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Hello, everybody, welcome to Episode 313 of Spin Checklists presented by Pink Whitney from our friends at New Amsterdam Vodka here in the barstool sports podcast, Family. What's going on, boys? Happy holidays to everybody out there.


Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Let's go to the boys and see how the holidays where my Grindley producer. How are you doing, Ballhaus? Reality. What's going on, guys?


Holidays were great. I hope you guys enjoy yours as well. What I'm excited to hear about the kids holidays. I love hearing about little kids getting presents, so look forward to hearing about that. Other than that best of episode, you guys know these ones do the best. So excited.


Yes, kid got a 401k set up. You got a fucking Bentley and maybe a maybe a car.


That's not a car I would never leave. My mother in law tried giving him like a Mercedes, one of those toy like he's not having a Mercedes. I guess first car is going to be a shit box. It'll be safe. But I'm not getting him a sick car. If you get your kid who doesn't work just like an Escalade or a sick brand new car, you're an asshole. I'm fired up for this episode. I didn't mean to get negative right off the bat, but what's going on?


Usually very that's a what's up?


But he said I'd give my kid a Bentley. Are you shit me? I'm just teasing. I'm just teasing. I like it. I like poke in the fire a little bit at the beginning of the episode because then we get elect electric with poking the bear. How is your Christmas business to get everything.


Yeah. From Santa. You were hoping for what.


You know what I say. No gifts. And you know, we ended up doing a little bit of an exchange. I got my girlfriend. She's got these knives. I forget the name of them and she might be hearing me tell the story.


Was it the one from the NHL Network infomercial?


If you don't know, they're Japanese. The Japanese knives, if you like, tapped your fawzy, I would completely chop it off. So that's probably that's why on tap your Anzu.


That's what I'm going to do. No, not injured. But anyway, I got her knives. She ended up get me these slippers. Awesome. She got me a backpack for hiking, the one that has the CamelBak in it that you could suck out of the straw. So simple gifts but very thoughtful. And those knives are unbelievable. I'll get the name of them, but you can send them in every year and they'll sharpen them and send them back.


That's how intense these things are. These are like The Last Samurai. You're going to see me in the kitchen, like Tom Cruise with the slicked back. I can chop it up my carrots. Oh, my God.


Hey, you're going to LA. Are you are you going to have that straw, like, go behind the ear?


Like, it's almost like an ear piece for for an assistant coach to uptalk, or is this thing just going over the shoulder, goes over the shoulder, shoulder a whole lot of like my rattail back in grade six over the shoulder and Bill saved and that shoe box.


Oh, you mean like I still have it? I think I said that at the time that you would you definitely saved your ratel. Everyone knows somebody who saved their right, their crepes.


What about you with dog also I this I never told you guys this one. I forgot about the time I had braids and I still have the picture of it.


So, you know, we've got I think you've put this picture out there prior. Oh really. Yeah. Yeah. To talk looking like Betaworks from ten. I mean we haven't even talked since the sandbagger, which is fucking crazy. I know. We haven't actually.


What did you did you are do you still do the present thing. You big on that. I think the older you get the less likely like no we don't like presents.


We did some. We did some stalkings, but I obviously shoved like a monster ring at the bottom, so had to get something.


But, you know, the wrap stuff, you you just you just slowly just kind of get things throughout the throughout the year that I think of that she may like not even anything expensive, maybe funny stuff, maybe a bath bomb.


But every kiss begins with K. Is that where you got her. And I said, yeah, which dog wouldn't walk past the K let alone. Oh that's where I bought all the wedding rings. I've lost the jarra.


I go to Jarrad's or maybe it is a 35 year old. Christmas was great because Rayder got a year older. So he's I said he's 80 percent there like he was there. Like any new Santa is coming and Santa brought presents. But he wasn't at the point where you're waking up at five a.m., you're going downstairs, you run in your parents. I'm like so fired up. Whereas his cousin, my nephew is a year older. He was the night before.


So I think that it was great because he was excited. But he still he still slept in. He still chilled. He wasn't like dying to get downstairs. So he opened a million boxes. The problem is he's opening these presents and then he's like, oh, open it, open it like, oh, marble thing. And I'm like, oh, all right. The open, he plays it for two minutes, opens the next president, then you got to open that president up.


So he unwraps it. We then open, put it together, took like three hours to do it. But it was awesome.


I'm so grateful to be, you know, home. And obviously it's a little different this year. We weren't together with tons of family, but immediate family and parents and things like that. So I had a blast. It's crazy that we haven't spoken since the sandbagger.


You should just get them like weird shit from around the house and pack it up. If he's only going to play for it with a minute.


Oh yeah, he'll be, he'll be the one thing you think he'll be all fired up about. He's like beat it. And then he's playing with the cardboard box.


The Amazon ship isn't to say that a lot of money they played at the wrap and basically locked in his head in the box like, I don't know where that thing came from.


So sandbagger, though. Well, we're going to ask Ari what he got, we got to ask you, since everybody's talking about it. All got his his Playboy subscription back.


How are you guys?


Yeah, I really wouldn't call it resubscribe.


No, actually, I don't even think they do a paper paper issue anymore, do they?


Maybe like once a year or so I heard you say you get the CDs from when you buy them ten for a cent and then you of the house Columbia House.


I still have all my CDs. I still it on me. Actually, I went down the basement to get my bad Santa DVD to watch the night before Christmas though and do that one funny thing that happened Christmas Eve.


Now this is probably only funny to parents out there, so maybe you three will be the judge here if this is going to bond with everyone else and it doesn't have kids.


But like I said, my nephews, one year old or cooperage, one year older than Rayder. So their buddies, they're always wrestling. Ryder loves dinosaurs and cars. Those are the two things. So Cooper has an enormous present from his grandmother, my wife's mom. Enormous. And Ryder has one, too. Now, it wasn't his big butt wrap and that was their big gifts, Christmas Eve. So everyone's getting ready and the girls are reading Twas the Night Before Christmas because she's, you know, doing good and reading.


And it's a great little I'm crushing Kamus and it's awesome.


And let's open the presents now. Kids hear from the grandparents.


Cooper opens up his present, it is an absolute monster, is it Matchbox, the toys toy dinosaur racetrack that was six feet tall.


Ryder looked and saw and he sprinted over like you'd never imagine.


Life like my mind. And Cooper's a veteran. He's the older cousin. You know, my present writer. Come over here, open your eyes and open your present. He rips it open.


It's a play doctor's kit. It's a stethoscope, it's I look at the scope, I looked at my mother. I said, Miss, are you kidding me?


His favorite thing in the world is the diagnosis and the cars. And Coop, she's like, Cooper asked me for this in August. I don't give a shit. I was dying. I've been so sure enough.


The rest of the night, Cooper knows what's going on. He's sitting on the box of this thing going, I love my president. Tauntings an hour.


It was an hour to play with the stethoscope, but it's cool to be a doctor. You'll be in debt for 12 years before you make a cent after medical school. But I just remembered that.


So we can move on a little bit.


We got to talk about already cockblock his stories, his I'm what just came into my head.


I interrupted you to make me laugh. Go ahead. All right.


Honestly, I'm not even sure I had a gift story. I didn't I didn't really get any gifts. I don't ask for anything. I didn't ask for anything in twenty years. So I get I get whatever anything is gravy. At this point, I don't have kids.


So Chris, when you want something, you go get it. Yeah, that's that's what I always say to my wife. Yeah. If I want something made by a man who can wait till fucking.


Have you ever received drugs as a Christmas present.


I mean, my brother probably gave like eighths and quarters to each other over the years and we don't even give us any more like years ago. I might do it like you give me a hat, I give you a hat. Just save the fucking hassle. Like, you know, it's a wash. You know, I don't I don't give a shit how much chocolate smirch where you give an outdoor.


I be honest, nothing like what's fucking old man. I'll tell you that.


No, I had my butt. My dad my dad paid for it. My dad paid for it. Might dear a monster order, but people love the merch. It's great gifts.


Absolutely. But my brother made actually my brother's birthday was two days after Christmas.


I had a little family get together yesterday, but the athletic type that don't look good on me, I'm I'm a little chunky. So, like, I give that stuff to my my brother. He's a little more athletic fit than me, so I don't need to accentuate my curves.


Some would say wearing tighter clothes while being a little bigger is actually a great look as well.


You just say, I don't give a shit, I'm out here. You're just like, I don't know. I think you could pull it off. All right.


If I was Greg to have a Valentine, maybe with accompanying muscles, but I don't even have those.


So I went to and check out Spanx are already had a fucking Cardassian NBG man's ear.


On a serious note to everybody who is sending us messages and Instagram photos and Twitter photos of all the stuff you got, whether it was Pink Whitney or the merchandise Grenelle. He did an amazing job on the merchandise, guys. He sent us all packages. I actually ended up going over to when I was having a car wash the other day. I had a bunch of the stuff and I'm like, you know what? Let's give it away. So I stood there for an hour and a bunch of people came by a bunch of Chilcote's fans and was able to not only give away some merchandise, but those pink Whitney sticks.


People are going nuts. For those I got, those things are what a what a gift those were. I got those off to everyone. You know, what I would compare it to is the Tickle Me Elmo. You're like, if you got one, everyone was like, they're fighting for it. Like the Black Friday sales.


You guys weren't, Ralph, a Cabbage Patch kids like they were like legit riots over those fucking things back in the 80s. There was documents back then.


Oh, they were. Yeah. Hideous dolls. They were just they were just one of those phenomenon. And you can't really explain.


And I mean, people are fucking robbing them from stores. They were like people fighting over them and shit.


I my sister got one where if you like, you got the spoon with it and then you went up and it was like the baby would start talking like like that was like innovation. At the time that I was growing up, that was about the time that I walked in on her getting thumped by her now husband, by another guy named Paul, the only people she calls her name, Paul Latza.


Did you guys had not have locks on your doors at the Bissonette house between you?


I don't think I was allowed to lock my door. Looking back, why do you think I didn't have a gun? I didn't. I didn't have a lock. I didn't have a lock.


We got to get Yolly on and talk about, like, raising me as a kid. TATSUMI Yeah, I think the parents need to make an appearance on these on this part at some point. Hey, how about I was going to drop off those sticks because I got so many of them. I was like, oh, I'll leave them and then I'll tweet out where they are.


I was like, oh, wait a minute, there's ten there's ten nips in there, like some fifteen year old kid on Twitter and just go pick it up and get end up getting arrested. So luckily I didn't do that. I didn't have any merch left because I had talked at all.


I put mine on eBay a couple of bucks besides Saks, the merch. And then and then for just me fragrantly signature then throws it up on eBay.


Hederman Gluckstein, let's talk about the sandbagger. Another great thing, g.g helped Ed as well. Last time I didn't say that we had chased Porsche and help out and they help out with this launch too. We had over 11000 people at one time watching sandbagger with your hands and hazy. It was an absolute riot. The chirps were flying. I, I my wires crossed at the end there. I mean, I mean that's, that's as mad as you're going to see me on a golf.


I know my old lady at the time that you were mad, I knew at the time that you were furious, you were trying to hold it, and though you were dying, laughing, do it for them, for him to break out the shot clock at that point, the twenty second hole it was I was it I was laughing because it was so funny.


But I also I also yelled back as we drove away as a scumbag move or something because it was, it was.


And you were pissed. I think you were planning on just firing a dart in there and we got it done. We got it done. Now I am starting and this is kind of this is well-deserved.


This is like the heat I'm starting to catch right now is so well deserved. It be compared to like when I was minus three on a home Saturday night, hockey night in Canada, game in Edmonton, we lost five. Nothing right. Like this is how deserved this is.


But people are on me about my party.


Yeah, it's it's let me say this. All year when I was talking golf, people would bitch and whine. I said putting was an issue all year. It would come for a little bit and then it would go for a while. All of these sandbaggers, it has not been there at all because I'm never even sniffing making pots every pot short. The the stroke I'm putting on the ball is so short. It's disgusting. It's like a stroke in the bedroom.


No offense. Oh sorry.


No. Oh no. Oh no. Frickin not based on reality.


No I don't think either I, I need next sandbagger. I'm not leaving a short. I don't care, I don't care because it's so embarrassing. It looks pathetic but yeah. I need a glove.


I think that Keith, Keith and Kevin showed how funny those two guys are. They are just hilarious nonstop.


But let's not forget they both they had a couple different ones.


They both had like a two, three footer for the win. And I think that's karma.


And we like if I was Kevin on the on the second playoff. All the twenty eight. Nineteen twenty four. I would have never gone good. That's what I was surprised at, that's why did I not did I bring it up? I say you go, hey, good, good. And then I was like, yeah, you. Yeah, you want to go, you want to do that? And he's like, Yeah, that's fine.


I was like, oh, the way they were hunting. I know.


And then I made a phone call and I was going to say it was karma for what Jan said on the first hole on the tee box because that was just I but he put me on my heels on hole one. That's why I couldn't find my game for the first six fucking holes. I couldn't even keep it on the fairway. For those of you who didn't watch it, they had these, like, lighthouse things there as what do you call them?


The markers for the tees. Yeah, tee markers were lighthouse's, they were LightHouse's.


So I said, oh, that's kind of cool.


I stick with the theme Boston Harbor with the Lighthouse and Ganzer. Yan's under his breath because looks like looks like what's in your mom's top drawer.


Hazy, long and hazy, swinging like mumbled it.


Well, he was doing practice swings and I knew it was funny because I saw Kevin and I was like, what? And then he told me I was like, oh, I couldn't even spit it out. I was I was on my heels so bad I set it back and complete broken English and you still understood the joke. And so but at the end of the day, a fun round. Thank you, those guys, for coming out three a.m. in Boston.


And we're going to be doing two and we're not in Arizona. We're not going to tell you guys who to be hounding us for a couple of months until we release it. I'll golf wasn't the only extracurricular activity the chick lit crew took part and we were a part of the 12 trivia challenge, we were the number one seed. Somehow we played one trivia game all year. We were the number one seed being busy. And the whiteboard joined us and we ended up losing to the yak.


I don't know if you guys watch to listen to whatever. We had a one point lead and then Steve and Jake fucking he knew who six pence none the richer insist that he actually I didn't know his sister Hazel was. I thought it was Blues Traveler. So we ended up blowing the trivia in the last round. I don't know.


I wasn't disappointed of all time because they were the worst music fucking questions ever. So I can't even be mad that I lost to those answers because they were just like I would say, both of you guys carried your weight.


I was probably the weakest link, as we would all suspect or witchel education. Thanks a lot. But it was a fun time. And I think it I mean, as far as other other guys that were on it, it was Ronn and Big Cat. And I think a lot of people end up tuning in after it was released on YouTube.


Yeah, it was a lot of fun. If you haven't seen it, check it out. It's in its Twitter feed on Checketts. But is Jeff sname?


The law is at law, but D is his middle initial. Why does he put his initial? I don't know, but we're talking about it, so I guess it's a good idea.


That's your name. It's pretty badass, as I always love. I have him on my phone. Is GDL. Yeah.


No, 100 percent. You're right. I say it every time I say oh Jeff dealable. I'm wondering why does it. I know if there was like you think his reasoning to do it was to sound bad badass.


Well, he's a movie guy. I think maybe it's kind of inheriting that like what's going to what's going to sound cool? People's fucking nicknames business. Who the fuck am I to talk to? She has a nickname in the league. And then I tattooed it on my arm like a clown. All right. I was going to go. Oh, all right. Since you since you brought up Jeff DLO, I didn't get his recommendation on not to watch it.


I love watching that midnight sky with George Clooney. Hands down, probably the worst movie I've ever seen in my life.


Yeah, I couldn't believe it.


I was like, why would George Clooney be in this movie? It was it was the worst thing I'd ever seen.


It's funny. He actually texted me right before the trivia and said how bad it was in a couple of people text me so I didn't even bother putting it on. I'm curious if it was worse than Wonderwoman 1984, though, which was pretty bad.


Oh, no. Now we got the we're going to get in trouble for the I'm going to watch that just to make sure that's worse than what the one I mentioned did.


All right. Well, moving right along here, we're going to head over to a different segment. We know 20/20 has been a brutal year for everybody, but we do have a bright spot here.


We get to talk about the best players in hockey from 2020 because we've paired up with E.A. Sports NHL to announce the 2020 team of the year.


Out of 36 nominees, six will be chosen as the best hockey players of 2020 and a three forwards two defenseman and a goalie. This is for the calendar year 2020. So this goes back to way before the stoppage includes the bubble in the Stanley Cup final. And today we're going to start by announcing the 36 players nominated. They're going to have a spit and chocolate snake draft on January 1st. Our Boy Best is going to make his award show debut and announce the winners in a special video.


But first, we're going to mention the players. Narita Mafia starting off with Sena's.


We got Nathan McKinnon, the Andre Sitel, Mika's Bennett, yet Sidney Crosby, Austin Matthews and Elliott Patterson, AQAP. Moving on to the goalies, we have Carey Price, U.S. Suros Cadart, Andre Wesolowski Kanala Hollerbach, Elvis Mosley Skins game. Moving right along to the deep we got Ryan Suda Roman, Joseph Ivan Prober up. Victor had been Quinn huge help JFP Theodore a left wing. We got Dominic Kubelik Jamie then Mike Hoffman Temi Panarin Alex Ovechkin, Kyle Carna on the right side of D we got Mecha, John Klingberg, Seth Jones outs, the tarantula, Kevin Chaton, Kirk and John Paulson.


And on right wing we got David Pasternack, Patrick Kane, Michael Rapidan, the key to Koocher up Mitch Mannah and Mark St.. All right, boys, if you saw this last year, you know, there was some serious heat going out to the winners, there were some custom skates and a goalie mask that our buddy Jordan Benenson wore at the skills competition. So we'll have some more of that. But let's get cracking, see who picks first in the snake draft.


If you're not familiar with a snake draft, it's like a fantasy football draft. The last pick of the first round picks the first pick on the second round that it just continues to snake through. Hence the name snake draft. So what's up, boys?


You ready to go? Because we're going to see who the best GM on the podcast is right now. Absolutely. And we're going to pick from the hat to make it fair. So whoever gets picked first gets to pick which position they want to draft. And so this is the real deal with. All right.


So many first name drawn. Let's see. We have. This is where you're going to be picking. I'm going to pick forth, oh, he wants the four or five o'clock to four or five very, very, very savvy move.


I think you guys are going to be heading into this one. And I already have a strategy in place. All right.


So now we'll pick the next one and it'll be football first if we don't decide, OK, I just let the listeners know.


Next up, we have Jeanne Ginelli, what do you want? Take numero uno, boys.


What an idiot that's been up to the plate. Yes. No, it isn't. No, it isn't. All right, next up, see who picks. We have our SO. I'll pick second. I'm not going to make this complicated. What dog will pick third? All right. All right, first of all, you already have first overall teed up first overall as an easy pick for me boys, Nathan McKinnon. Twenty five points and fifteen playoff games last year.


It's a no brainer. Absolute no brainer to me. First, overall pick Nathan McKinnon.


OK, congrats on the victory. Just put that one right in his lap. Yeah.


I mean, I don't know if he's going to wait about two hours to pick again and there's some many good players out there. But still. Yeah, McKinnon was up there.


Everyone knew he was probably going to be number one overall pick.


But where do we go from?


Here is the question with, all right, we're going to go between the pipes and I'm going to go with the local guy. I don't know, because I'm in Tampa right now. But Andre Wesolowski, an absolute horse all year, a horse drawn out during the playoffs.


He could have easily won the contest, might he didn't. But either way, he's my first round pick. Andre Wesolowski.


Yeah, I was talking to myself about, you know, you grab a goal, you're a superstar center and.


I don't know, boys, it's I'm not going with the goalie, I decided that I just don't know how you don't go out and you get the Andre total. It's I mean, you can talk all you want about how much of a guarantee McKinnon was tried to for me superstar and the season he had with McDavid out.


We'll talk we'll talk to my team at the end of this 20 twenty take on the German.


What do we got this first round? Putting me in a tough bind here, but I'm going to have to go back back to the well where it all began with the Pittsburgh Penguins, I need leadership. I need to control the middle of the ice. What are you looking up like that for? You thought I was going Matthews didn't you know? I did. I did. You go back to the guy who's been there, done that three times, Sidney Crosby.


He's going to be my senior center iceman.


So when picking the best team at twenty twenty, you're just picking a guy for what he did in two thousand ten.


Yeah, that's great draft.


He had a great playoff. If you think that Pittsburgh loss was on Sidney Crosby. Oh, that's putting words in my mouth.


I'm saying that you're a lot of a lot of you think that you have to you have to convince me that Crosby is one of the best of all time. I'm just saying we're picking for twenty twenty.


I mean, I don't know this.


Well, I got the next pick so you don't mind. I'd like to announce it. I'm going to go Patrick Kane on the right side. So I got said passing the Kaner.


You know what, I like that pick, but I also like a certain player to have to my right side, another European who when healthy, when healthy this past year.


Actually, no, I'm going to switch that up, I'm still sticking on the right side, but I look down a little bit and I'm going with Kutuzov, I'm going with the Stanley Cup champ. I'm going with the guy that along with Brayton Point was the first two teammates have more than 30 points in a playoff since Crosby and Malkin years ago. So right now, I got Driesell Center and Kutuzov is my right wing.


Good luck, guys. That's a decent start. That's a decent start. We'll see in the third round late.


Yeah, it's not too shabby at all. I suppose I should put somebody up my middle right about now. So you know what?


I'm going to go down our boy up in Toronto. Hosta Matthews, fantastic year by the kid. He's always had a good year. But how do you not take when he's on the board right now?


I guess keep in mind, folks, we're going to let you guys vote on who's assembled the best team with the snake draft. And right now, it's got a pretty, pretty decent squad. But I think I'm going to surprise a lot of people at the end here. All right. All right, boys.


My team is going to score goals. That's what we're going to do this season. Ninety five points in seventy games last year. David Pasternack is my number.


Tupac Shakur. That's who I was thinking. And then I'm going to play fast and we're going to score goals.


So you got McKennitt, you got McKinnon and Pasternack. That's right there with me. We tried to cut you off, but I got the cup.


I got the cup.


All right. I got to fill in. Let's see here how the left wing. All right.


Where you know, it doesn't really go twice. Yeah, he does. I do indeed go twice, thank you, which is my second pick, my second take, I mean, five games recently had him on the podcast have to go with Seth Jones, just an absolutely wide Knauss on the back.


This guy can't have race absolute horse on the back end.


He's probably third on the list on this guy. Can't drive. Oh, he's all right, everybody.


I'm up. I'm going to take the left wing from the New York Rangers who butchered Temi Panarin.


He's an absolute stud. He's so much more valuable, I think, than a left wing.


You just crushed my heart. I was my next pick.


You want to get your heart crushed a little bit more because I got I got dried sidel. I got couture off. I'm going to chuck on back to my back and I'm going to grab a guy named Victor Hedeman.


How do you do in the playoffs? Hey, twenty. Twenty. How is the twenty twenty best team at twenty twenty. Doing. Oh I'll have two of the best players on the Stanley Cup winning team along with the best player in the league from Edmonton. So thanks for coming to this draft guys, but I'm all over Hedeman.


I got back to back pick picks here and I'm going to compete with your squad here and I'm going to go Khail mcca the best young defense from the game.


Speaking of video games, you might as well be playing a video game when you're out there and then going back with the next pick to secure my up front. I got Alex Ovechkin, the guy who's on the cover here of the NHL 94 throwback game that NHL twenty one put out. So yeah. Twenty one. Excuse me. So that's who I got.


I got the four guys dialed in right now and I'm sitting pretty and not as pretty as the wet dog because now what I'm going to do is I'm going to finish off my DeBois, I'm going to finish off the deep end. What am I going to grab? Who am I going to grab?


I'm going to grab the guy that had the most points in the regular season by a defenseman, John Carlson, who had seventy five points in sixty nine games. That's over a point per game. This team's decent. I'll say that.


Go ahead. All right.


Yeah, it is decent, he said on Adine added up. You know what? Yeah, you know what? We got that young puck moving defenseman. I can't resist. I'm on the left side. Twin himself, Quin Hughes. All right.


So going to solidify my defense with the Norse trophy winner, Roman Yoshie. Easy pick for either. And then I'm picking again and I'm going to solidify the back end and I'm picking Carey Price and Goal. Price, we're going to get around goalie's, let's see. All right, I need the fence, ma'am.


I'm going to go with.


Time limit. All right, Alex Pietrangelo, right side of my day, no brain.


OK, I'm just going to finish off my steam or not finish off, but get there. So I got the cup winners. I got great. I'll just go and I'll grab the best in the winter. I played in Winnipeg, guys, corner Halbrook this draft. So I don't even I'm not even taking a left wing.


I'm going to play five on four in this one voice. Thanks for the title. They sent me some stuff.


Send me a belt. GM of the check this year. You got two picks.


I'm going to go back to back here. I'm going to go probably one of the most underrated defensemen out in the west place for Vegas was probably overshadowed a little bit by the young guns Quinn Hughes and Kelmer Carr. But I got Schey Theodore. OK, that's a pretty silky smooth and nice, silky smooth back end for me between Kelmer car and and now excuse me. Say, Theodore, I had to pick my goaltender, you pick Connor Hollerbach, so I'm forced to go the young route Elvis was Lykins will be my goaltender.


I know we need I know we need a little bit of experience back there. But he's not he's not shy of being thrown in the pressure cooker by John Tortorella. So there's my squad boys.


You took a kind of hard I like got a draft.


You can't draft well, who had better numbers last year? I don't know, I just look at the year. I just think Carter hardily was so good. I mean, I'm not talking to the because I just think the pick was hard. I think the pit was picked was hard.


I went, you got, I believe, a left wing, a left. But I'm not taking a left wing. No, I will just take somebody just to carry around the other four players luggage because I mean, actually, you know what I like thrown I like throwing teammates together.


I got two guys from Tampa, get two guys from Winnipeg, the American Stud.


Unreal. Wheelz, Kyle Connor, game breaker. Thank you. Wild card.


Thank you. Thank you. That's a good that's a good team. Well, I'm a little jealous. I like my squad, but we'll see how people vote. I got I got a nice young back end with the great legs. Legs feed the wolf. Folks, just remember that. All right, I'm going to finish my roster off here with the right wing.


I'm going to watch the playoff animal himself. Mark Stone, an absolute beast all season long, especially in the playoffs. So he's going to fill up my roster. And we go. All right, guys, I think it's an easy pick for me here. It's what have you done for me lately? I look at the Stanley Cup finals. What other team is there besides the Tampa Bay Lightning? It was a Dallas stars on the back of who?


Jamie. Ben, I need a little grit my line up. So I'm taking Jamie Benn 19 playoff points and finishing in last.


I think it's going to be between being what I think there's not even I think it's like a runaway. A runaway.


Well, we'll let the fans decide because we're going to put our teams up. We're going to list the snake draft and you guys are going to vote on who the best general manager. And this is all brought to you by EA Sports, NHL twenty one. And we're going back to twenty twenty for these picks. We'll let the fans decide. Looking forward to seeing you guys that are a little drive by. What do you call G award show. Drive by a show.


Drive by award show baby first best on the spot.


We are going to read off our teams just to summarize this thing right off my team.


When it's my turn, I'd like to read off my team myself. OK, let's do it.


Let's do G was the first picture we all agreed his team first.


A lot of negative connotations towards my team don't really respect that at all because my team stacked Nathan McKinnon, David Pasternack, Seth Jones, Roman, Yochi Carey Price and Jamie.


Then that's a great team, his team better than we were giving them. But it ain't the wounder better.


But it just sounded better when he realized that you forgot about McKinnon because first overall pick was so long ago and Roman Yochi getting Roman Yochi in the fourth.


As with my fourth pick, that's a good pick. All right, I'm up next, can is my goalie second round as the Matthews's Masina Temi Panarin from my left winger when he was on the left side of the deal, Alex Petrenko on the right side of the D and Mark Stone to give a little grit to that forward line on the right side.


I want to go right there. Yeah, I'm going to go I'm going to go right ahead. I got the best no enteral Abuk and that I got on Lefty Victor Headmen. How's that guy? Decent on the right D. I get the guy with the most points last year's defense and that's John Carlson on the left side of my my forward unit. I'm running around with Kyle Connor. He flies. He's got no problem keeping up with my Sunderman Leon title.


Just a dominant offensive performance all season long and on the right wing. How was Nikita Koocher of season guys? How did that end? So that's my squad. All right.


I've got a young back and I told you about it. Shay Theodore Cale mcca in met with Mersch Lykins. He won't be getting many shots because we'll be spending most of our night in the offensive zone with Alex Ovechkin.


He's one of the one of the cover boys with the tenth advisor. He's going to be tickling the twine.


Who do I got who I got on the other way.


You get over to Patty Kane, you got Patrick Kane might don't want to Con Smith. What a one might have won three Stanley Cups. He's got the experience. Who else has got three cups. Sidney Crosby. My sentiments. So about experience and a young back end with some young legs in that you guys are toast. Thank you very much. GM of the Year of the Spit and Chicago's podcast, Paul Bissonette all brought to you by NHL twenty one EA Sports.


And once again, we want to say a big thank you to our friends over at Sports NHL. It's been an honor to help them announce the 2020 team of the year. And once again, our boy bids on January 1st is going to make his award show debut and announce the winners in a very special group to look for him at that time. Once again, big thanks to our friends over at E.A. Sports NHL. It is an honor to collaborate with them.


I've been playing this game for almost 30 years, so it's pretty cool for me, even as an old timer. And a lot of the fans, a lot of the listeners voted on our teams in the wet dog. You look like the the best general manager of the crew.


Yeah, that was that was a hell of a performance by myself. And I think when I got tritone cultural, you could say, I don't remember the exact order I went, but having those two doesn't really matter. You're left wing and then headmen and carleson together.


It was just that was it. And then I threw I threw in a winning goalie. So it was it was it was fun to do business with you guys. Hopefully we can all be NHL games one day. You guys all get relegated.


Oh yeah. Soccer term. I don't even know what long term IRS and I call Elliott Freeman about. You want me to be a GM? They said I got to go into that.


We got to go into that move by the lightning.


Well, that's what people were saying online. They said I was as good a GM as player. So, yeah, I probably finished dead last behind Ginelli there. And you did a pretty good job, too, IRA. You were getting tired, pumped.


Yeah, I didn't think it was too shabby. I mean, I thought was like I said, most people don't pick goalies that early, but I don't think too many players had a better twenty twenty than Wesolowski did.


So I'll stand behind that pick. But before we get to all the transactions, because there were a lot of them, we got to talk about the world juniors. Man, that's the big story in town right now. Started Christmas Day. Huge bamma for our buddy Kirby. Man, I know we always had the check. That's ball. He got the opposite of that poor guy, breaks his wrist. The last exhibition game looked like a pretty innocuous hit, too.


But just that's the way the fucking cookie crumbles. And hockey sometimes. Chicago just tweeted before recorded. He got surgery. He's going to be looking at a four to five month recovery. So get well, Brother Kirby, we're heartbroken. Fire was awful to see.


I guess you'd have to call that the checklist dump. Is that what we're going to be labeling it as? Yeah. Yeah. When Brunelli I think you sent the video over to the group chat, it was you see him pull his hand out of his glove. Right. And you're like you're hoping that the jersey just looks weird. But ultimately, it didn't look great. I ended up seeing a picture of it. Horrible fluke injury, guys. Then the debate ensues.


This guy played in the NHL last year. Yeah. Why is even there right away? I want to shut that down. You talk to any big time player at the NHL level and majority have been to that tournament. And in order to get to the level of where you're going to be able to, you know, rise to the occasion, you have to experience it at these different levels of play. And I believe they asked Jonathan Tay's about it before the tournament and he said if it wasn't for that experience and gain that confidence, being the guy at that level, I don't think I would have went on to had to have the career that I would have had.


And for this kid who, you know, he played two years of Junior Seau, he never really had the opportunity to be the guy. Right. He he makes the team at a training camp as a as a nineteen year old with the Hawks. I think he has a very solid rookie year. The stoppage happens. We have him and he talks about finally getting ready because people don't understand that full year and what it takes out of you. He goes on and has a strong playoff, you know, and established establishes himself.


Is it even more like kind of like, OK, this guy is going to be a full timer and like we might have a, you know, a weapon on our hands here to take, you know, take on tapes and canes, roll when they may go on no brainer going in that tournament to try to get that type of experience a fluke injury. And now he doesn't get to experience that. But what I was going to throw it over to you this game and every player who becomes great can attest to it and gets the NHL is it's going to test you.


The game is going to test you. This kid thinks he's going to go gain that experience. And before the tournament even starts, after he gets to see on his crest, he gets that stripped from. And it's probably such a let down for him. He's sitting there watching on TV. Probably try not to be bummed out. But as I said, this game will test you. I think that. It was so innocent looking, that's what was awkward enough, he went to hit a guy it didn't look like much.


And when you said he pulls the glove off, a lot of times you'll see that if a guy might think he got cut right where it's kind of a panic attack. So to do that, you know, something severely wrong.


And that's why right away I was like, oh, I felt so bad. And when you talk about the decision of going and I've seen this argument everywhere, I don't I try to put myself in Stand Bowman's shoes and Kirby dog shoes. If you're going to look at it, I certainly don't wish like I could have to deal with the issue. Stan Bowman is doing is dealing with right now.


Excuse me, but if you're sitting there and this kid comes to you and he mentioned to us, he called his agent, I want to play and the season isn't going right.


If this if they if this was a normal year and this kid starting off and he's playing top two lines, he's not going. It's this is a crazy situation.


And I don't think he would have gone. He didn't he didn't go last year. So you have to look at this year being so different and such an odd circumstance in terms of not only do you go and represent your country and play in a tournament that, as he told us, he dreamed of playing in every Canadian kid, it's your dream.


Not only does he get the chance to do that, well, he's also looking at it like I'm going to be flying in these games buzzing right into the regular season.


So this year it was like. How would you argue against him going like, I understand the everyone comes out? Well, there's plenty of young young stars that teams didn't let them go. Yeah.


And in the end, it looks like they made the right decision. But you can't. You've got to look at look at this as your stand bowmen.


This kid called your agent calls you. You're thinking, all right, well, he could get injured, but like, how are you going to how are you going to approach every single situation like that? He could go dominate and then come in and have an unreal second year.


Like, it's so easy after to say this probably consulted so many other guys, too, and ask these questions. And he's like and exactly like you said and I didn't bring up that point, is assuming that he goes there with that team and gains that confidence is already in midseason stride because he's experienced that and he takes that confidence from not only last playoff and last season and goes into the season.


They have a good start. Well, I mean, as far as a career standpoint, it kind of skyrockets your your trajectory. And I know I always go back to that word because it's the longest word I know and I love it. But that's I mean, we've seen it happen a million times, so it sucks for Kirby talks such a fluke injury. We're sorry for the storm, but all in all, I think they made the right call at the right time.


And I like the decision. So, yeah.


And as of this recording, the first two games of group play have been concluded. Russia beat us Christmas night five three was actually a good game. Russia was up for one US pulled goalie got within a goal. Russia got the empty net.


Canada absolutely pummeled Germany. I mean, you had to feel bad for the Germans. Sixteen two. You know, they had the covid situation. They were nice in a full lineup. And, you know, on the other end, you know, if you're a Canadian kid, it's like you can't stop playing. I mean, you could like like James Duff, the recent guest said all you can do is stop celebrating. Really. I mean, you can't stop playing like otherwise.


You're not doing your job out there.


Well, not only celebrate, you're trying to get these guys, these reps to early in the tournaments. Finally, GameSpy, let's go here. These guys haven't played hockey for a long time either.


And unless I'm wrong, which has happened 5000 times on this show, goal differential ends up coming into play in this tournament.


So, dude, light it up, man. This is fucking you're one step away from the NHL for the most part. All right. You're a step away from from pro hockey. You're a little bit away from the NHL. Sorry, you guys lost sixteen two. It's bad luck that they lost the players from covid.


But fuck you, if this isn't ten year old hockey. Yeah. I also read online someone did say that it goes to goal differential when it comes to head to head. If it were for position, the second tiebreaker. Right. So obviously they're not going to be in a tiebreaker with with Germany, I believe. But OK, then take that point away. Right. But that's nor here nor there where and that might not be the case. I read on Twitter.


And you know how oftentimes Twitter tells the truth at four six nine six nine. Yeah, but oh fuck no. I forgot the original point I was going to make.


Oh, it's the first game of the tournament. Where are you going to do I mean, every guy has got to get their legs into it and they've been sitting there in their hotel rooms for three weeks, all horndog, young, dumb and full of cum, ready to go and put on a show for Canada.


And I just the only thing that the the only issue I have with that game is to try to figure out a way we're in this tournament. It's more competitive because it really you're waiting for Sweden, Russia, Canada, US, Finland at the end.


So I don't know if you make the tournament smaller. That's unfair to these these countries you get in. But I've been watching and it's been it's been great hockey. I mean, Russia lost last night to check the Czech goalie was out of his mind. The Russia game. First we can go over Canada, the ship pumping of Germany, and then they played Slovakia and watch the game.


That was a hell of an effort by Slovakia. Those that, by the way, I heard on the broadcast, they even had a first round in fifteen years.


The country, Slovakia was shocked by that.


Who was it? Who was the last one? No clue. Didn't look it up. Just heard. I get shit for that.


If I brought that info and didn't have a guy, right.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, dummy. You know what you do? You know you do.


You would have asked the question that you just asked after saying what I said. That's what you would have done.


So fuck off. And the other thing about Slovakia, that was incredible.


They won the world championship in 03 and in 02, they didn't even get the chance because they were like they had to play in to get into the the Olympics and they didn't have they weren't allowed to bring their NHL, their NHL players or the NHL season was going on. So those guys couldn't play. So they never even got into the O2, Salt Lake City Olympics. But that's a hockey nation that showed up against Canada. I mean, to lose three one with an empty net, Canada.


I watched that and Biram guys. Amazing.


And so is Drysdale. Those two are playing together. It's like, how are you supposed to get the puck away from either one of those or break it out with ease every time? But I don't think it's going to be as it is easy for Canada, as a lot of people thought, because I'm watching Sweden. They look awesome, although that Lucas Raymond just got injured, the fourth overall pick last year by Detroit, he went into the boards awkwardly.


I don't know if he hurt his back or you look like you couldn't put weight on his left leg. But it's always going to it's always great.


Once you get to maybe the semis, the quarters are still be good, but it's there's always going to be games that are blowouts in this tournament and people whining and complaining fucking they're 18, 19 years old.


Trev's digress from the Americans.


Oh, so the passing on that kid, I think he'll come on Chilcote's. I met his dad at a big game last year. I went to brought Ryder to his first big game and like four days later, covid it in the world shut down. But I was watching him. He was unreal. I was talking to his dad. He said his dad listens to the show. So at some point, Trevor Xigris, you see him lighten it up in Anaheim.


We also had some supplemental discipline film like the old NHL here, one game for Braden Schneider for violation of rule one. Twenty four checking to the head neck area versus Germany. He got tossed halfway through the first period. So it was basically a two game suspension, more or less. No argument here. I mean, he didn't maybe mean to do it, but he did it. And also Austrian defenseman Phillip WEMA. Wow, I'm sorry if I'm Anglicize on that, but his was a little more blatant.


It was definitely a blindside hit. He caught USA's Patrick Moynihan. Absolutely fucking just caught him blindside one of those. If that was in any gel hit, he's probably getting fucking dollars.


Wilson He's getting his head cut off the town square milita his parents. Yeah, yeah. I can't wait to see it. First game of the season.


So, listen, I'm old school, so those are those that suggest you can't do that anymore.


Those are the ones the one was directly over the head. Rock'em Sock'Em. Anybody, anybody listening who used to watch the Rock'em sock'em saw some videos.


Those were wordlist amazing videos. You could sit there and watch them for seven hours in a row. The same one he used to always talk about. We should start a new one.


Rock'em CENCOM Rockeymoore comes on sock'em board trade market.


He's going to craft. Just get the get the domain covered.


Hey one of the little touch I've noticed is the linesman at least a couple of the games. The first puck dropped one on the come up and says, lady, let's do that hockey. Like just when you thought that phrase was born out, that guy might have made it cool again. And then another one might have been the same linesman. He says, shake and bake. He dropped a little Ricky Bobby line out there, just, you know, goofy little touches like that.


I think those are fun men.


Who's the NHL guy? Always doing it. Always. Well, the referee.


Yeah, he yeah. When he's given like the calls on the mike, maybe he's trying to be the next W McCallie.


I mean people are going to know his name after he's barking at the players. He starts talking.


He calls them out. Yeah. Oh well still on a stick battle, a battle of the referees.


All we did was we glanced over my first glimpse anyway of is it Stutzer the first play, the first quarter of his tape job.


Yeah, that's not the crime scene.


It's worse than posterboard on the totem pole vertically and then horizontally just along the middle of the blade.


Looks like a big dick. Just looks great out there, though. He's got a fantastic shaft in the head. It looks like a dick boschert. We should put a little peephole on the end.


Then it'll start sniping little white little strips of white tape as the cum coming out.


Yeah, yeah. He should do a black version. And then with the white little white dropcam stands with clear, it goes up to his gloves.


Yeah. I'd, I'd be putting clear tail tape over it to stop it. Stop it around.


But he has, he flies around his skating stick, he's been playing in the DL so he plays against men. He'll be a lot of fun to watch.


And I'm always, always going to have some games that are exciting this year, I guarantee you that.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Actually, we can jump right into them. I, I had him a little further down. But the sense man, that continuing to load up for the upcoming season, they picked up Derek Stepan from business, Kayode for a second rounder and twenty twenty one they had three second round is already.


So it was probably easy to spill on even if the analytics folks thought I was an overpay. He had one yellow left at six point five dollars million cap hit, but it's only two million in real dollars, which means a lot more. The senators, senators also applied defenseman Braiden, Coleman and Fullwood, Cedric Paquette, and a second round in twenty twenty two from Tampa Bay in exchange for Marian Gaborik and Ronda's Nelson's long term injured reserve deals. One of those mutually beneficial deals, Ottawa gets a couple of veteran Coweta guys and Tampa Bay gets a little cap relief.


What was your take on that as well?


I mean, getting back a second rounders. Great. You know, he provided a lot of leadership here. He was a great 200 foot center. I think as time goes on, I would say that he was probably a one B at his best point in the NHL. He was never like a top and center, but he was very consistent, having fifty sixty point seasons while being very good on the penalty kill. We talked about providing that leadership.


He's great in the community. Like all positive, his production offensively has slowly declined. And I think that they saw an opportunity considering the assets we've not only lost to certain situations and for certain reasons, a way to replenish that. And the second rounders is a big deal moving forward, given the lack of assets that we do have. So best of luck to step. Thank you for everything you did for the organization. A guy that when you know, as a media member, when you interview someone, you know, you're going and being like, yes, this guy is going to talk, he's going to articulate, he's going to be nice.


And it's and he was a great guy. So best of luck step and great work. Bye bye. Army to get an asset there and on the rumor mill. Don't know if it came across the wire yet. I think the fact that coyotes are signing Derek Brassard.


Yeah, Gisèle Gaiam Lattin Dress said that they're working on a one year deal.


So yes. And and I talked to Elliott Friedman, who said that he looked into it and it seemed as if though that was going to be the case. I talked to Elliott mostly because of this long term IRR situation that I still have no fucking clue about. He tried to explain it to me. It's just it's the occurring part of it. I just don't get it, man.


You can get confused, man. It's it's a lot of details. So a lot of so but there was a lot of banter online about the fact that this long term IRR thing is being manipulated a little bit too much and. Part of me agrees with him, although that would be being a bit of a hypocrite, considering I compliment Derica on this, he wasn't the first GM to do it, but he he was he's probably been the one to manipulate it the most in order to take on long term our deals, but gain assets from other organs, Jesus Christ, other organizations in order to do it.


And Gord Miller had a tweet in here. I'll read it. So we'll be here for another six hours.


I don't know. I don't think he wrote he wrote this.


I think this loophole needs to be closed. Cap relief for long term. Your reserves should only count for players who are playing for that team. At the time they went on long term, they are not acquired from someone else. It's it's legal, but it's cap circumvention. So you're seeing a lot of these gems right now play cap, where they call it cap gymnastics.


I kind of like the term is.


Oh yeah, it's silly by the rules because you don't I mean, and just like just text me and say maybe explain it. Basically long term injury reserve is like, for example, Alex Dean, he now he basically all but officially retired. He's not going to play hockey again. He just didn't put his paperwork in, but his contract is still alive. So what the blues do is they put his contract on long term injury reserve, which allows them to go over the cap up to whatever his money is.


Now, if you have two or three players in this case, the Tampa Bay Lightning, then you can go way over the cap. Now, I don't think we should yell at GMs in front of us because they're playing by the rules. I mean, if you've got a guy on your staff who can find these angles to make it work, then fucking by all means, do it and look at this.


Well, so I agree with you. I saw his point and I was like, OK. And then after I talked to Elliott Freeman, he brought the point of like, well, considering the CAPPELL, some of these teams are in because of the pandemic, this would make for a very difficult logjam. And also, he says, what's one of the most interesting parts about the NBA? Some people will completely disagree, but the amount of action and transactions, because it creates all this, oh, my God, another fucking stars get in line like it's just more action happening where these teams who are in the midst of competing can make a run for it.


It creates fan engagement. So after hearing all the different perspectives, I could see why a team who's maybe been, I don't say shafted by it but hasn't been able to use it at all, would be more know for it than a team who has ended up getting out of their cap situation and or acquiring assets because of taking on these long term contracts. I'm more for it than against it. So I just wanted to hop in and tell you that I agree with the point you're making.


And I should follow up.


Obviously, we just talked about the sense the temple was on the other end of that. They dumped three point thirty five to Ottawa. They took back almost seven and a half million in salary. But again, that's all long term money. It was a mutually beneficial deal. But also Nikita Koocher off as speculated, he's out for the regular season due to hip surgery. So he's going to go on long term injured reserve as well, of course, other people.


So why don't you get the surgery before it's like, well, that's none of your business. Like, he got it now.


I mean, do you think the plan was to miss him for all year? Guys like whoever says that biz, you want to know who the teams that get shafted by it. They're not the teams that don't get the chance to do it. They're the teams who are competing against Tampa. RECHT Correct. And it's like, argh! This year they might be kind of screwed. They got a science rally. They got they got it. And all of a sudden it's like, oh, they're fine.


And they get Kutcha back for the playoffs. So, yep, you guys are right.


Don't blame the teams. Don't blame the GMs, blame the league, blame, you know, the NHL. Not pointing out that this could happen.


I guess it was it was just a bit odd. I guess if they would have seen it as such a big problem, they would have addressed it when they figured it all out this off season. Right. So they saw it as something moving forward. I think it's for the betterment of the league. They decided not to do anything about it because of the issues that I mentioned with the cap not going up and all these issues that are created. So I just thought it created some good discussion.


And some fans who watch maybe don't understand why certain things are happening and like what long term there is. So hopefully we did somewhat of a good job explaining it. I don't I don't know if there's a cap as to how much you can take on of it. I don't know how much of a cure occurs. Is that the word I'm looking for?


A cruise about Tampa is going to start the season with seventeen million uncapped commitments on long term injured reserve between Koocher off Marian Gaborik and Andas Nillson, the concussed goalie who played for Ottawa last year.


So what is the word a cruise have what to do with this? So basically, in some cases, if certain teams put guys on long term IRR, they're able to save cap space in the long run.


I would drugs that year. No, I believe it's through throughout the course of that season. So this is once again where I have no fucking clue what I'm talking about. I just think I may have somewhat understood it well enough to bring Walshe back.


Alan Walsh back to explain this to our audience.


Well, obviously, we're talking about Tampa Bay. We also have the note. They ripped a pair of twenty three year old restricted free agents and forward Anthony Ciarelli in defenseman Eric Chernick. They also signed defenseman John Rucha, who was UFE but opted to stay with Tampa, Shirley Stein for three years, fourteen point four mil. That comes out to a four point eight dollars million kapit. He's coming off ACLC. He had a career high forty four points last year, nine points in twenty five playoff games.


He's obviously a key part of that lineup pal, who we haven't met yet, but Dmitri Filipovic said excuse me.


There was a two month stretch last season during which the lightener went. Twenty six, five and two to turn this season around when five verse five on five goals with Anthony Shkreli on the ice with twenty nine and four in favor. The lightning.


Unbelievable. You know something you don't necessarily always want to have an impact at all.


Summarize it is they just basically got a circuit type up front. So they have this three year period where they're able to stall to see if these guys are able to blossom into what that the strong part of the core group is and hopefully bang out a few more cups. And if they do, those other guys will be towards the end of their deals and they could figure that out then. So they're they're not going anywhere. They are not going anywhere.


These guys, Shaunak was also coming off ACLC. He signed three as eight point eighty five million, just under three million dollar cap hit. So he's an animal.


That guy's tough as shit and plays hard. And that's the perfect type. I'm not going to say bottom pair defensemen, but, you know, four or five, six men that they need that makes them so difficult to play against. It's not just the skill with headmen and Sawaguchi it's the grit like the Bogosian you know was there last year like Sirnak mean. So it's just an all around sick team I play with as you did.


Yeah. He was in Ontario fighting on. No, I don't think he understood the language very well, I think it just came he told me this once, I remember, and I didn't I don't know. I didn't know if he was going to end up developing. But then I saw him play for the lightning. I'm like, oh, no. L-A gave up an unbelievable prospect. This he was like Drogo six two six three, just like a brick shit house, very mobile.


I just wasn't sure what was going on between the ears. But he's he's obviously figured it out.


A couple of the notes on Tampa route to sign two years, two point six mil for one point three Kapit and GM. Julian Breezeways said Stamkos is expected to be ready and healthy for the start of the season. And one Quitno going back to Ottawa, they did sign up to his three year entry level contract. That was basically a formality, but we still want to make note of it. Speaking of free agency, the last big forward name in the market with the guy who everybody was waiting to see what he did, Mike Coffman, he signed a Pito with the blues.


He will be in camp January 3rd. The reason he's going to be on a PTO, which is a professional tryout. Basically, Lewis has to get their money straight. They still need to get Stien and TerraCycle officially on the long term injured reserve, which I just explained. So essentially, he's waiting in the wings. And unlike business with PTO, Hoffman will actually be on the St. Louis off roster.


This fucker is a fucking layup, but I was all man.


There were so many good daggers coming out of.


Yeah, somebody said, next thing you I always thought the hockey puck, the next stop chick let's co-host to next stop, unfortunately was Russia. He better not hope he's going there.


Then it was Chicot but but yeah. I mean people. OK, so I sent a tweet. I'm going to guess that this isn't what the what his agent told him it would be like when he was UFA.


Now granted, this year's a Gong Show, but all these people are like, well, he's obviously going to he's going to sign a deal there. He's going there. He's going to sign a deal. They've got to figure it out. They've got to get Steven on the LTI. Are they wait till the season starts. I say. Yeah, but even if he signed the deal, it's probably a one year deal. It's probably one year.


This guy is probably looking at five years. Twenty five. Twenty seven million. Everyone was saying so. Yeah, it's been a bummer for that guy. But if he goes and lights it up this year and and things get back to normal next year, fans back in the building, who knows what happens in the summer then. But still, it's a tough year for him to go. Really prove it again.


Luckily, he's on a nasty team and if he has to prove it, why not do it with a I would consider them a cup contender. Again, they got a lock up done.


They also have to figure out, like it's not going to be that easy replacing Pietrangelo. It's like saying Louis is really good. But PAREXEL Braco didn't have a great year last year.


I know he needs to bounce back. Yeah. Toschi stock bubble. Yeah, very tough.


Five minutes a night. Forty point number one demon. I think they're going to get it done by committee. They got Falke locked in. They got Krook now they get they got a pretty solid back. And I hear what you're saying when you're taking a guy who lugging that much I, I said in the lineup, you know, you've got to you've got to replace that piece. But it's clearly a risk. People are saying he's going to replace Steve in that price range, probably four and a half to the five range.


And, you know, I guess if if it's a hot start, they can sign them in February. Is the rule now similar to like a la bank situation, although he was restricted? You got, you know, the one one year, one million, and then at a certain point the season, which it was January 1st, I believe this year, now it's going to be in February where they could end up locking him in long term.


So it's still a gamble. It's it's crazy. But that's the team you probably want to do it with the go.


One other note before we get to other signings here. The NHL schedules actually came out since our last episode. They're going to be doing basically what I would call baseball style schedules. We're going to one city playing two, three games. They might have a random spot in the road here and there. These teams are going to be playing fifty six games in four months. The non Canadian divisions, like I said, they're going to be playing their division rivals eight times each.


We're going to get ten battles of Alberta, which is obscene. Montreal and Ottawa at one point going to play each other four times in a row and L.A., Anaheim are going to play each of the five times in a row in April, May for the last four and six nights. Like do like I said before, beating the drum. How how much of these fucking teams going to hate each other? I mean, five games in a row and non playoff situation.


And then you might play them in the playoffs, too, if it pans out that way. It's crazy. I'm sorry, I look extreme and return to the game, so anyone worried about Team Sweden? I'm not stupid. He's back. He scored. I think that we mentioned this before about the battles in the minors.


When you play the teams that many times and we talk about this last episode, we did, but the schedules hadn't officially come out. That's OK.


Fair enough. Fair enough. It's it's I actually saw a good tweet. Shit. Who was Justin Bourne? And he mentioned that this year, like, teams are going to get into the playoffs based on the energy that you can produce, because it's one of those things where you talk about the baseball type schedule. You got three games in four nights. You're playing the same team, at least two of those games, if not all three, who at the end of those games, at the end of those Grind's HL type schedule can muster up the energy to just basically outwork teams.


That's how you're going to get points at the end of these runs. These teams go on. It's like not working because everyone's going to be exhausted. Everyone's not going to have their legs are going to feel different than they usually do throughout the year.


When you get your time off, you get the all star break. Now it's going to be about who can figure it out. And just in the third period of these late games that you're exhausted and feel like shit.


And that's why I feel like Columbus is going to be a dark horse. I don't know what their odds are. And we're going to get in the gamblin corner once the season starts rolling around.


But yeah, Columbus man Greg got lucky.


They got lucky. Get in that division to. They got a lot of good things going with the Metro. Yeah, just talking about the blues here. So we want to go back some actually a story come over the Russian site, Sport 24. Now, we want to make it known these quotes were via Google Translate.


So, you know, take that for what it's worth. But Tara, Sanco was allegedly disappointed at not being named captain. He said, I think it's OK on certain leadership positions after eight years at the club, but everyone has their own opinion. Alexey, who was Telecinco agent Alexey, expressed it and has every right to do so. I personally focus on recovering from injury because there are so many people who say that TerraCycle will never play the same way.


I have a tremendous incentive to come back and prove these people wrong. Basically, this article is saying that Tanya was pissed at not being named captain again. It's translated from a Russian site via Google.


So I think you should probably add that into the weight of what you're listening to because it would be like it's completely false, possibly.


Yeah, well, he was actually saying, like, I'm so happy. O'Reilly's captain. What a choice.


Yeah, exactly. Yeah, the complete opposite. I'll say this is if if he was dead serious and he was a little bit disappointed, maybe, you know, the way it is over there just goes based on seniority and how long you've been there in the time you've put in with that club. And maybe he felt considering O'Reilly had just came over, you know, that he hadn't put his time in with the organization in order to be rewarded with the C.


I just I mean, I don't know. I feel like that organization's done a pretty good job of reading the room. And I think they know who the right guy for the job is. And it's tough to not pick the guy who essentially was your I would call him the spiritual leader in that cup run. I feel like everybody jumped on his back more than anyone else.


And no disrespect to Tara Sancho's top level scorer, one of the best in the league in terms of like putting the puck in the net. I mean, he's thirty goal minimum. It seems like every year there isn't one GM in the league.


If they had Ryan O'Reilly and Vladimir Telecinco, that would make TerraCycle the captain. And I don't even know if the GM did it. I'm sure it was coach.


I'm sure it was a bunch of different people that that is that is a no. There is not even an argument.


I get I get the sense that's a locker room that speaks for itself.


Yeah. It's just it's just it's a no brainer. Ryan O'Reilly, this guy does it all. This guy's the best players in the NHL. And I think just it wasn't even it wasn't even a second thought, man. It was I think we I think we made fun of the fact it was even news.


Yeah, you did. Yeah, that was a surprise.


Like I said, I think the key words here quotes via Google Translate from a Russian sports website.


So, yeah, you might not have basically what he said might not have been what was implied by the quotes. So and if he is pissed, well, you know, that's his right to be.


But all right. Moving right along way to see another practice scrap and cop for fucking Saint Louis. And we obviously talk about checklists on the show a lot.


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There we go. B-R, you, you, S.H., Dotcom, promo code checklists, Wii UI and ah shit.


I love the guy fucking twenty miles out of the city making fun of city accents over here. I place a lot of signing's since the last episode, so we're going to run through them here.


Montreal signed a pair of veterans, Corey Perry and Michael Frohlich to one year deals worth seven hundred and fifty thousand apiece. Hey, look, last year Corey Perry had five goals during the regular season, everyone saying he's all done blah, blah, blah. Guy was a monster in the playoffs, scored five more goals in the playoffs. Tremendous leadership, got his nose and dirty everywhere.


And you got to think, man, if the Canadians can snag a playoff spot, who else would you rather have come playoff time? The guy like the warm weather, wet dog McDavid.


I'm talking for a fucking seven hundred fifty thousand all time of the year. There is these bussel. Yeah, I love the signing. And I read right away that Toronto really kind of was looking at Perry. They ended up with Wayne Simmons and look at the look at the I'm sorry, Montreal excuse me. Montreal was looking and wanted Wayne Simmons. He goes to Toronto. They end up getting Perry for way less money.


So I think that if you if you look at his regular season, you might say, I don't know. Is is he is he done? But he's a playoff type player. He's always been able to kind of elevate his play once the springtime comes. Now before in the regular season, win an MVP scoring 40 fifty years, no doubt dominant player. Now it's different. But just getting to the playoffs, I don't know how much he'll do to help you get in.


But once you're there, look out that team. I don't know. I don't expect much from them.


I know that they've made some severe changes and and it's been discussed on what needs to happen. But I don't know, like looking at that division in the league as a whole, I don't think the Canadians have a chance of winning the Stanley Cup. I think I think Bert Burger van there wanting to beef up a little bit. He's got a big back end. They got the goaltending. They picked up Josh Anderson, which is he is going to be ready to go for regular season.


I know we got shoulder surgery, but as far as forwards, they were fairly small coming out of the season. And they've they've beefed up a little bit with especially with him in the bottom six. So I don't mind the move. And I think if the goaltending in the back end turns out in the fifty six game schedule, I could see them being a team that squeaks in.


Yeah, that's, that's a whole thing. Hit business like hot starts. If it seems slow, get out of the gate. It could cripple the whole fucking season.


So we get a bunch of other signs and I'm going to roll through. So you boys want to chime in. Give me a cue here. Goaltender Ryan Miller, he's going to be back with Anaheim for a fourth season in his eighteenth NHL season. The forty year old agreed to a one year deal worth one million. He'll spell John John Gibson when needed. New Jersey signed restricted free agent goalie Mackenzie Blackwood three eight point four dollars million deal comes out to two point eight dollars million.


Kapit friend Kevin Weeks had the scoop on that one. The twenty four year old was New Jersey second round pick back in twenty fifteen. He just finished his ELC as well. This is his third NHL season. I'll tell you man, for a team who hasn't been that great, I mean seventy games played. He's dirty to twenty four and eight with a two seven to nine one six five shutouts. Those are pretty respectable numbers for a team that hasn't been in the playoffs and has struggled to score.


So the future looks good for that kid. Another unrestricted free agent. People wondering, Michael Granlund, he's going to stay put. Nashville, like I wrote in my blog, does everybody who goes to Nashville loves it there. Whether you're a hockey player down for a bachelorette party one year, three point seventy five dollars million deal. He'll be twenty nine in February at seventeen goals last year. Nashville also added unrestricted free agent forward Eric Horler, signing him to a one year, one point seventy five dollars million deal.


The twenty nine year old finished last season in Florida after being dealt in the Vinny trochaic deal, had twelve goals, twelve assist and forty eight games played.


The L.A. Kings signed Andrius Atanasio to a one year one point two dollars million deal twenty six points and fifty five games last year split between Detroit and Edmonton. Look who I think.


I expected a lot more when he got to Edmonton, I thought he dealt with how fast he is and there's been tons of questions about maybe his hockey IQ because in terms of having all the tools when he's on, it's crazy game breaker. So that could end up being that could be a really good sign. I mean, you look at last year.


Why am I fucking drawing a blank? Who with Ottawa. What the hell's wrong with me? You declare who I mean, right? I mean there was a little different where he'd been really kind of suitcase ing around. But if you can find his game and figure out a way to be successful, like, consistently be an awesome value deal for them.


Yeah. You're always hoping that he's going to be the one to pop off. Like is that he's the name that you're like that you hear so much about him. Like, you know, in Detroit we thought he was going to be ready to take the next step. And I thought the entity to clear comparison was perfect. And we talked about him last episode getting the one point seven million in Florida. And we we did. Yes. All case where he mentioned and you touched on Ryan Miller.


I feel like he's like the Vince Carter of the NHL. He just keeps getting deals. I would say he's probably the one of the highest grossing goaltenders of all time. Right. Would that be a fair he's probably made over seventy five million that could pull that up on CAP finally to get what it looks.


What's your guess as far as millions?


Ryan Miller's career. I'm going to guess 65, what I'm going to say 68, actually, I'm going to I'm going to change it up. I thought I thought for sure, 60.


I think you guys are right around there, but it could end up being maybe maybe 70 career earnings, estimated career earnings per cap friendly. Sixty one million three hundred ten thousand.


Still a really good fucking career. Holy shit. Yeah, that'll do. Absolutely.


You can have some fun post-process playing career when you cash out 61 unless you're an NBA or below it all moving right along.


Local boy, kind of Shary. He signed a one year deal with Washington for seven hundred thirty five grand, undrafted, twenty eight year old UMass product. He of one two cups with Pittsburgh. You get traded the buffalo back in twenty eighteen. Then that dealt back to Pittsburgh this past February. He's in Washington, as well as former Ottawa goalie Craig Anderson. He signed a Pekoe traditional PTO, I should say what the capitals he spent his last ten seasons with Ottawa.


He's obviously Henrik Lundquist, who while Bill mentioned that while we're here, he tweeted out on Monday that he was going to be getting open heart surgery for the medical issues downwith. And I know guys, when used to have forty years ago, open heart surgery was like a huge deal. And not to minimize it, but heart surgery has come along so far in the last like twenty, thirty years. It's almost like a routine thing. Now, obviously, if you get it done, it's not routine.


I think Henrik's in good hands here. Obviously it's it's a major surgery. But at the same time, the technology and heart surgery has been absolutely incredible the last two years. So we want to wish Henrik the best. Obviously, he's a friend of the program. We love the guy. And I think everything's going to be fine for him. And ideally, we'll see him back in the league next year.


Like you're saying, they used to have to, like, cut open your chest will be like two or three inches.


Well, they still do. But it's just that I mean, literally, like 40 years ago, if someone was going for heart surgery, it was like, you know, do the fucking rosary and sit around and be scared. But now it's like the technology and the medical advancements are so good that, you know, I'm not that minimizing. But if you hear someone's going in for surgery as compared to, say, maybe cancer, you're like, oh, OK.


Well, there's not a lot of situations where people come out and have have difficulties because the medical technology has been unreal.


And I'm sure they'll take if you actually think about surgery with a cutting open somebody's heart like and that that like happens daily and works. It's like when you sit in an airplane, you're like, how am I flying right now?


I'm not even high either, if you think about that shit. You're kidding me.


Yeah, exactly. Man, it's it used to be brain surgery.


It's still a big deal, but it used to be like, you know, a little more iffy, I guess.


Is it probably a good way to put it? Whereas nowadays, if someone in your family got to go in for a treatment or procedure, it's like not say it's not a big deal, but it's certainly not the big deal. It was forty years ago, so I moved a along.


What did you what did you say before the Henrik Lundqvist thing about Greg Anderson going on a PTO?


Because I know what I was going to say is holy that does Washington love Pittsburgh sloppy seconds or what he's got room to say?


No, I feel like any guy they don't sign Washington picks up. They just love it.


But Pittsburgh used to put the smack down on another. Oh, that's Childs. If you can't beat them, join them type thing. But it is it is weird how often that happens. That's me being a penguins jock sniffer.


I'm sure I'm having one dopey poopy pants because you guys are picking up the sloppy seconds.


All right. A couple more here. Restricted free agent Casey Mid-State, another friend of the program he signed with Buffalo, a one year deal worth eight hundred and seventy five thousand. He still just a twenty two year old kid. He spoke last season between Buffalo in Rochester, the wild with the sabers. He had four goals, five assists in thirty one games, played in one hundred and seventeen games. He's got seventeen goals. Twenty two assists. Let's see.


That's a guy that wants to take the next step. Let's go, baby.


This high pick up a high pick that that I think tons of potentials there. It's like. All right, well time to get this thing going. When hits like that one picks like that don't hit. That's why you end up being in the base sabres.


Yeah, I'll make it. I'll make this argument, though, in Buffalo. I feel like it's so rushed in. The microscope is so big because they're just praying that the next prospect is going to pop off to be a top player in the league when guys, that's not necessarily the case. Like if you got a first round draft pick, your guy might end up being like a solid top six player. So definitely one guy, though, I'll be keeping an eye on this season.


And I hope he lives up to the expectations that were at the beginning of last year.


Yeah, no doubt we're rooting for him. Like I said, he's still only twenty two, man.


Some guys a little bit, young man. It's just. Yeah, you're right.


All right. Moving right along, unrestricted free Agent Kyle Soderbergh signed with the Blackhawks a one year deal worth one million dollars. The thirty five year old Swede had seventeen goals, eight assists in seven games. In Arizona last year, business, how much game is this guy got left? He's been around. He's been a pretty steady performer. He's solid, good net front presence. He'd be good for I mean, they're probably second unit. Who knows, maybe on the first, because those guys, those other guys are just buzzing around.


But I think he's a solid player with a lot of game left. I mean, he was great coming over Colorado and he was, I think up until one point the leading scorer for the Coyotes in the regular season. He might even finish the leading scorer for the Coyotes in the regular season. How are you laughing? What are you laughing at? Look it up. Nice radio guy.


Nice radio guy right there. And one last one last time, James. One last unrestricted, unrestricted sign, and I'm saying you might not know the stats, fuck, well, look at them. I'm trying to pretend I'm trying to back them up here. I was actually trying to defend my boy. She's going to look it up. He's the producer.


And in fact, I know I won more unrestricted free agent defenseman Slater Kucuk, signed with Edmonton.


Twenty six year old had a goal and nine assists and forty two games played with Chicago last year. That's the last of the unrestricted. I have a couple of the notes. After returning to the NHL for two seasons, Ilya Kovalchuk went back to Russia. The thirty seven year old signed a two year deal with avant garde and Omsk that always say that. What? Yeah, that's pretty good, actually. Thank you. He spent last season between the L.A., Montreal and Washington and Bui's.


We get to give credit to the BHAGAVAN here. He signed them in January. He put up six goals and seven assists in 22 games played. Then Bergsman flipped them to Washington for a third rounder in twenty twenty. And then Montreal used that third rounder to bring in Jake Allen for a little back up the price. So that's why sometimes moves like, what's this guy doing?


It's like, well, I'm going to add an asset here and hopefully I'll do good and we can turn them into something. And that's what the bhagavan did. I love the burger van.


He's just cranking away right now two days and then get a needle shoved in as he's on the Russian gas. He's probably got Murkoff flying the stuff over Yaama Jagow, who is two months older than me.


The old guy in the podcast, he's still at it. He's playing at forty eight years old in the Czech Republic for his hometown Kladno. He's got twenty four NHL seasons, four in the cage, all nine in the Czech League. One hundred and fifty four at the National Games. I mean a man. It's like this guy. I think he'll play least 60 of teams keeps. I don't know.


I think he'll play until he can't get a contract. Really. Yeah. Again and maybe not any league but he'll be in the IIHF when he's seventy five in Nottingham.


Yeah, I'm in Cardiff. I'm going to revive my career, go back out, but we're going to be like this year. Ten goals. Remember, remember the video of the two former CFL guys coming out. I think, I think T.S.A. did originally. But you know, they must have had like an old rivalry, but they're like fighting with the canes on stage. That's going to be us in the corner battling for pucks. What the fuck are those four for peg strollers?


Oh, the tennis balls on the bottom.


Yeah, I really like the guy from Family Guy, the old guy. Does he. How do you talk like them. The old guy from Family Guy or the pedophile out there was there was a pedophile in the old guy, I can't tell him right now.


Yeah, well, I was the same guy, right. I wish it would have been a lot funnier. Yeah, The Simpsons was.


Meems. I'll do it. Jason Johnson. Hey, that's my book. Yeah, that's it. But there is it's a fine line between the old guy in the pedophile and Family Guy.


Good. Good God.


All meshed them two and one there. All right. We get to send congrats to long defenseman Derek Engelen.


He retired up at 11 NHL seasons and seventeen pro seasons, the last three with his hometown Vegas called Knights. The thirty eight year olds going to work with the Vegas Golden Knights Foundation afterwards, including playoffs. He played over 700 NHL games, one hundred and twenty seven points and six hundred seventy one regular season games. The team actually did ask me wanted to be moved that the last deadline. But he was, you know, he hadn't been part of the regular lineup, but he opted to stay put.


Like I said, Vegas is home to him. He played in Vegas his first years of pro way back in 03, 04, when they were still on the East Coast, I'm sorry, in the East Coast League affiliate. Then you won the twenty eighteen mark Missier trophy for leadership and biz. I know you played with him for about three years and Wilkes-Barre Scranton, I think might have crossed paths with them too.


But if not an unmanageable guy and oh one game. OK, ok, fair enough. So similar to Scuds whereas this guy was I don't know if Scuds ever played in the coastal, but he was playing the coast, ended up making it to the American League. And just one of those guys that like coaches love, he shows up every day. You know exactly where you're getting. He works his bag off. He gets his workouts in. He doesn't say Bouchet.


He would step up and fight whenever he had to. And he was a tough he was tough man in the American League early on. I think he was doing it a lot more. And as his career went on, he was just that kind of solid top four defenseman who who played physical. Maybe towards the end he became a, you know, a five or six guy, but unbelievable teammate. He turned his career from for me to what I thought was going to be a career HLR to an unbelievable seven hundred NHL game career.


And I couldn't be happier for the guy and a great teammate.


And we always talk about we have talked about Shawn thought and he hit six hundred a couple games, over six hundred NHL, which is to think about that long of a grind in the age before you even get to the show.


Anggun at four hundred and ninety regular season East Coast League and NHL games. I mean that's six full years of just like sticking with it, like you said, and and being just tough to play against that. I think that if you look back, if you were to ask him, I'd be curious. I'd love to interview him maybe at some point this year. But if you if we could ask him, like what?


What do you think? What do you think had