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Hey, what's up, guys, busier, I want to let you know we are doing a sale on all barstool merchandise, go to Stort Barstool Sports Dotcom with the promo code podcast for 10 percent off your order. That's Stort Barstool Sports Dotcom with the promo code podcast for 10 percent off your order. Thank you very much. Hello, everybody, welcome to Episode 316 of Spin Chickens, presented by Pink Whitney from our friends at New Amsterdam Vodka Handy Barstool Sports podcast, Family.


What is up everybody? The NHL season has officially started a game every day for 116 straight days. We're loving it with that. We're going crazy with gambling. But let's say hi to the gang first. As usual, producer Mikey Grenelle. I was Arizona buddy. Arizona was great. We missed you, Ari. Now I'm back in New York City doing my 10 day quarantine, the return of Grenelle Kickoff is coming, so stay tuned. Just watching a ton of hockey, like you said, our every day, baby.


Let's go. Couple live streams, too.


Yeah. Is that the dog already dog out in the desert bears. Nasty bassinet. I love your electric on those things, buddy.


I had to go solo because it ended up going home to kids. Guys, come on. I can't I can't even imagine. So I did a couple of wardrobe changes. I'm sure, you know, the cannabis took me out a bit of a wave there, but it was a blast. They taught me how to sign into the YouTube group. Chat are YouTube fans. It's like being in the locker room, everybody. This one kid was asking me to tell a story, and it was in relation to Fanis, which was a strip club in North Bay.


And he was like he kept asking in the group chat, you go to Fanis, you go to Fanis.


And how crazy is the people who asked the same question? One hundred times? He's he's a horn because he's probably wondering if we sat in the same chair on Pervert Roll, Chuck and toonies up there on stage to see some titties. But sure enough, when we'd gotten swept, we got swept for nothing by the St Michael's. I think there were the majors at the time. But if they turn into the buzzers. But I had a fake I.D., a guy named Russ Meyer, who actually was an overaged with the Ottawa Sixty Sevens, and I think it was the first time I'd ever used it.


I handed it over. Sure. Shit. I got in and I did end up going in a fanis and I think that was the first time I'd ever been to a strip club at the age of 16 years old.


So you think he knew you had been there first time ever and that's what you really love. Is that perverted?


I think that it's kind of like, you know, when, like, the old stadiums get torn down, you go like take the seat out. He's going to go get the same seat we sat in on Pavitra or some shit. Put it in his fucking man cave. No, but I think he just wanted to know if I've been to the strip club in North Bay, but I was in Underwager. So, yes, I did sneak in one time at the end of the year and that was, I think, my first titty joint experience.


Fannings, how many times did you fall in love that night? I was I mean, I was just mesmerized with how they smelt like that's like strawberries. What is what is it just brings you into this, like, vortex. And like you said, it's kind of like the scene out of the Myers. Michael Myers, isn't there like a scene where, like there's a musk in the air or Austin Powers gets all horned up or something? Or did I just make that up in my brain?


It's been so long.


We're going to find out. We're going to find out soon. Shaggy, maybe. I got to believe me, I remember is remember, it's like I need to take out one hundred dollars and it's a 73 dollar ATM charge.


Oh, oh, oh.


Well, God, I went straight cash homey with all those forty dollar checks every two weeks.


I tell you what happened to me the night I got drafted. So we ended up going there and to the strip club to we introduce them. It was my first time. It's weird. What's up guys.


It was my first time ever going to a strip club and you know, you get a lap dance, right. Well I thought, like, it just ended and I was like, this girl loves me. She's six songs. Well, then after it was like every song, like thirty five dollars.


I was I had no money. I had no credit card. So you thought you thought your pay. Twenty four. I was like I signed up for. Yeah.


I was like one song I thought you'd like to say.


It was like you do the whole exercise, you do the whole Beatles catalog like wait a minute, I'm like whoa oh I don't even get your notes, OK? I don't have enough.


I think I said we started in the middle of one song. So what was on the end of that song? I was like, Oh, so what's up?


You're gay, you're up at the top with the deejay. You guys are like working on what this song this was and how exactly long it was, because you would just talk about stealing seats from like a building, getting torn down.


I have a garden from the brick from the old Boston Garden. They were not going to down. I went over and snagged one behind the security guards back out is that is cool.


That is all. I am not shocked that you have that. No, I mean, no one will. No, it's a God in brackets at me. It's not like I'm going to sell it or whatever, just like practically grew up in the place. It was funny, too, because it was a security guard there and there was a Boston cop there and the cop show him he's like, don't let him see the security guy. Not like the Boston cop didn't give a shit, but if the fucking Mickey Mouse security guy cop you with us.


So it was OK. I'm sorry, it wasn't one like the ones you buy that's mounted on to a fake look, just pulling it out of the fucking pile.


You use it as a weapon and as like a reminder of the karate. Yeah. Home security and a bus stop. The Boston God and Brick Rock.


God, that was brutal. Are we just talking to the guy wet? We're going to kick off with you. We're going to stop with the Central Division. Obviously, your boy oh, boy, Kawhi Keith Yandle, everybody was talking about this healthy scratch. A lot of bad PR. I think the Panthers all of a sudden they do a 180. He plays, he scores everybody. I was pretty happy with it. Let's cut off.


Was there a bigger guarantee? Then him scoring, once we found out he was playing, I put my house on it. It was a Grenelle. He had it posher, had it, Bage had it, I had it. Who didn't have it?


And the kid goes out and scores and. There's there's a lot to this story, and I think that at one point in time, everything will come out. But what I'll say for right now is that there's a way to go about things. I think when you get hired and go to it and go to a new team, whether you're a GM, whether you're a player coach, it doesn't really matter what your role is. But in my mind, there's kind of a way to go into town and meet people.


Now, there's like decisions need to be made in hockey. Right. And understandably, if if there's tough decisions that have to be made, you don't really.


You don't you don't really picture yourself having to do something like that right away, but in this type of season, right, there's a new GM, there's a whole new staff there. The coaching staff remains convinced that, I should say, but.


The GM there didn't really do much looking into Keith Yandle, he made up a decision right on what he thought of this guy as a player and as a person.


He probably wants a sandbagger. Yeah, yeah.


I saw smoke them on the twenty third hole, but he decided. Right. Like, all right, well this guy is out. This guy, I don't want him here, which in the end is his decision. OK, so that's that's one hundred percent. You come in and you take over for a team, you're going to be the one that says, hey, I need to change culture here. He I don't like him. I don't like him.


Now you can ask around and you can ask who you think maybe knows the guy, what he's all about. But until you actually meet him and know him, I would say that it's not fair to make. Full-Blown decisions right on on a guy personally or professionally, especially somebody like Keets who's been doing it this long and so. You can go about telling a guy that you're not a fan of him or you have plans for him to be out of town or you don't think he's going to fit into the future of the team.


And you could do it one way and you could say, hey, looking at this squad, looking at the future of the team, I respect what you've done. I respect who you are as a player. But I'm kind of looking to move you and you have a no move cause but, you know, it's just not going to work out for you. And I hope to help you get somewhere that that you really want to be. They could win a Stanley Cup.


I don't know. I mean, it's up to you to actually choose to waive it. But this is kind of where we stand. Or you can go in and just try to kind of bully someone.


And when the news broke that he was going to be scratched, I said last week, I said there's no chance that this is going to happen. And then as the week goes on and he's not practicing with the team and he's like. And everyone's like, oh, yeah, of course I'm biased, he's one of my best friends and this is an incredible streak. I mean, to think about the fourth most streak games play, you never missed the game.


You never miss one day of work. And to start hearing that he was going to be scratched not because of his play, not because of something that had happened within the team, which teammates only have good things to say about him, it was going to be because you've heard a couple things about a guy and there hasn't been one game played and that was it. So I was so shocked. And then we got up to like getting close games like.


Yeah, NHL Dotcom's reporting Keith Yandle streak is going to come to an end if NHL dot com is reporting that before the season started. Like, all right, I guess this is happening. I don't know what happened, I don't know who decided to change their mind. I don't know if it was the coaching staff and I was the GM who said, all right, well, there's a lot of blowback about this.


The right thing happened.


And I was and I was so happy to see that. And who knows what the future holds, but.


To question a guys like character and who he is as a player and not looking at the resume. Before there's been one game played, it would have been the craziest thing in the world. So in the end, right, there's nothing to worry about it. He played a game. He played great.


And I saw all those numbers after sorry to be so long winded and all the Courcey stuff, I don't know how to I don't know. They were all legit. He had a great game and I just would have expected nothing less. And I'm very happy it didn't go down. But to hear that there was a chance that you were going to scratch a guy who owned the current Iron Man streak before the first game of the year, I swear to God Rick Pitino is hopping into the mix.


There wouldn't have been there, would there would have been outraged like you haven't seen all in agreement of one thing.


I don't I do not see the other side of the argument or even anyone on Twitter.


I mean, we had random sonke nation going absolutely bananas because there's a chance he might get scratched.


I just couldn't believe it was a storyline and the right thing ended up going down, which was he played. How about that?


Is that that was such a good summary. And just to piggyback that, you said the right thing happened. I am so happy for him and not to boo like he had that type of a game where, guys, this is probably been a massive emotional strain on this guy for like the last two weeks.


And I guess what yeah, that's I think the biggest concern to the final point. It came down to where like. I'm assuming like he probably genuinely didn't care about the streak, he cared more about his name and how maybe there was some public perception that maybe he wasn't necessarily a great teammate or even to like question his play where like, I'm trying to think like, OK, like some people are probably saying he's not as good defensively, maybe as some guys.


But I'm like going back to last year. He's been in office. He's been an offensive defenseman for, like, ever. That's literally, what, 10 years.


He has the second most points for defense. Correct.


And going back to last year, there was quote me there. There were no question marks about what his game entailed and whether he was doing it to the best of his ability in a shortened season. Five goals, forty assists, four forty five points. As an offensive defenseman, he I believe he was top ten in defense with scoring. So he is still elite at what he is supposed to do. And I bet you based on if you crunched all those fucking analytic numbers based on offense produced, he would in fact be a seven million dollar offense, a defense.


But now I get the concern might be moving forward that there is deterioration. But going off of last year numbers before one game was played this year, he was top ten in the world at what he does. So I guess I can leave it at that. I'm so happy for him. And then on top of all of it, it was his 100th NHL goal. So the only way the only way I can actually think about this is like this was the ultimate fucking like Ocean's Fourteen.


They all planned it for the social media lift in there in Florida. And it was it was a fucking symphony that was played.


It was all together. So get the team going together. That's how you say they said, let's not do the where'd you guys go for your team? Unity bonding. They didn't ask everyone to clap like Mickey said it did. Oh, no, no. Where did you go in Pittsburgh for all the emotional team building thing?


We went so we we went to West Point, West Point there, like instead of doing West Point, let's just fuck with the media in unison in order to do some team building. And here we go with the Florida Panthers won or no great game by the Panthers, a hilarious quote, the one that cracked me up.


I think it was quite obvious. Like we have 11 defensemen here we're looking at. They're all pretty even. I'm like one guy has never missed a game.


That's five hundred points.


Yeah, it's a little different. This guy you just picked up on waivers a week ago. Yeah.


And and and at one point was on a taxi squad, but like, you know, I'm a taxi squad guy.


We're both the biggest taxi squad here.


Just going to say what I'm driving the taxi driver, the guys in quarantine.


I'm driving the taxi biz looking at you getting fucking some in the rearview mirror.


Yeah. Yeah. Or getting our Uber clip and giving it to the media. Yeah.


Hey, either you should you know, if the Panthers front office is like in the box behind the bench or opposite on the island or you're going to the celebration.


There was a little bit of a had left Ellison. Couldn't that song bring it up. It could have just been a coincidence.


But it made me think like is that with the front offices, like, remember when Clemmons was in Toronto when he stared at the Red Sox pockets? Water, water on my bridge. OK, I agree. I completely know what you're saying, because when I watched the first clip on Mike, but I think it was like, OK, never mind, don't look up.


Yeah, I don't even know if they're on that side. That's why I'm asking. I don't want to spread a rumor here, but it came when you watched the gift from that side. I was on my blog today. It's like you're like, OK, was this somebody up there? I was just, you know, happen to be thinking about the way he turned his head also. Yeah. Patiño stuck up from. So we get to send him some Rohlman swipes.


Got to take care of our boy. Got to contact.


Why is he have what is there like a story out there about him.


That is there is Google it my friend if you want to know about who patiño.


But you bastard quick not that's. Yeah that's why I said we should send him some Roman and swipe the other story about him and whatever.


It's I don't know if he listens or whoever, but yeah, he had a little infidelity issue. It was in the papers and everything went on reporting anything out of an attorney. You can fucking Google it. It's probably the first thing that comes up in all the court transcripts or whatever come out. Let's just say he could have used to roam Roman swipe.


I'll leave it at that time. Well, that's a tough rumor. Or if it's not on, that's the thing. I don't I don't know what it was, but either way, I know no shame.


No shame in that, guys.


We've all been them. And that's why this stuff exists. You know, I don't have any shame. And you just sometimes you just so flattered by who you are, what? You can't help it.


All right.


Moving right along, actually. Well, No. One of the no to Chris Drayage, you've got to start over, broski, which I thought was pretty significant. You paint a goalie ten million fucking dollars and he doesn't get the stat in the opening game.


Yeah, there's some definite regrets to that contract, looking back. Yeah.


To pay any goalie that much money is hard. Right. And then you got Borowski who's proven that there's times he's incredible and there's times he's got nothing.


Yeah. Yeah. I mean I know they had all the pay him, but like, that was fucking insane. Yeah, it was it was definitely nice to see and celebrate with the bench though. That was nice. Yeah, absolutely.


All right. Moving right along I obviously look to buy. That's been a story in Columbus and he wants out like there's no secret about it. Tortorella one on the local radio station, ninety seven point one, the fan G. You got that audio Forrest cued up.


Yeah. Yeah. He wants out and he he spoke to the team as as we do here. He spoke to the team. So a little bit different than bread. And, and Bob said this is a twenty two year old kid. Doesn't happen that often. And yeah. So he is he has been honest with the group as honest as I, I wish he was a little bit more honest as far as reasons why I still haven't really gotten to that.


But I think he needs to speak on that. I want to coach him. You know, I can give you a great answer, but it's very difficult for me when a guy doesn't want to be here at such a young age and the amount of time we've poured into him to try to develop him and is just looking to go, it's hard for me. I'm not sure where it goes with me. His decision gets going to be quite honest with you, because I am I want to spend my time and developing the people that want to be here, but I still have to coach the hockey team to be the best it can be.


Leukocyte, a good camp has had a good camp, but, you know, it's a short leash with me as far as this is concerned, he needs to continue to do the things to help his team win and be as best team manager he can be, or I'm not sure where it goes. So, yeah, it's a it's a situation. It is. It's a situation. And we'll see. We'll go to it day by day.


I mean, it's pretty strong stuff from Tortes, which is what Toits does. But he's he's on the no, I mean, this kid, they spent a lot of time and money and capital him and now he wants to.


Saturday after three years, so I mean, you can understand anger or whatever you want to call it, but then on Monday, Pluto, Dubai, he was seventh in time on ice among forwards, 15 03. He got, I think, what what what was a one shift in the last half of the second period that what?


Yeah, I think in the last seven minutes or so. Seven minutes. And he actually got asked about it and it got it even got a little bit awkward if you want to play the audio for that guy.


Did you get a wake up call from from Tortorella there at the end of the second? I think you just played one shift in the final seven minutes. Can you say what that was about?


Oh, no, no, don't say anything I. Yeah, that sounds like it, guys are playing well, kind of going back to what taht said, he's probably in the mindset now. He's like, why am I going to be putting a guy who doesn't want to be here in positions where guys need to learn how to win in those situations? If he's not going to be here, he wants to probably give those situations to guys that are going to be there down the stretch.


Right. With like is that is that a pretty fair, accurate assessment by what he said a couple of days ago until his actions in the game?


Yeah, I mean, unless I wasn't watching that game, I saw the goalie score. I've looked at the goal scored. I wasn't like watching it live. So I don't know if he had a poor game. You could score a goal and not play well. Right. Or I don't know if it's one of the things that you're saying.


It's like, all right, we're trying to protect this lead. Like, he's not going to be here much longer. He doesn't want to be here. I'll give these guys a go. And that's the thing where a coach can kind of.


Accelerated trade, possibly, and I don't think any GM is going to actually I shouldn't said there's GM. You've definitely rushed into making trades, but it doesn't seem like the GM in Columbus.


I can never say his name might kick a line, kick a line and keep the drama young, normal.


He doesn't seem someone like somebody you know. He goes in to get Seth Jones. He seems to be pretty dialed in. Right. He seems to chill and he's not going to rush to make a decision.


But if all of a sudden this guy's, like, not going to be playing much or if he's really struggling, it's like at some point we know he doesn't want to be here.


Let's get this done. Let's move on. And it's one thing to deal with the panarin stuff, panarin stuff. If that's all year, you know, he's going to be there. This guy doesn't want to be there. It's so different. And I just I think that I think that it would seem to be help both sides if they get a deal done here.


So here's an odd dynamic.


Two is you're trying to keep his value as high as possible to set your team up for the best trade.


But that coach's decision correctly towards his and thinking about that buddy, I'm saying hundred percent. So that's kind of like the dynamic between GM coach retorts us. This is the last year on towards this deal. Right? He's probably like, no, I've been spending my time and energy with this group of guys. I want to see how far I could bring it. So he's kind of in the mindset of like, oh, fuck you now. I'm curious to know, like distorts think he ever crossed the line as a coach with Du Bois to have made the relationship as talks as toxic as it is?


And and that's me, assuming, like I talked about, whether it was last episode of the one before, that is the understanding standing is there's there's there's been love lost from Du Bois towards Tortes. Has Tortes tried to rectify it, as you called him in and say, hey, maybe I fucking gave you a few whacks a little too hard and like, you know, I got in your face, but ultimately it was trying to make you a tougher, better player.


And if that's your approach in how to do it, it might have not been received well to the player, to it's been done to a certain amount of times to where he's like he's like, fuck this, I want out. So it's I don't know where this is going to land or what he's going to get traded for. But like these are the scenarios that I'm trying to present as to like what's going on in this situation and why it's so difficult.


And then in the towards quote where he says, I don't think what was it? He I don't think he's explained the why or he could do more explaining it.


Was that what it was in terms of why he hasn't said why, why he wants to want to be here? He doesn't. Is it me? He hasn't told me that.


OK, so if he had done that, maybe he's better off telling them that. Like, I, I can't speak for a kid that's going through this.


But if the coach is going to publically say, like, this kid won't tell me why he wants out, like, dude, I can't stand you.


I mean, at this point, what what could go wrong? What could go worse than it's already going. You are going to hurt torture's feel that it's going that bad.


You know what I'm saying, though? So are you saying the only other potential scenario is the fact that he's it's kind of like an Eli Manning situation where to where he's just going to be the poopy pants deflate and like, it's make it make it to where there's so much tension to where eventually, like, it's going to force the hand and it's going to happen sooner.


That kind of seems he doesn't know. I'm not saying the kids like being poopy pants. I'm saying is that another scenario that like the other the other potential scenario?


Am I overthinking?


No, because that no, I think he wants to get plays well as he can to get the best team interested in him or whoever, whatever it is, you know, I mean, if he plays if he plays as well as he can, teams are only going to want him even more.


He's going to be even more Souters. There's no that's the thing.


There's no reason that he not I don't think you understand going back. I don't think you're understanding. What I'm saying is I'm saying is that, like, if he's unwilling to say what it is and it's not, in fact, his dislike for talks, it must be a scenario where he just like he he just doesn't want to play for the Columbus Blue Jackets. It's like. So you're saying he doesn't he. So he could potentially come out and say guys like the actual reason is I just don't want to play here.


And maybe he is he kind of already saying that or is he not?


Yeah, I think I think he is. And he doesn't want to come out and say that because then he's going to have the fans turn against him and he might still be here for two more years because they're not obligated to trade him.


So maybe he doesn't want to come out and say, I don't want to play in Columbus. It's not what I like. I don't know. Some guys are grateful to be wherever and others aren't. Yeah.


All right. Well, because, I mean, going back to last part, I was saying that, like, I talk to people and it seems like there was a little bit of tension between the two. And that could be a big reason. I don't know.


But yeah, it was one thirty six second shift in the final seven of the second. But he did get almost five minutes of ice in the third six shifts. He got one after a penalty.


And like you said, he scored, so do the Bluejacket February 15th. We've only played they've only played one game, right? So I can't make a decision right now, like, let's see how bad it gets.


I mean, if he's playing. Fair enough. We'll we'll talk after five or 10. He's playing fourth line by game three. I think we know our answer here.


And I want another quote from twats, which was after the game Monday. He said to the media, Slow down, boys. You'll know when I bench someone. So he clearly wasn't bench anyone we should know. Columbus did bounce back. They got swept by the Reds over the weekend. Pretty funny stuff. I didn't have this on my NHL bingo card for this season. Dylan Larkin versus Zach Borinski, Bobby Ryan versus Oliver Broxterman. Nice little scrap at the end of the game.


And then we found out Larkin actually got tickets for the game for the Oransky family and friends, and then they end up going at it during the fucking game. He was not a slob. And that's hockey. Still aren't funny.


Larkin classy guy. He actually sent me a bottle of wine when I was in Detroit last to the restaurant. He sent me to say I'm sorry about that story for free, but he knows I love for the captain captain type material.


He boasts that he pretty much guaranteed himself to see when he got me that bottle of wine because I called Steve. Why? I'm like, this is your fucking Stephy.


Let's light up a blunt. I got this unreal idea. Forget all. Let's talk about that. Khush What we were talking. Oh, didn't they go to college together? No warrants. He went to Michigan. Oh, no, they did. I guess they thought I can play at Michigan and play that program together.


So I know that maybe they might have been different ages and might have missed each other.


But, yeah, they're they're played before college and at the same college, at the same place when a lot of sense was when she said that, it reminds me that it wasn't there a movie called The Program and the one guy's juice entities like Hawking and his buddies, Moulthrop, that's one of the best movies ever, the program.


And then the current the the running back, the like the new star freshman running back. He has a fumbling issue, right. He can't stop fumbling and practice and games. So the coaches carry this football around. And if anyone else returns it to me, like carry it around with you at all at all times, 24/7, if anyone returns it, you're dead or whatever, you know, you might be done off the team. So fucking this kid's carrying around like, well, hard as he can all the time, everywhere you see him.


Finally, one of his teammates. Right. Sees him kind of snoozing, maybe talking a little girl, looking at a girl and Soucy on my my major Anastos.


And he whacks the ball and the ball goes flying down the stairs and literally 30 football players from the same class, like they all would have been in class or wrestling to try to get in and out of the out of the bottom of the huddle.


Ohmar Easy comes with the fucking football. He never calls up being the star later in the season. It's a sick movie. Yeah. And then the Heisman hopeful, the quarterback going through the struggles. Right. He was the Heisman drunk.


He's a drunk. That joke was a joke.


Joking. Maybe that might be the most underrated football movie of all time. I would put any given Sunday on my list to. Those inches, I have a problem saying it's one of the best ever, but that's another debate for another day. What about your movie Stink? Yeah. Which one movie liking is the most?


What do you call subjective subjective thing? Oh, that's a nice. It's no great example.


The Minuit where all we tend to be in the action. Not all the time. Some shows and movies we really agree to. I've been I've been watching this show on. What's the fact now that television.


No, come on, stop. What happens when you die and then you come back reincarnation, reincarnation? There's been this show on I think it's on Netflix, my girl show me one was on that another one about being a median. Do you know what I mean?


You're talking to the dead person and then you're talking to the person who is in hucksters who rip off vulnerable, vulnerable people.


That's what they are. I have relatives that go to them and I laugh in their faces and just say, OK, OK, that's fair.


But the reincarnation one, you wouldn't be able to to to chirp because the kids were able to point out things on on on paper that were factual about the person that they came back as how many months in advance that they bought.


They kept the appointment usually a couple months before they get researched on that shit. OK, so you're telling me that so the whole Netflix show is basically like just to suck you in so they would even lie about a situation like that just to get me hooked hook, line and sinker?


Well, Netflix isn't lying. The people they're recording and putting on a show a lie and people can take it for what it's worth. I mean, personally, I think it's a crock of shit. If people believe it, that's their prerogative and they can. And Netflix Netflix is in the entertainment business.


I don't get to say this about it. I'll say that. So I got sucked in harder than wearing the lap dances. No, I'll say this. I didn't get sucked in. I thought I got crushed on.


I don't I'm never one to say if it's real or not, but I'll see if it helps somebody. It's like, right. If somebody goes and they're being told these things and it makes them feel so much better, it's like good for them, you know. Yeah.


I feel you on that way. But like I said, well, oftentimes it's emotionally vulnerable people who were going to that's just going to confirm or reaffirm with them.


I feel I can completely agree on the medium aspect of it, but on the reincarnation, unless, of course, they're like they're already like predetermining and they're showing the kid and it's completely fake on the people they're recording. Well then yeah, I like. OK, sure, sure.


Go to YouTube and watch Long Island medium exposed. She's the biggest fucking fraud. Like she'll be like, oh yeah. Raise your hand. Oh someone named John. Someone John like oh my God. I have a great Uncle John.


It's like little cousin of a mike, John, Mike. She's a fraud.


She's been pretty much proven proven to be one. But hey, she got her fucking grift on and she's probably retired by not laughing at people. Anyways, let's talk.


What if she was like song, song, song. I forgot the sweatshirt on.


That's like your face what Whoopi Goldberg and I sense. I sense a lot of sense.


A lot of caution. Hey, all this of force only towards I guess towards could end up making us talk about the medium medium. Is it medium. A medium. Medium.


No medium like like the size. I can't fit in since the last thirty years. So I got sucked in. All right. Netflix sent me over again. Mr. Gullible Biz. Yeah. You are the most gullible, gullible guy in the world.


But I do, I do already have my preorder. And for the cologne from Right Seidl. Don't worry about that.


You fuckers think I am coming out with that thing. You guys are nuts. I bet. Check it out. I bet you I could get five thousand units preordered. Try cyl.


Smell like points. Smell like a locker room.


I boys keep what the central division here. It's been a pretty rough spot for the old fell off the rails there. I was like, hold on, I'm getting my I'm getting my fortune told. Hold on a second.


Black Hawk, you own three. I mean, they played Tampa first two games get outscored ten to three, then they lose to Florida. That outscored fifteen to five. So far, they clearly need a number one goalie. I mean, they're spending less than two dollars million on on two goalies. They're at the cap. They just extended it in two years, which I think gave our buddy chief another stroke. This team man, I don't know what they're going to do.


They they're not no man's land yet. They're kind of in that playoff bubble type thing. But it's been a rough fucking start for them.


They stink. I think I could make the Hawks right now. Oh, my God. And so the the the call, it's an extension. It I'm not going to say it made sense, but now I think his deal. Keith deal. TV deal. And it might be. No, it's not Kanes. I thought there was somebody else. They all end twenty twenty three. Right. So you're looking at what's the beginning of a complete rebuild that could be back to the Black Hawks from when I came into the league?


I don't know.


I mean, they they got they don't they don't have much. They're right. They sold their souls to win three Stanley Cups.


Yeah, but exactly. So I'm if I'm a fan. I embrace what's going on. Does that sound crazy?


Yes, but, you know, when I do, I say we had the most amazing 10 year run, whatever it was, three fucking Stanley Cup, a dream as a fan, a core unit of superstars that will have their will have their jerseys hung in my man cave.


I'll forever remember the games that that that it took to win through those runs. And now I'm going to go all in on the rebuild. Maybe it's 10 years. I hope it's not that long. I hope we're not a joke and a laughing stock and there's no fans. But I'm going to be there because it's going to make the next time they win, hopefully in twenty five years, whatever it is, be that much sweeter.


Right. I think to be a fan and all of a sudden. Yeah, yeah. Sucks. I hate them. It's like.


All right, well this isn't a very legit spoiled is the word. You're looking for their fan base right now. But I'll say this is. Coming from a standpoint of an organization to where you've kind of just been like shitty but not too shitty, it never it's never going to benefit you in this day and age. You need to get those Patrick Kane pics. You need to get those Connor McDavid. You need to get those franchise players. So might as well make it a quick death.


The only issue I would have with the fact that it's probably going to be this year, if they do, they are a lottery team and they do end up getting first or second because it looks that bad at this point right now is you also have a wave of prospects who maybe haven't had the possibility to to develop as much as like last year. Like these kids have not been on the ice maybe as much as they should have been playing in game situations.


So to evaluate the talent who might may be coming into this year, there were 15 options who might be in the top three picks to where it usually gets narrowed down by the time the draft happens, you it's going to be so difficult to scout. So this might be a year where there might be a big mess, but it should be no surprise to anyone. So that would be the only negative to being that bad this quick. But listen, they still got teams when he gets back healthy.


They got doc. I understand they got some guys getting paid a lot of money, but I would I would not count out this team to still be a decent team moving forward when they get to some fairly significant pieces back.


She had a really good blog, guys, I don't know if you saw it kind of like why Blackhawks fans shouldn't be interested in this team. And there was a pretty telling tweet in there from chief October six, 20, 20 Blackhawks coming up at 17. Let's check in on where all stands first from Pixar at the moment. Twenty seventeen. Yoki, Harry Buffalo 2014. Schmults, Arizona, 2013 Harben while 2012 Carolina Servian Trav'lin is in Carolina 2011 McNeil Busse 2011.


Denault is in Montreal 2010. He's in Philly. They haven't had one first round pick stick besides Doc.


So right. How who was the soonest pick out all those picks. Now keep in mind we talked about it with Elliott Friedman. When you're dropping out of the top three, you're, you know, it's hard. It's like there's a significant drop off. But now saying that is like you eventually got to hit some decent you've got to hit a few of them or not trade them all the way.


It's that seems to be the problem is they keep trading them away too early.


How many of these guys are popping off now? Would you say can you go over the list again to and fucking silkie caravaning Denault.


Kevin Hayes chose to not to play that. Yeah. Kevin Hayes. But Denault caravaning getting rid of both those guys was tough.


I mean, yeah, I don't know if they weren't fitting in, they weren't playing enough. I don't know if Quenneville didn't like them. But in the end it starts to play as you like.


Oh, shit. I think we should also note, too, and I know Chief obviously has his issues with the Black Hawks, but they won three fucking titles. They.


Oh yeah. They went through. Exactly. They were picking in the high 20s, 30s and. Yeah, I know. I mean, I wouldn't want to beat up on every fan who's bitching, every fan who's whining and complaining. Was the deadlines of all those years. I just. Yeah.


Go for it again. We don't you know, we got a window here, like go take my wife, take my wife.


Chickens are going to come home to roost at some point. Take my kids. Just just get the fucking guy. I'll get home here, please. For the love of God.


No, it kind of reminds me of what I know you have younger than me, but Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, like the Celtics, held on to them for way too long. And, you know, of course, they didn't want to trade him. They were legends who they won titles with. But if they had gotten rid of them, they might not have had a five to ten year of absolutely nothing like Chicago could be looking at. So, I mean, are they going to hang one of these guys at ten million each?


And what the what the other rest of the roster? That's not really cop worthy? I don't know, man.


I would say if it's going to happen and those guys are OK with it, it's time to move on to to be on social media. The day if he packaged them in one shift in a deal together. I mean, you have to go on witness protection two for two.


You can hire me as his personal security guard, but he has to give me a two year deal. All right.


That option moving right along. We didn't cause we mentioned the Red Wings a few minutes ago. They split their first series with Carolina. But we want to mention Bobby Ryan. I mean, he signed they asked them, why did you sign Detroit? He said one reason, Steve, why he's got three goals already this year. I mean, we talked about a story last year with his bout having to leave the senators to deal personal issues. So it's great to see a nice bounce back from Bobby Ryan so far.


I mean, what a reason.


Or go ahead. Where's your favorite player? Oh, I love Bobby. I was I was rooting for him. And when I saw him sign there, I said, oh, he could actually pop off a little bit because he's going to play a lot more than he would maybe on a really good deep team. You know, he's one of the most skilled players in Detroit.


I'll tell you, like that guy's hand, I've gone over it. But I think with with increased playing time, power play opportunity, he's going to do pretty well. And then maybe at the deadline, somebody picks him up or tries to or wants to try to give him a look. We'll see how that goes. I mean, that's looking pretty far ahead quickly by me. But I'm not surprised at all to see this guy score. No, no.


He's a great start to the year. But when I said, who's your best player, I meant by his answer when when he said, Steve Eisman and I was my age, you know, I was.


But you think I've do you think I've ruined every chance we have of getting him on the pot?


Because because of the I guess I would guess he has no clue that maybe one of his buddies who listens to him, that they they think you're a boy.


I don't think I'll just play I'll just blame Dacher. Yeah, that's the way. Sorry, man. I'm sure I'll be back. Here's his phone number if you need to call. Yeah.


Tamperproof any other central node you want to jump on before we move along to the.


Let's see what's up next. Not Division.


No, I think that's good for the sunshine. We haven't mentioned a guess yet. We got a couple of bombers fly today. Nate the MacKinnon, the Nate Dogg rejoin the show again and Brady Kucuk young stud, Nottola. He commanded about twenty minutes. Half hour. That's great. Kids will be bringing that stuff a little bit later. First, what's the universal mail experience, the awful feeling of your ball sticking to your leg? Well, Sacks underwear has the solution.


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They are confident they sent me a while back. You say you get all the man you've got to reach that you need if I can adjust things at the stage of the game.


So I write the North Division, the Canadian division, then unreal. We had a ton of all was the first couple of nights. But I think the first story we should go to hit Edmonton opens up just an absolutely beautiful tribute to Joey moshpit. They had John Mockler as well. But for those who didn't see it, the anthem singer came out, I don't know his name, and they sent up the video of Joey singing the anthem as well.


I mean, I was sitting there with tears rolling down my face, watching it. It was just an absolutely beautiful job they did on it. What I know you talked about Joey before. Did you happen to catch it? Yeah, I did.


And it was perfect. And, you know, they were able to bring up John Moncler as well and the issues that the others have had just losing to legend. So I think that seeing the stuff with Joey and seeing like I actually heard Louis Debrosse talking about them, they're playing Montreal. And that broadcast on he was talking about how you miss busting his chops. And it's just all the things that have come out about him. And there was a show, was it T.S.A.?


I believe so, yeah, sorry. But anything you can see to kind of learn about this guy's life and how special it was, I would highly recommend. But that was a great moment.


Yeah, it was a nice touch for sure. And it was a tough a tough little stretch here for Edmonton Oilers fans and I guess everyone across Canada, as far as he's concerned. So tough sledding. And speaking of McDavid, he had a tough first games, pointless, but then what? McDavid, right, when he said his name, I just said Jesus, yeah, I mean, natural reaction didn't have a condom McDavid like game the first night, but against Vancouver beat him five to three.


Edmonton second game, absolutely electric. Catterick score a patented Connor McDavid goal when he does that thing with just a burst of speed coming down the wing and just shoots it when you don't expect it.


So yeah, and he just stops on a dime and it's like poor ever ever at zero gap, which doesn't even matter against him. You get a perfect gap. He's going to go around you.


But Edward is just like a freight train that can also stop on a dime and stick kandal coming at him. And he's just like, yeah, and ends up facing the complete wrong direction as McDavid just rips this tight turn goes shelf all in one motion. Nice to look like it was like a triple pump, like just, you know, boom, boom, boom. As he's on one leg flying towards the glass to celebrate.


It never ceases to amaze me.


They they I don't know if it was a tweet or I was online. He has he has not not kidding you like 40 of those already 40 videos of goals that he's flying as fast as you've ever seen anyone on the ice.


And he's burning eyes and he's stopping and he's cutting back.


It's like this is a never ending clip was like how long just got played in the league? So the highlight goal is that he's able to produce.


You're looking at what might be I've said it before, the greatest hockey player of all time. I know he is not that yet. And there's a ways to go, but he does things that I've never seen done.


He does this thing where when he's flying to and there is a demon there and he knows he's got him, he almost like kind of stops, but he's still going. And then if the defenseman reacts by by going one way, he cuts back the other way, he'll actually cut it. And then and then if they don't, he just keeps going. So it's like they're fucked either way. So, yeah, he's a human cheat code. And I think that if you're playing defense again against them, you might as well just have a fucking net.


OK, what year is it? Four years.


If you should put those things that they put when the cops are trying to pop the guy's tires, you just get the slide it out on him.


If you get a one of the things you try to catch like a million shrimp in the ocean or a million fish, you all those big ass nets.


No, I don't know. I don't know what the hell I might just like I kind of was putting on the net. What what year did he come into the league?


How many years is twenty. Fifteen. Twenty sixteen. OK, so this is this is his fifth year. So this is a guy. Good math.


Well, it always messes me up when you say twenty fifteen, twenty six.


You know, you guys know where it's coming from.


If you ask the Oilers fan once you were getting him and you knew he was going to be this.


So like you think you have a Stanley Cup five years into his career, I think a lot of them would have said, yes, I know that sounds crazy, but a player like that, they turn it around quick. And granted, it took Ovechkin forever. But still some some fans would've thought it. They're nowhere near it.


Still, they were I when Presidents Trophy's Montreal kick the shit out of them.


It was it was it was, I don't know, finish five one for one.


Granted, it's three games in there, one and two. But I don't know man. It's like this guy's in his six year.


All of a sudden it'll be seven, eight, nine. It's where the Oilers at.


They need they need to figure it out quick, trade me right fucking now and figure it out when you have this these two guys at their prime dominating every shift. That's what I wrote in the notes.


I mean, a five one spankin in Montreal the other night. They don't they don't have I don't think they have a bonafide number one goal. When you have two talents like that, David, you need a fucking number one goal.


He's going to compete. I wouldn't give you. Right. You're right. Not bonafied. And then Smith out. He's a long term, I believe.


Yeah. He's going to be out for a couple of weeks. So, I mean, I don't know. It's not easy to go out and grab a number one goalie, but until they have one man, I think they're going to have issues like this.


So moving right along, how about those Toronto Maple Leafs first place out of the gate?


They lost the first I'm sorry, they won the first game in Montreal. Then they split, what, Ottawa? Two on one right now that O3 ot throw a US, they have to open the season. That was like a playoff game to start the season on real action up and down. Got a nice scrap. Wayne Simmons and Ben Shirat. And I'll tell you, man, people like fighting. They can't make an argument about it. That night Simmons was able to bench.


All of a sudden they came back and one on the game. Good stuff, because I know you want to talk about the scrappier as a former scrapie yourself. Yeah, sorry, just canceling my Miss Cleo subscription here. He probably doesn't know what that is. Were you around for Miss Cleo?


I have no idea what Miss Cleo did. You guys used to see those infamous infomercials?


Absolutely. She was just another excuse, another con artist, Hock's the Grenelle pretending herself. I thought you like that one already. I was on the bus. I was waiting to bust it out. But you hadn't thrown it to me in a while.


But let's let's go through his notes for jokes to tell in the future. So let's fuck you. Let's start with the Montreal game in Toronto. That was an unbelievable game. I think that was on Wednesday, the first night they open the season up. Love the Semmens fight, establishing right away. He knows exactly what his role is. It was a spirited scrap. Who who is the guy he fought? And then Sharat Bench brought you all game.


He was Barca. And that's a great little rivalry. And I think out of the gate, game one, Montreal looks good.


I fucked a look good. Josh Anderson. They're fast, they're fast, and that's kind of their plan is to come at you every line. Chirac was the one who hammered Matthews lately and he broke a stick over him. So you're right, he was getting in the mix quite a bit once you all.


Yeah, I hate that call by me, but I'm not going to I'm not backing down. I hate it, but I'm not backing down. When they lose two in a row, you'll see me on Twitter.


But men. The Leafs are exciting. I watch Calgary late, they're good, Paul Morris. He's like, I wish we could keep this forever. You think it's our own little league?


It's sick. I know we said leading up how cool this is going to be, but something about all these teams every night playing each other. I am so into that division and Toronto.


Right. They wave Spezza and they waved Arundell, people were flipping out, I kind of understand, because this is great on face offs and only needs to say we can't lose our face off guy.


But I think Spezza went there is like I'm going to play for the Leafs and then I'm done. And the report came out that if you were to be playing by somebody, he was retiring such a power because of that move.


So I suppose this is old boards.


If he's claimed he will retire, do not put my name on a piece of paper and say claim anyone in the league.


He was saying, what a report agent. Yeah, if you claim them, he ain't comin, OK?


It's like it's like, oh man, you won't get your seven hundred k. Yeah. He's got about sixty million I think.


Yeah but but then Dell was claimed and that is a little rattling and I was kind of confused as to what went on there. But you see already how much teams are trying to use the taxi squad and it's going to come in, it's going to come in such a big part of play throughout this year. And goaltending is like what we always talk about, right? Anderson goes down. It's like you need to be safe there. And I think Leafs fans were pissed.


And you knew once Dell went on whenever somebody was grabbed. And sure enough, Jersey does with the retirement of Corey Crawford coming a few weeks back. Or you don't sort of go ahead. Well, I was going to say, Jack Campbell, great backup. He ended up getting that win against Ottawa in game three, I believe. So now they're two and one, but overall, they look great. I know there's a couple of Joe Thornton stats ended up coming up.


He scores his he the time that he'd scored his first goal against Ottawa.


What was the stat?


Our first the first one of the first line was even born.


Yet none of Ottawa's first line are there, although they weren't even for none of it was auto for first. And yet he scored his first goal for us to send in 1999 first line. Ottawa hadn't been born yet.


There was another crazy one to Joe Thornton. Sixteen hundred thirty eight career games. The Senator's top two lines combined.


Twelve hundred thirteen oh and then last locked. The last one is Joe Thorntons, the only active player to score a goal at Maple Leaf Gardens. And they're their new building. I know it was the SCC. What does it Scotiabank. Scotiabank now. Yeah, Scotiabank. So there's there's a lot of funny old guy stats out there for Joe. Thought it was great to see him that fucking passed. That Marter made was silky. He bats it down by putting a stick on the ice.


It's it's crazy to me. Is it. It's still rolling and he automatically puts it exactly where to head up. Head up where he takes a picture of the ice boom. Nothing there right back to Joel. And I think he basically had the exact same type of drop pass on that Matthews one timer. So this team looks absolutely lethal, although they did they did fall to the Peski seconds and we'll get into them. We want to get into them now.


Yeah, actually, a couple couple of quick notes on Toronto.


Tchula going back to Spezza in the event he was claimed by another team, he could just refuse to report. Then they would just terminate his contract. Then he'd be free to sign back with Toronto.


So, yeah, getting that message out, you could swindell that. That's, I believe, was a support. Chris Johnson. I believe he's the one who wrote that. Yeah. And the event he was claimed by another team and refused to report, likely see his contract terminated. That would allow him to sign another deal with Toronto. But I think, like you said, if you're going to put that retirement threat out, their teams are just going to stay away.


It's just a lot of paperwork. Yeah.


It's like, you know, hey, they're doing it. They're like to spite each other. The fuck an intern at the league office, like, fuck this, they're making them fax it just to be pricks.


One other the to the Simmons fight. Did you see him give Girot the thumbs up from the penalty, hit the penalty box, like in other words, thanks for giving me the fight. This nice little gesture, you know, like a Dax's. You guys don't have to fight anymore.


I don't know if he's saying thanks as opposed to just like good night's fight. But either way, it was it was pretty cool. And I think he was saying thanks.


Ah, yeah. That's what I thought. You what? Romanoff looked fantastic in that game, too. Did you guys see that passing the time?


He's nice. He's he's silky. He's he's got he's got all the qualities. You want a defense in today's game. He looks exactly like you Grenelle. He went to the bench, was breathing heavy. It's bizarre.


It's morning when he is he's apparently on the no trails hours on the no fly list. We got this guy in the no trails because the rumors swirling.


Was that is it Jarmo or Jarmo. I've always heard jamoke a lot quicker lane in yard line and we'll go with the armel. He apparently he was asking about him. But Burgman says the burger that said, I don't I think they're asking for Suzuki, too. And as the Montreal Canadiens fan fucked up. Yeah, yeah. I don't think that that's the play. I think the ceiling is a little bit higher as far as what the Suzuki kid can do.


And I mean, there are I, I, I it's hard because I will say that so.


Sure, OK, sure. It would probably be up to Montreal fans who get to watch.


I think the the high end skill is more of like a like a little bit of a teaser for the toe drag you had when the guy went by the was he put them in Akhalgori, he put them into the Saddledome. What. They put them in a witness in Columbus when the two by four was dropped down.


Oh my goodness. That's that's got to be one little thing to do to the kid. Like they spin them into oblivion. You know what I'm talking about the gif.


I don't Arundell was claimed by the Devils, by the way, just to finish up that note.


And yeah, the pesky schansman, they they come out hell of a first game I gave out on the game and we'll get to that later. But I gave out a minus one and a half puck line plus for ten. They came for what, the five. Three when they look great out there, they lost the second game, three, two. But they play like I thought they were. I know everyone laughed at me, but they got a great blend there.


I thought Murray was pretty good. His first two games. This is a fun team to watch, man. I'm going to be back and follow them and beat the shit out of all. Yep. Is. Murray's on his redemption tour, yet he did he look good? I like the young energy. We do have an Ottawa senator coming on later. He's going to explain the whole Jimmy, Jimmy, James, James, Jimmy Stewart. So we got that whole back story.


And I think it's nice, actually. I like that.


Yeah. And Ed Kanelli. Jimmy Stewart.


Jimmy Stewart.


Sounds like a rock star or does it not? Fuck, yeah.


You got to put the lights on the above. Yeah. Yeah. It was one of those German dots called, um. Lots. Well lots. Yeah we did that.


And how do you say that you differently when you see the unblurred. I think you just put it like Stutzer like you a little German, like little gunta from The Simpsons.


You just go, oh how do you how do you pronounce it blotz?


That's called an awful lot about my life that I know about. But outside of this. Yeah, yeah. Oh my. Rather Charles Manson than fucking handsome.


No that song, that song.


I remember actually physically doing a fist pump in eighth grade when I was being driven home from Noble and Greenough School when that song came on the radio jam.


I loved that jam.


That was the year we won Quebec. I remember my older cousin used to insult me for listening to that tune and like, looking back, fuck you, bro. That is a jam. You know what? They try to make you feel insecure for listening like a a like a pop tune, like Justin Bieber.


I mean, it could work on me, too. You tell me that music thinks I'm listening to. I'll shut it off. Never listen to it again. But, um, bop is a different story.


We got to open up the pod with that. That's why you're hearing it.


Well, we both know that's the thing. People won't listen to the rest. Oh yeah.


What was it was like I went to get my hair cut, like it's like this Bob was like, yeah, well, you probably don't want to do that. Oh, I remember a barber told me once.


I said, look, I don't always like hair coming down. Hawk is like your hair doesn't come down, bud. Your hair stays up an afro.




I've long I've long remembered that I couldn't have hair that look cool and calm actually down.


Hey, so what. I had my lawn when I had my long hair. I had my sister straightened it one time to wear all you get the picture you must have had like a pimple. What your hair looks like that one. Pick a snoop dog when he's got the when he's got it down.


Hey, one guy who was like, does I look at pimp. What's coming into the building like that.


If I can give a hundred percent. Yeah. I get the NBA draft suit on. Fuck man. Yeah. Jimmy still got his first talk in a second game, but Brady Kucuk, we're going to bring it on shortly. He had a goal to assist in his first game. And what does he not look like? His old man out there, the number seven, the ASC parked in front of the fucking top of the crease.


It's just like Keith, man. They're they're both. They're both. I think when he scored that tiepin goal, Ferraro was like, it's the father.


It's the brother, it's Brady. They just score right around the blue paint. They take beatings. They'll give the beatings out there just pains in the ass to play against.


It's exactly what you want. A hockey player, Tropica.


It's they're the type of players who actually besides maybe taking a stupid penalty. Besides that, they're all nice play there, the type players the coaches are never mad at, you know what I mean?


But there's nothing like they're like Walthall. Take care of it via text after the game. If it if it maybe wasn't up to par. Yeah.


Pretty much it if you could just like they way they play is so easy to root for.


I know that sounds crazy because people despise them, but having played the game it's easy for me to root for them.


You rarely, rarely, rarely will you ever see them have a night off because they'll find a way to make themselves relevant in that game is because. How old is he.


He's he's under 21. He's twenty twenty one. Oh he just turned twenty one now.


So he isn't with me. I mean he's his maturity level speaks for itself. I think we should throw it over to that interview right now.


All right. What does that thing to wit, is like the genetic mannerisms, how they chop in the mouthpiece the exact same fucking way?


That's it's fucking hilarious, but yeah.


All right, boys, before we do send it over to them, we got a little golf talk, a little TaylorMade action.


We're going to have Biz read this ad. Let's see how this go, guys. We're all in it together. All right. Is it in the checkout's group shot? Yeah, I'm going. Oh, my God. This is going to take my glasses off. I want to follow it.


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The ball's money, the balls, the balls. All you got to say is, is the ball is the best ball in the game.


All right. So you got to check out this same technology when it says she called, I went and hit this driver.


This thing comes off like a rocket ship and you can miss because you don't have to hit the center of the club face.


You hit you occasionally hit the toe. You occasionally take hit the heel. It's still going.


I'm listening. All right. So listen. And the total response ball is for those people who have always wondered what those high priced tar balls are and you're afraid to pull the trigger.


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The irons as well. Do it now. Now we're going to send it over to our.


They teach you how to read Brady. Who knows how to read, I think Kucuk. Well, it's great to welcome these young men back to the show, a second generation, any Jela, he's already going into his third season with the Ottawa senators and he was recently named one of the three assistant captains as he tries to get the sense back into the playoffs.


Thanks so much for coming on, Brady Kucuk.


How are you doing, Pell Grant? Thanks. Thanks for having me.


Absolutely. Our pleasure. How's it going so far? It's been good.


Just chomping at the bit now. 10 months got out. I barely knew how to play hockey, especially at the quarantine. So, you know, I'm just excited to get going and Battle of Ontario right away and just hear it go.


Must be the longest stretch without a game you've ever had. Yeah. I mean, that I can think of back to the you two days and know those breaks were long, but now this is crazy. I mean I was at home watching the bubble with Matthew before the bubble, with Matthew after the bubble, just like is never end. And so finally here it's it's nuts and it's a little nerve racking. Has been so long, but now just super excited.


You and Matthew like, oh my God, get me away from this guy. At some point. Just the battles are going to be get early for you to this year. Yeah.


I mean, I will say I don't think anybody had as much fun as we did. I know there's a lot of time together and now we try to make life as much as fun as we could. And now it's that we're excited to see him again. And now we're talking a lot. But now there's there's going to be some good ones this year. I mean, that's the year to do it. It's it's for each other. Nine times play everybody.


Ten, nine times is going to be nuts, I think, to talk of going into the season.


Was this the northern division? Did you end up watching the first couple games? Toronto, Toronto and Montreal played. So you must be amped up for all this Canadian coverage.


Oh, glued to the TV. I think that's not only me, but I think everybody up here is going to be glued to this north division or it's I mean, the rivalries that are going to take place. It's going to be awesome. It's just I mean, we're all in this for one year, but we might as well do this every year because it's going to be so nuts this year.


Yeah, I just read we're talking, you know, the morning after the day after NHL opening night SportsNet released. It was their most watched ever opening night for NHL. And it's close to seven million people. And I think you're dead on about how exciting it's going to be now for you personally. You're still so young and growing into your body. Do you feel actually a lot stronger? A lot. A lot different in some ways going into this year as opposed to other years?


Yeah, well, the ten months is all I can really do is and I work out and I just I'm living in San Francisco and I definitely feel way more confident myself, definitely stronger. And yeah, like I said, it's always while we've been doing for ten months, is working out. So it's time. Time to get going. Time to head some guys and time to get some wins for the Paskey sounds.


A lot of us got our first peek at one of your new teammates.


Tim stood still during the world juniors. We understand he's going to be living with you this season.


Is that correct? Yeah, we had him we got Josh Norris here, too. So the three of us, it's it's a it's a madhouse right now. It's, you know, playing Xbox, watching TV and joking around all the time. So great, guys. I mean, we're having a blast so far. And no, it's watching Tim at the World Juniors is unbelievable player. But off the ice is an absolute beauty.


So I'm out the tape. Is Twiggs that or what would you have called the ball's tape job or something like that?


We don't need to travel. That's too far.


And we we're already on and we call him Jimmy already. So that's why.


Jimmy, let's go. Let's say to us. Yeah, yeah. So we're trying to figure out a way to kind of stick it to him now, day one, because, of course, so much hype whenever he introduces himself. Hey, Mike, my name's Tim. You just act like we didn't mess up his name on purpose. So Jimmy's been stuck. So the coaches have started calling him James and then Jimmy and Jim. So it's kind of kind of on from there.


But no, it's been good so far. He loves that.


This is one of those things where he's talking to his parents in German. They're like, why they would call you Jimmy's like, I really have no idea.


Yeah. I never really got to explain to them that I've known Jimmy for this next fifteen years. I'm playing over here.


It's amazing.


I had a question because it's such an exciting off season for auto A really. And how many guys have been brought in and the changes being made there.


Josh Norris. I'd say it was a key, key part of that deal with Eric Carlson coming over from San Jose, a first round pick for people who don't know, kind of explain his game. He played two years at Michigan and really lit up the HL, his first year pro. What are you expecting? Because he center in the top line with you on his wing right now?


Yeah, well, you know, I've known Josh for a while. We played together the US program, you know, airline mates there. So he's been one of my best friends for a while. And, you know, for him, he's as fast and as strong as I've ever seen somebody. He flies up and down the ice. Great shot. And he's a very smart player, too, so I think he deserves all the accolades he's gotten so far and now I'm excited to get to play with them again after all these years.


And I think I should be really excited for now, not only him, but all the new guys and all these guys have an unbelievable guys. And another team from day one has gelled. And I think it's going to be an exciting year for our team. And a lot of people have us pegged and where they have us pegged. But I think we're going to surprise a lot of people this year because, you know, the way we play and and even our own scrimmages against one another, it's been physical fast.


And that's exactly how we're going to play our guys.


Got you guys winning the cup, you put it this year. But I did see that. I did see that, you know, I had to explain it to to the to the world after because he was getting the ridicule that I was like, Brady's going to take this personal.


Yeah. I mean, like I said, we might really be surprised a lot of people here. So you never know what's going to happen.


Yeah, I think you guys are probably one of the busiest teams in the off season, had a ton of turnover. Does it almost feel like a new team in some regards in the room this year?


Yeah, I think some of us are kind of joke in some of the guys who played in the last year. We might be introducing ourselves to everybody else because we feel like we're the new guys. So, you know, it's I've been fortunate to play some awesome players, awesome people the last couple of years. And from the new guys this year, they've been awesome. They've now some of the older guys were already taught us so much and great leaders and just being able to learn of each individual as it's been awesome.


And I think everybody's just chomping at the bit to get going tomorrow.


I was going to say, what is the optimism within the team like?


It's honestly, I've never been a part of a more confident group with amongst ourselves. And we've had guys last couple of years won Stanley Cups and have that experience and been able to kind of help us young guys and and kind of get that winning mentality back.


And that's what we expect out of ourselves this year, is, you know, win games, win those close games. And I think our sights are on playoffs. And I think there's no doubt amongst our team that we can get there. And especially with, you know, the like I said would be experienced, the older guys, the young guys chomping at the bit and just everybody's on the same page. I think that's that's been awesome to be a part of and especially this year for playoff spots out of seven teams.


That's the way we play. I mean, I think we're very confident in our group.


It seems to be happening more often. We see such young players become leaders and assistant captains and captains in the league. But for you twenty one years old, you're an assistant captain that was named recently, maybe last week. How excited were you to get that news? And who told you? Was it the coach or the GM? How did that all go down?


Yeah, it's you know, they kind of the both the GM here and D.J. brought notes, Thomas FireBrand's and nine to the office. Just let us know. And I was just really honored. It's yeah. And I think a lot of the guys in that room deserve it. And I don't think it's going to be a three or four guys. I think it's going to be the whole team believe in their own way. And whether it's a guy who's been in the league for ten plus years or a guy that's first year, second year, it's we're all going to bring something different to the table where we all want to hold each other accountable and just want to.


That's a group effort that's going to be no all everybody lean on one another. So that's what I think it's going to be so exciting about our group, is that this is going to be probably the closest group that I've been a part of so far. And now our expectations are so high already. So I think that's what's going to make this year so excited.


You get the A twenty one. Your dad had the sea at the same age. What kind of leadership advice does he give you and what JD movies did he quote while he did it.


Yeah. Oh man. This whole ten months has just been a movie quote. It's this or that's not fair.


And it's just he's always preached to things as compete and be a good teammate. And I think if you just do that, it's it's if you get everybody on board with that, that's just makes a successful team. So now he's now ten months. He's always given little things, whether it's now doesn't matter where we are, it's kind of odd jobs, his wisdom once in a while. So and just having massive area. I mean, he's been a leader on his team.


And so to learn from him and, you know, he's had those extra years of experience. So I'm very fortunate to have people around me that can really help me in that aspect. And I've definitely leaned on them heavily and learned so much from Grinnell.


They told me that you guys are big into the that is that the same thing is a good log that Kevin Hayes and stuff was talking about. Well, I have no clue either how many of these younger bucks on the team are playing this or you guys just going at it all night against each other?


We've kind of we're trying to get Jimmy involved with war zone. He hasn't had it downloaded yet. So now Josh and I had been playing and we played all quarantine and we played with Rattier and he was living here during Corne. So now we've been playing a lot of that, but now Jimmy and I have been playing NHL and just one on one against each other, so no different different things, different things are doing to keep busy.


I know that Ontario's, you know, lock down or I've heard that. So in terms of you three guys, I'm guessing nobody's cook and you have somebody coming over doing that or how's that going? What do you guys eat at that? Can't go on, right?


Yeah, well, my girlfriend's been here for a so she's been cook and Josh is actually a pretty good cook. But Jimmy and I just sit on the couch, watch TV and just just we expect that to be a good meal. So the pressure's on Josh and my girlfriend. So it's it's good.


You're like, Josh, you get me the puck tonight and tomorrow morning. Eggs, three of them overeasy toast. Well done. He's going to be almost like getting the Wienerschnitzel going.


Oh, yeah.


Oh, God. Who would you most Kampia Jimmy's game to for guys who haven't seen a play at.


Well, that's a great question. I mean, the way he skates his hands are unbelievable, his elusiveness. I mean, I got to go with Patrick Kane and he is that skilled. I mean, we do powerplant practice. And I haven't seen a guy Mrs.. Yet, just absolutely whatever play he wants to make, he makes it. And it's looks just so easy. And it's I mean, I'm so excited to watch him play tomorrow and I'll be a part of his first NHL game because I think he's going to have plenty of games on the floor like Matthews.


Are we calling it a recall in a pre pregame pressure, Jimmy?


Yeah, no pressure at all.


Jimmy told me that many of them from from Norris is good on his 90th birthday, too. So maybe maybe be a good story there. What was your reaction?


Um, Matthew, when you guys realize you're going to be going head to head nine times in a season, I mean, sometimes you guys don't see each other twice in a season now. Nine times.


Yeah, we're we're talking about as they're speculating that over the off season, we're just kind of laugh like no way this can be true. But once it came about is I mean, just like you said, you usually see each other twice a year and now seeing each other nine times in the next five months, it's going to be it's going to be not through trying to get like the all we're joking around and try to figure out what our stretch routine is so you can just shoot this shit at the red light and warm up.


So just to joke around as some things like that. But no, I mean, it's just going to be a blast. I think it's really great for our family and friends watching. And I mean, I know a lot of people in St. Louis will be watching and it's just going to be so much fun to play in that many times. Battleford that many times. And it's going to be the whole division. It's going to be like I've been saying, it's going to be awesome.


It's so much fun to be a part of D.J. Smith, the coach in Oshawa, when the Memorial Cup there, I believe, obviously used to coaching young guys. What's his message to this group? I know he seems to be a bit of a player coach.


Yeah, well, I mean, we just kind of play all together, especially this year. It's fifty six games. Anything can happen and we just can be tough to play against. You know, look at our team. I don't think there's a tougher team than us. It's the way we play. It's we're going to be in your face physical fast, make plays, make quick plays and just be out that all the time. So not going to be a fun, fun team to be a part of.


And no, we're not going to back down from anybody. There's a lot of skill, guys, a lot of high end guys in our division. So the way we play is that's that's the best chance of success is just playing fast and physical.


It's nearly impossible to get consistent wins with no goaltending. And all of a sudden you have a two time Stanley Cup champ coming over and Matt Murray. And what have you seen kind of in camp and leading up? Does he seem ready to go? Looks looks sharp or it's just got to be tough for him. Moving on from Pittsburgh, I would guess, but he's probably really excited to have that full blown starting job back.


Yeah, well, I don't think I scored I'm in practice in training camp just the time he's like, you get a shot him and then the drill goes. You're still battling with dad, you're still trying to score the rebound. They'll be like six chances. And then he won't be ready for the next year because he just wants to make sure he saves everybody. He looks he looks unbelievable. I've never I mean, they're forced to play great goalies.


And guys, I've been around the league for a while. It's but he is he is unbelievable. And he's just so much fun. He's just a great guy. Terry brings so much experience. And I think the two Stanley Cup, his experience with that, it's that's already helped us out tremendously. And he was able to skate with him before training camp. And I think he looks unbelievable and of course, didn't watch as closely the last couple of years with him.


But I'm just so lucky to have him on our team. And I think he looks unbelievable.


I just placed a futures bet like R.A. Now you've been you've been pumping this whole squad up on the side. Oh, yeah. I'm I always Federer's jersey.


The new one's nice to jump off the lease bandwagon.


Are those the Oji ones? Did they go back?


Yeah, they went back to the big ones. Yeah. Those are nice. They're nice. They're Saturday night, Friday, Saturday nights against Taliban terror. Those those are good ones coming out board.


You look at the schedule, do you already know there's going to be guys on other teams that you're going to be absolutely sick of by like St. Patrick's Day?


Yeah, well, know watching that Montreal Toronto game last night, it's those are two teams that we hate and they hate us. So I can see a lot of battles coming out of those games. But playing in teams nine times, you can see battles that you never think would happen. And I think that's that's what's going to be great, is that now East West Coast is going to be battles, rivalries across the whole Cavs. The goal is to be the best Canadian best Canadian team this year.


So a lot on the line. And now it's going to be great. It's going to be fun to watch. But the other hockey fights, guys that. Twitter accounts can have a good time this year, it's going to be a lot of content probably for everybody. We might have to get an over under prop on you a fight fighting the season.


Oh, no, I don't. We'll see about that.


You seem to just. Yeah. You're not planning. You just get so pissed off it ends up happening.


So it depends on how the year goes on short, which is while she would say I forecast a short wick.


Well, Brady, thanks so much for coming on.


It's great to catch up with you. Third NHL season just about to start. It's kind of crazy. I remember to chat with you right before your rookie year. So thank you so much and good luck this year. Be fun team to watch. And Jimmy, Jimmy is going to be the rookie to keep an eye on.


Oh yeah. Jimmy for Caulder Jimmy and Josh for college. They're already on it. One of the guys. Thanks for having me.


Thanks a lot, Buddy Brady, could such a great kid, man, easy to root for, comes from good stock. So, Brady, keep doing what you're doing, kid. We love watching you.


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Because I would have paid a million dollars to hear you say histamine di hydrochloride.


But part of the probably the proudest I've ever been of you right there. When you when you get busted that out. Yeah.


Even I butchered a fucking like word before that I felt like my kid had it in his first, like, groundball or something, you know, the t ball or some shit.


My parents didn't even go to my little league games and not, you know, the rules and came out.


I saw you. Well, you got a fucking Playboy subscription, a ten year old.


So I mean it all, even though it's definitely not even the stuff I was using.


And you get a pocket pussy for confirmation.


I was stroke it off to the Sears catalogs. Arias got the fucking sex swing in his room. Fucking a thirteen.


Yeah, I was working at the movies and more when I was 16. I was I to see the porn purveyors of all my friends and they shut down 15th birthday.


It's like, what's this? The punch card. The Robin talk down the road.


You got twenty movies out. Where have I got. I've got to find them my friends and take them and fucking never give them back.


I get your ear like Christmas vacation VHS. I taped over a fucking baby blue two. That's a Canadian reference. They used to basically put softcore porn on television in Canada.


Late night. Really. A hundred percent everybody then.


Well when Yolanda Bassinette caught her son cranking it for the fourteenth time, the government decided to change it all.


Describe the perfect Friday night when I was a kid, when I couldn't let go out and I was like, all I could do was basically drink Coca-Cola when my parents are like, this is like fourteen, fifteen, no younger.


I probably around twelve because I maybe, maybe, maybe eleven. But is, is when they would say like past twelve and baby blue two would come on and I would just crack my meat in the living room. It was the fucking I got.


What is this. I got to look I actually think this is. All right.


You heard of this movie. No, it's not a movie. It's Canadian. It's a Canadian like show where they would put softcore porn movies like Silk Stockings type that. I think that kiss is the guy that are the girl that kiss married.


Oh, Gene Simmons, his wife. Oh, Simmons, his wife.


What's the name and trade? Shannon Tweed, maybe. I don't know.


She's she had the Best Buy, buy, buy her. She used to be in that stuff. Yeah. That's soft porn. Porn.


Yes, the Christianity. Yeah. She's fucking sixty three. I mean how do you describe softcore porn. Like what. Like what. Oh you ain't seen a penny. No penetration. Thank you. Yeah that's that's the whole rawat.


No penetration, tons of nudity dude. You'll see everything but you just don't see actual penetration.


You won't see their lips. Yeah exactly. You don't see lips. See why.


Because back then it was all Bush. You couldn't see, you couldn't see ladies because of the pubic hair.


A hundred percent and that kind of millennials killed crabs. We can say that like they kill crabs off 20 y to make me throw up the. Oh, thanks.


All right. I threw the millennials and everything off like millennials kill this millennials. How did the podcast go, honey?


It was great. I threw up on my dad, talked about his crabs. No, I was talking about millennials killing off yet another thing, but at least that was good in this case.


Can you get them in your butthole hairs? I have no idea. I'm moving right along the East Conference East Division. I'm sorry. There are no conferences this year.


Philadelphia, Pittsburgh. I mean, doesn't get much better than that for modern day rivalries. 50/50, Pittsburgh gets swept. They lost six three in the opener, then five to a very chippy opener, which we had in the Roman swipes. Electric chair boys. Let's get into that game, you guys. Little physicality.


I'll get into that division quick, because if I could Hoppen not to interrupt you, I was going to go Mark Madden and say they got a goalie controversy. Marino's overpaid trade setting, Geno. You know, she hasn't had the best start that Pittsburgh had to win the other day, they ended up coming back and beating Washington in a shootout, but. I really, really look at Washington and think, how did I not pick them to make the playoffs, what a gigantic fuck up by me.


They they look rested, they look a little different. They look ready to go.


And Backstrom, if he's going to play like the way he started off, like, look out if that guy's going to light it up this year, Varanus, somebody I think every year in the league, he's had more goals, more points.


So like Verano, he's got two goals through three games. I think I really screwed up. Not going to change my decision. I love the penguins, but there are some issues there.


And goaltending is one thing I will give Philly credit, though. I mean, everyone was all over my my pick of Philly possibly winning the Stanley Cup. I think I brought this up. Philly looks pretty nasty to me. Not real. Well, I don't know what the hell whatever.


What does everyone dislike about the flyers?


A team. The only recourse right now is Kathuria, I believe is getting like an MRI and a shoulder they can't lose. Yeah, right down the middle. They look fucking so strong. Connect me sick. Sick.


That guy is just like water bug of energy and a little ball of hate as well.


I've actually always compared him a little bit to Marshawn, maybe not as skilled, but still sick player. So Pittsburgh went up against a really good Philly team and kind of got crushed. They played they were three three going into the third the first night. I don't remember the final. What was the what was the final score? The second game, five to to five to two. So Crosby Crosby's goal.


I didn't think it got enough.


Coverage, I'm going to say coverage, I guess I saw a lot on Twitter, but him knocking the pork out of midair the first night and then just blind batting it, it's like what?


That just happened. So that was one of the goals, the goals, best goals of the first week of the season.


What else about that division?


Well, I mean, hazy Malkin. We're getting chippy with each other. There's a lot of choppiness throughout that game. It was gritty, ended up chucking us out on the ice for the character A but I think we got to talk about Jake Varjak.


We got to get him on the show. And he was an absolute fucking blakroc. So we sat down with him.


No, I said nice. I thought I said back on the show in Philly. I know. I said I want to hear that tape. Was I pretty was I'm pretty sure. I said, get him on it.


He was with fucking gritty that night. No, I could remember going back anyways.


Anyway, he got asked a question for my Philadelphia Inquirer reporter, Mike Sealskin. I don't think that's how you say it.


And this guy has been shitting on Jake for years. Just, you know, a lot of every city, especially in the Northeast, has guys they get a hard on for certain guys. And I want you play the audio because it's a lot better than I'll do this for Jake to games.


And Jake, how different does the season feel, if at all, given the circumstances, the off season and the campaign schedule and everything?


Doesn't matter what I say, Mike, you're going to write fucking shit every time and it doesn't matter what you say. Oh, yeah, it feels different. I mean, we got four points after the first two games, I wasn't even going to answer your question because you are such a weasel. It's not even funny, this question.


I mean, that's awesome. I fucking love it because what I like to ezel the hockey night in Canada are folks they talked about. They did a discussion about it and they didn't circle the wagons for, oh, you don't talk to media like that. That's what Boston would do. They always protect each other. They were like, nah, man, you know, the guy if a guy's being a dick to you, like you said, you know, you you might pop off to him.


And if he's being unfairly and then he made a call like and then the next day the guy's in front of his microphone, his bad breath, asking you questions again. It was fucking hilarious. But then the SIM card, you I also think he works for the Enquirer as well said he tweeted that the league has had a, quote, discussion with Vacek for his expletive filled the tirade. That's when we'll talk about media circling the wagons like it wasn't an expletive filled tirade.


He said fucking shit and told the guy you didn't want to answer that question. So anyways, he got a discussion with the league player, Bill Daley. He wouldn't comment on whether a fine was assessed or not. So I'm sure they'll probably give him a slap on the wrist. But fuck it, he was sticking up for himself. The guy's been a dick to him for years. He told me to go fuck himself. I got no issue with it.


Should have been more.


I thought it was even funnier. The fact that he actually went on to answer the question.


Yeah, well, I think, you know, it didn't.


He answered and then he answered before or after the little after. After he's like, why would you like to see what you stupid it was? And then he answered, and and I think it was like a weasel. Was it was it correctly who was beside him? And he was like, instant gif is also he's also trying to like, hold it in, try not to laugh.


He had a mouthful, wanted to get in the spit, take spicy, come at you, come at Vord.


Check what I was saying. You bet you best not miss Twitter Zoome press conferences in your face. He doesn't give a shit.


So we were on the live stream during the game and I mentioned how big of a savage he was on Twitter. So this ends up happening afterwards. So he just, he is just like putting fuel on the fire. But guys, I think these are, these are a tale as old as time and I think everybody enjoys a good rift between a media member and a player. We saw Rhinehart go through it last year. I mean, Brooks and Boyle, Brooks, Brooks, he's been at it with like ten people.


But I love them. And I don't know exactly what this guy wrote about them to get them spicy. But that guy ended up going back after him on Twitter. And then and then Forecheck was like, he's like, oh, he could have acknowledged it when I was in the room and then projects like, yeah, I would have if you would have looked at me in the fucking eyes so that it got even dicier afterwards. So forecheck does not fuck around.


Also, we're going to talk about the islanders, rangers and opening night. The islanders put a beat down on the Rangers enough where Quinn made some lineup lineup decisions for the next game in which Tony D'Angelo was scratched.


Surprising after the big you know, he makes some big coin and I think that he's probably a little bit high risk. I didn't see all of that game. I didn't see any huge mistakes. Maybe I better than getting walked by Basel.


Well, yeah, I mean, if you're going to bench a guy because of that, one of the most skilled players in the league put it under your triangle and snipe bar down.


Right. I mean, I'm I'm guessing there had to be more to his play than just that to get scratched.


Well, I just figured I'd point out the. Yeah, one hundred percent.


But the islanders, they they rattled me when they win because the way they play that I got so many. Is this boring. Is this boring tweets is they're just lighting them up in the first period. Three goals. But the next game, the Rangers came back and shit kicked your right in the face, so I this Bruins right now, it's been a pretty entertaining game, even though it's zero zero. I know that doesn't make sense.


This division is tough or I actually thought I felt bad because Buffalo.


Right, that they lost to their own to they need to get their first win. They're going this evening. So I think that it's this division is so is so like even throughout with so many different clubs that there's there's never going to be a team that's running away with it. Right. So the whole time, I'm just kind of getting ready to see this splodge of just change in one spot here or there. Every point matters so much. That's kind of what you've seen from the beginning.


We also got to talk about the islanders losing their fuckin goalie in warmups. Let one fly. He catches Vilem off like under the mask, above the shoulder, probably in the neck. It hurt him enough that he couldn't play. And they brought in Sorokin, his first NHL game thrown into the fire. And yeah, he didn't look too prepared for it, obviously, and lost the game. But what's his face? Barry Trotz wasn't to happen. It wasn't too happy about it, obviously.


He said we put Charlotte in in a tough circumstance. We did it to ourselves and value in the warm up. To me, it's almost unacceptable. It's like running a quarterback over and warm up. Players have to recognize that goalie is almost your most important player. Guys aren't thinking it wasn't Fidelia wasn't fit. Obviously, the way the guys warm them up, it's not a warm up and it just sort of carried over throughout the game, you guys.


I mean, I never shot on this. I know you told not to fucking aim for the head and keep them fucking shot if you hit the goal.


He's had warm up. You feel like the biggest clown.


When I saw it go down right away, I was like, oh, there's no worse feeling. It was quarterback, right? Yeah, no worse feeling because, yeah, you're definitely a fault, but also by the puck and get away from me a little bit.


I mean, it's like there's no chance he meant to do it. Right. I would, I wouldn't think if you're a depth guy, you do it.


You feel like it. Yeah. That's an asshole. You know, you're not getting a back. Yeah.


We're not going to throw five hits instead of three tonight to try to do that and try to win that.


And you've got to make sure it's a win or you're the goat, because I know you always bring up Josh Hassan's name. He's going to play the rest of the season. What what is it pronounced? Örebro in the Swedish league?


Örebro, I think it is Örebro. That was the team I played my first game against minus two. And then the next game was the game.


I retired, but he was the cool little arena. Actually, he's going to be playing there.


He's going to be on loan from the islanders, so he's not going to be with them this year, it looks like. And I have a question for you guys. I'll go to you first with D'Angelo. Obviously, he has all the Twitter stuff going on and we don't need to get into that.


But you guys have a argue about politics in the room. Have you ever seen that, like you guys, you know, not in any particular issue of.


No, I mean, I'm not. I know when when was politics like a thing before? Like twenty, sixteen. Nobody. I mean, I don't know. I guess people talked about. I never I never have. Yeah. I've seen where anyone did. Now it's it's a different world, not a room. OK, I was just curious.


I wasn't even paying attention to it when I. Yeah no I mean towards the end a little bit but I, I still don't know anything about it. All right.


Moving right along the division, the Bruins and Devils opened up facing each other. Bruins won the open a three two in a shootout. Then they lost two to one in OT. The guy we got to talk about, Mackenzie Blackwood. This guy is bonafied, legit. No one on a on a team. That's not that good. Let's see how to shoot a shout out. Shout out a fucking. You're free to even fumble fucking your words, ever since you taught me about my reading, I shut out.


He had no he had a shoot, a shootout last night because so I write asshole, but sometimes a shoot out, sometimes it's shout out, shout out, shootout out shutout.


I'm trying to suck.


I am having a fucking rough go with those words anyways. Two games at one point three nine goals against nine five four say percentage. He was the reason basically Jersey was in both games. It also ego Sharon Gorevic got his first and he juggled the overtime game, went to this kid's got fucking speed to burn. I wasn't familiar with the kid before the two games. Now I very much am. So and he gave that awesome interview after the game.


Gee, do you want to play that? Want to play that interview?


What was the moment like when they all swarmed you on the ice in celebration for the first victory? What do they say to you boys? Yeah, I know he's just happy being hugging me. I just see and I think they're all to me and just. Just all guys, just happy, we are all happy, we're so happy for you, congratulations. Thank you. Thank you for doing this interview with us. And I'm sorry that we can't do it face to face, but go enjoy this win.


And congratulations once again so much. Bye bye. Good bye.


That is true. That is genuine. Just. What's the word purity, I love, like, just pure happiness, promoted happiness. Yeah, he was just so happy and giddy. And obviously English isn't his first language. It was just delicious. So you want to grab and give a little hug when you're watching it, you know, giving the lady back.


You make him give up. Make him give a five minute speech.


Did you catch any of any of the double Spruance games, either you two Packards? I was too busy watching the Youtz I. Later came back in a big way. I saw a little bit of those games, you know who's nice is this? Ty Smith is defense spending on Jersey. This kid moves around, sweetie, a first round pick a few years back, but I like him a lot. He's kind of running their power play. Szubin, I think, played 30 minutes that first game.


You see, we can kind of bounce back at the Bruins. They look pretty solid. I was kind of down on them with what happened there in the off season or kind of what didn't happen in terms of not bringing much in. But they're going to get Pasternack back three zero zero right now against the islanders there on the power play with 18 30 to go in the third period. Now, how about this stat for you?


If the Bruins win this game, it'll be 10 consecutive road games versus the islanders, which is only happened seven times in history with no be 11, only seven times in history as a team won 11 in a row against an opponent on the road.


So they're looking to make some magic happen in the Coliseum. I'd love to see them beat these scumbag islanders.


So sorry to get away from the Devils Bruins. What else did I notice in that game?


The Bruins are going to need like. I know, is it is it Carsia? Yeah, Andre Kashef. OK, so he's injured, right? Well, as you look at you look at like who's getting opportunities, right? What's Bjork going to do this year? I don't know.


Can he kind of pop off offensively?


Because I love the word pop off like, you know, what you're getting from your depth guys. And, you know, you're getting like from most of the defense.


But now the questions are at the at the bottom of the defensive line up and then at the top of the top two lines offensively, who's going to step up? Who's Qureishi going to have as a winger, who's going to be able to get twenty, twenty five goals? That's the question, because right now they're zero zero, they're not scoring easily. They're the only team in the league without a five on five goal so far thinkable.


I didn't like when they, when they didn't sign a charity. That's what I didn't like that he was one which they didn't like. Yeah. I didn't like that move. Yeah. I would agree with you. It there's a few younger guys. Kasur came over for Mannerheim. I played against him a little bit in the minors. He's a very skilled water bug out there making plays. So yeah, they got to I mean they got to have a few of these like a few of these guys pop off at some point if they want to make that next leap.


And that's my word. So thank you for using it. All right.


A couple of the notes. Pittsburgh did bounce back after they took a couple of beeton's from Philly there. They won the shoot out of Washington on Sunday in Washington. They previously swapped Buffalo. First game was a six four win and the caps held on four to one win in the second game. I thought the same is played pretty hard. I mean, they come out, they gave a good effort, but they're playing a top ten. Buffalo is one of two teams that doesn't have a point yet.


Chicago's the other one. I'm excluding Dallas, who hasn't played a game yet. So I don't know if I said Buffalo do it.


I think they'll get a W at some point. Man, they played good.


But did you catch any of them either, you know, the Washington stuff? Yeah, it's tough. Like I was saying, they should stagger the times.


Now, whether I don't get this, I think because it's just probably tradition. Everyone has this same stat time, but now all but no fans.


Man, you've got to start changing the when these games there should be games all day, every day.


If there's never if there isn't a day without a game for one hundred and twenty days, let's just have the games start at like one o'clock Eastern every day.


Yeah, I, I agree with staggering them, especially when like a lot of the people probably consuming them are at home because then you could just align it up to your team, start time and work around it because it's not like everyone's putting in nine to fives right now, so maybe at least four at least in Canada. So you got to stagger that. If they haven't been doing that, then then they got to start doing it. But like, hey, I'm the last guy to bitch about, like, a little thing as far as scheduling at the fact that they got this thing up and running, I'm grateful for.


Yeah, beggars can't be choosers, I suppose. So you guys get anything else from the east?


You want to move along to the left stuff. All right. Nothing. All right. Going to the west. And I think the top story there for us was a no brainer. Minnesota, a team we've picked on over the years for not having a lot of personality. Well, Carol, Capri's off this guy. They've been waiting for them for years. They drafted him like five or six years ago. He finally come over from Russia, just an unreal first impression of goal and to assist in his first game, including the overtime game one on a breakaway.


You also assisted on the overtime game winner in the second game. This kid I know it's two games and he's still young, but, man, he actually makes Minnesota wild. You want to turn those games on now. And that's not something we've said since probably Marian Gaborik.


Yeah, he's he's a game changer.


You know, he could have been playing in this league probably two or three years ago, but to score thirty back-to-back years in the KHL, like, you know, there's there's just skill level there that probably no other wild players really possess.


And I think being a first round pick and having to wait this long, I imagine I'm grateful this kid is how much fun he's having and he's not going to experience it. What he should be with with how crazy the atmosphere would be in all these games. But he looks awesome.


He looks like the people were saying he meant to do that on the game winner, though, off his foot. There's zero chance.


Yeah, I know. He was I don't know.


I mean, it was we got lucky, but still like the way he's able to kind of control the play. And also he's faster than I thought. I watched these games and I didn't know much about him. Right. I don't remember if I ever played against them.


I don't think I did in the KHL. But fuck, is he good. He's going to change them a little bit enough where I do believe that this team is going to they're going to surprise some people. I mean, Billy Garran, just being there is the type of guy who either immediate, immediate changes.


You saw it last year with certain trades and I'm sure training camp felt different for the guys who had been there. So out to the wild, they deserve a good team.


Did you see that? They should have had a loss. You see the the name of the song.


What a play off the post. I don't play. They had players on their hands in the air and then it hits the post.


They go back the other way. And Ryan Suter, who set a milestone with that point.


All right. Yeah, but sort of got his five hundredth career assistant assistant on Dumbo's tying goal at under a second left. And that was an all time sonke. The Kings put their arms up. And I'll tell you, man, if I had the Kings on the reverse popline like those are the ones that, like, take fucking. Years off your lives, I mean, it hits the all right on target, and then of course, they tie the game and boom goes the other way.


So either way, great stuff in Minnesota, a couple of overtime throws out in the coast and then heading down to Anaheim to play them valences away.


And there you go. I was just getting to that.


Anaheim at a tough start, get swept by Vegas. Vegas spanked them five to the first game. And they're not pretty much the same thing happened in that game. So Anaheim was up. What was it they saw going up, pulled Vegas, ties it and wins it with seven seconds in ot Mark St.. Over to Pat. You ready? Did you see that clip? It was great job. Ibuki Grise. He heard the audio. You can actually hear St.


yelling to Pat. You ready. As he makes the pass I go boy and then like the woohoo it's on. I have no.


Where is that. It's on a Twitter feed man.


Yeah. Go to Butches Twitter. You could find it easier there but he, he picked up the audio off like the dumb to back on base yelling back and forth but yeah man vagas there are absolute wagan going to be tough to beat and I love that they were on the all gold uniforms together, all the gold jerseys and Marc-Andre Florry had all Gopadze on, they had a picture with him on their Twitter feed next to see three people who wore it better.


That is pretty funny.


Come on is from St. Cloud. You don't know it's is.


No I didn't even here. I didn't even hear anyone understand what fuck you two, you fucking sensitive bitches. I don't know what your fucking analogy was.


Oh no, I wasn't analogy. It was the Twitter feed put out a picture of I'm not just talking about video. And it was like the old who are a better thing. I thought it was pretty fucking funny.


I saw the the coaches have the jumpsuits and practice the exact same colors, the jerseys. They look like they're going to Studio 54 straight from practice.


Got to do what I'm going to ask you about this one. So they've started off the season, I guess, with this five D system. Now, I like that way more than 70, but.


Oh, yeah, the defense defense love here in that that's. Yes.


If they could snap it around evenly to five guys and there's no liability, there were one guy doesn't have to lug thirty five minutes kind of like they're doing in San Jose right now with, with well with Burnsy and Carleson playing logit thirty three minutes each on this. I think it's a nice way to start the season and you don't burn out the forwards who are doing so much more skating. So yeah it's, I mean it's obviously working for them at the hop.


And as Gary Gary Lawless, who I'm going to call after this and kind of get the break down and wipe the whole, you know, five days and thirteen forcing is going. He says Petrow is a beast right now. He said he looked unbelievable in camp. And he is I think he might be playing with a little bit of a chip on his shoulder, too. I don't think like the way things are around in St. Louis. I'm looking forward to the games where they play each other.


Can they can they even play each other? They could punch whether they're in division, right? Oh, yeah, Vegas in St. Louis from the West.


Yeah, Vegas is nasty. St. Louis took it on the chin in that second game. Talk about a pissed off avalanche team, huh?


I, I don't mean to jump away from Vegas already, because you guys you guys pretty much said it all. I mean, they're just a really good team. They're deep. They have it all. The five D thing I will quickly say is a dream for defenseman crazy to hear with how many games are going to be played in short amount of times. I'm sure that'll change throughout the season.


But oh my God, when defense we're told you're going to draw seven other ones like fuck because the seventh guy ends up playing like four minutes or whatever it is. And then that takes away a couple of shifts from, say, the four or five and six guys, which just kills the momentum enough to just I'm already kind of wait. And if there's a power play and my shift isn't called in, the top line's out there now. I'm waiting again because one of my shifts is going to the seventh guy.


Nobody likes it. So five guys get to hear that they're going to run as a unit.


That's pretty much a dream for defenseman. So, no, I like that, I like the insight from the defenseman IPIS, and we're going to talk about your boys, the old Arizona Coyotes, they started off with a two game set with the San Jose Sharks, which they split. How do they look to you, buddy? I know Kestler got three tuks already.


Yats looked great once. They looked very good. San Jose's first line came to play Hertel Kane and this kid out of UMass. I don't know if you guys had heard of this kid, John Leonard. He looked great. He had two apples set up. The goal that Evander can end up scoring on the breakaway, which put them up three one. Kyrie stormed back Phil Kessels off to a fucking hot start. Three tucks, a couple and close to the net had a nice tipping off and all of rackman last point shot but.


Things are clicking, Garland looks really good, this little kid who they got, they ended up signing up to a two year deal. I don't know if you know anything about him either.


I know I was with him in Edmonton briefly.


OK, there you go. He him Keller and Derek Brassard, who came over two weeks before the season started. They have instant chemistry and they have been a ball of joy to watch and all recommend Larson, who I said is going to win the noris this year, three apples, three primary assists in the second game against San Jose when they ended up winning up spanking them. But did he get hurt? He did get hurt him in Nevada, Vatican collided.


Kane kind of got a stick up. And right now it's being reported, I believe is a lower body injury.


But coyotes have one of the best one, two punches in the league as far as goaltending. And now they got a one, two, three punch with Ayton Hill is their third guy. So their goaltending secure teams playing great talk. It has the boys bring in tons of energy and I think right now they're in second place in the whole conference or they're not.


I mean, you know, Boydell, Armstrong, he's going to he's going to he's going to be all over that team.


Right. In terms of like a if I can make a trade to improve, I can make a trade for the future. You know, teams might be called looking for a goalie. He's got a premium there.


I I'm excited for your boys big. And I love that they're giving out that headwear that you got going right now. It's the player of the game. See that clip the coyotes pelt?


One of the fans gave it to me. I don't know if they pick up road kill and just dismount. I don't know exactly exactly where they got it from.


Daylife Oh squad. Things look good.


If your team is bringing effort and they're making games interesting and you're seeing young prospects who the teams paid, continuing to get better and better and better. As I mentioned, Clayton Keller, he looked really, really good and determined in those first two games. And that was coming off a you threw he threw a pass in the first game in the first period. They end up going down, Jarmo. So how to take a penalty? And I think a bit of a whack after the first but stormed back in that game in the last two periods and lit it up on an apple and had another good game on on the second game against San Jose, I think San Jose.


And we can kind of shift over them. I think they're really going to struggle this year. I think great right now, like they got Karlsen and Bernstine thirty three minutes a night. Other than that Ferraro kid, they don't I mean, Vlasák excuse me, he's kind of like the next year down. But Feroze the other guy, so they're their top four. I mean, I don't know I don't know if the team could be successful with two guys on the back end playing thirty minutes every single night unless they get some type of crazy rhythm.


And as far as firepower up front, I mean, I don't know. I don't know if they're going to be able to keep up guys. Yeah, not to mention the goaltending situation, what's his face? Jones doesn't look like my number one last year, two years ago, he actually looked pretty decent in that first game.


But I was surprised he didn't go back game two with Dubnyk just to kind of get the guys the refs and see if they can catch a guy in a wave. But I would imagine that dude neck starts next game.


Yeah, I'm pretty sure he isn't going back to the deep because they spend 19 and a half million dollars on Burns and carleson. Burns contract is through 20 25 and I believe Karlsson's is to twenty 27. I mean, if they're in the fucking doldrums in the league you'd imagine.


I mean I guess if you're paying them that much you might as well play them that much. And it's just like hey yo spit rhymes Chiaretti biz.


No it's just, it makes, it makes a lot of sense when you say it that way. Certainly it's not going to last.


I mean, you've got to think one of those guys in Grenelle just texted to give him credit that they're going to put up one of these guys in the expansion draft. We also have that coming up. And if you can have someone just take a fucking ten, nine, ten million dollar salary off your hands, you know, they're probably going to do that. And also, you know, the team, if Seattle opts to do that, if that happens, they're going to get themselves a nice defenseman and they're going to have to meet the salary cap floor anyways.


So I don't think they'll mind taking on a nine or ten million dollar deal.


OK, easy for me to say. The Internet has been buzzing this pot.


He's going to take my spot, the espresso boys on back on the espresso there.


We went to cocaine on Manhattan Island and I went to Nobu for dinner and he got an espresso martini. I think you might have guessed like three of them, actually. You were buzzing after I got the espresso martini.


I missed shoveling food in my face for you guys because it's always a treat while the crazy sushi and shit you were. I definitely miss the meals.


All those hypocrites go on like, oh, espresso martini, you a girl, but chugging pink Whitney right now it's fucking.


Yeah, that's like when you drink wine people look if I'm like fucking Italians, I've been doing this for six thousand years because I drink fucking great.


Funny when you're drinking wine.


People over the years have, especially when I first started. It's probably like VFW in Charlestown. All right. Calling slim cigarettes with this leg.


My that's why I.


Colorado, St. Louis. I went and he mentioned a second ago the blues beat him for one in the opener. Colorado was pretty lifeless, didn't get a lot of fucking action going. But the second game boy who they took a second to get going, they spanked St. Louis eight to nothing, five powerplay goals. Chase Pennington. I mean, they were the Colorado Avalanche. Everybody who's been pumping at times, that's what we got, just an unreal performance.


And by the way, I jumped on the blues tonight, Monday.


I don't know if you did, because, yeah, you always jump on a team after they get always no matter how bad they are, there's another eight goals.


You go get pulled. Your Stanley Cup contender, especially easiest, best in the world tonight, the blues and regulation only.


And sometimes you need that. And going back to game one, I felt like St. Louis kind of put them in a headlock and and you knew they were going to come out guns blazing. It took the Jordan mean. They took a personal they got personal.


That that is kind of getting fucking played out. Like every other meme I would tell clients, you know, him flying to the Neutral Zone was a joke and and mcca that team is sick. So you knew they'd be pissed off at their performance. But to come back like that, it's like St. Louis is. Oh boy, I love that you're harping on Emara. It makes a lot of sense. Yeah, absolutely.


Any time, any time. Especially a number one goal, it gets pulled. That's one role. But eight nothing. No, I mean, they were embarrassed. They got absolutely embarrassed to playing San Jose tonight, minus one fifteen regulation only no brainer.


I loaded up like. At least one large unit of leave at that people should know my large unit is what I was going to say, how much would you pay to hear the audio from the coaches room from from chief, after all, spankin like even with the silent treatment?


No, I just say, boys, you know, it's one of those.


Let's be ready next game.


Forget it and move on, because I'm guessing you felt at home when Edward Bellamy Dalmau gave his press conference.


And he also thought that the games being played on Lake Tahoe and he found out at the presser they weren't and he was crestfallen.


So that must have made you feel good that you weren't the only guy who thought you mean Waylan above Fredo Corleone is because we've been over this.


You said it first. Play the audio guy, Mikey. Does he want to do that? I mean, they said it first. Thank you, Baz. Wake the fuck up. We're on planet Earth here always with you.


It's always like we're pointing the finger beats pizza up the middle point the finger.


I'm not going to say that. I didn't also think that I tweeted it out. Actually, it said, Pierre, don't worry. It happens to the best of us. I'm more saying for you to say, hey, wait, after you said it first. That's more biz. Blaming someone else on that one. I was like, I sucked you.


I'm like the stripper song seven. This girl loves me. You're looking at ring sizes. I decided to go over your fucking bonus check on my fucking seven fuzzy navel.


It's fucking stupid, Miss Cleo. Tell him fucking Frenchy. I love her in that game.


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When you choose a monthly plan that's get Roman dotcom chocolates and now Natha McKennitt.


Well, it's only been a year and a half since we last had this guy on, though it feels much longer since we last had him on. He's one a lady bang. He was named a year end also.


Sorry, I forgot. I want to finish second in the trophy Votan and he had a fantastic season that made him must watch TV during the playoff bubble. It's a pleasure to welcome back to the podcast, The Nate Dogg. Nate McKinnon. How we doing, brother?


Good, thank you, man. I'm good. I'm doing good. Just getting ready for the season here. I'm bummed out.


Thanks for joining us here, but I'm bummed that we're not going to have you guys in Boston this year. Yeah, it's becoming an annual tradition, me going over the garden to see the avalanche. I'm going to be bummed out. You guys aren't coming through.


I know, man. I wish I wish we could have came up to Boston as well to do the the second round of the sandbag.


Oh, you want to remember, I was say, I'm surprised you can't just get go with that. I'd love to. We've been trucking people this summer.


I saw that.


I was surprised they gave you the lady bang after how you reacted to me on that front nine.


I thought that was pretty routine when you got most of you. You're the one who started all this. I know. I came up with the name technically.


What do you want right now? I sort of got like a million views.


I wouldn't mind, like, a little piece of that. Yeah.


You think most underpaid players in the league I need something from you must be fun to come up to Bastiano this summer and do the second match here.


OK, five and one. Let's talk it out already. Well, we got more between then because we're not going to glance right over though.


The last time you did Setara, I believe, was you were in the garden and walking by some some workers who yelled out, Hey, IRA, you didn't notice you threw that.


This guy's a legend. I can't I can't go anywhere there. Everyone's all over the guy that was fighting, man. We're just. All right. It was nice. Stopped. Stopped after he said, what's up? After we play the Bruins and they were just walking out. And not that I'd expect anyone to know me, but this guy might as well be Justin Bieber. These people are going nuts for a he's a he's a legend. He's like, oh, thanks for coming down.


Are you sick? Actually, can you give me a couple slice of pizza? That's why I know you guys don't finish yet. There's usually I don't want to get thrown in the garbage here. I thought we said a lot of times I got to, like, take the picture. You know, people like the jacket. I hold the jacket. Yeah, I like it. I thought I was going to have to take a picture with these people already, so I'm glad that didn't happen, at least so I could never get that chance.


I heard there was a time you were taking a picture of some for somebody of them and said they were even like, Hey, Nate, make noises at the baby, make the baby laugh.


You're taking the picture with us. Oh, look what happened to the dad. What did you want to do?


All fall in Halifax with the crazy schedule one on one drills?


Yeah, just begging begging me the whole time. No. Yeah, we were skating. Then we got locked down. We went into like a red zone back home so we couldn't skate for a bit, but we got a few and before we left for our cities. But yeah, I was crazy man. It was tough to get into a routine thing. That's for everybody though. It's just the race got shut down with everything else. So I don't know really why, but kind of the way it worked out.


But feel good now for sure.


Going back to the last time you played the bubble experience, we've talked to a bunch of different guys, you know, kind of crazy that was. But for you, it was tough for your team, too. I mean, you were amazing personally, but so many injuries. And you look back at that Dallas series, it was like six or seven guys are out. It must have been frustrating to see the success. They went on to have to even get to the final.


Yeah, I mean, it was both of our goals got hurt. Randy Calvi, Don Score. A lot of guys went down there. We got down three one. You know, honest. I think that came down to our special teams are Powerplay wasn't great. Nurkic wasn't amazing either. And following five I thought we played really well against Dallas. But they're a tough team to play against. They, they came at us hard, they're big heavy team.


But yeah I would love to see us for the full full lineup and you know there's injuries with every team in the playoffs but you'd think in the bubble it'd be travel. Lots of rest and recovery would there wouldn't be like that.


But it's unfortunate for sure. That's a that's a tough thing to do with both goalies.


You mentioned the power play struggled a bit against Dallas. Do you think maybe used up too many of those power play goals in the series before that? Maybe when you maybe running the score? We gave all of our looks because Arizona, we gave it away back to the back of an eight one thumping.


That was that was I mean, that was kind of like the start of how you guys started rolling. I think you finished your your in-house Jimbo and you talked last time about said kept dragging you over to his place to sit, come over to your place now to train now that you've got it all dialed in. No. Nope. Still hasn't come over to train yet at my gym. I didn't go for it to happen, I didn't go over to his gym though this year, so I got I'm putting my foot down here.


I'm a stand up for myself against the kid. No, he hasn't trained at my gym this offseason.


So spend five hundred, spend five hundred on a gym, never goes in at one time.


But what he did do on my property here, a psychopath, he would I have like a boat watch. It's like seventy yards like very steep. And he would run like he'd come over and do like you sprint up the boat launch like 12 times and run back down it. It was crazy. I tried it almost died because it's savage. So that's what he would do. He wouldn't use the gym but he would use the property. So take it close enough to the gym.


He's getting there. He's getting closer talking about the injuries.


Is it worse to have a year end like that, like in a flurry of injuries or to go to, like, otti of a Game seven aloose?


Both I mean, it was hard, it was hard, you know, even when Gerbi got hurt, Frankie came in, he was really banged up, too. I don't know, he just can never get healthy. He was hit a really bad hit. She was lights out all season. You know, he came in hurt and he couldn't play after game five or six. And she actually played really well. You know, he won, actually.


Frankie got hurt. We were down three one. You couldn't play. Then Hachey won game five and six and it stings. And we even got the lead with like two minutes left and one and a half minutes left against Dallas. And we couldn't hold on that one. No, to to have nothing to on three to four, three. We just couldn't couldn't put them away. They're a resilient team, well coached by Rick, and it's just unfortunate.


How long of an adjustment was it playing with our fans, would you adapt right away? Did other guys struggle with that? It wasn't too bad, honestly. Obviously, it's a lot more fun than the time is when you score, it's dead silent. You know, that's that's really the only time when you're in it, the gentleman's going, you know, I'm glad we get to travel this year and go to other ranks, not just in a bubble.


That would have been tough again. But, you know, hopefully the vaccine gets rolling out and we get fans by playoffs. I'd be great. So you get the full season with Cal MCCA and it's like to do what he did in the playoffs when he left UMass Amherst was one thing to come back and just dominate the way. Did you kind of called it to us earlier, but no surprise throughout watching him play the season.


Yeah, kid. Special man. You know, even in the playoffs, he was our best player. A lot of nights he would dominate, as you know, being a demon, which is crazy. He'd be all over the ice. You know, this guy must had 30 posts this year. I think he's going to score 30, maybe not this year, but short one, I could say no pressure.


Can't do. I hope he scores a couple second apples for sure. No, but in 82 game season, he'll definitely score thirty multiple times.


I think he's got a great shot. He's like a fourth for out there sometimes with the speed and we're lucky to have him for sure.


And we were talking about the world. Junior USA ended up pulling it out. It was a hell of a gold medal game.


But you guys have these absolute studs playing in that tournament there. It's just crazy.


And to see this team and like you've been there for a while now, really be set up to go on an absolute run here. It's got to feel so good.


Yeah, it feels great, man. A lot of tough years. You know, there's only three of us left me, E.J. and Gabe left from the first team.


You know, we've been through some tough times and some dog days for sure with this organization, you know, with everybody. So from the top of the turn it around and it's cool that we're still haven't treated all of us yet.


So we're still here. And we got some horses, like you said, like, you know, Bo and Byrum. You know, I thought it was the best player. I guess that Sgro was really good as well, but I thought Bo was dominant in that tournament. Newark buried. So we're reloading then. But, you know, got a good excuse. It doesn't mean anything, you know, it's got to get the job done and you know, hopefully we can get it before we get all those prospects and keep going on runs.


You know, after probably a big reason why the Tyson Berry trade happens. Just having all these deals in the pipeline, everybody was well aware how close you guys were. What's it like not only losing your probably your best friend, but a guy who was up on the power player guy that you're playing quite a bit on the ice with? Yeah, even off the ice man with would hang out every day. We sit beside each other on the plane, take him up for every home game.


Yeah, it's tough. You know, he's in a I think he's in a great situation now. I think he's comfortable with Everton, obviously playing with a couple of decent players there. Yeah. I think Tyson will dominate this season and get some of that respect back. You know, obviously, he's a tough start in Toronto, but I thought he played really well. And then Keith came in and hopefully can build on that with with Everton here with just mentioned the juniors.


I want to bring up Arbo and Biram. I know he's not officially on the team yet. Everyone thinks he's going to stick. I know we practice with you guys in the bubble. We never get into a game. What should we expect from this kid, Nate, if he does stick with the team? I hear he's like a real life of the party type.


Yeah, he is, man. He was quiet with us in the bubble. He was an ace. But, you know, I saw that one junior video with him last year. I think he was calling everyone like kitty cat. And everyone just says he won't stop talking. So that's fun, man. I like guys like that. You know, it's fun to bring a little life life to the party. I'm sure you won't be like that right away.


But, you know, if she's playing this year, maybe half of the year will start to loosen up. Yeah, we could go and play.


Can't be coming in hot like that.


Can't be do would ever do that. Who would ever be on our team.


Probably the one team that you could be pretty loose. Yeah. You don't do it to Mark Ricky. John LeClaire. Lionello Linamar. You know that was the first game of the year.


Psychic's walking by. He's a fucking speed already know the game card of who is starting to be Joe. Holy fuck looking great person.


You're like, who is this kid? Well, look, I've heard this story. What did you do?


I just like I like I played the first nine games of the year in the minors and I was like, you know, been there for like a year and a half or whatever. So I knew all the guys. I was really loud and I came up to Pittsburgh and I was in the locker room. Let's go wrecking ball. Come on, Odey.


Like, everyone's like, what if we wouldn't have had tears that he would have been on fucking waivers? Yeah, I think. Or because I do not know how you. That's a veteran group man, but I was with him also in camp.


But still it's no excuse. I mean. Yeah but Biram sounds like my type of guy.


What do you make of Farrell gate. Did you see Barel going around. They brought out the barrel with the cattle logo on it. I fired up.


It pissed me off for like one second that I'm like, I don't know little if I'm going to get back there, like I have a heart to worry about. OK, so what what was it like today?


So it wasn't unheard of. A barrel thing I never heard of like like it was a best cover up by a head coach in the league has no voice like one barrel down.


Sorry. So what is it. It was one barrel at a time. Like what does that even.


Yeah, that's the team sent an internal memo back in December and I guess there was some story. I don't if it was a legend or whatever, people crossing the Sahara. And I guess when the French colonized that particular part of the Sahara, there was all these way stations along that place closed up so they would put a barrel a barrel every five kilometers.


So you know where the horizon ended. And they said, if you crossing the desert, all you had to do is see the next barrel to know where you had to go. So each team was a barrel for the United States. So obviously Canada happened to be the last team. So we didn't see the barrels before because they hadn't won a gold medal.


So they brought it out in the ice so I could have just as easily washed up on the floor and plus.


Well, the memo. Right, liabilities. Ryan Bouchard, the report he had, he he's the one who posted the story. It was from December 19th.


It wasn't like, you know, I doubt they had this conspiracy to talk trash.


They won. So even if it was, you should just take it because we do whatever you are. That's true.


This tough man. It's tough. Ah, Andre, he was my not my first coach, but my first two years. He was our coach here and I was rooting for him to his and he's an unbelievable coach so. Tough loss for the boys, but we didn't deserve it. You playing in 13, if you technically I played, then you got hurt.


You had one apple. I didn't get hurt. You didn't get hurt. What happened? I was I didn't play. I didn't play.


I really get the water bottle because I got mad. Were you?


Yeah, I played I was 13 for like I just. I could I could just never like. I don't know, I get it. Well, actually, what happened or I just they just don't trust me. I know that like, you know, like the Super Series game, like I mean I was so bad the first game I turned the puck over like Russians went and scored like I was trying to, like, told you I got the blue line and just doing dumb stuff and I had a good game, the second game.


But I just think I just. I and know they just come to me and then I took a personal and then went on to this nasty spot is I really like Spotify is awesome to me. He was upfront with me. You know, there's no hard feelings or anything. I just wish I played I remember I played like two shifts in the bronze medal game. It's just tough, man. Yeah.


So meat taken meat, Lapps like. Yeah, yeah. Whoever.


No he's your. What do you. Dairy and gluten free. Are mostly mostly tourism. So you still remember last time we talked to you? Yeah, he's been on the sweet potato train. Apparently you've been farting all over the locker room because. Oh, just just just to go back.


You know, I said he was taking meat laps, like doing the laughs. Yeah.


I just try to coordinate the meat and make it fair. I thought you I thought you thought we were all of a sudden they were paid to try to be funny around here. And that's like my full attempt right there. So a fake laugh would be nice once in a while. Appreciated you next time, bro. Are you sure that I want to ask you about the upcoming schedule?


You guys are playing seven division rivals eight times each.


Are you looking forward to it? I wouldn't say dreading it, but are you indifferent to it? I'm not going to play the schedule they give you, but that's pretty intense. Eight times each. Seven teams.


Yeah, it's crazy. Some you're playing team four times in a row as well. Like two at home too. On the road or vice versa. Yeah.


Is that how it used to be wet and busy. Like know in the jungle. In the jungle.


Dude it was you just bang out a bunch in a row and you'd play a team like ten times. But I don't remember, I don't remember ever back to back with one teams, one thing. But now when you got the four and five nights or four and six nights, I think I saw that's crazy.


But but your first couple of years are didn't you didn't the West not really play the East? No.


Yeah, I was. Yeah, I started and it wasn't like you played every team. Yeah. Twice a year. Twice a year home at home. Yeah. So I mean one division eight I think we have like how many teams.


We have seven in our division or something. Yeah. Yeah.


No division. So you'll be playing seven other teams. Eight. Yeah.


It's going to be. Yeah. By the third or fourth game. Hopefully it goes well you know you getting swept series or whatever, but I think it's just, you know, up to your own team to bring that focus. And you know, no matter who you're playing against, you know, to bring that focus and passion or whatever and every game, obviously no fan. So it's going to be another obstacle.


But it should be OK is I was actually just going to ask you that. Is that Denver come out and said that you guys won't be a place allowing any fans?


Yeah, not at this time. OK, Texas and Florida, just no other. Phoenix, Arizona is doing thirty five hundred.


So it's normal game.


OK, that's the fucking wow that you're going to get redemption baby for that, for that playoff performance back to back to back unsportsmanlike games. When you guys ran up the score.


We didn't mean to. We should, we should. I wish we didn't. I think that was bad that we continue our play because they went reverse retro jerseys against each other this year.


I think those are the two best in the league.


That would be cool. That would be cool, I think. I don't know when we're going to wear them, but I know we have we're playing in Lake Tahoe.


I guess so. Yeah. So I was going to ask hopefully where those that be cool. The really cool.


Yeah. That's among the four games straight. You're going to be playing Vegas for straight in February and including the game at Lake Tahoe. You guys have any details on the rink or any of that stuff yet. Just kind of cross that bridge when you get to it. I think actually they're just going to build it like outdoors, so I'm hearing all thought you were skating on the pond. It's not easy. No, no, I accidentally said that last part and then went round with it, I was just oh no.


Then I said it, then I said it, too, and then bestride.


Turpan me for thinking that it might happen. It was a classic. It was a classic moment of two dumb dumbs. Talking basically is what it is, what it came down.


I was going to ask you a hockey question here, so I never get an answer. I said, who's the guy in the league you hate the most? Who's the guy where, you know, when you're you're going to be playing against him? You're like, fuck, I'm in for a long night. And every bit of offense I try to create is is I'm going to have this guy broken down my neck.


Yeah. I think an underrated guy would be Philip Dan'l in Montreal. He I think he said I won't forget selkie recognition or not, but he showed me he's he's so hard to play against such a good sentiment, man. He's all over me. Every time you play Montreal home or away, I find it really hard to get space against him. And yeah, hopefully he wins the selkie one day. I think he deserves I think he's good against everybody, not just me.


So that's a trade. Blackhawks fans, they really regret not having him. I mean, that was a tough one with your team. No, what's what's the vibe like with Bednar?


I mean, when you're on a really good team, it's hard not to get along with the coach, especially being the player you are. But what's his attitude like? Is he joking around with guys? Is he super serious? How's that all been?


Beds. He's awesome. And he's he's a mix like you could you could chirp like he's got, like, long hair now, so I'll give it to him about his hair. He loves it, like chirps back, like he's a funny guy that he's he's but he's also serious too. Like when it's time to get down to business video for fucking elephant practice, whatever he know, he'll give it to us. But even when we came last, he was still like a good guy to have around.


You know, he wasn't miserable every day. He always brings a good vibe to the rink, which is cool. I know every coach isn't like that, but that's that's he's great, man. Really great hockey mind as well. You know, just an easygoing zagorski boy. You know, he's simple, simple. Dude likes to hunt and, you know, he's great. You guys got even deeper. The off season, added defenseman DeVonté Fullard Brandon said you did lose Nikita Zadora.


But I mean, you guys are even probably a lot more confident going into this year and a couple of pieces like that.


They could put you over the top. Yeah, no, definitely. We feel great. Camp has been awesome so far. Everyone has the same goal is to win this season. I thought last year we had a chance. This year, obviously, it's the big one man. You know, you don't get a ton of opportunities. You know, my first year, like I was saying earlier, it was tough, you know, just scraped, inclined to make the playoffs.


And now, you know, the goal is to actually win. So it's really cool position we're in. And the guys we out of Assad and Tay's, you know, there's no excuse. We can stay healthy and put our best foot forward and and try to get this done.


As a player of your stature, ever get the tax from the GM before a move is made? Like does he ever give you the heads up that something's coming?


No, I don't get that. Nothing. There's no you that James Harden you referred if you like, normal team, OK?


Oh, no, no, but but that did come out recently. How he would just go on like benders flying like the day of the game.


Go to ATL. Yeah. What city.


What did he do with the trades and stuff he would like sign off on like every trade and like I like who they hire as a coach.


You have to sign off on that like it's crazy man. These guys are like it's a different world than these guys have so much value, you know, like if LeBron is on your team, your team is worth like double, you know, I don't know. It's just in hockey, like. And obviously, we're good players, but, you know, we're in a drought. Exactly. So not that like you're like I can't get a fucking text here from Joel there.


Make it forty five a year, some of them, aren't they. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, 50 years. Yeah. Funny in your time, that's your whole contract. You're the best player in the league has ever been friendly baby love differently. Yeah it is true.


Hockman look at the Bruins. Look you guys are doing it. Yeah. Like this. Obviously it's, it's not you know, you don't want to be the the best contract in the league. That's definitely something you don't want, but it's obviously cool. Do you know all these great players on our team? Would it be possible? You know, one of us is making thirteen or fourteen or something.


So last time we had you on, I don't think we talked about the time you were on Jerryd. So your acting ability. And then I think after we had you on, you were in an animation series with Trailer Park Boys.


Yeah, man. Yeah, yeah. I started with Jerry, I was just playing for the Moose Heads and he's a big hockey fan, so he asked me to bring one of the boys from the moose to come back. And I think the episode was like, you know, you need to take school more seriously because I was in his class. He's like, you'll never go anywhere in hockey. Like, I never went anywhere and you never really there.


He said, you're playing yourself in it.


I was playing myself. Yeah. OK, cool. And both in both.


And the second one, I got kidnapped by Bubbles and Ricky. To beat the Monkton mudslides, you know, to our game, those guys are awesome and those guys are so funny.


Who's your favorite character? A trailer Park Boys. Probably Julian, I think Julian would be my favorite always as a rum and coke in his hand is black tea and he's he's so funny. All those guys, they're all from the Harbor Nova Scotia area.


So the owner of the stand ups in Denver go watch and they had me on the show was pretty cool. That's awesome.


I just mentioned whoops a second ago. It's funny, I had an analogy written down watching the playoffs this year reminded me of the old three point contest. Larry Bird shoots the last shot. And right when he lets go, he puts the number one up because that's how confident he is. The shots go in and that's what you reminded me of. Just like pee confidence. Every shot's going to go in. Is that where you are right now in your career and you still feel the same confidence do you have in the bubble?


Yeah, I felt great, man. I think the less travel was awesome for me, I got to rest up after every game you play a ton of minutes, a couple more back to back. So with with with being there. But, you know, not just myself, the whole team, like I said, Kel was dominant. Mieko Landi. All these guys had amazing performances and hopefully can carry the season. I know you mentioned the retro jersey, too.


I know that you will point after Colbeck actually left, but what's your take on the new retro reverse jersey?


A reverse retro? I think it's awesome. That's what everybody is buying. You know, people tag me all their Christmas. I think a ton a ton of kids and even adults bought these jerseys. So they're a hit man. And, you know, hopefully we can wear them more than our regular one this year. They're so cool. And, you know, I thought they were going to be like baby blue, but at first I didn't love it, to be honest.


I thought with the Nordiques I was like just envisioning baby blue with, like Joe Sakic and Peter Stastny and all those guys. But they look great. And Compuware. I think that they are they are the best, but I mean, you got to think that if they're going to if they're going to come out with all those jerseys, there's going to be some tough ones. And when I saw Detroit, we were laughing at him when we did the show.


It's like a practice jersey. So you got to think that you're seeing it. Oh, my God, it's amazing. But you guys get the one that you actually want to wear every night. It's true.


Yeah. You know, we're lucky, man. I mean, some of those jerseys can be tough. I've seen some third's that actually look like practitioners. And I think the blues and like 08 Attractors jerseys full time, though I don't remember those ones.


I want to piggyback off Ari's question. So, you know, you're playing the way you have been. Is there one thing in particular when you had this whole break that you wanted to, like, add to your game? Like, what's the one thing where you're like, I need to get better at this?


Probably face offs, not great at them. For whatever reason. I got better in the playoffs. I put a little more time into them, but definitely something I'd like to get better at and hopefully be around 50 percent this season. So that's what I'm looking for.


One guy up right now. You go ahead.


Well, I was I was going to be related. I get to piggyback question off of that. Jesus, is Sid helping you with those?


No, we didn't do any face offs since offseason.


That such a crazy sore face. Sorry I wasn't a tournament. Sorry about the way they do it.


They do an auction to auction off who is going to come and drop the box because the local refs like a big deal and call harbor. Yes, I was going to mention one guy who wasn't on the team last time we talked.


Nazem Kadri, what element did he bring to the avalanche that maybe you guys were lacking before you got there?


Have you guys had those on before? We have no. Oh, man. You guys got to get Nazan. He's he's a man.


He's a he's a funny guy. Hilarious. And he's got some swag to him to in a great way. Like he brings such a fun element to our team like. You know, he's he's not arrogant at all, but, you know, you think he's won like five hearts and five is in a great way, though, like he's just so confident that he's such a great guy to have around the room.


Like, no matter what the circumstances are the same every day brings a great mood to the to the team. And hopefully you guys can put up with them sometimes.


It'd be great to have you talk about the mood. And I just read a tweet before we came on there having I guess it's unsettling times as far as who gets the OK score in the locker room in Toronto, who gets it with Colorado and where they bump and mostly Zadora.


I've had it actually last year. You played good tunes. You get these like mixes and it was good. I don't know. I don't know. Tom Wilson and Z, they're both gone now, so we've got to figure it out. I don't know.


Are you what if you could pick a top job or are you a rap guy? Yeah, I'm a rapper who prefer your who are your top five guys right now.


Little baby, I like when you say tight, he ties tight. Oh, he is so gangster. It's unbelievable. I like Drake obviously who's the guy who died that's like pretty legit.


Is it juice world that I really like you, too.


He died, but he's dead. Yeah, he has some back. He's got some bangers, too. You don't think anything, man. You know who was nice, who also I believe got shot. Was that pop smoke. Yeah. Yeah, man. These bring that tone that he was fire pregame game songs were firemen.


Are you going to rap that Lil Sydney dude collab on a new album in the off season. All like little Croz little cries. I'm looking for a little Krause's debut album.


An album is called Working on Drawers is figuring it all out together at my boat launch profits.


All the profits from those shirts are going towards all the therapy. I need it after those eight to one spankings you gave us in playoffs.


And were you were you in the bubble? No games or.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm not committed to somebody. I would have brought fucking covid would have been bastard if he was would sneak it out.


I know, Nate, you know, a lot of talk about the Avs in the comments about the shit you like the pressure some guys wilt underneath it. How do you compartmentalize that pressure? So you're not constantly thinking must win cop over and over. How do you do that? What your mental approach, the. I think day by day when obviously we're not even close to that yet, we haven't won a game this season. So, you know, every day in camp, every day in the regular season, we just need to build, you know, and I think obviously the record matters, but we just want to get better throughout the season.


You know, you look at Tampa two years ago and they lost like 10 games, 15 games and got swept and they came back, won the cup. And I think, you know, they realize the record, whatever doesn't really matter in the regular season, especially in hockey, there's so much parity that, you know, we going to get better every day and it's going to be a grind. The our division is a lot of big defensive teams, you know, a lot of really good teams.


So it's going to be, first of all, get into the playoffs and hopefully we're rolling when we get there. I get a I get a little off hockey topic, and that's the golf game, and we talk second to you guys do want a rematch. What was the game this summer? Were you playing a lot? Was the course closed during the the down? What's the deal and how's Sid's game?


My golf game is in shambles.


Well, no, no, this is what you you were money then you were and you were just on that path.


Swing, swing thoughts, man. I got to I got to, you know, before I hit the ball, I got like I got like seven different thoughts in my head because I get a lot of double that.


You got me, buddy.


And I was doing an interview. I know.


I think there's a point where you just get too many lessons. And I. I got to figure it out. You're on your Instagram looking at every swing tip there is on YouTube and you got the toys, the little ball with the string.


Yeah, my in my house looking in the beer, my take away man. So I just got to keep it simple. But come July or August, when the season's over, the boys will have to go to Boston and make you guys pay for dinner this time. Game On was a nice dinner.


I was like, you taught me the oyster trick that I use all the time. So simple. And you're done with oyster.


Put it face down and then you know exactly what they could do. Their fingers go.


Did you try hamachi at all? Did he trip you up at all?


No. Marcia Marcia stayed in Boston this afternoon. They had surgery, so. Oh, that's yes. What is the rehab in there and stuff. So missed him. You missed that guy around the rink is always a treat, so hopefully next summer he's back.


You mentioned Collin Wilson earlier. I reached out to him. He obviously went through some difficult times towards the end of his career. Had he ever came to you about that stuff while you were playing with him?


Yeah, he was really open about the stuff he was going through, obviously, Duffy learned some things in that article play with really for three years. And yeah, it's it was I think it was great the way he came out and spoke like a lot of players about athletes. A lot of people go through those similar things and it takes courage, man, to come out and put it out there. But really, he's an open guy about it.


He's not ashamed at all. And, you know, he he was great. I think, you know, I think he just announced his entire retirement officier, you know, and this guy went through a lot of injuries, a lot of surgeries. Tough on the mental you know, it's harder than people think to always be on the shelf battling with something so great for really man. And hopefully he's got an unreal retirement. Made some made some good money is chilling for sure.


So, you know, he he had a great career.


He was he was a big guy. So I never got the chance to play with him. But first time I ever met this kid because I was training with a buddy of mine who was just playing in Europe and it might have been Friday. It was like an afternoon. We were just going over there to maybe, like, stretch or ride the bike. He was an incoming freshman at BYU, Wilson. And I look at him, he's got fifty pounds hanging from the weight belt and he's literally dummying full arm pull ups like he's an animal man, 20 of them.


And he was 18. I was like, who is this kid? Sure enough, he ends up being a high pick, has a great career. So I know he went through a ton, but an awesome guy. And that's good to hear that. Even talking to you. He's he's open with all that stuff.


Yeah, he is. And even though, like his training, he said he used to just, you know, he wishes he didn't do some of that, I think.


Oh, he was season twenty and he was sixteen. You're 16 years old.


I'm going to be honest. I probably went way too hard when I was first starting out to squatting like foreplay. It's just like really stupid shit that I had to tighten me up long term.


And I'm like, what are you laughing at? You think I'm humble bragging about squatting for plates right now.


Cuonzo Lovecraft in your face about you're like you're emotional. I do what you feel you owe this party gave it to him on the fucking golf course.


I don't. How do you like that one. A dog I forget that used to kill guys on the eights. I got to be more careful.


I'm not make a fucking comeback. I just got to get a yoga instructor hands coach. Yeah. You're going to do the Tour de France.


Do you think Tour de France, if you train legit from today for six more months, are you biking?


You're biking right now? No, I haven't hopped on. Yeah, I actually did a stationary a couple of months ago, although I did twenty minutes. I was busy. And the Google peloton, that's about it.


I think you've got to get on the juice if they are anyway. Fuck my during the show. That's going to be good.


Nate G tells us you're a video game guy guide. You play Randle's are all NHL guys. How's that work.


Yeah I got, I got both. I got both. I got a gaming community going. I play a lot of Fortinet. I just love it. I don't know why I love to compete, come home from Iraq and just compete for that and not just compete. I got these little gamer gamer kids that are really good.


I just play with them mostly so they know who you are.


I'm going to need you have to twitch streams. Yeah. Yeah, I streamed a little bit man. I really enjoyed streaming, blasting some some of my favorite tunes and honestly like. I don't love usually talking with, like, the media and stuff, but, you know, it's cool to have your own platform streaming, get to interact with fans directly. That's why I like podcasts, too. There's no like opinion. You guys and you guys just rip me after.


I don't know.


But we're not going to chuck a few soundbites up there. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Well, you know, you just kind of control the, you know, the vibe and how you want to say things. There's no really opinion about it. And I thought that was cool with streaming to just hang out, talk to fans. And, you know, I like to listen.


When people are playing against you, they always know what you do.


You sometimes go anonymous, oh, my, my, what's my ethnic name or whatever. It's young Nate like, you know, it's like my rap name, young Nate.


So Vaughn, I know they will made a fortnight.


Hey, maybe if you're looking to make a few extra bucks we get signed to the song that he's Cornelio.


You have to play underneath Grenelle because he's got his own character in the game. I don't know if you know that will take it.


NHL, NHL. Twenty one. I got to get on that man. I'm awful.


Lorenzini pumped me twenty nothing dude. So it's all good.


Actually I to, I think you'd be awesome at that man. Now you have to be better than that now you. But that was like right when you said Oh I'm much better now. I pumped Nate. Yeah.


Oh yeah. How long. He's being humble like bears talking about is for runner. Yeah. Let's go. We can go back to you for your career because I remember you were a hero. Yeah. And then I just I think it messed me up guys. I was just I was getting too small. Your hands got swollen.


We kind of. I interrupted you. Shocker when you were talking about the acting thing a little bit. Is that something you could see yourself maybe doing a little bit more of post career? I think anyone will want me to post courier, man. I thought you were pretty good, naturally. Did you watch the trailer Park Boys one when the first one, like not the cartoon? No, I didn't even know you were on Trailer Park Boys. Though that was the cartoon one, and then I did another one before that, it was actually.


I was like 20, I was thick, was a thick boy then that was a bubble, started like a hockey camp and he was like weed growing everywhere around the kids. And it was pretty funny because I was like, I know it's 2011 now.


Season 11, correct? Yeah.


Yes. Season eleven, episode seven. Check it out. What was that? Was that or the animated one about the Stanley Bong? The Stanley Bong was animated, one that was like a kidnap for help. The mudslides. Oh, I like that stuff, man. Oh, that is not good.


Not when you're out on the deep thought. You had some chops, too. You were pretty convincing because sometimes you have athletes on it. They're obviously athletes doing an acting thing. But but you were pretty good in that.


OK, thanks, man. I'm on MTV. I got my own age going so I can apply for my actor. So we'll see, see if I need to look after hockey. Are you going to want an acting credit for the next sandbagger? Just so I know. Sort of register.


You want to check this? OK, all right.


I could I couldn't believe how well that video did. Man, that was that was. That's all.


You were surprised. Sidney Crosby and Nathman Golf and got a lot of views. But I think I think it turned out better than you guys even thought.


Oh yeah. They were Ginelli from staring out since Quad's.


Things are unbelievable.


We went to the course. We thought we might get a couple of holes. No boos. Oh, OK.


We got let's tell the story. So we you guys finally agree to come on and get interviewed. So our fucking cocks are rock hard, right? So I'm like I'm thinking with Porsche and the guys, I'm like, hey, let's get them for a round of golf too. And I kept text and said that you could tell he was not down for that. So there's no feeling that it's all but. But you guys agreed to go golfing, so I said perfect.


I said Porsche sharp around the third hole and we did OK. We did a show on Wall Street with the CCMA. Yeah, I think we're Gisella's the third hole.


We did that. Oh yeah. We we ambushed them. He had he couldn't say no. He said, you know, I saw my perfect short pull through three. So we do the intro and I'll be honest, I didn't realize how short the course was because we moved up because it was wet and I probably shouldn't be given as many strokes. I was I was on fire in that front nine and it should look bad and fuck, thank God you showed some emotion, snapped and called me a sandbagger because that was how it all started.


I it took me a while to snap.


Usually it's quicker than that all night you were like plus two plus two through nine played at a twenty three handicap.


It was just it was unbelievable.


But I think it was actually one of the biggest sandbag experience when I was a kid, a bad one, I was like hit a bad one dude. They're going to fucking snap.


And then you shot like a sixty eight on top of that, that, that you played great.


I played good in the back and Biz was sick on the front. And then the fact that we just got back and we ended it with like a birdie on 18. You've bought us dinner after you gave us the interview.


It's just perfect in my life that memory. I was selling a seventy three that day.


I was looking at the wine list of the restaurant, all of them. Oh my God, I've been grinding for that game, the whole scene. And I remember I had a ball. I had it right. No I, I, I hit it left. I had nothing at all. I, I hit it left.


No I hit a six shot and you go you're dead there. That's jail. Oh my gosh. Shit. And I get up there and it kind of was in this shot spun and stopped and it was a tap and I remember I looked over like Fox is screaming too competitive bastards getting beat by two clowns.


That was classic.


Yeah. It was just that was real emotion, man. No acting there.


So we're just going to have to tell Sid it's a round of golf in Boston. There's going to be seventeen cameras there when he shows up. Yeah. It's going to be a full full studio of cameras pulling up. I think Sid was so into the match though that he didn't even really notice, like the camera, you know what I mean? You just the compete. You know, he started being competitive and, you know, it was great.


I'm glad we filmed that because not just for you, too, but it's cool to cold to look back at for sure. Well, I'll do it. It's thanks for doing it. Yeah.


It's great to catch up with you again, man. This is this is it's been it seems like it was five years ago we saw you guys, but what a great season you had. And I think this year with your team, sky's the limit. So look, looking forward to watching you guys play and we appreciate you coming on.


Yeah. Thanks for having me. I really appreciate it.


Our pleasure. Nate, thanks so much. Good luck this year. Keep killing it. Huge thanks to our boy, the Nate Dogg, for joining us once again. Always a pleasure to have him on. Great guy, easy to root for as well.


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Visit the zebra dotcom chocolates. That's THP Zebb outrate dotcom slash Checketts pikelets for insurance in black and white. By all means. Check that out any time you can get your insurance low. It's always a good thing. I got some notes here I'm going to run through. If you guys want to chime in, do show all of Eckmann larcenies day to day with a lower body injury is going to miss at least two games.


And I took a hit from Evander Kane. One of the game's first shots didn't return. Patrick Lynch was out Monday with the upper body injury. Poor Paul Morris we mentioned already. Andre Carsia is on the injured reserve. Sean Kataria is going to miss a couple weeks. And Pittsburgh defenseman Mike Matheson also has an upper body injury, was also placed on the Alexander Ovechkin is going to seven hundred seventh goal on Sunday. He now has one goal behind my gotten off a seventh on the all time Gollust.


We already have a suspension this season. St. Louis has Sammy Blake was given two games for hit on Devin Davis. I thought we were going to get another one nicked out. He hit Eric Staal, very similar hit. I thought for sure he was going to get at least a game. Didn't get nothing. Nothing at all, which I was surprised by. Did you think he was going to get a game for that?


I haven't seen the Haddara, although a former teammate of mine, we both have a color covering with the Manchester Monarchs. How the hell are you? Thanks for bringing it up.


Yeah, either way, it was just it it looks very similar to the previous one. But Mike Koffman missed the opener due to work visa issues. As you just mentioned, the coyotes use in the post game. Well, I like what the capitals are doing. If you didn't see that clip, Peter LaViolette come in, he said he watched every show on TV for the last nine to ten months. And Kobrick, I was his favorite.


So all those God, they're doing those. Kobrick was his favorite fucking show.


Yeah. I mean, he should Dmae if he wants to have fun. KOBRICK But he should be fired.


LaViolette should be fired for saying that that fucking show is his favorite show on television. I'm not where you're laughing. I ain't fucking laughing.


I yeah but he's like he remembers the Karate Kid days. Like it's a nostalgia.


I heard someone who the hell said it's all right. It might have been Ross Yandell, it might have been Ross Ross, Officer Ross might have said he loves it. I have.


I put it on one night. I just wasn't in the mood for it. So I haven't seen it fully. So I can't really comment. I just know that there are better shows to watch on fucking fucking Chris Terry.


But either way, they have one foot by offense and one for defense because, you know, Biagi and Daniel Troy, it was pretty funny, like Troy Terry.


I played against Chris Terry. Oh, there is a Chris there. I thought so. It's fucking brutal. No offense, LaViolette, to the people who like, did it fucked?


I don't love you. That's going to be coming at you with what you watch because he's going to be like, oh yeah, you're going to Dogge Colebrooke. You're watching medium fucking documentaries on Netflix, getting scammed like talk shows because I got sucked.


Well, listen, I it was a topic. It's not so much like just like fuck you. Well, how about that?


I'm saying what he could come back with. I'm not saying I disagree with you. I'm saying what he could hit you back with. You got to always think about what that return punch is going to be.


At least I learned something that it's that that regeneration is fake.


Ha ha. This is going to get catfish by a fucking Twitter account at Mae Brown after this fucking episode drops.


I don't even know, but I'm going to go back.


You never saw a ghost. You ever see Ghost of Patrick Swayze? Demi Moore? I know it's an old one, but it's was funny in Ghost.


I, I, I've probably seen it. I don't remember. I just know the scene where they're making the clay doll one of the most erotic scenes ever.


Yeah. I get now. I paid off to that. Oh yeah.


But that's not the going on besides making a vase.


Yeah. It's honestly it's one of the best, it's one of the most erotic films, scenes in film that has no nudity or really any semblance of nudity.


It's just the way they film it.


They got the Righteous Brothers fucking in the box like twerking on the claim on the clay machine.


I mean, Unchained Melody is one of the most romantic songs of all time, especially when fucking Bobby Hatfield and I listen.


I'm going to talk about this, Paul. Just maybe I haven't seen that movie. I know you guys sometimes I've seen it. Come on. I just it never I don't I wouldn't be for not having seen this.


It's over. It's like you were you were watching Baby Blue to whatever it was.


WAPI won the Oscar Tufa for performance as the huckster fucking medium Otomi Brown. All right. Moving right along Signing's retirements captains Dylan Lockean was named captain of the Red Wings. As we all expected, the twenty four year old becomes the thirty seven captain in team history, the first Michigan native to wear it, Luke Clendinnen, Clendenning and Friends Neilson will get the Yes. Mark Stone was named the first captain in Vegas Golden Knights history. Alex Petrenko and Rathie Smith will get the A's.


I'd love watching that fucking guy play, by the way. Who so I.


If you had your little Bruins, I think they got the goalie pulled so hard, he got on the background.


I can't even watch it and read at the same time. Marcus Folino signed a three year, nine point three million dollar extension of Minnesota that kicks in after this season. Travis Hammond officially signed his one year, one point twenty five dollars million deal in Vancouver after his PTO stint. We already mentioned Chicago signed and Jerry Jeremy call it new, a two year extension that runs through the twenty three season. Couple of retirement notes. Jabu missed the ball missed.


I'm sorry. Gebo missed to retire at the seventeen NHL seasons in the Stanley Cup in twenty nineteen, twelve hundred and forty regular season games. Seventy five more in the playoffs. Only time you ever play in the NHL was during the lockout. Just a great teammate, beloved guy, fucking G man.


What a jerk. And he just dips like, nah I'm just I'm going to file my papers. No press conference.


I'm wicked. He's just a wicked key guy. Fucking twenty out of ten. That's what he is. Yeah. Yeah I know.


Gomez was saying how far he's low key and I want all you blues fans out there that goes all you, all you fans.


You started ragging on him when he came off hip surgery the one year and you're complaining about him at the beginning of the season.


I want you to take your fists and sock yourself right in the face for it. Didn't he get scratched? I think he might even get a scratch on the fan base was all over on him. He was a vital piece to winning that. Stanley Cup is a fucking guy and he's a pro. And he probably showed up every day trying to figure that thing out and he was buzzing. So you got to make a fist and you got to put yourself in the face.


A pro's pro, no doubt, Adam McQuaid, who was a big part of the 2011 Boston Bruins, Stanley Cup Ranji, he officially called it quits. He last played back in twenty nineteen. I mean, I think it was known he wasn't going to play again, but he actually made it official over the weekend, 580 regular season and playoff games. And it's funny because he was a stay at home defensive defenseman tight and he's actually the highlight of his career was probably other than beating the fuck out of a bunch of guys.


Was that pinch in Game seven versus Montreal wet and ends up leading to the series clinching goal by Nathan Watt? And so he's a big part of that fucking run. No doubt.


I got the chance to meet Adam McQuaid when I you know, you'd skate with the Bruins, when they'd come back before the local NHL guys went off to their respective. Of cities. I'll tell you right away, like maybe the most one of the nicest people, the most friendly down to earth, I'm going to say Eastern Canadians, you know, what's it called? Bears when they're over, where where he's from, what do they call that area?


All like East Coast.


Yeah, East Coast people. You know how they're just an extra level of just like people. They call them newfies over there.


I don't think he's in. I don't think he's from Newfoundland now, by the way.


He's a poor guy. Yeah. Yeah. So I met him right away. And like the most unassuming guy, soft-spoken, handsome fella, big dude. And then you see this guy play. And now I never saw what I'm about to mention.


Like in the preseason skates, everyone is just getting in shape, snapping around. Nobody's snap. And for the most part, he gets into a game and is willing to stand there toe to toe and did it for a long time, eating and chucking bombs, beating the absolute piss out of people, saw him and cover that guy.


Was that Darth? Darth quater What a nickname for him.


He would stand in there.


Nobody that was around the team that won at all is like thought to him or the list.


The list went on a bunch of bullies. Oh.


And the way he went about just solid defensively. Got way better with the puck as his career went on, like he came into the league, like maybe, maybe not the best at like snapping a tape tape, by the end, he wasn't just killing people. He was getting it out of his own. Real nice getting shots, too, just like the perfect five, six guy that was tough as nails and a huge part of the Bruins success in Stanley Cup.


And basically, like years of just being in the hunt was Adam McQuaid. So it sucks to see how it all went down. So many scary, different injuries, but having to get to meet him and occasionally run into him once in a while, I think he's going to stay local. Yeah.


With the article said he lives in Boston. So and as a guy covid, I'm a little bit here in Boston. You're right. He was soft spoken to. His nature off the ice was like the total opposite of his nature on the ice, like a lot of guys. But either way, congrats quater on official retirement. And thanks for the memories, man. You did a great job.


He's the guy who you're like you accidentally get in a fight with and you don't know anything about him. The next thing you know, you're picking your fucking team off the ice and you're just like your nose is halfway around your head. He was he was for like a part like we're like he was probably one of the most undercover heavyweights in the league. Well, he would stand there toe to toe. And he was he was a throwback, throwback fighter.


Not many guys would stand in there like that in today's age.


Yeah. I thought if when he played in his day one of the most feared fighters in the league, if he wasn't the toughest, he was among probably the three or four toughest while he played. I'd say keeping a little Bruins theme here.


Will you agree? His number twenty two will be retired by the Bruins. I guess better late than never. Play is wrong. League also had a detail on their helmets all week. And it's where we go in here on Martin Luther King Day. Willie, of course, went to the hockey all fame back in twenty eighteen. But it's nice for the Bruins, like I said, to do this. I know people like that. You know, it's late.


It's this, it's that. I mean, you know, Jackie Robinson's number has been retired from baseball for, I think, twenty three twenty four years now. And Willie did the same thing and, you know, going through the same type of shit. So, yeah, we could sit here and say it probably should have been done before, but it's being done. And I suppose we can be happy with that. And congrats to Willie. He's he's a great guy.


We have tremendous things about him. And it's good that he's going to get his twenty two in the Raptors, hopefully some media in the building that well-deserved.




And also if you want to feel really old, as if I don't already fucking work on you guys, my message is 60 years old, we weren't going to discuss some memories of him playing. I don't know how many you guys saw, but I my favorite thing of him is him drinking a beer in the locker room with a face cloth over his junk and Gary Coleman on his lap. Gary Coleman just sitting there.


You ever see that classic picture? He's laughing, isn't he? Oh, he's got a huge shit eating grin on his face, Gary Coleman. And he's like legit. His towel looks like a face cloth. Like guys just had junk flying all over the place back in the day. But obviously, I'm joking. I mean, five Stanley Cups. You won one more than Gretzky personally. The guarantee Jersey game, but game six was, I think goes out, gets a hattrick, forces a game seven.


And also he took down Madonna back when she was throwing fucking some Nolan Ryan.


He was that close on the result. I forgot about that. I think I think my friend is blown A-list Celebrity Rehab.




As a gang members, I just like I think he maybe gets forgotten a little bit when just you think of Gretzky right right away, but I shouldn't say Mark Messier gets forgotten. He's got a fucking leadership award named after him. What a stupid statement.


He was just like the perfect hockey player. I mean, I think Gretzky won nine of 10 MVP and then Massiah got one. He he won the contest. Myf, he also went to New York, won another MVP, and I think his first three years in the league, like the first year he scored 12 goals and then the second year.


It was like right around double say, it was twenty four and then he shot off to 50 and that was actually the only time he ever scored 50 goals in a season.


But he would run you over, would put his elbow.


This guy is a man. Oh. There's videos of this guy. He just put his elbow right in somebody's mouth. Are you.


Reminds me of the Seth Jones story about Shaq is I don't touch my wrist. He's like the cocky version. Don't touch me again.


Shaq would crush you over the head fucking when you weren't exactly. But he's like the Freddy Krueger. I was shocked. Yeah, he was. He was a fucking man, but he still looks fucking good if you see him. He's still got his shit together. He looks like he's 40.


Still to imagine running around Manhattan with him back in the fucking body. He was the type of guy to, I think, like legit after every game.


Like if we're going out for beers, like, I don't him buying people suits the stories that, like anyone, get called up one game, boom. He's buying you a suit. No way.


I never heard about that. That's cool. Yeah. Guys have said, like, you get called up, there's a suit in your locker is mess.


So like, I think that when you look back at the guys like you kids, our leisure suit.


But he won six cups five. What happened to the one with the range is about, oh, my goodness. But he stole any one.


That one he won. The one wants Gretzky left, which was what was that against the Bruins in 1990?


Yeah. Yeah, he that guy was he was the perfect player, did it all and every single teammate. If he spoke, you had to listen. When you go about things a certain way and when you speak the entire room shuts up and does whatever you say. That's when, you know, you've you've had a grand career.


Also going going back to the question I asked Nate, I said, are you as big a big dog now where you're hearing about moves before they're made? I think Mess was usually the guy who got the phone call first and knowing exactly what was happening out with with the dynamic of the team, yes or no, with like he was like he by the end of his career, it was like he was like he was a legend. He was a legend.


He was a legend. Still playing. So the fucking man. Happy sixtieth birthday.


Yeah. Happy birthday, miss. All right. Moving along, have a little gambling contraction. Will chime in here. Now, what sparked that?


You saw your cousin RJ is hot guys.


Hop on him. I've seen him going runs. Yeah. Yeah, it's been it's been a good one. And like I said, it's tough to give picks because the lines don't come out till the next day. So that's why I want to know if you want to just follow me on Twitter, follow my Instagram @ @ @ rear end blog on Twitter.


What I do is his only fans cameo. Whatever was although his My Feet picks. Basically I'll be the days that I'm going to have a bet, which is probably going to be six to seven days a week. I'll have a blog.


It goes up late in the afternoon. I know people already. I get up at seven, eight in the morning to pee and I already got people ask me who I like that night. That's like, well, dude, I haven't had my coffee yet. I always look late in the day. It's just because back in the day before the Internet, when you would put a wager on what the local shop, the guy doesn't open till six thirty seven, so you wouldn't even get the line.


And I guess that's just the way I was raised. All I have I'm conditioned to wait till later in the day to make my place. So just follow me on Twitter. The Checketts accounts also going to be tweeting it out because again, I can't tell you who to bet on a Tuesday night and Wednesday night when I don't know the lines. But either way, like what's said, I got a hot start. And when I do right, let's read what I'm writing.


Like the other night, Saturday night, I flat out said I didn't like anything. I didn't love anything. I still made a few plays. That's my way of saying, hey, I'm not putting the fucking phone down on it here. If you like it fall. But, you know, so, you know, don't just go to the beach. Read what I'm saying. Like today, Saint Louis, I made it clear I'm making a heavy bond bet on them.


So you know that I like them. I don't put amounts because sometimes I don't even know what I'm betting until I call it. And but anyways, it's been a good start. We had a really good week. If you followed along, hopefully you made some money, too. So just again, fall checklists, follow Instagram, follow the with Twitter and you'll get the blog and you can follow along at home, make some money. Ideally, another issue I've got a lot of tweets about.


I think people think I'm Obi Wan Kenobi here. Biz help me Obi Wan. You're my only hope. We got all this blackout situation around the league, the regional Colorado regional sports networks like basically, you know, Comcast SportsNet.


So whatever Fox Sports and it's all those regional networks, basically all the streaming outlets aren't haven't don't have any deals. I mean also people who have YouTube, TV or football or any of these other companies, they're not carrying they're not streaming games anymore. And a lot of people can't watch them in their blackout. So I don't know why the fuck the NHL and the other teams and advertisers, why are they doing blackouts when there are no fans in the building?


I have no idea. But whoever's listening, maybe lift the fucking blackout restrictions for this year when there are no fans in the building and just let people watch the games. It's a fucking joke that in Colorado, people can't watch the avalanche and natural that these people in Carolina, there's a situation and I know it's everything's so convoluted. What fucking networks. And, you know, you got Sinclair Broadcast Company. They're fucking out. So whatever they do, as far as you know, making the prices high, it's just like, you know, people just want to watch fucking hockey make it easy for our opponents to this.


Let me ask you this. So you keep harping about this and I agree.


I want everybody who wants to watch hockey to be able to do it, especially if you're in that own city or are they not able to watch it because if they want to watch it, they're forced to buy like cable and pay that much money when all that that's like really the only channel they want to buy, right?


Well, yes, that's what it is. If because people are getting the TV off the Internet now, they're not buying. They're not doing traditional cable and satellite. So if you don't, then you're not getting access to these channels.


So if they purchase if they purchase NHL network, is there a chance that their game is not playing on NHL network? You mean there could be blood? Well, the package you have, you still could block it out, I think. Yeah, OK.


Because if it's on TV in your region, even if you can't get it on your TV, it'll still be blacked out on your fucking NHL TV. They need to figure the fuck out this season because, again, there's no fans in the building. The blackout shit makes no goddamn sense.


So. So you think it's bullshit about the blackout and or the fact that they're forcing people to buy cable, to charge them to watch a game for like one hundred and thirty bucks a month? Yeah.


And again, it's it's a confusing issue because it's not one thing. It's the blackout in one area and then it's the regional sports network in another area. And yeah, people are paying to watch TV on one one thing and it's like, well now I can't watch the game, but I think yeah, the best thing is to get NHL, TV, we have it. It's awesome. You get games wherever you go and there are blackout things. But if you're going to spend the money and you want to watch hockey do that by NHL TV, that'll guarantee all but and bring back blackout stuff.


That'll guarantee you'll be able to watch some games. But it's just frustrating for fans, man, that trying to watch their team and they can't. And when it's greed too well, they owe money.


Yeah, it's it's yeah. They're trying to they're trying to gouge the customer, of course. OK, that sucks.


But anyways, I just wanted to make these people's, you know, concerns made amplify them and let the customer service.


Yeah. Whoever has the show might hear it. And hey, maybe somebody will do something to help these folks out and they could watch the fucking teams they root for. So so. Yeah.


To wrap it up, fans, I hear you. We hear, you know, your issues certainly. But get NHL, TV, it'll probably solve all your problems or at least most of them. But hopefully you guys are able to watch a game soon moving right along. The last topic we got here, NFL weekend, awesome games last weekend, bills mafia one game from the Super Bowl in the AFC championship game. Last time they were playing the same team, the Kansas City Chiefs, you know, who did the post game interviews?


That game bears no OJ Simpson.


I don't think we're going to see him this weekend. And in the NFC, we got Tom Brady versus Aaron Rodgers when it goes to the Super Bowl. I mean, Brady leaves the Pats goes the NFC. He's in the NFC championship game of Gronk Fourteenth Chalmers, a conference championship insane.


And this would be ten Super Bowls.


It's he's something else, but I won't be. Oh, yeah.


Rodgers is something else. He gets the ball out quick. He could throw it deep, is so sick I'm fired up for the bills.


I think the bills are going to beat the chiefs. Mahomes in or out.


I love the bills are good. The bills are a wagon. And Josh Allen, how easy is it to root for that guy Canadarm. He can move around. I love the bills. Bills. Browns would have been incredible. Andy Reid with the ballsiest of balls, the biggest of heaviest balls going forward on that fourth down at midfield to seal the win against the Browns. All right.


I will disagree with you. The games weren't great. I, I don't know. Like they didn't I guess the you're thinking about some, like, instant classics.


I don't really think we had any of those, but what.


No, no I don't.


I just think it's an exciting weekend. Of course that's what I meant.


Although the Browns chiefs that ended up going down. Well, yes. Yes.


And seeing Brees go, go. Oh, that was tough. The video, Brady kind of hang on with them after on the field thrown his kids off pass. It was like, oh, like Brees.


He doesn't have it anymore. He's got no arm strength. He remember Payton at the end? No, they won. They won the Super Bowl.


He was he was Payton couldn't throw the ball ten yards then and Brees really can't throw it. It looked like fifteen to twenty. So they're playing they they were playing Michael Thomas. They didn't he didn't have one catch. So the Bucs, they're solid on D but what a different test is going to be with your boy Rodgers and twenty degrees as opposed to being in a dome. Brady's older. I have no clue there. I'm not betting against Tom Brady.


I hammered hammered the Bucs money line. I needed that one Sunday evening.


But yeah, the weekend by the bills moving on is just like their fan base has been so great and to allow seven thousand women there, it was loud, they were shitfaced. And I'm sure that the bills.


Oh, does anything about the bills thrown at Bar Stool. Did a video. Did you see this video. No. You went to these these bills fans have watched the game at like one of the dude's uncles living room.


Any time they're not there, they lose. Any time they're there, they win. They're up there on the screen, like using their finger. Yeah, I saw that.


It's like six minute video worth checking out. Funny, funny stuff. But I'm on the bills. I'm on the bills bandwagon. I love to see them do well. Their fan base deserves it. And I'm ready for this weekend. What's the first game, you know, on Sunday.


Yeah, it's the NFC Brady Rodgers. They Robinson Championship Day is where it's at. Both games are usually pretty sick for a trip to the ball. They are.


Are you going to watch? I oh, for sure.


I'm a huge Rogers fan, actually. What I did. That ice bucket challenge, he's fucking directly tweeted me, damn it, I was like, Oh dude, I was like, why? I'm like, this is all I'm a Packers fan and this guy is a fucking star here.


Five hundred K to the bar stool. Fine. I think he I think he felt that Jordan me again. I took a personal when they drafted that quarterback and I think that I don't know, like they were probably setting themselves up for the future, thinking, you know, maybe he's on the decline and he's like, oh yeah, he I think he's the MVP this year. A lot of people might disagree if they got maybe Henry because he was a beast as far as the running back.


But I think. He won one when he was young, I think he needs to win one more to really solidify his career and I think he's I think he's going to do it. I think he's determined. I think they have the squad around him and and I like him over Tom Brady and classic NFL Tyreek Hill.


What a scumbag. You see him push his coach that was like. And then the coach started laughing and. There is no chance that wasn't a serious push and right away by the coach laughing, you can say after we were all joking around, dude, he stood up and fucking pushed him as hard as he could. It looked like there's no chance that that was a joke.


I don't know. I didn't see that. I didn't see the other angle. And then the Kareem Hunt line, the Kareem Hunt line, the story line that gets his revenge game. Dude, you kicked a woman and got released. It's not a revenge game. They didn't.


They didn't they didn't let you go because your legs looked a little a little beat up, you know, shows like stupid media, fucking it's fucking crazy.


And the other thing that was bullshit was when I don't know who was on the Browns, fumbled it out of the end zone and ended up being touched.


A touchback. That was a helmet to helmet hit, but brutal, brutal, and that you see that calls all the time on the quarterback and stuff, and that guy fumbled it because he got drilled in the helmet and they didn't call it.


That was a huge swing.


That that play I didn't see by the time I turned on the game. I did see when Chad had he came in and he lowered the shoulder. So I had to get the first down. That was bold, which was awesome. But then they reviewed it, didn't get it. And then that was the dagger.


Yeah. What's the meme?


I'm thinking of me today. I am. I am. I mean, it's too much.


Watched it. Watch my teams watch Tyreek Hill pushes his coach and text me if you think it was him joking around.


OK, well they did. He laughed and I think the coach said I was going to get it. Still, it's a bad optics. They have a guy. I play a position, a coach.


This episode is like how long I got held hostage at the brass rail when I thought you liked me.


Shit. Hey, listen, if you're a Cleveland fan, a Baltimore fan and New Orleans fan or an L.A. Rams fan, don't worry. Could always be worse.


You could be a Houston Texans fan. Well, we'll tackle that subject next week because that's a lot to get to. Also wet, I know you haven't watched the Tiger Woods documentary on HBO yet. I highly recommend it. We'll discuss that next episode if you get caught up. But that wraps it up, gang. That's a nice long one. Finally got a whole week to watch it. So everybody have a fantastic week.


Enjoy some hockey and we'll be back out to go. Oh, with fortnights. Don't put that in my CIW, Larry. Good. As always, we'd like to thank our awesome sponsors here and spit in Checketts big thanks to our long term friends over at New Amsterdam, vodka and Pink Whitney, big thanks to our friends over at Saks for taking care of our junk. Check them out if you haven't yet. Big thanks to our new friends at TaylorMade.


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Have a great week, everyone.