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Hello, everybody, welcome to Episode three hundred and twenty six of check that's presented by Pink Whitney from our friends at New Amsterdam Vodka on the barstool sports podcast, Family.


What's going on, everybody? The warm weather is getting the people getting a little antsy from pink. Whitney will be getting that in a bit. Let's go to Mikey Grantly first. What's going on, buddy?


Well, Ari, you mentioned Pink Whitney, and we do have a sandbagger sponsored by Pink Whitney dropping this week, my Commodore Ray Whitney. I can't wait as a producer. This is a producer's dream, so I'll let the big boys talk about it.


Next, we'll go to the whiteboard next. Ryan Whitney. What's going on, buddy? Not much. Not much. A lot to talk about. So many millions of things happening in the sports world. Hockey is exciting. I have some things to prove that we could be, unfortunately, maybe seeing not as much excitement down the stretch here.


But still for right now, I don't want to be a downer. I'm ready to go and ready to talk about what happened in this league, looking for tollgates which will last, but not least out in the dirty desert.


Paul Business-to-business, buddy, I saw you Friday night doing the TV thing. You're fucking good, buddy. I'm not to kiss your ass. It's funny when you see you on here, Boutcher and stuff, and then you're on TV and you nail it. You like Dick Clark.


He's the butcher and stuff on TV. All Oh, I butcher, I butcher a couple of words but I keep it together, real as you call it. Oh, but I have a good time when I, when I fumble fuck my words on live usually twice national. I'll take a couple of jabs. I'm here for share in the segment but yeah we got to such a fun crew here in the desert between Jody Jackson, Todd Walsh, Tyson nationality.


McConnell. Yeah it's Ford man. And and I'll tell you what, the car has been playing some good hockey as of late. They've won three in a row when when they were playing Minnesota. And they I think they have like three goals and five games, whatever it was, that's when it gets a little bit hard because I hate being critical, but I appreciate that. But it's a little tummy stick action off the top here. That's all right.


Well, Tommy.


All right. That's this is just leading in biz is going to do acting. I know you've heard it here, I think many times before. This will be an actor. And so I think you being good on TV, it's no surprise. It's no surprise to us, you know, the true fans of business.


Now, I got to play a little Tommy sticks back already. I was disappointed that you weren't named one of the sexiest bald man alive in the recent poll.


They ended up guess who got first place with your mortara.


It's also some old guy alive, I'm going to say either. Kelly Slater or Prince William, oh, he got yeah, Prince William, that's bullshit. He's not a go away, is it? Prince William. Oh, God, it is Kelly Slater. Is Kelly Slater the surfer? Yeah. Oh, yeah.


He's a he's a lot of Monday that just made my Monday, I think race better looking than Prince Harry.


I only said Prince William because it's like they're in the news, right. He's not good looking. He's kind of terrible looking. He looks a little bit like a bird.


But Harry's way better looking. He's the way he looks.


He looks like his father, who's not a good looking guy. And it's funny I tweeted, I get out of here, like, not even trying to make a pun, but out of here, like out of here, you know, rhymes with here.


I was even trying to make that stupid joke, but I read, like, the criteria. All they did was they like looked how many times people call him sexy and blogs and articles. It wasn't like they did a poll and he happened to be called sexy the most, which is I mean, I don't know how long the articles went back. I know he was a bad guy when he had a full head of hair. But the idea of him, the sexiest bald guy in the world, well, I'm a little bit more upset at our fan base for not tweeting.


Aaargh! In the word sexy in the same tweets.


Our our is the sexiest bald guy from Charlestown, born in nineteen seventy one God district that snuck in my inner Stanley Cup final mishmash.


Charlestown South. The action. No shit.


These other guys were Jason Statham was an obvious answer.


Yeah, no, I mean Bruce Willis, good looking guy. Oh yeah.


He's he's kind of one of the bald icons. Dwayne the Rock. You got to have a good shaved head. Yeah. And you got to have a little color on it and then you got to be tan. So me bald and bald. No bueno.


You'd be a tough looking ball defense. All right. Not birth. I'll wear a rug that you could. No, I would never actually wear, but I would be the ugliest bald guy going.


You looked like the guy from Christmas vacation, the grandpa. Who was it who had the rug? Who loses his jobs? Doesn't he have the rug too? Yeah.


Yeah. And then I think it starts a fire. Possibly I might be. All right.


Answer me this, because they were a little bit more common back then before hair transplants became so easy and actually like productive. Who like who has who are the some of the most infamous rug wearers of all time.


Oh. That's the thinking. I think everyone was wearing on my thought. Yeah, back back before they did transplants and stuff. Yeah.


I mean, any basically any principle you had in grade school probably had a rug back then. But I'm trying to think of, oh, Marv Albert. Marv Albert got to be number one. I mean, he had different proofer.


That's just like knowledge but different data. We just had a different top. Yeah, yeah. I think I think it's pretty well, I think it's pretty well known that Marv Albert had way because we got to get you wear rugs, you know, we've got to get a rug suspect. Lex Lex Luthor. Oh, my God. That would be funny.


Speak of the movies that a friend of mine who tweeted tweets, tweets once. What a stupid sentence.


He said that the Massachusetts is getting a whole bunch of movies are going to be coming here like eight like eight movies are going to be starting a production in the state. There's already they're already filming a couple right now. So, I mean, I already I'm already on file with a casting agency, so I'll have to keep my eyes peeled to see if any are any opportunities.


Did we ever find out which movie Leo was filming when he was when he was in Boston?


Yeah, the one with Jennifer Lawrence that Adam McKay's directing. I forget the name, but off the top of my head, I could pull it up real quick. But yeah, I don't know if they're still filming that here, but they were just filming. Would you call it Ben Affleck and George Clooney that that book. What's it called. The Ten Bar. How about the kid who grew up basically in a bar?


It was a book that's being turned into a movie, the other film in it. Oh, that's actually my favorite book. Share J.R. Moehringer Moringa.


We get it. You read.


I can't even say the author's name of my favorite book. That's why I'm the ugly bald guy. But it's it's the best book. It's about this kid's life. It's a memoir. It's all an unreal story the way it goes down. So to hear that's being made in a movie, I probably am going to be the guy who says you got to read the book.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. The book was better than already, that guy. I don't think it's possible.


Now, one other thing I wanted to mention before we get into hockey, because we do have a few I mean, there's one one story off the hop the temple stuff that's I guess probably the leading leading candidate out of the gate here. Oh, no.


Getting caught on a hot mike saying he gave a team a fake penalty and then get fired for. That's number one news story you don't say.


But before we get there, this this ship that got caught in the Suez Canal, have you guys been reading about this costing the global economy with four hundred million dollars an hour that its stock and our and our billions and billions of dollars?


It was it's a ship that's bigger than the Empire State Building. And they say a big gust of wind knocked it into the side and it got caught in the sandbags.


And I mean, with everything going on in the world right now, it's longer than the Empire State Building or the ship is bigger than the Empire State is huge.


It is huge. This is this is probably what the most traveled canal as far as like ships, shipping containers are.


It's probably either that or the Panama Canal. But, yeah, the Suez is the main way for to get from Europe to Asia without having to go all the way around Africa, which is what they used to have to do before the canal. And because there was a big thing like all these people should just back up and go around Africa. But they said the fuel costs alone are like a half a million dollars, not to mention the two or three days you add to your journey.


So, yeah, I was it was a huge cluster fuck, man. I don't know what the guy did.


He's trying to say the wind did it, but how they move it, tugboats, basically. Yeah, they got a bunch of tugwell.


They haven't really figured it out yet. So that's kind of there's no everybody I saw today. It's Yeah. It's Oh they are. They finally got it. OK, well then I don't know time I read up on that but it was just funny seeing that crane next to it and you're like that thing ain't doing shit.


I mean when you think all those trailers, those are the things that are on the back of an 18 wheeler. So when you see like I don't know how many hundreds are on it, that gives you an idea how big the friggin thing is. That movie is called Don't Look Up, by the Way, because the Leo DiCaprio movie they filmed here in post-production right now. So we'll keep our eyes peeled for that. Now, also, before we get to Tampa, we do want to mention our guests.


We have former Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard. He just retired. Great interview. Real good stuff. We're going to have that first. Not right away, but we'll get that shortly. Also up, buddy and our coworker, Caleb Presley, he has the Fifty One Strokes podcast. He's going to try to become a professional golfer over the next year or a scratch golfer. I'm not professional scratch golfer.


So we're going to bring him a question extraordinaire.


If you don't know Caleb, he's one of the truly unique personalities here. Basketball. He's a great guy. So we got some fun stuff coming a little later. But yeah, Temple busy. This was pretty funny stuff or not for him, but for people who observe hockey. He got the boot for the rest of the season after getting caught on a hot mic. He basically said the quiet thought out loud. It was right after a shitty trip and call on Nashville's Victor Arvidsson.


He said it wasn't much, but I wanted to get a fucking penalty against Nashville early in. According to Mattachine, he actually said it to Philly Horsburgh on Nashville.


He was you a guy that doesn't make sense to me, but keep going. So basically, the NHL said he would no longer be work in NHL games now or in the future. You know, maybe it's not like they fired him for fucking up, but the reality is he was going to retire anyways after. The season, so it's almost like an easy, convenient excuse for the league to just say up, you're all done, but let's ask you guys.


The refs talk like this, the players that they acknowledge that they're kind of managing a game, then what do you first?


I definitely remember a time pretty much in every league, once you start realizing that, like referees really matter when you're young, you have no idea what's going on unless you have lunatic parents screaming at them.


But once you start being able to talk to the refs throughout the game, everyone's heard them say, I owe you one guys or maybe a linesman. I think that that's always been normal. Now, the problem is so many people hate that, so many fans that they despise it and they don't really understand that. It's just always been a way where refs look and look to somewhat even up the game. So. I I've never, like, heard it said publicly, so obviously that hot mic changes everything.


Now, the one thing is I, I said I was shocked that he got fired. I didn't know at the time that he was done after this year. It's a little different, right?


If this guy was a young young ref and that doesn't doesn't shock me. He basically got suspended. It's like I did early retirement take a hike off severance package. Yeah.


The funny thing was people are telling me, like all ten people, this is amazing. Like, he just doesn't even happen. I'm like, dude, he was he was going to retire anyways. Who cares?


I'm like, yeah, his legacy, pretty much all his legacy will be as a legacy.


He's not known as the best referee, but it's whole history basically was tarnished.


You know, you can say, yeah, you were only working a couple more months, but now you went out this way. It's pretty embarrassing. So. I don't understand how the league would go about changing, refereeing where you're always it's either it's either robots and call every single thing by the rulebook every single time, no matter if it's exhibition game or seventh game of the Stanley Cup final, or you have guys who are making their own decisions, in a sense, as the game flows and you get situations like this.


I think it's more realistic to understand that referees fuck up, I mean, you have replay for so many things that I understand the refereeing in the NHL, so many fans, I understand don't like it. They say how bad it is. I don't know, it's a tough job, and I think that after as many shitty calls and shitty situations, the refs in the league put themselves in, there's also a lot of games that I watch and I have no complaints.


Yeah. So I kind of rambled on here, but in the end, I wasn't surprised when I found out that he was done after this season to begin with, I would definitely agree.


It tarnishes tarnishes his image. And it's tough because, like I mean, the guy put in so much time, you don't want to see anybody have to go out like that. It's embarrassing. Right. And you're in your names getting dragged through the mud on mine. Now, it's hard to defend it because you're just like like he's essentially admitting to, like, calling a shitty penalty and that he it was it was almost it was almost admitting it was like premeditated.


So as a fan, you're furious. And I believe Matt Duchaine went on a local radio station in Nashville. And I don't think we have to roll the clip, but essentially saying is like, you know, they went from not really being a factor to the fact that they're battling for that fourth spot. Now, they're tied. They're tied. Right. So he's saying, well, what if that ends up costing us a point and we miss playoffs by a point like, you know, jobs are at stake here, you know?


You know, Hynde's was a bit I would say he was on the hot seat, at least at one point, like, you know, jobs are at stake. So the fact that he got caught in the hot mike and a lot of people are saying, well, I would have liked to have heard like the rest of what he was saying. And yeah, I mean, I would to context does mean a lot. But regardless what was caught on the hot mike still didn't sound very good.


And at the fact that the league is really trying to get involved in gambling and I think that Gary Bettman has been pretty vocal about that, you probably have to take a very hard stance. And he put the you know, he put the people who are running the league between a rock and a hard place. And and given the fact that he is retiring at the end of the season. Yeah. Is probably easy to say. Hey, you know, I think he's probably still going to get a severance and nothing's going to happen to him financially other than the games.


He's not maybe working here to to finish off the year. But, yeah, it was just also Ryan Callahan had an interesting quote. I think he was talking about it on the NHL network. And he said and this is we've we've been through this hundreds of times. You get three powerplays in the first and in between periods in their locker room, you're telling everyone, boys, move your feet, keep your stick down. We know that they're going to be looking to call one.


No, we're getting one. We're going to go.


Yeah, it's common. Somebody is getting it right. You know, they're going to get us back for one like you do your best to. Yes. Talk about. You're right.


But and and also to defend referees in the sense it's easy for us to say, well, they shouldn't be looking at it from from that standpoint at all. It should be like you call the penalty men in black to clear the mind. Clean slate. We're moving forward here. But you've also refereed against certain guys who might be fuck you and you every night and being assholes to you where maybe they have certain vendettas against players. I don't know if this is the case in this situation, but I never I wasn't playing a lot.


I never had issues with referees. I was usually the one supplying the Gatorade and water as soon as we had the TV time out. So if anything, I might have got a few lucky ones not called against me during my time in the NHL. But it's a very unfortunate situation. Of course, you know, I would say the amount of social media backlash definitely played a part in all of it because it as soon as it got posted, it just caught fire and every everyone with a checkmark had an opinion on it.


So I don't know, I would have been OK with with them suspending them for ten, fifteen games and also been able to bring him back and give him a proper sendoff. It just sucks that he's not going to be able to get the send off, you know, for putting fifteen hundred games in. But, you know, I guess that that's the punishment that fits the crime.


I couldn't believe he's been doing it since ninety nine so I. Good but no no, no you go ahead.


Yeah. What do you think it from a fan perspective. I'll say my piece after I. We haven't heard your opinion.


All right. I first off, I think the lesson here is when you're wired with a microphone, you should be careful what you say. First off.


I mean but I was very curious, guys, about how did that ref's hot mike go over the year? You know, I'm saying like, that's something we usually hear the ref in the arena. So how did it get on the telecast? That's what I was curious about. They haven't really revealed that yet. But yeah, I think it sucks for people, but I don't think he did anything different or wrong again, other than talking on a hot mike, because this does go on.


I mean, it's been the Joe Kent Boston Saturday night, Montreal. The Canadians are going to get that first play all the time. Would have been hilarious if you actually said that instead of what he did say. But yeah, I think I mean, punishment, if you want to call it it is appropriate. I mean, you are kind of tarnishing his legacy, such as it is like the guy people when they bring it up. How can I remember?


Yeah. He said that at the end of his career. Right.


To ref those, they're not going to remember him getting hit in the nuts and then going in on Luongo and him giving them the dust there.


Yeah, but you know, the leagues like the nuts, that fact. Oh, I'll go get the dirty look at the fucking the Nardizzi.


Folks, if you're listening to this, there was a clip that got posted. And I don't I don't we don't mean to pile on temple right now. Oh, are you kidding me? This he's too good this season. Don't play.


He's in the corner completely out of a play. Somebody dumps it in and ends up hitting them. There was another clip. It might have been all right. Yeah, we're trying to get some in the nuts, I believe, but. But there was another clip where it ends up hitting them and literally walks the goal line and goes in on the Wangel, the one that's the Bertus, OK, OK, so it was the same one.


I didn't realize it hit him in the nuts at first, but that was a tough balance. But it's a funny clip. So that has now overshadowed Temple's career highlight. To answer your question, I have no idea why that hot mike is going on the air. Same time, same fucking issue they dealt with with the mikes being on the glass were when Morgan Riley was yelling Raggett, Wragge, the Poch.


Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't know. Maybe it was because there's a mic up top there. But what was the last thing I was going to say? Oh, the the one reason that I wanted to hear the rest of what he said and in context was because of the fact that he told that to Felipe Fallsburg he was a dude.


What would he say?


While I don't know why the fuck he would say it and I don't know why he would know who I am not not why he would say, but why would he say Nashville to a guy on National? He'd say he'd say, you guys I like. Do you know what I'm saying?


If you if you if you skate up to Krosby like I was giving the penguins what it's like you're talking to somebody on the penguins, are you're saying that that's being missed?


No, no, no, no. If if if Duchaine said it one hundred percent, I believe it. I'm just saying it's like it's odd to hear him say it that way. That's what's confusing. Like, he's not much of a Hado. He's not like I was giving you guys one. He's like yelling your team, name it.


You you killed ten people, wanted to give one to Nashville.


That OK, OK.


And I have two things. First, you for you to apologize for us talking about that clip, that clip is one of the all time bloopers I've ever seen, a slap shot off a ref's nuts in the corner.


The puck then walks, the goal line goes in on one of the all time great goaltenders. And then he stares down the ref like it's his fault.


And two, I hate to come off because I have.


I remember when I was younger playing in the league, and you'd hear and see people say things about you, and then you looked and they never played hockey, and I was ignorant enough to be like, fuck, these guys never even played in moving on.


In my second career in this podcasting world we live in, I understand completely how wrong I was that like people, a lot of people who never played hockey know a lot about hockey.


Right. So I hate to say I hate to sound like somebody who's like you don't know what you're talking about because you didn't play with the whole refereeing system to me is like, I don't know, you kind of had to play.


You kind of had to be a part of games to realize that games are reft in an even way for both teams. For the most part, you look at referees, most guys in the NHL, some more than others, keep the penalties very close, like one to two to maybe three or four between each team. Right. You're never getting like a one team gets 12 powerplays and another team gets three and Russia doesn't like.


So I don't know, like there's just so much complaining about how bad it is.


And I guess I don't I don't consider it that terrible.


Yeah, I agree with that.


I didn't see a ton of players tweet about it. I did see Jason Demerse did tweet though. He said, quote, I always like to MPL. There's a flow in NHL games that refs have refs have to manage. That might be tough to notice. They are human and make mistakes and sometimes get caught up and keeping that flow might be excessive, which I thought was pretty interesting because usually players don't chime in on matters of referee discipline.


So but it was I thought was an interesting perspective, a fair quote. And of course, also it was the referee who took out a picture with Puck Daddy, Greg Moshinsky, doing shots at a bar after a game a few years ago. He was disciplined for that as well. So.


Oh, really? Oh, yeah. You don't you don't remember that. Yeah, I saw the picture once again. Yeah. He got in trouble. No, not not because he was drinking I guess showing a shot and putting it online. I mean I, I mean it was the afternoon before puck drop. Yeah. No after bellybuttons shots for sure.


Can't be doing it so yeah.


I don't come down integrity and all that shit and it's like you know it's coming from Collin Campbell, the same guy. You can go back to his emails from ten years ago, like, you know what his kid was playing and can't play is fake, as you can kind of roll your eyes when you read that type of stuff.


But I got a great guy, though. I think I think Stanley Cup.


Isn't there a story where we're I don't know if it was Steve Order, Lyle Odali, but I know they're pretty sure they were together when they were in Dallas where they they weren't supposed to be in the lineup. And they ended up going for afternoon beers. And I think it was oter got a text like for being like, hey, you got to play tonight. And he'd already been like six to eight deep four. I played amazing. I play anybody, but you're going to piss all over myself.


I mentioned the Pink Whitney, a nice weather a few minutes ago.


The warm weather is here. Playoffs are just around the corner. We got the Kentucky Derby soon, the frozen for the final four, not to mention boring as baseball is coming back.


So make sure to head over to a local liquor store today to find Pink Whitney and the new three hundred and seventy five milliliter miticides bottle that just showed you on the camera right there showed again, you might see your local local hobo carrying that size of you here in the States. So try out the new Mickey size for your party needs and make sure to enjoy responsibly. All right, gang. Moving right along with NHL notes, covid stuff still affecting the schedule.


And the league is going to be going past the May 8th end of season. They've reached they've rescheduled game to May 10th. I don't think this is a real shock given the way things have transpired. The league does have a cushion that is basically going to shorten the break in between the Stanley Cup final and the start of next season. So, you know, they're under no gun here. So they do have plenty of time to do that. The NHL draft lottery on July 2013.


Twenty Fourth, they made a few changes to that. There's only going to be two drawings instead of three like they've been doing. Teams will be restricted from moving up more than ten spots. If that wins, one of the lottery draws teams cannot win the lottery more than twice in a five year period. Wins in a lottery prior to twenty to twenty. Twenty two will not be comfortable with this. The NHL said the changes will reduce the likelihood of the worst finishing team dropping in the draft order and not retain the right to the number one pick.


The fifteen teams that failed to qualify for the twenty one playoffs and the expansion cracken who begin to play next year will be involved in the twenty twenty one lottery. The twenty two lottery will include the 16 teams that missed the playoffs. This is just kind of standard business stuff because any reaction? A none. No. Yeah, no.


I just hope Buffalo. This is like what are you what are you talking about. I thought you were still doing it. Shut up. When I was fucking less than I was thinking. I hope Buffalo wins it. If there's one team should get exempt from that. You can only win a two time role. It should be the fucking sabers.


Oh, they still on this losing streak. Yeah, and they're about to I think they're going to tie the penguins for maybe oh four or five longest. Maybe of all time. Yeah man it's not good enough. In the, in the streak they've scored the fewest and giving up the most in the league and just been so bad and they're going to start losing guys.


Eric Staal, I don't mean to to get into your your headlines here. You can go right ahead.


That's all right.


We did mention the Predators a minute ago. They've had a four and a week there now, fourth in the central, like you just said, I don't know if they heard us talking about him. It seems like the second or third time we've shit on a team. And then they turned around this year, which is we're trying Buffalo.


We're trying to help drive Buffalo. Atlanta, but Nashville, they've won five five in a row, they won four four in the last week, seven of eight, the gold 10 has been unreal. Soroche has been great pepperonis. Dial back the clock. He's been outstanding. They've only given up more than two goals. And one of the last eight games, Rockall Grimaldi had a four goal game the other night. The Reds also just signed few defenseman and top ten Hobey Baker finalist David Ferentz to an entry level deal.


Carolina, they remain red hot three and on the week eleven one and two. Since being swept by Tampa in February, they've got eight straight wins again. Their goaltender has been getting it done, not to mention the extensive I'm sorry, excellent forwards. Some awful news out of Florida, man.


Wait, let me jump back to Carolina. Jump in whenever. Is it is it Nicas? As I say, his last name?


I think it's a neck and neck and neck. I've heard it different ways, but here's an amnesty.


Here's another guy coming on the scene for four for the Carolina Hurricanes. Guys, we don't we don't talk about these guys enough because I don't follow them closely, but they just keep getting it done and all of a sudden they got these guys who just keep developing and, you know, oh, my favorite word, their trajectory just keeps rising and rising and rising.


And is what I saw a tweet, I think last year, you even chirped this guy because he was scoring and you were like, hey, start doing something and I'll know how to say your name. And somebody let me know that that, you know, we owe him an apology and he's actually not even an apology. He did what you said. Now you're talking about him. You're well, because after he scored, so you basically you changed the trajectory of this guy's career.


You're welcome.


I should I should get ten percent of his next contract. We'll have Jeff call him.


All right, Nashville. David Powell's always been like the most patient guy in the room, right? Yes, we were we were talking maybe in Jupiter before that about coaches on the hot seat.


It was like, you know, John Hines could be gone any better. I wrote him off. Yeah. And people wrote off the team and all of a sudden they're they're getting cook.


And I actually thought last night when they won or Sunday night.


Excuse me. I wouldn't want to have to deal with them in the first round match, right? What if what if Tampa's got Nashville first round and they're buzzing and I don't know if it's serious or I don't know if it's really serious, has made the difference, right. In these last four or five.


But they're not like there was a team with such high expectations that if all of a sudden they sneak in, they're not going to be easy to get out.


I completely agree with you. And all of a sudden, like I think I thought they went from being cellar's to where they're probably keeping that home now. They're not they're probably not looking to move anyone. And you just. Did you mention they just signed that defenseman who's going to be probably joining their team or do they say he's going right to the taxi squad?


I hadn't heard further on that.


They did sign up to an LC. I don't know if he's going to go to the minors first or last.


He isn't really. All right, Wahad, listen, Nashville, look out. I mean, they're going to be tight. I think I think Dallas is going to make a push there, although they haven't been playing very consistent. They're still dealing with some injuries and some guys out of the lineup. But yeah, man, very impressive what they've been able to do over the last couple of weeks. And because there's so many games. And so in so few days, if you go on a hot run, all of a sudden you're in the playoff picture.


So we mentioned Carolina and you know, we got to talk about Florida now. You said the injury, R.A., this is oh, I was so gutted. This guy was I talked about Darnell Nurse being probably a top five guy for the noris right now. I would say Ekblad was definitely in discussion up until this point. No. Oh, 100 percent, yes, he was playing the best talk of his career by by a mile. He was he was looking so quick.


You watch this guy jump jump up into the rush and he's enormous. He's six, four, maybe even bigger. And he and he's heavy. And the way he skates and gets back in the play and like, he's very good with the puck in his own end. He's just he's a beast and he's kind of really starting to look like that.


That that number one overall pick, he wouldn't he went number one, correct. Right. I mean, number one, overall pick.


And all of a sudden you're you're you're you've kind of gotten to the level.


Look, I knew I could do this. And I swear to God, when I played this is the worst thing, like mentally definitely something that I could talk to someone about, to be honest. But I used to be so petrified of having an injury like that. I would get I would get like anxiety and I'd have to like really concentrate on not thinking about it.


But like, I remember seeing football injuries and hockey injuries and those ones where the legs and the ankles, I actually was like scared of it.


And it was so brutal to have to deal with that at times.


And then when you'd see it happen, like to play in a game like the guys are standing there, you seeing your brother, your teammate like, and his legs mangled. I can't watch them.


Yeah, I did it because I've always like it's such a such a weird thing that I'm like, so scared of that shit because, you know, not because but the good thing being that now a lot of times guys are like they're coming back and and they're able to.


You saw Alex Smith, the QB in Washington, like what he went through. And it does not mean at all. It's the end of a career. But you just get so scared because will I ever be the same after something like that? You just don't know. It's like heartbreaking in a sense.


One hundred percent. As far as like watching the clip, it's one of those ones where as soon as you saw him going down that left knee, you look away and you're like, oh, and yeah. And then and then the stretcher comes out. And I didn't keep watching. I couldn't somebody said that Jans was like Ball and his eyes out on the ice. Did you did you guys see that? I didn't see I didn't even touch that because because, you know, like, you know, he's having this unbelievable year.


He's finally got his game to where it needs to be. And and, you know, and at the at the in a split second, he's got to be on for the year. No, I this. Yes. Looks like yeah. This is what he said for an extensive time. He's going to go, oh no, no, listen. Like that's you.


You said it best. Like Yan's getting emotional are his teammates.


It's because it's still like it's like life, like the split second boom. It's all different.


And forget the least important thing, but we're going to discuss it nonetheless is like the Panthers are an awesome team this year.


They were having was so fun and he was leading them on the back end, just doing it all. And now it just it really it's we're thinking of him and his health and like his family. Right. And and all that and all that thing.


But fuck, that sucks for the for the Panthers.


They got Berkoff all right. Now as well. Hawthorn, Chris got hurt. I don't know when they're expected to come back, but yeah, just like, you know, we want to see organizations and teams that aren't normally in the mix have success because, like, we want hockey to grow. And and, you know, this was a rising star for for a rising team. And they were going to get hopefully, you know, at least a couple rounds in the playoffs and all of a sudden now you've lost your ace on the back.


And so, you know, I'm assuming there's that's a resilient group in that locker room. They're going to be able to figure things out and other guys are going to be able to carry the load. But this is this I was as I mentioned, I was just very, very excited for you and it was pretty innocent.


Play to S.L and Dallas, kind of a routine thing. You just he just had an awful landed. And, you know, it's an ugly play when TMZ is using it to exploit the fucking website hits, too. So I just Googled. I was like TMZ using it because it is it's one of those sort of Joe Theismann type looking injuries. Also, Alexander Berkoff, he's sharp.


What a lower body injury. He's more day to day. He should be missing too much more time. I think he's missed two or three.


I think they said kav his calf.


And it's but not all bad news out of Florida. Our buddy Keith Yandle. Nine hundred straight games. He's played just the third guy to ever do it. I mean, I know we've been singing his praises often, but we just want to acknowledge that because it's a hell of an accomplishment.


Sorry. All right. But is your boy Phil the Thrill Castlewood in Arizona?


I think he's at like 870 straight. Yeah, he's been buzzing as far as I didn't understand. He was right behind them. So he just played in his eleven hundred the other night and in the following game he ended up getting the hattrick. He's having a great year. I think he's got fourteen talks on the season. So nice to see him bring in the desert a little bit, lock in the boys. As I said, they're making a bit of a run.


We'll wait to get to them to the to the West style.


Oh I was just, I just was, I didn't know that thinking of the consecutive games played, but yeah. Keep trucking truckin man.


The Centrals becoming quite the race like we just said. Nashville, Chicago tied for that fourth spot. Columbus had a shitty week. They went to go three on one last week, but they're still just three. Back in Dallas, buyers, you mentioned them thirty one points, but they get four games in hand on most of these teams. So I mean, this could be six with seven teams vying for four spots. We're going to get some unreal races going down to the wire.




And one of those good. But again. No, no, no, no, no, no. I'll save it. I'll save it for your group. I apologize.


Was it something related to this division? Because it's related to every division actually. All right. Fire away or save it for after J.R. fired away.


All right. Unfortunately, as much as you may think there are exciting and is what pays, what are you rolling your eyes at?


What yeah, what you just said, interrupting a little bit. OK, fine, go ahead.


Yeah, the Detroit Red Wings, obviously, you know, they don't have the best Rustigan, but they have had quite a pulse lately and they've been playing with a little fire. They actually swapped Columbus out over the week. So keep on with that Red Wings, then we're going to bring on Jimmy Howard shortly.


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Now we're going to send it over a recent Detroit Redmann goaltender, Jimmy Howard.


I wonder what you're going to say now with. I mean, I know I was going to jump in and say, just fucking say it, I'm dying to say what? I'm dying to know what you were going to say, what you were going to say. Nobody's getting that at now. That is fucking you.


That was going to happen. I'm fucking done.


The king of interruptions will fucking Howard Stern of interrupting people. He's telling me that I'm interrupting.


We should just keep this rolling right out of the fucking moment.


The moment in time, no one can ever forget. Hey, listen, I'm going to interrupt you. I just been noticing you've been reaching my level lately, so I just figured I'd chime in.


This would be like O.J. Simpson, oh, oh, oh, Simpson, what can I compare this to because I don't want to use them.


I don't think he was a murder. I don't think I have one. I just I don't think you had a great topic to interrupt with. You don't you don't think that I have one?


This would be like O.J. Simpson accusing some guy of killing his wife and getting away with it. Is you telling me that I'm interrupting too much?


OK, I've heard I think some of the fans are definitely going to agree with you, and I think I'm going to I know I do notice it's an issue coming from you if Canelli says it. You're right, Mikey. If Ari says it. You're right, IRA. If you say it, well, fuck right off.


This is staying and what do you mean it's staying and of course, it's staying, and so we haven't even thought it over to Jimmy Howard yet.


Well, that's correct, BISAN. Without further ado, here's Jimmy Howard.


Let's bring in our next guest is actually from the state of New York, recently retired off the plane, his entire 14 season career for the Detroit Red Wings. He started over 500 games for the original six franchises while making three All-Star teams in the all rookie team in 2010 when he also finished second and called the trophy voting. Thanks so much for joining us on the spin with podcast. Jimmy Howard.


How's it going, my friend? Hey, guys, thanks for having me. Absolutely our pleasure. How's our retired life treating you so far? I try it's busier now with four kids than was when I was playing. Yeah, you're just regular stay at home dad now just coaching the kids, getting them ready for school, picking them up. Yeah, absolutely.


I mean, you touched me yesterday and I run the gantlet with my daughter, with gymnastics and then some class.


So are you into coaching, though, and stuff like you must enjoy that for your son?


Yeah, I actually coached both my boys teams. I'm the head coach for my oldest son, Justin, and one of the assistants for Henry's team. So they both play in the Oakland Junior Grizzlies programs out here.


Did you take a lot you learned after playing for BAPS and kind of moving towards the U.S.? Yeah, exactly.


One person that I took it from.


Well, how it's you know, you're a year younger than me. So we played and, you know, some international stuff together. We've known each other a long time golf trip buddies. And and I'm glad you finally came on. And I want to get into your entire career. And really from the beginning, it's like I always curious how goalies get into playing that position. Some guys I don't think they really want to do it. They get thrown in.


They love it. Were you somebody who really wanted to be a goalie from the time you were young?


Right from the start. Right from first. Your score. We didn't have a goalie and I was a drinker out. My dad was the high school coach for our hometown. So I was always in the dressing room and I was always, always having the guys shoot tape balls or tennis balls at me. And I was grabbing the guy's stuff to go equipment, putting it on. And it's just something about the painted mass and, you know, having colored equipment that just set it apart.


And, you know, that's what really drew me to it.


That's one thing that Laken I was grilling him about some info on you.


He said you're pretty into the style and the fashion. He said you're a bit of a brand whore, though. So maybe that worked. Maybe that's where it all stemmed from with all the design of the mask and style 100%.


Yeah, I got to have become sneakers cheese. Oh yeah.


Or even rock them on the bench in front of my all the parents.


Yeah exactly. Hey guys, I've made a lot of money playing the sport. I like to wear my stuff fresh so. So would you have a lot of say in how your mask was painted and who was the guy you would always turn to, especially when you turn pro and or design it?


Well, radiation did all my designs. He's based out of Michigan here. He's been painting a lot of the Detroit Red Green guys Masroor for a while. So I just thought, you know, I stuck with him. But when it came to designing Mass, like, I'm not that creative. So, like, I would give him a couple of ideas of what I was looking for. And then I just let them run with it and he'd send me sketches and I'd be like, Yeah, that's cool.


Let's go with it. How old were you?


When you get your first mask, maybe? What were you appropriate? On my first first mass I got painted was when I was at the U.S. program. Oh, really? Seventeen, 17 years old.


They they probably never work as soon as when you're not on the hook for paying for it. As soon as me and my parents were on the hook.


Because it's not it's not cheap to get one of those painted. It's at least a thousand bucks in it. Oh, it's more than that. I think it's at least twenty five hundred three grand. Oh, my goodness. Wow. Yeah.


Well you were you one of the best right from the get go. Kind of like the kid who was always the star goalie. Wherever you did play in the tournaments, you travel to every kind of a late bloomer. Definitely not a stereotype that like a lot of hard work, you know, a lot of, you know, my dad driving me around, you know, I can't wait to go see this guy once a week. So it was really, you know, a lot of hard work.


Yeah. You were driving your car to see this guy coach by the name of Barry Knight again. And I'd be out the back rink like it was only like a three quarter size ice ice surface. But there'd be three goalies out there and some shooters and, you know, he'd be running the drills. And so a lot of hard work, you know, in the back in the middle ranking south southeast Ottawa.


So you I mean, when you think about it growing up, I think just shooting park Jurassic Park for goalies, it's so different because when you're home alone.


Like, what can you do? You know what I mean? They can go to goalie clinic camps, but you can't just go down in the basement, just fire over and over.


Would you just do different type drills by yourself growing up just to always try to be improving while I do that once a week with very maddigan up in Ottawa, but then once a week with my dad, like Wednesday mornings we go on the ice at six a.m., six to seven before school, and then I go to school. Since he was a teacher, we just drive over to school after the skating in the morning. So my dad, you know, really dedicated himself, you know, when I was younger, you know, do what he could to, you know, at least so I can have options when I got older.


At what point did you started noticing the improvement to where you're like, wow, I could take this somewhere, like even getting a full ride scholarship. And I'm not sure what the goal was maybe at that time. But, you know, when did you start noticing that difference?


When I was 14 years old, as I was able to make a junior team and, you know, like in Canada.


So I jumped over the border when I was 14 and started playing juniors, and that's when I started to open for gym.


What did the NTSB first come on your radar, I guess, when you first came on their radar?


Oh, that's a great question. It didn't come on my radar until the day I was signing with the Peterboro piece.


Oh no, that was ready to go to the AL. I was going to go, wow, what? Mike, it's called No Share the day I was signing with Peterboro, so I forget who the coach and the GM Peterboro at the time who was, but they literally they got in the car and drove three and a half hours to come talk to my father and I and Ogdensburg. And, you know, I did politely say, you know, guys, I have the chance to wear my nation's colors every single day.


Like, you know, it's a no brainer. And growing up by St. Lawrence and Clarkson University's, like, I always wanted to play Division one hockey. You know, I remember going to the frozen four with my dad, my grandfather when I was in Albany one year. And I was like, man, I'd love to play one of these one day. So when my kids called in, Ken Martell called, you know, the day I was signed with Peterboro and invited me to join the US program, I was like an absolute no brainer.


Like, I'm going there, Dad, you cover the gas money back home, this fucking kid. We'll get your doggy bag to go.


So when guys go to the national team, at most, most for the most part, you're kind of considering next stop being college. And I know that you'd you'd kind of turn down the O to go there. But did you still think there was a chance you could end up going to the NHL from the national team? Or was it like, all right, now I'm going I'm going college, I'm going to get a D one D1 football once this is all said and done.


Now, as soon as I sign with the U.S. program, it was all about going into scholarship and going to play D1, that wasn't I wasn't thinking about going into the OT anymore when we were living with BILLETT family in Michigan.


Did you lie to them about any fender benders you might have had, like like Whitney? I didn't I didn't have a car. Oh, thank you. Up every now.


Roll the dice. I'd have to be on the phone. You're asking guys I practice. Can you pick me up? And it's because I sort of live down in the middle of nowhere. I went back from Miller Road. I don't know if you remember where that is. Well, out there in Ann Arbor, but so it's kind of a hike. So it was so embarrassing when my mom used to have to drop me off.


Oh, I thought you were going somewhere else with that. Did you and I together at Pioneer at the front door with all the ninth and tenth graders. You're the senior walking in with them? I don't know. We're all hanging out in the back parking lot.


I don't know if that story coming up on our podcast, but it was it was a kid who was clearly doing something in the basement. And the mom ended up calling him up and saying, hey, could you stop doing whatever you're doing in that blanket in the basement? It's a family heirloom.


So that was that was the end of that one. So sorry to go off the rails on you there, Jimmy. I know. I know.


We got to keep it somewhat clean because I did mention that you're you're in the midst of trying to get a job with with a media outlet, maybe the NHL network.


Yeah, possibly with the NHL network. They reached out. One of the producers reached out to me and, you know, asked if I had any interest with it. So I might as well give it a shot. Really got nothing else going on, you know, other than drive my kids around the hockey. So I figured I'd give it a go and see how it works out.


I could see you just watching the kids game from from Secaucus, getting ready to do a six to nine NHL shift is yelling at your iPad because your kid is crossing over hard enough. Well, actually, I didn't even ask.


Is he going? No. OK. He never wanted to play. They both wanted to be goalies, but I took them down in the basement and they just ripped the tennis balls as hard as I could at him. And I was like, this is what it's like to be a goalie's. This we want to do now. This is what I do. I go, yes, there's a lot more money in scoring.


Goes right to the collarbones, to the collarbone. I did. I was ripping armonica. What?


So what was the decision to end up going to mean? Yeah, it was be you in the mix, dude, come on, you were one of the top recruits. Fuck Jack jackarooing that Parker did. Yeah, you guys did the part. You brought us out and you showed me a great time after you. You guys were awesome to me. You know, I thought I was going to come to be you. But then the next day when Jackie was driving me to the airport only offered me three or four.


That's not going to cut up as well. What does that mean? He said three years full ride. We don't know about the fourth yet, but I think you have to pay. Don't you pay for the first year when that's the case here? Yeah, it's like I don't I don't have fifty five grand or whatever it was.


And I looked at them and I was like, I don't have that type of money. Yeah. It's like one the teacher and one's a teacher's assistant. Like there's no way I'm going to need a full ride. And then the next week and I had a visit. I mean and you know, those guys, they showed me a great time as well. And when I was up there on campus, you know, obviously I'll find Erina just sort itself, oh, you know, such a unique place.


And, you know, still 5500 people in there. But, you know, it's just electric in there so that the building sold itself. And I just felt so at home when I was on campus there.


And you got to man. I mean, you look at your career, they're one of the top goalies in the history of hockey, maybe like college hockey. I think you hold the record at main four shutouts, goals against average and save percentage single season and career. And that's a school that's had Garth Snow play there who was on his team as well that I'm forgetting. Mike Tomlin, Mike Donham, just future NHL goals, which isn't that common.


And then also, I think you held the NCAA record four goals against one point one nine in one season. So it must have been such a cool run to be a black bear. And the guy that we've talked about a lot with that team is Grant Stanbroke. So I'm wondering what he meant to you involved in recruiting or when you got there and help coaching. What was he what was he like as a guy to play for?


He was just the wealth of knowledge. You couldn't help but learn something from him every single day. You know, he knew, you know so much about the game, not just that the goalie position, but, you know, also, you know, from forwards and like just a wealth of knowledge. But I. He you know, he was the one that just brought it all together for me. You know, I you know, some great some great goalie coaches, you know, along the way.


But, you know, being able to work with Grant, I mean, he's worked with, you know, Mike Richter, Gary Snow, Mike Dunnam, Alfie Michelle, like myself, Ben Bishop, Scottie darling. So he's worked with, you know, a ton of NHL always so well, he knew his stuff. And you just sort of brought my game all together for me when I was at university.


Is that the reason you had such an outstanding year? I mean, it just jumps out at you when you're looking at a one point one nine nine five six. It was that the main reason you were so good that year?


Were there other factors? That's just something all came together that year. It was one of those games, every single game, I felt like I was going to go out there and pitch a shout out. It was I just was so dialed in on even, you know, after, you know, blowing my uncle out, you know, a week before the world junior tournament that year, I came back and even being off for five or six weeks, I was like stepping right back out on the ice.


I was like, I can, you know, just throw up and done it here. So it was one of those years where I just felt like I was just, you know, dialed in. Was it your sophomore year?


Did you guys lose national title game to announce it was in Boston? I think Denver Denver beat you guys that your team was loaded.


We yeah, we were so good, you know, we had Penner up front that that was the only year he played for us. Yeah, he was great after that year.


And Preston Ryan on that lunatic thought that he was nuts.


But yeah, I mean that was a crazy game. I remember we got one called back like early like we were we went up one nothing and they reviewed it with a toe in the crease. And the guy had nothing to do with the play. Yeah, of course. And of course, next year they changed the rules.


So they ended up getting one lay, you know, in the first period.


And then, you know, it was such a crazy finish. We had a six on three and we had three post holes in a crossbar.


What do you start exam three, you know, finish the game and, you know, to pull shooting gallery. I remember that. Oh, I was just the guys were just letting bombs go just from all of the eyes.


You lost the game one night. You still have nightmares about that goal. Or you over by now, remember, is remember I had my guard, I gave up one guys I mentioned you get drafted second round of the old three draft by Detroit.


Did you talk to them prior to the draft? What were your expectations going into it?


I had no idea I was going to get picked by jury, like literally I'd met with them the day before my meeting with Kenny, Janelle and all the scouts was 15 minutes, 15, 20 minutes. That's that's why I figured I was going to play like I had. They came out to university several times, you know, to speak with me. Also, when I was at the combine had I think it was about 45 minutes to an hour meeting with them.


So I thought I was going to go out with one of their they had so many picks in the first and second round that year that I figure they're going to use one of their picks on me. And then when Detroit rolled around and my name got called by them in Nashville, it's kind of a shock because literally only spoke to them for 15 minutes. And, you know, it was just it was crazy to hear them say my name, but, you know, so cool at the same time to be picked by an original 16 with so much history, you know, the what they what they stand for and the excellence of, you know, going for the cop every single year.


So it was it was pretty wild.


Well, not only that, I mean, you go to training camp, I imagine you probably went to the rookie tournament, Traverse City. And then right after that is when all the vets come in. That must have been a fucking crazy experience at first training camp.


I remember sitting on the bus coming over from the resort and, you know, Steve's on the bus and Shannon Charlie drapes, Malte Paval the nick. And I would say someone doesn't belong here. And that's me. Like, I don't think I spoke in the dressing room when, you know. For the first couple of months and months, I outspoken, spoken to, wish it was, you know, those guys, it was it was fun to watch and learn, you know, learn from them just how they went about their business every single day and such a professional manner.


You know, it was it was hard not to learn who was the one that who would make you feel at ease?


Who was the one guy who'd always come on? Not clear. No chance Bear was doing.


Oh, definitely not.


I mean, why is he a rookie hater barrel, just like making life miserable at the beginning if he wants to. Yeah.


Yeah. Yeah, he's he's one of those guys, like people think he's just a complete dick, but he's really not oh, he's the best, but he'll torture you if he's in the mood.


Yeah, yeah. And he's just doing it to get a rise out of it. See, you know, what buttons you can push. So if he sees that he's doing that, he just keeps. Right. Well, he's doing it, grinding it down. He's doing it to you because he just he's probably getting it from all those other names that you mentioned that he's giving it to everyone.


Oh, Steve, you to write him that one year that was that was funny to watch. And, you know, that's the one guy that better watch your back. Yeah. Nobody can say anything to him now.


So I actually Ozzy and Matthew Snyder were sort of took me under my wing. You know, Ozzy was was my mentor. Yeah. You know, when I came when I came into the league, he was there. And Schneider was also real good to me.


When you turned pro, I mean, you had to spend quite a bit of time in the minors. And I think that's kind of the case. You look at Detroit and New Jersey, their history, they really make guys develop and spend time. And I'm sure it wasn't as difficult for you as maybe a guy who played deer for because you knew Osgoode was there, you were just improving. You couldn't be up playing backup. You know, you got to be starting and getting your representative at the level.


Well, I also think it's different because, you know, at the goalie position, there's not too many carapace entire hearts out there. Yeah. You know, they're going to step right in and, you know, at 18, 19 years old and make an impact like, you know, they did. So, you know, for me, it was important, you know, especially coming up, if you make it to the national championship game, you're playing in 40, 40 games to one in the schedule and playing a game.


So I remember, you know, like the first two seasons, February rolled around and I was like, I'm done. Like, I'm ready now. I'm ready to go on summer break. Like, let's get out of here. So it took me a couple of years to get used to the schedule. And, you know, once I got used to the schedule, you know, it's just about getting, you know. Getting all the parts and pieces together to to make, you know, make the next jump to the end.


Well, I was going to ask about that as a goaltender. Like mentally, how do you have to approach that where if you're a starter, you know, you're going to be getting the Nats most nights and it's such a long season. Like, how do you how do you stay in it? How did you end up figuring out a way to prepare for that situation?


I just took training to a whole new level. I did a lot more cardio throughout the throughout the summer. But also, you know, when in season, still getting on the bike and and, you know, trying to keep that cardio up as far as you know, as far as possible. Basically, you know, I felt like the more, you know, I rode the bike, just the more it helped, you know, come February, March and April, give me a first year pro grand Grand Rapids of the NHL.


I know she had 17 penalty minutes. So you must had a scrap as a as a rookie pro. No, I did.


Yeah. I actually didn't even want to play. No. Yeah. What he just called you out or something. Skated the whole length and you're like, no, turn around.


No, I was like no.


Like a scrum just happened to break out on the boards and all of a sudden he just took off. Everything just started skating the full length. Yes. I was like, oh come on.


And we're in Rochester, New York. So all my family's finally, you know, being able to watch me play. And my cousin, it was he was a goalie in central New York, and it was his first game to watch me play pro. No, he's there. And three minutes into the game, I'm sitting with my family.


I can't stand it was that earlier in the game he came down that early in the game. It was so early in the first period. But my goalie coach, Jim Boulden, was in the crowd there, you know, came in to watch and my family was there and my cousin cheers and yeah, three minutes into the game, I'm sitting with them was I don't remember back then you'd get tossed out of a game of a fight.


And as a goalie back then, I think still you do, don't you?


I yeah, I paralyzed. I really don't know the rules. I don't know the rules, but I think it is because there was another fight that that started. So maybe second fight. How did you do. Yeah. So I called it a draw.


Hey, Howie, I'm curious because you played on the World Junior Team in Halifax my last year and that actually lit up.


Yeah. But then the next year they didn't bring you back or were you hurt or was that the decision of the team?


I got hurt. Oh, that sucks. They ended up winning it too. Yeah.


A week before the tournament, I stepped on a puck and warm ups and my my knee went out. Oh, that's brutal. I didn't know what the glass was there.


That's that's that's when you had that five, six weeks off and then you came on, came back and went on that crazy run. Yeah.


So you're probably just so furious that you'd miss the world juniors in the year that they ended up winning it, that you that you probably just dial it and dialed it.


And I was so happy for the guys watching it to win it over there, but also so sad at the same time. I missed out on it and I was just it was gut wrenching because I was so psyched to go. I felt like I had so much to prove, especially after, you know, what happened in Halifax. I mean, that first game against Russia.


Well, Ovechkin Ovechkin scored a hat trick in about ten minutes. He was like sixteen at the time, Bears. And we were like, who is by sixteen? You mean twenty seven?


I mean, his hat trick is third goal was a one time ride of the year and that's move, you know, pulled us young man. We've a lot of speeches.


Oh my God. This guy was classic. What do you mean. He used to call me Eli too. He still writes emails once around. Eli we've got to get him out. He's a USA hockey legend, but I don't really remember the speeches as much as I just remember the tone of his voice.


I know he used to just talk about the 1980 Olympic team, like before every game. Yeah, I have just a bunch of college kids and start talking about the Russians and how they had Macara Macara.


So we're not even playing the Russians tonight. Why do you keep talking about these guys play in Finland.


Yeah, we played they talk about the 1980s.


What was your idol growing up as a girl like character. No doubt. American born. Oh yeah.


Well, I was a huge Rangers fan. My room growing up was just loaded with Rangers stuff.


What made you pick them instead of like your coach? You grew up closer to Buffalo, right? Buffalo from Ogdensburg is about. Five and a half hours. Oh, you're in the middle of nowhere in New York, middle dude, open up my front door, look to the right and there's Canada. OK, you're across the river and grew up, right? Yeah. Yeah, so was. Yeah. So I'm up there and it's about six hours to six, six and a half to the city, so.


Would you ask the Rangers, the Rangers had their own channel with you, so you got that a lot easier? I remember when when they ended up when it wasn't Mike Rechter like running the concourse before, like the afternoon of the game when they went to game seven.


I mean, all the inside of MSG, I've seen that footage. But, yeah, that that mid 90s, I mean, he was in the zone between the Stanley Cup and then the World Cup of hockey in 96, which is some of the greatest you ever played. He was absolutely phenomenal. Another guy want to bring up from Grand Rapids, Daryl Butland. What a doozy he was.


How many seasons did you play with him? Two, I believe it was two, maybe three. I can't quite remember, but they actually live down the hall. We lived in the same apartment complex and we lived down the hall from me. So he's he was a beauty. I mean, that guy was not. Yeah, we had we had him on the show. He wasn't afraid. He wasn't afraid of anyone either.


Just a pure entertainer is what he was all pure entertainer like before the games.


He'd just be going nuts. He would just crank this song by system of a down and just be bouncing off the walls right up.


Yeah, that one. Really? Yeah. He's just been bouncing off the walls of the school bus. Yeah.


The respect. That might be the first time I ever got anything around on this podcast since all soaked this in for a minute. Let's take a moment of silence.


Howie, I know you mentioned Osgoode a few minutes ago as your mentor, but how is it as a goaltender? Because, you know, for a defense, it's it's different. This is a guy who's, you know, potentially trying to take your job. At the end of the day.


How does that work?


What Osgoode and maybe how did it work late in your career, with your career, with you and other guys? I think with Ozzy, he was ready to give up the night he didn't want to play every single night anymore. You know, he was up there in age. You know, you had three cups, you know, almost fourth. So, you know, finally when I got my opportunity, it was when he got sick. And in November, two thousand, and I believe or not, 2009 somewhere in there.


And I got some, you know, consecutive starts and got a couple of wins under my belt. And everything just sort of snowballed from there that year and went on to play twenty eight consecutive games from there.


Would you sign that big deal like I think six years, over 30 million. Was there any any discussion of like maybe you wanted to wait, try to be UFA? We were just so happy in Detroit. You were looking to get locked in as soon as possible.


I was so happy being in Detroit. You know, the guys in the room that we had at the time, you know, we're such great guys. So I just wanted to get that deal done and signed in and, you know. Were you placating when they won?


When they beat the Pittsburgh team? I wasn't. So you go to experience being around that win and and the party after you actually in the room with R.A. when he when he busted into your Copart.


Yeah, yeah. I was just writing that down. Yeah. I was wondering if you were there. We were we were definitely in the same room at a certain point I was there.


Yeah. It was nice. Like even though I was a black face, you know, I still did everything with the team because obviously they're going to like when the guys would go over for the game and everything like that, like I'd have to be on the bus to just in case, you know, something would happen in warm or or anything like that that, you know, I can get dressed. So, you know, I was always on call and down there around the guys practicing with them.


So, you know, dolmades, you could get a rest. So, you know, I felt pretty, you know, pretty much a part of it.


And that next year, same thing, kind of like casing for that same thing. So what's it exactly?


What's nuts is like Hosa hoses in Pittsburgh. He loses, he goes over to Detroit and then Pittsburgh wins. But I've talked to guys, Bayer and Cornwall, who say that that team might have been better, like the team that Hosa was on that loss to Pittsburgh. Did you see that being around the team? Not all year, but four call ups and throughout that run?


Yeah. I mean, you know, both teams were, you know, so their wagons loaded. Yeah. So, I mean, it'd be tough for me to probably differentiate since I wasn't around both teams, you know, a lot in those two years because unless we were going on a West Coast swing and down the side, you know, take the week off. So that was, you know, normally when I get my call up says whenever the wings were going out west, I knew my phone be ringing hatcheck work with work with you at all.


I know you weren't with him too long, but, you know, a legendary Hall of Famers own quirky style. What kind of things did you pick up from him, if anything?


Just work out. I mean, nobody can play like Dom. I mean, he was just that was his style. You know, it's so unique. And, you know, for me to be able to, you know, flop around like that, my career when the blast the very long but his work ethic, like I remember being, you know, black, being out there on the ice after and Dom would still be out there with guys that were going to be healthy scratch that night and he would have them skating in from center ice.


The puck would be sitting still in between the hash marks, full kloppers like from the hash marks, and he's trying to soften. So you would say he was just twisted. The guy was nuts. Yeah.


Like said, I looked down at the other end and I look at my goalie coach, Brian Billick. What is he doing?


Like, he literally, literally had guys skating in full speed from center ice winding up and taking photographs from the ladies. He's say, do I have to do I have to go down there and do that with them?


Actually, you learn how to do it to your kids. Exactly.


Did you ever try using that bucket of his. Oh, my. It was so ugly, but look so awesome on him. No, no, I never, never put it on. I feel like if he saw you put your helmet on, he might kill you. You like he was the best. Like he never thought about hockey until he was going out. Really? Yeah, I never thought about this.


What's he talking about? Quirky shit in the locker room, kind of like Bryzgalov dead, where he's like talking about, you know, the planets.


And what would what was he talking about during the NHL? 24 seconds we'll talk about.


Well, you have to be so well at the Bizimana know now you use pretty quiet, but he loved baseball. I remember like when I was called up, whether we were in San Jose, we'd have to go to San Fran with them. You can never say no, because if he is if you said no to Don, then you just hated you. You didn't want that. No, I remember we're in we're in Dallas. And for I think it was the second round or maybe it was a conference finals against Dallas and it's already like 100 degrees.


And Dom's like how we're going to baseball game later, though, you know.


Oh, I was. And I was hungover. You Black Aces had, you know, a night the night before and I just got off the ice and now I'm even more dehydrated. He's like, we're going to be ready. We're going to go grab some lunch back at the hotel and then we're going to the Arlington ballpark. And he goes, we got great tickets. We're behind home plate. I get there. Of course, the sun is just directly right.


It's 100 degrees out. You just and he's loving it. He loved going to the ballpark.


You get those little mini bats, dominator. Oh, you love that. He get a jersey, throw the jersey. I love it with the ice cream. He just added, Oh, you help me with the ice cream. He'd have his members. So you think he's got a gold glove?


Well, then, yeah, those are those are fun times.


Obama So throughout your career, I mean, I know you you battled injuries here and there. Is there anything that that really was something that kind of led to, you know, your career not being cut short but but leading to retirement? Yeah, covid, I've heard lots that you never had any lingering like near groin issues.


I remember you miss it a little time here and there.


Yeah, no, I always really feel good. Knock on wood. Had no issues right now. Yeah, that's. But yeah, the longer it dragged out, the more and more I got sick and tired of getting hit by pucks.


I'm not sure when this interview is going to go out, but I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this whole carry price situation. I mean, a guy who has had a very long career, they just ended up switching his goalie coaches. But like, just from from your observation, like, how do you how do you dissect that whole situation?


Well, extremely tough place to play. But, you know, Coach, he's human. So, you know, guys are going to have, you know, down years from time to time.


So let's hope let's hope NHL network doesn't doesn't doesn't hear this clip. Howie, you just have no clue what's going on with Kelly Price.


You got traded you got traded today on the Rangers. Now, it's great they gave him Rick. There's no two.


You can told me that. Yeah, I got a little bit a little bit out of the game, man.


Well, I'll do it. It's it's great to chat with you, buddy. I mean, I feel like these golf trips need to happen more. We haven't had one in a while. How he always comes. Where are we, England or Ireland?


The last one. Yeah, what was the last one, Scotlands Jesus with holy fuck. Yes, we had a time on that one. Remember when we were flying from Scotland to Spain, we all had tickets playing and all of a sudden Zetterberg, Eric Carlson and Nicolas Bakshian were like, guys, we got your plane.


Yeah. Going private. Yeah, we will. Probably with the big dogs. Thanks, but thanks, boys, to those guys.


Zetterberg Dachas, did they piss you off a lot in practice or did they go easy on you? What were they always going to fall Akashic.


No, no. Have yes, well, you know, everything that you didn't engage, we saw it in practice, but, you know, he was he was a pain in the ass to practice against just because he'd never let me have any any downtime out there. Like even if we were working on, you know, powerplant penalty, kill and, you know, the political ice is a pat down at the other end. Well, pipe goes and picks up a pipe and now he's going to work on break.


I'm like, Jesus. Like, I just need to catch a breather here. We just did five and four year, four minute in zone where you guys were just throwing it around. So I was like, I need a breather now, not with pipe. You just keep coming, you know, breakaway after breakaway. What kind of can make me look stupid.


So what kind of quirky goalie routines did you have when you played? We know you all have them.


Well, for the first probably five years of my career, like I had to do my routine exactly the same way, like from everywhere, starting like a pregame snack.


Oh, that's so Stinger's. Yeah, trust me. And that's why I changed it all up.


Really? Yeah. You noticed that I got on you. Yeah.


It was like after my fifth year I just was like all I got to do something about this is starting to control everything in my life.


So I was like, so I just flush it all down the toilet really literally just gastineau how how long did did you were you able to adjust right away to that or was there like an adjustment period that seems like, you know, a big thing because going such a mental position.


No, it actually made me relax more, huh. Yeah. Like it was it was just getting like I have OCD, so I was just becoming so, you know, consuming, you know, everything had to fall into place exactly the right way. So I think this is not like this is not the way you should live your life or, you know, the way you should enjoy your NHL playing career. It's just, you know, becoming too time consuming and starting to control things.


And it has nothing to do with the outcome of the game. So I just sort of flushed it all.


Did you get to consult somebody about it or do you just figure that out on your own?


No, I actually reached back out to a sports psychiatrist, so we worked with when we were at the U.S. program. OK, I can't remember the guy's name.


Yeah, I remember that. I don't remember his name either. That's funny. And you hadn't spoken to him in a really long time or you had kept in touch since Ann Arbor.


No, I hadn't spoken to no shit. Yeah. I reached out to mono. I was like, hey, do you guys still have that sports psychiatrist? And he's like, yeah. So you put me in touch with them. And yeah, he just got me basically he got me to flush all that. And then during games, you know, taken a lot more deep breath, you know, getting the oxygen into your into your body and into your brain.


Allow you to relax a little bit more out there. Well, it did.


It did wonders because what a run you had, man. Fourteen years. I'm glad to call you, friend, and appreciate you coming on. So congratulations on a great career. I know it's a little emotional when it ends. Hopefully you're an ER and a good sport.


And the last one I had for you, would you ever consider coaching? I know you talked about potentially going to the NHL network, but it sounds like, you know, you've you've lived through a lot of experiences and probably had those down to somebody. Coaching like at the professional level, yeah, maybe not now, but down the road, if you give it a consideration, how long does those guys live in and computers to recharge?


You know, so there's no coach with that many designer shoes.


So you've already won.


Well, whatever you do next, Jimmy, good luck to you. And thanks again for join us. We appreciate it.


Thanks, guys. Thanks for finally had me on. See about it. You see it. Thanks to Jimmy Howard for joining us. When we were down Dupa, that was a great interview, we had a lot of laughs and I could listen to Dominic Kasuke stories all day. Absolute character. All right, guys, if you're looking to get your hair cut, we got a good place for you. Spot clip stylists, experts and men and boys hair cuts with specialized training and techniques.


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I got the coffee looking to get Jack. People are asking what you people ask and I think what you're doing, like what's the game plan? Oh, I'm. I'm going baby. Do do the kid and play.


Are you going everywhere.


Everywhere I go baby. I'm like, oh buddy I love it.


There's no and there's no end in sight right now.


Folks thinking of Dominic Hassock at a Texas Rangers Seattle Mariners game in a hundred degree temperature, probably wearing a turtleneck to this stupid ice cream out of the helmet.


We were talking about that after the interview to the ice cream melts before the person hand it to you from behind the counter where you pay.


Oh, that was just unless you're a veteran and you get the Dippin Dots and that's like he could have been he could have told them they were they were going like fishing for nine hours, like how it was like going wherever the dominator took them. Yeah.


Dominate or dominate. Just fucking runs guy shows and that he is I've heard from plenty of people. He is just an absolute character.


And the fact that he collects the many baseball bats, I think, oh, we got to get the dominator on here.


That would be how it works out in the not getting them on there.


And that old municipal stadium to where the Rangers used to play hot as balls to that was like the hottest stadium in baseball for the longest time. Well, yeah, because it's the hottest place outside.


All right. Yeah, I know. But there was no shade. There was no way to go. At least the new stadium is ugly as it is. They at least kind of made a little more conducive to, you know, to the comfortable. Yeah, exactly.


So. All right. We're going to take a look at the West. Then we got a hell of a matchup this week, Colorado and Vegas, two teams I think everybody wants to see play in the playoffs. They had a two game series, Colorado spanked in the first one. Vegas won the second one. An old Tmax patch already scored his fourth overtime game winner of the year. But the Thursday game defenseman Karl defenseman Bown Bynum Biram, he took a high hit to the head from Keegan Colusa.


I don't know if you guys saw that there was nothing supplemental. I'm, I'm sure, be penalized on the play. But Byron did miss the next game. He's day to day, but could turn into week to week per coach. Jared Bednar, did you guys catch that hit?


Yeah. I mean, I thought he left his feet. It looked like he left his feet. I was surprised. It was nothing afterward. Like, I mean, just given with the way everything's going. It sucks that that ball Biram kid's out. He's fucking awesome. So last week we recorded Monday afternoon we had a back to back against Colorado boys. They they are fucking built to win. I mean, the coyotes ended up coming back in that game and winning in a shootout.


But holy shit, man, especially with that top line firing that the way that they're firing Nate Dogg looks like two hundred for game looks unreal right now that Rantanen we were talking about underrated players. I mentioned Barkov. He he had that one year where he really popped off. And you really haven't heard his name enough since. But he is he is a fucking treat to watch. But as far as that hits concerned, yeah, I definitely thought it was high and it sucks because that's a big piece for them on the back.


And he plays I don't know what everybody's assumption of this kid coming in because I hadn't seen him since the world juniors. But he's got a chip on his shoulder, too. He's great. Both ends of the rink. He could play with the puck. And although undersized, he definitely plays above his above his weight class, that's for sure.


And the defense, because everyone knows Kelmer car, but Samuel Gerrard and Devon Davis are both all three of them. Both of those guys are on pace for like what would be a fifty point season had it been a normal regular season. So. You're seeing, like, obviously, the islanders got rid of them and the islanders are playing fantastic. It doesn't look like they necessarily miss him, but Colorado has gained so much in having this puck move where he can skate.


Now, it's just like when you get a forward group like call outs, we need guys who can get it out of the zone. We need guys who can make tape. The tape passes, fired up the ice, get get these these lines going. And then you've seen what the forwards do. So like five on five, they truck everyone in the league.


And if you look at if you look at Tampa when they get Kutuzov back and how much of like a wagon that team is, there's not many, many other teams that stack up to them.


Right. That's why Tampa has been my pick. Like, have someone beat them before you pick anyone else. Colorado, when they're going like this, can they can go head to head in terms of skill and depth. So I think that this team is right on track to everyone thought they would be this year. And it's just one of the best in the league.


I would say they probably got the most well rounded back ends in the league and, you know, bulbar I'm just going to keep getting better. That Graves' kids. Not I mean, he's not he's not a plug eater. They don't have any weak spots on the back end. And as far as Gruber's concerned, I think that he's a very, very good goaltender from watching them. You know, he got injured last year and that hurt them big time that that Johansson got thrown a net who came over from Buffalo in that second game.


He couldn't stop a fucking beachball against the coyotes. You I'm not going to I'm not going to judge him on his first performance with Colorado and the fact that he was playing for an H team. Hoyer Let's see. It was an interesting pick up, to say the least, by Colorado. I wonder if they try to continue to address the goaltending position. That's my question mark for the Colorado Avalanche moving forward. Right. Is that fair? Because they picked up this Johansson kid and like from what I saw in that one game, let's see what he does the rest of the year.


But I don't think they can rely on just maybe having Gary Bauer, because if he goes down again, they can't be wasting years of these guys prime, you know, putting some shlub in that. Absolutely.


And they've been right group out pretty hard. He's starting a tough game. You mentioned trades at the deadline is two weeks from today where he could Monday the twenty ninth. So I would expect things to heat up on that front on the Saturday game. Call us. I did answer the belly fat Dan runoff in the Saturday game runoff actually replaced by in the lineup and then rebundled runoff and the game look like he caught him in the head.


I couldn't find another angle I sent that hit to the text of the guy start.


Yeah, he was kind of bent over. So it's tough. I thought that the the one the game before on on on Biram was worse for sure. But, you know, there's been way worse hits this year than than the one that we've played on. How do you say his last name? I believe it's runoff. Runoff.


That's yeah. Because someone and someone off Costco brand for enough Bill Busia Coyote's been talking about.


They had a good week, three and one over the week there. Just to point out a fourth, fourth place right now in the thick of it, we mentioned Kessel. He scored in his one hundredth game, had a hattrick the next game. He also played in his eight hundred and seventy nine straight game with that was the number. He also three hundred and eighty five goals placed them eleventh among us born NHL guys. I mean, Kessell, it's a guy that people goofed on and his fitness and he never wanted to practice and all this shit.


I mean I think the results speak for themselves at this fucking stage. Yeah.


And he mentioned in a postgame press conference that his body feels a lot better than last year. Last year, he was battling some injuries, but he's he deflects everything that's about him. I get anything you ask him about, you know, how do you how do you personally feel about your hatrick? And he'll deflect it to the always the team mentality so you don't get much from them in the postgame press conferences. But he was given the pelt after his eleven hundredth game in the game that he had a goal.


Just overall, Cody's break down this Aidin Hill with both of our starting goalies in Rotha and Kemba out. He's played awesome. We've got we've had unreal goalies in our pipeline for a long time, so that's one thing that's been saving them. I've continued to talk about children's game. All recommend larcenies started pick up his his play as well. You know who had their nine hundredth game the other the other night. What was Alex Margolskee. Yeah, Gousse.


What. Talk about a guy who went from coming in as a power play defenseman to where you know, as the career has progressed, mind you had nine straight seasons with twenty plus assists in a row, which not many defensemen have done. I think there's like a small list of, like Keith Duncan, Keith Carlson and maybe one or two other guys who were able to do that over a nine year period. And and he went from being a power play guy to where he, you know, I think he's like a second unit power play guy now, but he's mostly penalty kill.


He blocks a ton of shots, just extremely reliable defensively. So I couldn't be happier for a guy like that. And he broke in just after you. And you got to play with him a little bit as well, right?


Yeah, I remember. I wasn't, you know, playing great and then the tank tangs coming up, excuse me, I can't speak Chris Letang and I'm like, oh boy, look, this is a young guy. He's also a righty. He's younger than me. He's faster than me. This kind of could make me expendable. But, you know, maybe they want to younger defensemen, right? Maybe maybe I could stay here and I could also.


They're not going to get rid of me just because how good he is. Well, no, no, no. That's I was telling myself then I saw Gola Gorsky coming the next year.


I'm like, OK, I'm definitely not here because he was right from the go.


Oh no. Yeah. He and the whole organization told me to stop interrupting basically.


So so Gola Goreski at Minnesota. At Minnesota. He was sick the way skated. Just always has his head up. Great offensive defenseman. And then he came and the problem was looking good and we lived together for a hot second, maybe a minute in Pittsburgh before I think I got traded that season. And like I said, we used to play NHL constantly every night, battle ten, eleven games. I used to pump goose pump this kid in NHL that is Seward to the management.


Then you got talent.


But he's giving me means you're a fucking idiot. But I was really happy for him. And you know, he's been a rock for the coyotes. And the only other guy I want to mention other than fill up front is, is Clayton Keller. He's really been consistent and he's been helping the group out. And and, you know, they've been they've been getting it. They get it done collectively. So it's been fun to watch and glad that they're in the fight.


And it's also, as we mentioned at the beginning of the podcast, made it a lot easier on the broadcast to pump these guys tires.


Yeah. Phil, just tune it out and keeps on going.


It's another aspect of why they're in the hunt to, though, is fucking St. Louis has been dog shit. Yeah. What's going on there. Yeah. That's just got healthy, healthy, scratched as well. Yeah.


You got to think. Well I shouldn't say for sure, but he could be traded if they're scratching him in St. Louis and he's, he's going to be ufe it was just a one year deal. Yeah. St. Louis is weird because they just can't score and they got TerraCycle back. I think it's been eleven games. He got his second goal.


It hasn't really changed much and are better like our boy better. You know, he hasn't been he hasn't been great lately. Right. And and I think that that team like it's weird because the year we forget the year that they won the cup, how bad they were at the beginning. And you're like, all right. Well, they got over it. That amazing story.


What actually happened is is going to continue to happen, right? They're going to be a top team.


And then now you've seen times where it's like it's kind of tough.


They can know Petra, Petra Angello right there, Captain and this Studd defenseman. And I know we've said a bunch of times you feel bad, but I think they thought Perico could make a next step and he hasn't been able to. And then and then guys not being able to score, so. I still wouldn't want to play him and I still think they're going to get into the playoffs, but it is weird at this point to see him really struggling like they are.


They're like the Bruins, it's like it's kind of similar. I know you're switching conferences, there are divisions, but teams who can't score, it's worrisome because, like, if you go dry and a quick seven game series, right, like you're done, you can't really have the you can't really have that as a team.


All of a sudden you cannot score over an extended period of time to screw you over every every single year. Yeah.


David Barones been crushing it all, but it's one of the few lone bright spots that they've had. They had a shitty week, all three and won four straight losses in which they've scored just four goals, just two wins in the last 10, like we mentioned, the Hoffman scratch. But I know it is a team that, like you said, just won the cup. They got some great leadership in there, I would expect, in the turnaround.


But, you know, the goaltender will need to get better. Unfortunately, there was also some pretty terribly sad news out of St. Louis this week. Team legend Bobby Plaga died at 78 after he likely cardiac event when he was driving. That's part of the St. Louis medical examiner. Originally, they thought he might had a car accident, but when they did the autopsy, they said he had a cardiac incident. He's been a beloved member of the Blues family since the team's first year back in 1967.


He's worked for the team. He was a GM assistant, GM at one point he actually coached them for a small period of time because he played with his brothers, Barkley and Billy, way back in the day. And there were tons of St. Louis alumni still in the NHL tweeted about it because this guy was a fixture. I mean, St. Louis I think every team has has a guy or two like Bobby. It's just a terribly sad story.


Best. Did you ever meet Bobby?


Yeah, I think I've met him a few times already. And, you know, just going online and reading all the alumni, especially the the video that Kelly Chase ended up married. And you could just tell the impact he had on the entire community, the entire organization. And, yeah, this is this is a very, very difficult loss for the hockey community, not just the St. Louis Blues Organization. So, you know, to his entire family, this is you know, everybody is very devastated by this.


And I yeah, I don't I don't know what else to say other than that everyone's just really upset about it. Yeah.


He's been a part of the blues since they came into the NHL, right? Yes. Yes.


Like, I mean, just and I think like there's so many fans and and you look at it like a player who you rooted for and you've always like, loved watching. When they retire, you hope that they stay like a part of the team. Right. Like you hope that forever. That kind of blues fans, they're forever blue. And this guy actually was so he coached the team at one point quickly.


He was either the assistant GM or the GM.


I apologize for not knowing, but just like a true member of the entire blue team and community. And then you hear about all these things he would do for like people that there were blues fans. And he said a lot of people wrote he was going to like the non affluent areas. Right. He knew there was blues fans everywhere. He opened up his restaurant in a place that I think was a little different than maybe the higher end restaurants outside St.


Louis in terms of suburbs. And just a guy who who every single person has had a nice thing to say about right until you feel you feel so bad for his family. And the clip that was amazing I saw was he got his jersey retired, I think maybe the seventh or eighth blues player. And it was right next to his brothers. Right. Who was up there. And he was getting really teary eyed for sure. And he was talking about his brothers a lot in the interviews I saw.


So, yeah, for sure. Recipes for thinking of his family and all that I was.


And I work with Tyson Nash, who played with the blues for a little bit. And he said that he when he was playing in the American League in Worcester, that Bobby Plager actually was was there as a scout and he noticed that he was just running amok and always being a factor in a game however he could. And he went back to St. Louis and said, we need this guy in our lineup. I think that he could really help us.


And that's how Tyson Nash ended up getting his start in St. Louis. So he had some really kind words to say, to say about Bobby Plager on the on the Coyotes broadcast and just the impact he had on his career. So it's a terrible loss. And our heart goes out to everybody in the St. Louis area who has been affected by this.


Yeah, a lot of current players had very nice words to say and to echo you guys. You know, we send our deepest condolences to his family, friends and, of course, the St. Louis Blues, family and community. It's a terrible loss. So sorry to have to report that we're going to move over. We want to acknowledge Patrick Marleau, assuming he plays tonight, Monday night. I helped pass Mark Messier for the second most games played in NHL history.


He'll need just eleven more to pass Gordie Howe's record of 1767. He also got his five hundred and sixty fourth goal to tie Sundeen and date for twenty third all time. Moltmann just keeps chugging. We just want to acknowledge that it's such an accomplishment. I mean most people don't think Gordie Howe records are going to be broken, but at this point it's going to be a shock.


If this one isn't broken, you just wonder what team he'd be on when he does break it. He could get traded.


Right now it look it looks like, dude, I read that he's played more games than the Minnesota Wild have played.


Oh, as an organization. Yeah. It's he's just been doing this for so long and I guess right. When people saw him as young as a young guy flying around the week at skate. It's it's a player and you're like, oh, this guy could play forever and he's actually doing it. So he's an automatic Hall of Famer then, right? Yeah. Is that fair to say, over five year goals, the first games everybody's getting in the hall?


Yeah, I would think I would think he get in one last note from the division we had to trade, the L.A. Kings acquired New York ranger Brendon Lemieux for a fourth round pick on the twenty one draft.


This is a little bit of a surprise. I guess it kind of come out of nowhere. L.A. gets a little sandpaper in that lineup. Ranges get a draft pick because any reaction to this I like to pick up.


I mean, I like his game. I've been very vocal about that since he entered the league. I don't know what the Rangers saw or didn't see in them to continue having him in the organization, but I think it's a great pick up. And what was the exchange? Was it for a fourth rounder?


Yes, a fourth round in this upcoming draft. I think that that's a very low price to pay to get a guy like that who I mean, we talked to him, right? He said he said when he gets into the rhythm of the season as it progresses, he gets more involved into the game. And I mean, L.A. is one of those teams that's kind of on the bubble. I don't really see them making playoffs this year. But moving forward, definitely an energy type player where if you can find a little bit of offense and add secondary scoring, I could see him being a very, very valuable third line player.


And who knows, maybe even up to the second line. I don't know. I don't know what his ceiling is exactly, but I definitely see players like that having impacts in games most nights. And those those types of players aren't necessarily that easy to come by now either. There's not a lot of guys in today's NHL that want to go muck it up every night and be a piece of shit out there.


And I mean I mean, last year more more so than this year, because I haven't heard his name pop up and maybe more so in the past, like an Antoine Rousselle, like that type of player where guys on the opposing team are like, I fucking hate this guy's guts. But chances are the guys on his team love him at the fact that on nights where maybe certain guys don't have their mojo, he's sucking them into the fight. So I like Lomu and I'm interested to see how this is going to play out.


Yeah, it's a very young team with some sick prospects like L.A. Looks like they could be pretty good in the near future. Right. There isn't there isn't like a woe is me. Look on that team. It's like, all right, we're we're we're starting to build and we got guys. And then maybe if you do become a team, compete for Stanley Cups, Lemieux's is by that point like a really good fourth line, maybe third line guy and contributing as a rat and able to maybe play a little bit more offense.


Right. I don't think. Yeah. Two goals so far in New York, but we'll see. He definitely someone who's kind of built for the playoffs. So see if he if not this year, but maybe the year after L.A. can get in.


The hardest part for guys like that is finding that balance between how far can you take it most nights? And also when thinking about how far you can take it and playing that rat role, so to speak, but also focusing on on the regular tasks at hand, which is, you know, playing solid hockey, being responsible defensively and trying to contribute offensively. So it's a balance. And sometimes these types of players take a little bit more time to develop.


So I like to move for L.A. a lot.


That wasn't the only trade that happened since we last talked of the North Division. We're going to shift all of that. The Canadians didn't actually play since we last met, but they still in fourth place. They got five to six games and hands on the team below them, but they rescued Eric Staal from Buffalo in a trade. They sent Buffalo a third and a fifth round in this upcoming draft. Buffalo retained half a salary as well, solid three goals and seven assists in thirty two games, played a minus 20.


He's in a seventeen season. Also, Canada is going to reduce the quarantine for players getting traded to Canadian teams from the US from fourteen days to seven days. Let's go to you first on the stalled trade.


Yeah, I saw a lot of. I'll say like hate from the Sabers fans, right? Well, he came in play anymore. He was awful so far this year, who has been good on Buffalo?


It's like I don't think that Sabers fans besides Eichel are going to be, like, furious if anyone gets traded, maybe Darlene, maybe Rhinehart. So you're not going to take that for their for their word. Right. I still think that this guy could make a difference. He is a veteran when Montreal looks like the team they have right here. He's not the fastest skater anymore, but he's able to at least have experienced some of these players don't have in trying to get into the playoffs and then maybe winning a round or two.


I don't think the Canadians can win the Stanley Cup there for sure.


Trying, but. If you're going to like Montreal for getting the guy that's older and maybe not the quickest skater anymore, you got no clue because you need experience and you need guys who've been there. And I think that he probably knows that he has a lot to prove going up there. But he's he's been able to do it his entire career in the past. So don't be surprised at all if it's his game steps up a level and he's just that excited to be in a better hockey team.


Yeah. I just don't like necessarily understand it from like a I don't think that they're good enough to win the cup. Like not I don't think that they're close. Right. I think that they're going to end up maybe locking in that fourth seed. So you're giving up a third rounder? I would say it's somewhat valuable and a fifth rounder. And you're getting a guy who has proven that he's been able to, at least in the latter part of his career, put up solid numbers, can't compare this year in Buffalo.


I completely agree with that. But it's almost like, OK, so you're giving up more assets to like maybe get to the second round, maybe get to the conference finals. It's obvious that Bergmann's feeling a lot of pressure at the fact that they at least have to win a couple rounds this year or maybe his job's on the line. Right. Was that is that a fair comment? And and if if you're if you're that concerned about it, would you not be willing to maybe give up a little bit more to get somebody who might come in and and make an impact longer or maybe has younger legs or who's maybe even having a better season?


I don't know, I think that ultimately he's probably looking at they just want depth down the middle and he can help contribute where he's going to be getting better line matches. So I'm interested to see how this plays out. I just I'm more like, are you like, what are you rushing to achieve other than getting out of a couple of rounds this year? Like if you think getting out of a couple of rounds is going to save your job and sustain it, it's like, OK, but he's Eric is not going to be back next year, I would imagine.


And you just gave up a third and a fifth. So more assets to where you can maybe potentially gain prospects who could eventually make an impact to your lineup? It's just I don't know people we've we've talked about the argument of the amount of talent that ends up reaching the league when you get out of the first round, let alone out of the first top ten picks. But so it's just like it's like I guess I could understand it to a degree where he's feeling the pressure and he thinks this is going to help them add a little bit of depth.


I just don't I don't know if I was that the only thing that was available? No, I think that Carolina had talked to Buffalo, but Carolina wasn't willing to to rush into it, like you're saying, they to wait and probably try to get somebody a little better, but they think is going to be a little bit better now. The question is like who write like hauls in Buffalo?


And I don't think the Kings would do it, but imagine how hard a team would try to get Dustin Brown like I'm trying to think of other forwards. Right. That that may be true.


I just think Montreal, they need to get in the playoffs more than anything. That's kind of how version events by looking like I'm done if we don't get in. So I know maybe it's a player you don't think could make that big of a difference in Eric at this point.


But I think that it's more ice that he could really help that team.


OK. For change, I think a change of scenery will help, too, I mean, going from Buffalo to a playoff contender certainly will change your attitude.


I guess I'm more looking at it from from if I was a Montreal fan perspective where I'm I don't think we're good enough to win the cup. Why do we keep giving up assets to maybe get when a couple rounds here? This is like this is dumb. I'd rather just I'd rather I'd rather try to build a wagon. Wasn't the only move the organization made. They also signed Cole Coffield to his entry level deal after his college season ended with Wisconsin.


He's going to start in Lavall after his quarantine ends.


He had 30 goals and thirty one games to lead.


The NCAA had goals last year because he signed his deal at 20 Hillburn a year of office contract this year, regardless of place or Montreal or not, which is obviously good for the young kids. So it'll be interesting to see if he gets in the lineup. We see I've seen over the years with a college kid, now they go on a nice little run. They're coming off a great season. They got the confidence low. And so we'll see what happens if he gets.


Yeah, and if he gets if he lights it up in level, he can get a chance. All of a sudden he could make a difference. I mean, I don't know if it would be as easy as some people imagine, you know, some fans of his who who are like hoping that he could be a real game changer in terms of scoring for Montreal.


But if you watch him at Wisconsin, it was a joke. He's just every every level he's been at so far. He's just an elite goal scorer. So why not think he could do it again? Yeah.


All right. Move it along, buddy. Johnny Ham and Cheese played his five hundredth game, but after his one hundred ninety nine coach wasn't too happy with him.


I want to roll that clip. Johnny plays Johnny Goodrow plays five hundred games tonight at the NHL level. I'm just wondering, know mostly as a guy who has coached against him and now working with him, what one of your kind of impressions been of the career he's made so far? And then what are you looking to see out of him now at this point?


Well, if you're just basically on his five hundred game tonight, you know, it's more energy than it is for tonight's game. I mean, Dowsett, amazing.


Still a, quote, machine, more energy than his four hundred ninety nine that's going to light a fire under a guy's ass now.


Well, it also took him like ten minutes to say the sentence because he was just taking his time and like you were wondering where he was going with it, that it's just a complete chirp. So he's not too worried about the five hundred game milestone. He's more like, can you get going here? I need you to play better. It was hilarious, though, the way he just presented that entire thing.


It's like Darrell was writing these things down in his barn, just kept waiting to get tired of all the insults. If guys weren't playing well. And I mean, guys, we you know, we we touched base when we recorded Monday afternoon and we said, you know, if these guys have any chance of making playoffs, they're going to rattle off a few against Ottawa or what do they do? They drop Back-To-Back games against the Ottawa senators like that.


That cannot be happened with the lineup that they have and them fighting for their lives. So it's it hasn't been good. And, you know, you thought after they got to that for to start with Daryl, that they are going to start playing a lot better. But they got some fucking work to do. Man, I don't it's looking very grim for for one of the Alberta teams to make playoffs right now.


What did you guys think of Guidroz response to he said, I heard it, didn't think much of it. I've been playing hockey for twenty four, twenty five years now, and no one I've played well and when I haven't.


So I think that he's back, I think he's saying I did have plenty of energy and I did play well. I would take it that way. Yeah.


His name has been getting bandied about quite a bit too as far as trade wise and, you know, free agency and stuff. So keep an eye on that as we always do. I don't know if that was the funniest thing we saw from management this week. Dorien with the cup tossed from the private box after Ottawa lost that game. That's fucking hilarious. I feel bad for the person who got to pick it up.


Ramping up R&D, cramped up mid, talking to a podcast. What part of you and what part of your body by Hammie I happen sometimes I thought I was in bad shape.


The Edmonton Oilers only had one game last weekend. It was one of the more entertaining ones. That was Hockey Night in Canada. That was a four three loss and all the time to Toronto. But we got to talk about that pass consummates Alejandre Sitel, that sick pass coming down a left wing like nobody even saw Driesell sends it all wrong with. Did you see that highlight?


It was ridiculous. We those two guys together, I saw poetries on their line right now for tonight's game. So back I could skate. I just think that, like, they're almost unstoppable. It's really remember, I think was what was the stat? If they both get two points, they win. It's like it's it's very hard to stop those guys from at least getting one every night. There was another pass at Driss Idol made behind the net, the behind the back O to Barry, and then he proved that he made it look so easy.


It was a it's the Globetrotters.


I mean, we talked about that core group last week between Smith nurse Barry Dry and McDavid. They all keep getting it done, man. And I think that they're going to pull those guys in the playoffs with that, the rest of the group.


That's going to be an unreal race that Toronto had a two and a week. I mean, Jack Campbell, man with six and Obejas said he is he's been outstanding. I mean, it's his crease for now.


How do you not have him as the number one, whether the coach comes out and says it or not, that's a different story. But he's obviously the number one.


Well, I was right about one thing I told you the least are going to be OK. I might have been wrong about this goaltender controversy. I think Jack Campbell has proved himself to be able to handle the net, at least for now. And you got to ride the hot hand, folks. Six and all his his numbers are incredible. And I tell you what, man, he's I saw him come in to to the L.A. Kings organization off of Dallas.


And, you know, he wasn't there mentally. And Dusty EMU helped him out and get to where he needed to be. And he's been a rising star ever since. So he's kicking ass and I couldn't be happier for him. So the Leafs, you got a good one. And of course, Austin to the game winner in overtime is 22nd of the year and keeps getting it done. This is another I mean, all the divisions got great, great fucking races here.


Let's see, Montreal's currently in fourth with thirty seven, Calgary thirty five, Vancouver thirty five. And even those pesky sevens there only nine points back of a spot, points in six straight games.


So like I said, they might not win every game before, but they play, they play their asses off pretty much every game.


They are working their balls off. Yeah. They've we came into the season thinking they were going to be the laughingstock of the league and we know who that is right now. But yeah, I'm happy for that group, man, especially that fan base man. They've been dealing with some shit over the last couple of years and now they have something to cheer about.


Did you see the hit Kassian put on Tavarez? Nobody did anything. He tracked him behind the net and all went over and it was it was at a point in the game like you weren't going to, like, jump on board. Crazy to see that.


I want to talk about Winnipeg quick, because the team that nobody mentioned. Right, talking about that, it was Toronto, Edmonton, Montreal, what they did. Right. And quietly Winnipeg is nasty. We've we've talked a little bit about about them. Not nearly enough, but. Neil Pink, by the way, talkable, like, I don't know, and I know it's early, but that tree looks pretty nice. I think he's a better player than Jacob Trueba.


I know they're a little different Trubridge better defensively, but I threw this guy like he can skate so well. He's great offensively and I don't know him. He doesn't make nearly as much money. So I think that that that was a huge difference maker in terms of how good they look safely. You can't say enough. But the whole thing, Kyle corner to man like he was a guy who had to spend a little time in the minors.


Right. And worked his way up and now all of a sudden, like, guaranteed 30 goals. He's flying around. Their offense is awesome. They're fun to watch. And I think that the weird thing for Toronto I forgot to bring up was their powerplays, like really hit the skids, which is I mean, obviously you're going to have ups and downs throughout the season, but it might be five or six games without a power play goal.


So they they were like 35 percent were way up way at the top of the league. And now I think they're sixth. So you got to get that figured out. But the Canadian division, I will say, R.A., is is pretty much locked up. I think that Montreal, with having five or six games in hand on Vancouver and Calgary, I think you got your four teams. Yeah.


And I think you and I think you've got most of the teams in all the divisions are there other than other than the one with Columbus, Dallas and Nashville.


That one I would I would argue that one's locked up.


I would argue that the four teams, Nashville get in fourth would be now the teams that get in. I don't see Chicago going on a big run. I don't Columbus, God fucking awful. They stink. Detroit pounded them Sunday. And the last team being, who am I forgetting?


Dallas, Dallas, Dallas, do not another shit bag team right now. They stink too. Seriously, the stars stink. They're the most disappointing team in the year. Yeah, well, it should know too.


They do. Got four games in hand. There are six back on the last spot. So but yeah they haven't been certainly haven't been playing up to their potential for a team that got to the Stanley Cup last year.


But I poisoned the other notes from the north before we go to our pal Caleb pressies. That's pretty much all the hockey talk for today. Right now, we still got the east.


Another division. Yeah, we have our division, but we're going to break it up with our buddy Caleb first. But first, I want to talk to you about Larry flowers, jewelry, our old pal Larry.


Larry, Larry is a high end jeweler who specializes in selling luxury watches. Engagement rings and jewelry is a massive inventory of all major watch brands, including Rolex is a Passat.


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He did indeed. He was Santa, Larry, when he brought it into the bar. So we also know, Larry, whenever I need anything, I'm going right to Larry. I promise you, it gets done exactly. Exactly how you hope it would, because when he gives you the options, he does not push anything. He makes it so easy to ship it to you, for you to ship it back if you don't like it. It's just like when you say trust is everything.


I know. If I could draw it is so legit. You just know you have a guy that's looking out for you. He's going to get you what you want. Are you going to do what he can to actually give you a very fair price? So I cannot say how much I trust Larry and I would do business with him any day of the week.


And you don't have to pay for the overhead of going to like an actual jewelry store where he's going to get you a very fair price. And I bought my watches through him and a lot of other hockey guys that I know have so checked out, Larry.


Flowers, jewelry, blue, especially in the market for a rock buying the ring.


That's a stressful time for a fella going to get a best twenty promo on my engagement ring for oh, lady, when I decide about illegal, I again, we're going to send it over to our pal Caleb Pressley.


This is a very interesting character. I think you're going to enjoy this one and be sure to check out his podcast. Fifty one strokes.


OK, here we go with Caleb Presley. What we have here, folks, I think everyone at home for a long time has maybe wondered within the bar stool and spit in Shake World, who is Caleb Pressley, where did he come from? How did he become so famous?


And what is the back story to the man who's just basically quit all of the things in life to pursue a career in professional golf? So welcome to the podcast. Fifty One Strokes crossover.


Caleb Pressley, appreciate you having me. And welcome to 51 Strokes for people who are listening on my forecast.


A lot of you have been wondering, who are these guys? They give up their lives to be professional podcasters. I get into it today. No, thank you guys for having me. I'm sorry I was so late.


So you're down in Florida now, and I think it was within the last I'm going to say three weeks that you shut all things down and it's on to pro golf.


So not only is that include like just diving into the game of golf, but moving to Florida.


Dude, first of all, I'm literally dead serious. I'm going to be a professional golfer. Why do you think I just said? What do you think I was saying that was more to clear it up for your fans. OK, fair enough. I know you. I can tell you you're into it. I don't know what's going through his head besides thinking about a lot of things right now.


OK, so none of them are this interview right now.


So it's called 51 strokes, because that's your actual handicap when you started playing.


So I've only taken real score one time because it's too demoralizing.


All in all, Caleb, or like just like picking up some holes. No, this is my real the only time I've ever done it. But rescore and I wish it was on a I suppose it was. A past 68, I think, and I shot 51 one over, OK, so then you're like originally boom, I'm a 51 handicap, 51 handicap. And that's, by the way, the only time I ever kept score I have done since.




So when does that happen next?


You want to make a bit of improvement to where you're going to like. I want to be able to like make a couple of shots that I'm not feeling so pathetic about myself as it happens.


Right in what, a month. Two months. You don't know.


So my goal is and I've been told by people who know about golf that it's impossible. Yeah, that's impossible. My goal is to be not a scratch handicap, but to have shot scratch or have shot a par round by the end of this year. Pull good fucking luck.


Now, my coach. My coach. Is that Chris Cuomo. Chris Cuomo. OK, so for everyone who doesn't know, this is a very famous golf instructor. I believe he taught Tiger Woods at one point.


Yeah, he was with Tiger after Tiger hurt his back. He was the one who who helped him reconstruct his swing because he had changed his whole swing. He's currently with DeChambeau and Jason, Day eight and Amy and Kayla, have you seen DeChambeau train with the crazy driving?


Yeah, but they say he like he like passes out while he trains.


I saw a video where he was just leaking because the guy told me at Riviera, whatever it was like two weeks ago, that the genesis after his round, he goes over to the range and he puts headphones in and he turns up, he hits twenty five drivers is physically hard as possible.


And before the ball is even at its apex, he's teed up another one and ripping out it again.


And in the midst of this, he's breathing heavily and going absolutely insane to the point where he probably could pass out at any early pass out.


All right. I'm no, I'm dead serious. Hurry passed out. Yeah, it's nuts. He's going it's like there's any hit 600 drives a day. I don't even understand how your body's going to withhold that because this is new.


I mean, we're getting away from, like, the true champion in this coach, Kayla. But, yeah, if you're going to look towards, like, the future of golf, that may be a little intimidating. Trying to get pro. If you're seeing Bryce and Pound at 390, I saw fifty one strokes.


I thought you were coming a call her. Daddy's asked for a minute, but you have a little sex.


Oh yes sir. I've got that a lot to romance swipes loves. It is. Absolutely. You got fifty one. You're going to go. Good to go.


Absolutely. Now you were your big golf fan as a kid. Like you got into a race.


No, dude, that's why. That's why I never played. I didn't play until last year. I played for the first time ever last year during coronavirus because there was no other options. So it was either don't do anything or try to play golf for the first time because some of my friends would play when I was really growing up. Little like we just not this is true. But I viewed it at the time. My golf was lame. Oh, I did too.


It was like, this is so dumb.


Yeah. And then as I grew up, you know, when I got to college and stuff, you know, I play football in North Carolina, a lot of my teammates. Asked me to go out with them, and I just at that point didn't want to go because I didn't want to waste their time. Correct. I don't want to play a game.


I don't want to lose your balls or whatever. I don't know. I can't fault the gambling games and the names. It's just all a big ball. Speaking of football and it being golf related, I kind of think Johnny Manziel was like seeing what you're doing and then trying to hop on top of it, because he's recently said he wants to be a pro golfer in ten years.


And that's like I think he's stepping on your toes a little bit there. He was so.


Two things, one, I support Johnny and his dream. He's already a scratch golfer, so he has he doesn't have as far to go as I do. He gave himself 12 years. I'll give myself 10. But I actually do support him in his dream. However, I think you might be on a little bit something. And I think John is going to be my podcast this week.


There we go. Settle things up right there. Settle up. Just figure out what happened, because I was with him about three weeks ago. And I told him, you know, I'm trying to be a professional golfer and I told him the whole thing, that makes the story even more like I'm not saying he just you know, a lot of people want to be pro golfers is not a new idea.


And it's actually people. I've tried to do it before. Yeah, there's been a couple of people have tried my.


Not just in general. Oh, you're like my age. Oh, really? Yeah. People who've never played and they tried to go pro and didn't work and gone all in but it didn't work. They broke their calabresi. No sir.


So like what is there to prove in all this? Just the fact that, like, you were once an athlete because you said you played college football. Do you think at this point in your life golf would be the only professional sport to at least a certain level that you can be able to obtain?


I'm sure there's some, like, shitty sports I would correct. That's why I said that kind of like maybe just doing the Tour de France in three months. Yeah, let's go. Training right now. No, I haven't started. We've got to get you on some blood doping. Yeah, no, dude, honestly, the truth is the very first time I play going back to last year during I say during coronavirus, but when it was like full lockdown's the only thing to do was go play.


The first time I went with my boys, I was shitty. Of course I was terrible, but I fell in love with it immediately. Every single thing about I was like, this is the best game that there's ever been. I loved golf immediately, more than I ever love football. And I was like, and that day I was like, I'm going to go pro. And the reason wasn't to prove something. The reason was because I was like, how can I do this for my job?




I was like, well, I guess if you want to be a rational professional golfer, that technically that makes it you're job. I just want to free clubs, dead ass. I just want to be able to golf and still be able to like, you know, pay for my bills.


It's so true.


Like I actually played with a golfer the other day, PGA Tour golfer Karrie Connors, Canadian, and I had to run home after the kids were at home. I was supposed to be back at 3:00. I'm like, so unfair. You go, this is your job. So you just get to stay here as long as you want to. Honey, I was at work. Yeah, that's exactly where you were, Lina. And that's and that's the only thing I'm trying to do.


I'm not trying to prove anything to myself, to anybody else. I just want to golf as my job. And if it turns out that pursuing golf genius move Caleb to be a professional golfer turns into like right now, I moved from New York City to Florida so I could pursue a full time. I'm going seven days a week right now. So can I give you just my dream, which this is right.


When I saw what you were doing, this has been my initial thoughts. I pretty much did what you are trying to do or I'm in the process of trying to get better at golf, but I started.


How old are you? All right. I was twenty five and I just started the same thing. Fell in love, obsessed with it. You'll never make a dollar playing golf. You'll probably make money like in this place.


Listen, listen, listen, listen. Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead.


But you will be a ten handicap in like four months if you're playing every day because you're athletic and then it's going to be more difficult.


But I would be shocked if you don't already see improvement. I think by the in the year, I'll have shot a scratch around, wow, a sock, let me ask you this question that off what's not going to happen? OK, so percent chance is zero percent this. OK, so you might be right because so far and everyone said what you said, so you might.


Yeah but dude, that's you, you're just like I'm not going to listen to the haters. I'm going I'm making this point.


Let me finish this from earlier because I didn't finish. Como said when I told him he's like, listen, if you are a scratch golfer and two years from now, then I will consider you someone who has a chance of one day being proud. Exactly. So exactly. I said if you were to become a legit scratch in two years, you could be like, I might be able to do this.


Yeah, exactly. I know I said prote again, it doesnt have to be PGA. It could be seen the store.


Yes, exactly. I'm just trying to play golf and hey hey, let's start our own fucking tour. We're like we make the criteria so low that we get on it to where we just throw curve ball there. If you're cool driving in a Winnebago like the guy from what was a tin cup, Tin Tin.


This will be your Romeo. I was going to ask you, what's the heart?


What's been the hardest part to, like, get even decent, like consistency? Is it the iron play? What is one thing that is just holding you back? You think overall the balls.


I lose so many freaking balls, but those are that means I windrow balls. Twenty four balls around on average. You can't like water. Still do. TaylorMade sent me. They sent me twelve boxes of balls two weeks ago with all of them were tailor made. Number 50 once they're gone all twelve blocks. I don't think you're going to be scratched.


I was waiting on, I was waiting on the wedges to come in because then I would have had the full TaylorMade set plus the balls I was going to post. No, because they say it's no point. I said they wanted me to it to you get on the wing doing it.


Did you like what are you hitting driver like if you're one hundred and forty yards from the whole club you hit or you don't even know yet.


You know, right now do one for you from the hole out here pitching wedge. All right. So you can hit it decently far. So yeah, they said my so I did all the testing. So Cuomo has in his house in Texas in his live place looks you've seen it before. Yeah. It's like a large Como lab, I think it's called. Right. It's Lou in his living room. It's just like a science lab. He's a mad scientist, but my numbers like my speed and all that stuff is above the tour average.


Really. It's just the two year average.


That's what I said. I saw you swinging that lab and I go his swings athletic like and you played sports. That's why you'll be able to hit it far. That's not going to be my path. It's going to be the around the green stuff where it's just very hard at the beginning at least. Yeah. It also is the thing that the hardest thing is going to be. I think when I do get to the point where I'm actually good in like five, ten years, then I'm, you know, right now I'm twenty eight.


I'm feeling pretty good. I'm only thirty eight. And I don't know how good oh, that's funny, I got a hernia this week, I'm 38 years old. You just called my life, trust me, stay in shape.


Are you all healthy? Did you have, like, a health thing?


I just had to. I had to get a surgery on my hernia. Yeah. So but you have a hernia where I have a hernia just popped in my AB this week.


You get an absolute. But sliced off from. Bathrobe. OK, I got mine, I got cut open, it was brutal. Why'd you do that? Because I didn't get my uncle in Charlestown 20 years ago. This was in 81. You have a smash. They did. They did it to him at his house. The homes are like a childbirth.


No, I was it was a while ago. I wasn't given the option. But I tell people, go, go. After all, if you have the option.


How did you end up getting associated with BASTABLE, by the way? So at North Carolina, do you actually know the story? I've been hearing no.


I've been hearing like pieces of it, but I don't know the actual story. So you mentioned that you played college football. I believe you were quarterback, went to University of North Carolina.


Mm hmm. And I'll let you take over from there.


So I never played in North Carolina. I was I wouldn't say I wouldn't say I was bad a bad player. I would say there's bad coaching. I was always back up. Right.


I came in as a pro style quarterback, which I know you watch football now.


Yeah, I like your prototype will drop back, you know, get the ball to your head. Basically like I wasn't fast is basically what it means is like this guy can throw like even like the dual threats. Well, they're just like they have two threats.


I should just be instead of pro style should be like no threat, like this guy's not going to run. So anyways, I came in pro style on a Butch Davis freshman year after the season he gets fired before the season. The whole staff let go after the season. They bring in a new coach coach before they come in with who didn't recruit you didn't recruit me. Different offense, spread offense. Our base never stood a chance. Yeah, I was a backup quarterback my last year, my junior season.


I was second string quarterback. I going into the last game and then my senior year. So in front of me is the guy who is my age and he's coming back for his senior year. So if I come back, I'm going to be behind him again. And behind me is Mitch Robiskie.


So your third string minimum at the next going into next season, I'm like, dude, there's a good chance senior year in college I won't be third string and I'm second string right now. Take a step back because Mitch was a you just knew he was he was great. He was coming. So I made a decision to go travel abroad. I traveled abroad for Springborg Ball. A ballsy move, though, man.


It must've been kind of hard to give it up in a sense, of course, because you know what it's like when you dream when you're twenty. I'm twenty one. It's all I've done my whole life split. Exactly. So I don't even know anything else is out there. Turn out to be the best thing I ever did, because when I came back, I was like. I realized that there were other things to life, so I was like, dude, I don't care, like I said, so I try to walk away from the team because I knew this would be third string.


I was like, I gotta get ready for the real world. I got to get a job.


So anyways, long story short, they convinced me to come back in another role and they added me to the coaching staff that was there, like a paid member of the coaching staff of my senior year now paid not very much, but I was I was on the.


And free tuition still. No, no free tuition.


So then they excited about this stuff for me too.


So I'm still paying the loan. Yeah. Tell for my dad.


So anyways, I went to I went through the whole season and I call myself the supervisor. Morale's a whole big thing. Basically, they had a USA Today reporter came to North Carolina to interview our coach and I just like got her to come into my office. And I told her this bullshit story that wasn't true.


And I told her I was a supervisor. And I just basically bullshit. That was my office. It was a whole thing, was a big bullshit thing. But then she ran it always like this. And this is a really long story.


I'm abbreviating but basically all the other outlets picked it up and then on the coaching staff thought it was funny. So they ran with it and they let me call myself supervisor. Wow, that's unbelievable. And then that's how Dave saw me, because we were playing Duke on a Thursday night.


And there's that ESPN game of the week. And then Dave was watching the game, probably betting on it. And they did like a story about me during the game. But how is the first ever supervisor?


Morale in college football created a position. Yeah, but like it was the coach's win was because we sucked that year. We had, you know, nothing. That was it was like I was like the storyline of that season for our team because we just blew. And and then Dave offered me a job like the next week.


I like my job, isn't it?


Barstow's so interesting. People say like, oh, I'd like a job there. And it's kind of like, well, what are you going to do?


Right? I mean, you had to go. They're not really sure what you'd be doing for Bar.


Well, he asked me, so he first asked me, this is also in 2015. So Bortles in a way different spot. Yeah. Oh yeah. He asked me to be a blogger from the South. I don't, you don't strike me as a blogger. I'm born and raised North Carolina and I wasn't going to be a blog. I didn't want to be a blogger so I said no. And Bearcats tells me to this days I do. That's the best thing you ever did for your whole fake.


It is so I said so. I said, no, I don't want to be a blog. I didn't know Abasto was it wasn't big in the South at the time. And that's why they wanted me, was because they wanted a guy from the south. And so I was like, I don't want to be a blogger. And Dave's like, all right, well, how about we revisit this?


And after your season is over, because I'm still midseason, we offer me a job of the first semester of my senior year of college. So I've got a job offer.


I'm doing senior spring that when we met you were still in college, right? So that's when we go full circle. So then after the season was over, Dave invited me to come to Boston and we went to a Bruins game. We were in a box and it was me, Dave, GaAs five, Uhlberg, Hank and Oray. And we just boxier.


Was it for finals, cup finals or just ran.


I think it was after Christmas. There was all a game. Dave. Yeah, that's that's how I. So that was your first like was like not a tryout but you're just like meeting the boys and you're figuring out what you would do.


Exactly. And Dave, I took us to a club afterwards, like do this guy. It was like basic like a recruiting trip. Oh, shit. But everyone was pulled me aside. Every single person separately pulled me to this. I was like, dude, Dave's not normally like this. Like, he's not a nice guy, like not a nice guy. He was doing it for you, like did this. I didn't say this is how I did it.


And so and so do I, dude.


He's like he's pretty intense. I don't think that he's always like fun and shit. And so I then the next day on my way out of town, I told Dave I was like, listen, I don't want to be a blogger still. But what if if you're really trying to expand in the South, what's big in the south is SEC football. So why don't we get on a bus and I'm a video guy? Like, that's what my background is.


That's what I want to do is video. So why don't we get on a bus and we'll travel? Sexy college football the entire season will make videos the entire time.


And you thought of this is you thought of that? No, no, no.


Well, it's not true on the spot because like a couple of weeks earlier, I was thinking about we had this idea of like what I want to do when I retired, as I do when I direct it.


And I was like, oh, no. Oh, later on in life, like six hours look like it's your 401k. And I was like, I'm going to get a bus.


I'm just tailgate as you see football games. Oh, that's awesome.


And then it just turned out I was like, this kind of works for a job too, like with what I was doing, my understanding of Basel at the time and what they wanted to do as far as growth s. So then I asked Dave and you know, they they was like super cool and I didn't hear again from them for yeah. You have to out again.


Like can I still do that. He said, yeah I thought you were. Yeah. No that's that's what happened. So then and then that's the start of it. Yeah.


Because I felt like I met you that, that time and then I didn't hear from you for like you know, no one heard.


I mean I'm still in schools. I was just in college. Yeah that's fine. I had no classes are not going to study abroad. Edinburgh in Scotland.


Oh yeah. OK, do golf then.


I know I want to go back, I want to play and I play in the NHL there and like English League you know they had a team. Yeah. Is it St Andrews. Like not too far away from there. Like two hours I think. Yeah. I think the girl who started not maybe the Harry Potter books lives there. She wrote them in Edinburgh.


Good. Good recall. Yeah I know.


There I just blocked so happened we played against them in that league. I remember. Never forget.


We drove like eleven hours the day of a game and we had to play a game after being on the bus for eleven hours. That's just kind of how that Proleague was going got through the entire what. So the Chamber of secrets. That's true. Yeah. But going back, going back to bumping around from it's the SCC, how do you say it that said at the conference. Yeah. Yeah.


OK, sorry I'm not big with the college football. So what you started doing though was when you went to every stop you kept going with these spoof video themes, correct?


Well, at the time we were just making videos like we were trying to make the schools look cool as shit. And so we were just partying.


Do we partied hard? We lived on a bus. All right. So think about this. Also, I assembled the crew, so it's like it was me and Hank. They've seen Hank down. But then the rest of the guys I have, my best friend from high school was our bus driver. And then another guy I got to hire and he was he like Lod. He said he was he had graduated like USC art film, film school.


And he turned out he just didn't like it was a lie. And it was like he was like a thirty thirty year old Russian Jew, amazing guy. And he just lived on the bus with us and he lied about his whole credentials. But did it was he able to actually fire? He did a great job and we just loved to get on this bus for six months and party to every corner, kind of like that, every road trip. But just every weekend.


Yeah, dude, it was I mean, it got to the point where I told my boys I was with my boys all day. They're they're football players. And I was like, do I think I have CTE and not from football.


Yeah. So when's the season over? SEC games? They're unreal. I'm not even a huge college football guy, but I saw Florida and South Carolina and I actually went to Alabama at LSU like twelve years ago. It's absolutely incredible.


If you're a sports fan or just an event chaser on real time, that's that's another thing is like I don't think that college football is big up north because you guys don't have any good teams. Yeah.


BCS was like decent a couple of years with BCS. The biggest bunch of donkeys got going.


So when they were good, they have a fan base, but it's just not the same because there's so many pro teams.


You just have good teams. Yeah.


So it's like, yeah, there's no chance it'll ever, ever be big time college football, like when I was born North Carolina to even have a football pro football team. The Panthers started in 93, I think so, I mean, it's like Morente real good this year or Panthers. No, North Carolina football haven't even been good the past few years.


Yeah, we got Mack Brown back, the guy from Texas. Well, the guy from North Carolina who went to Texas. Oh, no shit. Got him back. Yeah. So we were getting better. We're getting better.


But yeah, we've been sucking I think like I'm trying to think of, like, big moments for you in Boston that really helped your brand grow.


When you and Ron met, you had some sort of connection, because I remember you guys started doing the rough and rowdy, like in the tuxedoes. That was like an immediate like you two guys just kind of hit it off right away.


Did Wrong is like the most talented, smart guy. He's an animal that we had him on our podcast as well.


You did? Yeah. He's he's he's just like a different breed. He's just so smart, funny, quick witted. And he he just when he came in, I just wanted to do something with him because I would be like an honor to, you know, you see someone who is super talented. You want to do some with them. Yeah. And we hit it off and we did like a podcast together and we started traveling together and we did it.


We've done a ton of stuff together. I hope we continue to storm chasers.


We did. Storm chasers. How did your guys. I was big cat.


Big cat Dave disagree on whose idea was because they both say it's theirs, but basically it was their idea. And they're like, we've always wanted to do this, but we're not you know, we're too old to be running around, you know, doing this.


But basically during March Madness, right before the tournament, when you're trying to get in, when they're trying to get in, you know, go to school to have a potential of there being a storm on the court and then just like wear raincoats and basically try to see if you can stay on the court and just do it for like you guys get arrested. All of them. Yeah. We got arrested this week in jail storming the they because they know you were there to storm the Category five because we got super quick.


It was like people knew we were coming. People would be excited. We were coming. And so, you know, that we would put out that we were going to for example, we went to UConn and we were causing storms to happen. Keep in mind, we're only going to potential storm. So for basketball, that is a unranked team playing at home against a ranked opponent.


OK, oh, is that upset? Upset at all. Kind of like a football when they take down the goalposts. Or maybe they don't do it anymore because people sort of like getting how they still do it.


OK, so that's exactly that is exactly what we're looking for. And so we go to and we're going to these games in the underdogs winning every time. Yeah, I think there's only like two games we've ever went to. That underdog didn't win. So you guys are the underdogs up we walking. We got the raincoats, the camera. We just and we're just reben the crowd up. And that changes the entire dynamic dynamic of the game. Yeah.


So I'm not saying we do it, but. Well, I mean, I think I think your record speaks for itself. The record is good. Right. So we go to UConn. Well, Yukon's are traditionally pro basketball program.


Yeah. They shouldn't be the underdogs. And they were in this and they're playing. I think it was like I want to say is like Houston, someone that who was like not a traditionally strong basketball program, but we're ranked in the top of the tables are turned.


And so they UConn wants to win the game, of course, but they do not want to see a storm against Houston. No, we don't storm the quarter. You were too big to the course. So when we come in, they go crazy. The students are going crazy. Everyone's like, so happy were there. They had reserved for us front row tickets. The students they ate literally. They wouldn't let other students sit in these first four rows.


We didn't even ask for them. It said, reserved for pastel sports, storm chasers. So we said we buy our own tickets, were up sitting with the regular people, and at halftime we start to make our way down. Students are getting revved up like everyone there.


And it's because it's a close game going, yeah, we walk down, they put it, we get at our seats like, I'm not kidding. Like, I'm not trying to guess up. People were going nuts. The whole student section on their feet cheering because they know what's about to happen. And then as soon as that happens, obviously it raises the eyes of everyone else. The administrators come over, police officers start to come over asking what's going on?


And then they basically just like, hey, we've been asked to remove you guys from your seats. And we said, no, we ain't going anywhere. No, brother, we came to storm. You know, that's how you turn in the bathroom. Kind of like now, brother. We came in there like we will forcibly remove you.


And I said, let's see it happen.


And so, yeah, we got arrested, put the amount of viral videos that was going down because all these students were prepared for that. So they were they probably all had your back online and stuff. Yeah.


I mean, there's videos of this. I mean, it's a podcast. Obviously people are not going to see it, but there's videos of people chanting, let them stay. Yeah. Yeah. I've been saying as we're getting dragged out, I'm handcuffed. I went dead. I went dead on the ground like they did at Super Bowl. Yeah, I went to the ground at one point, but then I had just come off the stomach surgery were talking about earlier.


So I'm like, I really don't want to get hazed right now. I just got a heart surgery.


So I kind of pop back up. And then my my boy Donny went down and then he just got fully dragged out the handcuff me, took us to the police station.


Obviously, they didn't really have much to get us on. And so we got released almost immediately, probably like an hour after doing all the. Paperwork, there were students outside the police station cheering for us when we came out. It was like a movie. Was like a real life movie. And the next and that night we drove to West Virginia because we had a game.


The next day we had a game. The next day on West Virginia, unranked playing a home against a top 10 opponent.


Of course, we win the game, by the way, UConn one to one and one won the strip.


Then know where we are to win on the trip because we already got a Rucker's victory on the trip.


Then we go we drive to Western the night, got the dub in West Virginia, led the student section in country roads in the middle of the court in the middle of the court.


So you guys are like I mean, this is like, do they put a statue of you up outside the university?


In my mind already, it was it's a fun. It's the most fun thing we do. But anyways, that's that's a long story.


But they should retire the raincoats, just bring them up to the rafters in those buildings. So more recently, one thing that you're known for is we just saw behind the scenes of the Riff-Raff interview you did with Jose Canseco.


Those are called the what Sun conversations. And let's talk about how all that began, because those are also a riot. And it kind of leads back to the thing that you originally did at the university where you were just very comfortable in the moment.


It's like it's kind of like Borat style you're on and you just say Borat, Borat.


Well, you know, when you get to, like, use that bow, right? Is that is that Sacha Baron Cohen? You know where you are.


But but right now, where where you're on, you got to capture what you have with the time that you have with the person. Yeah.


So it's just I mean, it's Sunday conversation is just like an interview with celebrities and Glynne Balls is there who I hired you. You guys know that originally.


Initially, right. Yeah. So this is another story, but it's we just moved to New York City and there's probably, I think 13, 14 employees, total Art Basel at this time. And we're doing intern interviews for the summer and Glynne. And so basically Dave was like, hey, you interview him because I've always done the interview stuff. Yes. Like, you interview him and kind of mess with them and then, you know, all actually or guys were actually to see how they react.


Right. Like that, who's good on camera. And so I've been doing all day and it's it's like live on periscope or whatever. So one of my boys asks me what I do next and I'm doing everything I can to most of these people. And I'm like running out of ideas. And one of my boys actually is like next person who comes in, see, see if if they're fast, like, see if you can make them run a race or something.


I was like, all right, next person who sits down gleni balls about three.


He's an absolute unit, absolute unit. And I was like you fast. He's like I am fast. I was like, are you are you being serious? He's like, I'm not fast time wise, but for my size, I'm I'm faster my size. I was like, let's see it. We walk down on the Twenty Seventh Avenue, New York City. He we set him up. He ran the entire city block those pretty fast for size.


Sounds like you're hired. And we hired him. And that's the origin of Lenny Balls. And it's all been all uphill since the all stood.


His trajectory is he's going for the freaky mounded. Glenne Balls is class.


Right. But so then you guys are colliding on this. And who else have you interviewed other than Jose Canseco and Riff-Raff? We did.


We did. Deon Sanders. Michael Irvin walk a Flocke was a funny one.


Yeah, he was good. We've done a bunch of them chant.


They don't want to leave anybody out in those less than it's Sunday. Sunday, right. Because we could do a Sunday conversation, the NFL countdown. So we had to.


And then Gladdy Balls is even a Sunday gleni extra whipped cream.


You also we're going to get Wiz Khalifa. You travel to L.A. but what he goes through. Yeah, yeah.


I mean, that's why I said I was like, if you schedule someone Wiz Khalifa, did you even really schedule anything?


But we had to go there. You never had anything I had to go through. You wouldn't believe the process I had to go through to get on was Khalifa's Callendar like had to get talked to four different people who were all like repping him in some different way, get all my questions approved, which I had never done and will never do again. And then like they're tell me what I can can't ask. I have to promote like five different products he's trying to sell.


And and then we finally show up. We got the crew there. We fly out, meet Ella, Glen Balls, L.A. camera guy to L.A., hire out the full production staff. We got set up in this. We had to get Airbnb because they're like, yo, he doesn't do interviews unless he can smoke and go. It can't be like getting him in trouble. So we can't just do it normally. We do it in a hotel conference room.


We had to get an Airbnb. And then when the interview started, by the way, we had to order all his products to be there. So we're ordering like I'm not going to say what they are, but we had to order all these different things to come to the house or the there's four of them, like they're like set up all our sponsors. Yeah.


Yeah, right. And we don't do that either.


But I was begging the people at bars was like, listen, if we give Wiz Khalifa, that will be so good and we'll do a good job with it that other people will want.


It will be it's worth a look at and then the interviews are like three o'clock and I like three or four texts like Wiz Khalifa, don't want to show he's not. No way.


He don't want to go with whoever you were dealing with, like leading up to this interview on his team.


Had you heard from him like that morning or you kind of like once 3:00 o'clock came, like this might not happen?


Oh, it was like approve this. I'm saying I had to go through, like, a litany of of problems. So in your mind, this is three o'clock. We're doing it. Oh yeah, dude. And I had to like it all and I and I knew it was a big one. So the part that really hurt is like usually I, I, you know, I put in time to think about when all this Shermann but this one I really, you know, really is like I'm really going to go balls out in this one.


It was going to be really funny and he just didn't show up.


And then you were like me, me actually. Really funny story. That does suck man.


You put it all that legwork especially like bus was like ebe that's pot friendly. What the fuck are we doing.


So what is, what does Wiz Khalifa allow us to interview for Sunday's conversation or spend Chiclets appearance or around on 51. He's wearing a Penguins jersey before.


I've seen he's probably the biggest fan. I've watched the the Sunday conversation. They're hilarious. Now, the athletes you do they have any idea that you, you know, basically sort of doing a character type thing or are they just learning on the fly?


You guys have probably seen this. Well, yours is a little different with speed because people probably know you, especially like in the hockey world. People probably already know you guys. But with the interviews I've done, my experience is that, you know, you're not going to a big star unless you go through. There are people like big stars have teams of people behind them that you just have to get approved by unless you're just personal friends with the person.


So we have to send examples. I don't say like I'm like, hey, I'm going to come and fuck with the guy, but we have to set examples of the prior episodes. A lot of people just will immediately say, no, we don't want to do this. But the people who do say, yes, I found that we send them examples, they're watching them. They never make it to the person. So it's like the person himself, the celebrity themself doesn't get the chance to say, never sees it, never knows what's coming.


And then so basically, yeah, you do have a clean slate every time where they have no idea what's coming because they just either they're not getting it shown to him or they just don't care.


Do you have do you have like a like a white whale? That's what I was going to ask.


You used to be Fat Joe the rapper. Yeah, the movie. Awesome. What's the song you can't get Fat Joe. Dude, I feel like you're bigger than Fat Joe. That's bigger than Fat Joe. I don't know much about rap. Maybe the balls are up.


He's you know, he is going balls that Joe huge. Oh, I bet you make it rain.


Yeah, that's a jam actually. But the reason but the reason why I wanted that job was because at the time when I iselect him is my white whale. He had done make it rain and he just left the rap game like he didn't do one more song after that. That's why why I don't know.


And I was like, do actually happened to this guy and he had no allegations.


He didn't have any type of, you know, so it kind of like misted.


But then he came back and I was like, what's going on? This guy, I want to be the one who breaks that story. But then before I could get to him, he dropped another song, which was all the way up, which also turned out to be like the best song. Oh, that's right. Yeah, he did a mess. So, so.


So why so? Because he came out with another jam. You don't want him as bad anymore.


Well, now I know where he is. Yeah. I really just want him to find out what he was doing and where he is.


So who's the guy now. Who's the guy. I feel like I feel like Drake would be I mean, I would be pretty good. I don't know. What do you guys think? I don't know.


I just imagine you would like the rock, because I feel like he could. Fuck around with a line of questioning before, oh, really? Yeah, well, I caught them on a red carpet, I took my eye, I took my pop, my top, and I was like, dude, you know, I think I could be doing for my deltoids because I'm not seeing the results I want to see.


What do you say all about? I bet you the answer. Yeah, he was so he was. So did he. But he didn't throw them off at all. Like, he's just so honest. He laughed and he.


How long how long you been growing that quaff. I haven't had a shower here since college, probably freshman year college. Almost 10 years, you get it cut like to keep it tremors, you've got to cut ins because you'll you'll learn this will go straight.


All right. You've got to get the smarter starts.


Looking back at what like what's other than the golf thing, is there anything that you really want to do? Like what's next?


That's it. How addicting. Like. It's all I care about in the entire world for you guys.


So you're not this. There's zero. There's zero actor.


You love golf. I love golf more than anything. How about like so people say you got the bug. Have you heard that saying you get the bug. Yeah. But a lot of people told me, oh dude, I felt exactly like you did, which I believe it's I felt exactly like it's the greatest game in the world. How could you not? And a lot of people just it's very frustrating.


I'm not even at the point where it's frustrating because whenever I hear that you're in the best, you're in the best part of golf.


Looking back, when you start just playing and getting better, it's like nothing's better because you'll hit shitty shots.


And then that one shot, you're like, what? Like I'm I need to be back here tomorrow morning after that shot.


Yeah. So most my shots are like that, so I don't ever expect the good ones. I told Caleb I'm more like just happy when I get a good one.


I told him a buddy of mine, James Driscoll, one of the most interesting cats in the world, he played on tour for close to ten years.


He lost in two play offs in the PGA Tour, but he's been awesome players entire life lost the U.S. am final match. He's like, how do I play golf with Kayla Pressley?


He said to me the other day, I got Kayla. I text him, I go play Medalist's with this guy.


He's all into teaching you how to get better and playing with you. So I think you're going to be dialed in, dude. I think you're going to be set with the right people.


Chris Coleman, pros wanted to play with you. You're going to get pretty nice.


Can't wait to get in a sandbagger eventually. Maybe when you get better. What do you think the chances are that I go pro and be honest? Mesero straight. Less than zero. Less than zero.


I think that I think golf's like the one sport. Like not only do you have to be like, unbelievable, but there's also only how many guys on tour? 200 guys.


OK, guys, let's not talk golf. This might be the hardest sport to, but not the most competitive sport.


It's the hardest sport, I think, to make money and like the world.


Listen, it might be the hardest sport in terms of skill.


What it takes to be what sports harder to make money. The whole planet plays it. And there's fucking not true. That's what I think, is that I was I was going through this thing, by the way. I'm not discrediting.


No, no. What part when you're a little kid, how many little kids want to grow up and be now where I'm from, they want to grow up and be a quarterback, but not a basketball player or basketball. You want to be a point guard or whatever, but no kid or very few kids. I would say their first original goal is to be a professional golfer.


I think so. Any more than you think? I think there's so many kids like that.


Yeah, so many. But probably what a fourth of them out that want to be a professional football player.


There's teams with twenty spots on a team, let's call it a team instead of calling it. Because if you look at a sport like football, football is a game. You have eleven players, but really everyone is playing a different sport almost. So you have five offensive linemen who are relatively playing the same sport. You have four wide receivers who are relatively playing the same sport, a running back, who's playing a sport by himself and a quarterback who is playing a sport by himself.


OK, it's not in the same game to the different positions. So let's call it so.


TV talk about Cubby's harder to make as a living. That's definitely true. I'll give you that. So I think most kids and this is where I'm from in North Carolina, want to grow up and be a quarterback. And I would say that there's a fourth or less who want to grow up and be a professional golfer. So the pool, the thirty two professional quarterbacks is the most competitive position in sports, I think. But golf, while the game might be harder itself, the skill level it takes to be successful is not even close to the most competitive in terms of the initial pool of people who wanted to be pro compared to the final amount, who actually turned out to be pretty well.


Yeah, the numbers in terms of like youth football. But kids don't stop playing because they don't like the game. They stop playing because they're not good enough. What football or anything. Football, basketball.


Like, I stop playing basketball competitively now because I didn't want to be where you can you can play for life.


That's the problem with, like, trying to become a really good, like, pro golfer. Like, these guys aren't going anywhere. It's not like they you don't really ever run out of like you have your prime to win major championships with the guys on senior tour making bank every year.


And I said, are you senior tour pro? That actually three rounds is more your style.


Let me ask the question, is there ever been a guy to not play in the PGA to qualify for the senior PGA and live? Oh, yeah, definitely. I play with this guy who was an amateur till he's fifty years old and he went to Tó senior tour qualifying school because he wanted to try to be able to Monday qualifies in the tournaments.


He didn't want to be a pro. He's just like I want to be, let's just try to get into any tournament I want to.


Mon's literally. No, he got through our qualifying school and he's been on the senior tour for twelve years, make bank making good money.


He won one. Yeah, he's one. It's crazy. It's the game's fucked. That's why I like I shouldn't say lessons.


OK, well you never know. You never. Never know, but right now you're fighting a serious uphill battle. Yes, I know that, but what you that's what you're in it for. But think about it. I'm already almost doing it.


Hey, you're selling ad reads while talking about golf. You're kind of a one of the biggest golf podcast I live.


Yes, I have one. The one of the biggest golf podcasts. I live in the golf mecca. Now, I just moved here so I could. Are you going to join the track?


I would like you to come to Scottsdale for a month and I will train with you because I got to get better at golf as well for obvious reasons. I think I've been a bit of an anchor to our sandbagger team.


I'll collab with you. We could do some golf stuff. I would love to. Maybe we can do it. I suck. I want to reiterate, I suck at golf.


Everyone does when they start. Yeah, everyone does at the beginning.


I don't even know if you would say that's a guy who sucks now but has a chance.


If you saw me play, you might just be like, no, I saw your action. I think I think you're going to be good soon.


So you're not living on a course down here? No, I'm not living on a course. I don't know if I'm going to say I don't know if I'm going to live here full time. I'm going to live here now. But, you know, in the summertime, it might be too hot to be here. I'm I'm I'm going to go where the golf is.


OK, dude, you're from North Carolina. Summertime at Pinehurst. I'm saying so maybe that maybe the summertime, maybe I'm in Pinehurst. I'm going where the where the golf is.


It's like you're not following the sun. You're following the pro V1. Taylor, the tailor made fifty one. That's correct. Taylor that was an idiot. Yeah. The tail of the shuttle to our blades. Yes, sir. And I started with blades because I, you know, got to hit the ball puer. All right.


I see on the PGA Tour. Anything else guys. Another thing you've done is with Roanne we mentioned before is victory parades for team to win titles. And you did the World Cup when France took it down, right, in 2016.


Yeah. So we we basically the idea is you want to be there the night that they were in the city, when the celebration is happening, capture that. The problem with doing it is. You don't know where to go. I know. Well, yeah, how do you decide who they play that you're Germany?


It wasn't Germany was Croatia. I think she just had to decide. We think France is going to win. Right. So we've done NBA championships. We've done Stanley Cup. We won in Washington, won the Stanley Cup. We were in Washington. We've done NFL, we've done college. So we've done it all. And almost in fact, every single time undefeated when we've went to place the Enron, wow, they've won.


So everyone's always like, oh, they're going to be at the champs. You pray, but they don't think about the fact that we had to choose out of the two teams where we're going and we are six.


And there was never a lot more difficult storm chasing in this. You have what won one loss?


I think storm chasing. We have like three overall losses out of like then we were like five, four and three storm chasing and we're six now.


To him, that's that's a tag team squad. Right, Philly, look what happened. What happened in France, though? Oh, well, France.


So when we go to France, everyone's warning us is in Paris and everyone's wanting to say, hey, like this is a big lot of people gathered in in Paris, in like Paris is like had a few some terrorist attacks. Like this is actually a high danger thing, like just be careful. And so, like, when you hear that, like, you can't really put that on the back of your mind, especially when you walk around these huge groups of people.


And then we were walking down. This is on our way to the game. It started. We're walking to where everyone's viewing it and all of a sudden people just start screaming in the streets and running directly at us away from something that's a panic.


The feeling I had him. Oh, my God. And then all of a sudden we saw smoke flying. And then we just started we just took off. This is our video to our video guy who was honest to God. Yeah, Chef Don honey, who's your video guy for this? Yes, chef. Donnie was cameras up. So we have footage of this. We need to start taking off, like what we were like. We couldn't figure out what's going on and then figured out that we were going smoke bombed by the police who was trying to crowd control.


And so everyone's screaming because everyone's getting a smoke bomb, and after that happened, the rest. So you were trying to these interviews, you're trying to like light and funny and stuff did after that happened. I was sure for the rest of the time I couldn't even really.


Yeah, that's not like you're not enjoying your job at that moment. You're like looking around. Yeah. Yeah.


Well, whereas Philly looked like just pure jubilation out of control, but like Buddy Harris did a way better because what actually happened was so Paris partied at a smooth rate for like two days, OK, Philly partied at a high intensity interval binge partying HIIT workout. They made it like 45 minutes. Yeah. And it was over. Did I broke into Macy's? I think a lot of people got arrested. So on a horse poop.


Oh, Jesus. That was one of the Eagles won it. Yes. Oh, my God. That's some I can't watch. Yeah. So but no, Paris did it right.


We were there party and three days later people were still in.


Did you guys talk them into eating horse, you know, do weird Philly. This guy might've been eating horse poop regardless. You know, they were looting stores. I do.


This is your city. You just did something for your city and you're literally tearing it down.


I was I was Francis scumbag's outside the work stuff.


Did you like we were Budha been I don't know if you guys know beforehand, but, you know, he always we had to look for the tobacco stores, so I don't know Buddha Ben.


I never met or if I did, it was very brief.


And I said to Dave show and he talks like he loves good or bad, but he left and you guys are boys. Are them like, was that hard for you.


Like why did he end up guy. No. I mean yeah we miss I miss Butterbean.


He was just, just better for his life or whatever was going on. He want to do his own thing. He was like, I want to and he loved Bastable. And I think that's why they license because he like I love Bastable. I think he gave everyone gifts on his way out. And he was a super he is still super intense personality and lives for smoking weed. Right. That's all he likes to do.


So yeah. Yeah. Sometimes he doesn't give you a heads up when he rolls up with those tobacco papers and then you feel like you get the bed spends ten minutes later.


Yeah exactly. So yes exactly. So but anyways he's, he's a great guy but he's one of his own thing. Music videos. He's like doing art and stuff. Now he might be in the NFTE game. I think he bought some bitcoins. You guys got bitcoins.


No, dude, I actually when Bitcoin became a thing, it's way before my son was right after my son was born, it was like December twenty seventeen. My brother came over.


So you got to get this bitcoin, you know, get this bitcoin thing on my watch.


So I looked and I had like ten grand or whatever, and that wouldn't have got me one bitcoin at ten grand. And I was like, I'm not getting this. If it's not, if I can't have like one, like I don't want like point eight of something, I still don't.


So he said, All right, bye, Ethereum.


So I put ten grand a theorem and I was like, whatever he's like, just wait for a couple of years. And then like two years later, maybe a year ago I looked in the ten grand was worth like nine hundred.


I'm like, what the fuck is this. I texted them and then randomly just fucking playing. The last two months I look the ten grands twenty nine thousand now.


So whatever's going on with a theorem and bitcoin and all that shit, I don't know. But I'm kind of all in I think yet still. Now that doesn't get me enough to buy one bitcoin.


I still want one. You should have bitcoin. It sounds like Chamitoff to I don't know, I just don't understand it. But I know it went back down and we went back down. Obviously, that would have been the time to buy it. But talking to a couple of guys who play in the National Hockey League who were like Instagram storing it, I was like, where do you think this is going?


I don't want a woods. Miles Woods. Oh, was he. Yeah, he was. He was Instagram story. I said, where do you think this going goes? I think no less than five hundred thousand dollars a coin.


I agree with that. What my guy this is actually mine. So I'm not really a huge this is this is a weird thing. I'm not a huge hockey fan, but I'm actually like the number two biggest Islander's fan.


Oh, you like the least favorite. He's number one. I give credit where credit's due, but I'm probably number two or three. What made you love the Isles? Well, I'm friends with I got to meet Brock and Leidy, OK? And started to root for them because of those guys. But Brock is super into Bitcoin, too. And so I think he has a lot of bitcoins.


Is it Brock Nelson. Brock Nelson. Yeah. Yeah. So he's he's big into it.


It's everything I own. Everything I own is, is in bitcoins. Come on. No shit.


It's like some people are like well you take money out you go you are like can you just like an ATM or if you need to take some of the bitcoin out like point zero one of the bitcoin.


Doudou, why would you think about what you just said if you just went from ten grand to twenty nine grand in two years? Think about there's like three more years.


Yeah I know, I know. But like ten years even so I'm saying crazy, but I mean you can put away whatever you make and put away. You can't touch it. When can you touch it. You can touch it whenever you want.


I know you never. This is the thing that people don't get bitcoins. They say, you know, I'm a sucker for like any type of basically you guys could convince me anything.


Right now I'm pretty much a pretty good sell you bitcoin, but you get no, I know nothing about. They say the experts say. Eventually, Bitcoin will be the world's reserve currency, so you don't got to sell it.


So then you'd be like fucking king of a mountain dude, if you already are in this game this early and it becomes the world's currency, I'm either going to be king of the mountain or I think I think I'm struggling golf pro living in a trailer.


I think it's very hard for people to justify right now, given it's gone so high, so quick. But also considering it did go to, I think, 20 to 25000 at one point and then it went back down to three thousand.




So people were like, oh, shit, OK, we predicted the volatility, they saw the volatility. And then it's made that other group of people weary of it. But the people who stuck with it, I think will definitely be rewarded. It's just hard for me to it's like, oh man. Fifty five grand or whatever.


You have got to get the whole going. Oh you don't have to. Oh no, no, no. Whole coinages for rich guy stuff. You just got to get in as much as you can. I say I got bitcoins. I don't mean I got bitcoins. We had this guy who feels he's got everything I have inside like quarters of we have, you know, less than you guys.


But we have one guy who listens to the podcast. He actually donated ten grand to the actual player relief fund just because he's a, you know, a solid follower. I think his name's well, Thierry on on Twitter. But I read this guy thinks you fall off.


Yeah. So he was like he's been bullish on it, bullish on a bullish on it. I'm with him every now and then. I'm like, what do you he's got I think 66 coins right now. He says, I want to get to 100 points. And I think he's got a cost base, probably around 30 grand. So like at this point on my credit, I think this guy's laughing. It's just I don't know. I don't know.


At this point in time, I still think the strong value is in land. People might think I'm crazy because it's tied to taxes. And, you know, the government essentially owns a slice of it. I don't know all the Bitcoin is I don't know, dick, all about investing.


And I mean, I'll say about Twitter, people like you, you need to pass your series seven to talk about fucking invest on Twitter the way people chert you.


I just feel like there's someone's going to get left. Hold the bag at some point, like everyone's buying and that's how it's almost like this.


I say pyramid or like people just buying. At some point someone's going to get fucked. Now, I think the whole thing is like either pawn yours off or get other people involved. And again, I don't know a ton about it.


So here's another question. Someone's going to get screwed at some point. Here's another question. Are they going to have to print more of it at some point?


And like you farm it like you mine it. I read this thing that in Edmonton.


That's why that's why people like it. You can you can create more Bitcoin. There's a whole there's only so many. That's why people like it, because there's only so you can create more zero percent chance zero. That's the one they're on their way to. Twenty one million.


So there's like eighteen point five million created now in like one hundred years there will be 21 million. And that's it. I think every ten minutes six new ones come out.


See that. So those farms now it's too late to get involved in that you can do it is the most secure one. They're creating these other ones.


That's why you had the. Yeah, I don't even like it's like outer space.


Someone tweeted like it's basically like running electricity 24/7. Ziegenfuss, I can trace that one on the inside.


So that's another that's another element that I've heard negatively about it is the fact that it takes so much energy in order to create them. Obviously you're telling me, well, to this degree it's going to stop at one point. But that's not saying all these other farms are going to keep going. And so people are concerned about the damage it's going to cause to to the environment.


Yeah, I mean, I did hear it. I don't know a lot about it other than other than you have your entire net worth in it. We'll do that. We had a guy hired at Basel nicknamed Bitcoin.


Marty, you know, if you remember him, he works at one of the mining companies now. Oh, dude, he's probably probably worth like a trillion dollars.


He actually you should interview him on Sunday. He in got me. He convinced me to buy my first amounts of Bitcoin in 2017 when the bubble was happening right at the end of it. So I think I bought it when I was like, I want to say it was like 12, 15 grand. It goes up to seventeen. I lost all my money, right. It goes down to three grand, three grand or something. And then he got fired a barstool.


He actually didn't get fired for doing that to everyone. He took a new job. But in my mind, I thought Dave got rid of him because he lost everyone so much money because Dave had bought in big I bought it and I, you know, I bought in.


Yeah, that's guys. Did they sell to those guys?


So, no, I think everyone still had them, but it's like you had no value anymore. And so he left. I thought it was because he got fired in my mind was because he got fired. Turns out after the fact he actually took another job being at a mining company. But when it was so down, I him like, dude, I felt bad for him. I was like, this guy got fired, you know, he was giving everybody bad financial advice.


Yeah. He felt like the guy a lot. I was like, do let's get up and get a beer.


We go get a beer in New York City. And this is what it's like three grand.


He's like I was like, what do you know for the next? I was like I was like, do what are you doing now? The Bitcoin is over. Like now the bitcoin is over. What is your life?


It's your whole life was bitcoin like, you know, he's like, dude, the fundamentals of bitcoin have never been stronger.


He's like, this is now fifty grand at the at that. Three at that, but that's when he told me he's like, you got to get in, bro, this is the time to get in. And I believed him again. I bought the dream again.


I mean, how many bitcoin did you buy at that point? I mean, I think I think I bought one Bitcoin at that point.


But still, you got to think like it just crashed. Yeah. You just lost my son, you know, going in another. And again, like I said, it was everything I had.


So, I mean, you guys play professional hockey again. Was that was my go out fund.


That was my golf fund. Yeah. Congratulations. So now sounds like a time sell. Yeah.


Yeah, right. Right.


Buddy, this is this is fun, man. It's been a cool ride watching you just fucking rocket ship through the media, the media game.


This is just one of the many awesome personalities that barstool has to offer. I know we have a massive Canadian following. Like we like the club. We did it with Ron. We were now doing it with Caleb. There's more like does at some point, I'm sure will come on. There's just so many amazing personalities. So check it all out. And thank you for joining us.


Any Twitter handles, Instagram handles? Well, he's still talking to his fans right now. Right. You got to sign off for fifty one. Yeah, of course I will. Of mine is Kayla Presley. Just all of them are. And then for my fans, that fifty one strokes who have been listening the whole time. Maybe I'll ask you guys one question before I leave.


Who who gets the most credit I know it's named after. One of you guys who gets the most credit? Who gets who who takes the most credit, I should say, for Pink Whitney, New Amsterdam vodka? Because do I go?


I travel colleges, I call zero. I go to, let's say, Georgia. I take one percent.


One percent of the credit. Yeah.


One percent of the overall revenue.


No, I take one percent of credit. Do you feel slighted? And a half percent. But it's a big one percent.


Do you feel slighted in how you've been compensated for this huge oh so juicy questions? I'm my God knows I don't feel slighted.


I think I think everybody deserves credit because it's like if it's not for bar stool getting us the presenting sponsorship. And that's Deirdre Lester, who's probably the one who line that one up. And I'm and I'm sure I'll get the best. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, Erica. And for all of them for elevating the company to the point where we could even get a presenting fucking sponsorship for RJ, for Grinnell and for, you know, for helping out my wife, hardcase wife and kids were the final two light and music.


Like we try to make this drink after he'd been saying it for weeks.


I'm like, if they're both saying it, gotta do it. We gotta try. And the reason I ask is because I travel colleges is part of my job. I still do it. I'm twenty eight and I'm still going to college is like almost every weekend because living the dream in football season I got to do the college football stuff. So this is the number one drink that people who it doesn't matter if they know.


So they're hockey fans, if it's just oh they don't know what it is. Some do, some don't.


But this drinks every if you close your shot in college, when you do shots, if you had one usual one like mine was like Yagur, not what was yours.


I like to pickle back, but I know it's controversial, but I did. OK, so is that a whiskey shot with Pickle after. Oh, so yeah.


Either way though, like if you're looking to just get. A nice little buzz like this, not Jagajaga and whiskey is like, oh, this is just you just like a quick, easy nobody.


I like the little basket you do. I like I like the pickle juice more than I like the whiskey shot. But I think they force you to do it. But yeah, I know it's took it on a mind of its own. It's been unbelievable. And yeah, these college kids just love Dumi and that's why we need to get them back in fucking class because of about the books. I need him to fucking keep talking about chucking this shit.


Just get him on campus, get over the bar there in class, live on campus. All right. I appreciate you guys. Hey, good luck to you guys, Jess. Thank you very much to Mr. Fifty One Stroke's, I believe since this interview, Boice, he he might be Mr. 56 Stroke's now I he play it again and it didn't go well. And I didn't want to be the bearer of bad news because I love that guy.


Kaleb's a hell of a guy. Consider him a friend, but he has absolutely zero chance of being a professional golfer.


I mean, maybe he could play in a mini torment and say, I'm a professional golfer, but zero chance. And people say, oh, don't cross the streams. I'm just a realist. Zero chance. But I do think he can get pretty goddamn good pretty quickly because he's athletic and he's really into it. You get the bug and you have some athletic genes and you watch that kid does. He'll be a single digit handicap very quick.


Speaking of single digit handicaps, we played a couple of good golfers in our most recent sandbagger that is dropping Wednesday at six p.m. Eastern Time. That's right. Ryan's what is a year long lost cousin, Ray Whitney, yes, and Commodore and folks, this is this is going to be a doozy. We play with them in Arizona. Finally, the last of our Arizona sandbaggers will be dropping. Be there in the live chat. Last time we think we got up to like, what, 8500 people, the one before we were at eleven thousand with the fans in Hays.


This one, there's a lot of chirps flying. We are going to have a blast. Get your birdy juice ready. Wednesday, six p.m. Eastern, Ray the Wizard, Whitney and Mike Commodore take on myself and my good pal, Mr. Pink with me five and one in our career in the Sandbagger Invitational.


Best leading into Wednesday night. And I'll say this.


Every guy in that foursome hit some amazing shots. Three of us hit amazing shots. Another guy hit a good shot and everyone hit some bad shots.


So I think that the way the match played out, people are going to be into this.


And Commodore comedian Wizard Whitney, smooth as silk.


Take it all and join us. And I'll be there on the live chat. I'll be chirping. I'll be chirping the people that are tripping me on the live chat. But I'm more than anything excited to share another invitation because these things are getting big. More on the horizon.


To subscribe to our YouTube channel to baby. Yes, I grabbed that, sure. We also got. We also got a mini putt video coming out where we went with all the newly released in that, huh? Oh, yeah. When we drop that gee, this next week, that will be dropped in the middle of April.


OK, that was that was fun. That golf course, I forget the name of the top my head, but they were great golf course, mini golf course. That was that was a lot of fun. I can't wait to talk about that either.


It was more about the the what do call it more about the ride than the destination that when I was I didn't care about winning.


I just want to have a story.


Oh yeah. You're that guy. I don't care about winning.


Give him a try to see me play participation ribbon. So I said so I wasn't trying. He said it. Subscribe to the YouTube channel means a lot or growing slowly. One hundred and sixty six thousand people right now. And it just, it just helps us out to create more videos for our fans. So check us out on YouTube.


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All right, that was a mouthful.


Let's move right along to the east. We had some goings on in the east. How about overmanned on an absolute tear? He's got his tenth goal in his last nine games. After scoring eight in his first twenty one capitals, he brought along three in a week or Ovie has one hundred and forty eight multi goal games. The next highest active player is said would eighty four. That's a huge disparity. And of players with seven hundred or more goals, Ovi has the most goals per game.


What the point six one. That's very the most impressive stat that he has because I mean you look at that list of goals, cards with seven hundred and he leads them in goals per game.


Man in the era he's had to plan with goal. He's getting it as good as it's gotten. I think he's the greatest goal scorer of all time, just based on the on on how hard it is to score in today's era. And that's no insult to Gretzky. I do think that Ovie is going to play till he surpasses Gretzky. And I think the fact that that anybody would have touched that record if you would have said that coming in, I would have said you're out of your fucking mind.


This is it's crazy. He's like I mean, he's I mean I mean, the Russian gas probably helps.


But outside of that, there it is.


It is so nuts to think that he might get it. I'm not as sure as you yet, but. That team, what the hell was I doing, not picking that team to make the playoffs? What were we what were we on that day?


Because and like I don't know, when you watch when you watch them play the way they are right now, do you think that, like. Pittsburgh, I think they'd beat handily, I think they beat Boston pretty easy. I think their toughest test would be the islanders, as much as it pains me to say, because they're so stingy defensively. But Washington right now looks so legit to come out of that that division.


I just I just crushed goaltending and it just hasn't been consistent enough. And, you know, but but but then again, yeah, everything else is clicking very well. And yeah, they look like the team to beat right now. And the fact that you went from them missing playoffs to the they're going to handily win that division. You are a fucking clown, bro. You're a clown. Hey, hey.


We should sussie you from the pod for hey if we're going on changing opinions, we're a fuckin clown car that show up to the party and all of us climb out with noses, ears and fucking spray painted hair.


What did I change over the past three years? You want me to start, Listin? Yeah, I want you to.


Give me an episode to do my research. OK, top of my head is not working as well as I wish it was, Baby Hall believes.


Well, speaking of Ovechkin, the guy who he's been connected to his whole career, Sidney Crosby. Well, on Thursday versus Buffalo, Sid crossed the floor, reached a 13 point plateau when he assisted on Jake Kinsel goal.


Sid was the eighth fastest to hit that number. Doing it, 1000 1017 games played magic. Gretzky did it in fucking five hundred and thirty nine games. On a couple of weeks back, Geno Malkin passed the eleven hundred point mark. He's the sixty fourth player to hit that. Just a third Russian born player to hit that mark after Ovechkin and Federoff. But as far as the Penguins Biz 3.0 on the week, they're now third in the East. I think they bolt and then settle down quite a bit.


This is another team that was looked like shit two, three weeks ago and they've turned it on since. And, you know, like I come third in the division, pretty pretty much locked in for a spot right now.


So very impressive. The goaltender has been helping out, given that they've got a couple of injuries to their lineup. But, yeah, just just playing solid hockey, you know, it does help that they ended up playing against Buffalo a couple, but nonetheless, just. Yeah. A team that, you know, after the first I'd say, what, three weeks I was questioning whether they were going to fucking trade, said for a bag of pucks or the avalanche.


So maybe that's what you were looking for.


Whipp Yeah. That's one of the many you just gave me my that'll be like number seven on the list when I have to come with my list that you've had to change your opinion on different teams and players. The Krosby trade four for the No. Seventh seventh rounder. There's not even a seventh round anymore, I don't think. And the assistant coach is dog.


That was so silly, we're silly people. All right, gang. Yeah, there was some more sad news Monday. We found out Bobby Schmults, he was a member of the fabled Lunchpail Acee, which was the nickname for the mid to late 1970s Boston Bruins. He passed away peacefully at his home in Arizona at the age of 76. Schmetzer, he played 13 NHL seasons with Boston, Vancouver, Chicago, Edmonton and the Colorado Rockies. But he was most known as a member of those great Bruins teams in the mid to late 70s that couldn't get past the Montreal Canadiens.


He was you know, that was the teammates that I grew up. What Lunchpail AC. So I want to send my condolences to Bobby's family and friends and of course, the entire Bruins family. Anybody who watched the team in that generation, he was just pretty reliable scoring. You get 20, at least 20 goals every year. He was in Boston, a couple of those teams that went to the cup. So, again, our deepest condolences to anybody who knew Bobby Hughes, certainly while regarding well loved here in Boston.


So and speaking of Boston, because I'm in New Jersey, they had a nice little battle Saturday. McKenzie Blackwood absolutely owns the bees and New Jersey does, too, there for all and one against the Bruins this year. Jack Edwards, I get more tweets when the Bruins are playing, like about Jack Edwards and the announcer. I just laughed. As you know, I don't pay the guy, so I don't care. But he went crazy after that.


No, call him the second. Gee, why don't we roll it? Oh, yeah.


This is one of the best clips I've ever heard.


It finds crazy. He gets tricked by Sakar obvious trip, and because it's on a power play, the refs put the whistles away. I mean, if suffering is under scrutiny, look at the last 20 seconds of this period, you can see David Craig's exact emotions that you have, Jack. I mean, the Bruins got a great opportunity. Sure thing.


I mean, you know, that's par for the course with Jack. But I understand in that position, in that situation, I mean, that was such a blatant trip and, you know, a second period.


I don't know why they didn't call it, but go ahead, because I know you want to chime in, not put them in the Hall of Fame. Don't adopt them. Just put him in like a part of the Hall of Fame, where they can roll all of his clips over and over about how fucking ridiculous he is. Like, that is that's comedy. I don't care if you like him or not. That is a comedy clip right there.


Yeah. People can't stand him. I'm starting to get a lot of messages on Twitter where almost I could, like, start a club of people who cannot stand him like his announcing is.


It's just ridiculous. Like, that's all I say every time.


But I think earlier in that game or another game, we started talking about how when his older sister used to beat him up and how he one day became bigger than her. And he's like, I remember I was like, what the fuck are you talking about right now, dude?


He said, like, one day I got bigger than my sister. And then I went beat her up.


And it's just like, bro, you're like, dude, Bergeron's on a two on one might want to reduce the fuckin MG on those edibles pregame.


Yeah. Yeah. So it makes people pissed off, but I bet you now he knows that like, you know, he's, he's like a lightning rod and he's probably really unless he's completely insane, he's like playing into a little bit of a character possibly.


I think that's where where it might be at at this point. But it was very animated. But I will say, though, he wasn't wrong. It was a blatant tripping in a one nothing game that they ended up losing. And then for the second time this season, there was a and was it a six on five goal wave back? Yeah. Yeah.


The Bruins well thought they scored a six on five goal to tie the game. Well, they did, but it was overturned due to goaltending interference and find me and my wife was actually watching the game in Blackwood, covered it up with his glove. And I think if the ref was right in front of him, he would have blown the whistle or at least tried to increase it. She knocked it out from under his glove and they scored. And I said to my wife, if I'm the goalie, I'm pissed.


Yeah. Because, you know, basically you can't push the guy's Patin past the goal line, so you should be able to hit his glove. And they did the review and they took the gold down and then the Bruins thought they tied it again. But Blackwood made a huge save. The reviews were inconclusive regarding the puck crossed the line, very reminiscent of the Jake, the non goal earlier, where it may well have been a goal. But because the angles we have the inconclusive, that's why we need cameras inside the goalpost to make this definitive.


OK, so that's that was one of the saves of the year, I thought was the moment. The moment. And the Bruins haven't scored a five on five this goal this year against the Devils.


That's a little alarming. That's like.


Yeah, because Wedgwood Shulamit another time this season. And so I think that Blackwood's obviously proven this guy. I mean, you've seen him have games where he's dominating and he makes it look really easy. Could be the goalie, the future there.


But the Bruins, more than anything, are just like we need to score. Like I thought Craig Smith was going to be really good.


He don't even know if he has ten points. So it's like they need to try to go out.


And and it was funny, I think the was it Cassidy that said like, oh, yeah, we need guys to start scoring. Like, it almost sounded like we need to we need to get some help.


Like what? Taylor Hall.


That's the name that keeps popping up for the Bruins.


I thought he was going to the Leafs because the salary cap didn't exist anymore, but because you bleed blue was do you think that do you think that's a potential landing destination for Halsy? Possibly, I would say anywhere, anywhere as potential, there's so many teams that think they're in it, so many teams that you might thought that were sellers that aren't. Now, I don't know where Halsy is going to end up, but the Bruins need to figure it out.


I will say, though, that Qureishi in the playoffs always upped his game.


But you just need you just you can't just have one line like it's been proven in the past. Every cup winner, they don't have one line that they can score. There's two and sometimes three, maybe Hofman.


Depending on what happens in St. Louis, there's another guy you could probably get a little bit. There was talk. Yeah, you're right. You're right.


I know I saw Jahangiri tweeted out his column the other day, or it might have been Sunday that the ask what he's heard, that the ask for getting haul was, quote, comical. Like, that's what I thought was a GM or an assistant. GM told me that he was asking for the moon. But, you know, I think that's part of negotiate. When push comes to shove, I'm sure they'll deal. I mean, there's no benefit for them keeping him for the rest of the year because they're obviously not going to play it off.


So. One other note, two other notes, actually, Mackenzie Blackwood, that was his seventh shutout. He's already fourth in shutouts in New Jersey history after Modibo Dawg, obviously Cory Schneider and Johan Hedberg, the moose, the moose with his next shot. And Enti Smith leads rookies in assists with seventeen. He's tied in third for rookie points with Jimmy Stewart and his nineteen points lead the team. What? I know you are high on him early man.


That kid keeps getting that done. Yeah, he's really good.


He's he's somebody that, you know, being a first rounder a couple of years back. It's like he's, it's taking him a little, little bit longer, but that's totally normal. And you could see that he's the game comes pretty easy for him out there. Somebody little. The devils are definitely when they look at like the future, he's right there, but the Rangers do it. I got to talk about them quickly. Just because you talk about defenseman this to Adam Fox.


Yeah. Oh, my God.


You have to see the clip. I'm sure we can. Of of when they were had pulled the goalie against Philly on Saturday and they're trying to tie it up.


He actually made two of the best saves of the season and he was like just the first one to block the shot next when he dove and blocked another one. Pretty cool clip, if you can check that out.


But like offensively, Heckman's advantage just was advantage at all. Right. What's the you texted the group, the Gretzky get the Gretzky.


What is it not going to pass in games.


He and Gretzky are the only two guys to have a natural hatrick plus three help us in a game twice did it within nine days. He's also the first to record six plus points in consecutive games played against one opponent within a regular season. Owns the fliers. Oh my goodness.


And I call that when that he was he was struggling offensively to like the last three games he's had. He's like right back on pace to where he was last year kind of thing. So it's like right under the radar. Like there's your you're in a week's fan base.


How about guys when they like off maybe off to a slow start and they're they're looking and they're thinking very hard. A couple, maybe a couple, two point games all of a sudden I'm right there. Like you don't figure for twelve points throughout two games. No, no, it wasn't in a row. But still it's like those two games boom. Yeah, you're right. Your numbers are right where they should be.


Yeah. I think I said back to back it was I think it was back to back games against the fliers.


Yes. That's a fliers home while brutal.


But I actually just going back to the Fox clip, I actually retweeted that and called the puck line tiss because it's fucking three times. If you had the fliers and the puck linemen in three separate times, he blocked the shot. That's infuriating. Fortunately, I wasn't there. But yeah, talk about not getting it done. Philadelphia fliers, man that goaltend struggle. And they did stop the bleeding on Sunday for now. But this is a team that's in disarray.


I don't think they're going to fire Vinny. Oh, he's only in his second season. But taking a look at the goaltend, the numbers here, both guys are under nine hundred percent percentage. Elliotts at an eight nine two kind of hats and an eight six nine with a four four goals against. And, you know, I think people are going to start asking, like, did they go to court? Did they did they thrust him into this role too quick?


And, you know, he's been get worked hard practice vinnell, how to quote about basically a guy he's going to work out of practice. So he's a young kid. He probably will find his way out of it. But in the meantime, Philly's just a frustrating team right now because they got Back-To-Back games against the sabers.


So we'll be right back on track. So we could just glance over this.


Somehow there's more pressure on them than Buffalo and in a seventeen game losing streak. That's true. Now, at this point, you cannot be the team that the sabers beat, right.


Devin, get some juicy Bucklin backlands of Buffalo because they're going to win eventually.


You don't. I mean I mean they're not going to lose every game for the rest of the season. No, no.


But like it could you know, if you, if you start gambling on him, it could be another six. There was let me let me find it.


I saved it. I saved it here somewhere.


The basically that someone said if you started betting one hundred dollars every game back here it is right here on February twenty fifth if you bet. One hundred dollars on the New Jersey Devils at minus one twenty to beat the sabers then two days later took that one hundred and eighty three dollars and bet the fly is at minus one seventy then continued to bet each gave his opponent all the way to today and in this tweet was posted March 27. Then you would currently have seventy four thousand nine hundred and sixty one dollars.


Like you know, nobody's realistically going to bet seventeen games in a row against the team and let it ride like that, because eventually going to fucking lose I think. But that's hilarious. The idea you can put one hundred in and turn into seventy four thousand. Wow.


That's a good little stat. Whoever crunched those numbers. Jesus Christ. You should be an accountant. Yeah.


I mean I actually at Indy Provan. Shout out to him. I'm not sure if he's a fan of the show, but would you like to watch this? Oh, shit, that's coming up soon. Did they extended this year?


I thought I was like, you're going to get audited.


Yeah, yeah.


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Let's for insurance in black and white. All right. Again, we also had some NCAA action this weekend. Holy shit. St. Cloud. I'm sorry, North Dakota, Minnesota. Duluth played the longest tournament game ever Saturday night. It went five overtimes before Duluth won three to two they thought they wanted. Earlier in the game, they had an apparent game. A goal overturned play was offsides just on a phenomenal game. I texted you guys late.


You guys up watching it? No, I can see it. I did not make it the entire game.


Yeah, that to wake up, though, and like, see it end up going that long. You almost wish you hung in there and we're able to catch the whole thing.


But I so I think if you if you'd ended up watching the whole thing in your North Dakota fan, it's just so heartbreaking, right. To have it go down like that, especially for guys who's that'll be their last game ever.


But. At least they have two weeks to rest. I don't know if you guys saw the clip, Duluth goalie Ryan Fanti, he went over to console the opposing goalie, Adam Adam, as a shield.


I think you're not supposed to be shaking hands because the ref was trying to push him away, but he made sure he went out of his way because he felt bad for his goalie. And it was you know, it was pretty cool to see that the sportsmanship, compassion, empathy, whatever you want to call it. And what was funny, Fatfat, you actually replaced it was the start of Zach. I'm not sure how to pronounce the name. Stage call.


He was in the fourth overtime. The dude started cramping up. He had made fifty seven saves. He had to leave the game the fourth overtime. I'd never seen that before.


So this is just like you are. Yes, they're come in ice cold. What's up G?


I gave you guys three teams to look out for before the tournament started. I said Wisconsin, B.C., Minnesota, Wisconsin got bounced first game.


B.C. got advanced because of covid, then lost and then Minnesota lost. So I'm absolutely I'm an absolute Mushie. Not a game.


No, no. Well, Minnesota won a game, but then they ended up losing after.


Oh my God. Just a joke. I'm a joke over here.


There's our college hockey expert right there. Like Grinnell. Yeah, a great game. Not funny to North Dakota, tied up with a two six on five goals, too. There was a lot of drama in that game. Unfortunately for Michigan and Notre Dame, both of those teams had to withdraw due to covid related shit. That sucks for all the kids who, you know, a Boston Roz's Boston that balls especially the seniors they get to this point.


Then one guy was called it a culvert adjacent and it all blows up. So you feel bad for those guys. The frozen for, however, is set. It'll be zoo mass and three teams to many. Although I was correct about a coach on Twitter today, he said it's Noma's genes. What's the deal with that?


It's new math. It's something Carvelle started a few years ago. I always used to tweet this out hard, so I'm not going to say I'm the reason for it, but I definitely think I'm a big part of it. But it's UMass used to be the laughing stock of hockey. So I know Wit can attest to that. And now they're the Kings. I mean, they run hockey is their hockey's champions this year, and they're one of the best teams in the country for the past three or four years.


So, yeah, I think they have any kids from Massachusetts now. I think that's what they started doing, though.


They got they dropped that whole idea of we need to recruit locally and they're going after guys like Cal Milkha. And it's such a fun school. It's a state school. Right. You go have a weekend there before corroborate your official visit.


You're like, oh, boy, the zoo. I love seeing that. They're good.


It's I mean, college hockey is just so competitive now. I don't know if it's you must consider a little bit of an older team like we're BK's getting like true freshman. They have some older Canadian kids and stuff. Yeah, UMass is definitely an older team. They've had the same class for two or three years now.


Right. I mean, if you if the coach visited UMass in the nineties here, he'd understand why they call it zoo. MarsOne places a lot of experimenting going on. If you visited your friends up at UMass back in the day. Wow, we'll leave it at that. But on April 8th, St. Cloud in Minnesota state play at five o'clock and then UMass takes on Minnesota, Duluth at nine. And of course, the winners will play each other on Saturday, the tenso crazy three Minnesota teams, one Massachusetts team, which I guess is appropriate because I believe they are the two states that produce, if not currently, the most NHL players.


So we'll see what happens there, because what else you got going on in any funky stuff you want to share with the group now going up to Sedona after this is going to go hiking with the lady, take a little time off and enjoy ourselves. Where are you going? To chime in with your. Actually, one other note here.


I want to give a shout out to Detroit Catholic Central JV team Detroit Catholic Central is in the Division One State tournament in Michigan, which has obviously a lot of great players.


They had a myth that they had a couldn't play the first two games.


I think it was really they had to put the JV team in. The JV team won the first two rounds, so the varsity got back, obviously ended up winning the Division one state championship. So that's obviously a pretty stacked program. If you could throw the JV squad out there. But pretty cool story. Craig Constance wrote about it in the athletic, if you want to check it out, but it was nice shout out to the whole team, but particularly the JV squad who kept them afloat.


Because when you when I prep the show, I like to throw like either I usually listen to Miles Davis on my headphones because I can't listen to music with words because it rattles me when I'm trying to study. But jazz, I can, like, just roll around it. If I don't listen to that, then I put on a movie last night I put on I think I might be one the most underrated and funniest movies in the last decade.


The Nice Guys. What Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. Have you seen it?


No, I haven't seen it.


It's I haven't talked about a lot and I just throw it on because it's good background shit. Ryan Gosling, it's one of the funniest performances in the last fucking decade. It's so fucking funny. It's set in Los Angeles in the 70s and they're both private eyes, but their comic chemistry is unreal. This like this whole a lot of little convoluted, but it's on Hulu, man. Definitely recommend that. Go check it out. It's a fun night for the nice guys.


It's on. Who is it?


Is it a comedy? It's yeah. It's I wouldn't call it. Yeah, it's comedy with a little bit of drama but I mean you laugh your balls off Ryan Gosling.


I knew he was funny. I didn't know he was capable of being this funny in a movie. There's not a handsome guy that was in driver. Yes. Drive. Yeah. Or drive.


Yeah, he was also pretty funny. And what's that movie when Steve Carell. Yeah. Is great. Great for crazy stupid love. Yeah. Crazy stupid love. Yeah.


Gossling was like the biggest baller in this movie and he was just had some hilarious chirps on Steve Carell.


Yeah. It teaches them how to get laid out, how to dress correctly.


I mean to drive to survive. Fucking eight people will write about this EF1.


It is awesome. I haven't watched the race. I'm not going to watch a race. I watch this documentary, but I'm into it. Wifes into it. And it's like these guys are like, you think I was talking to soccer players are like superstar divas. You see these drivers and like their circuit around the world and Netflix drive to survive. I don't even care if you hate car racing. I never liked it. I never knew anything. You will be you will be into the way they produced the show.


It's sick. I've been here. Yeah, I've been hearing a lot about that. It's in my as well. And if another auto racing movie, it's called Sanha, it's a documentary about Ayrton Senna. He was he was an F1 driver, I believe, years ago. Again, I know shit about auto racing. Don't watch it. I put that dog on its hands down one of the best sports documentaries, one of the best documentaries I've ever seen, let alone sports.


But if you're looking for like a dog that entranced you, check that out in my octopus teacher when I gave, like, a week or two ago, because I've been getting a lot of good feedback on that. A lot of people watcher, huh?


The guy against the guy who gets to crush the octopus a couple of days a week. It's just you get top searched to get some good love.


What else is I know you want to say so I got nothing else.


I'm gosh, I was a long part and it's weird for Coyotes games last week. I had to work to back the box through. So I'm going to go enjoy a couple of days off here, boys, and check out. So hopefully everybody enjoys the pod. Hopefully everybody enjoys the sandbagger with Ray Whitney and my Commodore. And last thing I'll say is subscribe to the YouTube channel.


Like you said, I have one last thing to say. I got to shout out my buddy and his new company. It's not that new, but now it's buzzing. Chris Peltier's a good friend of mine. He's a Navy SEAL for a long time. True legend, what this guy's done in his life. And when he was finished, it finished out and he was finishing up his time in the Navy. He was working at Bud's school where the you know, the Navy SEALs have to get through to come on.


And he picked up a hobby of refurbishing putters and he's grown this thing into a beast. So you got to check it out for me. If you're into, like, possibly getting your putter redone, you got to check out what they can do.


They can do anything. They can lengthen it. They can paint it any color you want.


Go to siege custom putters. It's CEG custom putters.


And I think if you're a golf fan, you'll love to see what he can do and for what he's done for for our country in the United States.


I think it's great. It's veteran owned and his buddy, he also told me to mention his business partner, his business partner have to mention names, Kyle O'Hare. So these two guys siege custom putters. Check it out.


And I wanted to shut up my boy, my friends.


Actually, there is one thing we didn't mention when we were talking about the West was when Curtis MacDermid touched the red line or just across a little bit and Curtis Gabriel and warm up gave him a fucking cross check in the back. Do you guys see that whole thing play out?


I thought we talked about that last week. No, no, I think it's it happened in the meantime. Oh, really? Right. All right.


I honestly do. I'm not I'm not sure.


I'm not sure, to be honest. I'm Curtis. Gabriel McDermott ended up fighting and Dami Ferrum is Longinus Curtis. Gabriel is trying to make a name for himself. And he's he's he's fucking going around out there spouting off. So there's going to be more fireworks in the league with this guy running around. I mean, I know him and Reaves don't like each other. I know him in Durham. You don't like each other. He fucking he just.


Yeah, he's he's trying to make a name for himself. So it was an interesting scenario. And you don't often see people getting into it in warmups, although he got into it with Clifford like a couple of weeks ago and warm up.


So yeah, that is true. Grenelle So if it turns out we had this conversation last podcast, you're an absolute clown bus. OK, fair enough.


OK, actually I got one last one. I wrote a blog Saturday night. It went up kind of late.


It was the fortieth anniversary of the debut of a movie called Thief Michael Mann, who's directed He Collateral. He's an A-list director. This is the first movie he had that came out in the theaters that James Caan is one of my favorite movies of all time. I talk about it all the time, but I wrote a piece on it Saturday night on the anniversary show. It's on HBO. Max, if you're looking for basically one of the best movies of the 80s, James Caan plays a thief and he's looking for that like one last score before he settles.


Now what a wife's a mob's kind of muscling in on him, but fantastic movie again, HBO. Max, if you're looking to check out a great old movie that that's been slapped on by a lot of folks.


You want to say something to me with? No. One, you want to apologize because it happened Monday night, we'd already recorded, so lick my fucking ball bag, bitch, lick the steel, I'll take the.


Look, I ain't looking that dirty ass ball bag, I'll tell you that for free.


But I'll take a look. My ball bag. But you know, that's a hit.


That's a hit from only one episode a week, I think.


And the pod gang will put me in love, you guys.


And. As always, we'd like to thank our terrific sponsors and spit and checklists huge thanks to our longtime friends at New Amsterdam, Vodka and Pink Whitney, big thanks to our friends at Woolpack, keeping us in shape regarding our sleep as well. Big thanks to our new friends at sport clips. If you need looking for a new haircut, guys, go and check them out. Huge thanks to our buddy Larry. Flowers, jewelry. If you're looking for an engagement ring, jewelry, a Rolex, by all means, go to check out Larry Flowers, big thanks to our friends in earnest.


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Have a great week, everyone.