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And. Hello, everybody, welcome to Episode 327 of Spin Checketts, presented by Pink Whitney from our friends at New Amsterdam Vodka here on the barstool sports podcast, Family, what's going on, everybody? Where about two thirds through the season, fans are starting to get back in to build and still have some playoff races that are going to go down the wire. It's a fun time in hockey right now. Lots of sports on tap. But let's check what the boys first producer, Mike Grenelle Elliott and I see what's going on, my man.


What's going on, guys? A big week for me. I was featured in the Minnesota All All Hair teen video this week. Pretty big accomplishment. So I was excited about that. And we also have the pink Whitney Cup. So I'm excited pigweed.


I was trying to bury the lead there on your making an appearance in the here video, but that congratulations on that was good. Good stuff.


If you haven't seen yet the Minnesota Here video, anyone who follows hockey should be familiar with it now.


Well, tweeted out from the account, is it the same dude who was doing the peroxided Jesus early days guy? Yeah. Yeah. You got featured in that. Yeah. How are they still cranking them out like the old times or is you recycling a lot of the same phrases.


It's a little bit, but he's he's still killing it, man. He's awesome. I think it's John King is his name.


OK, we got it. You have a process you have to have watched those early days with. Yeah, I did not know. Listen, I don't want to be Debbie Downer right off the bat, but I'm an honest guy. Ginelli, actually, one of my buddies said to me this week is the worst hair.


Did done. I defended you. I was I defended you, but I don't even think about it. So I just heard that this video, this is coming from went through.


This is kind of my first bucket.


But it was just this kid just keep going. Pretty good hair.


Does he have good hair? The guy that ripped on me? No, no. Then fuck this guy. How can you say that? This guy. So I think I'm happy for you. It was just very funny. That's how this show you start. I was like, OK, I want to know what kind of a list is this is what you're asking. Reality's terrible.


And, you know, forty hours later recording and boom, you're on the all hair team.


Hey, we should get them up. We should get Grindley a blowout. We should send them, you know. You know, those girls get the bloats. We should send them to get one to see like what top notch, pure nicest Flo you can possibly have. And we got to get the people to rate it because like, listen, I'll be quite frank. It was nothing that really ever popped out to me. Like, Hey, he's got the fucking nice.


All right, fuck off. Both you guys can fuck right off. I have the best hair by far on this podcast. Yeah.


Yeah, well, yeah, I'm in the middle of the Afro team, but give me give me give me three more months to get out of this awkward phase and I think I could outdo you. No chance. No chance. This is where you guys are creating a narrative that doesn't exist. I have gorgeous hair. Erica Fleiss on my hand, like I think it's like thin, but it's long. Kay Long quest. That's fucking heresy.


Lundquist released that picture of him and Kevin Weeks. He gave his first interview in about five months. I think he said how good the poor week.


See, I Love Lucy, but duty standing next to me looks as good as ever. Go check it out. It looks like maybe like he could be like an older James Bond. He is.


Yeah. James Bond. He does stop you in your tracks like we had him in the camp at that time out in San Jose. It's like you catch yourself looking at him because he's such a handsome specimen. He's not human being so sorry.


He's like he's a male version of a fembot. He's created and allowed to just shoot.


They just fire fire bullets out their nipples. Those fembot. I just got it. I got to get on his, like, tanning routine. Now he's just, you know, he's always got that perfect tan, not spray tan with no more shrimp is from the hike's, but his ain't washing off in the shower. That can't stick it for girl. He looks like him and Chelios mastered the tan. How they have to Chelios always look so fucking tan.


I think he's just like a dark skin. Yeah, he's got the genetics help. He's Greek the great. Yeah he's Greek. Yeah. I just found out Greek has a different Easter I guess. Yeah. I guess orthodox.


Yeah. If gets back in a month or something and I bet, I guess they just rip it up. I was told like lambs you know.


I don't know. Sounds like a banger if you're Greek, but I just learned that as well. I'm reminded of something.


I mean I think they crushed lamb.


Please don't eat. That's the that's what's poppin. What's what's the Easter that was like that was like kind of a throwaway call from somebody. So maybe they were just totally guessing, like, don't hold me to the Greek Orthodox. Greek Orthodox, the meal.


Now this lamb's definitely involved. Oh, it is. Oh yeah. It's a huge, huge mess.


I'd love to go to Greece. Me too, man. I'd never love to the islands off the coast to like ocean Cyprus.


I think I could picture already there turning it into like his new Daytona, just wrapping it up in the Greek islands. Sailing.


Khankan was my spot, baby. Khankan Oh yeah.


Yeah. So young.


They're now like I was when I was younger once it's Kancoona Street in Daytona Beach Boys. Don't let go.


Yeah, Kancoona. I went to four four separate times, although one of them was more like just someone had a cheap fucking cheap lodging. So we flew down.


You're like the all inclusive God guaranteed every trip you've been on. You've gone on cruise ship, correct?


No, not only heathenism might have been my only all inclusive in the cruise to the cruise. We did it. When we are we got on the wrong boat because our boat left and I dressed up in the leisure suit for the captain.


I don't know who I think I was on a cruise talk. I don't know how many times I could say it on Spuyten checklist. It has to be fifty.


If you go on a cruise, you're an absolute bag of trash.


Those things are the worst. And I have some people I hold near and dear to my heart that love them. But I'll tell them your trash for going on one.


Yeah, I went ninety three twenty eight years ago. I haven't been on one actually before I was my buddy. We're all thinking it quits. Just want to say it.


Know the people, you know people, people can go on and enjoy them but deep down they know they're trash.


You're like you're cattle, you're being, you're just cattle on this big ship. You're going, oh, hi, dinnertime. You all wait in line, wait for your dinner. OK, what do you do now? Oh, I guess we got to go to the casino. Oh, it's the morning. Let's go by the pool. It's just like you just follow each other around. Are these like events on a it's bizarro land? Right. Yeah, and if you don't get back in time, you'll get stuck on like Seven Mile Beach in like Grand Cayman or something if you don't hurry up back on the boat.


I'm pretty sure if I went on a cruise, I would actually be fine staying on that first stop. Yeah. See, Jamaica.


I'm going to grab a hotel room, guys. I'll meet you back at the dock and never I'll see us then. All right. Well, like I said, we have lots of popular sports events. Jack was like, fuck this shit.


I'm out of here. There's cigars. I'm good, man. Enjoy the cruzeiros. I'm fucking Dipen.


I'm going to fuck the octopus down in a club below my my octopus that I'll be careful. Yeah, we get some convert's on that. But like I was saying, we got lots of popular sports events coming up. So grab some pink widney. It's great for the pregame and the afterparty. Head over to a local liquor store today to find Pink Whitney and the new three hundred and seventy five milliliter Mickey size bottle and know is a big fan of those able to take.


And what you can kind of stick me in your pocket somewhere if you're going to church.


So I brought a few over to Ray Whitney's house. He had us over for Easter. I got to we can't get into the golf talk just yet because there's going to be a lot at the back end. But we got to see Jordan Spieth myself. Commodore Roy, I love that guy, the two fuckers who ended up breaking our winning streak and the goddamn sandbagger because a what? A what? A Commodore sandbagger tiger sandbagger.


I just I wonder if they would have invited you over had we beaten them. But they were just like Pety, Hey, boys, come over for ease. I think they invited us. So bingo. Yeah. Because he's sharp. You and Wade come on over.


Have some steak or lamb. The Wizards wife, Cattanach.


Oh, that video was so great. I enjoyed it. So I was like, oh yeah. Would you like so much about your lamb. Tastes like shit. All right, fuck you. We're out of here. OK, we're going to leaving all we got sandbagged. But no, it was good seeing that. I mean, we got to see Jordan Spieth win the his first tournament since twenty seventeen. So that was cool.


We'll get into that a little bit later. But it was a great Easter. What about you. Were you chasing the young guy around after hiding all the eggs. Oh yeah. Actually tough moment for your boy with. So huge family gathering was probably the first time, like everyone's been together, my wife has an enormous family despite 30 kids there.


And so everyone hadn't seen each other in over a year. Right. And for the most part. And so we get in there and you're saying hi to everyone. It's so, so good to see you catch up. And I see, like a small group of family members, including Bree, my wife, and they are just laugh. And I'm like, this can't be good because they're kind of looking at me and laughing. They have a picture over there of the last sister.


We were all together. I got the same outfit on.


There's a there's another picture of Christmas Eve. I got the same goddamn on. I have no style. I got like three clothes.


So I was just getting tortured for my get up, you know, probably some trips towards the hair that I didn't even hear. So, yeah, it was tough Easter overall for my for my ego, I'll say just getting dominated by the whole entire family. Should we get you a stylist? I need a stock.


I need somebody to just send me so many clothes and then I'll try it on and keep what I like and I'll send it back.


Just send me the label back so I don't have to go to FedEx or UPS because everyone knows it pays off the calls to go on FedEx and UPS. That's a tough that's a tough errand. When I get given that chore, it can take an hour and a half. Right.


So if you send me clothes, just send me clothes and I'll pick out what I want to keep and send back.


And then you charge before I keep. You're saying going there, filling out the label, waiting in the line like all that. Oh, it's the worst.


It's the worst, dude. It's that's one where you just keep pushing back and then it's 6:00 and there's a four hundred person line there.


I'll do it next week. And next thing you know it takes a couple of months. Yeah. No I hate the label shit. The only good thing is the FedEx sells like candy and stuff.


Now it's great you go up there, Eminem, you can at least snack on while you're waiting in a thirty minute line to send a T-shirt back.


That's why they do it. It's like the movie theater. They just kind of roped in. We're talking about the cattle again.


And I'm basically I'm basically a cruise goer when it comes to FedEx. There you go. You get any Easter cheer up sweat about like this is maybe like part of a costume.


Somewhere out here, I get I get chirps about the ears every single day. Aaargh! It doesn't matter if it's Easter. It doesn't matter if it's Mickey Mouse national holiday. It doesn't matter if it's Christmas. People are coming at me about the years I've learned to really accept it.


What are you going to do? I was born with these years. They kind of make me who I am.


Yeah, absolutely. Just own it, that's all, wasn't it?


Speaking of owning it, sorry. All right. Do you see that little Frank Strahan pulled Michael Strahan? Oh, that he got. Yeah, I was fixed.


We he you can't pre plan an April Fool's joke. He planned it like three days ahead.


It's like April Fool's got to just be you know, you can't, like, try to set it up weeks in advance. Has to be all done that day, right?


Yeah. I feel like people still like to participate and make it a thing. And a lot of times it's landing flat. Is that the feeling? All right. I mean, it's a fool's joke at this stage of the game.


We're all a little bit older. It's kind of irrelevant. I mean, unless you work with younger kids, all young kids at some point. But I mean, the only April Fool's thing I even heard was one of the local stations said Julian Edelman got traded for a third round, which didn't even seem like an implausible thing. And then later I was told I was just April Fool's joke, which I don't know, it just seems kind of played out.


I think if you're fucking ten years old, that's our age.


We're just like buzz kills little or no fun for anybody where a lot of fun.


I just I don't know if I find you guys bring me down and make me speak in a fund like this week.


But a ton of huge news, obviously. We'll get to it in a few minutes. So we fed. We figured we'd bring on one of our awesome guests. This is a relatively new interview we had Gene question on a few weeks ago. He was outstanding. We're not bringing him on right now, bringing him on a little later. But we figured with a little bit of lack of news this week, we want to bring a what is it, a slob Enoggera of an interview.


Also Jain question its classic slobber. No knocker.


Holy shit, Google Lahner sounds like a move. I know, I know. I know what slobber knocker is like.


How you describe something great besides a job.


I was saying that's like a lease or some shit and that's not meaning.


That's like what he's got in his Google. Sounds like you're not being violent.


A violent collision experienced by a person of violent physical confrontation that was a real slobber knocker of a football game.


So I'll take it right. Train course, trade that style hockey.


Yeah. Yeah, maybe that's what I was thinking of because he had a slob in and he gets a hell of a rinse.


Suavity It's not even on what do you dot com way to perfection.


What what do you want. Dictionary dotcom.


I just, I just Googled it and then it popped up quick. Which chinnery. Dot org. Oh God.


Yeah. I don't know if it's a real name. Coarsen was was unreal. You guys are really going to enjoy that one. This guy's as old school as they get and I'm glad to hear he's doing really well and. Farquaad, what a guy story. Oh, my.


Some epic stuff he played in quite the hour and you guys are going to definitely I might look looking forward to the day I get to have beers with this guy and just, you know, here, here, here, the old school wrestling stories. Yeah.


He might be the next time he's in Boston might have to go and have a couple of pops around. But. All right, boys, let's take a look at the old NHL action, the Central Division. We've got to give props to Florida. They had a four and a week since we last talked, won six straight to take all of the division league defenseman Aaron Ekblad. He's going to be out twelve weeks after successful surgery on the left leg fracture, which I guess is pretty good news considering the way down.


It looks like we might not see him for a long time and who knows? Twelve weeks, depending on how Florida does. We could potentially see him early in the summer because he spent the night he signed his entry level deal with the Panthers after completing his sophomore season. He was one of the Holby finalists this year. And now they have the list of ten than they whittled down to three. He was on that list of ten. He was taken thirteenth overall in the twenty nineteen draft and Serguei Brodsky's five 500 game, which he actually played last year, they celebrated its Saturday Saturday night.


It was actually pretty cool. Each player's nameplate in the office was spelled in Cyrillic. You know, the Russian language there, what you know, Cyrillic and it had No. Five hundred on it. But the teammates got them busi a safari to Tanzania for a gift in Africa. Oh my goodness.


I would love to go on a safari. Would you ever would you ever go one hundred percent.


I would. I would definitely definitely do that.


OK, I thought you were going to Disney Disneyworld one, which is actually legit for those. A ten minute ride for no. One minute. Wait. No, no, no. We're not comparing Disneyland for the eighties.


There are these three monster lines that have full blown be the same size as the real safari you go on in Africa that we're staring over at the thing it was elephant. The elephants had a baby, the things just hunting, looking down at the baby.


So I saw, like, safari esque.


I obviously want to do the real thing, the big the big bang, the Africa trip. The flight is a monster, though. I'm not sure about the fly. I think fifteen, sixteen hours maybe.


I've done Australia so I could go to Africa but I would ah I would, you would definitely do a safari.


One hundred percent. A hundred percent. I still, I still have only been to Europe once I was in Ireland. I still haven't really been that far. That's the farthest east I've gone from New England. I would love to go to an African safari and that would be unreal to check out.


I think elephants probably one of the most underrated animals. Would you say that's a fair statement like how intelligent they are? They don't get enough credit.


I think people who shoot elephants should get shot and then right next to the dead elephant, then have a pick.


I'll take no, no, no need to get fucked with one of the tusks from the other elephants.


And I want to say that there's like elephants can be kind of looked at as like not the king, the king's the lion.


But I think there's elephants are high up there in terms of the respect level in the jungle elephants. I do. These guys have been around a while. They're monsters. They drag their family around. And if you mess with them, they'll stomp your head. And so I'm not positive. But I think there's some something telling me elephants are very, very respected.


I would say that they could compete for King of the Jungle, although, you know, I just said that minus the lions.


Yeah. I mean, I don't know. Just does a lion end up killing an elephant in a bare knuckle brawl? Gorillas up there to gorilla isn't gorilla king of the jungle.


Well, the lions don't actually live in the jungle, which is kind of funny. They could call the king of the jungle, but they're more more live on like the ivory, the plains elephants respect level.


Everybody everybody seems to think that grizzly bears are very underrated as well as far as in the animal fighting kingdom, we should do it like a bracket of whoo hoo hoo hoo of the animals fighting each other. So Gorilla, one of the types of gorillas would for sure be in there. You got to put a grizzly bear. You got to put do you put a lion and a tiger?


Probably the lion over the tongue.


Is there some crazy type of tiger that like a black belt and shit?


No, I that I'm aware of Bengal tiger. It's cool looking adult elephants spend sixteen hours a day eating.


They require up to three hundred kilograms of food and one hundred sixty liters of water each day. And here's the one thing that I think really leads into my idea of them being top notch.


The African elephant has the largest brain in the animal kingdom.


It can weigh up to five kilograms. This is amazing when you consider how much does an elephant weigh? Asian elephants weigh about fifty four hundred kilograms and African elephants weigh up to 6000 kilograms. Exclamation point. The human brain, however, is larger when measured as a proportion of our total body weight. So maybe they're not as smart as I'm giving them credit for.


Bucardo little leathery skin look in Times Square and big ass snout fucking shit and walking around. Well, I love elephants.


I there's a saying to memory like an elephant. I think that they have the best memories as far as any animal store. Used to yell out at people, I got a memory like an elephant. I remember it. Yeah, they can they maybe that was MacIntire, you know what they do, because I've seen it like they might have met somebody years prior and then they'll get their tire, their trunk, and they can, like, smell their hand and they recognize, like somebody from there smelling like 20 years later.


OK, yeah, highly intelligent animals. So stop fucking shooting the widows and all kinds of groups.


We can agree on that. We can't agree on that team.


Are we talking we were talking about the Florida Panthers. Well, funny enough, we're talking about the big cats. I don't know if there was anything else you wanted to add.


No, I mean, Markov's back off the injury right back in the lineup being dominant, I think you going to topple the other game. Demitry Filipovic posted like all the highlights from the game. It's he's just he's just such a bizarre player to watch. Not a lot of guys do it like he does it.


And it's just like it's fun to watch like that.


I think that after broski start, I think at one point I called him the worst goalie in the NHL on this show this season. Right. Things have turned around and then the news about experts.


Brutal, but quickly. All right. I was like, oh, this could be a year. So when I saw through three months, it was like, oh, wow, that's good. But still, it's like such a bummer. But that team, I mean, they're continuing to win.


And the thing about that entire division is I actually think more than any other division in the league that benefits you the most, finishing first, because every other division you're still playing like you make it Montreal in the north, like in the in the Central Division.


If it's Tampa, Florida, you're either going against Nashville or Dallas. Those are the two teams, I think, fighting for the fourth spot. Or if you're second, you get in Carolina, right?


It's tough, Carol.


I don't want to play Carolina, get them away from me first round.


So that division Dallas and Nashville will definitely be a big time underdog. And whoever wins it, I agree with that.


Yeah. So do you think do you think Florida without Ekblad, without making a move for a guy in the back end, do you think that they're going to be able to win that division? I don't know that I would have said no. I don't even think they're going to make the playoffs and now they're going up there. I think they got a game in hand. Tampa does, but there are a couple of points up on them. I mean, what's to say they're going to slow down, especially for Brodsky's now heating up?


Would you make a move for defenseman if you're Florida right now?


I would try to do something. And people have mentioned that, like they could possibly actually shop.


Dree Draeger, Draeger, Draeger.


I don't know. I'm saying the goalies name correctly. I apologize, but I don't think so because who knows? You need your buyers now. You want to keep that safety net. And I think that, like, if you look at getting a demon, I'm looking into every possible option.


If I'm the GM, they're Zito. But there's not as much options out there for defense. Nothing.


There's somebody from forward Hodler. Somebody said Alex Adler, but I don't hang over.


They all have covered right now. Yeah, that's a wholly, totally different situation. Yeah. I mean, go ahead, Ari.


So I said, I don't know if you want to trade drayage. I mean, obviously, like you said, he's been playing a lot better lately. But drayage on the eleven point four to five goals against a nine three one save percentage. I mean, he's been the number one goalie for that squad.


So I don't know that trade name is something that you'd want to do.


Yeah, a bit of a bind, though, because it's going to be tough to get out of that division having to go through, like especially if you don't finish first, you've got to try to beat Carolina and then Tampa to get out alive. I don't know. I think I think you've got to you've got to you've got to do something. You've got to make you've got to make a move for someone on the back end. If you can even get me one.


One of those guys just mentioned, Carolina and Peter Marasa. Come back. Did you guys happen to see the press release? That guy, Carolina, came out. What they copy the style of Michael Jordan when he came back pack. And now to the Bulls, like ninety five. Just a two word thing. It said I'm back. I mean, it's pretty funny.


Kind of ballsy, too. It's like, copy Jordan. But he comes back more pressure gets a shutout in his first start since January 30th. All three wins this year. He's had he's been injured. Obviously, all three of his wins have been shut out so far this year. So I guess he can put every once in a statement if he keeps putting up donuts like that.


Yeah, that's legit. You have to rhyme. Reimer's done a good job there. Yeah. I mean, like when he when Mrazek went down, you were kind of like wondering what was going to happen with that team, even though their offense so good. And then now that Meri's back, it's just like, all right, we got through that time, we're OK. Who was the young kid? I can't think of his name.


That was great. The goal, Golia, Nardella, Nedelcheva, Delveccio, the bulk of it. So yeah, him and Rimer really carried the load.


I was questioning their goaltending coming and that was the one thing I used against them. So every time they just start lighten it up, I got a bunch of.


So then they go exactly like Michael Jordan's probably kind of proven wrong.




Just stuff it up your hoop as we we got a definitely dap up. The Nashville Predators, they've won seven of eight, nine of the last 11 they catapulted in the fourth place. Romanoff's been playing out of his mind. But this kid, Aly Tovan, and we've been hearing about him for quite a while. He's finally now a regular on the lineup. Ten goals, nine assists in dirty games. Kid's been getting that done. And also their goaltending, you know, pickaninny started off.


He was struggling quite a bit, but he's rounding out his game nicely. And you see, Suros, he was always kind of the let's see what what's the next the next guy in line, what's the word? And think of the successful. It's a guarantee he's been playing out of his tits this year. Eleven and seven with a two two seven nine to eight national. This is a team we were pronounced dead talking about Coach and James free agent, front office changes and now they're right back in the thick of the race at best.


So that kid you just mentioned, they were playing them enough early on. He came over from overseas, right. And told Vinen. Yeah, yeah. Toivonen and when I was Easter brunch with Wes and the guys, I they don't even mention it. He's like he's like, yeah. Once they figured out how good this kid was and they started giving him regular ice and slotting him in the right place, you know, and things started turning around and, you know, you know, they maybe had some some guys early on who were really struggling like Johanson's haven't been playing a little bit better as of late as well.


So, you know, their debt, that center ice is helping them. So, you know, overall, they're they're humming right now. And good to see this young guy finally getting the time he deserves.


And I think it was mentioned before, but ecoATM all but all but certain won't be traded.


Now, he was the one demon that a lot of people were talking about. But, yeah, it's good that they've picked it up. But I think it was last up. So we did say, you know, that that shows to poise, patience and why sometimes you, as many fans scream, fire the coach, get rid of them. It's like you can wait it out and wait it out and look like a fool or it can turn around exactly like you pictured it would.


And I think that's kind of the case right now where he's looking at the roster like we are so much better than how we're playing.


At some point, this has to switch and turn for us, and it has. Some other news here Sunday night, Rick, bonus, coach of Dallas, he actually left the game after the second period due to covid protocols. He has been vaccinated. He's got both the shots per the GM Jim deal, but they think it was a false positive. But out of safety concerns, he was pulled. Just, you know, this the stuff we've been call the players in the league have been coping with.


But I've never seen a coach not return for the third period. They did end up losing the game. They were losing what he left. Assistant John Stevens took over Dallas, though. I mean, they're not out of it either. They still got three games in hand on Chicago, in Nashville. You know, we mentioned before they've had the covid issues, but five points back of a playoff spot, three game in hands, three games in hand.


We'll see what goes on there. When you ever see anything like that, a coach not finishing a game in the NHL. No, I mean, besides getting kicked out of the game by a ref, no, I don't remember that.


I mean, I don't know.


The whole covid situation is just like it's really hard to figure out. I mean, it looks so good and can't all of a sudden Vancouver's had this crazy outbreak.


And you understand if something's going on, whether it's a false test or not, it's like just safe than sorry. But I don't ever remember a coach just shutting it down in the middle of the game.


Unless you're talking about the Varsity Blues coach. What was his name? Bud.


I Kelmer. He was a prick. And then they they booed him when they were trying to put the needle in, what's his name, the elbow, or whatever it was that that we're all reasoning that.


Yeah, that was it. The running back.


Yeah. You shut your mouth if you knew what was good for you. Billy says Billy Bob, I don't know.


But that's the last time a coach has to the game.


OK, Vanselow Varsity Blues did. That's an old school one.


There's a lot of great scenes in the middle of the whipped cream bikini. Are you hating me? The teacher who came out to strip Paul?


Oh, yeah, she was. She saw all the boys christia sandpaper finish rounder, tall, your Satan. That's a fact. That's a pattern right there. Yes.


She was on her so long to Columbus Blue Jackets, they've lost seven of eight, just one point in those eight games fallen down in the standings in the Central Division. Jack Ross Slovik was a health bomb on Saturday. He only had two points his previous six games. He did return the lineup Sunday, had two shots on goal and a little over twelve minutes. But the real big news out of Columbus was from Brandon Dubinski this week. He is on long term injured reserve, but he's still a part of the Columbus organization.


He went on the Garage BIA's podcast this week and basically had some words for Syd. I'll take over every day of the week. I would never ask for a stick of fuck said. He said obviously he's had a rivalry with them. They played quite a bit over the years. He said, quote, Sitges wind way too much and we just shut up and played hard.


Actually, he tweeted that again, these guys have a history, but this is unusual. I mean, the technically active play I always reserve in procurement.


I got into the whiskey that night before I took like four times, maybe had a few garage beers before he got on those beers. Well, I'll let you take it first. No, a nose, bull, vodkas.


Listen, I. I actually think maybe I've met Dubinski.


I actually met him at Muirfield. He doesn't give a fuck. You know, he could he could have been dead sober. He's got plenty of money now.


I wasn't really that surprised that everyone was so shocked, I guess that he openly said it. But those two hate, hate each other.


Hate I'm not saying anything off the ice. I've no, I'm just talking from those series. Those was dirty hits. They were going after each other. There was no holds barred chirping. So Dubinski obviously hates it. Now, the question is like. If you asked, you know. A thousand or a hundred thousand hockey fans out there, like who's better, like who would you take, Crosby or Ovechkin?


I think it's 60 40, Sid, but I think it's close, right.


I mean, like him, he kind of came out the next day and was like, hey, I picked Ovechkin like, I don't know, like you put up their numbers and yes, it's it's very close now.


I right away, I'm a Crosby guy. It's like, well, he's he's played like 160 less games and they have the same amount of points. One hundred and sixty games as Sid's number is like one hundred and eighty points I think. One hundred and ninety points.


So that's how many would be ahead of him.


But but right healths part of it helps prevent woulda coulda shoulda. So I think that being a Krosby guy, I'm openly aware that if you if you talk in history, like there will be people who would rather have had Ovie. Right. Or am I am I crazy?


I think if you're a general manager and you could go back after seeing the entire body of work, I would say a far more number of people like intelligently on the hockey side of it would take you know, I'm saying fans, though.


Oh, well, fans it's different because like like going back to what he was talking about, it's like I think Sid's been pretty open about the fact that, yeah, early on, he was definitely complaining a lot too much to officials. But keep in mind, he went from playing in the Quebec Major Junior League to now playing in a league that where it was still kind of accepting, dude, if fucking the McDavid was getting the treatment that Crosby was when he came into it, fucking dude, people would be losing their minds.


That sounds like we sound like old men yelling at Cloud.


But Crosby was getting absolutely dummied behind the play and granted, he would create a lot of little elbow him in the face and wasn't called those like at the beginning.


He's like, I'm getting abused. Let's put it this way. I bet you Dubinski would probably even admit to being like, yeah, I was playing to fucking try to put them out. He might even admit to that. Right. That's so that's like a mindset that he was taking runs. I don't like anything to get his head out of the game. Listen, maybe maybe I judged it too far. He he wasn't trying to, like, not injure injure him, but like trying to knock him out and try to fucking get him with a good clean pop.


Is that a fair that's probably a fair comment. And fucking that's a pretty you know, it's pretty a pretty dark way to approach the game. And I don't think a lot of guys approach it like that as much like that anymore. So, like, it's sold like on one side, I'm like, well, fuck, if I'm the player who's got to put the puck in the back of the net and I got to deal with this guy chasing you around trying to take my fucking hat off.


Yeah, I'm probably going to be barking to an official a little bit more than than that enormous shit.


Right. But as his career has progressed, I think that he's eased up on that. But also, the league is gone in a completely different direction to where to a better degree do they protect their stars? Would you would you agree that's a fair assessment? Yeah, I still don't think they do a good enough job. OK, that's a fair comment. But it was a bit more no holds barred. If a guy was skating around the ice trying to treat McDavid in a playoff series, the way that Dubinski was chasing around said I could be different.


It would be different. It would be different. So it's just like there's there's there's so much like hate there that boiled over from them competing. I mean, I don't think Sid gives a fuck what Dubinsky thinks and vice versa. But, yeah, it was it was definitely interesting to hear him go public with it. And just by thinking about it this past week, do you think it's a pretty fair assessment of how I broke it down? Yeah, that was good.


I just in looking at the argument of Crosby versus Ovechkin, it's like a center versus a winger, like amazing goal scorer. But Sid really didn't take any nights off. And like Ovie, as amazing as it was. And some of these nights off, oh, we probably scored.


But Sid never really had those clips of like early in the career, like just not fact checking.


That wasn't the case. So Bingol getting to experience it and play with it is obviously makes me very biased coaching.


And I think that watching Ovechkin like the last like ten years as opposed to the first, like whatever it was, six or seven, you know, it's definitely changed. I think he actually takes way less nights off than he used to when he was younger. So it's a great argument.


But certainly Dubinski has reason to hate playing against Syd and those series that they play.


I don't know how many times Columbus played Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh didn't lose to him, but they they kicked the shit out of each other and they didn't have much left.


Moving forward, I don't think either one of the penguins cups the back to back years.


They played Columbus. I could be way off on that. Watch this. It's going to be both times. It was. Yeah. And also the Rangers stuff, too, because, I mean, he's one of the few guys that actually makes it actually drop his gloves and fight. And also that was the highlight. What Hank Lundquist was said kind of gave Hank just a little bit of a whack.


But enough that, you know, he's going to get defended by his teammates in defense. He was the first one in on him there. So anyways, thanks for the click.


The click, Baodong Dubinsky, don't. I don't want to take anything away from Dubinski as a player, though. I thought he was a fucking hell of a player. And I don't know who's at his best. Definitely a very overlooked guy, but he went to war every night and I got a lot of respect for his game. Now, going back to the people, I think recency bias has a little bit to do with it. And the fact that, like Obvious won the last cup, he's kind of like that fun loving guy you're seeing in these clips in the hallway, like, you know, he's a beauty.


You know, he's one of the boys. But yeah, in the early days, like, yeah, he didn't sacrifice, I think, enough for the betterment of the team and yeah. Maybe took took night's off. So it was, you know, it was a little easier to be more critical of him early on as opposed to maybe now. Just one last footnote on that tough job, buddy, Jeff Maric tweeted that when Crosby was on their podcast, Thirty one thoughts, he said he regretted complaining to the refs so much early in his career.


So, yeah, Chuck that in there as well. But all right.


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What's up? When we talked about Columbus, we got sucked into the Dubinski thing as far as the team's concerned. Oh, man. They've been I thought they were going to be like that undercover team coming in, but that Du Bois trade is looking even worse and worse as the days go on. They are so thin up the middle, they don't have any they don't have they don't have anything close to a first line center and they're getting destroyed. They can't produce offense at all.


Now, Lyonnaise been a I don't want to say he's been a dog. He's just he's just like the whole seems like the whole team's been stripped of their confidence. Yeah, Leonida, that's not I don't think to Bush, been at his best in Winnipeg, but there's like compete level there that you really don't see from lineI. He had another turnover Sunday just led directly to a goal.


It's like there's just so many times that guy and now tortes obviously probably shouldn't say obviously probably can't stand him. And you can tell there's already been friction there. The team isn't doing well. I don't think Terance will be back. Right. He's his contract ends. It's like, then what are we doing with line here? You got to figure out what's going to happen there. There's just so many different questions. It just turned out that it wasn't their season.


And you like when you look at the GM, he's the last guy to blame keka line and he's done a lot of great things there. And fuck, you can't help. But when all these guys want to leave, he's bringing good players and a lot of them don't want to stay.


So what are you going to do? I mean, I think that you've got to look this year, maybe a new coach next year.


And I don't even know if towards wants to go back. Right. Like, who knows? That guy is getting older. He's coached for such a long time. Does he still want to be an NHL coach? I think he'll have a job if he wants one. I mean, it seems like he's never going away. Shit, I got tag.


I forgot to put it in the outside. Someone found an old story about twas the night the Tampa Bay won the cup. He drove home alone.


He didn't know that there was a party going on. The Debye crashed. I guess like nobody said anything to him. Like, I don't know if it was deliberate, if it was like a freeze out or just it was an oversight a and just drove night alone.


The night he won the cup, he said he did had no idea there was a party upstairs because it was like a restaurant kind of sort of hidden run.


No idea party. Yeah. He said I drove home alone and that was it, because somebody tagged me in it and like like basically how the fuck did you find out about this party? And that's the funny part, because I was blackout drunk across the street and I still got in the building and still found out where the party was and this guy could team and told them where it was. So I kind of felt bad for the guy.


I was like another cup party story. R.A. goes to his Tortorella, you know, you basically were there, his honor.


They thought I was kind of a boss. I like shit like this CBS show was blacked out, but he had his his little pass on. He was he had the Tortorella pass. That's why he didn't fucking find out about it.


One of my life's great mysteries, finding out how I got back in that building. But a few minutes ago, boys, we did mention the Vancouver Canucks absolutely decimated by covid. They right now, as of recording times. Sixteen players on the protocol list, they've had four games postponed. Some guys have needed IV treatment. Some have said to be in rough shape. They are set to return Thursday versus Calgary. They've got a bunch of games rescheduled.


They haven't played since March twenty fourth, but we don't acknowledge that before they did get ravaged would call the Canucks had equipment guy Pat O'Neil worked his three thousand game. I believe that's the second guy. The season was worth three thousand games and equipment guy. That's a that's a hell of a to run. Yeah, absolutely unreal. Run the connection. Also extended goalie Thatcher Demko with a five year extension worth twenty five million dollars. I mean, we talked about this kid the end of last season, went looking at looking like the potential future goaltender and Braiden Hope, who they did sign this previous offseason.


He's got one year left at four point three million. He could end up a couple hours south next year. Should Vancouver leave him exposed in Seattle, could scoop up, even though he has no a modified no trade clause, he does not have a Naumov clause. So he could be left exposed. So could have ended up being a good move for them, even though he's been struggling a bit this year. But either way, they did. The Canucks didn't play this week.


The league is going to move the schedule up. They were supposed to finish March 8th. They've pushed up to March 11th. I wouldn't be surprised if it goes even further than that because they do kind of get some free wiggle time to play with that.


So, yeah, there's also a chance that you don't you don't see Vancouver play the full schedule this year. There's it sounds kind of crazy, but they're also talking about for the first time ever starting the playoffs, they could start the the American divisions for this division.


And the NBA has always done that, where they'll start a second round series when this first round series still going on.


The NHL has always started clean where everything has to be done before they begin the next round and this year will probably change. So it's it's crazy to think how many guys have it there.


Yeah, obviously, we wish everybody well, they I mean, we have fun and poke fun at Vancouver once in a while, but we hate to see this type of situation. So get well, guys, we want to see you back out in the ice. Toronto Maple Leafs, boys, we got to keep stroking if they keep one. I'm like this. Three wins in a row extended the lead from two points to six points in the last week.


Jack Campbell, I guess you got to say he's taken over the number one role eight, no record in eight appearances. Austin Matthews.


Twenty fifth goal the other night. He's just the third US born player to score twenty five goals in each of his first five seasons with only Bobby Kabita and Mike Madondo have done that. And Alexander Galkina got his first as a lead to best our lead correspondent. What do you got for us?


But I told you guys, don't worry, they're going to figure this thing out. They went through a little blip boom back to give him the cup. Now, there's no way they don't make it out of that north division. I put my fucking life savings on it. They are humming. I love the squad. I still. Think they're going to add Taylor Hall? They're going to make wiggle room, they're going to give them they're going to waive off the cap for the Leafs.


That's how much they've done for the league. But they look fucking awesome. I'm so happy for my buddy Jack Campbell Myrdal from The Athletic. He wrote an article. I think it just came out today. He called me about it and basically, like my experience and seeing what I saw in the minors. And I think I've briefly touched on it before. But just, you know, he came over from Dallas. I think he was drafted. You said eleventh overall wit.


Yeah. He's like a broken I read that article is awesome. It goes like a broken man, not even just hockey player.


Yeah. And, you know, I think that from just talking to Myrdal, it was kind of this situation where, you know, growing up, you were always like, you're on this like, you know, this path to just like, you know, be a young starter in the NHL, like getting wins, like winning. Ever have a moment?


He never had one moment where he wasn't just tracking up the hill like, you know, sort of what's the word I'm looking for?


I don't want interference. Yeah, I was going to say there was I don't say adversity, but, you know, exactly. There are there are enough guys to, like, get to a certain level where they don't face that just because they're just like superior athletes and they just figured it out mentally. And it's just like they're the best and they just go all the way to the top. And that does happen. Well, in some cases, it maybe takes a little bit longer than normal.


And in some cases, like it just fucks with you to the extreme. And I think that that's what happened. And then Dallas basically basically gave them away for nothing to add to the Kings organization. And he got down to the HL. And Dusty issue was like, hey, like forget all that shit. Like, you know, this is where you are. Let's just fucking put the work in. And obviously before that a little bit later, you know, they kind of they became friends, you know, he didn't necessarily just dove in, like about the hockey stuff.


He more wanted to earn his trust.


Dude, they went to Van. Yeah. Just and for seven he ended up staying a week and and for seven days, didn't even really talk hockey. They just like he wanted to know who he was. You want to know about his life. They went, what's that.


What's that like. The gross. The gross grind. Yeah. So they were doing that.


I think that's really interesting. Part of the whole story is that it wasn't just like hockey. It was like I'm going to like get to know this guy as a human right. It sounds like kind of corny, but it's like I need to know who he is and like where he is mentally, like, where does he come from in life? And then you start realizing, like, what he's going through.


Goaltending wise doesn't really have much to do with the game of hockey. It's more about his outside life and his expectations and feeling like a failure. And I was just blown away. And then you think about like. He still has all that talent that had him drafted. I mean, he's one of the highest pick goalies in 25 years, so he still has that talent where all of a sudden, if you if you're able to clean up his head and goalies, it can be so mental.


And all of a sudden it's like, holy shit, this guy, he still has that talent. That was why he was picked so high. And he's reached that level now. I didn't think that. I didn't understand, like, how much he had to grind in the minors. Like, I didn't I thought he was playing for L.A. right away, like with Ontario. That was the big that was the big reason why it came all back to him.


Yeah. And remember, so the year before Peter Buddhi, it happened to and Dusty EMU was with him in the Winnipeg organization. He was in St. John and he was helping him. But I think that I think Buddz was still a little bit pissed off because he'd been like an NHL solid backup for so long. And all of a sudden he was in the NHL in the jungle because he got put on waivers. And I think his attitude led him to maybe have a tough season.


He didn't win a game there. So when. When Dusty EMU ended up getting back with him in Ontario, I think at that point in time he was able to get through to him similar in the similar regard. He earned his trust. And then he just explained to him, he's like, hey, if you're going to allow all that stuff that happened to you that was, you know, that you think was bullshit, continue to bother you.


It's going to bother you and it's going to affect your performance. And he was able to help him out. So I was there for the whole season. So I was seeing it. I didn't poke my head in too much. But you could clearly see that it's like the guy, one goalie of the year in the Agel, he went on this fucking insane run. So then the following year, they had to share the net a little bit.


So part of it was also juggling, saying like, hey, you're not going to get the same amount of starts. But, you know, you guys are it's going to be good because if you get to the next level, you'll probably have to be doing that anyway when you're sharing the net. Right. So look at it from a positive standpoint. And it and it just worked. And then I saw Dusty EMU as well. Help Jack once again, did so from a distance because you don't want to poke your head in too much because you don't want to fuck up a good thing that's going on because you could see it happening and happen to I keep busy away from this guy.


Anyone can take him down and bingo. But, you know, you try to you try to respect the distance. But it was awesome to see. So he became an all star that year, Jack Campbell, and he had an unreal year. And that propelled him to then be trusted by Allah to step in and then be his backup. It's a quickie. And, you know, they've had to juggle their goalie situation because they got Carl Peterson, who's another young stud.


So, you know, they felt Jack Campbell was the one that could be accessible. And he ends up with the Leafs. You know, there's a little bit of struggling going on. And it's like, man, I think I think his time is now number one. He's No. Eight, no. So I sorry for rambling on, but it was just very cool to see how he was able to get his head fixed. And now it's leading to all this success.


So check out that article. It goes more in depth with Dusty, IMO, but he's done an incredible job with with a few guys.


Bizarre. Is it true that you gave him the nickname Ned Flanders when you were his teammate? So I don't know how many how many guys were actually calling him that. I just I just kind of joked around about it because he's just, like, so nice all the time that I'm like, yeah, one day this guy is just going to pop, like, jokingly. Right. You know, I'm saying like, you saw that Ned Flanders episode, right?


Just went. You see it.


Yes. Oh, some episode or just like see him being called that. No, well, well, in the episode to kind of like where he's like he's just like boom because he ends up popping because it's like there's no way somebody could be possibly this nice.


But Jack Campbell is actually that nice because one of our listeners thought you might have been sandbagging me on Simpsons references from way back in the day even before I checked.


Let's not we would everyone here would also always give you the the shout out if it's a Simpsons reference. You guys missed one at the top of the show, but. That's right.


I was well, I'll miss a lot of them. But there was an era where I was paying attention to The Simpsons. There was like a five year stretch there. My sister used to watch it religiously, so I just watched it with her.


Yeah. Like, I don't know what might have been late Friday night on Fox, there was like a season for they did like ten episodes in a row. And it's like season four or five, six, seven, eight. It's just like I said before, some of the best TV ever made you get yourself caught for two or three hours watching a bunch of great classic episodes.


I don't know where my maturity level was at the time where those were coming out, but I would probably laugh out loud a few times an episode where now I don't I don't crack a smile. Yeah. And that's when I get to watch the old one.


So Buddy Connor McDavid, a little out of character, he get fined five thousand dollars for one. Yes. Barry Kotkin, the Emmy at Center ICE during the Edmonton Montreal game the other night. I was pretty shocked by it. I mean, I know he's frustrated he was having a rough game, but I don't know if you caught getting the Emmy. Might have done some off camera we didn't catch before we met. But were you surprised to see Connie with your chicken?


When I.


Yeah, I mean, not really. I think he's a little frustrated. I think it's only two points in four games this year versus the Canadians. So they've actually been the only team able to hold him. And Dritz held back a little bit and maybe that's part of it. But I didn't think it was the other angle of the of the hit. It's not as bad as it looks from when you're behind. McDavid looks like he caught them right in the head.


So I definitely understood why there was a fine but people yelling and screaming for suspensions.


It's like, what are you talking about? Yeah, I wasn't expecting a suspension like that, but, you know, just not something you usually see him do. So anyways, he got caught. He got fined five K for.


Did you think best? Yeah. I mean, fucking I don't know, Twitter was Poppit about it. Some people thought that he deserved to get subsidized. What did you think? I know. I thought I thought, fuck you. He was trying to always seem like he was frustrated at someone he fucking got on with a high hit. I think that I think that people tend to sell those a little bit these days. So, no, I don't think he should have been suspended.


I think a fine is fine. I think Soldado fucking goon McKinnon should be. Yeah.


Know that was the biggest sell job by Garlett.


He threw that up on his head and that garland it and that, you know, just like it was like he blew up when the hell I'm signing a fucking PTO, McKinnon and I hope you hear this.


You sandbagging son of a bitch. I'm coming after you've had to toss five grand for that tour. He's got that in his ashtray. Well worth it. The kid from Iceland. Yeah.


And we just had their beers. But yeah, you said I saw you put the Twitter Paul out. Who's the biggest goon in the NHL? OK, David on the kid.


OK, so to be to like not be joking around about it anymore, like when I saw it I was like, that's fucking funny. The fact that he did it and it was an underhand so it was more harmless. And I know I'm a coyotes worker so I should be like, oh, but as far as suspensions concerned, I'm like, fuck that. We need him playing against other teams, collecting points. And he did he he he he helped out in the first game against St Louis.


I think he had two talks and he might even had a golden apple in the next one and they scored in the last forty seconds. So now the coyotes are sitting pretty because of him three points into a playoff spot. Yeah.


I think scenario though, just to see the helmet go flying and then Garland blowing up, I was like, holy shit, you could tell what he was. It was underhand and I don't think he meant to get it that high. But I still I fuck him a little bit of mustard on it.


I mean, nobody wants to get a helmet off the face like that.


He's a MacKinnon's got a short work man. He's fucked up. That was it. A nine three win. Like what's he so bent out of shape about it at nine thirty. Take and run it guys. He's fucking nuts, man. Yeah.


And he was given a double minus for roughen in a ten minute misconduct in addition to the five thousand dollar fine.


That's why chirped is swing. He's a golf not fuck you all for sure.


I'm going to tell him to now I'm going to give him some ammunition on the cry and some other great fireworks.


Saturday night Brady shot took on Jay Weberman. Like that's a ballsy thing for a young kid to take on.


Webber doesn't fight as much anymore because he doesn't need Joe. But I mean, he wasn't going to take any shit there, Brady. And they end up dropping the gloves.


I mean, I thought he handled himself pretty well, considering who is going with oh, my God, that is such a fucking fun player to watch. He does. He's that's just a pure hockey player. He'll do it all here and give a shit he compete in every night. It is so cool. If I ever had a kid, I would want them to play like Brady Kucuk.


Yeah, that's a that's a pretty I'm going to say that's a very accurate statement because not only does he play like a bastard out there, he'll fight anyone. He's in front of the Nadie, but he has, like, the best time doing it. Yeah, that's what that's what is so fun to watch.


You know, after that fight, he's played laughing in the room. It's just like he gets the guy going on the ice, he gets them going off the ice. So you can tell he, like, appreciates where he's at in life. And he did pretty well in the fight. You could tell like Weber, Webber had a couple. Weber threw a rocket, Weber bam, right off his helmet.


Like, I think using I'm just going to try to smash his helmet into ten pieces. So I was surprised that he did go. But but the and he took them down into the net and, you know, he got the boys going. They won. Right. Six three. Yeah.


They smoked them minus they were plus five hundred on the puck line that night to their compete late in the season where every game I'm looking at the ticker, they've been involved in close games like they were. We thought they were going to be the laughing stock at the start of the year.


And the names. Not all of us. Not all true. All right. All right. What's the runner up?


No, I throw some money on him on two shits and giggles. But that they were going to be competitive is what I said. And they've been very competitive. And yet, Brady, you can tell he's having fun out there where he just goes nonstop. Love watching him play Jump of the Calgary Flames. Boys, I see a Battle of Alberta share.


What they haven't really got much of a sudden bump. Unfortunately, they had an open three weeks since we last talked to an eight in the last ten. Is this team even going to make the playoffs with.


Oh, no, no, no. They're sellers. I think Sam Bennett. I think I think I think if you plan on going on around, you go try to get Sam Bennett.


I think that guy's playoff type hockey player. And I think that'll be a guy.


And all of a sudden you're here in Monohan discussions.


Now, I think that you have to look at it all and you can't do it in the next week, the seven days to the deadline. This is a summer thing, but there's going to be some major changes there. I don't know if GOODROW will be there next year. I don't know if Monohan will be.


But if you look around, it's like that whole entire corps isn't working. This year has been a disaster. So right now you're looking to see what you can get at the deadline.


Oh, man. That's like that's the big. Question there, and I don't want a shortened season, no fans in the building, are you going to put that much weight on how this especially with adding Mark Ström Antonov, or do you give him another full season like I guess I would? It would depend on what you're offering. It's hard. I mean, we're thinking so narrow minded where I'm like on the on the fence about where I want to go.


I don't think I would. If you're going to sell, I think you should probably wait till the off season.


I agree. I agree. But but I think there's some guys that could be done before the deadline. But the big changes like Monohan or goodrow in those type guys, then you're looking at like give us some time in the summer. But the cap not changing it makes this so difficult.


Right, and I think the one theme right now is teams eating salary, that seems to be the big topic. So I don't know what the answer is, but they aren't making playoffs. And what a letdown after the coaching change. And, yeah, this this group is definitely broken right now.


And you take a look at all these names getting bandied about to all these guys got term left as well. It's not like these. These are UFA guys. They can just pawn off for a pickle, whatever. So that makes it even more difficult, like you said.


Any other notes? Actually, at one, Wolf. Montreal Eric Staal is expected to make his debut Monday night, which is tonight, where he called Monday Montreal one three, three or four on the week split with Ottawa. That kind of hanging tough in that division, but didn't know if there was any other North no Djihad Forest Boys.


I was critical of giving up a third and a fifth for most Montreal fans. I'm here and they're like, no, we need depth up the middle and they have a shot. We have 12 draft picks left, so we're OK given it. So, you know, I'm going to back off on that one.


Where have they had the Denault right with the to tar whatever, Denault and Gallagher. But then after that it was like Suzuki and Cork to Miami, both young guys. Right. So Stal maybe is not the player he once was, but he's older and he can at least not have one of those guys going against another top Second-line, because I think those are the four playoff teams. I think the North pretty much set and I don't even really think it matters who plays who.


I think they're all like I don't think like if Toronto wins that division, they'd much rather play, you know, Winnipeg or Edmonton or Montreal. Right. Like, it's pretty like open in that division. And I think those four teams are now just jockeying for for who finishes where.


That'd be a fun to watch between Edmonton and Winnipeg with those forward groups can't launch so much different than every other team like Toronto, Edmonton, Winnipeg.


They're they're gunning. They're coming quick. They're playing offense. They're fast. They will turn the puck over here and there, but they'll create a lot Montreal's way, different teams. So if carapace gets hot, that division is just I mean, business.


Courteney's foreskin off of Toronto doesn't get out. I think we forgot about that one from Jupiter.


Oh, but what was the other thing we were just chatting about? I had to bring up and I want to cover all the mana goal in Edmonton.


They might have been at home filthy. Check that out.


He cuts to the front that strong cuts in roofs said it was just a symbol for a guy who kind of is quietly like having a dominating season. I know that's crazy to say, but I don't know. You hear a lot more about Matthews makes little sense of how he could score goals. And I think that to look at Mariners game, he's a he's a legit superstar right now. When Mana's hanging out with Beeb's on the regs, I think that me the bottom.


But I mean, right now I'll stick with Matthew Stock boys, we've mentioned Toronto and we've mentioned Edmonton.


We've mentioned Montreal. Well, our guest this week played for all three of those teams. Shane calls. Awesome. Awesome interview coming up. First off, we do want to mention, if you have 30 free minutes, you never have to worry about a break in at home ever again.


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It's a real pleasure to welcome our next guest to the show. Take an eighth overall by Montreal in the 1984 draft, this bruising left wing would go on to play nearly 13 hundred regular season and playoff games with Montreal, Edmonton, Toronto, St. Louis and Dallas. In addition to 19 NHL seasons, he also represented Team Canada on the international stage play in the 1991 Canada Cup in the 1998 Olympics, among others. Thanks so much for joining us on the broadcast, Jane Coarsen.


How's it going, my man? Thanks, IRA.


Did my mom send that bottle of wine to you guys over there? But then again, another five dollars. I'll give you another paragraph it. Yeah, I'm sure she sent that over you. But I'm also I'm hoping for is that there's a Hall of Fame where they combine the advice and the on ice. I think then we'll all have a chance to be in the Hall of Fame.


That's a Terry Ryan told me said nobody better off the ice to change course. And he was he gave me like ten voice memos about you. That's a beauty.


Hey, not much I can say about T.R. I think he's done it all. And I think it's from his dad, to be honest. Know, I spent a few nights with him and out east and there are a lot of fun. I'll tell you, I don't remember any of them, but they were good.


I think he'll remember. He'll tell you to. Oh, I don't remember. But he does. I know he calls me the next morning, says, oh, do you remember doing this, this this like, oh, no, dad, don't tell me I want to hear it.


Don't tell me anything. I don't want to hear any of it. Because he met you.


We could we could be in the Hall of Fame. You could you could even deejay there. They let you sort of sneak and be like that fifth liner in the hall.


If I would have, I would have liked to have D.J. and I'm skipping forward here because we were going to save it for later. But he told me, you up open up your own restaurant in Montreal when you're there called Shayne's. Yeah. And I actually met a few of the guys that worked there at the time who ended up becoming famous. One of them, Jeremy Charles, who was a chef there. Yeah. And then Sam Roberts. Yeah.


Great, great kids, man. Sammy and and Charles have seen quite a thing. Quite a few things go on in Montreal, I'll tell you. But I don't know. My buddy actually is a buddy of mine that I grew up with in very Ontario. I was a beautician too. And you want to open a restaurant bar and I'm going, oh my God, just what I need another bar monistrol I can go to. And it's free voice.


So we opened our up and we had a lot of fun.


But I'll tell you what was a lot of fun. Good place to be. And those two guys you mentioned, they were super people and couldn't have the two better guys. There were great kids, worked hard and you love to see good people and hard workers become successful on both those guys did.


That was just Robert's plan at the time. Would you play live music there? Yeah, he played some live music at the restaurant bar, more of a bar, to be honest for you. And he'd take off to do some shows like live shows, and we'd all go watch and support him. He was just amazing person down to earth and incredible, incredibly talented. Unbelievable.


Busari sorry if people don't know they musicians, because I'm not I'm not all that coarse.


Take that over. Yeah.


Sam, Sam is a big musician here in Canada. He's done really well for himself. And Jeremy's chef, Jeremy ASHers on CNN, I believe. And he's he's he's big out here in Canada nowadays, especially.


But you just you just gave him the star. You just got you just got him in the door. Shane buddy.


Yeah, I gave him a start. All right. But they seen a lot of a lot of they had a lot of fun, let me tell you that. They've seen a losing thing and a lot of fun times while they were there. So it was a show for them.


While they were working there every night, it was like Canadians Got Talent and, you know, playing for all the Habs guys just piss drunk, giving them the Xs. But as far as Sam Roberts is concerned, yeah, they're he's like, you know, up there is one of the better artists in all of Canada. We have a lot of American listeners. But check him out. And and as far as far as Jeremy Charles is concerned, like Anthony Bourdain went, I believe, to Newfoundland, spent some time with him there and interviewed him and, you know, all the cuisine that comes from there.


So it was you know, he's he's big time. He's an incredible guy.


And like I said, the biggest thing for me and more importantly is being good people in Baltimore. Great, great, great people. So it was nice to be so successful and do so well in life. And yeah, I've noticed quite a few times doing different charity events. I spent a lot of time with Jeremy and like I said, we have a lot of a lot of good times. I don't remember a lot of it, but I'm sure it was was fun.


What was your what was your nickname with the boys throughout your career? I had a few of them, to be honest. One was one was Hanmer, and we won't say why. Oh, what a legendary nickname. The other hammer. I know. I think guys I think guys called Shelden, sir, a hammer. When you called Hammer, you got a lot of things going for you. No, pigeons are called the hammer.


Sûreté Shelton was my roommate when we played together in Montreal. Can you picture that roommate?


Oh, wow. So that was right when he came into league. Was that with Jersey? When he left?


When he left Jersey came to Montreal and we were roommates for about a year. And that was enough for me.


Did did he. Was he like getting 20 goals. Twenty five goals right away. And what show is that? Taking him a little while to get that offense.


What are we talking on? On on ice.


On ice. On ice advice. I would have said one hundred and fifty games that he's the Gretzky on ice. Yeah, that's what I meant.


It took it took him some time. I think. I think he started doing that more especially in Edmonton. Right. Yeah. But anyways, he was just incredible on the ice and off the ice. And he was a great roommate, awesome roommate. Obviously one of the best looking guys in the league. I'll tell you that he did well for himself, but he was he was a jolly good hockey player, a good teammate and even a better roommate.


Chambers' mentioned the restaurant, my job, but we got to go way, way, way back back to you. When you're a kid, your family owned a family restaurant that you work at. Is that basically where your work ethic came from and stuck with you throughout your career?


Yeah, I mean, my parents worked so hard to you know, they're the reason why I got today and I made it to where I got to. Obviously, they sacrificed a lot for a lot of hard work. And but now we had we had a mom, Spansion was called Embury, and we had it for years. My dad died at forty five, but my mom and my sister continued on running it. We just sold it about probably twelve years ago.


Thirty years ago. Something that worked at a restaurant. I bought it from us actually. And yeah, I mean that's something my dad, my mom taught me all along to be a good person, be humble and work hard. And if you want to be successful in life, you got to work at it. Whatever you do, whether it's a hockey player, police officer, lawyer, doctor or whatever you want to be, you got to work at it.


So, yeah, I wash dishes there and I had some fun there. It lasted about two weeks. I think, though, the first time my dad fired me out of the kitchen because you have the spray thing to wash the dishes off and me and my body, that's my goal to actually was my best friend growing up. Now, he was a goaltender with our team. We were screwing around fucking around the kitchen. My dad come in Ecodesign.


Great. Well, can't really say it nowadays are little different. Definitely give me a kick in the ass and told me to get out. You're fired. And I got hired back the next day by my mom though so it's all good. She was the boss of the house but I mean yeah that's where you know, they taught me to work hard and I thank them for that, that's for sure.


There's no substitute there. But when you sold it, did they keep the same name? Is it still the restaurant? The same name. And they change everything now.


They kept it was called the my mom's pantry. So original mom's mom's pantry. They still there? I think I just heard that it got sold again. There was some renovation, so I'm not sure if the the name is going to change, but that just happened a couple of months ago, so it was pretty cool. We have a lot of great memories there. Every Friday night, my dad would fill up the salad bar and with beer and wine and stuff, and we'd have a lot of family parties there and friends and family come over and we'd have a great time.


So a lot of a lot of great memories. There are a few scraps outside in the parking lot a few times, too. So they are legendary by my dad and his uncle and my uncles. His brothers are well known for that. So we had a few of those nights, too. It was good.


I was going to ask you about you growing up and playing. Were you do you always have a chip on your shoulder as far, you know, scrap it on the ice? I know. I know. I heard a few stories of you scrapping off the ice as well.


Yeah, I've had a few. I've always played the chip on my shoulder. Obviously, growing up, I was one of the smaller guys on my team, so I just played with a chip on my shoulder and every shot I was too small ever to ever make it to the NHL or get to even the NHL. And and I always tell my son, just get your wish. Shot was a success for him and for myself and all you guys, too.


You guys played well, which is from different from us. So it's different. But I mean, yeah, I play with a chip on my shoulder. I try to play it hard all the time, trying to do the job defensively, play offensively. And I was always a chippy player and a nasty player and I tried to play that way my whole life. When did you start popping up on, like scouts radar, as you know, travel teams, that type of stuff?


I mean I mean, I think it was pretty early, like, to be honest, in my minor hockey career, I played in Barrie just about forty five minutes north of Toronto. We were we were a single team actually back then. Barry's grown a lot, its triple-A team now, but sort of pop out probably more. We went to a major peewee tournament and had a really good tournament there. But I mean, again, we had a really good team.


Our team was incredible. I played the same guys my whole life, Sean Dean and Brian Silver, my my winger, my Wenger's. And they were incredible hockey players. So they helped me a lot. But so I think I started popping up on their radar and Puea and then it just went from there. But I was lucky enough to have great coaching and great teammates all the way through it. So, yeah, it was pretty cool.


It was so far back I didn't even realize Brantford had an only child team. And so I know I'm old buddy, but I'm not that old, but I appreciate it. Yeah. Braford Ranvir was fun.


Yeah. What was, what was that experience like and did the team end up moving or did you just get traded after that first year.


No, I played for the same junior team my whole career. We were I was dropped by Bramford and after the first year I went to the movies to Hamilton Jack Road while I was owner, he he owned a bunch of gas station, Sony gas station, great person, great honor, but it just wasn't working. And Bramford, which is too bad to great Hockeytown, Gretzky's hometown, and a lot of great people there. But we moved to Hamilton.


But I mean, Dave Draper dropped it. He was my GMA coach for my first year and a half. Amazing person. But the experience there was good except for my first couple of days and Bramford in my rookie camp, I, I showed up in a in a Camaro, new Camaro. Right. And a few of the guys, I guess a few of the guys then I had the dice on the mirror and everything. I don't know what I was doing.


Oh man. I didn't have a nice car. You're going to kill me yourself.


You like days to sit idle. So I show up with this car. First day of training camp. I come out and said, hot August day because we're playing training camp. And junior hockey in Ontario was in August. And sure enough, there's a big shit and go to my car. And it was Bob Probert and Todd Francis. And everybody knows Bob Probert and Franny was another nail's guy was dropped out of Montreal, Canada. The Sacramento Bee never made he had a knee injury, never got the chance to play.


But yeah, they decided that I was a cocky young rookie and deserved to be brought down a few notches. And they probably were right. So they shut the hood of my car and was it wasn't just sitting there, was melting down the front of my hood. Oh, and I'm not think of myself. I'm going to get I'm going to go to whoever did this right. So I'm like, run around. Who the fuck did this? I want to kill him.


Right. Because it was probably not one. That's OK. That's all good. It's all good. Know myself, you missed a spot but your friend and end up being my line mates. I probably am. I was my leftwinger for a year and a half at Franni. Was this tough as probably was, but never makes you had an injury. He was my right winger, so I was pretty lucky. So I mean, they took care of me for the next year and a half until probably got traded the shoe.


But yeah, he was there saying, OK, miss, that's fine. You miss that spot? Yeah, I had to drive around for the next six months.


So he's like, actually the camera's my now. That's right. Go get lost. And it's like I cleaned up by shitting on it exactly like a dog.


This is on a tree. They should have said fine now. And I didn't argue with him. I drove everywhere.


He wanted to see me just fill up the gas tank too. Every time, buddy. Everything. Yeah, I was under control. That's such a good story. Fokin did you get a chance to meet Walter Gretzky while you were there?


Yeah, I actually met Matt Welch. I became really good friends with Gretz. Wayne Gretzky. He was a buddy of mine I got to play with in the 91 Canada Cup, we were line mates in the Canada Cup, him and Steve Lahmar were my line mates from day one. We actually that's here. You had 60 guys coming to camp and tryout. And I was lucky enough, fortunate to be on his line from day one. So I kind of knew that I might have a chance, but I didn't expect to make it, to be honest.


Didn't really even want to go. I and thought I didn't think I belonged, but my dad taught me to go on to the experience. Yeah. Talk me into going through the experience and end up making a team and playing with grass and shit. I remember going into the room and seeing the line up and went, oh my God, I'm playing with Gretzky and Lahmar and Llamas, one of the most underrated players I've ever played in my entire life.


The nicest person, the greatest roommate. He was my roommate in the Canada Do It All Kill play in the power play. But I mean, I mean the first training camp, the first practice, the first actually scrimmage sets me up with a wide open net. And what do I do. I feel like I need to be four or five feet but not to put in the open net. To be honest, I was about ten. I hit the court, I'm going home.


I got him off his line for sure. I'm done. I'm cut. And Gretzky, I'm over being who he is and just came over and said, you know what, course, don't worry about it. You'll get lots more of those. But he was just an incredible guy. So during that time, I got to know Walter really well. Mr. Gretzky, he's just an amazing person. I'm telling you. It's nicest person, most humble guy and never said no to a fan of for a picture or an autograph.


Then I got to spend a lot of time with him. After hockey, we used to put on the greatest fantasy camp out in Vegas, which was actually started. Phenix and then it moved to Vegas. And I got to spend a lot of time with him and it was just. It was an honor for me, like I learned so much and had so much respect for me, it was just it was incredible to spend time with that person and and not to say Vegas wasn't a bad spot to be for seven days and all paid for and have some fun with the Gretzky family and the rest for the rest of his buddies.


Right. It was pretty bad.


So it's funny because you say Steve Larmer and sometimes if you go on hockey TV, Steve Llamas, a name that if you check out, is that true, you'll be blown away. You're like, what? He did that in the NHL. So like an all time great that doesn't get talked about much.


But you talk about, like, not wanting to go and like actually not thinking you belong.


And nowadays I feel like so many younger players are just programed to say, like, I'm as confident as I can be. I think I'm as good as anyone else, whereas maybe a little different back in your time where you're like, dude, I don't know if I have it.


Yeah, I know you're right for sure. I think times have changed for the good and the bad, I'll be honest. Yeah. I mean, there's some kids that it's OK to be confident, to be cocky. It's not so good. And I think nowadays is a little bit more cockiness at times that I don't like to see in the game. But that's part of it. And that's that's the world we live in for sure. There was a lot of guys that played with a little bit less confidence.


And, you know, we all know this is a big thing in life. You got to be confident you're not going to be successful either. But you do have your times. You're not confident. And when things are rolling really good, you have all kinds of confidence. So I definitely think that that's part of the game that's changing. And you're right. I think they program that in the kids. And I think being a little bit you know, sometimes when people are hard on you, I've had coaches were hard on me through my career and sometimes ruins that.


And you don't have the comps that you should have moved on. And we all know we've had coaches where they put you in situations to be successful and and coaches put you in situations that you're not successful. So there's so many things that depend on confidence and doing well and being and and believing in yourself. And I think that nowadays the kids at times can be a little bit too, too confident saying cocky. But I'd like to see the confidence.


And I love the people that are complex. It's very important, especially our young kids. I have four young kids myself, and I wanted to be as calm as possible. Just don't go overboard and be cocky. It's it's not something I like.


I'd say it's a it's a pretty fine line because. Yeah, you want to have a little confidence in life, but you don't want to be a cocky bastard. I would go back to Steve Lamar for a second.


How many packs of gum did that guy have in a stall? Every time you saw that guy, he was chomping on gum like a mad man.


Never. Never mind, Plaxico. Somebody packs of cigarets. I room with him in the Canada Cup. I room with a cup and every morning I get up. It's like a smoke showing there. Be having a cigaret coffee in ninety one Canada Cup. And I had to I guess I call my parents and I said, Mom, dad, you got to come down to Toronto, get a room at the lesson here. I can't, I can't stay in this room with, with, with Lance.


But Coach good. More gone than any human being ever seen in more other than give the floor. He smoked more cigarets than anyone I've ever seen and play. The way he played was incredible because he's like I said and which said it man, the guy's guy's numbers are amazing. But he wasn't just an offensive player. He he played defensively. He did it. I kill penalties played in the power play. And you know what? There's there's tough.


And he was tough. He was tough on the puck. He didn't have to fight and drop his gloves. There was other guys could do that for him on his teams. But he was strong in the tough in the corners, tough in the front of the net. And just an incredible human being. A human being. But, yeah, he had they replaced they put at least two or three packs of gum in his stall every between every intermission and every intermission.


For sure. It was crazy. But and the cigarets, trust me, I was in the room. I couldn't even see you could cut it with razor blades. That was so much smoke in there.


Those were the days we were going to go back to the jail for a second. We were told that you had a little brawl in the side of the road during your career. You want to fill us in on the hammer?


The hammer? There's a lot of grease falls in the hammer. I'm not surprised you get more along the side of the road. Lavrentyev Gramsci. I know. I know where you're from. Busy, busy. I mean, I love playing in Hamilton and I love old school. I mean, I grew up in a small town very I was twenty seven thousand people out. It's hundred twenty five now. But I mean we used to, I could tell you all kinds of brawl stories with my family and the loss and family in my home.


But yeah this one was, this one was pretty crazy. I mean again we were driving in my car with Todd Franni another Todd Francis, the right wing Afran, and we call them, was driving the car. And Gary McColgan was in the car with us. He was in the backseat. We called him Cheesey. He was goalscorer, never made it. But we were driving along. And I'll send somebody give us the high beams. Ba ba ba boom, boom, boom.


Honk the horn on us. Pulls up beside us, has given us the finger. We're look at this guys. One guy in a car. We're thinking, what's this guy doing that. So guys tell him to pull over. Folbre pull over. We so we pull over a wrong door. We're thinking this is great. There's three of us want to him. So we pull over, he pulls it, we pull into a parking place. I'll never forget it.


We pull and I jump out. Franni jumps out and Gary McColgan just sits in the back seat, just sits there. He's kind of watching. Right. I'm thinking, OK, what's he doing? Whatever was two of us still. We got this guy and he wasn't big, big guy. He was thick as anything. And I'm and I'm like, OK, so I kind of square off with him first and we're going I'm hitting him with everything I got.


He's just looking out like, what do you got? This all you got? And then and he's looking around. And also I said, Franny, get in here. I'm getting I kicked him right in the balls and he does even fucking box. It's like, oh, my God, that's still balls, too, right? What's happening here? Like this guy we're going to look at. Look at the frantic thinking, frantic, get in here with me, help me out, right, so frantic gives him everything he's got.


Nail's him. The guy just turns looks. So when I'm done with him, I'm going to kill you. And also, Nancy, cheesy. I look like a cheese. Get in the car. He puts his window down about three inches and look, hey, boys, you need any help out there?


I've got a goalscorer. What's the window back up the of window back up. And I cofferati drells the guy the guy starts chasing Franni a fringe runner in the car. And I look at Fred Ambulante, Freddie friend. Let's get in the fucking car and get out of here. So we jump in the car, we're gone, we take off. We said enough with this guy. We had given everything we had and he didn't it didn't even put him on the ground.


He was who was this guy home? So we jump in the car, we jump in the car, we're flying. Frannie's flying. We're terrified, right? We're thinking, who is this guy? We're flying the car. And there's the one wants a big highway up here in China. All said Cheesey also goes, holy fuck, since when did the four one have stoplights? So we were so scared of flying through the stoplights, all the red lights.


But we get to practice the next day and we're starting to ask around. There's a couple of guys who play on our team from up and Ronnie Ronnie Bernanke, Mike Morris all played in Hamilton. And we're going to win this fight with this guy last night, blah, blah, blah. And then we heard the story. This guy just got to jail for manslaughter.


No, I just can't wait. Yeah, he was a he was a white guy workout guy. And I guess he had dropped some weights on a guy in a gym one time. I guess he was he he was with a gang in Hamilton. You know, Buser come from there or. Yeah, it's fucking crazy. EastEnders and all those guys.


Remember, there was the one guy called EastEnders. I can't remember the another, but he was involved of those games and I guess they had to teach a guy last. They dropped the weight on his. Hadn't got mad, were you.


You're panicked about maybe running into him again. It's like, was he like out to get you or is that kind of the end of it?


Well, there was rumors that there to get us and we were terrified. Trust me, because I'm telling you right now, Frannie was one tough dude, about 220 pounds, and he could hit. And I gave him everything I got and he didn't move. And same with with Franny. And then we actually came back from a road trip and all our windows were smashed in and our tires were cut there he was there he was he got us back in another way because I don't know the said yeah, he did well business that area.


That wasn't it wasn't a pretty area at that time.


I wouldn't go I wouldn't even go to what was the it was called Hess Village. I wouldn't even go there because you would hear about all the scraps that would be going on there. And man, that is that is pretty nutty that this guy was just buzzing around town just looking for anybody who would go on the side of the road. That's like fucked up, that's desperate. You guys even pulled over.


Mama finds the more the more fucked up because we actually pulled over and thought we're going to be OK with that. He takes this off the street, top hockey players, and he chased us down the street like three little babies. But yeah, I was pretty tough town. It was awesome place to play. And there's there's there's many more stories like that.


Trust me, if you're like a pro, you can keep my Camaro, but you got to come give me a little bit of help here at Hamilton.


We had Proby actually in Hamilton for the first half a year, and then we traded the shoe, which was great to do because we end up having a brawl with them on a Sunday afternoon game TV game and unfortunately probably was on the other team. But we had a pretty tough team anyways. But we got to a couple with Proby, too. When he was our there was Proby and Troy Crowder and Dennis Veha was on our team, Kirk Thomas, and we had a we had a really tough team, Sammy Hayti, Johnny English.


We didn't we weren't short on tough guys, but the Sunday afternoon game was like just a shit show. I mean, Proby was on the show at that time and it was a Sunday afternoon game TV game on a Sunday. Big deal. And we end up getting into a brawl of emerged. Goalies are beating our guys up on the bench. There's fights everywhere on the ice that fight. The fight must have went on for an hour and a half billion dollars.


Our coach at the time, he actually coached in Niagara Falls after and he was really good to me. He's a tough, tough coach. But he was crazier in Newtown. He had us. So we were fight for about an hour and a half. But the funny part was it. After it's all over and this is getting filmed like they filmed it, all the footage was thrown out of the league. He was shown of the Western Hockey League.


But Billy Dynes are our trainer. God rest. His soul is gone now. He passed away. He comes out in the ice with a shopping cart, pick all our hockey gear up. We're going, oh, my God, this is really good for Sunday afternoon hockey for all the young kids wanting to play hockey one day. And there we are flying from church and there's our train. There's our train ride from church. They don't let me in those places where I only go at Christmas time.


And I have a tough time getting in there.


But you have to go through a metal detector when you go to church that one night here.


I mean, this picture, this game on TV with you guys, just scrap it in the train or just put in the gloves inside this shopping cart.


It was crazy. And I'm telling you, and the gloves are going in the shopping cart and helmets. It was just like, oh, my God. Like what what just happened? But it was a crazy day.


We just had Jovel on and he was telling the story about when they were playing soccer. And I think it was the first round of playoffs and the player ended up going after him. And then and then he got his helmet off and he had in his hands and knees, beat them over the head with it. And after the fight and the old Windsor barn was was absolutely bananas. And in the midst of that game, like a seven year guy in the fan were playing tug of war with a stick.


But on the way off the ice, I believe the last guys last name was Maxwell. He just turns around and just double barrel fingered the crowd on the way out. There was like three guys left on the bench for Sandra by the time the game was up. And that was just the way it was back then.


Oh, I was crazy. I mean, I watch that. I watch you guys quite often as my kids do. So I'm like, it's time for me to be on with you guys. And I love it. My kids are so excited and all their buddies, but I actually watch that is pretty crazy when you trying to hit him with the helmet and same time with the Windsor barn. It was crazy man. That place was not Kevin Kerr was there when I played and he was a tough, tough, not in a good little hockey player.


But speaking of Jovel, let me tell you, that's probably one of the craziest moments of my my hockey cried. I made a lot of mistakes. I was playing, did a lot of crazy shit, but I mean, because when I got Joel was playing for Vancouver, was playing for all the time, and we got to kind of got into it. It was more of a Strummer's a bunch of guys in there and we could really get on each other.


We wanted to or maybe we didn't want to. And there was a little bit of respect there anyways till we start swinging our sticks at each other. And I think I caught him on the head with the stick and got a five minute major and he might have caught me with a pretty good too and or crostini. We get thrown in the penalty box referees come over and they go and they're gone. We get five were gone. And I don't know what happened.


I blacked out and he had said something to me. I don't know, something like maybe over the line. But that happened back in the day. I lost my marbles, went crazy. He went to his restroom and I went off the ice and went into the hallway. Went right past my dressing room back to the end hallway where all the media is and all the workers are back there, security back there I go flying down the back hallway, pushing all the security guards all the way.


Tell them to get get the fuck out of my way. They're going, what are you doing? Right down the hallway, down to their dressing room and into their dressing room. Then I'm kind of blacked out at this point. So I'm just going bananas. Right. And I'm actually still Todd Bertuzzi hurt. He's in the dressing room when I get there. And a train that played was our our checkpoint. Hamilton was the trainer Bernstein for the Vancouver Canucks.


So I get in the room, I'm yelling, screaming, I want to fight. I'm in Vancouver from when I first came to to be honest voice. I came to him. I look down, I'm standing on the Vancouver Canucks emblem in their dressing room when I came to because I blacked out. Oh, in the building they're building there was in the Vancouver building.


I thought you were at the home team. No, I was in Vancouver, walked right by the dressing room, our dressing room down the hall, past all the security guards, all the people in the back hallway to get to their hallway, to the dressing room, went down their hallway, pushed the security guards out of the way, went into the room. And then Bertuzzi was there, not dressed. He was injured. And the the trainer that knew me came running.


Because everyone's screaming, going crazy and saying, what the hell is going on, and I'm in there yelling at Drogo, trying to fight them and toggles, enough's enough and get something's going on. And that's what I came to have standing on the emblem. And I remember going. The fuck am I doing? I just had my head in my hand, I did not do it. I was kind of like, oh, me too. So I threw my helmet hole and then turned around, left and went back to my own room.


Now, in the in these days now, boys, nowadays, you'd be suspended probably for less be arrested.


But they probably gave you a beer on the way out back then that all the trainers on our team had a couple of ice cold beers ready because it was all good. I think I got suspended for, I don't know, four or five games, but it wasn't too bad. I needed a break anyway.


Like planes, trains and automobiles. They're like, you go in the wrong way on the wrong locker room. All right. Speaking of planes, trains and automobiles, I think I've missed every one of those trips.


What trips together forever. I heard you missed so many team flights.


I missed a couple of. Let me tell you, I it I missed a couple flights, not a lot. A couple of flights, maybe two or three busses and a dozen, maybe a couple of dozen. Maybe late for a few. But I missed I missed two flights actually and the one was in Montreal. It was an honest mistake actually. I it was when the clocks had to change and all that stuff. And I didn't I didn't change mine.


I might have been out the night before. I don't remember. Actually, I think I was actually I had a girlfriend of mine might have been married, but at that time. Yeah, I remember anyways. I'm heading to the airport and I got there upset, they're sitting there, sitting there, and then I got a call from I think it was my wife and she was you know, you were supposed to move the clocks back, right?


You're you're an hour your flight. And I went, what if I ran to the fucking terminal and to the gate? I get to the gate and the fucking plane's backing out. So I go to the people that gate. Can you can you call the pilot, tell them to change course? And we're in Montreal. I thought they could call the pilot. He could tell Burnsy that pilot pulled back up there only about 10 feet out. We did all that for me.


But the stewardess goes to Burnsy, goes Corson's at the gate. He's waiting, what can we pull back in ten feet to get him? He goes, fucking leave them there. They lock me there. I got my own way. The better one, though, was when we were in Edmonton. And thank God. So we're at Brant Gilchrist is getting married. So we have this is a bachelor party in Edmonton that one of the bars, one of our friends on the bar there in town.


And we got pretty banged up that night and. I set my alarm when I got home, I thought I set it properly, but I set it 4:00 p.m. instead of a.m. and I remember waking up out of the cold sweat and hung over. And I look at my watch and, holy shit, look at what I'm armed and go, oh, my God. So I was late. I was going to be late. I knew it. But I thought if I could maybe get there on time and just get on the last minute.


So I'm running out of the achonwa. I got my buddies living me to Tongo Maldonado, Dr. Goli Goli again. He goes to me. I go, you got to get me to the airport. You got to get me there. So he's raised me there. I got my shirt on. Don ties all over the place. I'm sweating. I'm thinking, oh, my God, I'm I'm getting traded from Edmonton. I was playing an amateur at the time.


I'm thinking, oh, my God, I've got to get the Edmonton airport to get out there. I'm running. And I'm thinking, oh, shit. Who do I see as Peter Klima in City Hall, Sieger, walking down the fucking hallway to and I'm thinking, oh my fucking Lord, I'm not the only guy, and he even gets better. I'm thinking, thank God I'm with two other guys. So we go through security, we get to the gate and there are six other guys sitting there at the gate waiting to get in.


We're like, oh, my God. So it was like I think it was seven or eight, two, three. I think there's like seven or eight of us to missed the flight. We had to get our own flight. We're playing Buffalo. We're going to Buffalo. So we had to get our own flight. Fly to Toronto. We got a van to take us from Toronto to Buffalo, and we play the next night. You know, the crazy thing is that the media found out obviously about everything.


Everybody talked about everything, blah, blah spots. All he said to us is when the next two games were playing Buffalo and Boston, you in the next two games and it's forgotten about and spots was really cool that way. And sure enough, we had two of our best games that year, which we weren't having a great season. My years in Edmonton were a little tough. We won both games and nothing nothing happened. Any of us and the guys staying, it was Brant Gilchrist made it to the plane.


It was on the plane picking his brains on the toilet. But there's seven or eight of us that didn't make the flight. Not a pretty sight.


We don't want to jump to Edmonton quite yet. I'm going to go back to Montreal when you first broke in the league, and that's when I first started watching you back in the mid 80s, you were an eighth overall pick. Was that a surprise to you about we expected to go, what were your expectations be before the draft was actually on draft?


I was ranked fifth overall and had a bit of a. Brawl again, a lot of fighting and drinking and missing planes and shit like that, but when we had a hammer hammer and yeah, exactly, I was sick of that, too. We had a little bit of a brawl with another family. There was another family in Barre where were the cause of famine? There was a loss and family and we got in a bit of a fight with them.


So I ended up getting in some trouble with the law and stuff like that. So it kind of knocked me down a few notches to the benefit. And we had met Montreal the night before. My dad my dad wasn't a big Montreal Canadiens fan. It was a big league fan group and they had met with him and they told me, going to take me fifth. And they shouldn't have taken Petersham role, who was from Czechoslovakia. It's not come into the country and drive them faith and not me.


My dad even more pissed off and hated them even more, but in up making a trade and pick me eighth overall anyways, given all the trouble and bury that summer. But yeah, it was pretty cool. I mean, I was just happy to get to get drafted, to be honest. I just want to get the opportunity to play him and reach my goals and dreams of playing the NHL. And I mean, I know so many guys that never got drafted and had great careers and then know a lot of guys that got drafted in the first round.


I play would play with two and two of my good buddies, both drafted by the same team, were drafted in the first round of the L.A. Kings and never made it. So I mean, it doesn't really matter. But it was it was exciting to be drafted by the Canadians in the forum where the draft was held every year for a long time. Now it moves around. So, yeah, I was pretty, pretty cool and kind of expected to go in the first round somewhere, but I was just happy to get drafted.


And you had three games in a row.


So once once I got to go back part of that story. You say that your family, your family sounds like the old boys and Billy Madison, did you have another did you have another rival family in the town? The Lawsons?


You guys just say, yeah, that was actually there was a loss of family, the Murphy Murphy family, and they were like cousins. So it was just chuck them with all of them.


Yeah, we we yeah. There was a bucardo where they had a BUCHDAHL.


That's what's at stake. Yeah. They have a stake in a batch right. Together. Right. So they had it out at an old farm and my sister dated one of the guys in the past and she ended up dating this guy. Roger Balaji was a first round pick of the Pittsburgh that was from well yeah, from Wellin Ontario. I became good friends with myData, my sister, and they had this big plan to get us. They invited us to this big party and they had a plan to get us and they jumped bam bam.


We call them Roger Bolaji down the washroom. And next thing, all of the shit hit the fan. My dad was down there trying to break it up and they gave him a smack. And there's only five or six of us and ten of us. So there was game on. We got into it at the farm and they got the better of us, probably. I mean, my dad's here was half ripped off. My nose were broken ribs and down went to the hospital, the broken jaw.


But we left there. We got out. We fought our way out of there somehow. And they were like chased us out of there. We got out of there and got in the car, went back to the family restaurant, going back to the restaurant where everything happened and all the thinking went on. We got back there and my dad said, fuck yes. And he called his two brothers. I had two uncles, Ivor and Peter, and there were two big, tough dudes.


And he called them. He said, we're fucking going back. So they came over the restaurant. We went back and we got the bedroom on the second half, this hole on the second half of the fight we got, we got the better of them. So they were the last in the Murphy family. They were well known around town to their from the area. They weren't right from very, very small town just outside of buried. But yes, that kind of that kind of left a bit of a stain on some of the teams.


I guess they had a child, but they whoever did take them, like everyone should have wanted you. The way you put it, it's like coarsen rules.


That's mine.


I'm saying for you, it was your family and the Hawkins Sons of Anarchy over here, the crews that are out with that Harlin's. That's a whole another that's another whole story. Boys, we will get into that.


What you want to fight and Rough-and-ready or what? Jesus, I mean, you know you know how it is best. Oh, yeah.


And everybody, we know how it is. You mean family's family. You do. And stick up for your family no matter what. And absolutely. No, I'll be honest, my dad taught me from a young kid even being on the ice and, you know, don't don't start I think try not to start fights. It's not so cool or be the guy that finishes men is a quiet guy. And and my family, we're usually pretty good at that.


But I mean. I know there's a lot of fire stories, and it's it's a different world nowadays, back in the day you could get away with doing that stuff and and it would be a fist fight. You might get a bloody nose, but it's changed. You know, there's knives and guns and shit like that and it's just not even worth. And I tell my boy, just go and have a fun time. Somebody starts some shit, wants to be an asshole.


I'll just leave, go somewhere else with your buddies. It's not 10 years later.


Don't Mattachine don't matter. Don't matter. Shit now. And back then it was fun and it was all fun and games and they were the same type of people. We were there a good people and just two families did you know, didn't want to shit on each other.


Have you guys been able to bury the hatchet since?


You know what, we tried it, but then one time stabbed the other one that you know.


Well, we don't do that stuff. Yeah. You know, at random in the past. And, you know, it's under water, under the bridge. When it happened, we were all younger. I mean, I was seven years old when it happened with me. And, you know, like I said, it's changed. The world's changed. I've changed a lot. And I just love going and having fun and hanging with my buddies and telling stories and stuff like this and doing things like this.


That's why I enjoy these types of things, especially this once one of the best. But we've we've we've ran at each other and it's we like we got a good laugh about it. They went on with their lives. They have kids now and families too. And we all know that things have changed and we just a different world back then.


That's a few scraps to drive into, which was pretty fun outside of style. I was saying you had the three games at Montreal late in the 86 season. Now with a black face is a thing back then, were you a black guy? How did that all play out during the playoffs for Eugene?


Yeah, I mean, I was lucky enough to play the first day. I think I played three games, the first ten games and then had a meeting with search of our two hours, our game at the time. And he he was really good about he said like, what do you want to do, do you want to stay here. And he was honest, he said you're not going to play every game on when you do play. You might not play much.


Right. So I kind of said, am I probably better for my development? My agent thought the same thing and my parents thought the same thing. And Serge himself actually thought the same thing, that go back to junior hockey, get the opportunity to play in the world that world junior championships. Again, the Champ World Junior Championships were held in Hamilton. So I was going to be fine. So I thought I was better for my development to go and and play the season.


Junior hockey playing the world championships and get some comments as we talked about comments earlier. And then actually the funny thing is Andre Boudreaux, who was our assistant, GM, not in Montreal at the time, actually met me in London and came down me down with me and met with me and talked. And he said, we're going to have you come up in the playoffs. And he didn't tell me if I was gonna play or how much I was going to play and had a plane take with me for me and everything at the time.


You know, technology and stuff was different at the time. And I was all pumped up and exciting as our junior team wasn't going to make the playoffs. And they had asked me if I want to be traded to a contender. And I said I'd just rather just finished the season with my team. I've been with them for three years and and we weren't totally out of it. But we're going to get some chance. I didn't want to quit on my team or my teammates and organization.


And so you want to be so good. So I end up staying there and we didn't make the playoffs. But the unfortunate thing is I got hurt the last game of the season, actually. I tore up my knee and my ankle was in a cast up in my hip. So I ended up actually going up there, but not getting the opportunity even play till late in the finals against Calgary. I actually got to go on the ice a couple of times with the Black Aces, which it was so much fun just being around that team and watching what they did and how hard they had to work and what they had to go through and how they had to get some.


And Patricof obviously played unbelievable and their team played great. And just to be around that atmosphere and then just to see the party and be a part of the party at the Stanley Cup party in the city of Montreal, it was just it was incredible. And it's not the same as not being, you know, bleeding and sweating with your teammates and being a part of it. Had your name in the cup and was still pretty cool to be around those guys and see how hard they work to get that Stanley Cup.


Now, I want to go to you first camp, you know, you find yourself in this fabled locker room part, the most famous locker room in hockey, no doubt all these veterans that are basically connective tissue to the greatest teams ever, the 70s Canadians. Yeah. Are you like like space cadet? Like, is your head spin and what's what's your reaction to all this being, you know, in a room with Larry Robinson in Gabino and Bob Gaine all of a sudden?


You know, I mean, like I said, I wasn't in Montreal.


Canadian family. I always have respect for the organization and the history they had and their players. Watashi going to be in the same dressing room. And I remember the first day I walked in the training camp, my first training camp, and I walked in the dressing room. There's Glafira sitting there and all dressed in all black love, black hat, black cars, black clothes, everything. Right. And sitting there smoking a cigaret in the middle of the dressing room at the Montreal Forum, I was like, oh my God, the black belongs to.


But the guy could skate forever. But I mean, those guys treated me with so much respect. I learned so much from them, not just as hockey players, as people and human beings. They are so good to the fans. They never said no about an autograph or a picture. And they just had so much respect for the game and so good to their teammates. And to have guys like that around, like John Beliveau, Rocket, Richard LeFleur, Ivan Cormie Lambert.


And then you mentioned the two guys that then those guys didn't really play with a Whiskey LeFleur for a few training camps. But Larry Robinson, Bob Gagne were two of the greatest people I made in hockey and two of the greatest leaders. And there are two totally different people. You know, Bob was more even keel straitlaced. And there is more of a fun guy telling jokes and more of a vocal guy. But to have those two types of guys around and be a part of that organization at that time was just incredible.


And like I said, they taught me a lot about the office thing. And and I tell you what, that that organization, they they wanted you to have fun to office. As long as you showed up at the rink and worked hard at practice, they didn't mind you having a good time. And trust me, boys, I had a really good time. I was in Montreal and it's well documented. But those types, those guys were incredible.


Well, you bring that up and I can't imagine, like the you go from Hamilton and you don't have a ton of money and you're playing junior hockey and all of a sudden you're in Montreal Canadiens where you can't go anywhere in the town. Good looking guy. You're crushing it.


Like, I can't imagine how hard it was to really, really yourself in. No, seriously, you're young kid. It's like I don't know.


But you're so right. And I appreciate that because that's what people don't understand. Man, I came from Barry when I left there. He was, like I said, twenty five twenty seven thousand people. I didn't have a lot of money. My parents didn't have a lot of money. They were great to us and they did what they could for us. But, you know, all of a sudden I'm making like a hundred grand, which is a lot of money.


My parents never made that even close to that. And in a city like Montreal and being a young guy and we had a lot of young guys on the team, too, there was a lot of guys that came in that at that time there was no Chelios was there. And, well, Massell and Richet and Kornel and your Akilu, me and my queen and Brant Gilchrist. And I mean, there's so many guys, great guys, so much fun.


But it was hard. I mean, I'd find myself sitting in my apartment. I'm going like every night somewhere to go in Montreal, you know, laxly on Sunday night. There was Bourbon Street on Monday night there. I could name them all Sir Winston Churchill's any night of the week, Thursdays.


You know, the all Stanley Street, the shape I read on Monday through Friday, the funny Sunday every day. Free buffet, man. I was at the free buffet area. I hate to say it every day. It was free, so I went there. Right. But it was so hard. Like you find yourself sitting there as a young guy and nothing else to do and you get bored.


And there were a breakfast. That's right. We weren't. No, they were free. The buffets were free. That's what I want. Yeah. Yeah, we know.


We know that. That's right. OK, you got me more than I went. I was there at that point. You got to I got to tell you on this busy. Oh go ahead. This is OK. This is going back. I got to tell you this story, boys. I mean, it's brutal, but I did it. I got my check for the Montreal Canadiens. I took it a cash cache of that shape. I went up to the basket.


I had to sign it off. I think I had to give them a percentage that I cash my check.


Your team records. And this is your this is you. Bye bye bye bye to weeker. If you imagine that they knew this is their first rounder, actually they're check for a but I mean, you're right.


It was such a hard time and we had such a great group of guys, young guys. It was hard to to contain yourself, but they tried our best.


You know, the you know, the how the ATM hammers you at the strip club magic number.


I go to a check. Yeah, that was one of the dance back then because it was happening so much. You know, they got the stamp on the back. It's like, oh, we're used to this every team cause we got to we got to do this in person.


We're coming up to Toronto for some golf this summer.


We're I mean, we're not done yet, but I'm just saying that already.


Well, I love Dubois's boys. I mean, I like I said, I, I get down to Boston a lot and I'm being honest. I actually earn these two had somehow I know that they're very expensive hats for me, but I come down to Boston, watch my daughter, plays at Boston College, plays hockey down there. And I love Boston. I mean, I was almost a Bruin at one point, too. All right. I was almost a Prevelly.


Went one to. That almost happened that Byrnes was the coach in Boston and he was my favorite coach and we have a lot of good stories, good and bad stories. She was like a father figure to me and he would kick in ass. I need it and gave me a hug when I needed. But he tried to trade for me when he was in Boston and Toronto. So I would have been I think I would've been pretty cool player for the Bruins.


It was kind of my style and a great city. And I just love the city now and I've got to know it better in the last four years, as well as men down there playing hockey. So I get down there quite a bit. So whether we do another podcast is there's a lot of stories, boys, lots of them. Another one. We'll go we'll go over them together one time and then we can talk about what we really can talk about.


But I'd love to come down there and hang out with you guys and have a few cocktails with you. There's a few acquaintances and a few good sundaes. My son started a company, too, so I got a nice shot that.


Oh, good Sunday. They're going to pump him up because he's starting like you did. Hey, and start you got to start somewhere, right? We'll drop some Gwatney nips in that.


I'm going to say I like coocoo juice. Right. So I was thinking there's a good mix because coocoo juice is really good to get you going pretty quickly and gives you a really good buzz.


I don't know what that is. I need to get into that. I think it's a coocoo man name Whammer that knows about the Bucho Cooper juice.


It's a little bit of a mess. You can forever you want their buser. But I was thinking pick Whitney and the good sunny mix together because good sounds more like a seltzer, right? So it's more of a low calorie, low sugar and low alcohol drinks. You have to pay twenty two and have really good, really good cucu juice. It's good for, it's good for hangover days and golf days to be honest.


People will call it the Whitney one time well ahead. No, no you go ahead. Sorry buddy. OK, so there's a couple of ways I want to talk about Pat Burns. But before that, your daughter plays college hockey. Does it concern you that they're unable right now to figure out the pro level and all the, you know, have you have you, like, dove into that at all? Like, have you done any research as to like what might be happening?


Because I would imagine she has aspirations to play professional hockey and be paid a decent wage to do so.


Yeah, I mean, is women's hockey has come such a long way to actually get a thing today with Sammy Jo, Small of the goaltender from Canada here, won a bunch of gold medals and a great person. She's a big advocate for women's hockey and been a role model for a lot of the girls coming up through hockey in Canada, especially. Right. And then Amanda Castle. And then, you know, we'll play with Keller, who's in an unbelievable defense but from us, and play with Kayla and Newkirk and a bunch of girls that played for Boston College.


And they're a great role models. But yeah, I, I mean, it's come a long ways, but it's got it's got to go a lot further and I think it's got to be a lot more fair. And I love to see women's hockey on TV and I'd like to see them get paid a fair, fair wage. I mean concerns of my daughter. She's a good enough player if she wants to play. I just don't know if that's she has aspirations to do that or not.


I mean, you know how it is. Sometimes you go through seasons where you had a bit of a tough season and now you get off off of the game a bit or something in life and you don't want to do it. But she had a great season this year. Our team had a great year and now I'll support whatever she wants to if she wants to move on and play professional girls' hockey. I'd love to do that because I think it teaches a lot of life lessons and it's a great sport and it keeps in shape.


And and if they can make a decent, fair wage at doing it, why wouldn't they? And I think they deserve it. And I hope that these girls, the Olympic girls, keep pushing hard from both can the U.S. to see them get what they deserve. The girls talk to the girls. Hockey's great hockey. I love it. I've watched it for since. Well, it was ten. She's twenty one now. And I think it's just a great sport and a great hockey.


And they're all they're both different. There's pluses to girls, hockey and plus the guys, and there's differences for sure, but I think they definitely deserve more. And I think this is just the tip of the iceberg and I think they're working on it and they'll keep doing that. I appreciate the speed and the skill on display we put while we had an event a few weeks ago, a baseball and all the young ladies did just so incredible. The skill and speed on this is so different than it was 30 years ago.


I again, I got to revert back to your first year in Montreal, your first training camp. You take on John Clarke, who was probably one of the toughest guys in the league back then. I mean, I know you fought in Junior, but I don't know if you had a fighting label. How did that all come about? And you kind of earned you some respect in the locker room. Did you like fighting?


What was your take on all that as you started out? Well, from all the stories, the guys, I think I didn't mind it, but I mean, I was afraid every time I got to I was afraid every time I got to do a fight. I mean, there's something wrong with you. You're not afraid when you're getting into a fight. And that was part of, you know. So I came into Montreal. They had just won the Stanley Cup as we spoke.


And I was there, but I didn't get the play. They had a great team, great group of guys. I just felt that I needed to do something to get noticed in training camp and stand out a little bit. And I thought no better way than to try on Kordic, who was my agent, who I end up rooma with my first year in Montreal, actually, and got to know him real well. God rest his soul, too.


But so I fought him in training camp and actually did pretty good when I was out of fear. I mean, I was terrified. I knew I wanted to do it, I was going to do it, but I was terrified. But I end up doing pretty good. And thank God for Kris Allen, because Nuckols was really good to me when I came into the league and took me under his wing and kind of taught me a little bit more about fighting.


I was just all out, just throw as many punches I could as quick as I could, and hopefully hit him when he hit me. And that didn't work at the next level. And thank God he had taught me a few things before I fired Johnny because I probably would've got knocked on my ass or knocked out. So I had a little bit of a lesson from it. Not only that, I actually did OK. I would say one.


I said it was a tie, but Johnny was used to it he thought was going to pummel me and give it to me. Right. And I did pretty good. But so he wanted to finally get a knocked, came over and said. You're not fighting him again, Johnny. That's our first round. Stay away from him. Oh, so I was pretty lucky. And, you know, everybody respected knuckles nylon. I mean, the guy did it for a long time and was a really tough guy and was really good to his teammates and did everything.


So Johnny stayed away from it for the rest of training camp. And I'm so happy that it happened actually to fight him and come back, though he played for Kovac and I guess he never forgot it. And I end up fighting them and come back. And what didn't go so well as the first one did, I had a lot of bubble bumps on my head here, like thinking, oh my God, all these bumps my head, I can't even get my helmet back on.


So he didn't forget. We didn't forget.


Or Zack was Chelios doing this sauna trick back then when he was going out. And you guys have a song in at that point we was created back then. Now we're not that old Buser. He was. He was. He was doing it. Man. I'll tell you right now, we were good friends of China. And he was just an amazing person, a great teammate. And we were tight, really tight. And he could go and he would stay up to the last the last drink was done.


And then we'd head home and but he'd be the first guy at the rink the next day and in the sauna and he'd be doing a sauna cold tub from back. Then he'd do it. We didn't have a cold tub at that time. We just had the sauna. But he'd do this on and ride the bike in the side, do push ups and sit ups in the sauna. And this would be before we even went on the ice for practice.


So that's how early he'd get here. He was just a machine. The guy's a machine on and off the ice. And one of my closest friends, friends off the ice is just incredible, dude. So he's got even better. Better. I'll tell you what, with though he's a good swimmer. I mean, Suiter are really good swimmers. I'll never forget the night saw Winston Churchill's. It's the first time I ever seen him swim the bar, but he jumped up in the bar and swims down the bar and knocking over drinks and glasses, all the glamor.


Oh, my God. There are Suiter right behind him to save your college buddies. I guess they were good friends, but yeah. Do you do. To beautician's and just great, great, great.


Just to get the morale high, just just all of a sudden you hear all the glass breaking. These guys are swimming across the bar.


I'm just yeah. I'm just thinking, oh my God, here we go. There's going to be another we're going to be out of this place real quick. And they just left the let do his thing. He had been there already and I'm sure he'd done it before in front of them. They just let him do it. You want do. He was a he was like a god. Montrail. I was like, imagine how much he loved them.


So he was allowed to do pretty much anything you want to do back in the day. You know, things have changed now with telephones and all this stuff. You can't you can't do the things we did in back in the day. Not a chance. And I feel bad for the guys. They don't have nearly as much fun as us, that's for sure. Oh, God, no, I would try.


All I know is when I had an older player in your generation tell me that with the no cell phones, you just got home from the bar and you checked and you just prayed that that that red light was blinking, that you had a message that's old school, that's you know, you can have fun.


But I think this summer, summer of ninety two, you get traded from Montreal to Edmonton and for Vincent Dam Foose. Yeah. Now, as a guy who got traded midseason of a team who won the Stanley Cup in Pittsburgh, Schoettle, Chris Kurnitz, did you have any chance when you got out that they would have had a chance to, like, go on to win the Cup that next year? I mean, I would never count the Canadians out, especially with the right party, while I was just incredible he could win a championship all on his own, he was that good.


And he just seemed to play even better in the playoffs. And the Bruins fans have seen him for many years. He could win hockey games on his own. So I'd never count them out. But no, I didn't I wasn't sure that they're that good enough to win. But I knew they were good. But with Patty, like I said, would never count them out. And I mean, getting traded was like I said, I never watch I can't watch it stand.


I never want to stand a so I can't watch guys carry the Stanley Cup around after the game. Like I just turned the TV off after the game is over right away. I don't want to watch that. And I mean, I'm happy for all of them and I'm even happy for Vinny to fool. I mean, he played his whole life, want to win that Stanley Cup and worked hard as a great player. And I actually end up playing with Vinny when I went back to Montreal, my second stint.


He's just a super guy, a good teammate. So I'm happy as can be from that. He won the cup, but it was definitely really hard on me. I watched them carrying the cup around, but at the same time super happy for the organization, super happy for all those guys that teams. I played for a lot of them and and they deserve it. They worked hard and they were the best team there.


And what an interesting sport you're in Edmonton. And the difference being, I mean, this is post dynasty. Everyone's pretty moved, pretty much moved on. You said I think Tekin was there. Yeah. It must have been hard coming from such a winning culture to go into a place that all of a sudden overnight just was so different than the prior ten, ten years.


Yeah, it was. But it was a different chapter in my life. I mean, I like you said, with being in Montreal for the first six years, we had a chance to to go deep in the playoffs every year. And we did most of the year. I don't the one year that we lost to Boston, I think that's where all the changes started. We lost the Boston four games to one my second last year there, I think, if I'm not mistaken, 88.


That was when they finally beat The Jinx nearly on July one of the year.


I was at that game, I was at work. And the clincher. Yeah.


So things start changing them. But I mean, going to going to Edmonton, it was different. You're right that the the dynasty was gone. We were pretty young team. We weren't winning a lot. And it was it was tough. I mean, we all love to win. I mean, it's not always all but one. Yeah, it is. It's always about winning, let's be honest. But we had a great group of guys there and it was just I learn a lot from those guys there.


And in my experience, ah, I love Everton like the city itself. I, I just enjoyed it because they love their old, their old school, hard working blue collar people that love guys who come and play the game the way I played it. So I was treated really fairly and really well there. But it was a tough time of my career and ended up signing as a restricted free agent, Saint Louis after that. But definitely a big change going from Montreal to Edmonton.


But I did still really enjoy I made some great friends there, too. Luke Richardson, Dave Mansons, a beautician. Kelly Berger, Louis Debrosse is a great person. I mean, Louis was an amazing person and was great for our team. And I could just go on and on about the whole whole group of guys earn it. And Duggie wait was there at the time, great hockey player Bernie Nichols was hilarious. Klima was just a. A beautician like double time, you must have some ECD skin and stories, which is mentioned, but he's no baggage, no pick is one of the best hockey players ever played with.


And I mean, he was the worst. Like people ask me who chirped the most or who was, like the biggest rat on the team do you ever play with? And I'd say tick. But like, every time, you know, you can understand them. We could even we are his teammates. We couldn't understand. It was we go, what did you say? Tech. And he beat the other team and nobody would even understand why he was saying, but that guy was so competitive and so intense and a great hockey player.


And there's another guy that doesn't get the credit he deserves. He could do it offensively and defensively. And he did. He did it all. He killed penalties, played the power play was just a super super player and a great hockey player. And he like to have a good time off the ice to most fans.


Do. Yeah, yeah.


So we've heard now we mentioned St. Louis. You said there's a free agent on July 28, 1995. Why did you settle on St. Louis? What was the main decision that. To be honest, I was a restricted free agent, was the only offer I had on the table. I mean, not not that back then there was no not much movement and restricted free agent. I think there was only two or three players at that time. And that moves.


I think there was the Shanahan the Stevens deal. And then I don't know if there was another one or not by then, but I know. Yeah. And it was tough. I was trying to deal with Mr. Qader Lynch there, who was the guy at the time, and he was an amazing GM like that guy. It was was incredible, even coaches for a while. But he didn't want to give me the money. And I actually have the opportunity match Canadian dollars, because back then we were paid in Canadian dollars and in Canada.


And then when you went to states, you got U.S. dollars. And I liked it so much have it. And I said, I'll play for what they offered me in US dollars for Canadian dollars. And he didn't want to do it. He had a number on his head. And you talked to anybody from it. And he's a tough negotiator and he wouldn't he wouldn't give in. And then I signed with him. He called me. Was I treated you like a son?


He was pissed off at me. But I mean, I had to do what's best for me. And I knew that St. Louis had a really good team, too. At that point. They had some really good key players. And I played for Keenan before in the Canada Cup in ninety one. And I knew that he liked the style play I played and I knew I'd get the opportunity to play in good situations and I get to play a good player.


So but quite honestly, as a restricted free agent, it was really the only other offer I had on the table.


And I jumped on it and I did just for our younger listeners back then. The compensation was so much different, like you signed with St. Louis. And as a result of that, the Edmonton Oilers were awarded Curtis Joseph. Yeah, as a result of that and same thing when when the blue sign was it's Kevin Stevens and then Jan Hamilton, the devil. So it was such a crazy system back then. But then you ended up getting the captaincy.


But that must've been a little awkward because Brett Hall had it before you.


Yeah, we'll go back to the other stuff. There used to be. You could even get picks up, pick up like first round picks or second one picture, like put them together a package. But they ended up giving Kujo and Mike Greer, who actually turned out to be a really good player, too. My career was a good right winger and played played really well for the others. So I mean, I love playing in St. Louis and I thought I did a pretty good job the short time was there.


But they they did they did really well to Curtis. Joseph, I play with later just a great person, a great goaltender. Obviously he should be the Hall of Fame. And my career was a heck of a hockey player too. And then I went to like you said, I went to St. Louis and I was a captain and I was actually Captain Everton, too. I was named captain by the Oilers, but when I was doing my contract and all that got into a bit of a battle with George Burnette, who was my coach, a young coach, I was a young captain.


He wanted me to do some things that I didn't think were right for captain to do. And so we just had different views on what a captain should be. So we kind of decided that it probably wasn't the best idea. I'll be the captain. And not only that, the contract situation wasn't going well. So I just thought it was best that I wasn't wearing the sea at that time and ended up leaving and going to St. Louis and saying that, you're right, it was really awkward.


I mean, they took the ship off of Brett Hall, who I think's one of the greatest players and just one of the most funny guys ever play with them. One of the most talented players I played with because I played with him and Graz in St. Louis on the line when I came to St. Louis in the trade. But it was really tough. Yeah. I mean, it's an honor to wear the captaincy and I enjoyed it. But I only work for a short period of time there, too, because I was more than happy to give it to.


Wayne Gretzky was worth one of the greatest players ever and he didn't want it, but he deserved it. He should have it. And to be honest, I was kind of happy to get rid of it at the time. I got in a situation I didn't really want it. I mean, Holly was a great player. It's a Hall of Famer and he was definitely one of the leaders of our teams. And it was just him and Mike didn't get along great.


And that's why it happened.


You there were you there the time when you made him serve the the too many men penalty?


No, I would have loved to see. I've heard a lot of holy stories. I would love to see not one, but. I mean, Holly, I remember one where they told how they go serve the people and he said, no, I don't serve penalties. And he said, no, you're going to serve the penalty. So he went he went serve the penalty and he comes out of the penalty box and sure enough, he gets a break.


And that's the thought process of putting some of your top players for the coaches nowadays. Then he comes out of the box, maybe get a breakaway hall, he gets on a breakaway, he goes down the ice, and Thompson in the corner comes back to the bench. As I told you, don't serve pocket penalties if you're in a breakaway dumps in the corner.


So I've heard that story and it's Poly's like one of the most talented players ever play. One of the funniest guys. He's got the best of the best one liners I've ever, ever heard. And it's even sometimes towards you. But you got to laugh about it. Like I remember we were playing together him and I wasn't there yet. And I think we for some reason, they put Twister on our line for a for a chef because there was guys, like, running around and taking advantage of Holly more so to me and kind of beat me up.


But we're more, more worried about Holly, to be honest.


He's the seventy goal scorer. Right. So when you come back, the vegetable and Holly turns on a key and goes, get him off our fucking floor.


Twister would just continue to watch. Not just Holly, right? Like, that's Holly. And he didn't mean anything by it. He was just a funny person. But that kid could that could could play the game. I mean, people ask me about him. He's funny and he's a good. He was always really good to me and he's a funny he's funny as hell and he can play the game and he can play. He's not just the goal scorer.


That guy could pass the puck. And he was good defensively, too.


That guy was a hell of a hockey player in St. Louis. You played with the man who would be the final person to ever play an NHL game without a helmet on.


And Craig MacTavish at the time, did guys think he was nuts or was it just, you know, this is what he's always done? Or was it starting to be like, dude, you're the only person that doesn't have a lid on?


I'm going to tell you, I got to play with Maxie and Evanston and St. Louis.


And he would headbutt people and he would he was an animal. He'd be on the face off. I'd be like and he said, buddy him. He has no helmet on the abdominal. And I'm going like, what do you do, Mac? He was an animal, Mac. He was one of the most competitive players. Another guy that I played with was so competitive, nobody knew it. He held everything in, but he was competitive and he didn't say a lot.


But when he did people less than him, they respected Craig Metafiction. I remember getting traded from St. Louis. I don't I can't remember if we were Colorado, me and Murray and got traded to Montreal for Pierre, Turgeon and Conroy, who turned into a pretty good player then I think it was Fitzpatrick never played. I don't think he played or maybe played a couple of games. But I remember walking in the room, Keenan just pointed at some point on us and tell us what she and that's how he did it right to walk.


And he was your trade. He had no feelings. He just did it and that was it. But I remember walking in the room and we had a close group of guys in St. Louis. We had that good run in the playoffs when we traded for Gretz. And I remember like guys were in tears. In fact, he was one of them. And Mackey said some really kind things about Mary Barron and myself after we had left the team.


And that's just the type of person he was. He was just a great leader and competitive and just crazy. But I mean, I just I mean, I didn't wear visor wear a mouth guard, and I thought that was stupid or crazy or whatever you want to call it. And he was out there flying around with no helmet on. It wasn't like he played again. His hair looked great and everything was always in place. But and he but it wasn't like he played a soft game either.


Like he played a nasty, mean, tough game. He played checky. Oh. Oh, yeah. He played hard every night. And like we said though, it's funny, but he's not he's serious. When he was going to face off he was head but the other guy didn't even matter. The other guy had helmond. He did. He was just just an unbelievable player, an intense player.


Shane February, like you said, you guys get Gretzky at first year in St. Louis. Did any guys in the room have any idea it was going to happen? Was it a total surprise? Take us through that whole journey of getting Wayne Gretzky at the trade deadline.


I mean, there's you know, any time you see a team make a trade, no matter who it's for, you're going to miss them. Right. But I always came. There was rumblings and we all knew that while Keenan come on, he makes trades all the time just for making a trade. It didn't matter if it was going to help. If he were not, he needed to make a trade or two. But we knew there were rumblings about a trade happening, but we didn't know we're getting Wayne Gretzky the best player to play the game.


And when he we got him the whole old dressing room, like just left it up and say, now, of course, we're going to miss the guys that we just traded because they were part of our team and they were younger guys were just coming up and trying to I mean, there were guys I had over my house for for Christmas dinners and Thanksgiving dinners because they were young guys are on their own. So I wanted to happen at my place.


But to get the best player in the world, you knew your chances of doing well in the playoffs were a lot greater. And I'll say it again, that means a lot to me. It always is just a great player. But he was just a great person, a great leader, and they haven't come over and be the captain of our hockey team and just give us that extra boost going into the playoffs in the second half. The season was incredible.


I know there's a lot of scuttlebutt that Mike Keenan treated him like every other guy. Is that accurate? Did he treat him like every every other guy in the room? What did he give him? A little leeway because he was Wayne Gretzky. He gave a little leeway because he was way yes. Let me tell you that I think it's a heat down saying that Mike was hard on a lot of guys. And I mean, you got you got to get to get the best of the players.


I'm a big believer. I've learned more over my career and over my life is you got to treat people a little bit differently. You can't get can't whack and beat people and get with me. You could do that to me. You could beat me in harp on me and beat me all the time. And you get the best of me than the other guys would just tell you to fuck off. I'm not taken out and probably be one of them.


Don't don't do that to Holly. Just get encourage them and be good with them. But he gave some leeway for sure. And who didn't. Who didn't. I mean, anybody that ever played against them, played with them. You always gave you Wayne Gretzky leeway because he's the greatest player to play the game. I mean, I love Gordie Howe and Bobby and Mary Lemieux is another unbelievable, great player that I was dropped the same year. But everybody gave Wayne Gretzky a little bit of leeway.


I think anybody even played that played against him would say that. But in saying that, Keenan was hard on almost everybody else and probably was one of the guys he was the hardest on. But I look back, I think that he did that because he knew how good those guys were and wanted to get the best out of his best players. But sometimes you have to do use a different angle with different players.


It's just different personalities were the fuck you match is pretty common with Keenan. Would you go in the office and every Hachiro?


Well, I'll tell you, I had a few with Mike and I seen a few of Mike and Holly Holly actually through a skate out on once I had more I had more of.


Yeah. Through them. Yeah. I didn't mean to hit him.


I think Holly was throwing him for more for the show, for the boys, the room because we got a pretty good kick out of it. But I mean there was one time when I went into this is when I made captain and he called me into his office. Mike did. And I remember I think it was Jimmy Roberts was the assistant coach there at the time. And I think it was who is the other assistant coach used to like white the white towel on the on the stick in Vancouver there.


Anyways, they're sitting in the room there and Quiñonez called me in and I don't know what the heck do you want me to come in there? He calls me shits and giggles. What are you going to fucking grab Brett Hall by the throat? I said what I said or what? And I'm thinking I didn't I didn't know what to say. I'm just saying, like what? What are you going to grab him by the throat? And I said.


Never I'm not going to grab one of my teammates by the throat, I mean, he's one of the greatest players to play the game and he's a Hall of fame. And I'm not going to do that. And he expects me to like he wanted me. And that's the type that's why Mike was Mike wanted you to, you know, get it guys going and motivate them and even be, like a little bit more aggressive with them. And I just I couldn't do that.


Sure enough, the next game, I didn't play a whole lot, but that's OK. It was a great teammate. And I think there was just so much animosity between those two that it was hard it was hard for them both to be in the same dressing room on the same team at the same time. And I think a lot of it was. I mean, Holly was a great player, and Mike for me was a great coach, but I just think their personality didn't match very well and it was just something that I don't think they could exist in the same dressing room around the same hockey team.


But it was a crazy moment at that time. But the fucking match more with Burnsy. I mean, Pat Burns was like a father to me, and I played with a play from for six years. It was incredible to me. But I'll never forget the time. And we all know we've done this before. We're playing and we think we're like some of, you know, maybe having one of the better years in the team which were playing more than we were than we are.


So I never forget we're in the Montreal Forum or playing a WAS plan with me. And I think it was might have been just him at all or something like that. Our story was playing out with us at that time, Branch Fruitland, and that's the year that Richard had 50 goals year before and was on pace, another 50. And we're in the game. And to be honest, we're terrible. We're playing like shit and. We know it, but we still thought we should be playing Burnsy calls off the ice and I slammed the gate, you know, went and that's the way we tell the coach we're not happy.


Right. So I slammed the gate. I see him look down and he doesn't say anything. We go back in the next couple of years later, same thing. He pulls off the ice after about 20 seconds. So I come in, I sound I get a little bit harder. And he comes down and looks leans over and goes into my ear. Is that fucking again? You're gone now. I'm thinking, oh, really? You won't do that to me.




So three shifts later, we're near the end of the second period, I come off the ice. I thought it was a short shift. I slammed the gate. He comes down, grabbed me by the back of the jersey, takes me off the bench, goes, get the fuck off the bench, go to the room and get undressed. You're done for the rest of the game.


And I went back to my back and I'm on the back of the floor, laying there, looking up at the roof. And all see is all the banners of the great Montreal Canadiens players that played. And I'm thinking, what did I just do? Right. And, you know, at the old forum, you know, at the old forum where you got to walk by the bench all the top, just the rocket.


Bishar John Béliveau, our president Ronald Cor and I'm there. I am with my tail between my legs walking off the bench, go into the room and I'm thinking, what am I going to do now? He's pissed, burns. He's got red cheeks got red and his ears are red and blah, blah. And I'm thinking, oh my God, I'm dead. He walks in the room. I'm sitting there and he starts yelling at me, You fucking this.


You're terrible. You're playing horrible. And then you want to back, talk me and slam the gate. You're done. Take all your gear off cause I had half my gear off, so I don't know what to do. So I went in the back room with a stick room where we cut out sticks and curb them and shit, that's when Wood was in there and you guys might not know what sticks were up anyways. And I'm sitting. I'm just thinking, oh my God, I'm done.


Like they're going to trade me now or I'm going to go to the miners or something. Right. Larry Robbins comes in at a time of Larry being a leader. He comes in the room. I hear him talking to the guys a bit. I see him walk out of the hallway into Burns's dressing room. I see Bernie he from where I was and I kind of was when I went out there, I was hoping maybe he'd come and talk to me after Burns.


We did Larry goes in into the room. I see him come out, he come down, he goes, put your gear back on, kid. I said, why do you guys put your gear back on? So I went back and put my gear back on play in the third period, Burnsy, play the show to me and everything was forgotten. That's just that's the type of guy Larry Robinson is.


He went and that's an old that's an old story. It's an old school, and he's just he's just he's this one of those guys that he's got your back. And he was a great teammate. And that just shows respect burns for Larry Robinson, too. And it was lucky that I had people like that around me that saved me a few times because, trust me, I probably deserved more than what I got. I probably should have been out of the game and missed a few games after that, but Larry saved my butt.


What was your stat line in the third? Not a lot of ice time. I don't think I got anything. I don't think I got I don't think I got anything, but I played a lot. But I can't I might have my mind speared somebody, too, and I'm sure a third assist plus one. I might have got a fifth assist of the plus two. I don't know. But I face you come out of the penalty box, but we'll tell that one another time.


Yeah. Round two and three for us.


You say in ninety one you made the Canada Cup team and then in 98 you played in the Olympics in is it Nagano. So ninety six World Cup. Did you get snubbed or were you injured. What happened there.


No I got snubbed. Really. And then they lost. They're missing. Corso DGM.


They missed Castle in 98. The course was there in 98. We didn't win the battle buddy.


So it wasn't a and cigarets didn't go in the shootout. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So much to do for me. For me that yeah. The Olympics for me was probably one of the greatest moments of my career in my life and one of the most upsetting and disappointing years, my times in my career. I mean, getting the opportunity to go play in the Olympics in 98 and play with some of the greatest players, actually play with Lindros in a line that you're supposed to be Paul Korea, because we play together in the world championships the year before.


But Korea got hurt shooter and hit them and he had the concussion thing. But I mean, to go there and play and be a part of the opening ceremonies and play with all the other athletes. And that's what for me stands out, is to play with all these other amateur athletes and they open their arms, watch professional athletes who got paid to play a game we love to play. And you see all these athletes make these sacrifices coming on their race or or their event could be over within a second.


And you just spent four years of life working for not getting paid to do it now, to work other jobs to do it. So it just taught me a lesson that I was so lucky and fortunate to play a game that I love to play what have probably played for free, but they wanted to pay me for it, so why not? I'll take the paycheck. But to be a part of that and just to get to meet all the other athletes and participate in watching their events, it was just an incredible feeling to be around all the other athletes from all the other countries and eating in the same cafeteria and different food, which is just incredible.


But to to lose to see in the semifinal game and to lose in a shootout to HASSOCK and the Czech team and to have Wayne Gretzky aside, he was actually sitting right beside me. And I mean, every time there was a player picked to go in the shootout and we had great players. Don't get me wrong, Ray Bourque was my roommate at the Olympics with Fleury and Keith Premotor were our room. It was working me premium for our room.


But I mean, Ray Burke was the first one to say, how many breakaways does he get? Right. And you got the best player sitting on the bench.


And every time I was picked, I'm looking over my shoulder like a Crawford thinking, when's grad school and the greatest player? And he was built for this. I mean, he's going to score probably. Yeah. When doesn't he score. Right. So to lose like that this year, the greatest part of the game or one of the greatest players to play in my my personal opinion, the greatest player, not shooter, was one of the biggest disappointments.


And then top it off, we go on to the bronze game. And, you know, ice hockey players are we want the Stanley Cup or the gold medal or nothing at that point. Then you want to get fired up for that.


Yeah, but then you look back, right. Went and buzzer and you look back you go. Why don't we play a great game that game and get a bronze. But how many people get a bronze medal from the Olympics. That could be, you know, somewhere in my house. I don't know, I might have it in the basement or in somewhere, but oh, I remember I wasn't going to work harder.


I remember world juniors to get in that speech. We lost semi's to Canada and Halifax and then had Finland. We lost the game. We didn't get the bronze.


But before the game, the coach was talking about, like, you guys got like you don't understand how big a medal would be. It's it's very true. And at the time, as players, you didn't care about anything, especially Canadians. Right? You were looking for gold.


Yeah, you're right. Well, that's the thing. We were looking for gold. We were shot down and depressed and just we didn't really care. We didn't really want to play the game. And then the Czechs won the gold medal. And guess what? They. They asked for our plane to fly home. We had a charter plane and, you know, at the end said, fuck off, not a fucking chance.


You're all like, hey, and get your own plane, get your own plane, your flight. You can get your own way home. You won the gold medal. Enjoy it.




I got to ask, like, was it talked about in the locker room right after or was it still pretty somber or what's the feeling in there after the shoot out? Yeah, it was pretty.


Yeah, it was pretty. It was pretty somber there.


Nobody really said a whole lot. And I got to tell you, Gratz was so you know how he is. You guys, you've been around and be so classy and you never say anything in front of anybody, just like you did with class and. We went out for beers, Japanese beers, after a smaller group like eight of us, and I think he made his true feelings well known that, you know, he wasn't the happiest, but he accepted the coach's decision.


But he thinks he should have been in the shootout. And he's probably one trillion percent, right? He should have been that show. So I think everybody was disappointed and frustrated and pissed off that he wasn't the shooter. But again, you have to respect the coaches and their decisions.


I mean, what did Crawford say in the media? I didn't read a whole lot of media at that time, I didn't, but I, I think he made some excuse or we did do it. We practiced the shootouts every every practice soccer practice. And I think the goalies had some input on who was good on shoot outs and all that. But I mean, at that point there, you got 20 the best players from Canada. I think they're all pretty good, but you got their best player in the world sitting on your bench.


I think you're going to send them in on on a breakaway. So I don't get what went on there. I don't know if there's a back story to all of it. I just don't know. I don't I don't understand it. Never will understand it, and I'll never forget it. And it's it's something that I just can't believe that he didn't go on the shootout. And I to this day, I don't I don't know and I don't know the excuse.


And I mean, you guys should get them on and ask them.


Yeah, I could be getting worse.


I wanted to ask that, you know, Lindros, his name, the captain, Bobby Clark, was the GM of the team. It wasn't Gretzky. It wasn't it wasn't Eisemann. How did the vets in the room react to the fact that this young stud was the captain of the Canadian Olympic team at the time?


I think everybody honestly was looking at that. It was kind of passing the torch. OK, next group of players, I mean, you name three guys were well deserving of the captaincy. And Ray, who had become close with me, was my roommate, the Olympics. And I've stayed in touch with Burke and he just an incredible person, great leader. And I would love them to play with him and played for him as far as him being our captain.


And obviously, Gretzky was a great captain. I honestly think that they were looking towards the next years and having and getting and having those guys around to teach him the ropes a little bit where Burkean mass and those guys ijima could all teach him the ropes about being a captain on a team kind of teammates. There's a lot of pressure and I think even sometimes more so than your team collaborate with you representing your whole country. There's a lot of pressure on and expect a lot from me.


So I think they were just thinking for the future and to have those guys still around and not the top of their game to help him and pass the torch to him and teach him the ropes of being a good captain for for Canada.


And also Bobby Clark, keeping us captain happy on you. And you know what, 100 percent right. Clark and Bobby. Bobby Clark and Bob Clark and Bob Gagne were our GM. So both them being GMs helped me get on the team, too. I'm not going back. I know that for a fact. And actually. Yeah, Bogarting was a big fan of mine, so I think having him in my corner definitely helped me get on that team for sure.


And let's face it, boys, and we all know in politics, politics plays a game, a game huge in hockey, women's hockey, men's hockey at every level. So let's not kid ourselves. So that's why I mean, you have to get you got to get a break. You got to have something that believes in you attitude and gives you that opportunity to be successful and do great things.


I mean, we have even covered Toronto yet. You know, we've been going long here. Let's let's let's dove down that quickly.


Going Toronto is. You know, I mean, I was hard, I'll be honest, I love playing in Montreal, they gave me an opportunity to play in the game and realize my dream, and it was just an incredible place to play. The city was amazing to me. The organization treated me like like gold. And I had a really tough, tough time at that time. I was going through some mental health illness issues. And and I think a big part of it was, do I sign in Toronto where my brother in law's playing and my sisters are close by?


My mom's close by. My dad died at forty five. All my friends are here in Toronto. I grew up a Leaf fan, you know, do I sign in Toronto or do I go to stay in Montreal? Because Montreal offered me a contract. I stay in Montreal where I, I have family and friends in Montreal to write. My wife's from Montreal. My two of my kids were born in Montreal. One was born in St. Louis, one in Edmonton.


But I had a lot of ties in Montreal too. So it was a tough decision. But ultimately, in the end, I could have went to Philly, to Philly, offered me some talk about Bobby Clark. They had offered me a contract, too, in Philly. And what about a fun place to play in Philly? But it all came down to being close to my family and my friends and looking at the team. The Leafs had a great team at that time that Kujawa, not Sundeen and Mogilny and some some great players here.


And I made a decision to come home and play for my team that I dreamed of playing for my whole life. And it was it was an unbelievable feeling to to put that League Jersey on and to put twenty seven on. Being Darryl was one of one of my favorite players and Bobby Clark and try to play with three of my favorite players to put his jersey on the Maple Leaf Jersey was pretty incredible, but it was one of the toughest decision I ever made.


I'll touch on the mental health stuff. I mean, you've been a pretty big advocate for it. You've been very open about it now. Did you say it started when you first got to Toronto?


No, I had suffered. I knew I had anxiety and I was diagnosed with colitis when I was 15. And it's got nothing to do with stress and nerves, too. I think the class I really believe that's Crohn's and colitis, but I suffer from anxiety all the way through my life and it just got worse. And then when my dad passed away, he went to another level. My dad passed. I tried to medicate with alcohol and out of that and different things.


And and then it just escalated as I went through my career. And then I think it hit I hit rock bottom when I was in trouble for sure. But when I was trying to make that decision to leave Montreal, come to Toronto or go somewhere else, it's when it really went into like high high gear. And I start having a really bad panic attacks and thinking I was having a heart attack or dying and my heart was going to stop beating and all kinds of stuff.


And so it escalated when I came to Toronto and then when I left the team in the playoffs that year, there's all kinds of rumors flying around all my shit. And I don't even care what said that. I really don't care that people know who I am and what I'm about. And I left the team and I got the help I need to get help. And if I wouldn't have got that help, to be honest, guys, I wouldn't be sitting here talking to guys today.


So I'm lucky.


Do you think the same thing would have happened in a different city? Was it doesn't that happen or did it happen because you were in Toronto at that particular time?


I don't think it had anything to do with the city I was in, to be honest. I mean, the pressure of playing in Montreal and Toronto and Edmonton, like hockey, hockey towns, all of their hockey, I love the pressure of the game, hockey. I think it's everything else around the hockey. And and I honestly believe that I never dealt my dad's death properly either. And it's something that I needed to do. And I've finally dealt with that.


But there's just life, life and everything else, your pressures and and emotions. And you get so kind of you not OK, it's you're not alone. You're going to have ups and downs and you find the tools that work for you, help you get through those times. And that's what I learned when I finally took the time to admit that I needed to help, first of all, and to get the help, the proper help, because everybody's help is different and the support that I needed.


But every help is different. And what they need to get better is different than the next person. And that's something I learned why I got the tools. Now that and trust me, I have tough times from every day, like I have days where they're not great, but I have the tools to deal with those things. So I don't think it's necessary where it happened. I just think it was going to happen. I should have dealt with it years ago and it wouldn't have escalated to where it got to.


Isn't it so wild that like as amazing as your dream coming true and making it to the NHL is like a lot of the stuff that kind of goes on away from the rink. Might be like amazing memories, but it's probably not healthy for guys to I mean, the way you party in the way you go out and you're you're living the fast life, not seeing you like so many guys.


And then you're having a blast and you just get a little older and you're like, oh, like, that's not good for you as a person. So it is it is harder as you get older and out of the game. And I'm happy for you that you were able to really get the help you needed. Yeah, thanks.


But I mean, you're 100 percent right, though. The the lifestyle we live and definitely doesn't help. I mean, and some guys go to the extreme. I mean, I've never I've never done drugs in my entire life. I mean, alcohol is a drug, but alcohol was my choice. And I did it a lot. It was a way to to escape my pain of losing my father and other other stresses in life. And I did it a lot.


I mean, I got in the of and got hooked on Ativan to on top of that. So drinking and doing out of bed. And I got to the point where, you know, one out of and what most people see when I was taking eight to 10 a day late in my career and even in between periods and before practices.


So it was tough. But like you said, I got the support that I needed, the help and and I'm doing better. And I mean, it's it's a battle every day. And I'm and I've got the right people in the right things around me. But definitely the way we live, the sleep that's sleeping is different. And that's how even our fall we get in late at night. We get to bed at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and, you know, maybe taken out of hand to get to sleep or some of you have a couple beers to try to get to sleep.


And and then we're at different times all the time. So the lifestyle, which people don't understand is, yeah, it's fun and it's awesome. And we're lucky for sure. I would never do anything different. I'm the luckiest guy in the world. Hockey's given me everything, my friendships, my memories, and paid me good money to play a sport I would have played for free. But it's all the other things outside of the game that people don't see.


And the stresses and the and the decisions you have to make and the stresses it puts on your families and your friends and and stuff. And as people, we're human beings. We make mistakes, too. I made mistakes off the ice and made mistakes financially sometimes and different things and that type of person that those things wear on you. So it's tough. But like I said, you've got to find and you need help get the help and get the proper help.


So, yeah, I've been lucky and I appreciate that you brought that up.


It's such a separation from reality, especially when it's what ends up being all over, too, right? It's like you're you're not only being stripped of your livelihood, but it's just like you go from essentially being decent, desensitized to a lot of things. You live this fast paced lifestyle and and now it's not there. And and I appreciate you being very vocal about it, though, man, because there's so many people out there that that are dealing with a lot of issues and mental health problems.


So I know it's a tough way to to end this conversation. R-AL, throw it over to you. I think you had one more. Yeah, I was going to say she had a lot of guys, especially my generation, and we're in a few years apart, you know, they had guys they don't want to talk about their feelings. And I'm from that generation as well. But what do you suggest to other guys who are struggling with that first step to just say, hey, man, I need fucking help?


I think that is the hardest part for guys to admit. And yes, it's guys it's more specific to men than women. Like, how do I get help? What's that? What's the easiest way to say I need help to somebody? Well, Ari, you're right, I was from the same cloth, I think all the guys that are on this podcast are probably from the same same cloth. I mean, it wasn't the easiest thing to do.


That's why I hate it. For so many years. I was afraid. I was embarrassed. I was shy. I thought it was a weakness. I thought maybe your competitors would take it as a weakness, too, and use it back in the day. They probably want to use that. That's just the way the game was back then. But honestly, the first step is just to admit you need the help and then ask for the help.


And it's not easy. It sounds easy and it's not because it's not easy to do it. It took me years to admit that I needed help and to get that help. But I always stick to a couple of things and it's it's OK not to be OK. And you're not alone. And the biggest when I finally left the Leafs, the playoffs, it was the hardest thing I've ever done in my entire life is I love, love the game of hockey and I love playoff time.


There's nothing better than the playoff time. But I knew it. If I didn't leave after that game, I might not be around today or the next day or the next day back then.


But I wouldn't be I wouldn't be around today if I didn't. And I went got the help I needed. But what I would say to them is. If you don't, it's going to get worse. And then you're not going to be around, you're going to it's going to hurt a lot of other people around you, not just yourself. And that's something I started thinking about, how how would hurt my family, my kids, my wife, my friends, my mom, my sisters.


And I just got to the point where I wanted to live. I wanted to be around still. So I knew that I needed to ask for the help. And soon as I laughed and laughed beliefs and realized I needed the help. I felt 100 times better. They took a piano off my back and I mean and then when I started talking about it and that's why I love doing podcasts like this and I love talking to people like you to understand both sides of it and get it.


Because you can use your platform to help people, because we talk about all the hockey stuff and they're great stories and they're fun and I would never cheat. I still have those. And I can't wait to come to Boston and have some fun with you guys and tell some more stories, whether it's on the podcast or not. But what I helped when I came out to me and said, you helped me, you saved my life by talking about your struggles with mental health.


That's for me is more important than anything I did not know, and it always will be. That's why I love doing these things. But for me, it was just me. And you said it already. You said it asked for the help. And don't be shy and don't be embarrassed. And it's not a sign of weakness at all. It's an illness. It's not a sign of weakness. It's like getting a torn ligament in your knee.


You can go to a doctor. There's doctors out there that can help you. You're not alone. And you can and you can get through it. You can get better. You can live a somewhat normal life if you do the right things. Well, thank you so much for joining us. We look forward. We look forward to get get in to meet you in person and go over some more parts of your career, because there's so much to cover.


And I think that everyone that's listening, especially to be especially to the end, is going to enjoy and understand where you were coming from. So we appreciate it.


By the way, she get my number from Grealy so you can text me next time from Boston. I'm going to get a couple of cold ones down.


Yeah, I'll you'll get sick of me. I'll be talking to you. So much for having you on a roll the dice. I got to tell you guys, I mean, I really appreciate you having me on. I mean, besides the hockey stuff, you guys have done a great job and just keep doing what you're doing because it's fun as hell and it helps guys like me get on here and tell our story because we can live in the past a little bit.


So it's fun for us. And then you give up the opportunity for people to use your platform to help other people. I think it's just incredible. And and not only that, you've been successful. So good for good for you guys. I'm really happy for all is more than just saying thank you for opening up at the end.


I think that a lot of people are really going to like that. And, you know, it takes a lot of strength. So thank you so much. The stories at the beginning were out of control, man. That's exactly what our fans love as well. So looking forward to grabbing some pops in person, man.


Yeah, I'd love to love to see you guys and get to know you even better and have some family is in person.


And also, Shane, we want to thank your daughter's teammate, Molly Slow. She was a huge, integral part of hooking up then what, the pink Whitney Cup a few weeks ago. Awesome kid. She she facilitated this whole thing. So huge, thanks to Molly Solo at Boston College making this happen.


Yeah, I got to say that Molly and that is a great girl and her family are great people. And we've also been lucky enough to come to Boston, play at Boston College and meet a lot of good people. And also kids are from the Boston area. They're just incredible people and they've been really good with well and and super good to me. And I'll tell you what. Never mind about the boys hockey, the girls hockey, they can party.


I've been out a few nights for them.


This place now we got plans in this place, boys, I went to Donoghue's and the Circle Tabata, I had the best time, like with the girls, with the sun in the case of Pink Whitney, so they can maybe celebrate next year's rookie party.


Trust me, they love the stuff they love. Yeah, they do it. They love it. They love it. It's hard to get here in Canada. It's hard to get up here in Canada. Guys sold out all time.


Yeah, we'll have to it. We'll have to get a better steady stream going. We'll have to get you a pink Britney shot machine. Then we're talking.


Hey, don't get me started, guys, because that's the problem. I'm going to tell you one thing. That's the problem with me. I only have one speed. Whatever I do, I'm shocked to hear that.


Hey, quit went full throttle voice. That's as long as we're not getting any fucking bar fights and we're not going to have that Bill Doyle's rule.


Doyle's rule. Buser wet.


All right. Trust me, boys, people laugh at me. Now, when I get drunk, I'm the hugger.


I just want you to have such. I'm just a happy guy and we don't even have to stand each other. So what we do. I went I went from the fighter to the fucker to the hunger. That was my my progression. Well, guess what? That's a good progression, buddy. Yeah. Everybody wants to talk to you later.


Yeah. Man, huge thanks to Shane, cost of a jump and almost that was a blast that was like we said after, didn't feel like work when we were doing it. Just an unreal interviewer, great vibe that I hopefully he'll be in Boston, have a few pops that I'm showing.


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Check that stuff out. Boys and girls, guys. Like I said, Mother's Day holidays, a lot of anniversaries. You want to check that stuff up? By all means. So I was a hell of a real goodbye. Thank you.


I'm going to take a look at the East. The Bruins. I've already been having a goalie issues to Garras guy has been on injured reserve and now Yaroslav Hallak is in the covid protocol. This just came out Monday. I don't know how long he's going to be all fossil. Davidia is going to get the reins tonight, and I know he's got another back up after him.


So the covid continuing to wreak havoc throughout the league. But the Buffalo Sabers, we've got to give them props. We dumped on them for months straight. They broke their eight game losing streak with the six one blow out over who else? The Philadelphia fliers. They had been fifteen and three since February. Twenty third. And they also got a four game point streak on the saves due to 012 in their last four.


So kudos to them.


I by a little too far away, but I bet on the Philadelphia fliers that night. This. I'm not sure.


I'm not very to say no early in the year I did they won and in the streak I didn't until that night and they lost and I was OK with that bet, too, if you would have told me beforehand, because the night before, didn't they give up? They gave up a lead early. Right. They were down like three. One ended up coming back.


No. Oh, no. Phil Philly came back in the third against Buffalo.


Right. So you're thinking, oh, they learn their lesson, they're going to have a better start and take advantage of them tomorrow and now? No, I couldn't.


I you know, I actually texted Merle's. I said guaranteed Buffalo Wednesday. I sent him the screenshot of the bet and he's like, oh, my God. So, of course, he hops on. So we both was just so pathetic.


Got murdered this week. I think, though, that that the sabers, the sabers are at least now having some good feelings in the room.


We should honor them like, you know, there's going to be a lot of guys out of there in the next week, but at least they got to have that end and not be the longest of all time, which is still, I think, the penguins and salary cap or whatever, they tied them.


I had a rough week too wet, even though I had a seventy two to one horse, the Wood Memorial race the other day. I literally bet the horse, because he was the long shot, didn't know the name.


No one. Check my TVG account. He won seventy two to one longshot.


I had a fifty bucks across the board in the picking like five five guys up fucking legit.


And that is is that degenerate wit.


He didn't know the name or the number. Yeah that's, that's, that's the sentiment.


Well what I did is my brother like the whole and so my brother follows him quite a bit. So I went in a bet that was and then I was like, I got a few extra bucks here. Let me let me just for shits and giggles and and yeah, I went back to check. I didn't even watch the race, went back and saw my my account at about six grand more than it did an hour ago.


So I've got a nice three week, but imagine a piss break to that with oh seventy two to one.


I said the other thing about the East, you saw Kyle Palmieri, he is now sitting out, the New Jersey Devils are holding him out. They know they're going to trade him and. I think in the Boston Bruins, right, how much could they use Palmari he lived he's lived in Boston a long time in the off season. I were I used to work with them. Hairiest man alive.


He's a monster. Had. Oh, my God.


Palm's Robert.


I think that a bunch of teams and a lot of a lot of folks would say folks are are leaning towards him being a member of the islanders in the next week.


But there's going to be a bunch of teams that want him and his goalscoring ability. I think he's had twenty four goals or more or less five or six years.


So he's guaranteed to play hard and and get in front and be able to score.


Well, who is the happiest guy you ever played with? Just insanely hairy palms I think.


Was it. I never played with them. I'm a hairy bastard. No. Stephen Dixon. Oh, Dickie.


Do to shave his knuckles. He's so he's got a long hair now. I saw he's off. Yeah. Oh yeah. He's a stallion. But he had to, he would, he would trim its tricep hairs and he would always do it. We used to live the other three of us so we were roommates with Carcillo and he clogged up the drain constantly in our drain would always be backed up because this dude would be shaving a V-neck too, because he used to wear V-neck.


So he would he would he would trim it with the Clippers and then he would shave the V-neck lime in the hair and the V-neck moved it all when he spilled the drink you just saw like a monster brush your hair, but you're just like, oh, get that back to the shape of a I think he is I think he was even using there at one point. Oh, that can't be good for you. That's got to be bad for your skin, right?


Yeah. Just I mean, it's just going to grow back with chemicals on and off your hair.


Yeah. Yeah. Great.


I would pay, I would pay, I don't know, 50 to 100 grand to have every hair removed from my waist down just to, like, be held at my waist.


I don't know. But it looks a little bit weird because it wouldn't cost that much.


But yeah, I have to get some of my nooks and crannies like General Electric. Would you say would you get your butthole waxed? Would you get talk? Yeah, that's kind of what I was alluding to. I don't cost you 100 grand.


Yeah, well, no, I mean, the whole body just take take fucking all the hair off, you know, like, you know, we got to we got to go Zaneis.


We've got to do a full body wax there. Like for who. Me. They're like no.


And can you put a big clump, put it all together like that magnet thing. Kids play it and put it on my head when you're done. Remember Willy Willy the thing with the magnet and you get more ice for your cornhole hair on your head.


No, I get my leg half my head. The cornhole I fucking hate. How much how much do you think how much do you think I would have to pay you to to Waxhaw, our butthole.


He wouldn't sign. He would give back that fucking money for that. But I'd fucking homeless before I married his horn.


Are you serious? How much what do you want? Somebody you just want like a grand to do it. No, it cost 10 grand, I'd watch Hezbollah is not worth it when you go watch. All right. Would you let me wax your butthole for 10 grand? Oh, wait, you're paying me to let you Axium, I'm paying you to go. All right. Take a free Tengiz for you to wax. Oh, I would have to get paid because I'm going through the torture of having to fucking do it.


Sounds like you kind of want to do it when you have to go to the doctor's and you got to, like, show them something like that. It's so embarrassing. Like a doctor, like shoot the show like. So it's up.


I'm like, I need to look at my contract with my buddy said one time he had to get like, what are you getting your five whole hemorrhoids. Yeah.


He had to get hemorrhoids removed and he had to lay on his side and they spread open his ass cheeks to cut these things out.


The two nurses, he said, were rockets. Oh, my God.


He said it was almost embarrassing, degrading. These hot girls were holding his ass cheeks apart so the doctor could cut out a hemorrhoid.


Isn't it like, oh, my God, Ivan, the bad guys guys are so stupid talk because like, I've had situations where, yeah, the person coming in is attractive and you're like in a Johnny and your guts hanging out and it's like, boy, so stupid guys like we think like, oh my God, look better. It's like, dude, you're in a doctor's office. They're fucking seeing people there. They don't give a fuck how you're not hitting on him.


You're not like like oh it's just. Yeah, but all right. You know, that thinking and that's disgusting is what your what what your reasoning for what you're doing is true. It's the only thing that could make it worse is if you met a girl out and you exchanged numbers and then you pop it in and you maybe thought you had a date lined up and it's the rocket staring at your hemorrhoids and I don't think you're getting the call back or right.


You ain't getting worse than that is if she, like you got home with her and she ripped your shirt off and she's like, why is there a V shaved into your chest hair? And Vicky's like, I don't know.


I can think of a few other embarrassing incidences because I'm sorry.


What you did just mention Palmari. He's had at least twenty four goals in each of his first five seasons in New Jersey. Of course, he started his career in Anaheim.


And since fifteen, sixteen, only five right wingers have more goals than Tim Kaine. Pasta off Adkinson and TerraCycle. So pretty good goalscorer. Somebody going to pick up. And I know any gel room is Daley, who does a great job on Tuesday. He gets a lot of good info. He did say Boston is in on him as well.


So obviously we'll keep our eyes on that dumbbell bench and one twenty fives. Like, I think I can do 60s, like a 120 to 125, but not a chance like that right now.


I can't remember. I did a monster. I might be exaggerating. Maybe it was one times. It was definitely in the three digits, though.


That's yeah. That's gnarly.


The is last week waved defenseman Shane Gosper's beer. He did Khelil waves, then he went to the taxi squad. He's got two more years left at four and a half million dollars, three and a quarter in real dollars. Philly also signed Michigan sophomore defenseman Kim York used their first round pick in twenty eighteen, signed him to an entry level deal that starts this season. But gosh, this year that was a bit of a shock. He was a lot like he was a key part of the future for that Philadelphia team.


And I think like like on other guys this year, teams are just throwing them out there. If someone wants them good, then they get the sellew off his hands. If not, then they go to the taxi squad, which does give the team a little bit more financial flexibility. So, again, no one picked them up, but it's probably not that big of a surprise due to the mention we had earlier about all this cap issue.


Maybe a guy who ends up in Seattle and then kind of picks it up again. I mean, he came into the league like a rocket.


And I remember he was at union. He was one of the best college hockey players that year, if not the best.


They wanted organelle, right? Yes. Yes, they did. Yes. He came in and maybe his game was figured out a little bit. He is very offensive, probably kind of like struggles defensively. I mean, I don't watch him enough to know exactly what the issues are. But, you know, people say turnovers can be an issue. But like, I don't know, because if you can skate and you have a shot like he does and you get another chance to play more minutes and you're not I don't think you've seen the end of them yet, but it certainly hasn't been like it looked like it was going to be when he started in the league where you're like, oh, man, this guy might be a fifty point guy.


Yeah, I was going to say, I think we've been having the conversation. It feels like every year it's kind of like ever since you got paid the big money, they haven't really, you know, been able to get them playing like that again. And I'm not and I don't know if it's for like a lack of ice time is a pro over off. Is that how I say it properly? Yes. I feel like he kind of took over that number one guy there.


And like, he's I mean, he's superior. Yes. He's just a better player. And like, maybe when you're not getting those reps, it's hard for you to get back in those you know, that rhythm. Remember remember when Tobias Cocobolo moved over from Toronto when he was playing like twenty five? And I'm not saying I don't know if Gaspare was ever playing that much, but yeah, when he came in it just seemed like he was given the full reins and he could do no wrong.


And he's never really been that player since. Yeah.


It's good to see Carter though. He played really good against the islanders I think Sunday or Saturday. And so, like, at least, you know, that's some confidence for him. It's been just such a tough year. My team, my team, the fliers, I was talking very highly of them. Shockingly, they've done the exact opposite of what I said.


That's what I'm known for. That's what I do. I'll give you a team, I think, going to light up and they're going to suck.


Yeah, I think a change of scenery for Gustus, people probably maybe rejuvenate his career as well. The Washington Capitals, they swept the New Jersey Devils eight know the season, beat them all eight times Alexandrovich and is now tied for second in power play goals with two hundred and sixty five. Let's see nine back of Dave. Andrew check. He's at seven hundred twenty five goals now as well. His six pack of myself the fifth all time. We just keeps getting that done.


Catch. Keep George on and we're also going to give a shout out to the penguins. They've won five straight. They jumped in third place in the division. Their goaltending is really settled down. Nice I think other than the shellacking at the Bruins hands the other night, Smith has been lights out. Gary's been playing well. So Pittsburgh turning things around quick.


Sorry. Quickly, Ray, because you mentioned the. Ovechkin and what he's done Basel with may be the nastiest hat trick I've ever seen in my life, and I will openly admit I'm starting to worry a little bit about the islanders.


This could be becoming an issue in my brain. They are like. Such a machine, the way they go about these and then they lose a game, sure, shit, they bounce right back and they'll get you. So Basel, he scored one on this ridiculous wrap around on the side of the net.


He batted one out of the out of the midair, like Mike Trout, just rocket top shelf.


And then the other goal, I don't know the order these ran, but he walked through the entire team, including embarrassing Charra at the blue line and then went shelf going full speed. So he also added to assess I think he was player of the week in the NHL. But that hatrick, you score three goals in three completely different ways and reminding me that the islanders are starting to scare start.


You think they could win the division? I'm starting to think like that they could win the cup. That's why I'm really panicking. Obama worried about the way they're going to have they're going to have some tough outs, I would imagine, like maybe getting Boston first round. That's not going to be easy. Yeah, I know, but it's no easy outs come playoff and missing.


Anders leaves a huge loss. So they're going to have to go out and do something.


And, you know, Lou will do something. He'll get somebody because I think he sees and you guys of you said last week when he has a chance to win, he's going for it.


Yeah. That's why Forkan Islanders and Palmari to Boston.


I thought I said I thought the islanders were a little hornier for for a guy like that. Oh, they are. They are. Yeah, sure. A lot of teams are in on them.


They want to build for a long playoff run.


They consider Philly, the the Calgary or the East. You think they're done? Yep. Yep.


I think that the I think that the four teams are pretty much set there. I mean, Boston's kind of worried a little bit. But I think New York, it's a little they've picked it up too much. Too late or too little. Too late. Holy shit. What's the saying?


Too much. Too little. Too little. Too late.


There we go. And then Philly stinks and the devils stink in the sabers are embarrassing. So we'll see. Yeah.


You want to build for a long run. You want to get a good long run in business.


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What these things go to get Roman dotcom checklists and, you know, be a champ in the bedroom. I gang the West. We already did mention Colorado, but they've been on fire lately. They had a four and a weak points in fourteen straight games. Toivo zone two in that time, seven straight games with at least four goals during that streak. A little frank. The tank action going off from Colorado right now, four point lead over Vegas.


Vegas been scuffling a little bit. They had their first three game losing streak of the season. They were swept by many this week as well. Emeny keeps chugging along. They got swept by San Jose. Many did. Then they went swept Vegas in Vegas. They're very comfortably in third place in the division camp. Talbot was absolutely out of his mind in Vegas. And before we got to give credit to our boys, the Arizona Coyotes, what's he won five out of six to leapfrog the slump and lose that right now in fourth place with forty one point three point lead over St.


Louis. Jacob checking out his first career, his Sunday night at three to win over the ducks. Busy when he got fourth.


Well, lots happening like San Jose's all of a sudden came out of nowhere. They're playing some pretty good hockey. We'll get to them after as far as the coyotes are concerned. Fox man, just finding ways to you mentioned what was it, Washington beating New Jersey all eight times that you said? Yes, I feel like the coyotes are being they're taking advantage of all the the the bottom dwellers, especially Anaheim and in every field, in every game they've came from behind to and, you know, the other night they didn't play so great.


But Jacob Chickering, I was I've been talking about it. I've been pumping him up. He gets a fuck in his first hatrick, scores the OT win or two and twelve goals. Now he's tied with the lead with Darren on there. So they're just getting some great contributions from the back and all of his playing solid. Aiden Hill's been great and they're just finding ways to win. I mean they got shellacked by Colorado, Colorado, Owens they're no where.


They just embarrass him every time. I don't know how they're going to be able to figure that out, embarrass everyone, though.


That's true. And but I mean, nine threes a bit much. Five goals in the first. Ouch. But but who cares? As long as they're taking care of the business outside of, like, the you know, the Vegas and Colorado's like they got to L.A. tonight. So I'm interested to see how they keep going. They're three points in a playoff spot. And a big reason for that is because St. Louis has taken a massive oh, holy shit, this is Monday.


Binnington not getting the start tonight, which is kind of surprising. He got off the heat. He's doing the extra work after the morning skate.


And I think that the problem for the blues, their next twelve or thirteen games are against teams that are in the playoffs right now in their division.


So it's you know, it's Colorado.


It's dealing with teams that you're like, oh, fuck. You know, we didn't want to play Minnesota this often. Right? Like, we didn't want to have to deal with these teams who are looking is way better than we've looked in the last little while. So it's surprising. I mean, Perico has been out. He wasn't playing well. But you still miss him, right? You still miss the minutes you go. He skated today, so hopefully he's able to come back, but offensively everything's just dried up and it's like, I don't know if the coyotes can keep this up.


The one thing I'll say about the coach, your team, I don't know if this year it's almost hurting them because they have zero draft picks.


So you'd almost, like, wonder if in a normal year, like, would they be like trying to maybe obtain some draft picks by moving some guys, but they feel like they got to go for it where they're at. It's just kind of like unfortunate for what happened in their draft future with with the former GM there and what he left them with, because they have nothing like Garland, for instance.


And why are they talking about possibly trading him?


Well, because they got to sign them next year, right. I don't know what he's going to come in. Right. He's probably you definitely put them on par with Keller as far as performance, if not maybe even a little bit more superior in the way he's able to create on his own more. And he's I would say he's probably our best forward overall. So you're thinking, well, what is he going to ask for? And at this particular moment, based on what he can provide, how many teams can get a guy that's producing like him at seven hundred and fifty grand, that's like the fourth liners are going to pick up at the deadline or make it more clear where the cap is is so important.


He's so much more valuable. I wouldn't give him up anything less than a first rounder and maybe even a prospect. Yeah.


Whoever's getting him now realizes that we get he's Arafeh, but we get to then sign them. So if you're if you're trading the first round or something else, it's like, oh, we have to make sure we get the guy signed.


Yeah. That maybe that would be a stipulation that's done before, before the trade. But but yeah it would suck given the fact that they are in a playoff spot right now. But I agree with you. I think that any asset they can move in order to gain draft picks do it and they'll try to make it with what you got.


Yeah, I mean, it's not going to be able it's going to be easy to fill Goose's hole if Alex Bogusky gets moved. It's like a number six guy because we talked about last part. He's transferred into that like penalty killer shot blocker. He can eat you up 15 to 18 consistent minutes of where he's not making a ton of bonehead mistakes. Yeah, he's a decent puck mover. We're you know what what are teams going to value that at at this point?


Darren Wilson? I don't know. He's got experience, but he's got a no move. Claws don't know how that's going to work out. So but yeah, I'm sure they're going to try to get crafty here towards the deadline.


Yeah, the blues have lost six straight oh five and one on that time. Just two wins in the last 13 games.


So, yeah, I think everybody expected a lot more out of them because you did mention the shocks.


This is another team we basically almost had a funeral for on this podcast a few weeks ago. Well, they had a four and a week. They swept Minnesota, like I just said. Then they swept the Kings. They're just three points back of a playoff spot. And this is all because of Matt Jones man. He's another guy we called out earlier earlier this season versus the Kings this year, five, five and one with a two three seven goals against nine three to save percentage in a shutout.


His percentage has been ridiculous lately, seven one and one in his last nine games with a nine three four. This is the Matt Jones that you know a lot of people like years ago when he first got to San Jose, when I went to that cup run. And, you know, he's been kind of disappearing. But if he can keep this up, San Jose could possibly sneak into the playoffs. We did get an all time quote from Eric Carlson, who, by the way, has his play has stepped up as well.


He was asked after scoring two goals in the shootout win if it was the best offensive game he had ever played. Gee, want to run that?


All right, Eric, is that the best office game you've ever had?


Two goals and essentially a hat trick when the game winner and not even close, like not even the not even close, but like chomping on the apple and the guy's face at the same time, just like, I don't know, is a power move. That's a stupid thing to say, but just fucking hilarious. Like not even close.


Maybe that'll be me asking a question like that. If I was the one stuck on the Zoome call asking it where like the player would be like, no, you fucking loser, I'd be like, fuck you.


I thought it was a great question. You think I got the best question for post game? Yeah, just running up to my computer, like down the hall, down the press level. Just be like dude to do, to do to get the hell out of the park and then fucking dunk on your face.


At least you got a fucking quote to use anyways.


But any other notes from that division boys you want to share before we get to the etc portion of the show. Now, interesting to see what will happen at the deadline. I don't think Vegas or Colorado are doing much.


Right. Both those teams, I think they can win the Stanley Cup with what they had. They probably look around and see what's gone, but they have no room either.


Vegas, it wouldn't surprise me if they do something because they always seem to. But they really have. They'd have to move. It'd be money for money. So we'll see what happens.


But the next week is going to be entertaining, no doubt about it, because I know it's already hot where you are and it's getting hotter here in the northeast. That means sweat and sweaty balls and powder and chafing of the worst, the worst, absolute worst.


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The most comfortable underwear I've ever worn, no doubt. All right. I didn't mean to interrupt you, but I just showed up. Monday's the ball sack hammock.


Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, my Balzac's not exactly big enough to need its own hammock. I wish it was, but I still love the sax.


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OK boys, we do have some sad news to kick off this portion of the program. We want to send our deepest sympathies to the family, friends and teammates of Pat Romano. Pat played hockey at Niagara University and tragically lost his life at just 23 years old as an off campus house fire. He lost his life and just devastating news to hear. We didn't know people. We were told that he was a beloved teammate as well as a big fan of the show and Pink Whitney as well.


So we wanted to acknowledge his terrible loss and and again, give our deepest condolences to his family, friends and teammates is just this is how life is supposed to go. Unfortunately, these things happen and we and we have to deal with them. And we were just heartbroken to hear about that. So, again, we want to convey our sympathies to everybody who knew Pat. And now we're terribly sorry to hear that.


OK, guys, they're not moving down the list here. We saw the Hobey Baker finalists were announced as well this week.


On Thursday, Wisconsin's Colt Coffield, who is now a Habs prospect, University of North Dakota forward Shane Pinto, who had just signed his entry level deal with Ottawa last week in goalie Dryden Mackay of Minnesota State. That's an interesting first name for goalie. He's coming off a twenty one and three season with the one three nine goals against nine three one save percentage ten shutouts. He had twenty four shutouts in three seasons, second only behind Ryan Miller's twenty six.


But this kid is an undrafted free agent and can sign anywhere once the season ends. He's still in the frozen four. But that's crazy man. To have this kid has those kind of numbers and nobody's drafted him. So you got to imagine again, going to have his choice.


He's going to have a lot of options. That's one of the ultimate is when you if you don't get drafted kind of high, sometimes an agent will say, are you better off not getting drafted? Then you can really pick whoever wants you if you really pop off. And certainly this kid has it's cool for him to be the only Hobey. Baker final still playing as well.


Yeah, that's like the ultimate college campus walk through experience. If you're getting you know, all these NHL teams say five interested, you're like, send the PJ, let's do a lunch. Let's talk about putting me up at the Four Seasons. Maybe I'll consider remember when Jimmy Vick was on his tour, he had like it kind of there was a bit of a process there. No. Oh, yeah. And it was they'll get the surgery like he was like LeBron that year.


So ago a decision.


Hey, he at the surf and turf at every meal just. Yeah, yeah.


Let's see. Twenty twenty two men's Olympic Team USA named its GM and assistant GM. Stan is going to be the general manager and Billy Goat is going to be the assistant general manager. I don't know how chief took this news. We'll have to check on them. And I think Stan related. He has a conniption over. But congrats to those two guys. Obviously, three fourths of the show be pulling for Team USA and the Olympics next year. Trade deadline just a week away, boys, a week from today.


So we're going to have hopefully some stuff to talk about. Emily Kaplan had a story the other day. She reported that nobody wants to take on money right now, which is kind of what we were just saying. Retained salary is going to be a theme that we're probably going to hear a lot going forward, but not much movement yet. You've got to wonder again how much the flat cap is going to restrict movement going forward, but hopefully we'll have some trades to talk about.


Well, either way, the golf season is in full swing. We got the Masters coming up this week and now is the perfect time to get out in the course of your wedding. You never left. You're trying to book a tee time right now. Look, no further as we are officially announcing the launch of the barstool golf time app in partnership with Supreme Golf, the barstool golf time app allows you to book tee times thousands of courses after your book.


Take a picture or video of the course you're on and submit it for an official review. Reg Franchi, Trent Alakija reviews on the app as well. You can join right along with your friends, do the same.


Other cool features as well, such as the barstool golf rewards to get free merch. Going to be rolling that out soon. So don't be a pigeon. Download the Boston golf app today, now available in the App Store. The wet dog, like I just said, is around the corner.


We just need to sandbag. And what do we do for a sandbagger masters?


The sandbaggers just we kind of really did it before. It's just a guess. How many times can you say it's like I need to learn how to putt?


I, I used to I, I used to be a good putter and then I've said this like I my ball striking got better and then my pudding's falling off a cliff.


But somebody I you practice putting on might not really. I would have no idea how to practice putting, I'd have two balls on the party edge be putting around.


It's like I don't know, I need to learn how to do it because you when you can't putt you have no chance to continue momentum in rounds.


It's like you have birdie putt. You miss you miss you miss. Well then all of a sudden the birdie putt to seven foot par save you miss that you're making bogeys. You haven't created any wiggle room with birdies. You're not winning any holes when we're in these sandbaggers.


So my is fucking atrocious. It's disgusting. The other day I played, I had 36 putts, I shot seventy five. It's like, what the fuck are you doing dude. So I mean because you're awful awful.


But we're working towards you getting lessons. And I had a long talk and dupere that it's like time to really even hop into the video side of you getting good at golf.


You're an athlete. I know it can happen but. Moving on to the Masters, Jordan Spieth gets it done, and I am a huge Jordan Spieth guy. Always have been my buddy Mike Riley, rest in peace. Love that kid I talked to about him passed away. He hated speech. And we used to paddle back and forth. He's like he's always whining and he talks so much to his caddie and I just enjoy all of it. He's very vocal on the course where he's yelling at his ball.


He's talking to the caddy, Michael Greller, very intense, intensely, where they're discussing shot options. And he's just like kind of a showman a little bit, but he gives thoughtful, legit answers in interviews.


He's very well-spoken and he dominates Augusta. So he finally wins for the first time in four years. And then he's going to the course that he seems to always be in the hunt. Look out.


What do you think of him as well? I think you nailed it. He's yeah, he's a bit he's a showman. And I did notice from watching yesterday, I mentioned that I was at that was this place with Call Me as I was I was getting a little annoyed that before shots, sometimes you would like back away, like switch to club, be talking to his caddie. And I'm like, other guys just seem to like, step up and hit the ball.


And he was playing against that Hoffman, who seems like an absolute beauty.


Yeah, he's he seems like a legend. Charlie Hoffman, he's been on.


He used to have a mullet biz. Yeah, that's what they said. They said he looked like the all-American like dude, just like out there playing golf. Joe Dirt Karna. Yeah. And I asked the guys, they said he's made about 30 million on tour in his career. Yeah.


And he's been in the hunt at Augusta to put it off. But going back to Spaeth is. Yeah, I did notice that he's he's a bit of a showman out there. And like I guess I really after hearing you talk about it, you're kind of like, well, it's like nice. It's like a different type of personality. But I do respect the fact that he's so open and honest in interviews where it's like, OK, well, at least he's able to get up there and say it where it can't be perceived as bad as it maybe is at some times.


And golfers are such like I'm not I don't know remotely what it takes to become a professional golfer. Now, I'm guessing there's sort of like you never want to show weakness, right?


Like Brooks capture the ultimate hard. All right. I don't practice golf. Like, you know, he's just. Speak the exact opposite, where he lost his game and now lost his game by four four, one of the best in the world, but he dropped out of the top 50 in the world.


He was number one at a time. And he's talking to, like media and like truthfully saying, I don't know where the ball's going.


I have a two way miss by putting isn't there? And it's like it's so refreshing to hear what every person who loves golf goes through, whether you're a 20 handicap or you're a scratch golfer or you're a plus six professional tour member.


Every single guy has every single guy has moments in their career or in their life where you just you're kind of lost and you don't know where the ball's going, like he says.


And so to hear the highest level say it. I've just always enjoyed how in-depth you go into his career. It makes me more of a fan of his.


Do you think during this period of time where he hadn't won, that it got like when you're watching them, there are a lot of like like kind of that's where maybe people got a little bit like this is all people have always kind of just some some people have just like been so annoyed at, like how he is and how vocal he is and when he's yelling at his ball and how disappointed he gets like after a bad shot.


And I don't know, it's like to each his own in terms of what you root for, what type of athlete you want to watch.


Are you a strong silent type fan or you want to see a guy who you're living with the highs and lows of every shot.


So that's kind of what he does. Who Masters Week? Nothing beats it. Nothing beats. And Mickey, can we talk about I got a bar stool sportsbook back going up. We can we talk about that or not.


Yes, absolutely. Pump the hell out of it. Yeah.


So I have a bet going on. I'm going to pick five guys and you have to just have one of them finish in the top five and the odds are going to be boosted. And if you hop in on this bet, you're going to get a limited edition.


Fresh Pink Whitney Masters hoodie. Oh, all time.


All time piece of merchandise. This thing's sick. So I know there's only certain states that right now you can do it with, but that bet will be brought to you soon, I think. Are you obviously throw some money on some maybe some long shots? Oh, my God.


I'm drooling right now looking at the list like there's so many bombers out there.


And I mean, we haven't had a huge one come in lately. Actually, I think someone had fifty to one not too long ago. But I'm drawing man like I mean, these are named golfers. It like to 50 to 100 to one. I just got to feeling like one of these guys is going to come in soon. What a huge bama I'm going to OK.


I look at like Shockley's twenty two to one.


He's going to win a Major Jason day.


Seventy five to one. I mean it's not out of the realm of possibility he would win this tournament. I don't know how he's been playing lately. I'm not, I don't keep track like you do, but I don't know all this. Harris English. One hundred twenty five to one. I hear his name from my golf buddies here on there. So I'm definitely going to be sprinkling the infield before before they kick off because that's the best time to get these great odds.


Who's who do you like the most going in with? Like, outright? So I don't I don't know. The last time I should know the last time somebody repeated at at Augusta.


It does not happen often, though, so I'm not going to pick Jay.


I think just putting has been a little weak leading up to this tournament. That's just kind of what I saw in Golf Channel, man.


I like Spaeth in any way I would I will put it this way. Going into the the final round on Sunday, I say speaks in the mix, so I don't know about who's going to win. But then if I'm looking at other guys like. In terms of all the favorites, like when Justin Thomas won the players and how he's he's one of the best players in the world, and it seems like his time is like really coming. He's got one major PGA.


I think he could get it done. But this tournament is so crazy because you've got to putt so well. And in November, when there was most recently play, the delayed one from covid and DJ shot 20 under, you might see you might see a under 10 under winner this year because they're going to want the course to play different. I don't think they like I don't think the members in the tournament committee at Augusta wants a 20 under where they want to eat between eight and 11 under.


You're going to see harder golf. So I think my pick is Justin Thomas to to get the win. But I think speed is going to be right there. Life that Justin Thomas is small, he's like one of the smallest guys on tour and they're all small, dude, Rory's tiny, they are very short now. They're so they're so they're so fast.


Twitch, dude, they got that, though, and they just coil up and wind up and they're almost off their feet at impact. Some of these guys.


One last golf note before we move it over to Ginelli, posher is going to decapitate somebody with one of those drones if you guys keep that up way too fast.


So they're go so loud. The loudest thing in your ear you can imagine is a posher drone.


Oh, I got one last golf question for Whit.


Who would you say is the most dramatic on tour as far as a golfer, Bryson or when he plays? It's just like that. He's a guy, OK?


He's just so painful. He's just like just dropping the sponsors. Every interview. People get so mad when I make fun of him online. Like there are some staunch defenders of the NASCAR guy on the tour like to.


I don't know how to describe him.


Like he's just like he released a video recently on tech talk of him, like running off to the garage and like screaming as he's lifting weights.


He's just a goon. But I've always said what he did and just changing his body and like, transforming himself to this long drive. Amazing putt putter champion is so impressive. But him just off the course, like personality wise, he's like complete tomato's if you ask me to answer.


Announcer Gee, I know you had something fast. The Sonke. Let's fill the listeners in.


Yes. It's something that Hank and I and Brian Fitzsimmons have been working on for a little while now.


For those cryptocurrency, Dessau Crypto would be unbelievable. We should start that. But the Sonke, which is play Barstow's new free to play game where NHL fans can answer six questions for a chance to win the progressive jackpot. Now, what is the progressive jackpot, you Aspies? Well, it starts at twenty five hundred dollars for the first contest. And when someone does not win the jackpot in a given contest, that twenty five hundred dollars is added to the next contest.


Jackpot what? When someone wins the progressive jackpot, the jackpot amount is reset to twenty five hundred dollars following contest. So when is this all kick off? Well, we'll do this on Tuesdays and Fridays in the first contest will begin Friday, April 9th. Contest one calls for fans to predict the final score of the Oilers senators, Bruins first fliers and first Canadiens games. And they also have to predict if legendry Sidel Kevin, he's in Austin Matthews will all score goals.


Now, where can you find this app? You can download this at the play bar stool app in the in the App Store. This is free, but yeah, it's free. It's free, free money play bar stool dotcom. You play. Why wouldn't you play. Exactly.


I'm playing twenty five hundred bucks just for free.


You can win more because the progressive jackpot just keeps adding up and adding up and it's so cool you can pick who's going to score. It's just a fun way to get interactive with hockey. It's not gambling, it's a little different, but it's fun.


Joyce so I don't think absolutely.


I don't think he's a genius fan. That kid working with him behind the scenes. You see how smart he actually is.


But the whole team, Hank's dad is like the captain of my buddies, like pickleball team or what's the other what's it it's not pickleball.


It's outside, but they got the walls around you.


Bad middle school, racquetball. It's different.


It's so it's called something else. But thanks. Dad is the captain of my buddy's team and sent emails about how to attack the other players and the other team, what their weaknesses are, what their strengths are. The email exchange is ridiculous. Mr. Lockwood, just looking for a title guys are just like, Yeah, but I just want to sweat.


I don't need to play.


He's like he has a tough little backhand, so force him to his right side where, you know, he's not going to be able to handle the heat.


Sweep the leg sign hangs that sweep the leg.


I know you boys want to talk about Operation Varsity Blues that was on Netflix a couple weeks back. It was about the college admissions scandal.


Oh, my God, I watched that. Oh, it is so nice to see people like that get taken down because what a bunch of assholes. I think we talked about it when the whole story broke.


These rich assholes who literally have no respect for their kids and making them actually go out and accomplish things that like they want to get done and instead just cheating your way into getting these kids into schools they had no business to get.


And the crazy thing is, watching the documentary, the guy, I think it's Rick Singer, what's his name, dude. So he got busted and he's like, all right, listen, I'll give you every single person that I helped break the rules and break the law. And he won't be charged or brought to trial till all. All of the people that he gave up are like actually done and taken care of, whether they pleaded guilty, not guilty, whether they got time or didn't.


And I bet you at the end he doesn't get anything done to him because he's like they got him. I think you'd they'd much rather go after the rich celebrities that are just cheating the system and screwing over any hardworking kid who had a chance to get into a school because they want to pay for their their kid to just go to USC. It was like, I don't know, I was just disgusted by that.


I was a tough scene and go after the people that could probably actually afford to pay the fines that they have to pay.


It's just like crazy as a parent, like, what are you doing for your kid? Like, you're you're not you're setting them back.


If anything, it's like and I feel bad for some of the kids because they didn't even know. They didn't even know.


That's what's crazy. And it's like they're spending fucking.


Half a million dollars million dollars to get a kid in college, to go to college, to go to Southern Cal, I mean, I guess it's tough to get in Southern Cal, but I didn't know that either.


I can tell you want to go to the same school as O.J. and you're going to spend that kind of money. Yeah, just a lot of rich assholes.


I wasn't crazy about the O.J. shout outs back to back weeks on our podcast.


I look out. I was a huge fan of the documentary format. I kind of like my documentaries Talking Head style. Like I didn't like the whole it was like a movie like, oh, I like that.


I like that. He was like he was he was so good at acting like like and just the fact that they had the actual recordings.


So the conversations were real is what I liked, because they said I think at the beginning of the movie that any conversation he had was basically them taking a recording and just my daughter dumped it down to where it was easier to understand it all.


Like, obviously, you know, if you if I get what you're saying, IRA, there's different types of documentary. I was surprised at first because I didn't understand it. And then it finally clicked in like, oh, they're just reenacting this. But the guy, they did look fairly similar and the interaction seemed very genuine. And yeah, I think I think I knew everything that I needed to know. I didn't want to hear too much in, like, the tapes.


And the funny thing was, the funny thing was to is like I think he got brought down because another guy got busted. Was it some financial guy?


And he's like, all of a sudden those people just start saying whatever they know. They're like, hey, I can give you this and this.


It was like just the house of cards came crumbling down, but a crazy story.


I enjoyed watching it. Yes, I know we the nice guys got a huge bump in the last week, I ended up writing a blog about it and the numbers that blog did was absolutely insane. I couldn't believe that that many people were tweeting it and watched it. Did you end up finishing up?


I know you said you stopped. So I fell asleep and not no offense to the movie either because I loved it. It's the interactions are incredible. You would never think that those two on camera would work even going in. Their chemistry was second to none. And I feel like it's the type of movie and remind you, you know, I'm not I'm not usually the first guy to get the whole movie the first time I watch it. But I feel like you could watch that thing 20 times and still pick up new things that are happening.


There are so many different little things to pick up. It was it was like system overload for me.


That's when I wrote my blog. I compared it to like The Big Lebowski. And so far, the more you watch it, the better it gets, the funnier it gets, the more like little jokes you pick up. I mean, because I probably was incredible at times.


It's absolutely hilarious movie. Where have you had a chance to check it out yet?


No, but I will I will get a glass on that same night.


So shout out to my boy Jason Sudeikis, who won the SAG Sunday night. Some pretty tough competition, but he got the award for best. I think it was best comedy actor, best actor to Last Man. He's racking up the awards.


Love to see it, guys. Got four. We go. We're talking about, you know, entertaining content. We got to mention barstool sports has entered the true crime with the Ahead with the Case podcast.


I mean, just real quick, on the evening of November 14th, nineteen eighty nine, sixteen year old Jennifer Fay was supposed to be babysitting. She had other plans. She snuck out of her house in Brockton, Mass. Looking for a party. She was never seen again. So Kirk's done an unbelievable job with this podcast breaking down what actually happened, all the corruption and all the craziness that went on behind the scenes. So that that released today, Monday.


Check it out.


If you if you get the chance of good stuff and also the pink Whitney Cup, we're going to be dropping episodes all week at number twos drop in Monday night and make sure you check out our YouTube page. But check out YouTube page.


That's where all our sandbaggers subscribe, baby subscribe as all the videos of me making an ass of myself during our road trips.


Feel free to check them out, boys. Any other final notes before we wrap up this fun episode?


I think we all make fools of ourselves on those videos. Ah, yes. You're not alone. I appreciate that and no worries.


Team team game. Team game. No, I'm looking forward to this week. Obviously Masters Week is very special.


I love that tournament. I love I think anyone who even doesn't like golf enjoys Masters Week. But also this is a week of some major NHL drama in terms of the deadline. So the next time we talk to you guys will be after the deadline. We'll know who made moves, who tried to go on a little bit of run and who decided to sell, sell, sell. Calgary Flames. I'm looking at you. I appreciate everyone listening, as always.


I love you guys and bids.


Did I not interrupt anyone today? You're awesome. I think I interrupted a few people as usual. The last thing I had in my notes was I watched that Eric Andre, the new movie he did, I think it's called Bad Trip. I don't know who that you watched doctrinally or you have, Ari.


I know I had it in the notes. I haven't watched it yet, though. Do you want to just table that, Baz, for next week and we can all watch it? Sure, sure.


Sure. I'm in business. I take it back or. No, no, I got tired, so I got nice guys and I got bad language. That's our assignment for next weekend.


If you want to check out thief, too. That's that's not the old one.


I recommend that some I want to say I just want to sign on and just watch that guy pound an octopus. That's what I'm going to do. I'll see you back on poverty. I love you. Bye. Have a big one. So. Just some. And. Ms. As always, we'd like to thank our terrific sponsors here and spit in cricket's huge thanks to our long time friends at New Amsterdam, Vodka and Pink Whitney big thanks to our friends at Earnest's.


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