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Hey, guys, it's big cat again, you're probably sick of hearing my voice at the start of every podcast. Well, I have something for you. If you go and watch Rough and Rowdy 13 Friday, February 5th, Jose Canseco versus Billy Football. I will stop doing this and you can play on the play barstool app. You can pick who wins with a cash prize. Rough and rowdy 13 February 5th, Billy Football versus Jose Canseco by Arenado.


Go do it.


Hello, everybody, welcome to Episode three hundred and eighteen of spit and triplets presented by Pink Whitney from my friends at New Amsterdam Vodka on the barstool sports podcast Family. What is going on, gang? I got my Tampa Bay Buccaneers hat on right now. I'm Tom Brady back on the Super Bowl. But what I got to say, it will go to you first. This is our official fiftieth anniversary of Checketts. The very first show we did was right before the Super Bowl in twenty sixteen.


I forget the date, but it's kind of an anniversary. I figured I'd sprung that on you.


I appreciate that. What's five years? Nicole Silver five.


Yeah. Nicole, I guess I don't know what you buy for a fifth anniversary, but I'll take it.


You get to watch it. I'll tell you. No, man, no matter what it is, that's five years. I'll say sometimes it feels like it was twenty years ago and sometimes it feels like it was twenty minutes ago.


So I guess that means we're having fun. Five years is a long time. No, I just said I said the other day, I want a thousand episodes. I'm done, OK? I didn't sniff a thousand games played and I want a bonus from Bui's. That's why I'm doing that.


I'm going to quit right before the thousandth episode on the bias I'm pulling.


A dangerous body disappears. Yeah, right in that nine seventy five mark.


He's hanging with Tim Robbins in Mexico after he gets out of Shawshank. Just gone.


Yeah, exactly. Exactly where I'm going to be. So yeah man five years like you said, would sometimes it feels like twenty, sometimes it feels like we just started. Time becomes kind of crazy. As you get older, you realize a year isn't that long, but hopefully. Yeah, I don't if it's going to be five more but we're going to keep on chugging. I would love nothing more than to do a thousand episodes. It's great.


I was able to quit my job and do this for a living.


Well you you're going to college, you're going to have to do a thousand and one because you were suspended in an episode.


I don't know if you remember that. I believe I appeal that. An appeal. He appealed it. And one of the. That's bullshit.


Don't be bad. Call me and fire me. What fucking one game to go damn brought up to the Department of Podcast Safety. And he almost got he almost got the injection. But we will say it's a tough job. We always say those guys have a tough job.


That's right. I am leaving. I fucking leaving. Yeah.


That was fun. I was a fun, a fun chapter in Charlotte's history. But let's say I say hi to the rest of the boys. Producer Mike Grindley. What's going on, buddy?


Nothing, guys just snowed in here in New York City playing some video games, designing up some sweet merch that big you're wearing nice. So sure. Kings Ryan Whitney shirt in. Aaargh! One of our best pieces yet, a Battle of Alberta concert that drops on Friday.


So got a sec. We're just making some merch. That's what we do.


How many times? So what do they play?


Ten times this year or twenty to twenty six times a speaking of snow, Mikey, you just mentioned.


Sorry, because we haven't gotten to you yet. Oh, you're fine.


Let me tell you, one of the best feelings in life is when you leave somewhere.


This is as a northern person. This is someone who lives and has grown up where there's snow. There's no better feeling than leaving somewhere cold and going somewhere warm.


I'm in Florida and then where you're usually live and get pounded by snow, it's like, oh, I don't feel bad. I feel bad for you, but I'm more just like, what a time to get out of there.


What a play by me. What a play by me. So sucks. It sucks to hear Mickey but you'll survive.


Vernon Fiedler told me about a guy he played with every time he would like he'd make like the outlet pass on the D on. I think it was Tyson Berry who gave McDavid the pass where he went and and and then the pile. He'll be like, what a play by me just just off the glass and out in the pile up. And the boys know that he contributed.


That, of course, is Paul Business-to-business out in the desert. You get no snow out there. I got to say, I'm a little jealous when I'm out there, but honestly, I don't mind the snow.


I get used to it wet when they've been here for a long time. Are you shoveling? Yeah, I'll be shoveling. It said it's that wet shit, too. That's no fun, you know. All right.


Be careful, too, you know, like shoveling dangerous shit. So take your time. Put that to get on direction. No, not even kidding around. Get warm up in and get out there and get your risk going and use your legs.


A lot of heart attacks like people because they go too hard. They think they're going to get it all done in one fell swoop and you got to go slow. Steady. Had a couple beers. You keep them in the snow. And, you know, we've got to get that.


Like, we got to get a PSA. Aaargh! Doing the warm up like him. And as before the golf course, I'm had to talk about snow.


No, not that kind. The kind of fun this guy. Forget the dynamic warm up.


It's just the dynamic toke up. Ari's ready by ripping that ball.


Absolutely. Man, you're going to be. I love the snow. I don't I don't get a little cold, but what are you doing?


Snow Angels in the park. Oh, did you see the guy? Come on. Mushrooms again. The neighbors, you know, the snow cones, a garbage bin.


Well, they call them bin men in England, which is hilarious. Instead of garbage bin bit like the bin men and a garbage bin get fired for fucking karate chop and a fucking snowman to death. And they caught it on CCTV and they fucking fired the guy. It's fucking beaten up a snowman. He got fired.


And you say, oh, well, probably some kids, probably some kid did it. And then they got it on the you know, they have those cameras in. Now to catch two people stealing their packages off the front door. Yeah, exactly. A video of a FedEx driver going the karate chop right to the jugular. This is a garbage man, but the picture it.


And what sucks? Well, because basically we can't use pictures like we used to. They're very strict about it. But I can send you the link. There's a picture of the sign over in England, and it's the little kiddies that like this chubby little British kid with like the saddest face down in front of a pile of snow at a carrot and like a cup of, like, chocolate things. They're like all sad is fucking snowman got killed.


Yeah, he's on death row. I actually read the story.


So it's like the guy lost his job or a fucking snowman. That's a little ridiculous. Although I have referred and referred to as snow people this winter too. So.


OK, yeah, it's a correct term. They got cranks. Now we got to check for cracks on a snowman. Oh shit. Listen gang, now that hockey is back, he going to have to find your shot. And what better way to do that than what the new pink Whitney Menis. From January 1st to March 26, we are giving chocolates fans a chance to win a custom made Whitney shot machine. This got like seventeen of these in his house.


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And if Menees doesn't ring a bell to New Englanders, that's what we call nips elsewhere.


I guess I've been getting so many outdoor rink posts with the pink Brittny in hand and then also you some people making snow cones. I know I mentioned the yellow ones. You actually have good pink ones that had alcohol in them. So you guys have been awesome. As far as all the submissions you guys have already sent, we're going to keep picking winners up until when middle of March, March. Twenty six are a little bit extended. They're so excited to get this going.


And once again, thank you for all the support for the people of support of Pink Wedding from the beginning.


I love to ski and pitches to man top of the mountain on top of. Yeah, I saw you.


You wrote to somebody jealous at Lake Tahoe or it was a sick picture. Are you were you jealous of where they're sitting with Pink Whitney or were you like are you a skier. Jealous.


I wasn't skiing with the. Wow I didn't know you ski. Well, I can't say I have much in the last five, ten years. But yeah, I went skiing frequently as a kid. It was one athletic endeavor it actually didn't suck at. So I love them. And plus you can even if you Socrates ski, you can still go and have fun out there.


You know, speaking of skiing, I've never been skiing before and I'm actually going to Aspen middle of this month to check it out for a couple of days. I'll be the first time I ever ski.


How have you never been skiing? Have never, ever, ever been skiing. Skiing before. I put on a snowboard at one point and one of my local parks and tried to go down. I felt like both times right away I took it off. So I would technically say I've never been skiing before and or snowboarding. So I'm think we're going to get an instructor. One of the days to teach me the basics will go down the easy hills to start.


And the next thing you know, I'm going to be doing K2 and shit much easier than snowboarding.


It's like ten times snowboarding. And I respect snowboarders. A lot of cool cats snowboard. But when you're getting off the lift and then you got to buckle in and all the ski guys are like, come on, man, it's it's it's a pain in the ass.


I'm going to say that as a guy who skis and doesn't snowboard are just you're like, dude, come on, buckle in.


You know, it's just that extra step I want to get down that mountain. I love skiing because I think you'll enjoy the hell out of it.


Aspen as well.


I mean, forget just the way mountain scene. Right. You're going to have you're going to be seeing beautiful. I'll show you might get great meals.


Oh, you got some camouflage goggles. I actually went skiing the last year. Last year I went skiing right before Korona. I was ripping it around. I wore my USA Olympic hockey jacket. She's only winter jacket. And it's pathetic. I know. But all these people I was getting recognized. I said, next year I'm going to go and I'm just going to carry a backpack packed with chocolates, merch and going to be chucking them to everyone.


Because I think Pink Whitney, along with the merch, looks great up on the Hill. It is those are hard core for somebody who's never been down a hill. Oh, I'm going to get all geared up like you wearing those on the bunny slope is just we need pictures of that.


I want to get the one piece suit look like that, like the clown from the 80s. What was the movie they did? Hot Tub Time Machine. Like they had some great retro onesies in there.


So I'm going to have to look online and get dialed in before I go. Ah, yeah. Now I want to go skiing.


How about gas? He goes, it's like fucking job below zero in New England right now. He's up in the mountains in Vermont, snowmobiling in the dream.


It's his dream because you never have to take your hat off to Ski Hill and the summer at a club. It's like a guys there. He's like, oh, I'm great.


Shit. Oh, all right, boys, let's go to a little hockey talk. That's what we do here and spit on occasion. We're going to take my goggles off. You can do that. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. You know, we're out there. That's hilarious. Huge news out of out of the New York Rangers camp this week. They waved defenseman Tony D'Angelo after he got in, quote, an altercation with goalie Alexander Georgiev after an overtime loss.


It was quickly broken up per the athletic director yellow. He's been covering the Rangers since the 70s. Larry Brooks reported that Andre Miller was actually the player who broke it up. Either way, the Rangers waived the right yardman yesterday. By noon on Monday, he wasn't claimed by any of the other thirty teams. He's got a four point eight million dollar contract for this season and next one assist in six games played. This just came over the wire as we started recording from Darren Gregor.


He said Patterson, his agent, is confident they'll get a deal in the near future. In the meantime, Tony D'Angelo will wait at home. Just some crazy news. This guy just don't doesn't get it. He's twenty five. He's not a kid anymore in the ranges of the third NHL team done with them already. And I guess the question is, why would a team trade for him if they could have had him on the way of a wife?


And I said, let's go to you first.


What I find it really hard to believe that he's going to be traded in the near future. It's like you have all this talent, yet all you hear about is this off ice bullshit and it's gone on for I mean, how old is he? Twenty five. Twenty six.


This is eight years now, right. He's playing junior. There's issues. If you're a first round draft pick in your traded twice that quick and by the way, he's traded while still being a hell of a player, I mean, definitely defensively, that's not his strong super PAC moving offensive deacon play. That's just a fact.


So if you see it that and you see him being traded and you see like all these things coming over, it's like, all right, we have issues here.


Who's going to trade for him right now and who has room like the cap is such an issue right now, making deals is so difficult, everyone's like up against the cap.


It's just been a crazy everyone knows. So all of a sudden you've got this guy, it's four point eight next year as well. So you have to make room for that while he's also like a complete loose cannon.


I don't know, I I don't know him, so I've never met him, I can't speak to what he'd be like because I've had a lot of his teammates tell me that they really like them and they like playing with them.


So all I can say is you keep hearing stories and things keep coming out. The the one that really shocked me, too, is like today, it was said, but I think Jeff Gordon said it.


He couldn't get over being a healthy scratch the second and third game of the season. He took a bad penalty in the first game of the year, unsportsmanlike, and he couldn't get over being scratched.


You can't get over being scratched is like Jay Bodemeister got scratched up for like fourteen hundred straight games by the blues.


What do you mean you can't get over being scratched?


He's made a career of it. Yeah, I've been pretty up against scratch scratches. Just play the music and go shower with the guys after the game. A scratch there, some deck and see if I can still get paid. It's great. I don't know how that question started.


Can you see him getting traded? Maybe at some point.


But right now, I don't know.


He's probably going to be sitting around for a little while.


Well, also in that statement, what about the fact that, you know, he couldn't get over being scratched? They also said if there's one more incident that it was it was over and done with and it's finally gotten to that point. So just going back to last year and, you know, there's obviously been issues all the way up through to Junior. And then when he first hit pro, to the extent maybe of what happened to Junior and to what's happening now.


No, but it seems as if, though he finally found a place where he he was confident he was producing there at least last year, it seemed as if though there were no obvious issues, like there wasn't all the Twitter stuff, there wasn't anything else. And then it seemed like right before the bubble is where it kind of started escalating as as much of the world in the chaos did. And then it's just kind of snowballed, snowballed from there.


And, you know, we don't need to get into the political stuff unless, of course, I'll hand it over to you. You got your hand out there? No, no.


I was I don't want to get into the political stuff. I wanted to mention the Twitter when you were finished. I was just saying when you were done, I wanted to say something.


Yeah. And and I don't know if that's been a certain distraction on him to start the year, because I don't think he's playing up to the ability that he had last year and we were complimentary of him. It seems as if though he'd found his home, it seems as if though New York was really happy with him, I don't know if the hesitation and the only the reason why they offered him a two year deal at four point eight was maybe because of some of these antics that were being brought back up, because there was a period of time where you didn't hear a squeak.


All you saw was great production. We were talking about on the podcast saying this guy is going to get probably like a five or six year deal, right? Yeah.


And I think we mentioned the only way he wouldn't have one of the reasons is because you're still kind of questioning some certain issues.


Now, you talk about the Twitter and people right away, it's like, all right, he was crazy pro Trump. He was all into that. He was very loud on Twitter. Ideally, as a GM, you're like, can can you talk to your client, Pappas, on his agent? Like, maybe just tone down?


I'm not sure. We're not trying to tell you. You're not allowed to do that. Just tone it down. And my point is this, in the end, like, actually does not matter. That has nothing to do with what I'm talking about and him being on waivers and teams, maybe not wanting them.


I'm telling you, maybe it does now in the court, in the court of public perception. But if he was playing and he was producing in the teammates liked him in the coaches like he's a great guy and he was still tweeting like that, I don't think it would matter.


So it wasn't just that. It was like people talk about that being this huge issue. It's like this guy was being a shitty teammate at times and he wasn't living up to the contract through seven games, which or whatever, how many games, which there's time to improve.


But if you can't get over the scratch and how are we going to how are we going to improve? You can't even get over that. You were scratched. Right.


And the biggest thing being he was warned. If there is one more issue and next thing you know, he's going toe to toe with a young goaltender in the hallway that has to be broken up by another young guy. It's just kind of eventually you got to look at the overall environment and weather. And once again, we're not I'm not speaking to a fact right now. I would I would imagine at some point there was probably some people that went in and said, yeah, this is probably not a healthy dynamic and which ultimately was the straw that broke the camel's back, which was the final incident of him fighting with a teammate.


Now, guys, we've talked about on the podcast before, plenty of guys have fought with their teammates to the right, like we go back to last year. And we were praising it in the midst of a battle in practice. I think that's a lot different than after a game where I from from from my understanding, from the whole situation, it was Gurdgiev came out, misplayed the pocket. They were hemmed in their own and was for a while.


I don't know if it was as a result of that or just in the whole sequence. And I think that, you know, not as much oxygen going to the brain. The wires cross. You're yelling at the goalie for fucking up. You guys lose the game. There's a lot of pressure at the NHL level. Well, ultimately, this whole situation kind of seemed to be that they were like, enough, this is it. I don't I don't think that given how much we have invested in this guy moving forward, I think they were willing to cut their cut their losses.


And and I would say that they're fairly significant over the course of the next year and a half. I think that that they they're probably counting their blessings that they made it a shorter term deal.


What do you think the chances are? Pray that he gets traded in the next month, Slim, but that's why I want to go back to waiting for sons speak, he said near future. Now, that's a very vague statement. Near future could be next week or may like near future. Such a vague thing that I think it's just kind of like we're going to put him here. And I don't think they're arranging changes are in any hurry to get rid of them.


I mean, yeah, they're paying them whatever. But if you can't find the shooter, then let them sit there. And still, I mean, this kid is twenty five years old. Again, he was a first round pick by Tampa. Stevi knew he had issues that the kid Young would give him a chance to grow. They traded them within a year of him being playing professionally for the organization. Less than a year the Arizona trades. You know, again, he's young, a young man.


He's twenty five. Now, I think the kid doesn't respect authority. And you're right. What? This isn't about politics. It's not about what he tweets or what he says. It's about the teams asking him not to do it and just running out of patience with them and playing the league. It's not a right. You have a right to play in the NHL. It's a fucking privilege. OK, if you can't abide by your team's rules like this isn't a First Amendment issue.


Not at all. It's like the First Amendment. So many people don't know what it means. It has nothing to do with the government, your employer or Twitter or whoever says you can't say it and you can't fucking say it. That's the rules they put on it. There's nothing to do with the First Amendment, the kid just being a malcontent. He's being insubordinate and the team's fucking fed up with them. He just seems like a guy who claims his lessons.


I'm sorry. It is Chris. He's just like this. No, it's like you just gave him this deal. It's it's that quick. Like, so you knew that much and you still signed them? Almost. Were you better off just trying to trade him or do something?


I mean, for it to be this quick, for him to be gone, it's like they knew there was issues when they gave him this deal.


Now they have Adam Fox, who's nasty, offensive defenseman. And so it's like they're not in a huge rush.


You're right to be Andre Miller who been lights out, but I'm thinking of writing like him. Yes, you're right. But they got guys who are coming up. And I mean, Miller is on an entry level deal to where they're probably looking at it like we're better off giving these younger guys this time to see what we have here and probably a better locker room environment. And these young guys are actually thriving. So that's not saying that he's not going to take some time away and, you know, maybe change his mind frame and mentality.


Like I'm always, you know, willing to to hope that somebody can go off and change shit. Going back to your waiver comment, though, what I would imagine that if a trade does happen, it's because another team might want to get something off the books. So they need to have they need to have something going out in order to not only retain that salary, given the circumstances of the NHL and where the caps at, but also they might they might be in a situation that's not so favorable to them.


I'm not saying they're dealing also with issues like they would be with with or what we've seen of D'Angelo so far. But they've got to get something off the books. So that's that was my only rebuttal to what you were asking about the waiver wire. Yeah.


To finish it off, though, it's a good point. I think it is a privilege to be playing in the NHL. There's a very good point, because I think in the end, if you're going to be an asshole over and over and over again at some point, nobody's going to want you around. Doesn't matter how good you are.


And it was Larry Brooks who reported Andre Miller broke it up. Another reporter, Vince Miller Cogliano, he said from a well-placed source that Kiandra actually made the gesture reach out to Tony yesterday, Sunday, basically just, hey, I mean, it sounds like he has some pretty good character to reach out to a guy who, you know, by all accounts, they got along. They had no issues. I know there was a blogger who wrote some bullshit that turned out to not be true, but what a phony thing to make up.


Yeah, yeah. It's one thing. And we we all have feelings of biases. We write stuff. But you can't fucking wish for things to be true and put in your writing because then you'll lose your credibility. I think that's probably what you saw in that situation. But Condrey reach out to him and you know, this kid seems like a real good teammate and is able to put whatever I'm sure they have the differences or maybe they don't. Who knows.


And he puts them aside, tries to be a good teammate. And I don't know at this point. It's like he's not worth the fucking, as Bill said, the juicing where to squeeze anymore. Anthony D'Angelo when it comes to the New York Rangers. And Jeff Gordon said as much. He's played his last game as a New York Rangers, so.


Yeah, that does not. Nobody could do that was that that was the big story, guys. Well, we got one more than the same division. We also had a high profile departure in Pittsburgh, your old haunt biz as general manager, Jim Rutherford. Come on, you play who's known more in Pittsburgh.


Come on. I don't know, man.


That's this is a coyote. I'm a penguin at the strip clubs. And it is all I was more known, but anywhere else it was wet shit.


Well, either way, heard this fucking come out of nowhere. He's not retiring. His health is fine. There were rumors, again, unsubstantiated. He wanted to make a trade and he was rebuffed. So that's why he quit. May well be true, but it hasn't been confirmed. He said, I will just take it easy for a while until the summer time. And at that point I can decide if I want to keep working or if I want to retire.


But if it wasn't shy to make trades, he made sixty one trades in a six and a half year in Pittsburgh to compare. David Boyle has made one hundred and twenty six trades in twenty three plus years. Obviously philosophical differences, but that's a that's a lot of movement by that GM and he got results. You won two Stanley Cups assistant GM Patrick Alvin will step will take over on an interim basis and he'll be the first Swede to sit in NHL, GM chair league history.


So the him making some history. There's a lot of names getting bandied about. Let's he Botterill, Tommy Fits, Chris Drewry, Ron Hextall, Mokoena, Peter Chiarelli, John Ferguson, Scott Malindi pulled his name from consideration because he wants to stay with the Canadians. The team did say they want to fill it in the next couple of weeks because let's go to you first on this big news.


I mean I mean, he's had a great run there the last few years. Have, you know, been less than desirable. They'd consider they didn't even make playoffs last year with getting beat by Montreal on the playing around. You go back to the year before that, they got swept by the islanders. I would say that as of more late, the trades have maybe left me with a few head scratchers. Is that fair? I didn't I didn't like them getting rid of Horn Quest, maybe they opened up some money to bring in Capitán as far as what he did.


What did he do as far as significant moves when they won their two cups?


Because I feel like aquarists, Castle, you know, Enquist.


OK, you know Nikkie Bounce. Yeah, I mean, a ton of different Kullen.


Do we say Colin now there's another one. Yeah. Oh, he brought Anom.


He's the one. He's a legendary GM satirising.


So ultimately he steps in and he's trying out all these different different pieces and all these different places. And he was like he was kicking ass four at the hop. Right. The moves that he made to make them successful. Would you agree that maybe some of the moves as of late have just not worked out? So I could I guess I could see why maybe they pulled the plug on a move that he was going to make, because some of them have just not been great as of late.


So I from what I've like, looked into this subject, it's certainly shocking.


Like the ownership Mario Lemieux, they they had no idea this was coming. Nobody did.


In the end, it was not it was not the case where he was trying to maybe trade Malkin or Letang and was being told no from the ownership of the higher ups, that that was not the case.


I think it's been going on for a long time that. Rutherford and maybe the people up top have not seen eye to eye, and then last year when they did lose to Montreal. He fired his assistant general manager, Jason Karmanos, who'd been in Carolina for a long time and that he'd been over in Pittsburgh and he'd worked his way up and became assistant GM and they were very close.


From what I'm told, you know, and all of a sudden he's told you got to fire them. I don't know if that's a fact, but that's what a lot of people say and have told me, so you're already kind of pissed off.


You probably realize like what you've accomplished there and maybe all of a sudden you're old enough for you or you've done you've been around this game long enough. You're like, I don't want to I don't I don't want to do this anymore if what I think should happen isn't going to be allowed to happen. Right.


If you've won like this guy won in the NHL and you're being told like you want to you want to hire certain people, you want to make certain trades and you kind of can't.


It probably is frustrating over time. And then to hear, like possibly Dale Tallon was going to be brought in when they fired Karmanos. And I don't Rotifer didn't want that because that's really not his hire. You know, he's going to work beneath him. I got one year left to my deal and he's coming in. There's all.


I'll say there's old rumors, but when enough people have heard the same thing, I think in hockey you can tell certain things have gone on. I don't think it takes away at all what he accomplished there and what he got done in those trades and those guys he brought in that makes them Stanley Cup winners. He made that team so fast, that first Stanley Cup they won or Sid second was that there was no San Jose is the second right now.


San Jose was one. Nashville was the second.


Sorry. OK, San Jose, that team became so fast right in the middle of the year, they they added guys where they were just so difficult you couldn't handle their speed. And to get two in a row, he's a legend in Pittsburgh. But I'm certainly sure that people are pissed that it happened like that quick and you just kind of leave him hanging.


I can completely understand, though, as a general manager, it's like you're losing that power dynamic. It's it's like, well, then it ain't my masterpiece. Give it to somebody else. I'll go somewhere where I'm going to get full control because although you think I'm trigger happy now, what led me to success before something I'm going to stick with. And he's trying to find the right you know, the right algorithm to surround those other guys in that core group with the right pieces.


And going back to what I said off the hot there, I wasn't trying to be too critical, but as of late, it hasn't been as good as as what it was. And maybe with that, he's losing that power dynamic. Yeah, because I know you mentioned a couple of the guys he brought in, you know, might not have panned out the way he wanted. Good. Branson Beukes dad got Shinagawa guys that Pittsburgh brought in and ended up elsewhere shortly.


But at the same time, he traded a six round in Edmonton, abrupt John Moreno since they won their last cup. So, you know, I think what a good take you. Could you take the good, you take the bad. But the fact that this happened just seven games into a new season, something had to have triggered it. I don't think he had feelings going into it because he didn't retire. His health is intact. He says he might come back.


It's just an adventure.


He wanted to go out on a high note, which I guess some people say this isn't, but opposed to him being the GM the entire season, them not making the playoffs. And then he's just like Claytor. I don't know. It's a tougher look for him. Maybe he didn't want to deal with that.


And another thing, too, is like I'm looking at this team on paper and like we're some of their numbers are like they're goaltending has been terrible to start the season.


Malkin's been absolute dogshit. I don't think Marino got off to the best start. So I know it's a short season and there's probably a lot of rumblings going on. But this is easy. Easily a team, when they get their goalies back to stop in the pocket, a normal rate and Gino's going and you know, and, you know, one of their better top four defensemen is playing well that they might go on a run here. So this is it's odd that it happened.


This soon is where I'm scratching my head. Yeah, that's why I suspect something triggered it and again, nothing confirmed, but if he wanted to trade, you know, not necessarily Sarojini, but perhaps Letang and ownership rebuffs him, it's like, you know, I'm trying I'm trying to make the team better. This is my job. Trade a guy. And if it's not so and then you know that.


Isn't that never OK with the with the big dogs.


OK, and if it wasn't that, then again, it's it's unusual for GM to quit seven games, to just be unprompted for nothing to have happened shortly before this, to make him leave.


I just I don't think the reason that you'd consider that a consideration, if that makes any sense, was because of the Draga tweets that came out afterwards. The fact that they seem to be in a place where maybe they will sit down with Sid and Gino. He alluded to it on Twitter. Right.


And that was my next point. We're going to talk about Bija. Draga said that he did his job, what's it called, insider trading segment. And he said he used the word seismic shift in CID. And it's like, well, what the fuck else you can be talking about other than trade one of these guys. And if they're going to rebuild, you know, are you going to pop one of these guys and build some assets for the future?


You wonder what's going on in Pittsburgh and the fact that, you know, has not been playing very good. So it's like, yeah, there's a lot of things to make it come true.


And I mean, the word seismic shift and drag a lot of fucking drama queen. He doesn't like throw tabloid type shit out there. I think he's probably hearing something.


So it'd be interesting to see if Pittsburgh is going to go that route, whatever that route may be, compared to Chicago, who got two superstars in this 10 bat not doing nothing.


So I think he said it best when he he said, you know, I think they deserve to be talked to sitting Geno and like, are you all about competing for a Stanley Cup right now, the next three years?


Or you all about retiring as a Pittsburgh penguin? Because where are we headed? Like, are you going to be in on where we're headed? And all of a sudden there is discussions that you owe those two guys.


Geno even admitted he hasn't played good. So if he understands. Right.


I mean, Gino, what do you think about the fair trade in you? What do you think about us shipping you to Edmonton three years Superleague?


I'm pretty sure, Gino, as a no move cause like half the league does now. Yeah, must be nice.


I think we can move along. We spent quite, quite a long time on it, but there are two huge stories and that's what we do here. Congrats to Alexandrovich Kin Ties My God at seven hundred and eight goals. He's now seventh. Overall, you have the overtime game winner on Saturday versus Boston. I mean, we've talked about it every show, it seemed like last season, but Ovie keeps climbing up the ladder. I mean, if this guy stays healthy, man, I think that record is in danger.


We'll obviously see what happens.


Because you think he got the player the game. He got the the headband for what? The Cauchi sobriquet?


Yeah, it's the quasi munchy one. They use sentiment. You charge him ten fifty for shipping. Yeah.


He had for four games off to rest up. Now he should be ready to go. I think he's going to, I think he might get fifty tuxes season.


That game was a great comeback by the Bruins to get a point over. He scored the beautiful game win or not.


But two guys Backstrom on Washington was so good, the first goalie like curls up. He's so good.


He's makes it look so simple when he just crawls up towards the wall every kind of every all the defenseman lose their gap. And then he always finds a trailer. He ends up getting assists. He scores later.


He's just quietly so good.


And you really, really don't hear people talk about him enough. And McAvoy in Boston, he had an awesome assist to Marshawn from behind the net, he looks like so into it offensively. Why not? Granted, we're having him on. So maybe I'm pumping his tires a little extra, but then he scores the big tying goal, too. So I think those two teams, they just play such good games in the same way that the Bruins, Dommy, the Penguins, the Capitals own the bees.


Yeah. What's this record in the last last how many games. All right.


Eighteen to eighteen and two in their last twenty two.


We Washington over Boston. Oh my God. They got their balls in a vice. Also it falls out of ice.


Also, the Bruins first game faces a dangerous since he left town. You know, a little milestone there. But the best part of the game was I wrote a blog about Teddy Bears, David Graci, disputant penalty. And obviously there's no fans in the building. I've been here almost every game you can have Fox and Chiton plays. Gene Cretz was right on the microphone. He's like, that's fucking bullshit. It's fucking bullshit. Andy and Andy is like, yep, I agree with you, David.


You like someone else.


You're like, oh, sorry about the language. Sorry for the children. Like, no, like fucking I said fuck is as much part of hockey is like the puck on the stick like everyone around the rink. Fuck it. It's just such a part of the thing. So we've seen that a lot more.


Man getting Suares get it's big time. Emphasize the JT Miller one was probably the he did one on the way to the bench and then the puck came over so he had to play it and then he played it. And then once he went back on the bench, another F bomb and then a gate slam. So it was like a it was a frustration symphony in the hockey world.


That's a great way to put it. Frustration symphony. And this one just came across the wire just. Before we started, the New Jersey Devils have postponed games until at least February 6th as football players have been added to the covid Protocol absentee list, the absence list, rather, that's 10 devils on the list. That doesn't necessarily mean they have it. It just means they're in the proximity of whatever. So, you know, like we said early on, we expected this stuff to happen during the season.


And as long as they can make the games up, then you know it all come out in the wash, ideally with socks, too, because they were they were playing some good hockey. I don't know if you're watching their games, but I watched the two they had against Buffalo. Huze J'accuse looks unbelievable.


Who who's another guy? This Ty Smith defense? No, I had him early.


Hopefully people grabbed him in their hockey pools when I said his name.


If you hadn't heard of him, he's just yeah. He's just eaten up points and even their goaltending has been solid. Wedgwood has done a good job as the back up there and Myles looks great to bounce what he's scoring some goals.


Was it was he not the did he have a postgame interview the other day smiling with his missing?


Chuckles Did he have did he lose those teeth post sandbagger? No, I think he had a flipper in that whole time.


OK, Ty Smith tied for the rookie league in scoring rookie lead and scoring two goals, six assists, same as correal Capri's off. So, yeah, that kid's getting it done. What gave him a shutout not too long ago?


You also mentioned Chucky McEvoy, Jai McEvoy. We're going to bring him on a little bit. We also have Colin Wilson, who just retired after a nice career in the Engelen. He opened up on us quite a bit. So, again, we'll get to that shortly. Boy, he with the little overtime game winner action over the weekend. I'm sure you saw that WITSEC dish by Jiru.


I like that right away. He just respects he's a dish. Right. And when somebody gives you a pass that good to win the game he just points out him right away. It wasn't even like an arms race was immediately pointed to. That's all you.


So that was a six shot.


The islanders actually they've they've struggled, but like we were talking about, they struggled to score.


But still, like when I watch the highlights because I really don't watch them play that much.


No offense, guys.


Basel is so, so incredible when he ends up like beating guys up the ice.


You know, you get the camera behind the net and you're watching him like they're right next to him. And two seconds later, he's got four feet on you. So his goal he scored great play by Annesley for Check Out.


I was going to say I was watching the back check by Vasek and I'm like Vasilis right in the middle of the ice the entire time. And then did he try to assume that he was going to throw a drop pass in there to pick it off to go get away? He was completely on the wrong side of that. He was basically in line with the dot on the left side.


He went over to the guy to lead the debate and the teammate. Yeah, I think he was anticipating the drop pass. Listen, I mean, I wasn't I wasn't the best player.


But I tell you what, I was going to bury us on Twitter biz. Oh, you put your head on a swivel.


Yo, I'm going to start a family.


Well, we're going to get over to MacAvoy in a sec. But first time we get a word from Ryan Whitney.


But now saying that we wouldn't be Chippenham if they didn't come back or win the game in overtime. So hopefully he's not that that pissed off about it.


Fair enough. Fair enough. All right. Well, I'm here to talk to you guys about Peter Miller and their crown soft sweaters. We've talked a lot about Peter Miller, how solid this gear is, how good it looks, how light it is, easy to carry around. Now, they got the sweaters.


They're soft, they're casual, sophisticated, and it's a quarter zip that's made from exceptionally soft lightweight blend of Pima Cotton Pima.


Crazy, crazy, but silk and cashmere, you know, cashmere is nice. A hint of performance yarn works to reduce wrinkles and maintain shape. How nice is that? Nobody wants to be wrinkly. Shirt guy finished with a contrast interior collar and a rib knit cuffs and hem. Sounds legit to me. Layer over a Peter Millaa sports shirt for the complete look. That's you want to look like Peter Málaga. The yarn is exclusive to Peter Miller and special yarn treatment for durability.


And it's easy to take care of in a perfect four sweater weather or tailgate and traveling, lounging, etc..


The additional benefits that are included with this sweater is it's a layer over a polo or sport shirt and it can be more casual or dressed up for dinner because you want to take your wife out to dinner. Sure. Do you want to take your baby out to dinner? You chuck this thing on. You look great. So Peter Miller, Dotcom Checkout's. Lovely Reid and lovely, lovely gir, appreciate that. It is what actually we did forget to mention.


Thanks for reminding us, Kevin Hayes. We had had him as an exclusive Checketts Prop eight.


Will he score that night again? I know the app is only in Pennsylvania and Michigan right now. We're also in both books that are under the pen name. They're there as well.


So, yeah, we're trying to trying to branch out a little, get a little people off. They're going to be playing games of chance, try out hockey. I know it's not as popular as football and basketball when it comes to wagering, but there's some fun to be had there. And that's that's a good example of it. What's up as well?


I'm not granted either, but I've been reading all these gambling blogs you've been putting out. You've been you Merle's together have been pretty hot. No.


Yeah, we started last week and then it got cold at the end. I mean, you know, you're losing games on shootout and overtime. And like I mean, last yesterday, Dallas, I had goals over two of them. So I love them. They were money line.


They were down to nothing. They come back, they're up three to Carolina, just pulled the goalie. They didn't have the chance to get the six on five. And who Dobbyn, who had a great game, should have made the save. They tie it. So you go from, like, looking like you had to sweep the board and have a four or five dime day to basically break even a losing a little because call and then the confidence is shot and then you're like, oh, it's crazy.


Yeah. Like, you know, like it's like I hope it doesn't suck any better today than I get back to, you know what it's like. But Amanda is great because it's like get a clean slate. You know, my guys I what I my my shops, you they're pretty kind to me. So I can start fresh on Monday and I might start gambling.


I don't know if I can handle the emotional highs and lows, though. What do you think. What am I too old to be dramatic for the gambling world?


I just think you couldn't handle losing the money.


Well, I, I've been like five bucks on games and stuff. Yeah. Oh then then. Yeah. Who gives a shit. No, no. I'd still be pissed. You got too emotional and it's hard in that case. Yeah. You'd hate it. Yeah. Yeah.


Like I always say and sleep because I lost forty six dollars tonight and it's going to do like whether you worry about it, sweat it out, watch your nails. It don't matter. Like the game is going to do it.


It's going to do so for everyone, for everyone who does gamble. You know, you throw in the ten o'clock bet and you know you're going to sleep and it's all about the 230 wake up to go piss.


And you check the phone and it's like, oh my God, oh my God. Oh my God.


It's the best feeling in the world when you when you're like bomb, go right back to sleep.


I have seven to thirty a.m. piss check the phone, Howard, my bet losses lately, seven in a row and every night I'm up, I'm pissed off. I'm seeing what happened. I had Colorado last night. They're up three, two.


They lose four, three. I watch it in the minigame. Same thing. Yeah, metastable only scrapie, man.


For the price of its caprice if we're not good enough. Yeah. So Caprice off. Well he's very, very fun to watch.


Yeah. It's exciting. He's fast as shit. I didn't realize how quick he was.


I mean you look at the numbers, you knew he was going to be a legit player coming from the KHL, but still he is. He's dynamic. Absolutely.


He is speaking a dynamic. How about this young defenseman for the Boston Bruins, Charlie McEvoy? We talked to him the other night. I got some good insight on what's going on. The Bruins season. We talked movies, talked a little of this little that is his third time come on the show. So without further ado, enjoy, Jackie. Makgeolli, MacAvoy.


Well, it's nice to welcome this guy back for his third go round here on Spit and Checkout's, he just started his fourth season as a top hat guy in the Boston Bruins defense where he helps run the deadly power play was also one of the first ever in-person interviews we did way back in the day about four years ago.


And it's been a couple of years since we last chatted. So thanks for coming back to the show, Charlie MacAvoy. How's it going, man?


Hey, what's up? Hey, thanks for having me. Yeah.


Last time you were on, you weren't even old enough to drink it, at least legally. No, I know it's been a little while. It's been a couple of years. And I'm over the hump now. The nice. How's the season going so far?


Are you happy with your play thus far? I think you I think you had two or three apples last night, didn't you? Yeah, couple.


It was nice. The nights when we've been I feel like we went to overtime and like every single game, but yeah, it's been going good. We're out of the game pretty good here. So yeah. I can't complain.


You guys, you guys started scoring some goals when they got rid of the chip pucks. What the fuck was going on with those puck.


You actually notice it, did you.


I didn't, I didn't notice it. I didn't know that. I didn't even know it was a thing until someone was talking about it. But they do have these things actually like inside the jersey. So I guess right in the back above your nameplate, there's the Adidas right off to the right side of that. On the inside, they, like, have this little cutout and they put these tracks trackers in the look like that size looks like a USB and that is like an individual tracker for each guy's jersey.


So it has all the data. Yeah. Like at where you were out on the ice. Like, I don't know what they're using it all for, but every game I see him.


Yeah, well they get around in like a third to use against you in arbitration. They're going to try other than completely ragging on you now, they're going to be able to prove it. They got your heart rate from a game.


You were minus three. They're like, where were you after the game?


I didn't know.


Like I know you mentioned, who knows what they're going to end up doing with the Jersey stuff. But besides, bitching was like, what are they actually doing with the puck? Like they're learning what what is the end game here? And if it's something cool, it's like we're all in. If it's something that makes no sense and the players don't like, it's like, all right, let's go back to the regular old frozen rubber.


I don't get it. Everyone can see the puck. So what are you checking the puck? I don't know. It doesn't make sense to me, but maybe to see how fast a shooting. Right. Like there's something in there that tells you, like, all this guy shot it like 80 miles an hour or something like that.


I think I think Marshall is probably the most vocal guy about it. And I think he was trolling the Washington Capitals.


It's just something else he does he tell you guys like, hey, watch this. I'm going to get I'm going to rile him up a little bit. We just see it.


He just goes off on own like tangent. And then we're like the first year and we'll like, bring it up.


And he's got like the smirk on his face, like he knows he's telling the capitals, like, I have some class going.


We know he's such a great troll.


How you dig in this new schedule, man? It seems like when teams lose that first game, they really don't want to lose that second game no matter who it is. I mean, like that was kind of the biggest thing, like it's like a college schedule, right, with all the back to backs. So like our biggest thing was like if you lost on Friday, it was like panic button, like, hey, we don't lose two in a row.


Like that was always the thing that's going surance everywhere. Like, you know, you don't want to drop two in a row, especially the same team. So like it's different, right? Like you lose, you lose that first one and you come back definitely like, you know, you're going to give you a best game. You don't want to drop two in a series, especially with like the entire division and playing each team, you know, X amount of times.


Like, I don't know. It's weird for standing's to see how it's going to go down.


The standings are so tight right away. It's you can just kind of tell it's going to be that type year. But I heard a lot or not a lot.


But it was mentioned, I think, in the second game against New Jersey of the year that Cassidy came in and gave his first just real like shredding to everyone at one of the intermissions.


He just does he just fly off the handle? At times he seems like he could go crazy. His always a mess looking like these nuts on the bench. He's he's good.


Like he knows when to come in and talk. Right. Like, so he's very aware in that regard. And like, whenever we get it, it's because we deserve it. So he came in and we had a really bad practice, like in between the games, like starting in practice yesterday and like, you know, because no one really talks about you have a skate, you know, you get off like it's just a practice. But it was kind of one of those.


Looking back, I like how we had a tough practice and then we went out and we weren't playing great to start it off. And then we kind of got got back together. I think the second round of losing it all the time, but kind of put together a good game and getting a point is always good. So, yeah, but it's always warranted it. And he comes in, it takes us up like and we usually respond really well to it.


Is he is he calling guys out kind of by name or is that more would he, would he bring you to the side.


Mostly just the group like in general. And I think everybody really holds himself accountable in the room. And like, you know, if you make a mistake, you know, you made a mistake, you know? So exactly. It's usually just like when the team like overall, like everybody's going over the boards and it's just like we're not really putting anything together. And, you know, it's like I like, come on, guys, let's get after it.


The Marshall do something pretty. And that's pretty much the answer. He's like political take.


At least he scored on his breakaway to start the year and he didn't over skate the puck.


Oh, my God. I was priceless. Like he cap or he posted it or somebody posted it. And like the first thirty comments were like, look, you didn't or you remembered the puck this time, something like that. We were all dying. He's never going to live that one down. They're not going to let him forget.


Was it posta talking about he looked over and it was a Tuka who was on the bench. And probably, yeah, I think and he had he had he had the turtle go and he was like buried in his mouth and Posta couldn't hold it in. I was going to ask you did did you feel any added pressure coming into this season given, you know, Charra, you lost a big component on the back end and also Torey Krug, another guy who you were extremely close with and all of a sudden feel like there's maybe a few more eyes on you as the go to guy.


I think it was different, right. Like so Z entry. I mean, both guys are irreplaceable. So, like, you come into the room and like just from the people standpoint, like not having those guys around is so different because they're so great, like. The entry was the funny guy, like he was always coming in like this light around the room, like just the guy you want to see every day. And he was like just his presence was just you knew where you were going to get.


And like, he just kind of made everybody better. So it's hard, like, you know, you can't replace those guys. So somebody asked you about this today, like, you just do it by committee. Like, everybody kind of puts a little more on themselves to bring out more on the ice, off the ice, a little bit more responsibility, like leadership wise, trying to just pick up for for those guys. And and then it's just kind of believe.


Right, like those guys are gone. And then it's just, you know, OK, this is what we have. This is our group. We're really confident in our group. So, like, we're just going to go out and play. We believe that we could get the job done. And that's kind of what's what it's been like at the beginning of the year. So far, it's been going good.


When Kruger was going through that contract negotiation, were you like were you in touch with him? Is he kind of telling you what's going on? Or you basically, you know, I'm minding my own business, man.


It was kind of like I saw it. I didn't want to, like, even kind of rationalized like that he was that he was going to go somewhere else. So I kind of just kept thinking, like, they'll bring him back. They'll bring him back like he loves it here. I think that's what most fans here are, just like he loves the city, like he's done so much for. He loves the city this year, like year round in the summer.


He's a Michigan guy, but he lives here all summer. So, you know, just thought like, you know, but then the business part comes in it. Right. And, you know, you got to do what you got to do. And like, everybody respects that and understands. But, yeah, like, I didn't really talk to him at all during it. I was kind of just assuming, like, hey, he'll be back with be back and then yeah, I remember like the night I saw it, like I FaceTime him right away.


We were both like, so sad but like so happy for him. And, you know, obviously it's such a big point. His life sign that take it baby and, you know, set himself up nice. But it was so well-deserved.


So getting rid of formal request. Yeah. It's funny, you should write a blog that said he was going to get traded, then have to fall on your face afterwards.


Yeah. I wanted to ask you, I mentioned losing Z and crew.


Were you surprised how quickly like I guess maybe the local media all of a sudden went to doom and gloom mode? You guys, I mean, coming off a president's trophy had some extenuating circumstances in the bubble and all of a sudden people were like, write you off because you lost two defensemen, albeit two very good ones. Yeah, I mean, I think that was kind of kind of what I was saying earlier, I like those guys are irreplaceable, like they're both done so well in the league for so long.


Like, they just their names carry that that presence. So when you lose those guys, it's you know, it's obvious to think like, hey, like. It's going to be tough to, you know, pick up the you know, the slack with those guys gone, and that kind of just comes back to where we all just believing in each other, in ourselves, in the room, kind of just believe, you know, whoever's playing, you know, that we can get the job done.


And that's kind of what we've been about to start. And it's been going well. And, you know, it kind of starts with Bourgie and then the leadership group and stuff like, you know, just the positivity they bring and just kind of like always just that positive reinforcement or like it just it brings the room up, elevates your confidence, and then you just roll. So besides, he's very open about how gullible he is, I'm wondering, was there anyone in the room who actually thought my son was being awarded to see Ozzy?


So I was on the ice for a photo shoot the day before that, a big deal. And while everybody went with the headshot.




OK, so you said, yeah, that's what we're used to, to lose the tape is here. We have the two a tape and you put it on his ear.


The way I set that up was brutal. Yeah. Yeah. My GQ photo shoot, it's just headshots out on the ice for like full gear. So the order I was behind Bergère and he's out there with the C on doing all his stuff. And it was just like revolving door. But I was right behind him. So I saw him with the jersey on and I knew what I was doing. I was like, man, congrats. Like, so awesome.


And then but nobody else was out there with us. And then it was just the next guy after me. So I don't think anybody saw. So when that went down, I was like, I was so confused because I was like, I wait. I saw you with the C and there were some guys in the room who were like, maybe they're split.


And he's like a Virgie's definitely doesn't want to go cap that.


But who is the gullible guy in the room who's the biggest dummy on the team and say, I don't know.


You probably Bürki Yawkey for sure because of the language barrier.


I think he's American.


He's American, you know, so like with everything.


Well, I thought it kind of sounded like a euro name, though. Yeah, it definitely does. Swedish, right? Anders Bjork. Yeah. Yeah.


From Wisconsin. Yeah, he's busy. Busy. There's a cologne for Driesell Swedish fish line for Bjork coming from Sundsvall.


It's coming up on something. Charlie. Oh, I was going to I was going to hop in. We were talking or doing some digging, at least Grenelle. He was with Jake Debrosse and he says you have this is it a T-shirt contest story and it's an all timer. And you have not told this on the podcast. So I got to hear this. He said the t shirt toss from the bean pot.


Oh, man. There you go. We got a couple of them. We had that. We had that one he handed me before about another one, which I'll tell you guys after when we were moving together on the road. But the bean pot. So I took this kid to being probably a sweet wet. I don't know if you were there at last. It was last year when they lost North-Eastern. The great game I was at that game where you had one, but we were we're up we're up in the sweet and I don't even know someone from the garden comes in and drops down like 30 shirts.


And they're just like the ones that you see that say, like Buber's North-Eastern like being POF final. So we were up there. We were enjoying ourselves for the game. We were having a couple of pints and stuff and like beer started. They made a comeback I think like four or five forced overtime didn't they. Yeah, exactly. So we were going crazy. You might have an hour for overtime started. We start taking the shirts and we had like a bachelor's and there is crazy and a couple of guys who played with and we got the t shirts going like we got them going.


And then that turned into like people down below us started figuring out we were out there. So they're all looking up at us, like yelling at us. And that very quick, like jadi it was like kind of like throw a shirt, throw my shirt.


They'll love it from a shirt. So like that, you know, like whip it up, like roll it into a ball, throw in shirts and the next day like we went through all 30 shirts you're throwing them. We were doing lifting the crowd up. But who want the T-shirt. It was hysterical. Yeah. Like the whole entire like bench side of the building just gravitated to our section, just turned into a full on t shirt.


You like just basically just chucking out pretty much backstage. But they were bought t shirts with beer on them.


Were you and would you. Were you in Jersey doing any of that. Wrestling the belt. Wrestling. I heard you've been getting made fun of a locker room for two years because grizzly what's the is it you guiney you wrestling to go on a night to honor wrestling iguana.


I go on. Have you ever heard of this iguana wrestling with. I have no idea what you just call on it.


You getting me my year.


You just began and you lost it.


Chrissy your truck. I lost the jersey. How do you lose pin. All right. Leverage. No, like no. Like what's it like. Is it like once you penitents it. No.


So basically Aguado wrestling is like I actually got this from world championships and we were over at world championships. The first time I went we had with Johnny Hockey and Don't Larkins and every night we'd go out after a game, whatever these guys would end up middle of the bar every single day, go quarter dressed like in the middle of the bar.


You got to picture this like I'm going to take this guy takes his belt, the other guy takes his belt off like you tie them together.


So you got kind of like, you know, like a bigger belt. Oh, my God. You might be buckled from this.


These pictures. My neck would break. If you put it on the back of your head, he puts you on the back is you light up like chin chin pretty much, and you're on all fours and you got to pull. It's basically a tug of war. So those guys are doing it every night.


And I just remember how funny you guys are betting on this would be like the video of this guy, Mike, who is the person who is the Cherrix laksa champ like I was Johnny. Good for his weight class. Oh yeah.


Oh yeah. It's all about leverage, man. So we're so we're at Pier six and Charlestown is our end of the year party. I think it was like to two years ago or three years ago. And we were all just, you know, we're having some fun and the afternoon is nice. They were out on the patio and I don't know, one thing led to another challenge you to an iguana wrestle. And I'm like just thinking it was a sure thing.


I just called him out like, yeah, right. Like just taking on the little guy and he's pretty poor. I've still got splinters in my kneecaps. He pulled me all the way across the patio.


Oh, uncle, it was a bad showing for myself.


Hey, if they do another NHL bubble, this will be the next thing we'll do.


The teams is going to have a field day with this watching these videos. But oh yeah, it's beautiful.


I've actually never worn. Oh, you've got to send a crazy little bulldog. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.


Do you have a ticket to any shady holes in the wall in Charlestown?


No, actually I was living in Charlestown. I know last time we last time we talked, I was living in Charleston. I lived in hazes place, Jimmy's place.


I lived there for two years down by City Square. Yeah. Charlestown was awesome.


They could walk to the games and stuff that's actually sick. Yeah. Oh man. I had to walk to a couple of games up. Absolutely.


When you're that close, another guy want to bring up Kevin Miller. He was through hell and back just to get back on the ice. He broke his kneecap two separate times. I mean, it must be nice having him back there to replace some of that toughness you lost when he left. Oh, yeah, no doubt, I mean, you don't want a massive spike, spike, spike, that spike doesn't play with girls from little giants.


What a movie of an ice box I spit back in the ice.


Yeah, what a crazy story. All right. Like, what a feel good story because he's such a great guy and like the team, like everyone loves them. So, like, we lost them essentially for all last year for the run. Like people. Don't forget, we didn't have milk in the lineup. We went to the finals, like you would have made a huge difference. And and then last year, with so many, like, you know, he was having surgeries, like all the things just kept not going.


Right. So he was around the rink, but not really at the rink. And then some days he'd be in before we got in. So like last year he was there, but he really wasn't. And you know how it is kind of when you're out of the lineup, like, you know, you just kind of don't feel in the fold.


Right. Like, it's hard. It's really hard. And just, you know, the show goes on whether you're in or out. So it was it was hard. Like we'd all get excited to see him in the mornings he was there and then, you know, and then it'd be like, oh, like he's he's our guy. And he just went had another procedure. And then just to see it come full circle and have him be back and playing great, like it's just awesome.


He is yoked to he is he's a unit.


He's a unit.


He looks like he's going to retrain in prison.


So I think he does train hand-to-hand combat in that stuff, though I, I wonder I wonder if he has because he he can fight and yeah.


He touches on it like he has got to be on the list. The guys you don't want to fight like he's like the new McQuaid for you guys, like just all of a sudden knocking guys out. And that was another guy I want to ask you about too.


You got the old Bruins, Tim and quater. Yeah, he kind of got away with murder. I could run around, do whatever I wanted with those guys. Well, you say like you don't want to fight him.


The other problem is, like, he kind of wants to fight you, too. Like, I think he enjoys a real sick bastard. You got to have you got to have that switch right where you just like it. And it's like you just go into a different like you become a different person. And like, he he's got it when he fights.


Yeah. He's just an unassuming guy. I mean, I met him probably nine years ago and I didn't know who he was. He wasn't drafted. We were shooting the breeze way back when.


And you would if you told me then he would have had a lengthy career by now. I wouldn't I wouldn't have believed it. And it's great to see him come back because some guys at that point, thirty one years old, and he's a bastard that just, you know, they call it a day. So for him to battle back then, definite kudos from another guy. You guys have had a real good start and you have even had passed yet.


That must be like having a shotgun, a trenchcoat that nobody can see they can bust out a little later.


Oh, man. I know. I know. And he's doing really good. He's progressing well. So he should be back pretty soon. We're all really excited for that. I mean, he's he's posta. Yeah.


I don't know if you see the Dunkin Donuts trucks, you know, he that on the other day, for his part, I he he's awesome.


He's so marketable. What was the last thing I want to ask you about. Oh jeez.


Now I'm drawing a blank. Oh, you're talking about quater. Were you asking about quater. I was asking about quater. Yeah. We can go there first. Oh, man, what a great guy playing with him was so awesome, like he's just he's another one of those guys, like it's like in Boston I feel like I've been so lucky, like all those guys. Like, it's just all great people. You haven't run into any guy.


Like I'm still friends with all the guys like who come and go because they're all just great dudes. But quater was awesome. He was another guy like I like. Just a big teddy bear like you talk to me, super reserved, like, you know, not like a chatterbox, like you got to go kind of kind of pull it out of him a little bit. And it's like just he's the best guy, I guess. Such a great guy.


So congrats to him on a great career. And we got really friendly when he was here. We hung out a little bit in the off season and we worked out together actually returning when we were getting back. We had a good workout group this summer. He was part of it.


Well, we we talk about different contracts around the league and what make teams successful based on like how you can spend now.


And it must have felt good for you to sign your deal.


And whether you look or not, you kind of see public perception and everyone right away as Bruins fans want to deal with a bargain. Now for you, you're making close to five million a year. It's great. And you have another huge contract you signed. But what was it like going through your first kind of negotiation? Because leaving college, it's way different. It's easier to sign that first deal.


Yeah, right at the entry level is just kind of like there's nothing you can do.


Yeah. Yeah, it's a pigeon toss a it's it's different.


Right. It was the first time I saw, like, the business side of hockey, you know, like kind of that just kind of that triangle. Right. Like so you're you're going to your agent, he's gone to the GM. GM's going back and it's just like, you know, said that.


And he said, what? Yeah. Why I. All right. And you just kind of find that spot in the middle. And I think the biggest thing is just kind of finding something that you can just feel comfortable with, feel happy with.


And then and then you just show up and go to work and it's like it's crazy because after you sign it, like you don't even think about it, like now you're just going to play in hockey. It's really like it's over like and then you just go on and you that's it. Clock it's a clock.


Now is there any ever any other conversation in the locker room about how a lot of the guys on the team are on these team friendly deals? Like is it a joke amongst the guys? No, it's right.


Like, what do you think we're all like sitting around being like, how do you get you for that same way he got me for that?


Well, I don't know. I think yeah. I don't know.


No, no, no one there had those conversations. And I mean, obviously they do an incredible job here, you know, and you get a team that's incredibly competitive because you have everyone on these on these deals. So, I mean, it's it's great the way that that they've been able to do business here. You're not going to find anyone who's not happy with what they have and you get to play on a great team with guys who are, you know, guys who are future Hall of Famers and and just a part of a great team.


And it's really a big family. So it's it's awesome. Lucky to be a part of it. Julie, I don't know how much you're able to catch other young, talented deals around the league, but what other players do you try to make time to watch, if any?


I, I feel like I when I first came in, I watched, like, all I did was watch hockey, like NHL network and everything. And I'd be like, oh, this game on. And I watch it.


And like over the course of it, like I've I've kind of just like made it off that like I come home from the rink and I just kind of put my mind on other stuff, like watching shows, watching movies. And I'm like, catch up on in the morning NHL networks, always on in the rink and stuff like that. But there's guys I really like to watch, like young guys like MCCA in Colorado and then Husa on Vancouver. I love I love their games like just the way that they produce and are able to push offense.


And it's really because of their skating ability, which is just a highlight. Just watching those guys skate is just crazy and it's awesome. It's awesome what they're doing. It's like a new generation of of guys in the game and what they're doing and what they're bringing to the table is decides it's awesome. It's fun to watch. First person that kind of described your game to me when your APU was, he said Drew Doughty, like that's who you kind of reminded him of.


And did you watch him? Was he kind of your guy growing up or was it somebody else that you really patented your game around?


I watched, I watched, watched a lot of him, and that was kind of like my shooting for the stars comparison. Yeah, I know. Like, you know, if I can be like Drew Doughty, then I must be doing something decent.


Yeah. And then I watched a lot of Tyson Barry in his Colorado days, and I loved how he and I tried to always try to always model like after the right hand.


And guys, just because it's nice to see like Taj be like, well, I want to be like, you know, like whatever you see or like, you know, the left handed guys just kind of hard to see it. But like those guys or, you know. Definitely, he was trying to pull a lot from them when I was trying to break in and then and then playing against them is obviously really cool, right? When you see the guy that you wanted to be just like and then you go out and you're playing against them, it's you know, it's a really kind of like a pinch me moment.


I think you're playing against China coming up here. He threw a pretty big pizza the other game, like, are you guys close enough where you could chirp him on the ice? No fucking way.


I'm playing against. And you say that. All right. To Basel the other night.


We're sitting around the room and that highlight comes.


Oh, and I look over and the first thing I'd say I was burgoo would have been there. Oh, there you go, Ben.


There you are. You would have been there. That's more about you, Captain. That would have been that. Hey, that's what he's used to. That would have been that would have been a bingbing breakout right there.


Zinat front of Burgi to Burgard passed out on the wing or out.


He would have made sure on a policy we'd already been on the bench having some water for as long.


You just you were to just get away from there and lined up etc.. Never trust a forward.


You know it. They're not all Bergeron is looking for points. That contract's only three years, but he still thinks he's holding out.


I talked to wags about you, dude.


He says you stink at golf.


Oh, come on. I do. I do. I suck. Come on.


Because you're going on. Hey, he's got a buddy Bismack. I was going to buddy this kid. What's his name? I follow him on Instagram. I texted you about James.


Nicholas, great fall. Like pro golfer stripes. It puts all these different stories every day. Whatever. I digress.


But you shoot. You're always with that guy, aren't you? Like, where's your game that I played with him a couple of times.


He took me to his place, Deepdale. And like by like Westchester. Yeah, I've heard of that six by six spot. And I, I was a beach kid growing up.


I always. And so my dad my dad never played golf. Yes. You never trade at all. Never played until after my first year. I got my first set of clubs. We were in Toronto and I went to like the made fitting place right there in Toronto. I got fit and I got them and I'm like, I've gotten a lot better. But I'm still like a not like a 90 to 100 every time. But I am. You'll get there.


I'm putting it together and put it together. Are you into it?


I it's fun, man. It's fun. Like it's hard because I'll go out and suck and it's so true. The whole feel good shot. You hit that one shot and it's like oh you want to play tomorrow or I'll go better surfer than golf.


Yes, for sure. Come on.


You can surf puzzlements Pikoli here in the surf shot between that beach volleyball too.


I'll play, I'll play the beach volleyball. It's fun man. It's beach volleyball is a blast.


I had to put my shirt on zinc on my nose.


Oh, we're in a rash guard into the water.


How are you how are you keeping that beach body when I hear your dummying like for cheese pizzas at night sometimes is that go jadi.


I wish you could chime in league man.


Come on now guys.


I think he might have admitted that did didn't he tell us that, that he eats like a sewer rat.


It's like, it's just a rotation of like McDonald's and with Donald's wheels. Wendy's soda. Oh yeah.


Orioles' he's got that already. He's working on an Oreo sponsorship.


What's the craziest thing he eats where you're like pop tarts. Is he doing a pop tart.


Oh no, no, no. I haven't seen probably that's McDonald's. We got we got a couple of guys. We got a late night McDonald's crew on the team.


He's the world's premier athlete. That guy is back. They got the McRib back. Yeah. Oh, that he like he gets on the ice.


He's the fastest player on the sheet. I know that lies fueled by McDonald's. He's on the castle regime, there's like the TV 12 diet and Tressel's got his some of the young guys fall out. Oh, exactly. We hear you're quite the movie Cool Guy.


What's your wheelhouse for movies? Like what genre are. I bounce around a little bit. We got we got a lot of guys like Tori Krueger was a big one. Charlie Coyle's big on the Sandler movies like Antiques. And the movie is really good. We got a lot of movie bumps in the road. What did you see last year that you liked?


Anything in particular I know was a tough year for movies. You know, with everything that went on, there weren't a lot of a lot to see.


But if you look at you can find some I watched one I watched on my buddy from home told me to watch. I might have been this year, might have been only twenty, twenty one, twenty twenty. The gentleman with Matthew McConaughey. Oh yeah.


The guy the Guy Ritchie movie. I wasn't as enamored with it as other people were, but a lot of people did seem like Irish and Irish shit on your taste.


You're just throwing darts and I hate the movie. You enjoyed background every movie, every time you go.


Honestly, last year it was his last me last time it actually came out in twenty nineteen. It was half Brazilian, half Portuguese, I believe, but it never played in the United States until twenty twenty.


So it's actually eligible for the Oscars this year. It's called Baquero, it's it's subtitled Jod. It's the craziest fucking movie. It's based on real highest recommendation. You can read Skynyrd's subtitles. I don't want to read my movie.


No, he gave us that one. He gave us that one good fucking parasite, one parasite parasite. I'll go to the other one.


I want to be able to see their expressions and I can't do that when I'm reading at the bottom of the screen. Well, how is that possible? Valid point to go to? I can't take the task.


It's like an old Godzilla movie if you do a dub. But either way, I wouldn't even watch a preview for it. I didn't even see it. I put it on and it just it's all kinds of like mash up of all different genres. In this movie, I was walked away like slack jawed when I watch it.


And the other thing, this is a little easier to take because you don't have to put the subtitles on. It's called Promising Young Woman What Carey Mulligan, the girl who thought the woman was in drive with Ryan Reynolds. I heard it stars Ryan Gosling. It's fantastic. Dude is probably one of the best movies in twenty twenty. So that's a little easier to take down there because you got to tax me these put them on the list.


Absolutely. I know a flyer. I got a lot of time on the plane, man.


Charlie, like the what's the Karate Kid throwback colebrooke chi chi you Elavil.


You're going to have a hattrick this year. You're going to have thirty Texana like year. Look, this is all going to be movie recommendations.


I don't even know. But hey, we appreciate you coming on. It's good catching up and man, big role this year.


It's pretty exciting to watch. And I look forward to seeing your your season play out. Thanks. Thanks for having me go.


Brian will get a pleasure. We'll get an iguana wrestling league going. Oh, come on. I'm going to be on one of the franchises next time.


Next time you hit the ground, we'll get you into an alley on the stage for you to go on. I want I want Grizzly. Tell him I want a fucking piece of the you. He's got the belt right now, man.


You've got to come for it.


Yeah, I will start juiced and we're going to have a craftsman. It's all in the neck, all trying to have we're going to have Brock Lesnar, dude, we're going to have you we're going to have the Eugène League. Just have two Italians go hard at this thing, the first family.


And we got their belts to our noses with you right through them, right through the fucking middle there.


All three of us. Yeah. Thanks, Charlie.


Thank you, Jack. Gobies. Huge stacks of GI McEvoy's for joining us once again, love talking to him, I love the fact that he's going to be watching my movie recommendations when he's on his next flight. Ideally, I did text them over a few to watch. So thanks for joining us once again.


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I'm going to give Katie a canary yellow diamond ring four for Valentine's Day. What do you think? Checklists, a checklist ring like a big diamond like one of those Tootsie Pops, the diamond a the diamond of the teeth, because it'll get to save a little bit of money with the one tooth missing.


And as I say, put an onyx with a missing tooth is. There you go. Hey, where did how did you do that.


Puts it on us. The black jewel like it's similar to a diamond or emerald. Just a stone that's black. I like that.


Would you say that, like, how did you do that whole process? How do you figure out the ring size or do you just let them handle it? You just say, hey, go pick out what you want.


You go into the jewelry box and you grab a ring and you take it to a jewelry store one day. She's not wearing it.


And you have the measure and then you put it back. She never knew you took it for a day to do.


And then you order a panther and then I can see and then you get the size. I don't even know how I got my my wife had no fucking weapon and stole it.


I just caught my buddy's design. He's like, do it go. I forget the lingo. I was like, I got I was a guy. This is a pretty nice guy.


I was just going to go off my pinkie. I was just kind of like, oh, it's the smallest one that should work is like with this wrench.


How did you design the wedding ring? All you pretty much have the talk, any guy out there will tell you when you actually maybe you don't, you're a fool if you don't hide your fool if you don't listen.


No, no. Yes. Maybe maybe I'm actually way off and I'm in the minority. But to me, you've got to ask her, like, hey, you know, what kind of ring would you while much of my spending.


No, no. But it's also like proving yourself.


You've got to keep proving yourself. This doesn't mean I'm going to buy one. But say you keep doing such an amazing job as my girlfriend. What would you want to then? You kind of know what to go go with.


So this is where I don't want to go. You don't want to go? I got you on the Analytica girlfriend chart. So if you're able to continue to grow, if you continue to put shots on, that, of course, is heading on a great slope.


But listen, if you get a guy on the slopes, I'll get your own fucking mountain if you just keep it up.


Speaking of slopes beneath the Rocky Mountains, which is where the Western standards could be found, oh, little Segway for you even know about about Vegas Golden Knights.


They played Tuesday without their regular coaches on the bench. Two more covid shit. Jim Kelly McCrimmon had to coach the team with the Henderson staff and they still ended up winning. They actually had to postpone three games because of the covid stuff. 11 total games were postponed. So far, that's not including what the Devils and other teams have had to adjust to. The other big story out of the West, Minnesota's Kevin Fiala got a three game suspension for board in the late king Matt Roy.


He was assessed a major and a game misconduct. I guess based on what we've seen from similar hits this year, I was surprised that Kevin Fiala got three games for that hit, which I know you really in on this.


Yeah, I mean, I thought I thought he was going to get like four, I think more than anything and more than the Gallagher nurse to your chatting about this one, it was like he was directly behind the guy.


You could make an argument that there was some they were on an angle with each other, Montreal, Edmonton, this one. It's looking at numbers and it's that push right away. And it looked really bad. So I just think that that that was that much different because of the view you're looking at the player you're for checking just some little kids started putting, remember, back in the day.


I don't know if they still do.


They got stop when you and you can read that, it's like, don't hit them.


I used to read it. I used to play along the front. He couldn't read. I used to pull up. I used to pull out the front when I was a defenseman, hopeful that they would stop just because coach put it on the line, hey, it was on your cage. So when you open your eyes, just don't move.


It was in his locker so he wouldn't come to the bench to stay in the locker room. Oh, I'll kicked you down.


Bad hit. Very dangerous. OK though. Coming off the top ropes. I know if I could put the tax down or gold cage match.


No, but so much so.


When I see that I'm like the fact that we didn't do what we're doing for icing sooner is crazy to me because that is the exact play where I don't want to I'm not going to like, blame Fiala for like he like you could tell right afterward, he was like, oh my God. Like as soon as he went down, he grabbed the guy to be like, oh, what have I done? Kind of remember he broke he broke his.


What's the real big one? You don't want a broken femur. Yeah. Yeah. So and you were just hoping I mean, it didn't look good as soon as it happened. I'm like, oh no. Is this going to be the you know, they're going to bring out the stretcher for this one. So he did he he did need to get help pull off the ice. Correct. Yeah, he was he was dinged up and he was fine, I mean, his, you know, the reports out that he was fine, it was just a little banged up.


And, you know, it's not that Fiala was worse. I like I say, I just watch. I mean, I'm not picking on Galaga, but that hit on nurse when I saw the distance. I mean, I cringe when I watch it.


It's like man, like, you know, I would have thought he would have got suspended on the field. What was any worse? I don't know.


I just wanted I looked and I looked at the Fiala one is basically like an Isong because it was like direct from the back, kind of like it said. But but I hear you. And and what I ended up seeing that Walker photo got, I thought that that was Roy who had been pushing along.


And I was like, oh my goodness, I couldn't even recognize my shirt. I played with Roy. So when it was Walker with that that that beak, I'm like, oh, no, he looks like a different human, you know, because I didn't know that he got on face for the puck during the game.


That was that's that was tough. One of the No. Actually, two notes on Minnesota, Matt Dumba was placed on the ice. He had an awkward land. He collided with teammate Jordan Greenway. Look at his left leg, kind of just got extended to five. So he'll be back soon. And now Minnesota out there, reverse retro jerseys. I thought that pretty shot man. I mean, it's kind of weird because the history there, they just left town because the owner.


So you bring him back these old collars. I wonder if some fans are kind of like still bitter. The fact they're North Star has left and then they've got to drop.


All those jerseys are sick and right. When I saw them, I said I wouldn't have bet the Avs had I known that the stars were wearing the I mean, the the wild were wearing these North Star jerseys. That fact when I saw the jerseys, I knew.


So that's the tattoo. I knew that, that the person sitting down on the toilet because I'm a complete joke in the middle of the night. I sit down, I sit down quite often. Actually, I knew right when I saw those jerseys was going to be a loss.


All right.


Yeah, I like the options, though. They were both going against that. Those are two of the top five, I'd say. Goodell, what did you just roll your eyes at?


We I think to force or one fifty percent of this podcast sits while they pee because I know sits well hips too.


I said when I said it's so much easier you don't get piss everywhere. I think I used to piss all over the handles house Mr. and Mrs.. I still don't want me where they live now because I just called everywhere.


Oh yeah. Like you guys.


So I always have the hotel room that that we do the and Patty are like, Jesus Ryan, sometimes when you guys leave the room it's just like shrapnel of piss all over my seat that I have to fucking oh, I'm a sinner.


Well, we weren't sitting on those ones, but I also heard our and you can correct me if I'm wrong, that when you sit as a man to pee, you get rid of like all of it or almost all of it, rather than when you stand up. There's a little bit that remains and that seems healthy.


I guess this is confessional because I, I have a thing for condition I have. It still hasn't happened for a while with the doctor. It had it happened only four times in about a ten year span.


And every time I voice, every time I love it, every time it happened, it was right after I passed that to me.


And the doctor talking concluded, he says, well, if you get up in particular in the middle of the night because you're a little woozy, a little tired, because it happened once on the Cape, I got up to piss in the middle of the night and I was standing and I felt I woke up.


I looked like Lennox Lewis or that boxer. Right. Who's that? Hassin Rackman. That boxer looked like he got hit with a two by four.


I woke up shitfaced. I was intoxicated. Yes. So maybe that's why, you know. No, no, it wasn't. Because I know it wasn't a drunk fall down. It was a post urine. Like I faint. It's a blood pressure thing, you know, fight or flight. Yeah. Shocker here. I'm a flight guy. So your blood pressure either goes up or down like it's called it's called a hundred percent.


Attrition, I think is the the technical term for pissants. It's in The Big Lebowski and I have a mic Kristiansen Syncope. It's it's a feinting. After you pissed at me and the doctor all four times, it happened to me twice. I had to get an ambulance at the hospital once I'm done a warrant tavern. I fell off the basketball of the piston, cracked my head open. I had to get taken out of there.


And every time, though you've been drinking, don't know the honesty. One day it was the day after. One day only once. OK, it's not that I know it's obvious that I'll be drunk. It's on. The other one was that the war goes on.


So you're saying that you had to stop going to sit down at night because when you got back up, you would pass out? Well, that happened.


The doctor said, you know, if you're going to go and get up at night, sit down, because it the last time it happened was bad. It was like I had my fucking eye to shine on. My face was out here. And it wasn't because I was drunk. It was because I pissed and I just fucking I get up after and I went down not going to bed. I went down because I wasn't sitting down because at least if you sitting in and that's why you piss in the sink.


No, no.


Because there's they're telling them to sit down, know the doctor's like listen when you when you get up at night to piss like because you don't push it groggy anyway, sometimes you like spaced out where you just, you know, and you fucking sit down a piss at night.


So they're going back to your original point because I don't think it gets at all, because sometimes when you taking a deuce, an unrelated. Do you have to get up a after that must happen to you to. Because I think the way your body's positioned, that's why it's a couple of. I can't I don't think I can take a shit without pissing, and I can actually I can actually pass with a full fledged boner. I've talked to people that can't piss with boners.


Will you?


Why? You can't. No, you can't. You just aim is all right. I got a boner and I changed his diaper after a nap, like, oh, he's like Daddy freeness. I was like, that's a ball. Or he goes bald.


I swear to God that was his first ever boner.


I hadn't seen another fucking rocket. He got into your Cialis cruise around fucking the whole week with a with a raging hard on shit.


He's just running the show at the playground. Yeah. Give me the Magnum's that me the conversation. Yeah. No, how do we get there.


It's OK because you guys I was surprised that you you said you get up to sit down Topeka's. It's like something the guys like goof on each other typically. But when I'm talking to you you might get brain damage. But no, the first time it happened was crazy. Dude, I know it's a long story, but it was nineteen ninety four. I'll never forget was the day after my family July Fourth party. I drank probably fucking a case of beer the day before I was twenty two years old, young, spry or whatever.


And we went to the the bar at fucking North Station with a Patti Burks I think it was three Jacobite. They had three Fords and it was 1990 for World Cup. We were going to watch Ireland play and we smoked the bird over on the way over. I was hung over so I didn't even order beer and I'll never forget to. All of a sudden it's like you start seeing paparazzi lights. And I was going toward the exit to get some air.


I wake up on the sidewalk at North Station surrounded by people and paddy rexes is an Irish band like Get Away from some oxygen, get them wanted to do.


She's having a day, but they're trying to like and I wake up and I come to and I'm fine. Like, I wake up and I realize, OK, I'm OK, there's a fucking ambulance this I'm more embarrassed than anything. And I'm like, but I remember the last thing, because when I fell, the last thought I had in my head was, oh my God, I'm going to be the first guy to guy. First guy to die from crash and ruin it for everybody.


That was legit. The last thought I had because I had smoked before. And, you know, you hear all this fucking crazy fucking propaganda. And the first thing I said, the guy, of course, that was your thought. He's like, I thought you were going to say you I thought you were going to say like, oh, my God, this is great.


I owe the bookie eleven grand.


I've got to pay eleven and triple that. So the ambulance guy comes up and he says, Have you been drinking ISIS?


No, I'm one of the guys because that's the problem. Get him a drink like they're like making jokes. I'm sprawled out on the sidewalk and it goes buddy. But I did smoke a joint before because he gave like that had nothing to do with it. I was like, oh, thank Christ. And I was dehydrated. I got to the hospital and the nurse was like, Were you drinking? Yes. This is Josh because how many beers would you say had?


I said I was like not even being like a wise guy. I was like probably 30, like, you know, I was twenty two years.


I just being been horrified. She's like I already having the guy who ruined weed for everybody looking down, it's like, fuck, fuck, fuck, Jack, you can't get a foursome up.


You can't get a foursome up and have nobody to play with them. Guy pees when he sits down at night. That's what he thinks everybody does have. It is golf. That's how obsessed this guy is.


No, I think that people who don't will get up there and then they'll be like, oh, this is sick. I should have been doing this the whole time.


Yeah, that's especially if you're not dealing with the pain in the morning when you're waking up and you're just like always feeling good to ambo's in fucking half dozen stitches.


Or if I can make you listen to the doctor, they're that. All right.


Enough of the pain while sitting down talk. Let's move it along. This guy. I don't care how he pops, but he's a fucking superhero either way.


Connor McDavid with yet another absolutely ridiculous end to end goal. I mean, Saturday night I'm sitting out my old lady, and she gave a fuck less about hockey. Most of the time it's about the playoffs. And I was like, look at this. And she even, like, jumped out of a seat. She's like, oh, my God, how is she that fast?


Like I mean, that Byberry freakazoids. Absolutely freak azo. I mean, you guys watch it live memorizer.


You know, as I said, that's how we got half assists every year doing doing what Tyson Berry did, said it's the best passive three feet with nobody near you. And you're just like, oh, I'm real.


First assess the goal right away. I just thought Muzzin Riley should just go over to Amazon and be like, it's OK, I can get you through these next couple days.


We're going to watch the highlight together. I went through this at E at the Axia. What Scotiabank.


Now what a move.


The speed the QuickStart handle, the way he's able to just blow by a ball in the neutral zone, that it's like the defense there backing up as fast as they can. There's no such thing as Gap and they still know they have no chance. So once he uses your triangle, once he slithers around you and then always has the patience, once he's going full tilt like a round the goaltender, he just waits him out, flicks it back the other way.


It's carbon, almost not a carbon copy at all, but of the other one.


But the finish was very similar. And those are two guys who have been shutting them down until that point, we said, when's it going to happen with that hole was will hem and haw have been playing together and they've been doing an unbelievable job against the two. Then we put up the funny. So everybody they were more so leaning towards hole, shutting them down and then then they put up who was it, Anthony Davis and LeBron James. And then it said, Hole in my.


So just like they're the ultimate tag team champions right now and hold them get walked on that play. MUSLADIN But it was you could just tell McDavid had a little bit of extra PEPITA Step fed up by getting shut down by police and hearing about it. So that was that was like a little teaser and warm up to what he ended up doing on Sunday night, which he looked like he embarrassed himself on that goal, too, because like when he made himself laugh, I mean, that's when, you know, you you fucking that good when you literally like laughing at yourself.


And you could see it after you did a fly by on the bench, you know, and the people and yeah, you mentioned Sun Alley on Driesell six. Helper's tied for second place for most of the game. Of course Gretzky did I think seven times. Leon Driesell, the only player since the merger back in 79 80 to have a game with six assists without taking a shot on goal. Kind of a free stat, but this dual man, the fifth duel in NHL history, you have three such games, while both the twenty five younger Gretzky, Curry, Gretzky, Anderson pokerface, Gretzky, claffey and bossy, bossy Trottier, these these two men, like I said before, they deserve a fuck, a great team and a number one goalie because the whole world should be watching these two every night.


Well, they're playing Ottawa and Ottawa got off to a tough start. I think they allowed a goal in eight seconds, which tied the record for the Edmonton Oilers set Araji by Wayne Gretzky. And was it Cahoon? How do I say the guy's last name for Cahoon? And he was one of three Germans playing in the game. Right. Him drive Sitel and Jimmy and Jimmy Stewart so they make sure before the game. So very cool. Three Germans playing in a game.


But Edmonton just I mean, don't fucking take penalties against Edmonton. They're just it's a Chieko They're playing on rookie mode, as the gamers would say, and they're just snapping it around. And you even saw a little bit of it in the the Toronto game as well to where like I think, you know, McDavid rings went off the post, they just set it back up, exact same play, OK, scored on the second one. So it's it's automatic.


McDavid will have it on the half wall and he's able to penetrate the peak box. Oh, yes. Talk to me. And all of a sudden he's just dishing.


It's not that easy to just skate into the middle of it and just find him. When he found Nugent, Hopkins, Ottawa looked so bad and we were pumping auto his tires in terms of like beginning of the year. They could they could be a pain in the ass. They're getting pumped.


Yeah. Murray's had a tough start to Murray's had a real tough start. And the goaltending nurses goal awful nice shot, but it's got to be saved. There was a bunch of them. It's like, oh, my God, you can't.


If you're going to have a young team you need and then you get you get no saves.


It's like it's just a matter of it's just a matter of time.


Now, you can if you could see a little bit of the frustration coming out to Brady could chalk it up. Having a good a good fight who fight from Vancouver.


There was a Godet well, he went after Godet, then mckewon kind of jumped in to come to Gallaudet's defense. And I love ready to pointon like any time guys playing at the bench because he gives the guys on the bench, right? Oh yeah. But then trip them back after and yeah.


A lot of women by the way, anybody want to buy some buy backs in Saturday's futures for ten cents on the dollar, the meal, you know.


But yeah, I think they got six or seven losses in a row. They've given up forty four goals in nine games. Murray was yanked Sunday in the first period. And yeah, I know I said Ottawa could be good. My caveat was if Murray can revert back to that form and yeah, he hasn't reverted back to that form yet and we're seeing the results of it. The other news out of that division, because Calgary's Dillon Dubé, it will pit I don't if it was incidental contact, but on yes, very shocking to me.


There was no penalty called. I haven't heard anything from the Department of Public Safety.


I heard nothing. I heard he's getting nothing. And I honestly, like I know people are apoplectic about it on Twitter because that's Twitter and even some reporters. Oh, my. I watched it.


And it was like, well, when the kid turned in on Dubé, he's going to sort of reflexively put his arms up. I don't think he did anything malicious. And I'm not surprised there wasn't a call. B, there was no supplementary discipline as a recording.


I just wrote all time. Hockey people want absolutely fucking crazy on me on Twitter. And I'm saying, listen, I thought given today's climate, the fact that even if it was accidental and it was like reactionary because he turned in to him and like you said, Dubé seemed a little bit surprised to contact overall. I thought for sure he would have got a penalty. But people think that this guy should be put in prison in Montreal. They got they they've completely dropped the case and now they're refiling one for this guy.


These guy, these fans are out of their minds calling 911.


One another note on. Calgary, it was all in the same game, Mark Giordano had his nine hundredth game that you could check three hundred, and it was the one hundredth game for the assistant equipment manager, Correas Matt.


Congrats, Ozon, on fifteen hundred games, man. That's that's a long haul doing that job. And like I've said before, those guys are the grease that makes this fucking league run the right narges without them. This this league does not happen. So congrats to him. Let's talk about the other catgut Brother Biswal at Busy Week Feel Matika Chuck first the old bun, King Kong Bundy splash on Jack Campbell, then Jake Muzzin. Shut the puck out of the game.


Now Jack Campbell was hurt. Everybody was blaming Matty afterwards, but it turns out it was his leg not had enough to do in his head. But the Muzzin shooting the back at him. I mean he's always in the middle of the fucking action one way or the other.


Twitter leaves Twitter's not sman. If you do anything to a leaf, you got to go on. What's the the term? I'm a witness protection. Witness protection. You've got to go witness protection every goddamn job. Listen to Kucuk kind of fall onto him on purpose for sure that I think it was like that malicious. No. So but I will say this. I think Muzzin flipping the puck out of is fair game.


It's like, yeah, but I also I also would be just as best as Cutchogue. If somebody flicks the pocket you look out, I could see why he flipped so disrespectful.


I, I completely agree and I agree with him having the wires crossed because if somebody were to do that to me it's like you're embarrassing him.


Correct, after a loss as well. So it's even more field. So then you got another good door slam there. We get a lot of door slams this year. But but going back to the previous game on what they saw on the replay about what they did to their goalie, do you not think it was warranted?


I think that, like, I think that if after a game I said that if I were if I would have got the puck looked at me, I might have known why I was getting it flicked at me now.


I also did see the pressor for Kucuk after. And I think I don't think she thinks he thinks he did anything wrong when he went on to Kamble there, which is like, OK, I'll take I'll take your word for it. But fuck, I don't know. I saw the replay and it kind of looked like he got to drop the knee a little on them. No. Am I crazy. Just called it King Kong Bundy splash.


It wasn't. I mean, he didn't he only really just goes he's saying that doesn't necessarily mean he believes it.


And I don't blame Muhsen. At the end of the day, I believe I just called.


Oh, I wasn't really chirping. I'm not saying Muzzin shouldn't have done that. I just think that's why he flipped out. But it's still hilarious.


Yeah. One hundred percent. Do you think that if you would have done what he did to the goalie, you would have maybe accepted the puck flip a little bit more?


Yeah, you got to think there was a better chance somebody might fight them if maybe that's just the way that maybe had been asked in the game.


But I don't think he's turning down. Identify the windscreen.


Yeah, I mean, that he jumped right in there after the puck. I mean, not that much. Let me just clarify. I wasn't disrespecting the game. Yeah. Matty earned what he got, you know, like I can fall in on his goal. He's had the night before. But if you had Matt, you could check and a guy, you know, flip it up. Then again, that's disrespectful to that guy. Yeah. Yeah.


You get all your spots. And, you know, he did get right up in his grill and he's pissed off after the game. But either way, that kid is a fucking straw. That's the drink in Calgary.


Oh, I love it. I loved it all. And I wasn't really picking sides. I just thought, oh, for sure, something's going to happen when watching the next game. And then, I mean, there's going to be more fireworks with this team. What I meant to say was I would I would turn down the Wayne train. I don't think I would I'd be scared of that guy.


The Longreach talking about the North, the vision Grenelle. We get the old Battle of Alberta.


It's going to Pimlott again that was just texting you saying, can you pump these great shirts. We got a Battle of Alberta shirt for Calgary about the Alberta shirt for Edmonton. It's concert style. We got all the dates they play on the back. That's obviously the Calgary one, right? That's the Calgary one.


It's got the flames. The oil one's got a bunch of like the big oil things in the field.


I forget where the oil rigs might keep the oil rigs. The oil rigs.


Yeah, oil rigs. Yeah. So, all right. They go on sale for sure.


It's the flames when I got to see the oil, this one.


But the flames one with the fire coming out and Grinnell's sent this over to this is just to to play off more of the Canadian division, which has been awesome. Saturday nights, early games, Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary, Montreal, across SportsNet CBC City and TV Sports attracted an average audience of three point two million viewers. That's the most watched Saturday night, 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time Games in Canada since 2014. So it says excluding Hockey Day in Canada, which, of course, is that bears quelque 2014, seven years six.


Well, so the reason the reason I knew that so quickly is because Rutherford got hired in 2014 and I was doing the math in my head earlier today. So I got really say, aw, if it had happened in 1998, how many years were that, Ben?


Oh, fuck. Twenty twenty three, yeah, is OK, all right. Oh, yeah, OK.


Yeah, I'm a math guy. Not that not a word guy 282 246.


OK, actually you know one man since since we're on Canadian topic as well. We were we were critical of Vancouver. They had a tough start. I got a couple of quick notes. I wrote down that guy Buis since we released the podcast or since we recorded excuse me, Vancouver. I love playing on Monday. Last week there, faunal outscoring opponents best has been late in the last four goals and it took our four goals in an Apple. Excuse me, Petey's got five points.


Hughes has five points. This this Motte kid, he is the Energizer Bunny. Every day he's out there. He's a prick out there. I like watching him. And even this Hoglund, I don't know if you saw that awesome assist the other night where he dove and poked it to the guy and then he ended up scoring another goal.


They've seen that kid's goals in Sweden. No. Oh, my God. Please do yourself a favor. Tonight, this kid scored the field goal, the Jurgen's, and he'll score in Michigan.


He'll score Michigan this year or next year. I grant better than that. That that that that.


Yeah, there's only been three Michigan's in the NHL. Right. So, I mean, that's a big ballsy call. Should be big odds.


Keep in mind, three of those games were against war against Ottawa. Not sorry to mix the laugh in their Ottawa fans, but this has been an ugly, ugly start. They have Back-To-Back games Monday, Tuesday against the Habs. That's going to be a big task, but they're playing good. I'm going to go to those games as soon as we get off this this Zoome call or whatever you want to call it. So Zoome that's just the last note I had on the North.


Little tired.


And if you are watching Vancouver, I think we've mentioned this before.


But Peterson, he trucks people.


I think he looks, he looks skinny and he's like and all of a sudden he's reversing his balance like go to hit him Beretti. He's got a little tip for the youth in the NHL right now. That's going to go ahead, Patterson, be ready. How about that? I should coach.


So that's where I compare them to, like the Datsyuk or Forsberg was really good at it, too.


I mean, he was a bit more of a truck, kind of created it for the top. He's probably the best reverse head of all time.


I mean, he I don't want to say single handedly, but there was one guy who changed the reputation of like Europeans and Swedes. It was Peter Forsberg and just how tough he was having a fucking fight every night.


Remember, I watched. I should start an awesome moves. Chuck Norris, Meems. But Peter Forsberg, remember those old sayings? Yeah. I can't think of one off the top of my head, but sure, we could think of something.


Oh, I still get my big T-shirt when I saw the show in the mail. And remember, I had all those, like, crazy stories that a lot of people don't know. I want to do one of those on Facebook. I want to do some research because there's probably numbers and things he's accomplished that the general hockey fan has no idea.


I mean, didn't he get surgery, have to, like, get a spleen out and play that night, like the night late or something like that?


I mean, I'm going to do the research, something like that. It did happen. I've had a hernia and a fucking gall bladder. I mean, I couldn't move for a week.


Like, I think he missed the whole regular season and led the league in playoffs. This culture of Kutuzov sneaky could do that, right?


Oh, yeah. It's come out like sitting on that gif, if I can, out of the sky, because I know you saw that gif. Nikita could drop play off time as the restless thing like drop out of the sky, out of the McDavid on out one and two points.


Klina, eight goals, fourteen assists on six goals, fifteen assists.


So those guys will probably at the top once the season ends as well.


I was just watching that game too. I know we're you know, we spent a lot of time on this north division, but just sometimes, like the competence to like you see something like that, too many men, penalties and like they're playing all together at five, one of the first. And then next thing you know, the game's eight five. They just that they can't play they can't seem to play a clean game and they rely way too heavily on.


It's just like you kind of mentioned it. I think the before the season started, you said just just don't fuck it up just to stay even. And they seem to always find a way to fuck it up.


Yeah. I mean, it's still a young team in some regards. It they're not really have come together yet. They put a lot of pots. And so I don't know, I'd like to see them pull it together and at least be competitive because the league's been super competitive this year. And I think the Central Division is probably the best example.


That little surprise Florida of the top five on one. But even in last place, Detroit, two, six and two is six points. It's only a five point difference between eight teams. But how about those cats first place? Florida as a six point streak hasn't lost in regulation. Aleksi Heppell Neame became the second player this year to score in overtime game one for his debut goal, Capri's. I've done it and done four times in history and Patriquin was busy.


I don't even want to give him some props.


I just think that net front presence in the NHL is one of the most undervalued assets. And he is. I don't like the more I look at it, I'm like, oh man, why did Pittsburgh get rid of this guy? He is he's probably at the top of his game right now as far as how he is and rather NetWare. Right. Yeah, I think that he's he's a little slower, right? I understand he's never that's never been as big a strength.


But I think to say it's a crazy Pittsburgh got rid of him. I don't necessarily agree with that.


OK, fair enough. But just watching how hot it starts been in Florida and how valuable a power play asset can be and loan every time you see a goal happening in Florida right now and some of what she hasn't even got a point on, he's just the one taking away the goal, his eyes. And just I mean, we went back to back games for the Coyotes where they didn't score a goal. And just seeing the lack of it, you're, you know, like there's not enough of these guys around.


And I think that they're very, very undervalued, especially in today's NHL, where, you know, it seems like special teams has became so important because, you know, five on five, a lot of teams seem to have a pretty dialed in the exit to a pretty firm structure to where you see the teams at the top are always the ones capitalizing or mostly that is. So I just I just wanted to pump his tires and say that that I think it's one of the most valuable are underrated assets as far as the NHL is concerned right now on that front presence.


I agree with Richie Rich.


He's in Boston doing it and the fans despised him last year. And he's look pretty good this year on that first unit playing in that front. Absolutely.


And I think that might be a decrease in it. I mean, obviously, I don't have any numbers to back it up. But you know what?


You think that early 90s, I mean, you had LeClaire and Karkoc and Billy Garran and the speed they bring in and we don't see a lot of guys, like you said, has gone to the front of that and taken the whacks.


I mean, I know we talk about all the time to Brady. Does Brady get jacked? He's kind of old school in that fashion. But, yeah, there's just not the same amount of play players. I don't maybe willing to go there and take the punishment to make to get those tips in deflections.


No, I genuinely think that that there's a strong correlation to between guys who are willing to put up with the punishment in front of the net and stand in front of pucks as they go by where you're standing in the goalies eyes, there's a huge difference. I was not a very good net front guy. Was I scared of taking clappers off the body? And was I normally like, you know, I could I just missed it. No, if you really want it and you want to eat the puck, like Shane Doan was unbelievable at it and he was a horse.


And I think that that that teams are afraid to have a guy who's maybe a little bit slower, but it's just like, man, I see guys who have all the tools in the toolbox a majority of the time where it's like, you know, I you know, Holmquist is slowing down a little bit. Well, you're going to get twenty five fucking goals. Who cares? Barry, I'm on the third line for regular shifts if you need to, but he gets twenty five here, he gets twenty five this year.


That's, that's big, big odds right now of that actually happening. Yeah.


Well I just wanted to kind of point that out and we hadn't talked about that front presence in a long time, if we ever even have the answers.


Also have they played Chicago and and Detroit. Right. I mean it's a great start, but we'll see the you know, they've had tons of games delayed, which also in that division, Carolina and Dallas. And I got shit on for saying Carolina is a playoff team. Dallas came in there after looking like the greatest hockey team to ever play the first two games this year against Detroit. They came in the first game on Saturday night. They got outshot.


They had eleven shots. Dallas had eleven shots. Carolina warped them for one.


And then Sunday, Carolina beat them again. And it was the shots in the second period. At one point we're eighteen to four. So that team looks great and it sucks with the devils now going through the covid and the delay.


But like it's like I well guys are getting rested and it's going to be crazy the rest of the way out.


But you can see how they're kind of coming out of these breaks strong, not to mention that one, nothing win against Tampa too. So I had this written down in my notes. Carolina Hurricanes Tummy time for a little tummy stick action. I question their goaltending before the season. Well, warm up the Lub Rimer three and only one point ninety nine goals against average with a nineteen save percentage and Marusek is two and one with a just under a goal game.


He's at point ninety nine goals against average in a nine fifty five save percentage. So they've both been doing unbelievable and went to allude to the guys they've missed because of the current situation. Stall's missed time, terrifying and Martinek slave and fast. So they've had some like big pieces out of our lineup to start the season and they are trucking teams. It just kind of I mean, we say it all the time whenever we mentioned Carolina, just the mindset and the leadership by Rod the board.


And I just think that they're they're following his lead and they got some young studs. And to keep doubting them, they're like the new islanders. They just keep beating me over every time I say something negative about them.


I would be dead if I tried to do what Veronika did to stay onside.


Will Lit let that was like. I don't know how he's still playing. Go ahead. I'm sorry. So that's right. Yeah. As I saw the same tweet, the kid tagging us, like all you guys said that Caroline was doing it and I'm like all the crowd and masses of the fucking six games, like, no great from Razzak and Rhyme, I hope they have success. I'm not against. But dude, it's six fucking games in the season.


Seems like it's one 16. Well, that's why that's why I like let's see how the results are before we start telling people the best.


That's why I wrote down Carolina Hurricanes. Tommy Sticks for just being a little bit nice. You know, we want to get a we want to get ahead of it now. Now, now, to bring up your point, I watched that game against Dallas Rimer let in two softies like they were. They should not have been gone. So I trust Mrazek way more than I do. Rymer And let's see this season play out. So I agree with your statement.


All right. Yeah, that's all. I wasn't saying the kid wrong.


He's like and I was like, no, it's just it's early. Like we're not nobody has won anything yet.


The hardware games in the season, given the hardware, move it along to the Chicago Blackhawks, did they find that Golia what this kid, Kevin Lankin, has been unbelievable. Six stats, three, one and two with a one nine seven and a nine three seven save percentage came over from Finland as a free agent. I mean, this kid was a fourth on the deep shot and he looks like the fucking real deal so far. What have you seen him play much?


Not really. But the stats don't lie. That's the saying. And I think that goaltending now is there's so much depth at that position and there's so many unreal goaltenders that are in the age that maybe haven't gotten a chance that I think now more than ever, you're seeing a third and fourth, like third and fourth guy in the depth chart, like you mentioned. Like if he gets a chance, man, they got game. So the goal, the goaltending position is so deep, whereas you really don't know.


You can find a diamond in the rough anywhere. And it makes a lot of sense why you don't see goalies picked Soubry in the draft i o two in my draft and letting in one second. Overall, I couldn't agree more now saying that I don't think they were having much luck with the first two guys there. And you know, this kid's got some confidence in these kicking. You got to you've got to roll with that with the hot guy, especially under the circumstance there.


And as far as goaltending, then it makes you question the whole like off season move by not having Crawford come back. But for that reason, you end up finding a new guy maybe, and you ride the hot hand and went as far as goalie depth is concerned, that's the one position where I feel like most most smart teams have three guys. They even have a guy already in the pipeline and they just keep you know, they keep replenishing it even if they get rid of one for an asset.


So definitely a position that keeps getting better and better.


Also sticking with Chicago, we got an all time quote from our pal Duncan Keith, one of the coolest cats in the league. By the way, this guy just has an aura about him when he walks in the room. They asked him about the local media, asked about his many shot attempts in the past two games, and he said, quote, I'm getting the course he ups. You guys think I'm good. And quote, like, that's such a great quote.


This guy's a future Hall of Famer. And he's basically saying, I don't give a fuck of he like, who cares? You think I'm good or bad based on this one fucking number? So I thought it was absolutely hilarious. He said, well, forever.


He was apparently bad, bad policy. So you probably heard that bullshit.


And he was always babysitting, carrying around young men. And then now he's dominating. I think when he was with ya Wilson, he was probably amazing that those numbers wise to that's what chief was telling us.


And he knows his shit. Oh, no doubt about it, can't he just can't snake draft. Oh yeah. By the way, with great job, we've got to bring that up. Know that already.


I think we've recorded we talked about it. OK, I couldn't remember if we if we went over the actual draft itself, but yeah, that was very entertaining. It's it's fun stuff.


Well there is one bar stool thing we can mention quickly. They just started a new series and Granillo lets you hop in. Yeah. Surviving bar stool.


It's absolutely hilarious. They trap ten of the ten bloggers in the bar stool offices for a full week. Can't leave. No, no clothes, no nothing. Took all their bags and they basically have to live there all week. And they did episode one on Monday night. It was a it was absolutely hilarious. Episode two is going on right now.


KFC is hosting the whole thing. It's it's unbelievable. One day was so bad that it cleared out the whole office. They did something where the smell was so bad on both floors. Everyone had to leave. So I'm excited to watch.


All right. Check it out if you like that kind of stuff. All right. One more note before we do get to Colin Wilson. We have another guest coming on. As I mentioned, Mike Delgado took an awful gash off the lip.


I mean, cotton on your face is one thing, but when it's right there and you can't eat, you can't fucking every little motion probably pulls the stitches apart. You have to get cut real bad.


Did you look at it, too, in your eye right away? You just grab your mouth. I told you guys a story. I play with this kid named Tomas Chaubey. He was from the Czech Republic and he was he was back Czech and Chris Thorburn and practice and skate came up and it was probably three or four times worse than Delgado's where it cut the lip and it went all the way up to where it was. Just hang it over.


So he closed his mouth. You could see some of his teeth. So but seeing that man oh, what was it? Zet Chetnik? Not to that. I was about ten years ago, Alexi's was got cut in the throat when he was with that was Clinton.


Chapnick was rituals that could have Richard Zapotec.


My apologies. Know the guy with the blades in the way these guys are flying around out there, man, sometimes some nasty shit can happen. Yeah.


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OK, format's areas. Without further ado, here is Cornwell's.


Well, I'd like to welcome my next guest to the show, he played it be for two years winning a national championship his sophomore year before turning pro. He then joined the natural predators who drafted his seventh in the twenty draft. He spent eight seasons and smashed them, three in Colorado and recently retired after 11 NHL seasons in over 600 games. It's a pleasure to welcome to the podcast Cornwell's to join us. Yeah, great intro.


Thanks for having me. Thanks, buddy. Appreciate it. I know you had hip surgery back in October.


How are you feeling these days? You getting around OK? I'm getting there. I had the bilateral hip surgery in two thousand nineteen in October as well. So both hips done. And I didn't get past I didn't get past walking with those. I was supposed to come back for the playoffs, regular playoffs before covid. So had them redone again. And I'm starting to move along. So that's that's promising.


What was the issue with the first time around? It was just they didn't do it correctly. Or you just had maybe different rehab after what what was the story there?


Just a complication where essentially like another tear develop a different part of my hip. It was unfortunate. It took a while to figure out, but we're certainly happy that we figured it out.


Well, we're going to go back into kind of the beginning and your family and how you got into the game of hockey. That's usually how we do these interviews. And I know the injuries you did battle. It goes a long way back from your groin, starting at a young age. But before we get into all that, like your father played in the NHL, your grandfather played in the NHL, you just love talking from the get go, I'm guessing, and just had a passion for it.




I mean, I also grew up in Winnipeg, so there's not does it hurt. Yeah, that's the thing to do. You're out in the backyard and I mean it's cold. So you're either playing hockey or that's that's pretty much it. But yeah, certainly a lot, a lot of family background. And two of my uncles also played juniors in college and were drafted, played some pro in Finland. So there are certainly no getting away from it.


My family talks about your work ethic. Were you the kid on the pond that they had to beg to come off? You were there up all night.


Your mom's like go to sleep. Yeah, pretty much.


I mean, it really was. It turned into that. But luckily, there are so many of us in Winnipeg who kind of felt felt the same way. I mean, so I grew up as well, Unaipon. So my dad made the backyard rank. He actually made a a weaving pass, kind of like that.


Kevin Weeks, they're probably not getting this week's Saturday game. R.A. hates that movie.


And I thought I saw they were just voting on my best on NHL. That's the best hockey movie. I don't know if I'd go with that one, but yeah. So it was it was definitely, definitely that scenario.


Your childhood buddies are still friends with Jonathan James, correct? Yeah. Yes, he was. He always that nasty as a kid. Yeah.


So I'll actually I'll give my dad a little bit of a shout out here because I remember I was easier older than me, but I remember being nine years old and I he and being like like am I as good as say. And he's like, no, but he's going to be an all star in the NHL. And that's the way he said it. Then he said it at ten years old. So I'll give my dad credit on his hockey IQ.


Like I'll never forget that because I remember being shocked to my dad.


Didn't think I'd better. Absolutely not. Yeah, but you keep doing bad for us.


You are one pathetic loser. Maybe that's a little too aggressive.


Oh, well, you spent a lot. I mean, you represent the Team USA quite a bit and you were living in Winnipeg. Where's the dual citizenship come from?


Yeah, my dad was playing for the Rangers, so I just happened to be born at that time, a pawn in Greenwich, which is pretty funny because decent town.


Well, that's the thing is, my parents told me I was born in New York as well. So when I finally looked at my birth certificate, I asked my parents, I said, what's green? Which, you know, like, oh, that's no, you were born in Greenwich. But so I got the dual citizenship, grew up in Winnipeg from three to fifteen and was actually trying out for Team West for under seventeen, OK, trying out for Team Canada and the US came and watched me play and offered me a spot and I wanted to go college road.


I always considered myself and taking pride in being American.


So I got to go play for the the national entity and for people who don't know, because if you play one game for another nation you can never played. Oh really? Well, I shouldn't say that because you can end up getting citizenship. You go to Europe and guys will play for like Italy. You've seen things like that. But I'm pretty pretty sure I remember Brett Hall was bringing up like he ended up playing for Team USA. Had he played for Canada at all, would have been done.


So good decision by you. You ended up dominating the national program and having pretty successful two world juniors as well.


Yeah, no, it was it was huge. I mean, I, I was coming off of getting cut from my team the year before in Winnipeg. So all of a sudden the next year I'm playing for the US national team and starting to get college scholarship offers. You being one of them, they're the first team to offer me, but it really was like a it was a very quick jump after being cut from my traveling machine. So it was great.


It was be you an easy choice for you or the other options you were looking at?


I didn't even know about you at all when they offered me. I was I was thinking North Dakota being a Winnipeg kid, and they had just committed there. So, you know, when it came down to it, when Coach Quinn and Parker were great talkers, I also really wanted an education, no offense to North Dakota, Auburn.


So it was it was great.


Like all of a sudden being a kid from Winnipeg at the time and going to visit Boston, it just became incredibly easy. It was such a cool town and truly like nothing else I had ever really seen at the time, being 50 and 60 years old.


Well, you mentioned your father and how much he meant to you and then your grandfather also. What is the story about him in terms of getting Swedish players over? Like, can you explain the whole scenario there?


Yeah. So my grandfather, he got the to get two games in the Montreal Canadiens, had to retire due to his knee. So then he just became an orthopedic surgeon because that was the next step, became the Jets team doctor, ended up taking a break, going to Sweden to study fast twitch fibres. And while he was there, he went and watched these Swedish players play and it was under his head, Berg and Olf Nillson. And he called the Jets up and was like, hey, you got to get these guys.


They're they're incredible. And I think in the next year, the Jets brought him over and they obviously became pretty big, pretty big stars for the Winnipeg Jets. That's crazy.


A former doctor ends up getting you too sick. Imports in the NHL. That's a great story. And then you bring up him studying fast twitch muscles. Like I've told the story the first time I saw you coming to be you. I mean, I want to say it. Seventeen, eighteen. You had to be six one to fifteen. Like you were just immediately at a young age. Strong, big, strong kid. Is was that always the case?


Should you have an enormous growth spurt?


At one point I had the enormous growth spurt and then I turned into a gym monkey at the same time. Yeah, yeah. I enjoyed it. But you can't blame me. I grew up in a family where Christmas spirit, all the uncles were doing bench press competitions every year.


That was what a bunch of goons they were one up on the guys in the bubble. They were doing layoffs. Yeah.


So it was. Yeah, definitely. Definitely something to reflect on. I think one of the factors and I heard I heard your take on it as well, maybe some injuries was overtraining. But at the same time, I also had the ability to put on quite a bit very quickly. And yeah, one summer I went I mean, I think I got drafted to the dub at like five for about twenty. And then I was sixteen years old and I was six one to ten.


So it happened. Yeah, it happened quick.


And I was this guy, the guy was drafted like we, we got him in the seventh round. I was seventh round.


Oh yeah. I Kloner Rockets.


So it was yeah I went hard, it was a but it's one of the double edged sword because I think that work ethic certainly gets you pretty far, but sometimes it can be a little drawn up with the considering the pedigree your grandfather than your father, did you feel any added pressure to be successful in hockey because of that?


I'd say so, probably. I think it's certainly I mean, my dad ran the hockey camps that everybody wanted to be in as well. So, you know, it was it was certainly a name around around Winnipeg. And, yeah, I felt that pressure. But at the same time, I also got probably way better advice than everybody. And I also knew what was possible. And truly like the direction was pretty fantastic. I mean, I was getting pucks dropped in the garage when I was 11, learning how to take face offs.


But not everybody was. Not everybody should bring in and over.


He says he needs work on his draws. Yeah, that's because the lender is Limberis then giving it to him about his face off Tyson's old man.


Obviously, the game changed immensely from when your dad and your granddad played. But what kind of advice did they give you that you were able to use in the modern day?


I think they turned a lot of my game turn into behind the net in the corners top of the circles type type of game. So it turned into more great and more keep away more trying to win the battles. And, you know, in other things in my game didn't necessarily take off. I could rely on that and kind of continue to have a position and do something that maybe the next guy couldn't necessarily do quite as well.


Well, when you look at those teams at BYU, when you got there, I mean, you had a great freshman year and then took off your software when you guys won at all. Did you know kind of at the beginning of that sophomore year that was going to be it for you, no matter if you want at all? Or if you did, you kind of want to wait to see how that year played out, because it was pretty evident early on that that college you were ready to go after two years.


Yeah, no, I was calling it I was calling it after two years. Yeah, I think it was partially because they you had to declare a major after your second year. And I wasn't ready to do that. I wasn't ready to tell them. Oh, yeah, I want to go into history.


I went with sociology. I still barely know.


I don't know what that means. It's a study of humans, I think. Yeah.


So it was it was I knew I was going, so it was pretty, pretty fantastic. Got a few meetings with Coach Parker and Coach Quinn and we all kind of knew what the plan was. I was signing at the end of the year. But to go out the way that I did and the team, the team was just truly ridiculous. And to go back and look at it, no rival. I think the main man with Korea would obviously be a rival on one of the better college hockey teams, but pretty, pretty insane to go back and look.


And I certainly look at that overtime goal a couple of times.


They're so busy. They were down three one with, what, a minute left? Yeah. And they tied it up and then took it down.


And who would you play against? It wasn't Vinson, the Verde's Miami of Ohio. I was roommate was Vincent Reverdy who was captain with the Ontario ran a Manchester marksman when the color cup.


Not a big deal, but yeah, that was an interesting comeback. Let's let's talk through it.


Yeah I, I still remember. It's funny because I actually just had dinner with Coach Quinn, coach of the Rangers. I'm sure everybody knows. But Rocket. Yeah. Good looking man.


He's doing all in New York I'm sure. But see he I remember him at the time out. It was a minute, 14 seconds left and he's like, guys, we just got to believe. And I was kind of like, oh, I don't know, man.


I mean, we don't just need one Koine. We need to. Yeah, they got to sign a ticket tomorrow, so we'll see.


But he truly like a big goal by Zach Cohen and then another big goal by Veneno, huge play by Gilroy and then Kobe Collins claim to fame. A good buddy of mine had a roommate. He scored the overtime goal. It was truly it was a special team. We did so many times throughout the year, actually, where we were down and our whole way through the tournament, we kept kept finding ways to win, kind of like those big championship teams do.


But I think it would have been a bit of a trava, not travesty. That's a very harsh word. But the right team won. I think we were very good all year and very talented.


So the kid who scored the goal, he never went and played pro. That was the end of it. I know he played a little bit. No, Kobe played three. You got some games. And then the show he was a black face when Boston Bruins won is awesome. And he's actually an announcer for the Philadelphia Flyers right now. He's just I like giving him a hard time. It'd be a funny guy.


So when when you say claim to fame, he makes sure every time he's at the bar and he's got a few beers and he mentions that to everyone they're talking about, the Monday Night Football game is like, you know, I scored the winner.


Nowadays you can pull the YouTube clips and just show everyone he's got he's got the YouTube video saved, I'm sure, on a phone.


Were you was it drafted after your freshman year? I heard it already turned into drafted before. You got to be you not as drafted after my freshman year.


Oh, OK. All right. So those same case for me, but was it on your mind the entire freshman year? We like I got to get points this year. Were you more taking the approach of just playing as well as you could for Parker and be you and trying to not think about the draft that year? Because I know it was tough for me.


I'm sure the latter would have been the way to go. But I was I was the former I was certainly I was certainly worried about the draft. I wanted to put up numbers I wanted. And, you know, the following year, I got to go into position more where I was trying to help the team as well. But, I mean, it's it's hard. You're trying to get drafted as high as possible and it's in the back of your mind.


So, yeah, it's difficult, especially college is like I went from the program where everybody everybody's trying to get drafted and all of a sudden the college hockey where it is more of a team atmosphere.


So I learned pretty quickly about that. So when the draft comes, it's it's I don't remember where it was when you got drafted, but I know 2008 was pretty special. Stamkos went number one overall that day, talking to your agent. Did you have an idea Nashville was probably the pick or did you think possibly a little bit earlier, like take me through that day? I know it's probably tough to remember, at least it is for me, but it certainly was exciting.


I'm guessing it was in Ottawa. And actually, no. And my my agent at the time, Neil, she's like Toronto's taking you watch. They're going to trade up from seven to five. And when they do, they're taking it. And they and they had set yeah. They trade up from seven to five and then Lucienne. So I, I at the time did not know for sure. NASL, I know that they were the first team to interview me and Kevin Kielty was a BU alumni who is the head of their scouting and Paul fan was another B.


You guys know Jeff Jeff Keltie because you're thinking of the big guy, Kevin Keltie. Yeah. Mean there's a lot of kids. I know. I know.


I just wanted to help them. Yes, thanks. Yeah, so he yeah, he was one of the first people to speak to me, but it was. Yeah, I didn't know, but obviously an incredibly exciting time. Did you make the team out of camp or did you have to stop in Milwaukee?


I made the team out of camp, but kind of the the theme of my career, I had already had that great injury for a bit. So I made the team out of camp, had the grand injury, missed a month, and then they wanted to send me to the minors. I actually got some games then, and then my groin went again. Then I went to the minors. So it was enough splitting, splitting there.


And you got the the 09 10 season. Were you surprised at how much Nashville had embraced hockey even way back then?


To to an extent, I think back then it was still a bit of a shock being a Winnipegger being like people idolized hockey. Like if you were in the show, you are you know, you're Brad Pitt, kind of. So it was it was it was a little bit of an adjustment. But to watch it grow, to watch the city grow at the same time. Truly a highlight of my career. I could have seen a cooler development while it happened.


Speaking of development, you said you played or you think already mentioned Milwaukee for 40 games. I keep hearing how great of a program it is. I never played against them in the in the Weyburn. What was your experience like for the forty games? And like, did it help you eventually learn to be ready to go for the NHL level? Yeah, it was it was great. It was it was fun, it was a little bit more of the jungle type atmosphere, which was honestly good, good to learn.


And we had a good yeah, we had a great coach and Lane Lambert, and he was great with development, great city. But actually Lambert one time. So I was nine, I was 19 and he he called the time out and he wanted to change the breakout, the breakout. And he's like and I didn't listen at all. And he was telling us not to be centered.


Don't swing behind the net. We're not swinging behind the net anymore. And I'm the first guy out there and I didn't pay attention at all. And this is in Peoria and a three and a three and three, maybe 20 people in the barn. And I immediately go swing behind the net and I just hear from the bench, that dead silent building just fuck you really fucking attention.


So and I had the popcorn up there, but I didn't know it was a good time, great coaching.


And it was it was a good, great learning experience.


And I had a lot of fun.


My time in Milwaukee at one time of the game, busy, wasted it to break.


That explains every single time I went to the board when the coach was writing up a journal, I was like, oh, my God, what what the fuck are we doing?


What did we just say up there for four minutes? Yeah, our attention spans weren't exactly there.


You bring up the groin injury and from from reading, you know, it's really what caused a lot of the hip stuff. What what age did that really start? Like when were you like, oh, my God, I have something seriously going on with my groin here.


Sixteen. And so do you think it had something to do with that growth spurt? Yeah, it did.


And at the same time, yeah, I look Yeah.


At the pro. I mean you were your program guy. Yep. Yep.


And and it was like twelve hours a day. Yeah.


You know at the time a lot of Olympic lifting and then I was doing extra on top of it and at the same I, I injured it and I remember I couldn't at the time. You're like I'm not taking a week off. How can I take a week off every week. Guelzo Yeah. Yeah. And you've got to develop and that you know, you're making such gains in such a short amount of time. So I had that didn't really rest it and it just never fully healed and went away and you know, maybe I had some.


Yeah. Some compensation and some back, back and forth throughout the whole time. But you know, I still managed it and I certainly we you and I had the same body, body work, L.A. and mind body connection.


Check it out in order to try to figure all this out, because it obviously kept pulling it like were you being told, you know, you've got to be activating this more and not more like because back then it was a little bit different. But I started towards in my career getting injuries and it's because certain muscles weren't activating. Was that kind of the reason why things were going down?


Yeah, I think at the same time, though, I had developed a pretty significant amount of scar tissue in that area. And yeah, maybe some things that started. Some had started to take over. But at the same time, what you're referencing is essentially what kept my career going for as long as it did, because I was I was extremely religious about my warm up and my cool down. I mean, it had to be done a certain way.


I had to feel a certain way. And so I began learning that later on in my career. And it really, really helped me lengthen it for sure.


But people now stop it in here. Sorry. What? No, the mental grind of having to do all that before every game and every practice like that's part of what eventually just like eats away. Right. It doesn't necessarily become fun anymore, becomes more of a job and then you're nervous once you even do that stuff, if it's going to actually work and you're not going to tell you're growing again.


Yeah, for sure. I think I mean, one of the greatest, you know, the feeling of being in that zone space, you know, everything's flowing. But all of a sudden when you have that nagging injury and you're worried, like you're looking at the schedule, you're going, oh, shit, I got a I got four games this week. I got a back to back. I got a four and six. And how is this thing?


I got to keep this keep on top of that. So that's certainly where it became a little bit strenuous for me. And I think anybody who's playing, you know, most guys are playing through injuries, you know, in their in their career.


And, you know, I I want to bring up I read the two articles that you've done. You've done one with the Players Tribune and then one just came out recently with the athletic. And you mentioned one of them. I really appreciated that in a sense, where you were drafted and how the numbers look like you were a disappointment. Same here. You know, like it's a I didn't live up to where I was drafted, but you said, like, from what I went through and what I did to play as long as I did, I consider it a serious success.


And I think that that is so true, like listening to what you had to go through. And for people who don't know, a lot of that had to do early on with obsessive compulsive disorder. And I never knew that about you. So props to you to come out with that article. I know it was a year or two ago. How hard was that and when did that really kind of start? Taken over in your mind in terms of thinking about being injured and worrying about things and having to do certain things before you got on a plane, all the stuff that just must have been so difficult growing up with it.


Actually, my first year, my first year in the league is when Paul Fenton and the team psychologist met with me because they had noticed what I was doing and they had been like, something's something's wrong.


What were some of the things they were noticing? Sorry to interrupt you. Yeah. Yeah, no. So it was it was the plane thing that really stuck out to them where they noticed, like, I had this routine before I flew and I couldn't not do it before I flew, which I mean, it was just touching the outside of the plane. Every piece of garbage had to be picked up. And this was all in my mind to make sure the plane didn't go down.


So that was that was kind of the red flag. But even out even with that and them telling me that I just didn't believe it and I didn't again, it was my only reality. How am I supposed to know that somebody is telling you there's something wrong with it? And at 19, it's hard, hard pill to swallow and hard to understand. So it really wasn't until twenty seven when it all kind of blew up on me and it had gone on for eight years.


And I mentioned in the article with my skates that was like a man thing that took me down.


Truly, it was, it was terrible when it started like twenty three all of a sudden this pair of skates came in wrong and then that was it. And it maybe it did even coming from. But yeah, I thought about my skates, I'd retire them and then they'd go away for a minute and that's like the definition of obsessive compulsive disorder. I've been obsessing about my skates. I have a compulsion at the time and then it just keeps cycling.


So yeah, it took me down and all of a sudden you're playing in fight or flight mode. You're anxious while you're playing, not sleeping because of it. So, I mean, I played tons of games on an hour and a half, two hours of sleep, or I did that for a consecutive week where I just wasn't sleeping and I was just an absolute zombie out there. But I still had my somehow had my best season during one of the worst episodes.


So, yeah, I mean, it was it's pretty wild looking back. And I can certainly go more in depth on that as well.


Like throughout the course of it just it just kept piling up more and more things you had to do. So like eventually it was just consuming your whole schedule. But when you were awake.


Yeah, not necessarily that it was it like you mentioned the plane thing.


Right. I just want to know other things away from hockey. Were there those continue to mount.


Yeah. I think honestly though, the amount that the skate thing took out of me and the amount that I had to worry about going into the rink and feeling that way is what years and years of doing that and your nervous system getting jacked up is what truly were took a toll on me and the lack of sleep, everything. You can do it for a certain amount of time, but then all of a sudden it blows up on you. And that's what happened to me.


And I didn't treat the OCD. I didn't do the proper thing. So all of a sudden I'm taking tons of sleeping meds just to sleep. And the combination of that partying and the OCD being untreated is when I finally everything blew up on me and I had to finally be like, it's time to get out and take natural approaches or did you have to start with medication or to get to a place where you could live with it?


Yet in terms of natural approaches, at the time, I wasn't aware of natural approaches, nor was I thinking in that realm. I mean, getting getting the medication, even for me, was a stretch to reach out and ask for that. So now, with everything that I've learned, I know a lot more. I mean, that's one of the reasons I wrote the article, was because I just I don't want people to feel as alone in what they're going through.


I want them to feel OK about it. But there's also so much out there. There's so much to learn about yourself. There's so much there's so many avenues you can go down. And I just wanted people to be aware of it. I mentioned a few in the story that I do myself, and there's just a whole world out there and so much help on the other side of just reaching out for it.


What are some natural things that like that could be done just to like and like what do you do from a day to day basis in order to control it?


Yeah, so one of the one of the main things is keeping up parasympathetic nervous system. So like I'm constantly doing floating separate sensory deprivation tanks, which really relaxes me, gets me parasympathetic. This other thing called the Neukom, it's like a little desk that again brings you parasympathetic. I mean, there's things like CBD if you want to go into a more natural approach. I know people are beginning to soci and I've done a macro done the psilocybin facilitated trip with a facilitator.


I mean, it's really the list goes on and on.


Just do the mushrooms just help you make make you happier a little bit so that that's all I see. Like a I did a a macchiato because people actually after I wrote the article had a lot of questions about it and they're like, oh are you micro dosing? And I said, no. What I did is I did one on one with the facilitator. I took a very large dose. And it gives you it kind of brings you to a different perspective on your on what you're going through and gives you that mental break where you can kind of see things clearly.


You kind of connect to something different than what you're already connecting to. So it gave me a different perspective and kind of shifted my perception on everything moving forward. And I've done I've done a few of those. So it wasn't a panacea for me, but it certainly has helped.


So when you when you would take that bigger dose, would you have exercises to do while you were in that whatever euphoric state or know what you would call it? Wild mushrooms. Yeah.


Yeah, no. So not really. The only thing that was there was the facilitator that I work with. They record it is you're typically in a very connected space. You're more open. So that way you can listen to the recording after and you can integrate kind of that different perspective back into your life. So that's the main thing with that, because with psilocybin, you are making a lot more connections in your brain than normal. It's shutting down your day to day.


It's called the Default Mode Network. It's shutting that down.


So all of a sudden there's more connections going on, your accessing different parts that you normally don't. But in that space, that's pretty much the only thing. But you got you kind of got to let go and let it fly because it's a it's a pretty, pretty crazy space to be in because I think the medical term is tripping balls is actually involved.


Call what is considered a macro dose.


Exactly like two grant. Three and a half grams. Yeah. Yeah. So three grams. Three I. Can you send me some. Yeah.


It's typically called the so that's called the hero's dose is three grams and up is typically where you're about to go on to a ride. And like for me like when I, when I've done them I have, I have an IV fold on, I have music going and you have somebody there making sure you're good the whole time and who's a professional. So again, it was amazing. It's been truly amazing. And it but it's kind of been one pillar and all the different things like I really can't necessarily point to one thing and said it's been bigger than the other.


But that's also been a pretty large shift in my life for sure. How long does that last?


Yeah, it depends on the dose I've had. And also, I mean, outside of psilocybin, there are other psychedelics as well, but depending on the dose, what psychedelic you're taking, it's we'll say with psilocybin, you're going four to eight hours, probably. But there's other ones that are honestly like five minutes, although you don't it's so weird.


It's a yeah, it gets a little bit weird, so I won't go there. But yeah, that's that's typically what you're looking at in terms of that.


Not the positive effects typically last for like weeks to months. I mean, I have a family member who swears by them to take them, you know, every couple of months and it kind of puts them back where he needs to be. Is that your experience as well?


Yeah, I think it was not fully. It's hard to say so. Two weeks after you take it, you truly feel like you are good to go like life, you are, you're good. Like every every problem in your life has been solved. But then all of a sudden reality hits again and you're back in the same pattern. So it's taking that experience that you had when you were in that different place where you're kind of looking at all your patterns.


Incorporating it into your life is where the big difference is. So that would maybe explain what you're talking about with your friend or uncle. But again, I'm not I'm not the doctor or I hear. But that's typically. But other people have success in just micro dosing. Some people take it different frequencies. But there are lots of studies out there now that are aimed at figuring out the dose and frequency that is best for people. We've talked to a lot of guys on here and Biz and I have mentioned that retirement could be so difficult and finding something out of the game is always a true battle for someone who's done this for as long as as we have.


But for somebody like you and I know with me, it was almost a little bit of a relief where you talk about your feet never feeling right in the same with me. I was injured. I couldn't play as well anymore. And at the end of the game, at the end of my career, I was like, oh, my God, I don't have that anxiety of going to the rink. Has that been the case as you've gotten healthy and better mentally and physically?


Hopefully, yeah. Yeah, for sure. I think it's like a release. In a way. It's been a release. Just the consistency has been unbelievable. Yeah.


You're not pressurized. You know, if you're having say you're having a bad day or you didn't get your sleep, at least you're not playing in front of eighteen thousand people with maybe the coach is going to rip you in the morning and the GM is going to have a talk with you. So it's certainly it's certainly a relief in that sense. And yeah, there's you have to fill your time with other things and figure out a direction. Obviously, you found the podcast and golfing and taking people's money on the course.


It's all. Yeah, it's all. It's all figuring out what you want to do. It took me a bit of it, actually. Maybe I should have taken a little bit more time off, but yeah, like I got I went right back to college, so it's been good.


Good for you to be you. Are they still honoring the scholarship? That is the case, I think. Right. They are classy when you win a national championship, not every school does that you get a full ride to be you and you leave early. You want to go back, they'll pay for it in a classy school right there. Terrier's.


Yeah. Yeah. One of the I mean, that is actually one of the reasons why I end up going to be it is because they said that they would honor the scholarship. So I've been and I'll definitely be in debt to them because this is this is fantastic. I want to go back to Nashville for a second.


We didn't bring up the Shea Weber Piqué Schubin trade. Was that just an absolutely huge shock throughout the room when it happened? All the whispers about it, how that all go down?


Zero whispers like, I remember where I was and I saw it and I got a text, I think from Neila actually, who texted me, but yeah, man, it was a shock to everybody. I remember texting Webbs, asking him what he knew about it. I was like, OK, well, he must have waived his no trade clause, but I don't believe you had one. So, yeah, it it was a shock. Shocked.


It shocked everybody. And I don't know if it was also fun to play with for a year, but Webbie was Webbie was the guy that he was the captain certainly helped me throughout my career, was an amazing captain. So yeah, it was it was one of those things where you realize you're not safe, even if you're the captain.


You played for the Trotz in Lavallette. I would say the public perception about those two is probably not opposite, but a little bit different. What was the biggest difference at playing for those two?


Yeah, I mean, I think that they are they are very different coaches. Obviously, Trott's is what I guess is referred to as a player's coach, a little bit less. Less hands on, but more defensive. And then, yeah, LaViolette came in and I think he also recognized what a good defense he had at the time. And he began writing all of our offense to the d r d. We're taking way more chances. It was a little bit less defensive in that sense.


So and LaViolette was a little bit more hands on. He was trying to pump you up every single day. I mean, he had a speech and a take on life every day trying to get us pumped up and it worked. So that was pretty incredible. But, yeah, different different guys that really both of them were pretty amazing coaches.


I was very lucky to have only played four coaches that I liked in my career when we had Mack on the first time, we talked about dealing with a sports psychologist and how he was doubting himself and all that. When when you were with them in Colorado, was he aware of some of the things that you were going through? And did he reach out to your advice for for anything that maybe he was going through?


Yeah, so truly, after my trade to Colorado, it was during that summer where I finally started to get some help and I began I became more open and at the same time maybe were kind of like my guys. So we were going to dinner on the roads. We were hanging out quite a bit, and they were quite aware of what I was going through. So that, yeah, that was good. I mean, they're both both great and supportive.


And we had some fun conversations and yeah, they and I certainly spoke and like bounce some ideas, ideas around. And I know that it's been pretty cool to hear that he's open and talking about how he tries to work on himself, work on himself as a player and as a human being. And I think that that's so, so crucial. And that's something that him and I certainly had conversations about during our time together, had the chance to go to a cup final as well.


I mean, that Pittsburgh team was loaded. Did you remember anything specific about that series? And you had you had a big playoff for the team? Not it was probably felt pretty good in terms of that year being one of the hardest physically and mentally off the ice to is impressive. You were able to get that done?


Yeah, I mean, the run, the run, the playoffs, everything was the city of Nashville. I mean, the fans, it was it truly was crazy. And I think that's just the atmosphere of the whole thing, is what I'll always remember. And just kind of that belief that builds and builds, we weren't picked to necessarily go that far. So it was pretty incredible. But yeah, actually, one of the one thing I'll say about a game in game five, I actually snapped one of the eyelets on my laces.


So all yeah.


Talk about the worst that is in your mind was coming. Yeah, no. So I didn't even have a denim. I have a pair of skates baked and ready to go and all of a sudden I'm throwing on these flaky boots all over the Stanley Cup playoffs. So that was actually a good little good little exposure for the kids. So it was now that was pretty crazy. But the whole I mean, looking back, I mean, that shock when Patrick Tornquist scored that goal, it was zero zero and he talked it with a minute left, which are two minutes left.


We just had a goal call back and it was devastating when it suddenly just sunk in. He scored that goal and the whole building just went quiet. But happy for Hornets, at least you got a you got another cup. Do you think if they don't call back PCRs goal in the first game, it might be a totally different series, the ORAY bet on that being the first letter that warned on first. We can never forget it.


Yeah, but it was a huge deal. Yeah. I mean there man, we had some big, big goals called back during that time. I think it was Caulton Citizens goal in the final in game six. I mean it was a zero zero game. If we would have had that one goal lead with two minutes left, it would have been completely different. And I don't think it should have been called that. But yeah, I mean, you can certainly look at quite a few different aspects, but I don't know, we're still we're still up against Malcolm Crosby and their team.


So it's hard to say.


It's truly hard to look back and say, and you mentioned you're in Brooklyn now. Is that where you're kind of planning on being moving forward or where is your home base at?


Yeah, home base is in Brooklyn right now, but I mean, I'm a I'm from Winnipeg, born in Greenwich, living in Brooklyn with a house in Southie, so I don't really know what I'm doing, to be completely honest. My girlfriend lives here and I was just like, all right, I got I don't know, I might go back to Winnipeg. I maybe I'll go hang out in Brooklyn for a bit.


So you mentioned school. What do you plan on doing with your degree and what are you going to get into afterward? Yeah, so right now, the plan I'm getting a degree in psychology and then would hopefully want to do a masters in counseling, but not really so much can come up between now and then and where my interests necessarily end up. But as of right now, that's the plan. And that's what that's what I want to pursue. And I don't know, it'd be fun to get involved in the game, maybe in our capacity.


We'll see. I'd want to do college hockey, but at the same time, I can't I don't know. I don't want to be driving to Saskatoon and trying to raise some 15 year old.


I've always thought being an assistant coach in college is a grind.


You're going to tournaments and it's the recruitment is a tough process. A little easier when you're at a power school like B, you, I guess, to get the big dogs to come in. But will we want to thank you so much and sincerely like I'm very happy for you where it seems like you're out right now. I can't imagine how difficult some of those years were. And coming from somebody, I'm not at all trying to make it about myself, but I do know where you're coming from.


I'd games where I was so injured about get so worried about being injured and things you really shouldn't have on your mind playing at a high level. So for you to have the career you did going through what you what you were, it was true warrior type stuff.


I'm very happy for you. Yeah, thanks. I appreciate it.


But hopefully we, we catch up again soon and and things continue to move, move forward pretty well for you. So thanks a lot for joining us and we'll talk to you later.


Awesome. Thanks for having me. But thanks to Colin for the honest conversation and best of luck and retirement to him, nice to have a guy come on and, you know, talk openly about some issues that aren't necessarily easy to talk about. We also had some laughs what to do. So again, Colin, good luck. Time retirement on fire, buddy.


It also I mean, it also wasn't aligned. It just so happens that bell let's talk was just the other day. So that's another cool, like a cool thing. I don't know how it all started. I want to say Michael Landsburg in Canada was a big voice for mental health. And, you know, anyone talking about their feelings publicly or, you know, with friends or whoever you need to, if you're having issues, it's guys we all go through things.


The last year has been very difficult. It's reach out to anyone if you're if you're, you know, having some dark thoughts or what it may be. There's so many different strains of it now to like there's you know, there's reasons why people are in these dark places that they are. So, as I said, reach out to somebody, have the conversation and great work to all the people who ended up making it to a day that's devoted to letting people know you're not alone.


Let's let's let's try to figure this thing out together, especially given the last fucking year.


Man all said this boy. Is that was that the smartest thing I've ever said on this podcast?


Now, you've had some time that was very caring, very caring, Tommy, that everyone's fighting something. So I think that it's good that the way Colin Wilson talked to us about what he's been through and what he's had to do to feel better and feel healthier, that's a great time for football. Let's talk to be going viral the other day or the day that they decide to cheer you up. Thanks, Carl. Absolutely.


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Yeah, it is definitely like men, lingerie, lingerie. I'm going to get the fuck the man. I'm going to get the Borat benzer walk on that. Haven't you walk in like the candles?


Katey's like, what the fuck is that?


Teams that I. Well, hey, we want to send congrats to our Detroit Red Wings goaltender, Jimmy Howard. He retired after 14 seasons, all at the wings. Five hundred and forty three games played at two hundred and forty six wins, nine one to save percentage to six two goals against which is pretty respectable in the air he played. Jimmy is a great goaltending man. I think he had maybe a little bit of tough luck. Ended up in Detroit when he did what I know your boys are.


I know you wanted to chime in here.


Congrats to Howie. I texted him. He's going to come on at some point. We're my conversation. He's a great guy. Funny bastard. What a player, too. I remember he went to Maine and just dominated hockey. She could tell right away he's going to be a legit NHL number one and had a great run, made a bunch of money. And I think that all his teammates love playing with them. We'll enjoy chat with him when we get the chance.


But congrats, Howie.


What's his humor? See the movie quote, Gyasi. What's to see the story, Snow, how he chirps himself, how much himself he gets, he gets his voice gets a little higher when he gets into it. Maybe he's chirping back at me. Good guy.


Funny guy. Here we go, sandbagger, sandbagger, he said, I texted him, he's like, yeah, I got to get better than a nine handicap or whatever.


Yeah, let me let me pull up this. Oh, what a show off. Not even a double digit complaining about shit. All right, let's that's back to back.


I'm looking forward to getting handicap down from a nine.


There we go. Here we go.


You know, what's funny is I didn't even mention it last time when we talked about I love you, man, which is where that clip comes from. The very first non interview I ever did was on a junket for that movie. I interviewed Paul Rudd and Jason Segel when they were doing press for that movie.


I want to say we've mentioned one time before. But but but what was it? You said? It was an unbelievable experience. You said he was they were great, right? It was. Yeah, it was really cool.


Like, this is probably what we talk about 10, 12 years ago. This was before the reporters or something.




And basically, like, I had reached out to Dave and I was you know, I was trying to become like the movie guy, a chick that I met you at Bastogne. You know, Dave had no fucking desire, but he did give me permission to go out and get screenings and all this shit. And I went to that and I got an email like it is an interview if you want to come on and talk to Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, what was the one question you asked?


Well, if you've seen I love you, man, which it sounds like you have, there was a talk about the Stones versus the Beatles in the movie. So I asked them among a few other questions, who would you prefer? The Stones, the Beatles, for the record. They both said The Beatles. I was mildly disappointed. But yeah, Paul Rudd. I mean, he's just like you seem impressed and like Jason Segel is nice. He was probably, you know, a little maybe I was he standoffish, but, you know, maybe not as endearing, I guess, as Paul Rudd.


Then, like, if I asked the question, Paul Rudd, like, I ride.


This guy's not from Boston. I like he totally fucking goofed on my accent, which it was nice. I mean, I was like, you know, not everybody gets the get goofed on.


I thought, could you and Paul Rudd were playing Tommy sticks to it. I love Paul Rudd. He's fantastic at what he does. And yeah, it was a cool moment and I made sure I didn't ask for a picture. I don't want to violate my.


How bad did you want to ask for a picture? Not too bad.


I mean, if I wanted to I probably would have just done it, but it was cool and it has nothing to do with RTM. Speaking of asking for a picture immediately went into my head. Speaking of asking for anything, did you see what this kid in Russia did?


He got kicked off his team, Dinamo Rega, because he snuck into Pavol Choux locker room and stole a stick.


Even I wouldn't do that is like asking for the stick, dude.


Like, what are you doing? The guy's gone boom off the team for stealing stealing Ilya's Twigg.


He's probably dead right now. Canadian kid, too. It's not like he was a Russian. He's he's a Canadian.


Oh, Canadian. Oh, he's probably actually dead. And they're going to send a message back to the Chuckles podcast with the bot with the oh, I read something that his team had.


They covered it up or something. It was a weird start. And let's do KHL files. Let's get the last three and have more.


We can just chirp them and I'm sure he'll like he's got to take it at this point. Oh, for sure.


The worst part about us, if you were just asked and he probably could have got one signed. I was thinking, oh, I know that's what I was, like, shocked about. Yeah, it's definitely a weird thing.


But then again, it is the cage also. We probably shouldn't question it because I thought that was. You want to check, let's feed. The other day. It was a huge tattoo on a guy's arm.


But no, it turned out a Tampa Bay lightning fan got a sleeve tattoo of the cup when a lightning on his arm said what you will about his tattoo. It was some pretty quality work.


It was quality work. I mean, he had every guy on the team, on his arm, like, you know, it's kind of just like funny, like to look at a, you know, like a hockey team, not like I think he's not like a president or he's crazy. Oh, yeah.


One guy's reply, the tweet I sent, he's like, oh, man, one of the roster changes on my board.


You're going to try chirping the guy that they've won the cup. But that's the roster. Dude, you thought it was like they're seven.


They're their lineup from the seventh game this year that the guy got done. Saturday night, we had an infant under trucks in it would Brad Richards is at the bottom.


Yeah, ports, talks front and center, better tanco right in the middle.


Let's see how many more guys you can name.


CEDAW. Top left. I was there. I was there, Andre. All my parents, Katrina, so I don't know, have we ever told war story on this podcast about when when they were playing in Tampa, but he was with the penguins?


Now, I don't remember which one you're talking about, so I wasn't honest people of all time.


So, Andre.


Well, we've got to get him on. He was a class he wasn't necessarily a prankster, just more like what he could do to get a laugh out of the guys. So he's hilarious. So he so he was back in Tampa and he obviously was buddies with all the guys who did security and shit. So he gets done warm ups because he was warming up but not playing. But he gets off the ice as soon as you can where it's not too noticeable, which is usually around.


What if they're on a 60 minute warm up, getting off it like the 12 minute mark? Right. Maybe I'd be early, maybe be a little early, so he gets off, he fucking gets on change quick and he goes to the security spot and puts on a security outfit. So after he gets out there for the so sectarian so to get to the to the benches, the coaches would have to walk past on the ice. Right. So that once they've gone by, then he pops out and all the guys are ready to go out and he's he's sitting there like the security guard, like and like given the guys all the knuckles on the way out.


So the guys the guys are having on the ice, everybody's like dying of laughter at the fact that he's pulled this off.


I don't think he did. I think he did it in San Jose. Or was it San Jose? OK, I heard it was Tampa where he did it. I'm pretty sure it was San Jose. Oh, this guy was so funny.


So basically the same thing, just different Baade. They said that he was on the after they lost game six in that cup, that they won game seven at home. They lost in Calgary. No, I'm sorry. They played. How did that go? Because they won in Calgary.


Either way, he was on a plane they want once they won game six to force game seven. Yeah. So maybe on the way to Calgary, on the way home, I don't know.


Is before they won that game or after they won that game, he just showed up all of a sudden in the aisle of the plane with just like the apron on, giving out cookies to the guy.


So he's Barasso the aisles, giving out cookies to the boys. That is how you win Stanley Cups, folks. The morale boost that that would have created would have taken them to Calgary when go back home. Another one. And they are the champions. Thank you all. Thank you to Andre Walker and his butt cheeks. Hey, how about Saturday?


We had overtime. Game one is from Sid Ovie and Economic David, all number one overall picks. And our buddy Butchie point that I was the first time in NHL history that three, No. One overall picks each good in overtime game winning goal in the same night. Just a know Eurostat. But it was enjoyable to see because like I said, this is the best era of talented of Adena's league. So it's good shit.


It's another no show that's we talked about this last podcast. It's The Truman Show. At this point, it can't be real. It's all been organized.


Great movie, by the way, to play by play guy John Fauzan, who was recently with Carolina.


He's working for NBC right now. He signed with the Seattle. He signed with the cracken. Congrats to him. I think he's been one of the best play by play. He's he's fantastic at what he does. And Gasolina, for whatever reason, let him walk. Well, he's going to be the Seattle cracking guy next year. So good luck to him.


Owner wouldn't pay him what he's worth. That's what happened. Probably. Yeah.


I mean, I know probably was related. I don't know who owns what down in Carolina, but either way he will be the Seattle Crackdown's first TV play by Play Guy. So congrats to Seattle, man.


You got an absolutely fucking fantastic announcer this year we're going nuts on social media. They were so pumped in. And guys, this is a place where the league is entering. You got a nice production to it's going to fucking it's going to crush a ten out of ten. Let's roll it, baby. Thirty two teams going out.


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Let's zip recruiter dotcom Charcot's zip recruiter. The smartest way to hire.


Definitely check them out.


Patrick Wall your buddy needs Patrick Reid might be looking for a new job if he keeps getting caught cheating on tour, never to get a new job.


Segway will never have to get to keep one. And he's just like, no, exactly. That's the thing.


He's he's so nasty.


Oh, he's really nasty. He's top ten. Yes. Yes.


He's a top ten player in the world. He's won the Masters. He won this week even when even if he had gotten a two stroke penalty or I mean, I guess some people say they want him disqualified. I don't know the exact what should have happened to him, but he's a scumbag and he's so sick he still won by five or whatever it was. But for people who didn't see the story, Patrick Reed has had insane incidents. For, I don't know, close to 10 years now, if not longer, you had incidents in college where he's caught cheating, apparently he then gets on a tour and you've seen he's like moving the sand last year, Tiger's tournament, he's never, ever like admitting to anything he's defiant against, like any sort of media.


He's he definitely enjoys being hated. Everyone hates him. And by the way, at the end of all, this is like burner account was was made public.


It's like this guy is I think he's a sociopath, because what happened this weekend is, first of all, that, you know, if you don't play golf, if you hit the ball and it comes in high and the ground's a little wet or soft or whatever it is, if the ball plugs into the and breaks the ground. Right. And then part of the balls underground, you get free relief, you can pick it up and drop it.


Now, most people who play golf. They understand with this rule, if you see your ball and you think that it is embedded, you say to your playing partner, hey, what do you do you agree this is embedded now? Apparently, the rule on the PGA Tour is you don't have to do that. You don't need a rules official. You can do it on your own. That is not what happens usually in the spirit of the rules.


It is you do not touch your ball until it is like agreed upon or told. And this is not on the green anywhere. And you don't touch your golf ball.


You don't move it around. You don't pick it up when nobody's around. So he picks, he goes up and now he hit it out of a fairway bunker. So he's trying to hit to the green. He pulls the ball.


He has no idea that it hit the cart path. That's that's that's definitely true. He gets up there and there's people who are volunteers who sometimes are like old people. It's like they don't know that's not their job. And then there's no fans. So he got up there and he's like, did my ball bounce? He asked that question because if a ball bounces on cement and once or twice, it is not going to plug it is not going to be embedded in the ground.


It's impossible once it hits the ground on a cart path to then plug. It's like for that to happen, it's going to be coming in very high. Right.


So where did you see the replay? You saw the replay of it. Right.


So you were kind of just building it up to even if it hits the cart path and bounces higher in the air, even if it hit the cart path, it could not be embedded.


It's impossible. Impossible.


So he is not breaking the rules by by going over and moving it before anyone gets over. Technically, he's not I don't know how, but normally nobody would do that. But OK, he's not breaking the rule doing that.


What is the rule he's breaking is there's no chance his ball is embedded. There's zero chance.


And what he did is he saw a horrible lie. And he's like, oh, and so the rules.


So he calls a rule for show over which he didn't even need to do, which is odd. But he's probably like, oh, you know, I got to make sure he knows that he's under the gun already. People can't stand him because he's actually been caught doing this shit for so long. So he breaks the rules for show over and he's like, oh, yeah, oh, my ball is embedded.


I want I want you to give me the OK. That the ground was broken. The guy's like, oh, where's the ball? It's like, oh, I picked it up, moved it. He's like, well yeah, that he put them in a bad spot by saying it's right there.


So what is the guy going to do, call the liar on the spot. Yeah.


And he's like, well he puts his finger in which by the way, could have easily pushed it in a little bit before he picked it up. He had his knew what a camera was as he was like picking the ball up. He was doing something fishy. Let me tell you, if you're playing golf and you ever look over and you see somebody like down near the ball, like, what are you doing, dude?


Like, there's times when you're wiping stuff away. But if you're in the rough and you see somebody hands down at the ball, it's like, who knows what he could have done?


But I'm telling you, your ball doesn't become plugged after landing on a path, whether it's a car path or a hard dirt path and bouncing.


So it's just never ending. And then after he's got tweets, so Rory McIlroy did the same thing. Now, here's the difference, guys.


Rory McIlroy has absolutely zero past issues or examples of him even remotely close to breaking the rules. Not only that, Rory McIlroy has a time where he got to drop and he was able to then realize once he took the free drop, he's like because sometimes when you're taking a drop, you have to recreate the lie. You have to recreate what you were dealing with as close as you can. Once again, the spirit of the rules. Rory McIlroy one time did that.


And he's like, this is way better than the one I had. I got to be honest, I think Patrick Reed's out on that one alive.


He's just a scumbag.


And then yes, he is. There's a there's a there's a Twitter feed. Let me look it up quick, guys.


This is great. I love that is called. Golf facts, and it's at U.S Golf Facts, and long a long time now, it's been believed that it's either him or his wife who used to caddy for him or someone in his team.


And it sent a tweet, a tweet flipping out about Rory McIlroy doing it all capital letters. And then Patrick read from his account, had the exact same tweet, word for word capital.


So it's like he's just a weird dude that is one of the sickest golfers in the world.


But how do you sleep at night? And you wonder why a guy with all this success is like has 14 different brands on his body. He's like picking out his own shirts at PGA.


Hublot watches what he's got, like, all these different because he cares. Nobody wants to use it. Nike, they probably didn't want them. It's like just it's on every five to six months.


You're hearing about Patrick Reed and something with the rules. It's like, dude, that's what the game's about.


He'll have a pink banquet sponsored shirt and six months. I would I would rather us know.


No chance. OK, that guy. All right. Fair enough. So, you know, it's unfortunate.


I think he exemplifies, like, how easy it is to cheat golf. Like, I mean, there's so much of it is relying on people's honesty and this guy can't even do it on fucking TV.


And it goes back to The Truman Show. Every every instance needs its villain. And this guy, he is 100 percent static. State of the enemy number one. Yes. Enemy of the state.


So I'll say this to. To get to get into PGA Tour events is obviously very hard if you're a member of the PGA Tour, you get in well. You can also get into events maybe two to three spots per tournament at a Monday qualifier show every single week.


The tournament starts Thursday. There's a tournament on Monday north. Of course, the tournament is going to be played at.


But of course, locally and I don't know, one hundred guys go out. And if you get the top two or maybe one or sometimes three spots, you get into the tournament.


Patrick Reid got into six tour events through Monday qualifying.


Now you are sometimes carrying your own bag. There is nobody out there. It is like you're grinding to try to get into maybe what could be a life changing event and somebody brought up.


Who knows how many fucking times Patrick Reid pulled stuff off with nobody out there to just save a shot or two, and he got in six events and he got status on the PGA Tour from getting in those events.


So he never won an amateur. So he never won in college or got.


He might I think he won a national title. He was at he he was kicked out of his first college or he left, but he was a he was a sick amateur, but he still didn't have status. And he got status by getting through enough Monday qualifiers to then earn points playing in those tournament. And it's like, who knows what this guy did then?


Well, and then and then they also said after this one, this is the first time he's won on tour by more than one shot. I think all. All or at least. Yes. So six, six or seven or eight or eight of nine of his wins have came by by one shot or less healthy. He's I think he's won two or three of them and in a playoff as well. So like I said, it makes you think, obviously the golf world was pop it off and and me just poking my head and I'm like, I'm like, OK, what did this guy do again?


And it's if it's every six months, it's happening. It's just there's too much correlation now.


There's smoke, there's fire. And so I quickly.


But the only the only the only difference is you can't put them on waivers. Peter Kostis. Like long time PGA Tour, like swing coach, and he worked for CBS for years, years, he'd be one of the guys out on the course. He did an interview with the podcast. No laying up. I don't remember because it wasn't within the last year.


And he's like I have personally seen Patrick Reed improve his lies in the rough numerous times in my career as a broadcaster out on the halls with them.


He said he went up to one of the balls once he had in the rough and he's like, Oh my, it was a par five. And he's like, oh, he's got nothing. He's going to have to hack it out with a pitching wedge and all of a sudden Reed's up there tapping the grass down and move around. He grabs a three wood and rips the ball 290 yards up near the green. Costas like, no, no, no, really.


I saw you could not have done that. That's enough said. So he's not invited to a sandbagger, no, you're scumbag Basil Banks, he's been the Ravens blogger for years. Well, he's been killing it with a golf ball lately. I don't know if you've been catching him, but he's been kind of put a little gambling angle on them. This kid, he's been like a hidden gem with the golf clubs. I read them because I'm a gambler, but this kid definitely knows his shit.


So definitely check it out, which is is is golf in the healthiest place it's ever been? Yes. In terms of like the athletes and how good the players are at such a young age. But no, it's not in terms of broadcasts. I think golf could be so much more entertaining to watch personally. And I know at times there's many people who can give great arguments that it's boring and it's going to be tough to make golf exciting on telecast's.


But, man, the tour, it covers up everything for these guys, it kind of goes into the old thing of like if you get in trouble on the PGA Tour, like nobody ever finds out what you did, they make nothing public. All they do is protect the image of the tour. Well, you're not just protecting the image of like the NHL, say, by protecting the image of the tour, you're protecting every single player. They are the tour.


Right? It's them. They're like the owners of the tour.


So they never you never hear of what's actually going on. And in issues like this, the tours covering it up, the tour, one of the rules official came out and said Patrick Reed handled that situation as well as he possibly could. That is just blatantly false.


I'll say when he did speak afterward, I'm like, oh, damn, he was good. But you saw him before he had to speak on the phone, probably dialing exactly what he had to say. So it was even the broadcasters were like they did a good job of bringing it up.


They were talking about a lot. I like Nick Faldo. He said it perfect. He kind of set it all without having to go there. So sorry for sorry for the long golf talk. No, I am so intrigued by this golf world now, we always go along the with the guys. So the guys internally, do they all hate this guy's guts?


I think a lot of them really can't stand him like there quotes, though. I think Xander softly had a quote. Guys are like, yeah, I mean, it's ridiculous. You know, it's like what do you what do you say? What do you say? What do you keep saying? That has to be the most kick off the top dog. A think of how many people are uncomfortable when they get paired with them because they probably like they don't want to be playing.


Tommy sticks with the guy who's like, you know, doing that shit, probably cheating.


But oh, another TV note, the NHL network, they're going to stop producing and broadcasting their own live games on weekends instead of using the like the regional sports network feeds NHL networks is going to have its own imprint so they can have a 16 game slate starting on February 6th. Stephen Nelson is going to do the play by play and they can have a rotating analysis team from Mike Rupp, Brian Loten, Dave Reed and Kevin Weeks. So that's an interesting I think that's better for the for the station, too.


Instead of just having them basically recite what they're watching.


I think it's better from that their own game with their own announcers. And, you know, NHL network should probably get on the same level as maybe the NBA NBA network.


And if they're working well, that's the same status. It's there. They should be, you know, they should be at that same level. Also, congratulations. I'm so happy birthday to Wayne Gretzky, 60 years old. I could make as Patty this year. Unfortunately, I made his fifty night, but not a sixtieth. I know, because you saw there was a clip while I was out to dinner with Trevor Gretzky the other night.


And he goes, and you see that golf broadcast where it was it was on. I don't know if you know a golf courses where Waino lives. I think Sherwood always it.


Sherwood, OK, so they're playing there and these guys are on the whole ready to hit their their approach shots. And you could just hear Celine Dion blaring. Well, Trevor had put it on. The outdoor speakers were on. So you hear Celine Dion just, you know, full blast baozi. And it was on during the broadcast and they ended up mentioning it. And Trevor was like, man, that was that was our place.


So I thought it was a pretty funny story when all you did I take that story where, you know, I got more on whatever it's an alley oop, man.


If you get it, you get it. No, it's hilarious that he's playing fucking Celine Dion from Titanic. I know it's an all time film, but that song just kind of a funny song. We play another fucking golf course either way, but they'll they're good boys. Those Gretzky boys, Ty, Trevor, they're good boys.


You got you're like best friends with them after the all star game. Yeah. No, we miss each other. We're supposed to get together one of these on the road trips. We do.


Hopefully Vegas will meet up and go to dinner or something. I actually we got some some tough news to pass along from our local Massachusetts, AJ Quada. He's from Bishop V in high school. He suffered a spinal injury after a head first crash into the boards. He may be paralyzed. There's still going to try to figure that out. His go fund me has raised six hundred thousand dollars. We're going to retreat. His will fund me from the checkout's account.


The Bruins have pledge one hundred thousand dollars. They give him a nameplate in the locker room and they award them the puck as player of the game after Thursday's game versus Pittsburgh. And you know us guys here, obviously we have a lot of young in Massachusetts, in New England. And if you're listening, we just wish you the best buddy. We hope you get well and get back in there soon. I hearts and our prayers and thoughts to share with you at this time, my friend.


So many days ahead, we're going to make a donation to his chilcote's. And I just feel so horrible for her. That's terrible for this kid. So I think that getting it out there and helping his family as much as they can, it is great news. And I talked to Brian, you know, the rink shrinks, him and Mike Model are going to try to get something going. And I think that as long as he knows everyone's behind him.


Right. I think that's so important because, you know, hearing what Travis I went through at the beginning of that, it's going to be a tough time for him. It makes me so sad. Absolutely.


Will make sure I get some gear out to him, too, as well. And I had one other note on a personal level. I grew up on the Boys Girls Club of Boston, specifically at Charlestown my whole life. It's a place that kept me out of trouble, most likely. I'm playing at a poker tournament this Friday night, February 5th. Again, it's a place that means a lot to me if you're bored. I know we got rough and rowdy going off a bar stool.


You can do this beforehand or even both at the same time. It's one hundred dollars to anthe. It's you can win some money. It's not just charity. You can still win some money and help a great cause. You can go to big big. Just click on the blog and you'll see a spot to play in the Hold'em tournament. It's one hundred dollars to get in the given. What's a thousand dollars to win. A five hundred a second, three and a third and then fourth through nine get one hundred.


And there's also a hundred dollar bounty on my head for whoever knocks.


Whoever gets to knock you out. You what. I fly across this broad cross country. It's on the internet. No it's on the, it's on the internet but stay right there. Oh yeah.


Friday night it's again it's c GB Dot org, Boys and Girls Club of Boston.


It's again an organization that means a to me. Near and dear to my heart, I'm playing in the tournament and there's a bounty on me, so if you knock me out, you win one hundred dollars no matter what, whether you win the tournament and what night again, I don't know if you guys heard, but they're not playing the game on Lake Tahoe.


Not doing it on the lake.


No, they're not doing it. It's Friday night. Friday night. What time? It starts at seven o'clock.


And again, it's 100. It's not a donation. It's a hundred dollar sign up fee. And you can win a thousand dollars. You can win eleven hundred if you win the tournament and knock me out as well. And like I said, I might join this.


Now are you going to join with. Yeah. Why not at seven. I don't really want to be on time if I'm hot it's a tough time but if I'm home I'm in. Yeah I'm a trash poker player too.


It's like I said, a good cause. And if you, if you knock me out I'll be fine. It should be a good time. B.C. GB dog.


Like I said, rough and rowdy friends. A barstool sports are doing the same night. Billy Football is fighting Jose Canseco. If you had never seen one of these rough and rowdy made that absolutely hilarious. It's just like, it's like an unhinged club where people just beat the shit out of each other and our buddies are commentating along. So I think it's twenty bucks to Chiuso after the poker tournament. It's rough and rowdy. And also we got some new merch, like we said, Battle of Alberta t shirts with stonham for both Calgary and Edmonton.


Check them out of Barstow's What has the Culture of Kings T-shirt on as well? Any other final notes, boys, before we wrap it up for this episode?


No, I hope you guys enjoy it. Yeah, I think it was another doozy. I had fun. You guys had fun and hope. Oh, no, I got nothing. It was great catching up with you guys. I really I really enjoyed it, as always.


Thanks, everybody. Have a fantastic weekend. We'll see you next time. As always, we like to thank our fantastic sponsors here on Spuyten Checketts, huge thanks to our longtime friends over at New Amsterdam, Buttercream, Pink Whitney, great stuff we got going on. Big thanks to our friends of PETA Malath. You haven't checked out their great material. By all means, do so big thanks to our new friends at Blue Nile. If you're looking for that engagement ring or that perfect piece of jewelry, by all means, check them out.


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