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Hey, buddy, this is Stephen Ché, and I'm here to tell you that since my Buccaneers won the Super Bowl, we got a special sale going on at the parcel store, get 10 percent off Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Super Bowl, Mersch with code. Hey, buddy, check out all the great Tom Brady and Buck Smirch or pick up a thank you Steven Chase shirt while you're there at Staudt Basel Sports Dotcom. Hello, everybody, welcome to Episode 319 of Spin Checketts, presented by Pinkard for my friends at New Amsterdam on the barstool sports podcast Family.


What's going on everybody? We had another week in the NHL with some covid disruption's will be getting to that a little later. We had a referee malfunction or I should say a replay malfunction. We'll get to that a little bit. But the big news was in Tampa, Tom Brady won another Super Bowl go around the horn checking out the boys first. Mike Grenelle. Looks like you got a patch jersey on there.


Yeah, I got my Tom Brady salute to service Jerseyan and boys. He did it again. I'll just leave it at that. He did it fucking again.


I wish I could have gotten preseason odds of where will Ryan Whitney be watching this year's Super Bowl? I don't think Detroit. What do you mean an option? But but if it was, it would have been a huge payout. The Wittstock will go to you second. You were in Detroit for the barstool sports while they watch the new app in Michigan not too long ago. And you're part of a little betting strategy campaigning yesterday.


Yeah, unfortunately, a little bit of a malfunction. Around five fifteen. We were sitting in with a room with Portnoy and he was going over the rules of the competition and all of a sudden you couldn't get a bed in on the out. Now, apparently, every year around Super Bowl time, the competitors as well, they they go down like the amount of betting and how many people are looking to get action in that day. It's like they can't handle it.


It's similar to, I think TVG down when or whatever's down when when the Kentucky Derby happens. Like, so I felt bad, right? I felt bad. Like Porter. I was flipping out and it's like, you know, it because it looks it look, we had all these guys there for this competition. I was myself. Dave's boy Elliott showed up at Tony's place in West Roxbury. We had White Sox Dave and Eddie from Boston. Chicago is one man team, Frank.


The tank speaks for himself and then Rico Bosko, absolute animal. He was the fifth guy.


So it's competition where if you hadn't seen, you know, you had ten grand, you were going to live. Bet it any which way you want. Right when the game started and whoever had the most money at the end won fifty grand and whatever else money was left over from the other people so we couldn't bet the whole first half. It sucked because at five fifteen Dave said he's like, I don't think this is going to get fixed. And he was flipping out, losing his mind but he was doing pretty good job at staying calm.


Now, what happened was the whole first half, we're just watching the game kind of complaining that we can't get any bets in. But then the second half, it was fixed. So we reset it. Everyone had the ten grand. You had to gamble at least seven. You know, she couldn't just sit on it and hope everyone lost everything and everyone went crazy. It was like if you'd been in prison forever and it was your first night out, it was just like and Elio had a bet.


He had he had a better paths to first explain this better to me. Like, I don't remember exactly what the score was. I want to say it was like twenty four. Twenty six to six. What whatever it was, he had a bet, even money, first of 31 points. And obviously he put six grand on Tampa and they got it quick and like so all of a sudden he, he's up to sixteen grand and everyone kind of started panicking like oh my God, he's got such a big lead we got to catch up.


I had a bunch of bets going and ended up not hitting. My big one was the Tampa getting to thirty five which they didn't end up getting to. Right. They didn't score again after they got to thirty one and I didn't take it down.


I got hot at the blackjack table after that. That's another story. Besides the point all comes out in the wash.


Rico, Bosko took it down, Rico was over there, he was quiet and in the first half it was unbelievable. Rico as it's broke and he kept checking and all, he was able to get a couple of bets and he kept it quiet. He kind of looked at me at one point. He said I a four minutes.


And so everyone all of a sudden immediately flipping out like all this doesn't count. People can't get bets. And so it was a little bit of a gong show, but I still had a blast, you know, talking to Frank the tank.


What an interesting character for people who don't know he was found and hired by Bastar when he flipped out on the New Jersey transit public system because he couldn't get to the Mets home opener. He went absolutely viral and barstool hired. And that's kind of how things go. And encyclopedia knowledge, just a great guy who was shooting the shit with them. This dude's a dolphin's Brooklyn Nets, New Jersey Devil and New York Mets fan. Explain that to me. What a bunch of shitty teams besides the Devils.


He's really happy about their three titles. Eddys one of my boys. I love that guy. White Sox. Dave is a complete idiot. He really grew on me, though. I kind of hated his guts. Now I love him. He's so dumb.


What else?


Let's say hi to Biz has been waiting patiently. All right. I like Liz Azel live. Betting is very daunting. Especially when especially when you're when it's in competition form. Like if you had to put like one in a quarter or a couple in a quarter now, would you would you have bet the coin toss? Because I know everybody normally goes tails, but it was heads this year.


I would have bet it and I usually take tails, but we couldn't do that as part of the competition, so I didn't do that. The part the hard thing about live betting is, is that the odds change so quick.


So it's like no joke in the matter of a split second, the order you got is gone. It's off the books like you're trying to get a bed and you can't you've got to restart. It's like it was hectic. It was hectic.


I, I. Fell asleep. I didn't even get to see the celebration, I got so bored from that game I was game, I was a little let down with that pass interference call that negated the interception from. Well, how do you see the last guy's name who used to play for Bruce Arians? Is that Matthew?


Matt. Matthew? Yeah, it was all up in the news. Yeah, he was. He was all up in Brady's Grill. Probably the last thing you want to do to the goat. And then he and then he put them in a blender by sending Antonio Brown at them. Didn't he. Did he tell them he's like, I'm coming after you? And then he did it. Yes, yeah. Yeah.


Waving his finger in his face. Yeah. I mean, that's that's one fucking thing you don't poke is Tom Brady. I mean, you guys are you going to beat you anyways. Why fucking further antagonize them.


And I had missed throughout the when the regular season matchup apparently Tyreek Hill had done like two because it was a he scored two touchdowns but they really hit three, rotate them back.


They were right in his face last night with the two.


Like Tyreek Hill was kind of invisible. I mean for such a game break you didn't even notice him. But my takeaway from the game and what I said moving in was like I was taking the bucks no matter what, because I didn't want Brady. I wasn't going to lose money. Like with Brady winning. I wasn't I wasn't going to let it happen.


But I was like, their defense is their defense is sick. Yeah.


I mean, that pass rush, they got JP with seven and a half fingers flying around knocking down balls.


And that kid, is it white? Who's the stud on D?


I can't think of his name right now. I don't know. But Tampa was just Patrick Mahomes is like I've never really seen him look like that. And it was I guess it wasn't his fault. I said he got exposed, which people argued against because he had no protection.


I felt that was funny. Every time they stopped it, he'd run back to half. I know I you know, 20, 20, 30 yards. I've seen Russell Wilson have to play games like that, too. So it was a how about the one play, though, when he was running away and he was lateral and then he chucks a dart to the end zone that ended up hitting his receiver right in the mask, which happened a couple of times.


If anything, I thought that the receivers for for KC really let him down. And Travis Kelce was talking after the game. Or is it Kelsey? Kelsey? Yeah, Kelsey. He was talking afterward. He said he goes they kind of just put a cap on our speed, like, I guess they backed off. They're their defenders to a certain degree where they couldn't gain that speed that they normally do. Like you just mentioned, Tyreek Hill, who's like a video game out there, just buzzing around.


But he was he was pretty much invisible.


Yeah. And the overall game, though, it wasn't very exciting, but like the fact that Brady has more Super Bowls than any other organization, like what the fuck are you?


I just signed up for the TV Twelve Diet this morning. I got all my supplements coming in, actually. You know who you know who does the TV twelve diets is is Connor Garlan.


Really, he's on fire. Oh, he's been buzzing this year, he's he's far he's been the best player on the ice in the St. Louis where they're playing the St. Louis Blues six times in a row.


Is that what it is? Because of covid? Yeah. So they so they had they had a road trip of six games. They were supposed to play two in St. Louis, two in Minnesota and then two in Colorado. And of course, with Minnesota getting all jammed up, they stayed in St. Louis. They played two more. And I think the next two are going to be against St. Louis as well. So they have they went from a four game set against the goal of the Golden Knights to a six game set against St.


Louis. But they've been playing well.


I don't know how we got counter garland or quickly, though, so some people enjoyed it. That halftime show was the biggest piece of trash show I've ever seen. I couldn't believe it. And I don't really dislike the weekend like AMA, AMA, AMA, Starfish. That's a sick song.


So I think they've all it's constant mean. It's not it's not starfish starboy. Starboy, you're not a starkers. I said starfish last night too.


I don't know why I'm that's on my mind I think is Portnoy sent me a starfish penny like fifteen years ago when Bristol just started. So I've always thought starfish so that's a good song. But that was a horrible performance.


I thought it was brutal. I don't know if I've ever seen something on TV become a meme in such quick real time like that. Like within five seconds people are already like Mehman. That stuff left went down the tunnel.


I'm almost convinced they do it for that reason. Now I'm convinced that they have certain things that they know is going to go viral. So they're going to get the amount of endorsement out of it, which I think it was brought to you by Pepsi, but I thought it was OK. I personally love when they do rock bands, when it gets, you know, and it's I think it was. Was he lip synching the whole time? I don't know, I'm guessing yes, but I actually have no idea.


I thought as far as the overall production of it, I thought it was impressive how he was able to move around and they were like the cameras in the angles and all that. But, yeah, I'm not really into his new stuff. He's a Scarbro guy from Canada. He's a Canadian. Yeah, the weekend's Canadian. So I'm not going to trash him as much as you did. I definitely like his old tunes a lot more than his new tunes.


He there was a point in his career where he was kind of this like this dark RB artist. And I think that, you know, a few a few albums before the latest one that he just dropped, I think he was trying some things out. But then he made the full plunge to pop. And I think that that's why more money maybe. I just think he realized that that's where he had to bring it in.


The last album killed it. He's going to do some crazy two year world tour here coming up. I think you just released all the dates. But and then I think that his whole I think it his whole his whole rollout is kind of the play off of maybe people comparing him to Michael Jackson. And that's why they've been doing the whole bandage thing in the.


Have you seen his Instagram already loses it if anyone gets compared to Michael Jackson.


Listen, but but but ah, I'm not saying that he is Michael Jackson, but I'm saying is that I think that all the the the aesthetics and the look of it is playing off the comparison. Correct.


You're going to steal steal from the best. Yeah. Best of pop music. Yeah. Just when you hear that even anyone's name I guess, mentioned in the same breath as a guy like Jackson, you kind of like, hey, wait a minute. You know, I don't know the weekend's music. I'm familiar with who he is, but I can't sit there and say I'm familiar with all of his music. But because I want to ask you, do you think and I would say this Friday, the last couple of years now, that the whole idea of the Super Bowl commercial has lost its luster quite a bit?


Yeah, well, I mean, I think that with with what line you can bring it to has changed. And also, I did hear because of everything that had happened with covid in the money wasn't there, that the commercials weren't going to be as good this year. That was kind of like a pre warning. Now, if we're talking about them, what one did you guys think were the best ones?


I didn't see any because you're in a sports book like I didn't like, I could see a couple, but I was kind of on my phone. I didn't none stood out, though. There was no point. Was anyone in there like, oh, that was a good commercial, really? Nobody said that at any point. All right.


What about you? You must have noticed a couple. You know what? I kind of pay less and less attention. I think there's just not a huge, huge a deal, especially when they'll leak in them a week before. So people are even seeing it before. But the Wayne and Goff one with them, Catesby, I was laughing at the commercial and they're like, oh, eat local eat local swamp thing.


And it's like, you know, this kind of like sort of local thing. And then it's like overeats. I'm like that's like this is more like fucking Celo bullshit like. And they and the big thing is you talk to local companies, mom pops up shops, they're getting fucked on all these like services that, you know, you pay for to bring your food instead of using the regular delivery guy. So I was kind of like, I like the commercial and I saw the end.


I was like, no, I saw who it was for. I was just like, I don't know. I'm a big support, your local your local guy.


So when you hire and you Khateeb was in it. Yeah. Wayne's World, I thought she'd be like, eat me that fucking nuts.


She she is. I love following her Instagram and just like seeing the antics that she's up to, I've been oh. Speaking. Okay, so I mentioned a few Portugal. I love following all this rap. Not only the beef but the news or whatever.


Little Uzi Vert got a twenty four million dollar pink rare diamond installed into the middle of his forehead. No, like like like surgically, surgically, and apparently, if you were to take it out himself, it could it could lead to some serious problems. But he got a 24 million dollar pink rare diamond installed into the middle of his forehead. Now, I didn't know he was making that much money singing rap tunes, this little vert guy. But apparently he must have some dough.


All right.


You know anything about little Uzi Vert other than he got a dime and Putin is for had last week? I didn't know too much about him. Critelli, you got to help us out with these young bucks that's happening here.


I think Lil Uzi Vert was one of those questions I asked you back in the day when we were doing ask a millennial preacher. I asked you about Lulus and you were like, I have no fucking clue.


Oh, speaking of commercials, little baby who I'm a big fan of, we talked to talk to the meat dog about them.


Just because I was baby is a baby or a little bit.


There's two different rappers, two babies, one little baby, and the other was the one that was in the Super Bowl commercial. Who's popping off right now?


Little baby. We need a little baby to fucking round this thing out. A lot of girls, that's their true name when they combine.


What I want to ask you, as far as like Brady going out of Tampa, do you think it gets a little weird when people, like, compare him to like an extra level, like, oh, this is like watching your ex-girlfriend get married. It's like, no, it's not. It's a fucking bad football player going on another team, not something you should have, like romantic liaisons with like not with somebody like that.


We are taking things a little too literal. It's like, you know, you're just making like a somewhat comparison to try to compare it to something.


But yeah, I mean, it's certainly not like watching, like, your ex girl just get, like, plowed by some dude.


You know, it's it's actually like watching two of your ex-girlfriends get plowed back because girl two who had two touchdowns, if anything like I'm interested, I mean, I'm not in Boston.


I'm sure the sports radio cats are going ridiculously crazy, but I think like. Belichick takes a hit to me. Belichick doesn't look as legit to me. Maybe that's stupid, maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but I mean, he's never won a Super Bowl title without Brady, I think without Tom Brady as his QB like 500 all time. He will do.


Don't worry. I mean, it's like that. That's huge. Oh, you're so sure that ninety. I am sure of it. Are you sure of that? I think he's the greatest football coach of all time, arguably the greatest of all time. If he doesn't have the greatest QB of all time, I still think he'll do it. That's just my opinion. I think he'll do it right.


Speaking of Gronk, he scored the first touchdown. I know what we were texting before the game about the live stuff you couldn't get in. I said he was 14 at one of the barstools. What's up? I know other places. He was as high as 28 to one if he were lucky to jump on that. But that was an unbelievable payout, even if he got them, because I think people I think it almost like forgot about him because he hadn't been a part of the offense really for the last month or so.


And then all of a sudden I can two touchdowns, first TD bomb, nice little cap.


They were high. They were hiding them. They weren't showing. And that's why they like them. They let them light them up. The first time they played the season, Tyreek Hill went off for like two hundred and fifty yards and three TDs now. So let me ask you this. Do you guys think, I mean I wouldn't be shocked that they end up back in the Super Bowl again next year because that's what I was just going to say.


So. So if he wins it next year, OK, and he wins eight of them, you got to think he's going to fucking retire? No, I don't think so.


I think he's he's long said, OK. So before when he was in Boston, he's a guy I want to play to. Forty five. I want to play to forty five.


And then he was talking about like I'll be done when I suck, when I'm not really good I'll be done.


So if he keeps winning and then he mentioned last week that he could see himself playing off post forty five now.


So if he wins again like I don't think he's going anywhere and you hit the one.


Utterback said what if he wins a championship at fifty. It's the rules created for Cubby's now. Yeah that's true. That's true. It's like he's going to have the ball cart. Yeah.


They look bad at one. I mean I don't know I don't know what their record was through ten games, but they had to have some crazy odds to win the Super Bowl halfway through the season because they looked pretty shitty. New Orleans pounded them twice. It was like, you know, I didn't really see this coming. They gelled together at the perfect time and maybe Brady really was.


Does this make him the best athlete of all time?


I think he's undoubtedly the greatest football player of all time. I set greatest athlete innertube.


Shooby is probably the most important position in any sport. Right? I mean, other team sport. Yes.


I think that goaltending is kind of similar as well as starting pitching, but starting pitching his five guys. So maybe goaltending is a little bit compared to the quarterback. But yes, I'm with you. But my thing on on unlike where he's at. What was I just saying before that sorry, I lost my train of thought. What was I saying?


Well, we're just talking about Brady winning longevity when they're their odds halfway through the season, their odds halfway through the season.


Come on, Ryan, that they were struggling halfway through the season, figured it out that Belichick is going to win another title. And Gravity was right. And you're in moron. Fuck me, man.


This is so annoying when this happens. It's just so frustrating to know you're get on the TV twelve days away. Get on the TV. Twelve diet.


You would remember the Brady, Brady, Brady. He's talking. He's winning. He's I don't remember. That sucks.


You interrupted me. It's your fault. Sorry buddy. That's OK. I'll take it because you did just mention Johnny woodrose name will get this out of the way for us that we do have him coming down a little bit. Calgary Flames, Johnny Goodrow and also recently retired Ryan Callahan. He come off for a nice long chat. We'll be get to those a little bit later. So we tend to forget to mention those still right before us. So I figured you could be in there.


We won't spoil it.


But Jordy Goodrow, his favorite television show, just threw me for an absolute loop.


Yeah. I mean, considering he likes it so much that he's wearing the shirt, like, I feel like he wears that shirt every night, like before bed. That's the vibe I got from him.


We'll get to that later. About a little later.


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I don't know if you put in for a shot machine. I'm not sure how much you need one because you already got one in your house, right?


I do. And there's been some great submissions so far. So keep keep sending them in, guys. And even for even for some that don't win the shot machine Grenelle, he's going to be on the lookout. We have so many people that have like and cases and cases of this stuff. There is one kid who outlined his body in it and had a bunch of posters and basically is just a full on pink Whitney super fan like a guy like that.


If he doesn't win the competition, we're going to send some merch out. So many of you loyal people have been following up for this contest. So we thank you very much. And and once again. Thank you to everyone for the for the support on the Pakistani side. Well said. Well said. We're going to move along to the hockey right about now. The first division we're going to talk about this week is the North Division and the big news out of this year.


Weber played in his 1000 game business like these, not in the Canadians this week, Schwebel in a 16th season. He did a nice pregame ceremony, fun. They had his family there. His kids had made signs. They put a on the glass, which is a nice little touch. I was a great article. Eric Engels, who covers the Canadians up in Montreal, had a fantastic article at all kinds of praise from his teammates. The athletic had a nice piece, but either way, that's what you want for us.


He was one of your contemporaries you played against.


Yeah, I wouldn't even consider him one of my contemporaries, and he would probably puke if he called me one of his contemporaries.


But I think that reading the article Eric Engels wrote about him, I think it was with sports that I know Erik pretty well, really good reporter and covers the Canadians. And he did a good job. He talked to Ryan Sudar, Seth Jones. Ben, is it Shirat, how you say it, and Roman Yoshie, all guys are the chance to play with him, throw different points in his career. And they all said the same thing in terms of like how professionally is how serious he is when the time comes to, like, do work and be on the ice practice wise and then how goofy and how much fun he can have kind of off the ice.


He's one of those guys that really turns it on when he's at the rink, which is not surprising at all.


But for me, it's like he he was able to play the game. I think he's as close to, like, the way Chara played as any other man in the past 15 years, where he's so intimidating physically and he's so dominant with his shot that he really is.


Kind of scares guys before games, I don't mean like they're actually scared to play, but when you go into a building and especially for forwards and you think about who you going to be matched up against, that's a guy.


It's like every night those players are in shock. He's going to finish every single hit he is.


I know. Maybe he is. Skating's gone down a touch as he gets a little bit older.


But in his heyday, like his skating was unreal for how big and strong he was, lateral movement. He never got beat. And he was the guy that if he pivoted and skated with you along the boards and you threw it to the net or you did a drop pass, it didn't matter. He was the next three seconds riding you into the boards, finishing you as hard as you can and to be that difficult to play against.


Along with he's got over 100 power play goals, which is, I think, 10th all time. He has over 200 goals.


The threat of him shooting the Web bomb here comes told the story. Here comes the Weber bomb. Yeah, who is Nashville?


So all you had to do is add penalty killers. Oh, they talked to Ingles. Talk to Marc on Edward Vlasák, who partnered up, I believe, in the 2010 and 2014 Olympics with Shea Weber.


He took one off his head once, could have killed him. He's talking about how scary it was.


I mean, you're in front of the net and like he's winding up. It's absolutely petrifying. Sheldon Surrey's at Anusara.


That's the type of shot he had. I mean, I think that the last thing I'll say is to see that guy be a second round draft pick.


And for the Nashville Predators that year, to have Ryan Suter in the first round is like they really did set up their team and they didn't get a Stanley Cup, but they came pretty close getting those two guys in the same draft.


Oh, three draft shots.


What a what an amazing career, though. I think you're looking at a future Hall of Famer. Would you guys agree?


Oh, yeah, no doubt. All for sure.


Just for the for like the international play like that would put him over the edge. Right. I mean, he hasn't he hasn't won the Stanley Cup, but just based on his numbers, he had a thousand games. I can imagine him playing another three or four seasons. You mentioned him slowing down a little bit wet, but he's just he's just I completely agree. And that's going to happen. That's inevitable, especially as a guy with a big a big frame just like that.


But it's his work positionally like he's not you know, he's not he's not running around all that well. Although in the article Souter did mention he goes, yeah, like sometimes we'll be taking an odd man rush down and there'll be a guy coming to the middle and then all of a sudden fucking Webb's coming through with his big body, just ending this guy's life. But I think considering the game's changed a little bit, he's still that physical presence.


But he stays in position. He is still as reliable as ever. And you mentioned is I think he's got more power play. He's got more power play goals than regular strength goals. Right throughout the entire career.


And it might be like one of five one hundred shot around then where it was just. But he wasn't a guy who could just sit there and just give one timers to he'd stop it. He'd make the seam passes like he really could do it all.


And when I look back at like or not even look back, if I look right now at that team.


I would love to talk to Jeff Peachey, who I got the chance to play with. He's a he's a quiet guy, but you can't tell me the steps he's made. A career can have something to do with Shea Weber and learning from him, because I swear to God right now, Jeff Petrie, I think is the best defense in the NHL throughout the day.


Let me put my clown nose on it. No, I said they might have been a slight overpayment. I think he's got six ducks already. And you said he's probably one of the best defenseman in the league right now, Petrie.


When we first saw him, I remember talking to Horcoff in Edmonton because Petrie's in Michigan State Guy Warhawk play and he's like, oh, my God, this kid's skating.


And now he had the inconsistencies of a younger player. But we I knew I knew he was going to be really good. I didn't know he'd be this good. But I bet you he would no doubt say that Shea Webber's really helped him. And it's not just on the ice. It's off the ice things. It's it's what we say about the best players.


Every time we talk about Crosby, Shea, Weber, McKinnon, these guys who are Hall of Fame players who have like created legacies for themselves, a lot of it is off ice stuff and it's like preparation.


And it's things that you take for granted as a fan where you just see somebody show up and be so consistent you don't really understand what goes into it. And I think a guy like Shea Weber is probably taught so many other defensemen, including Seth Jones and Roman, see what it takes.


You can't learn positioning and all the other details of the game at the Scottsdale guys, that's for sure.


Yeah, because he has 104 power play goals and one hundred and eleven at even strength. So that's pretty. That's only one four one ratio. Yeah, that's pretty high.


That's one of the things that stuck out to me. But just I like the concept of talking to all the former guys that he's played with in different different situations of his career, like when he came in. Did you mention Seth Jones as well?


Yes. Yes. Yeah, I forgot. Sorry. Go ahead. Oh, no. I was just kind of alluding to the point that you made about like all these other guys that he's been able to like. I mean, just because of the drafting of Nashville and being surrounded by other young good stud defensemen where he was able to, like, help them out. And, yeah, just like just just how much being around him has helped other guys.


And I think my most memorable moment besides the guy yelling Weberman for ten minutes before he scored above Shay Webber's career is in the 2010 Olympics in Van. I don't remember if they had Russia in the semifinals of the quarterfinals, but they pounded them. They put a shitkicker on Russia.


He shot one through the net.


So it's literally blatantly it was just a straight up rocket through the net and an Angles article. It also talks about Seth Jones was skate with him in the summer and put a picture out that he put one through the boards.


Oh, yeah, yeah. I saw that he missed that and it put one through the board. So that was the part, I think that was a Nashville practice ranked all that place is a bit of a partner.


Put the partner, built the boards. Yeah.


And Eric Engle's works for Rogers SportsNet.


So if you don't follow him on Twitter and you like to Falcone and stuff, yeah, he's right in depth with the Canadians. He knows it all. No doubt about it.


How about the job that Burger Van has done? We talk about that last podcast.


Yeah, I think we've slowly just tried to ignore the fact that I picked them not to make the playoffs right away. Right away. I said that was a huge mistake. And the Washington one is coming back, although they did, they got it.


They got to find someone to stop the puck right now. They had to talk the other night against Philly. I'll let you take it over. Ah, yeah. We'll get to that in the North Division a little bit.


Montreal went three and one this week. They swept Vancouver, then split what Ottawa, which allowed them to keep pace with the Toronto Maple Leafs who are currently leading the division with nineteen points after twelve games played, they beat the shot out of Vancouver twice this week, outscored them twelve to four. Jason Spezza got his first hatrick almost five years, the second oldest leaf in franchise history to get a off the Matthews Turn it up ten goals for assists and eleven games.


We had a nice tilt Wayne Simmons and Jordy Ben went at it. Simmons absolutely drilled Quin use late in the game seven three game. I didn't think it was a penalty worthy hit but you got to like Jordy. Ben stuck up for his teammate, had a nice, good scrap late. Simmons got five goals himself and just texted me. He's actually broke his wrist. Much of it was from that not going to be out. He's going to be all for six weeks.


No, you talk about Simmons. Yeah, we saw it from the fight. No, it was somebody I don't know which defense it was, but they try to clear the puck out and it just hit them right in the wrist. And he went back to the bench and unfortunate man, because he was playing out of his mind. I don't know if you guys saw that roof job he did in time.


Tight shorts has him not only the physicality he brings, but having that net from presence that we talked about. We're stroking Hawk Wisoff, last podcast.


He Simmons is man. He has done such a job coming in for Toronto and to see him go down for six weeks to the rest. So they got jumbo now and now him. But going back to that fight. So Vancouver fans were pissed because it was late in the game and the score was out of hand. But I'm not looking at it like that from from a from a fan perspective. I'm saying you're playing against these other Canadian teams so much.


I believe they're playing Vancouver nine times. You have to invest from the minute.


It's you know, it's akin to make your life hell. It's going to make your life hell every time we play you.


And if, you know, if he if he's taking clean runs and people would argue that it wasn't a clean head, I thought it was clean is you know, if all of a sudden, Kevin. He was a little bit banged up, well, that's their probably their fucking best player, and if you're doing it legally and I like the fact that Jordy didn't hesitate, he got right in there, probably not the best start to the fight, but he did come around.


And I loved when when he did get those, I think it was was it is less free.


Simmons had the he put up the blocker like Rick Rypien used to rest in peace. Remember that.


Yes, he did. Exactly. So so some great defense there. And overall, just a very intense match. So Auchterarder looks unreal. That move that Matthews did come in over the line with that guy so high and going and going RWF job. They are rolling in. After I mentioned Vancouver last week and I, I kind of gave them a pat on the back. They've been getting dumbed.


They suck, they stink, they suck.


And like, I don't know what you do because, like, do you try to make a trade, like getting into Canada so hard with offense, the two week quarantine, you see, Dubost still hasn't played for four Winnipeg, although I think he's going to be playing Thursday night or Tuesday night, maybe tonight as you're listening, it's going to be difficult. You know, you're definitely not getting rid of Travis Green after what he did last year. But I said that's one of the things I did have.


Right. I thought Vancouver would take a step back. So, I mean, losing Mark Stroman and I knew that was a step back and goaltending. I didn't think they'd be like this. And I know Patterson's point on the top of his game. And JT Miller's been catching a lot of heat. You never really know what players are going through off ice. You just never can tell in terms of like why a guy's struggling, why a team is struggling.


But it's it's shitty times in Vancouver right now. All they can hope for is they get to play Ottawa more.


Now, the only good guy, you'll get nine. You can't you can't add more to the schedule from Ottawa.


They can. We play Ottawa fifteen times.


They're going to be playing. They're going to be playing each other. Not to get relegated at this. I mean, but let's let's put it this way. Vancouver does have a lot of weapons in the line up to where things can change very quickly. But so far it has. And another one they got rid of was ten of and they replaced them with Schmidt. But, you know, they have not been able to gel as a group yet.


Yeah, it was a brutal week for them. They lost four straight to Montreal in Toronto. They get pummeled. They've given up sixty goals against it's the most in the league. That's eight more than the second worst team. They've allowed five or more in nine of fifteen games. They're just a mess right now. Discombobulated. I don't think it's a coaching issue. I don't know if it's just too much personnel that they're trying to incorporate. But I guess the good news is business is bad as it's been.


They're tied with Edmonton for the fourth spot in the division. So if they can sort of get through this hump, however long it lasts and still be within striking distance, then, you know, it's not the worst thing. Obviously, you don't want to go through it. But if you can get through it and still be in punch in distance of the playoffs, then you know.


Yeah. For us. Yeah. All right. A couple other notes in the division here, Winnipeg's kind of Hollerbach. He is now the winningest goaltender in franchise history with 153 wins. And just to clarify, that's Atlanta Thrashers, Winnipeg Jets history. And sometimes people like to do all Winnipeg of six different versions of the team. But now this is a franchise record, 153 wins. And that you just mentioned Plup to why he did practice Sunday. Moreese right now hasn't penciled in setting the third Minowa, Kyle Corner and Trevor Lewis.


And we got some quotes from Andrew Cop. He was pretty unhappy about the protocols because the call, the covid stuff, we'll get to another division later. But it's been a class that they've had to postpone a bunch of games and apparently they switched the protocol. The players can't arrive until an hour and 45 minutes before the game time and really into coppicing like that's. Well, what what difference does it make? I mean, guys are just getting the building business.


How much does that throw a guy off his whole week?


And I'll tell you what is going to throw it to the healthy scratch first. I would have been OK with that because I would have just been up in one of my fucking bellybutton in my room before I headed over the rink. But guys who I know, most guys who were for sure going to be in the lineup were getting their two and a half hours before guys like to get there early.


They like to get their stapes, their ticker-tape to stay there.


My brain just click out there. What happened?


I like to stay. I really do. It kind of reminds me of Stapleton. I love that guy ticker-Tape. That's almost I'm surprised you got to take your state.


They like to enjoy a nice a nice cold and they're stal and mix up their protein shakes or they're in between period shakes and yeah I think some of these rules have just left me scratching my head because you saw the Washington and how they got pigeon toss the four guys and then you see the Tampa Bay, you see the Tampa Bay Lightning guys all celebrating in a room together where they got to watch Super Bowl. So it's No. One, is it?


I know.


Is it because they had a mask on? It's it makes zero sense. Yeah. But you know what? Since this whole thing began, you've seen rules, not even in hockey in life that make nothing really make sense anymore.


Yeah, right. Like, oh, you have to close the restaurant at nine thirty because at nine thirty one the covid monster comes out. It's like there's things that do not make sense and there's no explanation. And it's the same with the NHL right now.




So people are all over the league and how it's like, you know, they've had to rearrange like thirty games, whatever it is. But you knew this was bound to happen. Did travel already.


Did they did they give a reason as to why they want that happening or they just. Kind of made the rule no. Well, they've changed all the protocols because they've had so many people into covid protocol. And by the way, just because you've been on the protocol list doesn't mean you haven't. You just might have been around somebody, around somebody who was around somebody. So they're just trying to do some tinkering and I guess reduce the amount of time that these guys are around each other.


And that was one of the things they brought up. But again, like what? Before you get there an hour later, but now you just drawn and fucking bumping into the same guy you avoided for an hour or so? I don't know. I guess it just kind of keeping in the theme with this whole thing for going on a year now. And, you know, there's no right answers and people are second guessing things going on.


But shout out to one of the biggest piece of shit losers I've ever been on an airplane with. So I was supposed to fly private with Portnoy and then that motherfucker didn't even go to Tampa.


So I had to fly broach class row three there and back from Detroit. And on the way there, this asshole, he was sitting two rows behind me. He was like 25 years old.


He's like, oh, miss, miss. So what are the rules with the mass? She's like, you have to wear the mask unless you're eating. He's like, so like, if I have a coffee, do have to take the mask off for every sip or while I'm having the coffee. Can the mask remain off the entire time. She's like, I'd recommend if you could just, you know, take it off for each sip. He's like, that is ridiculous.


You sitting here and you're expecting me to have a coffee and put my mask on. Take, take not take a sip. Take it off. This is a joke. And this guy next to me is like, shut up, dude.


Oh yeah. I like this guy. Like, you know, all the rules. I was just like, oh my God, this is why I don't sit roache class is like such a pigeon, such an asshole making this like flight attendant who's so nice just doing her job, like, just be so awkward. I was like, I hate this.


I'd be in the next row over picking my toljan barefoot. On the assault Galtos, I got my yoga mat out in the hallway as the planes take it off.


He had like Birkenstocks on to I hated him. Hey, I got Birkenstocks. Yeah, I know. Explains a lot.


People do that to like, you know, people just trying to work it out so, you know, like and was battling it.


He was doing it to be funny to himself. Yeah. Maybe he thought other people and everyone was just like, oh, you're the worst of the worst of the worst.


You told Jim, fuck, ya know.


So how do we get a lasting about the hockey side of it? So the I think it was at the United Center, they removed the glass behind the bench so that airflow would.


Yeah, that was out. They did too. Yeah.


Yeah. So I'm sorry though. Let's play with no glass.


I don't want to leave the Northern Division. I know we've got to move on quickly, but when we read him, what are we still going to talk about? You know, we're going to Ottawa if you guys OK.


Well, yeah, well let's it's so Edmonton plays Ottawa tonight. It's at Ottawa. So good luck, Ottawa. You got to get a W, but I wanted to mention in the Battle of Alberta the other night, the first of nine. Oh yeah. McDavid and Dritz. I played the last five minutes and 45 seconds of the game. NHL shift data like it's not like perfect, but it it, I think it came out in 97, 98.


It's the longest shift since they started keeping track of shifts. It's just insane to think that those guys were able to play that long. And the crazy thing about McDavid is he enters the game this evening or last night as you're listening on a Tuesday with two points or more in the last seven straight games. He's done it. He got to eight once in twenty nineteen. Gretzky has done that, did that with Edmonton twelve different times. One of them was a sixteen game stretch.


He had 50 points in 85, 86. So I was kind of blown away by that. But McDavid, you know, he's just been doing it.


We said last time you get to talk about him every time, sometimes we need to take a little break after hearing those just to digest how.


Fifty points in 16 games. Yeah, well, and good luck, Ottawa, because I keep thinking I keep thinking that you're going to listen to this before the game.


Let's see how it went last night, because in already they both on and McDavid both up seven points in two games against them.


That's yeah. These two guys are nuts. Yeah. Edmonton won Saturday night six, the first of the many battles of Alberta this year. We got the T-shirts there. I see big houses on. Do I are buying to by the way, I know why shipping rates the Canada are a little pricey.


I mean, we don't set I think if you buy more you get more bang for your shipping value, but not really one hundred, one hundred and fifty bucks.


If you can kind of put together an order with some buddies, you won't pay for the shipping.


I think that was at the first game that Calgary played with their their reverse retros too.


Yeah it was. And it was. It's all blast they call blast the horse, just blast the flames out of his snout.


So I love those.


I love the look of those goodrow scored that beauty coming down the wing bar down. So that was a big win for us.


A big win for Calgary. Three hundred pounds of pure meat coming down the wing is a meems sign out on Twitter. But what more could you ask for? Six for game. There are some chipin. You saw Kucuk get in the mix a little bit. Great, great entertaining game for Alberta are Albertans.


I'll all Albertans and hockey fans everywhere.


Yeah. Five five minute forty five second shift. That's unheard of. An NHL dotcom actually has a pretty cool graph. You can look at it and they actually have it all measured out so you can, you know, guy shift during the game. But we had what, eight, nine more of those men. I'm sure we're going to see some blood before the next two or three. But what you just mentioned, some about looking good. I know you had a little more forceable looking good on the golf course.


Yeah. Guys, I'm here to talk to you right now about G4 and for for people who don't know about G4, you're missing out big time.


It's I'm going to say it's not necessarily a new brand, but it's a golf brand that make not only great gear, but they make sure that it doesn't have to just be used on the golf course. And right now, what's really special is they're Meji four point one crossover shoe.


You can golf in it, but it's also great for a workout shoe or an everyday shoe. It has nubs in the footpads. You get an all day massage. That's no joke for people with bad feet like me. And it's made with a material. So it's super breathable and comfortable. You can't get enough of this shoe. I promise you. It's so comfy because had it sent to him at his place when we were out there in Scottsdale, check it out on their site with some other of their favorite products from them by visiting G4 Dotcom Chilcote's, I promise you will not regret it.


It's an awesome crossover shoe that's, I think, nice for guys who maybe want to get some errands done before they go to the range.


You don't have to bring two pairs of shoes, your golf shoes, your other shoes. You just wear these.


You can wear them, not look like a fool at the post office and you can get to the range and strap it around with them. So for, like I said, dotcom check. Let's check it out now. Ten percent off your first order. So shout out to G4 for making some SIGIR when we go off with Ray, Whitney and Scott.


So I had the same ones on because they sent a few pairs out and. He had a different color on and he said they're the company golf shoe he's ever worn, and if he's telling you that he's you know, he's a scratch golfer, I recommend checking them out. And they even have the classic looking ones that are a little bit more old school. What would you call those ones with the old school? Old school?


I like that. And I don't know the exact name for G4S, but like I said all day, massage on your feet. So Robert Kraft would love them to. It's just a perfect shoe.


Little rubber nubs, I guess. And now, without further ado, we're going to send it over to Johnny Hockey. Johnny Goodrow. It's been a while since we had this Calgary flame on the show, first time was way back on Episode 38 in July of twenty seventeen. We before this since that appearance, he's put up two hundred and fifty two point two hundred and forty two games.


A little check. Let's bump action fire. He's got eleven points in ten games so far this season. Some Gnomish, Johnny Hockey, others known by Johnny Ham and Cheese, whatever you call him. It's a pleasure to welcome back to the Spin Checketts podcast, Johnny Goodrow. I bet my friend. I'm good.


I'm good. Thanks for having me, guys. Looking forward to this job.


Pleasureful. Last time we did it was almost four years ago. We would just say in my living room and south you can buy what Hajjah. You had a couple of cocktails for for your first time. I check that's a little different this time. Yeah.


No, that was I don't that was a long time ago. But yeah, it's just me and hazing and I don't know where he is bringing me kind of just brought me south into this house and I didn't know where I was going and what I was doing was getting kind of left and right.


So but yeah, it was cool as a lot of fun. We had a great time that night and time to be back.


I think when you guys got in hasty Grammys, I do recall we were scoring dinner and he'd even know we were doing this. So you're welcome.


But I wonder what we're doing. We had a blast. We went out to dinner after. It was a good time.


Yeah, we went to Lincoln. All right. So we got to get one thing out of the way quick. And that is the biz rumor that you were a fat slob, like, did you hear this go down?


Did you hear rumblings or were you just clueless the entire time?


No, I heard I heard a little bit. And I knew my buddy sent me a few things. And then my GM tree knows base pretty well.


I guess he texted me. He was not happy. He was not happy about me. The Johnny Goodrow has got a got in the reboot bubble here. Yes.


Well, I think like a reporter came out and said, like I was I came to the it was right before the bubble. I came out of shape. And I think it was because I was close contact with someone with coded cells, with a different group. So then we got calm. We had taken away from the main group. And then I guess they thought I needed a little bit more conditioning. And then I saw this fat Johnny running out there on anything that was not me.


That was Meems who did that. So you can't blame me for that one.


Except you texted him to tell me to. It's it's not all the time, OK?


I texted him to do it and superimpose it onto your your shootout move the other night against Winnipeg.


I saw it again and I was like, what's going on? I was just popping up again.


This time it was in a positive mind frame. So. So I don't mean to throw. But you've had a pretty hot start to the season. You've been probably their best player so far.


Yeah. Yeah. Came, came out pretty played pretty well the start of the year. You know, our team's not doing too well right now. I got to get out of little funk but we're playing against good teams that played against Winnipeg three times in a row and kind of gets frustrating playing the same team over and over again. But, you know, it's it's been good, has been a lot of fun. So we've been having fun. I think that that we've had Kucuk on a couple of times since last time you were on, and it must be so interesting playing with him because Hilda, he'll come out of games when he blatantly did something.


I didn't do anything wrong. But you guys must just almost laugh in a sense like. But you just fell into the goalie on purpose.


Yeah. I mean, I there's so many stories where to start with, Jackie. I mean, I just half the time I just expected like another scrum or something, but like the other night against me playing against Toronto and we all skated back to the bench after the game was over and I had no clue what what went what the hell happened with Muzzin and him. And he was freaking out. I'm not asking for Chucky, I guess. And I didn't see him shoot the puck at him and he's going bananas.


I was like, what's that? We just lost. Like, what's why are you freaking out right now? And I guess I didn't see that happen. So he he although he did about that.


But you must have kind of noticed when he came in, though, that you were going to have a guy that really, like, got the juices flowing in the game, whether it was good for him or bad it was a player immediately who I think makes you guys, like, tougher to play against, right?


Oh, yeah. I mean, he's he's a guy you want on your team for sure. I mean, you know, he's a smart player. You know, he's got a great shot. He can see ice, you know really well with the best of us and best of him. And he's on a powerplays. Great nephron. And and then when you need him to, you know, get physical and stuff, you know, he's right there is mixing it in with the big boys.


And he's an all around great player. And, you know, we're really lucky to have him. So it's been great. He's actually lives right for underneath me right now. So I should have just texted him to come up and say hello on the call. But, you know, he's just a great player, a great person to be around.


What was the feeling in the locker room afterward? And when you explained to you guys what it had done, were you guys as a team, were you guys a little bit pissed off?


Well, I, I didn't we didn't find out till, like, we watch SportsCenter because he was in the locker room, you still pissed off, like really he didn't in the locker room.


But it's game for, like, relax. We got a lot more games against these guys.


He's got a short week. You get your chance back. And I'm like, all right. But I didn't I we saw on SportsCenter, like you could see all five of us were lucky enough to go to the bench and none of us saw it. We felt bad. But, you know, he we play Chanhassen, so I'm sure I'll get it and get them back. Maybe I'll see how you dig in these mini series.


So far, like you said, you already played Winnipeg like four times your first ten games. How long does it take for that heat to kick in? I guess it would match you on your team. It takes a period of two. But what other teams is it the same way with some teams so different.


But I mean, obviously play against a team back to back to back. I mean, it's going to be a little frustrating a little bit at times. But for me personally, I mean, I kind of like it, you know, let's fly on a plane and enjoy just playing these guys three times in a row. I'll get it out of the way. But, you know, some of these guys, you know, these big guys like the hit and stuff and stuff.


You know, guys like that, you know, and I get bad gets a little tiring at times. But, you know, it's all home for the fans, too.


You said you hate flying. Do you hate it because you don't like flying or you just hate the traveling aspect? Because I hate flying.


I'm like, oh, really? You're like Mussolini. Yeah, I hated pneumoniae an awful lot. It every every really every take off.


It's a guy sitting next to each other and kind of consoled each other before you take off.


Oh, we're on the card deal me and Mani and we have to like stop playing cards for a little bit and like, you know, like first two minutes. The flight before we take off is just like put our heads down like like take some deep breaths and try to, you know, get two to three minutes of the flight.


But because we always fly to Calgary, it's always bumpy and, you know, it's windy and snowing and clouds everywhere. So it's it's it's an awful place to fly in and out of in the first place. But, you know, every flight is turbulence and everything.


So maybe they'll start Bosnia to start passing. Yeah. I mean, morning, we're talking about buying an RV and just, you know, traveling the family trucks, the. Yeah, there's what witness an expert there, like the way that I was thinking the opposite them.


And like an old Volkswagen Beetle, like hippies getting the dreadlocks going, wash your clothes outside.


Hey, that's what that's what we have bred birds on. And for many summers, he would just go in an RV with his wife and their kids. And they would he would he would have the weights on the bottom. He would pull them out. He'd work out like a 7-Eleven, go grab a Gatorade and then back on the road, kids, time to feed the python.


What do you what his play on the plan, Johnny, for cards.


We play we play a little bit of Chicago. We play euchre, but thirteen up. Thirteen down. We play super talk.


Never any poker like is that just. I was only on one team that played hold them.


We play a little bit, we play a little bit of poker this year. We show some chips. Some chips are a pain in the ass game. So we'll just like grab like a ton of like we have like a ton of gummy bears in the flights and we just form on the table and we'll all get like twenty gummy bears and we'll just use those. Oh yeah.


I want to eat the red ones.


Hey, I'll come by and watch the game one. Here's a couple of gummy bears from in the mouth.


But yeah, the Haribo sugar freeze. I don't know if you've ever heard those do city. Yeah. Yeah there's a there was not an ad but a review online. Johnny, this Haribo sugar freeze. Apparently they run right through you and you will just be painting the bowl with liquid shit all night. Yeah.


In and out. Don't be Elizabeth.


Don't be handing out the Haribo sugar freeze unless you're doing it to the other locker room locker.


John, I want to ask how they do it. A question there. Yeah, you guys. I mean, this team is largely intact from last season. Last season, you brought a Moxham to show up the crease a little bit like is it just a matter you guys still kind of working out the kinks of a new season, or is it just the competition's a little better right now. Well, I think we're just kind of working out the kinks, I think, you know, we had a short training camp, no exhibition games we have.


A lot of new guys, about like four or five or six new guys that play forward. So the lines are kind of mixed up in everything. So it's kind of been a little difficult to start. But, you know, hopefully, I mean, you know, we play every other night, so we need to figure it out quickly because of the shortened season. So that's something that we need to figure out pretty quickly. But. We we talked to Charlie MacAvoy, I think it was last week, and I don't know how it ended up coming up, but the the iguana wrestling came up.


Some people on this broadcast call you getting wrestling.


Do you have any experience at world championships with the iguana wrestling? Yeah.


I mean, she's almost a year urologist at this. You're taking on sharks. Yeah, I mean, sharks, Wolf. We would do it three, four, five times a night and we would wake up and I need like four or five Tylenol so I could go practice or anything. Your neck is just stone and laksa like, bandage up his knees from just like the ground and being dragged on the ground and stuff.


Who took those down? Who was it? Was it split by. I was good in the beginning and then larks kind of got adjusted and he started on me, dragging me pretty good size, this kind of stuff for against him and Noah Hannaford's uncle came to the world championships was two and he's just like big, big guy, you know, to ten to twenty. And I was just dragging on and smoke and he couldn't beat me. I beat him like six, seven times at world championships.


You so mad. And what was your technique?


Dani had fifty three matches throughout the ten days and did so many go on Russell's and my neck is just so I was like so bad for you so I had to stop doing that. But you know, it was, I mean it was, it was just stupid, but it was a lot of fun.


It looked like Brock Lesnar by the end of it. Yeah. I would just I don't know. I would try to play against everyone on our team like you want to you want to match you want to make sure it's got a scholar you want to match. But I mean, everyone's like Johnny.


No, dude, you have a neck brace on like anough.


But yeah, McEvoy's so was all technique like leverage. So you must have figured out, figured out a little glitch somewhere.


Yeah. You've got to, you've got to get down pretty low and you can't let your next slide down or the ball fly off and you lose and keep your head up. But I caught last Jean a couple of times with his feet behind like, you know, chair stool leverage and defend yourself.


Larkin, get on here.


Yeah. So he's like I caught him, like with the back of his foot and I'm like behind Chairer, like so like I couldn't pull him and he could use that, like, leverage, pull me with me. So I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. But I mean, he's still beating me a lot. But I gave him a couple of days.


Johnny had ankle weights all up his leg under his tracksuit to stretch.


He can't move and now he doesn't need them because he has Callicles bills because he's got to attach his feet to the cart. His cart buzzes around the issue of putting the line at Disney World.


I was. Mark's your age. Is he you guys?


Same year now he's I think he's a ninety five maybe or maybe ninety four point ninety six.


So growing growing up like and it's a lot's been made. I mean not a lot, but your smaller guys, you were fourth round pick, you hadn't played a year in college. Who the best players in the country your age. Like if you weren't considered one of them who was at that time any of those guys in the NHL now?


Wow. I always remember Grimaldi being like, yeah, like the guy small to where he is.


Right. He got drafted second round bale. He was always like, you know, the guy that was the player that like everyone like knew about who's going to tear it up and everything. So but going back, I don't I don't remember.


Yeah, not a great year. I remember his name. I always remember his name.


And and he got drafted in second round. So I'm pretty sure people thought he didn't go first round because it's his second round. But I think he still plays somewhere, I'm pretty sure.


But a good little player when you were picked in the fourth round, like were you was that kind of what you expected? It was the year in the USA Chukwu, you lit it up. But was that kind of what you were thinking going in?


No, I didn't think I was doing a draft at all, to be honest. I was going to go to college and play for years and have some fun, hazy, and then kind of go back to the shore. You go back to Jersey Shore and rip it up there. But no, honestly, I just I got drafted. I went to a couple of their development camps and they said I was doing well there and went to college, kind of played well my first year.


And then the second year I played well, I'm thirty or Mizzy an hour. And we got together and and it just tore it up and that was a lot of fun. And then sign and then kind of, you know, I was very fortunate I got to play on the team. I think the flames were a thirtieth the year before that. So I kind of went in the team. I don't think they were expecting much out of the team and made the team and we made the playoffs a year or two into the second round.


So it's pretty cool.


So I keep hearing about this, the signing bonus check story that you told them the first hot you were on. So you just mentioned when you signed. Can I can I hear this?


Yeah, you can hear it. Does this mean, Bilyana, we played one game. We got our signing bonus checks and I still using my parents like debit card and calling three bucks a month and I mean, you try to spend it on food you don't want to eat at the dorms.


You try to go to Chipotle and go out to eat and stuff. So you don't really have much more like beer or anything or stuff like that. So. I got a bonus check and I wanted to, you know, treat the guys, I want to take all my classmates out to dinner and stuff. So I went to like some ATM and just put the check right into that ATM and spit all 97000 in because one of the one dollar card.


And I just I just I was 18, 19 and 20. I was like, they know what I was doing and took the boys out to dinner and had a good time there.


And I spent the rest and at some point the rest of the rest of the month. But yeah, that's a start.


You were you were letting it fly when you when you first got the money. Yeah. I mean, I went back to school and played in the NHL. I scored it all my teammates. I was like, oh, this is awesome.


Bottom escalated on a debit card is ages like Johnny. You spent ten thousand dollars on ATM fees this month.


The boys, the sushi still brought a sub for himself.


Yeah, that's why I want to ask him, of course, the ham and cheese stuff that's legendary story showed up to a sushi joint.


You brought your own ham and cheese. Have you tried sushi since then? And if so, how do you like it?


Yeah. No, I like it. I like it a lot more now. I like, I like the spicy tuna. Good stuff. That's pretty much all I really like but I'll crush not hey that's growing all before it was nothing.


Yeah I know. I'm Summerhays. He took me to actual Quincy maybe. Yeah yeah. Yeah. And I was, I'm not even I'm not there no chance. I mean.


Well California. Well that's, that's the extent of your sushi knowledge. Yeah.


There's a little pizza shop right across the street and I was like, can I just give me like a ham and cheese sandwich or something? Like I'm not a seafood guy at all.


It just was just the sushi aspect. Oh, you're a tank in Jersey. That's usually a seafood place.


I'm more kind like like Italian food and stuff, but I've definitely gotten a lot better.


But I was in college and so I was just like ham sandwiches and meatballs and pasta. So I never really ventured out to the sushi bar.


What was your kind of reaction to seeing Looch grab a beer mug by his teeth and just crushed the whole thing in three seconds for the first time?


What an animal.


Yeah, yeah. That guy's crazy. I don't know how he does. Is it just glass ever? I couldn't even hold it with my teeth and an empty glass, let alone. And the whole beer is just one of the most impressive things I've seen.


And he can do it over and over and over and over and over again throughout the whole night. It's like seven of them done and shake. This guy's not so I don't know how he's doing. The glasses are heavy, too, like it's crazy.


I think you're absolutely right down the hatch and drops it down with teeth. Also doesn't use any of his.


And then he looks over at you. You're just like, oh my God. And that's Johnny.


Last season, I'd say was probably the first time the media, our fans were particularly harsh on you and your career. Did that shock or does it suck or does it seem that even register you at this point now that you got some years in the league? No, I definitely I wasn't a huge fan, and I think it's the first time ever really being criticized her for anything really so especially with hockey. So I know how passionate, you know, Canadians are about their hockey.


So that's what makes it cool to play in a market like this. So, you know, I kind of looked at it both ways, like it kind of sucks, but know make the most of it, you know, kind of play well and hopefully, you know, you know, there won't be too pissed about the playoffs. And I had a good summer off season or whatever you want to call it, and came back and felt really good to start the year and playing well right now.


So but that was yeah, that was a first for me, you know, first time ever, you know, really taken a little bit of heat for, you know, hockey.


And the thing is, is it'll it'll be a hell of a career if it continues on. In the year you got ripped on, you were just 12 games below a point per game. It's it's like when the expectations are so high, you look at you like Jesus, season wasn't that bad.


But this summer you said good summer, was it? Difference in training, are you a guy that's on the ice a lot like how did that all go down when the off season did finally come? No, I did.


I did a decent amount of training. I did a lot of skill work in the summer. I did a lot of like three on three at my dad's rink down in South Jersey. We have to have a smaller ice, like a smaller ice rink. So I would just do all my skates on there and be like six, seven, eight guys on the ice. And we just do three on three on the small ice and we just do it for like an hour and we play like two or three times a week.


And we do that like all the time and worked out before and after, not before and after and like worked as much as I could. And but it was important. And I kind of like I said, I never really took that much cheaper anything to do with hockey. So I kind of took a, you know, a little bit to heart and try to, you know, make sure I came out, you know, pretty, you know, have a good start to the season and try to help this team win games.


And because I know you know, this a fun city playing that they're so passionate about their hockey and it's a lot of fun playing here. So, you know, I just want to play well and hopefully keep them happy.


Going back to last year, is it a case of, like you, you know, especially as an offensive player, there's you know, you have this pressure to put up points where maybe you're just in this rhythm where you know, things aren't going well, or is it a case of maybe you feel like you didn't come in as prepared for the it was like it was last season.


So it was it was a I didn't come in, not prepared. It was we end up firing Bill Peters. He was six, seven games in the season and we didn't know if we're going to new coach. We don't know if we're going to have the assistant coach become the interim coach. And then we change up a few things and we change up some lines and stuff. And there's just a bit of a hectic year. And then it happened.


So I started to play well as covid started to get crazy. And towards the second half of the year, I kind of started picking it up, playing a lot better. But I think with all that stuff going on, it's just it's crazy year. And I know I just blame it on that kind of I guess.


I mean, no, it's there. Yeah. That's how I came here and I came in prepared.


I never knock them. You always have a good offseason. I always skate, skate as much as I can start skating like three, four weeks after I'm done. My Season Calgary Housekeep three, four months in the summer I have St.. I always got the world championships. I love playing in those. I just love being on the ice. So to be honest, I'm never not prepared to come in for the year. It's just crazy year. And now sometimes it doesn't go your way.


I guess it happens. Yeah. Are you. Are you. I always like acting like the top players in the league. I feel like some guys don't watch any hockey and some every night or two hundred in. What's your kind of off nights like. Not that there's a lot of them this season. Where are you staying up to date watching games or you just kind of in your own world?


No, I'm, I try not to watch too much hockey. I mean, I'm we're pretty much playing every other night. I don't. Yeah. Like, when I get when I have some downtime, I'm playing Xbox. I'm like, I'm watching golf right now. I need a break. The pages on. I'll probably watch him watch him watching him. He's playing well this year to so. Yeah, he is. I try to just, you know, stay away from the hockey you and I have when I have time to do it during the season because it gets gets pretty hectic, especially this year.


Was that was that something that came naturally to you where you could just leave everything at the rink and when you get home, shut your brain off? Because I talk you talk to guys throughout your career, especially when they're going through, you know, criticism and stuff, it's hard to, like, avoid the like the thinking of it, just like you're at home and it pops in your head or something. Oh, yeah.


I mean, last year was difficult. I mean, anytime I go into it or anything, it was something, you know, something about last year and I felt like shit or something like that. And so I try to just stay away from that too. But you know this and now this year, I mean, I just go to the rink, you know, I enjoy being around my teammates. We have a really good group of guys. I love all of them.


You know, they're really fun to hang out with and and be on the ice. We've got like five, six Americans, which is awesome, too. So that's always great to have in Canada. And I just come home and relax. I guess, you know, I try not to put too much stress on myself and just relax and have a good dinner.


And, you know, I'll tell you, you actually have Johnny Johnny Hockey trademarked, right? I do. I do. I did it when I was in my second year because I guess some kids from Western and Boston, because of because it c but. Right. Like Johnny F and Hockey and like putting my name like cursors and stuff and my agent's like just you don't need all that crap. So we just trademark and I don't, I don't think I've used it for anything.


But you did it more for protective reasons though. Other people can't explain it, right.


Yeah, exactly. I didn't want something to come out or maybe I'm a part of it or not. So we just we just did that and never did anything with it. But honestly, I didn't think. Name one really stick still to this day, but it's kind of cool until Bui's Drops gets a trademark on Johnny Ham and Cheese and spreads rumors about you so you can profit off lol.


I'll make that the gossip website. So we've got to enforce all the rumors are false.


And I love that t shirt. I want to send it to the Americans on the team. The Olympics coming up next year just with the way the USA hockey is on the rise for sure. I mean they just won the World Junior Championship and they're closing the gap, you guys. Does that conversation come up in the locker room?


Honestly, no. We haven't talked about the Olympics at all, to be honest. I mean, we don't even know if we're going to be sick. Yeah, I mean, it's going to be awesome. Hopefully, you know, I'm able to be a part of that because that would be a really, really cool experience.


But, you know, you don't think you're going to make the team join us. You never know anymore.


Stay that trademark jersey, that's the South Jersey and you is the humbleness.


I was just saying trademark Johnny Humble, but we haven't really talked about it, to be honest. Like you don't even know if we're playing the next day and covid I mean, everything going on our second day by day and, you know, like, it's just it's just crazy right now. So obviously, you know, hopefully covid gets better and, you know, you can actually look forward to maybe actually 100 percent happening by like I mean, if it happens, you know, and I get to be part of that Team USA, you know, that would be a really cool experience to be awesome.


So you and hazy text every day during the season, every other day. How's that work?


Oh, yeah, a good amount. We talk. We talk a good amount now.


You guys are both wifed up. So it's like before I was just you to play. Now you go you go talk to your girls.


It's different. Oh I know. It's it's been a long time since college. I mean, we we've grown up a lot, so me and Cam, so we and just a good, good person.


Good friend. And it's actually in my wedding so I'm looking forward to that for him to be there. And so it's can a good time speaking to friends I think.


Oh sorry I won't tell you. He told me you were building a spa or got a spa on the on the shore. That's where you're going to spend your offseasons. Yeah.


I have a house in Avalon, New Jersey and Jersey Shore. Nice, like right on the bay, like four blocks from the ocean. And then I have my backyard like right on the bay. So I got a couple of jet skis.


I do know the flames colored jet skis.


Yeah. And I mean, it's a great spot. I love it. It's and then I invite all my buddies down and then I come crash there and stuff. So it's just it's a good spot.


And people who know of Jersey Shore like what is that? Are you the not like trash area? Are you actually proud to be like fist pumping tank top?


No, I don't think that there's no one around my town that's fist pumping and all that stuff. We we're about like an hour and a half from that. That's what North Jersey. But I get a kick out of the show, to be honest. I still kind of watch that. I love watching those clowns. I was going to say nothing gets a worse rate than the Jersey Shore.


And it's all because that show, because if you actually go there and you're not at that spot, it's absolutely gorgeous, which is 80 percent of it.


What is that spot, though, with mostly North Jersey, Seaside Heights. Seaside Heights is where it's at.


Yeah. Yeah. So it's I live in Avalon, so it's about like an hour and probably hour and a half, two hours from North Jersey up there.


But I would be like, you know, that's pretty small town and it's only like three mile mile three miles long, maybe so seven miles long. Sorry. And but yeah, these people are really nice and it's pretty quiet town.


So user name. Is there a name for the people who are in the grassy area. Do you guys have like a funny saying for them?


No, not really.


But there's a I know there's a couple of towns over there kind of a little bit more greasier, but but those bars are fun to go to to like you drive down to Ten Men and Uber and a lot of fun to just go to the bars down there.


And there's a bar in my town and but it's pretty casual and, you know, doesn't get to nights. But but yeah, it's a good time. I love it down there.


We just talk about Haiji. Good friend. You said how good of a friend is. I have to bring up the sweatshirt you wear right now. A friend's sweatshirt or a t shirt. That's my all time favorite show.


Isn't really. Yeah, I watch it every before I go to bed, so. Do you still watch it every night? Pretty much, I mean, I just like, what's your best favorite episode? Favorite episode is probably the one where Ross got little love in Ross when Ross got high.




Like it's like a memory of when he was in high school and he got high and his parents are there. It's pretty good, actually. But no, I mean, I need to watch TV to fall asleep. So I've watched the series so many times that I can just close my eyes. And when I hear the I'm talking, I know exactly what's going on so I can just pass out.


You're watching friends with your mom and basically subconsciously, are you are you a channel guy or a Joey guy? Because nobody's a Ross guy.


Oh, you're so sure you're about your mom?


I don't know. Honestly, I like them all. The only character that I really don't like is Phoebe. I think you're going to piss me off the blonde one.


Yeah, she's gonna make me clean it up. It's better than Colebrooke. I'll give you that.


Oh, there's not like an Kobrick, huh?


What other shows are you watching these days? That's usually Aria's question. But you must be consuming a lot, especially when you're traveling.


Yeah, I feel like I pretty much watched everything during covid. I mean, we watch Outer Banks really like to watch Ted.


You realize your reality TV, your reality TV guy for sure, then. Yeah, I like Niarchos. You watch below deck. Below deck.


Yeah, I just went I just went to dinner with a girl who used to be on it, the blonde curly haired one. She was one of the OGs below deck is the one.


Right. Yeah, yeah. I really like that. That's a that's a really good show. But isn't there like a different cast like every season or.


Yeah well they do like different areas where they're on the yacht, you know, they could be in like, you know, Europe, they'll be in the, the Bahamas. But for anyone who's interested in like Yop living and then how painful these guests could be, it's classic TV. I love it.


Have you seen. What do you mean? Like as in high maintenance wit? Well, yeah. I mean, like some people come on in, they're like order sheet for the food is so outrageous. There's like eight of them. There's one chef on this boat. It's just funny. But then they show those, the staff going at it, making out crush on each other, get loaded.


The captain's yelling at them. Oh my God, this is awesome.


This show is so good. And they got like rocket Australian guys and girls work on the boat. It's like you could stay up all night watching over your mind.


Oh yeah.


Or that Johnny Damon was on one actually too is like so dumb. That guy can't even talk. But I digress. Yeah.


I was asking if you watched Ted last thoughts on Apple TV. Plus I've been raving about it forever. Have you checked that out yet? At last. It's what Jason Sudeikis on it from Saturday Night Live years ago.


I don't think it's on the guest bingo card. Ask every single guest. It's on Apple TV. Plus, it's it's I told what to watch. I'm not sure we finished. It's a fantastic show, man. Definitely.


I think you'd like it if you don't like your family. No, he's he's a wicked, wholesome kid.


I think he'd even appreciate it more than the average. But I'll give it all. I'll give it a watch tonight. I'll start everyone. Yeah, absolutely.


I'll have to hear it. Any plans for the big game Sunday? Just to let the listeners know. We're recording this a couple of days before the Super Bowl. Yeah. What's your pick?


Yeah, I honestly, I, I think Mahomes will win, but I hope Brady wins so bad. I just even though with everything, New England, everything.


And I live there for three years of BC and how painful it was sometimes the Boston people and Brady and everything, I mean honestly I hope he wins.


I be so cool. I mean like you will never get to see a player that that's like him again and we get to watch. So I'm hoping he wins.


But I think some of the biggest bets in are on Tampa, really. We'll see. We'll see. I'm doing live betting throughout the game. So I don't know much about live betting, but I'm going to try to hit like a NextEd prop or something like that. That's what it's all about. Barstool sports book. Have you stepped up your cowboy boot game at all now?


No, it's just I just I think I saw you at Stampede and they had you do the parade and he was in the parade were shorts on and Gucci. Gucci high tops.


Yeah, I wore Yeezus that year, the first year. And then I was like, I got to go. Something different this year. I can't wear stupid cowboy boots.


So he's on the local TV station riding a horse downtown Calgary with Gucci Gucci loafers on.


Yes, I think he's on my right. And again, I to mix it up again, but I know God.


So thank you so much for coming on by and best of luck with the rest of the season. Hopefully you guys are able to turn things around.


Yeah, they. You're having me guys bust up. John, thanks for kind of a great one. Thank you so much to Johnny Ham and Cheese, a.k.a. Ross, goodrow, huge fan of the show, Friends who want to season what a season, a bounce back year so far for him after being disappointed, 13 points in 11 games. So we appreciate it very much.


But how about our said it can't be Ross Ross Capper. I wish I would have said the same thing. IRA Ross is the worst character ever.


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I've never seen anything like this before. I don't know if you guys have Vincent Trochaic scored late in the second period, he appeared to be offside. Columbus requested requested a coach's challenge for the offside. And what was crazy is they didn't overrule it. It was plain as day that he was offside. They gave him the goal. They gave Columbus a penalty. And then apparently they reviewed it between periods, whatever. They took the power play down at the start of the period, but they left the goal out.


And I'm going to go per the NHL. During the review, a miscommunication occurred between the video replay booth and Columbus. The linesman in the Situation Room and play resumed before all replays could be reviewed to confirm the offside. The challenge by Columbus should have resulted in the Carolina goal being disallowed. Subsequently, Columbus was assessed the day of day delay of game penalty after confirmation in the intermission that the play was offside. The remaining forty five seconds of the delay of game penalty issued was rescinded to begin the third period.


Of course, the goal stuck up there. I don't know, man. This is about the NHL.


It was a joke. It was a joke. Yeah. Go ahead. You seem hot about it.


I just can't. I just can't believe at this level that that can happen where OK, guys, you don't get the penalty because it actually wasn't a goal.


But they get to keep the goal. There was like and then they lose by one.


It's it's in Patrick line. It was perfect. After think he said something I had never seen anything like that is pathetic.


I think you just said it was a fucking joke.


Patrick line a standing in the Ovie Stamkos spot had to snipe dogs. He looks so sick set up there on the top are not the top of the umbrella but off to the side.


I just, I just can't believe that, that at a level that the NHL is out with all the replay they have and all the ability to review so much.


Now that drives people insane and you actually can fuck it up. That much is like who knows how much you end up missing the missing the playoffs by. It's like you lost the game that you should at least gotten a point from.


It was bullshit.


I mean, I think you summarized that perfectly and then probably smart tortes refused to comment on it after the game because if he did, he'd probably be writing another check over to the league. But yeah, Colombus got bent over. No spit, no lube sandpaper. Finish on that one for sure.


Yet, Aaron Sportsline at the Athletic. He reported today, Monday before we started recording that it was human error, specifically the actions of an overexuberant office official who was in training. And apparently this guy was either speaking out loud, aware of it. So that's a good goal. And someone overheard it. And apparently that thought that was the call, just something that was one of those things like how does that even happen? Like you should know who you're talking to, who saying what.


Apparently the linesman heard a voice say that's a good goal, and they skate it off before they could get them in. The NHL also has a light. It's like a strobe light they can hit. So it'll put the light on by the rink so people can say, oh, they're trying to get our attention. But the guy who because of covid, the guy who got the headphones back, normally he just puts him back on his head.


But because of covid, he had to clean off to the wife so he didn't have the headphones on and B, didn't see the light going off. So they were frantically in Toronto trying to get the guy and he's like, dum clean and fucking the headphones. So and meanwhile, Columbus gets porked out of a goal.


So, you know, hey, look, all these leagues have accidents. We're not picking on the NHL here. But this one was pretty egregious, man. It was it was pretty bad.


Sports is going to be calling that kid like Liam Neeson in taken just breathing into the phone.


I mean, the fact it was like it was like a summer Nahar tournament up Marlboro for this NHL game the other night.


Joke on real. Well, speaking of Columbus, Jack Ross Levitt got his first call Thursday night. He's got a goal and five assists in six games with Columbus. So he's obviously been rejected by the trade. Patrick Lang, he's got three goals in three games as well. Zach went Wollensky went to the Iowa with a lower body injury.


He's expected to miss a week, but the Florida Panthers, they lost their first game in regulation Sunday versus Detroit and their point streak ended at eight games because I'm not sure this is a team people thought would be close to the top of the standings at this point. I know it's early, but so far so good for Florida.


And once they start getting a little bit of goaltending, I think they're going to be even better. I mean, I would say but broski hasn't necessarily been off to the hardest start where we got we got like ten troll's nonstop.


Every time Yance throws a turnover in the bucket, it's a little cult of losers. It's crazy. It's like and every defense in the league throws a couple of turnovers. This guy's got seven points and eight games and you know, he's doing what he normally does. And if you threw the turnover against the Detroit Red Wings and they ended up scoring a goal, I think that led things off. But who gives a fuck? I mean, that's that's what's going to happen.


These people are foolish. I look at their profiles. They're so dumb. They're starting their absolute they know absolutely nothing about hockey. But I lived in Boca Raton fucking clueless to the game. And I'll tell you, the guy who do want to show in Florida and everyone talks about Barkov, why wouldn't you one of the best in the league but this. Part of her man, he is playing with Barkov and he is making some sick plays out there, super skilled, and if you look at the kids, Hawkie TV and you kind of do some little research techs, I did kind of figure out who he is.


He's worked for every single thing he's had. He was picked in the third round in the 2013 draft by the Leafs and he grinded it out. He played in the NHL. Then he was in the coast two different seasons, spent time in the coast, and then he got to Syracuse in twenty eighteen, 2017, 2018. Part of the lightning organization had a great year there, 1819. He crushed it. I think he led the league in scoring 82 points in the NHL last year, spent a good portion of the year with the lightning, did pretty well and then sides with the Panthers.


He's had a point per game right now. He's got six goals in nine games. And I swear, if you look at his progression, it's similar in a way to I'm drawing a blank, Jonathan Marshall.


So who who kind of had to spend his time and really earn a chance to play in the NHL and all of a sudden gets up there and shows he can be like a point per game player and an elite scorer. So, Carter, for Hagg, he's a guy that I think's surprised so many people. And one of the reasons the the Panthers look so good and you talk about Petrovski, he might be the worst goaltender in the league right now.


He's the highest paid goalie. It's like the complete I mean, if you're the best goalie into the lowest paid goalie, what a dream. When it's the opposite, it's a full blown nightmare. So they're winning games not because of him, because the other guy in net. So I don't really understand where they're going to go from there and how many years he has that contract. But Jesus, thank God for this dredge. Jerry, I don't even know how to say his name.


Chris Dredge three, JR.


Well, we're talking about Yandle guys. We got to bring up his article and the athletic.


You guys were quoted in just a fun read, obviously, what was called appropriately inappropriate or inappropriately appropriate.


Whatever the headline was, it was a real good read about quite an athletic wound. You guys. How long ago did you guys get called?


A couple of weeks, yeah, a couple of weeks ago. Just to talk to what he provides a locker room and how he adds that levity. And, you know, before games, sometimes things get a little bit tense, but he's there to calm everybody down and have a few laughs and remember that we're just playing a game or we were excuse me, we didn't mention Humberto either, who's been off to another hot start. And I think if you look over the past, like five seasons, six seasons or something like he's top ten in scoring throughout the entire league like he is, he is exceptional since he's been down there.


It's kind of funny. You said Boca Raton.


They actually get very high hockey ratings on TV when the when the games are on the playoffs, they have their name every once in awhile, pops up in the top ten American cities.


OK, so these foolish fans who hate you and said root for the Panthers, maybe they're living in Daytona Beach with your with your relatives. Hilarious.


And before we move on from this division, I just want to shout out myself again for Carolina looks good.


And I don't even think our hoes really got going yet. So shout out to me for talking about how good the hurricanes are. Yeah.


Yeah. Chicago, another team, it looked like they had no goal to stop the other. And Kevin Lankin in this finish, FreeAgent kind of come out of nowhere. I don't know if you saved this season, but they're only a points out of the top seed in the division right now, albeit they have three games.


And I was with chief on Sunday night. He says he thinks they're going to make the playoffs. Yeah, I mean, it certainly looks a lot better than it did a couple weeks ago to break it. And Cain are on absolute fire. A couple of the notes here goaltend the notes in the division. Anton to Dodman. He missed Sunday's game for disciplinary reasons. I don't they didn't really get into particulars, but I know if he was late.


But Boehner said, I don't have too many rules, so I expect you to obey him. So I don't know if it was late or tardiness or whatever, but either way, he didn't get the start in Carolina. Peter Marusek is going to be out for a little bit. He got thump, thump surgery. He was leading the league with a point nine nine goals against an a nine five five save percentage when he got hurt. So Carolina obviously want to get back to him back in the lineup.


And the other notes missed the division boards.


You want to know, just go to Nashville, really needs to step up. And unfortunately, last night they had the lightning. I don't know how the game will go, but they got to start winning some games.


Yeah, this season can slip away from you pretty quick. Two weeks ago, the center was pretty much the first division that had to deal with all these covid issues. And last week it was the West that lost a bunch of games, at least had to postpone a bunch of games. Let's see, Colorado beat Minnesota on Tuesday, but then both games, both teams had a goal in the postpone route. Colorado was not going to be playing through at least February 11th.


Minnesota is not going to be playing until at least through February 9th. This team, this division just didn't have a lot of games. Vargas's still and he played nine games, this division, San Jose, Anaheim, they split shootout wins. And we talk about Arizona and St. Louis. Yeah. And we talk about the schedule scheduling. These teams must already hate each other with this schedule now.


Yeah, things are getting a little bit chippy. Brady ended up scrapping with this Yohan Larsen, the kid who came over from Buffalo.


He's a big dude. Yeah, I know. He's sneaky. Four hundred games played. I didn't know he'd been in the league that long. But he's also he has a bit of sandpaper to him. He's got. A chip on his shoulder earlier in the game, I think I think Phil Kessel game brain shed a little bit of a cup check and they were going at it. And then in the second period, I think that's why part of the reason why I think they scrapped.


But ultimately right now, St. Louis just doesn't look that great. I think Perico struggling a little bit. You know, they changed the dynamic of their team around a little. And Kyrie's been playing some good hockey. They got two of the three games so far in the series and they could have easily won that first game. They ended up giving up the lead, but I've only seen them. I've seen Anaheim who looked like shit. I think that they need to call up that Xigris because I have no there's zero sense.


There's nothing exciting about watching them play and just watching how how slow they are. And they're not very exciting. It's just like, why would you have this kid? Because I keep seeing these clips of him down in the American League. Lighten it up. So I'm excited for them to eventually call him up. And then and then we saw Vegas for four games. And you said that they haven't played much hockey, but they they still look like the top dog.


And that's that's pretty much it. Yeah. It's been a bit of a gong show as far as the games are concerned. Sucks for Minnesota that they got things shut down because they were rolling pretty good. And it's going to be interesting to see because of all this covid protocol teams who are rolling, all of a sudden a week goes by without being in game rhythm and all of a sudden you're thrown back into the fire and you're going to have to make up all these games.


So the three day breaks throughout the course of this season that you thought you might have had Gonzalo's now you're playing every other day. So things all the things will be interesting as they play out.


And for a blues team who, like you said, really does need to step it up. Tough news with Robert Thomas.


I think you rolled some stuff. Hander's thumb. Yeah. So, I mean, that's that's four to six weeks and you lose one of your top players. It's it's a weird time. And I think you do mentioned a little bit of the defensive struggles. We're also seeing how well Peter Angelos played for Vegas. It is. It is, I think probably a little tough for for Blues fans to deal with what's going on right now and just shout out to Kamper.


He's trying to go. His next wins is hundredth career win. We've talked about how good he's looked. And I think that that there's there's the sky's the limit. Like you're only going to see this guy continue to improve.


Yeah, I've not a ton of games in that division this week to break down. The Kings did play three games. Unfortunately for them, they lost all three. And that's a team.


They come out. I thought they had some spunk early. They didn't win a ton of games, but they were in every game. They were playing tough.


But you wonder if the wheels are going to fall off there. But either way, you know, you rattle off three, four in a row. You're right back in the thick of these races. So I poisoned any other notes in the West. Like I said, it was a quiet week there. There wasn't much going on with all the covid shit.


So, yeah, they kind of got beat down by the what's going on so we can move on from that division. But I do think, like we've mentioned all along, Vegas and Colorado are just so had heads and shoulders above every other team there. Yep.


And it was at Vegas, Colorado, tied with fifteen points of peaceful, though Vegas does have two games in hand.


So I think Lewis has fifteen points too. So I know it's like, yeah, it's not panic time by any means, but I don't think they've looked great. No.


All right, moving over to the east, this is another division, they've had more postponements due to covid-19, New Jersey and Buffalo didn't play since our last show. They basically had to go into covid protocol.


Buffalo. Buffalo is just they're just so bad.


They just thought they just had to stop playing fake cough. Cough. Yeah, yeah. Ralph Kruger tested positive. There are eight Sabre's in protocol right now. New Jersey has 17 players in protocol. And again, that doesn't mean anything positive. It just it's the situation that they're in where they can't be around people. So, yeah. Again, another division that was affected. But I think we got to talk about David Pasternack. He returns to the Bruins after hip surgery, put up five goals, three assists in four games, including the Hatrick versus Philly.


I mean, this guy, what obviously does. But he put this kind of lab. It's not a shot of adrenaline. It's like five shots of adrenaline.


Yeah. And surprisingly, I mean, that's a tough, tough surgery to come back from. You thought there might be a little bit of rust, like just right away off the bat, the skills around the net, the ability to like. He had the first goal in that Philly game, he walked maybe gospel.


I don't remember exactly who it was with just the silky move where it's like he stops up, he's got his head up the entire time. He's able to, like, put it through a triangle, put it through your legs.


He's so slippery. And then he never has any panic. Moments like around the net, there's a demon sliding on him. You just see him wait out so many different players that he's just always able to get shots off. He also comes down. He'll change that angle. We talk about Matthews doing it, like changing the angle by this much. I'm I'm showing you the length of my hole, one and a half inch. It just creates a lane where you can get shots through.


And all of a sudden it's like defensemen are backing up even more because they don't want to get beat. So Marshawn has been awesome. That team looks good. I know we like dog team early on at the beginning, but the Bruins, the Bruins look like they're right there again. I got a shout out as much as a dog. Maybe question the defense. These guys look good liaison and several that you say it right. They've had moments where they look solid.


And I think McEvoy's had a great start to his year and getting grizzlies grizzlies back only helps them.


So Kevin Miller made a big difference in terms of like physicality and being tough to play against and replacing Charra, but they look great. Philly looks good to that whole division. I know Washington fuck up by me. I've been all over that. But they could not get the goaltending that you mentioned earlier in the show biz because they got out to a lead. Ovechkin at four points against them and still they got pounded seven four. So that was your game?


That was quite the game for all of you. Talking about Pasternak's Daniels coming down. How about Alwi between the legs? He is. He's still got it.


Not even that shot. He was he was he was basically right at the blue line when he ended up scoring that goal off the post. And then but fuck, man, the the the high flying offense of all the really all those teams I know we always talk about Kevin Hayes.


People give a shit and I've tried to bring up Joel Ferebee as much be you guy. That's look great. But another hockey, Salem, New Hampshire, James Van Reames like hole.


What a start.


And this guy very similar to the way Pawelski plays in terms in front of the net. He's getting sticks on everything. He's got eighteen points, thirteen games right now. So I think there's been times where Jabbar has like, you know, you hear his name and trade rumors and there's times when, like, the fans get on him a little bit. But this season he's come to play and he's so good in front of the net, he's so good down low that he's made a huge difference in a sense that they have the depth up front.


They have so much debt that they scratch. Connect me one game.


We're vinos talking about being responsible, you know, defensively and offensively, not just cheating towards the offensive side of the puck. And he's scratch connecting. It was a great player and you see what he's able to accomplish. So they do have the ability to like kind of shuffle guys in and out of the lineup. So I just think there's so much talent in Philly. They're going to be right there at the end of the year. And I think, damn Boston, Washington or the other class, that division.


Yeah, I would I would bet the over if you're if you're a Philly game man, it's like every game they're putting up a five piece.


And also till we got to mention shot Kataria, he returned to the lineup and you feel like the lineup just got more swagger with him. And he was unbelievable.


He's just a force out there. He had two goals and an assist, scored a lot and had the hatrick on Sunday and the seven four went all the caps. But a man, you know, we just talked about Posto, what he does to a lineup cattery, he does a similar thing, more on the defensive side. But that team is just a different team with him in a lineup because. Oh, I couldn't help myself.


He yeah. You're talking about a guy who every year is considered one of the top two players in the whole league in the cap.


Yeah. They've been struggling a little bit. I mean, yeah, they're only with three points back of the first first place, but they've lost three in a row. The goaltender Sampson off, he's still out with covid not sure exactly when he's going to be back. You got to think it's this week if the other Russians have been back in the lineup so. Well, actually, this is a pretty cool story out of New York.


New York ranger Anthony Potatoe. Thirty year old defenseman, he's from Island Park, New York, which is on Long Island, just outside of Brooklyn or Queens, I believe he grew up, arranges fan. He scored his first goal as a ranger and his first goal in his last three seasons.


The other night. I if you guys caught it, it was a beautiful moment. Yeah, it was. It was it was a real cool moment.


I mean, you know, guys, at that stage of the game, you probably, you know, late twenties. I'm never going to play for the Rangers at any point in his life. And he gets out there and people think, because you're on Long Island, he's the Islanders fan, but now they're pitching him as a kid, as a ranger. So that was a pretty cool oh, I like him even more pretty fired up.


And you saw the celebration was cool because you could tell how much it meant to the guys to see him score. And like you said, because it was a beauty, had the patients come to the middle of the ice, I think he'll admit it was a complete morfin off his back end.


But even to get in there with with the movie made, it was pretty sick, sometimes out benefits when it comes off the backhand like a mouthful.


Yeah. The old changeup. Yeah. Yeah.


Third, third talk from Pateros. So congrats to him. That was a cool scene. All right. Boys speaking. The Rangers were going to throw it to former range of Captain Ryan Callahan shortly. But first, insurance can be complicated and that's why the zebra was created. When you use the zebra, dotcom insurance finally feels like it's in black and white. No more confusion. Just. Honest rates from real companies, the zebra is the nation's leading insurance comparison site for car and home insurance.


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Oh fuck. I thought you were be that. I was going to say since it's done, since we're talking about the Rangers, I don't know if you guys saw Trueba who is trying to pull off the reverse head on, Malkin coming in and and Malcolm gave him the fake and just stole the pocket through about it up falling over.


So that was a clip that ended up going viral, as well as one that Grenelle he ended up bringing back up when I was playing for the Manchester Monarchs, the Hartford Woolpack, who are the New York Rangers farm team.


The referee had signaled them to start the the shootout. And this is going back to the year we ended up winning the Calder Cup. So he normally the ref blows the whistle to signal for the goalie to be ready. So the player, he must have signaled the player to go.


And our goalie is staring down at the ice. Wait, you were in that game? I was on the bench watching this happen.


A clip that I just saw yesterday, the clip that you just saw yesterday. So who missed it? Who missed that? I don't know who it was, but we're yelling from the bench because you could see that he's not ready. And all of a sudden the player comes down and the player finally puts his head up. And our goal, he is still staring straight down at the ice and he puts one right off his fucking pad. He had the whole net.


He had the whole five. All he could on the ice, on the ice could have passed it and he could have skated it into the net and rips it off bad.


And then he stops and he's like he looks at the rapids like, what the fuck is going on?


Yeah, the refs like, don't play me, dude.


I just gave you a free time, so. Yeah, God.


So called a couple of viral clips that are going off that division and the old one that kind of made me chuckle a little bit. I'll never we were in the locker room after losing it.


Yeah. That that was I actually left that on Twitter. And before we go to Calahan, I did forget to mention that today.


So yesterday for you guys, it marks the three year anniversary from the letter, the infamous letter that the Rangers season ticket holders were sent where it was just like we are going to try to basically rebuild. And since then, you know, they've signed Penkair and they've drafted first overall, second overall. And, you know, a little bit of slow starts for COPO Coko in the front yard. But like we always mentioned, you're so young, doesn't need to happen right away.


So I think that Rangers fans, as disappointed as they were three years ago yesterday, they're pretty fired up right now, the direction of the team. And I know the season hasn't got off the way they hope, but still it's way different than the tone when that letter was sent. So one of the guys that that played a key role in the success the Rangers had for a long time was Ryan Callahan. We appreciate him joining us. We'll go to him right now.


We'd like to welcome our next guest to the show, this hard nosed winger officially announced his retirement from pro hockey in December, one of the top two way forwards. During his playing days, he played in 878 total NHL games in a 13 season career split between the New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning. He also suited up for Team USA on the international stage numerous times. Thanks a bunch for joining us, Ryan Callahan.


How's it going, man? Good boy.


Thanks for having me on. Our pleasure. Our pleasure. Congrats on the retirement. First off, what are you doing to keep busy these days? A little bit.


Everything through kids at home. A little bit crazy with them. But, you know, last year, obviously, I was under contract with Ottawa but had had a bit of taste of retirement not playing.


So I was in Florida. I played a lot of golf, and now I'm back in Rochester and staring at the snow. So I'm wondering what I'm doing.


It's fuck it's snowing every single day in Rochester, New York at this time of year. Took on another eight inches. Oh, shit. How old are your kids?


Eight, six and three.


Boys, girls, they play in hockey.


The first two are girls, got a figure skater and a horseback rider and then rolled the dice one more time and I got my boy. So there you go, guys. That offshoring gone at some point. I know, right?


So we met when we met a long time ago. But last time I saw you was, I think, your first trip working to an NHL network.


And it might have been my last. We just overlapped. Have you still been doing that or NBC Sports? What's been going on for media was, yeah, I'm going to do the NHL network again.


Actually, I'm there Monday, Monday through Thursday, and then I'll do the NBC as well.


So I enjoyed doing it. Give it a shot. Last year I was trying to do cut me in the game, kept me involved, kept me watching hockey, which is the biggest thing and it's been fun.


Did that grab your attention more so than maybe coaching or being a scout?


Yeah, to be honest, last year because I was under contract, I really couldn't do anything with a team. And kind of that's where I originally thought I would do is hook on with the team and, you know, be maybe on the management side of things. Coaching I really had no interest in just because the amount of time you're looking at a computer at the rink.


But so I knew I want to stay involved in the NHL network called and was like, hey, you know, do you want to come on in and see how you like it? I gave it a shot and I really enjoyed it and decided again this year we've talked to a bunch of guys and it's so true.


Like, no, not many people understand.


Assistant coaches are watching, I don't know, five hours of video a day. It's just it's it's nonstop. So to start thinking about, like, bus rides and flights where you're just on the computer. I don't think so.


Yeah, I just you see it like you said, you see every day that they're there way before you are leaving, way after you are staring at a computer, you talk to assistant coaches and they seem just miserable half of the time. Right. Like they always on and sleep bloodshot eyes.


Yeah, that smells like coffee.


I'm like I'm good. Mikey all day with Mike wants to see you again. Mike. Terry.


My God, Forclose, you're always giving me the bad news, but a New York kid who who ended up playing in the show biz said he battled against you and you were in good health.


You got some great teams and you play with some great players. You saw Drew Doughty come into the OSL. You played with Martin Saint-Pierre, who I think he did most of his damage in the KHL, but he was a junior legend. You play with Danny Girardi as well?


Yeah, we had some really good teams. Ingworth, Kam Jannsen, Shapir, Dan Payet, Dan Girardi, Kevin Kline went through there as well. I mean we had some, some pretty stacked teams. It's kind of funny how I ended up there. I mean obviously everybody usually goes to college to be in the U.S. but when those first offers came around for scholarships, nobody, nobody offered me anything. And then that's what I had to make my decision if I was going to go to the NHL or not.


And truth be told, I was kind of a favor pick in the NHL. My agents, friends with Jeff Jackson was the head coach at the time, said I was interested in maybe going and they picked me up in the 15th round and.


No way. Yeah. After that, I decided to go give it a shot because no colleges wanted me. At that point, they said I was more the second tier of scholarships. And I kind of like that style of hockey, the amount of games they played. And I went up there and had a good camp and and luckily attached onto the team. Who taught you to play like that hard nosed style where you were known blocking shots, hitting people is like, was that your dad or was it a coach when you're younger?


A little bit my dad.


I think he just instilled in me and my brother as well. Just do everything you can is the hardest possible, you know, no matter no matter what you're doing and take pride in your work.


And in the NHL, I realized, too, that the only way I was going to get on the ice is doing that extra little stock when I first got in that league because I wasn't lighten it up on the scoresheet right away, you know? So I. I just want to get in the lineup and and then obviously play it under torture as well. I think he polished it for me and realized that, you know, if I play that way consistently, I could be successful.


How did it get to the next level to all of a sudden you started putting up like really good numbers in the OSL, like just more of an opportunity the guys you're playing with or were these, like skill sets you were working on the off season?


Yeah, more more just opportunity, I think. I think I was definitely a late bloomer. Don't get me wrong, but I think it was opportunity. My first coach there, Jeff Jackson, I played under him. He taught me the defensive zone really well. But then he left in Shawn camp, came in and he gave me an opportunity to play and I started playing with top players, had a good year.


And the next year he went to the finals. We won. I was playing with Marty St. Pierre and Brett Trudel. I don't know if you remember that name at all. Yeah, I and I just had a really big year and kind of caught everybody's radar.


And then it went from there was Jeff Jackson said the same Jeff Jackson that was the first coach of the of the program. And Ann Arbor had it. I assure you, Coach, you know, he's at Notre Dame, I believe. Yeah. That guy's been doing it forever. Forever. Yeah. Yeah. So it was my first coach.


How much did Dustin Brown impact that, too? Because he has a pretty similar style of play. He's a he's a bit of a pit bull in there.


Yes, he is. And, you know, had him in golf as well. I forgot about him. He played and I get fined. My phone's went off here.


But, yeah, he's he's kind of that same style, you know, it's hard nose, bigger guy and know played hard.


So he was easy to get to watch when I was in golf where she's showing you magic tricks back in junior member. Yes. He was like David Blaine of the child with I don't know if you'd ever seen it. World juniors. He I made him do stuff to me the whole tournament. It was nuts.


Yeah, he did. He loved his he loved his magic was kind of interesting, but yeah. He loved it. Right.


You get drafted after your second season. Well fourth round hundred twenty seventh overall. Did you have any expectations going in a draft given that you couldn't even get a scholarship for a couple of years before that. Yeah, no.


I was eligible for the draft the year before. No, no takers. Nothing. Obviously I didn't have much of a year that year. I wasn't playing a ton in Neil and my agent advised me not to not to go to the draft. You know, he said he's seen enough kids sit through the draft and not get picked up. And I knew I wasn't going to be a first or second rounder.


So I sat at home, watched it on the computer and waited for the phone call. And, you know, luckily it was the New York Rangers, which is absolutely wild. Even think about growing up in New York. I was I was a Sabres fan. But you're always in New York Rangers fans who have been from New York State. Say a pot of bills mafia, you're still in mourning after the big loss last week of what? No, I'm not.


I'm I'm OK with that's how I was cheering for.


I love to see him win, but I'm not I'm not jumping through any tables any time, so I don't need to snap your ankle and how that looks good on Instagram at least.


So you left. Actually, no.


Before I get out of golf, what was your first thoughts on Drew Doughty? I mean, it was your last year in Junior was his first, correct?


Yeah, it was wild. Right from camp. And me and my dad still talk about I remember calling my dad, you know, as first couple of days of camp. And I'm like, we got this kid, you doughty. And he is going to be unbelievable. Just his talent, his confidence, the way he could skate and move out there.


It was I didn't see anything like it up to that point. So I knew right away that he was going to be good. He was a goofy young kid. And, you know, he was still how he is now really never shuts up. And, you know, as a sixteen year old coming in, you can imagine how I felt as of that.


But how do you stay at the beginning?


Always chatting, never shut up on the bus, everything so but but yeah, I mean, pretty good scouting was it was not hard to miss though. He was he was good right from the start.


When you did join the Rangers, Yama Jagow is still there putting up a point per game. I mean, was he just in full on rock star mode, practicing what he wanted to do? What he wanted back then?


He was amazing. Is a funny thing about about Yag. So we'd go out for practice. And this is my first couple of practices with the team just getting called up. Right. So I'd go out there and everybody gets called over the board. Tom Rennie is the coach at the time, so he's sitting there drawing on the board. And I look over to my right and Yagur sitting on the bench, his chinstraps, Undun looking completely the other way, not paying attention to the drill at all.


Right. And he's drinking out of this this water bottle that I see stuff hanging out of the water bottle. I'm like, what the hell is that? Right. So that goes on. Drill starts. I go over and I kind of look at his water bottles. Still a young guy. I don't want anybody to see. I'm doing it right. And he's got tea bags in his water. So he's drinking hot tea. Sitting on the bench as a coach is going over drills, not like what is going on here, but that's that's how he ran.


And you never really seen him in practice either, like, you know, go hard or, you know, really, really hard or, you know, fall out. And I always thought to myself, what's going on? I talked to a couple of guys. I'm like, what's what's going on with the like? Well, when we're all done here and we all go back to the city, he drives back at night time, they open up the training center for him.


He practices by himself, he works out by himself. And that's when he gets his real work in. And I was like, holy shit, you know, all the things that he's accomplished. And he's still going back to the rink at nine o'clock at night and working out is pretty nuts. At first year.


You spent most of the year in Hartford. What was it, a situation where you kind of expected that or during training camp, was there a chance you were going to make the club zero chance?


OK, OK. Yeah, yeah. They were veteran team. They were.


I knew that. And I even play in the blue white game that year.


I remember sitting out and watching me in the training camp for the blue right there being red.


COSAC sat there and watched watched the blue boy game. I remember and thinking to myself like oh man. Like what, what am I doing? You know what? What's going to happen? Right. So I went down and I went down to Hartford, went through Camp Theros Health, Bob, for the first three games in Hartford on it.


Yeah. So it was. Yes. And I didn't know what was going on, what was going to happen. And Jim Schoenfeld was the coach there in Hartford who was unbelievable with me. I owe so much to him and he got me back in the lineup, played, played me a time, put me on a power play and, you know, I just started role and started putting up points. I had a really big year, put a lot of goals up that year and started getting called up and down.


And eventually I finished finished the season with New York and playoffs.


Jim Schonfeld got a shout out, Have another pig, you fat on one of the great coach referee arguments.


But we have another donut, you fat pig. What I say have another pig, you fat donut. Yeah, you said the opposite, you idiot.


A loser.


Well, hey, either way, I got to ask about a guy in Hartford and it's Nigel Dawes who's gone on to be the greatest player in KHL history besides Mozeliak.


And do you think if now if it was nowadays, he would have played this long in the NHL, like what was going on there where he's been so great over there and maybe now he doesn't come back for a reason, but he had to go over there at one point?


Yeah, that's a great question. I don't know why he never he never stuck. I mean, you're right. He's unbelievable talent. Good shot. You know, a lot of guys like that, you look at him like, well, you know, they're not good defensively or complete liability where he wasn't you know, he was he was fine in the defensive zone.


And I don't know, it's it's a guy that you scratch your head about. Another one, like we mentioned before, is that same here, right. You know, how did he ever how didn't he ever make it or, you know, stick was too long, stick with you.


Like, he actually got me using a longer stick. I used I used a really long stick.


And it was because of him, he used to, like, stick this guy on the ice. Where have you ever played against the. I played against him a bunch of times and he was in Norfolk and then I saw him in Russia, it's his sticks long. He was longer than mine and I think he's five, 10.


Easily. Yeah, it was wild how long it took was there would have been coaches' actually I'm guessing, who were like, hey, cut your stick. And maybe he just stuck to his guns, but you had to think that would have helped him to have it a little bit shorter.


Maybe I'm wrong and he wouldn't even be half the player he was.


I don't know.


I seem to do all right with the long sticking points and the things he should have another peg. He's a fat donut.


Hey, I just want to go back quickly. You said you were a health bomb at the blue and white game. No offense, you know, didn't get a scholarship offer. Like had these situations create a chip on your shoulder throughout or, you know, what was your mindset at the time? Did you not even think of the fact that you kind of kept getting, like, shriveled you?


Chip, I made a huge chip on my shoulder. You know, that pride and everything that got hit so hard. And that was part of the reason I think I did so well, is I want to prove everybody wrong. You know, I looked at it two ways. Either you sulk and you feel bad for yourself or literally stick up a middle finger to everybody and say, you know, watch me go out there and do it, then that's kind of what I carry throughout my whole career, even even in my last year in Tampa, really, I was getting health bombed the last couple of games.


I got help on playoffs and then I'd get in for a game and I ended up putting points in those last couple of games I had just because I had that same mentality. There's probably some of the best hockey I've I've played that last couple of years was those last games just because it's that mentality of fuck you like I belong in this lineup and I'll show it. Looking back, I think it helped me definitely that.


I think that's just the way you that's what it was like every night, you know, you're going to get from the guy. That's what it's all coaches want is consistency, I think, for the most part. But after the first year, you called up to New York and you finished the year in playoffs. Well, that summer they made that huge splash. That's what they signed. Chris Jurien, Goma's, I think it was that summer.


So you must have been like, oh, shit, you know, like that. There's two forwards. I mean, were you worried going into that season?


I'll be honest, I wasn't I mean, they they signed those two guys to center man kind of top six guys that I don't think I was competing with or, you know, going to going to have to fight against for a spot. So I felt pretty comfortable going into that year after the playoffs I had and everything else. And after about eight games, I think I had maybe had one goal. I hurt my knee and I came back and I went with like twenty four games without a point, just struggle and couldn't couldn't do anything right.


And I was going to the right go to the rink every day just, just waiting for somebody to knock on my door and be like, you know, you're getting sent down. And eventually they did. They sent me down. It's funny actually. So they were at the garden. We're playing at the garden. I got a healthy scratch that night in there, like after the game you're going down.


So I'm like, OK, so I'm sitting there watching the game. We end up losing seven to eight. Nothing, right. Something back my head.


I'm like, you know, maybe maybe they're going to kick me out. And sure enough, they call me in the office. You're staying, right?


We're going we were going out a road trip. It like we're going to bring you on the road trips. I'm like, perfect. I got another chance here. What about ended up playing two more games? Remember about that road trip to I lost a credit card game. We all know the credit card game my back to back nights.


Oh, my God. Next the next day I get called in and get sent down. Oh.


Oh my God. I'd clear the desk. I'm going to have a stroke. Right. I'm going to back to back that ActiveX ruthless.


I get sent down, I get to Hartford or get to New York. I'm driving to Hartford. I'm talking to my dad on the phone right now. I'm driving in. My dad's like, you know, listen, at least it can't get any worse than this. Go down and start work. And sure enough, it comes out of his mouth.


Boom, crack in the windshield wipers, my windshield, as he says it, I'm like, oh, my God, this is brutal. How much worse can this get?


Oodles of noodles for the next two weeks of the couple Nobu dinners, there was the popcorn shrimp worth it? Yeah, exactly.


We had we had Gomez on the show a while back. It's safe to say the Rangers got fifteen million of laughs out of him anyways for those two years, huh.


He was an amazing guy, especially as a young guy. He always had me at his place. Me, Mark, stall drew already. You'd always have us over.


It is nice penthouse he had there in the city said he'd make it Alaskan style inside. Yeah, it was it was all decked out and decorated. I mean, I don't know what he was doing in there, but we had we had some fun nights, I'll tell you that.


I think that you got the opportunity not only to play for tourists, but you got the opportunity to get them like coming in midseason when they fired TR Tom Brady. Now, actually, I played for TR and I, I love the guy.


I think he was like a little ahead of his time, almost where he wasn't mean and he was very thoughtful with guys. And I think now that's becoming way more popular. But what a difference. It's like this Rangers team underachieving with this crazy coach. I mean I'm sorry, this very chill coach. And Randy brings in tortes. What do you remember about that year? And like, how everything just switched?


Yeah, I remember the veteran guys being nervous as hell when courts came in, you know, and I didn't have. Yeah, I was I was young. I had. No idea, right? So I was like, whatever, and then thoughts came in and it was completely different. I mean, he but he but he played me watch, which I loved, right. He gave me the opportunity to give me a chance. You know, he liked the way I played.


So it was definitely a 180. And then that summer we made some moves and got rid of some guys and just changed the whole makeup of that team. And we took out the identity of Torch. And, you know, they're calling us a black and blue shirts and everything else. And he just revamped that whole team.


And we had a lot of successful years under any funny yagur towards back and forth. So is it hard to understand what he was dealing?


I think he understood, yeah. I don't know. Nothing that sticks out between them two, which is which I guess, you know, I mean, Torch has been around for a while at that point, too. He knows what he's dealing with. He knows, you know, Jagger is so now nothing crazy happened there. But a lot of stories, as you guys know.


Well, you got the C when he when he was coach, he called you up. And I mean, was that an emotional moment for you? That must have been a huge deal for you.


Yeah, it was. It was it was it was crazy. So I was going through contract negotiations that summer and great New York fashion.


It's never easy negotiating with Glancey there. And we were going through the wringer and getting close to arbitration. And, you know, I remember the phone call still today called me and he's like, call the team. Wanted me to call you and ask if you would take this number. And I'm thinking to myself why he called me telling me. That's right. But I'm like, no know. No chance I'm taking that. No, it's like I good.


I want to fucking take it either if I were you. But anyways, I want to let you know that I'm going to be naming your captain, you know, this coming year. So you guys better figure out a deal. And I still remember that call it it was it was awesome. I mean, I had no idea that it was coming. You know, what an honor to wear the seat with that team and his words of advice for don't fuck it up.


And, you know, hopefully I didn't.


I mean, you had him for most of your time then. It's not a coincidence, I guess, that those are the most productive years as a player, huh?


Yeah, there's no coincidence. Coincidence at all. I mean, he was he was awesome for me, just the way I played. He played the hell out of me every situation. And it was easy to play for a guy like that. You guys know you care so much. I mean, he wears his heart on his sleeve and, you know, he's a truthful, honest guy, which which I respected. You know, if you're playing like shit, he was going to tell you, you know, and I respected that and he played the hell out of me.


What are some funny moments with him? I know. I know. At one point he wouldn't allow guys to have cell phones in the locker room there. We had a chance to make. Yeah. What were what were other crazy things that were going on with towards his head coach.


And there's there's a lot of stories. You know, Richie, Brad Richards came in that year as well. And him and talks are pretty close to me. And Richie got really close. He was kind of like a little bit of a mentor to me. I'd lean on him because I was wearing the sea and he's kind of been through it all. He's won the Stanley Cup. And so this one day, me and Richie are the practice rink we're sitting in, sitting in the locker room.


It's just me and him sitting there taping our sticks or whatever. So Torch walks in and he looks at us both. And you could tell from towards his face if you know what kind of Moody's and right away. And so he looks at Richie goes, Richie, what the fuck is all the potions in your chain store? I mean, we kind of look at each other like potions. Like the potions is like, where are the potions? Do another chain store in Ritchies, like, why are you going through my chain store?


And they're going back and forth and he keeps saying, potions, these pills. Right. So it's protein shakes and vitamins and things like that. Right. So Ritchie won't answer him at all. He keeps saying is, why are you going through my chain? So did you honestly just walk through my chain? Right. So Schwarz's loses, like, you know, that's your problem. You got to stop doing all this stuff, clear your head and he turns around and he walks out.


Right. So we're dying. Laughing Right. So fast forward like two weeks, right. At MSG. And I'm in the main room with Ritchie again towards walks through. And we always used to do this. So I go to church. I'm like, hey, do you know Ritchie didn't take any of that stuff out of his stall? He's still taking it. I'm like, it's blocking. I know it's affected. His playwright's thoughts right away.


Flip the switch breccia. You got to you got to take that stuff out of your stall. Just turn it right. Just turn it off. Richard Ritchie's hitting me. He's like, come on. So he's out of it all. Said Ritchie flips the script real quick. He's like Kelly. He's like tortes. Do you know that Kelly's having a baby during playoffs, right? No attention directly towards me.


He goes without missing a beat. He goes Müller's Kelly. I missed the birth of both my kids. Turns around and he walks out. I'm like, oh my God. Here the anxiety of the rest of the year that I was going to have a baby during playoffs. But yeah, but that's I mean, we had fun with him. You know, he he was a passionate guy and he cared. And that was a big part of that is there's nothing more old school than coaches.


I've heard of a couple of coaches kind of getting on guys about having kids in season where it's like that's that's where that's where it's got now. Like it's like, OK, maybe that was a little bit psycho hockey, you know. Yeah, but he was that he was a good he was a good coach.


I loved playing for him. I was grilling Girardi for questions in. He said that you had a lot of crazy pregame rituals, just was it was a superstition. What was it?


Just superstition routine, I think, like everybody else. Right. Same thing. Every go through your day and everything's the same. Who's he talking about?


Rituals right now. Are you kidding me? As much as ever? Yeah.


You're already all OCD with that stuff. Oh, he's terrible. Lines up his shin pads, his pants. So we always used to take his stuff and move it. Like, I'd move it just like a centimeter and reinstall. He would watch him walk in and readjust everything. And he was the he was the worst with that stuff that maybe he went on the offense as far as did.


Maybe. Yeah. You knew I'd bring it up. Maybe that was a great group of guys there.


I mean, Mark Stockstill in Detroit. But, you know, as everyone gets older and you're already retired, it's like you guys had was a super close team and then Nash came in as well. Nobody's ever said a bad word about him. It's it's looking back, playing those Rangers teams, it wasn't easy. And MSgt, the way that plays we are going, it's still my favorite spot to play.


Yeah, we had some really good teams. Like you said, we're tough to play against, too, I think. What's the biggest thing that you had Gabbert come in as well? He had some really big ears there.


Yeah, that place is awesome. I loved playing there, Hank.


Hank would be the only guy we haven't talked about who. Oh my God. Talk about a celebrity smash star. You know, the king of MSG man.


All the best as Hank you to come on the airplane with his full suit and tie on buttoned up. We had an eight hour flight and you have a suit and tie the whole time completely. So he's on 24/7. I mean, yeah, he doesn't show up. He doesn't even know Chad. He doesn't smell like he takes his gear off with the suit on. Doesn't stink. I mean, he's he's the real deal.


No, he's like I have this special shower. I'm not showering and that. Yeah.


My you guys got to do some real cool stuff like playing for the Rangers. You guys used to do that casino night. You're some pretty like elegant shits like a dollar.


That was that was that was wild. That was a casino. And I was a lot of fun. And another thing we did, which was awesome, but I forget what year it was. We went on Letterman, a bunch of us, and we actually got to carry down Madonna down on hockey sticks through the through the crowd and onto the stage. So we're all doing that. So we're getting ready. Madonna's trying to climb up on these hockey sticks and we're all carrying her, you know, like she's a Greek goddess or whatever.


So as she's getting up, she goes she goes, guys, I want you to close your eyes. I'm not wearing any underwear right at all.


When she was on the air with cramps for two weeks, fucking Madonna, she is on me. This message is still around.


Like I know he's gone for ten years now. Oh, they have a fling for a little bit.


Yeah. Yeah, I think so. Yeah. I've already brought that back early 90s.


I think back to like the time we got to play together in the Olympics. And you and Chris Drewry, just the best penalty killing duo you ever could imagine. And like did you make that team right in the summer? Like, I don't know. I mean, I made it because Paul Martin got injured. Or did you know right away you were on the team?


I got I found out maybe a week before I was announced. And I think I think a lot of it was due to torch. I mean, as you know, he was my promoter when I was there as well. And then and then I basically just penalty killed, withdrew as me and you sat in the middle of the bench and where the book ends and Joe my beat.


Laughs Oh. Oh, yeah. You kidding me. Remember when tart's used to come down and slap me on the back and tell me to go out there for a skate so it'd be a TV time out, right. So me and we're sitting there just watching the game, TV time out, and he'd come and slap me on the back or hit me in the back and I go out there and take a lap. So the first couple of times we're like, no, it's embarrassing.


I'm not I'm not going out there and taking a lap.


That's the Olympics right there my whole career. So you come out, you did it again.


So eventually I get over the boards and I go take a lap. So it got to the point that wite. Bucksey see me go out there.


I'll be Ryan would be Ryan. They start yelling at me but I'm like, oh my God, this is the worst. Right. So eventually I was proactive about it. Announcing myself before I climbed over that.


That was he comes are a music you're playing in the kids game between periods. You're actually doing what you and we're going to listen for the Timbits.


Let's go talk to referee the U.S., Canada, many might be intervention. So he's fighting.


You guys are wrestling in the sumo, but to get more competitive, let's go ahead and do it.


So good. What about that? Actually, so it was a gold medal game. Third period. I didn't I didn't have one chef. Right. So I became a spectator. We're all excited when we score tied it up. I remember being in the room and looking around him like, holy cow, you know, I've got a chance to win a gold medal. My head is completely out of the game. Right.


Not thinking about a thing, you know, just just enjoying the moment. So I always want out before the game start or before the period and start out in the hallway, you know, like ritual as you went back to my ritual. So I'm sitting there in the hallway, same thing, not thinking anything at all. Shot in torch comes up to me and goes, Hey, Kelly, you're you. And you're going to be taking the defensive zone.


Ross. Blank faced Martin rushing through my leg, I couldn't even feel my legs at that point, my back hurt, you know, I'm like, oh my God, I just started doing jumping jacks, squats I could to get going. Think I ended up getting out there for one shift that was bizarre, like ten seconds long, took the draw, got it out and ran off the ice as fast as I could. But I was like, oh my God, there's a worst feeling ever to play.


But I remember he said to me, keep the boys loose. I mean, everyone knew I was playing a shift. But I can honestly say, like at that point in my career, like I did not want to shift in overtime.


I was like, no, I had already I would already bend the cost of a goal in the first period of the second year that Perry scored. I remember being like. Please, God, don't somehow make me go out there because it was petrifying, he tells you guys to keep the boys loose, you're doing like the simple jack shit in the locker room. Before overtime starts, Callahan was putting the face paint on the hallway with the finger ready to hop in the white section.


And I was eating the face paint D on what exactly?


Yeah, I think you and you and Bugsy kept the room loose. There's no question there you guys were.


What was Bugsy doing in there? Just shitting on me.


You guys were just a comedian show the whole time and then and then or like was just like these two clubs because he was always with us in but he's like, oh, that was the craziest, best two weeks ever.


I can always think back to Vancouver just being open 24/7. Oh, that was awesome.


That was that was unbelievable. Complete opposite from what I experienced in Sochi. But yeah, Vancouver was amazing.


Cal, you mentioned Shani a few minutes ago. He was a guy who is still in New York, still playing, still producing to a couple of years late and yet over 20 goals. I know he was your favorite player growing up. Was that you kind of your first real pinch yourself moment. You're in a locker room sharing a locker room with Brendan Shanahan.


Yeah, 100 percent. As you say, he's my favorite player growing up. I had a poster of him on my wall, you know, walking into my room. I first walked in because one of my first call ups, you know, he came over. It was my first call. He'd come over and introduce himself.


You know, Brendan Shanahan, I'm thinking to myself like, no shit, no shit. But here on my wall, growing up, I know where you are. But but yeah, he was great with the young guys, too. I remember he took me in Girardi or me and Mark stall out. We went to Barney's for lunch and buy a new overcoat because they're on me about my overcoat.


I needed to get a new overcoat. So I'm like, oh, you know, I got this. And this is pretty cool, right? So we go into Barneys, we get lunch, we sit down in the change room. And I've never experienced anything like this before. Right. So they offer me a beer. As I'm sitting there, I'm like, OK, you know, I'll have a beer. So we're trying on different coats. I'm like, man, this is this is it.


I've made it. You know, this is the show. This is the show. I think I finally made it here. Brendan Shanahan, we're trying coach side and and I don't know why I probably shouldn't assume this, but I'm thinking back of my head like he's invited me out here. He's going to you know, he wants to get us a coat. Right. So I'm not looking at prices or anything. Right. So I'm trying to I'm like he's like, yeah, that looks nice to get that one.


I'm like, yeah, OK, you know, I'll get it. So I go over, we're cashing out three grand. I'm like, oh, you know, I've been at a salary this whole time and I can't say anything at this point. I got to pony up and spend the dough on it. Right. So I it's turned upside side of the jacket. We're walking on there.


I'm like, never, never, never again. See you tomorrow. Yes. See you tomorrow.


Imagine just being inside your head. You're like, that's. Yeah, exactly like, wait a minute, where are you going to get paid. The bill has been paid by you leave it right. But three grand for this overcoat.


I'm like, oh my God.


Never again do you want to keep this fat goose. You walked in with two. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


And I also want to bring up a ball. But you had your leg broken by Daniel Chiron. A game. You know, you still stayed out there still playing.


Did you know it was actually broken and you just powered through? It is just adrenaline taking over in a situation like that.


There's just adrenaline. I mean, obviously, that hurt felt that I didn't and I had no idea it was broken. I got back to the bench and Taj want to throw me out there again for for the empty nester. Right. And I was waiting for somebody to change. I was going to try to go back out there. But I hope, thankfully, we got the empty net goal or whatever have I didn't go back out, but I didn't know.


I had no idea I was broken. Just felt like another blocked shot. And then, sure enough, you know, X-rays came back and it wasn't good, but kind of cool moment there. I mean, I've always respected Zdeno Chara huge. But he called Marian Gaborik, who was our teammate, teammate at the time, and apologized for hitting me with a shot. And I'm like, you know, obviously doesn't have to apologize. I'm the idiot who stepped in front of it.


But, you know, because he's just such a class act.


Now, this is a nice day. Listen, I've been holding this one, and since we started this, how long after Marcha licked your face could you eventually, like, laugh about it?


The fact that your body licked your face probably after the game? That's pretty.


I was.


I was I was I was shocked. It was shock, you know what I mean? Like, we were like, oh, you know, how did you know? How did you get out? Did you go after him? I'm like, I'll be honest. I was in shock. I don't know. I have no idea what just happened, you know? So if you look at video, I try to grab him. I needed shoulder surgery at the end of the year.


So my right shoulder is pretty much like tape to my side. So if it's like an awkward knee, like trying to claw his face awkwardly, I couldn't lift my arm up, but I was just in complete shock. I'm like, this guy just licked my face, you know? Then after the game, my phone just blew up with, you know, everybody pictures and licking my face. I'm like, this is the worst.


But, yeah, you just you know, he just he just blacked out. He's like, what do I do? I'm too close to him. I like him.


But I heard there was a lot of turmoil in the Broun's room, a little bit about it. So. Well, I'll take it. It was playoff. So people were pissed about that.


Like there was a lot of people like that was just so over the line. They punch him in the face. Don't like them.


Yeah, I'd rather get speared in the face than than than that. Yeah. Probably respect that a little bit more. But then I remember after the game I was trying to get him suspended, but that's OK.


So I was either I was going to ask you so, so you, you laugh about it and then you're like, I got a beef this up because you know, we could potentially use this to our advantage by getting obsessive for a game. So that's. Oh my God, that's classic. Did you talk to any of the coaches or anybody about it before you did it or you just thought on your own? No, I did.


I was in the training room. Coaches came in, our PR guy came in and I'm like, listen, I'm going to I'm going try to get him suspended. Like, I'm like I'm going to say it's spitting in my face.


Gross misconduct, like should be should be thrown, can at least get a game out of this political shell. Disgusted are you.


It's worse than spitting and it's just spitting in your face. It really is.


And to that point, I was trying to get it suspended. But it is I mean, you know, so and that's what I said in my interview, too. I'm like, what's the difference? Being spitting in my face and licking it like it could be worse. So but it was playoffs and there's no chance they're suspending him. It was kind of quickly, though.


We were just that was in Tampa. But I wanted to go over when you were traded, I think it was right around the deadline. And, you know, Captain, New York Rangers just totally had no clue or had you been hearing rumblings about it that whole day to go down?


Yeah, I mean, that I heard rumblings that whole year. OK, we're in we're in contract talks. We couldn't we couldn't reach an agreement. I mean, both sides honestly to blame. You know, I came in high there and lo and to be honest, that that whole year it turned ugly. You know, the negotiations turn turned really ugly.


And it was it was awful, you know, and it was probably the most least fun I've had in a year just because everything that was going on behind the scenes and we actually reached an agreement on money and then they wouldn't give me a no mover, no trade. And at that point, with the amount of stuff that was going on, they've already threatened to trade me to every other team. At that point. They've tried to let me negotiate with other teams.


At that point, you know, there is no way I was signing a deal and, you know, signed that deal and also on your shipped out to somewhere you don't want to be. And then with no protection. And they just gave Girardi two weeks earlier, full, no trade, no move. So I'm like, you know, this isn't this isn't happening. And also going to drink that day, I knew that I was probably going to get dealt.


Obviously, it was a shock when it happened. I was sitting in the training room and we're watching, you know, and Trade Center. And Bob McKenzie, sure enough, pops up and says Callahans been traded for Marty St. Louis. And then simultaneously, our PR guy walked in and like Slats wants to see in the in the lounge.


So that was tough is a tough conversation. I was emotional. You know, I loved my time in New York. I, I said it during that whole time. I didn't want to go anywhere, you know, but it also came back to the pride thing, you know, that, you know, I had been shit on so many times throughout my career. I earned a spot where I was. You see them bringing in free agent after free agent and paying them, you know, like I'm the captain.


I'm the captain. I've put my time in here. You know, why do I have to be the one that has to take the big discount to stay here?


So, I mean, foolish pride, I guess, you know, looking back. But at the same time, it's you know, I felt like I deserved deserve that and deserve the no move.


Not to mention it was sorry, but it's just quick. It was your one. You you had waited your chance. This was this is your payday. It's like.


Exactly. Yeah. You know, I waited my chance away to your payday and you know, who knows when that's going to when that's going to come again. So it's now there was a there was a tough year, a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that year that that were kind of nasty, that, you know, led up to it.


So in the midst of it, was it ever you you sitting down with them and expressing your side and they were expressing theirs? Or was it always kind of like this chain of like over the agent agent to you, you the agent back to them? No. It got close. I mean, it was phone calls 10 o'clock at night, I'd get phone calls. I mean, you know, right from right from Glancey there.


And it was it got you know, agents even weren't involved at some point, you know, and I kept trying to push it off and, you know, call my agent. I don't want to be involved in this. Call my agent because I'm trying to worry about the year or two in the way I'm playing.


And why do you think do you think he's thinking that can get you to agree to some. Exactly.


Yeah. To get you emotionally invested, emotionally invested and in you know, you say things and try to do things to make me sign a deal. And, you know, I didn't really didn't appreciate that.


I obviously wish they went through my agent and things like that. But I mean, I was part of it and part of the negotiations.


And, you know, at the end of the day, like, you know, that stuff building up in it and put more of a chip on my shoulder, you know, to to want to get that deal or whatever.


That's why your shoulder was so fucked up. Too many fuckin chips on the fucking shoulders. That's surgeries. A little car by the Lord Jesus Christ spread the chips around.


So I have going to Tampa and it was I couldn't ask for a better place than that. I mean, that was awesome.


We tapped I knew was in the mix.


And obviously because Marty Marty wanted to come to New York and and everything else. But, you know, earlier in that year, Tampa reached out and tried to get a deal done with me and we couldn't come to terms on a deal. And, you know, during this whole training thing, we told them what we wanted. We couldn't come to terms. So I thought Tampa was completely dead. I didn't think that was going to happen. And then all of a sudden it you know, that's where I'm going.


So I went from that stressful ness to where my flip flops and shorts and t shirt and walk into the rinks.


So I felt like I was on vacation for three months, was going to say, you get to Tampa and the coach, John Koopa, he's waiting at the baggage claim play like a limo driver, that you have a little sign with your name on it.


Exactly. I wasn't expecting that either coming from that stressful in this situation. And I walked out and he's waiting for me at baggage claim, which was this was a huge gesture by him to come to that. Did you.


Was it kind of like was there a deal signed right after the trade or it is still not until that that summer.


Still not to that summer. So, yeah. So I went through that and, you know, in my head I was like, I'm going to a free agency.


I just went through that hell, you know, there's no chance I'm not going to free agency. So as time went on in Tampa, I was on the team we had there how talented they were, what life was like in Tampa, just took in the whole thing. And like, I don't want to go anywhere. I don't think I see it.


Yeah. So we we end up getting a deal done. And I waited. I think it was like twenty four hours before I could start talking to other teams. And Steve, I started to put a little bit pressure on us, obviously, you know, wanting to get the deal done before I could talk to other teams. And I'm like, I've been through enough of this. I like it there. I want to be there. The deal is good.


And we signed up.


No state taxes, paid state taxes. Did you know that before going there?


Oh, yeah. Yeah, same here. You know how it is best you know, no state tax, right?


When he lost that double credit card game we got sent to the minors. Exactly where do I not have to pay?


Hey, Steve, why the tall. What a g. We joked around about them all the time in the pocket. What was he like behind the scenes?


Awesome. I mean, he was he was the best. I mean, how you would imagine, right? You know, he played the game, did so much. It's hard not to be star struck by a guy like him watching him grow up as well. But ultimate professional, easy to work with, easy to talk to. And you see the team that he built there in Tampa, not too bad. Not too bad of a general manager either.


Well, that first transition, the first year of the New Deal, I mean, what a team that was. And you guys go all the way to the Cup finals, run into Chicago.


But you look at the team that just got it done in Tampa. I mean, so many of them were there then. It was like it took them a while, six years, but it ended up happening. I I'm sure you weren't surprised at all to see that go down.


No, not at all. I mean, to be honest, I thought we should have won that series against Chicago. I think we you know, game six. Game six.


Yeah, yeah. We're up we're up to one in that series. We end up losing game one. We lost by a goal. We outshot them by like 30. You know, even talking to some of those players like Richie and some of the guys I know in Chicago, they're like, we probably didn't deserve that one. You know, looking back at the series, which is even tougher to handle.


But yeah, but yeah, we we had a good team and then we went to more conference finals with that team lost in Game six and game seven of the conference finals, you know, back to back years there that we could have went on.


So it it was right there. And for whatever reason, we just we just didn't get it done. And in last year, it seemed like everything just came together. The way they ran through the playoffs was remarkable, was unbelievable.


Did it ever concern you that they would maybe gasp, Coop, just because of the amount of pressure and expectations and all those years of landing short? Or did you just see them sticking with them all the way through?


No, I saw him sticking with them. I mean, we had to go to a team. We had good regular seasons. I mean, we had good playoffs.


You know, we lose you know, we were one way to win one win away two times from going back to the Stanley Cup. Also, you know, I didn't see them moving away from him at all during that 20 15 run, you played a couple of days, you have to get an appendectomy. The doctors advised against doing that, or did they say it was OK to do?


I mean, at that point, I think the team doctor didn't really care what I did. You know, you were you're playing in that game. And it's funny. I mean, we were playing the New York Rangers, you know, funny enough, going to MSJ for game sorry, game one. And I'm like, there is no chance I'm missing this game, you know, and talking to some of the guys in New York, they're like, yeah, you know, gee stalls.


Are you guys that I knew there, like you guys were talking in the room thinking your you weren't going to play. And we were laughing at him like, golly, will be playing in the game, you know, don't worry about that. But yeah, I don't know. I mean, like everybody else, everybody plays your injuries.


It's nothing, nothing special. You hear the stories come out after the year and and. Yeah. So I had to get back in there at MSJ.


The year that you did get dealt, it was Kuchera, his rookie year. So you got to kind of see this guy who I mean, forget just his ability on the ice, but off the ice seems like a character like right away. Are you able to tell this is a future superstar or was it just kind of like who? Who knows? At that point? It was kind of who knows this for sure.


He was kind of in and out of the lineup. I remember I was only with him for three months, but him and him and Coop didn't see eye to eye, you know, right away.


He wasn't he wasn't standoffish. Right. Even as a young kid, very standoffish. And they didn't see I didn't I didn't know what was going to happen with him. You could see it was talented and he was good.


But I think that following year they got him committed a little bit more to taking a little bit more responsibility with the pocket. His confidence just grew and grew and grew.


And I mean, you've seen what he's turned into.


And then obviously, I mean, you didn't really see much of his office antics until after the Stanley Cup.


They're like, oh, my God, you know, he had the honor, Jeff Vinik there, you know, kissing him and everything else as I was dying. But the boys enjoyed themselves. There's no question.


I got told by Girardi to ask you about Tony T. Oh, boy, who is Tony T? He wouldn't tell me either.


So Tony T is, I guess, my alter ego. That's what the the boys called me that in in New York. It started with actually Gomer started that Tony Topknots is what it what it stands for. So I guess I'll tell a story.


How that all started was we're at a bar or some nightclub. I was my first year urbanise, second year in the league gomers there. And I'm sitting at table service. Right. So we're sitting there and I'm sitting at a table and I keep watching this girl and she's coming over and having drinks. Right. I'm like, why should you come and get drinks? I'm watching her closely. So she's getting drinks and she's bringing them on over to her guy friends.


Right. And handing out drinks to these guys that we have no idea who they are. Right. So I've probably had one too many at that point. I was over served by the bartender, obviously. So she comes over and she goes to grab a drink and I lose. I get out of here like there's no chance we're not giving him drinks with the guys. Come walk it over either. Get out of here like we're not giving you guys drink.


I've been watching you. All right. So the guys come over, you know, like covid out. And ever since then, Gomers called me Tony Topknots and everybody had one or two incidents more like that where my emotions got the better with words like I'm paying for it anyways.


For that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


We've all fell prey to the Cluck's there, but going around in the club and they come over and weasel a bottle away. Next thing I know you're fucking tab. You're you're calling your credit card companies. You could bump up your backs.


I just got hit with a three thousand dollar Khattab. I was nervous on the kick up that fell but so yeah.


So they called me Tony in New York and then obviously nobody in Tampa called me that and the sign there and sure enough he brought it over and they got it going against. So Tony t yeah. There was like a arranges the Tampa shuttle there for a couple of years.


It seemed like you guys were all ended up down there. What surprised you most about hockey in Tampa, Ryan?


I think the support I mean, I know I had no idea that community enjoyed their team as much as they did support as much as they did.


You know, I'd go there and they would be sellouts, but a lot of it Béranger fans. Right.


So I didn't I had no clue. And, you know, the way they embraced their team in that community is is Wildstar. I mean, you saw the parade and on the water and everything else, it that's probably what surprised me the most about that team. Yeah.


They get a pretty good thing down there. They have. They have pretty much since the outset. It's nice to see that people finding that out, even if it's a couple decades later. Hey, how about that awkward pause? I think it's fair to ask how much how much can you put on the guy being able to, like, live in a city and dominate like they do in the NHL, but yet, like, go out and really not get bothered because you went from the extreme of playing in New York to seeing the way the stars are treated and what they can, quote unquote, get away with where they live in Tampa.


I'll be honest with you, because I think it was worse in New York than it wasn't worse in Tampa than it was in New York. It just getting seen of who you are, knowing who you are being out, people spotting New York's two big New York.


OK, unless you're Hank. Yeah. I mean, it's a different story, but I mean, you fly under the radar in New York if you want to. You know, I mean, obviously, you could go to spots and be spotted if you want to be spotted. But there are so many spots and areas. And even when fans did see in New York, it was more just a, you know, a hey than anything where we're in Tampa.


I don't know what the reason is, but, you know, you get spotted a lot more restaurants. People come up to you, they want to talk to you. They just got that relaxed Florida vibe to them or whatever it is, you know, for autographs or whatever. So people ask me that. But I think it was it was worse in Tampa, you know, being spotted and people recognizing that it was in New York City.


I think New York has that almost like to too cool to recognize famous people like that. They don't want to do it almost like given to celebrities. That's the vibe up there.


I think a little Joe, I thought you got you got recognized that MSRA, didn't you? Wasn't that when you saw Nate? I was at the garden that that was it.


A TD Garden.


But it happened that it was like, oh, how had happened? Would you get recognized? Just random walk walking down the street. When we're working in Boston, we're working down headquarters on target top up on a random street sucker.


Kelly, that's you're bigger than New York ranger captain. Look at that. Yeah, right.


He's had a he's had he's had some contract disputes with Bar Stool as well.


So I got to go hand in hand when you ended up having to retire and it was just recent kind of officially announcing it, a lot goes into your back and the degenerative back issues you had, like when did that start? When did you realize, oh, my God, like this is this is way worse than maybe I originally thought? Yeah.


I've dealt with in the last two or three years of my career. I've noticed that a little bit throughout my career, but I thought it was just a normal backstop. And then that that last year I was in Tampa.


I got to a point where I was waking up in the morning. No idea how I was going to feel. If I could get out of bed, you know, it would come out of nowhere. So there be times where I'd take pregame scap, feel fine, go home, take a nap, get out of my car at the rink and also my back's locking up on me. So, you know, it just got so frustrated and didn't know what to expect.


So to be honest, I thought I was going be able to get it fixed. You know, I thought I'd like everything else, pop in and get surgery or whatever it is and get it fixed. And at the end of the year, we went through a bunch of different specialists and everybody kept saying the same thing. Degenerative disease. The only fix is a fusion, which I wasn't at the point of needing a fusion yet. And even if I did, I couldn't continue playing with a fusion.


So everybody's like either you deal with it, you know, and try to keep playing or that's it. And, you know, after what I went through that last year, there's there's no way I was playing it also. But, yeah, I was it was hard. It was a tough pill to swallow. But, you know, I kind of the writing was on the wall is coming towards the end of my career.


Obviously, everybody wants to go out on their own terms. But, you know, once I came to terms with it, it was it was easy to accept.


Was it emotional day? I remember I've told the story before, call my dad and kind of breaking down, telling them I was retiring. Similar stuff for you. You're talking to your family and it's hitting you pretty hard.


Yeah, it was it was tough, you know, in that last year in Tampa was a frustrating year for me to the playoffs the way that went. So. Yeah, and the way my back felt to like I was explaining to you almost got to the point to where I was almost relief. Know, I was kind of like, I don't to deal with the shit anymore, you know, like I don't have to worry about how I'm feeling each day, each hour and cocks all over your body.


Yeah. How I'm sitting in practice. I can practices that last year I would I tried not to move that much, you know what I mean?


Like, because I don't want to tweak it. So you practice exactly. Where's my tea is you got a tea set on the board. It's your meditation. You're the yoga mat on the ice. Yeah.


So it was more of a relief than anything. And then I think when it got hard was when training camp started again, you know, and all of a sudden I was living in Tampa at that year two last year and everybody's talking about the team and stuff. I'm still seeing the guys hanging out with them a bit away from the rank. And the training camp starts and you're like, shit, I'm not there. Like, what am I doing?


Like, you know? And so it that was the hard part. I think it was once you started again.


Well, fuck, let me go ahead. I just one boy in five years. Right. Are you working in media or in a front office somewhere. That's a great question. You know, this media thing's going well. I'm enjoying it. But I think my ultimate goal maybe if you know, who knows. But I'd like to be with a team, be in the thick of it again, you know, maybe behind the lines and be a part of something where you're trying to win again.


Come. If nature gets the best of me, so hopefully, hopefully that's something down the road, but right now I'm enjoying the media.


This this guy, Andrew Cristero, we're like the penalty killing Bash Brothers. So wherever Drury ends up as GM, that's where we'll see Calli in the morning.


The guarantee. Yeah, that's the that's the withI call.


Come on. Come on. Come on. What the fuck am I trying to say? I don't know. I don't know. Kelly, thanks for coming. Thanks for coming on. The show was awesome, but it's great. Thanks, boys.


Thanks for having me on. Took you long enough to ask me, but thanks for having us here. Says Afraid that we wait for the official retirement announcement.


That's all.


Hey, if we get Gerardi on, what should we ask them? We'll ask him about his OCD ness and scheduling and everything else. I mean, I got one last quick one for us all about a scheduling. So me, Scelzi and Girardi are out to dinner. It's probably March, right. So, yeah, February, March time. And he looks at us like, hey, guys, do you think I can get a ride to the rink?


And we kind of like like, well, he's like next year during training camp, me and the wife, we're talking and I think we're going to leave one of our cars at home and we're all going to ship one car down at the start.


So like the first four days of training camp, do you think you can give me a ride? I'm trying to plan it.


We look like, what the hell? So that's how bad is he was planning in March what he was going to do with his cars come training camp time and who is going to drive into the rink?


Meanwhile, we all we all live in the same building. So, I mean, it's not like we're driving out of our out of our way to bring them back. So this is out of his mind. Out of his mind. Realistically, he could have asked you the morning you will leave that September.


Realistically. Yeah. Yeah. Knocked on my door that morning. Just just be standing by my car and I want to talk him out.


That's a guy that's a guy who definitely makes lists every day post postretirement. Like what I have to get done.


It's like wake up, eat, count my money. Hey, would you guys ever rag on about the tribal what was a barbed wire tattoo? We write down a bit about that. Yeah, I heard you said pretty bad. Yeah, I heard you were where you were. I got them. Yeah.


Oh, I got some bad tattoos all chirp myself, but holy shit, I might go down as the worst collaborationist where I was.


I was there for a golf tournament. I ran into you. Right. I was at a golf tournament in Weland area. All right.


We saw you and talking to you that I really like. Yeah. He's always on me about my tattoo.


You got to there's no question it's the monster energy special. So maybe he won't. Come on. Maybe that's why he's he's avoiding us.


Probably. Hey, congrats on seriously what a career you had, dude. And we appreciate you joining us. So good luck with everything moving forward.


Awesome. Bye. Same to you. Thanks for having a great career, buddy.


Thanks to Ryan Callahan for jumping on and join us. Man, congrats on a great career. Great guy. It was a great interview to hope for you folks enjoyed it. Hey, guys, Valentine's Day is coming up. And for a lot of guys, that can mean added pressure to perform. Luckily with Roman, you can relax whether you deal with E.D. or you're more concerned about lasting longer in bed.


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Definitely check that stuff out, guys. Have an unhappy lover on Valentine's Day for sure. All right.


Moving right along here. Saturday afternoon, I paired up with the rink shrinks. Mike Morell and Brian Yandle. They were doing a live stream telethon for AJ Quadro, who was the I'm sorry, Rhode Island hockey player who was injured a couple of weeks back. He suffered a spinal injury. So the rink shrinks, decided to do a telethon Saturday, and I was honored to be asked to do it. We raised over twenty one thousand dollars during the couple of hours we did it.


If you'd like to donate as well, it's AJ ten dot org. You know, I know there's a lot of people asking for help these days, but this is a situation where a family is going to need a lot of help with medical bills because unfortunately, a lot of things don't get covered. So, again, he was a high school hockey player, Rhode Island. He was injured at a game in Massachusetts. And, you know, him and his family are going to have a bit of a struggle ahead financially.


So if you can help AJ Ten dog, what I know you want to mention something here with the Bruins as well.


Yeah, I talked to Bob Sweeney, who he played for the Bruins in the Sabres, have had a long NHL career. He's now the president of the Boston Bruins Foundation. And he had two things he was hoping I could mention gladly for this kid and his family. The first is it's a 50/50 that the Bruins Foundation will be holding. It's actually this one's only for Massachusetts residents. But you can purchase the fifty fifty raffle tickets between now and the third period of Saturday, February 13th game.


That's at Boston Bruins dot com slash 50/50. So get into that right now it's over. I think 70000 should be up to one hundred K by the time the the raffle ends or the winner's picks. That's a good chunk of change. All the proceeds going to AJ and his family and the other one that anyone can get involved in is the NHL Stick and Jersey auction for AJ. So the hockey world come together completely as they always do. Such a strong knit community.


Sticks and jerseys featured in this auction were donated from players and teams all across the league. So I think that players are reaching out and really want to help out this kid and what he's gone through. So I think that I'm saying this and the Bruins Foundation would say the same thing, that they really appreciate the participation from all the teams and players and all the fans who are looking to get involved in all the benefits will also go to the AJ Credit Fund, and that's WWE Bruins Auctions dog.


That auction actually closes February 11th at 10:00 a.m. So hop on that thing today as you listen. And Tuesday, I think you got one or two more days. But let's try to help out somebody who's going through, you know, some really, really difficult thing to watch. And we talked about Travis Roy and his legacy. And let's try to help out AJ as much as we can. And. All right, that was great. You went on with the recount.


You did a hell of a job. And I want to show to Brian Yandle. Yeah. And Mike model for doing that and raising a bunch of money on Friday night.


It's awesome. Great work. All right. Thanks, guys. I appreciate that. And well said, Wit. Hopefully, if you folks can help out, please do. Like I said the other day, no amount is too small, no amount is too high.


And that Bruyn's auction, there's some pretty sick superstar players. Stick's jerseys. Get on there and check it out along with the fifty fifty for mass residents, you bunch of assholes it.


All right. Moving right along, Beijing is going to use the North American sized ice for the Olympic hockey, willing as we do if we do get it, assuming it takes place.


But this is a big deal because we've always talked about the difference in play on Olympic ice service and now they're going to kind of shrink it. I don't know what the particular reason is, but also Doug Armstrong was named as the GM of Team Canada. Don Sweeney named as one of his assistants. What's your take?


Taking the ice well deserved for Doug Armstrong on what he's done throughout his career.


And I think that the ice is great because these NHL guys, bigger ice is cool, but it also can create less offense, as hard as that is to believe you're able to kind of just like pack it in a little bit and let guys stay to the outside. And I think the actions better with how good and fast these guys, our guys are on the. Scissoring and you saw the same was in Vancouver, I believe it was just they didn't make the rink any bigger.


So you saw how good those games were and shout out, I love this episode. We get to talk a little bit about the possibility of the two thousand twenty two best in the world on best in the world, whereas Johnny Goodrow mentioned he hopes to make Team USA.


I think you're good there, Johnny. You can watch friends the whole flight to China. And I just I just I really, really hope this ends up going down. Who knows what's going on.


I know that it'll actually be Winter Olympics in Summer Olympics, back to back or whatever it is because of the delay of last year's summer games. But that tournament could be really special for us as a podcast for hockey fans everywhere. All we want is at best, on best. And I think we're going to get it.


I think Olympic ice is the biggest joke ever. Like you said, everyone just skates to the perimeter. There's not as much scoring chances you could just avoid.


It turns ways vocality. No offense, it's cloudy and it turns it way more to soccer than than actually hockey because it's all about possessions. Oh, nothing there. OK, let's throw it back. The doormat, regroup. OK, nothing there. OK, let's bring it back again. So it's a no brainer going to North American ice. And and I think that that even a lot of places overseas have have started shrinking it. I don't think they're at North American size yet, but there's like a level between Olympic size in an a North American size.


So at least it's a better median. But that's the way all all the best players in the world are playing in the NHL. You might as well use that size ice sheet.


Yeah, hopefully we will get the Olympics, because that's what we've been waiting for, but obviously covid kind of dictating the pace of the planet right now.


So we'll keep our fingers crossed. All right, gang.


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That's simply safe dotcom checklists.


Boys, I'm not sure if there was additional camera on, but how about gritty getting painted like the scene from the Titanic turn the Bruins Flyers game the other night. I don't know if you saw it. He comes out in a gown like a nightgown and drops it, just like Kate Winslet in Titanic sprawls out and he tweets, Paint me like one of ate French johns like that. Philly, Philly, where J.W. went. I mean, you would have thought the appeal of gritty might have worn off by now, but it has it like this guy, just Ziggs when you think he's going to zag because I'm not crazy about his bellybutton.


I don't know what they've got going on there, which is a little bit. But they must have a whole team around it. And they're just constantly thinking of new ideas, how to keep him fresh in everybody's mind. And I love it. I think it's great for a game. And what do you like them? You big fan of gritty? I am a fan of gritty.


I think he's the perfect representation of a good junky Philly trash bag and he shows the passion and he has these original moments like getting painted and Kevin Hayes is in him like they spend like holidays together and stuff. I think that he's going to caddy for Kevin all summer.


It was so I think he's an awesome mascot.


I really do like the both of the Philadelphia the Phillies guy, what's his name? The fanatic fanatic. Like, it's I always thought he was the best baseball one. And they've really kind of grown a little bit with the gritty. It's like he's similar. He's just he's just like on a harder drug than a fanatic like the fanatics on like shrooms and gritty on heroin. It's it's, you know. Yeah.


He's getting it done. The other big sports news out the weekend, boys, we buried this one for the San Jose Canseco fought rough and rowdy. He fought Billy Football, the firm former intern pad. My take. I mean, what a fucking disaster. Jose Canseco.


I mean, you would have thought he'd come out and throw a punch, whatever. He took a fucking dive. I mean, I don't know if he took two solid shots of Billy. Not decent Billy. Billy come out firing, but Jose just fell in the corner and covered up in total, absolute embarrassment. But I suppose he got the last laugh because he made a nice little payday for himself.


So there was no morality clause in the contract that he signed. So Portnoy ended up tweeting out after the fight. I think the next day that threw everything and he was guaranteed if it was the biggest pay per view that bastard had ever gotten it rough and rowdy, he got another bonus. So I think altogether, Porter said they paid him a million bucks to fight for ten seconds, take a dive. He said it was his shoulder, which I'd imagine with all the steroids he's taken and him chucking weights, I would imagine his shoulders aren't the best, but nonetheless, a complete fucking fleece job by Jose Canseco with fleas job.


I was talking to Dave about it in Detroit. He said he said he actually doesn't think that he went into the fight thinking I was going to take a dive. But the minute they played football ran at him and like Dave made the funniest point, he couldn't even get through the fucking ring, dude. He couldn't even get through the ropes to get into the ring, like, right away.


It's like, oh, my God, yeah, you're 270, but you move like a Mack truck. And Billy football came at him so hard that then he was probably like, oh my God, Don shoulder complain. No, he won. Now, what's interesting is they were announcing the entire rough and rowdy that they were smashing their viewerships like that. It was crushing it. So Jose Canseco knew before his fight if he'd been listening to the other fights that he already was going to get his rev share.


And then I think Portnoy sent a tweet out something where it's like, why are you saying why are you putting them on blast or saying what he made? And he's like, because I want people to know. How much they can make if they do a fight with us and if we want you to fight with us like you're going to get paid. So I think that it makes sense. And and in the end, bar stool, like people are saying, oh, he owned you guys.


It's like they made like millions of dollars on the big review. Yeah. They got you know, Jose ended up pulling a sleeping bag move, but it still is a successful night, but still sell some great entertainment as well.


Frank, the tank was great, that Nakota was sick. The fastest knockout and rough, rough and rowdy history was I was pretty gnarly. And then and then they had to to what do you call them? Smaller people. You call them dwarfs. Is midgets an OK term. Now, RJ, help me out.


Either either dwarves a little people and then there are some who, you know, don't mind the term midget themselves like our friends are, but generally in a mixed crowd usually go with little people. So they had a little bit of everything. And then the ring.


The ring girls, I'm going to, you know, people all over me, nobody cares about soccer. Any fucking asshole out there who tweet to me, they don't care about soccer. I'm only going to talk about it more. Chelsea is on fire. They hired a new manager from Germany. They gassed their former legend. They hired this new manager. They haven't lost. They've got and I think like nine of a possible eleven points, whatever it is, ten of a possible twelve.


I will be going to New York City for the live stream of Chelsea Arsenal, which is Zschau and troops, his team, whose socks they stink. Chelsea is right. It fit. These guys are intent. They suck. It's in the middle of their enemy. I will be there. I'll get to experience a little tsar and troops live stream action.


What's been the difference with the new culture? Just so he's changed a lot of different things. I mean, he's totally changed the lineup in a sense where he's gotten more out of this. Timo Werner Verner Werner, who is a huge signing from Germany. This guy's German. He looks way better. This guy still hasn't scored in like three months, but the team just looks awesome. They're playing different. They have this massive amount guy. He's so nasty.


He's been playing for Chelsea since he was six years old.


How cool is that? The whole English premier like what they do in terms of the academies and they have under eight teams under ten, twelve.


And like to you grow up and you want to play for your high school hockey team.


If you're in Minnesota, you know, you want to play on a college hockey team. These kids are playing for the team where they're just dream is to be on the senior team someday. And so the whole the whole like way they go about producing, you know, athletes in England is awesome. I'm all in. And if you don't like soccer, you're such a joke of a person keeps sitting there watching hockey and hockey only and don't learn anything else about life in sports, you fucking losers.


Speaking of soccer, which I know we mentioned Ted last before I know you started it, but did you go back to it?


Did not. When I'm in I'm in Florida, so it's golf and then, you know, get ready for the pod. Watching hockey, I, I was talking to Chief about that. He's like, do you watch any shows? I'm like, no, I don't. I don't. I will give it a shot though.


All right. Yeah. I still get a lot of people replying that on the recommendations. They watch it, they enjoyed it. And just to go back to rough and rowdy business. Yeah, I'm glad you said how entertaining it was as much as the Canseco fights, not because he took a dive. Did you get your twenty dollars worth ten times over when you watch that broadcast two and a half hours of straight comedy. I mean, there's no there's no other media company what a collection of people like like a barstool can trot out for an event like that.


And as far as I can say, go, man, how much money has he fucking blown? I mean, how much did he make?


I think I've looked at it. I think he made just under fifty million in his career. But between divorces and legal battles and stuff, I think I think he's pretty much pissed it all away, which is that's unfortunate.


If he had a flight, I wonder if he would go back, if he wouldn't he he kind of became a joke when he wrote Juiced. Like that was kind of like the end.


I guess he became a joke when the home run went off his head and out of the state. Yeah, that might have been when he became a joke. But I just it just seems like he threw everyone under the bus. It's just like then it was just like, you're a loser and I know you needed the money at the time, but what a bomb.


What an absolute speaking of throwing people under the bus.


So screech I love passing away as well. The guy from Saved by the Bell went and I heard what's true is true.


That's really sad. Did you hear like. Yeah, I was apparently it was. It was something. Yeah. The whole way it went down. But going back he wrote like a tell all book about everyone from Saved by the Bell. I don't even know about this. And I guess he lied about everything in the book and then they released it. He made some money and then ended up coming out afterward and saying, yeah, I lied, made up a bunch of the stories.


And this guy this guy had quite the, you know, quite the the what's the word I'm looking for? It was basically Althoff, Ron becoming like corn.


Yeah. He filmed his own porn movie and hired a few girls. And it was just it was sad what fame did to him. Yeah.


And that's the thing when you're so young, you see so many of these child actors. And the thing is for him, like he had a big lump in his neck and so he ended up passing away and he wouldn't even go get it checked out because he was so afraid of somebody getting a picture and then him being the running joke once again online. And he ended up dying, you know, so it's like first of all, it shows how miserable and mean people can be online.


But it's also like do when it comes to your health, you can't give a shit what any. No one thinks about anything, you got to get checked out, so it's really sad to know that if he'd gone in way sooner and he hadn't been so self-conscious, maybe he'd still be around, because no matter how tough the guy's life was, I mean, jeez, I wish he were still alive. I don't know him, but it was definitely a tough scene.


And for child actors, the more the more of them are messed up in adulthood than than doing well.


I would say I would never I would never, ever put my kid into into acting at a young age.


Like I think I think that's tapped. And I know there's times that family members and parents do it. They need money. They got a good looking kid. All of a sudden somebody is like, yeah, I give them a chance. But you are setting your kid up for failure by doing that.


It's funny you brought that up. If you are considering putting your kid in show biz, I highly recommend this documentary on HBO Adrup, I believe late last year. It's called SHOWBIZ Kids, directed by Alex. Alex went from Bill and Ted's fame. He's he's a great director.


Alex went to and it doesn't come out and tell you what and what not to do. But the message is certainly implied when you watch the documentary like, you know, yeah, some kids are successful and some kids aren't. But there's a there's a fucking lot of ugliness behind the scenes. And, you know, a lot of these kids end up fucking, like, damaged or broken or, you know, and for those who are successful, even if they still have a lot of issues, because it's not a normal thing for a six or seven or eight year old kid to be working, let alone working.


No, I was 60 hours a week and having people watch them, it's such a crazy, unique business. But yeah, show biz kids, I highly recommend that it's it's just a good dock on its own. I don't know if you contemplated sticking your kids in showbiz or not, but it's very interesting.


Do you ever watch those those ones the reality shows of the kids doing the pageants and stuff?


Oh, I've seen like Honeybee or whatever, Honey Boo Boo.


Yeah, I was that was that's like me calling an ama ama ama starfish.


But I think that like if you if you see if you seriously think about what you should be doing at nine years old, it's like because you're playing catchiness is bugger's playing with a Barbie doll like memorizing lines.


Fuck you. Yeah, and they actually, you know, they interview a bunch of former stars like child stars, and they actually have one kid who's currently like nine or 10 years old, and he's kind of like the modern day kid they follow. And that's probably the most interesting part of it, because, you know, you have these parents who are doing great things on a whim of a nine year old kid, like taking loans out and moving the family here.


And it's like all because no pressure is I want to act, no pressure. And then they put the kid out there and it's like the kid really not that talented.


So, you know, you might want to if I can do this before you remortgage the house, but just go back and say go for it. What do you think the odds are of when he got paid? He called up his money guy. I was like, put it all in GameStop and AMC right now.


What's this? Dodge stock dog dogecoin, baby dogecoin. Buy it. I don't really understand it, but basically a bunch of predators were fighting out stocks that all these hedge funds were shorting. And then they turned that they turned the tables. Right. Is that a pretty accurate assessment? How did you guys feel about all this? Did you pay attention to it yet? Yeah, I mean, it was hard it was hard not to. I don't really understand.


And I'm sure there's a hedge fund guy or finance person who could explain why, but I don't really understand why you're allowed to short stocks. Seems like kind of an odd game now. I think there's probably arguments to why it happens, but I mean, it's very powerful for a huge hedge funds to all of a sudden short businesses. And like they can bury a business, they can really make it worth less. And you just saw the common man really flip the table on these hedge funds.


I was told that there was hedge funds that every that lost a billion dollars, every 12 dollars like GameStop was was going up.


So, you know, the issue like Robin Hood ended up like screwing over the customers and breaking the what they kind of like said was their goal as a company was to allow any person to trade. And all of a sudden it was like, no, you can only sell it. You can't buy more. And it really did look sketchy. Portnoy went on a bunch of different talk shows and kind of explained how he thought it was so fraudulent and there was some scumbag stuff going on.


I would not I would not bet against that.


I mean, it's like the the man or what do you call it, the system. You can't beat them, right? They just turn the game in their favor, right. When they wanted to.


And it fucked a lot of people out.


The scary thing the scary thing was, is like I think a lot of people probably got in a little bit late to GameStop and then, like, they really got screwed. This by people who lost a lot of money in that.


I just don't get how you don't if you're going to make trading for everyone, you have to make it fair. It has to be has to be, you know, on equal ground. And I think there'll be tons of different.


What do you call it like what are the Senate hearings? And maybe there will be some regulations that come about this. But what a crazy time.


I love the Big Short, so great movie. I really enjoyed it. I think that this whole scenario from last week will make for an even better movie at some point.


Yeah, I'm not surprised by anything shady when it comes to the stock market and in fact, you know, finance stuff. To me, it's always been a rigged game. Like, you know, I think the idea you're going to go on in and out in a couple of days and make money in the stock market, that's a little Pollyanna ish. Like, it's just it's not set up that way. The people get fucked. I don't know.


I didn't read the particulars. You know, when you sign up for Robinhood, when everybody signs that, you know, the terms and services or terms of service or whatever it might have been somewhere and that and people just don't read those. So they might have said and it gets to a certain point that's going to happen. But if it didn't, nothing surprises me. The fact that all we're going to get fucked here, let's change the game, that doesn't surprise me at all when you deal with Wall Street.


And it's like they can't really it's like those guys can't rig the game, only we can rig the game. You know, it's like that sort of felt like and that's why I wasn't surprised, man. When you when you mess with Wall Street, it's it's a it's a soulless fucking place, lacking morals. So I'm not surprised.


I can't keep track crazy world right now. We haven't even discussed the bitcoin either. All right. Yeah.


Of all the study up before our next episode for that one, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, whatever the fray gets called, get my crypto on. But either way, that's going to wrap up this episode.


Hopefully you enjoyed it. Johnny Hockey and Ryan Callahan, great guests. Hopefully enjoy the show and we'll catch you next week. Have a great week, everybody. You guys.


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