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Everybody, welcome to Episode two hundred ninety one of Spuyten triplets presented by Pink Whitney from our friends at New Amsterdam Vodka here in the barstool sports podcast, Family. We've had a couple series get extended to at least the Game six, thankfully, in this round couple goalie stepping up where we didn't expect it to happen. But let's go around the table, say hi to the boys first. The white dog has left us for a couple of days. He's done it.


Akay, Nantucket. What's going on?


Yeah, I'm living the life here, hunting down that fudge prick. Hopefully he's like fifteen years old now, so I could smack him.


Great to talk to you guys. I miss being in the house. Not really, but I sort of do. Looking at you clowns sitting there right now, I'll rock and the chick lit Merche. I'm in beautiful Nantucket, the Nantucket Hotel. What a gorgeous spot. Thanks for having a nice room with. Don't worry about it. But what you're going to get I'm going to get some fan to leave you with the Lenar with the dump in it.


No, I was walking home from dinner and I walk through the restaurant and this hotel is before I put my mask on to walk through because this guy is like, we need some pink Whitney here.


Jesus Christ. Yeah, we do. I go hang over. It'll be unbelievable to me. I don't care. So it worked out what a what a fudge kid was.


Listen. And found out what room you were in and left you a nice, hot, steamy dumper and a leader.


And for those of you not knowing who are listening or wondering what a leader is, you know, you just call the hot, steamy dumper Lenar is that two things are all?


No, because, I mean, there's there's two levels to it. Some guys are like insane savages on the road where, like, if you fill up the garbage pail in your room full of water and then you go knock on the door and then the whoever opens it, and then all of a sudden the water pours into the room. Well, yes. I mean, of course, there's always somebody who takes it a step further where they take a dump in it.


So then the fucker dump comes like, oh, man, that must have been a cheese toasting because that didn't happen in the National League, as far as I know.


I mean, what's the other one that guys used to do these to go in the room and take up the top of the toilet?


Oh, upper upper deck. They yeah.


That's a little different than shipping it and then just pawn it in your room like on the floor. The best was when me and Bugsy took stall's this entire room and put it in the hallway outside the elevator. So he just that was like you get home and you come off the elevator. Why does this look like my room? I'm in the hallway. Well, everything was out there in Tampa Bay. Took us about three hours.


Yeah, I'm not big with shit related pranks like that. Just. Oh, I wouldn't fucking do it for you. Nuts. Yeah.


You love telling us when you have the shits are. So it's like I might rather have you prank me than always tell me when I'm ready.


And speaking of shit, he had a nice hot steaming shower and then afterward he had a crunch.


So he had like that's like oh after the shower or I'm going back in the shower one hundred times out of 100.


What if you've gotten all your clothes on and then I have to smash, I'm getting back and you can't take a nice shower and feel clean, chuck some deodorant on and then smash and be like, this is OK.


You know, I have to agree with you that it's a shit shower and shave, not shower, shave and then shit.


And then how about our high stepping out though on the intro there I was maybe the best to.


Everybody likes your hometown pizzazz, you know what I mean? Yes, it was. I hear you. All right, boys. Well, in the first game on Tuesday, which we featured on our electric chair brought to you by the fine folks at Roman swipes, the Flyers won four to three in OT when Scott Stip each Semyon Varlamov twelve twenty into the extra frame to ensure we get a game six till he had a three one lead with under five minutes to go.


But a pair of quick strikes by the center to Ottey Rock Nelson. This kid just continues to impress another note. Oska Lindblom didn't play, but he did take pot warmups, which is nice to see what. Let's go.


Do you feel like take on this one first? Well, let me ask you this, where did you get the Basel interference that led things off?


I think I think it ended up going off his foot and going in so that I was disappointed on the livestream to kind of go against my gut. I actually thought it would stand. And then we were all talking and. My original thought right away was that that goal is going to stand because he isn't the one next to Carter hard, he isn't the one really causing Carter Hart not to move. That was a defenseman. And then you looked at how he got there, which was a push from behind, I forget.


Who was it like? I'm drawing a blank on my head. I think it was number eight, might have been Brawne. Am I going crazy? Sixty one good hockey podcast to know who did it. But then just because the way it was reviewed and how it looked pretty bad him standing in the crease in. The one reason that really made me switch to think it would be no goal was because he kind of had his hands on the crossbar just chillin.


And APRA kept saying, well, you have to show Efford. What was this term you were using then? Bouchet said it also on NBC. He was making no effort to get out of the crease. Yeah. So I couldn't get over to try to make a potential save. Exactly.


So if he's the guy next to Carter Hart and if he hadn't get hit, he hadn't been pushed in. Maybe it is called back. But once it stood, man, that was that was a killer because the islanders go up usually they never they never relinquished the lead. And also, if you look at the way Parcells like, willing to get to the net, I know he was pushed. It just shows that not only do they have a goal and a one off and lead and they're playing hard, well, then they're going in the power play.


So that's why it's so ballsy to review a goal now. And it's probably why there's going to be video guys let go a little quicker than usual. Dallas just went one up on nothing but watch a game. The next one, nothing. Dallas stars. So, yeah, the game.


You could say what you want and then ended up being very exciting, but the first two periods were pathetically boring. We were sitting there on a livestream talking about Casablanca and we were talking about it's a wonderful life. It's a black and white fucking movie watching a playoff game with the islanders involved. And then they went down and then it was finally two goals down and they showed that they can be exciting when they need to score. They tied it up and Philly got it done and ot so it ended up being a good game.


Nice little live stream. But when you're talking movies from the eighteen hundreds, you got to think that for the most part there's a team involved who's boring as shit.


Yeah. As far as interference, no surprise of being, you know, ended up challenging that. I initially thought it might be called back, but I was even wanting Philly to win. Deep down I was OK with it being a goal. And under the circumstances, am I glad that it didn't end up being the difference maker in Philly went on to win in order to push this thing to six? Yes. We've got to talk about Jrue finally getting the monkey off the back.


First goal in twenty four fucking playoff games.


You've got to imagine that's just big for the group in general. Like being like he's back and then JV you are an apartness first of playoff as well. And you know just going back to, to, to Lawton, I mean he must have got the skills coach for that surgical tip in overtime. Nice feed from Prokhorov or at least to get it through.


But going talking about the islanders, I'll completely agree, especially the first period. What a fucking snooze fest. But they will have moments of the game where it is fairly electric. And I guess that would be the argument for Islanders fans. But I'd say overall, as far as a product that comes nowhere near those other series right now, and I guess maybe we're just being a little bit spoiled.


Yeah, well, I mean, Dallas, Colorado has certainly been back and forth and Vegas and Vancouver spend the most exciting series. The fact that that's still alive is I was totally wrong. Shocker never happened before. Last night I said one of these teams that if not both, is going to move on in terms of the islanders in Vegas and they both lost. So we get game six in both of those series. So I think we we've certainly kind of beat the drum on the islanders being born in this series, maybe being a little slow at least to get going early in games.


But the rest of the series has been awesome.


Besides, if you're Oray and you get your Bruyn's on these on, I thought Carter Hart made a couple of really, really big saves in overtime that kept them alive early. There is a scenario that people are talking about online where he I must have missed it, where he cleared the puck out and it went over the glass. Yeah. I just read some of the refs, gave him a warning watch. That's not something supposed to get a warning for you supposed to get a penalty for it.


But I mean, I don't remember the replay. I know we have a lot going on there. And I didn't see the play as it happened live. And most people complain and seem to be Islanders fans. But again, that's not something you get a warning for. That's like a penalty or it's not.


Yeah, there's no gray area in that one. It's over the glass without hitting anything. And it's a penalty.


And interesting that they use the verbiage. They're giving them a warning. Yeah, that's like pretty crazy. But going back to how everything usually finds a way of evening out in the wash is you go to the first goal that was allowed for Basel. And I'd say, let's let's let's let's let them both fly here. I'll tell you of these players have been like one long tip drill. How many unreal tips have we seen in these playoffs? It seems like every game is like two or three of them.


And also another note to interestingly, Lane video came back from a three to one deficit and the second round of twenty fifteen playoffs when you coach in the ranges. And it was against Barry Trotz in the capital.


So every single game in that series was a one goal game and game seven went to OT and then eventually Vinolas to John Coupon's like, what year was that. That was twenty fifteen. So yeah.


So I got home from Russia that year and then I went to New York to watch Keith Yandell play in the playoffs at FOLIA. We got so buckled Merly happened to be in town to his wife. He ended up sleeping in my room in New York City with his wife from Sweden, end up sleeping in my hotel room with balls. So I remember that Rangers come back.


It was an exciting afternoon game. I went when the Rangers won, and I'll tell you what a night we had.


Jesus, what a memory on you, Jesus. Holy cow.


Rain man on a ledge I hit in 2015 from one hundred thirty two yards to the wind. Arrigo's must have been a golf trip. That's the only time you can remember. I know it's so selective memory, I think my wife calls it in Game six is going to be Thursday, seven o'clock.


And right now, Basar Interlocutory are questionable. So obviously we'll keep an eye on that. We haven't been hearing too much of the questionable stuff because of all the unfit to play stuff. So it's kind of weird to read that. But anyways, moving right along in the nightcap on Tuesday, Vancouver's Thatcher Demko had his first ever playoff spot at forty two or forty three Vegas shots en route to a two to one win as the Canucks also forced the Game six again.


It was DeMarcus first thought since March 10th. He did relieve Mok's from earlier in the playoffs, played absolutely lights out. He was the fifteenth goalie in NHL history in the second and two nights to make his first NHL playoff spot and win when his team was facing elimination. I mean, Putin's nuts on the line came through in the clutch, this Demko being part winner.


Well, I'm not sure at the top, my head is a bean pot winner. I mean, I'm not I don't talk about guys that didn't go to be you know, he wouldn't know anything about Boston.


But going back to listen listen to me right now, OK? If you play at Boston College, I couldn't give a flying fuck about you or what you do like Alex talk. Great play. I don't know if you want to be in part because I'm only interested when the terriers win. So why don't you bring some facts instead?


Always asking me shit that I don't know ising now we got on. I'm on vacation here. I'm leaving that house and I got you. How many bean pots that Thatcher Demko wins. Some get to play to back. Fifteen years after I was at bu the school that hates BBQ.


I don't give a fuck about Thatcher Demko but no great performance. And I didn't hear before the game that that what's his name. Markram.


I know we don't know that we can hear that was a surprise. Learn that one on Twitter right before Puck dropped but yeah quite a performance. They stay alive. I thought overall Vegas was pressing like they. Yeah.


I mean they wanted to end that series. They want they they wanted and it just couldn't find the back of the net. I believe she Theodore had their only goal. Yeah. Did you see the ball. My goodness. Are you kidding me. Over. I'll let you take it over here.


She walks right to left the blue line and he's doing that so perfectly, so agile. He's able to cut back to the right. I think he beats one man, maybe two men. Then he goes in, he cuts to his left and back to his forehand. I mean, it's very hard to describe. I I'm not exactly Jack Edwards, so the best announcer in the league. So excuse me for not being able to perfectly describe, but go check out the goal that Theodore scored.


And I believe now it's five goals, ten assists for fifteen points in thirteen games. I mean, this is a guy who Anaheim had and he ends up in Vegas. He's just taken off since then. And the ability for him to hop into the rush, get back, he's so fast. And that move the other night, I mean, you watch it, I think CHILCOTE'S Mike, you put the caption, that's a defenseman, it's a defense and scored that goal.


It looks like a goal like McKinnon would score. So you thought that that might be the beginning of a real long night for Vancouver and maybe their goodbye. But Bestor gets a big goal and then Patterson gets the winner, who, by the way, had some. I was watching Avery's Instagram.


He he kind of. Notice one point he made where he just like flips it to himself through the legs back and through the legs to himself, collecting a pass in his own zone, he's doing things all game long that makes him so fun to watch, so enjoyable. And this series has been the most the most entertaining, in my opinion. I think we agreed with that best. And so you get I know it's later, but I think Game six will be nothing short of fantastic as well, because if Vancouver thinks that Vegas brought it the other night, it'll be even crazier when they when they get together tomorrow or whatever it is today when you're listening.


I still have Vegas in this series. Just, you know, very interesting. Now you get the goalie dynamic again, I would imagine no brainer. Demko starts again, because if they go with Mark, if he is healthy enough to go similar to a bishop situation. Right. Whereas like, you know, could open, could open was kind of ride the hot hand there and they and then they end up throwing Bishop in, then I mean, we'll have to get to that later.


Wasn't necessarily the greatest first period. But moving forward, I think I think DeMarcus got the net as of right now. And then if he wins game six and then Mark Schrems for sure, healthy. And even if he was before game six, what do you do? Game seven, I guess you got to crawl before you walk here. So it should be an interesting thing. But I mean, Vegas, just if they can keep pouring it on like that, I mean, the levees are going to break at some point.


Vegas outshot them forty three seventeen. That's a huge advantage.


Yeah, they they they all played them in Vegas goes and Vegas goes in the locker room after that game and says like, no worries guys. We played honestly unreal. We played good enough to win. Let's just go back and do it again in game six.


I mean, even going back to our game four, we haven't talked about that yet because Fleury ended up getting the net. But, you know, they got third period come back. All the big boys showed up. We're talking about Theodore Schmidt had a massive game on the back end for the Vegas Golden Knights. And then you can hit us with the stats. But I thought it was funny. After Fleury had a great performance, he his agent, Allen Walsh, had a few tweets and a few stats to hit us with.


Yes. He noted that Marc-Andre Fleury hasn't lost the Vancouver in regulation in fourteen years, while also retweeting the fact that Flurried passed the legendary Hall of Fame driving and is now six. Ken Dryden is now sixth all time in playoff wins by a goalie.


So I mean, he probably would have done that anyways. But I just think I was also a tweet. It's like we're going to really look at everything with a fine tooth comb now.


Well, no, I just I just thought it was awesome with all these numbers. And it was so fitting that after his first that was his first game back after that happened, correct? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So, I mean, just to get the win and then to throw a few stats out like that was was golden.


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I would have been perfect for after your shower. Oh, absolutely. Don't say that the worst. I am going to need another one. But anyways, moving right along Tampa finished off the Bruins in five games after that OTTI win on Monday night. Tampa is back on the Eastern Conference finals for the fourth time in six seasons. I thought the boys played one of the best games Hallak was. He was up to the task, but Tampa just too much.


Wesolowski outplayed Halak wasn't bad that she's just been so good. The depth scoring like I suspect it would have been a big difference. They had been a monster and he became just the third D in the last ten years to score a series clinching win and goal in a multiple overtime game.


A specific stat for you is very specific, but either way, let's go to you with Doug Victor Headman's, the best defenseman in the NHL.


The overtime winner is the perfect example of watching this guy. He's so quick to loose pucks offensively and defensively. He's the size of Charra. Pretty much he looks like I know he's not as tall, but he's a monster. He's got to be six six off ice, but he skates like he's five, ten. So he's able to fly around. He's able to control the. Tempo of the game, he play so many minutes and then he's just so good and so quick to get into loose pucks everywhere on the ice, and he hops and he makes that perfect shot and showed OPAP Maroon because that puck doesn't go in without the big rig right in front of Hallock and really causing an issue and.


I just think that that Tampa is such a better overall team than Boston and maybe throughout the year there were times when they looked a lot closer in terms of ability and overall not team chemistry, but overall ability to get scoring from every line. And during the year, they looked like it would be a really good series. And then this series showed they're not really close. And with all these guys, Tampa have locked up, it's like Boston's got to be thinking, oh, my God, like we're dealing with this team for the next as many years as we have left.


These guys probably have even more to get it done. So as a Bruins fan, it's scary with that division being just Tampa being the class of it. So I watch that team and Brayton Point, I mean, you don't even talk about Cutchogue. You talk about point first through these playoffs. I would say that he's been the most dominant forward for Tampa. Kutuzov has not been bad. He's been great. But that's how good point is he's able to show not only are you not talking about a former league MVP, you're not even really talking about Stamkos not playing.


So if there's a has there been any talk of the chance of him coming back? He hasn't played since.


I'm what I'm hearing is maybe finals like like I talked to a couple people, they said not close. And that was probably a week ago, maybe maybe a little bit over a week ago.


So that's that sucks because, you know, you'd hope that he can inject, especially come like late in playoffs, that they can inject that into the lineup. I mean, we talked about sometimes it maybe messing up wins because you got to put him top six and there's a lot of work to do to get back in that rhythm of the game, get back in game shape. All of a sudden the physicality is there because it's playoff. So, yeah, interesting to see what happens with that.


But going back to Boston, you mentioned a few question marks going into the off season and having to figure out a way very similarly to to Pittsburgh. It's like you have this core group where you can win. Now, how do we find the right pieces? Well, there's a few that are unrestricted free agents that might end up leaving, one of which being Torrey Craig. And that is a big question mark for this Bruins blue line. And then you beg the question is, you know, is Charra signing?


If he is going to come back, what's he going to be asking for? I imagine not much. But can that money maybe be used in order to sign Krook back long term? So I guess we could start with with the first one being crew. I think they should bring him back. I think he's a perfect piece. I don't think he had necessarily the strongest playoffs going against TARP. I don't think many guys in the Boston lineup looked overly good.


But you can't just if you take the small sample size of the bubble life and you go that based on his full body of work as a Bruin, I think you're absolutely ridiculous. The only other question is, is rumors have it that Detroit is going to make a strong offer, him having gone to Michigan State and him being from there. Are Bruins going to be able to match it and will he be willing to take a hometown discount? All right.


Yeah, he's already said he would take a hometown discount. Of course, we don't know what that's going to be, where the caps are going to be flat now. Things aren't going to go up. So that changes the game immensely. I mean, he's probably on a regular open market. He's probably a nine million dollar defense. Someone would give them that, I would think. I mean, Detroit probably would any team would cap space, but now he's going to probably have to temper those expectations.


He's making five and a quarter right now. And you mentioned, Kyra, this is probably the most buzz I've heard about, is coming back a not last year. It wasn't as much talk about it this year made two billion dollars. If he doesn't come back, that's another two million dollars you can put to a group. I don't know. What do you think? I mean, he a lot of people, like I said, they get on him when he makes a bad mistake, but I still think he does a lot.


You think he's going to be back a lot? I don't know. I can. So here's here's the thing that if you were just going to take the post pandemic bubble like he's done right?


I mean, it was a struggle out there, but there was times at the beginning of the year, throughout the regular season before everything all the shit hit the fan. That meant he was still getting it done. And yes, Bruins fans, I mean, they've hated him when he was like the Norse trophies at NASA. It's like he can look goofy at times, but he gets the job done on the pick. He makes certain plays that may not stick out to somebody who doesn't know shit about hockey and thinks they do.


And to people who want an offensive defenseman who can make an awesome first pass and and look the part of the of a head man or even the way crew looks like he's not that guy. And it's certainly getting worse and worse. He he was I mean, you look at this guy, he's playing over 1500 games and over one hundred and ninety playoff games. And I think he's had like over 40 points. I want to say ten times.


It's it's been this guy was if this was it for Zdeno China, that's a first ballot Hall of Famer that went from a guy who barely could skate in the minors playing for the Loch Ness monsters, I believe the Loch Monsters.


He played for the Kentucky Thukral Blades, too. This is a guy who could barely skate. And he went on to become one of the best defenseman in his area to ever play. So if this is it, oh, my God, we'll have more discussion when we do hear if he is retiring or if he's not coming back. But. Forty three years old, turning forty four next year. And if you watch this bubble and how he played it was it was rough, man, you can't say anything.


But the fact that if you got the puck, you know, he's kind of stuck in the quicksand, you know, he's chipping a lot of puck. So a couple of ice things. There aren't many tape. The tape passes. There aren't many smooth breakouts that kind of go through him. So I just think it was hard. I mean, this that much time off to hop right back. And it's not easy for anyone, especially a guy who's that tall and in his mid 40s.


Yeah. And so in the end, my answer, I don't think he's back.


I mean, he's now back. There you go. It's just weird because like you like to me, if you're bringing them back, there's no way you pay him any more than basically minimum, maybe like seven fifty. Yeah, he doesn't need money.


I think he saves every penny he's made hundred. Well, right. And you know, given if the production continues to decline where it was, is he is he maybe the seventh. But it's fucking sidenote is the team captain. You can't like not have him in the lineup. It's just an awkward dynamic. So for all those reasons combined and the fact that they do need a little more money in order to sign a few guys and keep them as pieces, yeah, I think we may see in the end it sucks because I believe a man of that stature and what he's done for the organization, it would have been nice to see him get a better sendoff, you know, maybe at least in front of fans, because I think they might have known that.


And just like, you know, the energy in the building and it would have been cool to see. But if not, I would imagine they'd be raising his jersey to the rafters. No doubt about no doubt an outside would probably be outside of Big Papi. He's probably the biggest free agent signing in Boston sports history.


I mean, thought it out. I still remember I was telling you I thought Poppy was a trade.


I'm pretty sure he's a free I thought it was a free agent role. If he was a trade, then then obviously Charra. But I was in Toronto the day they signed him. It was like twenty six. And I got a text. I thought my body was punk because he said the pro inside Zavod in Charra. What like for the max contracts or whatever. I was like get the fuck out because the Bruins gave nobody anything for money then and that was huge.


The whole franchise changed when they brought him aboard. Obviously they only got one title out of it once or twice or three trips.


Yeah. So and and I'll always remember the the lockout year, what was up. Twenty, twelve, thirteen, thirteen was the when we came back and played half the season. Cardiff. Yeah. So, so we were skating it be you is like Marshon myself. Keith Yandle Portugal. Looch was there. I'm drawing blanks but like my career in Japan we're kind of like running us through skates and Charra was over playing. I don't know, I think he went over and played or he was over somewhere in Slovakia over playing in the KHL.


I don't remember our commercials on this. I want to throw up Jesus Christ.


I can't see this coming from our short time for our shot.


Woo! So he's over wherever he was in Europe now, we were skating four days a week at BYU. I think it's eight a.m. Then we work out and, you know, I'm skipping the occasional skate, Lucas skipping the occasional skate. It was is Glauco dude like, you know, what are you doing? Charra landed at Logan at like 3:00 in the morning, one night on a Tuesday and was in the locker room at seven o'clock with his bands doing his hip workout skating with us like five hours later.


So it just kind of shows that this is someone who'd been to the top.


He was as good as you could get in the NHL defensemen at that time, especially especially by saying that especially after he landed at three and then the guy who was at the airport through customs and basically went straight to to be able to skate. He's just an animal.


We've talked about it many times, like his like his demeanor and professionalism and his work ethic just trickled down that locker room. And I mean. Fucking racist jersey to the goddamn rafters, get a fucking statue out there. It'll be up. One of the quick note to Stamkos could potentially return at some point. There was an article today he hasn't played since February. Twenty fifth. So if he does come back, like you say, having his hands in his time, that's probably going to be an issue for him.


So let's see there to do a. Could you imagine? I don't know if it's on his back yet, but Stamkos and then a full healthy Vargus lineup, those two teams going out for the cup final. I don't want to get out of myself when I'm starting. I'm going to get a Kleenex of Jurgen's thinking about it. But holy shit.


Last thing about if he if he is gone, it will be nice to finally see the sea on BERSHAN.


Oh, yeah. Wow.


I feel like he has you know, he has to have that sea at some point. He will. But what are you shaking your fucking head occasionally? No, I just said that. Oh, like I was up. I was up. I was up getting a drink vacation.


I didn't hear. I didn't hear it. I'm glad you mentioned it a second time. Whatever Bruins are saying now, Bruins are toast. Dallas versus Colorado, they're playing right now. The stars are up three games to two. Game four, Colorado jumps up to a five nothing lead in the first period. They chased Ben Bishop. They made it stand up in a six three victory. The story for this one with me, Michael Hutchinson. This guy was drafted twelve years ago by the Bruins.


He bounced around here. They are everywhere. He had his first ever playoff spot. It was a big one stop. Thirty one of thirty four shots. So he's obviously back in there tonight. This could end tonight. We could keep dragging on. What do you got on this one?


I feel like we've speak this goalie situation into existence. It feels like every fucking game there's either plans, goalie switchin. Let's start out with Hutchison. I think he was in Calgary at one point, too. But every time every time he's ended up somewhere, depending on how they're using them, usually when he gets the net, he performs up to standard. And he's been a journeyman. But a great story there. But on the other side of things, I would imagine at this point could open, maybe need a little bit of rest, not used to getting the net so frequently.


And with Ben Bishop finally healthy and coming back. But, you know, it's you know, it wasn't a great debut. So they finally start good old Ben in game six here. But, you know, depending on how that one turns out, I mean, fuck, who do you go to? A Game seven. So great. Start to that game for the Colorado Avalanche. They don't want to go home at this point. The story is that they lost their starter and Eric Johnson.


And that has made a significant difference. And to me, Dallas has played really out of their mind. Their offense continues to pour it on and they just refused to go away. They're they're kind of St. Louis of last year, they're drawing similarities in terms of really being heavy and hard to play against.


Now, Vegas, they haven't looked like themselves since Johnson went down and since group our got hurt. And, you know, at the beginning, these play offs, they were just it was is like, oh, my God, who the hell is going to touch the avalanche now? Maybe they're kind of with that game five when they're kind of starting to really, I don't know, figure out how they need to play to to kind of play against Dallas without Johnson and get those to get the second line involved.


Rick McKinnon hasn't been an issue. Rantanen No issue has been solved the whole time, but they needed more and they needed more from like the depth players. It's why Tampa so good. That's kind of what we're talking about. No team wins with one line. And I think at Times Co. players are able to kind of fall into that trap like they're just doing so much on the ice. We don't really need to do much. But that effort they had at the beginning of the last game, it totally made up for game four, which it was kind of pathetic.


I mean, it was it was three nothing. Only they came back and tied it. Right.


Grindley that game, I believe. So you called it. You called it. But still it's like too little, too late. And they just looked so scared at the beginning. And it was the complete opposite game five. So huge goal for them to tie it up. It's now the second period a minute in. They tied it up with thirty seconds to go in the first. So one one we got a good one to watch when we're done.


Hutchinson, his last thought was way back March 2nd, he did have a relief appearance, but that's a pretty pretty long time to go between starts to play such a good game. So I love stories like that. Guys getting thrown in journeyman type players can be a great story. If you can pull off another win tonight, I'd say big time. Oh, hold on.


I wrote this down. So you posted that the pink Whitney first year.


It's our birthday. First year, right. One year since Pink Whitney came out and you posted a picture of we were all around the cake and all these people writing me, why are you hugging cake? Why are you having the cake like a piece of trash putting your hands on the cake? My name's on the fucking cake, you idiots. Every person that's reached out to me on Instagram. Why are you touching the cake? What a scumbag move.


Did you see the name? It doesn't say Grantly Bissonnette or Admiral on it. I can touch the fucking cake with my name on it.


To be fair, I don't think you really eat the icing on those types of cake. So you've got to eat what's on the inside.


And I inhaled the icing right there. I had my fucking ring on it. All right. Why are you touching the cake?


Shut up. Because it's my cake. What are you talking about?


How many cases have you had tonight?


So I haven't had any. I've actually had one I had one beer at dinner, and then I just had I just grabbed this. A mighty swell, free ad.


There you go. I think my being part comment got a little upset by the way I held the Nate dog. He has a thirteen game point streak to start the playoffs. It's tied for the third longest ever fall in a couple of guys named Trottier Messiah. And or not a big deal. In just a minute or two, we're going to bring on Manu Hayam. She is the first ever female athlete to play at the top four major professional sports in North America.


And she did so at the Tampa Bay Lightning. She played against the St. Louis Blues. I think it was the first period of an exhibition game and she actually got one on her. So we talk about a little bit that in the interview and excited for you guys to hear her story and keep an eye out for some things that she has coming out pretty soon to.


Absolutely. But before we get to that, I want to say, what's up, gang? We know it's Labor Day in the States this weekend, as well as Kentucky Derby Day. Lots of people are going to be having a few cocktails, but don't be a pigeon about it. Everyone knows about the risks of driving drunk. You could get in a car crash, people could get hurt or killed. But let's take a moment to look at some surprising statistics.


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If someone you know has been drinking, take the keys and arrange for them to get a sober ride home. We all know the consequences of driving drunk. But there's one thing for sure you're wrong if you think it's not a big deal. So drive sober or get pulled over. Check out the hashtags hashtag drive Shobha, hashtag ride Shobha and hashtag impaired driving again. If you're going to be having a few this weekend, people don't be stupid. Be careful, get a driver.


All right.


Because I think we should send it over to my own realm right about now.


I know how we can work on that. Are we? Well, my own. Well, our next guest was the first woman to play for a major North American sports league when she appeared in a preseason game for the Bay Lightning back in nineteen ninety two, she won two world championship gold medals and a silver medal at the nineteen ninety eight Olympics. She's also served as a collegiate goalie coach and played professionally in both men's and women's leagues. Today, she is known as a pioneer of women's hockey.


It's a pleasure to introduce my own realm. Hi.


Hello. Thanks for coming on board. Did our thing there.


It's great. It's actually going to the 20th anniversary coming up on September. Twenty third, when you became the first women, of course, to go to a major sports league to try out. What was your initial reaction when you guys got the call from Phyllis Zito that you were going to get by the train jump?


Yeah, actually, I met Phil Esposito at the NHL draft in Montreal. I was working for the says. They're just helping them out and doing interesting things like that. So Phil Esposito saw me there and introduced himself and he heard about me, some video of me playing. And that's when he invited me for the training camp.


No, no. Phil made no secret they were trying to promote hockey in Tampa at the time. But you do realize this could also be beneficial to you in some way in that you are going to get what you needed to out of it as well?


Actually, when I was younger, a lot of people said no to me because I was a girl. So I was good enough to play at the highest level. But they didn't want a girl at the Tripoli level. So I faced that over and over. So at that point, I didn't care why people with Way invite me to the training camp. And at the end of the day, I had to prove myself. It didn't matter if I they won by only a couple of lists or because I belonged there, I needed to prove myself.


So and I didn't want to have any regrets. I decided to go for it.


So like, did you have this added pressure built up because you were going to be the first and you wanted to go there and prove yourself or when you got there was was a pretty just you settled in nice and you didn't do any of that pressure that you either put on yourself or felt from the external. And actually, when I got invited, I was really excited about it. A lot of people said to me, you're not afraid to look bad there.


And I didn't think about that. Some of the guys that I play with growing up or playing a major junior whip was going to camp, too. So it's not like I didn't play with some of those players at that level before. So I was excited about that. But I remembered the walk the first night as our team meeting. I was sitting in the back with some of the French players because my English was really, really bad back then.


And they asked for everybody that was sitting in the back to come sit in front because nobody was in front. So I started walking down and I was looking around and I saw all those big guys and I kind of like that was the moment where I almost like freak out a little bit and said, what am I doing here? But when I got in front and the meeting started and the next day we started skating, everything was fine.


I'm interested in the beginning of your career playing hockey. I mean, how you got into the game and how much your family was involved. And I'm just wondering, like, who really introduced you and and how evident was it that you were really good? It didn't matter. You were a girl playing with boys. It was like you were one of the top players. I mean, was that quick and right away in terms of when you're playing organized hockey?


Yeah, I started playing hockey with my brother at home. Had to go to that play. One of them play in the NHL when a Stanley Cup and I was just playing at home with them. They were actually using me as a target, so trusting me as a goal every time I had to play with them and they put me in that and just practice their son on me because no girls were playing hockey and the rink. So and then one night my dad at dinner table was talking to my mom and he said, I'm coaching this team.


And now I nobody expressed any interest to play goalie, put a tournament upcoming tournament this weekend and I don't know who to choose. And so I said to my dad, why not me? I do it with my brother all the time here Thursday. We're not sure my mom look at him. And she wanted a little girl to do more girly stuff. But after that they said yes. And I went for as I remember the first time I got to the rink, my dad put a helmet on my before entering the rink because they didn't want the parents to see that I was a girl and that was me and that.


And he wanted to make sure that people would judge me for my performance on the ice and that because it was a girl and that's how I got started.


And you you're the first female goalie to play in the tournament back in nineteen eighty four. Ryan played in that is actually we won that tournament with one team.


So stalkings nineteen ninety seven. I've actually never brought it up so I'm bad guys.


How could you as people think of bullshit how cool is that tournament. It's like you could play in front of so many people. It's every kid's kind of dream come true at that age.


It's the most amazing tournament. I think you have any NHL players that went there? They would tell you the same thing. I remember my first game. I played in front of fifteen thousand people and I just had to happen to that. My back then we had like suspenders for pants and the suspenders kind of broke before the warm up and fifteen thousand people in the stand. I'm losing my pants. My dad was my coach and he was trying to fix my pants.


I was bent over by the bench and it was the most embarrassing moment in front of fifteen thousand people, but we ended up winning the game. So that worked out good.


I know. I know kids at that age can be pretty nasty to each other, especially back in the eighties. But how receptive were they to you, whether your opponents or your teammates back in the turn?


You know, most of the guys were really good, like on my team, because I was doing well in that and I was a big part of the team. So obviously they welcomed me on my team. Most of the players I play against, we're good, too. But a few times I got a couple of players that tried to be funny. I remember one game when I got a little older. A guy crashed into me and I fell down on my back and he kind of crashed over me and he wouldn't get up.


And I was stuck underneath him and he was funny and he got a two minutes for it. But so I had to face a few things like this, but nothing bad.


Going back to that term in a few years before you attended did actually change the rules that a women where women were allowed to play in it. Was that because you were coming up and at that point you'd already gained that national recognition? In fact, they knew you were going to end up playing in the tournament because you were good enough.


Yeah, that was they changed the rules because in Quebec, we have so many teams that play. So you have to qualify to be able to play in the tournament. You cannot just enter the tournament. So the year prior. Pee wee gear, I was the it's called at home back then, it's courts in the US and I went to one of the major tournaments there and I won the tournament. I think that was a one nothing game. And I got so many shots on that and they had a little article on me in the newspaper.


So I think the peewee tournament, people thought like, OK, if she kept going like this and their team's doing well, she's probably going to make the tournament because we have to qualify after a certain amount of money playing. So and then I end up we end up qualifying and making it to determine the following year.


And around that time, you actually got to skate with your childhood idol, or at least one of them, Dan Bouchard, who played for the Nordiques. You mentioned it was your childhood interview and one of the articles in the other people you look up to at a young age.


He was my favorite player. I was a goalie, was the goalie, and he was great for the Nordics and for people that know the Quebec Nordics. If you're from Quebec, you just love the Nordics. And that's what everybody talks about in school. I remember when I was Quebec, Montreal gave out for a week at school. That's all I'm talking about. So it was a big deal. So I think a chance I got on the ice with them and and practiced with them.


And the cool thing, it's after Tampa Bay when they signed that contract in on the contract and I went to Atlanta, then Bushar was from Atlanta. And my first game that I play was there. And then we got to meet and talk. So that was pretty cool.


You know, I got to know Dan Bouchard a little bit.


My buddy Brian Yanda was working in Atlanta and he used to be I'm not like I knew he would still tell me if I'm wrong here, you would stand in the net and he would flip his goalie stick upside down. He'd say, shoot as hard as you want on the ice. And he would save it.


Yep. Yep. That's one thing he would do. It's incredible.


And the other other funny things, you remember, you stayed with them, not many of them. But I remember a few years after, I think when it was the fifth anniversary of the tournament, they invited a lot of players that play in the tournament. And I know Mario Lemieux was there and then Bashar was that. And we only had two goalies and that was me against then Bushar, on the other hand. And then he was really cool, too.


He was still playing like I was older, obviously, but he was older than me and I couldn't believe that he was still playing at that age. I'm curious, I'm kind of jumping around years here, but there had to be some a bunch of people who said no chance you'd be playing in the Quebec league.


And it must have been. And that's that's guessing. Maybe I'm wrong, but I mean, the way it was back then, you must have had to really kind of battle through some people who said they didn't want you there. They didn't think it was going to happen for you to play in Major Junior.


Actually, it took me all the way up to Bantam for a coach to allow me to play. I begged them to double level in Quebec was the highest level. So I try out for four years in a row, like when I was P when I was caught and actually the people were telling my dad, don't bring her to camp. There's no way she's going to take a girl on our team. We don't want to take the spot of a guy that may be making it to the NHL one day.


So, so but I keep trying every year because my dad didn't tell me that. So I said it was getting cut because it was not good enough. So I would go and train even harder the following year. But when you do that for four years in a row and I finally got to Bantam and the coach didn't care if it was a male or female, you just wanted to pick the best goalie and not only make the team, but I was playing the big games during those two years of playing doubly and the following year and it was triple.


And everybody know you guys played right before Major Junior. That's when you start getting dropped and every single goalie that played in the double level got invited except me. So at that point I said, OK, like, this is it. I'm not going to have any chance to play at the highest level. And then I try to go back and play the double level. But they were waiting for kids. I was getting cut from the triple play and paying those kids.


So now I didn't have room there either. So I was kind of like discouraged and I didn't know what I would do. And someone talked to me about a women's league in Montreal. That was the only place that women's hockey was pretty good and it was in Montreal. So I was driving two and a half hours every Saturday night to go play hockey. And since we were women, our game were at ten, thirty, eleven o'clock at night or eleven thirty starts when guys were done playing and I would come back home like at three, four in the morning, but that was my only option.


And, but I remember our team was doing very well and we end up playing in the Canadian championship and the final was on TV and I did very well. And that's when one of the coach from the major juniors coming in, I got invited to practice. He was impressed and invited me to the camp the following year.


It must be so cool for you to see where women's hockey is gone because, I mean, you truly were one of the pioneers. It's such great perseverance. I'm wonder, in those years you were getting you getting cut. You said your dad didn't tell you it was because you were girl. You must have said I'm better than some of these guys. Why? You must have been out playing people and constantly seeing yourself not picked. It must've been super frustrating.


It was frustrating. But I think that that's what helped me to get to where I was because I'd never give up. And I told myself one day I will make that team. And that was my motivation to keep working harder than everybody else out there. And that's something that's stuck with me not just in hockey, but later in life. Everything I do, I kind of do a hundred percent. So but I learned that from hockey.


And you're also the first woman to play in a major junior game. Did you start to see yourself as sort of this barrier breaker or were you just so focused on the hockey because you were still so young back then?


And I just cared about hockey back then. Even when I went to Tampa, I never thought that my life would change like this. I was just going there to camp. And I even remember when they had me to go do the show, David Letterman. I didn't even know who David Letterman spoke French. And I'm like, I never didn't have English TV back home. So it's not until, like a couple of years later I watch the show and I'm like, oh my gosh, I was on that show.


That must have been pretty cool. What I did to be on that show.


The guys on the cover of US Weekly, I was on a show.


So maybe it was maybe it's because your language or women's hockey and call in the college game wasn't as big yet. But was that never even kind of an option for you at that point?


Yeah, back then, hockey was not big. I didn't have any option, like I said, like younger. My only option with this woman league in Montreal and I was not even in big league, they only had a few teams playing and we had to go to this championship to play Ontario. That was once a year. So college. I had never heard of college hockey before that. So my option was playing with the guys. And and after I went to camp, I think a lot of people thought Bob was just a publicity thing, but.


One of the coolest moment, I think it's 20 years later, I did a radio interview with Terri Crisp and she was interviewing me. Now, he was the coach in Tampa and back then admitted to me that he was nuts for having a girl coming to Candy, was not happy with Phil when he found that out. And he said, but you really deserve to play that game, because when we did the camp, we started with a mini tournament.


So every team at two goalies and everybody was playing a full period and we were rotating around and play all the teams and finish out of the eight goal, the third best average and save percentage and goals in that tournament. And he said on the radio that I heard that spot to play an exhibition game and nobody talked about that back then. And it was really cool that it took 20 years for someone to say we didn't have or played exhibition game just for publicity.


She did turn it around, but it's kind of like back then, like people didn't talk about my performance. They were just talking about the fact that I was the only female there.


Well, I was I was questioning on whether to go into that.


I remember listening to one of your interviews and some of the crazy questions that some of these reporters around you look back 20 years and you're like, oh, my God, the fact that these guys were asking those things, you get booed out of the room. Now, like one guy even mentioned, you cringe even thinking about it. He asked you about your period, did he not?


I know he did. And that's what I said to him. And I said, actually, I play better on my peers, but that's about it. I'm done with that.


But a creep. What a creep. Yeah.


So but did you break a nail when you practice or like just silly things like this. But that was back then and that's why it's so amazing. The last few years with this whole women's movement, a lot of people asked me to do a TV interview and different thing. And my story, the way it's Percheron now versus how it was portrayed back then, it's such a big difference. And it's amazing to see how far we come from when I started to play.


I hate to be the Debbie Downer here. You were cut from that 97 World Championship team. With everything you've been through through your career, was that the biggest letdown at that point in time? It was like another adversity that they faced. I remember the moment that it was so hard for me to get cut it that year. It was my best pro year with the guys. That's the year that I played like it more consistently. And I had like I was playing on another good team, but we were getting bombarded with shot every game.


And I think they went through like four or five goalie that year on my team. And I finished with the best goals against an average of the team. And so it was just like I came out of like that feeling good about my year and going to camp with the national team. But what was really hard for me is the timing. So when you play with the guys schedule, it's harder with the body checking. The game was played differently.


I had to learn to play the deadline at which the first two years were tough. So it was just a different game. So when I went back to camp, they felt my timing was off and they won with someone else. And I remember they told me that news and I had 20 minutes to pack up my bag and and face the media. And that that was the thing to that had to deal with. When I play with the guys, all the media was there talking about me because I was the only female that played with the guys.


And every move I was doing, every game I was playing had to be great if that they were saying she doesn't belong here. And then when I go with the woman, it's like, oh, she's the girl that played pro hockey. So she should be amazing and always be great. So when I got cut, maybe I was waiting because they want to talk to me about it. And I remember that moment of like that twenty minutes to pack up my bag and be disappointed and crying and then walking down and face the media.


It was probably one of the hardest things that I had to do in hockey. And then the bad news, it's my flight was not going up until the next day. So I had to spend the night at a hotel, by the airport, by myself. And but it gives me the time to reflect on what happened to you before. Like, all your life is used to getting cut from a team and bounced back. And I said, this is not going to stop me because a lot of people said I would never come back to the ninety eight training camp and the Olympic Olympic year.


And I just went back home and I started back then, believe it or not. But we're not like now where all the players, NHL players or national team players, they're athletes, they train all year long. Wait training. I look at Kendall Quinn. She's just an amazing athlete. We didn't do that back then. Like most people, we're going to camp to get in shape. I remember my first in NHL, my first Candace, you do step up and they put their finger on your neck and they look at with one minute your heartbeat, like that was our testing.


So I know that's my NHL.


I know that old thing like this. But so when I went back home, I'm like, OK, I'm going to hire a trainer and I'm just going to, like, really workout and get stronger and get better. And like, when they see me back in camp, they're going to see a totally different person. So and that's the attitude that I have. So I went back in camp. I was the first one on the last one to leave the ice.


And I made the team and I played the gold medal game.


I was watching that unfortunate loss of the Americans. That's all these guys. I'm the only Canadian on the podcast.


But experience in Nagano, it was like just an unreal experience I can still remember. And still the moment, the first day we step up the bus at the village, like your heart is beating like a hundred miles an hour. It's just surreal to to think that you're there in the opening ceremony. When you back up, when they name your country and you start walking around, it's just you couldn't you couldn't stop smiling the entire time. It was just like the most amazing experience, not just playing the game, because when you get on the ice, you forget where you are.


I remember I was so nervous before my Tampa Bay game, but I stepped on the ice and it just all those thoughts are gone. You're just playing a game. So when you played the Olympics, so it's kind of the same thing. It's all the outside that it was just absolutely amazing.


When you think back to that night, your first game with Tampa Bay, do you remember every shot they receive or is it just a total blur at this point?


You know, I remember two things that have a funny story with that, but I remember that walk from my locker room to the ice was probably the most nervous I have ever been in my life. I felt like my heart would jump out of me. And Budwood was really. It's when I stepped on the ice, like the butterfly went away and I was just like in another hockey game, but I remember getting score the first goal, which was the longest shot.


That was the slap shot. I'm from Jeff Brown, who's got a great shot. But it happened so fast that after the game and even years later, I never watched the game again. And years later, I always said it was like a bad goal for me, like I was not happy with. The second one was like nothing I could do about it. But then I think it was like 15 or 20 years later when they talk about me playing and they show like the goal, I get scored.


I realized that Jeff Brown, not only it was not a bad goal, you walk into the zone, it was a tough to circle Slapshot. And in my head for about 15, 20 years, I said it was outside the blue line. So it made me feel so much better to see the replay. Other than that, it's like I went so fast like that to 20 minutes was probably the fastest 20 minutes because I was just in the zone and enjoying every single moment of it.


I think Shanahan had the other goal and he said it didn't matter who was in that he was going to score.


So is it true that you had to play a different style of goaltending?


I know you mentioned at the time when you're playing it's the men was more stand up style has reversed to a butterfly when you played against the ladies, you know, the butterfly style, it's kind of came in like when I compare, like goaltending style, I was more like my brother where we have about the same age and the butterfly style kind of like came in a little bit after. So in my transition with the women's game, I think like in 94, 93, 94, that's when the butterfly was way more like the goalie was learning it and things like that.


So I was kind of in between where I was more standing up when I was in Tampa and as the year go on. So by the time I was at the Olympics, like I was using more the butterfly, but I would say it was more a mix of butterfly stand up. I just do whatever you have to do to stop the puck back then. That's that's like the kids today. They have, like their trainer. They have private lessons and all that stuff.


We didn't have any of that. I grew up with a family that had two brother playing my parents. All they were doing is being in the rink with us. So the practice you learn on your own, basically, and I think people also maybe forget it wasn't just that one game.


You were practicing with these guys every day playing scrimmages with them. Did you have a sense, any maybe animosity, resentment from any teammates, like big guys, maybe team you up in practice where they maybe wouldn't the other goalie?


You know, I most of the team I did not like the guys who are really supportive and good to me. I remember in camp, they were not taking it easy on me because obviously it was kind of embarrassing for them if the girls were to stop the puck. And it is something I remember I made the camp, I went to camp, and when I walk into my locker room, they had a big chest protector waiting for me. And I look at it.


And because I was a smaller goalie, I was like, no way I would I would fit in that or I would be able to move. So I kept what I had. And it was the same chest and protector that I had when I was peewee because I didn't really grew that much more. So the only thing my dad did is put to a piece of plastic in front. And I started the camp and those guys were shooting the puck as part of the which is sometimes even harder because they want to make sure they score.


And by day one already, my brother, my Harmsworth, all bruised in the trainer, had to had padding to my chest protector by the end of the camp, my chest protector. Look, it was just hilarious to see it because it was just like we had to build padding to it to be able to for me to continue to play but do bruise every shot I was getting.


That's awesome. And you got some other stuff coming up here. I know you're releasing a children's book as well, right? Yes, the girls inaudible bill, she met me a few years ago, actually, and she wanted to do this. She's a producer and actress and she writes film and she wanted to do a movie and an inspiring movie with a woman to lead. And someone was telling her about all those girls that play in the NHL. So when she did the research, she realized it was only me.


So she contacted me and we started talking about it. She said, I want to do a movie about your story. And not only she wrote the script for Dad, but she also wrote a children's book. And the children's book is coming out in October of the October 20th of twenty twenty. So I'm excited about that because it took me years to realize that my story inspired people. And this book, I'm hoping that's going to be able to inspire young girls to follow their dreams and not just girls, because I heard a lot of parents telling me that their boys did it something in school about me or they have a poster of me, even like McKenna that played in a chilling interview me once.


And you said that when he heard about my story, said if a girl can make it there, I can make it to the NHL, too. So I want to be able to continue to inspire people. And this book is going to do that to young people coaching a girls team in Detroit now, correct?


Yes. So I work for the Detroit Red Wings program, the little teaser, and I run the girls program. And now some girls that I coached, the younger girls. So I'm doing this and being busy with the book, being involved with the movie and also doing speaking engagements.


I'm curious, what do you do? Because professional hockey for women, it's kind of had a tough go, you know, with different leagues. And so many people talk about what needs to be done. What's your opinion in terms of what needs to happen to kind of get to that next level or just continues to grow and gets a little bigger?


I think like the WNBA, I think we need the support of the NHL to be able to really make it happen. And then just the NHL, because I think that the NHL is supporting some of those leagues now. They have two different leagues that's playing, but having the support of the teams, too, because if you know, it's hard, like everybody knows for professional team to to be successful and make money. So but if we can share, like the marketing people, if you can share the facility, the locker room, the trainers with the male professional team, I think that may be a way that they can be successful.


I guess the last thing I was going to mention is given all the accolades and everything you've done throughout your career and inspiring so many young girls, they are putting a bronze statue of you in front of a video or back.


What I know, hopefully it's better than Renaldo's.


Guess that was a Hemmer David Beckham there joking around with when they made a crazy one there. But it's pretty cool. It's probably an exciting time for you.


Yeah. It was like kind of unreal when they asked me, like, is it OK if we do that, then it is an honor to to be chosen to do that and to have my statue in front of the facility there and it's my own town. So that's that's the reason why I needed to wear made it because I got all those opportunities. So it was pretty cool.


Have you been watching much of the playoffs? And if so, are you pulling for any team in particular? I was going to have a soft spot for Tampa, and since the Red Wings are not in the playoffs right now and cheering for that, so they'll do well, I know Vegas is doing well, too, so we'll see. I think it's going to be maybe a Vegas Tampa final.


I got to ask you about Agent Marc-Andre agent throwing up the picture of him getting stabbed in the back with the coach's name on it. What do you make of that? I didn't see that really. OK. No, I didn't see that, so I guess I could quickly explain it.


Long story short, of course they pick up Leonard Leonard's got the starting that right now in Fleury being the backup. I think the agent wasn't too happy about it and threw up a picture on the Internet with a big sword and flurry's back and the coach's name was on it. So obviously there was a bit of a media frenzy about that. But all is well now, I guess in Vegas they've made up and it's good to go, but it is such a great guy.


Like, he's just such a I'm sure that this is the way it is. And that's one of the reason I think Vegas got a chance to make it fast. And they have to go. They can play. And they have four lines that can play, too. And the coaches utilize everybody. And I think you said the successful team the last two years, it's the people that are able to play the four lines. And they always have expressed like it's tough playing that many games in the short period of time.


And sometimes the goalies find that many game mentally, physically stuff. But I think it's for goaled mentally it's even harder.


I did also want to mention that you're the first woman to appear in a regular season professional game and you played for the Atlanta Knights. That's another feather in the cap. I wanted to show the audience that's why she's getting a statue.


Yeah, one of the many reasons or one one thing we didn't mention was your career as well.


I know the New Jersey Rock and Roller and the Sacramento River at that was a cool thing to do. I don't know if any of you guys played. That was a lot of fun. That was our summer job, basically, when you played in the minors. So that's like you can take the summer off. So that was the way to to have a summer job.


I don't know if you still skate anymore, but most of my buddies who played goalie, they won't play goalie. Now that they're done competitively, they play out. If you if you're still scared, are you playing forward or are you still in?


That actually happened skating out not only in skating out, but every time someone asked me to do a charity event and they always I I that's and I'm like, nope, I'm skating out now. All gold.


You guys are done with gold and it all ends.


Yeah. And don't put me on because I want to see it as a way as possible as the not so I want to be an office and it's my time to score people, other people in the collarbone now.


But thank you so much on this was this is great.


Was there anything else you needed to promote? In the meantime? I know you have the book coming out. Yeah. Why no movie? When's the movie going to happen?


You know what it's been such like it's coming. It's coming. It's been such an amazing experience up and down as far as like we get to a certain point and now like coalbed happened and it's just like take a step back. And I remember when Gary Marshall came on board a month later passed away, it's like you got to hold that momentum and you got Gary Marshall coming on board as an executive producer. And then months later he passed away and it just took like a step back.


But it started as a small indie film and now more people got involved and bigger people. And it's just the project got bigger and it's just taking a little bit longer than planned.


I think it could be a monster.


I just want to know who you'd have as the actress playing you actually, and be the one that wrote the movie. She's the one that's going to play me. And we become really good friends. She stayed with my pants to try to learn the language and just to see, like the action. She had a little bit of French, but just to be able to to get the accent. And people make fun of me because I live in the Midwest and I have a French accent, but they think that I have a Midwest accent mixed to that.


So I'm not too sure. But so we can just become really good friends. And we have a lot of comment and a lot of people, every time they see us, they think we're a sister.


Well, you certainly worthy of a blockbuster feature of your history, and I'm certainly looking forward to seeing it when it does come out. We want to thank you so much for joining us. Just like I said, you're a pioneer. You're a legend of the game. It's been an absolute joy to have you on and we hope to have you on again someday. Thanks for having me. Big banks, the main reason for joining us business, it was great talking to me, and I remember when that happened.


I mean, Christ, twenty eight years ago, it was it was a huge story to have a woman play in pro sports. And it was an exhibition game. But she was also the first woman to play in a regular season for a hockey game when she played in the NHL, which she did several times. So and like she said, she didn't realize she was a pioneer until all these years later when all these kids, boys and girls looked up to her.


So that was a treat, having not really enjoyed a great personality.


Best of luck at the statue unveiling.


Yeah. And then the movie that movie will be legit, I think. Absolutely nice. Hey, everybody knows the monthly cost of cable is over two hundred bucks, but Foubert TV is sixty five dollars a month to watch the same channels and you don't want to pay for a DVR or an installation. Foubert TV is how you should be watching TV. Get everything you want all in one place for less than the cost of cable. Foubert TV brings you over one hundred channels, a DVR and no hidden fees, streaming shows on TV or any other smart device.


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I'm excited to talk about the penguin.


Yeah, well we've got to trade first. The Blues. They sent Jake Yalon. So the Habs. The Habs got Jake Allen in the seventh in twenty twenty two. The Blues got a third in a seventh in twenty twenty. Allen's got one year left on his deal with four point thirty five billion dollar kapit. I'll tell you, it's a lot of money to be spent on two goalies in Montreal. Humpies.


Yeah and hard move. It was, it was an odd move. So now I don't know if it's a case of when you're in an organization like St. Louis, is it OK to keep five goalies or you she burning another contract if you do so, because now they're down to four. And I don't know if that's common, but yeah, I mean, Carey Price probably needs a little bit of relief and not having to carry such a massive load for you.


Jeez. But yeah, I like you where I saw it. I just didn't understand it really. Other than that. I I don't know what to say about this, because maybe there's more moves to be had to be done or it's just kind of odd to think that you have this goalie that's that good. And we've talked a lot about the two goalie system. And I think every time. We've maybe not mentioned to each other, but kind of thought prices may be an example of something you don't do it with, you know what I mean?


Correct. It's like there's a couple of guys. It's like, no, no, no, no, no, no. He's the guy. And Price is that so with how much money Alan makes, it's certainly interesting, but we'll have to see how it plays out because there could be way more we had before. We see how this kind of ends.


I think Burger Vance made some interesting moves before given. Are you are you insinuating maybe he picked him up in order to, like, retrade him at some point, given the fact that the to get goalie system has been so valuable, like maybe a team is unable to address that position and they can then trade him off for more than what they paid for him? Possibly my thinking is that another goalie situation that I'm overthinking, you're you're when you have a goalie question or thought your brain is like the dude from always sunny with the numbers everywhere on the wall, go Shuto, Tameem, Serota, Meems, with you running away from paying the bill for the hole in one meme that is just all class, that's torp that's taught.


That is that is a touch of class by Meems.


But that wasn't the only thing going on in Montreal.


No, but if I had to guess, as I say, he's going to move on Allen, because that's almost 15 million dollars in gold.


It doesn't make it makes zero sense. Makes no sense. So I'd be surprised if he's in the blue Blount Rouge.


He's trading price and start the rumors.


Yeah, that's not the only news out of Montreal. It sounds like Max Dome these days could be numbered. That's speculation. The Arafeh to be shit. Kennedy's agent Patterson, who is good friends with the Berg event, and now he's repped by Darren Ferris. He reportedly butted heads with Julian, who was obviously a defense first coach. We'll obviously keep an eye on this. What do you think's going to happen to him? This. I've heard a few rumors, I've heard Buffalo as a landing spot, Toronto, I mean, I imagine Toronto fans are saying, you know, that's the type of, you know, guy with a little bit of sandpaper to his game.


I mean, if you if you remember some of these fights he's had over his career. I think he knocked out Ryan Kesler at one point. So he's a he's a tough cookie. What I what I think is and this is my opinion, Max told me, I think he's a very, very strong third line or on a good team.


You know, it's tough on a championship team, on a championship team. And if he's going to be in the top six, he's going to have to have an offensive type minded coach who really lets him do his thing. Kind of like the London days. I know when he first got to Arizona, it was very similar to that in his first year and then had the off year next year. And, you know, in Montreal then had a great year.


He was back in an environment where he was thriving, very similar, where the fans are in the building, kind of like it was in London. And it seems like the juices were flowing where now they got Julian Buttheads defensive minded. So I don't know. I'd like to see him get a fresh start somewhere, especially a team. I mean, Toronto would be cool to see. And if he can, you know, keep adding to that physical game and maybe maybe, yeah, maybe maybe concentrate on being a little bit more well-rounded where you're bringing that physical element every game.


I think that that will eventually find a home and one there. You can stay for a while. Yeah, anything a little bit too critical or is that a no, no, no? I think that there's times and any team who signs him is really going to be looking at 18, 19. And we did twenty eight goals and playing every game and over seventy point sets. That's when you're talking about a guy who can first of all, demand a lot of money.


And second of all, a ton of teams are going to want. But then this year happens and that's coming off to prior kind of not poor years, right. He's over 40 points both years in Arizona after the rookie year. That was real successful when he had 50. But you got to think like that's over the last four years in the league, three of them have been kind of third line numbers are really, really good third liner.


But if you're going to be on a championship team, I don't really picture him as a first or second line player. Now, maybe I'm crazy and maybe he could easily prove what we're saying wrong, where he goes out and he's a really good player on a second line for a cup contender. But I don't know, there's some things about his game that kind of disappear. Now, Julian has had plenty of players, and you can talk about Riley Smith being one of them that have gone on to do special things that he necessarily maybe didn't love as a player.


Would you agree with that? He it didn't seem like Riley Smith ever really got his full trust.


Yeah. And if you don't trust him, he's going to bury you on the bench. Exactly. So so they obviously he decided early and watching Max play that he kind of wasn't his style player. The whole season went the way it did. He didn't score in their ten playoff games and it's time to move on. So it depends on where he ends up. But you saw his first year in Montreal after getting a change out of Arizona, which probably felt so good to him, and he lit it up.


So don't be surprised if wherever he goes next year, he has a big year. But you just wonder where he fits in on a really good team.


I just when I watch highlights and I see him just being that agitator, I feel like it gets that's what's great about him. Yeah, I think it gets a more involved in the game, but it's you know, when you're trying to put up points and be a top six guy, it's tough to it's tough to maintain that level of like, well, you know, the best in the league at it.


Who last shot while I was I was also going to use a Kucuk. I feel like Kucuk gets more involved with that stuff now than Marcha on an overall basis. But yeah, I guess either one. And and if you can really bring that type of choppiness every night or at least 70 games of the season, to me, I think that that's going to put them over the edge and in turn them to the ultimate player. You could be all right.


Moving right along, the Panthers shirt for GM has ended. They've hired Bill Zito to a five year deal to be the next general manager. He was working in the Columbus front office for a while. He's a very well respected, very well liked guy. He is well known for his integrity. Guys have been with him for a long time on both sides of agent and front office. So it's going to be interesting to see what he does, though.


Florida pretty much up against the cap right now. Mike Hoffman, he makes a little over five. Man, he's USC to be Afghani. Danoff He's got four million there. I mean, potentially twelve being coming off the books. If he doesn't sign and got to bring back half, he still has to do some serious roster adjustments there, wouldn't you say?


Oh, yeah. You say one hundred percent bring back Hoffman based on two percent. What are you paying him? Well, I mean, that's what I mean. His numbers have been good the last few seasons.


That guy is a guaranteed twenty five goals. There's guaranteed if not thirty years.


I mean I got roasted for this thing, but state tax is helping them resign in Florida. And, you know, I'm bringing it up with and I think that you could probably get them there for four for. If I'm him, I'd probably be looking at about six million there, which is a fair number. So he might koffman if he's on the open market now, I kind of have a tough I know what I know that I'm not I'm not going to be able to make calls in terms of money like I think I normally would just because of the flat cap and what's happened.


But, yeah, I mean, this guy is going to want six, seven years. Yeah, he's what is he's thirty one. I think he's turn into he's thirty seven thirty one at the end of November.


I think times six is a nice deal and I'll be thirty one when the new season kicks off. So yeah. I mean that takes him to thirty seven. You see a six year deal. Hopefully he's getting six, seven million. He's going to get you twenty five and if he goes off and he's got a six on him and he's getting it. Thirty five forty.


Yeah. Yeah. Definitely consistent. His last few years. Twenty seven. Twenty nine. Twenty six. Twenty to thirty six. Twenty nine goals.


So Mark Florida will have to make some trades and like Matheson was getting healthy scratched so convos probably not sure about him. He's make it four and a half like seven more years. So there's some question marks there. You could see that there's well he's going to have time to fix it. They've got a five year deal.


That's nice. True, true, I'm sure Panthers fans are glad a few other names didn't get hired in this spot. I won't kick anyone when they're down, but some of the names bouncing around, I know people aren't too thrilled, but. All right, you can do the math. A little bit of news out of Pittsburgh, recently fired head coach in Washington, Todd Reed, and he was named as an assistant. I was quick, very quick.


Well, he did make his bones there early in his career. He was an assistant there a few years back.


So he's familiar with the place. Also, we want to send our best wishes to our pal said he underwent surgery the other day, got about a three to four week recovery. So, you know, want to make sure it's doing all right. One of the best plays in the game, obviously. Absolutely.


And let's see, the NCAA is going to be allowing players to play Junior's college athletes at schools where hockey will not be played during the fall semester, may participate in amateur competition or junior hockey while remaining enrolled in an NCAA institution to participate. The student athlete must maintain good academic standing and cannot miss class to participate in the competition. Additionally, no school or conference may pay the players expenses when you played college.


What's your take on this one, brother? It really reminds me of the lockout at a different level. And when the lockout happened, every guy that was playing in the NHL that was still in there, actually that was entry level that was able to go to the get sent down. So are a lot of the guys that would have been in the eight. So they went down to the coast and some guys who maybe could have played in the course couldn't get jobs.


So I don't know if it's going to affect junior hockey in that way. I'll be interested to see how many guys. And now I know a lot of I think Ivy Leagues have already canceled hockey until January or most of the fall. Mickey, is that you're the college hockey guy? Yeah, that's true. So you wonder how many guys are going to shoot up to the NHL Quebec League, which I don't know how they're going to do it in terms of where you're from, because that's how it is.


That's how it kind of is figured out when you're choosing between college. And I could only go to the Quebec league. That was Massachusetts. So I don't I don't know what's going to happen. But you have to think that certain Canadians who won't love this because there's guys that are going to come up and take a kid's gig and take his job and then kind of go back to school in January, February, it's it's certainly going to cause a little bit of an issue, I think, with some people.


But personally, on a whole, I love it because it's at least the NCAA. So showing some sort of brains. These people are fucking clowns from that audience. What does it stand for? National Collegiate Athletic Association. Yes. What a bunch of dumb fucks that whole fucking NCAA.


If they ever made a good decision, this is their first good decision maybe.


Yeah, I'm not a big fan of them in any sport. Look foolish. I don't know about it.


But if they're going to allow this, I just I want to see how many guys take advantage of it. And you got to think of it. It's a kid going into his freshman year. He's just drafted a draft coming up. I mean, you can't just not play hockey for God knows how long he had to go play. Eighteen years old. You you got to be playing hockey. You got to be playing at a high level. Yeah.


I think you know best. What do you think you're an old guy.


Well, I could probably fight the kid who came up from Harvard, very similar to the lockout where, you know, now you got guys who are unable to play one place that are going to go to another. And then, of course, some players from those organizations are going to get knocked down the totem pole. So in that situation, it sucks. As far as the quality of play, of course, that will go up. I'm just kind of confused as to how the whole system is going to work them.


Like, if you're an American kid, you know, can you go play for Canadian junior team or do you have to stay and the American side and vice versa.


So I don't I don't know how that's going to work out.


Yeah, I don't how are you going to go to class if you're going to school in here and playing fucking juniors in Canada. It's like seems like a nice gesture, but how how is it going to work logistically for these kids? I don't know.


But I'm and maybe it's a situation of it's going to be mostly the Canadian guys who are on the Canadian side able to get injected into into HL, WHL or Quebec major junior lineups without facing that punishment of, in fact, losing your scholarship. So there's probably more more info on that that's going to roll out. It's like stage one.


They're like they did with the bubble, because I know Elliott Friedman wrote about your coyotes this week and it's thirty one thoughts. I do. I know you want to have some input on what's going on there.


Well, then I read right before we recorded that they're they're presenting an offer to Taylor Hall in Elliott Friedman's article. It talked about how they're fairly vocal about, you know, they're going to probably have to rebuild. And even when Larsen is a name that they're going to throw out there, they're going to have to see a very, very nice return. But so I don't know, as a from a fan standpoint, in a situation that I haven't looked into or told anyone about, it seems as though I'm getting mixed signals here.


Like if you're bringing back Halsy, you're definitely going to be at the cap and now you're shopping your captain. Well, I don't know what to believe anymore. Let's hope it's not the case that all of our leaves and we do bring Halsy back. And I think hopefully we can have a solid team next year and give Colorado the fucking the. Just up there are. You guys are going to be trashed next year. What the fuck up? I'm not trying to be a dick.


I'm trying to be a nonbiased NHL podcast host. That the coyotes are going to suck aren't worth. No, they do not have any selection's in the first three rounds.


Why are they trading? I don't understand why Kemper's on the market. Why don't you want to keep him? Well, I think they look at this as a Canadian Olympian we mentioned a month ago, but OK, so tell me that story. Listen, I wouldn't personally trade him because you have two more years left at four and a half. That's the best of my good and best move that Trich ever made was trading him for Tobias Reider from L.A..


They got him. I think he was playing it like maybe he was even at two million, maybe three million this year. And the start of the year ended up locking him into a two year extension. So the value of him being one of the best goalies on the Earth right now and you're getting about a four and a half million, I guarantee you're at least getting a prospect that a first rounder and let's talk about maybe a little more maybe and maybe we will have a pick in the first three rounds this year.


So maybe maybe you got a little horny there with your you're rubbing that the coyotes face, just given the facts.


Also know, first of all, it's all right.


Moving right along, Emily Kaplan at ESPN reported that three coaches are suing the Cage ls Kunlun Red Style, where a buddy gypo played for the last three years. Head coach Kurt Frazer, assistant Steve Caspa or Bruin and goalie coach Dusty is an emu. That's the eagle this second more than a million and combined comp.. They were under contract for the twenty twenty one season. They all came back to North America when the season was cut short. It sounds like the team's trying to basically fire them and doesn't want to pay them.


Frazier said he hasn't gotten a check since. Just sounds like a typical KHL bullshit. I don't even know how to even sue the KHL. I guess you're going to file suit in Hong Kong and hope for the best, but just some more shenanigans in Russia.


Yeah, I actually talked to Dusty, knew about it. And long story short is they're trying to say that they're unable to perform their duties because it's a visa issue given with what's going on with covid. I would imagine they want all their Russian players having jobs currently. So they're actually ready to start their season and they may already have today in the next few days, the next 48 hours anyway. So he asked for the heads up if they were going to if it wasn't going to work out.


They gave him the blessing that they would tell him. He didn't find out. They let him go. Now he's kind of left high and dry and and the GM there has gone dark. The GM's a Canadian guy, and they're trying to get answers and they just can't even get any type of word for him. So not a great look. We've heard stories like this from the KHL before and they're still happening. And I know some people think we're just ragging on it, but that's kind of what you get when you're when you're dealing with the Russia, Russia, Russia and Russia.


Well, the Budweiser red light is back. And if you're an avalanche fan, Kilmichael just good. So the light went off in your house. Hockey is back and it's time to sell. And the Budweiser red light is back in the arena. Experience to your home, Budweisers replica go sinks to any NHL game and instantly goes off on your favorite team. Lights, the lamps sync Selli repeat. It's pretty easy. This thing is awesome. So honestly, the best thing to have when you can't go to the games like nobody can these days, you get yourself one of these and you can feel like you're at the bottom.


So go to Budweiser dotcom code checklists ten to get 10 percent off a Budweiser red light. So the next time the dog lights on up in your neighbor's fan, woo woo woo. Got a little red light action in your house business, huh?


I moving along. We got some bad news here in Boston. What a matchup. You heard of the Fords over by the TD Garden, one of the most popular pre and post game destinations. Where are you going? The Bruins, Celltex concepts. Great food over there. Well, because of all the covid shit they've had to close down. I mean, they're Boston institution, no doubt about it. So it's a bummer what it's an absolute kick in the deck.


And the force is probably my my number one spot. I actually go to the one in quinsy quite often, maybe once, if not twice a week. It's just my favorite place to have some beers. They get the best food going. They got a million TVs.


Rider comes with me watching it, looking at pictures of Bob, your pictures of the Celltex pictures of the Red Sox, just the coolest sports bar going. And there are Oggi was in Boston, right across from the garden.


And to hear that that place is now under among what is sure to be probably every place near the garden. I mean, there's no events going on there.


That's how all of these places made their money and survives. But for the force that's got to be done now, it's it's certainly disappointing. So quinsy and nor will they both still a force there. Head them up there if you want to continue to support. I love that place, but it's a kick in the deck to see a lifelong you know, I'm going to say lifelong, but a place that's been there for Bruins fans and Celtics fans to grab beers and food before and after games for a long time.


It sucks to see them go.


Yeah, and those businesses struggle even when teams are playing because people don't go back, are buried. All those places Baker buried them.


Yeah, it's tough to see. So hopefully we want to send our best regards to everybody there and hopefully they end up on their feet because we've been in Boston for over a week now, I hope. Hey, everybody, check that out, Chipwich does Charleston video by Jason, I'm Guy Grinnell, a fantastic job. They put about a 15 minute highlight clip together. Was that how long it was chases that chases away their chases? It's great to have him on the squad.


He can throw hands and he can edit.


Great, great, great at it. You check that video out. We had a couple of electric chairs, too. Those are fun, although we did do the islanders game. So we took a quick nap in the first during that one. But we're going to have a couple more coming up here. We had one of which was brought to you by body armor, one of which was brought to you by Roman already. And the next week's is going to be brought to you by Grenelle Roman as well.


We also have some twitch streams where we'll be gaming. And you've been doing a ton of gaming that's going to be brought to you by Roman as well, to the eye wall.


She stopped by the other day. I spanked them and they also sucked too for all series where it was electric. You've got to get you got to get busy in the sticks as well. Now, I'm glad I'm getting better.


I'm going to be a doctor. Busy respect before you know it. And NIMBies, we've been having some late, late night chick lit cinema action the last few nights. One of us passes out about twenty minutes into the movie, but we watch the obviously we mentioned the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind before. Then we watch Bone Tomahawk was our next movie. This what was your take on that one?


I really liked it. Fairly gory. But they didn't they didn't push it too much. They didn't go for Rob Zombie on us.


A couple of grotesque scenes, but just. Yeah. What would you call it like a horror western.


I would call it a Western horror hybrid. More or less. More Western with a dash of horror.


And who was the main actor in it again? Kurt Russell. Kurt Russell. He was great. Yeah, he's great at any any Western rolls. Of course, Tombstone is fantastic. What else you got with any other non hockey? A fun shit you want to share with us. Why you down AK?


I got nothing for you guys right now. I just got here today. You know, you take the ferry over, I fucking get sick on those ferries all the time, I ended up getting this goddamn bracelet you're supposed to put on your your pressure points on your wrist to help the seasickness, almost seasickness pussy.


But I gave my wife the other bracelet, and apparently it only works if you have both bracelets on both wrists. I didn't do anything. Felt like shit the whole ferry ride over to my gym.


Well, it's a fast ferry ride. So the fast ferry get you there in like an hour. There's a small ferry, takes you two and a half hours. I think that's the ferry with cars on it and shit. So I had the fast ferry, but still I was feeling like shit. I got a beer to try to help my stomach. Needless to say, an IPA beer while feeling seasick did not help my stomach.


Who would've known? So if we go on a fishing charter, are you getting on? I don't I don't know, man, I've asked Grenelle, like, how far out will we be going? I don't I'm right now if you were just saying we're going on a fishing charter, you come say no. OK, I can get some details. Seasickness is a fucked up thing that I mention this in the last podcast about what I did in Alaska.


No. So in Alaska is funny.


Funny story actually because USA Hockey has September, they have the fifth that U.S. National Festival for 15, 16 and 17. So they get the best players in the country at all, at all three of those age groups. And then in three weeks, they have a tournament. You know, they have a week for each each age group. So at that time, I'm probably the best 16 year old hockey player in the United States. And I'm on Team Massachusetts, we're sending out a hell of a team to go out to play against Team Minnesota, Team Michigan, I think had their own team like Team Northwest has had a team.


You know, there was like, I want to say, eight regions of teams of the best players in in hockey, 16 years old. So it's a big deal. Right. And it's your second year, 15 years. I went all tournament team and then the recruitment letters come. And so I know I'm going a long, long, long way around how I became very seasick.


But Select Sixteen comes up and that's now big time. Guys, you're going to be going off to the USA, NHL just a little bit away, full college scholarships. Every college coaches coming out to this festival. You're playing the best players in body bags in the country your age.


So what happens is right about a month before the tournament, my grandfather, my dad's that he's no longer with us, Paul Whitney, a legend. He says, Hey, Dad, I want to take Ryan. And I want his other son.


Paul had had a son named Paul and his other daughter had a son named Mike. So me, Paul and Mike were all the oldest of his grandkids, the oldest boys of his grandkids that he had. I want to take him to Alaska on a fishing trip on a boat. It'll be a very memorable thing with their grandfather, with I'm with my three oldest grandsons special. And my dad's like, yeah, definitely all in one, is it? And he tells them when he wants to go and my dad's like, oh, that's like 16 festival.


So he comes to me and he's like, Hey Ryan, you're not going to select sixteen's. I'm like, what are you talking about? Like this was my Super Bowl. I've been thinking about this for three months. You know, he's like, you're going fishing with in Alaska with Grampy. Mike, what the fuck are you talking about right now? Like, I'm missing the select 16 tournaments I'd like.


You know, he you know, he knew this is the biggest thing. He's like.


Ryan, this is family. This is family. And he wants to take you and Mike and Paul, your cousins and go, and this isn't going to change your life. You're still going to be able to go to college that you want to go to and play. And yeah, I know you want to be there, but you're going with your family. And this is something that my father would love to do with my son and shut the fuck up, basically.


So I got over it pretty quick because once I saw my cousins, Mike and Mike and Paul, we had a blast and we're on these little cruise ships and is like we're on a little cruise ship that would go through, like the glaciers in Skagway and up in Alaska. Those crazy special.


I remember at the time I was fifteen or sixteen and I my cousin Mike was probably twenty three.


He just graduated from Colorado, Boulder. And I'm like, dude, get wrecked, get wrecked, come on, get wrecked. Get kind of like how how Gil told me they would get me in a good mood when Cowgill chug beers. So I'm like I would make my cousin get crippled every night. I didn't even drink. I just laughed so hard because I knew after like and watching him big ass ten beers he'd be just so fucked up. And we had a time.


Well, long story long.


We end up one of the days it's I got us deep sea fishing grampy got us deep sea fishing and we're going out, we're, we're, we're boat now three hours and we're in a catch.


An enormous fucking salmon. I don't know like what do you catch in Alaska. You can catch like eighty four fish out there. So we take a boat ride about two and a half, three hours out there and dude. Within 15 to 20 minutes of this boat ride, I am green. I haven't thrown up and I'm like, I'm feeling sick. We finally stopped to start fishing and I started throwing up on my back to the boat. The boat captain was straight out of Alaska.


He didn't give a shit about me and he didn't give a flying fuck about the select 16 ternary. Never even heard of that. I was missing. He's like, dude, you ain't going anywhere.


We're here for a while now. So what I did was I went down to the end of the boat and as as my two cousins and my grandfather are cheering and high five in and catching fish and just making this memorable family day, I am throwing up for five straight hours off this boat.


My face was green, my mind was gone. There was nothing left in my body. I was the most fucked up person in Alaska, not even on nothing to do with me.


It was just straight up sea sickness.


And so what happened was they finally were like we were going to go another hour. But this guy is really hurt. And this is the guy saying this softy was really hurt.


And like I was, I heard him say, I'm like, fuck, soft, not soft. I just can't stop puke. And he's like, exactly softy. So because of him, we're going to head in an hour early. So another two and a half hour ride back to the boat. Dude, I puked that whole time. I had nothing left in me. I must have lost 20 pounds. And I got off the boat and I walked into that little room I had at the bottom of this little cruise ship going through the fucking ice.


What are they called? We're going. Yeah, and I went to sleep for twenty six hours. So that's my experience.


Fishing on the open sea. That's why I say I'll never do it again.


And that's why when you asked me, do you want to do it for Chicot content, I'm only willing to if you have a ton of volume and you're willing to go like ten feet off of the shore, you won't even make it to Deer Island.


I thought we should just leave them on land. Yeah.


I mean are going to go. Yeah, I think you've talked yourself out of it. Congratulations. There you go. Oh, well, here's the thing, though.


Like you could look at it like, oh, talk to yourself out of it. Congrats. Like, I didn't not want to go, but I wanted to be honest with my coworkers. And so I just described to my one experience on a ship. Yeah, it's no fun going on if you're going to be sick and then wanting to go home when everyone else, everyone else wants to fish for us are absolutely. Speaking of tournaments, the twenty twenty one Quebec at the national hockey tournament has been canceled due to the covid shit.


I obviously want to let you do it in case you weren't aware that that broke on Monday since our last episode. That's a huge disappointment, obviously, to the youngsters who get the planet like yourself. I heard you might have played at once. Yeah, I played in 1997, actually won it some clown I do I do what, that card of you with that left ear. Holy shit. Yeah.


People think that, like, I, I'm joking about my giant left ear. No, dude, look at this thing. It sticks out fuckin four feet. So yeah. Can you imagine. I grew into my body and it still looks like this. Well when I was six three. One hundred and fifty five pounds like in that picture.


What did you think the fucking one hundred, one hundred and thirty three because of the fishing trip and. Yeah no because fishing trip was the year later. So many people are saying like oh you sucked for that team.


I did insist on the overtime winner to win the whole fucking tournament. What are you talking about.


So you're like the Sanderson to or of the PGA Championship was up top.


I was like fucking Lidstrom in that tournament, just getting everything through. I wonder even how many points I had. Our team ran away with the thing we went into overtime. We're just going hog wild now. I see all these people trying to say that I wasn't even good for the Kings. Are you kidding me right now? Maybe they put your analytics in or something.


I went fifth overall in the draft five years after I was making out with little French girls at a fucking Quebec peewee hockey tournament. Did I fucking help the team? Yeah.


Man, you've been on fire tonight. Thank you for bringing the energy. I didn't even bring anything, I'm just sitting here and you guys are just like saying and thinking of things that get my blood boil, get my blood to boil.


So it's not really necessarily like trying to be on and be funny. It's just like, fuck you for saying that and then bringing up Thatcher, Demko being part. I don't care.


Folks, all right, it's been a great episode, thank you for joining us. Have a great time and then talk and enjoy your day playing golf tomorrow and the next day.


Can't wait to hear about every day.


We got sandbaggers coming up, folks. Yes, we do. We got Keith, Yandle and Brandon. Yepp. Playing against me and Paul Bassinette next Tuesday. Sandbagger like Mr..


That actually changed my last name. Folks, thank you so much for tuning in. Hopefully enjoyed Manoharan home and we will see you on Monday. All right.


I'm running right now because the juice bar ice cream place closes at 10:00. It's nine forty seven. I'm off to try to get one big ass cone with sprinkles. See you later. Love you guys.


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