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Al. Hello, everybody, welcome to Episode 294 of Spin Check. Let's present the Pink Whitney from our friends at New Amsterdam.


Back here in the old barstool sports podcast, Family feels like week three here in Boston, MCI, Charlestown, feel like Farinelli and Chase over here. But because we join the high seas yesterday, we'll be dropping the video a little later. But wasn't the best experience for you.


We had the fridge Tord Fedoruk join us. It was a great experience and I'm looking forward to everyone not watching that as well as Donny does. Our first collaboration sure does.


And he does. He does quite a bit. Oh, boy. He even brings his own cameras. Yeah, he's he's a piece of work. But anyways, we had a great time on the high seas yesterday. Not a ton of fish, but we'll save that for the video. It's good stuff coming. What's what's going on.


Not much. I was thrilled to not be on that boat with you guys. No offense. Love you guys, but no desire to be out there and.


Sure, shit. We had one man with a little issue in terms of swells and the old, what do they say, center of gravity in your brain.


Maybe the equilibrium was the holy shit or block gravity. I thought little little far away from equilibrium but. I've gotten a bunch of people that have reached out since I told my story about Alaska. There's a million different things, much people say, some patch behind your ear, so it'll help you out.


So still, I have a swipe at you right away.


And then I heard Aaargh! Was a wreck. So I just figured it was a it was a normal checkout's content piece.


Well, one biscuit, you know, d kill did DNP rather.


I thought we were going to divulge too much information on this fork. All right. We won't we'll save it then. He I was feeling off his lead. We'll we'll save it. But he told me I had to step up so I stepped up.


Yes, you did. He got drunk in the morning.


You got to step up. All right. What do I do? Yeah, I'm not a morning person.


I got to get in the mood. So I thought I did. But anyways, video to come. Boston's great. We got a few more days here. But meanwhile, game for Tampa. The island is Tampa, with the ever commanding three to one series lead after the four one win today. I also got a quick one, not the lead by who else brought Nelson with his ninth of the playoffs. But it was very short lived as Blake Coleman and Andre Pallot scored twelve seconds of pot.


Yeah, but got two more in the third one from point and EENG from Patman.


The Islanders come back here with or. No, no God no.


Are you shitting me. There's no chance they're coming back. I would say that they they are so outmatched. I know that you may think it sounds crazy and at times in the series they've been evenly matched. But Tampa is such a better team. Tampa is the best team in the league. And I know that this season maybe started off a little bit slow for them, but they're coming off. It's like PTSD playing hockey for them after the record breaking year.


And what we've talked happened last year. And if you look at the regular season, what the islanders were doing before the entire break, I mean, they were struggling. So when you look at these two teams, they're not even close on paper and they got point back and that was huge. But look at the games they've won. They dominated game one shit kicking game two. They had nine forwards. They pulled out a win. Yeah, game three, they got beat, but they made it close.


They came back late and then game for an easy four one win. So you're looking at a team whose heads and shoulders above the islanders. And I think that once you see them put it all together and one point comes back in in the patches pass Koocher made today to Pollard, who scores again. He's got eight this playoff run. I think it's just been it's just been dominating. So I think we got two games to catch up on. But today was it was it wasn't really close.


Yeah. They get off to one nothing and ten seconds later. So let's go back to game three.


So there are some some obvious bad blood there with the high hit that Nelson took from Gujral, given where the game was by the end of it, when he was a culture of giving Pageau the business on the empty net, no free goal is there. And that kind of got things going in at that point.


When, you know, I talked about the I got a feeling all of a sudden the islanders make the series two one and and they're dragging Tampa into their game, into the mud, get very aggressive. Well, I thought that that was going to be advantage for the islanders moving into game four. But that wasn't the case. And I mean, like, would you not agree in the fact that that in that style of game that that that's not Tampa style?


I don't think it is. But I think one of the biggest things they talked about after last year's debacle was making it more their style and making it. And that's why Pat Maroons brought in. And that's why you see them go out and make the deals for Goodrow and Coleman and understandably, like you can't get pushed around. So I think that the islanders did their best and we saw before game four, we're checking in on Twitter before the game. They're going at it at the red line.


Right? I mean, Maroons talking to Johnston, who's in the lineup, because I believe Zeke was out and Martin's in the mix. And what I really like from Tampa is, yeah, they got guys like Marquette and they got Maroon and some bigger guys. Luke Shen's willing to fight, of course. But today what stuck out was Matt Martin takes a lead shot. I think it was the end of the first period. And you could tell I was actually surprised they didn't call a penalty.


I guess his playoff game, no need to. But who stepped in their shot? And Kirk and he kind of got ragdoll a little bit. Martyn's an animal, but still just to get in there and show that the entire team won't back down. And I think that's what what makes Kutuzov so special is.


He's such a competitor, and when he was chasing down Pageau in game three, I bet you like Cooper's thinking, please don't take a suspension, please, because he's nuts, you know what I mean? That's just sheer Colombus. I'm going to. And the wires crossed and that was a pretty big slash. And I really respected Pageau to stick right back up to him. That kid doesn't give a shit he's willing to fight. But the whole Tampa team, it's changed the way they play their physical.


They're not they're not shying away and they're not afraid to saying the old Tampa team might have shied away there, but they're going to get Sân. They sign him, of course, Maroon Coleman. Now, let's go back to game four. First goal, his fault. He cheats a little bit on Nelson. He ends up getting Walke. Nelson puts in that beauty who's oh, my God, this guy. I actually saw a clip that Kevin Connolly actually drafted him.


He was sent up to the podium.


Did you see that? Yeah, that was good stuff. Yeah, he made the call. He got to go up there and make the call. And I mean, that kid is turned into quite the player for them. I think you said, what, eleven goals now in playoff?


No, it was his ninth. It was his ninth. But I believe that since ninety three, the most in a playoff year has been very far with ten. I thought, I thought the stat was so Nelsa can break that if he pass a couple more and yeah that was a great shot. But Coleman, what you mentioned was makes a huge mistake. What does he do next shift comes back and makes up for it.


And I will say that I've talked to over the years of this podcast, one of the best passes I've ever seen with my own eyes is Eric Carlson, saucer pass to Mike Hoffman in the in the garden over the entire Bruins team landed on a stick when they were thought of when he went down and buried, Johnny Gaud had a very similar pass on that Coleman goal. It was just an amazing play. He's got his back against the wall, behind his goal.


He's beneath the goal line. He flicks it up over everyone and leads Coleman perfectly into it. And he goes down.


Got a little lucky getting underneath underneath the puck, underneath Varlamov stick. You know, the stick went down. He is able to talk. It was a nice goal. But to be able to make a mistake and now the the person watching a game, they might not even have noticed that that goal was kind of Coleman's fault.


I forget who the sentiment was that was up chasing up high, but Basel dished it over, was a out, dished it over to him. I think Nelson and Coleman had cheated. Coleman thought there was going to be a turnover chère offensively. That's his guy who scores that goal and he comes right back. And that's the thing. You cannot dwell on mistakes, especially in the playoffs. You see a guy especially sorry, I threw the G in there.


I'm really working on that.


But he comes back and he does what he does. That's why this team is take a hike.


Islander's very resilient. Then twelve seconds later, then partner another one, take the two one lead. And it was pretty much done after that. Going back to game three Islanders fans, not happy about that tying goal. I mean, you said it. It looked like you got the high stick on it. But given that they called it a goal on the ice, they didn't overturn it. I thought that. Yeah, I did. Look, maybe on the higher side, but just clearly not enough are absolutely not.


But I know I'm in life every episode. Wesolowski man like this guy, I think he's solidifying the courts, at least on the Eastern Conference. But on the other end, I'm curious who goes what next game if he goes with Grecia Varlamov?


I mean, he went to Greece, unexpectedly lost grace or Greek grace.


I always say Greece because I'm a big Danny Zuko in. It's great.


But I'm curious to see who goes well, especially great Greece. The first two goals in Game four that Varlamov let up. He almost had it the break around coalman. It goes underneath the stick and then I forget who in a lot him.


He almost got that block a lot where he ended up getting over on that pass. And I think it just hit his blocker side and went in. So he played great.


I listen like guys after they dragged him into that mud fight and it seemed like the Martin Goodrow Scrap had really motivated that team and just how ugly it got. I thought that islanders were going to stand a chance, but what a response by getting point back in the lineup after he missed a game as well as Killorn, and they just were right back to their high flying selves.


And the point goal is much good and a dominant as Basel as. And he made kind of a tough play defensively on the point goal. And now he was chasing him. He is back checking him, doing his best as he had to kind of get back into the play. They showed the replay on NBC Sports, but he ends up getting on the back side of him and he's kind of behind the net. And Point does a great job of stopping in front and ends up getting the goal.


So when you look at Basel and what he can do offensively, it's just one mistake. And at that time it's two one point score is kind of a back breaker. It's three one. The game looks completely different. It's now in the third period. It's just all about staying between your man in the net. You could tell that one time he's trying to get there and ends up on the wrong side. And it's it's a back breaker for that team.


So I just think that the entire that line point, Pallot and Kuchera is something else. And the island, even with Nelson, really can't answer. I know Bailey been good, but they don't have this. The skill level that that line plays with, they're just all on fire. I couldn't agree more.


They all had two points in game four, as did Johnny. Good two. There's just too much firepower for them. So and of course, if Tampa wins the next one, the Isles will be looking for the golf courses and they're going to be want to be good when they're out there. Yeah, for sure. And there's no better way to do that than wearing Peter Miller. And I'll tell you guys, we had a sandbagger there today with Chris Wagner and Brandon.


Yep. It was sponsored by Peter Miller. Thank you so much. You're going to see some of the gear we had on, but just the most comfortable clothes. It's perfect. Like a golf dude. You looked exactly like a golfer, which is I mean, to make people laugh and make you look like a golfer. They can make anyone look like a goddamn golfer. But I'd say that the quarter's EPS, my favorite, because it's able to you could throw it in the bag if it's cool out.


I mean, if it's a little too warm, you wear it to the course. Early morning fall around, late afternoon rain. Check in just the pants. They have the shorts, everything about Pamela's classy but also like athletic performance.


Yeah, you need it for Boston because like in the morning, it could be a monsoon out and then 20 minutes later, it's fucking sunshine. And then right back to the monsoon, 20 minutes later, this place, as far as weather is concern is off the radar.


And you can you can go without any logos. You could pick, you know, any colors you want. So you get a check out that. And it's Peter Miller, dot com chick you want to go to go to and use code bar stool at checkout for a complimentary performance hat. So if they're just chuckin and free apps, you know how legit Peter Miller is. We want to say thanks to them and make sure you check that out.


And I got a couple sandbaggers this week already and maybe even a third. We're still waiting on. I'm freaking out over here, boys. OK, you want us to mention it? Yeah. Yeah. So right now, it's Sunday night we're recording and we were supposed to go against Kevin Hayes and Keith Yandle in our third sandbagger since we've been in Boston. And they have completely ghosted us. So we haven't heard back whether we need to cancel the film crew.


We may be doing a head to head against Whit because I feel like I've been carrying the team, the sandbaggers. He feels like he's been carrying the teams. Well, I guess we're going to decide that head on had if, in fact, Keith Yandle and Kevin Hayes do not show their face. And we're going to send him the bill for the maybe for the film crew feel like it's a Foley prank. I feel like there's something going on here.


Well, it's not really a prank because, like, we just won't be there.


Yeah, but what if what if we show up tomorrow and Folies on the first screen just waiting for you? I would I would laugh because Foley's banana fucking slice won't stand.


And I'll say the I'll say the only chance that Keith Yandle and Kevin he's up against beating us would be, in fact, if they're playing mental warfare before the round and maybe maybe a slim, slim, snowball's chance in hell that they both lefties to do so.


I think they're just more nervous. I really will be shocked if if Keith actually just canceled on us the way he did. And it's not a joke, I'll be really surprised.


As a friend of his, I think I think we're going to have to give him a maybe a year Sussie from the pod. I mean, he is the king of the sack. He could just be sunk and everybody. That's true.


That's true, IRA. He's going to sock us so we don't show up and he can bring two guys and play with Kevin.


So so now we have to get over to Dallas and R.A. before you before you hop into this, I want to say this to Dallas fans. I made a mistake when I'd been watching some games. I hadn't seen Jamie. Ben put up any points. I clearly hadn't been running, are watching the scoreboards. OK, so I was wrong in saying that. Now I'm leading the fucking train for the Jamie Ben can't Smith because ever since I did say that and Witt corrected me and I admitted to getting bent over no spit, no lube sandpaper finish at least and style two on one, no back checkers.


Listen, he he ended up getting a primary assist, just the episode I said it and then back to back games he scored, including that one in game three. And we talked about it as soon as it happened. He gives that little flick of the fucking wrist opens up Lenar When Lenar already had the angle, he already had that side of the net cover, but instinct's brought his pads open. And what is Jamie Bendu goes five hole to give their fucking team the two one lead.




And Stone ends up tying it up. That game was our was the night we did the electric chair. So we experienced maybe one of the worst hockey games we've ever seen through two periods. And I had the overunder, which was set at five. I actually got a push out of it because the third period and then what was not.


So I don't know if everyone's been online or Instagram and seen Aaargh! With the warthog.


Let's just go over quickly. We have we've been calling him a warthog and we've been calling him a farm animal radula and went from farm animal to we then got to ask for more because I couldn't remember, like the hairy animal on farm.


So he scores the hottie went on an unreal shot barn in Aaargh! Said Warthog Makan Warthog. Nausea's maybe 15 times only to play the clip right now. Yes. Please play it right now.


Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. Oh my God. Oh my God. He comes down to go. Oh Ben when is the oil comes down and he goes bar in Hollywood circle. There's like that the word. He's the word.


OK, now mind you the entire time he's looking at because he's like. Just like hoping this will look at them and and laugh at his warthog, then you will get nothing, you get nothing from either one of us. You just weren't going to give up. I was getting it for myself, so I didn't give a fuck. Why are you looking over to us every time? Having fun, man was the electric chair just jail? Thanks to body armor, by the way, for supporting the electric car.


Thank you to Roman, by the way, for supporting the chair. That was a Roman chair.


OK, well, we were doing both. It's been a body armor house. Roman swipes on your cock to make us last longer through this three weeks of what I felt has been three months. But the Stoneville now, there was another yeah, we go back to the Johnson one was at a high tip.


Folks could open was outside the crease. And I don't think that prevented Grobin stone anyway, prevented him from making that save. And I thought that should have been a good goal. Now, that's not my Vegas bias. I thought it was fair and square. Then obviously we went to overtime, a nice play from Pawelski on the far wall to get that to Radula.


But I don't know, is that another case where you think that maybe Lenar should have had that? I think the slight delay makes him drop the blocker side and then Rasoulof goes Posten and credit for the shot itself. But that was I was, you know, was far enough out.


Well, it's surprising because you settle in and you're ready to watch what could be a long overtime in 30 seconds in it's over. So there was a turnover in the offensive zone. And next thing you know, I was flying down the wing on his own. I don't necessarily think you're going to call that a bad goal, but I certainly think the angle that had he didn't think you'd get beat there. It was just above his pad and underneath his blocker.


Just maybe you're not ready to play off the off the opening drop off. Well, Vegas, because a lot of times in overtime you think it's going to be a while. And but you have to understand, first shift, this thing can be over. But some teams, it just takes him a couple shifts to get into it.


Well, going back to the end of regulation when it was tied to two is the last play. Leonard made a weird move to to save the puck on that wrap around. And then you saw him talking with the trainer afterward. And then you're wondering, you know, is he is he to hurt, to go back in that he comes out? Obviously, he ends up playing game four. So it was nothing serious. But you got to wonder, did that affect them at all going into overtime?


Because I believe that was the first shot he faced. So moving on to game four here. And, you know, once again, first period, all Vegas complete control. The only thing I'm not seeing from Vegas right now is secondary scoring opportunities. They're making pretty passing plays, but they're just not getting to the net and getting enough. Not enough, enough. Jesus Christ, they didn't start out enough net front presence on Grobin, who was pretty electric.


He wasn't that all he was the story of the weekend. I mean, we probably should have led him, to be honest, but we won with the most recent game, Vegas. They dominated the whole game. And you felt that was one of these games. If he keeps playing like this, they're going to rope a dope them. And they did. They took a three one lead in the series.


He stopped thirty two or thirty three shots, his numbers in the conference finals. Let me find them right here, because he led this, he led the same percentage with a nine thirty.


He's got a 952 set percentage in the Western Conference finals. He stopped one hundred and nineteen out of one hundred and twenty five shots, one six four goals against 950 in the conference final.


I mean, just so you know, you think it's Demko in Dallas. Here's what you're saying.


Well, no, I mean, it's you know, Demko as a young kid who's, you know, got a high future, whereas who Dobens more of a journeyman.


I mean, he had a he was great number two in Boston. He got the starting gate and Carolina didn't pan out there for whatever reason. He did have the highest percentage all year. But I love I mean, I know Dallas fans think I have a bias toward them. I love Derby. Everybody in the league loves Derby, the media, every guy who plays with them.


It's just been an incredible story. But one other note before I go to Joe Pavlovsky.


I mean, like these guys, like I was saying, it was veterans drug bust, dude. Exactly. You had patch ready. Stone takes a pop off the foot. They had to probably freeze it for him. He could barely skate.


Romans They had gotten it up to you and Ben Pawelski. Just these warriors, Corey Perry, just killing each other, going all out, man.


And I think one of the better games I've watched all post something that got brought up, and I believe it was Kevin Bieksa on Hockey Night in Canada. So there was a play that ended up going behind the net. Perry is going one way and Alex talk, which I thought that was accidental. It looked accidental to me. Dallas fans were not happy about it. So the spotter ends up calling them down the tunnel. And Kevin Bieksa mentioned when he was in playoffs one year that he got hit awkwardly, but it was his shoulder.


But because of the way he got up and he favored his shoulder, the spotter came down because they wanted to check them out. And Becks was saying, I was fucking losing my mind. I had a fucking fine. I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine. It was my shoulder. But no, it's the spotters call. And I believe the same situation happened to Corey Perry. So he gets called off the bench. He wasn't happy about it.


You mentioned Pawelski on on the one goal he scored. Stone has it. He moves it over to Schmidt. Tough to tough to really blame anyone, it seemed like Schmidt was able to load off his skate, get it to a stick, and then, I don't know, is it being too critical where he made a soft play ends up turning it over to Pavlovsky and then tries to make up for the mistake by getting a stick on it and blew right over Lenar in the back of their neck tie game one one.


A horrible bounce because you think that when you see the puck going that slow, you want to blame a goalie. But I mean, he's sitting there and I had so many tweets about how good Pawelski is at golf because it literally looked like a 60 degree wedge that you just put right over the goalie. But he he's such a gamer and are probably working on it.


The day before, when Cordovan was setting up golf balls for the boys, he's Pavel's is like, stay away from me Dovi. I'm a plus six. I just think that to to be like it's the second half of the second period and you got the lead in Vegas and Dallas had six shots to it, it was twenty two to six.


So it's like so frustrating because you can't beat this goalie. He Coleman's playing phenomenal. You actually have a lead and they're doing nothing offensively and kind of off a turnover and you have the puck in your own zone. Next thing you know, Fluke Pavel's, he gets in its tie game. So then you're thinking, oh, we we're having trouble beating this goalie. We had the lead. We felt a little safe. Now it's like we could be completely fucked.


And that's what that's what turned out to be two. One. I mean, I was shocked. I went into the third period thinking there'd be goals and I didn't think it would end that way. But when you Tilghman's playing this good and you cannot beat them. And the one thing you said very true is they're getting great chances. They're getting great opportunities. But it's kind of one and done. They're not really like it's not a shot and then a rebound and then a complete scrum in front.


It's like a great chance that he's saving and all of a sudden it's out of the zone.


So they're going to need to really start kind of trying to crash the crease and create some sort of like, sustained often zone pressure. And I know they've had plenty of shots and plenty of possession with the puck, but there's something to be said about just hammering away and like slashing at pucks that are in the crease and getting a couple of goals that way. So I wonder if you go to Flurry.


I don't necessarily think that Leonard has been the reason that this series is three one. It's more the goalie on the other side.


But why at this point, why not sort of go back to your comment about get in front, get into the blue paint and creating that traffic in order to try to beat Goudeau? When you see it from Pawelski on the game winner, they get that power play, they set it up, they get the point shot. And Pawelski is right there. Leonard cannot track it. And who fucking who shoves it right up my hood and Vegas Golden Knights.


Mr. Ben. Mr. Fucking Jamie. Ben, Mr. Con Smyth himself. I know you got Gundogan locked in for that team. This if this guy keeps doing what he's doing and you mentioned that veteran slugfest, I feel like these guys know that, you know, you don't get many opportunities. Yeah. And they can sniff it. And despite how well Vegas is played, I'm starting to get the sense that is it fucking Dallas is. You're in.


Did you see the clip of right after they give the postgame medals? You know that every team has a little tchotchke or whatever. And he put it like it was like a big giant. He's like, but we are not going home. And the fucking place when actually it was a fucking fantastic clip. But still you got to match like they've been in this bubble for two months.


Who like the last thing you want to do, you've already fucking sold pot committed man. You don't want to go home now. A couple other notes. Pawelski Fifty seventh career playoff goal number three for U.S. born playoff goalscorers. Altaie Mike Medina, what is next? One Joey Mullin needs all time with sixty. I mean, those are like a Hall of Fame.


So he's going to end his career more than likely the leading goal scorer in the history of playoff goals for American players.


Yeah, that is like the future U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame. I don't think Joe Belski will be in the Hockey Hall of Fame, but the bias against Americans. But we'll talk about that for sure.


In the United States one and I kind of agree with you, besides that, it's scary in a sense that they have some islander's in them where they can just kind of wear you down and it can be slow games and they can kind of just end up getting a goaltending performance and just need one or two goals, as you've seen. But they got something going. So I think to for Vegas to beat them three times in a row, I do not see it happening.


So another thing, before game four, all of a sudden these Robin minor contract talks come up and I mean, fuck, this team has dealt with enough goaltending issues already. And then there was a rumor that came out. It was a five times five deal.


It was a handshake agreement.


And then, Mike, more gas on the fire as far as the rumors of flurries, probably not going to make it beyond the off season.


Yeah, wish reported. Leonard in Vegas, have a handshake. He called it a handshake agreement on a five times five deal.


The goalie said it's not true, which, you know, obviously the last thing they like you said, as for the goaltending distractions, but, you know, you get a job to do. You get a scoop, you got to report it.


Does that mean Flower will be a cracking and just lead another team? That's what I was thinking, man.


That would be wild if he goes to another team and goes on another tier.


But you know that there's a lot to. Yeah. For that to happen, I will say a man like I bet you the league would want that.


Oh, absolutely.


He's such a remarkable Ronny Frances's over there just grabbing himself, thinking about Flower being their goal. Are you kidding me? And I mean, we've got to give credit to Leno for that.


Save on Randy. Life he made with his fucking neck, like he opted to not wear a neck God for some reason, and he took Coverley hats off his fucking neck. I mean, you could see the huge red well, I thought he was going to have to come out for flurry after he took the puck off the net. But he's not a problem for that team right now because this is Pareja programatic in the last seven games, excluding anything that is the Golden Knights have scored just eight goals.


Not surprisingly, they've gone two and five of those.


And they probably shot both opponents, two to one ridiculous goal of a shooting that just it's feast or famine for the right now.


And right now, they need another little nugget here. Stars are now eight when leading after two periods in the Stanley Cup playoffs this year. So look out. If they got the lead, they know how to put you in that defensive.


Nogi, real quick to you guys mentioned everyone loves Dobbie. Drop the Derby shirt, I think two days ago, one of the highest selling shirts in our store. So tons of Dallas, really. Yeah, tons of Islander's shirts. We're just pumping out shirts right now, so check that out.


So I think we've stroked off the stars quite a bit. This part. I know that it was getting a little feisty between you and some fans. Yeah. Online. Aaargh! But, you know, I think we made it up to them and I meant to bring this up earlier.


This is just insane to me. Heikkinen or Klingberg has been on the ice for 53 of Dallas's 57 goals leading leading into game four of the playoffs. So you see that? I don't think that Klingberg thought of defensively the way Hakkinen is, but oh, my God, is this guy good at getting pucks in? And you saw the winner from Jamie Ben just Saturday night. Be a perfect, perfect shot from the point that created a rebound so shallow to those two guys carrying the load for the Dow.


Starts just going back to that electric chair one more time.


I this to the student loan story about how I took a little the amount of people doubting me that I actually didn't do that, as if, like, they know my fucking personal finance is twenty seven years.


I think I'm just so amazed to hear you took out a loan to go on.


That was pretty common back then. Yeah, there are a lot of people took out more than than you're considering buying a car and going on a cruise.


No, no, no.


I've I've heard stories of people taking out student loans to put a down payment on a house.


Once again, cheap money. He went on a cruise. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Ari's version was very ah aaargh. Like but I'm saying doubting the fact that somebody took out a student loan other than for student loans is not that crazy, especially juror.


No, no, not that it was just what he did with it. I think the funniest thing is that we were dogging Carnival and sure. Shit bucket when he went on Auriga Carnival, all you can eat, all you can drink cruise and just didn't leave the ship or the casino on the ship.


There was there was a wrench in the story, though, right.


That the fact that you got no love wasn't supposed to go. Well, we got to the boat got held up because of weather. So we actually were on the wrong not the wrong boat. They held that up. So it was easy to get on this other cruise. You didn't book or get back on a plane and go home to Boston.


And I said I took a loan out. I spent a grand. It was my only week off.


I was like, boys, I'm getting on this boat, clothes on clothes. And and of course, me and my other buddy, there were eight of us. The two worst dresses were the only two suitcases we got in the boat. So if you look at our pictures closely, we all have each other's clothes on during the week if it's fucking one of those classic trips.


So I'll speak on the Dallas stars.


We'll be bringing them on shortly. Sean Avery, I guess that was a quick hit in Dallas raves.


Yeah, a little quick little tie in there. Yeah, we're going to bring him on shortly.


He's he was a character man.


Well, the last time we had him on, he I think he'd already went and filmed the movie Tennant and since then it's came out. So he dives a little bit deeper into it. He has a speaking role in it, which is very cool. I mean, that's a Christopher Nolan movie, Feather in the Cap. So, you know, Aves as being a very opinionated interview. And I'm looking forward. You guys are hearing it.


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Well, some more good news here from Keith Yandle. We will be there.


So live our individual asphalting will have to wait on the golf course because I'd be getting nine and nine front and back Beyoglu.


Now we're going to take on Kevin Hayes and Keith Yandle tomorrow. I'm looking forward to that. So now after tomorrow, we have three sandbaggers in the bank ready to roll out month after month, especially during the downtime of the NHL season, which we do not know when we return.


No, we don't. But we have those. In the meantime, in the always entertaining, I think it's time to send over Sean Avery right about now. Let's do it. We got a little bit of everything.


Babies points, sidewalk violators in New York City and his new outfit and now your wardrobe in a blockbuster movie from Christopher Nolan.


So without further ado, pal, every.


Well, it's great to bring this next guest back. He's currently appearing on the big screen and Chris Nolan's tenet, he's also breaking down games on his Instagram, well, being a new dad in police and bike lanes on Manhattan. Thanks for joining us again, Sean. Avery, what's up, babes?


Gentlemen, gentlemen, it's good to be back. How's everyone? How's everyone holding up?


We're holding up well, man. And we want to say a public congrats to your father. Now, some great clips seeing you with your child.


It's like fired up for you, man, not knowing how that feels. So how's that been?


I mean, you know, I was always the asshole that would yell at guys for having kids when they were under the age of 28. And, you know, I'll still take the position that man, I'm so glad I had a kid at 40 because fuck, what a what a game changer. Like, you can't do anything. I've taken you to die. I mean, yeah, you can't even take a shit. You take a shit holding your your kids.


Sometimes push comes to shove. You got to go. And it's just an amazing thing. I mean, wow, what a what a wild ride. Yeah.


So, you know, it's funny we bring up kids and a lot of times in the early months they were like the same thing every day.


And now I got a question because it's become news that you wear like a very similar or the same type shirt. Every time you're on, you got hats that people are asking about.


Now, the good thing is you won't tell anyone where you get the uniform.


You know what? I will if somebody buys a cameo. My whole thing is I'm sick of these fucking content vampires, these lazy slugs that just fucking all they want is to suck the content out of us. And I'll say us, because, you know, we're all respectively in the game. You're in the game. So, yeah, I said, you know what, fine. You want you want some fuckin information by a cameo. And that's that's really how I'm operating right now.


But for Nash and yeah, this has become sort of like a fucking national story, what shirt I'm wearing and what hat I'm wearing. Like what I say to these guys is you want as little fatigue as possible, especially when you have a kid. When you have a kid, you get I've been pissed on probably, I don't know, twenty times. And when it hits you, you don't know it's common. You don't know what angle it's coming at the moment that that happens.


You think to yourself, OK, I got to I got to get the I got to get Nash cleaned and then I got to clean myself. I don't have time to go downstairs and worry about what I'm going to do, what I'm going to put on to match the shorts that I'm wearing. So I have twenty six of the same t shirts that are stacked and ready to go. And when one's dirty, I peel it off, fucking tarps off and I grab the exact same t shirt and I put it on and I'm back in the game.


And then you feel good about yourself because you're not fucking worrying about what you have on because you take pride in your appearance, Sean.


Absolutely. Yeah. As as we all should. Right. You know, it's like your winter coat is. Yeah. That winter coat, which, by the way, I tried to actually research it and find out who made it because I'd like to buy one for the upcoming winter season. But that was your uniform. That was your winter uniform. I want to go back to the kid, what's it like having something that you care more about than yourself in the world?


Like it's like.


Yeah, I mean, I like man, I cry so much. I watch this 30 for thirty. You guys might know this team. All right. You probably know it. This was a thirty four 30 on a World Little League World Series baseball team from New York somewhere in New York State. And they beat the they beat the Koreans I believe in twenty six or thirteen or fourteen. I don't know. Anyways I'm holding Nash and I'm watching this story about all these 12 and 13 year olds that want a Little League World World Series.


And I was I was broken. I was literally sobbing with tears and I haven't cried in fifteen years.


Does that mean they're going to be taking it a little less hard on the bike lane? People like are you more empathetic towards that part of your life now? Fuck no, because you're not safety.


Safety first.


Now even more. All right. You know, I don't want people stuck in breaking laws and breaking rules and putting the children in danger.


It's a good point that that's how you're going to be worse as a dad. Now you're even you're protecting everyone.


He's got his own kid to worry about. Don't fuck with him and his own son.


So it's why we're that's why we're moving like and literally, I think we possibly are moving to Montana.


Oh, wow. Yeah, I heard that Yellowstone fan. Oh, hey, you know, that's the complete opposite of the Big Apple right now, which should not no offense, I have no desire to be near.


It is the biggest shit. Oh, my God. On the fucking planet. It is a it is, man. You know, this city like ten years ago, was it I could say a great city. I mean, there were moments where you walk in New York and all this is the best city in the world. This city is a fuckin hellhole. It is a hellhole shithole run by the biggest fucking big bird.


What a bus. What a buffoon.


This guy ran for president, by the way, let's not forget that this guy actually ran to be the Democratic nominee just a short four months ago. He needed some rock and he needed some relevant swipes.


His campaign could extend that a little bit.


Yeah, you got them right. Actually, that's good. Right into a Roman swipes swipe up. That was perfect. All right.


So can we talk like. Because I haven't seen it yet. I'm guessing you have, but are we talking about what your role was? Are we going to let everyone know?


We can we can talk. We can talk. So I drove I drove to Danbury, Connecticut. Tough town, by the way, if had pens and. Right.


They used to have like a team and like the this is a minor league league around here. The Danbury Thrashers.


Yeah. Trashiness it might have been. Yeah.


And the owner when we played when the lockout, when we played for the Motor City mechanics meet Derian Hatcher, Chris Chelios, Chris Draper.


That was one that casual since I was there. That kid was Turpan Chelios. There's a clip on YouTube of lot of chirping.


Is his tan really. That's one of the funniest YouTube clips as far as Hockey is concerned, because the guy was miked up and this is when, like, they had VHS tapes and this guy just destroys Julio, even Julio says, giggling at this minor league guy.


So often, though, he saw he's so so tab.


He asked to be at a tanning bed in his basement. Oh, my God.


So, anyway, back to your story. I'm sorry. Yeah, no, that's great. I need to see that. Send me that clip. But but that the owner of Danbury, he was really trying to get us to go and play in Danbury, and he was like, well, cash advance. Like, I'll send you a Western Union right now for a lot of money. Like we're talking like in the twenty five fifty K range as a signing bonus to get us to go there.


And it ends up he went to jail. He was like heavily big mob guy, ran all the garbage in Danbury. And so yeah. Anyways, Danbury is a tough fucking town. No, no joke there.


I think Mike Scruby might have played there actually the real. Yeah. So I drove there to Danbury to see it. I-Max full movie theater, like the whole thing about social distancing in theaters. I don't know who said that that exists because it doesn't. Also if you have food, you can just fucking take your mask off and let it rip.


So that's a little bit of an oxymoron, you know, sneaking in like Goober's and Milk Duds. So I hit up CVS's. I look like they have a padded me down like like to like two kids on top of their shoulders, like with a trench coat on and said they'll be all fucking candy and popcorn. Oh hell yeah. Hell yeah. Fuck those. Yeah.


So these like the guys from Russia sneaking back in the cash but when it was. Yeah. And Gob's. So the movie is. And I think it's it's it's a movie that you'll walk out of after seeing the first time and go, what the fuck just happened? Like your mind just gets smoked. I know people there's a guy in Canada right now that's trying to break the Guinness World Record for seeing one movie the most times he's going to see it.


One hundred and twenty six times. It's one of the best movies I've ever seen. I obviously I'm in it, I didn't get cut out of it, I have speaking roles in it. All right, Sean, that's sick.


Which is the other thing that's interesting about that is I think there's only 12 people with dialogue in the whole entire movie rather than which is kind of cool.


Wow, that's nice.


Yeah, it's the movie is just fucking awesome. It's it's awesome. It's really, really good. Yeah. You guys. Yeah. Don't think too hard.


Just steal it. You think you were able to understand it more given the fact that you knew what was going on. Because from what I've heard it's just a mindfuck and if you only watch at one time, you're not going to be able to absorb like maybe where some twists and turns went.


And dude, I still don't understand Inception.


I still don't understand Inception either. We had no idea what was what the movie was about. We literally no idea. And I'm talking not just me, Rob Pattinson, John David Washington, who's the lead as well as Rob. John David had a better idea. Aaron Taylor Johnson. No idea, we had no idea, like and I think Nolan did that on purpose, because when you think about it, when I say my lines in the movie, like I'm asking questions and the questions that I'm asking, I don't know the answers to because I don't know what's happening.


I feel your curiosity takes over. Right. Which, you know, that's the truest form of acting. If you don't have to fake that, if if that's real, then technically you're not acting. I'm actually just trying to inquire, like, what's fucking going on here, like pretend I'm not in a movie. I have no idea what's going on here. But, you know, he doesn't let anyone read the script. You get the read the script once and you're locked in a room and and.


Yeah, and then and the crazy thing was, I shot for five weeks and the first three days that I worked were the only days that I had dialogue. So I had no idea really what was going on, like at least three weeks. And I had seen the full set. I had seen some other things, that kind of story together. The first day was the day that I had the majority of my my dialogue. So, yeah, there's a wild, wild ride.


I think it's one of the greatest action movies ever made now because you had to speak part.


You get residuals or not. Yeah, I'm referring to financial, by the way.




Yeah. Yeah. So so. Yeah, that's true. Sorry Sergeant. No, but think about it.


If you had, if you had speaking a speaking role in Rocky or Jurassic Park, like you're getting checks and if a movie makes a couple of billion dollars over the over its lifetime like. I don't know forecasts that probably that will end up being like a quarter of a million dollars, maybe, maybe more. I have no idea, but it'll be a significant amount over time. That's so true.


Like, I wonder what Fat Newman from Seinfeld and Jurassic Park, when he gets eaten by the lizards, he probably makes bank from those two.


Yeah, every time that is on TV, on TBS, every time somebody. Yeah. Like you get paid on that, that's that's how it works. So yeah, I know.


I was just going to ask like you're into so many other things, but I, what I've kind of learned about you is throughout these playoffs you still love hockey. I mean these video breakdowns you're doing. I told Steeg the same thing. It's awesome to watch it. You go into the place, you go way back to how the play really began with it, which I think a lot of hockey fans don't understand. Like the beginnings of of certain goals can go back 45 seconds.


So you've you've loved to do that, right. You wouldn't be sitting around wasting your time if you didn't enjoy.


No, no. It's fun. It's fun. I actually, you know, I'm marveling at how good some of these players are now. Like, they're filthy. Just some of the fucking plays. I mean, future of Koocher. Everybody gives me shit because I don't know the fucking names. Like, I yeah. I see some of the guys. What's his name. Kaczorowski. Yeah. That's good enough for us.


I said join that. He said join the club. It's like people get so offended dude. Sorry. Yeah.


Like I didn't fucking spend an hour rehearsing. Everyone's gone. I thought I was Italian.


Bassinette pay. Yeah. It works for me.


They never said Whitney right in Russia right now but that Koocher off pass in game one, that that's when he's at center ice and he makes that little he kind of rolls his stick over. And I mean, there's been so many of them. But yeah, like you said, what, you know, goals start. They develop they develop like last night with the dump in on the on the second goal, the dial or defenseman doesn't get the red line, doesn't take a hit.


Do you turn around and next thing you know, the is in your net. But the interesting thing is I think, like, people really like it. I think that they I need to get a fucking laser pointer. But I've been researching, like, laser pointers don't really work on the on the TVs. And the ones that do are illegal to buy. Apparently so. And I'm trying to still figure out how to work the dark web, and I fucking have no idea.


I've been chipping away at it. I can't figure it out. So if anyone can get me like like a high grade laser pointer like they're using in Portland, they're shooting people in the eyes or DNA could just start letting us use their clips and we could continue to grow the game and have fun and get different voices in a book.


And one of those. What about a teleprompter?


I listen, I've been looking into it, but that's the thing because you said it, I was going to go on twitch. You can't. And I went into barstool and Smitti Bar Stool. Smitty gave me the whole rundown and then he's like, Oh yeah, but you can't do it because you're not allowed to use the feet. What is wrong with this league and why why do they why do they act this way like. You're already making money.


It's not like you're going to take money away from them, you're just going to help them make money.


Yeah, yeah, they get it. They look at it like we paid this much. I know it's crazy to me that you can't be out there at all. It would do is make it more popular. And they still own the big dog. Right.


So it's like, why worry about the crumbs, right. In free market in the NBA? I follow the NBA basically through gifts on fucking Twitter. It's like, you know, you do the same for the NHL. You should just get a nainai and like versity doesn't just point what you like.


Nainai into the TV set is that. Oh, that's a good idea. Is he doing that? Well, see, he's been using a golf club as a point that I don't know if it's an actual nineteen, but that's what he uses. Yeah.


Or maybe I'll walk and squirt breast milk out of a bottle on it. No, you know what I'm going to do?


I'm going to walk out. There's an asshole guy that parks his car and I don't like him. I'm going to snap his fucking antenna off.


I'm going to do it when we're done. I'm going to go outside. I'm going to snap his antenna and I'm going to come in. I'm going to use it tonight.


You've been you've been tagging NBC, so you you would like to work for them. Oh, my God. Do you think they would even consider giving you a job?


You're never in a million years. Sam Flood. Sam Flood. OK, Sam Flood. First of all, he has a duty to the shareholders of NBC to put the best product he can put together. That means the highest fucking ratings. There's no black and it's not black. There's no gray area. You have the highest ratings. You've done a good job. Sam Flood will never hire me in a million years because I've actually said Sam Flood's name out loud.


No one knows who the fuck Sam Flood is unless you know me and you follow. So he will never hire me because of that. What I do it absolutely. Absolutely. I would do it as long as the schedule wasn't too crazy and yeah, I would do it. But it will never happen in a million years. The suits that they wear on that fucking show is just they have a blue blue background. Right. OK, NHL on NBC, it's blue.


I don't know if they tell their guys to wear blue suits, but it would be like standing in front of a blue screen with a blue fucking suit on, like in a blue man suit. It doesn't make sense, right? You like contrast. You want to have two different colors. It just the whole thing's a train wreck.


Well, maybe they'll hire you is like a fashion person behind the scenes so they can't get in trouble. But I would I would I would look at the end of the show.


It's just like wardrobe provided by Sean Avery's Instagram. Right. Right. Hey, but when you watch the intermission, they'll be pissed off, Sean.


They'll have, like, that wax coating on us. Hey, have you thought hey, have you thought about that? You said you don't like when your kid pisses on your uniform. Why don't you get those shirts? I think they saw them at Eddie Bauer. Were there like Rinkel and rain proof.


Maybe you could swear in the Eddie Bauer edition.


I could pour my grape juice all over my shirt right now and it would trinkle off like one of those commercials where you see, like, the rubber thing caught on and it.


Yeah, yeah, I've got it in there.


Oh, where are you going to say when we get the streams going and it's just the intermission report on Hockey Night in Canada, you learn so much and it's brought to you would just in a more exciting way. And then really NBC is just kind of like I don't know, it's just the intermission reports don't do much for me.


At least they don't do much for anyone. I mean, it's like I like Patrick Sharp, you know, it's funny. So me and Patrick Scharper buddies now, right? We deem each other we're buddies. Yeah, we're Instagram buddies. And I said, Sharpey, you got your fucking teeth done, buddy. Nice. Nice work. You look great. I love them. I'm on that. Obviously we're both on the program. He said he didn't get his teeth done.


And I think like, I don't want to call him a liar because I don't think he's a liar like that or reports, but I think he got veneers and he's not admitting it. And I don't know why. He just wouldn't.


I'm going to get a nose job and just deny it.


And that would be tough. But like, the big thing. Yeah. So you think, OK, so you think he's lying about the natural teeth? We're trying to get our movie teeth. He won't he won't agree to get in the dental chair.


Really? Well, if you guys if you guys pay for it, I'll fucking do it fucking right.


I'm sure there's dentists that we could just throw out an S.O.S. that would love to do that for free. It's so painful, dude. You'll be so you'll be. Oh fuck. You had them wet. You got to I got, I got my two front knocked out so yeah. When I was done playing I got the veneers and it is awful couple. Oh my God.


It's like, it's like getting your brain Geralt. I mean it's the worst of it but yeah I think Sharpey got veneers and he just won't come. Clean with me, I don't know what the problem is, is we got four teams left right now. Are you pulling for Dallas? You know that bag they give you a few years ago? You still got a little emotional pull there.


What I, you know, I. I like. Who's the coach? God, I recall. Yeah, Rick, bonus, like just a great what a great name and I don't know, I feel like I would I would have liked Rick Bonus, like playing with them if we were teammates or if he was an assistant. I like them. Do I like anyone on their team? Not really, not nobody really tugs on my heartstrings, I'm fucking all in on Tampa Bay.


You love, have you love? I love that Sergius Serguei DM's.


Me too. We're D.M. Buddies. Yeah. I knew when you started calling them Serguei that you you were starting to DMM in other Instagram.


Fred, we took our relationship to the next level and now I refer to him as Serguei.


I was going to ask you, who are your favorite villains now in the NHL? Who are some guys that stand out to you? That you're oh, I mean, you probably would have hated playing against them, but now you respect because you're like that. That was me out there. I like. Fuck, kind of like, well, I like Matt Martin's game, he's somehow resurrected his career from, like, you know, 12 feet under the oppressive heat under Aves.


Let me interrupt you there, because just the other night when he scored, I said I said, fuck, it's like I feel like I thought he was going to be out of the league when things went down like they did in Toronto and now he's back. And I said on the part of I didn't mean it as an insult, but you agree with me. It was kind of like, where is he going to play in the league? And now he's got five goals in the playoffs.


Dude, he was bad in the league fucking eight years ago. I mean, like, really bad. And now Barry Trotz, I mean, I don't know if something happens with those guys, fucking Caesarism and Clutterbuck, they're like the new green line. I mean, so I like watching those three play how I ever became a fucking Islander fan like and Frankie Borrelli and his dad and these fucking live streams. I mean, who could be that dramatic about a team?


How could that possibly how could you be that dramatic about a team? OK, so that's a team that much. OK, so you all right.


So this is the thing where I actually said I, I think is so insane that it's legit. But many people, many people are like he's he's faking. That's fake. You think he's faking?


It's he's trying to he's trying to capture his moment and they're going overboard. And it looks fucking ridiculous. Really, really.


I mean, it's gotten to the point where it's basically enough because his dad broke a chair over his back in the last one. So they are capturing some pretty some pretty really. I didn't see that. Oh, yeah.


I think it's pretty genuine, though, because even way before basketball, he's told the stories he would be at the game an hour before, like with signs yelling during warmups. Like, I think he's just always been this fucking passionate. And yeah, I think what the camera's on, what postictal. You know, it's content you might open up a bit. I don't know. I've enjoyed it. It's kind of maybe the father son aspect. These guys, they've been suffering for so long.


And when they finally when they finally moved on the conference finals, I thought I was actually in, you know, watching them hug. I thought that was pretty genuine, though.


Yeah, I the thing that bothers me about Frankie is he doesn't have a lot of like he's got a wall, he doesn't have a lot of facial hair, but he's also he's got a wall up like he's he doesn't. He's very sensitive, you know, like he can never be in on the joke on himself, and I think it's a little like you guys are great at it, right? That's why I think people enjoy us, is we can have a laugh at ourselves.


And I don't think Frank is very good at having a laugh at himself.


Yeah, like, if I actually wrote him a message, suck on that. If they get swept by the ideas, he would he would write back or send a video like, I hope you fucking play golf and get struck by lightning.


Right. And die.


And he wouldn't be kidding, which is a good thing. So he's very yeah. He's very you can get very sensitive at times. You're right.


Yeah. Like, yeah. Do we do any of us care about a team that much like like I just want to see great games.


I sniffed the Kurdish jokes a little bit. If I want to go back to that question about other villains, like I thought Pepi's kid, he he seems to be playing that role.


Good. Lambiel Yeah.


Well, I mean, he showed it over a consistent amount of time, but I mean, like, it seems like there's something there, like he plays like like a piece of shit.


Yeah. I mean, I think the new sort of villain is. Well. All that fucking hit, that Richi hit, I mean, that was just talk about a stupid fucking head like. That was the dumbest fucking hit I've ever seen at the worst time, and he probably cost them the series, if you really boil it down, X's and O's to two major bonehead plays in that Boston series. So I don't like that kid. And he's fat.


He's fucking sat like he looks like he looks like he fucking ate his it's like half a Dustin bustline, like he's fat and bloated. You can't look like that in the NHL. You've got to be fucking lean, mean fighting machine. You've got to be quick on your feet.


Yeah. My boy Chauke MacAvoy though he can look a little chunky and he's not. He's a machine so. That's right. I don't know if Ritchies like that he's he to maybe that.


Yeah I feel like MacAvoy. I give him the baby set thing a little bit. Ritchey, I don't know. I don't like him. He's got a fat face like he got stung by a bee.


Did you think I deserved the suspension for the hit with your take on that?


That's the one where I don't know, you know, like are you allowed to finish your hit? And if a guy is shorter than you and your shoulder hits his head, I mean your face on, right? Like, I think those hits get your fucking head up and get ready for a hit, you know, like I think from behind. Not cool. If you can see the guy's numbers, you pull up sort of forlorn. What about Killorn?


He ended up getting a bad hit. So you're OK with him getting the game there? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I. I wish he didn't because I need him in the lineup.


So who are some other guys that have impressive. You mentioned Koocher of who are some other I mean I think me two hundred foot game, the whole package. I think stones maybe one of the best right now.


No, no. Who's the kid on fucking Las Vegas. That is literally Scott Niedermeier Reincarnates Theodore Theodore.


He's holy shit.


Yeah. Dude, he's Scott. He's Scott Niedermeier like everything he does. Mimics Scott Niedermeier. I can't believe it. And then I was like, oh shit. He's got the same number back.


I gave up on him. They said we already had a Scott Itamar. Come on, we've got to snap it around a little bit here. That guy's that kid's got game. Wow, big time player grade and point, I think the best player in the league actually just come over the wire.


Actually, Colin did get a game suspension for that hit. Just saw that. Which like under the radar play is impressive.


You the motion like the guy that, you know, we don't typically talk about the French kid on Tampa Bay. Akat No or no.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yadi here all night. Yup, yup. I like his game. I like his game. I take him on my team big time. Spent time like those two IVs really eating soggy stuff.


Just shows like that's where all the good stuff shows how many good players are down that level that maybe never even get seen or just shows like Don't Suck, stop working. Because what what about the goalie that played on one of the Western League teams he played? He played in the coast a couple of years ago. Is a rookie only started three games in the playoffs. I don't know either. Yeah. I am buzzing right now and James is hammering these businesses, keep me up, Sean, and wait.


And you think you're going to work for NBC? Who can't remember these guys names? Come on. I don't even think I could do NBC because I'm fumble fucking my words half the time. You got to remember these names, Sean. And if you're going to be like Don Cherry, they're going to cancel, you know, time.


That's like walking on set on a Knowland set, not knowing your fucking lines. If you're getting paid and you're and you're there to do a job, I'll know my fucking names.


I'll get my home.


So that's one of the questions I want to ask you. Going back to the film portion of it is especially if you do have lines and you're a main actor where you're maybe filming something under extreme conditions. An example that comes to mind would be Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant. Right. He's probably one of those guys where if he doesn't nail his line to the best that he thinks he can do it, he's like, do it again, right? What what are these guys have to do in preparation to where if they're going to have to spend 24 hours in the freezing cold weather shivering and they're that dialed into that scene, like, do you have to fucking like, what's the pregame routine for that?


You you have to you have to know your lines. They have to be baked into you, into the fabric of your DNA so that if you get thrown off a building. And you're falling free, falling to the ground, you could say your lines like any. So that's the measure. That's the that's the the that's the barometer.


Hey, hey, hey, hey. Sorry. Is it something where you'd say that actors will remember those lines the rest of their lives, like almost like singers with their songs. Like they're done. They're in there for good. Absolutely.


Absolutely. And when you know when you know you have them. What a beautiful feeling. Oh my God. It's so fucking such a stress reliever. Like there's nothing worse than not having them, like, baked into your fucking auditions. And I don't have the lines. It's just I'm just I just hate life. I hate life.


What was your what was your quote unquote pre pregame routine like like when was your meal like how did it all go down while we were working?


You know, people talk about that movie like, oh, it's two hundred million dollar movie. That movie cost way more than that. We were working we were at like three a.m. call times and we were getting home at seven thirty at night. So I would get home. I would literally try and keep my fucking eyes open while I was eating. I would eat and then I would sleep and then I would wake up at like twelve thirty because I was so afraid of sleeping over sleeping and missing the transport to set that because I was terrified.


Like it's like a rookie missing the bus that I was just like man I was so tired, holy fuck. It was the hardest five weeks of my life.


That's why I asked about the lines, like the fact that you were that nervous and anxious when you were, in fact, when the cameras were rolling. Did you fuck up at all? Many, many times, no. And when did the pressure mount? Did you feel that anxiety inside?


Oh man, I fuck yeah. But the great thing is that. You know, Knowland, so even Keel and he'll I even give you a moment, and she never shows any emotion, so he doesn't ratchet up. It's not like he's he's breathing down your your neck. Like, I felt like he knows you're going to get it. And when you get it, it's going to be the right time. And I'm not I'm not saying that, you know, I had two fumbles, maybe two fumbles.


And in the three days of like the days that we were running my scene, that scene that I have dialogue, two fumbles isn't that bad. But there were also other people that were fumbling. We didn't know what we were talking about. We're talking about fucking inverted ordinances and doing a temporal pincer. It's like shit that there's some big words in there.


Not not all. Just two syllables. No, no.


Did you see any and you don't have to name any names, but did you see any kind of stereotypical Hollywood eagle bullshit that you were just rolling your eyes out?


Was everybody kind of pulling the rope the same way? Yeah, not on that.


Not on that guy's not on Nolan's set because that dude doesn't I didn't see him go to the bathroom in five weeks. I never saw him leave. Said he was always the first guy on set when I got there. He was always already there. I've never seen anyone with such like so dialed in. Doesn't take a fuckin shift off like and man, that guy is a beast and everyone feels that and apparently like so we don't there's no chairs on set.


We know cell phones. We don't know when that started. We hear wives tales that like apparently Tom Hardy, you know, they they we went back to his trailer and he was late coming to set or there was something that happened. At that point, Nolan was like, nobody goes back to their trailers. I don't care if you have a four hour break. We don't need you for four hours. You stay on set. And I watched two of the biggest actors in the world, Rob Pattinson and John David Washington, sit on set for hours and hours at a time, even though they knew they weren't working for three hours.


So, yeah, it's wild. I just watched a clip of Jonah Hill and not to go away from Christopher Nolan, but he said that Scorsese was the best you ever saw because he was able to able to problem solve maybe 30, 30 minute to three hour decisions in like 30 seconds.


He would take a moment. He would figure it out in his head. And that's what like ultimately why why Jonah Hill thinks he's the best. Is that very similar with Nolan or problems like this constantly popping up on set?


I think that he has no I think that with his movies, they're so they're so dialed in and they're so planned. They're just so fucking planned and organized that. You know, his movies are very technical, right? There's not a lot of like one of the things that people say about Nolan is that there's not enough feel. There's not enough. You know what I mean? Oura like that's kind of what the reviews people come out of.


And there's a low level of emotion and Nolan movies.


There's no comedy or anything really. There's definitely no comedy. Yeah. But they're so organized. Right. And everyone. Yeah, there's not there's not a lot of room for for like mishaps when also when you've got 16 Chinook helicopters that are shooting fucking grenades that are attached to piano wire and like, the safety is a big thing and people don't fuck around because it's dangerous. It really is like they were shooting rockets over our shoulder and I had never seen it before.


They shoot them on piano wire and the piano wires pull tight like like if you snapped it, you'd hear it a ding off of it. And they shoot the grenades on the piano wire and the piano wire guides the grenade. So if they know they can actually put it like it's going to go right over your shoulder like this. Just follow your line, your line, your your line that you've got to run and the thing's going to go over your shoulder and don't worry.


So there's some wild things that I didn't know existed that that they're pulling on these things. And also no one does everything in camera, which means he doesn't do special effects, like they don't add stuff afterwards. So when the buildings fall down and they put them back together, those are the buildings that are Styrofoam that are also on wires. And the wires get snapped up and the and the building gets put back together where normally that would be done afterwards.


It's like a vortex effect. It's it's like nobody does what this guy does. Yeah.


He's still big on the practical effects. Doesn't like the CGI much. I know what you mean.


Like his movies that technically great filmmaking, but sometimes there's not a lot of emotional resonance with them.


That's the critique you're talking about. Right.


What I want to like you want to show the theater, dude, I know it's a pandemic, but how fucking awful is the American movie going public these days, even pre pandemic?


It's it's a fucking brutal, brutal time to go to the movies. People just such assholes.


I think they're they're disgusting. First of all, same with Broadway. If you have a fucking cough and I'm saying pre pandemic, if you're a person that costs a lot. You should not be allowed to go into a fucking quiet place, you should not be allowed to go to a Broadway show or fucking movie if you can't chew your popcorn without making it audible to anyone past your seat directly beside you. You should be fucking you should be strung up on the ceiling.


You should not be allowed to go to a movie, OK? You should be in a fucking pigpen. And it's disgusting.


And people have ruined the experience for me. And that's why I generally only go. I'll go like on a Thursday at 1:00 p.m. I'll do an afternoon matinee.


Is that why you're moving to Montana? Because the theater was packed. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Aves not to bum you out, but I had a Broadway experience where I took my wife to New York, went to a Broadway show, but I got a herniated disc in my neck and on the train this thing flared up. I was so fucking painful. So I took a muscle relaxant. It didn't do anything. I took another one. And then we went to the show and I had some wine. She looks over. We're we're second row and I am fucking snoring.


She's like, crying. And I woke up, like, clapping all fired up. And she looked over and I was back out. I was muscle relaxers out.


And then I also have to admit, because I know you'd want to string me on the ceiling, I get popcorn and I get when I stand up, there's 50 pieces of popcorn that I missed with my mouth.


I think I'm the I think I'm the scumbag American moviegoer.


I'm not kidding. You are right now.


The worst is the cell phone, Sean. It's like I don't do that. Those are the worst. Even if you're not like it's a distraction. The whole idea of the theater is to just focus on the screen and what some asshole pulls out the phone. It can't help but distract you, let alone when they're fucking talking text.


And that's the worst I take. I bring a mini flashlight and if anyone gets on their phone and the theater and I'm in there, I check all my little mini flashlight out and I shine and it's a strong one and I shine my fucking flashlight on them. I love it.


Yeah, well well, switching gears a little bit, I got a kick out of seeing you on the golf course the other day. I think you reminded everyone you do not play fucking golf, you do not like golf. But how did you end up out there and where was that? That looked like a pretty sick horse.


Oh, God. I got invited and literally I said to my friend who invited me, I said, How bad do you want me to play? Because I'm probably going to hate you so much. When this round is over, I'm going to hold so much resentment. It's like people that invite me to their wedding, like, do you think I want to fucking go to a destination wedding in the middle of July to your wedding? I don't want to go to weddings.


OK, I'm done with that. So you invite me to golf. How bad do you want to play? Because I hate the game. I hate the whole idea of being able to waste five hours a fucking day by playing golf. OK, the only reason I like it is I can smoke my brains out and nobody can say anything. I can just smoke cigarettes the whole time because I'm outside and I have my cold juice and by the fourth of 12 to 13, till I stop playing, I don't play.


I just ride the cart the rest of the route. So what I got in a bad way to enjoy the game, but what I got out of that is you'll do a nine hole sandbagger with us. Who would be your partner?


Actually, with all right, baseball, wow, I don't care. Wow, OK.


I come out of retirement to actors against us. Oh, because I don't even care who wins. I could care so little about the game that I lose all of my competitive instinct. I don't give up. What about what?


A mini putt. I don't care, I don't care, although I love the show. Holy moly, have you watched it? No, it is it it's an NBC show. It's like a mini puppet show. Really? It was it was a big show during quarantine. It's unbelievable. You got to watch it. It's so funny.


That's where I tried the mini putt course.


And the two guys that hosts the show are actually hilarious. It's really like for a network show. I can't believe it. It's pretty good.


Sean, we've taken we've taken enough of your time. Was there anything else you had in your mind that you wanted to talk about before you take off? Was there anything else? No other thing you want off your chest?


No, I know. I'll plug my own podcast. Yeah. Fuck, yeah. Oh, yeah.


The question is, is it is it is it cathartic for you? Like, how do you enjoy it. How it's just, you know, I mean you go on, you're able to really kind of vent.


You think it's so much easier like not having to have any anyone else there. I got to tell you, like, it's much more difficult, no question. But yeah, it is. It is. It's a beautiful thing. I love it. I love doing it by myself. Yeah. It's just me, myself and myself in my basement. It's it's a it's a real hoot. The real who I was.


I've been considering jumping on Camiel for a while, but like you said, like you take pride in what you're doing. So like it takes energy to like get on there and you want to present it properly for the people who are paying money for your time.


I was going to tell G g the fact that you're not on Cameo and Aaargh! The fact that you two are also not on Cameo. I don't understand how all of you guys are not on camera. Yes. Five and greatest thing in the world.


My, my my business manager. Shut up. But I just like I say, we've got we've got a lot to organize with with the podcast itself. I think one day I'll probably hop on there, but. All right. You should definitely be all right.


How long do people ask for a certain length messages or is that up to you?


Everyone now it's up to you. Everyone knows they're getting three minutes out of me. That is fucking quality shit quality. And and most do thirty seconds. Like, you know, it's important. Like, I don't you're paying me it's entertainment. Like it means something. It's the best cameos, the fucking best. All right.


I'll hop on them all of my loyal look at my contract. But I'm an only fan, let me tell you. Oh, by the way, Bella Thorne made two million on Fox. Yeah. She she fucked all the other sex workers, though.


Whatever. I don't care. Oh, you don't get all you. Hey, you're not your own Bella Thorne side. You say, hey, take it for what it is and get your back and get out.


I'm just just just FYI, RJ and JEE, because you can charge a little bit more. Just charge less than what you think you're worth. You'll get more business. It's a better look. And yeah, you guys will be surprised, man. Every night you go to bed, OK, you wake up the next morning there's a direct deposit that's already been deposited into your account, sold.


Who is who is like no one is charging the most out there.


Do you know, I think fucking Chevy Chase or Mike Tyson and what are they?


You know what? You know what that is. Leo as Leo on there. Not in Leo's not.


I know he has got it. I think he's good. Leo showed up on a cameo. You'd be like, Leo's got a problem. Something's going on. Yeah.


Yeah. Chevy Chase. Chevy Chase. I mean, all the money he made.


Plus he comes from like a super rich family. Dude, I guess he doesn't. He has a lot of. Yeah. A lot of people don't like.


Who would you pay to get a cameo from Sean. Oh fuck. Who's on there that might surprise people to. Oh, prodder Jason Goldberg. I remember that he was in Dazed and Confused, Adam Goldberg, Adam Goldberg, Adam Goldberg is so weird and does the weirdest fucking cameos. It's like you got to go on and look at his cameos. I can't even explain it. He takes people into like a macro world that he's living in. It's wild, wild.


Last question I'm going to ask you. Do you think that that girl took a dump on Oddbins or LBJ's chest? Oh, yeah, maybe, yeah, yeah. All right, buddy. OK, well, we'll find out soon enough. The Cleveland steamer.


Yeah, man. Well, listen, it's like like this we took up enough of your time already. Love having you on. Love your opinions. Unfiltered, as always. So we'll have you on again. I hope you enjoy the rest of the playoffs and all your bets be victories. Yes.


Gentlemen, you guys always pick that slot, pal. Sean Avery for join us. He's always an interesting conversation. Doesn't hold back. He he's like our pal Stig Licious. Christopher Steeg also auditioning for an analyst job with his Instagram.


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I wonder if it works for seasickness. In the end I really the cup final we have coming. So you want to stock up for that to definitely be having a few celebrators. Then a couple of notes here. The draft is officially set for October 6th and 7th. I'm not sure what's that before, but it's officially where it has come out. Free agents can start signing on October 9th, which was another date that had been rumored. Obviously, we'll be covering that stuff as it happens.


Congrats to our guy, New York Islanders general manager Lou Lamoriello. For one in the gym, Gregory Jagi, general manager of the Year Award.


I mean, this guy, he's been getting it done for decades between college pro what he's like the Lidstrom of GMs.


They need to rename the trophy after.


That's a great call. I mean, higher interest is obviously a fantastic move.


The voting was done by GMs and a panel of NHL execs, print and broadcast media, and the voting was done at the end of the second round, which I thought was interesting because all of the other words, voting is done after the regular season.


So I don't know if that factored into it or what I was interested in.


I thought Breeze Ball sort of won it. Is that how you pronounce it? Briefly? Yeah. Yeah, I thought he's done a tremendous job in Tampa, obviously, with the moves of getting Coleman and Goudreau, among other things, as Ciarelli Kiddo's, who's kind of emerged as a potential potential selkie finalists, which were Taesan for for a little later in this episode, but well deserved. Man, this guy's like continue to do it over the years, you know, comes over from Toronto and in two years is able to whip an organization from I don't want to see a bottom feeder, but just, you know, they've you know, they're fucking solid squad now.


He's just got to make sure he can lock up Basel as opposed to him getting the fucking offer sheet with Fedoruk here.


You guys mentioned how Lou will always stay within the the old school part of the game in the sense he'll have he'll have a tough guy playing. He's always he has Johnson on the ideas. He's got Matt Martin, who's played great. So I think he really stays true to the the way the game was when Lou originally started doing this 400 years ago, that, you know, you have toughness in your lineup and you're not afraid to play those guys.


Yeah, you almost wonder if if that was I don't know, is there a reason you got out of Toronto? But just maybe the the the butting heads of playing that type of style and still thinking it's relevant to where, you know, Dubus has a different style in mind in the way that he wants to play analytically and whatever it is. So the dinosaurs are prevailing right now.


Yeah, definitely interesting. And he left Toronto and he's been having better success with the islanders. Maybe it was an inside job getting Tavaris to to jump ship and.


Lawhon Yeah, well, Evil left the L.A. Kings side defenseman Sean Walker to a four year, ten point six. And the extension, he was an undrafted free agent out of Bowling Green, he's got 109 games already with the Kings. Obviously, they like what they see when they commit to him for the future, because what you know about this kid.


I'm going to be honest. Every time I watch, you just he kind of flies under the radar. You don't notice many mistakes. You don't really notice them a ton offensively. But I would imagine there's something there. They see a guy who could be consistent in the top four, you know, when they got rid of Martinez and got something back in return for him for sending him over to Vegas, maybe they thought he was ready to kind of slide into that type of role.


So interesting to see how it all comes about, because that's a team that, you know, they've been they haven't been playing maybe up to what their their standards are the last couple of years. So they need to start treading in the right direction under Blakey.


And he's a good example of a guy who you hear about all these people that play in the NHL at 19, 20. Well, he's 25 now. And last year was his first year where he was up and down in the NHL. And then this year, you know how to fulfill his first full season and had a great season. So, you know, you don't have to be drafted high. You don't have to be drafted at all. And you don't have to play in the league when you're 20, 21 years old.


You have to have patience. And this is a perfect example of it. So four years at Bowling Green, full year in the minors, a little bit more time in the minors. That's what it takes for a lot of people.


And you've got to still get paid.


OK, yeah, well, I mean, although the state taxes are pretty heavy, so maybe I'd say about the state taxes, unrestricted free agent to be Tylor to Foley, who of course went from the Kings to Vancouver City, absolutely loved his experience with Vancouver this season. He does want to stay with the Canucks.


Patterson I would for I'd want to stay there too.


You know ciardi in his sleep maybe he can rent one of your seven houses up there and be reunited with his buddy Tanner Pearson as well, who they had a lot of success together in L.A. Seems like he fit right in at home there and yeah. Interesting to see. That's like a reverse. Like you don't. Hey can you can I please come back? Yeah.


Hey guys, I really liked it here. Can you take me, please. OK, thanks. Yeah he did. Yeah.


He's a great player, a great playoff performer as well.


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Let's see I see let's zip recruiter dotcom slash jaclyn's.


Oh are you moving for a it.


A couple, a couple of trades. A couple of trades boys. One of our buddies. Yeah.


Carolina sent defenseman Joel Edmondson to Montreal for a fifth rounder and next month's draft. He is a pending your facial. The Habs are eventually dealing for first dibs, although obviously must want to sign them though.


I mean, they're going after all the old St. Louis guys who won the cup there. Yeah, he's got Jake Jake the snake. Now he's got Edmondson if they can lock him in. But we talked about Petrie, who's up for contract this year, correct? I believe he's a pending UFA.


I thought, well, he's going to be looking that up right now. And after the playoff performance he had and them knowing that they got to be strong in the back end in order to survive, I don't know. I mean, should be interesting to see who they keep around. Yeah.


He's got one more year left that I could. Well, I fucking idiot. Yeah.


Well, Clay Clode, nobody loves veteran defenseman more than Clode Juliann. So I mean, obviously, like I said, they give him a fifth round of arms so they must want the inside track.


Oh we're going to keep me looking like an idiot. Kind of like the Jamie Ben situation now. No, I'm going to say that mean over again guys.


Another one, penguins traded Nick Beukes. That's to many for a conditional pick back. Only twenty one draft going in. He's going into the final year of a deal that pays him four point one million this year. Half of Pittsburgh will pick up.


Oh, I had him as a pen in UFA, too, actually. So what's your take on this deal? It I like it.


I mean, he showed some sick promise in Florida, especially one year. They get 50 points.


He's battled injuries, though. Yeah. It seems like every year he's kind of this year was really tough for him. And at the year we played thirteen games. So you look at big prospect coming out of Minnesota from Minnesota. Had a chance in Florida. Play for a long time and then a real good chance in Pittsburgh to play with some great players, but hasn't necessarily found his groove in terms of where he fits into a lineup and where he can kind of play his best hockey.


So now if you're going if you're thinking what could help me be going home, playing, playing in your home city for a team, that's definitely going to play you a little bit more offensively. The question is, can he stay healthy? So if he can, I think he makes a huge difference and it's a good trade. If he can't, you just feel bad for a guy who had a tough time staying healthy in this league?


I know from experience, I guess I think it's a good move. It's low risk, high reward type of situation.


If it doesn't work out, you got one year and I believe he's only making, what, four, maybe four and a half or four one in Pittsburgh picking up half plus it's a contract contract year for him.


So he's going to have extra motivation motivated for sure. In addition to being back home.


Also, Sean Carter won the selkie with fourteen hundred and twenty four votes. He beat out Patrice Bergeron and Ryan, all of them.


There's no surprise here. I mean, people have been kind of a little changing of the guard, maybe.


Yeah. This guy. Yeah, I would imagine that's not his only one. He plays that full 200 foot game and he's right in a category with those guys in the sense if he can produce offense when doing it and while playing against the top lines.




And that's that's a special type of player. Congratulations. And I believe that's his first correct. I believe it is as well. Yeah. Yeah.


And that's tough competition last year. Yeah.


I think and I think some of these awards almost like Oscars, like some guys just after you get nominated so many times, I think voters tend to vote nominated again, even if they weren't necessarily the best three that yet.


But it's funny because, you know, nine years ago now he's picked in the top ten. And you imagine, you know, at that time, a flash in our top ten people, Freema ninety point guy, in the end, he hasn't turned into like an elite level scorer. But oh my God, could you win a Stanley Cup with this guy? You know, he he really does do it all. And he's totally lived up to why he was drafted that high, because he can do it at both ends.


So congrats. And our pal Nate Dogg, well, it wasn't the trophy he wanted, not the Stanley Cup, but he did win the Lady Bing and I had a funny quote off to talk about Z. I said I got the call there in the Lady Bing now on him. That's about it. That's probably all of it. Get on him. So that's the modest Nick Cannon. We know those.


Yeah, they got that big brother, little brother Batman Robin relationships always.


What do you think the odds are right now that McKinnon gets a heart trophy in his career? Oh, I would say minus minus 250. But think about like McDavid. There's so many players. That's OK. That's enough to win MVP. You need so many things to go right.


I think he gets one, maybe plus two fifty instead of minus two fifty.


That's kind of what I meant. Whereas for most guys, just the opposite. For most guys, I had no clue what was going on. Yeah, yeah.


I mean, I just got it opposite. That's all right. It's all it's shit happens. Yeah, we know.


I just meant we not all with the gambling thing plus minus. I have no fucking idea. I'll explain it. Mark Giordano won the leadership award back to back years. He won it last year, I believe, as well.


No, I'm not sure that's top of my head. But I do know undrafted free agents or a gap the man that's that's quite a fucking ride. I'll never forget. He went over to Russia. I don't know if he couldn't find figure out the one way. Yeah.


And, you know, talk about a guy who completely resurrected his career and a guy like late in his career who's able to still keep up with these young guys.


He's my age. Yeah. He's the 37 freak of nature. And you could just tell by the response from his teammates online today, like Looch tweeted something out right away.


Zac Rinaldo, this guy's beloved in the locker room and a leader through and through. So I'd imagine they get at least a few more as of high end production out of him. I mean, the guy was one of the oldest players to ever win enormous trophy, was he not? Or maybe the oldest.


I don't know if he was the oldest, but he was definitely up there. That was a second, I think. I think, yeah. One of only a few guys passed the age of thirty five. Simmons won it last year.


OK, so this is this is second one. No, no. You're just getting fucking. Oh maybe it was the n I was thinking.


Oh what. He's got so many awards. I'm sorry. This episode. A couple more quick notes here. Shaun Weiss might not be a name that is very familiar off the top of your head, but he played Goldberg and the Mighty Ducks movies as a kid. He posted the other. He's been sober for about two hundred and seventy two days now as of Sunday. You know, he got arrested last year.


Those mug shot, you know, goes viral is as which happens these days. He's been battling addiction issues for a while. While the kid look great, man, he put some weight back on. He got a new set of checklists and he just looked happy. And I don't know. I mean, I know we have a ton of Mighty Ducks fans out there, and I just thought it was a nice thought. I want to pass along, obviously wish him well going forward.


Wish him the best. And, you know, I don't if he's a listener or not of any of his peers. But tell him, Tom what? Paul Vom. Yeah, he looked happy for sure that he looked great and all won the last thing, the wet dog. They'll get another little old clip of the wet dog coming.


Always is in these clips. Oh my God. The Internets are crazy. Yeah. Well, apparently it was Quinn Hughes mom that was interviewing you guys.


I have no idea if that's true. I saw a bunch of the comment say that that was Quinn and Jack's mom. But I will never forget that game because it was right around Christmas time and we played Yale and we worked I mean, Kevin Schaefers in the video was a freshman defenseman. He was having a six year. Our team struggled that year, my junior year. We both ended up with hat tricks. He got the hat trick first. I ended up getting one late in the third.


We dominated Yale of dominating Yale. They ended up becoming really good, but then they were shit. If you played at Yale in like 2003, your team was trash and we rolled over them and we sucked that year, but we got wrecked after that game.


And I don't know if maybe you had ever had two defensemen score a hat trick in the same game. So it was an exciting time. Now to see the interview I get.


So people say I look so old in that Benjamin Button. Yeah, Benjamin Button.


I almost I almost don't mind it, though, if I'm still looking like I didn't call it say you say that isn't necessarily a bad thing. You lose one really bad then because college girls are like, dude, professor.


Yeah. Are you, are you a bartender here.


You in the school. But I still think that that night will be memorable because getting a hot chick in college is a defenseman.


That's Jurgen's that's Jurgen's material. This guy really is.


And then have to I think I drove wide, I drove wide cut in for the third one. Of course the video had no clips of.


My goal is just my stupid ears and my my interview. God, I was a fucking nerd.


That was hockey cliche said I want to go to see somebody said minus three in like a minute and a half segment.


Nobody said I said, you know, seven times the thirty second clip. But I mean the modesty was there.


I mean we're not holding it back. That's probably why you were fumble fucking your words. You really want to be like, oh we are crap all fucking post up at the bar and swipe my old man's credit card tonight. Always to give me 20 bucks after each game. Twenty bucks. I remember we'd go to Dad's diner, fresh air, but we just all give the bartender twenty bucks and just drink all night at quarter time. I didn't have a bank card.


Those are the job. All right, boys, I think that about wraps up. This has been a long shot. Any further notes? I think that'll do. So everybody have a fantastic week and we'll catch you back here Thursday, please.


As always, we'd like to thank our dynamite sponsors here and spit and checkerboards. Big thanks as always to our friends over at New Amsterdam. Vodka and Pink Whitney big thanks to our friends at PETA Mallach. Thanks for hooking up with the golf gear. It's good stuff. Huge thanks to our new friends at CrossCountry Mortgage. Hope for you getting some hits from our ads here. Big thanks to our friends at The Detox for taking care of us during our month long stay in Boston.


And big thanks to everybody over at Zippi Crew to hopefully using that for your hiring purposes. Have a great week. Everybody knows more about everything. Be. And don't worry about a thing ever going gonna be all right.