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Hello, everybody, welcome to Episode 296 of Spin Check that's presented by Pink Whitney for my friends at New Amsterdam Vodka here on the barstool sports podcast, Family.


Well, the boys are all back home once again.


Me a whole three miles across the city, back in Arizona, G down Manhattan, wetback back in Milton. Great. Couple of weeks in Boston, few weeks in Boston. Got a lot of good stuff coming, sent out a lot of stuff already. Say hi to the boys for us. Mr. G, I know you're not feeling so hot today. Thanks for sticking up and work. And how we doing, buddy?


What's up, guys? Yeah, like you said back in New York, went to my favorite bodega yesterday. And what do you know? I come outside to a guy sitting on the sidewalk, so it's.


Oh, no, it's great to be back in Manhattan.


Sweet city, concrete jungle where a homeless guy shit on the street was. It wasn't Avery, was it? No, no. I think it's not a de Blasio picture or whoever the fucking mayor is, whoever he hates. Oh, God, yeah.


That, of course, is the voice of small business. Steve Bissonette, you actually lost quite a few miles. You had to escape the Boston bubble for a little bit. Come back. Are you film buddy is still Dragon Azia. You get your energy back.


I just been sleeping and watching golf. Golf is sucked out of the vortex. I'm going to be more of a golf addict than Mr. Ryan Whitney over there pretty soon. But my Dallas stars are three wins away from the Stanley Cup and I am so excited. I am on top of the world right now. Are you fucking pissed?


Last but not least, throw a dog. Right, Whitney? What's going on, brother?


Not much, guys. Good to good to catch up and biz. I don't know if you've experienced a golf nap yet, but golf watching is is.


Oh my God.


Creates the stronger than Ambien, the most amazing nap of all time.


It's just the, the perfect volume in the room to the announcers like whispering about a putt.


So I passed out during golf today as well. I had a great weekend, played a member guest that Wollaston Golf Club with my brother Shaun, lost in the semifinals in our flight. So tough little goal. But we had a good run, had a lot of fun and I did catch the game last evening. Game one, we have some things to catch up about on that game. And my Tampa, my Tampa Bay lightning, I'm still very confident in.


Well, all right. You can go into the game. I don't want to give away my thoughts yet.


Yeah, well, just so so we're not going to we're not going to wrap up Tampa Islanders.


Shit. Oh, yeah. Hey, guys, I forgot Islanders fans suck on that.


You peasants', you fucking clowns.


I told you exactly what's going to happen every year. You're not you're not going to win the cup. That's all I say. I don't even say anything bad. I say they play a certain style to try to win a certain way and they're pretty successful at it. But I said you won't win the cup. You you you won't you don't have the squad to do it.


And now they're just. Well, they're so furious. Just a guaranteed Tampa Bay series win. I think I said that, guys. I think I guaranteed it like Messi.


But congratulations to the islanders on on a great year. I think they're were the only team that played in the play in playoffs. They're that advanced to the conference finals, definitely overachieved some bright spots there. It's very unfortunate that they're going to lose Brazil now to an offer sheet.


But aside from that great year, you guys, Borrelli, I'm sorry, I saw the live stream. That's very unfortunate. Appreciate Borrelli support of the pink Whitney throughout the live streams, though. But he had a pretty good weekend because he got to go to the US Open.


Pommies interviewing the winner, Tommy Stick's. Yeah, Bryson DeChambeau, DeChambeau quite often as well.


So I wonder how the relationship is.


I think they well, listen, all relationships like that can be, you know, mended like just like mine in the Dallas Stars. Fans were I'm on I'm off the the Islanders Booster Club page and now I'm on the Dallas Stars. A lot of club page here.


It's funny the things you find out covering hockey because, yeah, obviously Tampa won two to one that overtime game.


Anthony Ciarelli with yet another huge overtime goal. And I pointed out this guy finishes better than Peter North in a tweet. And lo and behold, famous VHS era adult film star Peter North is a Halifax, Nova Scotia guy. I had no idea about that. Did you know that? I didn't know he was from hell.


I had no clue. Crosby McKinnon North. Those are the nice guys.


How I mean, for all you young fans who are listening to this that we're watching porn on VHS, this guy, he must have been saving up his batteries for months before he did films because he had the biggest loads.


He was like Spider-Man, shoot his fucking web out of his cock. Yeah, that's what he looked like.


So that's a little a little stroll down memory lane.


Memory lane. Yeah. And Ciarelli, I mean he had the twenty fifteen over time, one of the Memorial Cup 2017 over time one of the championship and the Otti, one of the other night over the iron. So even if the aisles had moved on, Adam Palicki did break his wrist in game five and they said he was going to be done anyways if the aisles had moved on, which, you know, would have been a huge loss. So hopefully he's feeling a little bit better.


Rehab by Saturday night, the cup started.


Dallas takes game one with a four to one win. This team's looking like a machine right now. I mean, Tampa did come out a little slow. Dallas obviously had a little bit more rest. Dallas got in the board quick. Former Zumwalt's defenseman Joel Hanle open the scoring. He's the fifth defenseman to scores, first NHL career goal in the Stanley Cup final since nineteen twenty six. Twenty seven. I mean, he's twenty nine years old. He's ah, he's paid his dues.


Man, you always like to see a guy like that score a goal. Anyways, Tampa just got outplayed.


Outshot twenty two to two in the third period over Dallas to Dobbyn Dobbyn who Dobbyn.


This guy has been unbelievable. I feel like I'm eating a little bit of crow. I just thought he was going to maybe fall back to Earth at this point, but we haven't seen that at all yet.


It's it's one of the most amazing goaltending performances I can ever I can ever remember out of the blue and out of the blue in a sense that, like no one ever expected this to happen.


And his last six games, he's got a 956 save percentage. He stopped 45 of fifty high danger shots faced.


It's this is just like a guy who's just at a different level.


And the best part is, is how fucking hilarious this dude is. You see the quotes he gives. He's funny. He's very funny interview. I saw Marty Turko mentioned. He's just a great guy to be around. So I think so many guys in that team love playing for him and just imagining last night and some of the saves he made. And I'm talking about the third period when this thing played the shots. Twenty two to two, it was domination and he just looked so good.


So you think about Tampa, the only thing you can ever say now is you have to get in front of them. I know it's like the biggest cliche, you know, when you say busy here, guys, the goalie, he hates traffic. And when you're in tight, go up. Hi, thanks. Tips. Well, I mean, what else are you going to do right now? Because anything he sees stopping, he's just outstanding.


So I've really enjoyed seeing him play. I think Dallas is just thriving off each other. And I don't know what your opinion was based on the start of it. That was kind of what surprised me is how dominant they were right off the get go.


OK, well, I mean, I can go a few ways with that. As far as HUD Open and what he's been doing, I guess, for starters, fans and people who have been watching him more closely this season, it wouldn't be a surprise to them because he led the league in, say, percentage this year with nine thirty, and that was playing thirty games. So he got a little bit of work in the regular season then against Colorado, maybe not so great.


I think he ended up having a nine nine nine save percentage, but then in the conference finals he went up to a nine fifty and that he stood on his head. Right. So I guess everybody there was a bit of a question mark coming out of this one. Well, he answered that, especially in game one. But coming into this series, I was concerned for Tampa Bay. And there's a few reasons why. And I'll go to my notes here.


OK, so in game, in games.


Oh, let me take it over.


A fucking a sick notes. Well, no, I went to the wrong page excuse me, so as far as, like, headman's concern, right. He's the horse on the back end in order to close out that series against the islanders and game Fauria to play 29 minutes in game five. You to play 36 minutes a game six. He played over thirty game when he played twenty five. So he's averaging over 30 minutes of ice time in the last four games.


That's a lot right. That's a lot for their horses. OK, ok.


But it's more than he probably did in the regular season and you got to think at some point the fatigue factor comes in also with point being banged up, which is of course another reason why I was skeptical of Tampa coming into this season. Kutuzov has had to average twenty six, twenty six, twenty six of ice time in that same time.


People on the last four games. That's for a forward.


That's insane. No Stamkos as well. So then coming into this very unusual circumstance, being in the bubble, Dallas gets four days of rest coming into it. Tampa only gets less than 48 hours. So right off the hop, I'm I'm thinking, OK, not only does Dallas have the mojo right now, they're playing a very similar team as to what they played in Vegas and the fact that they like that run and gun, they're zipping around. But where the other questionmark lies, where's the net front presents?


Are they getting to the blue paint? Are they causing as much traffic as they should be in order to go like like the point you mentioned, are they getting to the traffic areas to score goals? So I don't know what's going to happen with Stamkos just judging off of Cooper's press conferences. I don't think he's coming back. So let's just cancel him out for the season.


I feel like they're just maybe you feel like they're dragging that on a little bit to play mind games. Yeah, I mean, he's scared.


He's scared in the option. All this he's skating with the team. So but I have to think, especially at the pace this series is being played in every other night to get these guys out of here. If he didn't play game one, is he really going to be in? I don't know. Maybe, you know you know, I'm saying, well, he's already he's already ruled them out for games.


So, I mean, maybe maybe there's a chance, but you can't even think about that. Dowson worrying about it. Neither is Tampa Bay.


So then you look to another one of their big forwards. Pallot He's been being worked like a dog as well, and they've been going with eleven forwards. So you've got to think over time that's going to take its toll. I don't know what's going to happen. It looks like Shane got Schenn, ended up going down the tunnel at one point and then coming back. So I don't know if they're going to stick with that 1711 forward system and I don't know how much that's going to help him shifting towards, you know, everyone's like, wow.


As far as depth up front, I think they got them coming into this series. Dallas forwards had forty seven goals, goals total combined and Tampa had forty five. Mind you, Tampa's played one last game. But that whole theory of contributions from the guys up front while Dallas is neck and neck with with Tampa and they got the rest and they're spreading out the ice time more so to me that benefits Dallas looking to the back end from front to back.


I mean, the who's got a better one to punch? Would you take headmen and Surgut chef over husking in and Clattenburg right now?


Oh, that's a tough question. Is not I'm going to say no because. Yes. Speak well. How do I fucking answer that?


I want Hedeman and I want had been in search of holy shit.


Get it together. Would you call.


I can't even I would, I would call it a push. And then beyond that, you look at the contributions. I mean, Alekseyev playing awesome right now, not even just the goal. He's been a horse. He's been forced to.


And that sort of goal, first game of the Cup finals.


I think he I think he had five or six blocked shots and six hits, whatever it was. And now we got the big rig versus the big rig. Sekara has done an excellent job. You mentioned Essel Lyndell. So as far as the back end are concerned, I'd consider that an even match. So right now, to me, the biggest, the deciding factors is health, rest and mojo. And for that reason, I'm picking Dallas to win the series.


On the Kypreos show I went on a few days ago, I picked Dallas and seven Crace boys. This thing might be over in five, just like the Vegas series.


Well, I mean, yeah, you're jumping a little you're jumping ahead a lot after one game. You also I mean, have had have had feelings earlier in the playoffs that that weren't great. Now, I will say this.


You just gave a hell of a breakdown in terms of like, OK, how about this one to where game four, game five, game six in game one of the Stanley Cup finals for Tampa Bay, over three on the powerplay, over three on the power play, over a five on the power play, all for three and one for nineteen.


If they don't get that going they are for nineteen. This thing might be a sweep.


Get the brooms out in the third. Well, first, I want to get into the the the first goal scored by Joel Joel Hanley. Correct. All right. Yes.


From UMass defenseman. And what was the stat about him scoring his first goal in a Stanley Cup final? He was the fifth defenseman.


Just. His first career NFL goal in the Stanley Cup final ever since the NHL took over the cup back in 2006, 2007.


Congrats to congrats to him. And that's a former hockey guy. But on that goal, Quaranta Hamer's, who does he run over in the corner biz?


Oh, he got Poincaré points. So he got a point. And it was a great hit and it caused the turnover. But what happened was Bogosian, who's the ultimate teammate, everyone loves him. He went over and, you know, he's not going to fight them. So that's kind of why it's like, Woody, why are you going over there? Like he would fight them, but Cameron is not going to fight him. And it was a clean hit.


And then all of a sudden, Hintze gets the puck down low and you're kind of down a man because Bogosian wanted to be like a good teammate, maybe at the wrong time.


That was just what I saw. And I love them. And then next thing you know, Hintze makes a sick person and Hanle pick the corner that was on. It was a perfect, perfect shot. But you're kind of surprised to see it. And they got it back and they got it tied. But Quaranta, dude, that guy is something else.


That's why this Dallas team is just just on a different level because they're getting so many contributions from people you never even considered. It's like Dallas is in the cup final. What happened?


Or Sagan had thirty goals and been dominated and Ben Bishop was amazing. Well, no, not really. Sagana not scoring their goal is wide open. And they got a guy, Quaranta, who scored a hat trick, including the game winner in OT of Game seven in the second round, running over the best players on Tampa in the first period and then causing and then scoring a goal himself in the end of the second. So Dallas, like you said, has mojo.


But I just think that after one game in which Tampa was tired, no doubt you coming off that emotional high and then they're rested, it made total sense.


But the third period was something else. So the third period when Dallas, you know, is in control, Tampa dominated.


And yes, they had three powerplays and they didn't score on them. But if they can get that figured out with with it being a big but then it's totally different because they look like a different animal in the third. And it was because I think they finally picked up their play after a sluggish start. They they didn't jump in with both feet because they let it see. They saw the water. You know, they were trying to see what the water felt like with the tip of their toe.


Fair enough, and I was a bit of a squeaker by that feel like that was yeah, that was a tough one.


And I think I think maybe Tampa is able to capitalize on one of those powerplays if that goal at that games within a one goal reach. Right. You got to think. But right now, they're on an own 14 run on the powerplay. That is a must that they don't get that going and start capitalizing. This series ain't even going to be close. What was the other thing that you mentioned is second, I thought he had a great first game.


He had a lot of scoring opportunities. A couple of one timers on the powerplay. Vasilescu made an unbelievable save on him off to the side of the net on one of the powerplays where I feel like I feel like during the play it was going on, he didn't even get enough credit that he got him with the paddle. But you could definitely sense the frustration settling in after two periods for Tampa, given the fact that Big Greg ends up shooting, doing it to Greg.


Why did you fire risk the other team's bench? You not.


He has a hoodie catch in the face. Did he get something? He got somebody right face. I don't know. I thought he got one of the guys.


It was a bit of a muffin, but still gutless and. Well, luckily for him, it was only ten and he didn't penalize his team at all. I ended up seeing the clip from Hockey Night in Canada. And Kelly, Rudy was losing his mind that he didn't get more than that because I guess why wouldn't the team get a penalty for that?


I don't know, I would have been frustrated as well, I would argue they did because they lost on a fall and now they only had 11, now that down to 10. So they definitely got penalized in that regard.


I thought 10 and two would have been fair just because at that point, you're you're not good. You should be able to get a power play after after taking a puck to the gibbs'. What else? But no, definitely a good push in the third period. But I saw a lot of the same things that I saw in the Vegas series against Dallas where it's like, well, looks awesome and it's just high flying offense. But you're just you're not really getting to the blue paint and you're not really getting those prime secondary scoring opportunities.


So I'm looking at a big rig to get to the front and start creating a little bit more traffic in that sense. And then, of course, that was another storyline in the fact that, you know, a couple unsung heroes on the back end got it done in scoring goals for Dallas. Beautiful move there by Aleksic after the block shot to pick that back up and beat them.


Yeah, it didn't look at the replay though. It hit it hit fast Levski and then it hit the post and went in.


So he almost he almost had it but still so unreal. Play to stick with it.


You wonder if Schenn maybe didn't want to lay down the block that shot. I totally understand what he's doing but. But it's also like if he stays on his feet he doesn't get that rebound standing all alone.


But I just I have to think the Tampa's really confident after the way the game ended. I know that sounds nuts, but they're going to not they're not figuring out what the Dallas is like. They're not going to have to fill out their team at all. They know what they know what's coming. And I like Tampa to get back in and win game tonight. It's you're listening on Monday. Thank you.


And also, are they playing every other day, the whole time, or is there any time with two days off on the schedule?


I think they have a back to back. Yeah, there's actually a back to back. Yeah. They're just like, get them fucking out of that bubble. Oh. And I want to mention I won't mention it.


I was very upset to hear that the families of players, U.S. based families of players, they're not allowed in.


They weren't allowed into the bubble by Canada because. What the fuck is that? What it's a border situation, I mean, they just, you know, it's oh, it sucks. And I was actually scared. I was just going to shift to the topic of what Bettman said. And everybody going into this was like, oh, just because there are so many teams, there's going to be an asterisk attached to it. Are you this this this will have been the hardest Stanley Cup to have ever been was given every circumstance, given that they can't be with their families and the grind and the fact that there's no risk going into the finals and they're playing back to, ah, they're playing every other day and even in a back to back.


I mean, we've we've stroked these guys off quite a bit. But this is this is insanity. So it sucks that whatever team wins, that their families are not going to be able to be a part of it like usual. But I imagine the celebration is going to be pretty special when whoever wins it ends up taking it back to to their respective city. And another interesting fun fact is the two more southern NHL teams are playing in the finals already.


Did you have that right?


Yeah, it's it's it's the two that's the Stanley Cup has the two most Southern teams to ever play each other in a Stanley Cup final playing in the northern most NHL city. It's yeah, it's kind of it's kind of fucking convoluted. I know you mentioned Tampa Bay. Whoa, whoa, whoa.


What the fuck this convoluted, convoluted. Always think of convoluting as confusing. Bingo. Yeah, OK, I just. Convoluted, bizarre.


Well, it sounded a lot smarter than confused. I'm going to put that in my bag. So both Tampa pipe and smoke it bassinette. Well though, talking about Tampa's power play just one for nineteen over the last seven games. But we also got to give credit to Dallas penalty kill because I mean, they kept that potent Vegas powerplay in check. They couldn't get anything done. So instead of seeing these teams are failing at the powerplay, I think we do have to give Dallas credit how Hogwood that penalty killing has been.


And to go back to Dobbie for a second, I mean, this pressure isn't new to him. I'm not sure if you're familiar with his his whole story, but he was on on a like a youth team.


And Kazakhstan is where he's from. And he his whole family moved from Kazakhstan to Siberia when he was like fourteen years old so he could play hockey. His parents left a good life.


They had a home, a car, a jobs. They left all that behind to go to Siberia to support his hockey career.


He was part of a world junior team that won it in 2004. He ends up getting drafted. Obviously, he's had this tremendous success. So you almost feel like when you've had the pressure of basically not being necessarily the breadwinner, but being, you know, the main guy in your family as a 14 year old, you'll probably think this isn't really much pressure for that kid. He's had an amazing story and he also had a great quote. It was in Russian for the first time I think I've ever seen where they brought the Stanley Cup out before the game.


They actually had it like on a on a stand off between the benches. It made for a great visual.


And he said in Russian poncy in the cup before the game, told the guys, maybe we should just steal it and run things like a glimpse of what kind of a jokester he is.


You know, he had he had a great postgame speech as well because he'd received the the chain necklace with the Dallas Stars logo on it after the last game when they closed out and then he ended up passing it on to Joel Hanley.


So I'm telling you, boys, they got the mojo going right now. There's been some awesome features on Rick Bonus as well. Jackie Redman was able to interview his son, Ryan, and his mother. I don't know if you guys check that out. She works for the NHL Network, but some really cool stories about just how he's you know, he's his old school as they come. And he's he's been around forever. This guy was I mean, he's got a long history of coaching and being behind the bench.


And I believe we mentioned it last episode in the fact that. This is the first time that ever a head coach and a former assistant will be heading off against each other in the Stanley Cup finals. Yeah, so really cool. He spent five years under Cooper and, you know, they ended up parting ways, but all because in December when when Dallas fired their head coach, Montgomery Rick Bonus took over. And it's been a magical run. So, I mean, a lot of people got to be pulling for this guy in this team.


Boys, I listen, I doubted them the whole way. To be honest. I didn't think they had what it took. And they've shoved it so far up my hoop that, yeah, well, that's still be pulled out and still a lot of hockey left of it.


And I'm glad you. I'll tell you what the code word know.


The NHL Network did a great segment on him. I retweeted it from my feed Saturday night. Maybe we can tweet from the chick. Let's feed. Like you said, he was an assistant under Koopa for five years. He has more games behind the bench in NHL history, assistant and head coach combined than anybody saw.


I mean, I think he's 62 years old and quite the career. I mean, this guy played for the Atlanta flames back in the 70s.


So when did he coached Obie's? He did. He coached them. He got them one year in finals.


They lost to Pittsburgh. I want to say ninety two. Why did they.


Ghasem Yeah. Harry Sinden.


And I don't want to give them fifty more cents fucking pay back then Métro hosken. And also we were talking about him. He tied McDonnel for the second most single postseason assists in franchise history while also tying Ray Bourque, Larry Murphy and Duncan Keith, the fifth most by a defenseman in one playoff field with eighteen. I think it's safe to assume we'll probably get one more from here. In another key note, boys, since the Stanley Cup final went to a best of seven format back in nineteen thirty nine, I remember that the team that wins game one is sixty one in nineteen.


That's good for seventy six point three percent clip. That's just a stunning number to me. Almost three out of four times gain. One win is go on to win the cup. So obviously not all.


Well, Tampa Bay, I mean I wouldn't say the play of the season Monday night, but it's certainly going to feel like that. So I have to throw a little wager on them on the old barstool sports album. I have to drive down Pennsylvania just to get that one in.


Oh, yeah. Congrats to them. So it's only available in Pennsylvania right now.


Yes. And as more states legalize sports gambling, I'm sure it'll get into those states as well.


Massachusetts, Massachusetts is so dolma. What are they taking the forty millions of dollars.


Would you make it for for like the state?


I mean, this is the same same idiotic state that you couldn't buy a fucking beer on Sundays for 100 years till they finally get rid of that.


Then they let they let them build casinos after losing billions of dollars to Connecticut casinos, Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun. Oh, let's build our own. They put one in one of the biggest dumps in Massachusetts, Springfield.


It's actually losing money. How the fuck does a casino lose money? And then they put one in Everett and it's like this revenue stream is staring you in the face and they have legalized it. Yeah. Yeah.


So you can go in and play. You can go in and play blackjack. But I can't bet on a sports game from my couch. Like what the. Yeah, I mean, I feel like it's inevitable, but it's Massachusetts, so that's just the way we do things here, sometimes foolishly, and I'm sure they got the appropriate time.


So it's up. As I got to mention, one thing we forgot to offer the hot pink Whitney. The CBO now has it available and over 600 stores in Ontario, they are fully stocked basically everywhere. So thank you to Ontario for your patience. But anywhere you go now, chances are you're going to be able to find Pink Whitney at any LCB. So thank you to Gallow in New Amsterdam for making that possible. Obviously it's a bit of a process LCB So, you know, it's ran very, very intensely.


Is that a word you're convoluting me right now? OK, well, I'll leave it at that. So Shirota Pink Whitney, it's doing it's killing it in Canada. And we appreciate and actually the fact that Tappa Bazinet, Florida is the highest selling state of pink Whitney.


So a little shout out to our friends down in Florida while Tampa is definitely going to need to come up with better energy to start game two. So maybe they should pick themselves up. A Woop Woop is a fitness tracker that provides personalized insights on your sleep, your body's recovery, and the exertion put on your body throughout the day from both your workouts and just the normal stresses or stresses of life whoopers worn by some of your favorite athletes in the NHL you might have even seen in over the weekend or the U.S. Open.


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Yeah, I usually say Ram, I probably was thinking of the judge alternative band when I said Ram, but yeah, I really am.




Please let me tell you because though with the loop so you know, I'm seeing how I'm sleeping and I'm seeing the recovery, the recovery rate is important. The next day, all weekend I literally drank all day and all night. And then you look and I get like a one percent recovery. So you can really tell when you maybe need to, like, slow things down and get back to, like, normalcy a little bit. So I'm just a huge fan.


So it's big, you got to get the golf maps in and then see if you get the recovery and that will power.


Oh, I had to bite my tongue so much on that conference call the other day to not make that reference, only talking about it so much. How have they not bought the rights to that song to add to the commercials traveling through the roof?


Well, anyways, whether you're looking to sleep a little better training for an event or just looking to lose a couple pounds can help you reach the goals of a healthier life group, tracked your recovery and let you know how ready your body is to perform and whoopers offering 50 percent off when you use the code.


Checklists at checkout. Go to Wub Dotcom. That's W.H OPIS Dotcom and enter the code checklists to save 15 percent. Unlock your potential today with whooper.


Yeah that is, that is some crazy info man. Like I said, I like to sleep and stuff like time and telling you how many times you turned over and like, you know when you're like half asleep at times everything. It's incredible technology. So definitely check that stuff out because you just alluded to Gary Bettman presser of a couple of minutes ago and he confirmed what we passed along from at NHL Roomies Daily, the Twitter feed, which like I've said before, I've never been a big rooma guy.


I mean, he probably shouldn't call himself rumors anymore because a lot of his stuff is pretty accurate. This guy, I'd say he's pretty wired in some way with some people.


He hates Batman's burner. That would be hilarious. But he's the one who said, you know, they're not going to start at December 1st. It's going to be late December, early January. And Batman himself said, quote, I will not be surprised if it slips into later December, it could slip into January. So, you know, obviously pushing that back a little bit. And, of course, about 50 percent of revenue does come from the gate.


So these owners, you know, don't want to rush into open a season with empty buildings. What's up as well?


I was just trying to put my finger up because I was going to mention that 50 percent of revenue comes from the gate. And I mean from from the things that are going around online, it seems as though like a vaccine won't be available to like late twenty, twenty one. Now, I don't know. That's just what I'm reading online. So it must be true. But if that's the case, you know, what would you even do? Would you have to just do it the way they're doing it.


MLB with no fans, but with travel city to city, that's these are the things they've got to figure out.


There's rumors of an all kanae, all Canadian division, you know, to reduce travel, obviously can't do a full season. The bubble, I would think that probably do it.


The NFL is doing smaller crowds and eventually work up to full capacity.


But yeah, I think the vaccine is a key factor here. And who knows how long that's going to be.


They're going to do it all creative vision so one of them can make it out of the first round for or second round because I guess the Vancouver Canucks made it to the second round.


And yeah, like, again, the quote you mentioned, he actually said, quote, under these conditions might just be the most remarkable achievement in the history of our league. And that might sound like hyperbole, but it's not. Man, I said it really isn't.


Yeah, it really isn't. This has been so difficult. Every guy I talk to when they when they when they got out of that, they're just like, oh my God, it was brutal to lose, but holy shit, it was awful.


You just so sick and tired of the same thing, the same thing to eat, doing the same thing.


And that's why Baze brings up like, you know, loving your teammates and being boys. And you could tell both these teams are, as most of the teams are, but there's certainly some teams that get along and are a little closer than others. And that means the world right now, because to win a Stanley Cup doing this without your family, it sucks. And it is. And you got to commend these guys.


So it's been it's going to be extra heartbreaking this year. I lost the cup, dude, worst feeling ever.


And I and I seriously think this is ten times worse this year for the guys who lose.


And I think that, like, the joy of coming home is probably a stronger feeling than, you know, the sadness of not winning the cup. I mean, we've seen a couple of videos, John Meral, defenseman for Vegas, who was I think he only played one game in the bubble and he came home, is just a very touching video.


His three daughters, they didn't know he was in the garage and they opened up and they ran in. And I mean, I don't even have kids. And my heart was melted and he was hugging in the middle once his dad did you win? And he says, no, but I'm home.


And it was just like I was just like such a perfect quote. Like it was almost like, yeah, but you did.


When you're back with your family again in the video of Matt, Matt, Matt and Sidney Martin, I mean, she just had a baby, I think, two weeks before he left for the bubble.


He hasn't seen his newborn daughter.


You can for me the dog and say, same with Horvat. Your father just had a kid, too. So these guys, man, that's hard on the wives to Jesus Christ.


Yeah, I think the nineteen seventies, although I will say first month after Rider was born. Bri hated me more than any human in the world. She had to change diapers, too. She was. Oh, my God. Yeah, go into details.


I just I didn't handle I was it I wasn't I wasn't ready to be patient enough for a newborn.


That's because he was crying, crying, bitching about your 36 times. Firstly, the first night we're at the hospital, he's crying. That's it. Babies do they cry?


And I was like, do you think do you think he's colicky? So what's wrong with you? He's just crying. He's newborn.


So I was just kind of a little overwhelmed. But believe me, I've I've sat right in to a smooth chair and in being a father and being a dad.


How many how many books did you read about about raising me one to read. Read first ten pages. I like. This is good.


I told her, I said I didn't read it.


I can't say you couldn't have done a fucking audio book or something went well.


I was like no matter what everyone I am all my buddies. I asked, they said, you can't. You just have to experience it like you don't.


I don't think the books were like told me, like, actually the book probably would have told me to be a little more patient right before he was born.


Why so much for that said. But it might have given you the heads up about the crying.


Yeah, people parented for thousands of years in books.


You can do it without a book. Exactly. So far the episode I'm having a blast. You got to live and learn. You got to do it yourself. Thousand four. All right. Hey, boys, it looks like there will be a 20 21 World Juniors Championship after all, it's going to be in the bubble in Edmonton without fans.


The 22 2022 version will be in Edmonton and Red Deer, home of our friend Rick.


The juniors that was scheduled for Gothenburg is at Gothenburg, Sweden, Gothenburg. How do you say that?


Oh, I said, gosh, I don't know. I just said Rockville. OK, I thought I said I was starting a cologne. Don't ask me about fucking countries and cities.


Well, anyways, they were supposed to have it in 2002 and that got moved to 24. So, hey, that's good. Good news.


I mean, at least one of the NHL stats at least will get some hockey during the winter time anyways. Another nope is Saturday night for my guest, Brian Burke.


He gave a little tax lesson on ER that sort of echoes what you've been saying about, you know, states without taxes and how it's more beneficial to players and could be alert to draw them in.


But player Agent Allen Walsh, he essentially called bullshit on it. He said, quote, I'm shocked at how uninformed this take is and that the entire premise of this two minutes on is false. He went on to say, and I mean, this is kind of boring for the listeners, but basically plays in Canada can set up a retirement compensation agreement and limit their tax liability to a flat 20 percent with sound tax advisors.


And an NHL player can actually pay the same or less tax in Canada than he will in Florida. Some mortgage interest deduction, again, it gets kind of boring.


Well, I I understood as much of that tweet as with that newborn book that he read. So we're going to get Alan Walsh on the podcast. So we're going to get Tim explain this, because my fucking whole life has been a lie. If this is in fact true and I'm going to be getting every tax expert on this show to figure out, in fact, if teams that are in states with no state tax have an advantage in the NHL.


And Alan Walsh is telling me that that is not the case now.


Are you fucking kidding me? This is like your brand. This is my brand. Alan Walsh. We're going to get you on the podcast. You better back up those facts, Mr Guy said.


We have worked closely with players and literally saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes when playing for Canadian based NHL teams. So, yeah, we'll talk to Alan a little bit later on. It's probably good reason why players have agents and lawyers to go through this shit for them because it does get confusing.


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That's C I see.


Let's zip recruiter dotcom Chiclets boys. We got so excited talking about the Stanley Cup and what's parent then a lack thereof that we forgot to even mention. Our big guest we have tonight, Calgary defenseman Noah Hanafin. He stopped by our Boston bubble a few days ago. We got to chat with him. So what do you think? We send it over to him right now?


I know we didn't enjoy it earlier, but let's send it over and over.


Hannaford's he's a nice Boston kid. We really enjoyed talking with him. So, man, rock that it.


Without further ado, Calgary defenseman Noah Hanafin.


It's great to welcome our next guest back to the show, a first round pick in the 2015 draft, this 23 year old defenseman just completed his fifth NHL season already and is second in Calgary with the flames. He recently returned home from one of the two NHL playoff bubble.


So we'll get his take on what that was like.


Thanks so much for making the trip into the city. No, Hanafin. How's it going, pal? It's going well. Thanks for having me, boys.


So what have you been doing the last few weeks? Killing time in the summer here? Not that much.


You know, I got back, I think, three weeks ago. I just took some time off, get away from the game for a bit. I was in Martha's Vineyard for it.


Yeah, pretty much for the last three weeks or so.


So season over, I bet, in a bubble.


And I don't know when the next season begins flashing green. I have no idea what you've been up to.


Yeah. Yeah I know, but I got to a couple of guys and as disappointing as it was to lose, but it's like when you left that it was, it wasn't the easiest thing in the world. The guys that are still there, you're like, holy shit, this seems like forever for them.


Yeah, I know for sure. It was. It was. I think we all have kind of expectations going in. I was going to be, you know, different, you know, just been in the hotel on the rink every day. It was it got it got pretty tough, you know, but it was it was still a good experience and there was some fun parts of it just being, you know, with the boys for a couple of weeks.


And, you know, we we had fun, but it was definitely, definitely kind of a long process for sure.


What was the hotel I Ripton. Were you in that one then? The AC broke? Yeah, we're in the sun. The AC broke. How about that call? Wasn't it a hundred degrees? It was nuts. The fans called it the Doodoo Hotel, so he told me that's where they used to stay in Arizona before he got there. So I was like, boys, I guess are staying the Doodoo Hotel. So it was I said I got released.


I'm like, oh, whoever gets that old man, you called it.


And then the AC like me, you're like, I was.


So I was like praying. Were like, I hope we're on the job. I hope. And I just, you know, got some AC on and all of a sudden, boom, one hundred and fifty degrees in the room every night, you know, it was tough. And Robinson was like shockingly it was like ninety degrees every day to something extent. Are there. Yes.


No there were always flying in when it's like dark at like two p.m..


Oh you flying. When I was in the house you fly in like September 1st, you'd have a couple of weeks and then camp and it was so nice that month and then ended September.


You're like, oh there's a morning that's like thirty one like October 1st maybe, maybe even like twenty eight years ago. Shit. It's come and winter's coming.


You guys got an awesome bunch there. You guys must all get along. Good, good room chemistry.


Yeah I know we had such a good group. I think that's what made it more enjoyable. You know, the process we were able to, you know, kind of hang out, have some beers together. You know, we're a real close group. You know, there's not any cliques. You know, the older guys, younger guys, everyone hangs out together, which makes it makes a lot more fun. You know, we're in Calgary like a month before I even went to Edmonton.


So we were we were in hockey mode for kind of a while. But just some of the older guys, like luge, you know, G.O., they make it.


So, you know what? He just when the Mark Messier award for leadership. Yes, yes. Yeah. I pulled that off and then I saw a bunch of retreat's.


I forget who who Renaldo Luge. All the boys like that.


He's just thinking, man, yeah, we have a good crew. I think, you know, it starts with Jita. You know, he's our captain and, you know, he's kind of, you know, kind of an underrated guy around the league before he won the noris. And, you know, when I got there, I mean, he just he opened my eyes so much, you know, especially being an older defenseman. I mean, the guy's a stud, but even off the ice to you, you know, he's just a great guy.


Let's go hang out. Thorson takes all the young guys out to dinner. Alex out beers like good dude, you know, but just a workhorse. And I'm so pumped that you are the one that Noris last year, you know, it's a you said a crazy career, just being undrafted, not drafted in junior Russia, going to Russia and then this kind of work and this whole I think you put that chip on his shoulder. Yeah. I think that stuff beforehand is what led him to get to where he was last year.


I mean, fucking best defense in the world. How are you?


Virtuosos, virtuosos getting comfortable. He's coming at them with the, you know. Oh, you got the you know, the you know, as you know, you're the you know, he's got you got the you know, he's gonna call me that. Not now.


I'm going to see famous people. PR people don't realize, like sometimes you just get them going and you're just too good looking. I got at least I that you know, I got crushed.


By the way, I just wanted to mention at the beginning, ten years after I went fifth overall, nowhat fifth overall.


So we have that in common.


I mean, you turned out to be way better than I was at high expectations, dude, high expectations.


I mean, it was probably a little weird that you end up getting traded and all that, but you've seem to fit in pretty good in Calgary.


Yeah, no, it's been it's been a great transition for me. You know, I think for me coming into league was eighteen kind of had a lot to a lot to learn.


And, you know, I felt a little uncomfortable at times.


I said one more time fucking wrestle you in this living room. You say you're on the, you know, clock, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.


What's what's what's Warde like? He gets hired today, right? Oh, yes. Yesterday, yeah. You like him? I do, yeah. Really good guy. He's a teacher, you know, which I think's different and yeah.


We're about. We actually know Mike went down, he hit the you know. No, don't, don't. By the way, don't be rattled by that. People our fans love the you know, they're probably keeping track right now. We're going to know exactly when you passed Bobby or TEUs or take the millionth customer at the grocery store.


We're going to hit it here.


A little balloon celebration, maybe a cake keeping track of how many times you say fuckin Goodfellows like two hundred and some like because you know that many. Yeah, I think because, you know, I actually might have broke the record.


If Goodfellows is on, there's zero chance I'm not watching the end of it. Yeah.


Unless it's on one of those ed channels, which is what we were talking about before we got cut out of some award, not a coach and ward. Yeah. And then you decode all you're just telling us off camera how systems are shit.


I can't believe they have this guy. No, you're not playing it off and you're going to ask for a trade. All great rumor mill start in Calgary. Good luck.


So we got to do an interview with Brady, Matt and Big Wall at the All-Star Game.


Playing with Matthew is like it's probably so sick because of the skill he brings and then you just see some of the shit he pulls, it's like he just has that way about him, where he's going to play a certain style and it won't change.


No. Yeah, he you know, he he drags out a lot law and games just he's so competitive he hates to lose. Well, you said he's just so skilled and he'll just go absolutely blow some up in a game. He'll fight in the playoffs all the time.


He just you know, he he's a he's an ultimate teammate, you know, and he's one of my best friends on the team. Awesome. Dude, off the ice.


Have you known him like you guys? Similar age. Yeah. So me and Matt, you know, go back a long time.


Used to play in summer tournaments together, like the junior Bruins when we were like ten years old, you know, pretty much our whole youth hockey, you know, career. We were together in summer tournaments.


So I know us. And oh, he went to the O though. No. And then we played here at the U.S. National Program. Then when I went to BC, he was in London. So do you remember chatting with him then? Why don't you go on to college?


What was the whole thing? I think what was all on in the bag.


Yeah, exactly. But I think I think was best found when I was kind of like a Billabong rock mom rock rockabilly sister. Yeah.


We embraced all of them about it a lot because, you know, Braid went the right road.


So I don't go back to the bubble for a second. Not necessarily for yourself, but don't do it. Mad's PTSD around here you starts to go back to the bubble like did you find it hot weather for yourself, for other guys to get like properly amped up for a game with no fans? They're like that was a process that much different?


No, I actually think that was probably one of the easier parts. You know, surprisingly, I felt, you know, just, you know, the guys on our team have such a tight group and a fun group that we kind of embraced it, embraced the whole challenge of going through the bubble. And, you know, I think even people always ask about the fans is that we're with no fans. I mean, it's definitely weird if there's a goal like a, you know, a fight or something, you don't really hear the fans going crazy.


But I thought, you know, for the most part, once you're in the game, once you settle down, it was pretty normal, actually. But I think just the the harder part was just being away from families for the older guys and kind of being in a hotel the whole time and not going outside too much or stuff like that.


I think that's what kind of wore down on players over the course of it.


But I think in the game itself, it was once you settle down, I wasn't too.


Yeah. That first game we talked about, who Arranger's Carolina.


When it was lit up, you're like, OK, yeah, that was kind of his first game and we were getting ready for our game.


So we were watching it, you know, seeing what's in it, like how it's going to be.


And, you know, right off the game, guys are blowing each other up and we're like, OK. And then. Yeah. And then we played Winnipeg in the first game, I think. Yeah.


Chucky Fort Wheeler and right off the gate it was felt like that was show.


Yeah it was, it was, it was pretty physical, a lot of Bearcats. So it was fun. I mean, I mean I think looking back on it now, I'm, I'm super happy we did play, you know, I think before I think a lot of guys like shit like what's this going to be like?


Is it going to be normal, like what's going on in the middle of summer? But I think once we got there and started playing, a lot of guys are like, I'm happy we got to play and get some closure and finish the season, you know?


Yeah, we talked to Whitey and Miles would call and white and it was like, these guys aren't going to play a game for nine months.


Yeah, I'd be going nuts by now. I have so much anxiety probably about all Sunday. Scary stuff. Yeah, I know. When the season started and try to skate by yourself, you're like losing the pocket, missing the net. What the hell am I doing right now.


Why do you skate and you're going to join the Grizzlies Blade Gang if I can play roller hockey on the streets. Local kids. What do you think?


Like you've played five years in the league now. What do you think's like different, better than when you came into the NHL?


Arlingham Yeah, I'm just way more comfortable. I think I know what type of type of player I am.


And yeah, I think when I first came into the league, you know, I was I was kind of afraid to make mistakes, which is something I never really felt, you know, when I was younger. I just wanna play and not really care about anything. I think when I was eighteen, if I made a mistake or otherwise this time, I was kind of always afraid of that. And I think now I'm a lot more comfortable and I'm and trying to play my game.


Not too much pressure on myself and and just enjoy it, you know, have fun.


Don't be easy. Yeah. Let's just move the puck, keep it easy. Play my game. Did you see.


Well, I was going to ask from from a guy who got drafted so high, do you feel like even as a defenseman, there's like a pressure to put up a certain amount of points?


Yeah, I think especially in today's game, I feel like that's what a lot of people look at and they're always talking about points. But I think for me coming to Calgary and even talking to guys like G.L., you know, who's you know, he's just gotten better every year, his whole career. I mean, one's the north at 35. And he's just he's kind of a good example of the process of your career. It's not all about coming in and put up eighty points every year to be like he's like he plays hard defensively.


He grinds. He's a good team in each year. He's just gotten better and better. And then he doesn't care about the points.


No, he doesn't at all. And that's why I think he got some money. He doesn't actually pressure himself to a point.


So do you feel like you're trying to set the foundation is where you're so reliable and you're back and the duties you need to do is what you think a defenseman should be in the NHL and that eventually, over time, add those other things to your back? Yeah, for sure.


Because I think when I first came in. Holy Island, that was my my my weakest area as my defensive game, I struggled a lot in the D on. I wasn't hard enough when I was like 18, 19. And I think just I learned a lot about myself as a player. And I put a big emphasis on getting better in those areas over the past few years. And I'm comfortable with myself now in that area where I feel, you know, I can play in the D and I can play I can do all those things, whereas now it's like, all right, now it's time to get the offensive offensive side going a bit and keep improving.


That area for 25, 30 points is enough to be a liability.


Like fifty nine one year. Yeah. Fifty nine. At that point you can be a little talksport.


You all the time was like, dude, when he was in Anaheim I was desh in the park back inside and I was the beginning of the end.


I made up my mind. So Anaheim get traded to Anaheim and the team stacked.


So to go into the store I bought myself, I shot Unshocking. The team stacked its Pronger, Niedermeyer, Beauchemin, Wasniewski myself, Shelden Rockbank. Like we went to game seven. We went to Game seven, Secorun in Detroit. They went on to lose to the Penguins. Hornets.


I get the off season happens and you know, they're like, are you going to play a bigger role? Because Pronger gets traded to Philly?


I believe it was Philly. He's out. Niedermeyer is like, you know, he's getting a little bit older chirp. So first game. No, no.


But he he had retired. He had retired one year. I don't even know if it's that year, but I don't even know what was the story there.


He was dominant when he played fuck off. So the first game of the year.


Now I'm torp for them playing and they're going to need me to play big minutes. We are down one nothing. I think I was on the ice for the first goal, maybe to nothing. It was to nothing. I was on the ice for both goals and I get a pass over and I rip a one timer right off Patrick Marlow's pads.


He goes right down me, buries me three nothing we lose. And it was over for me as a duck.


I was so shit like Randy didn't like when to begin with. And then I got traded halfway through that year. So I think he's taking on the Pittsburgh days. Maybe it was the Pittsburgh.


I could be wrong, but I knew Jordano when we were younger. So I've talked a couple times. I went to the Quebec tournament in 1997. We won it with the Kings. He was a king.


So shocking, right? Geodon Geodon was on the team we beat. That's why I want to talk. Oh, well, I'm pretty sure he's on the Richmond Hill stars. If he wasn't on the team, he was in the tournament. We played him in another game. So I got to find out if he was on that Richmond All Stars team, if it was another team that's going to rub it in.


We were there to get all these GLSEN tapes. I got my back twenty five to make out at LA Colonsay. Oh, man, you are.


After you guys got bounced, did you keep watching the games or did you know I was pretty much like fuck this for a little bit, but now I'm kind of keeping an eye on it now and watch. And I was I was pretty pissed off. We lost, you know, and you just go through that whole process, you know, you give up a lot. You're gone for like two months. And once you're there, you're like, let's just try to win, you know, let's go all the way and do it.


And once we once we lost, I was pretty frustrated for for a couple of weeks.


But I'm back watching now. Not not like every game, but I'm keeping an eye on who's doing well and watching the team.


So, like, do you think the you guys are up to one twelve seconds off they tie. It is like that. Like just yeah.


We had, we had to you know, tough ones where I mean I feel which game was. But we, we scored then we scored again with like ten seconds to tie the game.


We lost in overtime and then we went into another game where we up, they scored six on five but like ten seconds off and I won overtime. So those two games right there, like, you know, man, you know, it's just it's crazy. The playoffs, I mean, that was my second year and the playoffs and it's just so insane, like how quickly momentum can change.


And, you know, all of a sudden we one bounce back in series different like up to nothing in the game.


We've set it three nothing. It's like not even if it's early. So I'm going over. So it's so weird. I think quick things. I know, because I thought that you guys. Yeah, we're out playing Dallas, you know, and then that one game, they get that late go. Yeah. Three one series is probably.


Oh and then you think it's going to seven for sure. And then you guys are up three in the. Yeah. And that big six and they just yeah.


That was just always half of the tough finish.


But I mean I think even when we played Winnipeg, you know, we did such a good job physically, like we kind of we were on pretty good.


And, you know, I think Dallas did add real good core guys who can move. And I think we just had a hard time establishing like that physical, you know, guy like, you know, Kazakhstan, Bennett, who is an animal in the playoffs.


And he was killing guys every game scoring like playing off his mind. I think even he was just like me. I just think this TDD can move so well.


And so you you aren't surprised to see him have gone as far as I mean, I thought I mean, even like me mean some of the guys are talking.


We knew Dallas is going to be like I thought they were going to be the hardest task, like coming through. I thought if we got through Dallas, we're going to be like have so much confidence, momentum. And I mean, they're good hockey team. You know, they're just they're so hard to play against, are so good offensively that, yeah, there's there's fat.


So it was you know, it was a tough series, just frustrating. So I thought we had a lot of, you know, chances to maybe put them away. And it was a pretty like what I think we played really well at the start and they kind of balance it. I was back and forth, but just to just to lose the way we did in those those late endings, it was pretty.


It's playoffs, man, a little birdie tells you have a nickname Brick, so that Brady, no, a little bird, a little girl, little bird, as is that truth.


And who's that name is Greg. I don't even know where that came from, I think. Yeah, the boys in Calgary said calling me back like a month.


And to me, like I said, my brains, I was like, am I am I really a good guy?


Yeah. Yeah. I think that's is. But is that anger management what I say? Well I mean, what the fuck am I talking nice in the what is Brick the weatherman in that show. OK, at least I have that going for me.


That's why you're Bricknell. I don't know. I don't know why I'm broke. I think some of the boys started like calling it like call me. It was like a joke and then that it ran with that. So would you consider yourself a smart guy?


Like like are you caught up on like maybe current events?


I would say that I would say that I would say I would say like sometimes the common sense wise, the boys in the locker may not be like the smartest. But if if we're talking like current topics, like I know my shifter's.


Yeah. He's he's I mean, I'm a big ass. Well, what's going on in current events?


Oh, well, I was going to ask the miscounting because I like going to the Calgary Stampede.


Got canceled, but I heard you did go the year before.


No, I was supposed to. I was.


I'm not I've always had in the whole year, I was like, this is the I'm going to go stamp this year and get Euro-Med SWIP sponsorship will get you fucking I'm actually you'll be crushin something and every single fucking porta potty at that. Goddamn I said you sick puppy.


I think honestly like going into, you know, having a year off in the stampede going into next year I think it's.


Oh yeah. I got a contract. You don't go to stampede fucking years off your life. I want your contract.


I want to go, I want to go to stampede. I've never been there I Commodore since the day I met him on one of those oh ten years Commodore.


He came to the Gulf chip off the stampede one year.


He's a different human being. He said it just crushes you fourteen days or something like that.


He when he comes out like a boot outfit, like he's had like some epiphany after a 14 day heater at fucking stand. Hint of all it is. It's it's something I like. I've never seen.


I've heard like all the boys, like Chucky, like Barney and all these guys are just like man you have to come.


Even Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, you say, I love Fourth of July because it's usually you're on the Fourth of July and everyone is because like I love the Fourth of July, he's like, can you have the theater stampede?


He's like, it's three times he's following you, Johnny.


Johnny was in the parade. The one you're on right now, a city of Gucci fucking. Hi.


Do you sign like your brand Louis jeans and Gucci shoes, like like skipping down down nine five on the fucking Paris?


Oh, I got him. He's a legend.


I took I took a rumor hook, line and sinker about how he showed up out of out of shape to camp dude.


And I felt terrible. Yeah. He never will come on again. I know. I fucked us up now he definitely probably he probably isn't even at all like he's like, oh I texted him, I said hey BIID like they were applauding it at T.S.A. and shit.


And I was like I didn't like who I go who said it. I remember the night he goes like this do go because he's working out of shape. I said, Setsu, he's like the media, like the front page, like Calgary Herald, like they want to go out, say that and then give me a second. Oh my God. I can't, I can't believe you do it. And then Checketts Meems posted a fucking picture. Yeah, he's a fat boy, Johnny.


Your jaw is like one of those like Cartes. Oh.


Oh, I wasn't even mad anymore that I created this.


Remember that he came in out of shape. Oh, just the fact that you're shooting like two is so Johnny.


I'm sorry, but it was worth you. You are not sure it was worth a good meme. You're a victim to the meme.


Got Chiclets memes. Oh no.


After your first season in Calgary, what was your first time in the playoffs as well? Obviously you had the crowds last year.


The fans last year was everything you would anticipated as a kid growing up was even bigger than that. What was that?


Yeah, I mean, I think even being in Calgary, we had the whole Sierra Leone, which is something I hear is pretty hyped up and just the experience that it was wild, like the whole city. I mean, that's a cool demo playing in the Canadian market. As you know, there's a lot of pressure to do well. But I mean, when you're in the playoffs and like you had the whole city behind you and like every Barres Bosnia and on the on the street and in their ranks is going crazy.


I mean, it's a pretty cool atmosphere. It's a cool experience. I mean, unfortunately, you know, we lost last year to Colorado and this year we didn't have any fans. But I mean, that was one of the coolest experiences of my career for sure.


I think there's just just like, massive like. Yeah. Like being able to provide somebody else that much joy. Yeah. Where you win a series and they like, look at you like you're fucking God, I've made their year.




And they get the fuck. And Rick from Red who's rooting for the Oilers that year online and they love it. Yeah, they do. It was I mean, that's the cool part. Like I said, I'll plan in Canada when you're doing well. It's it's unbelievable. It's a it's totally different than anything I've.


Yeah, well, I wouldn't know, but I could tell it's about you getting fucking 50 percent off, although every although you get an Orange Julius for free, you get to look at the ATM with that's like a Ferrari from like ninety three in it.


People were like, oh my.


I thought it was like the DeLorean. Hey how about, how about the Halsy got the Ford deal and they put like the four in the head. Yeah.


So Halsy knew Jan and Ebb's got shox. Right.


You know, like their star rookies to dump trucks. Dude, I got the picture so we can have the, the insignia put up. They got these trucks, the seats are orange and blue euler's colors and the shirt on their numbers in the head shot up.


Oh yeah. For haul and just the blue and royal, the royal blue and the orange all over the truck. And then they sold them off at the end of the year and the guys like sign the headdress.


Who were the guys in the year on Calgary getting the deals with Johnny Cash?




Yeah, when I'm home as a player, he's getting the suit. Brown and Johnny, like I mean, Calgary is like Edmonton, like you got tons of snow. It's kind of like crazy weather and Giannis is zipping around as Greg and Matt Black Like everyone the city's only McClatchey bag on the city's like everyone knows who he is and he's stepping down. He's great. What about locker room tunes now what's going on.


Reino took over Renaldo Zakarin although yeah he did a good job when he went to see this.


They were thrown over the picture. Halsy struck with the custom leather seats.


Gosh, he was gonna drive that one us. They would all rip around everything in their locker room drugs.


That is unbelievable. That's the amount that's Canaria. So he was a good addition to like he kind of had Lagrand.


Oh, he's awesome. Yeah. He was such a good. Just brings so much energy every day. Just awesome, awesome guy. When he, when he plays he plays so hard. Kellerman Yeah.


I love that guy. He's, I think he's a free agent this year. So I think a lot of us are hoping, you know, we get to resign them and bring him back because he's he was huge for our team.


Did he get Looch going a bit to the. Oh, yeah. The Fed officials, do they die there?


I know that that's when you knew they were the warm ups were in warm ups and you'd see Luján Reino scale on the red line, like staring at guys had their blonde hair on me.


It's like junior shit. Yeah. They're taking it back home. I was on the other team. I saw Reino and Iron guys down there, Bletch like I Renaldo's from Hamilton do.


Those guys are fucking street thugs. Yeah. Yeah they like you. They like hit you with a fucking crowbar. Oh man.


Yeah. They're tough dudes both of them but rhinos. Awesome. I love them. He took all platoons and once went to the playoffs because I think Anderson had the tunes on and sorry but they're trash so he was playing No.


One. It was, it wasn't even trash like all the years. Love that he was playing crazy techno stops. All the girls were like, yeah, yeah. And then Reino kind of, you know, just took over and I was God, you can't get the endorphins going too much before the game. Yeah. That's, that's what grounded God. He started off I pretty mellow like good tunes and then right before he was backing it up. Yeah.


Are you guys the team that cuts music off like a couple times before you go out for warm up.


Now we right up. Yeah. We go right up like even rock and roll. There's this that's. Come on.


I remember yeah. I might have played on one team that did that. I loved it because I always said the reason I loved it is you still have all the time after.


Yeah. To why in your room and talk and get it going. Oh yeah. You going to warm up.


Who cares. Oh yeah. Got Gary Roberts had come in six seconds before warmups literally and know this kills the buzz like I needed to go with what I hear. Yeah exactly. That way. Just throwing that hair in the wind when it's long, you know. Yeah.


You're always like this. My fucking scalp comes off, they'll put the home alone gift from the guy, get electrocuted up, carry your hair.


Oh, I'm, I'm, I'm the other guy. Harry isn't Harry. Joe Pacioretty. Oh, Harry is the guy who got selected. Yeah, I'm Harry. You're Harry. Some guy called Harry looked like a skinny.


What's the other guy's name. I know the mob and Harry.


I'm not a big ma ma ma. I would have. I wanted to ask you about this man. Your Panay is how you say Japonica. He's a fucking softball player.


Yeah. Awesome dude. Yeah he is. He he's another guy who's came up from Stockton.


He was up and down a bit last year. Then this year he just full time playing second line. He's playing with Kucuk a lot. Just a real good player, like a lot hockey. Hisense plays hard, smaller guy.


But no I love oh kind of came on another good looking guy too.


Like beauty, like he was a little stubborn at the beginning of the year with his contract. But but you know, he was boys are all about it. Yeah but but I. Oh yeah but but he no he knew his value. He felt back that up fucking your money by the SEC player. Yeah. I like guys fucking barque. Talk a little bit. He's probably like Monohan, give me a couple of your millions, motherfucker. No, seriously, when you have any of the meetings with the front office, general managers or whatever you think they're going to, maybe I don't off grading on a curve is the right terminology.


But you think it might be a little different this year given the pandemic? That might not be as harsh on some guys. And I'm not I don't mean you particularly.


No. Yeah, yeah. No, I think probably more of a focus towards just like the bubble in that whole because there's so much time in between.


It's almost like an off season in between the playoffs and the regular season. So it was just such a strange year. So I'd probably say I mean, we had we had a month long camp and we went and we had two rounds. So we played a lot of hockey when we came back. So I'm sure that's probably going to be the focus point.


I would say you play in energy plan, planning to go? Oh, yeah, I've been playing the game. I feel like everything from around here plays golf.


Yeah, I don't understand what actually I'll take that back.


If you don't play golf or fish in the off season as a hockey player, I don't know what you're doing it up in Vegas like crushing Jason straight up rockets and just rip it up at night. But some people like to be competitive in the off season.


I mean, I started playing probably like three or three or four years ago. I joined Wally, but every time I get to play, I try to get out there and it's a blast, man. I mean, it's like like this.


I mean, all the Boston guys play, so it's easy to get out there, like, hazier Keith and all those guys.


So it's a blast who you golf in with all the time you saw to sandwich, would you say? I heard he heard it. Yeah. That's a big if you're there too. Yeah. Big. So what does that mean.


Like what, you can't go join old sandwich or do you have to be like.


I think it's possible that he could. He's a ball track and I see his contract.


What do you make in bank.


Yeah, I thought the general saying, yeah, let's do it. This is where it starts. What he is left at four point nine five zero eight under five is your like.


I feel like it's like some Colquitt you got to do some like crazy initiation. So I feel this Nahlah members there.


No there's yeah. There's not, there's not a lot of national members. Oh. Oh. You're all walking. Take a look at all the skulls.


Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba. Yeah. No I love so much. No we're not ending this are we. Good. This has been a blah so I'm having I'm having a good time. You're our last interview before we leave Boston. Oh. Been on a long trip.


Oh. I wish I got to come in a little bit earlier. Hang out the. Do you think someday in fifteen years you'll, you'll live here or in the city.


Yeah I like mass. In Mass. Yeah. 100 percent at least my body man. Yeah. I love, I love, I love being home. I love Boston. All my friends, all my family here. So I'm like oh I know.


I never considered having anymore. I don't know how I would like the cabin and I feel such a biased asshole and box and all the boys are like oh my God. But I'm like man it's a best. I love it here. I know.


And if you're from I don't know if you're from a really small town somewhere in United States, Canada like and then you end up playing in a city like.


Yeah, yeah. You can see. And I think being from here you don't see many guys are from here. Make the NHL not live here.


Yeah. No, you know, this work takes him somewhere and then and then a chalet and baths and that would be perfect. Nice little bounce around the frame there. They have six Memphis. Now that lays a pretty nasty course there.


I like that. Yeah there is.


We went to Jasper for camp with the Oilers one year and we play that was sick. I don't think that's necessarily as big as Banff.


I could be way wrong there, but it was still same type setting, unreal mountains, beautiful golf. There was a moose on the green. I came up to a hole that was I got a picture that to a giant moose. This thing must have been ten feet tall.


I think Jasper was when we had that, I was in training camp with the Kings and they had this like crafts bill and we were playing against the Oilers and Jasper. And my first two shifts to the game, we got cut out there against McDavid.


I played like five shifts the whole game in the league with McDavid.


No, it was exhibition. I was with the Kings. They, like, made me go up there because the vets didn't want to. My first two shifts we got out there. Hamdallah against McDavid through the puck was in the back of our net faster than you could have said jackrabbits shows.


Oh so I played like that guy is. So that's what I knew. That's what, that was the video game moment where I was like there's never, I will never get a sniff at the Nationals. It's over. It's over, it's over.


How about enjoy the soggy subs if he gets it with one step in your little flat and you're like, oh my God, this is zero change on TV.


He looks like absurdly fast. But on the ice, it's it's even crazier, man. Like he comes at you, like in you like are I like I'm I'm flying back to doing but I have a good job. And then he does like it's a youth hockey like that bass player going to skate around and on and he, I don't know how he does.


He is such a good skater. He does like on his edges and everything he does, it's balance.


And when he's on his edges he still like crossing over parties, just gaining more speed and just yeah.


Not to interrupt you, but just like how well he can make plays at that speed to like he's making like no dishes. Three I. It's going 100 miles an hour, so it gets crazy and he says, oh, that's not yeah, he's complete, he's on the juice on another level.


That's a that's that's what you want to do.


This is the flames players saying McDavid is on the juice. Gary Roberts, stick those needles in my ass.


I'm done.


I know you said you were down the vineyard earlier. Obviously, the schedule's much on the fly right now as far as next season. And Americans are very limited in where we can vacation. But you get any other trips planned, maybe somewhere in the continental US?


Yeah, I'm probably going down to Florida in October. Oh, nice place in Galata, Guy.


Oh, get him first sandbagger. We were going to do him this week. I was on the phone. We were going to do him and you got the right ring and stuff.


Yeah. We get the rat ring. Yeah I'll be down. I'm a rat race. Go you go for the Atlantic side.


I think I'm probably going to like the Naples area. Yeah. USA, USA. Yeah. I got a couple of family friends on there. Remember that sometimes those of you, my buddies I go down. You are going down October.


I'm going on in February for the month but I'm going to Pinehurst. October. Yeah. Oh yeah.


How sweet is that. It's awesome. Have you, have you back. Yeah. We have a group of buddies that's in Florida.


That's how it's I really like and I don't bring Menotti's too.


Yeah. Yeah. No shit. What the hell is so what's so special about it. So it's like Donald Ross live there and I think there's eight courses, eight instructors, eight courses and there's also up like a par three course.


It's really fun. And they have like a U.S. Open like every five years. Basically it's a world class, one of the hardest, coolest courses in the country.


But the cool thing is you can't lose a ball, but it's impossible. Like you hit it off the fairway. You're in like the pine straw. And yes, you will never lose it.


Shirt and everywhere, sand everywhere. And then you get to the greens. And these greens are just like Donald Ross. If you're a golf nerd, you know what I mean? You hit up there, it goes to top.


It rolls back down from there to the green there. All slow fox. Yeah, it's it's mental warfare. Amazing place.


So if you like golf. So I'm going down there in October, actually.


And it's funny enough, we are we have a twelve man trip every year. We go in April, but this year we had to move it.


So October we're going, we have a hole in one place every year guy everyone throws in a hundred bucks or twelve hundred the first year and then we got it to twenty four hundred for after the second year.


Well my boy falls the prankster. He's been investing this money dude so it was at twenty four hundred. We got it up to eighty eight hundred in the market. So now hole in one. If you make a hole in one you take the pot. So if this goes for 10 more years without any of us get an ace, which easily could happen, this thing could be hundred again.


So yeah, I'm excited about that one.


But no I'll never get one or you don't know the story. Well, what's the story? You want to tell it again? I think I enjoy hearing it every time. I didn't know anything about golf.


I didn't play golf. My grandfather sent me and my buddy golfing at his golf course, Woods Hole and Falmouth. Beautiful course I was fourteen or fifteen.


I think we got beers that night. We're under sixteen or sixteen.


Say I didn't give a shit like we were just out there like he was pretty good. My buddy Jack, he's always play.


I was terrible and I just went home and my grandpa was I was golf. My Grampian really got a hole in one like I don't know, I was just fucking around.


Well, I bet I didn't know. I didn't know I'd lie about. I know how big of a deal was full blown diabetes.


He goes out, makes me a plaque. No, I never told him and he passed away. So I'll never get one like the calm of that.


And I didn't understand, like, the significance of, like a hole in one. And my mother's played golf like four times in her life. Like she has a hole in one me. There was 100 yard hole. She hit her driver. It rolled on the ground, one in the hole.


Did you understand the significance of lying to your grandfather, Donna? I was fucking with him.


Yeah, I know some people. That's I got them the like. So, you know, I'm a Billy, like the guy I met the Phalen last year. My my dad bought my dad's body like his dad was a huge golfer.


He had like twelve or thirteen home ones and he got like most of them and he was like seventy seven year old. Twelve or thirteen. Yeah. Hitting like hybrid's off par threes like three by the way, when like he was a sec all but he was like old, he was getting like all these horny ones. I guess it's weird how people. Hey, so his body's dead.


Well before we say that Kevin Stevens came over, we didn't mention his whole New York one. Yes.


Just on Indian pond. We'll have to pump that up when we drop his interview, though. Yeah, that was sick to hear. It was his first one, too, he said, right?


Yes. So no noise brings to the member guest at Wollaston, the fan club.


He brings his dad's buddy. What's his name? Billy Pender.


Billy Pender. This guy is hilarious. So he's cracking everyone up.


Nobody knows him. But just like, unreal, dude, he's hanging out. It's a great time. Everyone's having a time and a half crushin beers.


So the last day. The last day of the turkey.


It's a long weekend. Everyone's drinking all weekend. I got a buddy who's just wrecked. Crippled and he goes to put in a dip, he goes to put in a pouch and he's like waffle in the pouch, rips open, dips all over his, he's got shit all over his mouth. Some of it's on his lip where it should be. Just look at a mess and he pulls up the hand.


If it's dad and his buddy Billy and the guy Billy just looks or he could say a word.


Would you blow the Cookie Monster? Dude is shit.


We didn't even know my buddy. And he was, like, shocked at first. But then it was so funny. Like, he couldn't not laugh. Like everyone was like Colorado because he didn't know.


Yeah, but it was it was so hard that if you didn't laugh at it like, oh, I wish I was in the family to bring him back this year.


And he said, oh, that guy was sober, his comedy.


Do you have any more questions, Ari? I like that.


Kind of runs the gamut. I always ask about guys. Oh, my God. I was going to ask about Monohan. That guy. He's the best.


You guys do you guys laugh at that? They got a Twitter account because he's a pretty vanilla guy. Yeah. He's like he won't give you.


He's like most monotone guy we interviewed him would just be like one word. But he give us anything, I think.


Yeah. Like, he is one of the funniest guys on our team, like dry sense of humor. He'll be saying something. He won't change his emotion at all. But like Hilda, say the funniest shit in the world. Maybe he's one of those guys, but like good sense of humor, like I think he'll be hilarious. Honestly, maybe. I think he's a quiet guy with. I don't know. Yeah. Yeah.


I don't understand how some of these guys, like, they can't like one day, just kind of like just like with the media, like start fucking with them a little bit because they get asked the same shit all the time, professional, some old school guys or they just won't give you any.


Yeah they won't.


Yeah. I mean I think it's slowly starting to change a bit. You're seeing some, some, I mean not nearly as much as it could be. Like hockey I think has some of the funniest characters.


Oh it's I've started to like fully being the majority guys really fucking with the media like I like just joking.


Oh we need it. We need it immediately. Flip it. I can't get a serious answer. Oh man. Yeah.


That's what there Chanhassen we had him on, he said every time he got ask the same question by a media memory to have a different answer for it. So like they'd be asking these questions in the pile that are very similar and he's given, like, contradicting himself.


But he was doing it to fuck with the team up. Yeah. Anyway. Oh no, it was great to great to chat with you. It's been a while, two years back when we were at the New Balance arena, but thanks for having me do it. Yeah. We appreciate you coming on and more success to you in the next few years, boys.


Thanks again. Big thanks to local lad Noah handphone stopping by the old chip that's compound, we had to do a nice little interview. I'm not sure if we did the tally yet for challenging Robert Portaloos a budget. Do you know how many times he said, you know.


I don't know, but we got some Psycho fan that's going to count them all, that's that's the craziest part about this podcast, is some nut job at homes in a count. How many you know, she dropped to see if he beat Bobby, you know, or show and if, in fact, he did dethrone Bobby in order to kill. We're going to have to get Bobby, you know, or to go back on a little, a little, you know, off we got to talk about Alex pitcher Angela.


Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. Yeah.


I mean, see, I get that it looks like he's moving on, talk to the blues broke off. He's going to be UFE on October 9th. His quote was there was a discussion on Friday. And I guess the best way to sum it up, we haven't really made much progress. Our pal Andy Strickland says the contract structure is the biggest hurdle. That's kind of an organizational philosophy versus a representation philosophy. Again, one going back to any jail room is once again, he said on Friday afternoon.


The sides are about two million apart in that he hit you UFE that night. Darren Dreger basically confirmed the NRD report that he would be going to unrestricted free agency under Tom Stollman and Doug Armstrong.


A team has never built signing bonuses into a deal. Presumably that's something that trying to do. Of course, they gave a lot of money to Justin Fox. They did assume the cap was going to go up. Of course, that didn't happen. He did not return.


He did not rule out a return to the blues business. What's your take on this guy?


Well, last I heard, as far as what they offered was maybe seven point seven or seven point five anywhere in that range. But what they wouldn't do is they wouldn't tell them the structure of the deal. That's what I heard anyway. And then it comes out that pitch, Rangel's cap is asking as high as nine point twenty five, just above the contract of Fred's defenseman, Roman Yoshie of nine point zero five nine. Avy Yoshie also has thirty four million in signing bonuses built into that first four years of his contract.


So I don't know. I don't know if this is them just playing hard ball and eventually they'll come back. But as you said, it seems as if though these two people are going to are these two what do you call them? The two parties. Yeah. Are going to part ways. And yeah, I guess it sucks. It sucks. He's a very good defenseman. There's there's rumors that Toronto is extremely interested, not know where they're going to fit him in as far as budget's concerned.


And then Vegas Golden Knights. So I don't know. It's it's a shitty situation. I'm sure a lot of the fans are upset, given that this is the captain that brought them their first ever Stanley Cup. Definitely. And he's hot.


It's a it's a business. And and you get you're on the other side of thirty and you're depreciating asset in this business.


So as much as he is and has plenty of years left of being really good.


There's teams and decisions to be made in terms of like, well, we've gotten a lot out of him, he's been an amazing player. He brought us the Stanley Cup. But we want to be tied into somebody who may be on the last few years of this deal, won't be the player he is.


So it's just it's the business part of it. And it sucks for him because I'm sure he wanted to play for one team his entire career. And it sucks for blues fans that they really loved them. But I think wherever he goes next from now, he'll pick a good team. I'm guessing he's not going to he's not going to just take in more money. I wouldn't think at least to go on anyone. He's probably going to try to go to a team to win another one and shove it in the hoop.


Another case of the coronavirus, you know, pending another freeagent over DPI style.


Actually, boys, this news is a bit of a shocker that actually broke right after we recorded talking, which we recorded last episode in Minnesota, traded Eric Staal to Buffalo for Marcus Johansson.


Stall did not have Buffalo on his 10 team. I do not trade me the list. Oops, stall.


He's going to be thirty six when the next season starts making three and a quarter mil. Johansen will be thirty when the next season starts. He'll be making four and a half mil, both guys unrestricted after the next season whenever it gets played.


What what's your reaction to this trade man. I just, I was just kind of like one of those like.


Huh? Like not so much a one for one. Just the staghorn of Buffalo just seemed like out of left field. Yeah, it did.


And the only explanation is get belligerent quotes. And I'm, I don't remember the exactly what he said, but the whole point was I if I don't if I don't change things here, it's just going to be the same thing again. I got to make changes, which I respect. I think you go in and yeah, maybe some of them are kind of random and maybe some of them end up not working.


But if you've had kind of a stagnant issue with a team not really being able to get over the hump, well, go in and move some big pieces around and try to make some big changes.


So that's where they're at.


It's definitely odd, though, to see style get traded then what's his kapit now? Three, three, three and a quarter.


And your Johannsson is four and a half.


Four and a half. Yeah.


Yeah. So they're looking to just maybe have a guy who's a little quicker, can create offense a little bit better in their minds and is looking for a veteran to try to help build some of these young guys get things figured out.


I think Stal got interviewed and I think one of the questions was like, were you given any type of heads up? And I don't think that I don't know what the protocol is here. Right. Because, you know, Billie Jean is a well respected guy. Apparently, he didn't give him the heads up. And you think that maybe stall's been around long enough where, you know, at least you're going to get the heads up. You're getting shifted over to Buffalo.


And as far as not having Buffalo on your ten team, no trade clause, maybe he thought it was like that was like a guaranteed league wide rule. Like Buffalo is automatically a part of that. Don't move close at all.


I don't think maybe maybe the it's not collected the three percent for this year.


It is noteworthy when you want to cut back with Carolina in 2006.


Buffalo general manager Kevin Adams is a member of that squad as well. I don't know if they're boys or whatever, but there is a history there.


And yeah, they probably just want to be boys. He's going to have to beg them not to retire now.


Yeah, and it looks like the pencil in your hands as a center in Minnesota. He's he was great. I mean, we had him here in Boston briefly.


He was, I thought, outstanding with the run he had here. When he's healthy, he's he's a hell of a player. So we'll see where he ends up on other big wild moves.


We got some Minnesota wild news for both fans this week.


Not necessarily good. They also won't be resigning. Thirty seven year old Captain Michael Koivu, he's the team franchise leader in games, assists and points, among other categories. He was the first player to play all 1000 NHL games with many one thousand twenty eight total. He's the only full time captain that the franchise has ever had since 09. They did the rotating thing before that. Boy Scouts got you first because you think he sticks around a lot, that he hangs up, goes back to Sweden.


And he, I think a prime minister, much like, yeah, I'm thinking I get I'm reading Johanssons.


Oh, same thing or something to them.


I think you're looking at a Pavlovsky situation where, you know, he gets one last kick at the can and goes to a winner and takes a I mean, I don't think he's going to get paid like Pawelski, but maybe like a one or two year deal and can provide that leadership. And just even going back to the stall situation, I think he's going to go to Buffalo and he's the type of guy where he takes a lot of pride in his game.


He's just going to shut the mill. And that'll probably be good for for the younger guys in Buffalo to get a wily veteran like Eric Staal, who has still been able to produce in the last four years. I mean, when he moved over to Minnesota, like he was, I think his first year there, he of forty to talk. So, you know, it's as far as Mickey Koivu, a great tenure with. Minnesota, they were never able to get over the hurdle, but just a great solid player from Finland has been able to represent his country.


And I hope that he's one of those guys that ends up moving over to a winning team where he can have a little bit of fun and not have necessarily that pressure that he's had in Minnesota as captain the last the last decade. Yeah, it'll be, let's see, 38 and March for gold played against him.


Sorry, I played against him. It starting in international tournaments at like 17. He's 83. And I remember from the first time we ever played against this guy, he was just like a man.


He was so much stronger than everyone in front of the net. He was like a bull, but he was so skilled he's running their power play. I was like, this is what a future NHL player looks like. And you end up being like, I wish he was a top ten pick in oh one six six overall.


Yeah, this guy was I swear, I swear I was incredible. And so I've always kind of really admired his game.


And I got to play with his brother Saku, who in Anaheim, who everyone knows what he's been through and battled it out throughout his amazing career. So I think it's just a family of guys who their teammates love playing with them. And I think he'll definitely get one more chance. I don't think he'll get much money at all because he's had a bunch of injuries, too. Well, that's what I was saying.


I think it's a situation where you go in like I mean, look at Paddy Maroon. He went down to Tampa Bay, took nine hundred to go to a winning team. You look at Shaq and Kirk who got bought out, went down to a winning team. I think this is a guy who could go be a you know, a fourth line center are on a very solid team who wants to make a push for the cup. And I imagine with all the money he's made, he'd be willing to do so for a million bucks.


Yeah, that's pretty much where he played a lot of this season. Like I said, four seventeen assist in 55 games. He had been battling injuries the last couple of years, five point five million he made. So, yeah, he'll be for sure taken a pay cut after that.


But considering per cap friendly, he's made over 69 million in his career, I'm sure he won't mind a pay cut to play another season. I of course, we're curious to see if he extends his career elsewhere.


It's always nice to go a little longer if he can. That's why you guys should check out Roman swipes.


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Boice question here.


Eric Stal. Jesus Christ. I didn't realize how many games he's played. Twelve hundred and forty games by the time he's done well, if he plays let's say let's say he gets two more years and it gets gets right now he's at a thousand twenty one points. Is he a Hall of Famer. Thousand and twenty one point Stanley Cup winner. Oh, man, I don't know, but there's such a backlog right now of guys who need to get in.


IRA, you mentioned that when when the last induction took place, or at least they announced the last guys so many gold medals.


Does he have to. He's got Vancouver. Did he was he in Sochi? I'm not sure I'm going to say, no, he wasn't in Sochi, so, yeah, he's another fringe guy.


Yeah, it's quite the career I'd be interested in the next several years because there are so many Hall of Fame worthy players that we've seen. And, you know, guys who you think you're going to get in don't because they vote in some guy who's been on the ballot for 25 years and we didn't think was a Hall of Famer. So I'm sure there'll be a lot of pissing and moaning in the next few Novembers.


Moving along a few other notes here, the Penguins announced they signed a two year, five point eighty eight million dollar extension for twenty four year old forward Jared McCan, annual kapit of two point ninety four million. He had 14 goals, twenty one assists in 66 games. Last year, Joel Edmondson signed with the Habs. He gets a nice little pay for himself for year fourteen dollars million deal. Of course, they traded a fifth round for his rights about a week ago.


It's going to be a three point five million dollar annual cap hit for the twenty seven year old defenseman he spent last season with the Canes after one in the cup with the Blues. Seven goals, thirteen assists in 68 games last year. Let's see what else we got here. Jim on.


Well, let me touch it. Let me touch on that medicine here. Like for a guy who's, you know, he's a warrior, for him to get term is nice. That's that's the meal ticket right there. And I couldn't have been more happy for him. I shot him a tax and he was he was over the moon about it. So congratulations to Joel Edmondson, who was the other guy you just mentioned as well, Jared McCann.


Penguins gave him a two year extension. Yeah, I think that's a fair deal. I think I think he had our brights and I think he might have gotten a little bit more. But I think in order to play in Pittsburgh and have a chance to be on a winning team and a chance at the cup, I think he's he's a nice little piece. You know, he came over in that trade from Florida with Beukes that was was in that same trade with.


Not positive, but, well, I think he was and you're an idiot for not knowing that so we can move on.


All right, I'll take that. I'll take that. I wasn't really listening to the boys, boys, boys. All right.


Let's see where fate. We're failing our faith.


No, no, no, we're not. All good. Well, I really well, I was actually looking at I was looking at at a at a couple pictures. I apologize for that. Yeah.


Actually Bui's Penguins did they did get Beug stagey Beukes that in McKernon, that same trade for Brassard and Riley.


Wow. Biz's feeling that he had in his fucking notepad that nerd fucking high-stepping right now plus two Deon's style couple hits with a couple of block shots.


I'm like the Alexia's of the Pod five, those three assists for him so far in the playoffs. He's been a little bit of an offensive powerhouse himself.


Alexis got five bucks. Yeah. Holy shit. Absolutely. We didn't have that front office news as well. Jim Montgomery last got a coach Dallas before a bonus because he had some personal issues resulted in him being dismissed while he's back to work.


He signed with St. Louis as an assistant. And you know what?


Good for him. We're glad to hear he's in a much better place.


You know, the guy didn't do anything criminal, you know, but basically had some insubordination at work, some personal issues. He addressed them openly, which, again, we've talked about before. And it isn't an easy thing to do with your family, let alone publicly, publicly in such a huge forum. So hopefully, again, he's doing well, he's back to work and things are looking up for him. Many Malhotra went to Toronto as a bench assistant.


He was one of the sort of eye in the sky assistance for Vancouver. So this is obviously a move up the ladder for him. So congrats to Manny Malhotra. He's a great player, a great professional as well.


Arizona officially signed Bill Armstrong as its GM. It was sort of a rumor when we last talked to you folks, but it's official now. He was the blues assistant GM director of images scouting for the previous two seasons, Purple LeBrun. It's a five year deal at around one million per year, which is similar to fellow first time GM Bill Zettl, what he got in Florida. Besides, I don't know if you want to chime in there. I know it's that, you know, boss or whatever, but feel free to pass it along if you want to about Bill Armstrong.


He's coming on the podcast. Oh, we're going to get it.


Yeah. Yeah, we're going to get him on. We're going to get him on in the next couple of weeks. Guys really excited about this guy worked under Doug Armstrong. I don't think there's any relation right now.


I didn't see any yet. Now I look for it. I know well noted that.


Listen, the good news is, is he worked under Doug Armstrong and he knows what the fuck he's doing. So I've really excited to see what he can do with the coyotes. I know there's a lot of. A lot of talk surrounding the team and the fact that they're trying to move guys all recommend Larsons in the conversation and the fact that Boston's talking about it right now. Did you guys read that?


Yeah, I did read that. Kick the tires, as they say. What's that mean? What's that?


Well, that basically it just means, hey, you might trade them. What do you think any do you ever want for OBL?


To me, it just means the general manager is doing his job. That's what they're supposed to do.


Ask around and keep tabs on guys. So, all right, with the U.S. Open this weekend, and most guys look pretty good out there, but I thought a couple of guys could use the check. Let's bump when it came to fashion.


Let me tell you about Peter Miller, guys, because if you ever seen these quarters episode where from Peter Miller, they're the most perfect golf attire and every single like cool morning, you know, right now, I teed off today. It was about 50 degrees. So, you know, a long sleeve shirt. And I throw like Peter Molalla cause if it's perfected, so it's a great price point right around one hundred bucks. Easy care you could throw in your golf bag, weighs nothing and just look sharp.


Actually, at night I take showers and then I put our NBG sweatpants on and then I check on my premolar quarter zip and then I go down and I roll out and I stretch a little bit trying to keep my body fit and not disgusting.


But Peter Miller helps you not look disgusting either because it's perfect. So I think that you got to check it out. They have the card, of course, comfort.


That's what they say they want me to read. And it's true, you know, I mean, you sit in the car you're wearing and you just walk to the course and you look good. So please go Peter dot dotcom, slash Checketts, go there now and use code barstool at checkout for a complimentary performance hat so you can rock a little led to with your quarters up.


So check it out.


Peter Mollah, where it's at, there was a guy in the U.S. Open who was rocking it. That was a lot of guys. Tabarrok rocking it.


Well, one of them, it said Peter Millaa in the back of Henry English. Harris, that is I believe it was. Yeah, he was. Rock It looks great as well. Pretty crown, pretty anticlimactic.


Finish what the dechambeau end up winning it by the football you won by six.


Yeah, crazy performance. I was playing golf so in Seattle and I watched today. And I mean, this guy has just totally changed, changed the game in a sense, because I think he hit four of his last twenty one fairways. He's just hitting it as far as humanly possible and he hits it straight. I mean, he's relatively very straight for how far he's hitting it and then he just gouges it out of the rough and he runs it onto the green.


So the rough was so long and everyone's talking about you're so dead if you don't hit the fairway, it's the U.S. Open. Well, if you hit 360 and then you flip a wedge out of the rough and it runs up to the green, turns out you can win the tournament by six, being the only player under par. So I saw a very interesting tweet by Phil Mickelson that said he's able to do it at Wingfoot because there's openings to the Greens where you can run things out of the rough, where he won't be able to hit it high and get it to stop with the green.


You got to run it low. But a lot of open courses don't have that where you wouldn't have been able to do that out of the rough, if that makes any sense. So, I mean, this guy, he's a bizarre human being, but what he's done is just wild because he's he's he's he's made golf like fans and and players kind of question where the game's going.


I mean, I listen to Bones McKay, Phil Mickelson, Phil Mickelson's caddie for all those years, and now he works for NBC. And he said one of the days he said, just if you have a kid who plays golf, just tell them to swing as hard as they possibly can every time.


And it used to be about like, you know, hitting it accurate and hitting greens and now it's just speed.


So I don't know if the game is good or better or worse with that. I certainly don't love it. I don't pound it. I fly like two 265 rolls out to 80 to 85. I mean, these guys are hitting it three forty. It's fucking crazy. So they can't they can't even play courses anymore that are that are unreal.


So for our non hard core golf listeners, what he's done to is all of his irons are the same length as well.


Right. That's he's turned on that. Right.


So he's turned himself into a robot where everything's always in the exact same spot. Maybe he moves it back in his stance. But I tell you what, man, it's as like a non hardcore golf fan. He's an entertaining guy to watch because you could tell his wheels are constantly turning.


It's it's like watching me on the golf course, minus the fact that I will not break it all else. Never stop turning either now.


So that's why I could appreciate him. So he's found a new way in order to get the job done. Now, with he's sorry. Go ahead.


The first thing you notice, whether your girlfriend knows how Buffy is, he's much more jacked than a standard girlfriend. And I'm not trying to imply anything here, but it made me think, does golf have piss testing?


I don't think they do. I mean, I don't think, man, I you know what, I can't answer that chirp tomato juice and didn't he? Yeah, I think he did, too. Maybe they don't. I'll tell you, though, like, he's gained probably 30 to 40 pounds. I mean, he was an amazing player beforehand, but it's very true about the robot. And I think he read this book like the Gulf Mechanic or something like that.


I'm getting the name wrong, but golfers will know what I'm talking about. And it's very it turns things into a robot in a way that when he putts, he he walks off every single putt.


So if the putts 17 feet, he knows exactly how far to bring his hands. And then if the putts. Twenty five feet, he knows exactly a little further to bring his hands.


And it's all just not much feel to it.


But holy shit, watching this dude hit a golf ball, he's just flying it over any tree or any issue there is.


It's it's nuts.


Now to to talk about the other guy, Wolf, he was out driving DeChambeau. So kind of that theory is a little like, well, no, he kind of was doing the same thing. He's he's another guy that's like they call it a bomb and go bomb and gouge.


Now, in golf, where you don't need to hit the fairway if you hit it very close to the green. So he's one of those kids that's grown up. He's like a pro. I'm not going to say prodigy, but he's been a superstar his whole life. That kid, he he lost the U.S. junior AM in the final. And then he went to Oklahoma State, which is, you know, Boston University of College Golf. I'm saying college hockey be used to like their powerhouse.


And he won.


I think he won the NCAA titles freshman or sophomore year and then turned pro and won his first year on tour. So he's grown up. And like all these kids I'm talking about, they just repeat he's just grown up with distance and the equipment that they have and the speed they're able to generate. I mean, that kid's like six feet a buck 65. He looks like these golfers are tiny. And you see some of these guys, they look they look big on TV.


Justin Thomas looks like a good fit in my pocket.


Oh, I saw I remember seeing Roy for the first time. He's like five, six. And there's they're pounding it. So he's one of those dudes that's grown up doing that. But I mean, I think that his game so interesting to watch. He's got the hitch before the swing. He's got the the crazy looking action that's completely homemade. I guess his swing was like that and he went to see his coach. George Gannicus is one of the top coaches in golf and he went to see him.


And he's like, all these people tell me I need to change my swing. The guy's like, we aren't change shit. We can adjust thing. But that's your swing. And you're talking about the knee buckle.


I'm talking about, you know, like when he, like, hit me, like does like a set.


Oh, I love that. I'm going to start doing that.


He does a trigger, but his swing from then is very, very unorthodox.


It's like Jim Furyk on acid just 300 yards longer. OK, so let me ask you a question, though, is how how much farther are these young guys driving it than the old school guys like another fifty yards?


The old school guys? I mean, like, everyone's longer. I mean, there's so many guys there's guys that are fifty on the senior tour, the regulator that say they're just as long as they were when they were 25 years old. So that's kind of what the equipment's about. But I mean, these young guns and these guys, these kids coming out that are carrying at three thirty, the old, you know, an older forty year old guy on tour is not doing that.


Maybe Jay can when he wants to, but.


OK, so there's not many guys who can who could drive the ball three, 30 every time. Well, there is now. So then you have to like there there is a guy on the Korn Ferry tour. There is there's guys everywhere that are coming up. So that's what people say. Like the best golfers just going to be the guy who hits at the first. Is it the farthest to the furthest?


But that no clue. Yeah, me neither.


But the whole idea of the fact that a lot of people say they don't want golf to be like that, it's it's just kind of a foolish argument until the equipment changes, if it ever does, because people will continue to get bigger and stronger and faster.


It's the same way in every sport.


I actually woke up with a glimmer of hope today. When I had Sunday, I had we those in those days and how the South African love that I have eighty to one them.


I had an eighty to one ticket on him this morning. He was only, I think four back to start the day. Yes. You know, you know, a couple holes can make all the difference.


I think it was five back but still. Yeah. Oh yeah. Maybe four. Oh that would have been. He looks yeah.


He looks like a little leprechaun. That guy from South Africa.


South Africa guy. Yeah I was. I mean and so I think the ninth, the tenth hole then the shambo kind of ran away with it. And one of the golf point before we move along, move along. Danny Lee six putt is why Gimmee shouldn't exist. I mean, we talked about it before. Why did gimmies what that defeats the purpose of golf.


And I thought that was a perfect example of why you shouldn't have a gimme gimme joke.


I don't do gimmies unless it's matchplay. And then and then the person says, hey, that's good.


Hey, I'm not sure we mentioned it last up.


We want to give a big thanks to everybody, obviously in Boston, but particularly in Charlestown, for their outstanding hospitality during our stay and no free ad, but a few free ads, special shout outs to everybody at the Warren Tavern Brewery Fork Monument Restaurant on Main Street, Tattie Business Breakfast place in the McCarthy Brothers liquor store. Hopefully we don't leave anybody else, but everybody took great care of us.


The neighborhood was super friendly to us. I'm used to it. You guys, I know you never stayed there to that extent, but we just want to thank everybody for the wonderful hospitality and stuff.


Well, Mike Roy is one guy, and we got to mention the three golf courses that allowed us to play. We got some sandbaggers coming out, guys. Once the NHL season's over, we're going to be rolling out in November. Just interviews. We need a little bit of a break. We need to recharge our batteries. I'm going to fucking get off the grid.


Aren't you going to actually. I'm going to try to go on a hiking trip, depending on what the border situation is, guys, we've been we've been grinding our dicks off and then given that there was a shutdown, we were still doing one episode. But let's let's keep banging these out until the season's over and the drought's over, and then we're going to take a little break. So hopefully that's OK with you guys will still be pumping out some awesome interviews.


So thank you to Joey for editing all those and rolling those out November, of course.


And I know cameraman Chase as well was kind of, like I said, crash course for him and basically staying with three more or less strangers and having to do your work.


I thought he did a great job for us as well.


Would you have something? Yeah, yeah. Just one last thing. Kind of a kind of a tough note, but my buddy Bobby Butler, I played with him in San Antonio. He played at UT and H and played in Ottawa and the for the Devils in the Reds. He grew up in Central Mass and he just asked me to shout out, I guess central Massachusetts.


Haughey's lost three guys in the last month that that really kind of helped build and grow hockey out there in that part of the state.


And so you asked if I could shout out Nick Panaji of Worcester and Dave Roy and also Wes Tuttle, who was who was also Bobby Butler's best friend.


So I think those three guys were were people I didn't know them, but who really helped kids who play hockey and become the players. They were in that part of Massachusetts. So thinking of them and their families and and God bless. Yeah.


We'd like to extend our sympathies and condolences to all the family and friends. And actually, one of the no is going back to the house we stayed at. We were doing movie nights, not every night, but every every couple of nights. I mean, you would throw a movie on and one that you were on bed and I for one, on Moffa background stuff, I was doing work. I'll tell everybody out there, if you're clicking around, if you're on Amazon Prime, do not watch Kapone.


It was literally, literally one of the worst movies I've seen in probably ten years. And it has Tom Hardy starring in it, Matt Dillons. And it's got a really great cast.


It was it was so bad like I mean, it was so bad. I actually got sucked in for a background movie because it was so awful. I couldn't believe how bad of a movie it was. So avoid that. But I did manage to check out that Beastie Boys documentary that's been on Apple TV plus for the last few months. If you got a chance to check that out, that's well worth that. It was it was excellent. It was a unique documentary.


They did it from a theater with the two surviving Beastie Boys kind of going over that. Korea was a unique documentary. So check that one.


I'll buy it if I could catch it up with you guys. We got a game two tonight. Will we chat with you on Thursday? He absolutely co-stars.


Great Week. Everybody will see it Thursday. As always, we'd like to thank our awesome sponsors here on spit and chocolates. Big thanks to our longtime friends at New Amsterdam, Vodka and Pink Whitney.


A big thank you to our new friends at Wub.


Hopefully you folks check that out. It's an unreal device, will certainly help you and your fitness sleep in all kinds of stuff. Big thanks to Peter Malath for making us look great on the golf course. Big thanks to Roman Roman swipes at taking care of the fellows out there. And as always, thanks to our friends and zip recruiter, thanks so much for your loyalty. Please check them out of.