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And that recording now one must not get one's knickers in a twist. I'm trying. These are the stories your granny never told. He loved everybody. I was raising a kinds and kids and I slipped up on some stoop unusually low and pushed my mom like. Hey, my name's Nikki and I'm your host for stories your granny never told, it's a monthly podcast where I talk to people from the wiser generation about the unexpected, interesting and sometimes very funny stories from their youth.


From another time sometimes feel unreal to people from my generation. But in fact, they have been not too long ago and they are indeed very real. To the guests on this podcast, our first interview features Edna owling. She's 89 and she's traveled the entire world. She was so much fun to talk to and she really has a fire in her belly. Anyways, here are some clips to give you a taste.


OK, my name is Edna.


I was born into Diana Stoll one time. They say, do you have any children? We said no. And this guy says to me, I help you.


Oh, we drank a whole bottle of glue that I.


I did not touch glue for 30 or 40 years. My friend and Joan and I left New York the first time in the 60s and we went by bus to Mexico. And then we got most of his life to Mexico. Sixty four dollars for bus.


So you're older than the Empire State and the Chrysler Building. That's pretty monumental.


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