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Welcome back. Welcome back. Welcome back. Everybody, welcome to Episode three hundred nine of Spin Check that's presented by Pink Whitney from our friends at New Amsterdam. Vucci Here in the Bar Stools Bullets podcast, family. What is up boys? The gang is back together. It's been a while. We have myself, gee, a wet dog and the world travel himself busdriver columbus' all here Dongyang.


I'm actually I like to be referred to as Pussy Montera from now on that please. Thank you. I bet he paid a guy in Hollywood to write that joke too. That was a good one.


All right. He's high stepping out of the gate right now.


I'll be doing boys. Well, first off, we got to give congratulations to the Whitlock. Ryan Whitney, welcome to the World.


Wyatt Tyler Whitney, I know you gave a little address to the troops on here a couple of weeks back, but I figured you might want to say something for the rest of the folks who might not have caught it. Oh, yeah.


It's been it's been a wild ride. It's been the craziest three weeks. Everyone knows those first few weeks. You don't really sleep.


You're just going to fade. There are fog, I think I said, but amazing. So it's been I mean, it worked out, boys.


We took that time off right as he was being born.


So I am so fired up to work again, because let me tell you, I'm a stay at home dad right now. I'm not like wired actually to do that that well, I'll say, but I'm doing my best right now and I'm getting better, but I still need the time to just chat with you fellows. You know, it's like everyone needs to catch up with their boys. And so it's great to be back.


You put so many questions for you, because I was going to ask you, do you put those tits on and filled up with milk? Like, do you ever breastfeed and take the onus off, Bri?


No, but I am starting to get a little heavy in that section. I'll say I'm on a little bit of an indeterminate intermittent, is that what it's called? Intermittent, intermittent mittens.


I'm on one of those intermittent fasting programs, so I only eat from noon to eight p.m. and you got to eat.


You can't just eat like I think I read online that you can't eat like a slob for eight hours, though, but I'm doing like a lunch and a dinner and I'm trying to just get this thing back in shape because I could be breastfeeding soon enough.


A lot of too much soy. You're going to get those tests on your taste for milk. That's what happens if you drink too much soy Askari.


Now, one of my perverted buddies who will stay nameless when he had a kid, he's like, my son would get on one and I'd get in the other. And I was just don't make eye contact with each other.


They breastfeed at the same time like no eye contact if I can. Sick bastard this pink Whitney.


How about these pink Whitney Christmas trees we've been seeing? I mean, I know how you find a strong tree strong enough to hold 17 pink Whitney bottles on them, but they've been impressive nonetheless.


We have some degenerate fans and first of all, great job with all the merchandise as well. I know you've been posting a ton about it, but folks, if he hadn't been posting about it, El Presidente would have his fucking balls in a vice, so. Oh, yeah, I'm going to address that.


They're going to address that. We'll get into that later, OK? What? The El Presidente bullying everybody into tweet? Yeah.


Some of the comments come with some of the comments I got from people online. So we'll address that later. We'll talk about that later. Oh, no, I'll talk about it right now.


I actually said when he tweeted that, I said, oh, I'm going to tweet something out. I tweeted something organelle. We talked about doing it at midnight or whatever the night before. And then I did one, then did another one. And then he sent that. I was like, it's pretty legit.


And that email, I didn't get that email. I didn't read it. So I read he posted an image of it.


And people are like, Oh, you pussy. Oh, you gave in. I'm like, what you trying to make? The company that we all enjoy enjoyed work at working at like some money. I thought it was like validated.


He actually said nobody got laid off and all this shitty covid time and and then people are chirping me for posting merchandise like you dummies.


We're trying to make money and help the company. So I was just shocked at people being complete cons online.


I was shocked. That's normality.


What else did you just mentioned about Pink Whitney? Oh, yeah. The trees are are those how are they getting them to balance on? There is they're good under those trees.


No idea. It's genius. Dods, however, they're staying up because those aren't light. No, not at all.


So I've seen a couple of videos of these kids just crush crush in a ball. They must be waffled, which check out those hockey jerseys, waffle to the pink Whitney syrup going on.


Maybe the best things we've ever put out there are. What else did I have for you, bitch?


Oh, the headband. So everyone I signed on.


I signed on on Instagram, whatever that was, or go on my phone.


One was this is five days ago and four or five days, five days to go and just go through the stories. I see our businesses go. I want to go check that out. I see Pussy Monsur like in yellow and fluorescent pink, and I was just immediately started laughing out loud by myself and I get on, he's wearing it again.


I just need to know the back story on that one.


Well, OK, so I went to Kabul. I went on a couple trips during our break. I ended up going to page Arizona on a couple of hikes and then we ended up going to how do you pronounce it? Kanab, Utah. A lot of people are correcting me. I thought it was Kanab, Utah, but it's Kanab, I think it's pronounced. But then for my second trip, we ended up going to Kabul and we stay on the San Jose side.


And when you get into Cabo San Lucas, it gets a little bit rowdy. All these people are constantly selling your stuff. There's like thousands of these guys on the beach with all these head bands, like making fun of either Trump or Biden. And then this guy had one pussy Monsur. He walked right up and I said that I think got my name on it, my old lady. You know, she you know, she obviously knows I am a pussy muncher.


So she says, hey, here's five bucks. Make sure you put that on your head. And then we ended up meeting these this this lovely family. I forget where they were actually from because I was so waffled on tequila and I actually got this nice, beautiful jersey from him.


Gamoran so it was quite the after their name plate on the back of that. No there's not but speaking of Kabul Grenelle, he was actually there the week before that and he can attest to this. That's like the one negative. It's turned into such a tourist trap as you get closer to the downtown where we're eating at the office, which is a pretty well-known spot to go to rookie move by me.


I greased the guy twenty at the front of my car, put his front runner, Jesus Peso's on a twenty USD. Come on, that's like a million dollars in Mexico. So I said front and center there at the beach. And then that, of course, the rookie move because they got all these people nonstop filtering over you guys. You want to fly to the moon, they're offering you cocaine 24/7. It's like I'm trying to enjoy a fucking shrimp appetizer.


But I'll tell you what are you went to you went to Daytona Beach in Florida of Cabo.


It's exactly what it's turned into. But as I said, I stay on the San Jose side when I go right beside Cabo Surf. It's very chill, very relaxed. I have a family friend down there. There, I think it's called the Port of Los Cabos Golf Course. And they got a good, good setup there. So I actually played a round of golf as well. It was a great relaxing trip right before I got into this thing.


And that that Saturday I did the tourist attractions and that was enough for me. Is people can actually see right now for the first time ever, because this is the first podcast we are ever posting, full episode on YouTube.


There you go. Get a good look at this beautiful jersey. He looks like six zl. I got to get a set up. Looks like he's entering the fucking boxing ring right now.


Like there should be some. Yeah, I can.


Tunes blaring with the headband, the fucking vesto white trash bash boxing match in Daytona Beach. That's exactly where you went. I mean, it's probably a little cheaper, too, because it's Mexico.


Ibos Heaven Cowboys is absolute heaven.


How did you hit him? I played OK. I actually have three pars in a row. I had you know, you told me that I go through my hot stretches and to the sandbagger later because I save a little bit of juice for the end of the podcast. But it was a great trip and I'd imagine you guys did. I mean, some relaxing on your own as well. All right. What were you up to during your break?


Lots of Ana, obviously, with no hockey on, no basketball on. I don't really watch the NFL as much. I caught up on a lot of streaming. I caught some great shows. I blogged about the Queen's Gambit on Netflix has been a sensation. It's been the most downloaded original series ever. If you haven't seen it, by all means, check it out. And then another show I tweeted about, it's on Apple Apple TV, plus Ted LASO star and Jason Sudeikis of SNL.


And I put it on once and I just wasn't feeling it. You know, sometimes you got to be the right move. Maybe I just thought it was going to be something different. Then I went back to it and thank God I did one of the best shows. I've watched all quarantine. He's just he's kind of this Midwestern, like, earnest guy. You kind of wait for, like the other shoe to drop because it's Sudeikis and he always plays this kind of lovable goofball.


But you realize, oh, wait, this is who he really is. And he's he gets hired. He's a college football coach who gets hired to coach an English soccer team because the owner wants him to drive it into the ground, much like Major League, the plot of Major League. And you watch it. And next thing you know, you're five, six episodes in on a bench and you end it. And you actually, Paul, it puts you in a good mood after like.


I know like I love the show, Brockmeyer, but it's a cynical as anything as funny as it is when you watched it last year, you're done with it and you actually like you're in a good mood. It just it just a very uplifting show without being really corny. It's so high quality shit.


So one of those shows, it's one season ends and it's all said and done.


Well, no, it's once one so far. I think they renewed maybe for a second and a third. It's funny, it actually started out as a as a character to promote soccer here on NBC. And then I don't know what kind of fizzled out. So NBC actually created the character and then Tzedakah adjusted it, tailored it, and they made a series out of it. And well, speaking out and speaking of NBC and like I just said, were on video, as you notice, my appearance is different.


I figured I'd go back to my usual look in honor of our guest tonight, NBC's own Peter Maguire. We got him coming on a little later. Voice with how good was this one?


Yeah, it's very, very interesting to hear the reactions from this, we had some people right away that were excited. We had some people who weren't so thrilled, so pure gets into the fact that he doesn't know, he doesn't hear you, you haters.


And I think that people enjoy it. He's been around the game a long time. We appreciate it. But you're rushing ahead. Quick biz. Did you ever find yourself thinking like I wonder what our is doing right now during our vacation?


I was yeah. I couldn't I couldn't wait to hear what he was up to. I was very intrigued but not shocked to hear it.


Give me like a Tuesday, four p.m. scenario of the past three weeks, Tuesday, four p.m. If someone I was awake by then, I you know, basically, you know, I'd slap up a couple of blogs here and there if I was feeling the needs or if I wanted to.


But basically just relax and I try to get a little more exercise. Then I got a check up doctor. They said, you know, I knew I had to lose a couple of elbows and the doctor reminded me of that. So I got out. I got a walk a little more, I got a little more exercise and I actually adjusted my diet. But yeah, basically, well, first of all, I'm back catch up on a show or a movie and slap up a blog or whatever, but yeah, just ironer.


Just relax, watch the batteries and not avoid, you know, oray you got to get into hiking. OK, I went on a big break into hiking. Yes I yes I do.


The lungs of no you start ok, you start out small, you don't need to go on the ones where you're climbing a lot more. So ones that are just like even through and I treat myself on the I pack a beer in a bowl and I end at the end of the hike. You smoke, you smoke a bowl and you drink, enjoy a beer and then you and then you end up hiking back. And the key to this one, too.


So we were going to some places that were I don't want to say there were tourist traps, but they're popular hikes. So you're going to see a lot of people. There is we tend to go towards the end of the day. So we do the the hike on the way out as the sun setting, and then we put the headlamps on and we hike back during the night. And it's a blast. It's a little bit more of an adventure.


It's a lot more fun. And of course, I was enjoying some shrooms while I was doing that. We, as I said, Kanab, Utah. But Zion National Park was a park that we went to and there was one specific one that was just like gorgeous. It was called Angel's Landing. And it looked amazing. Yeah, it was awesome. I, I probably would have never done it if it wasn't for my girlfriend. And she brought me there.


And I'll tell you what, I'm going to become a full time hiker. I went and got all the gear, I got the hiking poles and stuff. So definitely something that I'm in. And also ran into a bunch of Checketts fans who are a big hiker.


So you should have had a bag on you with some merch chalk chucking it left and right when you ran into people. But I wouldn't have thought you would have seen many chocolate fans at Zion National.


Well, I did I did have a bottle of Pink Whitney because I was going to keep hiking and at the top, wherever I ended up, I was going to post the picture with it. But I did run into one fan and it was the last bottle I had on me. So I ended up giving up, giving it up to him before I went on my hike and got I forget the kid's name, but like I said, just made a lasting impression.


Hey, did you say you bring a bowl and a beer?


Why? I bring I bring weed with you should trademark that.


You should trademark that bottle of beer and every kid with, like, Birkenstocks would buy that T-shirt. OK, maybe.


I think you can make big money on that. We'll start more merchandise.


You can have more work on your hands here. And you were going to chime in when we were talking about the merchandise. Quick, what did you want to say? Gee. I know I was just going to say that people can now see us wearing the march on the YouTube because we will be on the YouTube full time and we mentioned it briefly. We just dropped a huge collab with Manzie Sweater's. So 15 different jerseys for your men's league team.


You can buy in bulk there. They're pretty fucking awesome.


There's some really good ones. So check those out.


Partial Sportstalk The Russian gas one was awesome, but you know what? They should have had the rocket, the ten and then the other side, just like an old granny one because like I said, it's Tenzer ones in Russia not not going to lie.


The girl on it got me going a little hard.


Speaking of Russian gas, that's the next Tim Stapleton. Russian gas is the next chick lit animation we have coming out, and it is fucking hilarious. So stay tuned for that as well.


Oh, we got to catch up with him. Speaking of animations, I think we've had this conversation before, like, you know, top three all time around and I'll send it to you. Who are the hottest animated chicks? Get you going. We've done this, Jessica Rabbit.


Everyone runs away with quick Hollywood. Number one, a Louis. Would you put Louis Griffin in your top three?


Lois Griffin? I definitely heard Marjorie. Just not Marge.


Marlon Brando. Not no moggies. She's a she's a normie in the streets, but a freak in the sheets. At least if you pay attention to The Simpsons, I was going to say.


All right. Was going to call her a fox. I think I think he's Ismar.


Just imagine how big her blue Bush's. No, thank you. I'd like to go. I'd put Lewis way ahead of Marge Lewis is the Toronto Blue Jays.


Yeah. I mean, Jessica Ravitz, obviously no no brainer number one. But yeah, Marge, I think Marge is a mink's under there. But then if you go into like the secondary characters, The Simpsons, you know, you got Lurlene Lumpkin, the country western singer. She.


What about what about Marjo sisters? Would you go do it two on one with. No, we were both together.


We were about to get a crack unless their Seattle nickname was already interrupted.


He's got he's like, yeah, that was Gertrude Richards, the wife of the Scottish farmer that he wanted to check my Google history here.


And you just dotcom animation series.


Now, I'm not one of those rubber cartoon porn people, though. Those say whatever floats your boat, but that's never been one of mine. But he's another she's another cartoon babe, too, huh? Nobody's bizarre.


Honestly, I didn't travel in November, but, you know, three Instagram, I got to vicariously Utah, just an absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous place to visit as advertised.


I would definitely like I can understand why people move there and I'll be visiting again. And Chris, I didn't know how. It's a six hour drive to Zion National Park, so we'll be doing that again. Met some very interesting people as well. Like one guy, he his daughter's graduating university. He's divorced from his wife, but he bought I think it was a Ford Winnebago. And he was he was all about it. But he lives out of it now.


He lives in Atlanta. He's going to finish up working there. And when his daughter graduates from university, he's going to he's going to just go off and travel the world.


He was there. We have money. Yeah, he's got some dough. He actually. All right. He he works at the studio in Atlanta. And I hope I'm getting this right. Whether I want to see Tyler Perry started it.


Yeah, that's where he is. There's a lot of complex there.


Yeah, there's a lot of tax breaks. And Tyler Perry, I'm sure most of you people know who he is. He he started out as an actor. Right. And then got into producing. He's an African-American and he ended up buying property in Georgia that was once owned and had slaves on it. And he turned it into a studio. And he's I mean, if you Google his net worth, he's done very well for himself. So obviously, despite the old slave owners and kind of get his own thing going, he has a studio there and I believe all the Marvel movies are now made there.


Yeah, there's been a ton of production in July. There's not living in the van, right? No, no. This guy this guy, I believe it works in Atlanta.


It might even work for that studio. But after that, he's going to go travel the world. And as I mentioned, the buddy he's he was with has been to one hundred countries. And and I tell you what, after experiencing what I did on that hiking trip, I can understand why people end up living out of a van and just kind of going on on the road forever. I mean, Tom Green just started doing it and are ready to get back to you about the marvel to the studio.


Mm hmm.


Yeah. Oh, George has been getting a ton of TV and movie work down there. They used to have what they called the tax rebates in North Carolina. Well, they did away with them. A lot of people think they've given away the store to Hollywood. It's like, no, when you give these discounts or rebates or what's the other word would subsidize subsidies, whatever you want to call them.


Basically, you're taking in money to a state that otherwise would not have been there. So if it's 70 cents on the dollar or 50 cents, then that's still 50 cents more than the state was getting prior. Well, North Carolina did away with that program. Georgia had one. And it seems like they have been making almost every TV show, a movie that's been that's been coming down the pike, including all the Marvel movie. So, yeah, huge part of the industry right now in Georgia.


OK, and speaking of areas in the country that are getting movie stars to come, film movies I see mostly.


Brought that over to local news in Boston is Leo and Jennifer Lawrence are filming here? You know, I see a tweets where they are, where they're filming, people going down with their masks on, taking pictures, or have you been down there?


I have not. They are from a movie called Don't Look Up, Adam McKay, the director, and he's also starring Jennifer Lawrence, not because right now, if you go down, you just hanging out with a bunch of college girls who drove down from Amherst trying to get a glimpse of Leo and Jennifer. And I mean, twenty five years ago, I might have done if my wife had a gun to my head. But right now, under the circumstances, go get a glimpse of.


Now, if the casting company calls and said it had an extra that's different can of worms, I'll certainly answer that call. But the company that I do have on file, like I'm on file with a place that you pay them a fee per year and they give you a heads up when there are casting calls. But this particular company apparently isn't doing the extra work for this movie. So my phone rang, but see what happens next.


Maybe Leo's was a little. Yeah. Well, we know what happened after finishing up our summer in November as opposed to August, we're going to be kicking off the twenty, twenty one NHL season whenever it may start.


Of course, when we last left here, we thought we had a deal, but it seems like the owners, as best as I can tell, have gone back on their word. They signed a memorandum of understanding back in August. Now they want to rip it up and they want to make the players pay more. Again, Kevin McGrann of the Toronto Star, he wrote on I think it was Monday or Tuesday, Bettman sprung the memorandum on the Board of Governors who unanimously endorsed it.


It's believed some voted merely on Batman's recommendation. Now, having subsequently read the memorandum after it passed, some are unhappy with it.


And it's like, oh, OK.


And then Tuesday, Alan Walsh, the renowned agent, tweeted that the league is, quote, soft floating. The idea that if there's no deal reached, it can affect cancel the season and then use the Latin term force majeure.


I think you say it basically like, you know, the owners can say we don't want to season, we're not going to have them, which in turn Wednesday, Gary Bettman said we're not having negotiations and we're not seeking to negotiate. But Alan Walsh, I mean, credit to him, he's the only agent I see out here, a person repping the players that's really kind of shooting down all the stuff he's like. Of course, it's a renegotiation.


They don't like what they what they signed and who knows what the owners were told back in August. But it certainly looks like they're backpedaling. And our pal Andy Strickland also tweeted, there are some NHL players who have delayed plans to travel to the NHL city. Everything you hear and see from both the league and the players seems like we are destined for a forty eight game season mid to late January or early February start.


The bottom line to me, guys, is the owners always hold the leverage just and they could do whatever they want and they could say the players, if you don't want to play, then don't and try to make them look like assholes. I don't know if you guys have talked to any of your friends in the league, because if you want to chime in here. Well, people are definitely unhappy and let me explain to you kind of what went down, if there's numbers involved, but I'll do my best to keep it.


What is it? Layman's terms?


So the players in the deal that they signed, when, you know, when the CBA got going here to get back playing, they they agreed to have a 10 percent deferral for their upcoming year salary.


And it was going to be paid, you know, years down, the years down the line.


But you're getting all your money. And the escrow is capped at 20 percent, so that's what they figured, right, and that was for twenty, twenty one. And then it goes down until like maybe five, six years from now, I think are three or four years. Either way, it decreases.


So they came back, they wanted it to go where you have to defer 20 percent of your money and the escrow goes to 25 percent. So they're keeping even more of it. Yeah. So then there are other offer was the escrow was even higher. And so the players were like, whoa, hold on.


Like we already came to this agreement. So as a former player, I'm thinking like, you're so bullshit because you had a legit deal. Everyone agreed to it. And, you know, for a fact that they they can do whatever they want because in the end, like they run the show biz, how many times do you have to see, like it's going to go down the way they want it to go down?


They wanted a cap. They got a cap. And you talk about the NBA and what a great league.


Look, there's no issues. They figure out their season. I see so many people are comparing the to the NBA is there's nothing similar. They make so much money on their TV deal. The the NHL really requires the gate and the concessions and the jerseys in the booths.


And and these owners are like, no, wait, I didn't some of them didn't even like the deal to begin with. And now most of them are saying we're done and it sucks because it is unfair. But it's like that's the world we live in. I mean, these they're the billionaires, right? Is there any other way to describe it?


Yeah, I know they can definitely play the waiting game because some of these players will at some point get desperate. And it just sucks. I mean, I can't imagine if we don't see hockey this year that we will watching.


Absolutely terrible. I mean, who knows? Maybe Batman's trying to save some money so he can keep getting those fucking Sketchers. I mean, maybe he wants wants a couple new colors or I don't know what he's thinking. Souls.


There's some expensive new souls like they don't they don't make that rubbery noise.


Yeah, he he's a businessman. And this sucks, guys. And I can I can always understand both sides of it because there is a business to be ran. But it does sound like, once again, the players usually do get the short end of the stick as far as these negotiations are concerned. What Gary's trying to say, at least in his latest statement, is the fact that, like, OK, we can we can go as far as plan on that deal.


We did negotiate, but there's going to be players five, six years down the road here that are going to be suffering from it. And also, there's no way that the cap is going to go up. If anything, it might even rescind a little bit. Now, who knows where that goes? But this is yeah, this is a tough situation for for the league once again. And from from from a fan standpoint, they're the ones who really lose.


And that's that's what sucks about all this. And I'm hoping that they can get back to playing here soon and fans get back in the building. And I don't really have much else to say about it. I don't know.


Do we know if this vaccine starts coming out? Could there be fans maybe in like April and May or.


No, I don't think the world gets back to normal till summer time, and that's me being about fifty percent or something like as far as capacity.


Yeah, like like some places at twenty five percent right now. Like once the vaccine is out and about and five months from now, could it not be like fifty percent. I don't know.


I suppose that depends on which cities and state you deal with because of the cluster fuck of this whole thing. Every state has their own rules about who can come in and capacity and all that shit. So there's really nothing you could do set across the board right now. I will say the owner's business from again, the best I can read on my situation is that they made a mistake. I mean, they fucked up by signing this memorandum and agreeing to.


Now, I don't know who told them what the situation was going to be when the season started or potentially started. But it's kind of funny. These guys are all billionaires and those who weren't born into the money. These guys probably cut a lot of throats on their way to the top, becoming billionaires. And now they fuck up and the players aren't even trying to cut their throat. They just want to keep what they signed in the billionaires like, no, fuck, we want to do all of us.


So, you know, I think we should be clear that the players want to play it and then they're not stamping their feet anyway. This is all coming from from the owners.


So that's what sucks about it, is usually the players get dragged into it. It's always the fans saying, oh, we're the ones losing where it's like the fans don't care. They're like, figure it out.


Millionaires versus billionaires, where it's like it seems as if, though as far as the NHL is concerned, at least in the last few negotiations, the players have always been very, very reasonable. And in this situation, the owners are looking like shit. And it kind of reminds me of the situation that was going on with baseball before they got going, where they kept reneging on whatever deal that they agreed to. So let's hope they can figure things out.


And we don't need to talk about this. And we could talk about NHL players challenging non boxer boxers to fight.


Talk about bull in a beer.


We're talking a poisoned beer when a jump right into that bus. That's that's been the reason why I would consider that hockey news right now, because, I mean, a couple NHL players are challenging Logan, Paul and Jake Hall and whoever the fucking risk is, we need this.


Yeah, you just have to get up our. Yeah.


Just in case people aren't familiar, of course. Saturday night, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Junior Fada. Exhibition match actually got a lot of people turned out to watch it, and it's had a weird ripple effect. Ever since then we've had some version of a vindicating Logan, Paul Robinson, Ryan Reeves, who dragged out a business to it, basically challenging each other. It looks g other youngsters, the crew. It looks like Kane really wants a piece of this Logan Paul and he might want to oblige them.


Yeah. First he went at Jake Paul and now he's going at older brother Logan. So what you were saying, we fucking need this in hockey, right? Well, those guys are.


I've had I've had different opinions of them, I hated them, thought they were the biggest losers, and I remember the old Logan did something. I don't remember the exact details, but he did like a ridiculous stunt and I don't want to.


Was it a sacred like Japan?


He went to Orest in Japan, the suicide first. Yeah, like that was like this.


This guy's a complete clown, but they have dominated the World Wide Web and figured out they have millions upon millions of followers and they're now becoming like a bigger deal, like everywhere boxing. I mean, they're they run YouTube, right? Grenelle you're telling me they're YouTube stars?


Yeah, YouTube podcasting. They do it all. OK, so Jake, Paul fights Nate Robinson, who you could tell Nate Robinson had I mean, I would I would be just as bad. That guy had no clue what he was doing in the ring.


He was he just lost.


Everyone's like always an athlete. This kid was younger and bigger than him. And he looked pretty good, I guess, but he looked great because of the knockout where the dude, Nate Robinson, led his face right into his mitten and everyone's kind of going nuts about him.


I think he also fought a ticktock guy.


So I think if you're going to talk about like Evander Kane, who's named after Evander Holyfield, who's box before, would get get how that would go in the ring, I think Evander Kane would pound him.


I think he'd beat the shit out of them all, hop in here that Jake Paul's been training and doing a lot of boxing. He's actually like if you talk to boxing boxing experts, they say he's like, no joke. I think it would be a very good fight. Do I believe really? Yeah. Do I believe Evander Kane can pick it back up very quickly and do I think that he would win? Yeah, I do think but I also don't know if that he would actually accept that challenge, although he has been saying on his podcast and has been talking back to him.


And he has he's Evander's done a good job of engaging them. Now, before that, it was Revo obviously reached out and said that he was going to pound my face and then he was going to move on to Javon, leave him alone.


I'm trying to enjoy Monchaux.


Although, listen, if the money was right, I would consider fighting revolt in a rough and rowdy match.


I would fight on five five Hondo five hundred K. Yeah, well, I tie my hands behind my back and let him pound my face.


And for fun don't you call. Oh why don't you with your following call Logan or Jake Pallan you'll get five hundred game minimum. I'll pay you. If it doesn't add up to that you'll beat his facing wrong.


There's a lot of both take five miles offshore. I wish, I thought we were going to throw in our butterbean after him. I thought he was the toughest member of the fucking podcast over here. But but that I would say that fight definitely took a lot of the attention away from the Tyson the Tyson fight.


But the cause for as long as far as Revo is concerned, you know, I would kind of like to see him in a van or go at it in a rough and, you know, honest, because after after they've kind of been going out a little bit.


Then Evander Kane takes a shot at revelant, his brother calling him the the the the Reeves sisters. And then all of a sudden the S.J Warriors went absolutely crazy because it was.


Oh, did he get he got in trouble for that. You know, they were they were they weren't happy about it. So he was dealing with his own little fight there on the side. But some definitely some interesting things coming out of this one. I want to see Revo and Evander Kane fight off the ice because there is some definite bad blood there before maybe they move on. And that, Jake, Paul went on a challenging Conor McGregor and whoever whoever else you get his hands on.


I'll say this if the money's right and if this Jake Paul would even consider it, fuck, yeah. I'd like a shot at the title.


Put that on YouTube Grenelle. They're going after Logan. Paul They're now going after the older brother. Oh ok. Yeah. So he either has. No no he didn't win, he's, he's defeated. He's never want to fight before. So now Ivana's going out. He's been in a fight before. Yeah. He fought Kassi which is the giant YouTube as well. So he fought Kassi. They draw the first time he lost the second time and now that's the Avengers going.


It now is the older brother of Jake Paul who just fought against Robin.


OK, so so is this is is it me now? I don't know a ton about boxing. I love getting the big fights right. My buddies will tell me a big fight tonight, you know, pay per view, but I don't know a ton.


I'm interested in watching these dudes fight like Evander Kane in this kid.


I think they would sell a million paper views.


I mean, maybe not a million. I actually don't know number wise, but I think it'd be a monster in prison if you were involved.


Oh, my God. We were all magin. We were hype. Magic means I'd be dressed as a pink Whitney bottle for three months. All right. Would be my Talagi for sure.


I'll be you. No, he'd be like spitting and rubbing his face with it and stuff.


I can't even get the to the to not mixed up between Logan Jake. So Logan's the older brother. He's the one who's already fought a couple of times. Jake's the younger brother who just beat up Nate Robinson and they're both in the final game. OK, well, welcome to the YouTube world, folks. Exactly.


I would be very interested to maybe maybe see a documentary on these kids, these kids lives. No, Joe, because how do you even become they just started off with just making little videos on YouTube. When early when YouTube existed.


Yeah. Basically, the Jake was a Disney star. Jake was on Disney and then Logan, she's been doing it through YouTube. These kids have been documenting their daily lives for five years now, six years. They're calculated. These kids, every move they make is calculated at Logan. Paul, he's a fucking smart dude.


Yeah, I actually wanted to say because I was dodging what I thought of him before, but I did listen to part of the podcast and he sounds like actually more humble and that then I thought like very humble.


I kind of I enjoyed listening. So we'll see. But if you could have a punch his face and I'd still be the happiest person in the world was.


All right. But you have the torn ACL, right?


I got to I got the one still torn. The other one's fucked up. I get I probably get my ass whipped in there, but. And if you trained and got let's get let's get me in revo in the ring for for one round I'll be just fucking running around just avoiding this guy.


I'd say when it comes to boxing and fight and careful what you wish for, somebody might oblige you and fucking send you off to another. Mm.


Well boys we were just talking about hockey and money and hockey players and all that shit and hey you know what, it's more expensive now than ever to shoot up your little ones to play the game. You need a little cash to make that happen.


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Let's upper I'm not sure that's where I'm at. Got us mortgage from on his new pad and admitted everybody was just absolutely hammering on that thing online. What do you think of it. The Web. Thought it was unreal, I thought it was like. Just an absolute palace for the best player in the world, I don't know, it was a little white, I guess the gym could have had more life to it. That's what I would tell them when I see them.


You mean. You mean the basketball hoop? Yeah, the basketball. Well, the ceiling wasn't high enough, so you can't shoot from long range.


That's where like the colors and the paintings in the pictures, in the fucking stand, you should have stand in his basketball court.


People are comparing would come watch him do the inchworm.


They'd pay tickets to watch him do the more and more.


Coming up, people were calling him the Bateman from American Psycho. All right there said everybody was posting the names of that and the GFS or whatever the hell you call them.


But, man, this guy just created it.


Well, hey, remember, he had that that little feud with his contractor. So maybe the feud was the ceiling wasn't high enough in the gym so he can shoot his long range jumpers. Maybe that's why there was a little bit of a rift going on. So we'll have to send someone over there to break his legs on McDermott's behalf.


I'm boy's with his dad after the All-Star Game. He's probably going to hate me now that I'm chirping his son's house. I said, though, Palis.


Yes, very, very stark, you know, everything was either black or white, so it really jumps out at you. It looks like like an old fashioned chess board or something. But if he wants to put me up, I'll stay there.


Oh, you think we got some other news to share with you folks?


We want to send out big congratulations to defenseman Johnny Boychuk, who retired after 13 NHL seasons, over 800 games, including playoffs and, of course, a Stanley Cup with the Boston Bruins back in 2011. He's not officially retired. He's going on long term injured reserve, but he's he's all done with the game for all intents and purposes. This is a guy, man, I believe, a second round pick. He paid his dues, went for four or five years.


He didn't become an NHL regular. Twenty five years old. And, you know, as a Bruins fan who had the joy and pleasure of not only covering him, but watching them, this guy was an awesome teammate, tremendous player, just one of those guys, it seems like every teammate love the guy with. I've never heard a bad word about them. I've got to hang out with them a little bit during the lockout, he was around and, you know, summers before I go to camp, he'd be back in Boston early and just like happy go lucky, always in a great mood.


You knew as a teammate, I mean, not that I played with him, but you knew around the league. And guys would say, who played with them, just do anything to win. I mean, you've said it already.


And I think his shot made him such a presence out there. He would also hammer guys.


I mean, he's a beast, beast block shots. He'd do anything.


And it was weird to see how long it took him because, you know, he wasn't progressing as as as I think he or a lot of people thought he would in his early 20s.


And then I'm almost positive he won the Eddie Shaw Award in the Atul's Defense Fund of the Year in that league.


He didn't just say that, did you know?


I didn't realize that would have been an early night listening to you repeat.


But I think that after that pitch, you could you could maybe not a test, but I think I would get your agreement that.


That can change your whole game mentally, like I just dominated like I have no business in this league. I'm the I was the best defenseman here I can play in the NHL. And after that, he took off in Boston, I think gave him a good chance. And then to do what he did with the islanders.


You saw Anders Lee's Twitter post about the guy, I mean, for awesome pictures or Instagram post, whoever it was, and mentioning, you know, how much how good of friends they were, how much he meant to them.


So it sucks when a guy loses it like that. You know, it's it's like that. It's like it's like a lightning bolt strikes and boom, your career is over.


It's different when I think guys have the time to realize it's kind of ending and you're slowing down and all of a sudden this happens. He gets that news that that's a hard that's a heartbreaking day for him.


So I really thought of him just having having gone through retirement and because you've told your story. But I've talked long enough.


I don't know him that well. But congrats on a hell of a career.


Yeah, I was emotional to see it that that Twitter post to him explaining how it all went down. And yeah, like you said, an unbelievable career. Nice to see them get to hoist the cup. And and, you know, it's we talk about it all the time, like not a lot of guys get to go out on their own terms.


And another another sad case of a guy who couldn't rarely ever does it end the way you think it will ninety nine point nine percent of the time, it's all of a sudden it's over.


I actually scrapped the money was a Boston Bruin when I was with the Arizona Coyotes. I think it was pretty. I've even scratched. But yeah, he oh yeah. He had a lot of.


Speaking of that, TMZ Sports just posted a interview they did with Evander Kane. So I'll I'll play that audio for you guys right now.


Who am I'm the guy that you're talking about on your podcast. So clearly, you know, you're using me to get used to get subscribers to get listening so you can pretend to. You know, you can pretend to not know who the hell I am, but I'm the guy calling out your little brother. You said your game. I'll take on any part, brother, I don't care who it is, I don't care who it is. Either one of you can get you guys to maybe play rock, paper, scissors, I don't know, maybe you guys can fight each other.


Whoever loses has to fight me. If you fight either of them, what is the outcome? They're both they're both Canakkale. I know, I know who they think I mean, he didn't even realize that hockey players drop their gloves when they fight, that just goes to show his lack of knowledge about anything involving can he even do this under contract?


If you get if he got hurt, he wouldn't get paid.


Yeah. The most absurd thing about it is a vanderkam makes seven million a year playing hockey. So I would imagine that there's some liability issues there. So I, I don't think he can scrap them unless maybe it could happen in the off season. But I'll tell you what, that Logan Paul, after seeing some of these clips, these guys need a haircut.


That is just pathetic that he went his original video of I'll take them mop when you get washed over.


It was hilarious because he does have that. Oh, you're saying Evandro already chirped them about the salad? Yeah, I already checked.


It is brutal. Hey, we should pay. We should get a fuckin a fake. A fake. What do you call that. A toupee made up of that salad and put it on our.


He sounded a little dumb at the beginning because it's like one of these. You look like Ian Poulter. Yeah, that's Ian Poulter.


We're all aware of that. We got that for you and Karbo.


Didn't he buy one get one free with the pussy bunch of fucking headband? You know, what's another crazy thing in Mexico? You can get any type of drug over the counter, like Cialis, Viagra, all over the counter of people don't like just trying to get you to buy coke.


Like, that's the whole like there's nothing definitely way less stomped on in Mexico.


It's a movie. The second one stunk, but the first Zakharia, all the car check Sicario tonight.


Great shit.


Yeah, same same guy wrote Yellowstone. He's the same guy wrote Cigarillo as well.


Good shit. By the way, I want to say thanks to our friends at TMZ Sports for that sound, but got a love of indicating that both get Kayode either way. I mean, whether he can fight or not, he can certainly talk shit on fucking social media in that sense.


That should be the headliner for the twenty twenty one season as those two guys going at it. What else we got going on in the hockey world are one of the note.


As far as retirements, I want to say on a personal level, congratulations to longtime Patriot Ledger sportswriter Mike Loftus.


He's also retiring, huh? Yeah, he tweeted out I tweeted out a retirement column today. He covered forty years. He worked at the Patriot Ledger. I'll tell you, I've been on the press box for about ten years now. Always a very friendly face to me in the press box. Never a diva, super nice guy. Sometimes you go up there and people have egos or whatever off and barstool. They don't want to talk to you. This guy always treated me like one of the boys.


Just a perfect gentleman, a great guy who did his job with little fanfare, even if he deserved it. So, Mike, I don't if you're listening, but I want to wish you congratulations on retirement and best of luck going forward. You're a great guy.


I'm pretty sure it was. That was the first interview I ever gave was to Mike Loftus, probably because actually, I think we just call him.


It was in the summer one time. He always comes out Thursday night. The good dude. Yeah, actually, he did that. He mentioned the mustache on them. He mentioned him in the article.


Well, because the Patriot Ledger is basically a soldier, a newspaper. And he was talking about how many plays he's covered over the years in the culture and how much, you know, how many good players have come. And, yeah, you give the old wet dog a shout out in the piece. You know, Paul Mystic's?


Yeah, I sent him some merch. I was all about me, Mike, and you call him. Congratulations. Great career. Yeah. I'll see him around at some point. Yeah. Great career. Great guy.


So keep an eye on it. Mike, while we were gone, there were some signings. We're not going to go over every nook and cranny of every little piece here, but we just want to keep people abreast. Ottowa added. A pair of unrestricted free agents and Alex Galkina and Michael Haley and then a bunch of Arif's re up with the teams there. What since we last met. I'm just going to rattle off here quick, guys, if you want to chime in, jump in.


But Warren Followill for Carolina, Victa Olafsson level.


I think I was going to say that good enough and good enough.


A chip that's Anthony met the Detroit Ryan pullet, the islanders Ryan Strohm and Brendon Lemieux for the Rangers, Vladislav Gavrik off Columbus McKensie, League of Florida group Hintze Dallas, Mikhail Gorbachev, Tampa Bay and Jake Dubrovka buddy here in Boston. So everybody up. No, no crazy contracts, nothing out of the ordinary there. But what was circuits of steel again? Circuit.


Jeff signed a three year deal worth fourteen point four million, comes out to four point eight million have kapit. Ding, ding, ding, that's that's how you win a couple cups, I know, are you shock in Tampa?


Do you know the division, the Atlantic Division when that deal went down to the whole league? Like, are you kidding me? Like, could it be two years, please? We got to deal with this guy for three more years where you're still able to pay all these other players because he's going to get over a little over five star Grachev after the playoffs.


Look like he should be making eight or nine. Now, granted, doesn't have the leverage yet, but what a player and what a contract.


The other one you owe Debrosse happy for him. Now, that one was, what, three eight three eight per year, Jake?


Two years. Yeah, seven point thirty five comes to a three point seventy five per year.


Three points. OK, yeah. I mean, I think the years he's had like, he skates so well, he get so many chances at times. I think like Bruins fans, they get frustrated with everyone.


But you hear them complain all the press. But then you notice in the playoffs he's been good.


I just think that he's such a locker room guy, too. We talk to him. He's just such such a great guy to be around.


That certainly counts for something. And it's good to see him get reassigned. I mean, they had to figure that out. They lost Craig. It's tough.


I saw some MacAvoy quotes saying how hard it's going to be at the beginning, like it's the first time they've lost a really key guy to free agency. And it's going to be tough, tough shoes to fill. And, you know, that's that's saying a lot going into a season whenever it does start. But I digress from from Debrosse. I'm happy for him.


And I think that's a good deal. If he goes out and gets twenty five, like, you know, he could.


Let me let me ask you this one, guys. So with boy Chuck with the boy Chuck news coming, do you think if they would have known that prior that the tapes deal wouldn't have gone down with Colorado. I'm going to say lose, lose way ahead of the game in terms of he's getting he's getting updates and knowing what's going on with. With boychick, although maybe if the doctors hadn't told Boychuk yet, how would you know? Right, so that's kind of where I know that was a little bit out of left field.


And we're talking about other signing's but old.


And I think he didn't have much. It was it was still weird deal.


OK, well, I'll just shut the fuck up over here then. Oh, no. Oh, great question. I really got my mind raced. Don't even give chance and our chance to try to express his opinion.


Yeah, I think it's a great bridge deal for Jake. I mean, you know, people will love him after his playoff performance versus Toronto.


I can keep track of years anymore, but a couple of years back and he tapered off a little bit.


But I think this is an ideal situation for him where he can go outproduce, get it done and get a nice little payday at the end of the day. And what you mentioned, the B's not coming back without a key player. They might not have Zdeno as well. He hasn't signed yet. I don't know which way he's leaning. He's obviously going to come back for short money if he comes back at all. So it's going to be interesting to see what the Boston Blue Line looks like next season whenever it starts and for how ever many games they play.


So obviously we'll keep tabs on that. We do have some covid related scheduling notes we want to pass along. Unfortunately, this stuff is still with us, but just want to keep people abreast of what's going on in the hockey world. The World Junior Championship will take place in Edmonton and Red Deer shut out, Rick. It starts up on Christmas Day and is going to run through January 5th. So we'll have some hockey to watch, obviously, before the season starts.


There will be no bean plot here in Boston this February. Unfortunately, Bluebook, Harvard, Northeastern, the annual tradition tournament. They play the first two Mondays in February every year. Unfortunately, can't do it this year. The Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremony was delayed. Obviously, that didn't happen while we were gone. All quiet. Quebec major junior hockey league activities will be paused between the 1st of December and 3rd of January due to covid situation.


The National Women's Hockey League is going to play the remainder of this season and the Isobella Cup playoffs in a Lake Placid bubble from January twenty third through February 5th.


There's going to be six teams with no fans in attendance, and players could have opted out and still received the full salaries. And ninety five percent of the players did opt in. No surprise there when you're talking about hockey players. So good sport. And it's unfortunate, too, because that's a great place to watch a game.


Also, we've got to bring up the world juniors in Edmonton and Rick and Red Regehr. I did. I did. Oh, I.


I can't imagine how much fun that would be for the guys if times were normal right now.


But you can you just picture Rick in red area.


His wife asks him like, honey, if you want honey, what do you want for Christmas?


And he's like, all I want is to be in the maintenance staff of the hotel where Team Canada's quarantined.


And he just goes in there and he's able to, like, fix the AC in some first round picks room like creep mall out he ski and fucking Kirby Doc and whoever.


Another Stuttaford is from Florida, he's a good sweatshirt. Were they late to practice one day or something like that? They got slapped. They got to leave. They are tossed out of practice. He was teaching them all how to swear.


When they showed up, they tried to walk on. It looked like a little late and the coach was like, no, that's all right.


We're still going to get them on for an interview pre tournament here. No doubt they had to they had to shut things down there because there was a couple of cases and things ended up going a little bit rampant. So let's hope that that tournament's able to kick off. I know that's a big Christmas time tradition. And I'll say over the years it's grown in the States, too. You guys have put some very competitive teams in the tournament as of late with the U.S. development program.


So it's never a guarantee for Canada anymore?


No, no, definitely not. Definitely not moving right along. A couple of other news items here are Florida Panthers hired a new assistant general manager, Brett Peterson. He's a local guy who played it back and a minus for a few years, and he's now the front office pioneer. He became the first black assistant general manager in league history. Like Florida GM Bill Zito, Peterson worked for the players before moving over to the front office. He's been a protege of Zardoz for years.


Zito took Peterson on as a client back on the day, hoping to get him to work for him. And that's exactly what happened. And now Peterson, he is brought Peterson to Florida. So congrats to Brett Peterson on becoming a pioneer and smash another stallion and become the first black assistant GM in league history.


Yeah, Peterson and I, we played together on a team, The Outlaws. It was like fall season before your high school year played at Cushing Academy.


I was at Fair Academy, one of the sickest skaters. This guy was awesome. Went to B.C. Awesome player defensemen.


So I've known him for a long time. Great guy. He's hilarious to be around classic one liners and I didn't know that.


Did you say he took them on as a client, as a player, hoping that he'd worked for him like he already saw that his future? Yes.


Yes. When he was in the coast years ago, I saw something in him and he basically became his. Mentor protege, and now that's got a solution all these years for Brett and Tuka became really close and I think that everyone knows he's going to do a great job.


That's just an awesome honor for him to have. And he's he's he's a class, classy guy.


He'll say that. And Greg Moshinsky article about him, I guess his nickname is Chubb's for my Happy Gilmore. Oh yeah, the happy movie. Any anytime you got a good nickname. We got to mention that he's a chubby looking great tonight, boys.


Also, we want to mention the Chicago Blackhawks hired Kendall Quinn Scofield as the first female development coach in team history, shall assist the coaching staff at Rockford. So congrats to Kendall as well on breaking another barrier in the sport because she made her name known to those who didn't know it at the All-Star Game a few years ago with her lightning speed. So she keeps creeping up the career ladder. So congrats to her as well.


Before we send it over the interview, we got to acknowledge this anniversary today. Of course, it was on Wednesday, the 25th anniversary of Patrick Waaa getting pulled off to give it up nine goals and an 11 to one loss. Just an epic scene comes off the bench, walks right past his coach, goes over the team. President Aronow saying, This is my last game in Montreal, walks past the coach again. Four days later, they send them to the former Nordiques as salt in the wound wasn't enough for the Canadians.


Fans sent him to Denver with Mike Keen for Andre Kovalenko, Manu Luzinski and Jocelin Tibble. The rest, of course, is history. He wants to more cups out in Denver, solidifies their their franchises an up and comer. What great stuff.


From back in the day I was sitting in the parking lot and Darby Street waiting for a Chipotle order and I saw the tweet end up retweeting. I'm sorry, I don't know the name.


I check out my Twitter, I'll pull it up. Actually, I'll be. I'll be. You know, I feel like that's journalistic integrity, right?


To say the guy's name. Absolutely. I tried sit zero.


City, he tweeted the video of the Red Wings snapping at around the Habs, lost 11 one R.A. mentioned that he allows nine.


It was Mario Tremblay, correct me if I'm wrong or the college. You want to talk about a guy with an ego?


This guy, I mean, he was the show coach of the Montreal Canadiens and to embarrass Patrick Wall like that, who'd already won two for that organization, he'd already won two.


He was still in his prime. He had 86 in 93 and to pull in to embarrass him at home and the Red Sox. Oh my God, Larionov snaps around a Federov, somebody replied with Federoff skating out to the all star game, looking phenomenal when we posted on YouTube.


Can you now can you now put in that video? No, not legally sick, but just imagine it, folks. Imagine you're just a great reply.


Federoff Berry burying what amounts just so he goes by coach. The coach is just game. He's just staring at them.


Just fucking just what is the word late laser through his eyes. I can't even describe what I'm trying to say. Just hate hate in his eyes.


And he walks by and then he decides to fuck him. He turns around, he says, and the president, no glass back in that day.


Imagine I saw somebody sent a tweet.


Imagine Shanahan sitting right behind and he knows it's crazy.


So. So he says, I'm out of here.


Well, it was that moment that changed twenty five years ago today or tomorrow or yesterday. Now, you guys listen to Thursday.


That changed hockey history because it changed the entire Colorado Avalanche organization trajectory. Right.


He brought them their first Stanley Cup. And it's five months later. I said the next year it was the next year, but it wasn't the next season. It was that season.


And and not only does that happen, and then they win the other one.


And I mentioned in my tweet book gets his cup. Patrick was still still at the top of his game in 01.


I mean, that's six years or no. Excuse me. Yes. Six years after that deal from Montreal, not only just do they win the Stanley Cups. Well, that rivalry with Detroit forms the greatest rivalry.


And I mean, I was going to try during that stretch of time for sure, those games. Oh, my. After the regular season game, February, like ESPN ateam, their fight off the draw on the war and just the history with the Lemieux hit on Draper, just everything.


And it all started on that day twenty five years ago when you embarrassed a superstar. You don't do that, especially the goalies.


They're mental. The rivalry game videos, whenever they were going to be playing each other, there would be no goal scored. It would just be all the scraps which nowadays not allowed. And one of the funnier moments, though, during that game when he ended up finally getting yanked and the rest is history is is after he led and it's like a goal, he ends up like stopping a dump in. And then the whole crowd chants and he's putting his arms up being like, yeah, yeah, yeah, I got fuck all you guys I'm walking out of here is our ball bag.


I gave you two cups, so I'm going to go with another team. Two cups, you fuckers. So definitely one of the probably the one of the craziest moments in NHL history, the fact that the guy was even sitting behind only thing. What made it better would have been if you would have took a sip out of his beer if you one behind the bench and what and what a way to go.


So what does that take me to next? What the fuck have the Montreal Canadiens done since that? Nothing. Not much. 25 years, dude, they haven't done shit and everyone who says the Montrachet is the greatest organization in the NHL. They want all those Stanley Cups, they just got every good player from Quebec. I mean, hey, you're nasty, you're from northern Quebec, come on down and be a Canadian. Maybe not.


Whether any kid in Montreal, they got them all. There was no draft. Of course, they were going to win all those Stanley Cups.


The other fucking teams had to go through the draft players. They did fight for. Everyone throughout the province says no Americans got a shot back then.


So I guess you could compare it to when like Boston. What was the old goat story? Isn't that what we'll know? Is Bambino the curse of the Bambino? Traded Bambino?


Yeah, they traded Babe Ruth, the curse of the Bambino. So that's that's what you're comparing it to. Kind of kind of.


I think the Sox went what did the Sox go right.


Why don't I get the goat? Why are the goat countrymen might be thinking of the Chicago Cubs. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.


Sorry, sorry.


I'm like this. Springfield, the RISC, Chicago. I listen to the snake draft with the Chicago Boys. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.


I, I want people to go listen to it.


All right I, I mean I had a good time listening to it. Some of your picks were so perfect already. So perfect.


I think one of the questions was where you'd want to be in world history.


At what moment. Which did you wish you could be at world history and our epic Living with the Dinosaurs.


Yeah, yeah. It was the dogwalker, Boston Leidy. Awesome. Dude, he does they do a snake draft. They've had a bunch of us characters from Boston wanted it was five events. You wish you could have attended. One sports, one concert, one U.S. history, one world history and one miscellaneous.


Now, those guys, some of them, I think they're trying to like play to the audience a bit and get the audience votes. Like I said, the White Sox, Dave, like, I don't give a fuck how they vote. I just want to pick what I think the best one is in the spot here. So it was a ton of fun if you haven't seen it or check it out. By all means, I love it.


I want it on one of those. Oh, I'm sure they'll have. It's a lot of fun.


I texted Eddie so because I picked for my my clients that I picked the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. I know everybody talks about Woodstock.


The Woodstock Monterey Pop was in California during the summer and had better weather, arguably better music.


Well, I don't I mean, it was just three days of drunken drunken debauchery in California.


No mud, no rain, no running out of food.


It was just a grand old time. I know. Everybody thought I would have picked Bob you up, but I actually picked the rumble in the jungle. Ali Foreman in Zaire, one of the most epic boxing matches of all time. So I picked that one U.S. history I picked right after Prohibition was repealed so it could win. The whole country was get better Padian for world history. I took, like what you said, being there before the dinosaurs got eradicated by an asteroid just to see what dinosaurs like in my fifth one was miscellaneous, was to be there the first time somebody got stoned, whether how they smoked it, ate it, however they did.


Who looked at this bud on a on a plan and decided to do whatever they did with it and then ended up stoned as a result.


Great answer. So you were given time to think about these? Yeah, they do it in advance. You got a couple of days. Yeah.


Eddie gives you what the categories are. So I did some scouting, you know, and have my answers ahead of time. I actually was given the option of the first pick overall, which I know whoever had it was probably going to take the miracle on ice. But I suppose if I take that then I ain't going to pick against so like the tenth pick. So I actually took the fifth and sixth pick and granted, none of those guys probably been hurt, a moderate festival.


But I had to take it.


I was thinking about sporting moments because obviously Miracle on Ice was you guys all said it was. No, no question. That's where that's where you want to experience sport was. To be in the Canadian locker room in Moscow after Henderson scored and was at 70 Tuba's.


Is that the summit series? Yeah, yeah, I know over my head, yes, I believe you're Canadian too. You should be embarrassed by it, by history. Pathetic.


That would be that would be a moment in time that would be pretty sick or in the locker room. And Gretzky got five goals to get 50 and 39 games.


Is that good, good stuff? I wish I to check it out almost time to send it over to McGuire. Just one thing for us.


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I love dummy it dummy did damage it all week, all month.


And going back to that that snake draft, I think I think I'd want to go back to when like like the whole Jesus thing was going on.


Someone said that, oh, did they OK. Yeah, well they already got actually mad.


You got mad or a little bit. Oh a White Sox Dave.


Yeah. Yeah. Well he tried. He does that. He tries to change the rules. Like he said, all this is like if you were a fly on the wall and then he tried to pick going back in time and prevent in the coronaviruses.


I was Bolian this guy, because it was unreal. On his own show. On his own show. You just given it to him.


So he picked he picked going back to what Jesus during like the resurrection, Snow White Sox. They've picked us to stop the Croner, but no cow picked the resurrection. And I bust his balls. I saw we're doing fictional events now, you know, like that.


Well, that's why I was I was nervous saying it, because now I'm going to get all these atheists out for crying.


Although they asked, are you an atheist?


No, I told him. I mean, I'm an Irish Catholic from Boston. But if you know the history there, then you understand why I'm not too keen on the whole Catholic Church these days. So I'm not you know, I feel like I went through that so I can make fun of it.


I'll take the heat because I don't give a shit. You know, I grew up in that environment so I can make fun of it. So either way, it was fun, man. I now went, Yeah, I'll tell you.


How about this answer the fucking Colosseum. Oh.


Oh, shit. To see it. Anyone see the Colosseum. Oh no. I just want to see a gladiator thing.


That's a good pulp front row seat. You just won that draft. I know. Fucking right.


Hey, front row seats to see them go like today while walking by me fucking sipping on my beer because he's piss off.


You can get yanked up to the line, but he's off giving a thumbs down right in front of the team. President, sit front row for my limbs getting ripped off. Hey, Cesar.


Hey, Cesar. That was my last. That was my last go in Rome. I'm out of here.


Said to Florence, I'll fight a fucking lion and a giant snake.


You know what a how about this one?


Adam and Eve. Yes, imagine this, sex, though, would be just terrible all everywhere, talk about Marja's bush mondo cheese.


Wow. Oh, we went off the rails. Let's go to let's go to Pure Rock or else we try to grill this guy. But he stayed firm. I want to get. I know. He's just.


Yeah, this guy is a machine. He doesn't hear any of the hate. He's been doing it for years. Let's go right now.


Peter McGuire, thanks for joining the show. It's a pleasure to bring on our next guest for the last 14 years, you know him from his work on NBC's NHL telecasts after several years to set up in Canada prior to his media career. He served as an NHL scout assistant, GM head coach in the 1990s when he won the Stanley Cup as an assistant with the Pittsburgh Penguins. He played a Bergan Catholic high school in New Jersey then for the Hoback College Statesman in Geneva.


Thanks so much for joining us on Spin and Checketts Peter Maguire.


It's awesome to be here. I can't believe Ryan. You look so young and Paul so invigorated. It's awesome to be with you gentlemen.


You really mean that, though? Yeah, I do. I wish I had the same flow rate as you do.


Yeah, my flow, my Brillo pad. I will say everyone says I look like I was 53 when I was 20, but I still look 53 at 37. So I don't work. I don't want to stand next to big. He's always got that glow on.


So because I just got to take you down this my my relationship with Ryan Whitney goes back to when he played at their academy as a freshman there. And it's the first part was Brooks Orpik. So that just just to date us to show and I'll never forget when he was drafted fifth overall by your Pittsburgh Penguins at the time, and I'll always remember that. So, yeah, I go way back with Ryan, you know, where everyone played.


It's absolutely insane. We'll get into that later. That was 1998 for everyone wondering at home.


Actually, the year before I won the Quebec peewee tournament and it was still a hell of a run.


Thanks for bringing it up.


So I was going to ask if we quizzed you, would you know where everyone played junior college, you think? And today in the NHL, you played for two junior teams.


OK, let's hear it. Well, one of the last one was Owen Sound. I know. Well, technically pure.


I played for three because I went from North Bay to Saginaw. I was there the last year or kids get kicked out of school.


I got kicked out of North America. We went to Saginaw.




How are you decompressing after the longest season ever in all that time in the bubble? You know what? It's been great. My son's playing junior hockey and British Columbia, so I was getting all the great pictures from my wife seeing my sister. She and my son took this cross-country trip in Canada, which was good. So that helped. My daughter is a sophomore at Dartmouth and she's not on campus right now. So I've been fortunate enough to have her home and I'm actually helping train her.


So that's been good. And when I have a little bit of time, I've been golfing too.


So that's been a nice, nice. That's good to hear. Are you still living in Montreal? No, we have a whole lot of miles north, Ryan in Montreal, but we sold our home in Montreal eleven years ago and moved to Connecticut. That's how long ago I was at your house for dinner.


Mercuric. He took me over Jordan's thall Sidney Crosby or nice enough to host us over there. I remember that, but I guess that's that's dating myself. Jesus Christ.


You know what, Piers? I got to tell you this story. And you guys, too, you like it about Ryan Whitney.


He's fast Ryan Whitney, boys, fashion afficionado. And we're sitting around the table at our old home in Montreal. And there have been some pretty good stories told around that table. Abraxas told of you and Rick talk. It's stole a few. Scotty Bowman stole a few. Just name dropping. But we're there. And Sidney Crosby sitting at the table as a young kid. And Ryan Whitney says, Why don't you tell about your house? Why don't you tell me about your house?


And she goes, What do you mean? He goes, Well, you bought a pink house. You have a pink house.


And Crosby was calm, cool and collected.


And finally, at the end of the dinner, he goes with my house isn't pink, it's salmon. And Sid was angry.


Was he pissed that I forgot about that? So I always said he had a pink house and he would really argue with salmon. And then that night he didn't give it back to me right away. But I think saying it enough, finally, Brian, this is hard enough here.


When you came on the scene for me and I just talked to him yesterday was when Dion Phaneuf was playing World Juniors and you Tolkan the phrase double Deon.


Sometimes he'd even drop a triple D. Do you remember get ran over.


I know I don't, but it was a rush and it might have been over your mark. And I don't know it. It was a Russian for sure. He and Shane Weber were a dynamic duo in the back end for Canada. Now they're all junior. That was twenty five in Grand Forks, North Dakota. But Dion was great. You know, I'll tell you, this is a great Dion story. When Sydney was seventeen and the old five world jaws dropped here, there was an indoor practice facility in Grand Rapids, but it was underground.


It was deep, was about three floors deep.


And Brent Sutter, the practice got so intense before the first Canada game that he had to stop it because Phaneuf and Crosby just kind of kept trying to kill one another. It was unbelievable. There was no media there except for my partner, Gordon Miller Lite. But it just speaks to the intensity of both the and at the time to Alfa's that are playing in different leagues.


And they're like, fuck this. Like we'll be teammates in about a week. This this practice is game on.


Yeah, pretty much. To you, it looks like quite a high school athlete here doing a little research for the show, multiply that, spit it out, a multi-sport athlete?


Well, I was when I came down from Canada, go to burn Catholic is actually to play football, not to play hockey. I was really fortunate. I played for a living legend who I talked to just yesterday, by the way, Tony Karsch, one of the winningest coaches in Jersey high school football history. I was so fortunate to play there. And the people that I met are still some of my best friends in sport. You know, we lost two of my teammates.


It shows as you get older, I'm almost 60. We lost two of my teammates over the course of this year, which was really unfortunate. But those guys that I graduated with and play with, they're really, really proud of them. I also played football, baseball and in hockey there as well. So I was fortunate. I love that school was an amazing place, but in Catholic high school, Mardell, New Jersey, and they still keep popping out.


Amazing athletes. Yeah. I played with a kid, one of my good buddies, roommate freshman year, Brian Miller, I think he went to Bergen Catholic that spot on.


Yeah, he's this kid because he was one of those defensemen that, like, nowadays, he would play in the NHL. He was five and a 10 like just skated so well. He got hurt in college. But Berghain Catholic, we always used to tell him that's a football school. That's where they just roll off sick recruits every year.


Pretty good.


So after college played hockey there, what was your next step after that?


I know you get Tritle for the Devils and then you went overseas. Take us through that journey. Yeah, right after I graduated from college, I was signed by a team over in Europe. I went over and played there for a year and about halfway through that season. I don't know how New Jersey and New Jersey saw me play and I signed with New Jersey, came back and shacked up with the team, never got in any games, and then went to training camp.


And back in those days, I was a rookie camp. And if you're getting up the rookie camp, you made the big camp and then you kept going and got to play in some exhibition games and things like that and stayed right to the end and got sent to the minors right near the end of camp.


And I knew at that time that I Marshall Johnston, by the way, was the guy that was so great to me that along with David Contee, two phenomenal hockey people, and Marshall just said, we see you as being more of a minor league player than an NHL player. You're more we'd love to have you go play for us in the minors. But I did not go. I started my coaching career right away and six years after I left campus coaching in the NHL.


How'd you how'd you end up climbing the ladder so fast? I mean, next thing you know, your assistant coach, then you take over for who would you take over home, Graham?


Yeah, and I was in Hartford, but I started in Pittsburgh. And I'll tell you what happened is I basically married the game. I lived I slept eight.


I skated I was in the rink all the time. And I don't remember there used to be a real Top End program in Boston called the Europa Cup. And we had players like Tony and Monty and Keith Kucuk and Jeremy Rolnik, really elite players go through there. Bobby Kellogg, who was a third round pick of Chicago and go down the line. It was Sean McCarron. Didn't Brian Leach, Brian Leach, Brian, they was there 100 percent.


So because I was helping run that camp in Boston and it was a whole summer thing. And during the winter, I was coaching and recruiting all over North America. And then I got a chance to go to St. Lawrence University. And we had real good teams at St. Lawrence. And then Scotty Bowman saw me and not being interviewed me and the rest is history.


That's show biz. He's you're kind of not giving the whole story. At least what I've heard is Scotty Bowman, were you running practice or some at some point where Scotty Bowman had a daughter at St. Lawrence or he happened to be at St. Lawrence and he went in the rink randomly and he, like, really liked how you were run in practice? Is that true?


That is true. That is a true story. His daughter, Alicia, was actually recommended to go to St. Lawrence by a legendary hockey coach, Mike Kane. And Ryan and Mike Iron Mike, Mike Keenan and Jack Martin were teammates at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, where Jordan Greenway, by the way, plays for Minnesota, while that's where he's from, Kent, New York. And Scottie, watch the practice. And he said, man, I love what you just did there.


If I ever go to the NHL, would you come with me? And I said, Yeah, are you're kidding me?


And about four we talked a lot back then. There were no cell phones. And I would be on the phone with Scottie sometimes till 12:00 one o'clock in the morning, just watching Western Games and breaking down strategy. So that's basically I got my start. Ryan, you're spot on.


It was video a big thing back then?


It was for us in Pittsburgh. It wasn't as big around the league as it is right now. I'll never forget this. Barry Petersen, who does a great job on Boston Bruins TV, was one of our players in Pittsburgh during the 1991 run to the Cup. Paul and I'll never forget him. Coming up to me after one of our team meetings, I ran this thing for the late badger. Bob Johnson was a breakdown of our next opponent, and he grabbed me.


He pulled me aside and said, guys like you are going to kill the game. And I said, You know what? I agree with you. It was just we were getting to the point where we oversaturating the players with information. And it wasn't just verbal information, was visual information as well. This and I think, you know, that was really the beginning of it. The ninety one and ninety two penguins are really the beginning of video.




He brought up the hot food stamp. You only 32 years old. Now that be young for today, let alone way back in the day.


What was your level of nervousness, growing nervousness going into that, or did you have any.


I wasn't nervous at all because I knew the players. I knew it was a rebill that Lisa was supposed to be a rebuild. I left Pittsburgh to go to Hartford because Brian Burke was going to be the general manager. Paul Holmgren, was there somebody I really appreciated and respected for the way he played and where he coached? And Kevin McCarthy, who's now in Washington with Peter LaViolette, he was the other assistant. So I wasn't nervous at all. When Paul step aside and Brian left to go work for the NHL because I thought it was a five year rebuild when I left Pittsburgh to go there, little did I know that after two years the team would be sold and Brian would have left.


Paul was going between managing and coach. And so it is a different situation. But no, I wasn't nervous at all. I'm. I know things maybe not ideal, I know some of the players that that were, you know, had some things they said the media. Were there any lessons you took from that experience that at all that kind of had?


We had one instance that I think really put a monkey wrench into the whole situation. We had some players go out in Buffalo after a real disappointing loss in Washington two nights before. And maybe there was some miscommunication, maybe there wasn't. But six of them got arrested and some of the assistants got arrested, too. And that wasn't very good so that there was some miscommunication there.


And I think if I had to do it over again, I was kind of on an island by myself, we would have probably handled it a little bit differently.


As an organization, I would have handled it differently.


As a coach with the media pier, Schanberg came on and told the story of, of course, you New Yorker had an illegal stick. I don't know if it was for specifically the power play or something. And it was late in the game and you guys were back at Mellon Arena and you called the legal stick on them. And then you come out of the box and scoring and then giving you the middle finger.


What he meant by that's a true story of this. And it actually happened in Hartford. And Sean was well, we made this tremendous comeback against the penguins. And it was an amazingly emotional game and we tied it up late. I think Paddy Verbeek might have tightened up late. And I you know, obviously had Coach Jäger had been part of the management team that had drafted YAAMA, so I kind of skated a lot when I was an assistant coach because you couldn't get them off the ice.


So I knew he had an illegal stick and I went up to one of our cap, I think it was actually Patraic.


And I said, tell Kari Frazier I think it was Carey who was referee and we want a measuring stick just before overtime because we had tied it up and it was illegal.


And little did I know that Larry Murphy would do his virtuoso high flip pass out of the zone. Yagur would come out of the box, get it out of midair and go going to Breakaway.


And he did give me the nice little salute. That's the real yogurt's right there. That was the really wasn't this. It was something else. But what a phenomenal talent. And I'll tell you what, everybody talks about how great he was. If you were to play played in this league with no red line and zero tolerance of obstruction, that guy would have shredded numbers. You would have just shredded it. It was unbelievable that he was.


What about those few years where he kind of I don't I guess maybe not given his best effort. I mean, you would think he might have been maybe one of the top five greats I know as far as games played in goal scored.


But it does it feel like maybe he could have done a little bit more as good as he's been?


No, because it was tackle football when he was in the apex of his career. And I don't know how it's the same with Mario. And Ryan knows because you and Paul, you know, to when you're around Mario Lemieux, you know how great it was and is. And, you know, Gretz, the same thing, just tackle football, impact of the game back and star players just had no opportunity to do very much. And they were tackle I mean, you could tackle a guy and there was no penalty.


He was unbelievable. So I think you squeezed every ounce of athleticism he could on his body.


It's amazing. Looking back now, I think when you when you see people wanted to keep the red line in the game, like it's so much better now without it.


And just to look back and think of how slow it was compared to now, it makes a lot of sense.


But I'm gonna go ahead on that. By the way, Ryan, I think you know that I was one of the real at that time. I was just starting my media career. I started that and probably calling for it in 1999 because we were in the dead putter. And we I'll give you an example. In 2004, this is an amazing story. But in 2004, the Calgary Flames played the Tampa Bay lightning in the Stanley Cup final. It was a great final and went seven games and it was back and forth.


It was really good. You had a game of fighting with Cavalier. You had all kinds of stuff going on. It was really was a great son versus Tortorella. Really intense coaching matchup. But here's the thing. If you got the lead in any one of those seven games, you never relinquished the lead. There was never a lead change once in seven games. And that's because the red line was in and was tackle football from the march down on the goal line.


Is that true? The team who scored first never gave up the lead on a while, and then it was all change.


And I remember the other year, a year or two after the Tourky came back, I saw that game or that series, one of the games on TV. It was like a different sport. It was nuts to look back and think it was only two years prior.


So I'll just tell you this quick one about the red line. I'll never forget it because my partner can. At the time, Gordon Miller and I fought tooth and nail to get that out. And a lot of a lot of people are really mad at us. And there were so many that still works in the NHL hockey operations office now said to me after they got that, Palestinians says, you better hope that works, because if it doesn't, you're done.


That's what they told me. So you better hope that works. I said I better work.


Well, you're going into the media career and that side of it. And, you know, you got out of coaching. You weren't involved there anymore. It's not often you see somebody then goes in to being in TV or as long as you've been. How did that all begin? What was the origination of you being on TV? Is origination a word?


Because I don't know. Usually they're talking up the word. So that was. Where this one shot an all star pitcher? Well, it's a good story. I was coach in St. Louis, his farm team down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Mike King and Bob Berry actually hired me to coach that team in Baton Rouge. And I did. And I loved it. And one of the guys that played for me there was Shane NITI and I pushed Shane as far as I could to get him out of there.


And eventually he found his way up and made it to the National Hockey League and had a real nice career. So I'm really proud of Shane. We had some other young men there that played really well, eventually made it up to DHL in the NHL. But yeah, Mike and Bob put me in there for one year. I really enjoyed it.


But during that year, I got a call from the Montreal Canadiens and it was a legendary media man in Canada by the name of Ted Blackman. And Ted said to me, listen, we have some of the tapes of when you coach doing interviews, either pregame interviews or postgame interviews. And we think you'd be really good at being a color analyst. Would you have any interest? And I said, I don't know. I really like coach and I like being around the game.


And I still think I had another run in me as an NHL head coach. And he says, well, when you're in Montreal over the summer, why you stopped by the studio. So I did. And they gave me a test. And at the end of it, they offered me the job and I called up St. Louis and they said, I'm going to take this job. And I did. I took the job and I'm forever grateful.


Ted was amazing. He passed away about 12 years ago, but he was an awesome guy who really helped get my career going. And Gordon Miller, Bob McKenzie, Dave Hodgett, T.S.A., along with Keith Paly and Rick Chisum. I'm really grateful for the people at T.S.A., what they did for me. And I'll always remember that time. It's and it was a phenomenal experience.


So your names popped up for a few GM jobs. Of course, you just mentioned you'd like to get back into coaching. That fire obviously still burns. Are you going to keep trying to get back in as far as management position or coaching?


You know, it's interesting. I don't think you ever apply for those jobs. People usually search you out. And that's what's kind of happened in my situation. I've never applied for any jobs. Owners will call you, managers will call you. Presence of hockey operations will call you friends. You know that my own teams in the league might call you, but I've never applied for any of those jobs.


I'm really happy doing what I'm doing. You know, there's some that were really into I'll tell you the truth, I was a runner up to my version in Montreal. That was heartbreak. And, you know, that's my hometown. But Mark's done a good job. It's taken a while to get it back on the rails, probably the suits.


I think he I think he wore a better suit to you than to the or the buy or the biceps.


Oh, yeah. I already wanted to read it though. And then the other one and I think both of you being former penguins know it came down to Jimmy Rutherford and myself for the job before Jimmy took it. And I was really interested in that one. But I've had some other opportunities at jobs that maybe just didn't fit properly. But we'll see.


But I like what I'm doing right now. I really enjoyed it.


I was media some you thought about back in college or even during your NHL career, or was it just a happenstance way it happened. You just described this so well, I never thought about it.


Not once, honest to goodness, I never thought about it. And when Mr. Blackman called me up and asked me to come and do this test, I said, okay, I'll do it just because I was intrigued by it. But I had never even thought about it at all. I thought I'd do Montreal for one year and go back and start coaching. And I was actually offered an assistant job after my first year on in Montreal on the radio, and I turned it down.


I just it wasn't the appropriate job for me and I'm glad I did, because all those coaches two years later got terminated.


They got the Axia A going back to Pittsburgh. When you're an assistant, they're like, was it hard for you as a as a young coach in the league to approach some of these, like already superstars in order to communicate to them as an assistant would have to?


Yeah, that's a great question, Paul. We are fortunate because our older guys were Joey Mullen, who is a tremendous hockey hall of Famer, Brian Trotzky, who has spent a lot of time with Gordie Roberts, who was outstanding. Those were in most of our older guys and they were great. And you heard Dino, who he got in a trade to help you younger who whose English wasn't great at the time. But the older guys were phenomenal because you could sit with him and talk to them and you don't have to defend your turf.


They knew you were trying to help them. So you make these tapes and you show them, here's what we got and what do you think? And rather than tell them what you want them to do, feel out what they think they need to do. And so I thought that was really good. But I learned a lot being a young coach there.


Absolutely no. When you made the move from team sent to NBC where you fired up to to be working in the States, I couldn't believe the opportunity. I was so grateful to Dick Ebersol and can change. But in particular, Sam Flood, who's still there today, Sam, really helped create the inside the glass position. That was his vision. And I'll never forget it. The 04 final between Calgary and Tampa san came up to me on the set.


It was Bob McKenzie, Gordon Miller and I work in for testing. And he said, Do you think you can broadcast the game from between the benches? That I know I can, but there's no way the league will ever allow it. Not a chance.


And he says, if you think you can do it, you got the job. But I'm just telling you what, you're going to get this done. Then we had the lockout and. And then the next year we had it, and that's when I started. And that's when inside the glass, so did the Jelena's score, that goal in game six of one that and six.


The photo op sure looks like it, Paul.


But again, I can tell I can't tell from the picture, but it shows that inflames fans are going to hate your guts for not admitting that was in it in that little area in between. I think it crossed the line.


It sure did. But blame hockey operations. Don't blame me, OK? Are you on social media at all? No, I never will be.


It's too many fake accounts, no interest in it. I've I watched too much tape.


My day usually starts at five thirty in the morning, usually finishes at about twelve thirty, one o'clock at night. I'm either watching NHL games and watching junior games and watching college games. I'm at practices. I try to help train kids so I don't have time for that. I really don't.


You're watching games all day, every day. Pretty minor leagues. All leagues. Yeah, well, I think one of the most important days of any NHL season is a draft. And your partner. This was part of the best draft in the history of the national hockey. You're welcome, Wheatcroft. And if you look at the players that were taken in the 03 draft, and I'll give you an example, look where Corey Crawford was taking a look where Patrice Bergeron is.


Take a look where she went or was taken. Look where David back is mistaken. You know, you go down the line, look where Corey Perry was taking Mike Richards. It's just it's more murderer's row of players. The Joker, he was two hundred and fifth in the 003 draft. Right. And that's worked out all right. He's the highest scoring American born player ever for playoff goals. Joe Kovalsky, two hundred fifth pick in business draft in 03.


What do you make of the one they had to do basically via via Zoome this year? It's probably, I would say, because my son is it would have been eligible for this trip to 2020 and valuable for next year. I thought the 2020 draft was the next best and still three. This is an outstanding draft. Ottawa and Montreal really stole the day. Ottawa did a phenomenal job. So did Montreal. Those teams are set up for five to seven year runs.


That really are you?


Tremendous draft. Great draft.


You've been doing the draft forever. I mean, in the playoffs all this week, everyone sees you constantly throughout NHL seasons, but after the draft are at the draft, you know, you're having to dissect picks. You're having to talk about certain guys who maybe you know, things about, like have you ever said things that really piss people off about a guy, whether it's dogging his pick or where he's picked, you know, how he plays, like how is it gone on with criticism from other people around the league when you're around the game for 25 years?


Great question and fair.


Thank you. Probably the one that got me in the most trouble was when the New York Islanders took Robert Nielsen, the head of Zach Prezi. And I was in Nashville. That was part of the 03 draft.


And I'll be straight up with you. I said that now you know why some teams lose all the time and why some teams win all the time. And, you know, that wasn't Robert Nielsen's fault that he was taking his father, a friend of mine. His father was an amazing player in the NHL, Kent Nielsen. But it was a bad pick and the Devils actually traded up to get Zachary's. And so you knew right away that was a real smart pick by Lou, and you can't even compare it.


So the next day, this is the story, right? The next day I got on a plane and there was Mike Milbury. And you want to fight me in first class section of the plane. What happened? So he's going at you and you're saying, I want to go eyeball me and give me that dirty look and you know, I got you my credit. He's drafted some really good players to send Anusara and they traded Pillsbury's the guy that drafted the chart.


I mean, you can go down to look like you had some pretty good draft records. You really have. But they missed on Robert Neilson.


Quick, Robert Nielsen's story. I've told this one before, the player you mentioned. Oh, this guy was so skilled, but yeah. Against Prissy, no question you're right on that one. But he would be so tired before games in Edmonton. Sometimes I sit next to him.


Right now I'm in the room and after the warm ups, he'd be sitting there going to wake up.


Come on, wake up. And he's slapping his legs them to try to wake up.


So that kid crack me up.


He could play, you know, he had serious talent, you know. But the one thing that I really like about where is you play with a lot of good players like you did. But I think one of the most underrated ones might have been Ryan Nugent. Hopkins. Would he be Ryan?


Yeah, he that guy is awesome. I mean, I don't like you could kind of tell I don't think he'd ever be one hundred point guy, although he was so good.


I shouldn't even say that he's so nifty with the pork and he's so good defensively that there's a reason Edmonson's had the growing pains. You talk about what's going on, but that's not a guy you want to get rid of. If you're an Oilers fan, I don't think anyone really ever has or they shouldn't have.


No, he's a multidimensional weapon. What blows me away is you can play center. You can play wing with Kyle is going there now. They're starting to insulate their forward position. And I know you guys are probably having different selections. Who's the best player in the league? McDavid is probably the best player off the Russian the league. And Nathan McKinnon is probably the best power player in the league. But that Leon Drysdale's pretty damn good, too.


I mean, you look at how good Edmonton's forwards are, it's pretty scary.


What do you think of the yose? I know that your name was popping up for this job. What would you have what would you be doing differently?


I don't know if that's fair for me to say this, but I would say this is that they've got a lot of heavy lifting to put himself in the salary cap purgatory. They're trying to clean that up. I respect that they've got a new ownership group that's trying to stimulate some energy in their community. I think Billy Armstrong go in there and do a nice job coming out of St. Louis. You know, obviously, they had a little bit of a fumble at the draft this year.


They're going to have to fix that. But this is probably a four to six year retooling. It's going to take some time for them to get it going there, no question.


Yeah, I know you want to go ahead. All right.


I was with the coyotes, not necessarily about them, but your analytics, quote, raised some eyebrows on this show. But in other quarters, did you get any tersely worded emails from the analytics community?


All just kind of look, I don't care. The truth of the matter is, when I watch the Tampa Bay lightning play this year and I'm watching Johnny Jordan, I'm watching Blake Coleman and I'm watching. They're great. And guys get after.


I'd like to see their analytic equation. I can tell you another thing, too. In 2011, when the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup and they had to win a Game seven on the road, Danny and Gregory Campbell and Shawn Thornton delivered the goods I'd like to see were their analytic numbers were in their courses were and I the Tampa Bay baseball team, if they'd like a redo on whether they put their pitcher or not based on analytics versus the L.A. Dodgers.


So that's where I stand. So.


So what did you make of the whole Chaika situation, Le'Veon? I mean, that was kind of a shock to everyone. I'm sure you guys had an opinion on that as well.


I didn't because I didn't know John that well. I'm really bullish on Rick talk and I think Rick talking still housing or two of the better coaches in the league. I really mean that. And I think they're really going to help Arizona. I was surprised John McClane didn't stay on that staff. I watched that staff coach in Edmonton and I did a bunch of their games over the last couple of years. And I think the coaching staff, one of the real strengths of the coyotes is but I didn't know John Cheika very well at all, so I really couldn't have to delete that question.


The reason is, is just looking for stir the pot a little bit. I respect that. But drag into the mud.


Let's go. Do I get the mud? Let's go. But, hey, you're on a roll around.




Wincer You should think we're going to have hockey back here if we can get a vaccine and it can get distributed properly, probably sooner rather than later. But it's great to see that the Big Ten is going to start on November 13th and 14th. I'm really excited for those games and it's great to see that hockey is going to start at the end of November and that there's going to be a bubble in Grand Forks, North Dakota and Montana and Nebraska, so we can get some hockey going out west.


The BC Junior League is playing right now, which is exciting. Sosi, Alberta Junior Hockey League. I would say NHL is probably looking anywhere from January 15th of February the 1st, I would hope. I mean, that's what I'm hoping.


What about no hitting in the. Oh, what do you think about that? You know what, Ryan? I watch a lot of games, as you know. And one of the things I'm seeing in the BCS Junior League, which I think is really cutting edge, what they do is they allow you to engage in a hit. But once a scrum situation ensues on the boards from the goal crease, they'll blow the whistle after about one Mississippi. The almost two seconds and then you have to disengage and the face off comes, but if you continue to engage, they'll give you a 10 minute misconduct.


They won't make you short or give you a 10 minute moscona. But I can tell you, there's some hit some big open spaces, too, in that league. But it's when it gets into confined areas, right. Is when they really blow it dead. So I think they can make that transition, but they're going to have to figure out how they're going to do it along with the boards.


That's the one thing it sounds like it's trending towards actually being a major if you breathe on someone who goes back in the day, but at least you'll get to stay and they'll be worrying about the breathing too much.


You know, this is the other thing, too. In D.C., they started with shields when the season started and after the first week, and they put full bubbles on all players.


So I know it's it's like when you played college right between pot of the old birdcage, it'll be like American Gladiators when you got to jump in that ball and just fuckin roll around to score goals.


AMPs hamster wheel right here.


Are things getting a little soft for your liking as far as a league standpoint? I know the you know, the concussion issues came up, but, you know, sometimes you see these borderline hits and they're slowing them down and you're like, holy fuck, let the guys play a little bit.


I think they need to let them play. When I watch Berkely Goodrow Blacula Yanagawa, I talked about them before, Paul, how they can influence the game. Those guys are really important. I think the one thing though, and I'll say this in defense of Ryan, it became real hard when it became zero tolerance of obstruction and no red line on defense. And I think, like quarterbacks, defensemen need to be protected a little bit. So I like to see just a little bit of a hold up.


But I would tell you one thing. When Ryan Reeves is breathing down my neck and he hits you, it hurts. It hurts like there guys in the league when they business hurts it. So there's some there are some big guys that are big physical presence is out there. But is it as rough as when you played? I'd say no, it's not.


Well, recently retired legend Doc Emrick. I mean, you guys you guys teamed up for a long time. You got to talk a little bit about him, right? When you met him, like in his preparation. But were you guys going out to dinner on the road? I mean, you guys good friends away from the arena. How was your relationship and what did you think about him saying goodbye?


Some of the best times I worked with doctor between two o'clock in the afternoon and five o'clock at night because we'd be sitting in the green room at the rink just by ourselves preparing our notes and talking about different hockey scenarios. And his mind is just like a steel trap. And it's phenomenal. It's the ultimate wordsmith. He was an amazing partner. I worked with him for 14 years, did Olympics with him in Torino, Italy, Vancouver, Sochi and even London.


At the Summer Olympics. We did water polo together. Just a phenomenal human being learned so much from in terms of how to prepare for games and and create notes on different players and storylines. And, you know, he's just he's the king.


He's there's only I think there only be one other broadcaster in hockey that can be comparable to him. And it would be Danny Galavan.


I really mean, not Bob call. Bob was great. Bob was great friend. Bob had the longevity over 80 years of age.


But, you know, Doc did teams Doctor Doc did a lot. Doctor teams, doctor national. Same for Danny. Danny did Montreal forever and he did the National forever. You know, Bob was just on the national side, so a little bit different.


You did waterpolo? I did. I done waterpolo at London Real. And I was supposed to be in Tokyo last summer. That happened pretty.


He's and that's Katrina Yakupov out of the Moscow Academy of the Waterpolo Junior League by a Rosoff Nazarov.


What's amazing about waterpolo, how similar it is to hockey and how great the American women are. The American women are off the charts. Good. They are off the charts. Good.


I'm just telling you, and probably I would say on a women's water polo team, I'd say eighty percent of them are major hockey fans, major, major hockey fans.


Well, that sport is impossible. It's impossible.


It's because you're actually like getting physical in the pool and you're trying to tread water. Aaargh! Would be done after one shift.


Done what one of the coolest things is going to watch the men train from the Eastern Bloc countries of former Eastern Bloc countries. So watching the Serbians are watching the Montenegro players or watching the players from Croatia, they take these twenty five pound weight balls, medicine balls, medicine balls, and the guys are in the pool.


And the DEFAT and the coaches like watching at their heads. They got to catch him without touching the bottom and throw it back. And they're doing this for like two or three minutes at a time. It's amazing to watch them condition themselves.


It really is. I want to ask about the referee, and I thought it was pretty decent this year's playoffs. I thought they call that sort of regular season style, but they've struggled the last couple of years.


You think there are any flaws in the process from. Are you guys up to the NHL, maybe two too many? I don't know, nepotism, politics, politics, any of that stuff? No.


You know, one of the best things that happened for me in the bubble last year, I lived along the importance butat oh, I said Tim Hortons.


Tim Hortons was free, was good. It was good. That was one of the things. But I lived with the officials for nine weeks and I got to train with the officials every day, got to see how professional they were. I knew them all facially, but I didn't know them as people because you just you don't run with them. You're in a city, you're out of the city, you're doing a game, you leave the game. They stay in one until you stay at another.


But I got to spend time, nine weeks with a lot of these guys. And I respect their professionalism. I respect how they carry themselves. Some of them are former prison guards. Some of them are former undercover policemen. Some of them are just walk to be kind of policemen. I mean, just phenomenal guys. I respect them so much. And I think this year's playoff was phenomenal. I thought the officials were just off the charts. Good in the playoffs this year.


And just to clarify, I'm not picking on the refs. I know they have a tough job and they do a great job. It's always the best. Young official Chris Rooney is right up there. He didn't make the final. But there there are a lot of really good young officials coming along, really, really good officials.


One of the thing I want to ask, what about the Hockey Hall of Fame process? You're a part of that committee as well, right? I'll never forget three years ago when Larry McDonald called me, I thought it was a gag. I was like, are you serious? Are you putting me on? Is this like a candid camera thing? And goes, No, Puritz, Lanny, I'm being serious. You've been nominated. And we'd like to have you on the Hall of Fame selection committee.


I'm like, I'm in where do I sign up? And I sent him a long note just to make sure it wasn't a gag. And he sent one back to me.


And I'll never forget the first meeting. It's an amazing thing to be a part of. Larry and John Davidson do such an amazing job running it. The people on the committee, their process of being prepared is just amazing. And the debates are phenomenal. They really are. And you can learn so much in those meetings. It's great. I'm just so proud to be part of that committee.


Other than that, what were you what were you doing inside the bubble? I imagine that was a tough experience, being away from the family that long.


Now, that was one of the most difficult things I've ever done in my career. I'll be honest with you. The best part about it was hanging with the referees, training every day, spent a lot of time with the not officials from the league, but general managers or coaches or spent a time of practice working with Kenny Albert and Johnny Fauzan was phenomenal. Those guys were great.


So, again, I was grateful for the friendships that I made and the people that I knew over time. But it was a different experience and I'm not sure it could ever be replicated as well as it was in Toronto. In Edmonton. I, I, I realize what the players went through and I respect them so much. Unless you work through it, you have no idea how hard it was.


It was amazingly difficult. I actually want to jump back to the Hall of Fame for a second, I'm one of these guys who's probably been critical about it. And I know it's not easy to whittle down that list.


And you got guys on it for a long time, but does it not skew a little too Canadian at times?


And I mean, we've got Europeans who get shadow guys on the stage who don't get in for a long time and then, you know, 18, 20 years a guy gets in who wasn't good enough for 18 years and all of a sudden he gets it.


Now, how do I know? I don't think it skews American, Canadian, European at all. I think it skews with the best presentations. And I'll give you an example. Not this past spring, but the spring before Jerry York, the legendary coach out of Watertown, Massachusetts, who started his career, Clarkson University goes to Bowling Green, ends up, you know, still coaching at Boston College, is a dear friend of mine, Jerry Hawks and Hockey, all fame.


And trust me when I tell you he had been nominated before and he didn't get in. So I just look at that. I look at Joey Moreland getting in. You know, I think they're going to be a lack of U.S. women, Olympians that are going to get in pretty soon here. So, no, I don't think it skews towards Canada. I think it's really balanced. And I'll tell you what, some of the Europeans we have and Russians we have on the committee, you should hear how they fight for their countrymen and their their demands.


Well, no, it's really it's an awesome experience.


Orrible Mogilny, though. Mogilny just screams Hall of Famer.


Well, you know what? There's been some interesting discussion about Alexandrea. There have been he's you know, there's only so much I can say, right? I can't say too much. It's a very difficult to.


I'll get that truth serum into the tank. Whitney Yeah, exactly.


Exactly. You had Pronger and hot food. Did you think you'd end up in the Hall of Fame when you had him then?


One hundred percent. I'll give you a story that probably hasn't been out there. I'll never forget after we drafted Chris and this was Brian Burke that did it. Brian did a masterful job with the draft and came back to organize it so that it was a three way deal with San Jose, Calgary in Hartford.


And eventually we ended up getting San Jose's second pick overall and we gave them the fifth pick overall, I think, or the sixth or fifth or sixth. But we were players involved to back her off. Was one of the players that was involved in that deal breakers. To make a long story short, we got Pronger and Brian left to go to work for the league. And I was sitting in the coach's office with Paul Holmgren and Care Porgie from the Quebec Nordics called and they're in our division, the old Adams division.


We said, would you be interested in trading Chris Pronger? Because we couldn't get them signed at that point. We're like, not a chance. And I will tell you some of the names you threw on the table to us.


But we're like, well, that's really that's appetizing. We made out to think about this, but we never did it. And I remember after we signed them, I was talking to Patrick Morris and Donny Meehan, who represented Chris. And I remember saying, you're going to get an off fame. I mean, it's just a matter of whether you can stay healthy enough. That's how good he was. You knew right away because he's Canadian, too.


So I don't know if he still is. He's I think he's a dual citizen now. There you go. So that was a layup.


This is a I know numbers aside, this is a question that asked people who who's about a pass to Adam O'Toole, Wayne Gretzky.


I know it might sound stupid to people, but now there are really different. Gretz was really good at creating separation for himself, but he could hold the puck longer in the neutral zone if you broke down and duct tape on Adamantium was a right hand shot that used to attack your right defense or come down and left me because he was so good on his backhand and he really liked to do that. So what we would always do for Pittsburgh's perspective, especially in the old Boston Garden, I was smaller.


We would always attack with our left defenseman and try to pinch him off down that side to take away his time in space. You remember the red line was in so our defense could really step up and chip down on them and we would lock that lane with a left winger. So I would say Gretzky was still a bit better passer. But I'll tell you what, Ulrich was phenomenal on his back and he had that little short play and he was really, really good, or that boy was excellent at it.


I think we've brought this up a few times in the part about the Pittsburgh days and how they vetoed Scottie Bohlmann out of practice. Now, obviously, you're around for that. Have you ever seen anything like that in your life? And what did you guys do as assistants?


Well, I'll never forget the day that it happened. We are in Calgary. We were staying at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Calgary, and we were there two days before our game.


And I got a call to go up to the general manager's office at the time was a sweet but his office on the road, it was Craig Patrick. And Craig just said Scotty's not going on the ice anymore for practice and you guys will run it and you just be the guy with the whistle. So that's how we did it for the whole year. And I'll tell you one thing. He may not have been on the ice for practice, but that's his team.


He ran that team, Scotty Bowman. He was unbelievable. And on the bench, he won us in the first round series against Washington. We were down three games to one in that series. We had to win games five and seven on the road missed. And it was all because of Bowman and his brilliance and Mariota Muna's eloquence meeting with the players. And it was Scotty to turn him loose with the players. It was a phenomenal, phenomenal thing.


And it just showed you how intelligent Scotty. Was at the time and still is, he's 86 years old right now, and he could still coach an NHL team, I'm telling you right now. Unbelievable.


So what did what they couldn't handle they couldn't handle his mean streak nowadays.


What do you mean? No, you know, one of the best parts of bottom right is he change with the times. If you talk to the players that he coached in St. Louis in the late 60s and then talked to his players, that he coached the Montreal in 94 through the 70s, but until his last year, 1979, when they beat the Rangers in the Stanley Cup final or talked to his players in Buffalo through the 80s or talked to Pittsburgh and Detroit players the 90s and 2000s, they'll they'll all tell you the same thing they'll tell you is winning coach.


But as atmosphere around the team was different in every single era. It was unbelievable how he changed with the times.


You're a guy who's, like you said, you're watching games or you're also doing radio hits on TV. How many radio hits are you doing a week? Because I see you on every station in every city I'm in.


I do about let's see Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, NHL, Vancouver and Pittsburgh. So I you know, a lot that's Montreal or every day. And they've been that way for over 20 years.


You can never sort of escape. Like, what do you do besides hockey? There's got to be something I like to golf. That's an awful lot. I like to be a dad too, because, you know, being a dad is a cool thing.


So I like to watch my daughter. So I like to help my son train or my daughter train. I like being a dad, too. It's a neat thing.


And like you ever have the Times because you're talking about the entire league. I know I do. Where it's like, oh, boy, I don't know that much about that team right now. Are you able to just be grinded into all 31?


I think you try to grind it in all thirty one and you try to you know, one of the ways I start my day is you break down depth charts of different organizations.


That's how I usually start my day and Nischan and some depth charts.


So that's how I try to start my day. Ryan and I watch, like I said, I watch a ton of games. I watch. One of the best things that's ever happened is hockey TV. Hockey TV is awesome. It's really good. So if you want it and you want to watch a lot of games get on TV, it's a great tool.


Well, we see Mike Babcock behind an NHL bench again. And if so, when or. I think so. Mike's a tremendous coach and I think Mike learned a lot. One of the best talks I ever had with a coach who got fired was Ken Hitchcock, and he's been fired more than once.


And Ken's one of the better coaches you've had in the league over the last twenty five years, I'll tell you that. And one of the things that Ken told me that I really respect is when you get fired, you have to have this discussion with yourself and you have to look in the mirror, what you do right, what you do wrong, what can you make better and what do you really need to focus in on going forward? And if you have that honest conversation with yourself, I think you become a better coach because you learn and I think Mike has had that conversation with himself.


I've been around Mike at the Vancouver Olympics in Sochi Olympics, obviously the Stanley Cup finals we played in 08 when they lost to Detroit. And Paul, you know that as well. And and then obviously 09 when he won in Detroit. And so I've been around Babbs for a lot of big moments, and he's a tremendous coach.


And I do think he'll be back. I do. I know we don't know when it's going to stop, but whenever it does, do you have a potential Cinderella for the next season? Those New York Rangers are going to be good long term. I think Ottawa is going to be really good. Ottawa Ottawa senators have really done a nice job in terms of stockpiling young talent. They're really aggressive. I thought in free agency this year, they've developed they've got a real good coach down Dullsville Trent man who's done some really good things with their program down there.


I think Ottawa as a team to watch long term. But Cinderella this year, Vancouver, man, I'm telling you, I know they lost 10 of I and I know they lost Marxian. But I would tell you getting it was huge for them getting hold. The issue for them, Thatcher, Demko is a real deal. I know Whitney doesn't like him because he went to B.C.. Yeah. Which would be your guy. But I'll just tell you that Vancouver is going to be really dangerous.


Really, really dangerous. I got one fly.


It's it's more of a quiz. Toronto followed Jimmy Veazey, second generation. Any Jela where did his dad, Big Jim go to high school?


I think he went did you go to St. John's Prep or are Archbishop Williams? I stump here. There you go. But here's one for you.


I asked him who won in the 1986 ECAC final between Marignac and Bab's, and he was on the Merrimac team. I was coaching at Babson. I know who won. Big Jim knows who won to. We did talk about one.


Yeah. Big Jim put them on the map. Nobody, but I'll tell you what it was.


Big Jimmy obviously was an amazing player. He scouts from Toronto right now and he's an outstanding hockey man. I'll tell you what, I go to all these prep school games in Boston when I'm around with watching the ISO where you used to play and Jimmy races at all. Those guarantees are phenomenal. He's the best guy.


Christopher Columbus, alumni, Boston, all of Charlestown go. There you go.


They go not to be a Debbie Downer, but I think you took a step back this year on NBC's team. You've been doing it forever. And then in the finals, I believe it was Brian Bouchet. You're still you're still on with the team. What was it hard getting that news or how did that all go down? I don't even know.


You maybe have wanted it. It no, it's just one of those things where you're part of the team and things change. And yet I was doing the West and Brian was doing the East and he was doing mostly with Eddie Old and Doc Emrick and I was out west. I've been out west the last two years and it's been great. It's nice. Awesome. So when you're part of the team, you take the role at the GM gives you you don't want the team, don't take the role.




So and you know, you're not old by any means. Do you know how long you want to do this? You just kind of take it year by year as long as they want me to keep doing. Yeah. So you like making that money? Yeah. You like getting that bag.


I like I like being in the right man. I just like being at the rink. And you know what, at some point maybe I'll go back and work. I don't know. But this has been an amazing ride and I love doing it.


I really do. Yeah, like this this Saturday, we occasionally see a name pop up in certain columnists and certain paragraphs, how come sporadically pops up every time there's a job open and you think like GMs leaking this stuff to writers or they just pulling out of thin air, a white guy name comes up.


Sometimes owners do it to, you know, trial balloons to see whether they want it or not. You know, there's there's lots of reasons why, but I don't know, I take it as a compliment. And one thing I can tell you, and this is for the young hockey people out there, any time you get asked to interview and if you prepare properly for the interview, it makes you better whatever job you have.


So any interview opportunity that you get, take it, take it. It's not a knock on your employer that you currently have it. It'll only make you better in the job that you're doing.


So if you really do a severe breakdown on a deep dive team that offers your asked you to be a GM candidate, do a deep dive on that team and you'll be fascinated how much you can learn that maybe you wouldn't have learned before. That's awesome.


Well, we thank you for coming on, man. We'll get you on again as well. And yeah, if I can keep going, I can't believe how big you guys have become.


And I got to tell you this. I'm so proud of both of you. But the biggest thing and this is all the young kids that I see in the ranks, everybody's listening to spit and shit.


Everybody up here. Thanks so much for joining us. Take care.


It's a pleasure being with you. Thank you. Likewise.


I just want to send a huge thanks to McGuire for coming on with us. I know a lot of people asking for us to bring them on for a while, and he didn't disappoint. Whether you agree or disagree, indifferent, I thought it was a highly entertaining interview. And I hope you folks enjoyed it as much as we did doing it. First off, we want to also mention most guys have tried different ways to last longer, but as boring as it is thinking about Sebas and M0 use and force, Meijers don't always cut it.


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Check that stuff out boys. It it works boys.


Good. Can I can I play you my my buddy Gary's imitation of our opening up the show and see.


Oh my goodness, you called me one time and you had him do it live. I legit thought I was listening to a recording of our.


All right, boys, let's have a good show, guys. Three to one. Hello, everybody. Welcome to Episode 304 Chocolates. Does anybody think presented by my friends at New Amsterdam flight get here in the barstool sports podcast, family. Let's check in with the boys. Let's go to my gig on a New York City.


Has everything in New York making it pretty fucking unbelievable. It's got this really down in Philly.


Shout Gary shit.


Well, one of the big drops that happened since we've been gone, Adidas, they dropped their reverse retro jerseys. I blogged about it on Bastable. Got a little bit of grief for it. I was having a little tongue in cheek fun.


I thought personally, I thought some of the shirts were ones we've seen before. Like I wrote a bunch of teams like Oilers, Flyers, Red Wings, Panthers, those are like versions of shirts we've already seen. I know they change the pipe in the neck or whatever, but I had some fun goofing on it.


What was your take on these things? I I got to bring up something else, all right, before we get into Keith Yandle, did you get his message where he said it to me always.


I think he said it to you on Instagram.


I did not get it now. So. All right. I got questions for you.


Keith was rattled. He's he's pissed. He's pissed. He said that in your blog, you mentioned you were kind of shitting on the league for doing it and like, saying something about making people spend their money. Is that true? Yeah.


I mean, yeah, I said the NHL knows the quickest way to increase hockey related revenue is to drop yet another team, jersey.


OK, so what he said to you and he said I had to ask you is he wrote to you and said, what's the difference between that?


And you sell merch? On based on speeding tickets, nothing, I mean, it's all about revenue, we're all here to make make money. I mean, I was just, you know, I wasn't criticizing.


I just say that if the league needs to make some money criticizing. I think he thought you were criticizing.


No, no, no. It's OK. It's all part of the game. I mean, everybody we're all here to, you know, ultimately pay our bills at the end of the day.


And I just said, hey, the quickest way to do it is to drop these jerseys.


Now, I think they already had them planned well in advance. But yeah.


And I wasn't criticizing the design. I just thought some of the jerseys looked familiar. And if you were a fan of those teams, you could have gotten a jersey that looked very much like those already. That's all I wasn't like really shitting on anybody. I didn't think so.


To hop into the fence, I felt like some teams didn't just they didn't participate in the group project.


It's like the Red Wings haven't had it bad enough. Well, OK, so OK.


So tied to their defense, they've been fairly traditional with their jersey where they haven't changed that at all really much over the years. Now a team like the islanders, the fact that they didn't go back to the Islander dude is fucking nuts. And then four days later, Hershel drops like a collaboration with the islanders dude, where I'm like Lou Lamoriello, I was fucking trolling us all. There's a few other examples of teams like you mentioned, the Oilers, where I feel like they didn't really like why wouldn't they have done that, like the oil drop or something that they changed throughout the course of time where like, listen, I'm not just pumping their tires because I know there has.


Oh ho ho.


Now, if you're not if you're listening to this, we just showed up in the throwback Pittsburgh Hall.


This is my old drafters, the old two.


You got to talking to Mike Witt. How fresh is this jersey? It's unbelievable.


I really like Pittsburgh. Some people were very critical of it, but I love when they do the the the letters across like that. Kind of like how the Rangers used to do it. I thought I thought the Quebec Nordiques and Avalanched collaboration was awesome. Of course, I love the Wailers one, so it's hard to really knock that one. And they changed up the colorway a little bit. But but oray in a sense with your comment as far as jacking up like or trying to get the hockey related revenue going, I felt like probably ten of the teams where it was like that's all you could fucking think of.


This is supposed to be for fun. It's supposed to be to like sell the game. And some teams just did not do a very good job of it. The Detroit was an example that people used to their defense, very difficult given their circumstance as far as what they've done in the past. Some other teams did not have an excuse for this. They did not. Other examples are that you would use the teams who like needs to go outside the box a little bit Islander's I said the islanders when you went and put on your Pittsburgh jersey as the prime example of not using that dude.


Who else did you have?


I said in the blog biz, I said, what am I missing here? And I wrote, Euler's, Rangers, Blackhawks, Predators, Red Wings, Panthers, Lightning, Maple Leafs, Devils, Islanders, Flames and Flyers. And again, it's not the criticism of the jerseys.


It's just that, you know, basically it looked like someone put an assignment off till the last minute and then handed it an old draft with a few paragraphs moved around. That's the way I felt.


And if few Jersey fans like you don't like these the Christmas colors, I'm like, no, I love the Jersey, the New Jersey jersey with the green and red.


But but you could have bought it, you know, three, three months ago and three years ago. It's not like necessarily new where an agreement is. They could have they could have taken a little more.


OK, I wasn't as critical towards Jersey. Detroit's practice jersey was by far and away the worst, though, and I'm sorry if I missed that when I was getting my jersey on my draft jersey. Which ones did you guys pump the tar?


Because I don't want to I don't want to repeat. But can I give you my chance? I'll go talk five. I'll say I know I've changed it up a little bit throughout the whole launch. I would say kings would be on it. I would say for sure the coyotes would be on it, and that's not being biased, actually, really like the jerseys, the the Nordic avalanche one. I'm going to hand it over to you before I give my last two.


Well, yeah, I got no particular order, I know, particularly the blues, definitely in my top five, I think those are sick. I just remember when Gretzky was on the team with those units. I love those.


I actually also couldn't agree more about the Quebec Nordics, the avalanche. That's sick. Look.


And I like I like the one I'm wearing because I think of Mario and I think a jogger and just dominating everyone in the early this jersey was actually mid 90s, I guess early to mid 90s.


I wonder what year this is.


What year is it? All right. Sorry, where they from or does it differ? Yeah, there was some time. It seems different. Yeah.


So I guess Pittsburgh sent to me, Jen, my girl, Jen Bolaño, thank you so much. I should know the exact year, but it was the day Wyatt was born is when this jersey came.


So I'm just putting it on for the first time. Florida is awesome.


Florida is like when they went to the little, they got swept. They got swept the year ninety six by one.


I like the way you wake up.


I like those, those are those are sick.


And the other one that I wanted to shit on the Knux look like the team that's in the tournament that every team is going to beat nine you know that they come in the kids, half of them got rec specs on the other half are studying and waiting for the games in between games.


We're all playing mini hockey at McDonald's, McDonald's at the mall.


So that Jersey sucks, the other one, Montreal is sick, much like the blooey of Montreal is right.


I put the capitals in my top five. I like I like the capitals throwback one. And if I had to throw one other team in the mix. Well, I think I think you've swayed my opinion on the on the Blues one, and I'll give I'll give the Ducks credit on the fact that they went really different. I just felt personally, it landed flat for me.


It just I liked it. I think it'll look good on the guy once they're flying around. If their team's good and they're buzzing it, imagine that jersey just kicking a five nothing at the pond like when they want it, which is awesome to the folks.


I don't I don't love the yachts because I don't know the purple, although I like the Kings Purple. The yacht is definitely like. It's definitely like a modern look where I think they'll sell a ton of Jersey Summerskill and that's what I call them in the blood, because the shark, the sharks have been wearing that jersey for 25 years.


Guys know that. I have seen pictures of Mike Greer in that jersey, like what I thought was my favorite three top with the Kings.


I loved how they took the purple and gold and put it with the Gretzky era.


The coyote's I like that just because it's funky, like they said, the masculine and then the Sabres. I thought the same as the Coolman. They had that old Shogun logo that they used years ago and they put it with the original colors. I thought that was really sharp. I thought, those are the three. They're not like.


Fair enough. Yep. All right. Yes. 97.


That's Pittsburgh's Jersey 96 97 season. Yeah. All right. Well, I guess we can move on from this. We've we've vented enough, but some teams, great job, others not so much. And fans, we hope you guys enjoyed them.


Well, at least the Canucks logo is a picture of a groom. Booton is his bride in the face during their wedding dance. Shout out.


And I'm glad that all of that is just so classic. Was she busted up? Did he hurt her? No, I think I think she yeah, she was fine.


And she took it in good strategy to expect. But yeah, he was out there doing his topless wedding lap dance for his new bride and try to swing his leg like a rocket. And as his new old lady, right in the right in the chops, she was fine. And it's funny, I remember I talked about when I did an auto correct design, I said some old hotness here. He thought I was goofing on him. No, I saw the video.


I understood why, like, he's got quite the fuck and sees a salad going, right?


Yeah, he's got the flow. He had some tight Hammy's in those pants and his old lady had to get sent the concussion protocol before throwing the book. But good to hear that everybody was all right.


You know, the staff in Vancouver.


So when's the last time that guy got a stretch and now he can't even get it back from you if they're going to give him that stretching test?


That was the old school camp test remembers how many how far can you reach? Yeah. And then you got to push the thing and it'll it'll measure it. Yeah.


That was the master of getting enough knee off the ground to make it look like I was way more flexible than I was. You know, they're like knee on the ground, knee stays flat.


I was able to get this much every time. That's it. That's that's and that's a that's a big difference in that test.


Speaking of fitness testing, Pittsburgh, when I first got there, who who is Casey Anthony?




So he had one leg that was like two inches shorter than the other. And he had he had a two inch sole on his one shoe. And and it was it was honor system fitness testing. He'd be like, yeah, I just like go go to set up. So let me know how many you did. And like, you know, all the veterans would be like, yeah. One hundred, twenty one hundred. Was it not the biggest joke yet.


It was the biggest joke of all time because I remember, I remember you, you know, you get the set up with a push up test and you really start struggling with a guy, say like it doesn't matter what you want.


Like, why are you stressed? It's hard, but just tell him seventeen.


Oh, my goodness. Yeah.


I remember when I found that I don't think that's the best thing because that was there was teams you hirable like Holocaust's back in the day.


I think that they, I think towards MIT had like five mile runs in all the fifteen, fifteen laps.


I think they do like fifteen lap test fucka.


We have to get a former ranger or whatever.


He had a skating test that was a sick joke and I just took my test. My test was to see how many numbers I could add on to my actual number.


Then then then they some teams started getting a little bit crazy. Remember, we used to do the beep test off the ice where you had to get to the line then and then it would get quicker and quicker. And I think when you got up to around twelve, thirteen, those were like the guys who had the best cardio. Well they transferred it on to the ice and then that was when its things started getting a little bit too ridiculous and guys sort blowing out their groins and training camps left, right and center because it was just it was too much.


Guys, guys were coming in and shape and then all of a sudden they were getting burnt out. So I don't know how we got to there. But yeah, Shuto, whose names his name was Johnny.


Yeah. But actually it was John. Well, they passed away in 2016, so that sucks.


Well, thanks for helping out the boys when you could man talk. Thanks a lot for what he did, because he was a great guy, so I didn't know that that sucks. But still, thank you so much for those those testings you gave us.


You were a hell of a trainer. Everyone loved you for it. Because I remember you just mentioned about Conex doing a little stretching a few minutes ago, apparently some of the convicts did some heavy duty stretching before they jumped on a helicopter, went all the way up to northern B.C. to find a random pond, lake, whatever, to play a little Shenae. That was one of the most gorgeous videos I've seen during this entire break.


Yeah. Bradley Fresen, he lives in Vancouver. I did the ice bucket challenge with him. He helped out big time. Of course, he's got the chopper. He does all these wild stunts, check them out on Instagram. He goes up there with his bulldog all the time. And sometimes they head up there, they find these sheets of ice on these like, you know, on lakes in the middle of all these high mountains up and up in northern B.C. And then they'll land and then they'll shovel them off and they'll get a shinny game going.


And he decided, you know, considering that there's no hockey being played right now, he reached out to a few Knux, him and a few other of the pilots went up there with them and and they had a great time, ended up getting up. There was an article in The New York Times about it. It's all over social media, I believe Epiphanny posted about it. Thatcher Demko is up there with them. And what other players as well?


Troy Stachura, the Redwings is there as well. So check it out.


Where do they land the chopper biz? They try to find anything that's like flat and secure enough in order to do so. And so do they.


Do they even know how deep that is there? Is it just known it's that frozen? It doesn't matter.


I would imagine Brad's been doing it long enough where he knows where the secure areas are. And, you know, he's I think he has to call in for some type of clearance at some point. But keep in mind, you're so far up in the mountains that those those lakes are completely frozen.


So he he's done some pretty wild stuff on on all of his social media. So check him out on YouTube. He's he's big on Reddit as well. So actually that that whole ice bucket challenge we did for the ALS, ALS back in the day, it was an idea that we thought of when we were drinking at night. And then we texted him and the next morning he was calling us off the hook. He's like, hey, are we going to go do this?


And we're like, Sure, yeah, let's go. And we end up going the next day when we were hung over and we did the whole thing. So it was awesome. He ended up getting a professional camera to shoot it. And and the rest is history. I believe the video got over ten million views and, you know, created some awareness for it. So shout out to Bradley Fresen and the rest of the boys for forgetting that, Don.


Yeah, it got to be careful to drop those choppers don't want another just too like incident. Speaking of crazy videos, bizarre. How about the dude who saved a puppy from an alligator, his mouth in the water never lost a cigar. I mean, I know it wasn't obviously a 10 foot alligator, but he fuckin saved his puppy. In fact, never lost a Sagada all time. Like not a hot of video. Just a man's man doing that shit now.


Yeah, I was the guy who gave me the shirt and Kabul and all this. I want to it looked like he was on a golf course and there was no hesitation. And it wasn't a huge alligator either. It was one of those smaller ones, but it was a pioneer.


Did it have teeth? I'm not even chirping. Like, could that thing actually hurt you? But I know, but could it have hurt him? Yeah.


So what would have been scary about it is considering there was those little ones, little gators in there, maybe there was bigger ones, but to no hesitation he saw it gets dragged into the water. He jumped right in, kept a cigar just about the whole time, clotted out. And the puppy, the puppy ended up running away. And I'm sure he you know, he was he was celebrating that night with a few pints because he looked like he was having a good time already.


So very busy.


And if that was you would finegan you just missed the Affinion by ball.


Here's a story for us. So we had to we brought him to Kabul. We thought we were going to be able to stay at the condo with him. And then all of a sudden we get there and the guy at the gates had no dogs. So Katie had to research. We had to find somebody who cannot fly him home. No, we had to keep him in a kennel there. But luckily, there were Mexican cannabis. So there was she found this Canadian guy who lives down there.


He's like the dog whisperer. So we ended up driving about thirty five minutes away from where we were. And he took the dog for the whole week. And by the end of the time, he loved it at all. He was like the no, because the dog whisperer was like, hey, let him get relax and do a setting here. He's going to fall in love with it. It's it's like a tranquil space.


How would you use doggy shrooms? He he was like the guy. And along came Polly Hippopotamus. You crush my old lady. Well, she well he was given the walk through the whole doggie compound, but no. So I don't know how we even got there. What were we talking about.


The alligator taken the alligator and me saying that you just have to say it, Mr. Finnegan.


But I know you when I got in them all and that without kind of dragged me into a different story.


But actually you can delete that right now. I don't even know why I started yapping off about that.


No, I like that.


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Hamma Verrone Dick.


That had to be the weirdest thing I've seen on the Internet since we last met.


If you're listen to this and you haven't seen Hank's dog's dick who works for Barstow, it's it's impossible to describe it on here.


You just have to look at the picture. So if you if you get a chance, go look at it. Now, it's not like that all the time. It's only when it gets hard, right?


Oh, I hope so. It was like a bloody carrot.


It was just so big, how is it dogs? What was that? That's a Scituate boy. My I.


It was a joke as a joke. Cranbury That was it was just so odd looking.


I mean, it looked like a Photoshop that a little peanut sized dog has a penis that protrudes to that length.


And it just so it was just weird looking. Well, we talk about a little red lipstick on a dog, but that was like Horrify and Cranbury.


It was it looked like a pepper to me. And it was long, too long and greasy.


Oh, because we were talking about Kabul. You had some story down there, some Lady Hammerl calls full blast.


No, I would imagine we don't have one single listener that would ever do this at a restaurant. So this is I don't even know if we kept the story and about how the fact that we had to go get the guy from along came Politti take the dog whisperer to take care of Finnegan. But we we dropped him off and then we had to go back two hours later to make sure he was going to be OK and be able to adapt to it while in the meantime we ended up going for a drink and we sit down at this bar and this lady makes a FaceTime call and she's like yelling at her phone right next to us.


My girl's pretty chill. So it riled up enough to where she got up and she had to do a lap to, like, decompress.


Oh, I would have been like, hey, fucking take it outside or put your head for even headphones in. You're listening. That would have been bad. You had to hear both sides.


Yes. Oh, that's that's true. Here's the worst part. So after about three or four minutes of her being completely obnoxious, yelling at the screen of her phone and me looking around like, have I lost my mind here? Am I the only person noticing this? She hangs up the call. I'm like, OK, fair enough. Let's get back to just enjoying ourselves. She goes right through and scrolls down. Call somebody else. Then she proceeds to do it another two times in the in the midst of this going on, I talk to the bartender, I call over the guy said you got to get us a table out of this lady's way.


This is fucking ridiculous. So finally, they ended up moving us and one of the other couples that was next to her at the bar came over and they were like that was 100 percent one of the most obnoxious things I've ever seen. So, folks, if you are listening to this podcast right now, if you have to take a phone call, they could make it short and sweet. If you're going to stay there, if it goes longer than, let's say, 20 seconds and you're talking loudly and obnoxiously, leave the restaurant, go handle your business outside.


I could I could not believe my eyes when she banged out for FaceTime calls in the matter of about 15 or 20 minutes, TSA moves I've ever seen in my life or heard just just absolute garbage.


You can't be doing that now.


You can't be ruining people's meals, people fucking such inconsiderate trash to like, you know, I mean, I've been see, I've been a part of some great, great public holding the door public not you know, what's weird niceness has terrible vocabulary and a courtesy courtesy.


Been a part of some great ones lately.


I've been really kind of stepping it up on my end. I've been trying to pay it forward. I'm holding a door. I'm holding four or five dollars a day, and then all of a sudden it gets a smile.


Thank you so much. No problem.


How long are you holding it for? Like like I said, I got like a I got a I got a I got a wide runway.


I'm on a long runway.


I'm giving I'm giving you. Like to the point where you're like a Wal-Mart greeter at that point, I'm also holding it no matter what, but if you give that little like just that fake little like I'm kind of hurrying up.


You know, the little like the quick hey, you know, you just you just showing you appreciate it. You're going to get that bad.


Even that even that warms my heart, too. So I think that already I know what you're saying, but trying to try to do good on the other end. That's all we can do is try to be better every day. This is one death we weren't able to acknowledge since our last episode.


I did give a little tribute to Alex Trebek, but Sean Connery passed away the original James Bond absolute legend of cinema, seriously from fucking fantastic quotes, The Untouchables, The Rock, all these fantastic movies made because. Were you a big Sean Connery guy?


Oh, yeah.


I loved I loved them in the rock 'n' roll.


Always whine about trying their best when I go home and fuck the prom queen. Yeah. What's that from? That's from the rock. Oh, OK.


That's when he's like drag on drag and Nicolas Cage under the the the prison's like well. System to try to get in there. Alcatraz, he's breaking up through the vents. That movie was sick.


Sean Connery was actually a guy. And IRA, you can correct me if I'm wrong here, but did he not just play the coolest badass in every movie?


Like, pretty much. Yeah. Yeah. If you're if you're. If you're that cool, where you're only play that cool of a guy in the movies, you are next level in terms of like ballers, I think of James Bond is like the biggest pimp, absolute boss of of what, the 60s and 70s are, right?




He wishes he was more like the baby boomers version of the of James Bond that I don't say that like the way kids media nowadays, like they see guys my father's age, he was the first James Bond. So I was actually more of a Roger Moore James Bond guy just because of when I was born.


But even after he stopped doing the bond stuff, I mean, the hunt for Red October, Indiana Jones, the Last Crusade, The Rock, The Untouchables, where he won his Oscar, he kind of was, in a sense, playing himself. But he was Sean Connery who just brought this such a huge screen presence that you'd fucking sign up for it no matter what, because he was so good at what he did.


So were there were there any stories about him off screen? Was he always like a good guy to be around?


They said he could be he could be very intimidating. Yeah, he could he could bitch some directors around, like because most directors, he had way more experience then. But they also said he was a gentleman about it, that, like, he he would be firm about it. And he always had the movie or the art at at at his hot. So he was never doing it to be a dick. He was just doing it because he knew what to do.


Yeah. He could be cantankerous and difficult at times, but most people who work with him said it was it was a fantastic career highlight to work with Sean Connery. All right.


Speaking of career highlights, you guys dropped another sandbag since we last met.


That's right. We didn't just drop one because we grabbed another w.


That's right. And what's gone on since then?


It's just so funny because because we almost blew that lead. So I've heard from a lot of people. I mean. Let's be honest, too, I think. I think if we if we premiered on Tuesday, 8:00 p.m. by 8:00 a.m., we had over a hundred thousand views for play. Just release the golf video.


The next morning they had 15. It's like we're a hockey podcast. They went to Australia. We went to Dedham.


I mean, we're the hockey podcast. And our numbers people are loving us.


We love watching us play golf and they play like who are playing against little more. But we're winning. And that's all that matters.


And we got one more. Can we keep the streak alive? I'm talking so monotone because you have no clue what went on, but it was Keith Yandle and Kevin Hayes. Oh, boy. That's all I'll say. I know we forged it.


And as far as calling White and Woods are concerned, I thought that them calling me out for being a sandbagger and then me giving them back, what, six strokes on the back nine and still fucking pouring the win off. That was wild.


Mind you, they sent the marshal after us on the front nine and yeah, the bank shot on 17. Don't even get me started. That was absolutely ridiculous. I don't think that should have counted. I thought we gave that to them way too quick. If you have not seen the latest sandbagger, I suggest you check it out. We're going to continue to do these things. They are a blast. And I'll tell you what, for the first time in a long time, they get my competitive juices flowing and I play golf.


It's all I have now. And I'm a competitive motherfucker as you know it.


I need to be in these matches. And when we're winning, it's way better than if we were losing that Hayes Stapleton match.


Makes me want to puke. Yeah, that's that was a blunder and our success right now, we're currently three and one and looking forward to releasing the Kevin Hayes and one other kick or two is wet when you jump on there for the live viewing. I think it's awesome. It's great fan interaction. We're going to continue to do that moving forward. We're going to give everybody a little bit more of a heads up before we drop the fans in his one.


And we're going to get we're going to hopefully get 10000 people concurrently watching it, if that's even a word, is our word concurrently. At one point, I think we had. Five grand watching it, Mikey. Yeah, we got up to five, five point nine at one point almost. And we're watching it during the live broadcast where I'm on and I'm on the chat. And I love maybe talking about something that's going on or maybe just chat with some of the scumbags in the chat.


I think that it's a blast for us to do. And I also I also think that we're talking to some guys.


I mean, it could be it could be fun. We're getting other media guys involved, players it should keep continue to grow.


So if you haven't seen it, go check it out right now on a YouTube page. We appreciate it. Well said.


And Biz, it's concurrent. Any time you get sentenced, you always want concurrent sentences, not consecutive.


Just that way if you have a to my my mind's in a pretzel right now because we've been going quite a while here. Young fans, it's great to be back in the saddle.


Yeah, well, that'll wrap it up. It's been a huge episode. Action packed fire, definitely overstuffed. Hopefully everybody enjoys it.


Enjoy your week. Enjoy your weekend.


And on a personal level, I just want to say farewell to a dear family friend, Pookie Woods. You were the best. Everybody's going to Miss Chapell. Attaboy, sorry for your loss. Have a great day, everyone. Peace. As always, we'd like to thank our fantastic sponsors here and Spit and Checketts big thanks to our long term friends, our New Amsterdam vodka and pink Whitney, big thanks to our new friends over at CrossCountry Mortgage.


If you're looking to buy or buy, by all means, check them out. Huge. Thanks to our buddy Timmy and Boyages. Check that stuff out. Biltong can't beat it.


Thanks to everybody over at Rollman for taking care of the fellows in Iraq and a huge thanks to our friends over at simply safe to keep everybody safe in their homes that everybody have a great weekend out there in our video version of this podcast will drop on Monday. Be sure to check it out. Here's a little song I wrote. You might want to sing it note for note. Don't worry, I'll be happy. In every life we have some trouble.


But when you were you make doppelgänger, whether it be happy, whether it be happiness. Who knows where it would be?