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Hello to everybody, welcome to Episode 323 of Spin Check Lights presented by Pink Whitney for my friends at New Amsterdam Vodka.


Here in the barstool sports podcast Family, we are recording first time ever, I believe, from Grenvilles Place business here.


Jesus, what Jesus had dude unbelievably low paying this guy. Jesus Rolex is in that that unit of a no, I'm a step ahead of everyone.


And I said this before, it's covid times. Times are tough for everyone right now. But what I did is I went apartment hunting. I knew the prices were down in New York City, so I went apartment hunting. And I mean, Rudy found a great spot. It's down fifteen hundred dollars.


So let me ask you something. You said you think above the rest. Is that what you said?


A step ahead? You don't think anyone else did that?


No, I actually don't. I think everyone else moved out of New York City. All the apartments are empty. I think no one else did that early on.


And that's why I got a great deal.


And I'm happy to have you guys are said bad. I got some pink needs a car, too. So what do you got to check out the roof deck, my man. I know you don't like community. You go on like Portnoy did in Boston.


He does, but it's an incredible view. I almost shit my pants when I go up. They're not Dissinger. Just an unreal view of Manhattan. Good shit. Yeah.


No, I hope you did, because you're told right away that's money when you say you shit your your pants because. Are you afraid of heights. Actually I am.


It's funny we talked about that last night. I have a fear of heights but I try to conquer it and I still have it. Like I've gone bungee jumping a bunch of times. I rode the roller coaster at the top of the stratosphere in Vegas skydiving.


I know I have time, fear, but it's funny, it hasn't changed the feel like I still like even last night I was a window washer at one point too.


I won't even walk to the ledge, like I won't even get too close to it. But yeah, I do have a fear of heights, but at the same time I do try to conquer it. But yeah, I try to tell Joey and his girl to watch King Kong, the original last night with the Empire State Building right there. But he's like, oh, I did. I'm like, no, not the one in 1976. The one in 1933.


He's like, I didn't know that was one.


So I'm really Grantly going goes in the kitchen biz, comes back. Ari's talking to his girl. She just looks scared, worried. And he's like, what happened?


She's like he keeps telling me to watch Ted laughs So he's getting angrier and angrier.


Well, she was he was talking about his bets to her. And then she when he left, he was like, I love that guy. But I don't know a word that he just said.


I mean, either I joined him for five years. Exactly.


We just got back from Jupiter, Florida. Well, what the what dog still down there? Me and BISAN flew back yesterday, very productive week. We had one sandbagger. We did a mini golf thing, a couple live streams, shitload of interviews, actually. We got mentioned how we got like Las Vegas, Vegas Gold Night, Mark Stone. I would say he got a little bump since we recorded, but he's been doing this all year long.


And we also have Jeff Maric on Canadian TV host up in The Wiz. It awesome, dude. We'll get to that later. What was your take on our week in Jupiter? Successful.


What? I thought it was very successful. I thought we grind it and I know it sounds like grinding. I know you were not digging ditches here, but we we got a bunch of stuff to bank and they're all not really time sensitive. You know, some of those interviews we can kind of drop in whenever. And I had a blast.


The sandbagger was very entertaining, very intense golf match. I'll say that Hosie.


Sorry, José, he's going to kill me.


Theodore, former MVP of the National Hockey League and Ed Jovanovski could have won a Noris gold medalist.


Amazing career and I think that people are going to enjoy that one. The other thing I wanted to say about Jupiter, it was a pleasure having you guys here.


What a classy place this is. And we had a couple of nice dinners, little cookout action. I love that we got a bunch of work done. I will finish off with this.


We used to go and do those trips three, four or five nights and bank interviews and then party all night. Now, I've been asleep for 36 hours pretty much since you guys left.


I'm an old man who can't handle the heat anymore. So even no partying. I'm gassed.


I couldn't agree more. I've slept the last two days since I've been here in NYC. But but ultimately a very successful trip. We got some great interviews that will be rolling out over the over the next month as well as we got we got our still release one of the easy sandbaggers, and then this one will probably come out in a few months. So I'm excited for you guys to hear these interviews. And we got a couple of them coming up here.


As you mentioned, American Stone that we got. And let's get to what else is going on. Unfortunate news, of course.


Yeah, I just wanted to piggyback on what I should go the comment that Donny does, because I look like absolute trash right now. I'm exhausted, too, but I'll take it for the team to look like trash one of the tuba's. Do you want to talk about the live stream before we move on to the news?


OK, what about it. Oh yeah. Oray disappeared for an hour. Yeah. Where did you go.


Well I went to roll roll stick for the crew so I was taking it for the team and while I was there I needed to use the facilities. It was the other building so it was a ten minute ten minute walk to get there and it was nice to be missed. I was glad to see you walking backwards.


I had to go all the way to. Hotel and I actually I left this part out, I was I was feeling pretty, pretty good that night, so I got back to the room, I wrap a stick and I thought I put it behind my ear. And then I get to the elevator. I reach up like factories and I'm like, I got all my glasses on. So I'm literally squinting at the floor with my flashlight on my phone looking.


I go back to the room. I can't find I'm ripped the room apart. I go to wrap another one, then I go back to everything again. Also, I looked on, I realized I had a fucking t shirt pocket right here. I put it there before I left the room. I was fucking little feeling a little too funky.


So I got the surveillance from a hotel in Jupiter on this fiasco. But I'm glad you like on acid.


They're like, no, it's just our lost the joint.


Yeah. Yeah, basically. So either way, that's what I was I was helping out the squad.


I like to I like to thing obviously was sponsored by Pink. What we do want to let you know Hackie is back and you're going to have to find to find your shot. And what better way to do that than with Pink Whitney? From January 1st to March 26, we had given Chiclets fans a chance to win a custom pink Whitney shot machine. All you have to do is post a picture of you in your pink Whitney and use the hashtags Pink Whitney, take a shot and sweepstakes.


We'll be picking winners from the U.S. and Canada every other week. So make sure to get creative with your submission. Like this said, it's tough news to start off. We obviously like that fun on the show, but some things are bigger than the show. Canada's hockey dad I the Gretzky died at the age of 82. He had been having some health issues the last few years, had had Parkinson's, some other issues. Wayne said in his eulogy Saturday.


He had taken a fall and basically kind of regressed from there. We obviously want to give our deepest, most heartfelt condolences to the whole Gretzky clan. It's obviously a huge loss, but it was some beautiful scenes at the funeral as the procession was going by the whole community out there given stick taps. I mean, I'm not sure I've ever seen that before. Wayne gave a beautiful eulogy Saturday, which could only have family there, which is, you know, under the current times is tough for a lot of friends.


You couldn't get there. And that's not an easy thing to do to get there. And, you know, talk about your dad. He said he was a remarkable man who loved life, love family would be a way better world if there was so many more people like my dad.


I mean, that's a great testament right there. I want to ask, did you ever meet Wally?


I met him. I talk about it in the interview that we spoke on it as well. He had some some great words. First time I ever met him, I was in Bradford at a roller hockey tournament. And every single tweet that I saw about people describing when they'd met him and their first experience with him, that was mine. He was surrounded by people. He was smiling. He was giving out autographs, made everybody feel special that was there.


And yeah, it sucks, guys. It's you know, this is you know, it sucks. It's a tough way to start the episode. I know a lot of you people out there are hurting as well, because this is a guy who did a lot for the game of hockey.


And and as Wayne has said, to like, you know, it was probably hard for Wayne to give everybody his time and energy while going through his career and doing what he did. But I feel like he took a lot of that pressure off Wayne as well, just for how big of an ambassador to the game he was, especially in Canada. I mean, he's he's Canadian royalty. And just at the fact that he's he was so humble the entire time, dealing with his kid, being like a world renowned superstar and treating everybody the way that he did it just I mean, it's it's a horrible, horrible loss for for the hockey world, for for all of Canada and really the entire planet.


More more people need to be like Walter Gretzky.


And, yeah, it's it's sad. Well said, I think I might repeat myself in American Review if I do, I apologize. You days ago, but.


I was touched to see I don't know if it was Wayne or somebody else in the family who mentioned, like, it's comforting to know he's back with our mom, you know, and he's and he's in like a better place because he is really fighting Parkinson's, among other things. So, you know, that's a guy who is like fighting as hard as possible.


And I think for Wayne and all of his brothers and a sister to our sisters and his brother, to just basically be able to talk about him with smiles on their faces, because that's what he did. He just made everyone else around him happier. Well said it.


But like I mentioned, we do have Jeff Mark on. So I think we should bring on Jeff. Now, he know Wally better than probably obviously any of us. And he had some good things to say as well as some other topics that are going on. So we're going to go to an earlier interview this week. And without further ado, we're going to bring on our friend, Jeff Marak.


Well, I'm very happy to welcome our next guest back to the show, as it's been a minute since his last appearance. He's the NHL host on SportsNet up in Canada in one half of the excellent 31 Thoughts podcast. And it's a pleasure to have him back here in the Spin Checkmates podcast. Thanks so much for joining us, Jeff Marijke. How you been, my friend? All right.


I'm great with Paul Ginelli. How are you guys all doing today? We're doing great. We've got the hockey encyclopedia on best. That's right.


Just put a quarter and a quarter of them up, just like the beds on the road.


Here's here's here's the thing. And I've read plenty with with wit. And he'll tell you my my my secret to all of this and don't be fooled, is if you're not sure about something, say it loud.


That's the only way you get by. I'm not sure about this fact here. I better say it loud so people think that I really know what I'm saying. We do it for three hours once a week.


It's called the fog cloud or sky winds as we're screaming over one another.


I remember I remember very specifically when I started working with with some key advice that I gave them. Do remember what I gave you when we bought our first days working together when you were back with us at SportsNet?


I don't know. But I have my these guys I tell you my memories trash.


I said the key to all of this is sincerity. Yes. Yes. And and once you learn how to fake that, then you've got at me.


I hate that the truth. I have a quick question off the top. And I should have asked Elliott and even you before this why 31 thoughts were the name come from thirty one.


It comes from Elliott's blog. So Elliot's blog's name is thirty. One thoughts. He used to be thirty thoughts. And then there came team thirty one in Vegas in team thirty two is on the horizon. So I expect there'll be another branding change. But that's a an old blog that Elliott started writing when he was working at CBS Sports was a weekly much like it is now. And it was, the whole idea was one thought per NHL team and that tiny little blog that he started at CBC Sports that turned into this whatever this thing is now with his blog and the podcast, the multimedia.


And it's yeah, so but all it is, is just a reflection of his blog.


That's the best selling job.


I just listen to the one, of course, that was let off with the Walter Gretzky passing hockey lost his father.


You know what? You know, I thought a lot about Walter last night after we did that podcast and it was late. And then we had to cover off the Darryl Sutter News in Calgary as well. But I remember going to bed and thinking about Walter and, you know, thinking about every exchange that I ever had with them. And it's a true sign of a gentleman where after every conversation we have with someone, you feel better about yourself and you just feel good.


And I've always said, you know, one of the greatest compliments you can pay anybody is when you say their name, do you smile? You mentioned this on the podcast this morning. You know, I don't think anybody I do think it's I think it's impossible bizarre to say the name Walter Gretzky without smiling. And I thought about a couple of things last night.


I thought about how the hockey world would be different. They completely changed. Like we all have breaks moments in our lives where we make a decision. It takes us down a certain path in other works out or it doesn't.


But I always wondered, you know, what would what would the hockey world be like if Walter Gretzky didn't make that backyard rink like you think about everything from from Wayne's presence in the game to the trade to L.A. and Southern expansion in the United States. You can take so much of the NHL that exists right now and even the future of the NHL, because we're still, you know, surfing on this this Gretzky wave in the in the United States. So much of that comes from one single decision, and that's Walter Gretzky's decision to build a backyard rink for his kids.


I thought so much about that last night that, you know, it's the effects are still being felt today just by him making that one. So if you're if you're a hockey parent right now and you're on the fence, do I make a rink or not? Do it.


Just just do it. You never know. You never you never know. Right. I don't know that Walter ever thought, like, okay, I'm putting some water here in the backyard. My kid's going to turn into this juggernaut, the smashes records in the NHL, you know, and we talk about them up here like he invented oxygen. But if you're thinking about a rink, folks just do it.


I think it's without ever having met Walter, but being around the Oilers organization and hearing so many different stories about Wayne and his dad, what to me always seems amazing is that his dad really had no sort of ego.


And like you see all these crazy hockey parents and they talk about how good their kid was and or is. And I get the sense he never did that. It was all about like my son enjoys the game at a young age. Then he became the great one. It was just he was there along for the ride. He didn't try to say this was all me. He didn't try to to toot his own kid's horn. And I think it goes a long way in showing the greatest to ever do.


Its father was still humble and really true to himself and just I just tried to raise good kids and that's why he signed that.


First contract, the 20 year deal with the Edmonton Oilers, right, like there was some Wayne was sort of on the. Do I do this to why do I not do this? And was Walter, who was like, look, you know, we come from pretty meager, meager beginnings here in this family. This is this is money that we've never seen before. This is this is a good a good thing. You do it. Walter himself, by the way, was a pretty good hockey player.


Junior B, you know, Woodstock is Abey's so he played Junior be in Woodstock, was a good track athlete as well. Ultimately was was too small in his era to go anywhere.


But the one thing the Gretzky's are from, from Eastern European descent and a lot of the training that Walter did with all of his kids was all Soviet style. So you look at all those Soviet drills all to the 70s when, you know, in North America it was everybody was a table hockey player.


Right. Like you had your lane and that was it.


No, I'm a winger of my state. Can't touch the boards. I'm out of position.


What's a regroup? What's a record like a regroup? We're talking about you're going backwards, for Christ's sake.


But all those all those drills, like we're all Soviet style drills that he taught all those kids and that I still maintain is why Wayne Gretzky played differently than everybody else and look differently than everybody else. Everyone's going north, south, and he's kind of going all the all over the ice. And the area behind the net became his office. You know, he found a way to keep himself safe on the ice. He kept he found a way to protect himself on the ice, be creative on the ice.


Use everybody around him on the ice. And, you know, Ron McLean was on TV last night and he told a really interesting story. Walter was always interested in Wayne's peripheral vision and not just seeing what's right in front of you, but seeing everything around you. And I thought of a story that Marty McSorley told me years ago. He said, one of the rarest pictures you will ever see of of Wayne Gretzky is him skating along the bench.


I said, why is that? He said, Wayne never liked skating along the bench because you wanted to see everyone who was on the ice. And if he was close to the bench, he couldn't see guys coming on and going off. So he'd always like to be away from the bench when he was moving. And that's got to be a Walther thing. And McClain told the story last night about how one day I'm not sure how old Wayne was, all of a sudden he shows up and he's playing with white gloves.


He's got the white mitts. And you know what? That you know what that means in mens like that's targets like, oh, the guy with the white man. It's like we're on that guy.


And and someone asked like Walter, why do you have Wayne Gretzky? Why do you have your son playing in white gloves? Everyone else got out of black or blue, green, whatever the team colors is. And he's got the target gloves on these white gloves. He said, you know, Walter, your kid's going to be targeted every time he's on the ice. Everybody's going to be trying to get them. And Walter said, yeah, I know that he's got to learn how to play like that.


Like, that's how Walter wanted to train his kids.


Yeah, he wasn't just, oh, I'm going to protect more wit, to your point. Oh, I'm going to dig them up. And we're jumping from team to team to team best offer and all that. He was he was concerned about making an entire athlete, an entire hockey player.


And he did, you know, listen, you can make the argument was probably the best hockey trainer ever because look at who we trained.


I didn't I wasn't I didn't realize that he was filming them as well in the backyard. They would film the drills and then they would go over the tape and way before video, before doing stuff like that.


He was ahead of his time. But I met a man in Bradford one time. He was coaching a roller hockey team. I'll never forget it. I was playing for a Naggar regional team and we went there and we were in the lobby and just surrounded by so many people. Big smile on his face. And exactly every single tweet I saw about on Mike, that was my experience right there.


It's you know, the great thing about that is because everybody's got a story, every wonderful thing. Expend some time, spent some time today. Anyone listening to this right now, spend some time today on Twitter and, you know, just type in Walter Gretzky's trending.


So just click on the trend and you will read wonderful stories because everybody has one with Walter Gretzky, to your point, because like everyone had those conversations, he never walked away from conversations. He waited until everyone had their talk with Walter and the autograph and the picture.


And that's the big thing. Like everybody has a picture of them with Walter Gretzky.


He never turned down anything.


I never saw there been so many events that guy was at with with Walter, mainly charity events.


And, you know, after twenty or thirty minutes, like, OK, Walter, it's time to get get moving here. We got to go.


And he would just stay, you know, hours extra.


So everybody got what they wanted, like he would not leave until everybody got their autograph for their picture.


And you know what? Something else it just sort of dawns on me about Walter. It was really big in Canada when Wayne Gretzky got traded. It's still every single time that day rolls around.


It is a news story. It's the blank anniversary of the Gretzky trade. So Gretzky goes to Los Angeles southern expansion in the United States and become.


Huge, and it was the right move for hockey, but it really wounded the ego of Canada and I think that one of the reasons why Walter was so beloved is, you know, obviously Walter stayed and he filled that void in some way. That Gretzky void that was Wayne then became Walter. And everybody's got the Gretzky autograph. Now, Walter stayed here. Walter was at games with.


How many times did you see Walter around when you played with the Oilers?


Like Walter became in Toronto? He'd be a game. He'd be at least you did see him a lot. He made sure to keep himself out there. And you're right, he stayed in Canada and there was no there was no missing Walter Gretzky even when and when Wayne left.


Yeah, it was almost like you feel this sort of void that did a lot of people a lot of people felt when Wayne Gretzky left.


And I always felt that, you know, he had a stroke in nineteen ninety one. And we always in business mentioned how happy he always is and the smiles that Walter had.


I remember getting some some really interesting wisdom from someone years and years ago. And I think about it when I think about Walter and how happy he always was and how giving and how kind and considerate he always was. Remember once someone told me and this court has always stuck with me, we're born with two lives.


We're all born with two lives. And our second life, our second life begins when we realize we only have one.


And after Walter had his stroke, I think he realized. Hold on a second. We really only do have one life here, and I'm going to spend it the best way that I possibly can.


Yeah, that's very well said. Very well said. And we wanted to shout out the Gretzky family. And there's so much else going on around the NHL and with you covering it in the north division must be exciting this year because you guys are covering all of Canada forever, right? Every year. It's all the Canadian teams you guys cover. But this year it's like, wow, they're only playing each other. And the big news out west is Calgary and the change of coach Jeff Ward's fired Darryl Sardars brought in not for interim.


He signs a three or two, three year contract extension. Where did where do you sit on this? Did you see it coming? Ari called it. We were talking about coaches there on the on the hot seat. And there was odds on one of the Vegas sites about possible coaches to be fired.


Arrigo's I think the guy is even on there's going to go next. Jeff Ward. So he saw it but where are you sitting on Calgary. Can they, can they kind of fix things there.


There was a short term fix guy so if they can Darrell's probably the guy to do it. I'm and good for you IRA, because you know what I've gone into this season, assuming I've gone into the season, assuming that nobody wants to spend money and nobody wants to pay people to not do their job. That's why I didn't think that's why I was surprised that Claude Julien dismissal, you know, that's why I kind of go into the season saying, well, there's only a couple of teams that really spend in the off season.


Montreal is one, Vegas is another. Two teams that really went for it and spent money. But I thought in season trades are going to be hard because no one wants to pick up money. Money is always going to have to wash in every deal. And also, I didn't think there'd be a lot of coaches fired because nobody wants to bring in big tickets when there's no one in the stands. But I think that especially in the Canadian division right now, there's a lot of teams that might be looking at this season and saying, we've got a shot here.


Yeah, we got a real shot. And if we can get out of this division, like Ottawa has taken themselves out, Vancouver's taken themselves out of this thing, we have a shot at. If we just get in, we have a shot of doing something here. And if we get out of our division, then we only have to face two teams that aren't in our division. Like if you get to win the Stanley Cup, you only face off against two teams you didn't play against all season long as you guys well, no one have talked about.


This is unique in the history of the game. And that's why I think, you know, for a team like the Calgary Flames, where this might be the last hurrah of this group, like this could be like, OK, if it doesn't work this time, we're making some decisions on Monohan and goodrow and cetera all the way down the lineup.


I think, you know, you're your Brad Treliving. You're saying I want to give these guys the best possible shot at it. And given the trades are so hard to make right now, this may have been living's only some people might have been surprised, too.


But I think when Los Angeles hired him, he hadn't been coaching for six years.


Correct. And the last after after San Jose. Yeah.


And then, of course, the Dean Lombardi connection. And that's why he brought them on. You mentioned the trade aspect because, you know, by the time I think you guys, we're talking more on thirty one thoughts of the fact that Du Bois ended up going to Winnipeg and then he ends up getting injured and one of his first games. Yes, back just because I mean, two and a half weeks out of this season, if you're going to be trading a major piece, because you obviously you think a major piece is going to be, you know what what coming back is going to what what gets it done now?


That's ultimately probably why they decided to go go with their al-Sadr, correct?


Yeah. Like, if you're if you're trying to make a trade right now, if you're trying to make a trade, you're looking at a two week quarantine, then getting someone into your system. And then at that point, you know, are they up to speed injuries always a factor. The point, as you point out, business is very real and very scary. Plus, if you're neck and neck with a team like the Montreal Canadiens, as Calgary is for a playoff spot, you're devaluing your lineup right away with any deal you makes you losing someone or maybe two people off your roster.


And then you're waiting a couple of weeks to get someone in. And that's a chance for the other teams to to make up ground on you. It's a bizarre season. I do understand why the way it was made. I do understand that it was Darryl. This and coaches are always this is this is always pendulum swings, right? You guys played. You know how it works. Oh, here comes the hard.


Oh, he was too tough on the guy. Easy guy. Let's OK, let's have the nice guys. Guys, guys, is this this this collar's too tight. Let's bring in someone. They can let the guys breathe. That's what it is. Right. This is coaching. It's you guys. I've seen it a million times.


And now Dave, what's that kind of like. Babcock to Keith Babcock to Sheldon Keefe is another great example.


It happens with, you know, just about every team in the NHL. And this is OK, you know what? We're not letting the players run it themselves any more.


No more country club here, Darryl Suttas come off the farm literally to come to try to squeeze some wins out of you guys.


We we did a live stream the other night of Edmonton, Toronto and obviously Toronto, just boots some for three in a row.


And I said I said on the stream, I said, these two teams and if you want to call in the top two in. I'm sure Winnipeg will argue that they're right there, but if you want to call Toronto and Edmonton to talk to Edmonton can't sniff the Toronto Maple Leafs, they are not even on the same level as a team.


And I look at Toronto this year and the depth and Markieff and I don't even know if I'm saying that right. And Angle when he's in the lineup and the way Zealander's played their heads and shoulders above the rest of Canada, aren't they.


They are. I got a lot of grief at the beginning of the season when I, when I said on the podcast, it's Toronto and everybody else. It's true. And then Montreal had their big start. And now you hear about it on Twitter and you get the you know, you get the hammers put to you. And that's OK. That's that's our business.


That's all part of the. I said Washington wasn't going to make the playoffs. Mark, that's OK. I'm all right. I'm still holding out.


Hope I got a worse one for you on our SportsNet predictions, which is published. I said Nashville was going to be the surprise.


Well, they're buzzing the way we all eat them. Don't worry about it. Exactly.


One thing we should point out with the Toronto Maple Leafs, one player that you should circle as being, you know, front and center in those three games against the Oilers who really demonstrated that he can play on any line, be effective, play any role and produce and get under the skin of a goaltender like Mike Smith and that Sackheim and where he's taken his game this year.


I know it's Matthews and Mana and they get the headlines, Morgan, Riley, Neil or Travaris, all that. I'll tell you, man, Zach Heiman has been fantastic for this team.


He's a worker bee. He just works, works, works. I mean, that's what everybody's praising right now, is the fact that they haven't had a third line checking lying like this in a long time. And it just compliments well at the fact that not only can they get on the other team's skin, but they can also produce. So you got those two waves of offense on the first line. The third line's coming out. Yeah. And then, of course, they've they've improved the back end as well.


And and I mean, I joked around on Twitter the other night about it, but Leafs fans have been raving about him. His hall.


Yeah. And wasn't that long ago that he was sitting in the press box.


We talked about that to couldn't even get the line up. Seventy point health bombs one year.


Wonder about the SEC. What are you doing tonight? But I don't know, sorting out my sock drawer. I'm not going to be playing hockey tonight, that's for sure. And yeah, he's distinguished himself.


Him and Muhsen are like, that's that's the main Shut-Down duo. And they did a wonderful job against Connor McDavid. And those last three games about TJ Brodie did a real good job when he was like, it seems as if I mean, you guys have heard this before. You play and don't defend. Right. Like stop the rush before. I don't let it set, like, all of that. And it seems as if that's what they were trying to do and did effectively with Connor McDavid, like all those stick plays were all before they got into the Toronto Maple Leaf Zone.


And part of this, too, is in my junior hockey love. And I'll take this back to your your shell here, because Shelden keeps had to deal with Connor McDavid before and those who say Merry Greyhound's irrigator's games. Now, interestingly enough, one of the defensemen that he would use against them, who is a real good skater and go stride for stride with McDavid, was Darnell Nurse, who, of course, is with the Edmonton Oilers now.


But if there's any coach in the NHL that sort of grown up watching David's game and thought about it and game plan for what to do with Connor McDavid, it's Sheldon Kiffin that goes back to Junior.


Jeff, there was another fire in the division as well. Not as big as big as news, but Stephon Wade's goaltender, coach Montreal was let go. They brought in Sean Burke. I mean, Gary Price's thirty three years old.


He's having an off year, eight, nine, three save percentage. How much is this really going to help him is? It'll be a big factor. How do you think? A what? Yeah, it's a great question.


And for whatever reason, the hands off conversation in Canada for years has been Carey Price. Oh, Kerry Price is a good goaltender who used to be a great goaltender, who used to be an elite goaltender. We haven't seen that guy since two, 16 to 17. But for whatever reason, NHL players won't say it. Generally, media in Canada won't talk about it.


There are those four years where he was the best goaltender in the world. Gold medal for Team Canada almost became like that moment. He became hands off.


But if you ask Terry Price, like his game's been in decline for a few years now and there's no way I can say percentages down across the league, but you just you just can't win unless your goaltender is like, what now? Like, what, nine, 15? It's impossible.


In 20, you can dance. Like, there's just there's just no way to do it. I mean, we always talk about, you know, the coach of Windsor, Jack Adams Award. First thing you need to do is go look at his goalie, save percentage, because I assure you it will not be in the hundreds.


It's a it's a high nine hundred SMITH throughout the year that Dave Tippett won his. Yeah. What was his business.


Remember, over a thousand years. I could not say that, but but but it's a great point. Is a guy ultimately it's what's in that that's going to that's going to be a big deciding factor.


Elaine Quijano has the great line when describing hockey. If you're a goaltender is better than my goaltender, you win. If my goaltender is better than your goaltender, I win.


And I can remember who actually said this might have been net Harkness in the 70s.


We should rename we should rename hockey goalie, because ultimately that's what it all comes down to.


If you have the goalie, it's it's it's 70 percent of your team. And if you don't, it's one hundred. And it's really that simple. Yeah.


Wednesday night there was another game a lot of people are talking about, not just Toronto, Edmonton, but Trent Frederich and Alexander Ovechkin in Boston, Washington.


Well, what was your take on that? I did. Do you think you knew who he was lining up there for a second before he dropped the gloves?


Of course. And I think maybe for a second there, he thought, wow, I can I can get Ovechkin off the ice for five minutes. What kind of cookie is Bruce Cassidy going to give me when I get back to the bench here? First of all, I really like Trent.


Frederick. I don't know Trent. Frederick. I've spoken to Trent Frederick. I think for about for about 90 seconds at the draft when I interviewed him after Boston drafted him. But I really like him. And he's got he's he's a skilled player who's tough, like, I don't know many guys that knock on Tom Wilson's door. I don't know any guys. I've sat around Reeves that knock on Tom Wilson's door.


I think he'll knock on anyone's door. I get this with kid. He doesn't care and know what's cool about the offense you bring up is he he's like, all right, I'm putting that to the side. I don't necessarily have that yet. Let me get this physicality. Let me get some room for myself. And I think the offense will show itself.


I'm with you 100 percent like he is. I remember talking to someone in Boston after they made that pick with the Buffalo draft and was talking to someone outside the Boston table. I'm like, why did most most people had sort of Trent Frederich going in the second round? Like, why did you jump up and grab Frederich in the first? You said one, we had Intel that Anaheim was going to grab right after us. They took Sam Steel out of Regina because we went the Frederick route.


But to when it comes to still down the middle, he was just flat out next on our list and we couldn't turn that down. And eventually, David Qureishi is not going to be a member of the Boston Bruins anymore. And all of a sudden Coyle is going to slot higher and so is Fredricka, like he's going to slide into that. He is a natural sentiment. He will be in that spot for the Boston Bruins. And you're right about about the toughness.


And he will you're right what he will knock on on anyone's door. And one of my favorite Frederich stories is this one, the American Hockey League. It's Springfield playing against Providence. And Tommy Cross is playing for Springfield. And he laso Bobby Hughes with a vicious elbow to the head.


It's like instant, instant Cayo Sussie coming.


Yeah, I'm sure you guys have seen the Clippers on YouTube. It's a tough one. And so right away, Federico's goes at and in the American Hockey League, they have the ten fight world. They have this in junior hockey as well. So you get ten fights. And then after that, every fight you have, it's a suspension and the suspensions get bigger and bigger depending on how many fights you have. It's the you know, they keep the thirty fight guys out of the out of the out of the the American Hockey League.


And so at this point, Fredricka, I love this line trend.


Frederick had three fights. He was three fights so far that season. And he goes up to Tommy Cross and he says, Tommy, I've got seven fights left this year and I'm using them all on them.


That is right, Fredricka. Punch card. Yeah, I listen, I'm punching seven more. I'm not paying anybody. I got seven more fights and I'm using them all on you. Oh, my goodness. That's unbelievable.


And you mentioned you mentioned Qureishi and what a playoff player he is. And I don't think by any means he's done. But you're right, he's, I mean I. He's close to 36, if not already, and you hear the rumor, the rumor mill, and you hear every team saying, how do we get Jack ickle? And Bruins fans are the same. But if I look at Jack ickle and the joke that the Buffalo Sabers are, is there any team that could go out and grab him and has any more of a package than New York Rangers?


Is that wishful thinking? L.A. could get it done.


L.A., probably the Rangers is the obvious one, right? Like, let me OK, let me throw that. We'll do like the fantasy trade scenarios here. If if you're the New York Rangers and the Buffalo Sabers came to you and said Jack Ickle in exchange for Alexia LaFonta, Coppo Kako and a first, I just I literally said this two days ago, and I'm doing that in a heartbeat if I'm in New York.


And you said I went to Buis. Yeah, because, I mean, at this point, like, you got to expect, OK, let's say LA for neurons are popping off, he'll probably get to a level of what Jack ickle is proven to do, maybe even a little bit surpass that. I hate giving up on these young guys because I feel like a lot of people do nowadays. They come in at 18, 19, they play two years and then it's like, OK, they haven't done anything, chip them off somewhere.


And it's kind of a I think like this whole new move, put these guys in the NHL at such a young age and not having them develop in the American League at all is kind of, you know, made made people move on from guys a lot earlier.


But if I'm them, I would do it just because you have. Who do you got? You got the manager out there who's I mean, he's not getting any younger, but he's pretty much in the prime of his career. You got you got you got Krider, who's been playing really well. I think he's got to hattrick in the last eight days with Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Panarin, and they seem to have a decently good enough backhand with a couple of young goaltenders.


So why wouldn't you why wouldn't you do it now? It's just I guess it ends up being you give up on Laferriere.


You said some really interesting there. I don't think I want to pick up on this one. This because this is I think it's a really good point.


And we saw this with, I think, the most recent example of giving up on a guy too young now of like saying that we seem to think that if someone doesn't make the right out of the draft within the first year of them being drafted. Oh, Dud. Yeah, he's not playing.


Wasn't Jack Hughes getting him down last year? I mean, so the guy that I think of right now is Ty Smith.


Right. So Ty Smith goes and plays was a four years Spokane or.




He played the four years in Spokane and he's first round draft pick and it just took him a little bit longer to get there. But how much easier to just slide into that New Jersey back end because he had that extra season?


And I do think it's true and I do think defensemen get a little more leeway. I think these young Demandware is like the forwards because of what Matthews and McDavid and all these guys have done. They get the pressure. It's like you. Well, you don't you didn't get sixty five points when you're nineteen, it's like, you know, men are able to at least they're not the crazy expectations, aren't there? And, you know, you've seen Darlene and Darlene in Buffalo and, you know, he hasn't caught as much heat as you feel like a young senator would.


That's a really good point, and I will throw I'll throw something back to you, I think by the time a defenseman is twenty one, we know what he's going to become.


We used to always say, oh, twenty five, twenty six. And I always felt that that was general managers who have always had a hard time with that position, just buying themselves some time, you know.


I mean when you played like that, you know what. Yeah but someone's twenty one you get a sense of like OK I can see where like they might not be that actual defenseman that they're going to become at that age.


But you have a sense by the time the twenty is that I guess this mystery envelope that, you know, you don't get to open until they're twenty five years old kind of get a sense of what the like when the twenty one point.


Yeah, I agree. And I think a guy that hops to mine there is Jeff Petrie. And at 21 he wasn't who he is now. But you could see you could see it. And I remember and maybe he might have been twenty two that year, but it was like, all right, this guy's got something special. And once he gets the ice time and by the time he gets to twenty five, I think he will be this player.


But at twenty one if he wasn't able to skate the way he didn't, he didn't have that offensive vision that would occasionally pop its head. You could be like, I don't know if we ever have an offensive defenseman here. It's true.


Can I talk back to Shawn Burke getting hired quickly? I think that if there's one guy who could help carry price, get back to where he was, it's him. He's proven it over over the years with. I mean, I watched him do it with Elizabeth Golove. I saw him do it with Mike Smith. I wasn't there for the Devin Nick situation in Arizona, but he obviously found his game again there. They I also heard that it happened between the second period where they got rid of.


Is it Steffon? Wait, is that how you pronounce it? Yeah. Yeah. And apparently there were some disagreements on maybe how he was playing technically and and maybe with the way he was approaching the game mentally.


I don't know what the the discussion was, but that whole situation did kind of have like a Mike Cammalleri trade vibe to it, didn't it? I guess it was weird when I mean, after the game we get the announcement and then Mark Bergrin said, yeah, I was in the second period that we made the decision and went the the other direction. I don't know what happened behind the scenes between Mark Burgess and Stefan. Wait, I got don't know.


It's like, OK, do you want Kerry playing more aggressive? You want a less aggressive deeper. I honestly I don't know what that conversation is. I do know I'm a big fan of Sean Burke. I'm with you, Paul. Like, I think that this guy's a real smart hockey person, probably going to be a general manager. I mean, those intentions I mean, he's made public a number of different times. That's a trajectory that he's on.


But I mean, the interesting thing is it's a director title, so I'm not sure exactly how hands on he's going to be right away with Carey Price. It seems as if, you know, this is sort of one level above that.


But I'm with you like any type of any type of environment where you can get more attention and teaching for your goaltenders the better. Because let's not forget, it wasn't until the mid seventies we saw anyone even whisper goaltending coach, right?


Yeah. When did when did they come around?


I'll tell you exactly when they came around. It was the Detroit Red Wings, the galbanum, a Dennis, the Jordy who was there helping Jim Rutherford with the Detroit Red when Detroit was a really struggling team like the first assistant coach ever was. Mike Nikolsk with the Philadelphia fliers. Really sure of Fred Schiro brought him in and Dennis the Jordy at the end of his career, who did play with the Red Wings as well. They brought him in as the goalie coach.


I remember I saw the hockey news magazine somewhere downstairs here at the house about how much of a goalie coach, whoever heard of that?


What the fuck? What are you going to save the puck?


You know, the weird thing about it is to like when you guys watch old games isn't the one thing that jumps out at you how bad the goaltending is. Oh, my God.


Yeah, yeah. Reira like, it's awful. Just no, no form whatsoever.


They're just standing there and taking swings at it. Yeah.


I don't know. One position in all of sports that has improved more in the last thirty years than hockey goalie.


I think it's I can't name what it was all because it was probably being neglected. Yeah. Because coaches kind of say like I asked the crazy guy drinks too much.


I don't know, like I'm not going to feel bad. Well, that might be true, too. You mean you mean director of goaltending. So the one story and one story I can remember with with Mike Smith was, I think the first game he ended up getting lit up in San Jose and was the first game of season tip. It brought him in because of the connection that they had, I believe, when they were in Dallas together.


And Smitty was like, I you know, I stink. You know, I don't deserve to play backup, should play next game. And Burki sat him down. He goes, no, he goes, you have to have the mentality that you want that net regardless of how you played the last. You have to go back in there. You have to be able to, you know, eventually find your own confidence. And sure enough, he. Want to say we lost in a shootout or overtime the next game, but but then slowly, surely we won the third game and then you could see it, that it started and it started and you could see they would always spend time on the ice together before practice and even after practice and have these long conversations.


And Burki was just he just found a way to connect with a mentally and and like I talked Rescorla before him, a Dubnyk after and for Carey price sake, I hope Carey Price.


Now, you know what you mentioned Mike Smith there with Sean Burke in.


The first thing that comes to my mind is, is there a tougher goaltending coach singleplayer tandem in the history of the game than Mike Smith and Schonberg shamberg may have been the toughest goalie, a real Ramoray, not ramify like Jon Gruden.


OK, so outside of rehab, was it a class of his own, like Hextall, like he was one of those goalies that that the wires could cross for sure.


And when he went look out like when Schonberg went, yeah, for forget about it, that guy and rawboned tough he would be to call guys over the locker room.


Either he'd come in and be like, know just one by one, pupu people, people kind of like Chris Brong or I would talk about him I love.


So we've chatted with everyone about this and he's actually made a pretty good call the other the other night that Chicago and Pittsburgh, they seem to be in very similar positions where it's like we have this core and we saw a guy from Chicago technically announce his retirement today, not officially because he'll continue to get paid, but Brant Seabrook. And and what's unfortunate is, I think a lot of fans in the end, they won't remember him this way. But right now it's like, oh, the contract and the albatross of the deal.


And and it's almost good for us at this moment that it's not going against our cap. But Olympic gold medal step three times Stanley Cup champion and a guy who really, without his presence, the Blackhawks probably never get to where they would have been, huh?


Yeah. Hundred percent. You know how I'm going to remember Brant Seabrook and remember Brant Seabrook's career, all those things you talked about. But that moment where it was Brant Seabrook that had to calm down, Jonathan James in the penalty box.


And that was before the first one. That was before ten. Right. Remember when James was going bananas sandwich? And it was like, all right, here comes Brant Seabrook.


Say, Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's remember why we're here. Just relax. We get past this, like outside of. Yeah, when he played and he was healthy, man, I had all day for Seebruck. That combo with Keith was just devastation. Right.


It was fantastic. But I'll remember that guy. I will remember that as much as he was fantastic on the ice and all the success, I'll remember that guy that had to go to the player that many think was the greatest leader of this generation, with all due respect to Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Davis, and say, hey, let's take a breath here.


Yeah. Yeah, he was a calming influence. I was fortunate enough to play with him at under 18. He was our team captain and same calm demeanor. He was a beast back then. We we had that was the 03 draft. Right. So not that, you know, one of the best drafts, if not the best draft of all time. I talk about it, I think every podcast now.


Right. Because you were in what we played in 1999.


We turn 1977 come back. What are you, the co-host. But yeah, I know an unreal career. It's unfortunate. It's got to end the way it has, but but definitely should be remembered for all those glorious for.


To that point though, I want to point something out here too. We spend a lot of time talking about not giving up. We spend a lot of time about, you know, no matter what obstacles put in front of you, you know, you applaud the person that won't quit, never say die, try to come back. That's why I love the way Peter Forsberg went out. I think a lot of people say, oh, Peter Ford is very tarnished.


No way, man. That guy, as long as he was going to get a contract, he wanted to play hockey. He tried on every single boot in North America to try to find one that fit and was comfortable and would allow him to play and they had to drag him off the ice.


I'll say the same thing about Brant Seabrook, like he could have packed it in how many years ago I kept trying to come back. That's a guy we don't look at. You go, oh, the albatross contract. Oh, good. Get rid of him. No, I would look at Seabrooke and say, man, you know what? That's the guy that never quit. And they had to drag off the Ice Warrior. And any team or any team will take that guy and shout out to him.


I read a quote that he said, going into the bubble. He said he'd never felt better. He felt quick. He felt strong again. He felt healthy. So excited when that ended right before Christmas, he woke up, said he couldn't walk, and it really hasn't changed. So, like thinking of him in terms of Haughey's over, let's just get healthy, live your life with your family. But but like you said, I mean, this guy was giving it his all and wouldn't quit until he finally realized, listen, I got nothing left in the tank.


Yeah. I'll take a guy like that all day and quickly to shift it back to Forsberg. Did he have, like a stim unit? And he was trying everything he was trying to stem. He was trying during games.


He'd have a stim unit, I think, trying to activate certain muscles that were able to fire. Like, that's to the extent this guy tried to come back.


I love that. Honestly, like, I've never been someone that's like, oh, well, this you the you have to leave the stage while there's still clapping go out on top. No way, man.


Yeah. Oh, no. You really love it.


And you're Anura and you play like the way that Fallsburg played, like all these guys could have packed it in years ago.


And here's a guy that made back. He didn't care. He just what if they're going to take me off the ice? It's going to be kicking and screaming. I'll take that guy.


And I want that guy and your boy. Your boy or our buddy Brian Burke, he takes over in Pittsburgh.


It's so funny to get different people's ideas and thoughts on what they do and what happens with Crosby.


And and I'm just curious where you where you lie and where you think this ends up going with with Crosby, with Crosby, and just kind of the future depends on her.


It's a great question. And you never want to quit on a guy like Sidney Crosby. We can all see the landscape. We can all see what's around him. We all know what's happened historically with this team for the longest time. The motto was, as long as you have Letang and Crosby and Malkin, you go for it. Yeah, that's what Jim Rutherford did.


But, you know, eventually, you know, the lights go up and the bill comes and you've got to pay and then get out. Yeah. And it does very much have that feeling like we're there now. And I think the only question is how long it's going to take to rebuild this thing up and where's Crosby going to be at when that does indeed happen? That to me is probably the I know they're talking about extending Yevgeny and in the in the off season.


I think that's the wish of ownership. I don't know if it is the wish of management, but I think we all know the thing is this thing is headed. You can only be on top for so long. The question is, you know, how long are you going to be at the bottom? And the one thing that we've seen before, man, first of all, rebuilds are not linear. And second of all, following that, that the following that model of bottom out, get rid of everybody, go right to the bottom and build it up from scratch.


That doesn't always work.


And if it does fall, it's painful when that's the that's the best example.


And if it doesn't work, it is really painful. So if you're going to commit to doing it, do it while you still have some players around. We still have we still have some guys that can play. And you have you know, someone is going to go on the Mount Rushmore of hockey one day there. So do it now. So it moves you rebuild along that much quicker.


Jeff, what did you make about the abrupt resigning from Jim Rutherford that kind of come out of nowhere? It seems as if that was that was building for a while. And there was something philosophical between between Rutherford and David Morehouse. I don't know whether it was over a player. And I want to trade this guy or we can't reassign this guy. I don't know. But it seemed as if I mean, what sort of position does a regular conversation and one person to go one way and another took it the other way?


I think I was surprised by it.


But, you know, now that we have hindsight here, it it does kind of make sense if there was a philosophical disconnect. And the one thing we know about Rutherford is that he's a principled guy and he's not like when he when he when he's the general manager, he has two hands on the wheel and it's his team. And he did it with Carolina, did it with the Pittsburgh Penguins success in both. And that's a guy that's used to having two hands on the wheel.


And if it's not going to be him steering it, you know what? A lot of guys would just say, I'm getting paid. I'm hanging in there every two weeks, a paycheck is going to show up and someone's going to yell, stop thief.


But not your mother first called it a day.


I got one last one for you. Is that Jack Ickle going to be on the Buffalo Sabers next season?


Wow. So I put you on the spot. No, no, no, that's OK. That's totally that's cool.


Have you heard of that trade proposal like anywhere else other than, like, you thinking of it? The one four from New York? Yes. Yeah. So that's so that is that is not just something that that came to your mind on your own.


There's I mean, there's so much talk around Jack ickle right now to answer it, to answer your question, Ari, because I don't want to dodge it and do the standard guy on TV who doesn't want to get lit up on Twitter routine.


I don't I don't expect him to be on the on the on the Buffalo Sabers next season.


Do you think something done this year given. No, no, no. I can't see I can't see it this year. Doesn't this have a feeling to you like this is an off season deal like this?


This is huge. Too big to happen mid-year. Yeah, too big. And listen, who's the biggest person that has to be settled with it?


Terry Pegula. Yes, there is an emotional attachment to the Buffalo Sabers that Terry Pakula has going right back to that opening press conference when he was, you know, had tears in his eyes when he saw Gilbert Perreault. You know, I grew up watching the French Connection.


And, you know, it's I think the first thing, if you're going to make that move, you have to settle Terry Pegula with it and then you make the move.


Now, to my knowledge, and Elliott's talked about this before as well. I don't think that Jack Ickle has asked for a trade.


But he looks like a different player. I don't want to say checked out because that's rejected later strong, but he looks beaten down.


No, I mean, how can you not? Yeah, exactly. It's been a long is this his seventh year? It's like. Yeah, you talk about the rebuild where. All right, break it down and let's go. And that's what that's what worked for Pittsburgh and Chicago. And then there's Buffalo in Edmonton. You're like, whoa, wait a minute here. But, Jeff, this has been great. I mean, there's so much going around around the league and you're kind of so dialed in.


You and Elliot do a great job, which is mentioned 31 thoughts and and on SportsNet two. So keep it keep it up. And thanks for joining us.


When it comes to hockey podcast, there is a bullet called Spit and Schaikewitz, and we just sort of a thirty one just exist in that sort of back form right behind it.


Well, you guys give real info. We talk about our a little bit we start talking about Elliotts thought, geez, maybe a little bit of a yin and yang going on this.


Jack Elliott gives us enough enough ammunition with his styles on television these days. Exactly what you guys what do you guys think about the neck warmer? You wore a couple of weeks of the Bourneville and look going, I loved it.


Goodey, him and Matthews are going going with the turtlenecks.


I just was dying for him to say no, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die. You're going to break or something like that.


But on the run, Billiam thought wouldn't believe it looked like he was heading to the Regal Beagle, Larry Dallas and Jack Tripple at the well.


That is still very, very hip. Three's Company. You and I are the same vintage, so we can appreciate that. Regal Beagle.


I got one last question, Jeff. Yeah. How many hours a day are you consuming? Anything hockey related?


Is it just you wake up? It's all day long.


I try to I try to have more balance in my life now than than ever before because I think it makes me a better it makes me a better host. And I think it also makes me a better person, not just the twenty four seven hockey guy. And I didn't realize that until only a few years ago. Like I used to think that man, I'm I'm slipping if I'm not reading or watching or like all of that. And then I just realized why I'm just becoming a one dimensional person.


So I'm trying to be better about it. There's certain things you have to like at the end of it. You got to watch the games and you got to make your phone calls and you text and you have your responsibilities. But I'm trying to be a more well-rounded person these days. So that's a long winded way of saying not as much as I used to, but I still spend a big part of my day around the sport.


Well, everyone can tell because you're the encyclopedia, like I said. So keep it up and we'll talk to you soon.


Remember, if you're not sure of something, say it loud and proud. Very loud and proud, Ceylan. Thank you very much, Jeff Marichal. Like I said, the wizard called him the Hawkei encyclopedia.


The man knows everything, but all you people who see him on TV every night in Canada or listen to him and know what he looks like, he's all buttoned up.


He's got the glasses on occasionally.


This guy's rippin arm sleeve tattoos, bad ass at home. So I think you don't really know the real Jeff Merrick. But either way, thank you very much. Absolutely fantastic.


I was up Toronto for the June to premiere and he gave me a CBC studio to show you all around. Just an awesome dude, one of the best in the biz.


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Probably could use a few more of those down Florida myself. But all right.


Moving right along the other big story.


Oh no, come on. Actually, I was I was pretty good for the most part last week. Yeah.


You had a hell of a performance. The first live shrimp. Besides, Robin touches on my frickin shirt. But other than that, you were electric.


I appreciate that, pal. This actually happened after we talked to Jeff Baric, Tom Wilson. He buried Boston bro and Brandon Collin, the boards. I showed it to Biz right away. We kind of agreed he was going to get suspended. Lots of chatter about it. He ends up getting seven games that got an outstanding Saturday night. There was no penalty called in the play. Kyle did have to leave the game, go to the hospital via ambulance.


He missed the seventeen postseason due to a concussion. Wilson fought Jared Tancredi, who was in the second game with the Bruins. Then he fought Trent Frederich earlier later in the game. I'm sorry, what what was your take on the hit, the suspension? Anything else? Not surprised at all by the suspension now there's a bunch of different layers here that we can go into, and I've seen so many different opinions, including Alexander Ovechkin, who had a pretty passionate that's the right word by not quote about the whole incident.


He said, I think it's kind of a joke because we were talking to the refs after the first period. He said, I don't think it was even two minutes. It was a hard hit. Yeah, the player got hurt. It sucks. But when you have when you play hockey, you have to be ready for that.


So. You under the bus, right under the bus. At least you didn't give the refs name, so I didn't make the call.


OK, the crazy thing is people are like Alegría. It wasn't a headshot that was not the principal point of contact, but what it was, was a dirty fucking hit. So it's like the guy is totally vulnerable and you can say, Hawkie, yeah, you got to have your head up. You got to understand what's going on.


If anyone else in the league throws that hit, I'm saying it's a dirty hit with Wilson being the guy, boom, he's getting extra games. He got, what, an eighth of the season? I think seven games is an eighth of this season would basically it would be close to 10 games if it was a regular season.


I'm not surprised at all when you've had the history that this guy has any sort of leniencies gone, any 50 50 where you could look at suspension, not suspension, one game or four games, he's going the other way. He's getting more than you think anyone else would get. I'll say this. The Komaroff hit, who Komaroff hit the other night is going to drive me nuts.


I'll think of it. And when Bui's talks, I'll bring up the hit. It was just as bad.


I don't think he got any games. That was nice, wasn't it? No, it was against the boards.


It was against the boards. So why not go fuck myself? Xela What? Vasella go look at that head and you can't tell me that that hit that Willson's is that much worse than that one.


But it's Tom Wilson. So the ref not making the call on the ice is not there.


I don't care. Like that's a straight up boarding penalty. If anything, they don't even call anything on the ice and he gets seven games. Talk about being a touch off.


Now, LaViolette and Ovechkin, they're saying it was a clean hit. I could not disagree more.


Yeah, I mean, it's kind of like what they're trying to eliminate. I mean, I thought I didn't think he was going to get that many. I thought he was gonna get like three games, but like you said, was getting for the reputation. Kind of follows you around a little bit.


Oh, my goodness. I saw the good thing for him. I think it's been eighteen months since his last incident or over eighteen months. So he didn't get dinged as a technical repeat offender where if he was he would have lost like six hundred and fifty grand work. He still ended up losing just over 300 grand. I mean that's a bit of a kick in the guts to the wallet. But yeah, I just I think I think the the ultimate result in the fact that they get to assess the fact that he goes to the hospital, he's got to get checked out and and it's Tom Wilson.


Throw that all at a ball and. Yeah, you get the result that you did. I, I think yeah. It's just what they're trying to get out of the game. I think that what was weird is he kind of came out of nowhere and he was already engaged with somebody else. So the minute he got away, it's like kind of like spun off the check or got away from the other check and all of a sudden he just came in and and the result ended up being shitty.


So I don't know. That's really all I got to say about it.


You covered most of it with, I would say in the late nineties, early two thousands, maybe you and I even started playing because that's not a suspect.


Yeah, no, it's the game has changed where the rules have been. They've been made like where they're just red and looked at differently now and the headshot things become a huge issue. But he didn't get them in the head first. I that was pretty clear to me watching the video. And it's interesting that you say everyone everyone thought, oh, he's not a repeat offender because it's been eighteen months. Well, yeah, that matters, like you said, for the money.


But you're always a repeat offender suspension wise. That ain't going away.


Yeah. Yeah. I think it's about to turn headshots. You know, it's like no matter who doesn't how they do it, we see guys later in life the fucking damage. They have men. And that's what we're trying to prevent. I hear people is going south and it's like, no, man, it's. So these guys have a normal life, Larry, you know? I mean, and if you could have deterrents like this, I mean, things are going to happen, but it's about keeping these guys safe later in life, I think.


Anyways, also, what did you see Bergrin with all the to Wilson before the start of the second period? No one knows what he said and no one's ever probably going to hear. But that's pretty unusual for Bergrin to go over. It's not really his style.


Yeah, but I also look at it like this, like Bergeron is a SEC player and he doesn't have to play like that in order to be successful. And Tom Wilson does. And we were stroking them off on the livestream the other night. People are still going to be checking their shoulder when Tom Nilsson's Tom Wilson's breathing down their neck come playoff time. And it's just like, listen, like that's that's who he is as a player. He's going to play on that line.


And like I you know, I said, I'm sorry to say it, guys. I still want them on my fucking team because he's a proven winner and he still puts the puck in the back of the net. It's just like that's you know, that's what you kind of got to live and die by.


Every GM in the league would take him legit.


Yeah, every team would take that guy.


And I know some people listen to it just like a hate. They hate to hear that, but it's just like, oh, sorry. That's just. Yeah. And Bergrin good for him for sticking up for his teammate and going over and say some.


Yeah. Who did he fight first.


You mentioned Frederich got him second. Oh yeah. Yeah. Sonority. He's like pretty solid. He's actually played like a lot coming in to the B's. They picked him up but yeah. I mean what's hard for it.


It's hard now for Wilson and it had been so long and quotations since the last suspension.


But you come back and you're not exactly the same exact intensity or I will say this, it's very hard to be when you're thinking about the next one's ten games and another six hundred grand.


And the next thing you know, you're Raffi Torres. Yeah. So you know, you're done.


And when you play that style, it's like I. I shouldn't say it is really hard because I did not play outside. I don't know, but I'm guessing it's very hard to turn that switch off. As far as the rest, man, when you're watching a real speed, I can see probably how they missed it. I don't think people should be when the refs here, they didn't really do anything wrong here. Yeah, they missed the initial call.


But when you watch it real speed from one angle, I can see it maybe look like a regular check from FEMA from their perspective.


But, oh, I know nothing about his comment to Ovie. Like, it's just like, yeah, it's real time.


I mean, when you see the replay, it looks a lot worse at all. But my son on TV dropped the bullshit and fucking cheap shots. Any time we get Suares on live TV, always a bonus.


I know we talked about a little bit Marrett with Maric but Frederich dropping the gloves it Alvie all We got him with a little cup Checkley We got a five thousand dollar fine for that. Someone brought that up. Is that is that a decent amount to get a guy in the nets.


I mean dude he's probably like I would have paid fucking twenty five for that given how he would have just swype fucking Putin's card on that one.


Come on, that's five grand. That's he's got mortice cupholder in his Lamborghini.


Whatever he's driving in twenty seven. I speared the one and only Alexandrovich can exactly like that and got twenty five hundred. So inflation's crushing people.


No you got thing to do. We talk about this on a previous podcast. Yeah I think so.


And in the talk with the and it talked with the man who was in charge of suspensions and fines.


He got the right guy.


Where'd you get them. It was the exact same play as Ovechkin did to Difret. Oh, you got the ball.


That did it on purpose. I did not try to do it. I was trying to, like, pitch for him and just got his gonads.


So was this was this after that, Fredrik had dropped the gloves and tried to get him to fight, or was this previous what the not shot was?


I think that was after I was after. Yeah. OK, so that that was a follow up, whereas I mean I'm pretty sure we've mentioned that. Or do we talk about that on the livestream, the fact that Frederich try to get them going, try to fight over.


Yeah we did that too. But we don't know. We don't know. Sumar listeners are watching the live stream. Yeah, he he he was crosschecking. I'm pretty good. Frederich wasn't he was just fucking sick of it.


He's probably you know, I can fucking seven hundred and twenty goals keep in mind like Fredriks tough. And he's willing like we saw what happened when you poke the bear Ovechkin remember stretch tarkoff try to go home and he dropped them like a sack of bricks. Did he want pucher. He won't punch them.


I don't you think I ought to fight. I would have fought over you when I was playing. Not like I would've been on the ice with them or even in the fucking lineup.


But I don't know if we're going to fight them in warmups. I don't want to say this, nor I always like to.


Forty's a machine. Here's a monster. I don't know if we're gonna have any blues bruyn's media hockey games coming up soon, but if we do, Jack Edwards might want to look over his shoulder for Kelly Chase. Kelly Chase, he tweeted, I'm a huge fan of Trent Frederich and a lot of the Bruins staff. I grew up a Bruins fan. Want to play for them how to Bobbio lunch kit. But I would love to play one game against Jack.


I might not be able to catch him, but his smile would look a lot different.


I've said I've said since this podcast began, he is the biggest donkey announcer maybe of all time an absolute clown show. He talks about the Revolutionary War, he talks about other players, is just an absolute clown.


And I'll tell you, like some Bruins fans love them.


I mean, forget like the chirping of the other team. And he is the biggest homer in the world. I want a little bit of, I don't know, unbiased opinion, neutral neutrality.


Is that a word? Yes. And you Google it? Oh, no.


I could do Jack Edwards job, my sleep. That guy's a Muppet. I can't stand listening to the fact that I have to watch the Bruins all the time with that voice and those terms.


It makes me sick.


Probably wouldn't be hard to knock those teeth out either, because they're like a highlighter, yellow highlighter. You're seeing those things.


Brushed them with a Butterfinger. Yeah.


Oh, one thing that didn't get you sick this weekend, Matt Basile's goal is that has to be the goal here right now. I know Haas had a couple of them, but I can't even describe what he did there. Like between the legs. Like after he does that, I think where is the line? And I is that the best of the foul?


I mean, just the fact that he was able to stay up on the play because, you know, he was met with contact, but then after that to to quickly know that he's got to go between the legs because as the goalie sliding over, that's really his only angle.


And he and he did it to perfection. I mean, he is such a special player and that's a team right now that's rolling as well. But yes, I would say easily candidate for top, probably top three goals of the year. I have to take back.


I could not do Jack Edwards job. I was thinking of doing color. But I love Andy Brickley. So Goldbrick go I could not be play by play. I would fall asleep back back to what you were just talking about.


The Basel goal is so phenomenal.


Goal of the year, no doubt. But I got to maybe lean towards and defend the defenseman who gets outmuscled and looks horrible.


I was that guy many times because the line looks so bad, he fell over and got completely outmuscled and a lot of people say he's so much bigger than Barça.


I'll tell you this, these little guys with their big ass fire hydrant legs, when they get low, if you're taller, you have no chance.


They almost it almost looked like he went underneath them. He got so low. The ice is so powerful.


It's like there wasn't a chance in hell that misalign was knocking him off the puck. So amazing goal. But I know he looked bad, but not many defensemen in the world wouldn't have looked bad in that case.


Yeah, and everyone on the sabers looks bad. Oh my goodness. What, they lose three straight games, five two to the islanders. I just I honestly feel bad for them at this point. But the good news is shortened season. This, like the hell, will be over soon.


And every time, every time we think they're purgatorial. I think their last win was in overtime against the New Jersey Devils who stink right now. But what are they lost? Six, seven straight now.


Buffalo lost all four games. They played since our last show, six straight in a row. GM Kevin Adams at a Friday press said it's unacceptable. Where we're at, everything's being evaluated, including Ralph Krueger. Adams noted he has the full authority to fire whoever he wants. He said the passion hasn't been good enough to compete, hasn't been good enough, and we have to fix it. This quote from MSG analyst Steve Valiquette. I think the Buffalo players should be wearing ski masks on the 15th and 30th of every month because there's no way you can have that star power and then not have any push back.


I mean, they look like they've quit on this season. I think they're very easy to play against. I think that's a dreadful hockey team. They should be embarrassed.


Darryl Sutter is going to have to coach the flames and the Buffalo Sabers. He's going to have to play back and forth.


Did I read the flames had like three fights in the entire year and had five in two periods here tonight. I might be off on the first number. Yeah, Buffalo. I mean, I don't know what else to say. This is every week we're doing this, it's nonstop. It's just a nightmare. Skinner scored. At least he got a goal.


Fuck, if you're looking for silver linings in Sabers fan, maybe he could somehow get going. Yeah, but as you say, when the short season ends, you know the hell is over for them. I don't know what what's going on there next year. So you understand the GMs saying all doors are open. I'm sure they're going to have plenty of callers. What teams wouldn't want I at like Sam Rhinehart right now, try to squeeze him out of there.


That guy is nice.


He's a good player. He's he could fit in. And he's he's probably been the biggest silver lining so far. And the funny part about that is before the year, they they didn't even want to sign up to a long term deal. They just wanted to give a one year to see if he could prove himself again. So I don't know. It's a bit of a shit show so we can move on from the sabers. We did our weekly Rub Their Fucking Nose and shit segment.


Yeah, we I mean, I will say this.


I am so mad. All right. I don't know how you feel about this. We should be up a million dollars betting against the Sabers this year.


Yeah, you bet on them. I bet on them. One time they won.


I hate lay in that fucking to sixty though. That's a tough one because they lose one that wipes out three, three, two and a half went before that. You don't have a goal line. Yeah.


Yeah. And we like listen Buffalo fans, we love you guys. We can't wait to get there. We beat up your team every week and said, I don't know the answer, man.


It's like, all right. They're saying a lot worse right now. I think we're OK if they're mad at their fucking punching holes in their drywall right now.


I mean, Fire and Kruger, that's not going to change the season. I mean, the season's probably lost at this point. I mean, they don't want to pay another coach, but at the same time, these guys aren't playing like they should be. So I don't know.


I think they should get a mascot. No, it's never I think better. I think they should get the rules on the bench. Let's go full.


Let's go full sabor full Monty Central Division. Big news out of that. Brant Seabrook announced that his career is over after fifteen NHL seasons. He won three cups with the Blackhawks. He's had tons of injuries lately. They've all added up. He's got three years left at six point eight. Seventy five mil. Obviously, he's not going to officially retire and forfeit that. So he'll go on to year veteran long term injury reserve. Kirby Doc, we had him on the show before he out a nice tweet.


It said fucking CEIBS. I fucking love you, guy. You're the fucking best.


Let's get fucked up. I was like I was looking it over to just get doc. I said Zeb's in the short time I have been in Chicago. You have taught me a lifetime of lessons. You are one of the best to ever put on a Black Hawk logo and an even better person off the ice. I cannot thank you and your family enough. Congrats on the great career I know we mentioned earlier, but well, he was living with them and.


Yeah, and he did a great job did of picking out a picture that he looked just phenomenal.


And, you know, it's like the girls like I'm posting the picture that I look at me, I want a few D.M. slides. I don't care the birthday, the birthday girl.


I don't care that she was chewing gum in her mouth was open in the pic Seabrooke.


I know we mentioned it in the interview, but he actually had like a full blown like you couldn't dream up his career when you were a kid.


I like to think of what he did at ten years old. You're just like, no, even even I mean, I was dreaming of playing in the NHL and winning a Stanley Cup for. And the gold medal is like, what an amazing career, I want to say congratulations to him, because the fact that you got to interview him alone I think is OK.




Hoover one summer, I'd love to get him on again and just kind of ask him about his favorite memories, because there's probably 50 of them.


Yeah, I think he was a little toned down in that. And I think we can get him to let it fly.


A little tired, but more importantly, above all else, under 18 gold medal for Team Canada that I was able to play with him on. And that probably above all the other accolades I want to talk about, let's tweet about the Chicago Blackhawks.


It's OK. They don't know they weren't there.


No, I know you want it. I mean, I don't bring up stuff that I want as a youth. And you're constantly bringing up the underage teens. Did you hear me know about it?


Tweet about Blackhawks fans. Blackhawks fans. Yeah.


So I was. How about that? I didn't like where this was heading. I didn't like where this was heading. Because before the years before the year, I said, I don't think the hawks have any chance of making the playoffs. I think when I said that, I was like, I hope they do. I'm a Chicago guy through and through.


I love the city. And then as the season went on, I kept like sticking to the guns of, like, I don't think they will.


But then they beat Tampa the other night and I said, listen, I hate the scumbag islanders fans and all those losers at root for the team, but I don't hate the Hawks fans.


I don't want to be at war with you. I actually love your team. I love the uniforms, the three cups. I was rooting for him even though I was playing in the league.


So I don't want to battle. And I was wrong about the team. They're good. Now, mind you, I sent this tweet.


I think they're up three. Nothing against Tampa.


I want to say in ten minutes to Tampa.


It's six three right now. I had I have to keep in mine. Oh, no, it's over. It's over. It's over. Hey, that's a double win over in the goal. The puck line. But no hawks offense.


I'm all I'm all bored. It takes a big man to admit when he was wrong. And I'm on the train now because let's go let's get to the playoffs. Let's shock some people. Their games have been great, man.


It's very entertaining to watch a Friday night that all the time. Incredible.


So I was a little bit confused, though, on that first game because they played three in a row. Now, the first game at point zero, one second, the puck was still on the goal line when they showed the overhead view of it. Now, maybe the clock was not a line and I was seeing the wrong pictures online, but they still they called it a goal initially and then it stayed a goal. Maybe it was because they called it a goal with it, why they couldn't reverse it.


But when I see the overhead and I see that the puck still in the goal line at zero point zero one seconds, I don't understand how they counted it. Now, Chicago, you mentioned how entertaining, entertaining these games have been. They end up following up the next game with a four three shootout win. And then, of course, this game today, which Chicago got off to the the three nothing lead but blowing it and losing six three.


But I'll tell you what, man, just very entertaining, high flying offense. They have a lot of guys contributing, Alex, to break it with an unbelievable comeback season so far. I know he struggled a lot last year. I want to say he's got at least thirteen talks on the year and has really elevated his game. And, you know, it's unfortunate they lost tapes and doc. But sometimes when you lose those guys, you know, there is another player that ends up getting those types of touches.


And it seems he's thriving with it. And we've already stroke Patrick Kane off and off this year, which he is definitely in the MVP talks right now. Fourteen tuks, actually. Fourteen now, fourteen assists.


And Kubelik, I mean, like late late pick of the Kings nine years ago or eight years ago and plays and Czech plays in Switzerland comes over last year, a quiet forty six points and sixty eight games.


I mean I know he was up for Rookie of the Year I believe, but man he's come back and he's been right. There has been that offensive player. So sweet find there from a guy who was playing over in Switzerland. Dander up overall for five years.


Stan the man six years he was in Europe.


We're going to BASTABLE chief write an apology letter to Stan pretty soon after this performance.


Yeah, I wouldn't put the farm on that. I Carolina Hurricanes four straight. They had three wins this week. But the great news out of Brett Pecci Little sluffed on Fabri five thousand dollar fine that's a dangerous plamen not picking on but you saw the highlight that was like your carbon copy sluff foot.


Probably one of the nicest flu shots I've ever seen. A little tough though as you mentioned. And why it was so ugly was because it was so close to the bench and as they're headed there, you get the opening door and yeah, it was dirty, but I'll say, yeah, five k definitely. Definitely right on the button.


I think a slew foot is maybe one of the dirtiest plays in hockey. You're completely defenseless and you're probably landing on your shoulder, neck or head.


So I remember growing up, I was told by my dad, if anyone's to foot you, cross-check them in the face like I remember some kids slew for him and he ran down the locker rooms.


I got that kid. I was like, oh, my God. I was like, I am not exactly the killer. But he made it clear, no, you cannot allow anyone to ever sluff foot.


You are a dirty play. They can cause serious injury.


I feel like we don't get a chance to talk about Carol. Line enough, though. But just listen, this team is proving they are very dangerous. I could see them making a run. I question their goaltending at the start of the year, but they just keep finding ways to win and ride the ball. It's got a nice he's on a very, very good job of getting those guys dialed in. Now, if I could ask the Carolina Hurricanes a favor, do not and I repeat, do not waste.


Keep the Angels thousandth game tonight. They got they got to let one slip. They got to let one slip here.


They let them score a goal, an assist and maybe even a Gordie Howe Hatrick knows first size I, I remember being a part of, you know, different thousand game milestones for guys and you start thinking about it as you play, especially retire.


Where I'm looking at my career and didn't even get five hundred thousand games is so incredible to like see somebody get because what it takes to get there, only the people who have done it understand.


And there's been people who have come so close and it's an amazing career. But you still kind of always deep down a thousand games is just like when you tell somebody you got a thousand games or for a really close friend of mine, somebody I consider like family Keith, to get this done.


I'm so happy for him and his family, too, because his wife and his parents, like everyone, goes in your entire, like, life and who you're with, all played a huge role in that. And I think that, like getting to see him do that, I wish there was fans there. And hopefully he gets a different maybe a a ceremony with the Silver Star next year when when fans are back. I know there's a few in his building, but from where he was fifteen, sixteen years old, I did not see this coming.


He was a mad man. And then once he turned pro and he talks about meeting Shane Doan every day was basically built around becoming the best possible player he could become. He started training in the summer like no one I've ever seen. Right.


I mean, like this guy, he can go and go on the ice.


He used to win. He used to win. He gets tired.


He used to win the fittest player every year at Arizona training camp. Like, yeah, that's how much he turned it all around now, I believe. Three hundred and fifty two players all time now have played a thousand games, which tells you how difficult it is in the NHL. And Grinnell also has an announcement. We are releasing some very, very cool shirts. Why don't you stand up and show the screen.


We got some limited edition silver line outline with a silver metallic hosek is a key sonke one thousand games t shirt. These will be limited edition. So you can support Keith by buying these guys in the barstool sports store. That's barstool sports. Dotcom's Let's Showcase needs a lot of money support.


Yeah, yeah. We're getting a little fun going for him so we can reach one hundred sheets. Keith has a go fund me.


I like the silver for the silver stick. That's that's a classy touch.


So congrats to Keith Keno, the song Man himself. You call don't we. You guys called Keno because he loves scratch tickets.


I love and he loves Keno too. He loves Bach. You know, that's a game in Massachusetts. You play sitting in a bar drinking. It's called Keno at once.


He got that skateboard confiscated. He was off and running with his NHL career. Another note, the switch checkoffs played against each other for the first time. Obviously, Andre is on Carolina. His brother Evgeni was drafted by Detroit back in fifteen. I don't know if Jordan Martiniuk gave his brother the shot.


Please, please, please never do that card. Please never do that again. I'll spit on you.


Yeah, pretty much. Pretty much. Right in my face.


I think I got a replay. I don't know what's worse. That or the fucking told you. I'm like I want to.


Right, ok. Right. I think there was a second spitter. I don't know if I'll try one last one. You like choked on some horse.


I can't, I can't, I can't hit those levels right now. I'm I'm a little hole.


OK, let's we're going to give you one more shot here. Really much better than this.


Right. You can't end on that. Oh, I can't. I can't. It's not it's not the I can't think we have to end the podcast. I can tell you it's not going to come and I'm just going to.


There you go. Well, either way, the two brothers got to play against each other for the first time and they went back and they didn't play the game because they heard they heard what the fuck you just did. Oh, do they sent them back to Russia, China, back to Russia?


Because I'm going to be a fucking Russian gas meeting the stay. Anyways, it's cool any time brothers get to go head to head. Interestingly enough, the stars also played head to head in the same game. But they've been doing that for a while. The Predators, some injuries, they're having a rough year, obviously. Duchaine out three to five weeks. See Soroses on the Columbus Blue Jackets. Kind of funny. We talked about fired coaches last week and there's some news there.


Well, I wasn't Jarmo talking about Tortorella.


Yeah. Basically come up with a vote of confidence. So, you know, they're not going anywhere. The staff is fine. And Tortorella said, I hate him having to do that, but I appreciate it. I'm not sure what was said, but we're all big boys here. When you lose in games, in a play, and especially as we're playing, those questions need to be asked. It was probably just, you know, that tweet goes out, we talk about it, then people start asking questions.


And I don't I'm assuming that's how it happened. Plus the poor play.


I think with his contract ending at the end of this season, are you really going to fire him and bring somebody in? The season's short. It doesn't make any sense.


I am very surprised that where they're at now, they're sitting fifth, but the gaps getting bigger and bigger. Right. So they can't let these the top four teams in that division run away with them because. Yeah, Chicago surprising.


But Carolina, Tampa, they're not going anywhere. And I don't think Florida is either. Florida is nice.


So if you don't start winning now, you're going to be stuck looking from the outside.


And once playoffs come either way, if you have thirty three minutes, you never have to worry about a break in at home ever again. That is how quick and easy it is to set up a security system from simply safe. It's the kind of thing that's so easy to do. You can do it. Turn a Netflix binge, watching the game or listening to a certain podcast. Mine was so easy to hook up and it's great knowing that help is right there if you need it.


Simply safe is incredibly easy to customize for your home. Just go to simply safe dotcom Checketts. That's simply Saffy Dotcom check. Let's see. Let's get your house. It'll get your house in about a week, which means by this time next week, you and your whole family can go to bed. Doing your home is being guarded.


It's easy to assume everyone in your house already feel safe, but they might not. And it's worthwhile to talk about it in. Simply safe is a small, easy step to make sure everyone feels safe at home.


So go to simply safe dotcom Chiclets today to customize your system and get a free security camera. You also get a 60 day risk free trial so there's nothing to lose. Once again, that's simply safe. Dotcom check. Let's keep the homestead safe, boys.


One of the hottest guys in the league. He might not be the top of the points. Mark Stone. He's been I love watching him. I've been talking about him a bunch lately. We talked to him the other day. What do you say? Best central. Let him get a little reenergized. The what?


The modern day Marion Hossa. He is just a treat to watch. Great 200 foot game. Very, very humble folks. Or hopefully enjoy the interview and we'll see you after.


Well, we're having to bring on our next guest, who is one of the NHL premier, two way forwards. He's currently in his ninth NHL season and third with the Vegas Golden Knights, where he's been tearing it up lately. He's got 24 points in 19 games and he just had a five assist game the other night, five primary assists, one of the most exuberant guys in the NHL as well. Thanks for joining us on the Spin and Checketts podcast, Maxton.


How's it going, brother? All great boys. Are you good man, actually.


What kind of worry? We might get burned on the Zoome call because you've been on such a tear lately. All right.


All right. Teams are playing good little power and they're all Mr. Humble. Come on. Jesus, I thought you were going to come on and say, yes, I'm actually nasty right now.


I had a pretty tough stretch there and so I get going. So we were actually chatting about TAHO with Kadry. And, you know, it's interesting because to go through like a delay and have to deal with that, it sounds like it would be such a pain in the ass. But by all, all accounts everyone got through it pretty smoothly and the boys just figured it out.


Yeah, I mean, it wasn't too that kind of felt like a little pregame scared, I guess, but it is pretty comical out there. That first period you guys put this down, it is almost like watching, like, golfers grind so hard and people just loved seeing them fail.


I was kind of like, yes, another triple. Oh, you brought it up. I heard your stick. That's what we keep hearing. You're probably the best player in the team.


I think white cloud over to me this summer was devastating. But I'm a grinder.


We'll get back to you guys. Got action going out there or what? We've got a pretty good group that graduate good courses, guys will complete a record year who's getting fat as an addiction and there's like six, seven days a week.


Have you ever seen the Sandbagger Invitational? I have seen Sabag says that's that smile. That grin. I think we have a few. I think he wants action. I think you see my short game, actually. Oh, man.


Mark, what thing about when we watch you have a plan. I'm by the way, I'm a huge fan of yours is honest exuberance. I think you might have more than any guy in the league. Is that always been like a trademark of yours or is it something that's developed all the time or what? Yeah, I mean, there's a bit of both, obviously. It's unreal playing NHL for three every day, every day is a good day.


It's one score and one win. And so we'll show it.


Well, I mean, I just listen, that Dean Mullard interview you had where he said, you know, you see yourself as an entertainer just like anyone else should, and how you treat every game and every day in the NHL like it's something special. So was was moving over to Vegas, is that like brought more to that area? Yeah, I think so. I mean, I love playing in Ottawa, love playing for the fans, are enjoying my time there, but I'm sure you guys have been in the building.


And T-Mobile, it's. I mean, it's it's nuts. Yeah, it's crazy. Means busting pro sports fans are absolutely insane. And I mean, we got like twenty six hundred people in there. It feels like a sellout right now. I love it and I love playing here. And everything's bigger now.


When Ottawa did trade you, you know, you would do for unrestricted free agency in line for a raise. It wasn't really a surprise that you got traded, but did you have any idea you were going to end up in Vegas?


I hoped I was going to Vegas. I was the only place I really wanted to go. I found it kind of like two o'clock in Vegas and. They agreed on trade, but it wasn't going through if I didn't sign a contract, so never getting on the other line with Craig Austudy me means that you do whatever you can do, whatever it takes to get this done, because that's that's where I want to go. So this is a crazy day, but ultimately turned out to be a great day for got crazies.


Right. I remember seeing you get off the plane with that salvias. Oh, my. That's the that's like part of the only thing I remember from the train. I don't even know who else was involved in it. It was pretty embarrassing.


If I were to know, I might have spruced up the hair a little bit, but getting off there, see what they did for me, and that's pretty special. And ever since then, I've realized that they didn't think big. They don't take anything for granted.


They're like, are we getting the Carrot Top? They're going on. The fans are like the fans, like we gave Sideshow Bob nine million a year.




So you must have came right in and gelled with this group, man, like, I mean, an unbelievable locker room. You know, some duffie some characters in there.


Yeah, there's a lot of personalities, I'm sure a lot of goofballs. And it just brings it all together, I guess for the first time coming in here. Didn't really know anybody that he can. And he's got to be the biggest character. Obviously, he's not with us now, but whether it's March or so, you guys know Rieber well, that guys you know, he's always Kloner, the ranking guys. And then obviously he got flour loosens up and ready to go and so loose, so free wheeling.


It's it's kind of refreshing what percentage of time I'm going to guess maybe four.


Does Revo not have a shirt on the top 10 yards did a commercial there and he's the only one without his shirt on.


That's the biggest Vegas Laucke. Speaking of that city. But no, it's a blast. It seems like everyone just loves that guy. I mean, it's the same in St. Louis. We were just around him a little bit. We've had him on a couple of times. He's just a great guy to deal with and and play with him, I'm assuming.


I mean, I love Abu. They'll defend us no matter what, the toughest guy for a reason. And he adds such a different element that for me personally, it was nice to have those guys. I mean, we love those guys. People say what they want to say, and you need to have that kind of toughness, especially going to the playoffs on the fact that we were talking before we hopped on and we compared it to like the modern day Hosa to where you have your two games.


Unbelievable. You're able to put up your crazy amount of points. Who did you mimic your game off of coming up? Like, was there one guy that you saw I looked up to? Uh.


On my initial central scouting, I put a cross because I wanted to play a line with nets and being a pony, I think overachieved a little on that.


But no, no disrespect to him. But I love watching Hawsawi. Obviously I get scored on too, so I can is the reason why I play the way I play.


And growing up, I don't know. Did your father get you into the game. Was it something you know. I know your brother has played and was it just something you loved from the very beginning. You don't remember anything else. Yeah, I mean, I love watching hockey on Saturday nights. I mean, Canada is kind of my thing. Our families think our dad got us into hockey. And I think being the younger brother playing is my brother, the guy you want me for 15 straight years until I finally was able to beat them.


That was kind of like the best thing you ever had. But without my brother, there's no way out of here. Yeah.


Speaking of brotherly rivalry, you guys played against each other in the Memorial Cup. I don't know if it was the finals, but at least in the tournament, you were playing with the weaklings at the time. He was playing with the Calgary Hitmen. That must have been a pretty special moment for the family. That was awesome, the first two years of junior go against this guy in the conference finals, both years they helped us the first year of the second year that he was able to get and win the championship, which was awesome for him.


And I guess that was the only way that both of us were playing in the World Cup. So it was bittersweet for me and finally got the better of the semifinals. And fortunately, last night, one of the final oh, my goodness. So who? Windsor was at the Hall Ellis team, yeah, I mean, yeah, they were wagging any joking when the joke we were looking back to, like, you know, you go through your stats and your career and for a guy of your caliber, it is shocking for some people to look and see.


It's like these guys a sixth round pick and then you do the deeper digging into it. And you apparently battled injuries that draft year. That must have been so difficult at that time because you have these aspirations to go high that in that summer's draft.


Is that is that the case? I mean, I was always does it go? You know, I was thinking, OK, the brother got drafted higher than me in the draft, but we're going to get him in the NHL draft and he's pretty set on it. Didn't have a good year. We also had a good team and I didn't play a time. Then you skip in her book with God if I a concussion, just one thing after another.


Fight horrible in the playoffs and points eight points in the cup been given by the combine. And I thought the world was ending. And finally it took me to six around us with time. I was going to pass a big reset so but then went there and spent six, seven, eight years there.


Was there a knock on your game, Mike, before the draft? I know you mentioned the injuries, but was there something, you know, that was scaring teams away from you for something so I could skate?


I didn't believe it, though. I knew I could skate, but I was six foot three as one hundred eighty pounds, scrawny little guy once I got stronger and failed to make it.


I always ask guys this. Were you grateful for the chip that it maybe put on your shoulder getting getting passed over and having to play overage and not having the, you know, the clean slate coming up kind of thing? The easy path?


Yeah, I mean, I think so. I mean, I remember when I first of all, minicamp in Ottawa and as I left the coach who somebody told me that I couldn't believe it, they even dropped me. They thought that I was no good. So I kind of I don't know if it was like intentionally that kind of put a fire on me. And I went back and was ready to go for my junior assistant with an oval.


And they said, you know, how it got in that English.


Well, I thought you were driving me.


Oh, I got a good laugh out of it. That's right. That's right.


Mike, what were the expectations of the senators when they when they drafted? Did they tell you what kind of plans they had for what was the what was that set up like?


Well, I think if you ask different guys with different things, very babbelas, you have to be thinking that I could be a player. I think management at first summer didn't think I was anything. And then I had people going to bat for me all over the place. And then once I got to the primary and had a plan for me. I think he saw me as a player that could be more than just third or fourth minor and kept me in the minors for two years.


They hated that. But I owe a lot to him and a lot of my career.


And basically, I want to ask to like your dogged pursuit. I think that's become a trademark. Is that is that another thing that you always had or that that kind of come along from cultural?


Maybe you had a mentor early on in the league that was all outdrink spent. Countless hours out there with my brother buddies and just stick up with each other lampposts, learned the hard yards and put it back there, and I was basically what we did for fun for six months a year when it was freezing cold.


And when you when you first get the chance to, like, see Eric Carlson on the ice and all those years, I mean, your rookie year, that was when he was at his most dominant. It was just like a clinic every night. It must have been such a thrill to just be like, oh, my God, I got this guy finding me on the powerplay. I'm working with the best player in the league maybe at the time on the back end.


I try to explain to people just how good he was. I don't think people really understand during that time when we were he was literally the only reason I shouldn't say only reason, but be in twenty seventeen if we just playing on one foot. If we didn't have him, we were going to make the playoffs. The guy was that good. He's that dominant. Obviously he's had some bad injuries here now but. I mean, he was the best player in the world, Tyler Crosby, you talk about David, all these guys, and I think he was in twenty seventeen.


There's no better player than each other.


And I could not agree more with that because it was like as a defenseman, too, you're seeing like when he gets the puck, he's creating separation. He's gone. It was it was really similar to Scott Niedermeyer. And to say that is like is his crazy. But the other guy I wanted to ask about and I got the chance to play with him and then with what he went through last year, I'm sure you could put some insight into how good of a person he is.


But that's Bobby Ryan. And I know that, you know, I spent time with him. So what were the experiences in terms of playing with him? And did you have any idea of what he was ever going through off the ice?


I unfortunately didn't know exactly what was going on with him off the ice. I knew that he had had a few tough times, but it was so nice to see him back. And they were before I got traded, I started to realize more unfortunately was for me it was too late. But I've been texting with him a bunch this year. I'm glad that he's kind of found a home in Detroit and, you know, his family is really excited for his kids are really growing and seeing him as a great player and a great person.


I'm I'm really glad for him that he's able to get through all the tough pick ups and performed waiting for me.


He's one of the best players in the league for a long time, but he's been able to get back, go on getting fired and Pete Devor coming in. If you talk to any of the guys who really had, I guess, more of a pulse of what was going on with the team longer before you got in there, and how much of a shock was it when that went down and the culture change in the locker room?


Yeah, I mean, that was one of the worst days I've ever been a part of. I think Turkey was one of the greatest guys you ever meet in hockey, and he was motivated a great motivator. He had really good relationships with so many guys in this room, and I'm sure he still does. I was unfortunate to only play for him for maybe not even a year, but that was I'll cherish that time. I love playing with him.


I remember sitting in the mail room in Ottawa before practice that day. Once we got the news, I don't think anyone said a word for 15, 20 minutes. But and then on the other side of Peter Inspirer coming in, they've done a great job. And it continuing that culture that we've created here was the silence.


Just because you guys, it felt maybe like guilty based on play. But even to that degree, I don't think it was like that bad. That's why it was so shocking to a lot of people, and especially with the success of the team that had the year before.


Yeah, I mean, it was I think we were maybe two points our first place in the division. So it was definitely a blow to the system for sure. The team had gone to the Cup finals in the first year and the year I got traded here we were I mean, I'm not going to say anything about game seven, but you got to go. You guys know that I will think we were as good a team is as anybody that year.


We could have easily gone to the cup final that year as well and had a chance to win. Mark, when you were in Ottawa, I know you had a few different coaches there, but there's one guy I want to ask about, Bush. We don't typically think of coaches as characters, but this guy just seemed to come across as a character when you saw them on TV and his press conferences. What was it like playing for him in Ottawa?


There's different rules, the real X's and O's structured the guy, and I think that really we were lacking, so it really benefited us. The first year we were able to get back to the structure, you know, as these really animated now, very emotional. I think you can see that in the interviews. And then I think we kind of got over our structure in year two and that was kind of our downfall. And then in year three, we were just rebuilding.


I actually thought we we played really well for the majority that year. We just we were undermanned.


And you will lighten it up in Ottawa, you know, for six years or whatever people didn't know about. And then when you got to Vegas, all of a sudden everybody was talking about Mike Stone. I mean, you were a finalist for the Rookie of the Year.


But it seems like people really got to know, you know, you and your game recently.


Yeah, it was kind of nice, you know, kind of fly under the radar a bit. You know, we had good teams, there is Breyers, a hamburger run was a hamburger.


Did he did he did he get free burgers rest of his life? Is that true?


I don't have free burgers lessons in life. But he got that like gold McDonald's card and they cut the line. They cut the line, lowered the car.


You get mcdonnel at your kid's birthday any year you want.


He has to go into care. So is a Mini right now. Let's talk to him these last couple of days. And I mean, greatest guy, the greatest guy. So I in a lot of good people, not whether they brought him some great people to staff, there's great enjoyment.


They get the the old playground's with the ball pits. They bring those to your house when they're done using them at home and at home.


I can understand when we talk about auto, obviously, we got to talk about that.


Twenty, sixteen, seventeen run. You guys get what I mean. Christ, a goal of the Stanley Cup final. I mean, let's talk about that. Take us through that run.


Everything went right at the end. All we were lost the first game to Boston and in round one and we were down three one going in the third. I think game two things are looking great. And Carlson makes the ridiculous play and then Big Döner finishes off course and then we kind of off and running the Boston beat New York off. Got to a great start against Pittsburgh. Light it up and then. Game seven for students who's at loyalty crippled us.


We were one about one bounce away. Nashville had so many injuries that year, we were one one go away from this game.


I got to ask because there's been so many different stories in Ottawa, and I've always said, and I'll be honest on this podcast like where the rink is, it's just it's similar to like Arizona just kind of makes no sense. And the fans I mean, there was there was playoff tickets available at one point. Was that shocking to you? Because for a while and I played against the senators in the playoffs in the first round, it was two years in a row.


It was crazy. But just to see what's going on there, it must have been tough playing there and dealing with that off ice stuff that really shouldn't shouldn't be an issue for players.


Yeah, it was great by the end, it was just kind of repetitive, but I mean, we still had great fans at twenty seventeen, right. And they're passionate. They're like you said, I mean, they try to get that downtown arena set up. I think if they can get that done, being credible for that city that they have. You understand a lot of us are so many like surrounding areas, you know, God knows on the other side of the bridge in Canada or Leeds, so many different areas that attract fans.


And if they can get the ring downtown, bringing a whole new fan base.


Did you get to meet Trudeau when you were there? No. No. Did you what did you want to Pichardo when you were there for those who were down there and pretty cool.


He was one goal there, one goal away from me. And, you know.




He's really like, oh, yeah. You actually said I wanted to bring that up. You were you were a Leafs fan. I mean, the Jets weren't in town when you're growing up in Winnipeg. Right. I'm guessing you just ended up going with T.O..


My dad's from slavery, too. So you grew up big leagues that Mazzone as Mike. I love that guy. So that's the only reason I was when he got to Vegas.


Michael was the biggest misconception we had about the city or the area.


I'm sure everybody says the same thing, but like. It's just it's just a normal town. Obviously, there's a strip which you guys see, because when you come here, I don't think you don't leave the strip.


So I just go to the Britney shows, went to Vegas, I think, like 16 times. One summer he was out he was out of the league four hundred days later in strip.


Great, great. Like, tons of great stuff to do on there. But I go to the strip to go for a nice dinner and go to strip to T-Mobile and everything else. I'm never down there cos Vegas is incredible. Surrounded the areas and understand someone. I mean we got great golf course, we've got great food, great weather, we've got all.


What about the first time you saw that pregame thing they do you like what, what the hell is this something they bring in.


You want to be a part of it. He wanted to join as one of the characters was dressed as one on the plane.


Yeah, I guess my guess. Boyland. Every game here is a playoff atmosphere during the intermissions, and so they you name it, they got going, you know, you never see and see her warm up. Everybody's buzzing, altitude's crying. People are drinking. Yeah, they're getting fired up.


Is is it. Yeah. I guess. How do you not get fired up? Because the thing I'm always wondering as players though is you got to be battling for home tickets like there's no more. Hey, you using your tickets like everyone is scrounging, trying to get a free bottle service. Oh yeah. Talks, talks, talks.


Trying to get free boxes to give away those hot commodity here. Yeah. I mean tickets are I think we martius. So it's got that's a thing. We have so many kids on team. There's like everybody's got four kids. So you want bring your family to game. You get guys begging for tickets. Yeah. I only use one. So everyone's on for that last one. Glass and Hagger popular popular guys right now, there are lots of guys who got those extra tickets.


But I mean, I know if you guys have any games here, it's crazy.


So I got to I got to ask is, is flowers still just non stop fucking with people?


He's playing a lot of hockey right now, so he's not screwing around as much.


OK, and there's so many things that have happened that it's definitely him. I'm just telling you that right now it's him. If there's any out there, nobody knows who did it. It's Flower. He'll do it to himself to make sure nobody gets guesses. It's not.


He denies a lot of stuff, but he's always up this. He should check this.


He should check my dad on the dad's trip. Grady Little you can get out of this were free. That's why he works on the flexibility. When you see these gold buckets, when you walk in the room, are you like you love that shit. You like all the crazy uniforms.


Hi. We are hesitant on the gold helmets to start, but we've got a big way to win this game. So we're there. I think guys like. Yeah, I mean, it's Vegas and you got to do it. I think everybody loves the red jerseys. Everything we do here, we love. So that's why we do.


I'm still waiting for the Spearmint Rhino collab. When they got the strippers out there pregame, get the fuck and then get the crowd really going. The game starts at twelve thirty right after midnight in the. They used to do a 12 o'clock game once a year where the game would start at midnight and yeah. When the what was in the Las Vegas Wranglers. And I want to say that Eagle was on the team when that was going on.


I'm sure it was once. You got a good story. I mean, you got the Wrangler stories, get the night stories nice. He's the best of all.


We play with them in the American League. Were you not there when he was in? No, I never played with them. I might have played a game with him, but I don't think so. Is he still kicking around the rink?


Oh, yeah, he's he's always around. And when we had the whole thing with our whole coaching staff getting covid, he hopped on the bench. And Anderson, because we had the Henderson staff, so he's just coaching them. Bledsoe How many fans out there to the top?


How is the coaching staff? That was unreal.


How many fans are showing up? I mean, before covid obviously to practice this, because I see pictures, you know, tweets occasionally. It's like it looks like there's 4000 there watching you guys pregame skate.


Yeah. There's no you can't get a seat in the bleachers, so I don't know how much it seats. Probably five hundred every day.


It's good that that is just sitting there going for the Free Aceh.


It's as hot as balls there. No, there's there's there's blackjack tables right behind them.


Well that's got a great restaurant up there too. So they can serve their booze. They're people. They love it. And I think they're just begging for the sports team. And Bill, bring in the knights here. Spansion, open it up for them. They love it. We love it, too. We joke around with the glass. We get fired up for practice. It's awesome.


I was going to ask you next, do you go gamble with your and what's your game if you do penny slot of gambler penny slot machine gambling, they go put the diaper on.


You got some guys.


Here we go. But we stay away. What what's the best course in Vegas?


I mean, I've played a couple of I think it's shadow, but I'm sure there's some hidden gems.


It's best it's one of my favorite courses and everything on the islands, which is all that I played there.


That place is TYT.


Yeah, that's my biased opinion as the best private Carson City, but there's lots of great courses and a couple of petrol and Patriots Club, which is backwards all the time, Kaskowitz, because I'm biased. So yeah, it's a joke.


It took so long to get pro teams in Vegas. I mean obviously get the Raiders there. Now have you been able to take in a game for the Raiders yet?


I know everybody guys are begging to get in there. No, Riegle has been a huge Raider fans. Well, actually wants to get in there. I met Derek. Hearts and Minds, of course, seems like a great guy. It's nice to have another team here to root for, but hopefully next year we can get in there. I want to see their practice facility.


Yeah, I'm curious to see if they do any any stuff like you guys do, because in Vegas, like you see, other other cities wouldn't maybe fall for it. But in Vegas you kind of have to do it. I mean, because it's Vegas, it's the strip. I want to ask about the Heela months. The chance chance the mascot.


My goodness. R.A. thinks he thought of your mascot. He wants you to ask him if that's where they got the idea. Chance he's convinced.


And yeah, no, I get teased about it for a long time. So when they actually introduced the mascot as a hellebores, I kind of took pride in it, even if I had nothing to do with it. But all kidding aside, you mentioned Cirque du Soleil a few minutes ago. Have you been able to check out any of their shows at all?


Those phenomenal athleticism I've been to I've been to a few of them. I've been to the Beatles, which is awesome love. Yeah, that's great. Great show. Great tunes about. And then you got to be I dunno if you guys have been I've been absent.


That's sick.


So many great, great talents.


And then how about the girl in the ball, you know, and absence. You know what I'm talking about comes down at the start of the show. Yeah. No, no, no.


Isn't that isn't that the show when the girl like, spins herself in and out of a ball? That might be another one.


I've been to some fucked up Vegas shows that they do that. There's like I think there's like sixteen acts and they do like eight of them a night. So there's different ones. OK, every time you go see I see like five the same ones and then you get like three new ones. I've been to it like six. Yeah. It's it's incredible.


It is the athleticism on display like, oh I mean do you see all the ones I saw. It's great.


Yeah. What's the one. What's the. And that's that has to do with sex, is that not all that was about right now?


We ought to cover it because I know that.


Yeah, no, there actually is one. So thank you. There's too I forget what it is. It's there's a big sign when you get in the and days ago it is the Beatles was good because you don't really have to be a fan.


They got a lot of actually rollerblading going on that one. Yeah. It's incredible. Like, no, just the whole choreography and everything they do because there's probably a thousand times in a show that they can screw up and they and they don't. If they do, you don't even notice it.


This is so good at it. What I what about any other shows you take. Are you a big concert guy.


I know.


Has not been able to do anything lately fortunately. But I'm trying to think of other ones I've seen. I just keep going back to I don't want to.


So I have to check it out.


Do you live in Winnipeg in the summer? Still back and forth, obviously, last summer bubble. I didn't go back at all, really, but yeah, I spent about two months a year. I got traded here, but I spent it most of it in Canada with you, kid. OK, obviously I play with your brother.


He was so quiet in the locker room. I tell you what he's got. He's got a bit of a cocky sense of humor on him, though. Got me all my human body bag me about once a day and. No way. Oh, that's my type of guy. He's so witty just under his breath. And I'm like, stony enough. I'm not because he like that growing up was always shitting on you.


He's like the nicest guy over me in your life. So that's kind of the problem. But like like you said, like he's he gets that little dry sense of humor. And he did it like in a in a nice way. Oh yeah. With a smile on his face and Jack White. Well, I'm not I just lose it on but then I get in trouble and he would never ever use and he would never get in trouble with like he's never do anything like the nice kid.


I didn't even look. Is he playing this year now he's in Calgary. OK, awesome. On their taxes.


But right now, I mean, everything is a blood clot.


Well, put them in the game. Jesus, Calgary, they could they could use a little defense. Auto is Dustan them. Give him a shot.


They'll get that.


Get that one time he he had he wouldn't even wind up had like a one tenth. He must be on the golf ball but he's got to have some.


Yeah. Yeah it's about four.


I think I got him on the course Mark that we plan to reduce, scheduled to share only fifty six games. I've seen a shitload of games so far that have been like playoff caliber playoff caliber games you take. The overall level has been better at hockey with the shorter schedule.


I think so. I mean, we were watching the game yesterday before the game, that Washington Boston game, and it was there nine shots in the first period and thirty hits. So it's the rivalries are starting to come. I think it's I mean, obviously, it's so important to get off to a great start. You're playing your division every game. It's been interesting. It's been fun to watch hockey, I think, to play with the less travel.


And you're not having to the back to back to all you played in the same city. So everybody I think that schedule makes it a letter. I think we'll see a little bit more. But the series is coming up in the future.


I usually ask guys this, like, who's the what not to say you hate them, but who's the one guy you're like, fuck, I'm in for one tonight lining up against them. And probably that your biggest rival going head to head every night as an opponent.


Right now, the guy I hate playing the most, McKinnon It's impossible to match up against a guy, but just trying to do your best, hope for the best.


I guess when you play a guy like you who called you, how'd you find out you're going to be captain first? Vegas captain.


Coach Peter called me into his office. What a feeling. Basically, I don't know, pretty emotional of me like you kind of gave me that. Are you up for it? You want to be Captain Yorubas? Obviously, any decision this is nice and I get emotional, but I don't know.


I mean, I think I think I cried at the Justin Bieber documentary. Just let it loose, buddy.


I had I had an article. I think I saved it like it was an article in Sports Illustrated, had a picture of every NHL captain next to. And it was about like what what it takes to be a captain. I didn't sniff being one, but I can totally see how you'd be emotional because it's like a dream growing up to be a captain of an NHL team. So congrats to you. It's pretty cool. The first first one the organizations ever had.


Yeah. I mean, that's that's another thing to be in the first. On the eve of an organization as good as this one is, I think we're in the top one or two organizations in the league. So being the first captain in years, you know, it's crazy. Something I'll always be against, always be remembered for. Forget that day. That's awesome.


The team obviously has a couple of bucks mentality this year. How does the team keep an even keel and not get too high or too low?


And that's the ultimate goal. Yeah, I mean, we talked about that all the time, I think the hardest thing in pro sports is, is expectations, you know, playing with no expectations to go out there and play loose. And then when you have those expectations, it makes it hard. That's what the good teams do, though. I think we're getting close. But like you said, it's when the copper or bust and that's it trickles down from ownership to management, coaching staff players.


We're here to win.


That's all we want to do to keep tabs on any of the young kids that you played Nordal with. All of those are my boys, it's Whitey Chabert, and obviously Brady lived with me for five months. Those are my boys. I watch all their games and art form.


Was that the first time you had a young guy live with you? It was. Got a good one. You know, he's obviously a product of big wallets on the big guy.


Yeah, he's like what? We call him little, but he is just like big world out there watching them. It's uncanny.


Yeah, that's a segue.


If you're asking Shaquille O'Neal to play one way that they call they call them in the locker room. What was his nickname in the locker room for Brady?


Brady didn't have much more. Just checking his first month at the. Forget what he was ankle either high ankle sprain bones. He was eaten everything it's on and I wasn't able to do any work. So he got a little hefty and we got him settled.


Now he's all of us having guys and white guys and being a beast.


Yeah, team's been fun to watch. James got to playing good ball and he's was forced and starts to for him. Wasn't he saying that Jimmy still Jimmy Stewart is, like I said, on the coach, he takes care of dinner now.


He's pretty. He didn't really do much about cooking. But I just wonder he's fun to live with, that's for sure. I loved it. I loved those guys are living in my place. Oh, hopefully still standing.


They paint how much a security deposit that you collect from his mom and dad raised him and beat his ass if he did that.


Or you could just go after Walt for it because he's got no escarole to think he did. All right. But what do you think's going to be considered a stretch?


When we talk about the schedule a few minutes ago? I mean, a coaches break it up into quarters, half cycle. What's the what's the approach there?


We're just trying to win just as many points as we can right now. We haven't really talked about it. I mean, I could tell you in to treat it. Yeah. Usually boys, you know, end of February, knowing it's going to be I honestly don't even know what it is. So usually that's kind of stonier. You got to play well. And I've lost 20 years after the deadline. So now we're in a good spot. And also we're trying to win every game.


You mentioned at the beginning that I think you said. Twenty six hundred fans are allowed in the building right now. Yeah.


So it must make you appreciate, like, how to get fans back. It sounds crazy. Like twenty six hundred that seats 25000 would suck, but it actually with nothing before is noticeably way better.


It's incredible. You've no idea. Like yes.


That's hard to believe is playing because playing in an empty building is just it feel like it's the same. Twenty six hundred and nothing.


Yeah. I mean, I mean I guess it's an excuse but last year in the playoffs we have our board just like such a better team, you know, we feed off that emotion. So getting the fans back for us, unless you run into the fucking wagon coyotes when you guys are done pumping that fake crowd noise into the building.


So I don't only why we take our. Why would you go the trade deadline. You got a no move clause for eight years. Why would you even care?


Yeah, you're the guy who's like, oh, what day is today, guys? And then I'm in the corner just scratching myself, sweating it out.


I mean, it's nice to have you with that. Yeah, you earned it. Oh, man. This is this has been great. We appreciate you coming on with us. And it's been a joy to watch that team. I think that we want we want the fans back and we want to go to we're going to be out there in mid-May. So we'd love to catch a game. Hopefully there's even more fans allowed then as the playoffs begin.


But congrats on all success and we appreciate you joining the show. Thanks, boys. As Austin Sandbagger Sandbagger, we'll be on you get a partner.


He has to be above a ten. Yeah. For tickets. And don't leave him cold either.


I mean, I was worried about your poor or we're disappointed for you not being able to get in. I know.


Thank you. That means a lot to somebody that that really people don't understand what we went through to get in the USGA and then it has to get canceled.


But onward and upward, we'll get in another one, hopefully.


And who would your partner be a chance for the fact that Helio on the team.


Yeah. Stephensen or Whitecloud. Wow.


With words white clouds cap. He's planning to posture in New York, but we don't like those guys in the side, misguidance tech, we can't you know, you're more Stroh's.


Yeah, but trust me, based on nothing with those jokes, we're not going to give anything away with Gary LOL. So that's about it. I totally give you. All right, Tony. Thank you. Have a good one, buddy. Big next to Mark Stanford join us, had a great chat with him, he's a huge fan of absent, by the way, huh? Six times what do, say, six times times?


I was really pressed on that search stuff, but have to check that out next time I'm out there.


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Yeah. I see everybody wearing these things now. A lot of PGA guys that you mentioned that the ad. I did ok. Yeah.


Did a lot of the pros are wearing it and it's, it's good you can link up with your buddies and you know, push each other as far as workouts or who's getting better sleep, which I imagine the workouts is probably a little bit more popular as far as competing. But all right, I'll start competing with sleep.


So if you'll just me man, I wish I could sleep like they used to. I used to get ten, twelve hours a night. Now it's like if I get six am, I'm fucking happy my car sucks.


I was saying before, before the show Boxton got a chip, let's bump. But I would be lying because he's had a fucking bump all year. This guy has been on an absolute tear. Vegas. Absolutely. Like I said, the interview Stanley Cup a bust for them. Marc-Andre Flurried got a 60 fifth career shadowed. He just passed hasher 16th place. But the other news out of this division, Zach Parisi, scratched for the first time ever as a member of the Minnesota Wild, his first since his rookie year.


He was, I guess, Mike Russo said on the athletic. He had overextended his shift. He was trying to set up Marcus Folino for the empty net goal, which would have given him a hattrick. But the puck ended up in his own net. Minnesota eventually lost the game. Needless to say, Perusia wasn't happy about being scratched. I don't agree with the decision, he said. In my heart, I felt like I was doing the right thing.


I asked Marcus after the second if he ever had a hattrick. He had two goals up to that point. He said no. He said, let's go for it. Basically, he was trying to get his buddy hooked up, stayed out there too long and they end up losing the game.


You know, it's had to be tough for coach guys, you know, been playing consistently for, you know, whatever, ten, twelve years, I think.


I think in the long run for this team, it's probably a positive thing because it shows everybody that no one's safe and accountability will be held to a very high standard. The reason as to how it all happened, I didn't I didn't know it was an extended shift with the fact that he was trying to pass it over and then it ends up back in his own net.


And points are so valuable for Minnesota, where I you know, I said that they were there were a bubble team. Right? You got you got St. Louis. You got Vegas. And who else in that division who's a top team help me in Colorado and Colorado, although they've been playing not so great lately. But, you know, you can't be giving up points like that and especially against teams in your own division. So shitty situation. I would imagine it lights a spark under them.


So that's probably a positive as well moving forward. But, you know, they ended up moving forward. Who didn't? They put the coyotes the next game when he was a scratch?


Yeah, they beat the coyotes. Then they lost the next game. But, yeah, a little rough end of the trip for Minnesota, but they're right in the thick of it, man. They're a lot better, I think, than other.


How do you feel about it? Like do you think it's a hado move to a healthy scratch them after that situation about him trying to help out a teammate. Like do you think that that the coach went and gathered that information to understand why he tried to slide it over? At that point, he's just fucked. We could have sealed the deal, take taken the two points, not given any two, you know, a division opponent. And and then the rest is history.


Yeah, I don't I find it very hard to believe that that is the main reason why he's getting scratched, because for a player who's like his entire career, but known as somebody who looks very responsible in his own end, where he's never really sacrificed, you know, defense for more offense is point to those aren't the same.


He's getting a little bit older. But in all the years he was really lighten it up.


He always was so good defensively. So if he makes a mistake like this, which the coach is looking at it like like a dumb mistake, and now it'd be one thing if he if he tried scoring for himself and iced it. Right. Because even though, like, they've changed with everyone always tries to score now.


But he was trying to find a teammate and they end up losing. So I think the coach is saying, like, this is why you're scratch, but don't you think that he's probably, like, not seen enough in his overall game lately?


And then this is the icing on top because on just that one mistake, you're going to scratch this guy? I refuse to believe that.


I think he doesn't like how he's playing.


And there's so many young, talented players there now where, like, Greenway's been phenomenal all year.


He's a big guy, big strong, knows how to use body skates. Well, and and cap capricious. Sorry, this guy's awesome joy to watch. Makes Minnesota actually want to watch them because of them.


Yeah. For the first time in a long time.


Yeah. So paresis struggled a little bit offensively and he's the older guy making a ton of money so fans end up getting on him. He's also a local guy and any scratch.


But in the whole the whole grand scheme of things, I don't think just because of that one play he had to miss the next game I could see as a coach, though, like your frustration is like that, if that's where your head's at when we're trying to get points to make playoffs. Yeah.


Although although it was what's the word I'm looking for as. Hello, so I'm going to pause, I just froze that was like when Zack Morris would hit pause or timeout, I thought, why don't you helped me with the work?


I was waiting for you to elaborate. I was champing at the bit here. I don't even know my special said the what the word could possibly be.


I don't know. I'm freezing up right now. I can't really think of it.


All right, when you're when you're when you want to give as opposed to receive altruism, there's no way business, vocabulary, generosity.


Let's just move on and just move on.


Yeah. Three three goals, seven assists, ten points and I think twenty one game so far away. So that's a good point. It probably wasn't just that shift, but at the same time he was trying to get a guy. A third goal instead are concentrating on one win of the game. So that's going to pick a coach off, you would think. And he's in his sixth season, by the way, I, I can't fucking count anymore.


Moving along, San Jose's rookie yocum, I think Yocum Blanchfield get suspended two games for a hit on Natha. McEnany got a match penalty. It was his first game of the season, just the fourth of his career. I didn't think it was intentional. I think he just kind of had them lined up and he just caught them wrong because he caught him on the jaw, missed the last couple of games. He should be back soon. What did you get to look at this hit?


I'm sorry, I did not see that hit because did you know, I'm still trying to think that words worst thing in the world either way. Yeah, I mean, it's one of the things you hate to see. I said I don't think it was intentional. It wasn't like Baby Wilson's maliciousness. He was going for a hit and caught back on the jaw that we've seen happen before. So tough situation, but hopefully Mack will get back soon. Rehabilitated Dominic Kasuke for the 14 most wins.


Congrats to Ryan Miller. Still getting it done all these years later. Let's see any other notes from the Central West Division, Beja Coyotes, anything you want to chime in with? You still going to worry about this word? For the rest?


They were down to nothing to many and and many had worked in the night before and got off to a quick lead. All of a sudden they came storming back. Garland just continues downward pace.


Selfless. What is it? It was selfless.


But I will say when I said other words for unselfish, when I typed it in that ultra altruistic altruistic, that pretzel your mind altruistic, I don't think I'll ever be using altruistic, but selfless.


Well, you could use it also as a head coach, I would never have sat a guy for as being selfless. I would have been upset. I would have sat him down. I maybe had a conversation with the team that, you know, if there's an empty cage, put it the fucking that.


Take the two points and run.


I'll tell you who does not have problems scoring not on empty nets, but when they empty. Then at the St. Louis Blues five times this year, they tie the game with the goalie pulled. I think they won four of them. They lost it when they did it the other night.


But they had that they had three goals, six on five when they pulled their goalie, I think against the Coyotes. One game. Yeah, at least two.


But as far as that does not last, though, as far as as far as the coyotes are concerned, a big bounce back win against Minnesota. And they're kind of hovering. They're fighting for that fourth spot in my eyes in that Western division. And I've said it time and time again. I'm very proud about the way the groups played, especially with the pressure that was coming into the season on the guys who have been paid these contracts, like the divorc the Schmults.


The Kellar chicken's been awesome. And and Darsey Kemper's is held up his side of the bargain. So Yo Yo are are very Peski this year and they're going to be a thorn in some team sides.


Did you see that clip of chicken behind the net the other night? He looked like you struggling with that word a minute ago.


He stood there for good, like eight seconds, like wait for the player to start. And he looked like he was at all baffled about some. I don't if, you know, it was actually pretty, pretty funny.


Dallion. Oh, yeah. Handsome man Rockit. All right. What else we got here? Oh yeah. We talked about coaches getting fired last week. And like I said, Válková Jim Bennett come out said, I'm not looking to make a coaching change regarding Travis Green. Well, Calgary, that wasn't the same case. They fired Geoff Wood. He's getting replaced by Darrel Sato, who signed a three year deal this year. And Tumua said, of course, coach the flames back to throw six.


They lost the FA Cup to Tampa and he won two cups in L.A. This will be his 20th season as an NHL coach. Jeff, what took over for Bill Peters last year? Kind of abruptly. I don't know what expected that to happen. I coach forty two games last year, just twenty four this year. I think you predicted it to near.


You said if the one team would change your coach, it would be Calgary.


Yeah, well, we read the odds to be fired last week and he wasn't on it, which made no sense to me because I thought he was probably the.


So we talked about it with Merrick. I'll summarize it as this. There's a lot of pressure within that organization to win right now. The same core group has been together. I think the Treliving has made some great moves in order to make them a very good lineup. They have not gotten the results that they need in order to have success. Time for some tough love. It's you know, you I would think as a GM, you never want to have to put your players.


I'm sure I'll go back to the thoughts thing. It's tough having a coach like Tortes because every day you come to the rink and you feel like you're walking on eggshells and you feel like it's never good enough. And I played in the lay organization when Daryl was head coach there, especially after they'd already won the two cups, even when they'd won one and they were going for their second, their stories of like the team having played like a team only meeting and not wanting him involved to the point where they'd go on an eight game win streak with Darrell and he'd be coming in the room grumpier than if they'd been on an eight game losing streak.


And that's just kind of how some of these guys are a little bit tops. Yes. Do they have short short shelf slips? Yes, of course. When he got when he took over for the Kings, I mentioned it again in the interview. He hadn't coached for six fucking seasons. So the whole like, I don't know, can he come back and turn this thing around? Well, I don't know. He did it in one, two cups, so I'm pretty sure he could be able to do it again.


Does it suck for the guys in that locker room to now?


I would imagine there's going to be a lot, lot more accountability and a lot harder practicing and a lot more coach in your ear telling you to wake the fuck up constantly. But Treliving gave them the opportunity to have an easier coach and essentially do it themselves and they weren't able to do it. So, you know, they left them with no choice. And I think that that type of lineup. Will will do well under a Darryl Sutter, I mean, their first game against against Edmonton for the at least for the first two periods, they looked awesome.


They limited their scoring chances. There was a shit ton of fights, obviously, guys trying to establish their game and and get back to that hard nosed hockey. Well, the McDavid show, the McDavid show showed up and they ended up losing three, two, but it had to be done. And it's you know, it's kind of do or die with this core group.


And if they can't figure it out in the short period of time, I would assume much like who's the other team? A much like Buffalo and I'm not comparing the two is how bad it is. But there probably are going to have to be some off season moves if they can't figure things out quick, they got to shake things up, know it at some point.


My favorite thing, millionaires row. Millionaires row, when he scratches all the men making all the millions go have a seat down there at the bench.


Millionaires are all. Yeah, yeah. Actually he had he didn't coach Saturday night. He's going to be there for the Knicks. OK, well, fuck me. No, but he was interesting. He got fired after seven to three when usually guys get shit canned after a loss. Obviously they didn't care what he did.


Well, that wasn't the case with who else just went through that. Quote, They should have won, but they technically lost what they've not they did lose it so easy to fire a guy. Of course, we already mentioned Montreal Fire Goaltend coach Stefan Waite replaced him with Burke. Kari Carey Price look pretty good Saturday night. Obviously, to keep an eye on that, Toronto had a two and two week. They're still lead in the NHL and points back to back shout outs from their backup goalies before Freddy get back on the crease.


Because I know you like the Zalkind and Mike Smith bat one in the crease.


I mean, he was a thorn in somebody's side in that game. And I tweeted out, Himan didn't look like he left the ice in the third period and such a, you know, an underrated player along with the rest of his line mates on that checking line for Toronto and Toronto looks dangerous. Look out. Look out. Leafs Nation don't.


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Speaking of hire and business, does a good article in the athletic.


I think it come out last week, the trade deadline list. They have a big board of who they think the most likely guys to go to see is a 28 named list. And then they actually came up with another list today or yesterday with twelve other names of guys who could go. I mean, there's some fucking talent on these lists. I'll rattle off what that Stockholm Jack Ickle, Chris Draeger, Philip Fallsburg, Richard Recal, Clayton Kella, Dillons, great Clayton Kellers on a trade list.


Well, they got I mean, again, it's the it's this is their take. I mean, I don't it doesn't necessarily mean GMs a shot. These guys. This is just what reporters consider the drawing board. Yeah. He's got six years left at seven point one, five mil. Bottom line is there's a lot of good players on here. You've got to think some of these guys are going to get flipped, especially a lot of teams feel they can win it this year.


Probably. Who who do you guys think are the biggest thing? I would say Taylor Hall has got to be a pretty big name on that list.


What's funny, I know only number twenty four. I mean, I would think he's probably going to be one of the guys GMs are going to be calling for. He'll be a nice little fit going into the playoffs.


I mean, especially with I hate to bring up the Coyotes because people are going to think I'm a homer.


But I mean, if they're probably not in a playoff position, they have a couple old veteran defenseman, that would probably be a great addition to the team. I mean, Alex Gogolewski, you played with him a little bit with very reliable on the back. And he can you can help out with, like a second unit. I mean, I don't know if he's going to want to move, but Nicholas Wilson three times, Stanley Cup champion, great Shut-Down defenseman, great penalty killer, blocked shot.


So the Coyotes definitely have some assets that they could move in or, you know, gain some drafting position, something that they don't really have much of. But, yeah, no, it's it should be interesting, especially with what the conversation was with with American in the two week quarantine. So Canadian teams are probably less likely to make moves than than the rest of the divisions.


No doubt. I think that if I'm if I if I could possibly look like add a depth guy.


Right. If I'm a team, that's all right. I just want to get a little tougher, a little meaner, a little harder to play against.


What about Sam Bennett duties? He's going to be RFA, right. So you're going to ask for a little bit more in return. But I don't know, man. That guy seems like such a playoff type player to me.


Well, I think that is probably going to want to see what he can do under him. Very true. That's that's a very Darryl Sutter type player. Now, I was kind of wondering this, and I don't think he fits the mold just because he hasn't been able to produce maybe the same amount of offense. But who's the who's the Blake Coleman out there that somebody can add right now? Who is that type of player? That's that that's up for trade to add like that.


Did that depth guy who could provide offense, he's like a reliable third line player. And I mean that to me, that's you.


It's tough to go get like the first line center or the, you know, a highly, highly skilled guy.


But you could probably I mean, mind you, they gave up quite a bit for Coleman. I think they gave up two first rounders and they.


Yeah, it wasn't a cheap price. No, not not too I don't think I don't know what the Google. Now, that's a good call and then and I think a Coleman, I think he can skate right. So it's very hard to get that kind of combination. Why he's so effective in terms of like wearing other teams down, because that line was just such nobody could really handle them because their speed was so nice and then they played physical.


And I mean, ecoATM being number one on that list makes a lot of sense.


I mean, his cap hits three point seventy five for a while. The way he can move and he's big, strong or any team that needs a and you're calling about him, you get him for another year or two at three seven five. So that would certainly be a return national is going to be looking for. I don't want to say it a ton, but they're not going to give him away, no doubt.


Yeah. Yeah, there's that trade. The devils got no one foot young prospect and they ended up getting to Tampa. I'm sorry, Vancouver's twenty twenty first round pick because Tampa already had it. The conditions were Vancouver's pick is a lottery pick. The twenty twenty first round pick will transfer to a twenty twenty one first round. So one first round. Yeah.


One two I believe foot. I was half right. Well what was taken the first round.


So I guess you can technically you were very very selfless of, of New Jersey to only take one first round pick. Yeah. Good stuff.


Yeah. I mean obviously there's a ton of face here. These teams are out of the playoffs. I mean why wouldn't you fucking trade. It would make no sense. Not so I guess. Well obviously we'll keep tabs on all the trades going on. Teams want to line up. They want to definitely have a little insurance going going into the playoffs. And speaking of insurance, insurance can be complicated. That's why the zebra was created when you used the zebra.


Dotcom insurance finally feels like it's in black and white. No more confusion, just honest rates from real companies. The Zebra is the nation's leading insurance comparison site for car and home insurance. They can help you save money today. It's so easy. Go to the zebra dot com and answer a few questions to compare accurate insurance quotes for free. And don't worry, the zebra. Protect your personal information and make sure there are no hidden fees or surprises along the way.


The best part you can secure your insurance from the zebra dot com over the phone from one of the licensed insurance agents. How much money can you save on car or home insurance? Visit the zebra dot com slash checklists. That's Tag Zebb are a dot com slash check. Let's see. Let's for insurance in black and white. All right, gang, this is a nice story.


Brian O'Reilly's mom, Bonnie, she donate a kidney to a family friend, Graham Nesbitt. He used to, like, let Brian and his brother Carl get extra time at the rink, his young kids, and he needed a kidney and the O'Reilly's mom donated her kidney. Man And I know we had a couple of coworkers, Abasto, Grenelle, Jordan Berry and Jake Lisowski have done the same thing. I had a buddy who did it for that up and up in South Boston.


And I mean, talk about selfless and altruistic because it's all coming full circle.


I knew there was a reason why I needed to find that word. That is that is incredible.


Now, so a kidney is basically just it kind of like filters out all the junk in your body, correct?


Yeah, more or less. You get two of them so some people can live. What one? Some people only born with one and some people, if they don't get a new one, if they have to, won't live much longer and someone will match, they'll donate. Yeah.


I mean I didn't know much about it other than the fact that it's you know, that's a that's a pretty hard core thing. And, you know, obviously takes what, surgery and recovery time. Oh yeah.


I mean, it's like getting thrown your hair long donated for a transplant. Yeah. I guess it's painful. You got to go through a huge operation taking on a major organ. So it's it's not something people do very lightly, that's for sure. So all kudos to her.


And the other you said mentioned there's two other people at Berkshire that have done it recently. Yeah.


She's pretty crazy that in a company of like 250 people that two people have done it. But it's Jake Lisowski who helped us out with the Player Really fun series. He edited all those this summer. And then Jordan, very good friend of mine. So it's a pretty cool thing.


That's awesome. Yeah, man, that's unreal. Yeah, that's crazy. Taps, taps. No doubt about it. I mean, this is a tough story. We've got to bring up my Mark Pavlik. He assisted on Mike Eruzione, his game winning goal at the 1980 Miracle Team USA squad. He died at age sixty three, I guess. Well, I guess he was living in a mental health treatment facility in Minnesota. I guess he had got arrested for assaulting a neighbor a couple of years ago.


And the judge ruled he wasn't fit to stand trial. He just you know, he's not mentally fit. So he was living in a facility. And I guess they found him. I found him dead in his room the other morning. His sister said back in twenty nineteen, she suspected he probably would have given his history of concussions. It's just just a sad, terrible ending for a guy who was on such a grand stage, part of American history.


And then, you know, just to have have it end like this, it's it's it's heartbreaking. It's awful. And, you know, we just were terribly sorry to the family and friends of Mark. What I know you're obviously a fan of Team USA and all that history.


I didn't know if you wanted to weigh in here. Yeah, it's just just heartbreaking for sure, just shows his incredible career, he had the moment he had being a gold medal winner on that team. It's like the the game's just a game, right? I mean, doesn't matter if you win Stanley Cups, doesn't matter what you do.


It's like your life after. And that's what we always talk about and how hard it can be for players.


And you see somebody who certainly had like mental illness. Right. And it's so sad because it doesn't doesn't matter at all to him what happened before in his life. He should be so proud. And it just shows that that in the end, for so many people that it doesn't matter.


And that's a guy who did something that that is so memorable, will live on forever. And all of his buddies that he did it with all of these guys who made the impossible come true, like they lost one of their brothers.


And it sucks because for so long, I think he's been battling illness and demons and, you know, his teammates weren't able to help. And I'm not saying anyone could.


So it's just such a sad way to see a memorable person in USA Hockey and somebody who did something that was so incredible with a group of others, you know, tragically died at a young age and say, you want sixty three is young now. And so I feel so bad for his family. And you feel for four people who cared a lot about him and loved him and just to see it all go down the way it did after a moment that he should have been flying high on the rest of his life.


It is heartbreaking. Well said.


Again, our deepest sympathies to family, friends and teammates of my terribly sad to see the news.


Last week we talked about Bob Probert, Jody Shelley. A lot of people enjoyed that story. Well, a friend of Bob's reached out to me and they wanted to have us mentioned that they're his wife, Danny, and a family friend, Malang, are raising money for the memorial, which is they're going to build the hospital, went for cardiac care in his name. So if you want to make a donation or merch purchase that will benefit the fund, you can go to Detroit's real bad boys dot com, just like it sounds.


No apostrophes. Detroit's real bad boys dot com. Again, if you want to just make a donation to get some of the merch to help out, that'll be a great thing if they can get a cardiac when built in Perlberg on us. So we'd like to say someone reached out, want us to pass along. We were happy to do that. Probert is a legend, so no problem there in our final story. Don't worry, we're going to leave.


Well, it's not a happy note, but we can at least have a laugh. I guess a boy, Meems, was bad from Instagram ground. Sausage, spit and chocolates mean you might get a lifetime ban.


Folks, this is serious shit. Yeah. I mean, you can't lose me.


It's this guy, the video of him in. I mean, I've hung out with him to talk to him. It almost feels like he's joking with you. Like he's trying to be like a stereotypical Canadian. But with that video Drut, I think people thought he was doing a character like, no, that's Meems exactly like that. We're like, what kind of Canadian accent is that? Because like what region? It's memes. He's he's from he's from Meems Land.


He's an Internet outlaw.


He abides by his own rules. There's no rules that apply to. So we'll give you the rundown here. So apparently he broke some Instagram rules as far as like copyright infringement because he was putting our faces on some silly videos. He got nipped in the butt. They took down his account, we're hoping. Why did you laugh? Nipped in the bud, nipped in the bud.


Right now, we're hoping for a 30 day suspension and guys from bar stools trying to work on getting his account back that had one hundred and seventy thousand followers. We may not get it back. And Meems may have to go on on Sarsae, but we would probably create another one, I'd imagine, and try to get that back going, because it's something that we get to share with our fan base. That's like all the underground jokes and all the silly stuff for our hardcore listeners and which tells us that we have about one hundred and seventy thousand one hundred and seventy thousand of them.


So we're going to do what we can for you guys, folks, because, you know, obviously we enjoy getting some laughs out of it as well after he polarizes us with some of these things that he creates and spin teams will never die if he's gone.


I'm gone. Yeah, I need I need Meems. I wait after every show and try to think what he's going to mean. And then once they pop up a couple day or two after the show, I just love them and laugh. So means we're thinking of you and that is not an act. Krauze Meems to the core dippin playing video games, thinking of Meems with a gun to Gone with the Wind poster behind them.


Shout out Meems our he'll get back.


I'm Shivah. If he has to start another count, everybody will just follow him again. I don't think it'll be a problem building up.


Everybody will be aware so I will remember you. We to do it on cassocks. OK, I can't hit those high notes today.


We know that I gang now wrap up episode three twenty three. Been a long week. We had a good time, a lot of fun. Enjoyed the episode and we'll catch you later. As always, we'd like to thank our sponsors here and spit and chocolates big thanks to our long time friends at New Amsterdam, vodka and Pink Whitney, huge thanks to everybody. At no days wasted for taking care of us. Thanks to everybody at simply say for taking care of our homes.


Huge thanks to everybody. A group for helping us sleep and training big thanks to Zipp recruiter getting those people, those jobs and a huge thanks to our friends at the zebra. Check them out for all your insurance needs.