's off factor and he's just getting it done so far in playoffs. That whole team, he's a great net front power play, guys. Well, willing to stand stand there and create that net strong presence because most of the time with boys are seen that they're stopping at the NHL level. And if you don't have a guy in front of that who's willing to pay the price, a Thomas Holmstrom type, you got the Patrick Horn, Chris Horny, he's like, is he not that type of model player?


I agree with that type. Yeah, that's a good one.


Maybe not as big of a piece of shit to play against, but definitely not everybody makes up for it. And the goalscoring department. So obviously kids take a look at that and that front presence and federal is one goal in the last twenty three bills close enough.


Both backups did start in game three, like you said, Greece, Elliott's native Philly. The next back Tuesday night, we'll be doing the electric chair for that one. Also, Dallas took a commanding three to one series lead with the five four Thrilla over Colorado Sunday afternoon. They hadn't played since that barnburner on Wednesday night. Dallas has just been too much for this team. Dobby's been much better than Frances shows. I don't know, man. Colorado, we had such high hopes for them and you lose your starting goal, you'd lose the top here.


And this is the result. Man, those are tough, tough holes to fill.


Tough, tough luck. And to lose Bauer, you could say what you want. So and the season he had, but he never had to be that number one guy. It's a lot different to have success when you go in and maybe there were times they were splitting. And it's just when you're the guy and there's no one behind you and you got to perform. He hasn't really been able to. Now, I think they've been outplayed and Dallas is just kind of bullied them.


And, you know, with with McKinnon, is it on the ice? Not much is happening, but you've got you've got a shot of Dallas because they've figured out a way to play their scoring now, too, before they couldn't score and they'd get some wins. Now, it seems like they're getting five tonight night. So you watch that team play and it's just not a great matchup right now because they do have the depth, because at the beginning of the playoffs, when Sagan and Ben weren't scoring well, Pawelski was scoring and Guyana was scoring.


And you got Hintze who's playing well. Well, now Ben and Sagan are scoring and those guys haven't slowed down either on the job as well. Radula of the excitement he showed on the bench tonight when Hintze made it four two. So this is this is Sunday. We're recording. Last night, Hintze had the sickest play. He he waited out of defenseman. That was actually I think it was called for who slid on the ice and he just wait.


Animoto drag shelved one, made it for two is kind of the back breaker. And they, they had a shot to the bench and Radula just turned around and screamed the farm animal. We know how intense he is, but it shows like this team's there, they're feeling they're feeling it. And they're so willing to kind of do whatever it takes. So you can shit on Colorado, but you lose Johnson, you lose your starting goalie. You're you're what is the word is the word paddle.


And I was just paddling into the current swimming against the current swimming against the current. I thought there was a different saying I should have Phuket, Colorado.


They look very fragile. That's the word I'd use right now. Just not the same team I saw last round.


I thought they looked scared. They just looked scared. And just like the one one little defensive breakdown and it's ending up in the back of their net. And you mentioned the goaltending. That's that's pretty obvious. But I just didn't think they were going to be this fragile. And then you look at Dallas and how much they're feeling it, where it's being brutally honest.


I thought coming in, I'm like, I don't want them to win because they're such a boring team to watch.


They play the honours in the cup final.


We're done with our full goal to win.


But the beginning of the game three exciting. Now they're like, hey, three, nothing quick. Now they're now they're the Harlem Globetrotters. They've now taken the title from the Philadelphia Flyers. They are the Harlem Globetrotters right now. They got everyone on full throttle.


And I think that that I think them in Vegas is going to be a very exciting series.


And then the last question I will ask is because I feel like goalies have always taken back the theme of the playoffs so far is what do you do if if Bishop comes back healthy? What do you do? Is it a situation kind of like the Murray and Flaherty situation where, you know, ultimately he's going to give your team a better chance to win? But but. Dobbs, Dobens, been playing good hour, right, and if he's been unfit so far the last week or two, how far is he going to be when he's ready to play?


I mean, it sounds like it's a lingering injury because there have been no positive covid tests. So it's not that. So it's obviously an injury. So if he's coming back, is he going to be 100 percent and who doesn't? I mean, he's not perfect, but we haven't lost many battles. Like he'll give up a goal early and he just battles, battles, battles. And he's he's out playing the role.


The reason I ask that, too, is, like you said, that bishops got this lingering injury. What it takes them like maybe like a week, a week and a half to get back to normal. When Matt Murray took over for flour, I believe it was in, what, game five or six of the Eastern Conference finals. You have to double check.


And I believe it was against Ottawa.


And then he ended up they ended up winning in game seven, I believe, because your boy ended up scoring the winner who cornets. Oh, so never hurt.


So it's like, you know, it's weird. Like it goes back to this goalie decisions we talk about all the time.


Maybe they're just haunt my dreams right now. You mentioned the fragility on Colorado, Kilmichael. He's been so good all playoffs. He had Metzler behind the net, but then compared it to Steve Schmidt's Oncology's and Steve Smith and put it in off his goalie in Game seven to go to the Stanley Cup final. Correct? Actually, it was a conference final. But to go to the cup final, right?


Yeah, well, a conference to go to the conference finals if they if the winner of that game won it to the conference. OK, sorry, sorry I messed that up, but shocker.


But dude, minus one, this was the Mikage dominated the whole playoff and it was one fluke play that made it what, five to be in comparison to game seven.


Sure. But it did end up being the game winner. I'm just saying I'm not saying that that's like it all evolved how it did. But I was to go up five two. I believe that's I think the game winner went.


Halsy Trapline, A.N. Memory told how many game winners he had. He had fifty eight game, whereas in was like you scored the seventh goal and and in a seven six win like you made it seven one and you ended up winning seven six. So you can, you can bring up that, that goal was the game winning goal. But to compare the issue is comparing it to a Game seven blunder. Now and then, so speaking of being strong mentally as a young player, mcca the next shift on the ice and he's backing off with his head up with his head up and just snaps it right through the middle and forget who stick it was to go in on a two.


On one. So, you know, it's he's not thinking about what happened the last shift. He's just moving forward. That's all you can do when you're playing.


Twenty three, twenty four, twenty five minutes a night, you're going to make a few mistakes. And when you're doing what he does offensively, it's OK boys.


It's interesting. We still got a ways to go, but it's possible we have three Russian goalies on the last four teams if things keep going OK. And we'll have Wesolowski Varlamov and the WHO. Dobbyn was actually born in Kazakhstan, but I guess the IIHF considers it part of Russia. So either way, you know, like you still those Russian goalies going this five year than either way you can say you guys were recording.


So I don't think you see it's a tweet going viral right now of Ryan Reeves making baby faces to try to screen him and try to screen or just go. Really?


He was telling him to shut the fuck up. Reaves looks at him saying, don't be a baby, making the crying faces at home. Wow.


OK, some some more storylines there. Often I'm under the I like the coaches. You don't say shit to players. I think Tortes is somebody like that. I think towards said I'm not in I'm not out there in the battle. I don't talk to other teams. I would never talk to a player because it's like maybe Green didn't even start it. But I think for Revo to do that, he would have had to yell something at him. It's just me.


For me, that's that's that's not the play. Yeah. I don't know.


I'm interested to hear how it all started off the way to resume calls after the game.


Either way, Dallas, Colorado, back at it Monday night at nine forty five. And the ABS are going to try to make it at least a six game series. And hey, sometimes those guys out there, we're trying to do the same drag out that series. Most guys have tried different ways to last longer, but thinking about cross calling a dumpings doesn't always do the trick. The folks at Rohlman and Online Men's Health Company, A Change in the game at Roman swipes the secret to longer lasting sex.


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No, no, no. So that's I guess I guess I just jumped the gun there.


I don't know what happened, but either way it's entertaining in the series. It's it's hard. It's it's had its side storylines, that's for sure.


Going back to the Alan Walsh tweet, going back to Revo clock in at Rousselle, that was game. Rousselle took another ten. He took another ten on cousins, which I told you this cousins guy can get under your skin so bad. And going back to the beginning of the podcast, I don't know if I said this, that Totti place that morning. Breakfast sandwich. Yes, on a queso. Oh, what a shocker, Grayson. Ten out of ten.


Good. Ten out of ten.


So I never had that place. They built it since I moved out of town.


All this signal free or this is a free plug.


Yeah. Free plug for the local giants that would take care of us. No harm, no foul. Hey, you mentioned entertaining. There's nobody more entertaining than my camera pal. Comedy Central with him right now from the a golf story. All right, let's roll call me right now.


Well, our next guest is no stranger to the Chicago audience he's been on, I don't know, we've lost count. We've had him on so many times. But since we last met, he had a career achievement off the ice. He got himself his first hole in one. Welcome back to the show, Commy Mike Commodore. How's it going, buddy?


What's up, guys? I'm doing real well. Thanks for having me on. I appreciate it. Call me. I said this has to happen because we got the news about the hole in one that you and I have talked for years about, possibly someday us getting one and then all that. I hop on Twitter and I see you kneeling down, picking the ball out of the hole. Just take us through all the events. I'm I'm just going to get some Jurgen's and just don't mind.


Make sure, OK, so to run you through the whole thing, it was a Saturday. I had a couple of cocktails Friday, but nothing crazy. Saturday teed off like, I don't know, middle of the afternoon or so with a couple of buddies, a couple of local guys. And I mean, it's Saturday. I didn't really do a whole lot Friday. And, you know, right from the first tee, I hit my first tee shot and are pretty good.


And the ball smacked Scheck's right next to the first tee at Earl Grey. I'm like, you know what. And I ask the guys and my guys want to get after they want a little bit today they're like, yeah, Saturday. I'm like all right let's get out. So I went got like a garbage bag full of like I didn't have any coolers. I think it was probably there was three of us. I got, I don't know, 12 or 14 like.


But because sodas in a can, I'm like, let's get after it. So birdie the first hole or the next one bogey. The third hole.


I'm even par or your game at this point. Like going in the shot of even hitting it nice. Going into the club championships which was right at the beginning of August, like the first weekend in August. I was at one point to the club championships that Earl Grey three day event stroke play your ball has to go in the hole, something I'm not real good at. And I got up to the first tee. I was confident I was at the Betty Ford and serve you mount the weekend before you mount the great spot, by the way, in all of B.C. and I was hitting it well.


So I was high in confidence. I stepped up to the first tee with the first tee like it's a birdie hole. It's a par five. If you hit a good drive, it's definitely full. There's no real trouble anywhere. You can basically just send it. And I got up over the ball and I'm like, OK, don't try and hit this. I was all tentative. I'm like, just hit the thing. The stroke play. Oh my God.


And one swing. I went back two years all of a sudden now over the top white ponet. I can't hit it any further than like two forty in Calgary. That's terrible. And like I'm sure the guys I'm playing with, I ended up playing with the eventual club champion, Jimmy Cowan. He was watching. I'm sure these guys are like, this guy's a two handicap. He's terrible. They bogey, double bogey and I quadruple bogey. The easiest hole in the course.


Do to answer your question, I was playing well, but then it was kind of off the railing big time. So I wasn't playing great then. So I was excited. The hole in one day. No, I'm even par through for a birdie. Five at thirty six. Wow. For seven to par three. Yes on two under. I'm honestly I'm not even really paying attention, I'm just smashing these vodka sodas. I'm like I don't, I'm just going to hit the ball, try and make some putts, hopefully keep it in play.


Let's just have some fun and I can get, I can pick it up if I'm not feeling it. It ain't the club champ anymore.


Know I hit a bad shot. Just give me a double. I'll hit a couple of shots here. Maybe not for the next to come. I'm not Kardon beats and shit, so I get up to the tee. It was hole number seven, Earl Grey. Nice day. I'll know when I was one hundred and fifty six yards slightly downhill par three so you can see the whole green and I was first up I birdied six and so we're waiting or whatever to wait a little bit later.


Green players sorry. And I have a pitching wedge not even thinking anything about it. I'm like, you know what, like the smart move is kind of in the middle of the green. I'm like, I don't give a shit Pippin's way left. Oh my. I'm going to try and hit it at the flag. So hit the thing, hit it high. I hit it really good. I hit it high and I hit it well and I'm like Jesus in my head.


I'm like that's right at it. And my buddy is like, man that's going in. And I'm like I'm like yeah. I'm like, wow, I'm in the back of my head. I'm like, this is added watch. I'm going to fly, it's going to be the bunker. I'm going to end up with a fucking five. But I'm like it is right at it. So I'm watching the ball, we're all watching it and all of a sudden it disappears.


You could hear the ball hit plastic and then disappear. And I'm like my buddies like that soon. He's like screaming. And he's like, yes, I said, let's correct that. Yeah. Direct hit. So I'm will it in the cup dude. Fluid in the cup and I'm standing on the tee and I'm like, there's Ohmes you know, like pool noodles in there for coalbed. Same I'm like, wait a minute. I'm like, you know, maybe that thing hit the pin and went into the bunker or something like that.


I'm like, I'm not sure yet. I just don't see how the ball. Went in, were you sober? You heard the plastic, though, did you sober up what snapped me to attention? I'm like that that is a pen and my eyesight isn't real great. So I couldn't see exactly where it did, but I knew it had a pen. So we're walking up there. We were walking and they're like, dude, that's it. It's got to be in.


I'm like, I don't know. I'm like Ohmes. And so we get up, walk up to the green. I grab my putter. I don't know why grab that. I should have grabbed the wedge because I knew the ball was not green. I could see the entire green. It was either in the hole or it was in the bush.


One of the two blacked out. At this point, you don't know what's going on. Oh, I had a good buzz. I wasn't black, though. Yeah, no, no.


I mean. I mean more like. I mean more like just the whole situation. You're grabbing the putter, you know, it's on the ground like I said.


Yeah. Gotcha. Yeah. I'm like hole in one. I'm like maybe it is never had one. I'm like I don't know what to do. Pool noodles. Where the hell's the ball. I don't know what's going on. So we walk up there and walk up and I look in the hole like as I'm walking up and there's no ball on top of the fome, there's no ball mark around, there's nothing. I'm like, where is this fucking ball?


So I kind of look around my buddies like, where the hell is it? I'm like, I don't know. So I like, get right over top of the hole and I bend over and look. And the foamy that Earl Grey, they have like little kind. If you saw the picture, it's a little kind of cut out. Like it's not just a straight up pool noodle. So there is a little bit of space, like four little slot with a little little space, I guess.


So this ball I look down the ball was underneath the foamy right at the bottom of the cup, like I had to take the pin out to get the ball. It was wedged down underneath there. So the ball must have like hit the bottom of the pin, came backwards a little bit, deflected off of it, hit one of those holes and went right to the bottom. And then I just proceeded to just smash board facilities like they were going out of style.


So that took me to four hundred thirty seven. I'm like, man, they're like, hey, let's get a good score. I'm like, yeah, good for that'll be a fucking miracle.


And trying to get around at this point. Yeah.


I'm like man we're getting to the halfway house here in two holes so that was four hundred through seven. I then proceeded to hit my next tee, shot the trees, that was a bogey and then I yanked my next number nine, the par three. I yanked that thing about 30 yards left. Actually it was a good bogey. And then we reloaded with another trashcan full of vodka sodas and just floored it through the back nine. I ended up shooting a seventy four, which was my best round in weeks for sure.


And yeah, we were shitfaced, you know, weird, kind of got out with the Instagram post and then I didn't know going into, you know, I never, never had a hole in one before. It's like I don't know what the club's policy is on fucking hole in one. I never had one. Why would I pay attention? So I guess they're like, you know, a couple of people are waiting for me, like, are you coming upstairs?


I'm like, yeah, I'm not an asshole. I'm going to go up there and buy drinks. I'm going to get a hole in one my first one and run home. And I'm like, fuck that.


I would be as would have been like, oh my God, it's so I'm not I didn't go in. Guys are like, oh, fans. I'm a beer dagos, my sixth house.


So yeah. Like it was it was a nice day. So the place was pretty full, like coalbed ball or whatever patio was slab a couple of basins. When I finished up the round I gave a little wave and I went up there, rang the bell and then basically drinks were on me for an hour. But I think I don't know for sure, but I think I'm pretty sure that they have insurance. I think we had three. I don't know.


I think so because nobody even came up and like, asked me. It was just drinks are on me. So I have got my bill yet. So out of my bill is going to be normal this month or it's going to be astronomical.


So you could probably get buried depending on pactio us for people who don't know insurance, a lot of clubs, one of the places I play it has hole a hole in one insurance where every member is paying five bucks a month so that if you get an ace like a certain amount covered, say like twenty five hundred dollars of the drinks. Now, the key part of this is that if you get an ace on a Tuesday morning and nobody's up there, you get the cash.


Thanks. Did. Yeah.


So it's actually like you want to get you want to get an ace. When there's nobody at the coursers you get one on a tournament you're fucked. It still might cost you. Yeah.


So book and Tuesday time is like oh when the course is closed there any midnight golf game at the pins on Tuesdays.


On the weekends. I'm aiming for the opposite side of the rock. I'll do some chipping.


So there's some, some non golfers here. And it's kind of like an unwritten rule that when you get a hole in one, it's like even like the night out usually is on you, at least with the fellows that were in your group all like, OK, just to be very, very clear.


So even if I get away with the insurance at the club and I don't have to pay anything, trust me for the next. So that was Saturday night. I was blacked out and my buddy Peter from Vancouver was flying in anyways for a week of four, four days of golf. Oh. So he's fired up and he's already charged up and he joins the group. We're at the bar. So that blackout Saturday, we go golf Sunday. Back to Earl Grey.


Same thing, right? Great on it again, Monday, we went and played all 45 holes at a golf course called Blencoe with my buddy Pat Kenny here, I played college hockey with them. That was more cocktails Tuesday. I had a nice like we were out pretty good on Monday night. Tuesday, we had to hit the brakes. I'm like, I had to go work a hockey school for the flames of one night, which was great.


It's nice to work with the kids and everything like that. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it. But I mean, I felt like shit. Thank God the parents weren't allowed in the building, you know, due to covid, because if I could have breathed on one of them, they would have been like, oh my God, I'm sorry I got fired. No. Oh, I was dying. I was it had to be there.


I was on the ice. I think it's seven thirty. I was there for four hours. No water. I'm like, oh my God, I'm struggling, yelling at these kids that aren't really well, they were good. But anyway, it's just hockey school stuff. And then we actually we had to cancel the round Tuesday. Thank God my body from Ban. I got all my. Do you want to play ball. He's like, I think I'm going to puke.


I'm like, OK, thank God. Let's just so we watch. I think that day there was at least four games on maybe five. We watched all the hockey Tuesday. Nothing we played golf against Wednesday, blew it out Wednesday night. And then he laughed. And then I was I took a pretty easy for the next while. So it was good. It was a good, good experience for sure. But I was hurt. And if I didn't pay for the bears at that Earl Grey or the drinks, I definitely made up it at the bar four out of the next five nights or whatever it was given.


Your former co-worker said some nice work to take care of them. Oh yeah.


Yeah. I don't even think I support my truck for almost a week just outside the house.


So I was like, have you do you know if Khamees watched any hockey like I think he was watching a ton of hockey told the hole in one.


So I don't know what. Yeah. What your opinions on everything. And if you've kind of stayed up to date with what's going on or you got a team that you think might get it done here. Yeah, you know what?


To be honest, I was up until the hole and one I've never watched this much hockey. Honestly, probably if you combine the last ten years I was watching. I actually really enjoyed it. Like other you know, if I was on the golf course, maybe I'd miss an afternoon game or something. But other than that, I'd come home and I was watching a bunch since the hole in one that's kind of gone down a little bit. And then there was a little break or whatever.


But I'm going to be watching a couple of games again tonight. Yeah. I mean, obviously around here, the flames were a big disappointment, kind of the same old thing. A little bit. I would you know, they kind of had Dallas on the ropes. Twelve seconds left, but went up three one. They said lose that game and that was it for them. They lost the next two and that was it. So that was disappointing around here.


People were a little let down.


Do you think the commy in Calgary or what's the problem from watching them? You know what? It's I mean, look, I hate to pile on. I really don't want to pile on. And I like these guys and they're excellent players. And if you're looking to move them, I think you really got to be careful. It's not like you can just move somebody and magically everything is going to get better. But it's been a few years now where, you know, like the best players from what I saw were the best players for the flames were Sam Bennett, Milan Lukic and Dylan Dubea.


Now, that's great. Don't get me wrong. That's awesome. And losing Karkoc after game two hurts to. Sure, but you can't do anything about that. I mean, I hate to say it, but the top guys need to do more than score one MP matter at even strength. Yeah, I think that was the deal, you know, on the power play, whatever. They're going to get their points on the power play. But, man, it's playoff hockey.


The whistles go away a little bit. It's like, you know, you're the top guys. You have to produce a little bit, five on five. And unfortunately for them, they did. I don't know what you do with that because it's hard, like, you know, I mean, for people that don't watch the planes, you know, Sean Monahan, Johnny Goodrow and Elias Lindhome, you know, that is such a five on five, such a fine line.


Right, because you want to give it enough time. You don't want to be the one to have traded away too early. And then the left side of that, if you do end up making a major move, you know, if it's not successful, it's going to be scrutinized. And as a GM nowadays and the shelf life like, you know, that could be your last move. So to that and you're leaving. I thought he's done an exceptional job since he's been there.


And, you know, making that team what they are, I feel like there. And I compared them to St. Louis a little bit where I feel like there's just a couple more pieces. And if they find the right groove and they get the right stride. But but the window is definitely closing, I'd say like nothing gets done next year. Like, what do you do?


Yeah. Like, you know, I agree. Treliving is a great thing and I think he's done a great job in the playoffs, have had an interesting year here with, you know, Browdy collapsing on the ice, the whole Bill Peters debacle, you know, covid like every other GM and everybody else. But it's been an interesting year here. And I think overall they played played well. And but yeah, you're right. It's like like it's easy to, you know, if you're going to get you know, let's say you're going to let's say you're going to shake it up.


And people some people are calling me here. We and Mohanad, it's like, OK, you're going to shake it up or you're going to trade a ninety point player and goodrow. What are you going to get for him? You better get something. Sean Monahan. OK, maybe sometimes, you know, you can be a little bit invisible. He scores. He's he's guaranteed twenty a year round here. I mean, that's not easy to replace.


So it's like you still have to make the playoffs. So if you if you play those guys, you better make sure you do something good with them, because otherwise I get there.


It's it's super easy to say we got to get rid of them and it's so easy because you're like, OK, well, what are you going to get. I don't know. It's got to get rid of them. All right. Yeah, it sounds simple enough. It's yeah. It sounds so much easier than it is to fans.


Yeah. Big time. Oh, it's easy to just say get rid of the guys. I mean I think those guys could be very, very effective if they just had a little bit more, if they weren't so much for the playoffs anyway, if they weren't so much, if they didn't have to be like the primary guys, if they could get in which this is like like we just said, this is way fucking easier said than done. It's not like you could just go out and pick somebody up that's going to, you know, lead your team and be a, you know, first line score.


That's not easy to do. But if they could just get a little bit more here where those guys maybe maybe if they weren't relied upon so heavily, maybe that would take some pressure off in the playoffs. No, Jamie, Benin's second I feel like I feel like they've picked it up. Definitely has playoffs has worn on, but like, get it drafted. Well, and they got these guys coming out of nowhere where I feel like they kind of come at you in waves.


And maybe when those big boys, especially early on through these playoffs, they weren't producing. Well, the other secondary scoring, the other guys were there to lift them up to overshadow that. And now that playoffs is progressing now, it's maybe their turn to turn it on. And the other guys, if they're not clicking well, it's all about kind of like survival as you make your way through this thing. And that's why you need the depth and the lineup now shifting away from Calgary.


Did you watch enough of Edmonton to have an opinion on them? Because I feel like both teams in the battle in Alberta special boy and still like no out.


They're not even close to even close. They're not even close. Very disappointing for. Yeah, I mean, very disappointing for Alberta. The playoffs, I guess. I mean, Edmonton, Calgary, a little bit Edmonton even more so. I mean, I'm sure those Oilers expand their downtown. Half the streets are closed off around the rink for the bubble and their fucking team isn't even in there. They're probably just rattled in traffic. But I don't know for the Oilers, from what I saw.


I mean, yeah, you got high end talent. You do have some you got some excellent players there for me. Anyways, I'm sure there's more to it than this for me. I think they need to do something with that décor for me. And look, he's done well for himself. But if Oscar Clapham has to play twenty five minutes a night, I think you're in big fucking trouble. I think he is a like a power play type guy.


Give him some even strength minutes. But he's not strong enough defensively, in my opinion, where it's like he's your horse and he needs to play half the game. I like that Ethem. They're like there's some players on the deck or that I like for sure. People really like that. Ethan Bear. I think that guy's good. I think, you know, I think nurse is good too.


But he kind of didn't make the step that people were hoping to me is the number two. Most of that team, most of the team is is one line above where they should be. They get slaughtered just one one lower, and then all of a sudden you're like, all right, this guy is not a first person. Well, he could play second or third line. And now we're now we have a chance to win a cup.


So it's like the depth issues is good luck. Good luck figuring out a 100 percent.


They got a lot of work to do up there. I will say, for Oilers fans are listening and I've been saying this all year. I'm like, you know what? Yeah, OK. You know, maybe things aren't going great right now and we need to turn around. I tell you what, if I was going to play, if I was going to pick, you know, somebody to be in charge to turn it around, Ken Holland would definitely be on my short list.


So I think they're in good hands. They're I like their coach staff. I mean, I never played I played for Jim Playfair.


But Commy outside of Alberta, which play a play is up, jumped out at maybe some below the radar guys.


You know what, the team that I that from the games that I've seen that I've really. I think of an extremely, you know, Vancouver that maybe they're punching a little bit above their weight class right now. I think it's going to be hard if I had to pick a team right now. I really like Vegas. I think Vegas I mean, speaking of coming at teams and waves, I mean, for me, when I watch a Vegas game, it's almost like I have a hard time telling it, like the first line from the third or fourth line.


So I'm like, man, these guys can all move by and large and they are up. They turn the puck like I mean, they transition fast and they are coming. Dallas's, you know what? The flames kind of let them off the hook there with 12 seconds left to go and they are rolling. I think they just won just one now. So I think they're up three one. So yeah, those would be I see more Western or Western teams than I have more on the east, but I like Vegas and I'd say Tampa look good.


A little bit surprising to for me being up three one on the B's, but those are kind of be the guys that I like so far.


Tommy, you enough Fleury got something in common your age. It's getting you guys in trouble because did your agent thought he sent out that picture after you sign him? You just swimming in money on the bed? Yeah, no, that was actually me.


Unfortunately, they cut that out further. For the record, I didn't fucking send that out. My buddy put it on his Facebook picture. That was a horrifying. Yeah, I didn't even do that like I was. That was had nothing to do with me other than trying to get this guy out of here because he was hammered. I'm like, I need to go to bed yet. You know what I will say? And I don't know what your guy's opinion on the whole thing.


I did see it. I will say. You know what? Yeah. And I like Allen Walsh. We chat a little bit. I do like he's awesome. He's awesome. He stands up for his players, which I like. Maybe that was a little bit a little bit forward. But I will tell you what I would have I would have loved to have Allen Walsh as my agent because I love the fact that at least he sticks up for his players.


And when things aren't going well, he's there to at least defend you. You know, maybe that wasn't the greatest way to do it in that case. But, you know, I had some agents that were when things got tough, they kind of disappeared where Allen seems like the opposite. It's like, oh, things are having troubles. Couple fucking feathers. You probably had a garbage can full of fucking Borca sodas.


Before I went out, he just started Game of Thrones. He was late to the game. He's like, Oh, so be cool. Yeah. Fuck this guy. The boy. Oh, call me dude.


I can't believe you got any. I mean, the A's, the fact that you didn't lose the ball like Mayday and Iron Man two, that's a win. You must have that thing up on the bookshelf. You know what, I'm actually glad you said that I don't have it up yet, but I got it in my golf bag in a different pouch and it's still there. And I'm glad you fucking mentioned it. As soon as I'm done, I'm going outside my truck and taking it out of there.


Yeah, no, I didn't pull a mayday and lose the fucking thing. I still got it. I guess. I don't know. I should probably write the date on it. Maybe. And what all. I don't know. Things are hard to draw on. Yeah, they are a little bit. I haven't find too many golf balls in my life. Take one look at my swing. They're like, holy fuck, let's get away from this guy.


Anything else you wanted to talk about before we let you go? Me? Thank you so much for jumping on.


By the way, this is. Oh, man, any time. Shit, man, I don't think I.


I don't have a whole hell of a lot more a whole fucking. If you're bored. We're in Boston Hockey on that Boston dude.


I would love to, but Canada in this fucking mandatory fourteen day quarantine. It's a joke. Keep forgetting about that. I forgot about that. I know. Do I want to go down like there's some golf courses I'd like to play and there's some stuff I'd like to do. But man, unless I'm going to go down there for like three or four months and then that's one thing. And if it's two weeks after a three month down there, then whatever.


But man, two weeks, especially me, two weeks sitting around in Calgary, especially when the weather's nice. That's painful because we a good majority of the year, the weather's not nice. And then it's OK to sit around, I guess, but also the looseness shit up and hopefully things start coming around a little bit. It's getting a little little old.


Yeah, I agree with you on that. And thank you very much. Congrats. Unreal hole in one. Mike Kamara, one of the fan favorite spit and check with. Thanks for joining us. We'll talk to you.


Hey, fellas, thanks a lot for having me. And I'm happy to come on any time. Thank you. Jakic, on your battle over insider.


As always, thanks to our economy. Always entertaining, always forthcoming. I love this breakdown of the Battle of Alberta to because it's always good stuff. Rick's not going to be happy enough. What else is Novellus? And folks?


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Well, Florida Panthers might be wanting to go and zip recruiter because they're going to be looking for a new GM.


Lots of names bouncing around, a lot of names found. Peter Shirleys got thrown out there. I don't know if his buddies from the media, friends of the office trying to get him a job. I know fans are crazy. They hear that. But I Buddy Edgel, supposedly his has been thrown in the ring. A lot of teams seem to be hot for him. I mean, he's been doing a lot of TV.


Yeah. You saw Kevin Weeks. Name was Bill Armstrong, the assistant GM in the blues name has been mentioned by Elliott. It seems Scott Bellambi, who's been in Montreal, is the assistant. GM says tons of names out there, the Adso name. I just quickly think the Derby's coming up.


So last year, if you guys remember, Etto gave us the pick. We're Chicago. Yeah, he gave us the winner. I had it. So we got to have yes. We got to have him back on the street. But I think it's certainly different than what he's done the past few years. But I do go in and press in an interview and you crush it and they already really like you to begin with. Who knows? I mean, they could be looking at somebody who's polished and can speak is good speaking good given press conferences.


I mean, you imagine they're all in on getting the team better. They have expiring contracts. Hoffman's gone bad. Iraq hall, they have they picked the goalie thirteenth overall that Spencer Knight kids. So there's there's going to be a lot of work to be done by this guy, but he's going to have a ton of cap space. And because it's a tax free state.


So you just wonder why some of the TV names are involved.


But, hey, if they're good, if they want to get it, how does that even while I was just going to touch on that, I mean, as surprising as it may sound, part of the job is being able to keep up with all these names and like knowing the league and maybe knowing ask asking tough questions, because, you know, enough people where you're finding out what these guys personalities are like, whether or not they would gel with this type of team.


So, yeah, surprising as it may come off and whether a guy like Enzo would would even want that type of pressure, because it's a lot different than like, you know, going in front of a camera and spouting out the facts and giving your opinion on the game, as opposed to controlling all these decisions and constantly being under fire like it's you know, it's a stressful position. So, you know, I think that it benefits the fact that he's constantly around the game and he knows everything.


I mean, crazy told me about the horse, the way he's able to pick horses. Well, maybe he's going to have some fucking luck on the draft, too. All right. Thinking these young thoroughbreds, as we call them, just like I was back in my day with the Kentucky thoroughbreds.


But, yeah, a lot of names up for that position. So I don't know. I think Shaun Burke was another name I saw. Who is another name? I heard I've come for their coyote's job. So there's definitely a couple of vacant GM positions and who knows, maybe ends up ends up in Cairo, Illinois.


Oh, that's a big difference, though. Like seventy with that. And that's a job you don't sleep your phones on.


Twenty four you need you need to have you need to have a great team behind you. You know, you have to trust your scouts. You have to know GMs doing anything worthwhile alone. Right. That it's so many people that go into making a successful organization. You need that guy to talk to able to lead.


I think I think part of what helps Ezo and not only having a history of being a very good player and being around the game so long is the fact that you have this Rolodex of people and you're able to vet, you're able to call around and see like, you know, is this a good person? This position, like what have they proven like? What was your experience with them?


And, you know, not a lot of people have the ability to have that type of Rolodex and also that many people where they can have as mentors essentially. Right.


There's going to be people that have done it before that he's able to. Reach out to in order to guide them in the right direction. So, as I will say, I would be surprised if the Panthers hire somebody who hasn't done this before. Where are they right now?


I would agree with that as well. I mean, Israel racial. Another name that's popped up, I don't know. He's he's a pretty reputable GM. And I know how things ended up the way they did in New Jersey. And I think everybody was surprised. But should be interesting here. This is a few head coaching jobs as well.


Absolutely. We keep an eye on, of course, what what else you've got going on. Well, you talk about the GM search, so I played golf today with I was with a couple of buddies, and one of them was Steve Grealy, who was one of the guys, his assistant, GM, in Buffalo. So they recently were let go. But we're playing old sandwich, so I'll quickly give you my my round. I, I striped the ball around today, but I missed the five footer for birdie on one and missed the three footer for birdie.


On to the putter has been a little bit of an issue, let's say that this whole season. So I think it could have been a crazy crazy little round ended up shoot seventy four, which is frustrating.


I made a double bogey on the back, but me and my boy Billy Maharis, we take one hundred, one hundred and ten bucks from these guys. Really another kid rugosa due to hates to go and think, think he stinks even though now the Bruins can't get a save stay struggle. So we when we went one hundred and ten bucks off these clowns. Well Old Sandwich has this nineteenth hole. It's so sick, basically like a gambling hall. You finish round and you walk over to the left and there's a T and there's a hole down the bottom.


It's about one hundred and forty five yards par three sick pass through the 19th hole, the big hole. You lose your bets when you do you double or nothing. So we get up there and these guys go double or nothing. They want it, they want to get their one hundred and ten back. Right. So I hit wonder about twenty feet. It was a great shot. My buddy, my buddy, my Harris, he hits one over the green.


He's like above the bunker. Kind of fucked but I'm in good shape. And then Grilli and Rogow, they miss the green. They miss they're done fuck. And they're dead. So they were going to have a tough time making par. Very tough time. Maharishi's dunks this shot from behind the green in the bunker hits this six wapshott that stops on a dime and then just releases like a foot, drops in for two. Thank you. Two hundred and twenty bucks.


Phenomenal. Well, this place is so sick. So they now have another angle where you'll take the cart back up the hill, but you don't go where you just where you go to another tee ball, a double double.


So they got they got this hole. But two different angles. It's two different holes. This is my game, boys. There's another side. Let's go up there. They're like, yeah. So we go up there, we go up there. I'm like, what these guys do. They're like Hogg again. Hogg, we're not that big. We're going to win for forty of these clowns. So I had a great shot. When gravity just hits the left side of the green, goes in the bunker like whatever I can get up and down from there.


My Harris, it's an awesome shot. My partner, he hits it's like fifteen feet right of the hole, maybe even twelve feet. Perfect. I'm like, oh these guys are hawg. Rubio gets up there and fucking hits one like you know, he said he's on the green but no issues. He's outside my house really is one hundred and like forty one yards he takes this nine iron, hits this unreal shot, lands five feet in the pen, rolls up, spins back boom goes in no hole in one fucking wall.


Here's the issue. Just an amazing moment. We're going nuts. Oh my God. Everyone's happy. I'm very happy. I still just was thinking I was going to win for forty nine, win nothing. So it's still incredible. Now, here's the issue.


It was a six shot. It was a beautiful scenario to get all your money back on this great play. The all remembers it is not a hole in one. It's you didn't write a one on the scorecard. It's the two.


Oh that's a perfect case scenario. So we just finish having a discussion with Commy. So you're telling me this guy shot this guy doesn't owe you for forty, is now broken even and he doesn't have to buy rounds.


That's the fucking ultimate win.


Yeah, it was. It was. Yeah right. He didn't. I don't think so. Here's the thing. So we're talking after while I'm like dude it's not going on like and it's everyone's in agreement. Grillz posts on Instagram first ASW with the video.


Oh no.


So you know, in the end it's funny because I was talking my wife, she's like, well is it a whole lot?


I'm like now and then I was basically like, it's true. It's too much to even explain to somebody. You're like, well, I have one. But it wasn't in the round, it was in the 20th hole. But what it was, the nightclothes was a different T to the scene.


Is that worse than lying to your grandfather that you got? Oh, he didn't lie. He didn't lie. I mean, he put first ace. I guess it's an ace, but I don't know either way. It was an amazing shot, an incredible memory.


And I and make sure we have salt in order to find it's not a it's not it's not a consultation. It's not it's not a whole one. You didn't write a one on the scorecard. So it's the same thing.


But there's people out.


They're all say like he has a hole in one, but obviously I'll say that the fact that the fact that your course has to degenerate holes, not only one green in two different teams, well, that's two degenerate holes because, you know, it's being used again and again for Duchesse number is that's the kind of place that I want to be a member of.


It's going right for the Pan Am, I guess thing like. Go ahead.


Just how much money is running lost on that whole year in and year out? So the first time I ever the first the other only ever time I witnessed this was the first time I ever played this place. This legend, John Hines is not a member there anymore. Just the best this guy brings me. And he took five hundred off me. And I'm like, fuck this. I'm like hard pressed on the on the Bible and I hit it to a foot.


No, the tap.


And I'm like, yup, he dunked it right after me and he took a guy off me in a hole in one on you.


Oh I read him the five hundred I owed him. I put it to a foot. I was like, thank God I'm getting that back. And he chased it right after me to take a G note. It was pretty sick.


Way to lose the other way I lose. I lost a bunch of money there one time I got we me anybody got worked in a match up or was on the other team. Yapper played real well. Brandon. Yep. For anyone I know.


And then so after the beholds you take the card back and then there's a part of, you know, there's a mat and you hit off this mat to a rock and exactly what you're going to hit the rock. It's more so we lost a bunch of cash than we get to the rock and I'm like four hundred a guy or something. So it was quite a bit. And then if not, you wanted a guy.


If anyone hits the rock and yet or drilled the rock, this is how big it degenerates you guys are. And then if you don't if you don't end up winning it back there, then you had to inside the clubhouse and then the cards come out and you go AC DC.


And then if you don't win that back, you go to the bar and play bar keno or then you play right, left, center with the dice. Yeah.


And then if all goes, if all goes to shit, you just go to the casino, you just have to drive blocks. But now you can at least go into the city. Is that place even open yet with one in it. Yeah. Yeah.


I mean I went there once, I went there four times, I went there four times. I've been there for forty five minutes and I think I'm down 30 grand. I've never won a hand in that casino.




I swear every time I went in one time I went in one time and I was there for five minutes.


I just lost eighteen hands in a row and walked out.


It makes me nauseous to lose money gambling. I wish, I wish I could say the say. Oh my goodness. Well you mentioned something about incredible memory a minute ago.


Oh God. We're going to stroke our guys. So. All right. So so Aria, we found his hidden talent. We found it finally. He knows what year any movie you've ever heard of in the eighties was was filmed. And I don't know how this even started. So what happened was on the late 90s, on the eighties and 90s, when the live stream we realized, I don't know, we'll just throw to the clip. Can you throw it in Grenelle?


Yeah. All right. So we're going to throw to what happened here.


And you see Ariza and there's also a fun element. At the end of the clip we're going to get to play a game live because he still hasn't looked up the movie. We'll throw it to the clip and we'll talk to you after we get a computer open in front of.


No Ferris Bueller's Day Off is that eighties. Oh yeah. John Hughes wins big from day nineteen eighty eight. Tom Hanks, great, great, great flick. You know exactly what you are. First, you know, the years movie before I want to see was eighty over Michael Moore six I think because it work in a video store for which you are here with a six.


Right. Yeah. OK, let's do it in the spirit.


What about the what about National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation for Christmas Vacation was a great movie. Pereda is it. Eighty nine people again. Got it like a Rambo. Well mean first. Well the first five then there was Rambo first blood blood so famous for Rambo. That was eighty five this year I was lot to write. Die Hard Way Rambo part series Rambo First Blood Patrol. You said what I said. Eighty five to the first Rambo Rambo first blood part nineteen eighty five.


Right when the first blood the first one. Well it wasn't like Rambo shoot him up, it was like a PTSD movie. I believe that was easy to see.


Yeah well so is Sylvester Stallone in that one also. Yeah.


He's got real cook cooking here in the military. Man What years. Rain man. Definitely nineteen eighty eight. Yeah yeah, yeah. 1988. Come on and say OK, I got to watch Walker, I got to go. I got one Braveheart guy. That's a. Ninety five. OK, yes. What about this one about Section 94, he's saying he's thinking I'm not going to survive this century.


I'm not as good at American Psycho only. So there you have it. Aaargh!


And the one movie I did ask you about and you didn't answer was American Psycho. Now, you would never lie about this. We can hook you up to a lie detector test. And if any of you fans think he's lying, maybe we can bring him on Maury Povich and we get some more content out of it. Now, what year was American Psycho released?


And I was thinking of the answer and then he threw another one out with it. So then I kind of got distracted. Miss, I didn't I didn't give an answer. And I've been struggling with this Christian Bale. I know he was an umpire, the son as a kid, which was eighty seven. And so I'm thinking somewhere in the 90s, I'm going to settle on American Psycho in 1998, 98.


That late what year in Grinnell. He's checking it. Should have stopped while you were ahead, the year 2000 is close, but I know it was pretty. You were an 80s guy more than well, I said all the 80s and 90s. That's when I worked at the video store. So I saw everything that came in. I would read the box. So I just I don't know. I got a little fucking rain man and me, I almost I had two thousand ninety eight.


It was all around there, but fair enough. What about Braveheart.


Ninety five. We did that yesterday. Oh yeah. So now you're good at that.


Let's talk about a little bit about your working at the video store. I had a blast man. It was my uncle and I was a mom and pop shop. They actually used to own a grocery store right down the street in the middle of projects. That was my very first job. It was starting to get a little violent. My uncle got robbed a couple of times, so he sold that VHS. Those were huge at the time. And he was a big ass video store and Woburn, Mass.


A suburb just north of Boston. Then Blockbuster started dropping egg all over the place. Blockbuster opened like three blocks away, and you just can't compete with them and their monopoly. They have so much more stock. They were. And so we basically became eventually we became a half hour.


They thought, how do we really have to have porno sex and just got bigger and bigger? Because Blockbuster didn't even rape, they wouldn't even rent NC 17 movies. So we had a very large adult video.


So that's when I mentioned if you are a grown man and you're going to a video store and rent in a porno and walking to the front of the store and plopping it down on the thing, you're a psychopath.


I used to go to the places where they had the booth and I could just get the VH one off the bench. What it was clean up. People like you would get a very diverse section like, you know, you have women come in and like, yeah, sometimes guys come in. You don't want to fucking touch that money. That was every once in a while. But it's just regular people. Men rent clothes. In the eighties, there was no stigma about it.


There was a little room. You go off to the side and it was great for me and my friends because we had an endless supply on my work and they did have the room.


There was like, no, not a jerk off from a room with the title so they could walk around and not get judged by their name. I remember that.


I remember I had to see what was it called situates.


The girl that I like you just a quick walk through because you might see that you're in that you're actually a bit of a sick puppy if you show up to like a VHS store that has, like, the pornos that has the beat off rooms and you go in. Yes.


Nowadays I yeah. If you're walking into a store and then just renting a movie and then going into a door like ten feet, like how many Barasch chicks have been on that street before right away.


Then the door shuts, the worker just puts his headphones on.


Did you ever see that HBO show The Douche? It was it was a great series. The same guy who made the why. I don't think a lot of people saw it. It was about how Times Square went from this like shithole, like all hookers. And they used to have the Wall Street. They were like disgusting. Like they had them all over the place. They got rid of them, fuck. And then they did the wall. And I think that's a perfect segue way to actually something that I had jotted down here.


Is that a foreign situation on the only fan's account where she made a million dollars? I think she ended up doing a back to back days.


Now, I don't know if you've heard the whole story with so Bella Thorne end up doing both on.


All right, you might she said actress, wasn't she a Disney Disney?


Yeah, she I think she's ah she she's like she's very exotic, like, you know, been and seen and done a lot of things in Durex porn that she directs porn a little more.


OK, all right. So. Oh yeah.


She ends up going on only fans and ends up making a million dollars in a day. And what what they're saying she did was she promised everybody nude photos, but when they logged on to get whatever they were promised, that it was like old Instagram photos that she was just recycling. Long story short, she's got enough following. When she said she was going to do this, it raised enough money where at the time there was no limit on tips either.


So it's kind of it's created this huge shit storm where they call themselves sex workers. Right. People on only fans.


I think they were saying I've ever done it. Only fans come.


So now there's there's all these new rules and stipulations that are happening because Bella Thorne went on there and, you know, maybe altered some of the rules where they have to wait 30 days to get their money now and nobody can tip more than a hundred bucks.


So all these porn stars and people who are going on, only fans who have these, they were making bank and they were sure she screwed that she came in and some famous chick was probably already a millionaire. And I would assume and she did this. And now all these rules and stipulations would have put more guidelines around these sex workers making money. So I don't know how you feel about people and only fans, but their bankroll is clearly getting infected.


I did scroll underneath one of her tweets and I can't say I was taken aback, but there was some eye opening photos beneath her tweet that I didn't expect to see on Twitter.


I didn't know like Twitter, just let it fly that much until not too long ago.


If she if she was if she was saying so. You're saying she said she'd put nude photos and then everyone paid and she didn't put nude photos like. There's some sick dude in his basement that's going to try to sue to get his money back, correct. But the problem being is, is is where now I think you can get your money out right away where now they're making it. You have to wait 30 days because of that situation that arose.


So these people shriveled up, shriveled a lot of people then on top of that shit up lying and saying she was doing research for an upcoming movie. And it was with this certain director. And the director already came out and saying, no, we weren't doing research for my only fans. This chick, she just fleeced all these corny dudes for a couple of million sheets and she took off the tail.


Is all this time the only dude's getting fleeced. I guess that's like a modern day version of it.


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We got the not a big deal stuff right. Not a big deal stuff. We got playoff teams and we're even doing a live stream on Tuesday. Today I mean Tuesday this week seven pm presented by Roman Islanders flyers.


How do you guys like the live show is going to put on a condom for the live show?


I'm going to now the first time I had no response to that. I just blocked out but live streams. I've been buzzing on the video games. I want my first ever game today. It was exciting. I'm kind of getting into it every game. I'm a gamer.


You're competitive. Fire is coming out. You can tell.


Yeah, I'm a bit of a button pusher right now, but we're going to tone that down. And I mean, the biggest controller, we need a bigger controller. If I got a big pause, that's my issue.


So what else we got here before we wrap this thing up?


Well, it's it's not good. We were out to dinner the other night and I was on Twitter and I saw a bunch of tweets. They just said, oh, no. Oh, no. And I you know, I was that a bomb go off city and nowadays you don't know what the fuck's going on. I did a search and the news absolutely got in. Chadwick Boseman, who famously played the title role in the Marvel blockbuster The Black Panther, died from colon cancer.


It is forty three years old. Incredibly, he was diagnosed back in twenty sixteen. It's stage three. Yet he continued to do this amazing, incredible work while dealing with cancer treatments. The resulting side effects. I mean, Ryan Coogler, director, Black Panther, he had no clue the star of his movie was even sick. Going through any of this. He made not only Black Panther, the two other Avengers movies he did, the recent Spike Lee, the five Bloods played Thurgood Marshall, plus all the roles he did before he got sick.


But just knowing that this guy was going through this and he wasn't doing these weren't independent movies. We sit in a bar and read your lines. These are physically demanding roles where you got to do stuff over and over. I mean, it's just such a testament to the guy, such a tragedy. I think it was one of those times because, like you said, everybody on Twitter was upset and sad about it.


Yeah. I mean, we also talked about the first time on, like, the massive big screen where you'd seen an African-American who was a main guy in a in a super first like comic book superhero was a black guy, you know, Superman, Batman, Spiderman.


And, you know, like little black kids have this this role model to look up. So.


Yeah, and those like the subtle things that like we don't even notice, whereas like finally, like it's taken this long for it to happen. And and it's such a sad story. And the fact that he gave so much while being so sick and going through it in silence is it's almost like honorable.


It's so it's so honorable.


It's crazy. And it's such a sad story in twenty twenty could not be getting any worse. Let's just put it that way.


The videos of him talking about visiting sick kids and like the whole time he was battling and just to to go out the way he did is like you just you can't even imagine how hard it was for him some of those days.


And, you know, there was times I think people were kind of like giving it to him for losing a lot of weight. I know. And you just think like this. This guy was every single all he did was decide that I'm not going to go out. I'm not going to have pity from anyone. I'm going to work as hard as I can. I'm going to try to change people's lives in any way I can, and then he ends up, no one even knows.


And you hear the news. So rest in peace, because everything I've seen and I didn't know anything about him prior was that this is one of the best guys out there in terms of what he's done for others. So just just an awful story and obviously a great performance. So I can't say no. By the way, our buddy Cole, the Apostol, wrote an incredible piece. Unbelievable, incredible piece. After Bowsman died, his his father passed from cancer years ago.


His mother dealt with it. It was a very personal piece, but he tied it and said, you probably cry when you read the end of it. And we like to pass this along. And obviously, we don't know when the poem was diagnosed. Has nothing on him but GetSet guys. You know, colon cancer can affect anyone. It's particular guys and guys like Cardoz about stuff we know that they know wants to go to get that procedure done list and I got it done early.


My doctor said you're too young. I say it's history in my family. It's fucking nothing. They knock you out, they do the test. It's so worth it to get done because you can nip this stuff in the bud if you catch it early. It's so treatable. So don't be don't be a hero.


If you see something off, if you feel some if you're over 40, but they say 50 and then they said 50. But if you're over 40 and you tell your doctor, look, I want one, you'll get one. And it is true because like, just what's the what what hurts by doing it early right now is nothing.


I know guys are fucking macho about shit. They got to put a tube up your ass, they knock you out, you've got to drink the drink like and I've done weghorst shots in college and the drink they give you and you go home and you know fucking you've got a clean bill of health. You've got to come back. It's it's a really simple procedure. And again, if something's off with you, you shit's different or you just say, well, that's that's a that's a big thing right there.


So again, it's awful news. I sympathize with his family and friends. It's just one of these Hollywood tragedies. It just punches you in the gut because he had so much more to give. And I know if you saw the Spike Lee movie using the five Bloods, it'll carry an extra poignancy if you watch it. Now, if you had seen the movie. So again, our best to his family and friends and anybody who knew him, it's a terribly sad story.


So we want to obviously talk about that was big news.


But, boy, do you have anything else before we wrap up, in fact, later this week, all you touched on earlier when you started talking about what death was, you know, you don't really know what other people are going through sometimes. And I think that sometimes you just need to be a little bit more kind. Yeah, that kind of is a good way to sum up the episode, given the fact that we had Revo on and touched a major social issue.


And yeah, that's that's the story that doesn't cost anything to be nice.


No, have a great week. Have a great week. Everybody will see you back here Thursday. As always, we'd like to thank our awesome sponsors here in spin. Check us, of course, thanks to our friends over at New Amsterdam, Vodka and Pink Whitney Big thanks to our longtime friends over at Muggsy Jean's huge thanks to everybody. A body armor for taking care of us at the old Chipotles house. Big thanks to our friends at Roma for taking care of all the fellows out there.


Huge thanks to everybody at ZIP Recruiter. We love you guys like nice long relationship and a big thanks to honey. Hopefully you got some nice things to help you guys to have a great party.