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And that recording now one must not get one's knickers in a twist and turn. These are the stories your granny never told anybody, loved everybody. I was raising the kinds of kids and I slipped up on some spilled ones on the road and my motorbike. Hello, everybody. It is me, Nikkie, the host of stories your granny never told.


I am popping in here for a little update because I want to remind everyone that I am not dead. The podcast is still alive, but I have been a competitor on the America's Next Top podcast or reality podcast show for the last few.


What has it been? Well, I guess it's a spoiler if I tell you how many weeks I've been on, but it's been a few weeks. So if you missed my voice, you can go and hear what I've been doing over there with the Blue Fan Group.


But most of all, I just wanted to say, don't worry, I will be back once the competition is over and I will have tons of new content for you guys. Tons of more grannies to interview.


So don't drop off yet. Keep listening back to old episodes you can please share with everyone. I don't want the momentum to die, but I'm also very tired from a pandemic and from, you know, podcasting every day of the week for the last X number of weeks.


But honestly, go listen to America's next top podcast or because there are some episodes. We're not kidding.


We did like NPR level shit. Like I voiced a freaking telescope.


I was a telescope in space and it was awesome. And we did another one called Historical Heist, where we talked about a guy who stole a bunch of feathers from a museum. It's really a blast.


And also, if you're looking into trying to be a broadcaster, that's literally what this show is for.


So go check them out at America's Next Top podcast or dotcom.


Otherwise, in terms of this show, I would love to take this sort of break time for you guys to send me recommendations of who to interview your grandma, your grandpa. If you yourself are a grandma, grandpa, if you know of anyone who's over 60 ish and has some really great stories, I would love to have them on the show. All it takes is for me to send them a link through Zoom and Boom, we're going. And so yeah, hopefully next month you will have a brand new episode.


So don't be discouraged. I will be there. And as usual, you please continue to follow for updates on social media at stories your granny never told everywhere. And you can also get T-shirts and stickers and merchant bags if you want to support me that way.


And you can buy me a coffee on my coffee coffee page. And that is on the website at stories your granny never told Dotcom. So I still love you guys. I know you're waiting for an episode is coming and they just tweet at me or something. I'd love to hear from you input about the show, whatever.


Have a great Easter weekend and big grandma hugs for me and my cat and my fish to you guys.